Update On The Issue Of Why People Choose To Go TO Hell



Content of „Major Ideas Of The New Revelation“, pg. 76 - 87, Chapter VI.


On May 22, 1982 certain reasons for people's choices to go to hell were revealed (in "Messages From Within", pages 257-263). At that time it was indicated that, besides the four revealed reasons for such a choice, there are at least three other major reasons for this choice. These additional three reasons were not revealed at the time because most people were not spiritually ready to accept them or to want to under­stand them.


However, at the present time there are a sufficient num­ber of spiritually minded people on this planet to enable the Most High to reveal these additional three reasons why some people choose to go to hell.


In order to properly understand what follows, the pro­spective reader is advised to read the message, "Why Do Peo­ple Choose To Go To Hell?" in the book by this author, "Messages From Within", pages 257-263.


For the purpose of continuity we are going to restate, very briefly, the first four reasons.



The first reason stems from the fact that the majority of people on this planet at the present time are incarnated from the negative state, that is, from the hells. Therefore, most of them, by their free choice, go to some other level of the hells to continue in their love of evil and falsity.



The second reason is a private one known only to the Most High and to the Inner Mind of the chooser. It is also for setting a continuous example of how to work out one's prob­lems and free onself from one's false loves and identities and get out of the hells.



The third reason can be found in the rejection of the principle of freedom of choice and instead a tendency to blame God for all atrocities and abominations of the negative state with a demand that the Most High immediately change everything and that He/She entirely eliminate the negative state.



The fourth reason is the result of people's falling in love with the dogmas of their respective religions which they absolutize without allowing any change or progression in their spiritual and mental lives.


The foregoing four reasons remain valid reasons for choosing to go to hell. The only necessary modification in their conceptualization relates to the percentage as reflected in reason number one. There it is said that approximately 40% of the population are an incarnation from the hells and 600% are an incarnation from another state, other than from the hells. The reality of this situation drastically changed and, in fact, was misperceived by the wishful thinking of the writer. However, at the present time, the real situation on planet Earth is such that over two-thirds of the population come from the negative state and less than one-third come from the positive state. Out of this one-third approximately 95% become slaves of the negative state and will choose, at one time or another, to go to the hells and only 50% of this two-thirds retains it's positive nature to the very end or recap­tures it in the process of combating evils and falsities to which everyone is exposed on this planet.


For certain important spiritual reasons this number is rapidly changing toward the negative spectrum as the specific human era will be coming to the end and to its abolishment also in the Zone of Displacement on the pseudo-planet Earth.


In order to contribute further to the ending of this spe­cific human era on this planet, the additional three reasons why people choose to go to the hells are now being revealed by the Most High.



One of the recent polls in the United States on spirit­ual and religious issues revealed that, although 80% of parti­cipants in that poll believed in the existence of God or some supernatural force or Being, only approximately 20% of all admit the existence of the hells and negative, evil spirits. These results indicate that most people do not believe that there is such a state as the hells and that there are negative and evil spirits that occupy, maintain, fuel and perpetuate the negative and evil state in the multi-dimensional universal Zone of Displacement for the purpose of taking over the en­tire Creation and abolishment of the positive state.


Such a false belief system logically and inevitably leads to the conclusion that everything bad is good and that all atrocities and abominations of bloodshed, miseries, suffer­ings, breakdown, crisis, revolutions, wars, crimes, illnesses or whatever you have in such abundance on this planet are a natural and good state of affairs and, in the ultimate sense, were originated by God Himself/Herself.


If one believes in God-the-Creator of everything that is, but, at the same time, one denies the existence of the negative and evil spirits and their respective hells, one inevitably and inadvertently ends up in ascribing the origination of all evil and falsity, of all atrocities and abominations, to God. After all, it was God who created imperfect humans and, therefore, by the fact of this very act, God created from Himself/Her­self everything evil and negative. For that reason evil and negative is good and positive.


This is a perverted and distorted understanding and con­ceptualization of the Most High's true Absolute Nature Whose Nature is Absolutely Positive. Whatever is Absolutely Positive cannot contain anything negative and, thus, it can­not originate anything negative. The negative comes only from the negative which is the result of the denial of this fact about the true Nature of the Most High. Nothing of the nega­tive nature can come out of something which is positive. This would be contrary to the structure of Creation.


In this respect it is necessary to realize that one's place­ment in the Most High's Creation or elsewhere (as revealed in the "Four Concepts of the Spiritual Structure of Creation") is always determined by the chosen stance and understanding and attitude toward the Most High and His/Her Nature. If one chooses to perceive the Most High as the originator of the negative state, one automatically turns one's back on the true Nature of the Most High, one turns one's back on everything positive, proper, right and godly. Thus, one turns one's back on everything truly positive and good. If one firmly identifies oneself with this perverted conceptualization of the Most High's Nature, one automatically excludes oneself from the positive state of the Most High's Creation and, subsequently, places oneself in the hells. The hells, among other things, consist of all who do not believe in the hellish existence and in the true Nature of the Most High as being Absolutely Positive.


People like this in the hells do not believe that they are in the hells since everything hellish is considered by them to be good and positive.


From such a position no need is felt to change, to acknowledge one's problems or sins, to repent, to confess one's negativity and to ask for mercy and forgiveness.


One has to realize that the denial of the existence of the hells and their evil and negative spirits doesn't make one automatically positive. It only means that whatever one does in the negative sense, one does it by one's own volition and not by the influx of the hells. Whatever one does by one's own volition has to be imputed or appropriated to that one regardless of whether one admits or not that one acted nega­tively.


If one would admit and recognize that everything evil and negative comes from the hells and if one, for that reason, would avoid being associated with anything negative or hell­ish, nothing of evil or negativity could be imputed to that one. Thus, one would never choose to go to hell because nothing of the hells could ever be insinuated into that one. If there is nothing of the hells or the negative state contained within that one, then one could not find any ways into the hells.


On the other hand, if one starts to believe that there are no hells or evil, negative spirits, and that one is the originator of everything that is happening in one's life, be it good or bad, one, inadvertently, makes oneself a producer or originator of evils and falsities, thus, creating one's own hell that leads one to the company of similar believers, thus, to the hells.


The only way one can avoid the hells and their evil and negative spirits is by acknowledging their existence. The exist­ence of the hells comes about by the fact that one chooses to place the origin of everything bad, evil and false or everything good, correct, proper and right into the wrong source or denies its existence entirely. Both these choices, placing it in the wrong source, and the denial of its existence, make it im­possible for anyone to acknowledge, recognize, understand and eliminate the negative state from one's life.


Failure to do so constitutes the true nature of the hells and, thus, it commits one to the hells. In other words, by not choosing to accept the existence of the hells and their evil and negative spirits, one inevitably commits oneself into their power for the purpose of learning the real truth. Obviously, if one denies the truth about the hells and their negative, evil spirits, one is not in the truth. If one is not in the truth, one is, then in falsity. If one is in falsity, one lives a life that is false. Such a life leads to the production of evil which is being excused, justified and rationalized by adopted falsities or by the denial of the truth about the negative state. If one identi­fies oneself with such a stance, one chooses to be in the hells until one learns the truth about the hells and their negative and evil spirits.


The only reason why people like this choose to go to hell, is to learn the truth about the reality of the hells. In no other place, but in the hells, can one learn this indisputable fact. Once they learn the truth, no matter how long it takes, they become eligible for conversion to the positive state. In the moment of their eligibility, the Most High gives them ample opportunities for coming out of their respective hells and enrolling in the New School for Spiritual Reawakening, Re­learning and Restructuring and subsequent endowment with the new spirit, new soul, new mind, new personality, new body and the new assignment within the positive state of heavens.


In view of these facts, it is obvious how vitally important it is to have the right understanding, acceptance and stance toward the true Nature of the Most High and toward the truth about the hells and their negative and evil spirits. This proper and correct knowledge is available to everyone in one's Inner Mind. Thus, one is advised to turn oneself in­ward, by the steps and procedures as described in the book, "Who Are You And Why Are You Here?" and learn the truth about these and any other matters.



Under the influence of the rigid, finalistic and dog­matic negative state, that exists in an activated and dominant mode on the pseudo-planet Earth, people build all kinds of horrendous, pompous, and pseudo-glorious traditions, cus­toms, conventions and cultures. Many people admire them, worship them, cling to them and consider them to be godly and positive. Many people adopt and appropriate to them­selves a lifestyle in accordance with their culture and its tradi­tions, conventions and customs. They start to believe that no other form or condition of life is possible or conceivable and for that reason they don't want to change anything under any conditions. They feel comfortable with this lifestyle, they love it, they adore it and they want it to continue to eternity.


One of the most devastating customs and traditions of this nature can be found in the institution of earthly mar­riages and how people understand and practice their sexual­ity. Under the influence of hellish doctrines and hellish civil laws, people become in this respect ruled by feelings of pos­sessiveness, ownership, exclusivity, slavery, dependency and jealousy in respect to other people and particularly to the opposite sex. They feel that they have the right to possess another human being for their own needs and use and that no one else is allowed to share his/her possession with them. Lit­erally, they have a license for such possession. This exclusive­ness and possessiveness and ownership is the most obvious in regard to one's spouse and sexuality. There is no other area on this planet in which the taboos of this society, religions and cultures are so explicit as in the sharing of one's spouse and one's sexuality. This, of course, is reinforced by social and religious laws that label people, deviating in any manner from this rule, as adulterers, fornicators, sinners, being pro­miscuous and out of place.


It is obvious by the logic of this matter that anything that produces within one's personality states and feelings of jeal­ousy, possessiveness, ownership, exclusivity, slavery, bond­age, dependency and similar states cannot stem from anything good or positive. Thus, it cannot be from the Most High.


This is very obvious from what Jesus Christ replies to the Sadducees about marriages after the resurrection (The Gospel According to Matthew, Chapter 22, verses 23-37; The Gospel According to Mark, Chapter 12, verses 18-27; The Gospel Ac­cording to Luke, Chapter 20, verses 27-38):


"For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels of God in heaven."


The Sadducees, of course, were asking this question from the standpoint of the traditional conceptualization of marriage, as it is so obvious from the text. However, Jesus Christ very obviously pointed out that there are no such tradi­tional marriages after the resurrection, but, instead, there is something else entirely. But what is it? The answer is that they are like angels of God in heaven. However, what is it to be like an angel of God? Basically, it is to be free from any feel­ings and states of jealousy, possessiveness, egoism, selfish ownership, self-love, love to the externals, worldly, corpore­al, valueless things, slavery, exclusivity, dependency and simi­lar negative and ungodly states. To be an angel of God is to be in the true marriage of Love and Wisdom, Good and Truth, Charity and Faith, Masculinity and Femininity, and everything else of the positive state, for the purpose of mutual benefit, common good, exchange, use and sharing with all. This is the state of the heavens or the true positive state. There is no other positive state in being and existence.


However, when one comes to the spiritual world, after departure from the pseudo-Earth (after the physical death), one arrives there with certain expectations of things to be continued in precisely the same way one adopted in accord­ance with the traditions of the culture and religion in which one was brought up and with which one fully identified one­self.


When such a person is confronted for the first time with the truth of the matter, he/she is shocked right out of his/her wits, so to speak. For many people it is difficult to accept this unexpected reality about the true nature of the positive state.


After awhile, of course, they are given a choice: to con­tinue in the previous, earthly lifestyle of possessiveness, jeal­ousy, exclusivity, egoistic ownership, dependency, enslave­ment and enslaving mode of life or to recede from it and ac­cept a different, heavenly lifestyle. Many people feel threat­ened by the heavenly lifestyle. Many people feel threatened by the new lifestyle and they choose to continue in something which is more familiar to them and with which they fully identify themselves. Since that old lifestyle of traditions, cus­toms, conventions, cultures, institutions, establishments and similar matters stems from the hells and is supported by the hells, they choose to go to the hells. There they are given an opportunity to learn about the true origin of all institutions, establishments, traditions, customs, conventions and cultures of the pseudo-humankind on this pseudo-planet Earth and particularly about the pseudo-marriages and practice of sexu­ality. After they learn their bitter lessons and start to exhibit a willingness to change, they are given an opportunity to cor­rect their errors, to eliminate their evils and falsities and to convert to the positive state by going through the process of transformation and the new endowment in the New School for Spiritual Reawakening, Relearning, and Restructuring.



As everyone knows, people are born on this pseudo-­Earth into a total ignorance of everything. Thus, they have no conscious knowledge that any other life and reality exist than the reality and life as it is on planet Earth. The sign of activation and dominance of the hells and their negative state is to be totally ignorant of any true spiritual life. Many people on this pseudo-planet, from the position of this ignorance, choose to totally identify themselves with earthly life, believ­ing that it has a permanent value and that, therefore, they will be always coming back on this earth through the process of so-called reincarnation. They fall in love with the pseudo-life on this pseudo-planet and they, inadvertently, develop a tre­mendous desire and craving to come back or to reincarnate on this earth continuously or as long as it is possible. The obsession with such ideas, as the idea of reincarnation, repu­diates any ability to accept the real truth about this or any other matter. People like this become truly blind and deaf to anything that doesn't fit their lifestyle or their conceptualiza­tion of life. So, when they arrive in the spiritual world, they refuse to accept the progressive mode of being and existence which makes it impossible for anyone to be reincarnated phy­sically in the same place or on the same planet two or more times. They refuse to learn or listen to anything that doesn't agree with their philosophy and understanding of life. This closes them off from seeing and accepting the truth and sub­sequent elimination of their false belief system.


Thus, by such an attitude, they voluntarily exclude them­selves from anyone or any state that is not agreeable with their belief system. For that reason they seek out people and societies that are in similar belief systems and join them, hap­pily, expecting to be reincarnated physically at any time on planet Earth. But, because no such reincarnation is forth­coming, at one point they get furious and return to the planet Earth in the form of spirits and attach and insinuate them­selves into the minds of people who continue to believe in physical reincarnation (or whatever false belief systems they hold on to) and start to influence, adversely, the life of such people claiming to be their true spiritual advisors. Such spir­its, or false spiritual advisors, infuse into people memories of their own previous lives, causing them to believe that it was truly their life and that they used to be on this planet many times previously.


By this atrocious act these kinds of spirits, through the process of insinuation and support of their own belief sys­tems in others on the planet Earth, become negative and evil and place themselves in the mode of retribution for mislead­ing others, thus, condemning themselves to the hells, until the time that they are willing to admit that they were wrong and start to show a desire for a change. When the time of retribu­tion is over, and they repent and start to show a desire to recede from their false belief systems, they are given an op­portunity for conversion by enrolling in the New School for Spiritual Reawakening, Relearning and Restructuring and subsequent endowment with the new positive type of spirit, mind, personality, body and style of life and placement into the positive state of the heavens.


From this conclusion, it is very obvious how very dan­gerous it is to cling to one's own false belief systems, no mat­ter what they might be or how truthful they seem to be, in­stead of keeping one's mind open and asking for mobility and flexibility and the ability to be diverse and ready to change at any time, as needed and when needed. It is also obvious how dangerous it is to accept at face value a view that anyone who appears, for example, in one's spiritual hypnotic trances, can be considered positive and good particularly if that one sup­ports our own belief systems or our own wishful thinking. One of the reasons why the Most High dictated the book, "Who Are You And Why Are You Here?" was for the pur­pose of giving exact procedures for rigorously testing all ap­pearing spirits in the form of Spiritual Advisors in order to eliminate those who come back to people on this earth to mis­lead, misguide and fuel their own belief systems as a revenge because things are not the way they expected them to be when they came to the spiritual world after they departed from their body on this earth (meaning after they die). By not accepting such spirits or pseudo-spiritual advisors on face value, one, in fact, helps them to realize that things can be entirely different than what they expect them to be. This is true even more so, when one starts to disagree with obviously false conclusions and advise that these kinds of spirits are try­ing to impose on anyone who is in a spiritual trance. And by giving them an opportunity to change and to accept the truth about reality of the positive state, one can truly help any such spirits to avoid going into the hells but instead to enroll in the New School for Spiritual Reawakening, Relearning and Re­structuring for elimination of the false belief systems and all evils and falsities that such spirits cling to.


This is one of the many reasons why the Most High de­cided to reveal these additional three reasons why people choose to go to hell. This is done so that everyone who is will­ing and ready will be able to help to bring to the attention of these kinds of spirits and false spiritual advisors how tremen­dously dangerous it is to cling to and to perpetuate one's old false belief systems regardless of what such a system consists of or is about. This is not limited only to belief about reincar­nation but anything else for that matter. And, at the same time, understanding these several reasons why people choose to go to hell, can help anyone who so chooses by his/her free will and by his/her free choice to avoid the necessity to com­mit himself/herself to the hells by accepting all these reasons and making certain that he/she is not following the path that may lead him/her to hell no matter for how short or long a time.”





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