Content of „Major Ideas Of The New Revelation“, pg. 40 - 56, Chapter IV.


In "Reality, Myths and Illusions" (1984) and "Who Are You And Why Are You Here?" (1984) certain important steps for proper verification and security checks of all Spiritual Advisors and the true Inner Mind in one's spiritual trances were revealed and explained.


It was also pointed out there that, for some time now, the spiritual situation in the spiritual world and on this planet drastically changed and that the battleground for the spiritual war was transferred to planet Earth. This situation required a re-evaluation of all methods and tactics for dealing with ap­pearing entities and spirits in one's trance. What was valid and proper before, became obsolete and outdated after­wards.


The present situation on planet Earth can be character­ized as spiritually very dangerous because all kinds of spirits have now a very direct contact with and influence on people's mind. Before this situation occurred, all spiritual influences were channeled through the intermediate world of spirits. With that previous arrangement certain sets of rules were valid for everyone, and everyone had to follow those rules in order to be able to maintain one's position there. Any devia­tion or violation of those rules resulted in loss of one's posi­tion and the lock-up in a prison in some region of the hells.


However, from the time of the transfer of all battle­grounds to the planet Earth, directly into the minds, hearts and behavior of people on this planet, because of the peculi­arity of conditions that exist here, no proper and reliable set of rules could be established. Thus, everyone can do any­thing, or pretend to be anybody that one desires or wants or wishes.


Under these conditions it is very difficult to delineate any reliable and firm procedures by which one could safely deter­mine whether one is or is not in contact with one's true Inner Mind, with one's true Spiritual Advisors and, most import­antly, with the true Most High within one's true Inner Mind.


The reason for this very dangerous and unpleasant fact is that all evil and negative entities, having a direct access to all the levels and recesses of the human mind, can read-out any­thing contained in that mind and act, behave, talk and relate to people from this position of their mind and its content.


Thus, they are capable of learning very quickly and sub­sequently to "mutate", so to speak, in any form, appear­ance, state and condition they desire in order to perpetuate the negative state in this world and in the human mind.


For this reason, when one establishes certain procedures for security checks, they work only temporarily until the evil and negative spirits and entities master the knowledge of these procedures and "mutate" into negatively spiritual beings that can endure and pass all such tests.


This rule is valid particularly for the evil and negative entities who are assigned to subvert the work of spiritually minded people such as, for example, spiritual hypnothera­pists and practitioners of spiritual self-hypnosis. This is true especially about people who volunteered to come on this earth for the general purpose of ultimately eliminating the negative state from being and existence. To these people, more sophisticated and complex evil and negative entities are assigned and they develop this dangerous ability of "muta­tion". Under these conditions, one can never be 1000%o sure and certain whether one is always in touch with one's true Inner Mind, with one's true Spiritual Advisors and with the true Most High. The sophisticated and complex evil and negative spirits and entities, through the process of specific pseudo-spiritual "mutations" can assume form, appearance, role, behavior, manner of speech, mannerism and anything else of any true Spiritual Advisor, or the true Inner Mind or even the true Most High.


For certain important spiritual reasons, very often, this is permitted by the Most High in order to test people in their true loyalties and motivations and for the purpose of learning about the true nature of the negative and evil states.


Because of this unusual situation, whatever steps and procedures for verification and security checks of Spiritual Advisors and one's Inner Mind one uses, they soon become unreliable. Thus, there is always a need for their modification and updates. If one fails to modify and update one's proce­dures and steps, one is in danger of being deceived some­where along the line in one's earthly life.


In order to have a better understanding of available steps and procedures for these verifications and security checks, it is necessary to summarize them in the following points.


Basically, one can distinguish three types of security checks and verifications: by external signs or methods; by interior signs or methods; and by internal signs or methods.

Each of these signs has approximately four methods by which such security checks are accomplished.


The external signs have the following methods and pro­cedures.



Ideomotor signaling. The suggestion and request is made to one's true Inner Mind to take over one's finger movements and not to allow them to be influenced by anyone else but only by the true Inner Mind and the true Most High in one's Inner Mind. When this is established, one asks one's true Inner Mind to indicate whether this is a true Spiritual Advisor speaking or the true Inner Mind or the true Most High. If it is, then the "yes" or the forefinger will lift, if it is not, the "no" or middle finger will lift.


In the past, before the transfer of the battleground to this planet, this method used to be the most reliable one solely by itself. After the transfer, the situation changed drastically, and this method became the least reliable by itself. However, in combination with al/ other methods, it is still a valuable tool for security checks. On the other hand, the sophisticated and complex evil and negative spirits, using the weakness of human's wishful thinking, can easily influence the finger movements to their advantage.



The flaming two-edged sword of truth and engulf­ment by the intense, brilliantly white light. The request is made to the converted shadow, who is now the Chief Security Officer, to test himself/herself first and everyone else present on the spiritual mountaintop, including one's own Inner Mind, by tapping both shoulders seven times in succession with the flaming two-edged sword, during engulfment by the intense, brilliantly white light which comes from the East, for a certain period of time. In this method, it is assumed that no evil and negative spirit can endure for too long a period of time the intense white light of the Divine Love and Divine Wisdom of the Most High and the flaming two-edged sword of truth, the symbolic representation of Divine Truth that successfully combats all evils and falsities.


Once again, when this method was initiated for the first time, it was very effective and successful by itself. However, this is no longer the case. The "mutable" sophisticated and complex negative spirits can nowadays endure and pass even this test with flying colors, so to speak.


Despite this unpleasant fact, this method, in combina­tion with all other methods, remains a valuable tool for secu­rity checks as long as it is not considered to be the ultimate test.



The Holy Bible. The request is made to the converted shadow or the Chief Security Officer, to open the Holy Bible to the first or third Chapter of the Gospel according to John and press it in succession against everyone's forehead, heart, and solar plexus. Then placing it back against the heart, hold­ing it there and in the process tapping everyone on the left and right shoulder seven times, holding down the sword on the left shoulder, while at the same time engulfing everyone in the intense, brilliantly white light from the East.


This combined testing used to be the most reliable when it was instituted for the first time. No evil or negative spirit, no impostor, could endure this test for too long.


Unfortunately, nowadays more sophisticated and com­plex evil and negative entities, in their pseudo-spiritual "mutation" effort, succeeded in their adjustment to this complex test and, therefore, they can pass even this test.


However, in combination with other methods, this test remains valuable and valid as long as it is not used as the only one.



Careful check of the condition of one's spiritual mountaintop. One is requested (or in spiritual self-hypnosis it is done before anything else) to go to the spiritual mountain­top and carefully check out the conditions of the mountain­top. Is the rock on the right side and is it of the same form and size? Are there any changes in the rock? Is the gate on the left side locked and sealed? Check out carefully the seal on the gate to see whether there are any signs of tampering with the seal. Is the sky blue, bright and clear? Or are there any clouds or dimness? Is the sun shining on the East side, above the horizon approximately 30 degrees above one's head or in the 10 o'clock summer morning position? Are there any signs of rundown or shabbiness on the mountaintop? Are there any weeds or suspiciously funny looking plants, trees or ani­mals or structures, and so on? Is the grass freshly green, properly watered and maintained? Are all structures, that might be present on one's spiritual mountaintop, in good shape, form and order without any signs of neglect, break­down or damage? Is the water in the pool and the waterfall crystal clear and clean without any signs of muddiness, etc? Do one's Spiritual Advisors appear in beautiful attire and in bright colors or lights, etc.?


These or similar signs are very important for determining whether everything is proper on one's spiritual mountaintop. Any deviations from proper arrangements on one's spiritual mountaintop are suspect because of the universal correspon­dential significance that all items and conditions on the mountaintop have. If one detects any such adverse changes, one can be very positive and sure that one is not in contact with one's true Inner Mind or one's true Spiritual Advisors or that one has been doing something wrong that opened the door to the negative state and contaminated, polluted and poisoned one's life.


If this method is used, in combination with all other methods, it is a very reliable tool of verification and security checks. However, bear in mind, that sophisticated and com­plex negative spirits and entities, in their pseudo-spiritual ability to "mutate", learning the desirable condition of the spiritual mountaintop, sometimes succeed in maintaining the proper and expected status quo. In cases like this, it is a good policy to request such a spirit or advisor to make some posi­tive improvement on the spiritual mountaintop. For example, to create or beautify a flower garden or a fruit orchard or to build a waterfall or a pool or a structure, and so on and so forth. If one has a positive and firm indication that real im­provement and beautification of one's spiritual mountaintop has been accomplished, one can be sure, for a certain period of time, that one deals with a true Spiritual Advisor. How­ever, even this valuable test, in itself and by itself, is not reli­able any longer without combination of all other tests because in the process of the pseudo-spiritual "mutation" the sophis­ticated and complex evil and negative spirits learn to build the expected form of environment.


In order to make these four external signs valuable meth­ods for verification and security checks, they must be accom­panied by the so-called interior signs and, most importantly, by the inner signs.


The interior signs have the following methods and proce­dures.


Basically, this part of the security checks consists of very careful examination and testing of all who are present on the spiritual mountaintop including one's true Inner Mind. It is interesting to note here that the Apostle John already encour­aged and urged people to test every spirit. Everyone is recom­mended to read the first Epistle of the Apostle John, Chapter 4, verses 1, 2 and 3 for learning and inspiration.


In the process of examination and testing of all present on the spiritual mountaintop, one asks the following or simi­lar questions:



Whom do you worship, acknowledge, serve or ad­mire? What is the true nature of the Most High? Do you ac­cept the Human Divine and Divine Human of the Most High in the form of Jesus Christ? Is Jesus Christ the true Most High Who has many other names and Who manifests Him­self/Herself to people in various regions on this planet under such names as Buddha, Allah, Krishna, Rama, Vishnu, Brahma, Adonai, Shaddai, Manitou and under many other names? Are all these names representations of certain aspects of One God Indivisible, Who is the true Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit? Denial of these facts or any deviation from them is indicative that one is dealing with impostors and fakes.



What is your understanding of and attitude toward the Holy Bible and other spiritual Holy Books that exist on this planet? Is the Holy Bible the true Word of God that con­tains internal sense? Unwillingness to proclaim that the Holy Bible and other Holy Scriptures are the true Word of God is a strong indication that one is dealing with impostors.



What is your understanding of the concept of literal, physical reincarnation? Confirmation of the existence of phy­sical, literal reincarnation is a sign that evil, negative spirits have assumed the role of the true Spiritual Advisors.



Can you and do you want to predict my or anyone else's future or tell me about certain dates, events and hap­penings to come? About the end of this world? What is your concept of free will and free choice? Prediction of the future, with certain dates, finalistic statements, even if they prove to be true, is indicative that one is dealing with evil and negative spirits and impostors. The principle of free choice and free will is contradictory to the prediction of the future with pre­cise dates or any kind of specific prediction even without the dates. One has to realize that there are infinite varieties and numbers of choices available that will determine the future and not the prediction of one single spirit that has no idea what kind of choices humankind or a person is going to make. The reason why such predictions are possible and even come through is because negative spirits convince people to believe their predictions and subsequently people do every­thing in their power to make that prediction come through. Thus, what we are dealing with here is not a true prediction of the future but, instead, a self-fulfilling prophesy. This is true also regarding the prediction about humankind because one expects, and by expectations projects, one's wishful thinking into humankind and contributes to the possibility of the pre­diction coming through.


This method used to be a very good testing tool for veri­fication and security checks. Unfortunately, as of this date, many sophisticated and complex evil and negative spirits, "mutated" so far that they are capable of discussing these things easily, without any difficulties. They learned to say what one expects them to say. Thus, they no longer speak from themselves, but from the expectations of the spiritual hypnotherapist or the practitioner of spiritual self-hypnosis. This is a very dangerous ability that these kinds of spirits developed and "mutated" into.


One can be assured that the ability of the evil and nega­tive spirits to speak from expectations and the wishful think­ing of humans, and not from themselves, is one of the most sophisticated weapons they have recently acquired. This was not always the case. Before the transfer of the battleground to this planet, no one was permitted to speak from anyone but from oneself. If the evil and negative spirits were able to speak only from themselves they could not utter anything but hate, anger, fury, evil and falsity.


But, in order to bring the hells and all their atrocities and abominations to the surface, for the purpose of their ultimate elimination, it was necessary to permit them to learn to speak from others, from people's expectations, wishful thinking, ideas, feelings and thoughts which the evil and negative spirits do not have or possess.


Despite these facts, these interior tools and methods of verification and security checks, in combination with all other methods, still remain, in many instances, a valuable method for security checks and verification of one's Spiritual Advisors.


For that reason all foregoing methods, their tools and procedures must be combined with the so-called internal signs and their tools and methods. The internal method is the most reliable, but, unfortunately, at the same time, it is the most difficult one to apply. It involves the integrity of one's per­sonality and one's true spiritual state and condition.


It consists of the following steps:



Intuition. One's intuition is still the most reliable and valuable tool for verification and security checks. If, during one's spiritual trance, when one arrives at one's spiritual mountaintop, in the process of the security checks, as de­scribed above, one's intuitive feelings indicate that something is not right and one is feeling uneasy, or does not feel totally positive and comfortable, one can be assured that one is in contact with impostors.


Unfortunately, the negative and evil spirits can by-pass one's intuition by playing on the old tune of one's wishful thinking and expectations of things to be in a perfect order or the way one wants them to be. Any kind of wishful thinking, desire, wish, attachment or whatever one has, to which one clings strongly without any willingness to relinquish such attachments, becomes a pitfall by which the right intuitive feelings are repressed or suppressed. In this case one tends to overrule one's intuition or disregard it entirely.


The proper application of one's intuitive feelings depends primarily on the successful application of the next internal step.



Very careful and thorough exploration of one's in­tentions and motivations for which one desires to be in con­tact and communication with one's true Inner Mind, one's true Spiritual Advisors and the true Most High. In other words, what are the true motivating factors and intentions for this endeavor? The more ulterior, selfish, self-centered, egoistic, meritorious, possessive, greedy, corrupt, material, physical, worldly, earthly and generally negative self-loving type of motivation and intention are present, the more proba­bility of being in contact with impostors that feed, fuel, jus­tify, excuse, rationalize and identify themselves with these types of intentions and motivations.


On the other hand, the more pure and spiritual one's in­tentions and motivations for these endeavors and accom­plishments are (that is, for the sake of becoming a better human being, a more spiritual human being, more loving and wise human being, more useful, beneficial, and helpful human being; more kind, gentle, merciful and forgiving human being; more modest and humble human being only for the purpose of mutual benefit and common good to everyone in being and existence), the greater the probability that one will be in contact and communication with one's true Inner Mind, one's true Spiritual Advisors and the true Most High.


This step in verification is practically impossible to simu­late by any negative and evil spirits and entities. The only thing they can do is to give one a full, secure feeling that one's intentions and motivations are positive, good and spiritually proper as outlined above so that their true nature does not become apparent. In order to arrest and nullify any such im­posed false security feelings, one needs, as of now, to apply the next crucial, vital and important step in this inner meth­odology.



At the beginning of each spiritual trance session, once profound spiritual plenary state of trance is established, one evokes the following fundamental rule of life and Crea­tion. One goes on to say, to feel, to think, and to will the following or similar spiritual statement: "From my own free will, by my own free choice, I fully recognize, acknowledge, know and apply the most vital and crucial spiritual principle of Creation that there is in me an Absolute Originator of my life, as well as all life in being and existence. This Originator I know under the name of the true Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, One God Indivisible Who happens to have many other names, which are various aspects of the Ab­solute Nature of the Most High. I acknowledge and know that without this Everlasting Presence of the true Most High, the Absolute Source of my life, my being and existence, I could not live and breathe for one fraction of a second. I also recognize, acknowledge and know that there are with me con­stantly, around the clock, my true Spiritual Advisors that were appointed by the true Most High, the Originator, Main­tainer and Source of my life in me and by their free will and free choice to be with me for the purpose of my spiritual growth, progression, learning and linkage with the rest of Creation. Now then, by my own free will and free choice, in the purity of my heart, with right, proper and correct spirit­ual intent and motivation, for the sake of all, for the sake of spiritual growth, progression and betterment, for the purpose of being a better human being, a more spiritual human being, a more loving, wise, kind, humble, modest, useful, beneficial and helpful human being, with immediate elimination of any wrong, negative, egoistic, adverse, evil and false intent and motivation, with thorough purification and cleansing from all sins, errors, mistakes, wrongdoings, expectations and anticipations, I hereby respectfully and humbly ask the One who is always present in me and Who is the true Source and Originator of my life, the true Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, One God Indivisible, and the true In­ner Mind, which is the seat of the Most High in me, as well as all my true Spiritual Advisors, appointed to me by the true Most High, for contact and communication. By my freedom of choice and by my free will, I choose to be in contact with and to communicate only with the genuine, true Most High, true Spiritual Advisors and the true Inner Mind. Anyone or anything else, who may be inadvertently present in me or on my spiritual mountaintop, who is not the genuine and true Creator and source of my life or who has not been appointed by the Most High to be with me, is hereby removed and elimi­nated from me and from my spiritual mountaintop together with everything in me that allowed such an uninvited intru­sion because anyone of this nature is here contrary to my free will and my free choice. I make the commitment that, as soon as I complete these security checks, I am going to examine and search and explore myself in order to find out what it is in me that allowed such fakes, intruders and impostors to be in me and on my spiritual mountaintop. And I am going to remove those reasons from my life completely. Therefore, I am hereby asking my true Chief Security Officer to remove all impostors from me and from my spiritual mountaintop and escort them to that special region between the hells and the intermediate world of spirits which has been recently established by the Most High, where specially trained staff, appointed by the Most High, will present all impostors, evil and negative spirits in me and on my spiritual mountaintop, with an opportunity for conversion to the positive state by following certain proper and right procedures and steps or for returning them back to their respective hell to bear the consequences of their foolish choice. Having asserted my free choice and free will and my rights and privileges that I have from the true Most High in me, to be in contact with my true Inner Mind, my true Spiritual Advisors and the true Most High, 1 hereby evoke these God-given rights and privileges and call upon them to join me in this trance session and to help me in my spiritual endeavors. I hereby pronounce from my free will and my free choice that I am well aware of all negative and adverse consequences of such an evocation if I approach or request this communication with wrong, nega­tive and evil intent or with ulterior, selfish, egoistic motiva­tion. I am asking again and again that any such intention and motivation be immediately brought to my attention so that I may confess my sins and repent and ask for mercy and for­giveness and for their permanent elimination from my life."


Now, if one applies this or a similar formula every time one goes into a spiritual trance, and if one simultaneously ex­plores and examines oneself for any possible mistakes, errors, problems, wrongdoings or any negative and selfish intent and motivations and if one constantly submits oneself to thor­ough purification and cleansing from all pollutions, poisons and contaminations of every day living in the negative state, it is very doubtful that one will be misled or will get in contact with impostors, or the false Most High, or false Spiritual Advisors or false Inner Mind. And if one does get in contact with them, one will be immediately able to identify them as impostors and deal with them with forgiveness and mercy, compassion and empathy, with unconditional love and wis­dom, giving them an opportunity for conversion to the posi­tive state by sending them to that region specially established by the Most High between the hells and the intermediate world of spirits.


It is difficult to envision that this particular step can be in any way or manner penetrated or adopted by the negative and evil spirits no matter how complex and sophisticated they may be. As everything else, the pseudo-spiritual "mutation" has its limits. This is especially true if one follows properly the fourth step of this internal method.



In order to keep one's spiritual trances pure, clean and uncontaminated, it is advisable that, as one enters the spiritual trance, one states something as follows: "I am not asking for anything because I want to do the will of God. I am thankful, grateful, appreciative and satisfied for whatever I have. If I really need something in any manner or way, at any level, be it spiritual, mental, physical, financial, social and so on and so forth, I know that my Lord and my Creator knows what my real needs are. I am asking my Lord, Jesus Christ, to provide me with whatever I need for the purpose of being a better human being, a more spiritual human being, a more useful human being, a more loving and wise human being, etc. I am giving up everything that I am and that I have to You, my beloved Lord, since only You know in an absolute sense what is the best for me. Therefore, I truly want to do only Your will, not for my own selfish sake, but, primarily, for Your sake and for the sake of all in your Creation, for the sake of mutual benefit, common good and use to all."


It is also important to learn how to formulate and ask questions of one's Inner Mind, the Most High and one's Spir­itual Advisors.


If at all possible, one should avoid asking questions in terms of "shoulds". For example, "Should I do this or that?" "Should I establish this or that?" "Should I go here or there?" Such questions usually stem from one's wishful thinking and therefore, they violate a rule of advice that comes from freedom of choice. They limit one's Inner Mind, the Most High and one's Spiritual Advisors to answer such questions only in one possible way, that is, by giving one an indisputable freedom of choice to do whatever one asks if one chooses so. So, inadvertently, one gets a response, "If you choose so, you may do it.", etc.


Instead, one is advised to ask questions in terms of what is the best for all involved, can it help one to be a better human being and a more spiritual human being? Is it spirit­ually right? Is it in accordance with the will of the true Most High? Is it advisable to do so from the standpoint of the posi­tive state? The danger of the answer, "If you choose so you may do it," etc., is in the fact that one accepts such an answer as an endorsement of doing it because it is supposedly the will of God. Thus, one imposes one's will or wishful thinking on the will of God. When this happens, one opens the door to the negative state and, as a consequence of that, very sophis­ticated and complex evil and negative spirits enter one's life, penetrate one's spiritual mountaintop and assume total con­trol over one's life in the form and disguise of one's true Spir­itual Advisors, one's true Inner Mind and the true Most High.


Unless one learns from one's free choice and free will to ask for the will of God to be done in one's life, one can never be sure whether one is or is not in contact with one's true Inner Mind, one's true Spiritual Advisors and the true Most High.


If one faithfully applies in one's spiritual trances this fourth inner step, it is very unlikely that one will be deceived.


Of course, the most secure and reliable way for verifica­tion and security checks can be found in consistent applica­tion of all the above steps from the most external to the most internal. One can learn easily to hypnotically extend the phy­sical time so that ten minutes of objective time, for example, can be extended to one or two hours, or as long as necessary, in subjective time in order to go through all these steps. The ability of the human mind to manipulate time to its advan­tage, so far has been vastly unutilized. It is time that everyone learns to utilize this gift to their advantage for the purpose of continuous spiritual growth and progression.


Another thing that one is advised to ask from the true Most High and all others in one's spiritual trances is for con­stant updates, modifications, additions and/or deletion of anything that has been described in this chapter.


If one does these things consistently and faithfully, with good and positive intent and motivation, one cannot go wrong and one most certainly will always be able to recognize the true positive Spiritual Advisors from impostors and fakes.


For that reason, everyone who has just finished reading this chapter is strongly advised to go immediately into one's spiritual plenary state of trance and carefully and thoroughly check all these steps out in order to determine whether they are true or not for every particular reader and practitioner of spiritual trance. If, by any chance, one receives a negative response, one should ask for a revelation in order to establish the proper steps of security checks and verification as appli­cable for the inquirer. This should be done to avoid any pos­sible generalization and for preservation of one's individual­ized needs. The point to realize here is that, although for most people the above described steps seem to be valid and applicable, the wisdom of the situation requires that everyone checks it out for himself/herself in order to find out to what extent, if any, these steps are applicable for one's own unique personality and in one's unique spiritual trance work. After all, what is proper and right for one, may not be proper and right for someone else. Thus, it is the responsibility of every individual who practices spiritual hypnotherapy and spiritual self-hypnosis, to check all these steps out with one's true Inner  Mind, the true Most High in one's Inner Mind and with one's true Spiritual Advisors. If they endorse these steps as applicable for one's trance work, then one is advised and recommended to follow all of them with the understanding that constant checks of their continuous validity and effec­tiveness is assured. One is to ask the true Most High in one's Inner Mind and all of one's Spiritual Advisors to immediately bring to one's attention at what point some or all of these steps become obsolete and replace them with more effective and appropriate steps for such continuous security checks and verifications. This will assure a continuous, progressive mode in one's trance work. Of course, this is true not only of the matter discussed in this chapter, but in all respects of one's life.”





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