Chapter Four


Consequences and Impact of Human Spiritual

Deterioration on Development of Mankind as a Whole



Content of „Fundamentals of Human Spirituality“, pg. 191- 219 , Part I. - Chapter Four


In order to understand and to conceive correctly all consequences and impacts of human spiritual deterioration on the development of mankind as a whole it is necessary first to establish and to define the true nature and the principles of the original and genuine mankind.


It is important to realize that creation of mankind as a whole occurred, proceeded and became from the Most High. Because anything that occurs, proceeds and becomes from the Most High carries and contains within itself all categories, principles, attributes and their derivatives of the Most High, mankind as a whole or in combination is, thus, a reflection, an image and likeness of the Most High in its position relative only to the Absoluteness of the Most High. Therefore, in this sense, mankind as a whole appears before the Most High as one sentient entity relative only to the Absolute Sentient Entity who is the Most High.


Mankind, as one sentient entity, was a result and consequence of the ultimate creative effort of the Most High for the purpose of infusion in it of all principles, categories, attributes and their derivatives contained in the Absolute Sense in the Most High. Such infusion establishes a base for sharing and reciprocation of the Absolute Love and the Absolute Wisdom of the Most High throughout all levels, dimensions, steps and degrees of all beings and existences from the innermost to the outermost. This creative effort is ultimately manifested in a concretized, realized and fixed manner in the natural step and its degrees where mankind was founded and maintained as a container of that infusion.


From this brief preliminary consideration stem the following principles of genuine, original and true mankind:



The nature of true mankind derived its origin only from the Absolute Nature of its Creator. Since the Most High, who is the Creator of mankind, is an Absolute Sentient Entity who constitutes the Absolute Spirituality, as defined previously, the true nature of mankind, thus, was a complete sentiency relative only to the Absoluteness to the Most High which constitutes its very spirituality. Therefore, it may be concluded that mankind as a whole from the innermost to the outermost of its being and existence was and is totally, completely and entirely a spiritual state and spiritual process. The very life of mankind depended on this spirituality.


The greater the degree of spirituality of mankind, the more mankind approximated the Most High. The greater approximation of the Most High, the more mankind became a true and genuine mankind. The lesser degree of approximation, the lesser degree of the trueness of mankind.



The spiritual state and the spiritual process of genuine mankind determined its function and operation. All functions and operations of mankind in the ultimate sense sewed inclusively and exclusively to maintain, preserve, sustain and provide a base for continuous spiritual progression of all its members in particular and its own in general.



Genuine and true mankind was an ultimate reflection of the continuous Absolute Creative Effort of the Most High. In this reflection were manifested all levels, steps and degrees of each creative step in continuous progression. Thus, genuine mankind was a stage on which such steps in creation were acted out in their concrete and fixed form. Because all such steps of creative effort came from the Absolute Love and the Absolute Wisdom of the Most High, they were all Absolute Positive Nature. Therefore, genuine and true mankind was a foundation and base on which all and only positive occurrences, proceedings and becomings from the Most High were realized and actualized in the concreteness of their manifestation.



Genuine and true mankind was the ultimate reflection and concrete manifestation of all spiritual laws and principles which establish, rule and maintain all structures in being and existence. Such mankind was a summary and entirety of these laws that allowed it to be a functional and creative whole. In mankind, all spiritual laws and principles had form by which they were processed into actual acts of their consequences and outcomes.



Genuine and true mankind was a base and foundation on which all corresponding factors of preceding successive and simultaneous steps and degrees were continuously becoming to the fullness of their being and existence. Such mankind was a true, concrete reaction of all spiritual actions taking place from the innermost in succession to the outermost of the natural step and its degrees. It maintained the spiritual flow transforming it into a formation of a unique mentality by which human spirituality was experienced in its infinite variety and manifestations.



Mentality of true and genuine mankind was comprised of all elements, categories, principles, attributes and derivatives of the spiritual state and spiritual process, relative only to the Absolute State and the Absolute Process of the Most High. In that mentality the Most High was as in His/Her own.



The spirit of true and genuine mankind was a receptor and a center in which the Absolute Spirit of the Most High resided and from which He/She operated all functions of mankind from the innermost to the outermost levels and degrees. From it originated all values and systems by which mankind functioned and was sustained in its being and existence. All values and systems of mankind were geared toward greater spiritual awareness and better reflection of the continuous Absolute Creative Effort of the Most High.


These values and systems derived their origin from the Absolute Love and Absolute Wisdom of the Most High and, therefore, reflected and carried all attributes and all derivatives of that love and that wisdom. One can say that true mankind was a body in which the spirit of genuine love and genuine wisdom from the Absolute Love and Absolute Wisdom of the Most High was in its true home. Such a position and function constituted the true meaning and content of all mankind's values and systems.



The true nature of genuine mankind was a dynamic one. That means that all systems and all values of mankind were perceived as continuously changing, modifying, mobile, flexible, adaptable and adjustable to the new creative spiritual influx that brought into them higher, better and transcending understanding and function, for the benefit of all and everything in the creation. One of the functions of mankind was an assurance that the spiritual flow of continuous new creative effort was never disrupted by turning human values and systems into a static condition which would have suffocated any spiritual progression. Genuine and true mankind did not serve values and systems rigidly established but all systems and values were continuously serving and adapting themselves to mankind and its ever-changing needs.



The collective consciousness of true and genuine mankind was its balancing principle by which unity, oneness and harmony could be truly manifested only by diversity, individual differences and an infinite variety of unique experiences of all people. Therefore, one of the major functions of mankind was the ultimate protecting and guarding of people's individual freedom and independency and to provide proper spiritual, mental and physical environments for their creative effort, freedom of choice, continuous growth, self-actualization and self-realization.


Mankind was capable of generating continuous opportunities for all to be what they were in their essence and substance, fully accepting and respecting, and acknowledging everyone's difference and uniqueness. On this uniqueness and difference the true spiritual nature of mankind was built. It was its true soul. Conformity, averages, uniformity, massism and all other similar expressions were unknown factors in the original mankind.



In genuine and true mankind all events, happenings and actions were evaluated, assessed and judged by the corresponding factors of their spiritual causes and origination. Therefore, the law of correspondences was the basis and foundation on which all other rules, regulations, principles and laws were built and from which they were derived.


This law postulates the Absolute State and the Absolute Process with all its Absolute Categories, Principles and Derivatives that are Absolutely Spiritual in their nature. Their Absolute Operation resulted in an infinite number and infinite variety of occurrences, proceedings and becomings of many successive levels, steps, dimensions and their simultaneous degrees, where they were manifested in the specificity of their nature in each relevant level, step, dimension and degree.


Any genuine spiritual principle and its essence and substance in the Most High had its specific manifestation and presentation at each successive level and step congruent to the purpose and nature for which such level and step was built. Such level and step was built, of course, from that genuine spiritual principle and was a manifestation of the spiritual law that the Absolute sustains itself by infinite varieties and infinite numbers of beings and existences relative to the Absolute Being and Existence. This determines the infinite specificities by and through which any genuine, essential and substantial spiritual principle is manifested and presented.


Thus, any specific event, happening, action or occurrence can be understood only from its genuine, essential and substantial Originator. Any other source of its interpretation would result in a distortion of facts and a building of subsequent false conclusions. Such a situation is irreconcilable with the true and genuine nature of mankind. 



This structure of true and genuine mankind was based on the principles of creation of any sentient entity. It consisted of the innermost degree, intermediate degree and the outermost degree. The innermost degree of mankind was its spirit, the intermediate degree its soul, and the outermost degree its body. The life of any mankind is determined by the quality of its spirit, the level of its spiritual position approximated to the Most High, and by its intensity of sameness with the Most High. This, in turn, determines the quality of mentality of mankind, its stability, constancy and balance, and the accuracy of its ability to transform spiritual principles into its manifested mentality. Such a transformation leads to the establishment of the external structure of mankind as represented by its outermost or natural degree.


Thus, in such a structure everything occurs, proceeds and becomes from the innermost degree in succession, until it is actualized and realized through transformation in the intermediate degree into concrete representation in the external or outermost degree through which are established modes of operations, reactions and behaviors of mankind.


Since the innermost degree is composed of spiritual principles, all else in mankind's structure has a spiritual connotation and can be truly understood only in the terms of spirituality.


Thus, true mankind is an embodied incarnation of the very spirituality in which the Most High is as in Her/His own.



The presence of the Most High in the spiritual structure of genuine and true mankind was the source and fountain of its life which gave it purpose and goals for its being and existence. One of the purposes and goals of such mankind was to accommodate the cumulative sum of all unique experiences and expressions of totality of activities of all people comprising mankind. Such experiences and expressions constituted the true form by and through which the Absolute Presence of the Most High was manifested in each individual in particular and in mankind in general. At the same time mankind formed a unique conglomeration of unified wholeness that gave it direct access to reciprocate and share all they had with each other, and in an ultimate sense with the Most High.


That, in turn, allowed each one to preserve the individuality of one's own experience and expression, and at the same time allowed one, through that conglomeration, to be in anyone else's experiences and expressions without having to relinquish one's own individuality or become someone else. True and genuine mankind served this purpose.



The motivating factors for the function of true and genuine mankind were to be a tool, a vessel in the hands of the Most High, for transmission of a more perfect and greater degree of Absolute Love and Absolute Wisdom than would have been possible through and by a single individual. The total sum of all transmissions by all individuals who comprised mankind was more closely approximated to Absolute Reception of such love and wisdom. Because of this important function of mankind, each and everyone was capable of experiencing and sharing, through this total sum represented by mankind, a much greater degree of the Most High's Absolute Love and ,Absolute Wisdom than if that one had been limited only to one's own potentials and capabilities for such transmission.


By virtue of this availability, everyone was becoming more and more oneself because of the greater reception and transmission of the Most High's love and wisdom the more and more one became oneself. The more and more one became oneself, the more one became aware of the presence of the Most High. The more one became aware of the presence of the Most High the more that one had life and lived from that presence.



The function of true and genuine mankind was always determined by the usefulness of services it provided for its individuals. The goal was always the optimal well-being of each member of mankind. There was a perfect correspondence in such mankind between the well-being of its every member and its own total well-being. Any disregard for the well-being of the individual would have led to that mankind's obsolescence. True use was performed only with regard to everyone and not to an abstract multitude in which the individual was disregarded and sacrificed to an abstract.



Any external institutions and establishments of true and genuine mankind were only for maintenance of a pleasant, comfortable and functional environment, in which everyone found tools and means for one's own spiritual, mental, emotional, intellectual, sexual and physical expression, in the manner of one's own unique needs. Such institutions and establishments truly served people. The usefulness of their existence was always determined by how well they provided for the well-being of everyone.



True and genuine mankind is a tool and a vessel in the hands of the Most High for implementation of a greater degree of total universal knowledge and its specific application than would have been possible to implement in one individual. Thus, everyone singly, by virtue of this particular function of mankind, had access to all knowledges available in the totality and cumulative sum of everyone who comprised the whole mankind. Everyone was provided the opportunity for uninterrupted creative effort, continuous growth and perfection of all values and systems available to the totality of mankind's functioning. Thus, mankind became an inexhaustible source of knowledge for everyone who desired to utilize it for one's own progress, betterment and growth. The better one became, the more knowledgeable one became and the better and the more useful all mankind became. Such reciprocal interaction created a greater perception of the Absolute Presence of the Most High. That, in turn, led to greater spiritual awareness and happiness for every individual.



Self-awareness of true and genuine mankind was always determined by and based on the admittance of the fact that it was not self-purposeful or its only goal. Its purpose was an augmentation of everything that occurred, proceeded and became from the Most High so that everything was continuously available to everyone singly in a much greater degree and extent than that one could by oneself perceive or have. Such augmentation becomes a basis, a foundation for every single person for continuous spiritual progression. Without such augmentation resources available to one would have been exhausted by virtue of the relativity of one's condition. That would have led to spiritual and overall mental stagnation and ultimate death. Because in the cumulative sum of everything in its totality represented by mankind resides the Absoluteness of the Most High, through and by mankind's augmentation one never can run out of opportunities for choices, growth, creativity and productivity which sustain one's life. This is another true purpose and goal of mankind's function.



True and genuine mankind in the totality of its function as unity, oneness and harmony of the manifestation of infinite numbers and infinite varieties of all experiences and expressions of all its members stood as an example of the operation of Absolute Divine Providence of the Most High who is Absolutely One. Therefore, any proper relationship was established on a one to one basis only. Many were an augmentation of the Absolute One. This was the reason why mankind in itself was not the purpose and the goal of creation, since no relationship with the Most High can be established on such a basis. One related on one's own freedom of choice. The spiritual or other accomplishments and acquirements of mankind as a whole were not imputed to a single individual unless that individual contributed from one's own freedom of choice to the totality of mankind's accomplishments. Only individuals judged and were judged. Mankind in itself could not judge or be judged. It was judged and did judge through and by its individuals from which it was comprised for the above-­mentioned purposes and reasons.


This was then the genuine and true meaning of mankind's formation before human spiritual deterioration was initiated by the pseudo-creators. Such was the structure of original mankind on the planet Earth until the turning point, when a gradual recession from spirituality began.


Once denial of the basic principles of spirituality, which R are behind all creation, takes place, the whole meaning, function and purpose of mankind as a whole is changed. The gradual loss of the need to recognize the fact that everything derives from spiritual principles of the Most High leads to a completely deviant development and operation of mankind as a whole.


It is obvious that if the spiritual source, the foundation and the base on which the true meaning of mankind is built is disregarded or perverted or considered to be only the outcome of an accidental function of matter, nothing in the function and operation of such mankind is genuine and original and all products and outcomes of such functions and operations are completely opposite to what true mankind is or was.


Therefore, after the pseudo-creators succeeded in establishing the hoax, they initiated a new pseudo-mankind with rules, regulations, laws and principles of development which would completely and totally distort, pervert and ultimately destroy any true and genuine function and meaning for which mankind is in being and existence.


It was necessary for the pseudo-creators to be consistent in their effort to prove that mankind could be and could function without any spirituality, or in a distorted and perverted spirituality.


Any mankind that depletes and/or denies its truly spiritual origin, purpose and function loses the very sense of true mankind. Thus, they lose the foundation and the right to be and to call themselves mankind.


For that reason, once spiritual principles were disregarded in the development of mankind, it could no longer be considered mankind but only a deviation, distortion and deformation of true mankind. Such mankind, in fact, became a pseudo-mankind.


In this sense it is an error to call presently existing mankind on the planet Earth by the name "mankind". Instead, since the hoax of the caveman it should be called pseudo-mankind.


The pseudo-creative effort of the pseudo-creators was always a derivative of the stolen principles of the true creative effort of the Most High. Since by themselves the pseudo-­creators could not create anything new, they had to imitate the genuine creative effort of the Most High. But because it was impossible to create anything positive and good from negative and evil intent, whatever was imitated for such purpose could only be a deviation, perversion, deformation and distortion of the original and genuine source.


Thus, a distorted, deviant, perverted, deformed mankind, which can be called pseudo-mankind, was allowed to come into existence on Earth as a result of the Grand Plan in order to answer the original question.


Now, in pseudo-mankind all original principles, rules, laws, goals and purposes of existence are suppressed, oppressed, repressed or turned into opposites or negatives. Therefore, whatever is originated in such pseudo-condition, despite the fact that it contains grains of truths, and despite the fact it appears to be good and positive, is completely and totally based on wrong principles and built for wrong reasons and purposes and, therefore, it is not valid in its ultimate sense.


It is said that in pseudo-creation are contained grains of truths. This has to be understood in the following sense. Because any pseudo-creation is an imitation of stolen genuine creative principles of the Most High, it must contain the original ideas on which that imitation takes place. Those original ideas constituted grains of truths that any such situation contains by virtue of that imitation. A negative state cannot be and exist by itself without its positive counterpart. However, a positive state is reality in itself and by itself and, therefore, its existence doesn't depend on a negative. In the fact that existence and being of the negative with all its functions completely and totally depends on the positive, thus becoming the continuous re-affirmation of the positive, is the very grain of truth that is a pure spiritual fact.


As mentioned previously, such grains of truths are inevitably contained in everything by virtue of the just­ mentioned principle that is the basic law of the Absolute Providence of the Most High. It is used continuously by the Most High to guide pseudo-mankind into the genuine and true form from which it derived its origin - true and genuine mankind. Such is the nature of the Absolute Providence of the Most High that it can and does use everything negative to serve an ultimately good purpose for the benefit of mankind. This is the law of Absolute Love and Absolute Wisdom of the Most High.


Now, once a pseudo-mankind is established, it functions, operates and develops on the pseudo-principles of denial of everything genuine, original and truly spiritual.


This, in turn, leads to the following consequences and impacts of its development as a whole:



The true spiritual structure of mankind's nature is either denied or repressed and closed so there is little or no access to its innermost degree which constitutes its spirit. Thus, the spirit of such pseudo-mankind is lost entirely or perverted into a pseudo-spirit which feeds the entire soul and body of pseudo-mankind with false principles opposite to true spiritual principles. The concept of the Most High is repudiated from such a pseudo-spirit or replaced with a false notion of some weak, obscure and detached something or somebody that cannot have any tangibility or concrete corresponding meaning. This ultimately leads to the formation of atheism, materialism, pantheism and to a host of non-spiritual religions.


Such a situation necessitates closure of the direct access to the innermost degree so that it can not be used as a source for origination of greater and more permanently devastating situations, conditions and events which would lead to complete destruction and death of all members of pseudo-­mankind.


One has to remember that the innermost spiritual degree contains a vast knowledge of all correspondences from which any imaginable situation can be created or read out and perverted if such effort is not of good intention. Fortunately, it is inherent in the negative or evil intent to turn away or disregard the innermost degree as non-existent or unimportant However, as members of pseudo-mankind became more "sophisticated" and pseudo-knowledgeable in their endeavors, they tended at one point to find their way back into the innermost spiritual degree for the purpose of tapping that knowledge. But because they did it with an ultimately negative intention, they derived from it nothing genuine or true but only projections of their own expectations which were distortions of true reality.


It is inherent in the nature of the innermost spiritual degree that it can be opened and accessible by good intention only. Good intention is the key to true spirituality. How that key is acquired or made depends upon the definition of good intention.


Good intention in this case can be defined as a desire, wish and will to learn in order to be a better human being; to be more spiritual and to have greater recognition and acceptance of the fact that all creation occurs, proceeds and becomes from the Most High and His/Her Absolute Principles; and to serve, to share and reciprocate oneself with all creation so that the common good and common use can be established; thus, to be led by the Most High.


Such intention gradually re-opens the innermost spiritual degree to the extent of one's needs in the process of one's spiritual progression. This rule, of course, is applicable to mankind as a whole for mankind appears in the front of the Most High as one sentient entity.


Now, such intention is inconceivable in pseudo-mankind because it was not based on positive and genuine spiritual principles but on their perversions. Therefore, in the ultimate sense only negative intentions are feasible in such a pseudo-­society. Any negative intention by its very nature closes the door and access to the innermost spiritual degree.


But because pseudo-creators realize the importance and necessity for survival of that degree, they imitate it by designing or producing an idea of power or authority centrally located which supposedly originates and is responsible for everything. However, in order that such an idea would not lead members of pseudo-mankind to the recognition and acceptance of the Most High, a variety of approaches, definitions, interpretations and understanding, often opposing each other, were infused in people's minds to keep them from discovery of the real truth. Such a situation obscures and confuses more and more the idea of true spirituality and the true purpose and function of mankind.



Since all spiritual values can be recognized and apprehended only from within, that is from the innermost spiritual degree, by closing or distorting that degree a different set of values comes into existence opposing spirituality. Once the innermost degree is shut off one no longer turns inwardly or to "within" where all genuine principles of life and its meanings and purposes reside, but instead one turns outwardly to "without" where no real values can be initiated or properly understood. The outermost or external degree becomes, thus, the source and purpose of life of the members of the pseudo-society. But because no real life can be conceived in such a degree, an artificial life which is temporary in duration is postulated in it and from it. The temporary nature of such pseudo-life leads to dependence and clinging on its artificial and temporary pseudo-values, and they become the subject of obsession of the members of pseudo-mankind.


Thus, all values of life are placed into that which is derived from the external or natural degree - in material, earthly, worldly, physical and bodily things, possessions, and pleasures which in themselves have little or no spiritual value.


But because such values are not durable or lasting, the purpose is to possess more and more of them. This leads to the illusion of their eternal values.


­The need to be a better society, a better mankind or a better human being, is replaced with the need to have more and better material goods, more and better physical and bodily pleasures, and all kinds of possessions. Everything then is valued by the quantity and amount of such possessions and pleasures in life.


This situation ultimately leads to clinging to a life span on Earth since "one's heart is where one's material goods are". Any possibility of the existence of other values in life is carefully avoided, considered vague and obscure, non-tangible, or is entirely denied. Only in continuous preservation of material goods and material, physical and bodily well-being and pleasures can immortality be conceived. Thus, everyone desires to leave a name for oneself on this Earth through such material, physical and bodily efforts and pleasures in order to preserve the illusion of one's material and physical immortality.



The pseudo-spiritual content of pseudo-mankind is geared to and supports externals as the only real and feasible reality. Externals replace internals where the Most High is. Therefore, the concept of God is either completely disregarded or equated with external values. God in this connotation is only the outcome or consequence of externals but not their Originator. Such a God, of course, is a pseudo-god who is worshipped and valued by and through material non-spiritual means. In its true essence and substance this is a worship of matter and nature and all material and non-lasting derivatives. Thus, the pseudo-life of pseudo-mankind in its essence and substance is a dead pseudo-spirituality.



Since all values of such pseudo-mankind are transferred from internals to externals, the internal subjective content of human life is underestimated and not considered as important as the external position, role and mask by which any individual is valued.


The spiritual well-being of the individual is no longer a purpose of such pseudo-mankind. Instead, pseudo-mankind becomes self-purposeful and goal-directed toward its own preservation and perpetuation without regard to anyone or anything else. Now the individual is sacrificed to the abstract, obscure "whole" that has no purpose or reality in itself. The individual is no longer considered to be a whole in oneself and society is no longer considered to be a total sum of many wholes, but, instead, an individual is considered only a replaceable and sacrificial part of that whole of no value by oneself or in oneself. This ultimately leads to complete disregard and disrespect for an individual's life.



In the pseudo-spiritual concept of pseudo-mankind - no idea of the true unity, oneness and harmony of individual wholes exists. Denial of true spiritual principles which constitute such unity, oneness and harmony as a reflection of the eternal presence of the Most High leads only to the external affirmation of such principles. But since their manifestation in reality and concrete life of mankind is possible only by the internal affirmation of their existence, they are turned into opposites. Instead of unity the outcome is complete disjunction and disunion; instead of oneness the outcome is fractionalization and disintegration, and instead of harmony the outcome is discord.


Such pseudo-principles inevitably lead to the development of a pseudo-mankind which is irreconcilably divided into many races, many nations, many factions, many political systems and many religions, all of which are in continuous opposition to each other. Their seeming unification can be maintained only by force, coercion, threat, corruption or bribery.


The unifying principle can be found only in acceptance of true spiritual principles. But because the purpose of such pseudo-mankind is in proving of the possibility of the existence of non-spiritual pseudo-mankind, no such unity is discernible, possible, feasible or even desirable. Therefore, such divisions, splits, fractions, manipulations and other negative reactions are necessary consequences and outcomes of pseudo­-mankind's structure.



In the pseudo-spiritual structure of pseudo-mankind, which postulates a necessity of the existence of many races, nations, groups, factions, political systems, governments, states and religions, the consequence of developing special establishments, institutions and bureaucracies which serve to preserve and perpetuate their own structures is inherent.


Everything and everyone incongruent with the policies of suds establishments and institutions are excluded and sacrificed. ­Establishments and institutions become self-purposeful and self-perpetuating, absorbing any need for the distinction of individual values or dignity. In such a structure institutions and establishments do not serve any individual; but every individual is compelled by specially designed circumstances to serve those institutions and establishments and to become institutionalized and addicted to them. The idea is carefully inculcated into the members of pseudo-mankind so that they cannot survive without such structure. To prove the verity of such an idea a lifestyle is instituted, supported and perpetuated with the exclusion of anything that would lead its members to believe that their survival is possible outside of that lifestyle. This leads to a rigid hold, perpetuation and support of the structure until it becomes an all-powerful authority replacing any individual spiritual needs. Thus, conformity, uniformity and adherence to one style of life becomes a desirable rule and self-­feeding reward system in itself. The structure becomes a pseudo-god who is worshipped with devoted fanaticism, dogmatism and blindness.



Since the structure of pseudo-mankind is built on the opposite values of true spirituality, all its principles are pseudo­-principles which derive their origin from hate, aggression, foolishness, selfishness and self-exclusivity of the structure. Thus, inevitably, the entire history of such a pseudo-mankind is a history of bloody wars, aggressions, conquests and all other foolish and destructive acts which are the natural consequences of the lack of true spirituality.


The foolishness of this situation is compounded and augmented by the fact that the greatest heroes of such pseudo-­mankind are those who kill more, conquer more, destroy more and lead more wars for the glory of their nation and themselves. They become examples and idols with whom to identify and follow.



The intolerance, arrogance, rudeness, aggression, self-­exclusivity, and all other negative manifestations which accompany the life of pseudo-mankind create a very unusual and unique position of the planet Earth and her inhabitants in the galactic and all-universal family. Earth is looked upon as a sick, cancerous and insane cell which is a continuous threat to the well-being of the whole creation. It is tolerated only because of the lesson being teamed by such an example and which is permitted to be illustrated in response to that original question.


For that reason, Earth and her inhabitants have been carefully guarded and put off limits so that the poison, contamination and infection of their diseases, which are the consequence of the non-spiritual and pseudo-spiritual direction taken by this planet, cannot be spread. This planet has been, so to speak, in quarantine many millions of years, and will be until the lesson is fully learned and the original spiritual meaning and function of mankind is re-established here. Should such effort fail for some reason or another, then the surgical removal of that cancerous cell and its incineration would be necessary after the purpose of this condition fulfills its goal. This is only a remote possibility or one of the options available for stopping the spread of that deadly infection. At the present time an all-out effort is being made to arrest further spread of this condition and to initiate the cure and return to the original and genuine spiritual state and process.



The pseudo-structure of pseudo-mankind, manifested by its numerous races, nations, political systems, divisions, groups, factions and host of pseudo-religions, requires the development of something convincing and grandiose to perpetuate, maintain, continue and sustain its respective divisions forever. This necessitates the development of traditions and conventions to serve that purpose. Such traditions and conventions within various systems lead to a cluster of certain styles, rules, regulations and habits which form a specific culture. Each culture then becomes a tool, a weapon that forces all traditions and conventions to be admired, worshipped and continuously maintained without the admittance of anything new or outside the set of that culture.


From then on everything derives and is built by and from the rules of those conventions and traditions, reinforcing the cultural mores and distinctions which suffocate, distort, pervert, eliminate and reject anything truly spiritual.


True spirituality in its dynamic nature requires a continuous spiritual progression, mobility and change. When such spirituality is blocked or withheld from mankind, it leads to the development of pseudo-spirituality, and pseudo-mankind is formed from the opposite principles of true spirituality: stagnation, immobility, regression, conventions, traditions and worship of cultures which preserve everything old and suffocate everything new.


Fortunately, the natural course of any creation is in progressive development of spiritual content to eternity. Pseudo-mankind assumed an unnatural course that has to be continuously forced to maintain its status quo. For that reason, because of this natural flow even in a rigidly traditional and conventional culture, the Absolute Divine Providence of the Most High provides opportunities to break stagnant accumulations and something new becomes available to be received to restore the process of progression.


However, because of the adopted conventions and traditions of human cultures, whatever stems from them or whatever is built on them is built and stems from false and distorted assumptions, because all conventions and traditions by their very nature are obsolete and are blocks to any true spiritual progression.


Therefore, one cannot ever arrive at any reasonable conclusions about the true meaning of life and spirituality if one bases one's conclusions on such traditions and conventions of any culture.


It is a gross spiritual error to believe that the true understanding and explanation of such values are possible only within the framework of such cultures and their conventions and traditions. Actually the opposite is true: in order to arrive at any reasonable and true conclusions about life, spirituality, the Universe and the Most High, one has to completely, totally and absolutely disregard all and any conventions and traditions. It is necessary to remember that conventions and traditions were originated by the pseudo-­creators in order to block and to suffocate the real truth which is always dynamic. Hence, only in transcending all traditions and conventions with all their cultures can the true meaning of life and spirituality emerge and be apprehended.



The structure of pseudo-mankind is built basically on the two pseudo-principles:


The first pseudo-principle states that there is nothing spiritual in creation. Creation and life are a result of chance only, without any "within" or "without" special independent force giving it origin.


The second pseudo-principle which contradicts the first, provides a pseudo-spirituality: it admits and professes the existence of a special force which gives a life impetus and origination to all creation and life, but it describes, interprets and understands that force in a purposefully distorted manner and imputes it into the wrong person or persons.


Both pseudo-principles were originated by the pseudo­-creators in hells and instilled into pseudo-mankind in order to divert its members from true spirituality.


In their essence and substance, both pseudo-principles accomplish the same goal: one denies any Creator, the other establishes a pseudo-creator or pseudo-creators who are not the true Creator. Recognition and worship of a pseudo-creator or pseudo-creators which are relative and created and do not have Absolute Creative Powers is as non-spiritual as denial of the existence of any Creator at all. Whatever is relative and created does not in itself contain any spirituality. Spirituality can be instilled in that one only by recognition of that relativity of createdness to and from the Absolute Most High.


The worship of a wrong being or the profession of a distorted spirituality does not make one spiritual.


Therefore, any existing concepts, views, belief systems or religious doctrines, without any exception whatsoever, are in their essence and substance truly materialistic and do not contain any spirituality in themselves.


Because all religious doctrines are built on a distorted spirituality of traditions and conventions, they all do contain grains of truths by virtue of the fact that they distort original true spiritual ideas. One can distort only what is in itself true and genuine. A distortion of a distortion is no distortion but affirmation of that distortion.


In order to get to those grains of truths contained in these distortions, one must first eliminate all distortions. Then and only then can the grains of truth surface and be used for building and developing a true spiritual religion and a true and genuine mankind. This book is the latest step and it cannot explain everything.



The structure of pseudo-mankind manifested in numerous divisions, races, nations, political systems, factions, groups and a host of non-spiritual religions and belief systems develops an inherent tendency, through all such mentioned divisions, to proclaim itself superior to anything and anyone else. Only through such proclamation and consideration are these divisions able to sustain themselves.


Because of this attitude a continuous battle for domination, rule, exclusivity and special privileged position has raged among them since the beginning of pseudo-mankind.


This situation corresponds directly to the structure that exists in the hells. It has been infused in pseudo-mankind on the planet Earth in order to destroy true spirituality which doesn't contain any notion of superiority, inferiority, exclusivity or special privileged condition. Whatever is good is good and because it is good, it is proper and, therefore, it is right. This is the truth. All good is of love, all truth is of wisdom and all wisdom is of love and truth. They all equally derive from the Absolute Love and the Absolute Wisdom of the Most High. Therefore, none of them can be superior or inferior to one another because they are all equally from the same Absolute Source.


But since pseudo-mankind is built on opposites and distortions of genuine spiritual principles, it must continuously originate inferior states that battle for superiority and exclusive position even to the point of enslaving, enforcing, suppressing, oppressing, persecuting and eliminating everything which does not serve it or recognize its pseudo-superiority.



The purpose and goal of the origination of pseudo­-mankind is the destruction and elimination of any true mankind so that no augmentation of the Absolute Spiritual Principles of the Most High can take place. Thus, every member of pseudo-mankind is forced either to rely on one's own internal resources (which are not augmented by the totality of the cumulative sum of positive experiences and expressions of all members), or must conform and adhere only to the distortions and falsities which are continuously produced for that purpose by the conventions and traditions of any given culture and/or pseudo-religion. In the former situation one becomes isolated and an outcast. In the latter situation one's internal resources are suffocated by imposed and limited traditional and conventional interpretations of all events and happenings.



The structure of pseudo-mankind, which is built on 4 the opposing principles of real mankind, requires that all its members be dependent and restricted within that structure. The development of true mankind is built on the freedom and independence of its individual members. On the other hand, pseudo-mankind can develop only from limitations, taboos, restrictions, suppressions, oppressions and deprivations of freedom and independency. Now, the natural and, therefore, proper development of individual life is possible only on the basis of freedom and independency since this is an immanent law of true spirituality. Any restrictions and deprivations of such development lead to the development of massive guilt, fears and anxieties which result in mass neurosis and mass psychosis.


Pseudo-mankind by its origination of all kinds of restrictions, taboos, limitations, etc., deprives its members of their basic, essential and substantial need for self-­development. Such a need is incongruent with the destructive purpose and goal of pseudo-mankind. Therefore, guilt feelings are infused into the mentality of people so that any deviation from the rules set by pseudo-mankind activate that ingrained guilt leading toward anxieties, fears and need for punishment.


Thus, all pseudo-principles of pseudo-mankind are based on the insanity and foolishness of perverted spiritual concepts.



As mentioned previously, the original purpose underlying the establishment of pseudo-mankind was to prove that true spiritual principles for the function of any society are not only obsolete but unnecessary and stupid. Such a purpose leads to the complete separation of pseudo-mankind from direct awareness, direct access and direct communication with other dimensions, and with other spiritual worlds and their inhabitants. The pseudo-creators made a special effort to destroy any bridges that connected humanity and every individual to the spiritual world and its inhabitants.


One approach was to infuse ideas, especially into natural scientists and materialistic philosophers, that there is no spiritual world and that life and all else is limited only to the function and process of matter and its elements. Thus comes denial of any other state and process than that found in the natural or material degree of creation.


The other approach to destroy bridges was to create all types of pseudo-religions which basically profess and admit the existence of a spiritual world and eternal life, but prohibit any direct communication or contact with any spirits under the threat of eternal damnation in hell.


Either way, in its essence, leads toward doubt of the existence of such worlds and inwardly causes people to deny them or to consider them as something unimportant, vague and unnecessary to think about or to be preoccupied with. This attitude takes away the awareness of the vital importance, for the spiritual well-being of mankind and all its members, to be in continuous contact and communication with the spiritual world by direct means, because it is the innermost degree and, therefore, the very life of the natural world. In the natural world all corresponding factors of the spiritual state of affairs are manifested and concretized. By denial of this fact, pseudo­-mankind gradually fulfills its purpose of depleting and destroying in its members the notion of true spirituality or any spirituality.



The next step in the development of pseudo­-mankind, as a result of destruction of the bridges to the spiritual world, was to violate, pervert or disregard the law of correspondences on which all of creation is built and maintained in order and in infra-and inter-communication. This law states that all causes and principles are initiated in the innermost degree of creation which is the first or the innermost degree of the spiritual world with its sphere immediately occurring, proceeding and becoming from the Most High. From that degree and through the corresponding factors of all genuine ideas, activities and emanation that are initiated in that center, that is, from the Most High, all other successive and simultaneous steps and degrees of creation occur, proceed and become. Therefore, whatever occurs, proceeds and becomes an idea or an effort in the spiritual innermost step and its degrees is manifested throughout all levels, steps and degrees to the outermost successive level, step and degree in the natural world. Such ideas and efforts appear in a form, shape and content that is congruent with the nature of each successive and simultaneous level, step and degree until they become completely concrete and faced in the natural degree in the form of its elements or in concrete behaviors and actions of human beings.


Now, by destroying the bridges, pseudo-mankind severed itself from transmitting these corresponding factors in the right and proper flow. The right and proper flow is essential for survival of a healthy mankind because it continuously brings new and fresh creative ideas for realization and manifestation. Once that flow is severed, altered or distorted in anyway the life support system of mankind is suffocated, thus leading ultimately to cessation of true life.


Now, the pseudo-creators of pseudo-mankind were always aware of this situation and of the importance of the continuous flow of corresponding factors from the innermost degrees for the survival of mankind. To assure that their plan did not fail by virtue of such disruption, they originated, as mentioned previously, a pseudo-innermost spiritual degree in the spiritual world in the form of hells, where all genuine correspondences and their flow is captured, perverted, distorted and transmitted in this new form to pseudo-mankind so that the pseudo-life of correspondences is preserved.


One has to remember that such perverted and distorted correspondences contain grains of truths which allow sustenance and maintenance of life anywhere and under any conditions. As mentioned previously, one can pervert and distort only what is real and has true life in itself and of itself. Nothing else can be perverted or distorted. In this manner, for example, good is fumed into evil and truth into falsity. But because evil and falsity can live and sustain themselves only by the existence of good and truth, any infusion of evil and falsity into pseudo-mankind and its systems maintains pseudo-life for the reason that the idea of good and truth must be present in order to apprehend the nature of evil and falsity. Thus, the love of evil and falsity becomes the very life of pseudo-mankind. The principle here is love, and that is the true and proper spiritual principle. From love life originates and by love it is sustained and maintained. True life is in love of the Most High. Therefore, whatever one loves becomes one's life. If one does not love the Most High, one must love someone or something else in order to survive. This is a corresponding factor of creation since love is one of the Absolute Principles of the Most High and corresponds to life and all its attributes and derivatives. So it is necessary to be in love with something or someone in order to be and to live.


The pseudo-creators used this law of correspondence to originate a state and a process which is opposite to the true principle of love and wisdom-hell where evils and falsities are continuously produced for the purpose of replacement of love of good and truth, thus to the Most High, with love to evil and falsity, thus to themselves. Such love, then, is infused into pseudo-mankind and it is capable of sustaining and maintaining its survival. Such distortions and perversions are continuously effected, along with all corresponding factors of the spiritual world.



Disruption, distortion and perversions of the true spiritual flow from the innermost spiritual degree, and destruction of bridges to the spiritual world together with disregard of the laws of correspondences, lead to the development of a pseudo-mankind which ultimately denies the existence or validity of any spiritual laws which obviously supersede all and any natural laws and laws of the function of matter. Thus, physical laws and laws of matter as observed and described by natural tools are considered to be the basis and foundation for explanation of any phenomena. They become self-explanatory. Such an explanation of all phenomena leads to false, erroneous and distorted conclusions about them and places all members of pseudo-mankind in a condition of continuous illusion of reality. Thus, what is real is considered to be illusion, and illusion is considered reality.


Once the explanation of any phenomena based on spiritual laws is abandoned, the very essence and substance of such phenomena is completely overlooked and lost, and such phenomena are described and understood in terms that have no real relevance to their nature whatsoever.


For that reason, the life of pseudo-mankind is based on grandiose illusions and distortions of true reality so that it cannot be called a true life but only an illusion or pseudo-life.



Disregard and/or denial and distortion of the true meaning of spirituality and its life which is in the internal innermost degree leads toward the development of a continuous emphasis on external bonds and outward conveniences of all systems of pseudo-mankind. By denying internal spiritual principles into its systems, pseudo-mankind turns all systems into pseudo-systems. In such pseudo-­systems there is an inherent need to base any relationship on external demands, conventions and traditions only, without any real internal attachment.


The real attachment can be formed from the heart, that is from the innermost degree, only. External bonds and relationships cannot form, sustain or maintain any lasting relationships because they are devoid of internal life. The true life of any such relationship can originate only in spiritual internal factors. Denial or disregard for such factors depletes true life and this leads to superficiality, transiency and disillusionment in such relationships. Therefore, none of the values, bonds and relationships of pseudo-mankind have any deep meaning, nor can they serve as a real base for sharing, reciprocating or producing any new creative ideas. if one shares and reciprocates only superficial, surface externals without the involvement of anything else, one in fact doesn't share or reciprocate anything. In such a case, no real relationships and bonds can exist in pseudo-mankind.



As stated before, the pseudo-creators established a special pseudo-spiritual state and the process in the spiritual world called hell for the purpose of the ultimate destruction of all spirituality and the Most High. One of the means toward such destruction is the consistent reversion of all existing principles, so that an original goal and purpose becomes a means only, and the original means for accomplishing the goals and purposes become the goal and the purpose in itself. In such a structure everything is placed upside-down.


Such is the structure of pseudo-mankind originated by the pseudo-creators from their pseudo-spiritual state and process. Everything that does not have meaning, purpose, goal and value in itself and of itself becomes a true meaning, purpose, goal and value and is considered to be the ultimate accomplishment of pseudo-mankind and vice versa: the true meaning, purpose, goal and values are mutilated, misused, abused, completely denied, or are used only as a means toward no goals at all.


The classical example of this is the disregard for eternal spiritual life which is the purpose, goal and value in itself that gives true meaning to human life; instead, all and everything is placed in material, earthly, worldly, temporary, transient and superficial things which have no value or meaning in themselves. Now, these valueless and meaningless things become the purpose and goal themselves instead of means for accomplishments of greater spiritual awareness.



Since the true nature of pseudo-mankind is self­-centered and selfish without any regard for anything else, everything in existence must serve this self-centered and selfish nature. This ultimately leads to the development of a complete disregard for anyone or anything in existence. No consideration is given for the development of an understanding of the purpose, goal and function of anything in existence unless it serves the ultimate selfish and self-centered needs of pseudo-mankind. Therefore, the natural environment of the members of pseudo-mankind and its resources are considered to be hostile and unfriendly, and are to be ruthlessly exploited without any regard for their function or ecology. Thus, the lawfulness of development of nature and its resources is disrupted or even altered completely, leading ultimately to the establishment of a hostile and unfriendly environment (self-fulfilling prophecy) which brings upon people many disasters, cataclysms and so-called accidents of grandiose proportions and of unusual nature.



Since all motivating factors of pseudo-mankind for all its activities and productions are determined by its selfish and self-centered nature, there is no ultimate regard in such activities and productions for the benefit of all mankind, for the common good and use, or for universal principles. Whatever is produced is produced through wrong motivation despite the fact that it may benefit many. However, the benefit of many is not the goal or purpose of such production but only the means to selfish and self-centered motivating factors. Such an attitude is infused into the mind of pseudo-mankind by its pseudo-­creators as a part of the plan to completely destroy spirituality.


If one does something with regard to the common good, one becomes more and more spiritual. But if one does something for one's own sake, and uses the common good principles for one's own selfish motivations and purposes, that one becomes less and less spiritual until the point is reached where one loves only oneself and hates anyone or anything else unless it serves to feed that selfishness. Such self-love and hate lead to the ultimate destruction of spirituality in general and one's life in particular, which is the ultimate goal of pseudo­-mankind and which exemplifies the concrete answer to the question of what it is to be without any spirituality.



In pseudo-mankind everything is reverted, perverted and distorted, which leads to the development and establishment of a self-awareness based on the degree of recession from true spirituality. The greater the recession from spirituality, the more self-awareness of pseudo-mankind. Such self-awareness, of course, is not real self-awareness but pseudo-self-awareness. Real self-awareness is built on the awareness of the presence of the Most High and each state of awareness leads toward greater spirituality and development of the true self. However, in pseudo-self-awareness all is valued and appraised by the fact of how little spirituality it contains. The less spirituality, the greater value and price and vice versa: the more spirituality, the less valuable it is.



In the pseudo-self-awareness of pseudo-mankind no place for real spiritual values of life, or for life itself, exist. This leads to the development of a stance by pseudo-mankind which results in arrogance, rudeness, boastfulness, megalomania, grandiosity and self-righteousness. Such attitudes inevitably lead to fabrication, justification and use of means for massive destruction and interference with natural developments on Earth. If real life is not valued but instead pseudo-life is worshipped, then whatever is of real life is a nuisance, interference and a plague to pseudo-life and, therefore, has to be destroyed. Such is the outcome of the non-­spiritual and/or pseudo-spiritual structure of pseudo-mankind. If left to itself, the consequence of that would be total and ultimate annihilation of all life including its own pseudo-life.



The natural trend of real life is a continuous spiritual progression of everyone, and everything serves this purpose. Such a trend is inconceivable in the structure of pseudo­-mankind. Because that structure is built on the opposites of such a trend, all efforts of pseudo-mankind are geared toward the ultimate retardation of human development in all spheres of life, and to promotion of educated ignorance that expels and closes the true source of genuine knowledge and the base of true progress-spirituality. This tendency necessitates a development of pseudo-science, pseudo-education and pseudo-religion that keep people in complete darkness and blindness by presenting fabricated pseudo-facts as real facts and real facts as pseudo-facts. Such a situation assures that no true spirituality can break through, since one must depend on and listen to such falsifications.



Finally, in order to keep pseudo-mankind in greater and thicker darkness and blindness, the pseudo-creators continuously promoted the use of monstrous and grandiose abominations in the form of pseudo-spiritual religions, doctrines, faiths and rituals which pretended to serve and to worship the Most High but, in fact, which subtly and cunningly led away from the Most High and from true spirituality. Based on the infusion of guilt, fear of punishment and eternal damnation they misled and misguided people from the true source of love and wisdom, and suffocated the true spirituality which is always based on freedom, independency, love, wisdom and Absolute Mercy.


Such abominations are one of the most sophisticated tools of the pseudo-creators, fabricated by them in the hells and infused in pseudo-mankind, so that their plan of destroying true and real spirituality could succeed.


Now, from all that was said in these twenty-four points, one can discern, if one wishes, the ideas of what recession from true spirituality leads to and what the outcomes and consequences of such spiritual deterioration are on the development of mankind as a whole. This is an overall answer by living example to the original question of how it is to be and to exist without spirituality.


Of course, one has to remember as before that this book is an approximation of the real truth only. This is a higher step toward understanding the true nature of these events. What is here revealed is revealed with regard to the present needs of mankind from the standpoint of its return to true spiritual progression. Any approximation of the truth is not the whole truth in itself. Therefore, there is a transcending explanation and understanding of all of this to the one that is presented in this book. It is important to realize, however, that transcending understanding cannot be acquired unless the presented understanding, and explanations of these facts as revealed are incorporated first.




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