Chapter Seven


The Proper and Right Tools and Building Blocks for the New Age.

Development of the New Methodologies of the Human Systems.



Content of „Fundamentals of Human Spirituality“, pg. 409 - 416, Part II. - Chapter Seven


At the beginning of human history, people were given by their Creator tools and building blocks for their spiritual progression and for productive, constructive, creative and useful lives. For some reason, they have chosen to use their tools and materials for spiritual regression and destruction of spirituality. Such use of building blocks and tools profaned, contaminated, polluted, poisoned, perverted and mutilated them completely, totally and entirely beyond recognition compared to their original content and intent. They were either turned into opposites of what they really were, or their meaning, purpose and goal was distorted, misused and abused.


In the process of this new spiritual reawakening, a correction, purification and cleansing of such tools and building blocks is being initiated. A start is being made for the tools and building blocks to be used in the way and for the purpose for which they were given and meant to be in the beginning of human history.


In order to initiate this process it is necessary to bring them to one's attention and to consider their meaning. Once they are realized, they can be utilized properly, effectively and efficiently for the construction of the New Age:



The most important tools and building blocks for the New Age are spiritual principles as described, defined and considered throughout this book. Since any sentient entity and, therefore, any human being is completely, totally and entirely a spiritual being, it is necessary to accept such a foundation first in order to build efficient, functional, esthetic and adaptable physical, social and spiritual structures. To be a spiritual being means to recognize, to accept and to apply with all consequences of such endeavors that one (as a sentient entity) occurred, proceeded and became from the Most High who always is and, therefore, who is the Absolute "I AM". Such recognition, acceptance and application must stem from principles which are of the Absolute Nature in the Most High, but of relative nature to the Most High in every sentient entity and human being.


The major building blocks and tools of these principles are the awareness that one recognizes, accepts and applies all of them in total freedom, independency, love, wisdom, goodness of heart, faith, trust, confidence and belief, and with positive, good intentions and motivations. These are the fundamental building blocks and tools of the New Age. With them one can construct a unique, unrepeatable, effective, durable and reliable structure from which one can operate, create, grow, progress and move forward to eternity safely, securely and meaningfully by actualizing and realizing oneself without any obstacles or hindrances.


The more one is actualized and realized, the more one experiences the presence of the Most High within oneself. The more the presence of the Most High is experienced, the more one becomes oneself. The more one becomes oneself, the more one is aware of others and the more one is of use and service to others. The more one is of use and service to others, the more one is of use and service to the Most High. The more one is of use and service to the Most High, the more one is of use and service to oneself. This is the perfect circle of the true life that is built from such spiritual blocks and tools. In it is the true meaning of spiritual concepts and principles in their totality.



In order that everyone, without exception, have full and complete opportunity to construct such a foundation and to establish such a circle of the true life, everyone was given a tool and a building block in the form of the Inner Mind. The Inner Mind contains all ideas, thoughts and principles of all creation from the Most High which continuously flow from its innermost degree, wherein is the Most High, to all levels and degrees of the entire human mind and human life. From the Most High, the Inner Mind is a major provider of all such tools and building blocks for anyone who cares to consult, to be in touch, to pay attention and to derive from the Inner Mind such necessary means for building one's structure as a part of the New Age. All one has to do is to acknowledge the fact of the Inner Mind's existence and its functions, and start to transform and transmit properly everything which is available there for such a purpose.


The Inner Mind, by virtue of the presence of the Most High in it, is a container of vast knowledges which are available to anyone for use if one approaches it with good intentions of love and wisdom and for the purpose of using them to build within the just-described true life circle. Nothing is limited to anyone in the Inner Mind provided one approaches it with positive intention and motivation. The only limit that exists is the limit which one puts on oneself. But realization of the true nature of one's spirituality can easily remove even such a limit.



The two sets of building blocks and tools just described are of an intrapersonal nature. Any society, or mankind as a whole, consists of individuals. If society or mankind is to fulfill its function and role in the New Age, it is necessary that its individual members are in proper shape, form and condition in order to build a new mankind. Everything starts from inside the individual. That is the reason why the above-mentioned two sets of building blocks were described first and why they must be of an individual intrapersonal nature. Such procedure and use of the blocks and tools constitutes the bridge by and through which access to another source of building blocks and tools is open. Once the proper intentions and motivations for the construction of the new self and the New Age are established, they automatically open the door to the all­universal consciousness from the Most High, to one's own universal consciousness and to all other dimensions which have building blocks and tools on a much broader and more universal scale. Now, the knowledge available in the Inner Mind is compounded, potentiated and manifoldly fortified by the knowledges available in the all-universal consciousness from the Most High, in the universal consciousness of the Inner Mind, and in all other dimensions. The utility of such tools and building blocks now acquires tremendous proportions and infinite possibilities. One can be productively, joyfully, delightfully, creatively and happily busy to eternity.



The establishment of proper intentions and motivations for construction leads gradually to the opening of access and contact with other sentient entities in the natural form who are inhabitants of the physical Universe both in planet Earth's own galaxy and in all other galaxies and physical universes. Their own tools and building blocks in the form of knowledges, accumulated in the process of millions and perhaps billions of years, will become available for the people of the New Age to use in order to expand their awareness and productive usefulness for the benefit of all and everyone without exclusion in the entire creation. Such knowledges will lead toward development of unimaginable technologies which can provide people with the most functional, comfortable and stimulating environment and style of physical life that will give them all more than adequate time for their true spiritual progression.



Another source of proper and right tools and building blocks for the New Age is in removal of any physical, mental and spiritual boundaries and limitations among all nations, races and genders of humanity itself. Such removal opens up access toward experiences and knowledges that are specific to any such nation, race or gender. The specificity of these experiences and knowledges are utilized as tools and building blocks for construction of a mankind entirely and fully unique in the variety of its expressions and homogeneous in the purpose and goal of its existence and function.


With such tools and building blocks, the new mankind will proceed with the construction of new human systems which will fully serve the spiritual purpose of its members and their life.


In order that the following of such a spiritual purpose is continuously assured and provided and there is no danger of their misuse and abuse, the following new - but very old ­methodologies are developed for the use by all human systems and their members:



One of the most important and major elements of any human system is a human being. To operate human systems properly, purposefully, functionally and usefully, one must learn first to be fully functional oneself. This requires that one learn to utilize everything one has to the fullest of one's potentials. In order to do so, one must be in touch with all aspects of one's mind and personality and particularly with one's Inner Mind. The major methodology for such a procedure is found in spiritual hypnosis and spiritual self-­hypnosis. Through them and by them one is in continuous, active contact with all levels and degrees of one's mind, which can provide all answers to the questions as to the best possible directions, ways and procedures, in which one may develop one's abilities, gifts, talents, tools and life in the most productive, constructive and creative manner to the fullest of one's potentials. Such a discovery establishes the place, the function, the extent and specificity of one's participation and contribution to a smooth functioning of human systems.



Another useful methodology which enables human systems to function properly and safely is the use, by their members, of meditative and similar techniques. Use of deep meditation, second to spiritual self-hypnosis, enables one to be in continuous contact with the all-universal consciousness and one's own universal consciousness which enhances one's sense and awareness of purposefulness, usefulness and order in the universality of it all that is held together by the immensity of the love and wisdom of the Creator. Participating in such interaction and exchange gives one a broader, deeper and more spiritual perspective of one's own life and actions. This, in turn, gives a greater sense of usefulness and purpose to human systems and their productive functions to which one can contribute more fully by bringing into human systems all experiences derived from the all-universal consciousness and one's own universal consciousness.



Every human being is in continuous growth, betterment and progress in the New Age. Such process is a learning process which requires instructions, experiences and illustrations by examples. The Teaming process is applicable to all human systems. One goes from a good condition to a better one and then to another better one, and so on. This learning is an internal process because everyone learns from within. In order that such individual teaming is continuously provided, one is assigned, by the Most High, spiritual advisors who assist voluntarily in such a process. They give personal instructions, messages and private revelations to the person to whom they are assigned. These messages and revelations are relevant for that one's personal growth and awareness of the best possible ways and tools for leading a productive, useful, creative and happy life. They stem and build from and on everything one has and is able to do and to accomplish by one's own choice. The spiritual advisors give examples, show by illustrations, and enable one to participate in various events in the spiritual world that can be usefully applied and incorporated in one's life and in human systems. The process of being in touch with one's spiritual advisors is also utilized for corrections of any possible problems, mistakes, errors or shortcomings in one's personal life or in the function of human systems.



Personal instructions, messages and revelations are complemented by special types of revelations from the Most High given to specially chosen people for that purpose. Such revelations are always of universal nature and are applicable to all human systems and their members in general. As spiritual progression of the new mankind proceeds, at any given step of such progression new insights, new knowledges, new tools, new building blocks and new understandings of a higher spiritual meaning are necessary. The ideas, concepts, principles, functions, structures and the dynamics of each new progressive step are revealed by the Most High through special people and are then implemented in all human systems. Because such people are appointed directly by the Most High, who knows the mind and the heart of everyone, no danger of misuse, abuse, concealment or distortions of such revelation is possible. It is always emphasized that the content of such revelation and its applicability is relevant only for that particular step and once it outlives its usefulness, a new revelation will come for the next step which will supersede everything revealed previously, building on it, correcting it or putting it aside.



One of the major methodologies of human systems of the New Age is in observation, collection, description, classification, verification and understanding all correspond­ences and the laws by which they operate. Only through the knowledge arid understanding of correspondences is it possible to acquire and to give true meaning to human systems. All such systems and all events in the natural physical world are true correspondences of the state of affairs in the spiritual and intermediate world. By knowing how a spiritual impetus relates to a physical event or phenomenon, one can by knowledge of correspondence regulate, guide, influence, restructure and manipulate any event by combining, rearranging, eliminating or adding certain elements which would change the outcome of events in a more spiritual, more desirable and more useful way or manner. This procedure is universally applicable to everything in human life, in the life of mankind and in the functions and operations of the physical Universe and/or any other universe or dimensions without exclusion. Thus, classification, gathering, understanding and use of correspondences is a royal road to the wisdom of all ages, universes and dimensions and is the crown of all methodologies of all human systems.



The new human systems and their methodologies will be guided by the wisest and most use-loving members of mankind. They constitute a permanent council of wise men and women who are brainstorming, so to speak, and continuously discovering the best possible ways for the most productive, useful and beneficial functions of all human systems for the common good. Because they are wise and use-­loving, they use, in the process of brainstorming, all spiritual principles. By putting together all ideas and thoughts that come to them, they select the most useful and functional ones applicable to the respective human system.


As far as old methodologies of scientific research is concerned, these will be used only for the purpose of observation, description, classification and verification of correspondences and their impact, results and outcomes for human systems. In such a procedure, there is no attempt to ascribe or derive causative meaning to and from the physical or natural phenomena in and of themselves, or to and from the sampling of human behavior in and of itself because spiritual principles are the real sole base and foundation of any scientific - or psychological investigation or research.


Having all these building blocks and tools, and being equipped with proper and right methodologies, the people of Earth may now safely begin their spiritual progression. Implicit in such tools and methodologies is a continuous need and effort to improve, to replace and to develop them so that they are always adjusted to each new step in spiritual progression. The use of old tools in a new step would lead, inevitably, toward stagnation. No such state is conceivable any longer in the New Age.




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