Chapter Six


Style of Life and Human Relations in the New Era. Analysis of the New Spirituality



Content of „Fundamentals of Human Spirituality“, pg. 466 - 477, Part III. - Chapter Six


“Style of life and human relations in the new era of mankind are determined in general by the common goals of all creation and its intentions. The intentions behind any activities or relationships are directed toward that common goal which is spiritual progression of entire mankind and all its individual members. Spiritual progression of mankind is specific and unique, and flows where it can be the most useful from the standpoint of overall and general spiritual progression of all creation.


In order to fulfill and accomplish this goal, the best possible style of life and human relations are sought out and established by the principle and rule that spiritual progression requires continuous flexibility, mobility and change in any style of life or human relations. The stagnation, perpetuation and preservation of one condition or one style of life leads toward fixation, rigidity and ultimate recession from spiritual progression. Ho traditions, conventions or specific stagnant cultures are allowed to be built around any style of life or human relations. Once any particular style of life or any relation fulfills its purpose, function and use, it is terminated with gratitude, appreciation and recognition of its service for that particular step and its need in spiritual progression.


Therefore, any rules, regulations and establishments which formulate or construct any style of life or human relations have built-in safeguards which prevent them from falling into a stagnant condition. All of them are changeable and removable in order to yield to the new needs and requirements coming into existence with the beginning of each successive step of spiritual progression.


In this respect the major general principle of any adopted style of life or human relations is flexibility, mobility and preparation and readiness for change. This determines the principle of their continuous re-evaluation for the purpose of checking the usefulness of their continuation. As soon as their usefulness is no longer functional and they show signs of stagnation or reversion toward becoming reactionary, they are either replaced or modified as soon as possible to make accommodations for the new needs.


For that reason, one has to look upon any description of style of life and human relations in view of the above­ mentioned facts, and realize their transitory and temporary value.


However, they have some general features which can be considered having, to some limited extent, a universal applicability. These can be formulated by the following points:



Style of life and human relations of the new era incorporate the most important universal rule that determines its entire meaning, sense, being and existence and the need for continuous spiritual progression - the direct presence of, and direct communication with the Most High and the spiritual world. Everything is checked, double-checked, confirmed and verified from this relationship. Everyone is guided, instructed and taught freely as regards one's choices, determinations, uses, relations and the most suitable style of life for that particular state and position in spiritual progression and in the hierarchy of the spiritual organization to which one belongs at any given point. When progress has been made and one is ready to go further, one is prepared for it and introduced into a new style of life with new human relations more relevant to one's current spiritual state. The general style of life of all mankind is determined by each one's individual style of life and, therefore, is very versatile and variable. It is always under the direct auspices and guidance of the Most High.



The new human era is characterized by complete lack of hostility, destructive aggressions, violence and crime. This is the result of closure of all hells, which are no longer allowed to infuse and feed people by such poisonous emotions.


Therefore, the style of life and human relations in the new era are epitomized by a peaceful, serene, tranquil, well-balanced, well-composed, level-headed and well-organized environment and existence. Everyone contributes to everyone's and one's own happiness, delight, pleasure and joy.



All members of the new society have their certain place, position and assignment. The usefulness of their activities to all within such place, position and assignment determines the quality of relations and the content and the structure of the style of life of each individual. All members are equal in the performance of their use, but the extent, impact and degree of their use to all determines the specific needs and provisions. No one is lacking in opportunities to improve and to grow within one's chosen destiny and assignment on Earth.



Everyone's style of life and relations are determined by motivational and intentional factors of the spiritual trend and the purpose of the society. Because the ultimate goal of all is spiritual progression, everyone, at one's chosen point, in one's chosen direction and at one's chosen position, is motivated by this factor to do one's best and to contribute one's most in all respects of one's abilities. Such spiritual considerations and intentions motivate entirely all one's activities and relations.



In the new era everyone is aware of the free choice to be and to do whatever one desires and wants. This is accompanied by the awareness of taking full responsibility for the consequences and outcomes of such choices without placing blame or responsibility on anyone else. One assumes a certain role and position, with its accompanying and relevant style of life and relations, with full understanding and perception of all necessities, responsibilities, duties and rights attached to such a role and position. Because one chooses it in accordance with one's abilities, preferences, talents and gifts which are specific to that one, one performs them with great fulfillment and satisfaction without feeling forced or coerced into doing anything contrary to one's nature, style of life, abilities or choices.



One of the major aspects of style of life and human relations in the new era is the principle of balancing. Since the human mind consists of three distinct, different areas - spirit, soul and body - all their aspects are balanced and utilized in proper proportions and proper hierarchy so nothing is neglected and nothing is exaggerated. One result of this is the division of one's day and life in such a manner as to allow sufficient time for performance of one's duties, responsibilities and work, and also to allow time for fun, delights, pleasures and for physical rest. Any lack of balance in this respect is seen as an obstacle and a hindrance to one's proper spiritual progression.



Because of the dominance of spiritual values in the new era and the general trend toward becoming more and more spiritual, that is, a better and better human being, the only criteria taken into consideration in human relations and appointments of positions of leadership and similar matters is the degree and quality of love for the common good and use, and the extent of wisdom for application of such love. There are no prejudices or concerns whatsoever regarding any external characteristics such as nationality, race, group, majority, minority, religion or gender. The only discrimination which exists is the discrimination of freely chosen destiny and assignment for the span of earthly life in the physical body which determines the quality of one's love for use and degree of wisdom for creative realization and actualization of one's abilities.



The same considerations are taken with regard to personal relationships. They are always determined by the level, degree and the qualities of one's love and wisdom. Since everyone is different and in a different degree and level of one's spiritual progression, one does not form a close relationship with someone who is in a entirely different position, level, state, or process from one's own spiritual progression. There would be misunderstanding and counter-productivity in such a relationship; no use could be derived from it. In order to avoid the phenomenon of alienation, there are people who serve as liaisons among various degrees and levels of progression to coordinate and mediate all such relationships. They are endowed with special abilities, talent and gifts from the Most High to do this important work.



Because everyone in society has for a purpose and goal the common good and spiritual progression of everyone, everyone has complete freedom of expression and unlimited opportunity for one's creative effort. No restrictions or conditions can be put on anyone. In such a style of life and condition and human relations, no ulterior motivations are conceivable or retainable.



Mutual respect, acceptance and consideration for human dignity and rights are always determined by inner spiritual values and qualities and their service to the common good and use. ho considerations are given to external position, external appearance or any other external sign related to external nature. The values and determinators of any relations are derived from what is "within" and not from what is "without". The quality of "without" is only as valuable as the quality of "within".



In the new era the formation of family ties and establishment of relatives takes place on the basis of similarities of spiritual qualities and degree of the sameness of position, level and place in relationship to one's spiritual progression. There are no ties with so-called blood relations or to biological and physical characteristics unless they happen to be of a similar spiritual quality and on a similar level of spiritual progression.



Marital relationships are established by direct appointment of the Most High. Only the Most High can know the precise quality of the principles of masculinity represented by one particular male in relationship to the precisely matched quality of principles of femininity represented by one particular female, and vice versa, suitable for the unification of those principles and for continuous exchange in such a manner as to really be able to produce new creative ideas for the benefit of all creation by becoming one. This is a true spiritual marriage. Such a marriage can be instituted exclusively by the Most High. Since everyone has open access to the spiritual world and has the right and privilege to communicate directly with the Most High, this is not a problem. No one else can unite two people in marriage regardless as to whether it is done in the name of the Most High or not. In the new era no other marriage is conceivable or acceptable.



In the new era every relationship serves for spiritual purposes and for the realization of all creative effort. This requires a complete freedom of exchange of ideas on all levels. For that reason, in sexual relationships between the opposite characteristics of femininity and masculinity, there is a continuous free sexual exchange for the purpose of mutual stimulation of everyone's own creative effort through contributing in such intercourse by one's own specific and unique characteristics. Therefore sexual intercourse is used as a most valuable tool for the sole purpose of sharing, giving, receiving and reciprocating, and for the pleasure and delight of this exchange which leads to greater self-awareness and more intense spiritual progression for the participants. ho concept, thought or feeling of possession, jealousy or exclusive rights are conceivable or acceptable in such an arrangement.



Style of life and human relations of the new era are enhanced and immensely enriched by space travel and frequent communication and mutual exchange of experiences and accomplishments with all other sentient entities of both spiritual and physical universes. This broadens considerably the perspective of people and makes their life exciting, variable and more productive and creative. Whatever contributes to one's creativity and productivity ultimately contributes to one's spiritual progression.



Because everyone in the new era has full awareness, knowledge and information about one's choices and one's purpose of life, everyone is free of worries, anxieties, uncertainties and fear of the unknown. This gives one a sense of gratitude and appreciation which leads toward the sharing of joy, delight, pleasure and happiness of life. In leisure time such delight, joy, happiness, pleasure, thankfulness and gratitude are expressed in various celebrations, feasts and social events which are an integral part of everyone's life. They all serve the spiritual purpose as a reminder of one's freedom and independency and free participation in the great creative effort and spiritual progression of all creation.



As mentioned previously, everything in the style of life and human relations of the new era is balanced and harmonized. Because everything derives and strives from and to spirituality, manifested by the positive state and process of love and wisdom of the Most High, no illnesses plague anyone. The concept of death as a painful separation from life is unknown. Instead, everyone is prepared to leave one's physical body as soon as one fulfills one's mission and purpose of life during one's span on Earth. In the moment of readiness, one falls into peaceful sleep, during which time one separates oneself from one's body and transits to the intermediate world. Because the access to that world is open to anyone, anyone who needs or desires to continue in relationships or communi­cation with a departed one can do so without any problem, if both agree and if some spiritual use can be derived from continuation of their relationship. Therefore, no sense of painful loss, or of missing the departed one, is feasible in the new era.



Mutual friendship among people is established only on a spiritual basis. Its purpose is to share, to help, to support and to exchange everything available for one another's spiritual progression. Such friendship is characterized by respect of one's freedom, by loyalty, devotion and by deep love and appreciation of one's being and existence. No other motives enter into any such relationship. It lasts as long as is necessary and needed and as long as it is of mutual benefit and use. Once it has served its purpose and no further use can be derived from the friendship, both participants terminate it with great appreciation, thankfulness and gratitude for the experience they shared in the process.



Style of life and human relations of the new era incorporate a regard and respect for one's natural or physical environment. Everyone is aware that, for sometime, one is going to live in the natural environment which is an integral part of one's life on Earth. Earth, as all else, is the creation of the Most High for the purpose of accommodating special and unique sentient entities - human beings. Therefore, there are ingrained certain laws and rules which serve the function of harmonizing all its aspects. Because of this deep spiritual connotation, people of the new era respect nature, the ecological balance, and live in full harmony with their natural environment. !t is looked upon as an exquisite means for one's spiritual progression.


The new era of mankind also requires a new understanding and practice of spirituality. There are several principles which establish the content and form of this spirituality for the beginning step in human spiritual progression. The emphasis here is on the beginning since the quality and the content of such spirituality is dynamic and changeable as one transcends one's preceding step and goes into each successive higher spiritual step.



In the new era all concepts of spirituality are derived from the idea of the nature of the Most High. As mentioned previously, this is the most important and crucial issue of spirituality in general and human spirituality in particular. It reflects a true spiritual quality of any society of mankind or individual. The central theme of the new spirituality can be expressed in the statement that for everyone's spiritual awareness there is and will be only one Most High who is the Absolute Oneness and Unity of all principles and who is manifested in creation in infinite varieties and infinite numbers of aspects and expressions. Any implications, even remote ones, of the possibility of the existence of three or more Gods in any form or understanding is a horrid thought which signifies only one thing: there is something terribly wrong with human spirituality. Therefore, one of the most important implications, verifications and checkpoints for the soundness of spirituality can be found in the concept of the Most High one acquires. As long as it is derived from the concept of oneness and unity, with clear understanding that there can be only one God or one Most High and not three or several, then the spirituality is sound. Any doubts, deviations, thoughts, feelings or considerations that are contrary to such a concept signify that there is something terribly wrong with one's spirituality.


This is the most crucial issue of the entire spirituality on which mankind stands or falls. The whole history of pseudo­-mankind is a vivid and living example of such an occurrence.


Various names which are used in approaching the one Most High are considered only one of the infinite aspects that describe one or more specific traits by which the nature of the Most High can be grasped by one who prefers that particular name in accordance with one's specific spiritual needs. But that one clearly understands that it is only a name of one trait or aspect of the one Most High and not of the Most High in His/Her entire Absolute Nature.



The concept of the one Most High with many names determines also the type, procedure and ways of worshipping Him/Her. It was already pointed out previously that in the new era there are no external ritualistic ceremonial type of worships. The true worship of the one Most High is done exclusively by performance of use, actions and deeds, by practical life, by doing one's best and by fulfillment of one's mission and purpose of life. Now, this is not to say that people will not get together for special types of gatherings devoted solely to the sharing of personal and subjective spiritual experiences and results of communication with the spiritual world. They do take place and they are coordinated specifically for such purpose. Also, periodical direct revelations from the Most High, as they are necessary for each new step in the spiritual progression of mankind, are given through persons specially appointed by the Most High for that particular purpose, and are revealed, shared, interpreted and explained both during such gatherings and by other available means of communication. Also, during such gatherings there is a sharing taking place of everyone's personal revelation from the Most High and through one's spiritual advisors about one's preparation for transcending the preceding step and starting a new, successive and higher spiritual step. This is the form true worship takes place in the new era.



The source, the life and the practice of individual spirituality, as pointed out previously, is established by direct communication with one's spiritual advisors, the Inner Mind, and specifically with the highest spiritual advisor. Whatever is needed and necessary for one's spiritual growth, betterment and progression, is available to anyone who asks. The principle here is that nothing is being given or revealed to anyone unless one asks from one's own free will and by one's own free choice. To impose anything on anyone would be in violation of one's freedom of choice. Such an imposition is inconceivable and impossible for any spiritual advisors. The Most High made in this respect a special provision and safeguard that if an individual does not ask, no spiritual advisor can utter a word or can be heard, no matter how hard he or she tries to get through to the advisoree. One is always responsible for one's life with full consequences of one's choices. This is one of the major principles of the new spirituality. This fact is known to everyone. Therefore in communication with the spiritual advisors everyone always asks for general and specific answers, inspirations, interpretations, revelations and exchange of services that are needed for any particular day. One usually ends one's session with the spiritual advisors by asking the important question: is there anything else that needs to be asked, considered, revealed or discussed that for one reason or another skipped one's mind? How can one be of service and use to one's own spiritual advisors in the best possible and most needed ways? By such a daily pre-farewell any oversight of important issues is prevented and the principle of mutual service, love and reciprocity is preserved.



Everyone in the new era is aware and practices a very important rule of spirituality. As mentioned previously, the concept of spirituality is described in active, dynamic and progressive terms because it is truly a continuous flow and onward, forward movement. There are no ideas of stagnancy or of a stationary connotation in such understandings and perceptions of true spirituality. Therefore, the structure of one's perception and participation in spirituality is determined by one's openness to new spiritual ideas which are continuously flowing. The degree of openness is determined by flexibility and mobility used in giving up old concepts which have outlived their usefulness, and in accepting and incorporating in one's life new spiritual ideas. The true spiritual rule here is that only in open-mindedness, open-heartedness, flexibility, mobility and adjustability, can one find the true blessing of the Most High. One is truly blessed by such an approach.



For the above-stated principle, in the new era all spiritual issues are based on the universal fact and principle that everything in regard to spirituality is revealed in successive steps and that spiritual progression is founded on the progressiveness and creativeness of its ideas which are continuously changing. Everyone is aware that the Most High, by virtue of His/Her Absolute Nature and the Absolute Creative Effort, creates continuously fresh, new and more spiritual ideas which are supplied to all creation for its spiritual needs, happiness and bliss. The Most High cannot ever run out of new ideas or rest His/Her case, proclaiming that there is nothing more to add or to create. Such a situation would mean the end of all creation. For this reason, the new spirituality is based on the principles of change and progression in all levels and degrees and in all respects.



The very important spiritual principle, upon which the new spirituality is based, can be found in recognition, acceptance and practice of the fact that everything in the life of everyone or in the life of all creation, without any exception, inclusively and exclusively, in all imaginable respects, is related to spirituality; and that the life of spirituality is to desire and to do good, to be wise and to continuously progress to a higher level of spiritual awareness. This principle is a modification and rebeautification of the principle that was revealed to Emanuel Swedenborg: "All life is related to religion, and the life of religion is to do good".


By this principle everyone's life is motivated, influenced and guided. All other so-called non-spiritual events and happenings in life are considered to be the correspondent factors of spirituality, their concrete or symbolical expression which enables them to occur and to take place. The life and action of anything at all, without exception, is given by the spirituality to which it corresponds.



From these principles is derived a more general principle of the new spirituality. There is a continuous awareness, acceptance and practice by everyone that all human systems and human activities are representations, correspondences and expressions of the Absolute Spiritual Principles of the Most High in specificity and uniqueness of their relative states and processes. Such a conception moves everyone to develop a deep respect and appreciation of them because in them one can see, feel and experience a continu­ous presence of the Most High who is in all His/Her principles and their infinite relative manifestations as in His/Her own.


Such approach and understanding of the human systems and activities prevents them from becoming separated, self­-centered, self-directed and self-perpetuated. They are looked upon only as a result of the Absolute Creative Effort of the Most High who continuously reveals, modifies, adds and creates better and better systems and activities for the spiritual needs and progression of all creation.


All the above-mentioned spiritual principles of the new spirituality are modifiable, changeable and flexible and there are in existence spiritual principles that transcend the described ones. They will supersede, build on to or retain the presented ones in accordance with the needs and the structure of the next step in the spiritual progression of mankind.”




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