On The Spiritual Meaning Of Chapter 7

 In Prophet Daniel In The Holy Bible



Content of „Major Ideas Of The New Revelation“, pg. 11- 24, Chapter II.


At this time one level of the internal sense of this Chap­ter, as relevant and related to this time and step, will be par­tially revealed.


The four winds of heaven signify in this connotation four fundamental and essential aspects of the Most High's true Absolute Nature. That they were stirring up the Great Sea signifies that those four fundamental and essential aspects of the Most High's true Absolute Nature immensely disturbed all the hells of the entire Zone of Displacement that cannot endure or accept the true nature of the Most High. Four great beasts came up from the sea, each different from the other, signifies in this connotation four different major persuasions fabricated in the deepest hells and transmitted throughout the Zone of Displacement in the form of existing religious doctrines or religions that were specifically desig­nated to continuously falsify the truth about the true nature of the Most High and particularly regarding those four essen­tials and substantials of the Most High's Absolute Nature.


Briefly stated, the four fundamental and essential Abso­lute Aspects of the Most High are as follows:



The Most High is Absolute Divine Love and Abso­lute Divine Wisdom and their Absolute Union in the Abso­lute Spiritual Marriage of all principles of the Absolute Nature of the Most High. Thus the Most High is One Indivis­ible God in all His/Her Infinite and Absolute Aspects that include all principles of masculinity and all principles of femininity.



The Most High is the only and one Absolute Creator of everything that is. He/She created everything from Him­self/Herself and by Himself/Herself. Thus the Most High is ever present in every single particle as well as in the whole of Creation in an absolute sense. Again this principle reconfirms the principle that the Most High is One God Indivisible and that the Creation is a reflection of His/Her Oneness and His/ Her Absolute Nature.



The Most High is the Absolute Spiritual Being, Pure Absolute Consciousness and Pure Absolute Thought, Pure Absolute Sentiency and Pure Absolute Intelligence. The Most High is absolutely Self-Aware and Self-Contained and is life in Himself/Herself, by Himself/Herself and of Him­self/Herself. Thus He/She is the Absolute Life and all other lives derive from this Absolute Spiritual Nature of the Most High. Thus life is a spiritual idea that continuously radiates and emanates from the Absolute Life of the Most High.



The Most High is Absolute Creative Power and Divine Providence. He/She is the Supreme Lord, Ruler and Master of everything that is, including the entire Zone of Dis­placement. The Most High is the Lord Jesus Christ Who inte­grates and contains all these four fundamental and essential aspects of the Absolute Principles of the Most High's Abso­lute Nature.


Now, on recognition, acceptance and application of these four essential and fundamental aspects of the Most High's Absolute Nature, depend the state of being and exist­ence of everyone's spirituality. Understand, please, that these are the most important principles that integrate and contain all other principles.


For this reason, in order to establish, perpetuate, main­tain and fuel the negative state in its dominant or activated and domineering position, it is necessary for the negative state to fabricate ways and means to distort, pervert, mutilate and, if possible, to destroy such understanding, recognition, acceptance and application of these principles.


Therefore, in the deepest hells fabrication of dire persua­sions occurred in the form of four pseudo-principles directed against proper understanding, recognition, acceptance and application of the Absolute Nature of the Most High. These four pseudo-concepts, or pseudo-ideas or persuasions were transmitted throughout the entire Zone of Displacement and appeared on the planet Earth in the form of major religious doctrines and systems of churches that incorporate and in­clude all other sects, derivations, branches and so on and so forth of those religious doctrines.


As mentioned above, these four dire persuasions, false concepts, distorted versions, perversions and mutilations are symbolically described by four beasts that are coming out of the sea. The description of each beast or each specific beast is the description of the nature and quality of these dire false and evil persuasions regarding the nature of the Most High. They came out of the hells and penetrated all levels, degrees and steps of the entire Zone of Displacement.


Before proceeding with certain interpretations of those beasts and the 7th Chapter of Daniel it is worth noting that the above mentioned four absolute essential and substantial aspects of the Most High's Absolute Nature are reflected in the Most High's true Creation and on the true planet Earth by four major doctrines, concepts, ideas of spirituality which are incorporated in four major churches or religions that presently exist in the true Creation of the Most High. They exist in an undistorted, unmutilated, unperverted and pure condition and state. They reflect, contain, elaborate and build on those substantials and essentials of the Most High's Absolute Nature.


The first concept reflected in the Absolute Divine Love and the Absolute Divine Wisdom of the Most High and their unification and all their derivatives, is contained in the purity of its state in what is known as the Christian Church or Chris­tian Doctrine in the way that it was established by Jesus Christ Himself/Herself before any contamination occurred by the dire persuasions of the hells.


The second concept of the Most High's Absolute Nature is contained and reflected in its pure and unadulterated or genuine state in the doctrine or religion of Buddhism; this can be called the Buddhistic church.


The third concept of the Absolute Nature of the Most High as an Absolute Spiritual Being and all His/Her deriva­tives, essentials and substantials are reflected and contained in the spiritualistic trend and doctrine in its unadulterated, undistorted manner in the original, genuine way in Hinduism or we can call it the Church of Hinduism.


And, finally, the fourth concept of the Most High being Absolute Creative Power and Divine Providence and all its derivatives and various infinite manifestations are reflected in the spiritualistic trend or doctrine which is represented by Islamic, Moslem or Mohammed's church as it was established by the Most High in its genuine, pure and uncontaminated condition.


Now, the four great beasts which came up from the sea were fabricated in the deepest hells for the purpose of pene­trating, contaminating, polluting and poisoning the original purity and genuineness of the truths contained in those four major spiritual trends, doctrines, churches or religions.


The first beast was like a lion and had eagle wings. On the pseudo-planet Earth, at the present time, this beast represents the Judeo-Christian doctrine and church and all its derivatives that dominate most of humankind. The lion with eagle's wings represents or signifies the total falsification of everything related to these substantial and essential principles of the Most High's Absolute Nature as represented by Jesus Christ and reflected in various Judeo-Christian doctrines throughout the world and their various sects, branches and religious persuasions. That it's wings were plucked off signi­fies total loss of any sense of true spirituality as related to humans in their relationship to their Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ. That it was made to stand on two feet like a man and the man's heart was given to it signifies total externalization of all spiritual principles and placement of all values of life in outward, external, material, corporeal and valueless things. Thus it signifies materialization of spirituality or placement of everything in the upside down position. This signifies that at the present time within the Judeo-Christian churches noth­ing of truth and nothing of good remains. They are totally devoid of anything spiritual in their essence and substance regardless of how much they pretend and talk and appear to be spiritual.


The second beast was like a bear. It was raised up on one side and had three ribs in its mouth between its teeth and they said thus to it, "Arise, devour much flesh". This beast signi­fies or represents the second major persuasion of evils and falsities that are contained in the Buddhistic religion or church. That it was raised up on one side signifies its one­sided preoccupation with the acquirement of bliss through the wrong external means of various practices, prescriptions and procedures as contained in that religion. That it had three ribs in its mouth between its teeth signifies total sensuali­zation of its understanding of the ways and means of accom­plishing spiritual awareness and disregard for the need and reality of the exterior degree that functions as a foundation on which spirituality is built. This is signified by the words "arise, devour much flesh". Such an attitude leads ultimately to the perversion of the second substantial and essential prin­ciple of the Most High's nature (that the Most High is present in every single particle of His Creation and in all sentient beings) leading to the claim that those beings or those parti­cles of His nature are, in fact, God. This ends in total inward atheism. Thus in the presently existing condition on the planet Earth this religion was totally and completely pervert­ed and no matter how outwardly it appears holy and spirit­ual, inwardly in its essence it's empty and atheistic.


The third beast looked like a leopard which had on its back four wings of a bird. The beast also had four heads and dominion was given to it. This beast represents the third dire persuasion of the hells which is manifested on planet Earth in the form of the religion called Hinduism. That it had on its back four wings of a bird signifies its preoccupation with spiritual reality to the exclusion of any other reality that is utilized for the sole purpose of gaining dominion over the en­tire Creation by pretending to integrate all religious systems existing on the planet Earth under the disguise of tolerance for all spiritual concepts and ideas. This is represented by four heads and dominion was given to it. The presently exist­ing form of this religion on the planet Earth was totally pol­luted, contaminated and poisoned with the dire persuasion that came out of the hells in the form of a subtle acceptance of the negative state as equal to the positive state and the Most High as being the Absolute Originator of both states, that is, of good and evil. Such an acceptance destroyed this religion's true spiritual connotation. Thus nothing of true spirituality remains in that religion no matter how much out­wardly it seems spiritually tolerant and integrating all systems. The four wings and the four heads represent that integration and tolerance but, as mentioned above, it is for the purpose of overtaking and having dominion over every­thing in the Most High's Creation for the purpose of destroy­ing the third spiritual principle of the Most High's Absolute Nature that only the Most High is Absolute Life and Abso­lute Spiritual Being and only from the Most High can ema­nate true life, and that the Most High is the only originator of everything truly positive and good Who can never contain or originate anything evil or negative.


The fourth beast which is described as dreadful and ter­rible and exceedingly strong and which had huge iron teeth and it was devouring and breaking in pieces and trampling the residue with its feet and it was different from all the beasts that were before it and it had ten horns and all that followed subsequently signifies and represents the fourth most devastating and most dangerous dire persuasions fabri­cated in the hells in the form of the Islamic religion or Islamic church as it is in existence at the present time on planet Earth, plus all those from the Judeo-Christian, Buddhistic, and Hin­duistic religions and their derivatives that strive for power and dominion over everything in the Most High's Creation. Because of such striving it is said that it had iron teeth. Teeth means the most outward, external, sensual and sensorial means for conquering everything spiritual and destroying any proper ideas of the true spirituality regarding the Most High's Nature. Because it wants to rule and to have dominion over everything, it cannot tolerate anything else and therefore it destroys, breaks and tramples.


That little horn coming up from among ten horns before whom three of the first horns were plucked out by the roots and in which horns were eyes like the eyes of man and a mouth speaking pompous words signifies the most dire per­suasion of that religion reflected in events and states in Iran and in all other religions of terrorism, power hunger and destruction of everything spiritual so that they can take over everything in the Most High's Creation which is signified by pompous words that speak against the Most High.


These dire persuasions have the purpose of destroying the Absolute Creative Power of the Most High and deny in true essence and substance of their religion the true Most High as Supreme Lord, Ruler and Master of everything that is, including the entire Zone of Displacement. This is particu­larly true regarding the acceptance of the fact that only the Lord Jesus Christ has absolute dominion as follows in verses 13 and 14. This is the reason why the Islamic religion con­siders everyone who is not part of their religion an infidel and has for its ultimate purpose the elimination of everyone who is not part of that religion. Of course, this is all done in the most cunning manner under the pretense of serving Allah or God or Buddha or Krishna or whatever name people on the planet Earth use.


After establishment of these dire persuasions and at this time, they have, as of now, completely penetrated and totally devastated all spirituality in those four major religions and all their derivatives that exist on planet Earth. Nothing of truth, nothing of good whatsoever remains in them any longer. All genuine and original truths, and any subsequent good con­tained in those religions have now been completely and total­ly depleted and removed from them, and have been incorpo­rated in the New Revelation.


When this situation occurs, the Last Judgement of these dire persuasions and these religious forms and their various sects is initiated by the Most High. This is described in verse 9-10, and it is described by the total destruction of the beast's dominion, especially the one that lusts to take over the Crea­tive Power of the Most High as represented in all churches and the Islamic church. Notice, please, that initially the part which relates to the fourth beast, that is, the lust for power and dominion over the Most High's Creation that exist in those four dire persuasions and in the Islamic Church is elimi­nated, destroyed. However, the rest of the beasts, although they have their dominion taken away, had their lives pro­longed for a season and a time. This signifies that those parts or ideas or concepts or thoughts of the four dire persuasions of those religions that are not related to the dominion and lust for power and corruption of spirituality but to the other aspects of the Most High's Absolute Nature, which are per­verted, will be allowed to stay for some time in order to give people enough time for readjustment and acceptance of these facts about those four major religions that people consider to be from God which, in fact, are fabrications of the deepest hells. This can be called a transitional period.


Verse 13 and 14 relates to the concept of Jesus Christ Who is called here the Son of Man. The Son of Man, as one knows, corresponds to and signifies the genuine and original truth before its contamination, pollution and poison. These truths are that Jesus Christ is given dominion and glory and kingdom and that all peoples, nations and languages should serve Him and that His Dominion is an everlasting dominion which shall not pass away and His Kingdom the one which shall not be destroyed. This signifies the new doctrine of the New Revelation that cannot be destroyed because it is found­ed on those four substantial and essential Absolute Aspects of the Most High's Absolute Nature. The doctrine also con­tains the most important revelation that Jesus Christ is the only Most High who is unified to the Ancient of the Days and the Ancient of the Days, Who is the Most High, now becomes Jesus Christ through the unification of the Divine Human and the Human Divine and there is only one God, the Lord Jesus Christ who is to be served and whose kingdom can never be destroyed.


The fourth beast which is Islamism plus all those in Judeo-Christian, Hinduism, Buddhistic religions and their various derivatives are put together or pseudo-united to abol­ish all other concepts, ideas and spiritual freedom in order that they might establish their own dominion over the entire Creation and to restructure it in their own likeness and image which is to speak pompous words against the Most High.


The saints which are mentioned in this chapter are all those throughout the Zone of Displacement and in member­ship of those four major religious doctrines or churches, and all their derivatives, that have not identified themselves with the dire persuasions and falsities of their religion. They didn't buy any of the pretentiousness and falsified spirituality that exist in them but kept themselves pure relying only on the One Indivisible God who is the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ. Also notice, please, that four great beasts came up from the sea, each different from the other as described in verse 3 of this chapter. However, in verse 17 it is said: "Those great beasts which are four are four kings which arise out of the earth." The significance of this is as follows:


The four great beasts or four great persuasions of the hells regarding the nature of the Most High are developed in the deepest hells. Sea corresponds to the hells. The word "king" signifies truth. "Four kings" signify four fundamen­tals and essentials of the Most High's true nature as manifest­ed in the natural degree. Their kingdom signifies four major spiritual doctrines and four major spiritual religions that exist throughout the Zone of Displacement and particularly on planet Earth which relate to those four concepts of the Most High's Absolute Nature. But because the mentioned four kings did not come from heaven but from the earth, here kings signify falsified, perverted and distorted truth and four kings signify four major spiritual doctrines and their religions that are pure falsities, distortions, and perversions of the Absolute Truth about the Nature of the Most High. The word "earth" also corresponds to the external mind and its hellish origin. In this connotation it means that those four great pseudo-concepts took hold of the human external mind and enslaved people so that they believed those concepts to be true and good. Those hellish origins started to be considered heavenly and those of divine and heavenly origin started to be considered hellish and earthly, and of an external origin.


The fourth concept is again repeated in verses 23-27 which describes various doctrines that stem from the fourth pseudo-integrated doctrine of dominion over the entire Crea­tion of the Most High. At one point, just before the total destruction, they will start to prevail over the positive forces. But when such obvious prevalence occurs, or starts to exhibit itself and all true spiritual people, who are called saints, will be suppressed and an attempt will be made to eliminate them throughout the world, it will be a sign of the total end of everything old, traditional, conventional and of all those false religions. Instead establishment of the one true spiritual concept and doctrine will take place, coming directly from the Most High. It will last forever because it will be based on the principle of continuous spiritual progression, updates, modifications and elaboration of those four essential and substantial aspects of the Absolute Nature of the Most High who is the Lord Jesus Christ.


Now this account is repeated in a modified form as relat­ed to Christianity in Revelation of Jesus Christ (the Apoca­lypse), Chapter 13. Be aware that the whole of the Apocalypse is primarily concerned with the Christian church and its grad­ual perversion, devastation, destruction, and fall into that dire persuasion that is represented by all those four beasts.


Now the 13th Chapter speaks about that period of time when a certain pseudo-unification of all religions on earth takes place under the dominion of that fierce fourth beast that wants the power or that wants to appropriate to himself the creative powers and Divine Providence of the Most High. Such desires exist in all four religions although at the present time the most violent form of it is seen in the Islamic religion as seen in Iran, for example. Iran corresponds to a certain spiritual state in the Zone of Displacement that is coming from the deepest hells. It is not appropriate for anyone to know what is the real significance of Iran at this time.


Here we have, first, one beast, but a beast which con­tains the three other because it says in the second verse of Revelation, Chapter 13 in the Holy Bible: "Now the beast which I saw was like a leopard. His feet were like the feet of the bear and his mouth like the mouth of a lion and the dragon (who can be considered the fourth beast) gave him his power, his throne and great authority. This is the description of pseudo-unification of all those dire persuasions in order to make an all-out assault on the understanding, acceptance and knowledge of the true nature of the Most High as described in those four essential and substantial aspects of the Most High's Absolute Nature. Verses 11-19 describe a beast that comes up out of the earth with two horns like a lamb, that speaks like a dragon, which performs great signs and causes people to accept the unification of the first beast. This beast signifies the pseudo-new revelation that appears with the New Revelation to undermine and destroy the verity of the New Revelation and it will emphasize and try to convince everyone that those four now unified religious persuasions in the form of pseudo-Judeo-Christianity, in the form of pseudo-Bud­dhism, pseudo-Islamism, pseudo-Hinduism are the only truths and the correct ones. Their concepts, ideas and doc­trines are to be followed, to be worshipped and whoever will not do so will be condemned and destroyed. The followers of this pseudo-new revelation will be able to perform miracles, show signs and have great pseudo-powers to persuade people  to follow them.


In view of these facts, everyone is hereby warned to be aware that very soon a pseudo-new revelation will come on the planet Earth from the hells in the name of God to destroy, to pervert and to countermand the New Revelation that has been transmitted and is being transmitted through the writer of this book. The pseudo-new revelation will try to convince everyone that all existing religions presently on planet Earth under the name of Judeo-Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islamism and all their respective derivatives are all good, proper, correct and right. It will pseudo-integrate all concepts and ideas of those four major religious systems into one major doctrine that in the name of God will attempt to destroy everything godly and spiritual that comes from the true Most High. As the true New Revelation from the true Most High incorporates, integrates and takes away the origi­nal and genuine grains of truth contained in those four major religions and churches and builds on them the new ideas for the next step and age in the history of the entire Creation, so does the new pseudo-revelation incorporate all falsities, per­versions, distortions and evils embellished by words of love and words of wisdom and words of truth into one grandiose doctrine of persuasion which will try by all ways and means to perpetuate everything old, traditional, conventional under the disguise and pompous words of the new age and newborn Christians and newborn this and that. Everyone has been given the tool to recognize a true revelation from a false reve­lation. One is to be sure to constantly check everything that is coming by those 9 points which were given in this revelation. (See previous chapter.)


One is also being advised, if one chooses so by one's own free fill, to disassociate oneself from and to relinquish any connections to any concepts, ideas and teachings related to those four dire persuasions that are known under the names of Judeo-Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islamism and their pseudo-unification because as of today they were depleted of all truths and good and there is nothing that should hold one there any longer. Of course, this is a matter of freedom of choice and it cannot be imposed on anyone. However, it is to one's advantage to do that if one wants to progress and acquire greater and better understanding of the concepts of the New Revelation that are being established throughout the entire Creation by the Most High. One is also advised that whatever was revealed about those two chapters, Chapter 7 in Daniel and Chapter 13 in Revelation of Jesus Christ is only a very small, little, tiny part of the entire picture to give one some idea of what is happening at the present time. As one knows, just recently the leaders and followers of the above mentioned four churches and all their derivatives shared a tendency to seek out certain common points; and now the emphasis is on unification from outward, from the position of the external mind. This seems like a good idea. However, from the spiritual standpoint, from the standpoint of the Most High, it is the formation of the fourth beast that pseudo-unifies everything in the name of God in order to destroy God. It is a sign of the Last Judgement of this age and this era and its falsified doctrines represented in those four churches.


When and how long this Last Judgement will start and last is a matter of Divine Providence and cannot be revealed ever.


One is to remember that verse in the Gospel According to Matthew, Chapter 24, verse 27: "For as the lightening comes from the east and flashes to the west so also will the coming of the Son of Man be." This signifies that it will come sud­denly at the time when we least expect it to happen.


Again it is necessary to repeat that there is much more to the content of Chapter 7 in Daniel and Chapter 13 in Revela­tion of Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible than has been revealed here. There are at least nine more meanings than the one which was revealed. Moreover, one has to be aware that reve­lations of Daniel and revelations of Jesus Christ are accom­modated to various times in the history of the Zone of Dis­placement. Therefore their meaning will signify different things for different times. This is the reason why things fore­told in Daniel and the Revelation of Jesus Christ can never be completely fulfilled as long as the negative state is in an acti­vated and dominant position. However, for this time and under presently existing conditions in the Zone of Displace­ment and on the planet Earth the revealed, partial and brief interpretation of those two chapters is a correct one and reflects the true state of affairs. Of course, once again, it is necessary to repeat that whatever was stated and revealed here is for one's consideration only. One may choose to agree or not to agree or to accept or not to accept all of this. One is advised with proper intention and motivation to go inward into one's deep trance, to one's spiritual mountaintop, into one's Inner Mind and, after performing proper, thorough security checks and going through purification and cleansing from all contamination, pollution and poison of everyday liv­ing in the midst of the negative state which dominates and influences one, one is to check these things out and verify them from one's own position and from one's own stand­point and ask whether one should accept this revelation as a fact. The choice is one's as well as the consequences of that choice. This is advised again in the spirit of unconditional love and its wisdom.”





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