Chapter Two


The New Structure of Human Systems: Analysis of the Structure.



Content of „Fundamentals of Human Spirituality“, pg. 426 - 440, Part III. - Chapter Two


The old structure of human systems was usually built around conventions, traditions and their cultures which were continuously perpetuated by them. Such arrangements led to the development of rules, regulations, directions, codes and establishments which were geared toward serving the systems themselves, instead of the purpose and goal for which they were built. Once the true serving perspective of any system is lost and the system begins to produce regulations, rules and laws that feed the system itself, it becomes reactionary and resists anything leading to its change or elimination. Such a situation creates, inevitably, a stagnant, stationary condition and nothing moves in it. Thus, a bureaucracy of systems come into existence, with the sole and main purpose of assuring that all rules, regulations and directives of the systems are maintained, kept, followed and obeyed. This reassures continuous perpetuation of the system and instant suffocation or distortion and mutilation of anything new or different. In such conditions things move very slowly and cautiously and progress is allowed only if it provides service to the system. If progress can, in any way, serve perpetuation of the system, it is incorporated and utilized by it. Thus, ultimately, even progress becomes reactionary and only relative.


No true progress is possible under such a structure. Whatever ultimately serves to defend and to guard such a system, no matter how advanced the uses of methodology are, they cannot be considered progressive but only modern. Modern tools and methodologies are utilized to better, faster, more safely and more efficiently serve to defend and to keep alive the old human systems whatever their form may be.


True progress can be defined only spiritually. It incorporates simultaneously all human systems-spiritual, religious, mental, social, economic, political, technological, and so on. True progress never perpetuates anything old unless it is useful for the common good and unless it allows for s continuous forward and onward movement.


Because the old structure of the human systems was of such a nature, it is not useful to retain for the new era of the new mankind. Some outward, formal features might resemble the old structure, but the content, the function and the purpose is completely different.


The first rule in constructing the new structure of human systems is to build in every system a safety device which completely, totally and entirely prevents the system from becoming reactionary and self-perpetuating with a tendency toward stagnation and a stationary condition. Every system is considered to be a servant to spiritual progression and not the master of the situation. Whenever a system shows even the slightest tendency toward becoming a master over human beings, it is instantly re-evaluated, its usefulness is carefully considered and if there are signs of its becoming obsolete it is obliterated and replaced with a more progressive system.


The major purpose of any human system is to serve continuously to lead toward spiritual progression and all its principles, as defined throughout this book. Because of such a purpose, it serves the spiritual needs and all related issues of any individual of the society. Part of the spiritual needs are also needs to have a favorable, effective, functional, pleasant, stimulating and inspiring physical environment, be it a bodily environment or outside environment. Whatever serves such a purpose has always in mind that such environment and systems are only means toward the higher spiritual goal and not the goal in itself. Once it becomes a goal in itself, it loses all its progressive function and becomes dangerous to human spiritual life. It turns into a reactionary monstrosity which devours all spirituality and its life.


However, since all human systems are developed by humans, they have a tendency to reflect their own ideas, projections and expectations which leads to a grave and disastrous condition. Therefore, any restructuring of human systems must start with the restructuring of humans' self-con­cepts and self images and their relatedness to the Most High who constitutes the true spiritual purpose of everyone's life.


Such restructuring is congruent with the realization and acceptance of the true purpose of one's life and in following the principles of spiritual progression.


In order to reassure there is the proper knowledge and motivation to follow such principles, all levels of the human mind are open and one has access to everything within oneself that one needs for acquiring a right, proper and freely chosen self-concept and self-image. This realization puts one in the direction of continuous spiritual progression. The verification, confirmation, reinforcement and checking of the appro­priateness of the self-concept and self-image, and of the pace and flow of one's spiritual progression, are constantly present and utilized by the fact that all information about it is available continuously and is fed back from one's Inner Mind to all other levels. In such a condition it is assured that there is a complete, total and entire access to one's Inner Mind which defines and gives purpose, content and the concept of one's unique self-concept and self-image.


Such an arrangement is the best safeguard against any human system becoming spurious and reactionary. The reason is that now human systems are built in the true, and not distorted, image and likeness of humans. Since this true image and likeness of humans derives its content and form from the Most High, its natural, normal and proper nature is always a progressive one. Nothing regressive or reactionary can be conceived in such a nature. This is the most important prevention against any reversion toward the old patterns of the human systems. If one looks constantly toward the Most High, one becomes progressively more and more like the Most High. And because the Most High is Absolutely Creative, Dynamic, Active and Progressive, one becomes continuously more and more creative, dynamic, active and progressive relative only to the Absolute Most High.


On such concepts, then, the new structure of human systems is constructed.


There are several human systems in the new structure which are considered in this chapter:



The new structure of spiritual and religious systems. These systems can be structured only by the internal insights which come from the Inner Mind of every individual. Such a situation (the internal insights) places spiritual issues into everyone's own Inner Mind where they belong, which determines the structure of one's own spirituality and the ways it is pursued and accomplished. ho external or outward determinations, prescriptions or demands can be imposed or implanted. For that reason, the new structure of spiritual and religious systems does not include any external worships, ceremonies, rituals and procedures as in the old structure.


However, it is important that any personal spiritual experiences and the modes of their accomplishments are shared, discussed, considered and incorporated in the structure of the system itself for the purpose of its progressive flow.


For that reason, every community, nation and state, in upward successive steps, establishes a spiritual Council of Seven who are the most spiritually-advanced, wise and loving persons. They coordinate all spiritual endeavors of the members of communities, groups, nations, states on Earth. In such a Council nothing is prescribed, demanded, forced or imposed as to the ways one relates to and worships the Most High. Such things are between the Most High and the Inner Mind of every individual. And since every person is in continuous communication with one's Inner Mind, where the Most High is, every person directly communicates either with the Most High or with a special representative, appointed by the Most High, for that purpose, who instructs that person in all spiritual matters in accordance with the needs of the spiritual specificity of that individual. Such a representative is usually called the highest advisor. However, even in such cases when there is a special representative of the Most High, direct access to the Most High is always available should the need arise to confirm, to verify or to reinforce one's progress.


The result of such instruction, experience and communication is unique and specific to each person. But because one of the purposes of human life is found in mutual sharing from love, such results are shared with others and mutual spiritual benefit is a consequence of such an arrangement. This sharing even contributes to the greater spiritual progression of everyone. Now, the Spiritual Council coordinates all such processes and assures that all proper opportunities for sharing and reciprocating are provided and are always functional, locally, nationally or worldly. All activities of this Council are always under the auspices and presiding of the Most High.



The new structure of political and governmental systems are constructed entirely on the basis of spiritual principles from which they derive their purpose and goal. Their main function is to continuously provide an inspiring environment and a style of life for the communities, states, nations and mankind as a whole, which enables the spiritual progression of every individual, group and the whole mankind to proceed without any hindrances, interferences or obstacles. They coordinate the proper, right, equal and balanced distribution of all goods and necessities of everyday life to all.


Since there is only one unifying purpose and principle of all members of mankind - spiritual progression in numerous varieties and numbers of ways in accordance with every individual's determination - no separation, boundaries or limitations among various nations, races and states exists. There is only one mankind divided into several regions for the purpose of more sufficient and efficient coordination, delivery and distribution of all necessary services. Cinder such a structure, no political parties are conceivable because everyone is open to the spiritual world, to one's own Inner Mind, and one's own spiritual advisors who instruct, advise and help everyone to take the best possible course of actions. Political parties in and of themselves are negatively competitive, exclusive, separatistic, self-centered, self-directed and power hungry. Such traits are of the negative state and have no place in the new structure of human systems.


The leaders of mankind are not selected on the basis of a party system, nationality, race, group preference, minority, majority or gender. In charge of the whole mankind, as one central government of Earth, are put the seven wisest and most use-loving people of mankind who are selected for that purpose by the Most High alone on the basis of the degree, intensity and quality of their wisdom and love for being useful in service to mankind for the sake of use itself without any ulterior motivation. The seven members of the High Council represent the seven major areas of human systems. One of the members of the High Council is appointed to chair the Council, usually for one year. All members rotate in this position, so that within every seven years each member becomes a chairman of the High Council. All sessions of the Council are under the auspices and presiding of the Most High. The same structure of government is established in all respective regions all the way down to the single community, with proper provision of liaison and continuous feedback to all levels and regions upward and downward simultaneously.



The new structure of the human systems requires a different concept, understanding, function and purpose of family, marriage and sexuality. The old structure of these systems derived and was constructed from and on demands, expectations, restrictions and limitations which were imposed upon them by respective traditions, conventions and cultures. They completely, totally and entirely served their preservation, perpetuation and continuation without any regard for the true spiritual connotation and correspondence of such union or activities.


It was said before that the institution of family, marriage and related matters was specifically and carefully fabricated by the pseudo-creators for the purpose of destroying spirituality. This was done by distorting genetically both the male and female physical appearance, not only in spiritual and psychological regards but primarily anatomically, biologically, chemically and thus physically. This was a necessary condition to assure success of their plan. In this way they made people in the likeness and image of animals, trying to eradicate any signs of the image and likeness of the Most High. This was supposed to prove that humans are not a creation of the Most High but the result of evolutional development from animals and matter.


This is a philosophy, a base on which all family and marriage institutions of the old systems were built.


Such a structure has nothing in common with anything spiritual in its essence and substance. Therefore, it has to be removed and rebuilt completely by returning it to its original meaning, purpose and function.


The birth of children by the old methodology, as anyone can see who wants to see, is dangerous both to the life of the mother and to the life of the child; it is unhealthy, bloody, messy, painful and basically unpleasant. In the concept of the Absolute Love and Absolute Wisdom of the Most High, no such ideas exist. Whatever is painful, dangerous and unhealthy is unnatural and abnormal, and stems from the negative state and process that has never originated from the Most High. It has been tolerated by the Most High for the mutual benefit of people and for the benefit of all creation in answering the initial question of what it is to be like without spirituality.


The new structure of the family and marriage systems does not include such imperfect, unnatural and abnormal ways of procreation.


For that reason, by opening the access to the Inner Mind and all dimensions, the real, proper, right and truly spiritual ways of procreation will be rediscovered and utilized.


One has to remember that such proper knowledge exists within the Inner Mind and, therefore, is ever-present in every human being. It is utilized fully for constructing a new framework for the family and marriage.


The first step in this procedure is a return to the original anatomical, biological, chemical and physical structure of the female and, to a certain extent, of the male. This is done by special genetic manipulation that follows certain laws of correspondences. These laws and the ways of their utilization are both revealed further by the Most High and rediscovered in the Inner Mind. Help is also coming from the posterities of the former people of the planet Earth who left it at the time of beginning of the spiritual deterioration and are now reconnected again directly to humanity.


After restructuring is completed, the birth of the new members of mankind will be by the process of special bi­-cloning which was briefly described previously.


Cinder this condition the meaning and the purpose of marriage and sexuality changes completely. It now serves purely for spiritual progression.


Every human being is in different and unique degrees of specific love and its wisdom and in specific wisdom and its love. There is always a proper spiritual match between love and its wisdom and between wisdom and its love. Love loves its wisdom and wisdom becomes wiser and wiser by its love. Love's wisdom makes love more intense, more beautiful, deeper and more meaningful. It makes it love more and more. Wisdom's love makes wisdom more profound, more unique, more special and more creative.


In such a special relationship of love and wisdom is reflected the need of their proper match. The special quality of love and its wisdom requires an equivalently matched special quality of wisdom and its love. Any other quality would not connect properly for the purpose of their unification.


This relationship perfectly reflects the true meaning of masculinity and femininity, or the principle of those who are called husband and wife. Love and its wisdom is manifested by the principle of femininity, and wisdom and its love by the principle of masculinity. The matched corresponding quality of one to the matched corresponding quality of the other represents the relationship of wife and husband. In order that this true spiritual progression can take place, it is necessary and highly desirable that such a union be established. In that union, through the principles of exchange and unification of all masculine principles with all feminine principles and vice versa, there is a greater approximation of the Most High. By greater approximation of the Most High, one becomes more oneself; by becoming more oneself, one more and more fulfills one's own purpose of life and becomes more useful by sharing that unique self with all other unique unifications in existence.


The true oneness of self is impossible to reach without the process of unification of masculinity and femininity by their sharing and exchange. From this stems the new structure of family and marriage. The family is a tool which enables such a unification of matched specific and equivalent qualities of love and wisdom that belong to each other as two halves fit into each other, complement each other and make one, full human being. The continuous state and process of unification of those two principles gives birth to new spiritual ideas of higher love and wisdom for spiritual progression. Such ideas are very unique and are utilized in the structuring of a new human being by projecting into it a specific and unique spiritual, mental and physical content and its form.


Because of such a unique conjunction, exchange and unification of masculine and feminine principles, both male and female become truly one full and complete family, a unity that can now be shared with all other unifies in a common effort for continuous spiritual progression.


As far as sexuality is concerned, it becomes a major tool for concrete expression of the unification of love and its wisdom with wisdom and its love which then, in turn, is shared and reciprocated with all others' unique qualities of love and wisdom in their general manifestation in unique males and unique females who find each other and exchange through sexual intercourse a delight and a pleasure - an expression of true love of the Most High and each other. It helps them toward greater self-realization which leads, in turn, toward greater spiritual progression.



The new structure of the educational and child-rearing system is totally different from the old one. As mentioned previously, because of manipulations by the pseudo-creators, people started at one point to be born into conscious ignorance. It was necessary to teach them everything from the beginning. Such arrangements are wasteful, unproductive and uncreative; they are unnatural, abnormal and contrary to order. They teach people from the external degree or from the outside where there is little knowledge in existence. The true knowledge is inside in the Inner Mind, direct access to which was closed for several millions of years. Such ignorance was induced externally, therefore it was limited only to consciousness and to the physical and biological structure of a human being. It did not and could not touch or alter the inner levels of the human mind. If it had, no learning would be possible. That such a situation exists can be seen in the complexity of the newborn baby who is capable of discerning things and perceiving things which no one can even imagine. But as the baby is being taught from externals, a complete closure occurs and the baby is cut off from the source of its Inner Mind. The reason for such closure and ignorance was explained previously.


Once the Inner Mind is open, all knowledge is available and accessible to anyone who desires to acquire it and use it for one's spiritual progression. No ignorance can be tolerated under such conditions.


The process of being born into the fullness of one's knowledge is accomplished by new, unique ideas which occur, proceed and become as a result of the exchange and unification of masculine and feminine principles through sexual intercourse. Such ideas possess fullness of the ideas of their manifestation, concretization and actualization; they lack nothing. Once the ideas are produced, the whole knowledge of their becoming is within them. The endowment of the spirit of that specific life from the Most High is projected into them (after checking whether they want to choose freely to be concrete) so that they become alive with the full knowledge relevant to the need to be, to exist and to progress.


The quality, the extent and specificity of the knowledge is determined by the specificity of the content of any such idea. There is always fullness of any knowledge in general terms because the Inner Mind is universal in its aspects. However, the general and common knowledge that is necessary for proper functioning, creative effort and choices is always enhanced and potentiated by the specific knowledge relevant only to the chosen style of life, vocation, avenues of spiritual progression and the content of usefulness one chooses.


From the moment of appearance of any such idea in the concretized form of a human being, the inborn full knowledge of generals and specifics starts to be enhanced, enriched and progressively developed by the unique creative effort and contribution of any human being who chooses to participate freely in such development. This is the way one starts with full knowledge and progresses by the principles of spiritual progression into greater and greater knowledge to eternity.


Under such a condition, educational systems do not require special types of schools or teachers, but only coordinators who ensure that all newly built and acquired knowledges in addition to inborn knowledges are shared, passed on to all and properly distributed for the benefit of everyone. The instructions in procedures and progressions come always from the lnner Mind, from spiritual advisors of the Most High and from the exchange of all newly acquired knowledges. The coordinators in the system again consist of the seven wisest and most use-loving members of society who show special interest, talents, gifts and abilities in such specific coordination. They are directly appointed by the Most High.



In the new structure of human systems there is one completely new (truly old and forgotten) system that was not a part of the old structure. Cinder the old structure, planet Earth was isolated and put on quarantine, so to speak Until recently no direct communication, exchange or access to any other physical planets, galaxies, universes or other dimensions was available for the reasons mentioned elsewhere in this book This situation excluded planet Earth from participation in the spiritual progression of its own galaxy, its own universe, all other physical universes and, in general, of this particular cycle of time. Such a situation is intolerable because of its unnaturalness, abnormality and pathology. It was tolerated only because of the Grand Plan.


However, in order that true spiritual progression have its universal and all-dimensional application (after all, the whole creation appears in the front of the Most High as one complete sentient entity which continuously progresses), all planets, galaxies, universes and other dimensions, with all their prospective inhabitants in the cycle of time, have to be part of such effort. Whatever is excluded hinders the fullness of spiritual progression; something is always lacking. Such a situation cannot be tolerated forever.


Thus, for true spiritual progression of mankind as a whole, it is necessary that there be a continuous contact, communication and exchange of all accomplishments among all universes and dimensions relevant to all their special needs separately and together. Thus, access for such an exchange is provided to both the spiritual world and to all points in the physical universe.


This leads to the establishment of a special system which coordinates, staffs and forms the structure of agencies which play a specific role in such an endeavor. This is called an inter­galactic council of the planet Earth which consists of the seven wisest and most use-loving members of mankind who have special interests, gifts, talents and abilities for this specific work. They coordinate, build and appoint special envoys and agencies to ensure proper and useful exchange, beneficial to all, which occurs and contributes to the continuous spiritual progression of all creation.



The new structure for communication and exchange of information, knowledges and pleasures substantially differs from the old one. While the old structure placed all its effort in developing external means of communication, the new structure emphasizes the internal means. With the opening of the Inner Mind and access to the spiritual world and other physical universes, the development of special psychic and mind level powers are available, possible and attainable. Telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, and all other mind and psychic powers known and unknown to present people, are used and perfected. Since in the Inner Mind of every human being there are no evil intentions to abuse, misuse or manipulate such powers, but only good intentions to contribute to one another's spiritual progression from love to one another, no danger of invasion of privacy is conceivable or possible. The Inner Mind has a built-in safety system from the presence of the Most High which prevents any such possibility. Should even the slightest possibility of something like this happen, the Inner Mind would shut itself off and block any reception or transmissions of such a nature.


Because all psychic powers, mind control and related matters are from, by, through and within the Inner Mind from the Most High, no such danger can ever be materialized or even conceived.


The new structure of communication and exchange is much faster, more efficient and more progressive. However, it doesn't exclude some old positive features such as printed material, video tapes, television, radio, computers, recording, etc. They are continuously developed and perfected because of the nature of the outermost or external degree of the human mind which needs such modes of communication for its own spiritual development in addition to psychic modes. After all, the best methodology for the external mind, in this respect, is the use of its own available tools. But they never replace the higher mode of meta-communication because it is beyond their realm.


In order that such meta-communication take place in accordance with all spiritual principles of sharing and exchange, again a special council, structured as others described above, is appointed to coordinate all such procedures and results of communication for mutual benefit



The availability of all resources for knowledges that come from the Inner Mind, interior mind and exterior mind from the spiritual world and from other places of the physical Universe give a different structure to human technology and economy. The special council, structured as others of most knowledgeable members, coordinates all such knowledges and their best possible application and distribution for the benefit of all mankind and all other creation. This leads toward the development of a highly efficient and sufficient technological and economic system which fully serves the needs of all individual members of mankind, mankind as a whole, and all who participate in its development. New sources of energy are used that are unknown to people at the present time. Together with proper use of thermonuclear, solar and photon energy, weather control, genetic manipulations, space travel, control and harnessing of gravity, and similar techniques are used that ultimately serve the spiritual progression of the whole sentient creation.



This leads toward the construction of a different structure of medicine and the healing arts. The primary emphasis focuses on prevention and protection of human physical forms from any environmental damages and dangers. This is especially important as travel is initiated into environments hostile to the physical form, other than to that which is comprised for its own beneficial environment For that purpose, special protective devices are designed, developed, built and used, together with special means for correcting, treating or healing any inadvertent incidents. The healing procedure emphasizes the use of physic powers and mind control. Hypnosis, self-hypnosis and similar tools are used as one of the major methodologies of new medicine and the healing arts. Spiritual means in such procedures are broadly used by utilization of the laws of correspondences by which any environment can be appropriately manipulated and modified as needed. Spiritual, mental and physical stability and balance, and the stability and balance of their respective and specific environments, is a major concern of new medicine by which it continuously contributes to everyone's spiritual progression. As all other systems, medicine and the healing arts are coordinated by a council of wise and use-loving members who are specially interested, talented, gifted and fitted in such issues.



The entire philosophy of the new structure of human systems and their morality and ethical code is different from the old one.


There is, specifically appointed by the Most High, a council of seven of the wisest and most use-loving members of mankind who coordinate and oversee that the right principles underly any such philosophical, moral and ethical code. Philosophy itself is built on the principle that there is one and only one first principle. It is the Most High. From the Most High all else derives its origin. Any other conclusions must derive from this fact. From this fact are obvious and clear the outcomes and consequences for the philosophy of being and existence. Whatever is considered different has no reality in itself. Because of the Absolute (nature of the Most High, there are no limitations, restrictions, forbiddings or blocks for the human mind in any state of being or process of existence to grow, improve, progress, create and know to eternity. For that reason, whoever and/or whatever denies this fact is unethical and has no morality.


All ethical codes and morality are built on the intentions of each individual. Whatever is done, acquired, created, said, felt, willed or desired with good intent, for the purpose of greater spiritual progression and sharing, is sound, philosophical, moral and ethical.


The major factor in the determination of such intention is in everyone's own communication with one's own Inner Mind and one's own spiritual advisors under the direction and presence of the Most High. There one can continuously check and verify the morality and ethics of one's endeavors and procedures. Whoever stops in such communication, verification and checks acts immorally and unethically toward oneself and, consequently, to all others.


These are, then, the main features of the new structure of some human systems. A better understanding of such structure can be acquired from the new dynamics of the human systems which is explained in the next chapter.


Before proceeding to the consideration of this topic, a serious note of warning is in order: the above-described new structure of the human systems is not exclusive, full or the only one possible. There is definitely and most certainly a transcending understanding which will be revealed in steps as it is being established and utilized, and as it progresses. For the present beginning step in human spiritual progression, the above-described understanding is sufficient for the time being only.




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