The Requirements For The Speaker And Transmitter

 Of The Most High’s Revelations And Messages



Content of „Major Ideas Of The New Revelation“, pg. 25 - 39, Chapter III.


There are certain important spiritual and practical re­quirements for anyone who desires to function as a transmit­ter and/or speaker for the Most High's Revelations regardless of whether these revelations are universal, planetary, regional or individual in nature.


For the purpose of practical illustration of these require­ments, a transcript of one portion of a regular trance session of such a transmitter are given verbatim from the position of that transmitter's true Inner Mind.


"This is Peter's true Inner Mind speaking. I am speaking from the state of deep spiritual plenary state or trance in the presence of all my true Spiritual Advisors, all members of the High Council of the New Heavenly Society, under the aus­pices, guidance, leadership and presiding of the true Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, One God Indivisible. And I speak after thorough security check of the true Inner Mind, interior mind, exterior mind, of Peter's mind and everyone else present including the Most High. They were checked thoroughly with the flaming sword of truth that combats evils and falsities and with the Holy Bible opened to the first Chapter of the Gospel According to John and pressed against our foreheads, then hearts and then solar plexuses, with the following proclamation: "We worship, acknowledge, adore, serve and love One and the only One God, the Creator, Who is our Beloved Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, the Most High, One Indivisible God, Our Heavenly Parent, Our Maker, Redeemer and Savior Who is the Creator of the entire Crea­tion and Supreme Lord, Master and Ruler of everything that is, including all regions of the hells, the entire Zone of Dis­placement and the totality of the negative state."


In order to dissipate any doubts about the manner in which Peter transmits the messages from the Most High we would like to share with you one portion of the session which Peter has almost on a continuous basis. This means not only once a day, but several times a day and more, when some message or revelation from the Most High is being trans­mitted. This will give you some idea of what it is like to be a transmitter of the Most High's messages and revelations, being positioned in the Zone of Displacement where the nega­tive state and the evil, dark forces are continuously attacking.


Peter's session basically consists of four parts. The first part is always for security checks (as revealed in "Who Are You And Why Are You Here?"). The second part is for puri­fication and cleansing from all pollutions, contaminations and poisons that occurred between sessions even if it is the same day. The third part will be shared with you. The fourth part consists of requests for everything positive and good that stems from the Most High and that part partially will be shared with you, too.


In the third part the following exploration, examination, search and questioning occurs:


"Lord, bring to my attention any hidden, secret, dis­guised or apparent errors, mistakes, faults, sins, evils, falsi­ties, egoism, self-love, love of this world or any other atroci­ties or abominations of the negative state that are present in me. Are there any such hidden, disguised, secret states as that within me? Do I consider certain things or anything at all to be godly, proper, correct or right while it is improper, incor­rect and ungodly? Do I consider anything at all improper, in­correct and ungodly while, in fact, it is proper, correct and godly? In other words, my Lord, do I ascribe to You things which are of the devil, of evils and falsities or do I ascribe things to the devil which are Yours?"


Now, at each point of such questioning if the answer is "yes" we are not proceeding a step further until it is brought to our attention, thoroughly worked out, confession of sins is undertaken, repentance follows and purification and cleans­ing occurs and then the question is asked whether this is all regarding this particular problem. If it is all then the search, examination, exploration and questioning continues in the following manner:


"Lord, have I appropriated to myself or identified myself or justified, excused and rationalized anything evil, anything false, sinful, egoistic, wicked, self-loving, loving of this world or anything at all that is contrary to Your will? Have I sinned, have I committed any iniquity, any wicked­ness? Have I done anything inadequate, inappropriate, im­proper, negative? Have I been selfish, egoistic in any manner or way? Am I functioning from a position of self-love and love to this world? Have I committed any transgression, tres­passes? Have I done, thought, felt, desired, wished, wanted anything dirty, filthy, immoral, perverted, adulterous, for­nicative, idolatrous, sexually immoral, contrary to Your will? Have I been greedy, corrupted by anything negative, evil, false, at all? What were the motivating factors behind all my activities? Has there been anything ulterior, meritorious with regard to personal gains, personal predispositions and similar factors? Have I been covetous? Do I have or have I been showing lust for power, dominance or ruling over others? Do I desire any recognition, reputation, fame, renown, glory for my own egoistic reasons? Have I elevated myself above others wanting them to deitize me, to worship me? Have I been considering myself in any manner or way, better than others, more special than others, more unique than others, more different than others, more important than others? Have I been putting people down, underestimating them, devaluing them, lowering them on my account or in any other way? Have I been jealous, envious, possessive, dependent, enslaving others? Have I been ambitious, competitive, sensi­tive when somebody else was praised and I wasn't? Have I been sensitive to criticism? Have I been rejective, treating people from my problems, projecting my problems into others? Have I been aloof, cold, avoiding, escaping, separat­ing myself, isolating myself from others? Am I in atrocity and abomination of self-righteousness, self-exclusivity, consider­ing myself infallible, being intolerant of other's views, opin­ions, concepts, ideas that exist? Have I been manipulating people in Your Name for my own egoistic reasons, hiding behind Your Name, taking Your Name in vain and using, mis­using, abusing anyone in Your Name for my own egoistic rea­sons or in any other manner and way? Have I been hurting, harming, offending, insulting people and You or myself or have I been offensive and defensive? Have I been covetous, wanting things that other people want and wanting to possess what other people want and not being thankful and grateful and satisfied with what I have from You? Is there anything dogmatic, fanatic, authoritarian in me; anything narrow minded, one-sided, rigid, stagnant, clinging? Am I continu­ously clinging to the old, outlived, outdated, outmoded, reac­tionary concepts and habits that have outlived their useful­ness? Am I influenced by anything like that? Have I been in chains, in prison, pit, dungeon, darkness, blackness, blind­ness, deafness, dumbness of the hells, and under their restric­tions, taboos, limitations and influences? Is there any stupid­ity, foolishness, ignorance, incompetence in me in any manner or way? Have I been intolerant, impatient, inconsiderate, unkind, obsessive, compulsive, impulsive? Have I been arro­gant, rude, megalomaniacal, paranoid, grandiose, self-admiring, self-aggrandizing? Have I been holding and having wrong, distorted, incorrect, false, inadequate, inappropriate, untrue concepts, ideas, thoughts, feelings, images, percep­tions, understanding and knowledge about You, Lord, about Your Nature, about Your Creation, about people, about myself and about anybody at all? Am I pretending anything? Am I assuming, presuming false roles, positions, destinies that are not mine? Am I a false prophet? Have I sent myself or been sent by the hells? Have I lied, confabulated, exagger­ated, told people fairy tales, fancy stories that are not true? Have I been fake, insane, laboring under the influence of illu­sions, delusions, insanities, any kind of perversions? Have I been deceitful, self-deceitful, dishonest, insincere, cheating, crooked? Have I been hypocritical? Have I been boastful, seeking attention with false pride and inflated ego? Have I succumbed to or labored under any tortuous doubts about myself, about others, about You; felt insecure, unsafe, sus­picious, paranoid, uncertain, undiplomatic, not careful enough, not cautious enough, not discreet enough? Have I been unwise? Have I been disobedient, rebellious, stubborn, defiant toward You or anything or anyone else? Have I been aversive, bitter or resentful, reluctant, resistive to do Your work or to be myself? Have I been mean, ugly, nasty, incon­siderate, loathsome, miserable, lousy, in pain, suffering, obnoxious, full of the poison of sarcasm, irony, masochism, sadism, ugliness, nastiness, cruelty? Have I been depressed, frustrated, exasperated, hopeless, helpless, under pressure, tensions, stresses? Am I fearful? Do I do anything from fear, anxieties, worries? Have I felt guilt? Am I guilt ridden and pseudo-motivated in any manner by guilt, self-destructive­ness, suicidal rumination? Do I have fear of loss of reputa­tion, fear of people, fear of loss of material, earthly, cor­poreal things that have no real value or little transient value only? Am I dependent on those kinds of things? Have I been angry, hostile, vicious, violent, raging, hateful, self-hateful, aggressive, destructively aggressive? Am I under the influence of personal predispositions, preconceived ideas, wishful thinking, self-fulfilling prophecies, projections, expectations, anticipations? Am I under the influence of superstitions, prejudices, biases and fantasies and daydreamings that have no bearing in Your reality Have I been receiving, transmit­ting, or producing or fabricating from my own personal pre­dispositions or imagination of my evil heart, from egoism, on my own any distortions, misconceptions? Have I been mis­guided, mislead or am I misleading, misguiding others? Have I been misconstruing things, misrepresenting, misunderstand­ing? Have I been misinterpreting and mistransmitting things; considering them to be from You but they were from evil, negative forces or from my own selfish egoistic reasons and states? Have I done anything of that nature? Have I been intimidated, dragged down, entrapped, influenced in any manner or way by evil negative, dark forces, by their attacks, vicious attacks, bombardments, floodings, interferences, blocks, hinderances, obstacles? Have I been speaking, doing, feeling, relating anything from myself, from my own egoism, personal predispositions, instead of from You, Lord? Have I been a coward? Am I corrupt, greedy, avaricious or stingy?


If I have done or am any of these atrocities or abomina­tions, please, at each step bring them to my attention so that I may confess my sins, that I may repent and ask for mercy and forgiveness and for thorough purification, cleansing, wash­ing out of all of them from me and protection and safeguard to no longer sin or to be under the influence of these atroci­ties and abominations of evil and negative states and proc­esses. Please, Lord, examine, explore and search me thor­oughly, every aspect of my spirit, my soul, my mind, my per­sonality, my sexuality, my body, my thinking, my will, my concepts, my ideas, thoughts, my intentions, my motivations, my desires, wishes, wants, my behaviors, my attitutes, rela­tions, interactions, treatment, my style of life to see if I am in any manner or way contaminated, polluted, poisoned by these kinds of atrocities and abominations that I enumerated and those that I am not aware of, that are hidden from me, bringing them to my attention and to see if there are any evil, negative spirits or entities that possess me, insinuate into me or are attached to me so that we can work on it and get rid of all these things from my life."


Now, very often the answer to these questions and the result of such explorations, examinations and searches is that something is present that we need to work on. Before we pro­ceed further, the exorcism is done, if necessary, purification, cleansing occurs, the error, mistakes, evils, falsities, distor­tions are explored. The motivations and reasons behind their occurrence are explored in order to dis;.over what it is in me that allowed such invasion, penetration of evil, negative, dark forces, how it was allowed and permitted to happen and what is the learning and what to do and how to protect myself in the future from falling into such traps or being invaded, contaminated, possessed, insinuated by evil, negative entities.


When the message is being transmitted or revelation is being given by the Most High through Peter, he always, with­out any exclusion or exception, is being prepared, purified and cleansed and searched and explored in the manner as described above before such message and revelation comes through and immediately after the message and revelation is finished, every word is examined, reexamined, searched out and explored for any possible distortion, contamination, pollutions from personal, egoistic sources or from the hells, from negative, evil entities or spirits. This is done in the same but even more intense manner as described above.


Very often in the process of such check and double check it is indicated that certain distortions and certain words or ideas penetrated or infiltered from personal predispositions or subjective projections or from the negative state. When this is the case we all immediately explore the reasons behind such penetration and impositions and replace it immediately before it is released or shown to anyone who is part of the new spiritual family around the New Revelation.


You have to understand that any transmitter of the reve­lation or messages as a human being is subject to as many or even more contaminations, distortions, attacks and fallibility as anybody else. He/she is under constant continuous attack. He/she is a human being.


Therefore, any prospective transmitter or a speaker of the Most High needs to go through these laborious, some­times very painful but very deep and profound searches, explorations, examinations that assure everyone that what­ever comes out is pure truth. Some people, unfortunately, have the tendency to expect the transmitter or speaker of the Most High's messages or revelations to be perfect and that he/she should not have human types of needs, thoughts, emotions, desires and behaviors. They are offended when he/ she speaks about money or about new cars or whatever he/ she has or when he/she exhibits flirtatious behavior toward the opposite sex, etc.


People have a tendency to expect that one who is a reve­lator of the New Revelation has to be unhuman, a god-like figure who cannot make mistakes and who cannot have such ordinary, earthly desires and tendencies as sometimes he/she as a human being exhibits.


One of the reasons why the Most High chose the writer of this Chapter to be a transmitter of the New Revelation is for his human qualities, to show that to be a man or woman of God, to be a holy man, a saint, doesn't mean to be void of all human desires, emotions, fallibilities, wants and it is not to walk in sackcloth with ashes on the head, or be in the des­ert, or live on the mountaintop, in remote, isolated areas and it is not to fast, to avoid eating, to avoid joy, delight and pleasures of the flesh, but to live the life of balance, incorpor­ating everything which is available to people in all areas of their lives and minds, that is, in spiritual matters and emo­tional matters and mental matters, intellectual, sexual, physi­cal, material and any others and to use them as a means to be a better human being and to be a more spiritual human being. Thus it is only normal and natural that any such transmitter or speaker should exhibit such desires and have such tenden­cies.


As long as one does continue self-explorations and self­examination, self-search in the manner as shared here, one is safe and one is a true man of God, a holy man or woman, a saint. Part of such an everyday continuous exploration is the question "Am I deitizing myself? Am I worshipping myself? Am I admiring myself? Am I putting myself on a pedestal? Am I trying to be perfect, knowing that no one is perfect but the Most High and knowing that to strive or to force oneself to be perfect is to be arrogant, that is, to try to be Absolute?" Some people also have a tendency to perceive the writer of this Chapter as being authoritarian. The way he speaks is with authority without being authoritarian. The reason why whatever he says or releases as the message from the Most High is written or spoken with authority is because it under­goes the above described thorough double check, triple check and exploration for any contamination, distortions, error, mistakes and things like that. It is only obvious that nothing is released or said before it is continuously checked out. In that manner only the pure truth can manifest. This is the reason that it is spoken with the authority of the Most High. There is no other reason for such manner of speech.


Once all these checks, explorations, examinations, search and confession of sins, purification, cleansing are completed and finished, then and only then is one ready to proceed to the fourth part of his session which goes in the following manner. This is a brief sharing: "Lord, fill me with thankfulness, gratitude, appreciation to You for everything that has been or has not been happening in my life and for everything that I have had, and haven't had and will have and will not have equally. Grant me the privilege to be a man of greater and greater modesty, humbleness and humility. Help me to be everyday more and more honest, decent, truthful, sincere, genuine, straightforward with diplomacy, tactful­ness, carefulness, cautiousness, discreteness so that I avoid at all cost hurting anyone or harming or offending anyone. Help me to be continuously progressive, growing and bettering myself in all respects. Multiply infinitely in me faith, trust, confidence, belief in You and in Your Divine Providence, Lord and from You in myself and in my mission. Please help me to continuously be more and more open-minded, open­-hearted, broad-minded, broad-hearted to Your influence and help me to be more and more flexible and mobile, adaptable, adjustable, fluid, changeable, diverse and versatile. From my own free will and by my own free choice I am suggesting to myself and asking for help to unconditionally love with wis­dom the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, One Indivisible God, Who is my Creator, Saviour, Redeemer, Creator of the entire Creation and Supreme Lord, Master and Ruler of everything that is, including all hells, the entire Zone of Displacement and the entire negative state and to love, You, My Lord, with wisdom unconditionally in the most profound, deepest possible transcending, advanced manner and way, above all and above everything without any ulterior motivation or egoism or self love or love of this world or any merit seeking or any anticipation or expectation of anything in return but that I love You with wisdom uncondi­tionally above all and above everything from all my heart, from all my soul, my mind, my strength, my might, my spirit, my sexuality, my body, my actions, my deeds, my life by per­formance of use, by living, exercising, practicing, manifest­ing, illustrating, realizing, actualizing in my own everyday life what I teach and preach to others, what I believe and all Your commandments, laws, orders, establishments, statutes, pre­cepts, ordinances, judgements and principles so that I love You with wisdom unconditionally above all and above every­thing for Your own sake, for the sake of principle because this is the way it's supposed to be. And that, from that love, I love unconditionally with wisdom above myself everyone in Your Creation, my neighbor, my true Spiritual Advisors, my true spiritual family, humankind, people, individuals and my enemies, loving them for Your sake, for the sake of them without any ulterior motivations but for the sake of princi­ples, because this is the way it is supposed to be. And that I love unconditionally with wisdom myself, my true "I am" without any ulterior motivation or merit-seeking, any egoism or self love, or love of this world or anything adverse but that I love myself unconditionally with wisdom for the sake of You, my Lord, for the sake of others, for the sake of being Your extension and process, for the sake of being part of the whole, part of Your Creation, for the sake of principle, for the sake of mutual benefit, common good, exchange and sharing unconditionally with all. Let these three uncondition­al loves and their wisdom with all their attributes, aspects, traits and characteristics and their consequences, outcomes be the only thing that is filling my spirit, my soul, my mind, my body, my thinking, my feeling, my will, my intentions, my motivations, my behavior, my attitudes, my style of life so that I derive everything from that position because it means that I derive everything from You in me and that I am in You and there is a reciprocity and unification, I in You and You in me and I derive everything from You in me.


I am unconditionally surrendering myself, relinquishing, giving up everything that I am and what I have to You be­cause only You know me in the absolute sense. Only You know what is the best for me; therefore, let Your Will be my will and Your Will be done in my life. Whatever you choose for me I choose for myself, whatever You desire, wish for me, I desire, wish and want for myself. Let Your Divine Provi­dence be my life. I am asking You to help me to serve You and serve all others in accordance with my best abilities, to the fullest of my potential, to the fullest of my capacity in a man­ner and a way in which I can be most useful, beneficial, help­ful to You and to others, to serve You and serve others for the sake of You and for the sake of others, to live for You and to live for others for the sake of You and for the sake of others and to serve You with joy, delight, pleasure, with gladness, with happiness, with content, with satisfaction, with ease, with comfort, with eagerness, looking forward to it, with laughter, with fun, with humor, with a smile, reliably, loyally, devotedly, faithfully with greater and greater productiveness, constructiveness, creativeness, fruitfulness, usefulness, pro­gressiveness and benefit for all without any traces of anything egoistic, ulterior or any regards for personal gain, corruptive­ness, greediness, or personal predispositions.


Help me truly to be a man of unconditional love and wis­dom, a man of unconditional good and truth, a man of un­conditional charity and faith, a man of unconditional objec­tivity and righteousness, justice and judgement. Help me to be truly more and more as You are to the extent, the fullest possible extent for a human being, a limited human being, to be like You. Help me to think, to feel, to will, to act, to behave toward people, toward myself as You do and to be as You are, kind, gentle, meek, lowly, tender, considerate, understanding, tolerant, respecting, accepting, appreciative of other people the way they are without imposing on them anything alien, premature, anything of my own but also with­out allowing them to impose anything of their own which is not from You, without allowing them for their sake to abuse, to misuse, to use me, to manipulate me in Your Name or to allow them to hurt, to harm, to offend or insult me in any manner or way. Help me to be as You are, totally merciful and forgiving, showing unconditional mercy and forgiveness to others, to myself and to accept unconditionally Your un­conditional mercy and forgiveness, Lord, and to be truly compassionate and empathetic. Help me to be a man of de­termination, a man of firmness, to be firm when necessary, and infinitely patient, patient, patient, infinitely endurant, endurant, endurant and to be consistent, persistent, perse­verant in a positive sense, to be mature and stable everyday, more and more to be well composed, well balanced, level­-headed, well organized, well aligned. Help me to be coura­geous, brave, bold without any traces of fears or anxieties or cowardice. Help me to serve You competently, effectively and successfully for Your sake and for the sake of all. Help me to be a true man of God, a man of Your will, a man of Your like­ness and image, a holy man, a saint in the true sense of those words, to be a true identity of Hamedeiel, the Integrator of all Principles of God within us, God among us, God with us, God above us, and God transcending everything and every­one and God in infinite variety of manifestations throughout His/Her Creation. Help me to be a man of Your type of prin­ciples, virtues, values, integrity, ethics and morality, integrate me. Let me be unity, oneness and harmony of all functions of spirit, soul, mind, personality, sexuality, body, material, financial matters, environment so that everything is incorpo­rated, included, that nothing is exaggerated, but also nothing is neglected but everything serves its purpose and use from the innermost to the outermost, from the highest to the low­est in proper proportions, in the proper and right hierarchy of Your spiritual organization, in accordance with Your will, in accordance with Your Divine Providence.


Help me to be realistic and not to desire, want and lust for more than I need but instead to be thankful, grateful and appreciative for what I have already, for all my talents, tools and gifts and life and to utilize them, to actualize them, to realize them to the fullest of my potentials without allowing anything in me to be idle, dormant, lazy or unutilized.


Is there anything else that I need to suggest to myself, to be aware of, to work on? Is there any correction, any revela­tion, any message, any sharing, any advice? Is there any problem from the past, from the moment I was assigned to the negative state to this point which is now in time to be brought to my attention so that we can work on it and get rid of it, anything at all? How can I be of service to anyone? Does anyone need at any place, condition, time, paratime, any dimension, level, degree of the true Creation or the Zone of Displacement, my help, my services, from this position in which I am in the physical body or in any other manner or way?"


These and similar suggestions and similar work is done continuously in the writer's life since he started by the will of God to develop spiritual hypnosis and started to do his spirit­ual self-hypnosis. This has been going on for many years now but vas intensified approximately thousands and thousands of times when it was revealed to him that he is to transmit the New Revelation.


Before transmission of the New Revelation started this type of work was intensified by the Most High in the writer's life and was extended around the clock, so to speak. One of the reasons why the writer had to relinquish most of his thera­peutical work and involvement with people and also why he gradually had to also relinquish his teaching position is that he would spend more time in such explorations and work on himself so that he is continuously maintaining the purity and integrity of his condition for the purpose of the transmission of the New Revelation.


Any true speaker or transmitter of the Most High's mes­sages or revelations or anyone who wishes to choose to be a speaker of the Most High would have to do a similar type of work on himself/herself. Be aware of the fact if one doesn't do this work on a continuous basis in the manner shared with you briefly in this chapter, one cannot be a true speaker of the Most High and one would be subject to many pollutions, poisons, contaminations and distortions and would be a transmitter of a false revelation as the case is in most in­stances around the world.


This work, exploration, is a prerequisite to be the true speaker of the Most High and transmitter of the New Revela­tion. Again, I repeat, by the will of God, the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, One Indivisible God, that whoever wishes to be a true speaker of the Most High in the sense of transmis­sion of the New Revelation or even regional, local or individ­ual revelations, one would have to relinquish everything, all current activities that one is involved in and to do the type of work on himself/herself as the writer's true Inner Mind just shared with you.


Now, after these four parts, four important parts of the writer's sessions are completed to the satisfaction of all in the spiritual world and to his own satisfaction, only then the message or revelation comes through when and if necessary. This is the way it is in the writer's life. The Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, One Indivisible God is personally witness and testifies to the truth of this matter in the presence of everyone from the High Council of the New Heavenly Society and the New School for Spiritual Reawakening, Relearning and Restructuring.


Of course, it's up to your own free will to accept this or to reject this as being truthful.


It is also necessary to remind you that such laborious, extensive and time consuming exploration is not needed for everyone, since everyone's position and assignment doesn't require it to the extent that the transmitter does. However, everyone should go on a daily basis through continuous puri­fication and cleansing, search and exploration and security checks in abbreviated form or extent as described or shared above by the writer's true Inner Mind. Don't forget to utilize the time distortion phenomenon so that if you are in trance for half an hour, you can extend that half an hour to three hours so that such security checks and purification and cleansing and exploration take place for your own benefit. You are advised to do it at least twice a day and if possible three times a day. Then you will see the difference in your life.


In conclusion, everyone in the New Heavenly Society and in the New School and particularly the Most High and the writer's Inner Mind, interior mind and exterior mind would like to express their gratitude and thankfulness to all of you who are willing to listen, to consider, to ponder, to check and double check in your own trances the verity of all of this and eventually to accept and incorporate it in your own life.”





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