Chapter Three


Beginning of and Reasons for Human Spiritual Deterioration



Content of „Fundamentals of Human Spirituality“, pg. 133- 190 , Part I. - Chapter Three


In order to understand this issue properly, it is necessary to have some idea of the process by which the initial split of one human form into two physical forms of female and male occurred.


It would be a fallacy to assume that the original androgynous people were physically split into two halves. This could not happen because they were in totality and completeness in their spiritual state; to split them literally would have meant death to them. It would have also created such spiritual confusion that it would have suffocated their very life. Someone who is completely and totally spiritual by one's initial choice cannot have less spirituality than one has chosen. Anything less than totality and completeness means nothing at all. And this is spiritual death.


For that reason the split was initiated in quite a different manner. The completeness and totality of spirituality of any people is always relative to the Absolute Spirituality of the Most High. Such proximity has the idea of something which is not quite the same as the Most High. But that "not quite the same" is for that particular one all of one's spirituality. At the same time there is that idea of a principle of femininity and a principle of masculinity that within forms one. To this idea is added an idea of the mission, and preparation of mankind and the planet Earth for such a mission. From the combination of these three ideas - the idea of relativeness of everything to the Most High, the idea of the principles of femininity and masculinity, and the idea of the mission and preparation - a new idea emerges through their union and exchange. The new idea is a desire, a wish, a thought to proceed with the plan. Any idea of a sentient entity, emerging from any such union, by its principles has a tendency to actualize itself and become real.


Therefore, in order to proceed and to continue with the plan, once an idea emerges it is used by the Most High for the purpose of its endowment and it is vivified into a sentient entity in whom that idea is concretized.


The first people became the prototypes for building a new physical body for such an idea. Because every sentient entity contains within itself the idea of femininity and masculinity as two unified principles and because those principles are relative only to their Absolute Mature in the Most High, from them a separate physical form of male and female is created and endowed by the Most High's spirit of life.


Now, as far as the first people were concerned, after they built and prepared everything for such a step, they simply put off their physical body, returning it to its initial elements, and formed a special society in the spiritual world where they are forever maintaining a continuous spiritual bond with the people of the planet Earth in keeping with the Grand Plan.


The second people thus became the first in the physical form of male and female. Because they occurred, proceeded and became from the combination of those two ideas and by the endowment from the Most High, in their initial stage, they differed only slightly in spirituality and mentality from their prototypes. The first step in creating such a change can be only physical so that the continuation of succession is not lost by abrupt differentiation of spirituality and mentality.


This allows for a retention of all knowledge and accomplishments of the first people. Nothing is missing. The only experience which is missing is the physical experience of the physical unity of the principles of femininity and masculinity. This is compensated for by seeking out physical contact with the opposite sexual physical characteristics in the form of sexual intercourse which becomes one of the major sources from which and by which the complete and total spiritual awareness and experience is possible.


But because the purpose and intention of such intercourse is totally spiritual - to give, receive, share and reciprocate this totality and completeness of the spiritual state - it is never limited to one female and one male or one male and one female. Such a limitation would deprive sentient entities of the ability to give, receive, share and reciprocate with as many others as possible and deplete from that relationship any spirituality. The purpose is to give and to share with all and to reciprocate and receive from all. Only in such an unlimited and unconditional attitude can true spirituality be as in its own. One does not belong only to one; such belonging would result in possessiveness, exclusivity and negation of all. Therefore one belongs to all and all belong to one.


The intention of such sexual intercourse is, of course, always the acquirement of a greater completeness and totality of spiritual awareness. Therefore it is from the Most High. All else in this respect is not from the Most High although it is permitted by Her/Him for the before-mentioned purpose of learning.


Since this was the true purpose of sexuality in those days, children were not born by physical means nor did the formal institution of marriage exist. In the second stage of mankind's existence represented by the second set of people who came into being and existence after the first people left, the new people continued to be created by direct endowment from the Most High who creatively utilizes all new spiritual ideas that are born as a result of spiritual, mental, sexual and physical union of males to females and females to males. Whether a new endowment or being appeared in the male physical form or in the female physical form depended on the content, quality and purpose of that newborn idea.


Since endowment from the Most High cannot be in itself separate in its principles - because nothing could live in such separation - any physical form regardless of its appearance is endowed with a complete set of such principles relative only to their Absolute Nature in the Most High. Therefore, each male physical form and female physical form contain within them all characteristics of femininity and masculinity, the only difference being that their chosen physical form is more specific one over another, that is, it provides the stronger or major perspective to their spirituality, feelings, thoughts and actions. The specificity of love, goodness, will and motivation can appear, among other things, as tenderness, gentleness, kindness, softness, etc., all of which have a physical correspondence to the female physical form. On the other hand the specificity of wisdom, truth, reason, thinking, etc., appear, among other things, as strength, endurance, determination, assertion, etc., all of which have a physical correspondence to the male physical form. Now, it is totally incorrect to assume that only females can be gentle, kind, tender, soft and loving and that only a male can be strong, determined, endurant, assertive and so on. Such characteristics prefer in this connotation to appear in the outermost degree of the outermost successive step in these particular physical forms. But within these particular physical forms all other principles are always present and manifested, regardless of whether one has a male body or a female body. Therefore, in the true sense there has never been, never is, and never will be any difference between males and females in any respect except in this outward physical appearance. There can be none because of the initial endowment from the Most High that cannot be split if it is to survive. To split the endowment is to split the Most High, and this is impossible. If it were possible, the whole creation would fall apart and disintegrate.


This knowledge concerning endowment is part of the second peoples' full awareness and, therefore, no idea, thought or desire for discrimination of any kind could be or exist with them and in them.


This new level of people continued to be created by the process of direct endowment from the Most High with creative utilization of the new ideas born from spiritual, mental, sexual and physical intercourse of the male population to the female population and the female population to the male population; they were created in the full knowledge of everything that had been up to that point. No ignorant people were born. The learning in this stage of life was not from nothing to something, as it is with the present people, but from everything to more. Everyone chose freely an area of activity in which one desired to excel and to contribute one's best which also contributes to its continuous improvement and to the benefit of all mankind and all sentient entities throughout the Universe and all dimensions.


The structure, purpose and use of government was basically the same as it was with the first people. They continued in direct communication with the Most High, the Spiritual world, the intermediate spiritual-natural world, and with all universes, galaxies and planets in all dimensions. They had highly developed technologies, interstellar travel and unusual psychic powers. No formal religion or worship existed because by their totality of fullness in use and by direct communication with the Most High, their lifestyle was one continuous worship and one undivided religion. The precepts of such a religion are based on the very obvious and simple truth: the Most High is the Absolute Being and Absolute Existence of Absolute Love and Absolute Wisdom and all Absolute Principles of "I Am" from Whom all else occurs, proceeds and becomes. The Most High is the very source of everyone's life. The recognition, acceptance and utilization of this truth from love and wisdom with all its consequences and outcomes is true religion and worship. Such a level of awareness and practice is true spirituality. All else is meaningless and unnecessary.


This type of religion and worship have been in existence continuously through all time and through all creation except on the planet Earth where it was forgotten as a result of the experienced human spiritual deterioration.


The style of life, the structure of this second level of society and its government in the form of seven members of the High Council and successive governmental bodies, related to the seven areas of human life, continued for several million years.


The physical structure of the second people was somewhat different from the first people in that they were not as tall or heavy and their life span was about two thousand years. No physical, mental or spiritual disorders, illnesses, misfortunes or accidents of any kind existed. Since there were no ideas of such negative events or possibilities present in them or in the all-universal consciousness, no such things could occur, proceed and become.


After many generations, the original idea of the purpose of their mission faded and became obscure. Such is the nature of the outermost degree of the outermost step that if one stays in it too long, it starts to obliterate, by the process of absorption, the original conscious memory of the purpose.


As a result the next level of mankind is prepared for existence.


Several millions of years went by. Natural scientists of that era have taken charge of all technology and development of nature. Because of their continuous preoccupation only with laws, thoughts and ideas of nature in the natural degree, at one point in time, they raise the simple naturally-occurring question, "What would happen if one would attempt to explain all origination of life by natural processes, without involving any non-natural or spiritual causes? What would human life be like without any spirituality?"


Such a question is the obvious outcome only of the outermost step of creation which is the natural step. Within that step its own outermost natural degree is capable of producing such a question. Therefore, the question is the result of the nature of the outermost degree of the outermost step from "without" to "within". Since the question is from the "without", the answer to it has to be illustrated also from "without". Otherwise it would lose its meaning.


Such a question is a necessary outcome of any natural degree anywhere in the Universe by virtue of the fart that its position is the most remote from the total and complete spirituality of the innermost step. In the natural step spirituality is in its most tenuous outermostness.


If one is continuously preoccupied with such outermostness, by the nature of one's chosen profession, one will have a tendency to develop the habit of looking at everything from the position of that outermostness. From such a point of view there is only one small step to asking the above question.


Once that question is asked, once that idea emerges from a sentient entity, no matter of what natural dimension, it tends by the general principle of spirituality to be realized and actualized. In other words, it must be answered.


That such a question would be asked at some time in time and at a certain place was foreseen by the Most High before the beginning of time and space and a Grand Plan was developed by Him/Her for answering such a question at the same level and degree where it was raised.


Since such a question could arise from any corner of the physical universe, in any physical dimension, in order to avoid disturbance and restlessness of the natural state, a time, a place and a situation were selected and focused upon, in which such a question not only could be asked but also could be explicitly and literally answered. Since it will be a literal question, only a literal answer can be given. The natural state could not understand any other mode of answering.


Once such a place, time and situation was selected in the process of creation of matter, from which the physical universes were created, the promise to answer that question was instilled in matter by the Most High. This instillment avoids emergence of such a question anywhere else but at a prearranged place, and, thus, the balance in the physical universes is preserved.


One has to remember that because of the interconnection of all systems, dimensions, worlds and universes, as described on previous pages, it is sufficient that such a question and its answer be focused only in one small place and in one particular time, yet having a full impart on anything and anyone else in being and existence.


The place selected was the planet Earth and the time when that question was asked was approximately thirty million years ago, Earth time.


By the asking of that question, the next phase in human spiritual history started and the next phase in the Grand Plan of the Most High began.


Natural scientists who asked that question understood well the content and the consequences of such a question. The serpent in the Bible represents that outward natural step from which and by which that question is asked. Because natural scientists deal primarily with natural laws, read out by the natural tools designed to accommodate sensory organs of the human physical body, the question initiates in the sensory conglomeration of human physical output and input. ho other level of the human mind could initiate such a question because it already has that answer by the fact of being a living and thinking entity. However, vivified sensorial organs, by their limited totality of physical experience, with very little spirituality in them per se, can and will initiate such a question. Once such a question is initiated it ascends toward the inward level where spirituality is. Now, spirituality knows the answer in itself with all the consequences and outcomes of such a situation. But whatever spirituality answers descends into the sensorial level of the outermost natural degree and is manifested there by means available to that degree - concreteness of representation. Simply, it becomes. No other mode of answer can be understood by that level and degree. Once it is answered in its own language - language of becoming, language of events and language of concrete experiences ­the content and meaning of it is fed back to all other levels. As they ascend in upward succession, they are translated into the language of each level and each step. Thus, everybody knows and understands what is happening and everybody can team from such experience.


Now, as one remembers from the Bible, the serpent directs its question to the woman or, to be precise, to the feminine principle of being. One of the feminine principles of being is love for its knowledge. At the level of the outermost degree of the outermost step such love is love for exploration and discovery of new things. Once this sensorial, the least spiritual area of the human being represented by the serpent, asks that question, it is automatically directed to that part of the human mind which is the desire to explore and to discover. In a spiritual sense this is a female principle. Therefore, in the Biblical sense the question is addressed to the woman. By the nature of its love to explore and to discover, that principle has no choice but to accept that question. In the Biblical sense this is represented by taking the fruit and eating it, finding it pleasant (any exploration and discovery is pleasant to the mind) and giving it to the male, that is, to the reasoning process, for substantiation and rationalization of the necessity to act.


Now, a mutual agreement is formed: the question is an interesting one, worthy of exploring; much use and new knowledge can be derived from it in the process of answering it The love and the need to know - feminine principle, and knowledge or acquiring knowledge and to be in that knowledge - masculine principle, and, of course, the question itself - the outermost of both principles in their sensorial conglomeration form a very nice base on which one can build a new methodology and acquire new knowledge. The intention is a good one but it is initiated from the wrong area and wrong direction. Because of the position of that area from which the question is coming, in order to answer it on its level, all else in the human mind has to be turned toward that area. Thus the major first step in the beginning of human spiritual deterioration was developed, which turned all humans' attention toward the naturalness of sensorial experience and making conclusions based on it instead of spirituality. And this equals turning back on spirituality which is, in fact, turning back on the Most High who is in that spirituality as in Her/His own.


The first step toward answering this question, which was asked by the natural scientists, was to conceal it from all others. They knew from their spiritual level what turmoil the question would cause. So having tremendous psychic powers, they blocked the source of that question from the awareness of others. They could not block the knowledge of such a question because as soon as it is uttered it becomes a permanent possession of the all-universal consciousness from the Most High and is read out by everyone in all worlds and their dimensions. But they were capable of concealing it from their own people. This was permitted by the Most High so that the question had a chance to be answered.


The concealment of the source of the question leads to a totally new experience that previously was non-existent ­deception. This is another step toward pseudo-creation of a negative state. The knowledge of that new experience and success in concealment is experienced by all sensorial conglomerates of output and input of the human mind as a pleasant one because of its newness. Thus, they realized something that had never existed before. All this is depicted in the Bible by the description of the recognition of nakedness. The Garden of Eden before the Fall describes the state, the structure and the process of mankind before human spiritual deterioration. (The Fall occurred approximately thirty million years ago, Earth time.)


Once the question was formulated, the next step con­sisted in finding a proper meaning, a proper tool to answer it.


For that purpose an experiment was designed and carried out.


In order to carry out this experiment, scientists separated themselves from all others - the first experience of separation - under the pretense of great surprise and great scientific discovery. They used their tremendous persuasive abilities to convince all others of the usefulness of such a separation and experiment. Thus, human society, for the first time in its history experienced a separation which led to further spiritual deterioration of mankind.


At this point, everything in the society remained the same. No apparent changes were occurring. flew people continued to be created by direct endowment of the Most High as described above.


This was the target of the first grand experiment for answering that question. The experiment was to create a human being by non-spiritual means and not by and through endowment from the Most High. Since all knowledge in being and existence was available to them and since they were masters of genetic engineering, they decided to create a human being by means of the natural process. They were aware of the fact that any human cell is a carrier of that endowment from the Most High, for by it it lives. Therefore every living human cell would carry within itself in potentials all the necessary principles of the Most High relative to the totality of one human sentient entity and through this relative only to the Most High. Relative to the relative only to the Absolute denotes much less spirituality than relative only to the Absolute. This is another gigantic step in receding from spirituality.


Now, if one takes one living human cell in which all principles of life from the Most High are preserved and if one combines it with another living human cell, such a combination of cells may result in a living human entity that will possess all principles, attributes and their derivatives in order to live and to develop.


The natural scientists proceeded by taking one human female cell and combining it with one male cell. By special genetic manipulation, they suppressed physical development of male or female characteristics. This suppression allowed them to determine which characteristics would be dominant. Thus, they had a choice of creating a male or a female.


This is a form of bi-cloning. The difference between this type of bi-cloning and the type that present genetic science is considering is in the use of two cells-one female and one male-while the present concept is cloning from one cell. The latter methodology gives the exact duplicate of the original, the former, by special genetic manipulation, gives a unique unrepeatable human entity as if it came by direct endowment from the Most High.


One has to remember that those natural scientists had unlimited knowledge with which to make such an experiment not only feasible but also possible. The knowledge that exists in this respect at the present time is infinitesimally small in comparison.


Thus, the first human being was created by means other than spiritual. The success of such an endeavor led toward further spiritual recession.


Since such creation is by natural tools and means, yet stilt from spiritual principles (after all, they used that living principle of spirituality which is in each cell) it can be considered a creation by indirect endowment from the Most High. In such a process, no matter how perfect it is, since it is by non-spiritual means, the spiritual innermost degree of every living cell in which the Most High is as in Her/His own cannot be duplicated in its entire and total intensity, quality and manifestation. Such duplication is possible only by direct endowment from the Most High and only by spiritual procedures that are not available to natural tools.


Therefore, a human being created by the process of such double cell or bi-cloning lacked a certain intensity and quality of an endowed original living cell as far as its spiritual endowment is concerned. Instead, because natural tools were used, its physical and mental aspects were emphasized and exaggerated to compensate for the lack of completeness and totality of spiritual direct endowment.


Hence, another gigantic step toward recession from spirituality was accomplished.


Succeeding in their endeavor, the scientists started to doubt the necessity for direct endowment from the Most High in the effort to create people. They decided that now they could take care of such things themselves, not bothering the Most High.


Once such a doubt is established, it opens the door of Pandora's box-the temptation to do more of a similar nature and the temptation to be more on their own without turning to the Most High. This led to greater separation from other people, especially from those in charge of spiritual and philosophical issues. Such a gradual separation at one point in mankind's history can become the base for creating a separate society which is split from the original establishment and which will lead eventually to the creation of a different nation with a different purpose of life in mind. This purpose will not have as its base spiritual concerns but only scientific exploration and experimentation leading to greater and greater separation from spirituality.


The new people who are allowed to come into existence by such scientific means, by virtue of the fact that they are created from living human cells, contain within themselves all necessary spiritual endowment to continue to be spiritual. After all, each cell lives by that endowment. The principle of life which is the Most High and from the Most High contains within itself all that is necessary for such spirituality. The difference here is that in such created beings the emphasis no longer is placed on spirituality. Spirituality becomes a less important issue. Instead, the emphasis is put on mentality, mind control and physical development which stem from spirituality but which now can become independent of its principles.


The recognition still exists that life is from spirituality and spirituality itself. But this is taken for granted and, therefore, other avenues are sought out to prove that there are different possibilities, other than spirituality in itself and that, perhaps, different explanations may be as feasible as the spiritual one. Such conclusions lead eventually to the intensification of the scientific exploration of such possibilities. Once the idea of doubt emerges in the thinking process, it leads further and further from spirituality and it continuously seeks proof and justification for its existence. Thus, a biased thinking comes into existence. Such ideas become a basis that eventually will force people to seek out and to accept only those conclusions which will prove its validity. The spiritual principles that tend to disprove it start to be disregarded. From disregard the step toward derision and then complete rejection of spiritual principles is a short one.


The Most High permits this to happen because of the y Grand Plan. Moreover, since the living principle is preserved in such a situation, with it the freedom of choice and independency are also preserved. Thus, before people are created by this basically non-spiritual methodology, their ideas are requested by the Absolute Thought Process of the Most High whether they agree by their own choice to be part of such a venture and whether they freely accept all consequences and outcomes of such a choice. The choices and consequences of all other alternatives are presented and shown to them in the timeless and spaceless condition of the Most High with the necessity to obliterate from the conscious memory such choices and their consequences and outcomes. The necessity of such a procedure is explained to them and the purpose and the goal of the Grand Plan is shown to them in its completeness and totality.


After they have had time to weigh and to consider all alternatives available to them and make decisions from their spiritual freedom they may choose either to suppress themselves into the Absolute Being and Existence of the Most High, or to accept the assignment knowing that no conscious memory or conscious understanding of such a choice and its consequences and outcomes will be available to them for a certain period of time, and not at all during their lifetime on Earth.


If they suppress themselves, the two cells put together will not result in growth but will die out physically. If they accept their assignment under those conditions, the cells start to grow and develop into a fully alive functional and knowledgeable human being with all three degrees in her/him-spiritual, mental and physical. The only experience lacking is the experience of direct endowment from the Most High. However, they have a new experience of indirect endowment from the Most High from which they may, if they wish, conclude that their life is a direct result of the Most High's Absolute Being and Absolute Existence, since otherwise the living cells from which they originated would have no life in themselves and would be only dead elements of nature which cannot produce any living sentient or non-sentient entity.


In the process of the history of mankind as the old generation transited into the spiritual world, gradually all people of the planet Earth were originated by this new method-by the indirect endowment from the Most High with the natural tools invented by the scientists for that purpose.


The new bi-cloned generation was completely of such origin. Whatever they lacked in direct experience of direct spiritual endowment and all its spiritual, mental and physical consequences was taught to them by their creators who still possessed that direct experience. Thus, for the first time the state of some limited ignorance existed. Before that, by direct endowment from the Most High everyone was in the fullness of that state and knowledge. Now, since that direct experience was lacking there was an ignorance of it and it had to be taught by someone who had such experience. For that purpose it was recorded so that it was preserved for the posterities who would not have such direct experience. Such an endeavor is the first step toward eventually building human traditions and conventions. Any indirect experience of anothers' direct experience is subject to distortions and different subjective perceptions, understandings and interpretations which lead to a difference of opinions. The unity, oneness and harmony of such a society begins a gradual disintegration.


This is a further gigantic step toward spiritual recession. The new generation which directly proceeded from the people who were the direct endowment from the Most High does not differ significantly from their predecessors because all information which their predecessors had is available to them firsthand. This leaves little room for doubts or disagreements or disputations. The rules and their interpretations are set up both by living example and by recorded means.


Therefore, outwardly there is little difference in their life style and the structure of their government from the preceding generation. Everything goes well and smoothly. However, the seeds for the future break are already implanted in them by virtue of the way in which they agreed to be brought into this world.


Direct communication with all dimensions and the spiritual world still exists, but the direct spontaneous communication with the Most High starts to fade away. Since entities of this generation are not a direct endowment from the Most High they have little desire to communicate with the Most High directly. Instead, more frequently, they communicate with the Most High indirectly through and by their spiritual advisors appointed for them by the Most High for that purpose, and by the means of correspondences learned from those who were created by the direct endowment from the Most High. Since they lack somewhat the completeness and totality of direct spiritual experience it is compensated for by building and creating a representative means of such an experience from natural and mental illustrations. Thus, various attributes, principles and categories of the Most High are illustrated to them by certain mental dispositions and traits, and by artistic and various other natural depictions. Physical images are built to represent each such spiritual category in the Most High. They well understand that these images have no life in themselves but serve only the purpose of representation to bring to their spiritual understanding a greater intensity and mediation of that which they directly lack.


From such an indirect representation of spirituality in the process of mankind it is only a step for mankind to perceive such physical representations of various attributes and categories and principles of the One Most High as several gods or many gods; in the next spiral down the line of mankind's history to perceive all natural representations as gods themselves; and in the next spiral of history to perceive them as no gods at all-therefore, there is no god or the Most High. This finally ends in the assumption that there is no spirituality at all and the only god in existence is nature itself. This is an inevitable outcome of such a process.


If one is a direct endowment from the Most High, one does not desire any mediation because it is a lesser spirituality. By the very nature of its directness, one is always in the presence of the Most High. But such presence in itself precludes lesser spirituality.


In order to answer the original question it is necessary to permit the creation of a generation by indirect endowment with non-spiritual tools in whom a lesser spirituality is feasible. Any lesser spirituality requires mediation to the full spirituality.


This was then an important difference between the new generation and their predecessors. Their predecessors still had the idea that whatever they had done was with good intention and for the benefit of mankind. At that point there was no ill­-conceived motivation to recede from spirituality or to bring disaster on mankind by their experimentations.


Therefore, they carefully recorded for posterity and taught their children all spiritual means of which children were ignorant because of their indirect endowment. As the old generation transited into the spiritual world, they became by choice spiritual advisors for the new generation and maintained continuously a free open communication from the spiritual to the natural world and vice versa.


The people created by such means still come to the world with most of the knowledge and abilities of their creators except for the ignorance resulting from the way they were made. But their ignorance is compensated for by the teachings of their creators and by correspondences. This situation for the first time created a new experience and a new relationship.


Since then people have only an indirect endowment by the Most High, and the Most High is therefore only an indirect Parent The direct parents are now the two people from whom those two cells are used. Because those two people are assigned to teach this new being who was created from themselves, new feelings come into existence-the feelings of belonging, ownership, motherhood and fatherhood on one side and feelings of dependency, admiration and respect for the two people who are that being's own and for that being alone on the other side. Thus, a parent-child relationship comes into its first stage of existence. At that first stage, however, those relationships and feelings were quite different from the present form of parenthood. They were more like a mentor-pupil relationship with some awareness of exclusive belonging that eventually became a base on which such a relationship developed later in the history of mankind.


The feelings of belonging at that point lacked an intensity of intimacy and exclusivity. There was only a general awareness that one came from the living cells of those two people and no one else. About the same time people started to develop a general awareness that a child was originated from them and no one else.


Now, as such a feeling and awareness becomes deeper and deeper it eventually ends in the establishment of traditions and conventions of parent-child relationships which, in turn, lead toward establishment of the institution of marriage and family. Such an institution, of course, lacks any spirituality because it usurps and steals it from One to whom it only can belong-the Most High-who is the only Mother and the only Father of all creation. Thus, the Most High started to be replaced gradually by all those traditions, conventions and human institutions until at one point in time no Most High was needed.


The new generation did not go that far because of their immediate experience with those who were a direct endowment from the Most High. They continued to accumulate and record all knowledges they had which they received from their mentors.


But at one point all the old generation transited from Earth and the new generation came into being and existence. They did not have any direct physical live contact with their predecessors. The only tangible contacts were records and through established traditions which they followed, together with knowledge of correspondences.


However, they all had accumulated knowledge and they continued to produce other people by the same means­-through genetic engineering. All accumulated knowledge was genetically transmitted to every newly bi-cloned person. There no mental and scientific ignorance. Spiritual ignorance compensated for by the teachings of traditions, by the knowledge of correspondences and by communication with spiritual advisors. However, more emphasis was put on mental powers and natural sciences. People started more and more to on scientifics and less and less on spiritual traditions and r spiritual advisors. Because they had freedom of choice, ping could be or was forced or imposed on them. The Most High does not operate by force and imposition. One has to ask receive. One is given nothing if one does not ask for it; otherwise it would be an imposition and force.


Therefore, as they consulted their spiritual principles less and less and, instead, consulted more and more natural scientific levels, they gradually and eventually, in the process of r long history, lost any respect and need for spirituality. This gradually and eventually led to the closure of the door to the innermost spiritual degree. The innermost spiritual degree remained, otherwise they would not have lived, but it was no longer consulted or considered. All consultations and concentrations then came from the "without" and not from the within". And since there are no answers from the "without" in reality, they had to be invented, faked and justified by rational ins stolen from the spiritual principles. Whatever one steals doesn't belong to that one but belongs to the one from whom it stolen. Now, in order to justify such stealing one must blame the one from which it was stolen. This blame eventually s to hate.


Thus, a feeling of hate toward anything spiritual, on which life depended, started to evolve.


Since they could not originate life in itself and by selves but only from the Most High, they had to steal everything from the Most High's principles. Those principles n them, for they live. Life can be only from the Most High fuse the Most High is the Absolute Life Herself/Himself. i used those principles to bi-clone new people. Gradually,


as they created a new generation they genetically instilled the hate toward anything spiritual. However, they used all spiritual powers available to them to destroy spirituality and to prove that they could produce, maintain and continue life without the Most High. Because they eventually started to hate the Most High, they were also jealous of Her/His powers and they desired all power to themselves so that they could be the absolute rulers of Earth and eventually of all creation.


Many millions of years passed to sink to this level. In the process of those millions of years more and more knowledge was accumulated and became available to them. At one point in such development they conceived a plan for complete destruction of the Most High and all spirituality, and for production of a new special condition that would have no true spirituality. But because they knew that without spirituality life is impossible, they invented a pseudo-spiritual principle which they stole from the true spiritual principle, on which they planned to build the next society.


The process of bi-cloning continued as before. The physical appearance of people, although different from those created by direct endowment from the Most High, was still in the form of giants with a life span of over one thousand years. All knowledge of all principles was still available. The people were still mentally created in such a manner as to have a unified purpose but for a different goal. Therefore, the outward structure of society did not change. It was maintained for the time being and they instilled it in the newly bi-cloned people through genetic manipulation. They needed this stolen unity in order to succeed with their plan. Without it they would not succeed. Therefore, they kept it in effect by genetic manipulation so that newly bi-cloned people would have no desire and tendency to change that structure. This served one purpose-to attempt to destroy and defeat the Most High by the tools and means stolen from Her/Him. This required involvement of all means of all degrees-spiritual, mental and physical. Only a simultaneous assault on all levels could bring the desired result


Thus, the fullness of the negative state came eventually and gradually into existence. It culminated and established itself fully and completely on the planet Earth approximately three million years ago. By this time the plan was well conceived.


However, not all inhabitants on Earth participated in this plan. Many disagreed and urged the return back to the original positive state of spirituality. These people were producing their own people for support. Nevertheless, the negative state was allowed to prevail for the purpose of the Grand Plan of the Most High. Therefore, all those people with good intentions left the planet Earth and settled on specially created planets throughout the Universe where they continued in their own positive development toward greater spirituality. All their knowledge, science, technology and natural tools are still used only for one purpose-to achieve greater spirituality for the benefit of all creation of the Most High and for the mutual benefit of their own lives. They teamed their bitter lesson on the planet Earth, as well as the consequences of the establishment of the negative state, and by their free choice they refused to participate in its realization.


Another reason they were permitted to leave the planet Earth and to settle on other planets in the physical universe, instead of transiting to the spiritual world, was for the future benefit of mankind on Earth.


This was provided by the Most High with the foresight of what was to happen to planet Earth and its people. These people with good intentions were to become guardians of Earth in physical forms to preserve the Earth, prevent the people of Earth from complete self-destruction and to assist, by their invisible and imperceptible influence, certain spiritual trends that would eventually occur in people, and lead them in the direction of the return toward original spirituality.


After these people left, the remaining society was allowed to proceed with its plan.


Now, one has to remember that the purpose of this plan is, first, to prove that one does not need the Most High to create life; second, to prove that life can be initiated and created by purely natural and non-spiritual means; thirdly, to destroy the Most High and take over all Her/His powers. The last point in the plan becomes the greatest obsession of the remaining society. Since all knowledge of all methods was preserved in them, they were aware of spiritual, mental and physical processes in existence and they used them for that purpose. They decided to develop a great hoax that would lead people to believe in their plan.


That hoax, of course, could not be effective with their own people because they knew the truth. Therefore, they decided to develop a completely new genetically manipulated form of human being who would be entirely different from them.


Now, since the purpose was negative, it was actualized by pseudo-creativity or by the stolen creative principles of the Most High. Pseudo-creativity cannot develop anything new on its own because it is stolen; therefore, it pseudo-creates by analogy only. By observing animal life and knowing evolutional development had stopped at the moment original human beings were created by the direct endowment from the Most High, they decided to use animal life as a prototype for creating a new breed of people. They knew that the highest level of animals on the evolutional scale, the mammals, conceived their young by copulation, and that seeds developed in a female animal following which the baby animal was born from the mother's womb. They could easily imitate this procedure for a new breed of people. Therefore, by genetic manipulation they created a male and a female with reproductive processes analogous to the mammals then in existence. They created female organs in such a manner that every female could conceive within herself and develop a fetus in her womb.


It was no longer necessary to continue the reproduction of people by the process of bi-cloning. The process of bi-cloning still had too much spirituality in itself. Also if that process had been preserved, no natural link between people and animals could be conceived or established.


In order to prove that people developed in the same way as animals and that they had to take care of their babies in the same manner and teach them everything from the very moment of their birth, it was necessary to create that breed or generation in a completely ignorant state with suppression of all knowledge of the spirituality of their true origin and of any technology or science.


Therefore, they created a cave man and several species of apes resembling the cave man so that it could be proclaimed that man was only a natural continuation of apes in the process of evolution of the species and that no spirituality was involved in the process.


But they had to preserve in man the ability to learn. There was no way they could eliminate that ability if their plan were to succeed. One problem consisted of bringing the cave man at one point to an acceptable level of a civilized state which would allow the development of science and technology and all other areas of human activities so that it could be proven that such development is not from spirituality but from nature. Thus, according to the pseudo-creators, such abilities are only a by ­product of the natural evolution of development.


Knowing that future scientists of mankind would be looking for answers regarding the source of their origin and creation, they created this hoax and planted such ideas into the feeble mind of their product.


However, the ability to Team had to be retained in order to learn the pseudo-logic of natural evolution. Since all knowledge possessed by pseudo-creators was suppressed here by genetical manipulation, the learning had to occur from the "without" instead of "within". The "without" learning proceeds by observations of events which happen in the natural degree and the physical body by analogy and gathering of experiences, and from this making generalizations of universal applicability. Since all conclusions are made by observations and experiences of outside natural events, it is easy to arrive at the view that origination of life is from nature. In such a conclusion, of course, there is no spirituality.


But preservation of the necessary Teaming abilities of the new breed of people contained a potential flaw in the grandiose plan or hoax produced by the pseudo-creators. The ability to learn is purely, completely and totally a spiritual trait and in it all principles of life and spirituality, without exceptions, are preserved; in them, thus, is the Most High as in Her/His own. Therefore, this principle constituted the innermost spiritual degree of the newly created cave man from which the specific mentality comes into existence which can influence differently the pseudo-scientific conclusions that people make about life and its origin. (Note: Animal Teaming reflects universal spiritual principles because it corresponds to the various spiritual affections. Such correspondences enable limited non-spiritual learning by animals. But because the possibility of such Teaming stems entirely from its correspondences, it is inconceivable by itself. Therefore it is possible only by the existence of spirituality in general.)


The ability to team is the vehicle through which the Most High continuously provides choices for people to return to their original state of spirituality.


This is the reason why it was permitted by the Most High that people are or were developed in such a manner and are born in complete ignorance, with completely closed spiritual and mental degrees. And this is the weak point of the whole hoax which was plotted by the evilness of the negative state of the pseudo-creators. They were aware of this weakness but it was the only way they could proceed. Again one can see from this, the pseudo-creators could not develop anything new on their own but whatever they used was stolen from the creative principles of the Most High. They know this and it makes them even more hateful, hostile, vicious and furious in their endeavor to take over creation and to destroy the Most High.


The point with this weakness is that since such produced people are produced and then born into ignorance, they are also ignorant of the negative states. Thus is created the basis for battles for souls which goes on between spiritual principles and pseudo-creators. Ignorance means that one can accept and choose whatever one wants to. This ability to choose, that is, people's freedom and independency in making such choices is completely preserved. And such ability is purely spiritual. The Most High is in it as in Her/His own. Thus, another favorable point for the future spiritual rebirth of mankind and another flaw in the hoax.


The pseudo-creators were fully aware of the flaws and immediately after creation of a cave man and establishment of that hoax for the benefit of future human scientists, they proceeded in their plan with a second step more daring than the first.


They were continuously aware that any sentient entity was sustained in life only by spiritual principles. They used this stolen principle to produce cave man. Because of the continuous spiritual influx, cave man can not only live but be influenced in his/her total development. The pseudo-creators also knew that whatever happens is always initiated in its origin in the spiritual state. Therefore they knew very well that if their effort was ended by producing the cave man and establishing the hoax of a link between man and ape they ultimately would lose the battle because the spiritual principle has a tendency to take over by the very nature of its position in the center of creation and by the presence of the Most High in it. Therefore, as one grows from ignorance into knowledge, one would necessarily grow from no spirituality into full spirituality. This is a normal state of affairs for anything that is produced by spiritual principles. And since that principle is the base of creation of a cave man and his posterity, it would lead everyone directly toward full spirituality. There would be no other way.


For that reason the pseudo-creators decided to establish a special pseudo-spiritual state in the spiritual world from where they could influence and guide by pseudo-spiritual means the product of their pseudo-creative effort.


Another purpose for establishing such a state is that hating with passion the Most High and all Her/His creation they are not and cannot be in the same state with Her/His creation or with the Most High. From it they could not conceive or do any harm because it was a state of love and wisdom, the only spiritual state of that time. So they established for themselves a different state, separate from all other spiritual states by which they differentiated themselves from the Most High and by which they could exert influence on people of Earth whom they had produced into ignorance of all states.


Thus, a new state appeared in the spiritual world, the state of negations and oppositions to everything truly spiritual. Since that time, the spiritual world has been divided into three parts: heavens-the state of good and truth, love and wisdom; the intermediate state-the state of transition, balancing and choices; and hells-the state of negatives, evils and falsities.


Because of their spiritual nature, all three states now could and can exert equal influence on people of Earth. And because of their ignorant state, they can be led toward choices of any state in which they feel most comfortable and with which they wish to identify themselves.


After producing a cave man and apes, with all their attributes, and after establishing the evil pseudo-spiritual state in the spiritual world, all pseudo-creators, by their psychic and magic powers available to them, left their physical bodies and placed themselves in their self-created hells, in order to proceed with the next step in their plan. They carefully destroyed their physical bodies in order that no evidence of their existence on Earth could be found. Future scientists of mankind, therefore, could only conclude that there was a natural evolutionary origin of life on Earth and that human beings were not created by endowment from the Most High.


From hells, by the spiritual powers and magic they possessed, from all their knowledge accumulated in the process of 137 million years, they destroyed almost all evidence of their civilization, technology, culture and knowledge. They brought on planet Earth numerous tremendous so-called natural disasters, catastrophes and cataclysms which split the Earth's original one continent into several, separated continents, destroying all traces of possible proof of any other than the evolutional, non-spiritual origin of life. They placed the produced cave man and produced apes in different continents and started to exert influence on the development of cave men in all respects.


And, thus, the first part of the history of mankind was completed and the second part was about to begin. Knowledge of all these events was carefully obliterated from the conscious awareness of mankind for the purpose of fulfilling the original plan of the Most High and also for the purpose of giving opportunity to the plan devised by the negative state of pseudo-creators. Thus, no provable link of mankind to any other development than the non-spiritual evolutional one was possible to establish until now through this book.


The proofs to substantiate non-spiritual evolutional development, carefully obliterated by natural events, were thus brought to fruition in order that they might serve as a base for future scientists to develop their incorrect theories regarding the origination of life and people. Since at the present day scientists base all their proof on observable data and the facts of events in the outside natural degree, no spiritual conclusions can be found or measured to change any such natural-degree conclusions. Thus, present-day scientists were caught in the trap set for them by the pseudo-creators three-four million years ago and they still believe in the hoax that was presented to them so convincingly.


Whatever is derived from a hoax results in another hoax All conclusions based on any hoax are, of course, nothing but pure falsities. But because they are founded so cunningly on observable facts, they are considered the truth by the scientific mind.


And this was the purpose of the evil negative state: to consider falsity as the ultimate truth and to consider the ultimate truth as falsity. Thus, any spiritual reality or explanation for the natural scientific mind is unreal and, therefore, not feasible. Conversely, any unreal natural condition and its facts is real and the only one feasible for the natural scientific mind.


Once the pseudo-creators established themselves in their own hell, they proceeded with their original plan.


First they produced in hells, by their magic and knowledge of correspondences, all kinds of monsters, creatures, demons, satans and devils in order that they would have their own crews and servants helping them with their deception. They imitated in their pseudo-creative effort the creation of the Most High. Because the Most High has His/Her own creation and sentient entities of good and truth, the pseudo-creators counter-­produced the opposites of such positive creative efforts. It is said here "pseudo-creative effort" of the pseudo-creators. The reason for this term is that the purpose of real creative effort is to bring greater happiness, comfort, knowledge and spiritual awareness to all creation. However, the purpose of pseudo­-creators and their pseudo-creation is to destroy all creation of the Most High including the Most High. So whatever is "created" in hells is "created" only to destroy. Therefore, it is a "pseudo-creation" no matter how sophisticated it is. The problem is that any pseudo-creation has nothing of its own. It is all stolen from the real creation and thus from the Most High. As mentioned previously the pseudo-creators operated from stolen spiritual principles.


Since they know the importance of spiritual principles for their own survival and for success of their plan, and since their desire was to replace the Most High and take over Her/His place, it was necessary for them to pseudo-create a pseudo­-spirituality and pseudo-religion by which they could keep their pseudo-creation in spiritual blindness and ignorance in order to prevent them from becoming aware of and possibly accepting true spirituality.


They were aware of inborn spiritual needs of people. They could not erase those needs by any genetic manipulation because otherwise people could not live. By leaving that principle of learning intact in the people, they left also an eternal inborn desire and striving in people for spirituality. Such a goal in the human mind can never be erased by any genetic or other kind of manipulation because one simply lives and life is from the spiritual.


This is the principle here: Life is by and in itself completely and totally a spiritual phenomenon. In it is the Most High who is Absolute Life in Herself/Himself and by Herself/Himself as in Her/His own. As long as one is alive (regardless in what degree or step or dimension of existence, of being-whether spiritual, intermediate, natural, or in hell) one is in spirituality. The difference is only in the matter of position toward that spirituality. One may turn one's back on it or face it. If one faces it, one becomes more and more spiritual and one's spiritual degree becomes more and more open. However, if one turns one's back to it, one becomes less and less spiritual and one's spiritual degree recedes more and more until one closes it off, and by closing it one becomes really like an animal without any spiritual sense. It does not make any difference if such a person is of great repute, outwardly intelligent, brilliant and successful because these attributes are derived from the natural degree only and, therefore, have no eternal value.


All these things are known to pseudo-creators and they attempt to use this knowledge to their advantage.


They realize that people need a god. They also realize that they need God too. Now, since they do not want to recognize the real Most High as the only God, they must appoint from among themselves their own god. They attach to such a god all principles and attributes of the Most High and they worship that god. They infuse the same belief system in their pseudo-­creation on Earth and, thus, create a new pseudo-religion.


But because they all want to be gods, they continuously fight against each other, fractionalize, divide themselves into groups and so on; they continuously appoint new gods and infuse in him the powers of an almighty. This leads toward the development of tactics of deception, persuasion, cunning, distortion, enslavement and all levels of negative affections. They are all transmitted and infused into the ignorance of the people of Earth in form of a religion. And since they always come up with some new god and some new religious ideas, they originate many religious belief systems among the people of the Earth, professing that only their religion is a true and genuine one. They hold to it and cling to it rigidly, dogmatically, fanatically and blindly and despise everything and everyone different, to the point of killing each other and destroying each other consistently in the name of their newly pseudo-created god. Human beings naturally do not want to accept that what they do is in the name or affection of the devil and not in the name of the true Most High who would never create diversive religions or anything contradictory.


And thus the non-spiritual state ends in total insanity manifested so colorfully by the entire history of mankind for the last three or four million years.


Such religions, produced and conceived in the pseudo-­spiritual state of hells, are transmitted to people on Earth in order to keep them from true spirituality and at the same time so that they satisfy their need, desire and quest for spirituality that is so immanent in any living sentient entity.


However, at this step there is another danger for their plan and, therefore, for them personally. No matter how false and distorted religion or spirituality is, by its very principles it always contains some grains of truth which are destructive to their plan. This is preserved by the careful planning of the Most High's Absolute Providence so that such grains of truths can be used for bringing people back to true spirituality if they choose so at some point in their history.


The most devastating truth for the pseudo-creators contained in any such system is the necessity to admit that there is something more than only the natural state. Therefore, they must profess that there is a transcending order to the natural degree. And here is the catch. Since people's thinking and choice-making cannot be destroyed-otherwise they would have to destroy themselves-they can choose either to believe all this or not to believe all this. And in this ability there is a presence of a true spirituality in which the Most High is as in Her/His own.


In order to undermine this true spirituality and enslave people's thinking and choice, the pseudo-creators induce into people many negative ideas and feelings such as fear, guilt, horror and terror, suffering, pain, fire tortures in hell; and then promise everyone alleviation of such states under the condition they faithfully, rigidly, dogmatically, without any thinking, blindly in faith follow only their teachings and religious systems. Only by following blindly will they be saved from a hellish destiny. (Now the pseudo-creators appear to people as saviors. (Pseudo-saviors in reality.)


To manifest their powers more intensely they start to usurp all positive categories by stealing them from the Most High, turning them into negatives and proclaiming them to be the only source of life. Since all positive thinking and willing within them are converted by their choice into negatives, all their ideas and affections become exclusively negative. They project all such negative ideas continuously to the universal consciousness and to those who are willing to accept their ideas and actualize and realize them in the natural state. Since - no one else is willing to accept such ideas but only their own pseudo-creation on the planet Earth (after all, that was the purpose for producing them in such a manner), this planet and its people become a stage, a battlefield on which such ideas are projected and concretized.


Because these ideas express feelings of hate, rage, anger, destruction, hostility, aggression and all kinds of evilness with all their imaginable and unimaginable consequences and outcomes, they appear in the form of vicious animals and creatures of all kinds, poisonous and harmful plants of all kinds, poisonous and harmful insects, and germs and viruses of all kind. In people they appear either as mental or physical illnesses, diseases of all kinds, accidents and misfortunes of all kinds, wars, destructions, plots, coups, crimes of all kinds, natural catastrophes of all kinds, and in many other negative manifestations. If a person thinks and maintains a negative thought or feeling, it becomes a part of that person. This is literally true. The principle here is: any idea whether positive or negative once uttered or named tends to realize itself in the natural reality or in the natural degree by its concrete manifestation and illustration. Any idea produced in hells is negative and by the spiritual knowledge of correspondences and power of mind of the pseudo-creators it is projected into the natural degree of the planet Earth and people's mind and life, and by the combined effort of all of them is put into actual appearance, being or function.


Thus, one can discern and perceive, if one wants to, that all aggressions, wars, hostilities, viciousness, crimes and all other atrocities in mankind and in nature, all vicious animals, poisonous vegetations and plants, and all illnesses, diseases, accidents and misfortunes of any kind, mental or physical in existence and being on the planet Earth were produced in hells, accepted by the people of Earth by their free choice, and by that fact they really occurred, proceeded and became. And this is a true outcome of non-spirituality and pseudo-spirituality. Pseudo-spirituality is, in essence, no spirituality at all because everything in it is stolen from true spirituality, turned into opposites and perverted.


In order to further confuse the issue, the pseudo-creators proceeded in pitting people against each other by producing different nations and nationalities, different races with different, often diametrically opposed views, cultures, religions and languages. They established rigid institutions, traditions and conventions which would not allow anything new so that no true spiritual awareness could appear to people. They produced laws, customs, regulations and rules of every kind so that people are/were completely restricted, limited in their freedom of expression and choice and, thus, too afraid and guilty to art, to believe, to think, or to behave contrary to such establishments and authorities under penalty of rejection, expulsion or severe punishment to the point of execution or imprisonment.


They completely and totally distorted and perverted the meaning of spiritual marriage by establishing a formal institution of marriage based on convenience, dependency, submission, and all kinds of religious, social and moral restrictions. They infused in people a need to create special codes, rules and regulations as to how the marital institution should function, how children should be raised, and the role of sexuality in human life. The most hideous distortion and assaults were invented against the true meaning of human sexuality. It became for them a special goal to undermine its true purpose, place and function in human life. They knew very well what a great spiritual implication sexuality has in human spiritual development and self-concept. They were aware that sexuality corresponds to one of the highest spiritual values, that in a sexual union of male and female there is a continuous re­affirmation of universal love and in it the Most High is ever present. The reason they planned such a careful and vicious plan to destroy the true spiritual meaning of sexual intercourse was that it would be the easiest way to influence people's spiritual awareness both in a positive and negative way. If they had left sexuality to its own development or if they had not made such cunning efforts to pervert its true function and purpose in human life, human sexuality would then be the most vulnerable area by which and through which their plan to destroy spirituality would have failed completely.


For that reason they implanted and instilled in people's minds the most distorted and most hideous ways of understanding sexuality, marriage and family structure so that they used it as a means to enslave people in the most horrid states of guilt, self-destruction, destructions of others, sexual perversions and/or sexual abstention.


This is all done in the name of religion or in the name of preserving society with the implication that sexual feelings and sexuality is the devil's invention and, thus, against the Most High. Now, this is just the opposite of the real truth. But that is the way they operate, taking the real truth and turning it into its opposite. This is done with all human values without exception. Of course, the most convincing argument for validity of such perversion is if it is done in the name of religion, spirituality and the Most High. This is the true danger that was/is able to enslave most people, especially in the old times when they were kept purposefully in a state of ignorance, fear, guilt and anxiety regarding such feelings and actions.


Now, since this assault is directed against the union, integrity and oneness of the femininity and masculinity principles-after all, in this union is the true spirituality and the presence of the Most High-it was necessary to break, to destroy the true meaning of such union and replace it with a completely and totally different relationship between those principles and their representatives.


Therefore, a careful plan was initiated to eliminate the equality of sexes and to place women in a subservient and inferior position. It is interesting to note here that, by and large, the assault was directed against women's position. Although there were attempts among some tribes to establish a matriarchy and thus to undermine the position of males, that direction never worked properly in their plans.


One has to understand that the pseudo-creators were masters of the science of correspondence and of the ultimate spiritual implication of such correspondences and their creative consequences. Therefore, they were aware of the true correspondence of the principles of femininity represented by female physical characteristics in their original endowment from the Most High. They knew very well that femininity is the essence, being, state, love, will, motivation, feelings, intuition, potency, freedom and warmth. Without femininity the existence, process, substance, wisdom, reason, thinking, intelligence, knowledge, independence and light-that is, the masculine principle would have no real life. Since feminine principles are the center and the nucleus of any manifestation, it is necessary to assault their position so that the true spiritual meaning of life is obfuscated and/or suffocated. To accomplish such distortion it became necessary to assault the woman's position in the natural state, thus undermining the importance of all those principles which constitute the very life of all manifestations of creation.


Therefore, an idea was instilled in the human mind that the feminine principle and thus womanhood is inferior and less important and less valuable than masculine principle, that is, manhood.


The consequence of such distortions continue to rock mankind's integrity even until the present. Sexuality, womanhood, marriage and all related matters are the most rigid, the most viciously resisted concepts in the modern conventional and traditional establishments which persist in their old established and totally perverted ways almost without any change. But without changing these ways no reversion to true spirituality is possible because of corresponding factors involved here. The present day attempt of some people to have so-called open sexuality stems from an overall negative state of sexuality based on psychological phenomenon called reaction formation from guilt imposed on them by religious and/or social traditions and conventions. It is a form of defense and not a result of a true spiritual understanding of sexuality.


Thus, gradually mankind lost all concept of true spirituality. It was replaced either by a total denial of existence of any spirituality or by pseudo-spirituality demonstrated in numerous conventions and traditions of religion, social, cultural, marital and similar modern institutions which were invented by the pseudo-creators for the purpose of suffocating true spirituality and supplanting the Most High through all creation.


During this period in mankind's history the Absolute Providence of the Most High continues to work in subtle, indirect and direct ways to utilize any situation as a reminder of the existence of true spirituality. As mentioned previously, in the initial plan of the pseudo-creators, there were several flaws and weaknesses which were simply inevitable if any such plan could come to fruition. One flaw was that the learning ability of a new generation had to be preserved. The other was that it was necessary to start individual human development from no knowledge or from ignorance in infancy into the knowledge and intelligence of adulthood. Such a situation was/is used by the Most High to establish and maintain the principle of balance by which people are kept in freedom of choice.


Learning, freedom, choices and all related matters are purely spiritual principles in which the Most High is as in Her/His own. From them the Most High can continuously present different alternatives over and above those given to people by their pseudo-creators. Thus, for each hellish alternative there instantly appears the alternative opposite to it From this balancing principle people can now choose not what pseudo-creators want them to choose but what they themselves want to choose.


For the purpose of maintaining this balance and thus people's spiritual freedom, many means are provided by the Most High.


During the history of mankind various so-called Holy Books were written in which grains of true spiritual truths were included. A good example is the Christian Bible. Many prophets, spiritual teachers and spiritual leaders were sent to Earth to teach people the new ways of true spirituality. These prophets and spiritual leaders appeared among different nations, different places and at different times. Their mission was to instill and to preserve grains of spiritual truths in all human traditions, conventions and religions. Because of this they had to build on available grounds and to adjust themselves to the language and modes of traditions and conventions. Since mankind was and is in a completely external natural understanding of spirituality which is a pseudo-­spirituality, the only way to instill true spirituality was by the same external means. Prophets, therefore, used the language and the culture of people to whom they were sent and enclothed in their writings true and deeper spiritual meanings. Thus, they used the law of correspondences knowing that by every such descriptive word of natural events, things and places, some deeply hidden spiritual meaning could be conveyed to the unconscious parts of people's Inner Minds which would eventually lead to the questioning of pseudo­-spiritual human values. Because of this external nature of conveyance of the hidden spiritual meaning they had to possess externally manifestable powers to convince people of their true mission. Under those circumstances no means could remind people of the true spiritual state of affairs other than supernatural phenomena which those prophets and leaders could exhibit to people who were kept in an external state of naturalistic religious blindness.


Therefore they had to operate on the principle of miracles. This principle in itself has no spiritual value because it tends to compel people to believe in something in which they are not vitally interested. Whatever is forced cannot be retained, thus it cannot be appropriated by them. The true value of miracles is in triggering inner spiritual processes that may eventually prepare anyone who cares to be receptive to one's own reasoning process to start to question both the value of such miracles and the established views of pseudo-spirituality or pseudo-science, whatever the case may be.


Thus, as one's internal or spiritual degree is gradually reopened, one perceives by one's own processes the true spiritual reality that doesn't require any proof or miracles because it simply is. However, to arrive at this kind of conclusion is a big step for those whose spiritual degree has been closed for so many thousands or even millions of years. Therefore the process of opening must be gradual and in small steps so as not to endanger the very life of spirituality. A complete exposure of complete truth to someone who is spiritually blind would be equal to incineration.


Miracles and psychic powers exhibited by all prophets, by Jesus Christ, Swedenborg and by other spiritual leaders including some present leaders are all part of such necessary development in human spiritual re-awakening. They are superficial tools used only because there were no other means available by virtue of the fact that all else was destroyed or restricted for some necessary spiritual reason. Miracles are not spiritual in themselves. They are only natural tools to demonstrate spiritual powers and to indicate that spiritual laws supersede natural laws. ho other value can be placed in them from the standpoint of true spiritual freedom.


The true spiritual sense can be acquired only by internal means when one goes inside oneself and seeks answers to one's questions, perceiving the verity of the answers without any need to be convinced by the force of miracles (if such miracles are used for that purpose).


However the use of miracles as a spiritual means for removal of problems in human life can be positive and beneficial on many levels, provided such means are not used to force one into either believing in miracles or basing one's spiritual development on them.


For truly spiritual people miracles and spiritual means are only an external confirmation of something they have always known to be without any confirmation. In such an attitude is true wisdom.


For that reason neither miracles nor psychic powers in and of themselves can prove anything. The problem is that the pseudo-creators possessed the same powers by virtue of their tremendous knowledge and sophistication which they had for millions of years. Therefore, they could perform as many miracles and psychic healings as those who were coming from the good. Such a situation led to an even greater spiritual deterioration of mankind. False prophets and false spiritual leaders will be able to prove by the same external means the "verity" of their own teachings, which come from hell under the guise of "heavenly" doctrines.


Through their ability to confuse, a gradual unbalance was initiated in the spiritual world. That unbalance as it continued threatened the complete extinction of any spirituality on Earth. Extinction of spirituality leads to complete cessation of life.


This outcome was one of the goals of the pseudo-­creators. By completely destroying life on Earth they could demonstrate that the Most High is powerless and cannot do anything against them. Therefore they are more powerful that the Most High. And if they are more powerful, then they are the true rulers of all creation.


Now, in pursuing this goal they succeeded at one level by invading the intermediate world of the spiritual dimension. They firmly established themselves in that world and proceeded with the next step of their plan. From the position acquired in the intermediate world they started a direct assault on those states and regions of heaven which were in close proximity to the intermediate world.


They thus created a very dangerous situation. If they succeeded in taking over those regions of heaven then the whole creation would perish since on the principles of heaven all else is built.


One has to remember what was said previously about this. Heaven-the original spiritual world-represents in its totality the innermost degree of creation from which creation derives all its life, being and existence. Without the innermost degree there is no creation, no life, no being, no existence, no occurrences, no proceedings and no becomings. Therefore, such an assault endangered the very principle of life and the whole creation. No one in creation could stop such an assault. The only one who could do anything about it was the Most High. But the Most High, being in the Absolute Positive State and Process, could not directly do anything because any such effort would utterly destroy the pseudo-creators without a trace. Absolute Love and Wisdom does not contain a notion of destruction but only of preservation, continuation and salvation. Therefore, it became necessary to proceed with Her/His next step in Her/His Grand Plan conceived before the beginning of time and space.


In order to get in contact with the evil negative state for the purpose of controlling it, it was necessary for the Most High to undergo a direct incarnation into the third degree or into the natural physical world where such negative states and processes were initiated. Since the planet Earth was designated for the above-described experiment, it was necessary to incarnate on the planet Earth. Now, the Most High's incarnation proceeded as follows. It was necessary first to create an appropriate physical body. The direct creation of such a physical body by the spiritual processes of the Most High could not be effective because it would not contain anything from the negative state. That would miss the purpose of the whole plan. Moreover, such a body could not survive in the negative state. It would be instantly annihilated by the tremendous assault of all negative states put together.


Therefore the body for the Most High had to be conceived by natural means through natural people. Only in this way could it have inherited potentially all consequences of the negative states, and through it as through a mediator the Most High could come in contact with evil and be tempted by it. The principle here is that a negative state and its evil can be conquered only through exposure to it, thus, by being tempted by it. There is no other possible way to overcome such a state. If one is not exposed to something and not tempted by it, one does not know what it is or how to combat and transcend it; therefore one cannot combat and transcend it. If one cannot fight it, one will be destroyed by it. Since this is a universal principle in all respects and since the Most High is in the Principles themselves, She/He had to follow the same principle because the Most High is, in fact, them.


Now, the Christian Church from the Biblical exposition concluded that the Most High was conceived by immaculate means. That is, according to the Church, there was no sexual intercourse with any man and Mary was a virgin when she conceived the Most High. But this account is a distortion of what really happened. This distortion was allowed to persist until the present time because of the external conditions of the modern churches which still require a so-called miraculous explanation of such conception.


But, in fact, a human body for the Most High could be formed only by natural means, otherwise it could not fulfill its function. It was absolutely necessary to follow here all the natural steps of conceiving and developing such a body, otherwise the whole purpose of incarnation of the Most High would be completely lost. Such a body could not survive the assault of hells on it through temptation.


However, once the body matured to the point of its readiness to be born, the Most High entered into it by an adjusted level of Her/His spirit. The adjustment had to be made for the condition of that body so that the body could survive such intense presence. In other words, this was a so-called "walk-in" situation. Since, in the mentality and spirituality of that body there was nothing of a hereditary nature either on the mother's side or the father's side of that body, in that sense it was a truly immaculate conception.


The mentality and spirituality of that body was entirely, completely and absolutely that of the Most High. Therefore, under the name of Jesus Christ, the Most High entered the natural state through the naturally conceived body.


Jesus Christ appeared in the form of a male because of the bias existing at that time on the planet Earth regarding the position of women. it was necessary to establish Himself in the status of authority that was acceptable to the people of that time. Otherwise no one would have listened to Her/Him. However, by assuming the name of Jesus Christ, both principles were fully and equally incorporated in him; the name Jesus corresponding to love and good represents the feminine principle, and the name Christ, corresponding to wisdom and truth represents the masculine principle. Both principles had to be fully present within Jesus Christ if the complete temptation of all principles could be undertaken.


In this condition and in this state the Most High now could be tempted and know the nature of evils and all negative states by combating with and transcending them within Herself/Himself and outside Herself/Himself.


In the process of temptation She/He conquered all evils and falsities. It is necessary to remember that the pseudo­-creators knew very well who Jesus Christ was and, therefore, they assaulted Him/Her with all powers of evils and falsities accumulated during the millions of years of their existence. Nothing was missing. Thus, the Most High could come in touch with every single detail of all evils and falsities that had been in existence since their first conception by humans. Since the production of such evils and falsities is always from the same source, Jesus Christ was in touch also with all evils and falsities that would exist at all times after His/Her departure from the planet Earth.


As everyone knows, the last temptation on Earth for Jesus Christ was temptation on the cross. Since there He/She was tempted by physical death, an invention of the hells, it enabled Her/Him after He died to descend into the hells without destroying them and to subjugate the hells, putting them under Her/His complete control and turning the process toward the proper direction, that is, toward spirituality.


In order to do that it was necessary to gather all pseudo-­creators from all the places in which they were dwelling and hiding, and to develop a special state and condition which became a special hell known only to the Most High, to place them in that condition and encapsulate them so that they could no longer have any connection with any sentient entities anywhere including those of planet Earth. Until that time they had direct access to Earth and were incarnating into the human population in the form of human bodies or in the form of possessions such as demons and evil spirits they created for that purpose.


Since that time, all and any influence, contacts or connections from that particular state or hell where the pseudo-creators are located have been severed. The reason this was necessary was because they possessed tremendous knowledge, psychic powers and spiritual powers which they accumulated and gathered during 140 million years. They built on this, devising all types of cunning pseudo-inventions, utilizing new creative efforts of the Most High and Her/His people that continuously were coming into existence, stealing from them and coming up with new destructive assaults against any such creation. If this had continued, any true creative effort would have been undermined by them and used for building more sophisticated, more effective and more successful means of destruction. That would have led toward the necessity of nullifying creativity. To nullify creativity is to stop life. Thus, everything would have perished.


In this is the true meaning of the incarnation of the Most High on the planet Earth. This incarnation was not only for the purpose of saving the people on Earth, but for saving all dimensions, all worlds, all universes, all states and every single sentient entity in either a natural or spiritual being and existence.


After gathering all pseudo-creators, along with their demons and evil spirits, the Most High created for them a special state where they are allowed to remain as long as they wish, even to eternity if necessary. That state is off limits to any sentient entity. The Most High separated all other human spirits from their pseudo-creators and created for them a different state having no contact with the pseudo-creators. All people in this newly designated state are there by their own freedom of choice, from the past three or four million years to the present time. However, this new state was not closed and contact with Earth was allowed to be maintained for the sake of people's freedom of choice.


One has to remember that people of Earth by that time, in most instances, identified themselves with the evils and falsities and all kinds of negative ideas of their pseudo-creators. Through that identity those ideas became the love of their lives. Whatever becomes the love of one's life becomes one's life. To take it away from that one means death. That cannot be permitted to happen because in the ability of everyone to live, to choose, to learn, to reason and to decide, is the Most High. Therefore, to preserve people's lives it was necessary to retain contact with those states of hell that were formed from the people of the world from the time of the beginning of the original hoax of the pseudo-creators.


The instant complete closure of the source of human life's identities and loves, no matter whether they are positive or negative, means to suffocate them and to deprive them of their own spiritual atmosphere which also sustains their physical life.


The process of spiritual rebirth must be very slow, careful and in freedom so that all necessary steps are completed by intensifications and the emerging to the surface of each human's life an understanding and experience of all negative states, and their evils and falsities. By recognizing a thought, feeling or act as evil, false and destructive, people start to turn away from it. To the extent they turn away from it, to that extent the Most High opens up their spiritual degree where She/He is, and from where they can Team the true spiritual reality.


So after Jesus Christ completed Her/His mission, the state of affairs on the planet Earth was allowed to continue on its own course with the difference that no direct influence of the most devastating state of hells of the pseudo-creators could be exerted upon people. All people, therefore, were and are given greater freedom and ability at some point of their development to arrive at the true awareness of what really happened and why, and to start the path of return to spiritual progression for which they were initially created.


By closing off the influence of the pseudo-creators and putting all hells under the control of the Most High, the Moss High put an end to the dominion and unrestricted ruling of hells over mankind. Now, through the Absolute Providence, the Most High foresees and accordingly provides for the outcomes or results of people's free choices. The Most High continuously moderates, tempers and balances all choices and alternatives on both sides. For this, a proper foundation can be built for the eventual complete elimination of any negative influences of hells on mankind and the all-universal consciousness. By doing all this, the Most High completely aborted the original plan of the pseudo-creators and turned their effort into a great spiritual learning for all. The result of this learning for mankind is about to commence and come to fruition. This book is a part of that step.


As mentioned previously, after Jesus Christ left the Earth, new distortions, pseudo-religions and dark ages were allowed to come into existence. This was necessary so that the nature of negative states connected to those who came after the pseudo-creators could be brought to ultimate expression. It is impossible to eliminate anything entirely unless it is exposed and expressed fully. So the second step in the effort to bring mankind back to spirituality was to allow an accumulation of all negative states which were produced by the people and their hells from the time of their coming into existence as a result of the hoax played by the pseudo-creators. Such effort could not take place until the pseudo-creator's influence on and contact with all creation was put to an end by the Most High's incarnation on the planet Earth. But once that was accomplished the second phase could start.


All hells that were formed from the time of Jesus Christ's visit and departure were allowed to exert their influence on mankind for the purpose of intensification of all their evils and falsities so that their exposure and elimination could be eventually accomplished.


This process, because of the nature of people, takes a long time from the standpoint of natural Earth time. This process has been going on now for about two thousand years and is coming to an end.


The first major blow to the foundations of that negative state and its evils and falsities, and a heralding of the beginning of the new age came in the form of the revelation that was given by the Most High through Emanuel Swedenborg in the middle of the eighteenth century.


Although Swedenborg and his monumental concepts are not well known to mankind on Earth, they are contained in the all-universal consciousness from the Most High. All creation has access to them, and from them higher levels have been preparing mankind and all creation for the New Age during the last two hundred years. It is not important that Swedenborg's concepts have no wide acceptance on the conscious level of people. Through the all-universal consciousness they influence people's Inner Mind continuously without conscious awareness. By their continuous presence in the Inner Mind they trigger necessary ideas and ways for people's consideration and choice to prepare them for what is to come.


There are several major points in Swedenborg's concepts which prepare and strengthen mankind to put a permanent end to all dead pseudo-spiritual systems and to all the monstrous and gruesome conventions and traditions of people which have artificially kept alive all mountains of distortions and stagnant accumulation.



The concept that there is only one God (using Swedenborg's term) and that division of God into several Gods as in polytheism or in three Gods as in Christianity is an abomination plotted and invented in hell to destroy true spirituality. The importance of having a concept of one Most High was previously discussed in this book.



The Christian Bible and other holy books were structured in the manner of all creation and universal degrees-from the innermost to the outermost. Therefore they contain an internal sense, interior sense and literal sense accommodated to the understanding of all creation. hot all books of the Bible and other so-called "holy books" contain that sense and, therefore, are distortions. They were permitted to be included in the Bible by the Most High for the sake of people's free choice and for the sake of eventual exposure of how distortions, evils and falsities are capable of taking the form of complete holiness, thus seducing people.



All religions of mankind in existence contain important grains of truth which are universally applicable. By them and through them anyone who lives by their precepts can be saved regardless of one's religion or faith.



The initiation of all events in human life, no matter how small or of what nature, is always in the spiritual state of affairs and thus in the spiritual world. In addition every person is by one's spiritual degree, whether one is aware of it consciously or not, also in the spiritual world and the natural world. Thus, everyone is a citizen in all dimensions simultaneously. (We are not bodies with spirits; we are spirits with bodies.)



Sentient life is not limited only to the planet Earth, but every planet in the universe is inhabited by sentient entities, regardless of whether or not they are discernible by human physical senses and their physical natural tools.



Man's history didn't start from one person in the form of Adam and his wife Eve. But there was a race of people of unimaginable knowledge, wisdom, love and spirituality described in the correspondences of the Garden of Eden and referred to as people of the Golden Age. From them came the people of the so-called Silver Age and Bronze Age and so on, until the present type of people came into existence.



The Second Coming of Jesus Christ is not literally on the clouds with trumpets, but in everyone's graduation to a higher spiritual awareness and in opening one's internal spiritual degree and in the opening of the inner and interior sense of the Bible. Therefore, the Last Judgment is a subjective, internal and individual matter. For that reason it can take place only in the Spiritual World, that is in the state of internals.



The true meaning of marriage and sexuality is in the spiritual bond of love and wisdom and good and truth; sexuality and marital unions do not cease with a human's physical death; instead they acquire their true meaning, fullness and completeness in the spiritual world.


These eight points of Swedenborg's revelation initiated the process which leads to the eventual elimination of pseudo-­spirituality, and the beginning of closure of the influence of hells on mankind.


Because of his transitional position, Swedenborg's interpretation of some of these points still contained traditional and conventional thinking. This was necessary for the sake of preparation and for amelioration of the transition from the old to the new which is about to come.


After the cave man was produced by the pseudo-creators, the pseudo-creators left and most of the traces of their being here were carefully eliminated. The planet Earth was then closed and expelled from the Galactic and Universal Family in the natural universe. No direct contacts with other non-earthly beings were permitted so that nothing could be learned about the original plan. Only former descendents of the people of Earth who left Earth a long time ago were allowed to maintain a watch over the development of mankind without interfering in any way in mankind's affairs. That was done so that no direct influence could be exhibited on people's development. This allowed for the fulfillment of the original plan.


One of the ways to disclaim any relationship between present humans and their predecessors, should some signs of their existence inadvertently come to their attention, was to build a different physical body for them. The original pseudo-­created and present human beings were shorter and lighter, their life span is considerably shorter. Female bodies are built to be weaker and more fragile, in order to make women dependent physically on the stronger male. Initially there was no difference in the physical fitness, stamina and strength of the female or male body. There were two reasons why the human life span was shortened: one was from pseudo­-creators. They needed a fast turnover of people coming to the spiritual world and into their state in order to populate their newly created hells as fast as possible. They needed their own crew and slaves from Earth to continue to accumulate greater powers of their evilness and falsities so that the assault on all spiritual values could be more effective. The other reason was by the mercy of the Most High: to permit shortening of human life so that misery and suffering of human physical life in the natural world be shorter and, instead, to extend their life in the intermediate world for the purpose of greater opportunity and time to make better choices in regard to their future.


It was pointed out earlier that all conscious memories of humans in regard to the Grand Plan of the Most High and the hoax of the pseudo-creators were allowed to be obliterated for the time being. It was necessary to do so in order that the Plan might succeed.


But as the present human insane history is coming to the end, it is now permitted to reveal certain things about what really happened and why.


The first indication of this appeared in Swedenborg's writings. From some of his passages regarding the Most Ancient Church, as he calls it, it is obvious that there was something more to all he was allowed to discover than humans could imagine or know. However, in the time of Swedenborg neither Swedenborg in his natural condition nor mankind as a whole were ready for full-scale understanding of what happened and why; Swedenborg states this again and again.


But now the time is ripe and mankind is ready to know the truth about these events relative to the needs of the next spiritual step it is about to take. This truth, as mentioned many times above, is approximate and there is a transcending understanding to all of this. This truth is revealed in the content of this book. There are certain aspects to these events that are not yet ready to be revealed. First it is necessary to acquire understanding in light of the presently revealed truth so that mankind can eventually graduate to a higher understanding.


In view of this, one can see clearly how mankind gradually deteriorated from complete spirituality, to no spirituality of some natural scientists and their followers and believers, and to the pseudo-spirituality of all religions and human systems and their members, followers and believers.


At this point it is necessary to consider why such things happened and why the Most High permitted them to happen. There are several reasons for these "whys":



The true spiritual, mental and physical nature of any sentient entity is based on the principles of its freedom and independency and ability to make choices in regard to its Creator. The true essence and substance of spiritual love which is in the Absolute State in the Most High is of such a nature that it requires giving everyone a choice to accept that love and its Originator or to reject it. The reciprocal nature of true spiritual love is its sustenance and life.


If a sentient entity is not given such a choice, no reciprocity exists. If an awareness of such a choice is lacking, a sentient entity ceases to be a sentient entity. Sentiency is constituted by the ability to will, to reason about its will, and to make choices of different alternatives in accordance with its free will. Without such constituents such an entity would not differ too much from an animal which is governed by innate instincts, not choices. No concepts of love, wisdom and choice would be derived from such a condition. If there are no such concepts, no self-awareness could come into its realization. Where there is no self-awareness, there is no awareness of any values. Therefore, such life would be meaningless.


Since the basis of a relationship between the Creator and His/Her sentient creation is founded on the same principles by which the Creator operates, it is necessary to implant in any sentient entity an awareness that it may at any time, from its free will, refuse to reciprocate or to accept anything that is continuously being offered to it. This is the major vehicle by which all sentient entities establish a self-concept and a self-­image. Such awareness, such ideation keeps them continuously what they are.


The idea of one's ability to recede from accepting spirituality and not to reciprocate offered love and all other gifts of the Most High contains within itself a potential for the development of the negative state. The Most High, as was emphasized continuously, is an Absolute Positive State and Positive Process. In such a state and process no negative ideas can be present in themselves. The potentials of deriving such ideas in assuming some other state are foreseen in the positive state. After all, true love builds everything on its own principles of freedom, independency and choice. There is no love without choice. By these principles one must provide another one with opportunities to say "no" or "yes". By saying "yes" love is compounded and positive state is re-affirmed. By saying "no” love is again compounded by its nature to respect one's choice (only true love can tolerate "no" for the sake of love since otherwise it would not be love) and the positive state is even more reaffirmed by its negation.


By virtue of these facts the Most High or Positive State cannot be considered the originator of the negative state because in the true state of love no such concept exists. There is only freedom of choice. But the wisdom of that loves goes one step further in establishing the law that any choice, inevitably, leads to its consequences. This is the very nature of the choice. If there were no consequences there would be no affirmations of such choice. In the affirmation of such choice is the potential for producing a negative state. The ability to choose in itself is a principle of pure love. There is nothing negative in it itself. However, the affirmation of any choice can come to fruition only by its consequences. Such consequences may contain negative elements so as to affirm that the choice was really made. Such ability to do so is of the Absolute Love. Only true love could tolerate such a situation. "No love" is not capable of tolerance, and forces everyone into accepting or believing what it wants and not what the other one wants or needs.


From this one can see clearly, if one wants to, that toleration of the negative state is an act of pure love for the sake of preservation of the most valuable principle of all sentient entities-freedom of choice. By it they are what they are and by it true love is re-affirmed.


It is one of the reasons why evil is permitted to have its manifestation and why things are happening the way they are on the planet Earth.



In order to have any concept of the consequences of any choice it is necessary to illustrate them by examples. One must know the consequences of any choice before one takes that choice. Blind choice-making is no choice and has no true freedom in itself.


If a sentient entity did not have the knowledge of consequences of such choices it could not choose. If it could not choose it would be deprived of its very life. Therefore, all consequences of any choice with all their outcomes must be illustrated.


It is a universal law that any idea or any thought by its very nature contains within itself all its consequences and outcomes. It is also a universal law that once an idea or a thought emerges in any thought process it tends to actualize itself and realize itself in a concrete life form through its successive steps until it becomes its consequence and outcome in the natural step and its natural degree. The illustrative nature of such an idea is manifested in the actualization of its consequences and outcomes on the natural level. Once such an idea is illustrated in its consequences and outcomes it becomes the base for comparison between two or several choices. Now any sentient entity will know what it is choosing. The freedom of choice, therefore, is permanently preserved. This is one of the reasons why the negative state is permitted to appear.



In order that choices can be made, different spiritual conditions, degrees and levels must be available from which to choose. If the Most High were to allow into being and existence only one spiritual level or spiritual condition, no choices could be made. One would be locked forever in only one condition or state. Such a situation cannot produce any true life or a base for reciprocation or acceptance of any love, or anything else for that matter.


Such a situation would be very unwise. Since the Most High is equally Absolute Love and Absolute Wisdom, She/He permits in that wisdom choices from many levels, from many degrees and from many conditions. The differences in spiritual levels are manifested in the natural level as conflicts. The nature of matter is such that anything different in the spiritual state of affairs is perceived and acted upon in the natural state in a conflictual manner.


The differences in spiritual levels within the positive state are not perceived as conflicts but as a great opportunity, a great chance to leam something new. Such a situation is reflected in the natural level and corresponds to separation which produces anxiety-thus a negative state.


One has to remember that the true nature of matter is such that it does not want to change its state but wants to be continuously self-absorbed, falling in upon itself. Anything disturbing that condition is perceived as unpleasant and undesirable. Because spiritual freedom is based, however, on the existence of numerous spiritual levels and conditions, the differences among them are received or felt in the natural state as a disturbing factor; hence, a negative state.


As one remembers, in order to create a physical Universe it was necessary to move it by exerting a tremendous thrust of energy and power of the Most High's Absolute Love and Absolute Wisdom. Without that thrust it would have stayed in the same self-absorbed and falling-in-on-itself condition to eternity without change. Such a condition would have eliminated the possibility of choices because the illustration of consequences of choice can be manifested only on the natural level of matter. It is its nature to be concrete and fixed. Thus, the natural level is a concrete and fixed base for such illustration. After all, matter, dimensions, conditions, steps and all else with them were created for sentient entities and their choices and not vice versa. Sentient entities were not created for them. The environment is for someone; someone is not for the environment.


Such choice among many spiritual levels and conditions is also the base for one's potential growth to eternity. if there were only one level and condition it would lead to stagnation and unproductiveness and no creative effort could be triggered and nourished by it. Stagnation, inherent in the existence of one condition only, would lead to spiritual death.


However, sentient entities must be given a choice f or such growth or for such stagnation. In order for choices to be made it is necessary to permit the illustration of the consequences of both-progression and growth or stagnation and spiritual death. Principles of stagnation are possible to illustrate only on the natural level of matter. After all, its nature is a stagnant one. The true spiritual level doesn't have such a nature. Its nature is a continuous progression. Therefore, such an illustration has to be given on the natural level where that condition is inherent in its state of affairs.


That is why such a negative state as stagnation with all its deadly consequences and outcomes is permitted to occur.



Sentient life would have no meaning if it contained uniformity only. An infinite variety of experiences, positions, states, levels, dimensions and sentient entities proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that the true meaning of sentient life is in its needs and abilities to be exposed to infinite possibilities of discoveries, learning and sharing. ho one state, condition or level could provide such an opportunity and such meaning. Also, the consequences and outcomes of such discoveries, leamings and sharings or abstention from them must be illustrated by examples in order to motivate such need and meaning.


Because the illustrative and concrete nature of the physical level is the best and most appropriate place for such happenings, it becomes the natural stage on which they are all acted out.


That is why it is all happening here on Earth in a concrete form. Since all participants in such actings out are participating by their own freedom of choice, regardless of whether or not they are consciously aware of it, they are fully, completely and totally responsible for whatever is happening in their lives without exception.



The state and the process of being and existence of any sentient entity is relative only to the Most High who is Absolute. Therefore, a self-awareness, self-concept and self-image of any sentient entity can be acquired by comparison only. One compares oneself to all others and all others compare themselves to one. Therefore, every sentient entity must be unique and unrepeatable. As a result, any condition, state and experience of such a sentient entity must also be unique. Two same experiences and their contents would be only one; no comparison from that could be made. If there is no comparison, there is no sharing possible. If there is no sharing possible, then no base for love could exist. Without such a base, no freedom of choice could exist. Without freedom of choice, no sentient entity could exist.


The nature of such a comparison requires having the opportunity to choose, to experience anything at all or to experience only one experience-that is, not to experience anything. Now, the state of not experiencing anything is the experiencing of not experiencing anything. Because it is a totally negative state, it has its consequences and outcomes of a totally negative nature.


In order to have a true comparison of all experiences, one must have a choice to experience the not experiencing. Only against such a choice can the true comparison take place and the true uniqueness of self with its unique experiences be acquired. In order to know the consequences and the outcomes of such a situation on one's self-concept and one's life, it is necessary to have it illustrated using concrete examples. Because concreteness is the nature of the physical state, such a state becomes a true stage for this illustration.



Because of the relative nature of a sentient entity to the Absolute Most High, the true understanding of the purpose of life can be acquired only by examples and illustrations. Only in the Absolute State and Absolute Process can one have a direct understanding of anything without any illustrations or examples.


In order that a true understanding of purpose of all creation may be acquired, it is necessary to illustrate that purpose relative to examples of non-purposeful endeavors. No concept of purposefulness can be acquired without comparative states in which there is no purpose. The negative state in itself has no purpose. Its purpose is to destroy anything positive and purposeful, and that is no purpose. Such a state, through its negative consequences and outcomes, vividly illustrates the nature of the true purpose of life.


Because all illustrative and concrete representations of such consequences and outcomes are the domain of the natural degree, it becomes their natural expression.


Thus, the negative state with all its evils and falsities ultimately serves a good purpose. Since all participants in such ventures are there by their own free choice, they are fully responsible for all miseries and sufferings that are immanent in such a choice.



Before any sentient entity is created by the Most High it is given the opportunity in the ideas of being and existence within the Absolute Thought Process of the Most High to decide whether it wants to come into being and existence. No one is forced to make such a decision for or against it. The consequences and outcomes of such decisions are in the nature of that idea. Therefore, all consequences and outcomes are available for consideration in minute detail. The need for obliteration of conscious memory of such a decision is fully presented and considered. The purpose, the goal and the meaning of the incarnation of such an idea into a sentient entity is fully grasped, explored, accepted or declined.


In order that a sentient entity can have a just and fair base for any decision, all alternatives must be provided. If there were only one alternative-positive, it would be no alternative at all. ho decision could be made from such a situation.


For that reason, it is necessary to permit an alternative to a positive state to come into appearance with all its consequences and outcomes. Since such an idea cannot come from the Most High, it is permitted to emerge in the most relative and most remote state of spirituality-the natural state-where it can be conceived by the nature of the physically concrete and stagnant condition in this state. Because any such conceived idea comes from thinking, it tends to actualize itself and become concrete in the natural state. Now the idea of a negative state can be illustrated to any prospective sentient entity so that a proper decision can be made.


Thus, the natural degree, in the form of the planet Earth's people, becomes a base, a foundation for such decisions and choices-made with full and complete awareness of the responsibility for all of them.



Implicit in the natural condition of matter is the appearance of concreteness and fixedness. Such appearance resists any change. It is necessary to have this appearance so that in contrast to it any change or any progression can become reality. Only by comparison to no change or to no progression can any change or any progression occur.


Thanks to the faced and concrete appearance of matter, it can be used as a base for concrete illustrations of all necessary examples of choices and their consequences and outcomes. Without such an appearance, no choice could be made and, therefore, no sentient entity could exist.


Since all creation is relative to the Absoluteness of the Uncreated Most High, it can occur, proceed and become only by comparison to non-occurrence, non-proceeding and non­becoming. Concrete illustrations of such situations are possible only by the natural degree which is an ultimate expression of such non-occurring, non-proceeding and non-becoming. It is not alive and, therefore, in fact, it can never occur, never proceed and never become.


The Absolute Contrasting Comparison to such an appearance is the Most High, who is Absolutely Alive and, therefore, in Her/His Absolute Aliveness She/He does not occur, does not proceed and does not become. The Most High is the One who always is. Matter is the only thing that never is. Now, such a comparison of contrasts enables any occurring, proceeding and becoming. From this one can choose between two alternatives: to be more and more alive by approximating more and more the Most High, or to be less and less alive by approximating more and more the level of matter. Both alternatives bear their consequences and outcomes. These consequences and outcomes are continuously illustrated by living examples and events occurring on Earth. As mentioned previously Earth and her people, by their free choice, were designated to play such a role in the all­-universality.



All miseries, sufferings, destructions, calamities, disasters, wars, hate, aggressions, hostilities, illnesses, diseases, accidents, crimes, perversions and all other evil and negative things that people of the planet Earth experience, by their own free choice, are the living example to all creation of the consequences and the outcomes of a negative choice, and illustrate what hell is really like in the natural form. The experience of hell in its spiritual form is not available to creation because of its connection only to Earth and her people and because of its corresponding factors and relationships.


Nothing in the pseudo-spiritual hell can correspond to anything in the true spiritual world and, therefore, the true meaning of it cannot be comprehended by all other creation. Thus, no lesson is learned from it.


However hells are populated from and by people of Earth (by their freedom of choice) and, whatever is concocted in the spiritual state of negatives has its instant concretization at the natural level on Earth. From such concrete illustrations of correspondences of hellish pseudo-inventions which do not have any tangibility and meaning to others outside that state, the true meaning of hell becomes obvious to everyone in creation. Thus, the example is set. This allows everyone to make proper choices and select proper alternatives in accordance with one's freedom and independence.



One of the principles of life is whatever one loves becomes one's life. Thus, love of one's life is the very life of that one. Such a principle is valid in its Absolute Sense. If this were not the case, no life could be appropriated to anyone, and life's situation could not be experienced as anything real.


In this statement is a paradox, a dilemma: in order for the negative state to exist it is necessary to actualize its existence by loving it. Nothing can truly exist without its love. Therefore, one must be in love with one's own choice of life if that choice is to be in existence at all. The illusion of any experience is no experience at all but only a self-deception.


In order to experience the negative state for the purpose of choice, it must be real and not illusional or only apparent. For that reason it must be loved and perpetuated. Only such a situation can create real learning. One doesn't learn from illusions of something. The only thing one learns from an illusion of something is that it doesn't exist. Therefore there is no learning.


From this one can see the fallacy of some teachings existing on Earth, that evil, hells and all negative states are illusions only. What a grandiose self-deceptive mode of non-­existence! Denial of the reality of evil and hells is the very invention and desire of the pseudo-creators and their hells so that it could not come to people's attention and awareness and people would not concern themselves with ideas or feelings related to anything evil or false. This, of course, is a diabolical method to ingrain evil and falsity into their lives.


In order that a real illustrative example of such love of evil could be set in concrete form, so that the consequences and outcomes of it could be seen, it was necessary to permit that love of evil also to be real. Otherwise no use could be derived from it. The illusion of the love of evil could have no apparent consequences and outcomes discernible to anyone. From such a situation no freedom of choice could be made and no alternatives could be seen.


Since all concrete illustrations and examples are possible only in the natural state, they take place in the natural degree represented by the planet Earth and her people by free choice of their position in the hierarchy of the spiritual organization.



The hierarchy of the spiritual organization is such that all experiences within its structure, no matter how negative or positive they seem to be, are incorporated in it in such a manner that they all ultimately serve a good purpose and reinforce that structure.


People of the planet Earth, throughout their entire past history and future history, have chosen and will choose by their free will to occupy in this hierarchy a position that did and will enable all ideas, alternatives and choices of that organization to be illustrated by living examples in the concreteness and fixedness of their representation.


This choice is respected and allowed to persist as long as anyone desires. In order that it may persist forever, should anyone choose to keep love of one's evil forever, it was/is necessary to permit the existence of hells where such eternal existence is possible. This does not mean that one needs to stay in that love forever. The choices and alternatives are always present even in hells and one can change one's love any time one wants to by one's freedom of choice. This only means that one may stay there forever and that one is not forced to change.


Such illustrations and examples are necessary to continuously keep in mind so that an idea of being forced into change is not placed upon any sentient entity, nor is the idea of the necessity to stay in any state forever. Both ideas would endanger the very life of any sentient entity.


The people of Earth, their life style and their hells in the spiritual world are a living example and proof of the existence of that organization. It permanently provides safety and security for everyone's choice, alternatives and possibilities for change of any situation. Nothing is permanent except by one's own choice. Such is the true nature of the Absolute Love and Absolute Wisdom of the Most High.



The completeness and fullness of the being and existence of this particular cycle of time and what it represents in the cumulative totality of all time from eternity to eternity would not be feasible without the existing conditions on Earth. The Most High's direct incarnation into Her/His bodily fullness of Jesus Christ, and less full and direct in some other spiritual leaders on Earth, enabled all creation to acquire a concrete illustration of how the concept of unconditional Absolute Love and Absolute Wisdom really works.


Without this incarnation no such idea could have been discernible and understood. Without it no base for identification of one's own self-concept and proximation to the Most High could have been established. And that would have led to an empty notion of what it is to be like the Most High. Such a situation would have removed any motivation from creation to strive for unconditional love and wisdom.


By assuming a human natural form on the planet Earth the Most High became discernible, visible, approachable, touchable, lovable, etc. In His/Her previous state this was impossible to accomplish for any sentient entity because that state lacked the concrete link to Her/His creation through the natural fined nature. For that reason, it was necessary first to create a special state and condition through which such a link could be established.


If the negative state of the planet Earth were not permitted to exist, no such necessity for the Most High to incarnate here would have occurred.


Without it the purpose, the goal and the meaning of the present cycle of time would be completely lost. The link provided by Jesus Christ's incarnation would not have been established and eventually all creation would have perished.


This is a deeper, a higher and more mystical answer to the question why such a situation exists on the planet Earth. One has to look at it from the standpoint of this higher perspective instead of from the level of the human conscious mind in order to have the full impart of it.



All creation from eternity to eternity was, is and will be able to benefit from such experiences without the necessity to repeat the same experience somewhere else or in some future cycle of time. By its presence in the all-universal consciousness from the Most High it will be always available in all its entirety for learning, comparison, experiencing and for choices. It can never be lost. Now all alternatives are present and progression from one spiritual level and step of this cycle of time and within this cycle of time may proceed as planned. The beginning of the next step in mankind's history can and will commence immediately.


The necessity of such experiences as represented by mankind's history from the standpoint of its eternal value, fully justifies the tolerance and freedom from the Most High. This is especially true since no one was forced to partake in its evilness unless one chose to do so by one's own free choice.


As with all else previously revealed, the answer to the question "why" has a transcending understanding that is only presented here in thirteen points. However, mankind at this time is not yet ready to fully grasp its meaning. For this time and this particular step the presented understanding and the insights revealed in this book are the most appropriate and correct.




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