Chapter Five


Opening of All Levels of Being and Existence and Building a Permanent Bridge Among Them



Content of „Fundamentals of Human Spirituality“, pg. 382 - 395 , Part II. - Chapter Five


The process of spiritual reawakening is the process of discovery, understanding, recognition, acceptance and application of all spiritual grains of truth which are discernible in human systems. Such a process triggers a special state within everyone who is in that process, which checks, confirms and verifies the validity of these truths against their corresponding factors in the Inner Mind. All such truths are ever present within everyone in one's own Inner Mind where the Most High, by His/Her presence, keeps them continuously functional. This process of triggering puts them all in alignment. It synchronizes them in such a manner that internal recognition of such truths, recognizable in external factors of human systems, conjoin them to everything which corresponds to them in human life.


This conjunction is a necessary step for opening all levels of being and existence and for building a permanent bridge among them. This opening is a simultaneous process: to the extent it happens in the entire human mind, to that extent it happens with everything to which the human mind corresponds. Since it corresponds to the entire structure of being and existence, all being and existence become accessible to it.


But discovery, understanding, recognition, acceptance and application of all such truths in human systems is impossible without simultaneous elimination of all sources of their contaminations, pollutions, poisons, distortions, perversions and mutilations. Such a process is a parallel process of removal and acceptance: removal of the source and acceptance and application of the real spiritual truth.


Therefore, the first step is discovery, understanding, recognition and acceptance of the fact that all human systems, conventions, traditions and cultures are the source of such contaminations and distortions. In their present form they have outlived their usefulness by fully answering the original question of what it is like to be without spirituality; also by their existence they have served their purpose for learning, by concrete example, the answer to such question.


As mentioned previously, in order to allow the hoax to take place at all, it was necessary to close direct access to the inner levels and dimensions of the mind and creation in all those who volunteered to participate in the experiment.


There are several reasons for such closure:



In a state of full openness, there is a continuous conscious awareness of the reasons for any and all events which are occurring. Such awareness would not allow obliteration of memories for such choices. This would make any experience of such nature impossible. One must be in an ignorant state in regard to such a situation. Therefore, it is permitted that people who are participating are restructured and rebuilt by the pseudo-creators in such a manner that they are born ignorant.



Intervention of the pseudo-creators in the continuous flow of spiritual ideas from the Inner Mind and placement of distorted views of such ideas before the process of their transformation takes place necessitate the closure of direct access to awareness of such manipulation. The awareness of such manipulation would endanger human freedom of choice by not allowing the learning process to take place. If one knows about such a situation, one has no choice but to accept it and to consider it as a necessary element of life that must be followed, incorporated and practiced. Such conclusion would lead to the belief that such manipulation is a normal and proper state of affairs that ultimately originated from the Most High. This attitude would repudiate the presence of the Most High from the Inner Mind. That would lead toward the cessation of the continuous occurrence of ideas of all states and processes, and the human mind would instantly cease to exist. The Most High cannot be present in negative conclusions.


The continuous knowledge of something eliminates the process of learning. One does not need to learn anything. If false and distorted knowledge is implanted, it is accepted as valid and true knowledge. One has no choice but to identify oneself with it. But if one has no knowledge about the situation, one can be taught that there are distortions and manipulations of truths and that there are real and undistorted truths. In such a process, one can choose whether to accept such distortions or to reject them. The former situation takes away human freedom. The latter reaffirms it. If one's freedom of choice is taken away, one's life is taken away, for in such freedom the meaning of human life is acquired.


This is one of the reasons why closure of all levels of the human mind occurred. In that way, preservation of that freedom, by the process of learning, could continuously be provided for and guarded. Nothing can be infused in people by force. Such an infusion by force has no spiritual life or value. If the opening of all levels were to continue even after intervention by the pseudo-creators, their force would be exerted; distorted ideas would be imposed by blocking knowledge of their source and no decision could be made about their validity. Their acceptance would not be by choice but by necessity. Such a situation excludes any freedom from which one can build one's own personality. The human personality is usually built from such choices. Once the choice is made from free will, it is appropriated to that one as one's own and it becomes an integral part of one's style of life. Thus, one becomes what one chooses to be. In such choice is one's very life.



Closure of the inner systems is necessary for the purpose of establishing an ignorant state. The appearance of evil for the purpose of destruction of spirituality necessitates such a condition. There is nothing good in evil. !f there is no good, then no truth can be found in it either. Therefore, by its very nature, evil has no knowledge of truth but only its distortions. The distorted knowledge is no knowledge by itself. Thus, evil has no real knowledge. Whatever is produced by evil is produced in an ignorant state.


If access to all levels were to remain open under the condition of an established evil state, one would be born in a full state of distorted truth which would eternally be considered as real truth. In such a condition, no choice would be available to anyone and an evil state would have to exist to eternity. Fortunately, the state of evil produces only ignorance which automatically closes the internal levels. This can be used to establish a learning process, which is from truth in itself, by and through which the reopening of the inner systems takes place from free choice and not by force or pressure of evil and falsities.


Because one chooses something freely, one can at any time recede from it freely. Such a situation preserves to eternity the ability of anyone to recede from evil, no matter how deep one is in that evil or its hell. This establishes the possibility that an evil state does not have to continue to eternity. Whether it does or not is a matter of free choice of those who participate in it freely.



Under the condition of an established evil state, it is necessary to keep closed any direct access to the internal levels and degrees. With open access, the evil intention of some people would utilize for destructive purposes all available information and knowledge in the internal levels and degrees. In such a situation everything could be used for production of more evil states. Such use of the original ideas of good and truth which are there would lead to their profanation and complete elimination. In such an ultimate happening the Most High would have to withdraw from the Inner Mind. Such withdrawal would instantly stop any life flow into those who profane. Moreover, the direct access to the vast knowledge and information that is available in the inner levels would give people of evil intention such powerful tools that they would succeed in destroying anything good and true on the planet Earth. The complete elimination of any good and truth from human life would result in its eternal death.


For that reason, the Absolute Divine Providence of the Most High protects people by closing direct access to the inner levels, so that no real profanation and utilization of good and truth for evil intent can take place. This gives people an eternal opportunity to recede from their evil intentions. The only thing they can profane is a distortion of real good and real truth. The successful profanation of real good and truth would only reinforce people's evil intentions more and more and would take away their opportunity to recede from such evil intentions.



Closure of direct access to the internal levels of the human mind and other dimensions puts people of the planet Earth into a special condition of externals only. Nowhere else does such a situation exist. Spiritual deterioration cannot take place with full access to all levels. Such a situation is inconceivable to the higher levels. The question of the possibility of non-spirituality and its outcomes and consequences cannot arise from any other level but from the outermost one. The answer to that question cannot take place anywhere but in the outermost level. Because the outermost level is sustained by all ideas and their transformations from the innermost and intermediate level and degrees, no such answer by example can take place unless the closure of direct access to those levels takes place first. By cutting off such access, the evil state can start to produce its answers and results.


Now, these are some reasons why closure took place. However, it is said continuously that direct access to the inner levels and dimensions was closed. 1`lowhere was it assumed that indirect access was closed also. Such complete and total closure is impossible. It would simply lead to the cutting off of all life support systems in the human organism and the human mind. Everything in it would stop. Eternal death (not mere natural death) would occur. Such a happening is inconceivable in the Absolute State and Absolute Process of the Absolute Love and Absolute Wisdom of the Absolute Most High.


For that reason, indirect access to all levels is continuously provided. In the process of pseudo-mankind's history, after the closure, there were always individuals who were allowed to have experiences of direct communication with the Most High and the spiritual world. This revitalized the information which was always available about the true reality of such states. Many special people such as prophets, spiritual leaders and men and women of God were incarnated or appointed to assist in continuously maintaining a proper spiritual balance and to make available to people teachings about true spirituality. Because of such balance, both alternatives have been continuously available to people for their choice. Of course, such alternatives and balancing requires that representations of both directions have the opportunity to influence people. For that reason, equal numbers of false prophets and false spiritual leaders have been in existence to provide people with the opportunity to choose their direction freely.


Since most people have had, until recently, no direct access to the inner spheres, they have been able to discern the spiritual states by being taught and given alternatives. Such discernment allowed them to believe and accept whatever they wanted, without direct access to the spiritual world. Faith in such spiritual or pseudo-spiritual principles kept them connected to their respective spiritual state in the spiritual world and to all those who were in a similar spiritual choice. Faith corresponds to all spiritual states of spiritual worlds and their spirits who are in the good and truth of such faith, or in its evil and falsity. Such correspondence allows for continuous interaction among all levels and worlds and provides the natural world with its life support system.


Another important indirect line of communication with the spiritual world and with the Inner Mind and, thus with the Most High, is established by specially written books which contain all corresponding spiritual factors in words used especially for such a purpose. Such books are written under the direct inspiration of the Most High in order that people may learn the right way to spirituality.


However, in order that they fulfill their major function of maintaining connection with the spiritual world and, in the ultimate sense, with the Most High, they must be written in such a way as to incorporate and accommodate a style and a language of all respective worlds, levels and degrees. Therefore, they are written in the language and law of correspondences. This means that the words which are used in such books contain within themselves manifold meanings, accommodated to the understanding and perception of all respective worlds as well as all levels of the human mind. -Thus, they have a literal or external meaning which corresponds to people of the planet Earth and their external minds. At the same time, they have an interior meaning which corresponds to the people of the interior worlds and the human interior mind. Finally, they contain an internal meaning which corresponds to people of the internal or spiritual world and the human Inner Mind.


Regardless of whether or not one is consciously aware of their manifold meanings, if one reads them with good intentions, one triggers within oneself and in other dimensions corresponding responses which keep and maintain continuous connections and conjunctions with all levels, dimensions, spheres and spiritual states.


The best known example of such books is the Bible. There are also some other holy books of other religious faiths mentioned in the introduction to this book.


Because, even in such books, the spiritual balance has to be preserved and the freedom of choice given to people has to be maintained, it is permitted to have different interpretations of their literal sense and to include in them parts of books which have no such correspondences. Such books are subject to numerous distortions without any spiritual meaning or consequence. (This is also true of the Bible).


The importance, meaning, explanation and opening of correspondences of such books for the spiritual benefit of mankind was explicitly and profoundly revealed by the Most High through Emanuel Swedenborg. He also separated those books written in correspondences and, therefore, with real spiritual meaning from those without such meaning, that is with only historical value. It is advisable, therefore, that the reader familiarize himself/herself with Emanuel Swedenborg's work in order to fully understand what is being said here about this concept.


These are the major avenues by and through which the access to the inner and spiritual level is kept open. Because such access is accomplished by external means only (reading, listening, praying and performing external acts), there is rarely a conscious awareness of the impact such means have on other levels. Neither conscious awareness or direct conscious contact with such worlds is attainable by such means. They may trigger such situations, but they do not cause them. External means are always only triggering devices. They may trigger the thinking process in regard to the subjects with which these books deal. The thinking process may lead to self-­exploration; self-exploration may lead toward a desire and will to change; desire and will to change may lead to asking for help; asking for help may lead to the opening of the doors. Now, such processes as thinking, self-exploration, desire, will, changing, asking and opening are exclusively internal processes and they lead to real change. Reading the Bible or similar activities can only trigger something within oneself that initiates such internal processes. No one ever became truly spiritual just by reading the Bible in itself or performing external prescriptions of religious rituals. Many people read the Bible and pray, yet they do not become more spiritual by such acts alone. For that reason it is said that such external means of spirituality can serve only as a triggering device of spiritual awareness which, in turn, begins the process of spiritual reawakening and that, in turn, initiates spiritual progression.


Now, such has been the situation until recently. At the present time the purpose of the existing state of humanity and all human systems has been fulfilled. All human systems are completely decayed through and through. There is nothing healthy remaining. They are only artificially maintained by their traditions, conventions and cultures. These are in profound crisis, breakdown and in the process of final collapse. The lesson has been learned, the experience has been acquired, and the question has been answered. All necessary and relevant information in regard to this process has been now revealed by this book. The secret of the whole situation has come to light. For that reason, the typical and specific human era now is ending. With the end of the old and present human era, a New Age, a new mankind and a new spirituality are being put into effect. As a part of such effort and process, it is necessary gradually to reopen direct access to all levels, dimensions and spheres of the human mind and all creation.


Such gradual opening on a broader scale has been in process now for about four years. There are several reasons why such a direct opening is necessary:



In order that the original, normal and natural course of life on the planet Earth may be re-established, it is necessary first to gather, differentiate and separate all evils and falsities on one side, and grains of truths and their goods on the other side. The purpose for such a process is exposure by bringing nega­tives to the surface of awareness, intensifying their influence and, thus, cancelling their concealment, cunning pretensions and various masks of good acts by which they were covered. Such a process requires the full opening of all levels of creation and the human mind. With closed direct access to the sources of such a condition, they would remain concealed and masked and could never be seen, exposed and understood, and thus removed. In order to remove something, it is necessary to expose it, to bring it forth to full attention, to evaluate it, to judge it and to dispose of all negatives in it and if it is entirely negative, to dispose of all of it.



Such an arrangement as described above requires that everything be brought into order. Only when all aspects are properly positioned and are in their proper state, place and condition, can they be justly evaluated and judged. Such order cannot be established unless all levels and degrees are opened and accessible. The closed condition that existed until now with people of the planet Earth was/is a disorderly, unnatural and abnormal condition. It is against universal and spiritual order. It was permitted to exist only as a temporary occurrence for the purpose of the Grand Plan which is now being completed and fulfilled. In order that people of the planet Earth can be brought back to their normal, healthy and natural condition, everything must be put into order first. This requires full opening of all levels of being and existence in which such order is an inherent factor. No order can be derived from a disorderly condition.



To assure that such order is permanently established and separation, differentiation and removal of all negative, disorderly conditions take place, it is necessary first to reveal all states and processes in existence as related to humans and all relevant reasons behind them. Such revelation would not be comprehensible and conceivable unless it were accompanied a by the opening of all levels and degrees which enable such a revelation in the first place. Any understanding of such a situation is possible only from its cause and not from its results. Since the causes of all events related to the human era are in internals, in order to rectify the situation it is necessary to open fully those internals of the human mind and all factors corresponding to it. Only with such an arrangement, which is the fullness of the state, is the removal of unnatural, abnormal and pathological states of affairs of humanity possible.



This leads to the necessity of re-establishing the proper position, place, purpose, function and operation of the external degree and the outermost level in which humanity resides. Until now, this degree and level were considered the cause and the effect of all events. Such consideration led to spiritual blindness and counter-productivity. By and large, there has been a total disregard of any other possibilities. It is impossible to fully apprehend any other causative or originating factors of events from a restricted assumption that creation consists of external degrees and levels only. No proper, correct, and true conclusions can be effected or reached from such a perspective. It is not the true function of the external degree; such a function was imposed on it by the pseudo-creators of pseudo-humans.


In order to certify this situation, it is necessary to lead people to the discovery of other spheres, levels, degrees and dimensions within themselves and outside of themselves so that the proper function and operation of the external level and degree can again be resumed. Such discovery is impossible from and by the external level and degree. Therefore, it is necessary to open direct access to all levels so that a normal, healthy and natural spiritual flow can resume its forward and onward direction.



The opening of all levels and degrees is necessary first if the intervention of the pseudo-creators on the intermediate level and degree is to be removed permanently. As mentioned previously, the pseudo-creators placed the filters and blocks at the level of the intermediate variable, in order to distort the meaning of the inflowing spiritual ideas and transform them into their distortions. This was a hidden process. In order to remove it, it must be completely uncovered, revealed and exposed. Such removal would not be possible without opening all levels and degrees enabling proper discernment of how such a process has been operating. The understanding of such an operation is vital because only by it and through it can its termination be accomplished. It is impossible to terminate anything from the external level and degree of being and existence because nothing is caused there. On the other hand, such removal must be accomplished first if the process of distortion is to be stopped and normal flow and transformation is to resume its function. It is possible to accomplish this only by opening the access to all levels and degrees.



In order to succeed with the re-establishment of a normal, healthy and truly natural condition on the planet Earth, it is necessary to stop the feeding source of evils and falsities. The evil states of hells must be permanently separated from humanity and removed from the position in which they are able to exert influence on them. Such action is impossible unless full awareness and acceptance of the fact of the existence of hells and their evil states becomes a reality for all. If one denies such an existence, one keeps oneself open to its influence and no negative state can come to awareness and to the surface. Thus, no evil can be removed. It is impossible from the external level and degree alone to accomplish such a task. For that reason a full, direct access must be open to all levels, degrees, conditions and states so that this may lead to its complete and permanent separation. One cannot separate from something if one does not see from what it is one must be separated.



Such opening leads to the discovery of truth about the real source, origin and cause of human misery and suffering. If direct access to all levels and degrees remain closed, such source, origin and cause would be ascribed to the wrong level and degree. The wrong ascription would lead to wrong attempts for their cure and to confusion and blame when such cures fail to take effect. In order that true spiritual reality may re­establish its reign, it is necessary to clearly establish the true source, origin and cause of all human misery and suffering so their proper removal can be instituted. Such a process is possible only if all levels and degrees are fully opened. The removal of misery and suffering is vital in the process of the spiritual rebirth. Therefore, the knowledge of their origin and source is vital for their removal. Such knowledge cannot be derived from the external level and degree with simultaneous closure of all other levels and degrees. Hence the necessity of the opening of all levels and degrees.



By its unnatural, abnormal, pathological and disorderly course, caused by the pseudo-creators, the planet Earth and its inhabitants lost their direct connection with the rest of creation. For many thousands of years they found themselves blocked and separated from the outside and inside worlds which are in being and existence. This unusual position left them with the necessity of deriving their knowledges from observations of external events related to their own physical environment and their physical body. Since there is no real knowledge available in such a condition by itself, only distorted and false conclusions could be drawn. Thus a vicious, self-feeding cycle of distorted life began that perpetuated the negative state and served as a base for rationalization and justification of its necessary existence. This led to acceptance of unreality as reality and reality as unreality. Such a situation cannot be corrected by the means available only from the isolated condition of people of the planet Earth. In other words, it cannot be corrected from the incorrect state itself. For that reason, in order that return of planet Earth to the galactic and universal family be initiated, it becomes necessary first to open all levels and degrees from which correction of the situation can be accomplished and the original function and operation of the planet Earth resumed.



Return to the normal, healthy and natural spiritual flow of humanity requires that full spiritual freedom of people be restored. When people agreed to participate in the experiment prescribed by the Grand Plan, they agreed from their full freedom of choice to relinquish temporarily their full spiritual freedom in order to be able to experience the evil state.


The dilemma here is that no one in true spiritual freedom can experience such a state. It is contrary to the nature of such freedom. The negative state is the state of slavery, restrictions and limitations. Nothing else can be produced from such a state. Therefore a certain amount of spiritual freedom had to be relinquished in order to initiate, maintain and perpetuate the negative state until it fulfilled its purpose. Such a situation required the closure of direct access to the other levels and degrees. No closure can occur in full spiritual freedom. Now, in order that realization of these facts reaches the awareness of people, it is necessary to open direct access to all other levels and degrees so that a return to the full spiritual freedom of people can be initiated. It is impossible to establish full spiritual freedom only from an external state and condition with other levels and degrees simultaneously closed, because the result inherent in such a state and condition by itself, by nature of its structure, is a state and condition of limitations, restrictions and isolations. Since it is vital for spiritual reawakening and spiritual progression that such spiritual freedom be fully re-established, it is necessary to open all other levels and degrees from which such freedom can be discernible, approachable, obtainable and attainable. No spiritual progression can take place without such freedom.



Spiritual progression in itself, by its very nature, is a simultaneous and successive occurrence at the same time. It occurs simultaneously at all levels and degrees of the human mind and in all its corresponding factors. It proceeds in successive steps toward greater and greater degrees of spirituality. There is no true spiritual progression possible which is limited to the awareness of one level and degree only; this is a blind situation which leads to spiritual regression, as the whole history of humanity verifies and testifies. For that reason, in order that spiritual progression can be initiated, it is necessary to open direct access to all levels and degrees of the human mind and all creation in being and existence.


Only from the innermost levels of the Inner Mind, where the Most High resides, can the true spiritual progression be continuously motivated. Part of this successful spiritual progression is the full awareness of the true source of its motivation. Without such full awareness, no spiritual progression can take place.


These are the major reasons for the necessity of such opening and as to why it must precede spiritual reawakening and spiritual progression.


There is a transcending understanding to all this that is not proper to reveal because of its premature nature. It will be revealed at the beginning of the next spiritual step in the spiritual progression of mankind.




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