Chapter Seven


Present State of Affairs in Mankind's Condition and Human Spirituality.

Preparation for the New Age.



Content of „Fundamentals of Human Spirituality“, pg. 298- 313 , Part I. - Chapter Seven


The characteristic signs of the present condition of mankind are manifold intensification and compounding of everything presented in the previous chapter.


All human systems are in a state of constant failure, crisis and breakdown. The accomplishments of science, technology, medicine and other areas of human effort that boast of their usefulness and benefit to humanity are, in fact, illusory and of a transient, temporary nature only. In their ultimate sense, they contribute to the overall critical situation that at the present time has taken unusual proportions.


Whatever serves to support, to perpetuate, to maintain and to save the existing structure, nature and style of life of the human era cannot be considered progressive and useful in the ultimate sense, regardless of good intentions which may exist Such good intentions derive from wrong premises and are initiated in accepted, traditional, conventional and cultural modes of thinking, feeling and attitudes.


The same is true with regard to all presently existing spiritual and religious trends and faiths. The concept of human spirituality is factional, split, divided, contradictory and misdefined. It derives its origin from churches and "spiritual" leaders operating on wrong premises from an external position and placement. Emphasis is on external means. Ho matter how much some of the members of the respective spiritual and religious trends emphasize the internal value of spirituality and the innermost presence of the Most High, their interpretation, understanding and definition of such values and presence is distorted by their methodology and practical outline of how this should be accomplished.


The tools are of external value only: verbal prayers; physical exercises; fastings or relinquishment of certain types of foods; denial of physical pleasures; limitations and restrictions on certain natural activities; adherence to certain outward appearances; withdrawal into seclusion, convents and monasteries; rituals, ceremonies, and so on; this list can be endless. The false belief exists that such practices will open the door to true spirituality. This is opening the door from the outside from "without"-an utter impossibility because it is closed, locked and bolted from the inside, "within" and there is no handle, key or access to it from the outside, "without".


Such practices ultimately lead to distorted spirituality which only contributes negatively to the overall critical condition of all human systems at the present time.


Now, this is not to say that various individuals who believe in the honesty of their heart that such practices are useful and bring them to a greater spiritual awareness cannot succeed. But they succeed not because of those practices (such practices in themselves are useless) but because of the honest desire and longing for true spirituality. The honesty of their desire is manifested by the willingness of their free choice, from their free will to give up certain things in order to accomplish spiritual awareness. Such desires and longings are of internal, purely spiritual value and can be imputed and appropriated to them. Such people, when they come to the spiritual world and true reality is presented to them, gladly and without too much hesitation or difficulty relinquish all their distorted views on spirituality and the means for its accomplishment, and accept with open heart and mind the real truth. Their inner love for the truth enables such an acceptance regardless of their distorted and false beliefs during their earthly life.


However, one has to realize here that it is the general trend of such pseudo-spiritual practices and not individual motivation that makes them negative, and that reflects the overall dire and critical situation of present human systems. Such general trends are of negative origination, implanted by the pseudo-creators, and they must perish completely if truespirituality is to resume its proper function and direction.


In addition to all that was said in the previous chapter about human systems, there are some specific points which would be useful to consider in evaluating and analyzing the present state of affairs that exists in humanity and human spirituality. Most of these points are of practical, secular value. However, one has to remember that they are corresponding factors and reflections of the spiritual condition. Whatever is happening in human life is always the result and correspondence of the spiritual state of affairs which causes such events and conditions to appear. Therefore, they are good overall indicators of the present condition which exists in human spirituality and its earthly, worldly, political, economical and social manifestation.



The present structure of political systems and world governments can be basically characterized by deceptions, manipulations, secrecy, hypocrisy, scandals, dishonesty and corruption. People are seldom told the whole truth about any situation. They get distortions, half-truths and lies. This is all done, supposedly, for their benefit as the governmental agencies claim. Such governmental agencies long ago outlived their usefulness and became self-perpetuating institutions which serve a purpose of selfish gain and corruptive motivation under the guise of service to the people. They hold back and keep to themselves important information and findings of various discoveries so that they can use them for manipulation and for their own personal control and gain. This can be illustrated by various distortions and lack of true information about the results of space flights, moon landings, various research projects, U.F.O. investigations and many others.



The structure of the temporary governmental organization is so self-centered and self-purposeful that anything not serving to strengthen and support its position is considered a vital threat. This leads to a tremendous effort to control human behavior and the human mind and exert and practice that control over all humans. For that reason, secret governmental organizations and research are established and supported in order to find the best possible way to control, to alter and to modify human behavior in such a manner that it would only serve governmental purposes. This leads to the development of all kinds of behavior modification techniques, mind control drugs, brainwashing methods, electronic, magnetic, chemical, physical and other means for the accomplishment of such purpose. All these means are used experimentally on people, very often without their conscious awareness.



As a part of such experimentation and as a result of the need to test new strategic military tactics and weapons, many wars, revolutions, incidents and terroristic activities are staged and supported in different parts of the world for such purpose. They are artificially infused by utilizing local, economical, political and psychological difficulties so people feel they are fighting for better lives. What they do not realize is that they are merely guinea pigs in grandiose schemes of superpowers to test the newly developed tactics, weapons and means of control and destruction.



Such a situation, of course, necessitates the establishment of certain agencies which engage in falsification of news events, and create propaganda in order to distort, to manipulate and to influence reality. They blind, misinform and keep people in constant tension in accordance with the policies of the government adopted for that purpose.



The lack of the spiritual unifying principle that is based on love, mutual respect, acceptance, tolerance and appreciation of differences leads to the establishment of extreme positions in a society which is supported, perpetuated and utilized politically by governmental organizations. The whole society is divided into political parties within which one can see factions, divisions, dissensions and extreme views. On one side there is extreme liberalism and radicalism; on the other side there is extreme conservatism and preservation of the status quo. In the middle there is a moderate trend trying to bridge these extremes.


Such a situation leads to continuous tension, contention, battles, accusations, suspicions and mutual deception and self-deception. Both extremes use the same methods and they have the same goal-power and control over people and each other. Similar extremes exist within all human systems including religious sects and churches. They are all children of the same pseudo-creators and, therefore, they reflect these inherent grave, critical and negative aspects which result in such extremes, factions, divisions and schisms.



Such behavior, actions, operations and manipulations as described above require means of justification and rationalization. This leads toward development of a hypocritical social, political and religious morality which is a conglomeration of reaction formations, projections, introjections and denials. Outwardly leaders may act and behave indignantly over anything immoral as defined by their concept of morality or ethics, but inwardly and secretly they feel a desire to do exactly the same.



The basic unit of any social, political and governmental structure is considered to be the solid and reliable family component. However continuous tension, pressures, stress and crisis of all human systems is not only reflected in but, as a matter of fact, starts with the breakdown of family components, sexual relations and the rearing of children.


The whole family structure, as mentioned previously, was built on totally wrong, perverted, distorted and mutilated concepts infused into pseudo-mankind by the pseudo-­creators. If one builds something on wrong premises, one ultimately ends up in total collapse. The unhappiness, misery, violence, sexual ignorance and, stemming from it, sexual perversions, abuses and misuses in family relationships are an everyday occurrence. The statistics show loudly and clearly that the highest percentage of homicides, assaults, abuse, sexual molestation of children, and other atrocities are committed by and to the members of the family. This is a good example of how the concept of family, children and sexuality and the purpose of marital union was completely distorted, perverted and multilated from the very beginning of its foundation.



The analysis of all human systems shows clearly they are formed, maintained and perpetuated on principles that can be identified as contradictory, unstable and unsafe. By virtue of this, they are a danger to humans and to Earth. Such


contradictory, unstable and unsafe conditions are reflected in all political, economical, social and religious systems. There is nothing in any human system that can be relied upon.



Once the governmental and political organizations lose their true perspective and purpose and become self-­centered and self-directed, all their values are placed in that self-centeredness and self-direction. Such a result leads to a peculiar attitude toward and treatment of members of the society. The abstract idol in the form of government needs to be served, worshipped and sacrificed to. Individual human rights are violated, and individual human dignity disregarded. One must support, work for, worship, give and sacrifice to that idol. This is a form of secular religion.



The idol needs continual reassurance, food and drink in the form of sacrifices which take from people more and more of their freedom, independency and ability to self-­actualize and self-realize. Because all power is invested in such an idol, this can be used to force its monstrous and brutal policies on the very people who gave it that power. Since these policies serve the self-centeredness, self-direction and self­-survival of that idol, they are throughout a complete, total and extreme violation of all true spiritual, social, mental and natural laws.



From such gross and monstrous violations it is only one step toward profanation of human life and its principles. Human life is now considered to be only meat, a quantity to be butchered in the slaughterhouse of human systems, traditions, conventions, cultures and their defense systems. No regard is shown for the content, purpose, goal and real value of such life and its principle. The only important needs are those of the idol which must be preserved and worshipped by any means. It is of little importance if such means profane life and its principles. For what is life anyway? If life is considered to be only the outcome of the accidental exchange or combination of some kind of physical atoms, molecules or chemical formulas derived from elements of matter, it is really nothing and has no value in and of itself. Who cares about such life?


Such is the real outcome and consequence of human spiritual deterioration that is intensified manifoldly at the present time.



Such understandings, feelings and attitudes toward and about life cast into doubt any possible spiritual principles that might be of life or in life.


If there is no ultimate intelligent, sentient and loving source of life, then there is no ultimate true authority of life. This conclusion results in many people taking a stance characterized by disrespect, disregard and lack of mental, consideration for any final authority or the Most High. No laws exist that should or could not be broken and violated. The only way people follow laws under such conditions is through fear, duress, force and the threat of loss of their physical freedom. Such a situation necessitates more power and more reliability in law enforcement agencies. But, of course, such agencies are staffed by people liable to the same feelings.


They, in turn, develop the same disrespect, disregard and lack of consideration for the laws and, in turn, make their own laws from concepts and interpretations in accordance with their own self-centered and self-directed needs.


With such attitudes, many people will not be deterred from breaking laws, rationalizing that there are no laws to break; therefore, everything is permissible. Prisons for such people are homes that only reinforce their antisocial stance and justify their activities and behaviors.



The modern age is a witness of the appearance of numerous self-proclaimed gurus, self-appointed spiritual leaders, false prophets, anti-christs and pseudo-saviors of mankind.


Most of them thrive on mankind's misery and suffering, ultimately using such conditions for their personal, material, mental, political or religious gain.


Anyone who uses human misery, suffering and unhappiness for any personal gain, no matter who they may be and no matter how good they may seem, can be considered an anti-Christ. The reason is that such a person doesn't come from the truth-the true meaning of the word "Christ". They come from a pseudo-self that lusts for power, control and domination over people. This is a state of deception, lies and self-deception that is contrary to the truth-that is to the Christ.


Therefore, all such people are anti-christs. The lust for spiritual powers of domination over people comes from the pseudo-­spiritual state of hell in the spiritual world. It is very often cunning, sophisticated, pretentious, convincing, forceful and overwhelming, and comes in the many names of the Most High. Because it is of hellish origin, it has certain powers known to the inhabitants of the hells in using laws of correspondences, enabling these leaders to perform certain so-called miraculous acts. This is done for the sole purpose of misleading, misguiding and deceiving people into accepting their spiritual leadership. Many such persons are a direct incarnation of negative spirits for such specific purposes.



Once all efforts for the preservation, maintenance and perpetuation of human systems fail, everyone tries to find someone or something to blame. One then relinquishes and rejects responsibility for one's own decisions and choices, and believes in fate and the inevitability of results regardless of one's actions. This is a convenient way to escape admitting that one is responsible for whatever is happening to him/her, and that one also shares responsibility for whatever is happening in the world due to one's indifference, self-centeredness and disregard for spiritual values and principles.


But it is human nature to blame someone or something for such situations. Since no personal responsibility is assumed in such situations, either in personal life or in the life of the whole society, a scapegoat is found and penalized. In interpersonal relationships such a scapegoat is found in someone who is weaker, more vulnerable or different in his/her views, attitudes and style of life. In social relationships such a scapegoat is found in minorities or other nations. In spiritual relationships such a scapegoat is found in God. God is to be blamed for everything that is happening. Since the real God-the Most High-cannot be blamed for anything, a different god is fabricated by pseudo-mankind. Such a god is instilled with all the attributes, traits and characteristics of people and becomes both a target of worship (pure idolatry since the god doesn't exist) and a target of scapegoating. Such is the situation at the present time with many people.



Another extreme that occurs in the confusion of collapsing human systems is a need to follow something or someone without thinking or taking responsibility. The best way to do this is through total obedience, blind faith, and following the pseudo-principles and their fabricators who proclaim they can take care of everything and provide solutions. People are then under the illusion that they do not have to worry, to think or to come up with answers or solutions because they rely on the fabricators and believe the pseudo-­god, believed to be a real God, will protect them. This is all contrary to real spiritual principles and their messengers. Real spiritual principles emphasize that one is always responsible for one's life; that one has freedom of choice and is entitled to choose any alternatives one wants. Each alternative has its own consequences which are produced by its choice. Therefore, one is fully in charge of any situation in one's life. The Most High creates people in freedom and independency from freedom and independency and for and into freedom and independency. The Most High gives them everything needed to make right decisions, to make right choices and to take proper alternatives. This is possible only if one is responsible. No blind faith, obedience, or being led by someone else is tolerated in such a spiritual concept.


Such true spiritual principles are, of course, disregarded, their messengers are not listened to, and they are considered to be false and inappropriate. Who wants to take any part of the responsibility for the chaos which the human era produced?


All the above-listed specific situations in the present condition of all human systems and in human spirituality are in their final and ultimate phase. In such a phase new elements necessarily come into appearance which help to wipe out and to eliminate systems of the human era, and at the same time they herald and prepare the beginning of the New Age.


At the present time there are several such elements and appearances in existence:



As the human era is coming to an end, it is necessary to gather, to concentrate and to separate all negative and evil elements from all grains of truths existing in the human systems. Such grains of truth cannot be destroyed because of their eternal spiritual values. Such a process leads toward greater and sharper differentiation of all negatives from all positives. All negatives and positives appear on the surface and they are no longer hidden, concealed, masked or covered up behind all kinds of pseudo-positive, charitable concepts.


In order that such surfacing and sharp differentiation and separation can take place, an outside influence is necessary which functions as a catalyst of the final encounter. The catalyst comes in the form of intensification of incarnation of both positive and negative sentient entities and their so-called "walk-ins" from other dimensions on the planet Earth. They are equipped with the tools to accomplish such a process swiftly and efficiently. They come in human form since they use human bodies formed in a female womb by natural physical processes, but they transmit and imprint into it their own mentality and spirit. From conception they influence the development of that body in preparation to "walk" into it. When the body is formed and is ready to come out of the female's womb, they "walk" into it with their mentality and spirit.


At the present time, many people of the planet Earth are of such origin. They realize and actualize, by their life and activities either in positive or negative ways, the necessary separation, differentiation, identification, intensification, surfacing and gathering of all negative phenomena on one side and all positive phenomena on the other side.



In order that such a process can take place without any interference, the spiritual world and all its dimensions is put into closer proximity to the natural world. This is done for the purpose of intensification of the natural corresponding occurrences of the spiritual state of affairs of the human era. The closer proximity of the spiritual world to the natural world results in total spiritual control of all events and phenomena of nature. In this way, natural events and phenomena can be regulated in such a manner as to match them with their corresponding spiritual and mental events, keeping them all in synchronicity. Because the spiritual world nowadays contains in its structure the negative state called hell, such proximity to the natural world triggers, intensifies and initiates both negative and positive elements to the same extent. In such a way the balance of all elements is preserved and the freedom of choice of humans is not violated.



The closer proximity of the spiritual world to the natural world leads to the reopening of the door and rebuilding of the bridge for direct contact between the inhabitants of these worlds. It also reopens the innermost degree and, for the first time in a long period, access to one's spiritual advisors and communication with them is no longer blocked. One now is free again, if one wishes, to be in touch with all levels of one's self, the spiritual world and one's spiritual advisors. This helps in the above-described process. As a result of such opening, many people are getting in touch with their spiritual advisors and many messages are transmitted by various spirits and channels to the people of the planet Earth. However, for the sake of balance, freedom of choice and final separation, such messages and transmissions are necessarily coming from both sources-negative and positive. Therefore, one has to be extremely careful in assessing the verity and the real source of such messages.



The closer proximity of the spiritual world to the natural world and the presence among people of special agents from both sides establishes a favorable condition for development of a sense of true spiritual reality or, in the negative situation, for greater and more abominable distortions and practices. This leads to the appearance of new spiritual trends within churches which break the traditional, conventional and dogmatic approaches toward spirituality and prepare the way for opening the door to the innermost self. On the negative side, one can see the appearance of new dogmatic, fanatic, authoritarian trends which exert mind control over people, forcing them into blind obedience and into a style of life which entirely destroys freedom of choice and, thus, true spiritual principles.



As a part of this preparation for the New Age and removal, elimination and wiping out of the human era, a new revelation is granted by the Most High. This revelation for the first time opens the "inside" as to why all this has been allowed to happen. The content of the Grand Plan is revealed to a certain extent, the experimental phase of the history of mankind is described, the process and reasons of human spiritual deterioration are explained, the voluntary nature of participation in such an experiment is brought to human attention, and new choices are presented. Such a revelation comes in steps. Several people in the past were given revelations of certain things which prepared the way for the present revelation. The most significant and important revelation was given, as pointed out before, through Emanuel Swedenborg. Another revelation is through this book which is to be utilized in the building of the New Era and the elimination of everything of the specific human era.



Since all events taking place in the natural world are in the ultimate sense the result and outcome of the state of affairs in the spiritual world, obviously whatever is happening here is a correspondence of the events in that world.


As mentioned previously, people who made the transition to the Spiritual world after their physical death on Earth continued in building, maintaining, preserving and perpetuating all specific signs and styles of life of that typical human era. This has gone on for many thousands of years. Periodically some such negative societies were able to fulfill their purpose, and when they threatened the existence of the corresponding positive states they brought upon themselves their own judgment resulting in holocaust, turmoil, upheaval and cataclysm which entirely destroyed their pseudo-world, placing them into a special state of hell corresponding to the specificity of their evilness.


At the present time, as a forerunner of the end of the human era, such turmoil, holocaust, upheaval and cataclysm is in process right now in one spiritual dimension associated with the planet Earth where all people have been gathered since the Last Judgment, which happened in one area of the world of spirits at the time of Swedenborg's revelation. The present situation is different, however. It includes the entire one dimension and all hells connected to that dimension which exerted influence on that dimension and fed it with the ideas of evils and falsities. This entire dimension is comprised of all those who lived on the planet Earth since the time of the Lord's advent, and who for some reason did not participate in the Last Judgment which was witnessed and described by Swedenborg. All spheres, all levels and all inhabitants in them and in their respective hells are included. This time, since the purpose is to end the human era, everyone is involved without exception.


In order to end the human era, it is necessary first to judge and eliminate everyone and everything in the spiritual world that is originating, fueling, feeding, causing and perpetuating that human era for the purpose of destroying spirituality and the true order of creation. No human era can be ended without first removing the source of the cancer. Otherwise it would flare up again with even greater ferocity and viciousness. Since everything in the natural world and in the condition of humanity is caused by states and processes in the spiritual world, the end of the human era must begin in the spiritual world. Its roots, its origination and all its sustenance are in the spiritual world.


This is the reason why the upheaval, holocaust, cataclysm and Last Judgment is happening now in the spiritual world. Because it involves also all the hells, with the exception of those which were closed permanently by the Most High Himself/Herself, they are participating in this process, and a fierce spiritual war is going on right now which utilizes all spiritual means, weapons and tactics of such immense proportions they are incomprehensible to the human mind in the physical body. In this war the negative forces will be finally cut off and they will no longer be able to exert any influence on people of the planet Earth. Since there is nothing left to feed pseudo-human systems, they will all collapse, the typical human era will end and the New Age will come into existence. These events are completed with the finishing and publishing of this book. Preparations are now being made for final collapse and the ending of all human systems and the human era.



Everything in nature is being aligned for the ending of the human era. Because planet Earth is a part of the solar system, the importance of such an end is reflected by the position of planets of that solar system. Forces are being put together which will participate in this ending. One of these forces is called the Jupiter Effect. This effect is about to start. However, its consequences, outcomes, impacts and extent, and the part of the Earth and/or people on it that will be affected by this phenomenon is not revealed. This is a matter of the Absolute Providence of the Most High who is the only One having knowledge as to its effects and amount of destruction people bring upon themselves by their ultimate choices on this planet. There are many predictions about this effect. But one must be warned not to accept such predictions at face value. All of them may contain some elements of truths, but the real effect and its extent is not known to anyone. It all depends on choices that people and their governments are making at the present time. Such choices will ultimately determine the extent, intensity, result and impact of the Jupiter Effect on the planet Earth and human life.



Since all spheres, levels and dimensions are involved in the ending of the human era, the collapse of human political systems leads toward the inevitability of a violent confrontation of superpowers of the planet Earth. This confrontation will be one of the corresponding effects of the wars that are presently raging in one of the spiritual dimensions connected to the planet Earth and its respective hells. The unusual means and weapons used in that dimension's wars correspond to the unusually devastating and destructive weapons, means and tactics available to the superpowers for waging mankind's future global wars.


At this point, however, it is not clear whether the use of nuclear devices will be allowed on a global scale. The possibility of their local use, however, is not excluded. Any attempt to use them globally could possibly be averted by outside forces not of planet Earth's origin. Should any superpower release such devices and send them to the enemy's territory, they may be deactivated, or all or some may be returned to the senders, exploding in limited local areas to teach them a lesson.


Such are the options available to these outside forces. The use of nuclear devices on a global scale could trigger such devastating results (not calculable by any available scientific knowledge) for the whole solar system and its galaxy that it becomes a concern of the all-galactic family; thus, interference for the purpose of prevention of such an occurrence could be conceived and executed by outside forces. Such an event would no longer be only a matter of human concern. However, the use of nuclear devices on a global scale is not entirety excluded.


Once again, the extent, impact, outcome, consequences and results of such a confrontation depend on choices which are presently being made. One can only state that use of all other means of destruction, which are of local Earth consequence only, would be allowed to the fullest extent. The sophistication of such means and weapons (excluding nuclear devices that are of universal consequences) and their devastating and destructive power can be incalculable. All this will help in the Last Judgment of pseudo-mankind and in the ending of the human era once and for all.



In this process of the differentiation, separation and surfacing of all negative and positive elements, a special situation is being witnessed in human systems, particularly in religious systems and faiths. Members of most faiths and churches are developing a tendency to seek out common grounds, to come together, and to make an effort to tolerate and cooperate with each other. At the present time, emphasis is on similarity and commonness instead of on differences as in the past. Again, this trend is seen in both directions-positive and negative. The negative side also brings its own negative forces together by trying to overcome their differences and pool themselves in one formation for the final attack on the positive forces. These trends are part of the preparation for the final encounter and for the beginning of the new era of true spirituality.


Such is, then, the present situation, condition and state of affairs of humans and human spirituality. This is a state and condition of pitch darkness just seconds before the breaking of the dawn.


And with this, the history of the human era, which was labeled here as a pseudo-mankind, ends and pseudo-creative effort of the pseudo-creators ceases and collapses permanently.


Such is the consequence and the outcome of human spiritual deterioration. Once the human era has fulfilled its purpose and sewed its use in the Grand Plan, it becomes obsolete and unproductive, wearing itself out by its own determination, unnaturalness and abnormality. When it stops completely, the New Era of spiritual reawakening can begin.


Once again, a warning is in order here. Whatever is revealed is revealed for the step coming next in human spiritual reawakening. Because of this, it is obvious that there has to be an understanding of the whole situation transcending all of this. Such an understanding is at this time premature and could not be conceivable without the presented explanation, interpretation and understanding of the whole concept.




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