Chapter Six


Profound Crisis of All Human Systems, Values,

Traditions, Conventions and Cultures.

End of the Human Era.



Content of „Fundamentals of Human Spirituality“, pg. 281- 297 , Part I. - Chapter Six


The structure and dynamics of all creation derive their principles, laws and life from the Creator. Because they occur, proceed and become from the Absolute Creative Effort of the Absolute Most High, they contain within themselves all principles, categories, attributes and derivatives of their Creator in a relative state and relative process. This state and process is relative only to the Absolute State and the Absolute Process of the Absolute Most High. Such a relationship between the Creator and His/Her creation determines the spiritual principle of all beings and existences.


This spiritual principle states that the normal and natural course of development and progression of all creation is its progressive flow toward greater and greater approximation of the Absolute State and Absolute Process of the Absolute Most High. In such an approximation is the principle of becoming. One becomes more and more oneself by the greater and greater realization of closer and closer proximity of that which Absolutely Is.


Thus, in following, actualizing and realizing all principles, categories, attributes and derivatives from the Absoluteness of the Most High, one finds the true meaning of one's life. Such meaning leads toward true spirituality and proper, right, normal and natural direction in the flow or current of one's life.


This is the normal and the natural state of affairs. This is the true spiritual principle that is inherent, immanent and innate to all creation. The flow is always in one direction ­toward greater approximation of the Absolute Positive State and Absolute Positive Process of the Absolute Most High. In such a positive tendency is a base and foundation for growth, progression and betterment of all sentient entities to eternity.


Any disruption of such flow or direction is unnatural, abnormal and negative.


The purpose and the goal of the pseudo-creators was to disrupt and misdirect such flow. In order to do so they proceeded with the development of a plan that led toward fabrication of a pseudo-mankind in which such disruption could be manifested and accomplished. That led people toward building, developing, establishing and perpetuating all kinds of human systems, conventions, traditions and cultures which enabled such reversion of the universal order. Thus, the opposing factor was developed. It opposes the natural and normal flow of creation and establishes a counter-flow or current. Instead of leading toward greater and greater spirituality found in closer and closer approximation of the Most High, it leads toward lesser and lesser spirituality until potentially no spirituality remains.


It is said "potentially no spirituality remains". The reason for this is as follows: the normal and natural tendency of true life is continuously to approximate the Absolute State and the Absolute Process. Such state and process, by virtue of its Absolute Nature, can never be accomplished in the Absolute Sense. Otherwise one would always be, and would not occur, proceed and become. For that reason, any opposing factor to this trend would be opposing the same principle - the approximation of no spirituality. Since there is no such state or process in which absolutely no spirituality exists, one could approximate to eternity something that can never be reached in Absolute Sense. Hence the word "potentially".


In the opposing factor of such counter-flow there is always a tendency to reverse itself to the original, normal and natural flow. The reason for this is that whatever is abnormal and unnatural is a distortion, perversion and mutilation of normality and naturalness. No matter how much one distorts, perverts and mutilates, one does it to the thing which really is normal and natural. Therefore, that normality and naturalness remain continuously within that abnormality and unnaturalness.


Without such normality and naturalness, no abnormality and unnaturalness could be conceived, established and become counter-active. One has to realize that all life, power and energy of abnormality and unnaturalness stem from normality and naturalness.


Now, there is a principle which was underestimated by the pseudo-creators. Having within itself what is normal and natural, everything abnormal and unnatural would be continuously, without cessation, pressured, forced and led to return to its normality and naturalness. Such is the law of all spiritual principles.


Here one has to remember again and again that pseudo-­creators cannot create anything new by themselves because they lack Absoluteness of being and existence. Whatever is created can be created only from such an Absolute Condition that is uncreated in itself. The only thing anyone can do in one's creative effort is to derive from such an Absolute Condition. Thus, the pseudo-creators had no choice but to use building blocks that were available to them in the form of created sentient life. By using living cells of their own species, they fabricated a human race in which they implanted a tendency toward a counter-trend and counter-flow in the opposite direction from spirituality. Thus, they fabricated a typical and specific human era.


But as mentioned previously many times, in such living cells all genuine and original principles of the Most High must be retained and preserved. Otherwise no life could exist in them; they would then die out. In those genuine and original principles the above-mentioned spiritual law is continuously operating. It is its immanent condition - to flow in a normal and natural direction toward greater and greater spirituality, that is, toward closer and closer approximation of the Most High. From that principle, anything unnatural and abnormal would be continuously pressured and forced to return to its genuine and original normal and natural flow. This is simply a condition of life.


In order that such an unnatural and abnormal condition could be maintained, means were devised to artificially force it in the opposite direction. Such means were in the form of false and distorted religions and pseudo-spirituality; conventions, traditions, cultures and human systems that had only one ultimate goal - to stop, to reverse the natural and normal flow of life and to maintain the opposing abnormal and unnatural trend. In such systems, no matter how well they serve their purpose, continuous pressure, tension and stress exist Whenever one opposes something that flows naturally, one has to exert considerable power, energy, strength and pressure to be able to divert or reverse the flow. Such a state is a state of pressures, tensions and stresses. It establishes, by the nature of its unnaturalness, a state of continuous crisis which exists within all human systems.


No matter how positive some accomplishments of human systems appear, and how much they seem to serve the good of mankind, they ultimately support that critical condition of continuous crisis of human systems.


In order to cope and to deal with such a state of crisis, more tools of the same nature had to be devised, and more traditions, conventions, rules, regulations and prescriptions were accumulated which temporarily averted the crisis to some extent but which, in fact, ultimately compounded, potentiated and deepened it.


Such a state of crisis is inherent and immanent to the nature of the opposing factors which are manifested in all human systems. As pressures, tensions and stresses accumulate more and more, the crisis sets in and brings about the breakdown and collapse of the system. The trend of such a crisis is "progressive" in nature in the opposite sense. Crises become progressively greater and worse.


The perpetuation of such a state of crisis is assured by the counter-spiritual nature of human systems that seek survival by rigidly clinging to and depending upon traditions and conventions, and cultures and their religions. Such tendencies are so strong that when generations after generations die out and go to the intermediate world, they continue in their effort even more furiously. The ferocity of such tendencies is even greater because in the new state in the spiritual world, more sophisticated tools are available for them to continue in their counter-productive effort. There they build their own artificial societies and cultures that feed back to pseudo-mankind on Earth, giving it fresh impetus to continue in its non-spiritual, counter-productive, abnormal and unnatural effort. From it they feed and are fed because the new members are recruited from the people of Earth to join them in their state; thus the status quo of that situation is perpetuated, maintained and preserved. This is a mutual feeding because people of Earth are being fed new ideas, new thoughts and new inventions of greater distortions, perversions and mutilations of true spirituality, and at the same time they feed the producer of such ideas by actualizing and realizing them in the natural state and then joining them in their own pseudo-spiritual state in the intermediate world.


But because within such systems, by virtue of the above­-mentioned principle, there is always a pressure or a force to revert themselves to the normal and the natural flow, they are continuously in crisis and in the process of breakdowns. Things are usually not going as well as planned or expected. The normal and natural course of events has its own convincing means and tools to bring everyone back to the normal and natural condition. This is the operation of the law of Absolute Providence of the Most High.


Humans, throughout their history, are continuously reminded by many means of their true, original spiritual nature. Prophets, great spiritual founders, men and women of God and holy books such as the Bible are written to remind them of their true original spiritual nature. Alternatives are continually being given, examples are being set, visitations are occurring, inner consciences of individuals are being reawakened, and many other similar things are continuously operating for such a purpose. They all contribute more and more toward deepening the crisis of all human systems.


Regardless of the extent to which such positive efforts and ideas of the holy books are distorted, perverted, mutilated, polluted, contaminated and misinterpreted, they still contain and maintain within themselves grains of real spiritual truths. Such truths cause the crisis to deepen even more by opposing their distorted values.


When the situation of such societies in the spiritual world develops to such a critical point that its continuation is a threat to all creation by virtue of the profundity of the crisis, they suddenly and completely break down, ending in a grandiose collapse. After that their members are separated and placed in their prospective pseudo-spiritual hell, where they continue among themselves in their lifestyles as long as they wish, or as long as they continue to shut off listening to their inner voice which continuously tries to lead them back to the natural and normal trend.


Now, such collapses of those societies in the world of spirits or intermediate world are what is meant by the Last Judgment. The corresponding factors of such visitations and last judgments to the people of the planet Earth are manifested in wars, natural catastrophes, disasters, holocausts and cataclysms, and in regressive-progressive trends of human development from the state of enlightenment to the Dark Ages toward spiritual reawakening that is preceded by the total collapse of all human systems.


The regressive-progressive trend signifies that there is less and less spirituality until the Dark Ages set in; they trigger the trend toward profound crisis of all human systems. In order to save them, more sophisticated, more complex and more durable systems are developed (for the same purpose, of course) with greater technology. Such development leads toward a more profound crisis. The new crisis leads again toward development of more sophisticated systems and technologies for the same purpose. It leads toward greater and more profound crises and so on continuously. This is what is called a regressive-progressive trend. It can be seen clearly by examples of wars in human history. First there is a waging of war in a local sense leading toward a few hundred killings, then there is an expansion and hundreds of killings are turned into thousands of killings until global world wars come into existence which kill many millions of people. The same is true with regard to natural catastrophes and cataclysms. They are more frequent and more devastating in their ferocity, resulting in greater impact on human life and its condition. Another example is the disappearance of cultures and nations from the face of the Earth, only to be replaced with greater cultures and greater nations having greater traditions and greater conventions and greater cultures, and so on until the point is reached when the destructive force of profound crisis of all human systems is of such proportions that it seriously threatens the complete and total annihilation of all life on the planet Earth including Earth itself. When such a situation occurs, it signifies the end of the human era. It means that the lesson has been learned, the question of what it is like to be without spirituality has been answered by living example, and the usefulness of such a situation has fulfilled its purpose and no longer needs to be tolerated.


Then the return to the previous normal and natural condition of spirituality can be resumed. Once opposing, artificial forces of human systems are removed, the normal and natural course of spiritual progression re-establishes itself naturally and effortlessly because nothing is opposing it any longer.


Such a situation exists on the planet Earth at the present time. Until now, human systems have never had anything at their disposal which could destroy all life on Earth, including planet Earth itself, within a few seconds or few minutes.


Such a profound and ultimate crisis of all human systems and their inevitable grandiose breakdown and collapse is manifested by the following signs:



A gradual depletion of the natural resources on which the economy of the human system depends. Such a depletion can lead to complete paralysis of the economy.


This situation leads to the peculiar political situation in the world: the nations which still possess some of these resources are in a position to make other nations with depleted resources or no resources dependent upon their dictates, blackmail and manipulations. They use their resources to create crises and to force their policies on others. The political imbalance that results from this leads toward the establishment of chronic tension, threats, suspicion, and danger of wars that would end in doomsday. The nations which are dependent on such resources of other nations, particularly those of the superpowers, have no choice but to attack and to force by violence, threats and manipulations delivery of such resources. This is done on the basis of the fact that availability of such resources is vital for their survival.


The depletion of natural resources is the result of stupidity and foolishness of the human system which had no regard for planning and distributing such resources in naturally developed trends. The human hunger and insatiation to possess more, to use more and to waste more is unlimited, inconsiderate and devastating. Such is the outcome and consequence of the non-spiritual or pseudo-spiritual condition of humans which brought them into the position of complete and total dependency on values of the external or outermost degree, which are no values at all.


Once the balancing factor of life is inhibited and not allowed to come through, the result is an overuse of that which is considered to be the real source and origin of life - nature. The overuse of nature usually follows the law of geometrical progression and is spurred by continuous pressure, force and stress on other levels of human existence. Because other levels of human life are either underestimated or completely disregarded, such pressure, force and stress is considered to be the result of not taking enough care of externals and the natural level. Thus, overuse is even more intensified. Such intensification, of course, leads only toward greater pressure, force and stress which, in turn, lead toward compounded overuse and more crises and more overuse continuously. Thus, the vicious perpetuation of this cycle is established until one day all natural resources are gone or unavailable. And this is the end of human systems.



With such indiscriminate overuse and abuse of natural resources, and placement of man's values on possession of external goods and properties, the step toward destruction of the human environment is a short one. Pollution and contamination of the environment reach unusual proportions. Human habitats become dangerous and unhealthy. The ecology of the natural environment which supports its healthy and balanced condition is disrupted. This leads to the elimination of various species that are a vital part of that ecology for maintaining balance in nature.


The accumulation of pollution, poison and contamination of the environment, combined with the disruption of the ecological balance, leads to a condition which is intolerable for maintenance, sustenance and continuation of human life on the planet Earth. This only deepens the profound crisis of all human systems, accelerating the process of total and ultimate breakdown and grandiose collapse.



The dependency on, clinging to and desire for more external goods, possessions and properties without any regard for anyone else, together with natural and political disasters and manipulations, establishes a great unbalance in the strata of human systems. Two extremes become apparent: a) concentration of material riches and abundance in the hands of a few, or available to only a few nations and b) a chronic state of unusual poverty, hunger and lack of basic means for simple survival. Such conditions compound and potentiate the pressure, force and stress that lead to an even more profound crisis for such human systems which completely failed to even consider the proper balancing principle of true life. Such failure to do so ultimately results in the breakdown and collapse of the whole system.



In the effort to preserve, perpetuate and continue human systems and their traditions, conventions and cultures, together with the need to defend them from aggressors and blackmailers, more and more sophisticated military installations and weapons capable of massive destruction are developed and invented. Since there is a continuous need to outsmart the enemy and to have better weapons, it is necessary to devote more people and economic resources into inventing and developing better, more efficient and more destructive weapons. The enemy, of course, doesn't sleep, and tends to develop and invent even more efficient and destructive weapons. This fierce competition to outsmart the enemy is an endless one. It requires even more effort and devotion of greater and greater human and other resources to establish military supremacy over the enemy. Such competition leads to the invention and development of such devastating means of destruction that the pressing of one button on a computer can, within a few minutes or seconds, turn the entire planet Earth into a hovering inferno of such proportion that few traces of life will remain anywhere on the Earth. Holocausts and cataclysms of such consequences could occur that cannot be imagined by the human mind.



One of the original purposes of this pseudo-system, as previously pointed out, was to destroy spirituality. As a part of such effort, materialistic, atheistic philosophies came into existence. They led to the establishment of communistic and similar totalitarian systems with the strictest and most rigid rules, regulations, traditions and conventions possible. The entire philosophy of such systems is based on an emphasis on materialistic external values which necessitate conquering and taking possession of the whole world. Recent years have witnessed an unusual expansion and strengthening of these systems throughout the world. The ruthlessness, cunning, aggressiveness, Machiavellism, machinations, manipulations, terrorism, strife, fanatism, dogmatism, blindness, forcefulness, viciousness and endurance of these systems is of immense proportions. Apparently nothing can stop them from such expansion. Such systems are a direct incarnation of the evil and dark forces of the hells just before the final breakdown and collapse of the human systems in an attempt to overrun anything spiritual and establish a rule of complete spiritual darkness.



The natural accumulation of continuous crises in the unnatural and abnormal condition of human systems, and the need for their prevention and resolution, lead to continuous inflationary tendencies of all material values and endeavors. The exhaustion of natural resources; greater need to spend in order to cover up for inner uncertainties, anxieties, and fears of the future; need for greater defense and development of more potent military installations; disproportion in the distribution of riches; disillusionment in the system's ability to provide necessary safety and security; the need to perpetuate the status quo of the systems; and many other things lead inevitably to the lesser and lesser value of monetary means to assure material security and safety. Thus, for more money one buys less, which leads to the need to earn more and more in order to maintain a lifestyle established in a previous less inflationary condition. This compounds inflation to such an absurd degree that a complete economic breakdown and collapse results.


Money has little or no value at all. This is an inevitable consequence when people put their hope and security in things so transient, unimportant and valueless as material goods and possessions.



As the pressure, forces and stress mount and the crisis becomes more and more profound and fixed, more and more means for coping with the crisis appear. This leads to the appearance of numerous and unusual cults, sects, religious and spiritualistic deviations and mind control modalities that offer resolutions to all people's problems. They all profess to have the means to lead people out of their misery. The extreme case of such a development is the appearance of a cult of worshippers of the devil and satan which openly links itself to the negative state of hell and the pseudo-creators. The devil and satans are proclaimed to be the true creators and the true resolution of problems is seen in the open denial of the true Creator and in worshipping only the pseudo-creators who, in fact, fabricated the appearance of pseudo-mankind.


All cults, sects, religious and spiritualistic deviations, and mind control modalities, by adherence to their own exclusivity and rules, regulations and prescriptions, are building another set of traditions, conventions and policies with possible cultures which will only compound, deepen and accelerate the ultimate final breakdown and grandiose collapse of human systems.


Now, there are grains of truth in such establishments. They all tend to develop an awareness of some kind of spiritual or mind factors which they believe are the only ones which can bring about some resolution of the crisis. The intensification of such awareness is the result of spiritual pressure of the normal flow to return anything abnormal to its normal condition. Therefore, the greater the crisis of the human systems, the greater is the awareness of such spiritual needs. This leads to the necessary flourishment of cults and mind control modalities and new religions and spiritual trends that intensify such awareness. However, the problem of such establishments is that they use the traditional and conventional approach by fabricating their own external rituals, ceremonies, chantings, incantations, rules, regulations, restrictions, limitations, expectations, and so on which, in their essence and substance, are no different than those existing previously. They change the names but they keep the same content and methodology. Such an approach, of course, is a pseudo-spiritual one. But such are the signs of an approaching doomsday when all human systems will collapse forever.



Parallel with the appearance of these cults, sects, religious and spiritualistic trends, and mind control modalities which in many instances have positive value by virtue of their seeking greater spiritual awareness (albeit distorted), the evil and dark forces of the pseudo-creators intensify their work and exert their own negative influence on people of the planet Earth in order to suffocate such effort. This only compounds and intensifies the crisis.


Such negative influence is manifested in the appearance and intensification of unusual and bizarre crimes, homicides, suicides, mental illnesses, sexual perversions, and complicated and vicious physical diseases. Such appearances are a part of the acceleration of the differentiation of the forces of the negative state from the positive state in preparation for the actual final encounter during which all human systems will collapse and cease to exist.


Part of the effort to preoccupy people's minds with these events and keep them from spiritual awareness is the unusual preoccupation of news media with these negative events. Movies, plays, television, newspapers, etc., are filled with descriptions of acts of violence, crimes, aggressions, disasters, wars, and similar themes which take people's time and attention away from other more important issues. The dangerousness of preoccupation with such themes is that they trigger and reinforce in people the need to act, to behave, to do and to resolve problems in the same violent manner. Such a depiction of outcomes, regardless of whether it is by an example of "good" guys or "bad" guys, is contrary and opposing to the spiritual means of resolution of the problems. And if, by any chance, spiritual means are depicted, they are usually portrayed by use of negative, dark forces, black magic, or powers of questionable or obscure origin.


All this only perpetuates, compounds and accelerates the approach of the final breakdown and collapse of all human systems.



The nature of the pseudo-human system, being that it is unnatural, pathological and abnormal, produces and emanates continuously an atmosphere of all kinds of negative, violent, hateful, vicious, distorted, perverted and mutilated thoughts, ideas and desires. By the spiritual principle of manifestation which states that any thought, idea or desire of any living sentient entity has the tendency to actualize and realize itself in the concreteness of its appearance, such negative concepts become reality also on the level of the natural degree. Here they find their concrete life.


For that reason, such concepts influence negatively the natural environment of the planet Earth which represents this external or outermost degree. For example, violence is violent no matter how it comes about-through the violent act of one person or nation against another one, or through violent conditions in nature, which lead toward drastic changes in climate and weather conditions, intensification of unusual catastrophes, disasters, plagues, earthquakes, fires, blizzards, severe winters, tornadoes, hurricanes, hot spells, droughts, pestilence, floods, accidents and many other violent phenomena. There is not a day or a week on the planet Earth that passes undisturbed by one of such events.


Their intensification and frequency of occurrence point out that there is a deepening of the profound crises of human systems causing such reactions in nature.


If one lives in harmony with oneself, one lives in harmony with nature. Nature reflects externally this internal state of affairs of people. The more disharmony there is, the more violent and unstable nature is. And vice versa-the more there is spiritual harmony in mankind, the more stable, lawful and calm nature is.


Therefore such drastic changes and intensification of these occurrences in natural events of nature are good indications of the profound crisis of all human systems and their inevitable collapse in the near future.



As a majority of people are forced into a continuous struggle for survival, making a living and supporting themselves, they are pressured, stressed and manipulated to go in the direction opposite to their tare spiritual nature. They gradually begin to be dissatisfied with the temporal pleasures ­found in possessions of material goods and properties, and in all human systems with their traditions, conventions and cultures of external values. This leads many to a frantic search for the true meaning of human life. The questions of existential worthiness start to plague people. Nothing makes sense anymore. Existential anxieties, fears, disgust and depressions become a style of life and give birth to a philosophy which considers them to be a necessary condition of life if not its true origination.


The danger of this approach is in its emphasis that such feelings as anxieties, fears, depressions, disgust and so on have real existential values and, therefore, are ultimately of a positive nature. People replaced the true philosophy of spirituality with a pseudo-philosophy of existentialism that tries to derive spiritual values from something that was fabricated, induced and planted by the negative states of hell into mankind in order to suffocate true spirituality which cannot conceive such negative ideas, thoughts and conditions. All such existential pseudo­-values, by their intensification in people's minds, lead to a greater crisis in human systems and accelerate their breakdown and collapse. In that sense, such existential pseudo-values have positive aspects because whatever accelerates such a collapse helps put an end to something pathological, unnatural and abnormal which is a plague and a cancer to everything healthy, normal and natural.



The unusual, gigantic leap in development of technology in the recent few decades is in drastic contrast to the social and mental development of the human system which is far behind. This contributes even more toward the already unbearable tension, pressure and stress.


Another complication is within technology itself. By the complexity of its nature, it leads toward the development of extreme degrees of specialization and alienation of the various components of systems which, in turn, leads to the greater danger of breakdown and entropy. Since such systems are very complex and interdependent, a breakdown in one component can paralyze the function of the whole system. Another dangerous aspect of such a situation is that by virtue of its complexity and the myriad of services it provides to humans, it makes them extremely dependent and helpless in the case of a breakdown. As the system becomes more complex and more dependent on its components, there is a greater probability of its breakdown with a resulting greater impart on the welfare of all people. This even more intensifies a profound crisis of all human systems and accelerates their final collapse.



As one can see, the unnaturalness and abnormality of the opposing factors of human systems to the natural and normal progressive flow of spirituality leads toward a build-up of pressures, stresses and tensions in all areas of human activities and in their very being and existence. There is nothing anywhere that does not contribute continuously toward such crisis. In such a situation people start to seek a means of avoiding the whole dilemma. From this a tendency develops toward escapism from the mounting pressures, stresses, tensions and complexity of the system into fantasies, daydreams and illusions by means of mechanical and chemical devices such as drugs, alcohol, food and other physical means that can alter consciousness and its functions. Such a tendency is one of the final signs of the approaching breakdown and collapse of all human systems.



All this leads to the development of apathy, indifference and loss of any interest in the welfare and well­being of other individuals. For example, people can witness crimes, killings, muggings and so on, yet they say nothing, and many either turn away from the scene or watch it without any concern.


Such a situation is a sign of complete depletion of any spiritual awareness. And this is the infamous end of all human systems. Once one loses all interest and develops apathy and indifference toward one's own welfare and the welfare of one's own neighbors, all meaning of life is lost and nothing matters any more. After that nothing is left to fuel the perpetuation, maintenance, sustenance and preservation of all human systems.


Thus, the end of the human era comes to its fruition.


The human era is characterized by the specificity, unusualness and exclusivity of its place and position in creation. Nowhere else in the entire creation from eternity to eternity has such a condition existed. It is characterized by its unnatural, abnormal, pathological and unreal flow which continuously has been opposing the normal, natural and real flow of life. By virtue of such a position, it can be considered artificial, imposed, fabricated, and a pseudo-life having no reality in itself.


There are several concepts that can describe the typical human era:


First, distortion, perversion and mutilation of the concept of spirituality and the Most High. Spirituality and the Most High are described in terms of projections, introjections, expectations, stereotypes, demands and prescriptions of external desires of people who place their values in material matters. They, so to speak, materialize spirituality and "humanize" the Most High. The word "humanize" is used here in the sense of the position that the human era has in creation-negation of any one unifying spiritual principle that underlines the natural flow of life.


This leads to the fractionalization of all principles of life. Such a situation leads to the appearance of many religions and spiritual views which often are contradictory to each other. It also leads to the building of conventions, traditions and cultures which oppose any progressive flow. Their nature is stagnation and self-perpetuation. This is the very opposite of true life. Thus, pseudo-life appears as a typically characteristic sign of the human era.


Secondly, there is the appearance, development, widespread growth and acceptance by many of the concepts of materialism, atheism, agnosticism and pantheism, which deny any spirituality as an originating principle.


Such philosophies and views are typical of the human era only. Nowhere else in the Universe have such concepts ever evolved.


Thirdly, there is the closure of access to the innermost level and degree of self, and destruction of all bridges and direct connections to the spiritual world and other dimensions, places and levels of the Universe and the whole creation, along with the cessation of direct communication with spirits, angels and other sentient entities in the spiritual world. This is again a typical condition and sign of the human era that exists nowhere else. Elsewhere the door to all dimensions, levels and spheres is continuously opened to all sentient entities; only on Earth by virtue of the human era has the door been closed until recently.


Fourthly, there is the derivation of life and its functions from activities of the outermost or natural degree, that is from matter making life dependent on matter. Life is considered here to be a product of development and evolution of elements of matter which occurred, proceeded and became in a haphazard manner. Life is considered to be an accident of matter appearing only by mere chance. This is a very typical characteristic sign of the human era.


Fifthly, there is the separation, limitation, isolation and alienation of humans from all other creation, and fabrication of a state of evil in the form of hell with all its consequences and outcomes as manifested by the functions, crises, stagnation and decay of all human systems. This is a very typical characteristic sign of the human era. Before the human era commenced, there was no negative state or hell in the spiritual world, nor any manifestation of it in the natural world.


These are, then, typical characteristic signs of the human era which is now coming to an end. All such typical signs and characteristics will be eliminated as unreal, and a new mankind will come into existence with true spiritual concepts flowing in the normal and natural direction of continuous spiritual progression.




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