Why Did Jesus Christ Speak About And Relate TO His

Father-God As Though He And The Father Were Two

Different Persons Or Entities And Not One And The Same




Content of „Major Ideas Of The New Revelation“, pg. 57 - 75, Chapter V.


The literal sense of the New Testament in the Holy Bible, as well as many statements throughout the Old Testament in the Holy Bible, very apparently, obviously and plainly talks about the Messiah - Jesus Christ, who is the Son of God as one entity and Jehovah, God-the-Father, Who is an entirely different entity. Later on, Christian churches added a third entity - the Holy Spirit - which is supposedly different and separate from both God-the-Father and the Son of God, Jesus Christ.


Yet this understanding and conceptualization of the nature of the Most High is a distortion of the true reality. Not only is it a distortion, but spiritually it is a very dangerous concept.


What are the major reasons that such a dangerous distor­tion would be permitted by the Most High to be perpetuated for such a long time in this world, particularly among tradi­tional Christians, despite the fact that Jesus Christ Himself gave plenty of hints during his stay on Earth contrary to this conceptualization?


Before proceeding with the Revelation about this matter, let us pinpoint some places in the New Testament of the Holy Bible that, in their literal sense, separate God-the-Father from the Son of God as well as those that hint that Father and Son are one and not two separate entities or persons. The Gospel according to Matthew, chapter three, verse seventeen, "And suddenly a voice came from heaven saying, `This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased."' In this scripture it is obvious that the voice came from somewhere else but not from Jesus Christ, thus separating them. However, immedi­ately, in the next chapter, chapter four of Matthew, when Jesus Christ is tempted by the devil, in verse seven of that chapter, it says, "Jesus said to him, `It is written again, you shall not tempt the Lord your God."' This quotation shows very obviously that the one who was tempted was the true Lord, God, thus not a separate entity from God. In Matthew, chapter ten, verses thirty-two and thirty-three, "Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father Who is in heaven." Verse thirty-three: "But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father Who is in heaven." Now, this is an obvious separation of Father as one separate entity who is somewhere in heaven. Of course, in the internal sense, as you know, heaven means the Inner Mind or within. However, the literal sense is obviously a sense of total separation. In Matthew, chapter eleven, verse twenty-five to twenty-seven inclusive, it says and I quote, "At that time Jesus answered and said, `I thank You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth because You have hidden these things from the wise and prudent and have revealed them to babes. Even so, Father, for so it seemed good in Your sight."' Now, these two verses are very obvious­ly indicative of separation into two entities. However, the next verse suddenly says (in verse twenty-seven), "All things have been delivered to Me by My Father, and no one knows the Son except the Father. Nor does anyone know the Father except the Son, and he to whom the Son wills to reveal Him." Now, here is a very obvious hint that no one understands that those are not two separate persons but one person or one entity in two different aspects. In Matthew, chapter twenty-seven, verse forty-six it says: "And about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice saying, `Eli, Eli lama sabachtani?"' that is, "My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?" Now, this statement or this cry is an obvious separation of one person who cries to another different person. But then, in Matthew twenty-eight, chapter eighteen, it says, "Then Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, All authority has been given to Me in heaven and earth. "' These words obvi­ously indicate that there is no other authority but Jesus Christ Who is the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit at the same time, as the next verse, verse nineteen of chapter twenty-­eight of Matthew, indicates. Now, you can find similar state­ments in Mark and in Luke and in many places of the Gospel according to John. For example, John, chapter three, verse sixteen and seventeen and on, in the literal sense, very obvi­ously separates those two persons because it says in verse six­teen, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." And verse seventeen, "For God didn't send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved." It is obvious from this that God, a single person sent his Son, another per­son into the world. This is the literal sense when one doesn't know what the words of God and Son signify in the internal sense.


In the same chapter, verse thirty-five, it says, "The Father loves the Son, and has given all things into His hand." Again, this verse hints that there is something different here than two separate entities because everything is given into the hands of the Son. You can read also in John, chapter five, verse nineteen to twenty-seven, and the whole chapter, as a matter of fact, which contains both the hint that Father and Son are not two separate entities, but one entity, but at the same time in the literal sense it is very obvious that they are two separate entities. A similar situation occurs in the next chapter, chapter six, verses twenty-six to fifty-eight. In the content of these verses both concepts can easily be derived if one doesn't understand the internal sense of that content.


In chapter eight, verses thirty-seven to the end of the chapter we have a very strong indication of both situations; first that there are two separate persons and then suddenly in verse fifty-eight, Jesus said to them, "Most assuredly, I say to you before Abraham was, I AM." Well, when you say about someone, "I AM", it is obvious that this is only one possible Indivisible God, not two separate persons. In the tenth chap­ter of the Gospel of John, from verse twenty-five to verse thirty-eight, it starts out as though we are dealing here with two separate entities, Father and the Son, but then in the thir­tieth verse Jesus Christ proclaims, "I and My Father are one. " At this point, the Jews wanted to stone Him and they wanted to stone Him when He said, "Before Abraham was, I AM." Obviously, they couldn't accept the idea that Jesus Christ and God the Father are one entity and not two sepa­rate entities.


In chapter eleven, verse twenty-five and twenty-six, Jesus proclaims very clearly, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die." This is a very obvious indication and implication that He is the only God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, One Indivisi­ble God, because the only One who is the resurrection and the only One Who is life in Himself and by Himself is the One Indivisible God. No other life exists, existed or ever will exist.


Then again in chapter twelve of the Gospel of John, verse forty-five, "And he who sees Me sees Him who sent Me. " This is a very obvious indication that they are not sepa­rated, but are one person and one entity. And in chapter four­teen in the Gospel according to John, verse six to eleven con­tains very obvious hints that Jesus Christ and the Father, Jehovah, the Most High are the same person. Verse six says, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." And in verse seven, "If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also; and from now on you know Him and have seen Him." In verse nine, the second part of that verse continues, "He who has seen Me has seen the Father." Then, in chapter seventeen in the Gos­pel of John, the whole chapter is the prayer of Jesus Christ Who prays to His Father as a different, separate person. Sim­ilar statements can be found in the Revelation of Jesus Christ or Apocalypse where Jesus Christ speaks about "My God" as if He was a different person from Him.


There are many similar places in the Holy Bible, both in the Old and New Testament, which are indicative of both conceptualizations, one which separates God-the-Father from the Son, as Jesus Christ and the other which makes them One Indivisible person. Why is this so? And what is the reality of this situation?


Certain aspects and explanations of this situation were revealed by the Most High through Emanuel Swedenborg.


At this time, four major reasons for this dangerous dis­tortion are being revealed and further elaborated upon by the Most High.



The Most High in His/Her Essence is Pure Absolute Love and His/Her Substance Pure Absolute Wisdom. This Essence and Substance are One Distinguishable Fundamental and Essential Principle of the Most High's Nature. From these Absolute Principles everyone and everything in being and existence stems and derives.


Such an Absolute Nature cannot produce or tolerate anything negative, evil, false or adverse.

If the Most High would allow into His/Her presence anyone or anything of evil, falsity, negativity or adverseness, by the virtue of His/Her being Absolute Positive and the only living true Eternal and Infinite Life, anyone and everything of that negative, false and evil nature would instantaneously perish.


Such an outcome of this encounter is intolerable by and contrary to this Absolute Nature of the Most High.


In order for the true Most High to experience and to come into direct contact with the negative state (for the pur­pose of salvation of the entire Creation), it was necessary to separate certain ideas and aspects of His Absolute Substance by the will of Her Absolute Essence and to place them into the human physical body which was initially and originally fabricated by the pseudo-creators.


Since the human physical body was fabricated by the pseudo-creators from pure hatred toward the Most High, it consists of nothing but all accumulations of evils and falsities which have been produced and concocted by them from the moment of activation and putting the negative state into dominance.


If the Most High would enter such a body in the totality and completeness of His/Her Absolute Essence and Absolute Substance, that body, together with the entire Zone of Dis­placement and all its inhabitants, through all its worlds and dimensions, would instantaneously cease to exist. If the Zone of Displacement would cease to exist, then the entire Creation would perish because there would be no place for fallout of all those rejected ideas by the positive entities (not to recog­nize or accept or reciprocate the Lord's Divine Love and Divine Wisdom or recognize God as the only Creator). If such ideas would have no place to fallout, they would be forced into being accepted by their originators. This situation would lead to universal suicide. Acceptance of the two opposing ideas about God and His/Her Absolute Nature as absolutely correct ones would produce instantaneous univer­sal insanity. This would lead to the subsequent destruction of everyone's ability to receive, transmit and reciprocate life from the Most High. Thus all receptacles or vessels of the Most High's life - the sentient entities and beings - would fall apart and nothingness would establish itself instead. Hence the necessity for separation.


The concrete language of humans on planet Earth, in which language the Holy Bible is written, perceives and un­derstands the spoken words only in their literal, factual con­notation. When the Holy Bible literally speaks about the Son of God and the Son of Man, it perceives the Son as someone different than the Father. This is perceived in a similar manner as the relationship that exists between an Earthly son and father who are very obviously two different and unique beings.


However, in the internal sense of such words, there is no separation. Instead, the Son of God signifies certain aspects and ideas of the Most High's Absolute Divine Essence that are taken out and placed into the Zone of Displacement which is ruled by evils and falsities and which is time-space bound. On the other hand, Son of Man signifies certain aspects and ideas of the Most High's Absolute Divine Sub­stance that are taken out and placed into the Zone of Dis­placement.


Now, such a taking out of these ideas and aspects, that are the pure Most High, appears under the illusion of domi­nant evils and falsities and time-space condition in the Zone of Displacement, as though that taken out is not the same as that from which it was taken out. Thus, we have the illusion that God, the Father, and Jesus Christ are two separate per­sons or entities.


However, one has to remember the following vital, cru­cial and important fact. The above mentioned certain ideas and aspects of the Most High's Absolute Nature, are now placed into the physical body, fabricated by the pseudo­-creators which is totally, utterly and completely alien to the true Absolute Nature of the Most High. The Most High, in His/Her Absolute Nature, cannot be present in such a body. Yet, the paradox of this situation is, that, for the purpose of salvation, it is absolutely necessary for the Most High to be present in such a body. Without this presence, the Most High could not experience the negative state, could not be tempted by it and therefore, He/She could not save anyone.


So, how does one overcome this seemingly insolvable dilemma and paradox? The solution is in the fact that certain various aspects and ideas of the Most High are slowly and gradually, step by step, one by one, placed into such a body. As they are being placed into that body, the temptation re­sults. In the process of such temptation gradual elimination of all evils and falsities from that body occurs with a subse­quent replacement of all of them with a greater and greater degree of the above mentioned ideas and aspects of the Most High. In the process of these combats, eliminations, and re­placements, that body, originally fabricated by the pseudo­creators, step by little step, becomes more and more Divine and is being subsequently incorporated more and more into the Most High becoming literally one with the Most High.


Now, during the process of such combats, eliminations and replacements, Jesus Christ functions from the position of that body. When He/She functions from the position of that body, He/She experiences Himself and is experienced by others as a separate and different person from His Heavenly Father. In such a condition it is only obvious that Jesus Christ would speak about His Father, would relate to His Father and pray to His Father as though Jesus Christ was someone different from His Father and somewhere else than His Father was. Whenever one limits himself/herself by space­time continuum and is in the midst of evils and falsities, from that position, from the position of space-time limitations of this universe and the Zone of Displacement and from the position of evils and falsities that are space-time bound, one has little choice than to see things in separation, in distance and somewhere outside.


However, when Jesus Christ spoke and functioned from the true ideas and aspects in His spirit and soul, which are the true Most High, He/She speaks and functions as the Most High and therefore, He proclaims, "I and the Father are one." "Whoever sees Me, sees My Father." "No one knows the Father but the Son." "All power on heaven and earth are given to Me," and similar statements as quoted above.


In the process of His Earthly life, that lasted thirty-three years, Jesus Christ gradually, step by step, repudiated all hereditary and any other evils and falsities that were endowed from the line of his Earthly mother and father, as reflected in all genes of the physical body that was originally fabricated by the pseudo-creators, and replaced those evils and falsities with totality and completeness of the Most High's presence. Thus, at the end of His mission, Jesus Christ once again, became the Most High also in His physical body. With this physical body He/She enabled Himself/Herself to enter all the hells, after His/Her crucifixion and complete there His/ Her act of salvation and redemption of the entire Creation after which He became also a Supreme Master and Ruler of the entire negative state and all its hells. Thus, by this and other processes He made His body Divine uniting it to His Father and making Himself one with His Father also from the position of the Zone of Displacement.


Now, this is one of the major reasons why Jesus Christ so often spoke about His Father, prayed and talked to Him as if the Father were different from Him. One has to remember that the Holy Bible describes Jesus Christ's life only during His stay on the planet Earth and only from the position of His/Her physical aspects, that is, from the position of the negative state. This is the only position which is available here. From that position, by the very nature of that position, everything appears in separation and not in unification. Such is the true nature of the negative state.



As everyone knows, incarnation of the Most High in the form of Jesus Christ on this planet took place in the Jew­ish nation. By all the external factors Jesus Christ was a Jew. Why was it so important and crucial for Jesus Christ to be a Jew?


This has to do with the facts contained in the under­standing of the Law of Correspondences. It is necessary to understand that every nation on this planet, as well as any­where else or anywhen else, corresponds to certain spiritual and intermediate states, conditions and processes. In most in­stances, in the Zone of Displacement, this correspondence is two-fold: one positive and one negative. In the positive con­notation Israel and Judea corresponded at that time to the spiritual and celestial kingdom respectively, of the Most High's Creation. As one remembers, at the time of Jesus Christ, only Judea retained its geographical designation. This was provided by the Divine Providence of the Most High so that the incarnation of Jesus Christ would be possible into the geographical region that corresponded in the positive conno­tation to the celestial kingdom and, in the higher sense, to the Absolute Essence of the Most High. Such an essential corres­pondence considerably tempers the intensity of the celestial and spiritual presence of the Most High in the world where only external names remained that had any spiritual signifi­cance. For that reason, the incarnation of Jesus Christ in any other geographical regions than Judea, because of that cor­respondence and significance, would be ineffective. The celestial kingdom at that time had a direct correspondence to the Absolute Essence of the Most High, while His/Her spirit­ual kingdom corresponded to His/Her Absolute Substance. Unification of these two constituted at that time the Absolute Within or the center of the Most High. As one remembers, the fundamental principle of all Creation is that everything proceeds from within to without. Any act, particularly an act of salvation, has to start from within to without in all re­spects, including the correspondence of the outermostness of Creation.


However, as one remembers, in the Zone of Displace­ment everything is upside down. Therefore, the most external state is considered to be the most inward, and the most in­ward is, frequently, completely disregarded as having no ex­istence. This is a confusing issue. But here comes the meaning of the negative correspondence of Israel and Judea. In the negative sense Israel corresponds to all falsities of the Zone of Displacement and Judea to all of its evils. Hence, the pseudo-­within of the Zone of Displacement, which is, in fact, the most without or external position of the Zone of Displace­ment, is represented by this planet and particularly by Jews at the time of Jesus Christ's incarnation. (One has to understand that different times in the history of mankind require differ­ent correspondences of different Earthly nations. This means that whatever the Jewish nation corresponded to at the time of Jesus Christ's incarnation doesn't necessarily mean that the same correspondence is also retained at the present time. No one knows what any nation on the planet Earth at the present time corresponds to in the spiritual world. Such knowledge would be extremely dangerous and would destroy the operation of Divine Providence of the Most High. From such knowledge the future development of those nations in a spiritual state of affairs, could be predicted. This would be used by the negative state to undermine and subvert the entire act of salvation of the Most High.) In this respect, only from the position of the pseudo-within could any steps toward con­quering and eliminating the negative state be taken. Consid­eration of the most external factors to be the true "within" constitutes the foundation of the negative state. There is no negative state in the true within. Thus, incarnation into the negative state requires incarnation into that pseudo-within. One must follow first the Laws of the upside down position in order to eliminate that perverted position. The Jewish nation corresponded to this situation at that time; hence, the need for Jesus Christ to incarnate into the Jewish nation.


However, what is the perception and the understanding of the nature of the Most High from the position occupied in the Law of Correspondences by the Jewish nation at the time of Jesus Christ's incarnation?


In its negative correspondence, the Jewish nation repre­sented the total distortion and profanation of everything internal so that nothing of internals remained. Everything inter­nal was ritualized, externalized, put outside and disconnected from its spiritual and celestial source. Under such conditions the only knowledge and understanding of God which can be retained and conceptualized is that God is non-tangible, with­out any form, shape, place, time; that He is invisible, imper­sonal, remote, inhumane, completely somewhere outside in an inapproachable area and whoever sees or hears Him will instantaneously perish. From this kind of conceptualization of God, the path toward denial of God's existence, that is toward atheism and materialism, was assured. This concep­tualization is reflected very obviously in the literal sense of Moses' law. No one can see and hear God and survive.


Thus, the obvious conclusion is that God can never be seen, heard, understood or be approachable, personal, or close to anyone in any manner.


Under such conditions if Jesus Christ in a human, physi­cal body would proclaim that He is the true God, the Most High, the Jews would instantly stone Him to death, as they almost did on several occasions when He dared to hint that He and the Father were one and that, before Abraham, I AM. See the verses quoted in the Gospel according to John again. If this would happen, Jesus Christ would fail in His mission and the entire Creation would perish since the pseudo-creators would take over. (As you know, at the time of Jesus Christ's incarnation, the pseudo-creators and their negative state were prevailing over the positive state which situation prompted Jesus Christ's incarnation.)


For this reason it was more acceptable for Jesus Christ to speak about the Son of God and the Son of Man or the Mes­siah, the Son of the Blessed One, because in the literal, exter­nal, outward conceptualization, Son is not the same as God-­the-Father Who can never be seen or heard or approached directly. This is another reason why Jesus Christ very often spoke about His Father, God as though He were a different being, person or entity.



As everyone knows, in the negative state of the Zone of Displacement such categories as truth, wisdom, faith, mas­culinity and so on, are perceived as separate categories from good, love, charity, femininity and so on. They are not per­ceived to be indistinguishable, but different and separate from each other. For that reason on this planet, as well as in the entire Zone of Displacement, it is a common occurrence that one can be good but have very little or distorted or no truth at the same time, or one can have, possess and know all truth but have no good. One can be very knowledgeable and seemingly wise but lack all love, or one can have abundance of love but be at the same time, very unwise. Such is the nature of the negative state. Because of this fundamental separation and split, no proper, complete and total unifica­tion, conjunction and oneness of these principles is possible in this Zone. They always appear separate and independent of each other. Under these conditions, the incarnation of Jesus Christ as complete unification and oneness with the Most High and all His/Her Absolute Principles, would create such a shock that everything and everybody here would per­ish. This would lead to the destruction of the entire Creation, (as pointed out in point number one).


For that reason, as pointed out in the first chapter of the Gospel according to John, the Word became flesh. The Word of God means pure Divine Truth. Thus, it was the Divine Truth of the Most High that incarnated as Jesus Christ into this Zone on this planet. From this position, from the posi­tion of the Divine Truth, the unification of everything that Jesus Christ represented on this planet could be accomplished so that the Divine Truth of the Most High could be once again, conjoined to the Divine Good. The Divine Good or Divine Love is what is called the Father. And Divine Truth or Divine Wisdom is what is called the Son.


The first step in the process of conjunction is the knowl­edge of truth. This is the reason why Jesus Christ says, "For you shall know the truth", that is, Jesus Christ, "and it shall make you free." And, "I am the truth, the way and life," and soy on. The Truth mediates to Good.


However, because there is that sense of mediation, Jesus Christ as Divine Truth or Son of God, becomes mediator of Divine Good or to God-the-Father. From the position of the external perception of the human external mind, this relation­ship appears as though there are two separate persons or enti­ties, who relate with each other from the position of separa­tion and difference, one being a mediator to the other.


When Jesus Christ prayed or talked to His Father as if His Father was a separate person, He prayed and talked from the position of Divine Truth (called the Son of God in Essence and the Son of Man in Substance) to the position of the Divine Good (called Jehovah or Father in Essence or God in Substance) which, from the space-time bound and evil­-falsity conditioned Zone of Displacement, gives an illusion or an appearance to the falsity or distortion as if we have here entirely two different persons or states.


However, in the positive state of Creation no such sepa­ration exists. Therefore, no one perceives God-the-Father and Son-Jesus Christ as two, separate persons or as two Gods. Instead, they are perceived as two unified aspects of One Indivisible God - that is, as the Divine Truth of the Most High that became flesh and functioned in the form of Jesus Christ as a Redeemer and Savior of the entire Creation, and the Divine Good of the Most High (the Father), that was the spirit and soul or life of that Divine Truth - or Jesus Christ.



As mentioned previously, at the time of Jesus Christ's incarnation on this planet, the pseudo-creators and the negative state activated by them were in full control of this planet as well as of the entire Zone of Displacement. They had a direct access to the entire positive state through the intermediate world, where they established at that time their strongholds. From that position they were constantly penetrating all heavens (as it can be seen from statements in the Holy Bible, Job, chapter one, verses six to twelve, Job, chapter two, verses one to seven and prophet Zechariah, chapter three, verses one to three) and gradually also taking over the control of the positive state of the Most High's Crea­tion.


Under those conditions the situation on planet Earth was such that all nations, existing on it at the time of Jesus Christ's incarnation, were ruled totally by the pseudo-creators. Those nations worshipped demons, devils and satans (that is, the pseudo-creators). They, as a whole, had no concept whatso­ever of the true God, the Most High (with very few exceptions of some individuals), and His/Her true nature. And thus, they lacked any direct access to the positive state. Only the Jewish nation, because of its corresponding significance, meaning and representation, had some spiritual awareness of the existence of God, the Creator as One Indivisible God.


However, as one knows from the history of that nation, as reflected in the Holy Bible, the Jewish people constantly lust­ed and went after other so-called gods of other nations that they were supposed to destroy. Thus, the Jewish people, as a whole, had never accepted fully the Divine Truth of the Ab­solute Substance of the Most High. Instead, they maintained some obscure awareness of the Divine Good or of the Abso­lute Essence of the Most High as One God Indivisible. Be­cause of their lust for other gods and the customs of black magic that prevailed at that time on planet Earth among all nations, they gradually perverted and subsequently complete­ly devastated any Divine Truth that was available to them in Moses' law. This law they took very literally and externally. They ritualized it to such proportions that nothing of the inner, spiritual, correspondential significance was discernible by them in any way or respect. When such a situation occurs, the Divine Truth or the Absolute Substance of the Most High's true nature withdraws from the human mind and no proper knowledge, understanding, acceptance and practice of any truth remains with humans. This is a mortally danger­ous situation because, once you lack any knowledge, under­standing, acceptance and practice of the Divine Truth, the way or path to the Divine Good is being closed also. There is no other way to the Divine Good but through the Divine Truth. That it would come to this kind of situation was the plan of the pseudo-creators. They desired nothing more than to accomplish total devastation of the Divine Truth in the human mind so that the way to Divine Good, that is, to the Absolute Essence of the Most High's Absolute Nature would also be closed. If the pseudo-creators were to succeed in this closure, they would win the case and take over the entire Creation. Thus, the entire Creation would ultimately perish.


This situation required a direct intervention by the Most High in the form of the incarnation of Jesus Christ or the Divine Truth of the Divine Good of the Most High. Jesus Christ could not incarnate as the Divine Good in Itself be­cause there was no Divine Truth left on the planet Earth and in the entire Zone of Displacement. One has to remember, that the way to the Divine Good is through the Divine Truth. This is the order of Creation. Thus, incarnation of the Divine Good would lead to total rejection of God because there was no Truth available by which one could perceive, understand, acknowledge and accept this Good. The perception, acknowl­edgement, understanding, acceptance and practice of Good is possible only by Truth. If one does not have any Truth, one is totally blind and cannot perceive anything Good.


Therefore, it was necessary for Jesus Christ to incarnate as Divine Truth, in order to return people to the Truth so that they could be prepared to perceive, acknowledge, under­stand, accept and practice Good. In the process of His Earth­ly life, Jesus Christ started as Divine Truth, which combat­ted, conquered and subjugated all evils and falsities of the negative state, that is, all of the hells, and reunited that Divine Truth with the Divine Good becoming the true Most High also in the Zone of Displacement.


One has to understand, that the Divine Good, because of It's essential nature of the Divine Love, does not combat any­one, doesn't judge anyone, doesn't fight with anyone or does not force anyone into anything. It is the Divine Truth of the Divine Wisdom which does so for the sake of eternal preser­vation of the Divine Good. The Divine Good is the most essential aspect of life, life itself, which must be protected against any assaults coming from the negative state that wants to destroy that very life.


For that reason the incarnation of the Divine Good on this planet would accomplish nothing because it does not. combat evils and falsities. It accepts everything as it is. There­fore, no salvation of Creation from the pseudo-creators and the negative state activated by them could be accomplished by Jesus Christ as the Divine Good.


If Jesus Christ would appear solely as the Divine Good, He would be rejected as much as He was rejected by the Jew­ish nation as the Divine Truth. Rejection of the Divine Good means instantaneous death, suicide, because once you reject Life Itself (which is the Divine Good of the Divine Love) then what do you have? All life ceases instantaneously.


However, rejection of the Divine Truth doesn't mean re­jection of life. It only means the closure of the path to the Divine Good which eventually leads to spiritual death, which is hell, but never to the literal, eternal death as rejection of the Divine Good would do.


Under existing conditions, as described above, on the planet Earth at the time of Jesus Christ's incarnation, if Jesus Christ would appear to people as the Divine Good and Divine Truth conjoined, that is, as the Most High, one Indivisible God, the total rejection of any Good and of any Truth would result. By such rejection the profanation of the Holiness of the Absolute Union and Conjunction of Divine Good and Divine Truth would occur. At the moment of that profana­tion, no act of salvation could take hold. (This is what unpar­donable sin against the Holy Spirit means. The conjunction and union of the Divine Good and the Divine Truth as Divine Love and Divine Wisdom of the Most High equals the Holy Spirit. This is what one concept of the Holy Spirit signifies and not the third person of the Godhead.)


Thus, under such conditions, it was necessary to permit an initial separation of certain aspects of the Divine Truth from the Divine Good that incarnated in the form of Jesus Christ on this planet and appeared here as if Jesus Christ was a separate person from his Father - the Divine Good, and not as One God Indivisible. Whenever Jesus Christ was tempted by the negative state, whenever He was combatting evils and falsities that were constantly assaulting Him, He functioned as the Divine Truth from Divine Good that had to be separated from that Divine Good (the Father) in order that such temptation and combat could take place at all. The rea­son being that the Divine Good cannot be tempted. In that state of separation, Jesus Christ talked about his Father (the Divine Good), prayed to Him, related to Him as though the Father was an entity separate from Him.


This mode of relation is retained also in the Apocalypse (the Revelation of Jesus Christ) where Jesus Christ speaks about His Father, or "My God", as if they are two separate persons. The reason that this type of speech is retained in the Apocalypse, is because the Apocalypse deals primarily with the devastation and destruction by the evils and falsities of the current Christian churches and their doctrines. The Chris­tian church, for certain important spiritual reasons, has never completely accepted the doctrine of One Indivisible God. Just the opposite, it added a third God in the form of the Holy Spirit. Thus, it completed the falsification of the under­standing of the true nature of the Most High among most Christians. Because this violation was done, once again, to the Divine Truth, it is the Divine Truth or Jesus Christ in the Apocalypse as if separate from the Divine Good (God-the­-Father) that functions as Judge. Only the Divine Truth can judge. The Divine Good doesn't judge anyone. In the process of the state of this judgement, the Divine Truth (or the Son) appears to be separated from the Divine Good (God-the­-Father) and speaks about its Good, that is, the Father, as though they are not one and the same.


As far as the Christian concept of the Holy Spirit is con­cerned, it is very plain that if one separates one God into two persons, such a separation opens the door to many other pos­sible separations. However, from the Holy Bible, it is very obvious that the Holy Spirit is a proceeding from Jesus Christ as the spirit of Truth of Jesus Christ (see the Gospel accord­ing to John, chapter sixteen, verses seven to fifteen and in the other places) and not a separate entity. This is a spirit of inspi­ration, enlightenment and illumination that leads one in Truth to the Good of the Most High. That this is the case is very obviously illustrated in the Gospel according to John, chapter twenty, verse twenty-two. It says, "He breathed on them, and said to them, `Receive the Holy Spirit."' This is a very simple and plain illustration of the fact that the Holy Spirit is not a different entity but Jesus Christ's inspiration that proceeds from Him ("He breathed on them").


The above brief elaboration and revelation can be con­sidered proof beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are not three different entities but One God Indivisible, Who is our Beloved Lord, Jesus Christ, the true Most High. It also sheds light for those who choose to see why Jesus Christ so often related to God-the-Father as though they were two separate persons.”





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