Chapter Seven


Perspectives and Future Possibilities of Humans' Development and their Spiritual Progression



Content of „Fundamentals of Human Spirituality“, pg. 478 - 483, Part III. - Chapter Seven


“The structure of all creation was and is constructed in such a manner as to provide continuous opportunities for making free choices of its own development. Such an arrangement requires that various alternatives are presented to all. This rule has universal and general application. It means that not only individuals and any separate sentient entity are given a choice and provided with relevant alternatives for making such choices, but the same is true in respect to the whole society, to mankind, planets, solar systems, galaxies, universes and to all other dimensions. The individual choice is matched by the Most High to the chosen trends within a universe in "line" such as a particular planet, solar system, galaxy, or physical universe with its corresponding spiritual and intermediate dimensions. Such a match leads to one's incarnation into a relevant, for one's choices, specific place in creation. No other place would give one necessary sets, environments and opportunities for fulfillment of one's purpose and goal of chosen style of life and the relevant mode of spiritual progression.


So, if one is incarnated, for example, on the planet Earth, the specific development and the mode of spiritual progression of everyone on that planet would necessarily match the needs and specificity of life of each incarnated one (a human being). No other arrangement would make any sense.


In the view of this important principle, one can perceive that the people of the planet Earth, and everyone else in creation, have freedom of choice and alternatives to choose from as a single whole sentient entity because, as mentioned many times before, the whole mankind in the whole universe appears before the Most High as one sentient entity - in this particular context as one human being.


In the past, up to the moment of complete collapse and elimination of all human systems and after the end of the human era, the choice of mankind was to experience and to illustrate the outcomes and consequences of recession from true spiritual principles. By their free choice they became the living, concrete and vivid example for illustrating to all other creation and to themselves what it means and how it is to be without spirituality or to have a distorted spirituality.


Now, at the present time, the usefulness of that choice has been exhausted and creation has received its answer and learned its lesson.


From this stems the following question: What is next? What are the perspectives and future possibilities of human development and spiritual progression?


Mankind on Earth as a whole will face a new choice. In order that it may choose, it is being provided with several alternatives. Some of these alternatives are now being revealed:



One of the ways of future spiritual progression of mankind can be found in return to the original and initial progressive step at the point where it was stopped and interrupted by the pseudo-creators. From that point of interruption mankind can begin again and continuously build on it, picking up where it was abandoned. If such choice is made, all knowledge of that particular line of progression will be open and fully accessible to mankind up to that point. It will be utilized for the purpose of continuing in the same line of progression which the first mankind of the planet Earth chose to pursue. Since every line of such chosen progression continues to eternity always with new creative ideas and their actualization, the continuous spiritual progression of mankind would be secured and provided forever. No further interruption of such progression would be necessary unless mankind chose to do so or change at one point the "line" of progression. Such opportunities and possibilities are provided continuously to all creation by the Most High so that no one is locked forever in one particular state and process.



The second alternative is to put aside the line of progression of the ancient times of the first mankind and start a completely new and qualitatively different and unique line which differs from any previous line of progression, utilizing the available methodologies and technologies that were known and used to form the old ones but with a development of its own methodologies and technologies suitable to the chosen specific new line. Again, if the second alternative is chosen, all sets, opportunities and proper necessities will be provided by the Most High so that the new mankind can pursue such spiritual and relevant endeavors, which would foster its spiritual growth. Such arrangements, again, assure continuous spiritual progression of this new mankind as long as mankind desires to continue in it.



Another alternative is a combination of both alternatives described above. New mankind can choose some aspects of the old, interrupted line and incorporate that line's spiritual ideas in the newly chosen line in such a manner that both will acquire a completely different and new meaning. Any combination of two creative ideas produces a unique and new line of progression which can be followed and developed to eternity if useful and necessary.



The fourth alternative available to the new mankind is in studying and exploring all states and processes that have taken place in all (corresponding to mankind) dimensions, levels, places, planets and physical universes and to pay attention to the specificity and uniqueness of their spiritual progression with all styles of life and relations relevant to them, and to utilize them by selecting certain aspects that can be creatively incorporated in building a new line of spiritual progression for people of the planet Earth. This alternative would give the mankind a great opportunity to form a unique combination of all ideas and of all states and processes corresponding to it. It would give them a completely different and special meaning which does not as yet exist anywhere else in creation. Again, such a newly created, unique conglomeration of different ideas is transformed in a special "line" of spiritual progression that can be creatively and productively followed to eternity or as long as it is useful, necessary and mankind chooses to do so. If this alternative is taken, the access to all respective states and processes considered relevant to the corresponding factors of the position of the planet Earth are fully opened and all experiences are made available to mankind in order to provide mankind the greatest use for its respective spiritual progression.


These are the basic four alternatives presently revealed to people which will be available to mankind to determine all perspectives and future possibilities of its development. It is quite feasible and conceivable that there are many more alternatives to choose from, but these four are the choices being revealed at the present time. When mankind is prepared and ready to make such choice, all alternatives will be presented to it in their completeness, with all consequences and outcomes of any chosen alternative.


The next important question which requires an answer is whether it will be possible for mankind to return to its previous negative state and process which hampered and stopped its spiritual progression?


As described previously, at that time all hells will be closed and separated form mankind. No negative ideas or desires of evil nature or intent will be allowed to influence or flood the human mind. Nothing will be supplying polluted, contaminated and poisonous materials to mankind. At the same time, no one or nothing will be adding to hells by choosing to go there. The complete separation and isolation of hells might lead all their inhabitants, eventually, to give up the abnormal, unnatural and pathological style of life and regressive trends and, instead, join the rest of creation in its continuous spiritual progression. Once and if it happens, the entire states and processes of hells will be eliminated. All hells will disappear from their being and existence and there will be nothing to stimulate or infuse any negative and opposing trends.


However, as long as hells persist and are available for choice, even if they are closed, they can be reopened again.


The only way they can be reopened again is by the desire of something negative or evil. Whenever such desires occur in the human mind in the form of any idea, they become a key for the opening the doors of hells, and that idea is instantly conjoined to its corresponding negative factors and all states and conditions related to it that flood the mind of the wisher with all their consequences. This is a very remote possibility.


However, safeguards are provided against such an occurrence. The continuous communication with the spiritual world, spiritual advisors and one's own Inner Mind prevent conception of ideas or desires of such a negative nature. The knowledge of all dire consequences of the acceptance of such ideas and allowing them to take hold of one's mind is always present. As long as hells are in existence, it is impossible to avoid entirely such ideas coming into the mind, but it is very possible and very easy not to allow them to take hold of one's mind, for as soon as they enter one can flood them out and cast them away. In this way the opening of the doors of the hells cannot take place.


A reversion to the previous negative state and process of the whole pseudo-mankind is very difficult to envision. However, one must be aware that the potentiality for choosing such an alternative is always there. Once something is experienced and lived through, it is always available as an alternative for a choice. Freedom of choice is always present. However, the potentiality doesn't need to be explored or actualized ever again. With all the built-in safeguards against anything similar happening again, one can be assured by the mercy of the Absolute Providence of the Most High that the only way mankind will choose is the way of normal, natural and healthy flow of continuous spiritual progression, hand in hand with all other creation in its entirety.


In conclusion, it is necessary to repeat again and again that what is presented here was revealed and is relevant only for the next beginning step of people's spiritual progression. Therefore, in no way it should be considered as an ultimate, Absolute Truth that is the final word of the Most High. Once the usefulness of the beginning step in mankind's spiritual progression is completely exhausted, a new step will come into existence which will bring with itself a new revelation with understanding and concepts of spirituality transcending those revealed in this book.


One must take all ideas, concepts and statements revealed in this book in this progressive manner and avoid, at all costs, any rigid, dogmatic and blind clinging to them. Truth is dynamic; the dynamic truth eternally approximates the Absolute Truth of the Most High.


Any redundancy in this book is purposeful in order to emphasize the basic principles on which the conclusions were built.


The presented ideas and concepts are for consideration only by anyone who cares to read them and to think about them. No other purposes or requirements are claimed here for anyone. For a command and an order cannot come from the outside or from someone else; it is from one's heart only.”




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