Chapter Six


Dangers and Precautions in the Process of Opening and Building.

Perils of Transition.



Content of „Fundamentals of Human Spirituality“, pg. 396 - 408, Part II. - Chapter Six


The time between the state of spiritual stagnation and death of the old, conventional, traditional, abnormal, unnatural and disorderly trend and the resumption of true spiritual progression can be called the time of transition. Such a period is full of dangers, perils, anxieties and worries and it requires an awareness of them all and certain precautions.


Any old system, stagnant accumulations and ideas, established styles of life, "comfortable" lived-in situations, etc., have a tendency to resist change. They do not want to go and they exert all efforts to maintain their own existence and perpetuation at all costs. This clinging to the old and at the same time resisting the new endangers their life. By its very nature it contains many perils in itself and because of its tendency to suffocate anything that is unfamiliar, unknown and unexperienced. It always seems easier, safer, more secure and more comfortable to be in a situation which is familiar, known and well-experienced, no matter how bad or rotten it may be. This is the known tendency of any situation or idea. The longer something has been accepted and perpetuated, the more resistance it will exert against its replacement. This is also true of patterns of human behavior.


The other problem with a transitional period is that it requires the opening of full access to all levels and dimensions. This means also that most levels of the evil, negative state of hells are fully opened. This opening is also valid in both directions. People now may have access, if they wish to the spiritual world including the negative state and also all spirits of the spiritual world. At the same time all spirits, including those from the negative state, have access to people. Once the door v~ is open, the flood of various informations, messages, exertions and influences flows in and becomes available.


Such a situation is necessary for proper concentration, intensification, gathering, differentiation, separation and elimination of negative and evil influences to occur. The people of the planet Earth, by their various affections, beliefs and identifications, have been always connected through correspondences to all relevant and respective spiritual states of the spiritual world. It will now be necessary for the successful and effective process of transition to put people of the planet Earth in touch with the corresponding spiritual states of the spiritual world according to their modes of living and similar natures, regardless of their dimensions or levels. This is what is meant by the process of gathering, concentration, differentiation and separation. In such a situation one has a clear idea where one belongs in accordance with one's love, affection and identification. Therefore, one associates with one's own kind.


This transitional period from the old, dead, conventional and traditional style of life, which characterized a typical, specific human era, to the new, progressive and highly spiritual style of life of the New Age of mankind has been in existence for some time. Its first sign and starting point can be dated to the time of the profound revelation which was transmitted through Emanuel Swedenborg. That revelation can be conceived as a beginning of the transitional period from the old, traditional stagnant thoughts of the Dark Ages to the thoughts, ideas and life of the new spiritual age. In his time, however, the opening of the doors to the spiritual world was still limited and prohibited. It was necessary first to formulate some new ideas about spirituality, religion and life of the true religion to prepare one for that opening. For that reason, at his time, Swedenborg warned against communication with spirits and the spiritual world. It was a proper and right warning under the conditions that existed at that time, both in the spiritual world and on the planet Earth. No proper tools, safeguards, procedures and right spiritual ideas for such communication were available at that time. By having only old, distorted views without any presence of proper ideas in the Transpersonal Mentality of humanity about the spiritual world, such opening could have destroyed the balance of spiritual states and conditions. The reason is that it would have allowed access only to the negative and questionable states and conditions of the spiritual world, by virtue of the lack of any proper ideas which would have been able to connect people to the positive states. This would have only potentiated evil states and compounded the negative existing condition. One has to remember that Swedenborg's era was an era that was just beginning to come out of the so­-called Dark Ages. There was nothing there to which anything sound could be connected. But the spiritual ideas as revealed by Swedenborg, as mentioned in the first part of this book, captured the awareness of Transpersonal Mentality and Phenomenal Mentality, as they were meant to, and inwardly (in most instances unconsciously) they have been preparing humanity for such a full-scale opening and final encounter between negative and positive states. However, Swedenborg indicated in his concepts that the necessity of the rediscovery of access to the spiritual world and communication with its inhabitants was of utmost importance for everyone's spiritual progression.


It is of little importance how many or how few people actually know or read Swedenborg's works because of the fact, that, once any idea of that nature occurs, it takes hold in the universal consciousness from which it is transmitted for transformation into Transpersonal Mentality and Phenomenal Mentality in order to take effect in the operations and actions of humanity as a whole in the external degree and level.


Now, this transitional process has been going on for over 225 years. At the present time the transitional period is coming to its summit. The next step will result in the final encounter leading to the removal of negative influences and establishing full reign of positive states and processes on the planet Earth. When such summit is established, the opening of the doors will take place. And this opening brings with itself certain perils and dangers of which one must be aware.


In the process of this opening, every single human being of the planet Earth will not have his/her internals opened simultaneously. Such a situation is unnecessary and perilous because of the spiritual ignorance of many people. However, such opening is occurring on a broad scale within those people who are needed for the spiritual leadership of others. When there is a sufficient number of such people who have direct access to the spiritual world in both directions, they will exert enough spiritual balance to start the final process of encounter. Their awareness and influence will incorporate those who remain ignorant or those who have not achieved a personal direct spiritual awareness of the new situation.


Although the process of transition, preparation and reorganization of all forces has been proceeding gradually and in progressive steps, once everything is ready a drastic shift, a sudden change will take place. Such a drastic shift can be compared to a disastrous earthquake. A minute before an earthquake strikes, everything is calm, normal and peaceful, but one minute later only rubble and bodies remain. Nothing is the same.


In the process of preparation, people usually start to receive many messages from the spiritual world. The content of such messages is determined by the spiritual affections, states, conditions and qualities of interiors on both sides. Both positive and negative entities attach themselves to people with similar interiors and philosophies and, through them, they exert their influence on the course of events, intensifying the process of differentiation and separation.


Because, in its essence and substance, this is a spiritual battle with corresponding consequences in the physical world, the major source of resistance, resentments and opposition to any change will be found in institutions which are in charge of human spiritual awareness. These institutions include existing churches. Such church institutions all over the world will become a major weapon in the hands of negative forces to resist change and to hold people back in traditional and conventional thinking and modes of life. The danger of this situation is in the fact they will do it in the name of God. Many people are so used to believing church doctrines and rules, by years of blind faith, that they take them for granted.


Therefore, one has to be continuously on guard not to be influenced by claims of religious institutions. Now, this is not to say that some individual members of church institutions are not enlightened by the truth. Very often they are and very often in the least expected and most conservative environment. What is being said here is that church institutions and ardent believers in those institutions are being used for the purpose of maintaining stagnation, but this statement does not include all members.


There are some other warnings of danger, perils and precautions of this time which have to be taken in consideration:



Once the recognition of the end of human era and all those who installed it comes into awareness, all perpetuators and negative pseudo-humans will intensify manifoldly all their means for the preservation of their dominion. This will lead to attacks of unusual ferocity and viciousness similar to that of a wounded beast, manifested by an increase in frequency and intensity of negative evil events, maliciousness, deceptions, self-deceptions, conniving and convincing propaganda. Such a situation can lead toward the danger of accepting some of their ideas, especially those which are presented in the name of God.



The unusual thick spiritual darkness and spread of evilness which will hang over the world during such transition, may lead many toward feelings of apathy, despair, hopelessness and helplessness and desires to give up the struggle. Such states are infused, supported and potentiated by all negative forces. One has to be continuously aware of such tendencies within oneself and to catch them in time by remembering that such feelings and impulses only serve the negative forces.



During this period of transition, unusual numbers of psychic predictions, exact dates of doomsday, catastrophes, holocausts and cataclysms will appear. Such predictions will mislead people and take their attention away from real dangers. The danger of such exact predictions lies in the fact that once they fail to be actualized, people may stop believing elements of truths that may be contained in such predictions, so that when real danger occurs and they are warned, they will not heed the warnings. The safeguard in such a situation is in being cautious and discrete in accepting the exact dates of such predictions. Their general content will usually have some validity that can be safely considered and acted upon. But no one knows or can know any exact dates except by sheer chance. Negative spirits delight in giving psychics false dates in the firm belief that they really know the truth, but this is only deception and self-deception.


Such knowledge would interfere with the Absolute Divine Providence of the Most High and destroy it by taking away the freedom of choice to change any situation. Once something is uttered, it is available to everyone through the universal consciousness, regardless whether or not one is consciously aware of it. Such awareness of the necessity and inevitability of the situation leads to opposition to it, and all effort is made to go in the opposite direction. Because of people's ability to change, they do change, once they know and believe a prediction. But such a change is not always in their best interest because it is contrary to the Absolute Providence which knows what is best for everyone with respect to one's eternal life. This is the real danger of such situations and predictions. Interference with the Absolute Providence would lead to even greater and disastrous consequences to one's eternal life.


Therefore, exact predictions are possible only after the final choices are made and are no longer changeable for that particular situation. Therefore exact predictions are made virtually in synchronization with the occurrence. But even in such situations there is no finality because its outcome can be changed. The concept of finality comes from the evil and negative state because there is no progression in that state; everything is final for it. Not so for the positive state, because everything within and from it is progressing and can be modified continuously in respect to improvement of any situation. Finality of situations is an abomination of the creative spirit. There is no such stagnation in the Absolute Love and Absolute Wisdom of the Absolute Most High and in all positive states and processes that derive from the Most High.


Another danger of such exact predictions is that if they were true, they would be available also to the evil states which would prepare themselves properly to avert anything endangering their situation.


For these reasons, one has to be aware that no exact predictions of events is possible except by chance. However, an approximation of various events which will happen is possible in general terms. Such an approximation is useful to have in order to be prepared for any eventualities.



The transitional period, as pointed out above, allows communication with one's spiritual advisors from the spiritual world. This concept of spiritual advisors was discussed broadly in the book by the same author called "Principles of Spiritual Hypnosis" to which the reader who wishes to pursue this issue in depth is referred (published by the same publisher as this book). When people start to communicate with someone from another dimension, they are very excited and eager to communicate and have a natural tendency to take at face value whatever such spirits say to them. The error in such a situation is the fact that people think that spiritual advisors have Absolute Truth. People do not want to realize that no one in the entire creation has the whole truth, or the ability to share Absolute Truth. Only the Most High has such Absolute Truth because He is Absolute Truth Himself/Herself. The pure Absolute Truth is not attainable and comprehensible in its totality for someone who is relative, regardless who it is, even if that one was created to be first next to the Most High. Even that one still would be only an occurrence, proceeding and becoming of such truth and not Absolute Truth in itself.


So, when people hear something from their spiritual advisors and it fails to work out the way it was promised to them, they are hurt, disappointed and wounded, and they may shut themselves off from such communication, believing that it was only their imagination.


Another danger and peril of this situation is that eagerness for communication with the spiritual world without the knowledge of laws, principles, regulations, procedures for verifications and checks of identities of such entities can lead to frequent contact with imposters, false advisors or negative spirits who are very eager to mislead, misguide and confuse the person. One has to remember that once the door is open, it is open all the way. This is a real peril of transition. One may start to listen to imposters and believe it to be the truth.


Before any such communication can occur safely, one needs to learn the procedures, laws and principles of contact with one's spiritual advisors or the spiritual world in general. These procedures, principles and laws were described in the above-mentioned book "Principles of Spiritual Hypnosis".



Communication with spiritual advisors and with the spiritual world is a necessary outcome of the opening of the higher levels and degrees. If one follows the procedures, rules, regulations and principles of such communications, it is safe, proper, useful and necessary in the process of spiritual reawakening and spiritual progression. It helps that process immensely. Such a process is, of course, undesirable to the old, traditional and conventional stagnant establishment. It endangers its foundations which are built on prohibitions of such communication. Therefore many church institutions and agents of evil forces viciously attack such practices and consider these contacts very dangerous. They suggest that such contacts destroy human free will; therefore, they are against God and from the devil. The problem with these statements is that they are made in the name of God and infuse into people fear and guilt about such communication. Yet, such communication is vital for the process of spiritual reawakening and spiritual progression because it prepares proper grounds for multi-dimensional conjunction which is part of the true spiritual growth, progress and betterment.


One must be aware of such false statements and not be influenced by them. In actuality, the opposite is true: to prohibit anyone contact with one's own personal spiritual advisors who are assigned by the Most High for the purpose of spiritual freedom and balance, is to destroy free will and to go against the Most High and to serve the devil.



The intensification of evil and negative processes together with the flood of information coming from other dimensions as a result of opening the doors may lead many during the transitional period into states of confusion, obscurity, mass hysteria, disillusionments, contradictions, acceptance of false promises, etc. In such a situation, one does not know what to believe. Hesitations, uncertainties and the inability to see clearly create a condition of doubt about everything. One has to be aware of this danger and peril and not be influenced by anything that floods one's mind. Again, caution, discretion and deliberation before accepting or believing anything or anybody should be utilized constantly.



As intensification and concentration of negative states takes place, all agents of such states intensify their activities throughout the world. Their signs are arrogance, rudeness and boastful certainty found in the world of terrorism, revolution, communism and areas under their influence. This situation is gloomy, leading many people to believe that such (negative) ideology must be right if it is so successful in its endeavors. This is the real danger of this situation. It is not realized that the temporality of such success is the sign of a transitional period in which such concepts and ideologies are differentiated, separated and brought to the full awareness of people for the purpose of their elimination in the final encounter. One cannot eliminate anything that is hidden; it must first come to surface. To come to surface means to succeed temporarily, otherwise it would not come to surface.



The intensification and surfacing of compounded negative states necessarily leads to diminution of and, in many instances, to lack of love, faith, patience, tolerance and will to understand others and oneself. This is a dangerous side effect of such a transitional period. It also creates many irritations, annoyances, impulsiveness, compulsiveness and obsessive types of behavior, along with many other pathological conditions in spirit, soul and body. Participation and/or wallowing in such thoughts, feelings and conditions may, with some, undermine the positive state and their confidence, trust, endurance, perseverance and persistance in making it through this time of tribulation and turmoil. One has to be constantly aware of this danger and not give in to continuous assaults and attacks of the producers of such conditions.



The flooding in of a plethora of information, messages and predictions which characterize the time of transition may by their contradictory content, develop a false awareness or feeling that no unifying principle and spiritual authority exist in the Universe, which could sort it all out and put together something that is reliable, solid and truthful. This generates a feeling that humanity has been forsaken by the Most High. In such a dilemma, even people who believe in the Most High occasionally are plagued with doubts about their own integrity and doubts concerning their faith in the Lord. This is a serious side effect which accompanies the transitional period, and one has to continuously be aware of it and not be influenced by such doubts. Such doubts can be considered signs of the ending of the typical human era.



The bringing to the surface of all negative states and also opening access to their corresponding states in the natural and spiritual world gives the producers of negative states unusual tools of sophistication, persuasion and mastery of disguise. They are capable of creating such convincing masks for their false doctrines that they appear as pure truth. This is especially true when they use quotations from the Bible and other holy books to prove the verity of their doctrines. Such a situation is illustrated by the appearance of numerous cults, groups, sects, mind control modalities and all kind of other "spiritualistic" trends that only contribute to the obscurity, confusion and ignorance of the whole situation. One has to be aware of them and of the sophistication and mastery by which they can mislead, misguide and negatively influence one's spiritual awareness.



One of the many ways the negative forces of evil exert their influence on people is to convince them that only old, traditional, conventional ways are safe, secure and reliable. For that reason they instigate an appearance of a so-called "moral" majority which tries to preserve by all means the old customs, conventions, traditions, and conservative, Victorian, pseudo-­religious styles of life of restrictions, limitations and taboos. The viciousness of such endeavors is reinforced by the fact of their so-called majority and the support of many church institutions and their outlived doctrines. Usually, they are headed by either ministers or ardent followers of such doctrines. The danger of this situation is that, by the volubility, self-righteousness, indignation and arrogance of a self-proclaimed majority, one can be led to doubt one's own inner voice and guidance of the Inner Mind which can and does bring new, fresh and free ideas and spirit into all those stagnant ponds of conventions and traditions which are so ardently defended by the moral majority.


In this transitional period, one has to remember that the appearance of groups such as the "moral" majority, is a sign of the coming end of all such stagnant accumulations and mountains of distortions.



As mentioned previously, during the transitional period, many messages, statements and teachings are being transmitted from the spiritual world to the natural world. There are volumes of books written which are based on such messages or direct dictations through mediums.


The danger of such messages is that they often do contain elements of truths in them by virtue of the fact that they are from the spiritual world. By their actions, they confirm the existence of the spiritual world beyond a shadow of a doubt. In many instances, however, their usefulness ends there. Very often, it is not what they say which is important, but the fact that they say it and from where they say it. Unfortunately, people confuse this issue and perceive this fact as a direct revelation. They do not want to accept the fact that the true revelation is given and is possible only directly from the Most High. No other revelation is possible. Any other source of so-called revelation is doubtful, incomplete and subject to numerous distortions by virtue of the limitations of its source.


Acceptance of such messages from various sources of the spiritual world creates a serious danger for many people who may substitute them for the true spiritual principles which can come only from the Most High directly. One has to remember this rule and not to be influenced by anything at all that comes from the spiritual world even if it sounds pleasant, convincing and truthful.



The transitional period is a period of expectation and fear of the unknown. In such emotions there is a danger either to project one's personal desires, wishes, personal predispositions, retaliations, vindictiveness, fantasies and dreams which have little to do with the reality of the future; or on the other hand, the fear of the unknown may lead to procrastination, looking back and blocking of one's own inner voice which urges one to go forward. Such fear is accompanied by false memories of false safety and security derived from old patterns of behavior and styles of life which beckon one to turn back.


One continuously has to remind oneself of such danger; and perils and take all precautions not to be influenced by either one's own unrealistic expectations or by a false sense of safety and security of the old style of life.



The character of this transitional period can be described in terms of instability, continuous change and contradictions. Such character necessarily determines its own trend, the nature of which is inconclusiveness, inconsistency and unreliability as relating to any accomplishments, philosophies, outcomes and statements that are being continuously poured onto people. This is a major peril during transition because nothing can be given verity or certainty since everything is in an ever-changing mode and trend. Nothing is constant; nothing is stable; nothing is reliable. This situation is inconsistent with true human nature which requires and desires stability, safety and security in its environment and reliable feedback from it. Its balance is seriously threatened by such conditions.


One must be aware of this fact and take a stance toward wisdom by being openminded, openhearted and constantly aware of the need for mobility, flexibility and adjustability. In such wisdom is the presence of the Most High who will lead such a person safely through the perils of transition. It is necessary to remember that during this transitional period there is only one valid rule: what was proper and right yesterday may not be proper and right today, and what is right and proper today may not be proper and right tomorrow.


These are then the main dangers and perils of the transitional period and of the opening and the building of the bridge.


To avoid and to guard against negative forces is possible only by listening to one's own inner voice where the Most High is, not to consider anything as being permanent or final, and not to expect anything from anything or anyone.


Such an attitude will help one to find the right and proper tools and building blocks for the new age and for one's own new life.




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