On Various Types Of Revelations And How To

 Properly Verify Their Source And Validity



Content of „Major Ideas Of The New Revelation“, pg. 1- 10, Chapter I.


It is necessary for everyone, who is willing by his/her free choice and free will to listen to and to accept what is going to be revealed, to realize the following important facts: When the true Most High assigns someone to be a transmitter of the New Revelation, revelation which has universal impli­cations, this is done not only by simple transmission of words, ideas, concepts and thoughts, but also by all aspects of the life of such a transmitter. This means whenever that person functions as a true speaker of the Most High, what­ever he says, does, feels, manifests, and the manner in which he behaves, acts and responds to the events and happenings of his life is being utilized by the Most High to trigger certain reactions, states, processes, events and procedures through­out all levels, degrees, steps and dimensions of the Most High's Creation and throughout the entire Zone of Displace­ment, that is, all the hells in the spiritual world, all the hells in the intermediate world and all the hells in the natural world. To a certain extent this is also true of all people who come in contact with such a true speaker of the Most High at one time or another. Such is the mission and function of the trans­mitter of any new revelations throughout the history of the planet Earth since its fallout into the Zone of Displacement. Therefore, you are being advised to never limit such reac­tions, statements, behaviors, actions and content of the let­ters and any writings only to a local and personal level of understanding, but instead you are advised to see them or to intuit them in the higher sense of involvement of all living and breathing entities, everywhere without exception or exclusion.


You have to realize that there are literally infinite numbers of different levels of spiritual awareness. Everyone functions from the level of chosen, individualized spiritual awareness and is connected to all others throughout the entire Creation who are in affinity to such a spiritual awareness in the positive state and to all of those who oppose or who are counterparts of such a spiritual awareness in the negative state. Thus everyone who comes in contact with such a speaker is involved in this manner, regardless of whether that one is or is not consciously or from the standpoint of one's external mind, aware of this vital, crucial and important fact.


However, there are different types of revelations trans­mitted by the Most High to certain people on this Earth. There is one new revelation which is transmitted occasionally to someone appointed by the Most High for this specific pur­pose. This kind of revelation always has a universal implica­tion and comes at certain crucial points of humankind's his­tory and the history of the Zone of Displacement. Usually this happens when a new age or a new era or an important step in the spiritual progression is ready to commence or to come to its fruition. For certain important spiritual reasons, for each particular time, when this kind of universal revela­tion is being transmitted, only one person is assigned by the Most High to be a transmitter of that new revelation. It is dif­ficult to understand why only one person is chosen. However, everyone will understand this at a later time. One reason for this is that at crucial points in the ending of any age or era or period or step, it is necessary and vitally important to pre­serve the cohesiveness, oneness and integrity of the new spir­itual ideas that are being revealed. Under those conditions it would be spiritually extremely dangerous to allow such ideas to be misinterpreted or misunderstood or in any manner distorted or split or diffused. Particularly since such revela­tions are transmitted into the Zone of Displacement where negative and evil forces continuously are using everything in their power to distort and mutilate those new ideas, their transmission through several different persons would endan­ger the purity of their content. Be aware that the danger of distortion is greater when such ideas are transmitted through several people rather than through one who is equipped with special tools of detection of any possible distortion. If distor­tion would occur, this would make it impossible for the new age or step or period or era to start its own progression.


However, the variety and diversity of the content of ideas of this general, universal new revelation is subsequently redistributed in a more specific manner through so-called local, regional and individual revelations that do come through several people. There are many other important reasons why it is necessary to do so. People will learn about these reasons at a later time, if not on this earth, then in the spiritual world.


Secondly, there are several planetary, regional and local types of revelations that do not have the above mentioned universal implications but are valid only for that planet or region or country or locale in which they take place. In most instances, these types of revelations stem from and are based on the new universal revelation as described in point number one. Now these types of revelations are transmitted through more people in various regions and states of one planet. Such revelations continue throughout the history of mankind and have great spiritual value within the systems and places in which they are given. Usually they are given for a purpose of accommodating more general universal types of principles and ideas of the new revelation to the specificity of any respective region, area or locality or planet. Unfortunately, most people, including the revelators themselves, very often have a tendency to perceive these types of revelations as hav­ing universal significance and meaning of generalized proportions. This leads its followers toward attempts to forcefully impose on others from different regions their own views and opinions as though they are the only correct ones. This leads to the development of many major diverse religions that start to be intolerant of one another. Many tragedies ensue from such forceful impositions and intolerance as the history of religious wars that rage continuously on planet Earth so vividly illustrate.


Thirdly, there are many revelations of a personal nature. They usually relate to one or several interrelated individuals. Again, in its basic proportion it stems from the general ideas of the universal revelation that are even more specifically re­distributed or accommodated to the needs of that individual or individuals than the regional, planetary and local type of revelations. Again, these types of revelations have great spir­itual value for those individuals and their spiritual growth as long as they don't perceive it as having either regional, plane­tary or universal implication and significance. Unfortunately, many individuals under the influence of the negative state, have a tendency to perceive their personal revelations as hav­ing such universal or regional or planetary significance or implication. This usually ends up in the establishment of religious sects, cults, brotherhoods and various other pseudo­spiritual organizations in which the negative and evil forces thrive and multiply. Once again the history of humankind on planet Earth is full of vivid illustrations of this kind of situa­tion.


And finally, fourthly, there are numerous pseudo-new revelations, pseudo-regional, local or planetary types of reve­lations and pseudo-individual or personal revelations, as there are many true and pseudo-new born-again Christians and true and pseudo-types of new age people that relate to such revelations. It is necessary for one to be constantly aware that the hellish pseudo-societies and their self-­proclaimed pseudo-leaders and at the present time, particu­larly the pseudo-New Hellish Society, always counter-reveal falsities in the exact amount and opposition to the true new revelations at all their levels. Unfortunately for people on planet Earth, these pseudo-new revelations utilize the truths of the true revelation which they steal for that purpose. Sometimes as much as fifty percent or more of such a pseudo-­revelation contains the stolen truths to which they add their own falsities and distortions and present them to people as if they are coming from the Most High or someone from the spiritual world supposedly appointed by the Most High. Because many stolen truths from the new revelation are con­tained in these kinds of pseudo-revelations, people tend to consider them true and valid and accept them in their lives. Thus they accept the falsified truths that lead them to evil acts, deeds, misery, suffering, and all kinds of problems. And, of course, it leads to continuous perpetuation of the existence and being of the negative state. Because at the pres­ent time more than two thirds of humankind is basically of the negative nature, more than two thirds of people will readily accept the pseudo-new revelation rather than the true New Revelation. Only a minority of people are willing to ac­cept the ideas of the true New Revelation (for the time being).


But how does one recognize a true revelation from a false revelation? In order to give one a proper spiritual tool to enable one to make such a distinction beyond the shadow of a doubt, the following test points are being revealed by the true Most High. As of this day, until further notice from the true Most High, this will be the only valid and effective tool for recognizing whether any revelation is true or false.



Each new universal, regional, local or personal reve­lation has to adhere, acknowledge and promulgate seven principles of spiritual homogeneity that were revealed in the book "Messages From Within" (Message 8, pages 46-54). One is advised to study and memorize carefully that message and to use those seven principles of spiritual homogeneity for testing of any spiritual revelation. Should any principle be missing, one can be assured that that kind of revelation is not coming from the true Most High.



Carefully explore how the claim of the New Revela­tion presents to one the true nature of the true Most High. Is the true Most High the same as Jesus Christ that has many names? Is the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ the same as Krishna, Allah, Vishnu, Shiva, Buddha or whatever name is used? Is it the same One Indivisible God and there is no other God, the Creator? Is there any deviation from this concep­tualization of the nature of the Most High which indicates that the New Revelation is not coming from the Most High?


The important principle within this point is to realize and be aware that this principle is the most valid test tool of whether this new revelation is or is not coming from the true Most High. It is the acceptance, recognition and promulga­tion of the Human Divine and Divine Human of the Most High, recognition that the Most High in the form of Jesus Christ, Himself/Herself incarnated on planet Earth, assumed the physical body that was originally fabricated by the pseu­do-creators, that type of body, and then made that body Divine and conjoined it and unified it with Divine Essence which is the Most High, or called very often in the Bible by the name, Father. Thus Jesus Christ in that physical form became an everlasting Father, Mighty God, the true Most High that incorporates all aspects of the Absolute Nature of the Most High and in various aspects known to people on planet Earth by such names as Buddha, Krishna, Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma, Allah, Great Spirit, Manitou or whatever other names people use.



The true revelation that comes from the Most High always is presented in the spirit of freedom of choice. Thus no prohibitions, no restrictions, no taboos, no limitations, no externalizations are present in such revelations. The true reve­lation never tells you what to eat or not to eat, how to dress or not to dress, how to pray or not to pray, what to avoid or not to avoid or that one must do this or that or otherwise one will not be saved. In fact, the true new revelation that comes from the Most High tells one that one is free to do everything, to eat everything, as long as one does it with positive, good and right motivation and intent for mutual benefit, common good, sharing, exchange and use to all in the Most High's Creation from the position of unconditional love and wis­dom. It doesn't dictate to anyone or require one to perform any such laborious exercises such as are very often reflected in yoga practices and similar practices that supposedly lead one to greater spiritual awareness and physical well-being. This is restricting and limiting. They have some value but there are much better tools to accomplish the same thing in a much better, faster and lasting manner. As one remembers, two of those tools are spiritual self-hypnosis and deep meditation.



The true revelation that is coming from the true Most High never contains the endorsement of the possibility of physical, literal reincarnation. The true revelation that comes from the Most High emphasizes continuous spiritual progression and not regression: It emphasizes that what is being reincarnated is one's will, desire and intentions but not spirit.



The true revelation of the true Most High, Lord Jesus Christ, recognizes that the Holy Bible in its internal sense, which is contained in 35 books, is the true Word of God and usually the New Revelation stems from this true Word of God. This fifth point becomes relevant as of now or quite recently since the typical and specific human era was ended in the world of spirits as recorded in "Messages From Within." Before that period of time other scriptures were equally used to bring some local and regional revelations. However, the situation changed since that time and now the emphasis is on the Holy Bible because the all-out spiritual war, which is enticed by the hells, is led against the proper understanding of the nature of Jesus Christ as reflected in Christianity and in the Holy Bible. As of now, everything stands or falls on the outcome of that war.



The true New Revelation of universal implication can come only from the true Most High, Lord Jesus Christ. No one else can transmit this type of revelation. If such reve­lation comes in the name of Krishna, Buddha, Allah, or any other name, it has to adhere to the seven principles of spir­itual homogeneity and it has to contain the statement that Krishna, Buddha, Allah are the same as the Lord Jesus Christ. If such statement is not present in that revelation, it is not from the true Most High.



The true revelation that is coming from the true Most High does not contain any specific prediction of the future and doomsday nor abominable and atrocious claims that the Christ reincarnated back on planet Earth and is already among us, as many people of this so-called new age, pseudo-new age, claim. As one knows so well, people have a misunderstanding of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and believe that there will be a literal appearance of Jesus Christ as far as Christianity is concerned or the fifth reincarnation of Buddha as far as Buddhism is concerned, or the coming of the Messiah as far as Judaism is concerned, or the coming of Imman Mahdy as far as Islamism is concerned or Moslems, or of the coming of Krishna as far as Hinduism is concerned. There is another misconception or tendency of the so-called pseudo-new age people to believe that the Christ, Buddha, Messiah, Imman Mahdy and Krishna are all reincarnated as Lord Maitreya who is somewhere on the planet Earth in secrecy preparing himself to appear to mankind as the Christ. These are extremely dangerous concepts. Let me remind everyone what the Lord Jesus Christ said about these things in the Holy Bible. Open first the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 24: 4-5. He says "Take heed that no one deceives you for many will come in My name saying `I am the Christ' and will deceive many." Verse 11: "Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many." Verses 23-27: "Then if any one says to you `Look, here is the Christ or there', don't believe it for false Christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders so as to deceive, if possible even the elect." Now take into consideration here the words "show great signs and wonders" because it will relate to the next point. Continue reading: "See I have told you beforehand. Therefore if they say to you `Look, He is in the desert (meaning the Christ) don't go out. Or He is in the inner rooms, don't believe it, for as the lightening comes from the east and flashes to the west so also will the coming of the Son of Man be." Now read in the Gospel According to Luke, Chapter 21: 8: "Take heed that you not be deceived for many will come in my name say­ing `I am He,' and the time has drawn near, therefore, do not go after them." And you can also find similar statements in the Gospel According to Mark, Chapter 13: 5-6, 21-23. Now if these statements are not clear and showing beyond the shadow of a doubt the truthfulness of these points that are being outlined here then nothing else will convince anyone. How does one understand the true Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ which comes suddenly? This is a personal experience. The coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Second Coming happens within one. Discovery of the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ is within one's Inner Mind, as is happening right now with the tools and means that were developed by the Most High through this new tool known under the name of spiritual hypnosis. By the way, this is not the appropriate name but it will suffice as long as the negative state is acti­vated and domineers. The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ happens within everyone when one goes inward, going back Home, and discovers the Lord Jesus Christ, the Most High within. And this is one of the many, important, true meanings of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.



Any new revelation that is using miracles, signs and wonders to prove the truthfulness of its content and thus forcefully imposes through such miracles, signs and wonders the verity of such revelation and the necessity to follow it instead of emphasizing free choice and free will to accept or not to accept the content of such revelation thus putting responsibility for decision making on people themselves, any such revelation, one can be assured, is not coming from the true Most High.



And finally, any revelation that contains within its ideas the idea of eternal damnation, finality of states and conditions, and unchangeability and claims that people can be condemned for eternity into hell and they never can come out or change is not coming from the true Most High.


Now, the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, One Indivisible God is giving everyone, who reads this, these tools, points, signs, whatever one wants to call them, to be able to use them for testing all spirits, all revelations and everything that happens in writing, proclamations or in one's own trances. One is advised to study them carefully. One is advised, if possible, to memorize them. And if one wishes to accept them as true revelation from the Most High and to use them with good and positive intent, one will not be misled.”





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