Chapter Four


Purification and Synthesis of Grains of Truths Existent in Traditions and Conventions  of the Human Systems.



Content of „Fundamentals of Human Spirituality“, pg. 362 - 381 , Part II. - Chapter Four


One of the major ways to trigger spiritual reawakening of people is through searching, seeking out, recognizing and bringing to the appearance an awareness of grains of truths contained in most areas of the human system.


It is necessary to go through this procedure in order to re­establish the spiritual homogeneity that existed in all human systems prior to the aberrations caused by the hoax.


The only way pseudo-mankind can again become real mankind is by finding the lost principles of homogeneity that existed in all concepts, ideas, doctrines, contents and applications of diverse and different human systems.


As mentioned previously, most of the human systems contained within them and were built on genuine and original ideas that derived from their proper and right transformation and transmission in the form of real truths.


The pseudo-creators could not originate from themselves any new ideas, but had to use original ideas of the Most High in their plots to overthrow the reign of spirituality. The problem was that no sentient entity, by virtue of its relativity to the Absolute Most High, could produce any ideas from itself or by itself. In order to do so, it would have to be Absolute. But anyone can produce, originate and initiate any ideas from, by and through the Most High by virtue of the fact that the Most High is permanently present in everyone's Inner Mind. The foregoing is the base that was and can be used to take an initial, original and right idea from that source and distort its meaning and function, pervert it, contaminate it, pollute it and mutilate it into anything one wishes by virtue of one's freedom of choice.


It is necessary to remember that, by virtue of the presence of the Most High, everyone from that presence acquires a permanent ability to exert one's own creative effort, utilizing original ideas originated in the Absolute Source. Such ability constitutes a base from which one is capable, by the factors of one's free creative effort, to mold that idea in any way one wishes.


It was this ability that was used by the pseudo-creators in their plot to destroy spirituality. They implanted in the human mind certain distorted perceptions of the initial and original ideas by which people started to mold those ideas. From such molding, only a short step was required toward completing their perversion.


But as pointed out many times previously, no matter how such ideas are perverted, distorted and mutilated, in their genuine and original state they remain true ideas. The only thing that can be distorted, perverted and mutilated is that which is genuine, original and truthful.


Thus, if one looks at all human systems, conventions, traditions, cultures and efforts, one can see billions of distortions everywhere. However, such distortions are distortions of truths and therefore by them human systems could maintain some semblance of their functions until now.


Around those genuine truths were built all human systems, cultures, conventions and traditions. By building them, pseudo-humans created mountains of distortions and stagnant accumulations which completely lost any concepts of those grains of truths that allowed them such building. All those grains of truths are now in a state of suffocation which endangers their life.


For this reason it is necessary to remove them from under those stagnant accumulations and mountains of distortions and purify and cleanse them from all deviations in order that they can be used in the process of the spiritual reawakening and for the beginning of a new spiritual progression.


Once such truths are removed from all human systems, these systems will permanently collapse because there will be nothing left in them to hold them together any longer. This is a drastic yet desirable outcome for the sole purpose that the genuine and original spiritual flow of life can resume its forward and onward direction.


The exploration and analysis of human systems, conventions, traditions and cultures leads to the following discovery of grains of truths in them:



All spiritual trends, religious doctrines, faiths, sects and groups that ever existed and now exist in the history of humanity contain within themselves the grains of pure, genuine and original truth. At this time, the following grains of truths are being extracted from all of them:


A. There is a Supreme Sentient Entity who is the Creator of all beings and existences and all sentient entities everywhere. This is the basic truth. Now, around this truth are built all kinds of conventions, traditions and cultures which continuously distort this truth. It is true that such a Supreme Sentient Entity is the Absolute Creator of all and everything. But the ways He/She creates, functions, interacts, rules, maintains, sustains, behaves and produces all and everything is misunderstood, distorted, perverted and mutilated; so is Her/His nature, structure, dynamics and relation to Her/His creation; so is Her/His number, name, quality, quantity and character. All such things are established not by the true perception of the nature of the Creator, but by conventions, traditions, cultures, demands, prescriptions, projections, rituals, rules, regulations, procedures of worship, ceremonies of various religious doctrines and faiths, etc. that have nothing in common with the true reality of this basic truth. At one point, this truth is so suffocated by all these things that it is completely lost in piles of stagnant accumulations. This leads to the worshipping of the traditions, conventions and cultures themselves instead of worshipping the true Creator.


B. In the face of this Supreme Sentient Entity all are equal because they are all His/Her children. This is the second grain of truth. However, it is the subject of myriads of distortions by the same principles as described above. The interpretation, understanding and description of the concept of equality and the meaning of children and their position, attitude, feelings and interactions with the Creator may diametrically oppose each other from system to system and from religion to religion. Such concepts have, of course, little in common with the true nature of equality and the true relationship.


C. The love of the Creator and for one another is the basic principle of life. This is the third grain of truth. It is summarized in what is known as the Ten Commandments. However, the concept of love, its interpretation, understanding, practice and living of its ways as well as the concept of the Ten Commandments are the subject of myriads of distortions by the same principles as described above.


D. Life is not limited only to the transience of the natural state or degree, but transcends it and is eternal. This is the fourth grain of truth. Again the explanation, understanding, structure, process, state, description and conception of such life and its function in relationship to the natural or physical life differ in myriads of ways. Such differences are the result of all above-mentioned conventions, traditions and cultures of various religious belief systems and faiths.


Now, these four grains of truths constitute the principles of spiritual homogeneity that underline all spiritual trends, religious doctrines and faiths without exception. Spiritual homogeneity is based on the fact that there is a unifying principle in being and existence which constitutes the universality of it all. Therefore, if one adheres to these truths faithfully with good intention and from one's heart, following them and living them for their own sake without any ulterior motivation, regardless of one's religion or faith, one is a true spiritual being. For such a person, deep inside, all those traditions, conventions and cultures are only the means by and through which such spirituality is accomplished. For that reason, whatever distortions one follows and believes, because of the basic acceptance and proper spiritual motivation, such distortions and false beliefs cannot be imputed to that one and they are easily removed and discarded once insight into their distorted nature is acquired. Such people, when they come to the spiritual world, become elated when they learn the real truths, accept them with all their spirit, heart and mind and delight in putting them into their lives.



All philosophical and metaphysical systems that appear in the process of human history contain within them some elements and grains of truths. These basic elements and grains of truths are now being extracted.


A. There is an inner and outer universe that is regulated by certain principles and laws that give it a sense of reality. Both universes are inter-related and infra-related. This is a first basic grain of truth. Now, the description, the understanding, explanation and conception of such universes in their structure, dynamics, function, purpose and reality may differ in numerous ways. Therefore, around this truth are built traditions, conventions and cultures with all their consequences that distort, pervert, mutilate and misconstrue the true reality of such universes.


B. There are tools of investigation of laws and principles that regulate and govern both universes. These tools are the tools of acquiring knowledge and determining the ramifications and validity of such knowledge. This is the second basic grain of truth. Now, the understanding, description, explanation and conception of the best possible tools and the explanation of how knowledge is possible, acquirable and validated will differ in numerous ways. In the process, distortions will result that are formed in the above-­described principles.


C. There is a first principle that underlines any possibility of explaining, understanding and knowing the nature of being and existence or reality. This principle is a necessity for the explanation of how the world originated and its structure. This is a third basic grain of truth. However, the understanding, explanation, description and conception of the nature, structure, dynamics and purpose of the first principle and all its outcomes are subject to numerous distortions which are built on the above-described principles.


Now, objectivity, positive motivation and good intention toward such exploration without the need to prove one's own point leads to proper and right conceptions and conclusions in regard to the above-mentioned truths, regardless of distorted views of traditions, conventions and cultures.



All ethical and moral systems that have been in existence throughout the history of humanity contain within themselves the following grains of truth:


A. Human life and human society are governed by principles of good and truth. Whatever is outside the boundaries of such principles is conceived to be evil and false. This is the first fundamental grain of truth. However, the definition, understanding, explanation, conception and requirements of what is good and true are subject to numerous distortions which originate in conventions, traditions and cultures.


B. The motivating factors of individual human behavior and behavior of society are determined by their concepts of good and truth or evil and falsity. This is a second grain of truth. But the understanding, description, explanation and prescription of such factors and concepts are subject to numerous distortions as formed in traditions, conventions and cultures. Thus, one can become one's own self-fulfilling prophecy of one's good or bad conduct as adopted from moral and ethical codes and mores of one's society.


C. Proper and meaningful human relations can be formed only on the basis of proper and right concepts of good and truth. This is the third grain of truth. However, the definitions, understandings, explanations, descriptions, requirements and interpretations of what are proper and meaningful human relations and proper and right concepts of good and truth are subject to numerous distortions, perversions, mutilations, projections, introjections and demands of any given culture, tradition or convention.


D. There is an ideal state and process of good and truth somewhere which all humans seek to utilize as an example to follow and to identify with. This is the fourth fundamental grain of truth. But the description, understanding, definition and explanation of such an ideal is influenced by numerous distortions, projections, expectations, introjections, demands, dictates, stereotypes and conceptions of cultures, conventions and traditions of their respective societies.


These four basic grains of truth can serve as a foundation for the development of the true ethical code and morality for governing human life. If one approaches them from one's heart with a desire to establish their rule in the spirit of freedom and independency without any superstitions, biases and prejudices of conventions, traditions and cultures, one will arrive at the right stance. The unselfish and objective desire and effort to accept and to follow such rules leads automatically to right feelings and concepts of what is really good and really truth and what is truly ethical and moral. The good intention of such effort is rewarded by good and its truth. And this is moral and ethical; all else can be disregarded.



Psychology and the social sciences of human systems were built initially on certain grains of truths which are now being extracted from them:


A. Human individuals and all their social systems have a specific mentality that is a nucleus, source and determinator of all characteristics of human behavior and human issues. The old philosophers called this mentality "soul".


Now, this is a basic, fundamental grain of truth. However, the understanding, explanation, description and conceptualization of the nature, structure, dynamics, purpose, origin and function of such mentality is subject to many distortions, misconceptions, misconstructions and mutilations by accepted conventions, traditions and cultures that are built around psychology and the social sciences.


B. The cornerstone and the building blocks for understanding true human nature is in the concept of individual differences. The uniqueness of every individual is a reflection of the creative effort of the living organism which is a source of infinite varieties of its expressions and manifestations. This is the basic, fundamental grain of truth. But the explanation, understanding, description and conceptualization of true human nature, the source of individual differences, the source of life of the living organism all reflect conventional, traditional and cultural expectations, projections, distortions and mutilations.


These two basic and fundamental truths can be used as building blocks of psychology and the social sciences after they completely disregard the mountains of distortions and stagnant accumulations that were built around them.



The natural sciences, by nature of their definition, have the least degree of grains of truths. The reason for this is that they deal solely with the phenomena of matter and the natural world. ho truth can be found in such phenomena by themselves. Many scientists, until recently, failed to accept the fact that such phenomena are corresponding projections of spiritual events manifested in the matter's response. Matter doesn’t stimulate, it only responds. Yet, even in such concepts as defined by the natural sciences, there is a tremendous grain of truth that can be utilized and extracted at the present time, for it reflects the spiritual principle of all being and existence.


A. Whatever aspect of nature, matter and all their elements is considered, it reflects one principle: everything in it is orderly, lawful, purposeful, useful and simple (parsimonious). There is no waste in the functioning of any natural phenomenon. Now, this is a fundamental, indisputable truth. But the explanation, description, understanding, interpretation, formulation and definition of the nature, origination, function and purpose of such a principle is distorted, mutilated, perverted and misconstrued by all so­-called scientific traditions, conventions, rules, regulations, methodologies and inappropriate tools.


This fundamental truth, which is the most obvious proof of spiritual principles at work, can be used in rebuilding all scientific methodologies and explanations that will place natural sciences at a proper level in the hierarchy of the spiritual organization where they can perform a useful and beneficial function. Such a new true natural science would adopt postulates of spiritual principles first, which in tum would lead to the proper description and understanding of the source of all natural phenomena and the above principle.



The concept of all arts and the concept of leisure and sports, in their initially understood purpose, were developed on the basic, fundamental truths that are being extracted at the present time:


A. Human nature is, in its essence and substance, of a creative nature which is manifested in many expressive and impressive modes of its being and existence. Now, this truth is behind all arts and crafts and their activities which result from human's creative endeavors. But the understanding, explanation, expression, impression and description of the purpose, goal, place and function of such a nature and its creativity are influenced by many dictates, distortions, expectations, projections and customs of traditions, conventions and cultures which suffocate and bury this truth.


B. In a healthy body is a healthy spirit. There is a continuous interaction of the spirit with its body through which the spirit experiences life in the external world. In order that such condition is continuously maintained and functional, the body must be kept in good shape and health. Therefore, an important part of human life is leisure and sports. They are balancing factors of the self and its environment.


This is the grain of truth that is behind all such activities. However, the understanding, description, explanation and expectations of and from such activities and their true nature, function, purpose and goal is distorted by the customs, projections and prescriptions of conventions, traditions and cultures that are built around this truth.


The return to the original purpose and function of these activities is possible only by the emphasis of these truths through their purification from all such customs, traditions and conventions.



All political, governmental, judicial and law enforcement systems that have been in existence throughout the history of humanity were built initially on grains of truths which gave them life. Such truths are now being extracted:


A. The function, the purpose and the goal of any such system is protection, provision and support of rights, privileges, duties, obligations, responsibilities and their individuation in every member of society.


This is the fundamental spiritual truth of all human systems. However, the understanding, definition, description, explanation and enforcement of such principles are distorted, perverted and mutilated by conventions, traditions, cultures, political parties, etc., which are built around such principles, suffocating them, disregarding them, stultifying them and making them serve ulterior purposes.


B. The structure of any such systems is a reflection of orderliness, lawfulness and organization in the hierarchy of universal laws which govern, maintain, support and sustain all its parts in a functional and useful mode.


This is another fundamental grain of truth which underlies all human political systems. But the understanding, description, explanation and interpretation of the origin, nature, purpose, goal, structure and application of such - universal laws is distorted, perverted and mutilated to suit utilitarian needs dictated, prescribed, expressed and imposed by conventions, traditions and cultures that are built around such laws and truths, suffocating them and turning them into serving self-centered purposes.


It is necessary at this time to remove these grains of truth from all political human systems and return them to their original spiritual function as defined by these truths.



The economic structures of human systems in the history of their development contain in their base grains of truths which are being extracted from them at this time:


A. Human society is comprised of people who have different qualities to offer one another. Certain people possess certain qualities available only to them and, in turn, other people have something the former do not possess. The usefulness of such qualities can be manifested only in the mutual sharing of the products of such qualities for the benefit and common good of all. This is the truth of good and the wisdom of love that is manifested in their practical utility of exchange of all goods that are the product of such qualities and their activities. Only by such exchange is their meaning acquired and use of their existence fulfilled. This is the basic and fundamental truth that is behind all economic systems. Now, the mode, the way, the content, the value, the purpose and the price of such exchange is distorted, mutilated and perverted by the traditions, conventions and cultures of specific societies which are built around such systems, suffocating their true meaning, function and goal.


B. The productivity of every human effort and its quality and quantity is determined by the motivational factors of incentives, inventions, constructions, innovations and usefulness of human life and its unique contribution that is shared by all through its products. This is a fundamental truth of any sound economic system. But the definition, understanding, description, explanation and requirements of such productivity and its price can be prescribed, imposed, demanded and limited by conventions, traditions and cultures which are built around such truth, suffocating it by preferences, suppressions, oppressions, manipulations and disproportions of distributions of the results of such productivity.


The truly functional and sound economic system must re­establish these fundamental truths and use them as building blocks for their useful manifestation and function.



From the time of earliest human history, when ignorance became the special and specific condition of human life, education and upbringing played a very important role in all human systems. There are several grains of truths from which education and upbringing derive its principles. These truths are now being extracted:


A. The fundamental ability and necessity of human nature is the ability and necessity to learn. Human survival in any environment depends on such an ability and necessity. From such teaming one can become flexible, adaptable and stable. 1`low, this is a basic grain of truth that is behind all education and upbringing. However, the definition, content, purpose, function and material of such learning can be and is distorted, perverted, mutilated, imposed, prescribed, dictated and conditioned by conventions, traditions and cultures of any respective society which limits application of this truth to its own utilitarian purposes.


B. The important motivational factor of human life contains the impetus for continuous growth, progress and betterment by the process of teaming, acquiring knowledges and applying those knowledges to life intelligently and wisely. This is the second fundamental truth that is behind any true educational system and upbringing. But these motivational factors can be bent, altered, influenced, limited and blocked by the dictates, expectations, prescriptions, demands, projections and requirements that suit the self-centered needs of any cultures, traditions and conventions of the respective society.


C. There are no limits to human learning, understanding, progression and creative effort. There is always room for improvement of any skill, ability, trait, pattern, behavior, and so on to eternity. This is true human nature which reflects the presence of the Absolute Principles of the Most High in every human being.


Such is the third grain of truth that is contained in any sound educational system and upbringing. However, these limitless potentials of human nature again can be and continuously are bent, manipulated, distorted, misused, abused and mutilated by the demands, dictates, prescriptions, expectations, projections and limitations of all conventions, traditions and cultures. These conventions, etc. solely determine the course, the quality and the structure of any education and upbringing as suits them and their purposes, and not as suits the needs and purposes of the individual.


D. The usefulness of the life of any human being is determined by the amount of his/her education and quality of his/her upbringing for the purpose of his/her specific and unique contribution to the common good and the universal whole. In such a contribution there is the true meaning of one's life. And this is the fourth grain of truth which exists in education and upbringing. However, the definition, explanation, interpretation and understanding of what is truly useful and meaningful in human life is bent, distorted, perverted and mutilated by the demands, prescriptions, orders, commands and limitations of the conventions, traditions and cultures of the respective societies which take into consideration only their own self-centered needs without regard for individual self-actualization and self-realization.


These four basic truths must be brought into focus and fully utilized in building new educational systems and principles of upbringing. This can be done only by the elimination of distorted human systems.



The concept of sexuality, marriage and family contains certain meritorious grains of truths that are buried beneath tremendous mountains of distortions and stagnant accumulations which completely obscure their true perspective and meaning. Now it is time to bring to light these truths by extracting them from those systems:


A. Marriage is a reflection, correspondence and manifestation of the ultimate bond of the universal principles of love and wisdom and good and truth for the purpose of exchange and unification into the oneness of everything that is represented by femininity and masculinity in their unique expression. In such unity, oneness and harmony is the presence of the Most High and the need to share the result of such unique unity with all others in creation who are in their own unique unity.


This is the fundamental truth of the true spiritual marriage. No other marriage exists. But the concept of marriage is the subject of the greatest of all mutilations, perversions and distortions by traditions, conventions and cultures which suffocate and kill such meaning by their demands, projections, introjections, limitations, expectations and prescriptions.


B. Human sexuality is the ultimate tool and means for expressing and sharing, in a unique subjective manner, all principles of the universal love and wisdom with all their pleasures, delights and felicities. It is for enjoyment of human life. In such expression, sharing and enjoyment, the human creative effort, represented by the exchange of masculinity and femininity by means of sexual intercourse, is manifested in its ultimate fullness. This is the truth of sexuality.


However, the concept of sexuality is continuously bent, distorted, mutilated, restricted, limited and profaned by all traditions, conventions and cultures of respective societies which demand, project, prescribe, order and command rules and limitations for its expression and its functions which serve the purpose of survival of that society.


C. The true meaning of the family is in reflection, correspondence and manifestation of the unity, oneness and harmony of all-universal beings and existences and their respective sentient entities who are close to each other from love to share and from delight of each other's company. Such is the true meaning of the family.


The meaning, definition, understanding, description and explanation of the role and the purpose of the family is continuously distorted, mutilated and perverted by the above ­described procedures.


These basic fundamental grains of truths, which are contained in human marriage, sexuality and family, must be purified, cleansed and re-instituted so that the true spiritual flow in their function can re-establish its onward and forward direction.



Human technological and military organizations also reflect certain conditions and processes that may contain some elements of truths which need to be extracted from them at the present time:


A. The ultimate goal of creation is a sentient entity, in this case a human being. Everything in creation is arranged in such a manner as to serve this goal. All laws of universal phenomena and matter are for the purpose of utilization and control, by people, in order to develop and establish the most conducive, appropriate, adequate, functional and pleasant environment in which human life can be fully actualized and realized without delays, obstacles, hindrances or interferences. Whatever serves such purpose, regardless of the level, step or degree, serves the ultimate spiritual goal. This is the first fundamental grain of truth that enables development of technology. Such is its original and initial purpose and function.


But in the process of human spiritual deterioration, this function of technology was distorted; it began to be misused, abused and distorted in such a manner as to serve as a tool for protection, perpetuation and maintenance of conventions, traditions and cultures which were built around this truth, suffocating it by their utilitarian needs.


B. The real principles of life which are immanent, inherent and innate to it, are domination of love and wisdom and good and truth. Such domination must be protected, safeguarded and defended from anything that wishes and desires to hurt it, overthrow it or destroy it.


This is the second fundamental grain of truth. Military organizations initially corresponded to this truth. Such truth is called "truth that combats continuously, attacking evils and falsities". Its purpose is preservation of the truth.


In the natural sense, the military function is to protect against evil intentions of any nations that desire to destroy the freedom and independency of human nature. This is the grain of truth of such military functions. However, the understanding, purpose, goal, structure and nature of military functions is subject to numerous distortions, justifications, rationalizations, excuses, misuses and abuses in the services of conventions, traditions and their cultures which use it for their own utilitarian, domineering, authoritarian and power hungry purposes.


C. The greatest desire of good and truth is to be shared and reciprocated with everyone throughout all creation without exception. This includes the physical universe. Another function of good and truth is always to be ready to help, support, serve, defend and be useful in every possible way. Whatever contributes to sharing, reciprocating, helping, defending, supporting, serving and being useful ultimately serves this spiritual principle. Technology and military establishments, in their true meaning, serve such a function on the level of the physical world by means corresponding to them. But the interpretation, understanding, explanation and conceptualization of such sharing, reciprocity and service is distorted, misused and abused in the utilitarian services of the conventions, traditions and cultures which completely suffocate these grains of truths which give them their original and true meaning.


If technology and the military are to resume their true duty and obligation to humanity, they must revert to the original truths which were used in their development.


The functional military is necessary as long as hells exist which emanate and project to the natural level their ideas of aggression, war and destruction. Some nations are more under their influence than others. In order to provide an overall spiritual balance, which is essential for human freedom of choice, some countries correspond more to the positive spiritual state and some to the negative spiritual state. The countries that correspond more to the negative spiritual state are considerably more aggressive and totalitarian, and are intent on world domination. By their nature, they hate the positive spiritual states and the countries that correspond to them. In such situations, positive spiritual states are defended against continuous assaults from negative states. This spiritual combat is in direct correspondence of such assaults, attacks and wars that exist on Earth. However, the time is coming when all hells and their negative states will be permanently closed and will no longer be allowed to exert any influence on the people of Earth. When this happens and when the spiritual consolidation sets in and the balancing of all ideas takes place, military organizations will become obsolete and cease to function.



Human medicine and the healing arts are an important part of human life. Their functions, meaning, purpose and place in human life is determined by grains of truths which are now being extracted from them:


A. Sentient life is the most precious possession anyone has. Whatever serves such life in any manner is worthy to be in the best possible shape, condition and form. The human body and human mentality serve such a purpose. Therefore, they are worthy to be kept in optimally functional condition. This is the first fundamental grain of truth that is the very center of all medical philosophy and efforts of all healing arts. However, the origin, nature, structure and dynamics of such life and its containers is distorted, bent, misunderstood and limited by all conventions, traditions and cultures which are built around such truth, suffocating its true meaning.


B. Whatever threatens, destroys, undermines and/or cripples human life and all its systems, forms and containers must be fought, combatted, removed and eliminated from them so that life can continue in its full and unhindered manifestation and process. This is the second fundamental grain of truth. But this procedure is distorted and influenced negatively by wrongly adopted philosophies of life which derive their origin from all human systems and their conventions, traditions and cultures which are unwilling to accept the spiritual principles of life.


C. Human life is unity, oneness and harmony of spirit, soul and body. This constitutes true human nature that is one human mind from which the understanding of human life can be derived. For that reason, whatever is happening in one level of the human mind has an impact, influence and conse­quence on all other levels. For that reason, any treatment of the mind must be a simultaneous treatment of all levels. This is the third fundamental grain of truth in this system. However, the true understanding of the nature of human mind, its origin, structure, function, dynamics and interaction of its levels, their placement and principles are the subject of the gravest distortions, pollutions, contaminations, perversions and mutilations which completely suffocate the substantial truth of medicine and the healing arts. Only very recently has the revival of this truth come into focus.


D. Human life is sacred, therefore human spiritual, mental and physical health is the number one priority of mankind, for on it depends the smooth, proper, effective, optimal and correct functioning of all human systems. This is the fourth fundamental grain of truth of these systems. Now, the concept, understanding, explanation, interpretation and perception of the right definition of human life and proper health is subject to numerous distortions, misinterpretations, misconceptions and mutilations which plague medicine and the healing arts, diminishing their effectiveness.


If medicine and the healing arts are ever to resume their proper services, they must free themselves from all influences of their own developed conventions, traditions, expectancies, projections and cultures and begin to adhere strictly to the initial spiritual truths which are the only ones able to give the proper interpretation of the meaning of the human life.



Parapsychology, E.S.P., the occult, astrology and all divinations and communications with spirits, that somehow, in some form or other, managed to survive and even flourish despite the witch hunts imposed on them by the medieval ages and modern scientists, contain important grains of truths which are now being extracted from them.


A. There is a spiritual, supernatural and extrasensory reality which supersedes and defies in all respects all known physical laws of nature and human physiological consciousness. This reality is more real than that which common people and natural sciences consider to be real.


This is the important fundamental grain of truth of these systems. However, the definition, understanding, description, explanation and conceptualization of the structure, function, dynamics, purpose, validity and nature of such phenomena is subject to numerous distortions and influences of all kinds of personal predispositions, preconceived ideas, subjective projections, unrealistic expectations, self-fulfilling prophecies and wishful thinking. Such attitudes lead toward the development of conventions, traditions and cultures of rituals, ceremonies, procedures, restrictions and limitations which only obscure, vitiate and suffocate the initial grain of truth in them.


B. There are in existence many levels, layers, spheres and dimensions of reality which are inhabited by sentient entities of all kinds. These sentient entities are in continuous corresponding positions to the people of the planet Earth. Such correspondence is of both a positive and negative nature. For that reason, human beings are multi-dimensional beings who reside simultaneously in several dimensions whether or not they are consciously aware of this fact.


This is a very important fundamental grain of truth of these systems. The distortions, perversions and misconceptions of this truth come in misinterpretation of the true function, structure, operation and position in the hierarchy of the spiritual, cosmical and universal organization of such levels, layers, spheres and dimensions, of the role other sentient entities play in human life, and the role humans play in their life. Such distortions, etc., considerably diminish the usefulness of this concept and suffocate the initial truth contained in it.


Only relinquishment of all contaminations and pollutions as described above can purify these grains of truth in such a manner that usefulness of such systems can be defined and placed in proper position in the services of the spiritual reawakening and spiritual progression.



The concept of ownership, collectivism and privacy which were developed in the process of human history contain within them some grains of truth which are now being extracted:


A. Everyone is the ultimate master of one's life and the center of one's own universe. Therefore, one is the sole, rightful and lawful owner of one's own universe from the Most High which belongs only to that one. This establishment comes from the Absolute Mature of the Most High which is projected into every sentient entity and, thus, into every human being.


This is a very important fundamental grain of spiritual truth. But in the process of the history of human spiritual deterioration and the building of conventions, traditions and cultures, this truth was bent, perverted, mutilated and profaned into outward, external, material possessions of physical properties which have a spiritual correspondence as described above. But the true meaning was lost and the truth was suffocated by such treatment.


B. There are infinite numbers and infinite varieties of individual universes which, taken collectively in their totality, form one unique and total super-universe which belongs to everyone and to which everyone belongs. Such a super­-universe appears to the Most High as one unified individual-a grand sentient entity. In such a concept, everything that one has belongs to everyone and everything that everyone has belongs to that specific one.


This is the basic fundamental grain of truth of such a concept. But, as with the concept of ownership, the concept of collectivism was completely perverted, distorted and mutilated by turning its meaning into external, material and physical possessions that no one has the right to have because they belong to the whole collective. One is owned by such collective or community. This led toward the development of traditions, conventions and cultures which completely suffocated the initial grain of truth which it contained.


C. Whatever occurs, proceeds and becomes in one's life is always originated in one's innermost self. It is always "within"; therefore, it is purely subjective. The understanding of such "within", by nature of its subjective content, can be only from "within". But no one from "without" can take a position of anyone's "within". That would be equal to relinquishing one's life, which is an entire impossibility. Flow, such a situation leads toward the development of a concept of privacy. Everyone's "within", that is the subjectivity of the innermost degree, is completely private and cannot be penetrated or comprehended from "without" or the outside.


This is the third basic fundamental truth of these concepts. At present the understanding, definition, explanation, description and conceptualization of such a state and process as privacy is distorted, perverted and mutilated by the demands, projections, introjections, limitations, restrictions, commands and orders of conventions, traditions and cultures which suffocate the true spiritual meaning of privacy and bury the real truth of this concept.


In order that the true meaning of these concepts can be restored to their initial function, these grains of truth must be purified and cleansed from all distortions and mistreatments by human systems so they can be incorporated in the proper way into the spiritual reawakening and utilized for the beginning of a new spiritual progression.


All the grains of truth which are extracted from all human systems are gathered together to form one conglomerate which is differentiated, separated and completely removed from sources of distortions, mutilations and perversions. In such a formation, the grains of truth can be turned into a weapon which effectively and successfully can combat all evils and falsities now preventing humans from spiritual reawakening and from starting their new spiritual progression.


Recognition and acceptance of, adherence to and use of these truths in their proper way with the right motivation is one of the tools by which the opening of all levels and existences can begin. At the same time, it leads toward profound changes in human self-concepts, self-images and behavior.




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