What Are The True Reasons For Existence Of So

 Many Different And Often Contradictory Religions

 And Their Numerous Sects On Planet Earth ?



Content of „Major Ideas Of The New Revelation“, pg. 88 - 100, Chapter VII.


As everyone knows, there are several major religious sys­tems on this pseudo-planet and their respective numerous sects. Most of them have a tendency to claim that they pos­sess the most advanced, correct and right knowledge of God and the way of practicing the life that leads one to salvation from evil and negative forces and from an adverse life full of misery and suffering. All of these religions and their respec­tive sects adopted a set of established rules, prescriptions, rituals, ceremonies and principles for keeping and practicing for which their followers are promised an eternal life of hap­piness and bliss. All of them refer to and derive from certain scriptures that are, by and large, considered to be Holy and the true Word of God having the final word of absolute authority and containing, supposedly, the absolute truth. All of them developed their respective doctrines for the purpose of proper interpretation, understanding and application of the revelation contained in those Holy Scriptures.


But, because people, in their limited and relative state and condition, have a tendency to interpret various state­ments differently in those Holy Scriptures, they come up with different doctrines and sets of rules that become a base on which different and, very often, contradictory sects build and thrive even within the same religious system.


Since the various interpretors of these Holy Scriptures fall into an illusion that their interpretation is the only one that merits proper understanding and practice of truth, they become intolerant and often hateful of any other religions and their respective sects even within their own religious system.


The only common denominator that all these religious systems and their respective sects have is that they all teach about God, about spiritual life and about means of worship, communication with and relationship to God. The perception, understanding, acknowledgement, worship of and related­ness to that God, as well as a necessary style of life relevant to the requirements of religious systems and their respective sects, is defined in different terms and with different empha­sis on what is and what is not important from one religion to another and from one sect to another.


Another common denominator of most of these reli­gions and their respective sects is that people are taught by them from the externals. This means, that, in most instances, people are forced to believe blindly in what their ministers, their spiritual teachers or leaders tell them to believe even if it defies the logic of common sense. The followers are not allowed to dispute the doctrine or reason about it but simply accept it at face value. The only reasoning and rationalizing which is permitted is for the sole confirmation of the dogmas and doctrines of one's belief system.


Although some Eastern religions emphasize the necessity of going inward for finding out the real truth which is within, their understanding and definition of how to accomplish proper enlightenment about and knowledge of the spiritual path is strictly defined by the rules handed down by someone who is considered to be enlightened. Thus, one is forced to believe that whatever the enlightened one says and tells one to do from his/her external position is wholly applicable for everyone without any questioning or doubts.


If the purpose of any religion and its respective sects is to teach people about God, spiritual life and all related matters then why is it that there are so many different and very often irreconcilable doctrines and teachings regarding these impor­tant matters? Why is this permitted and tolerated by the Most High?


There are several reasons for this situation:



The true Nature of the Most High is Absolute. Therefore, to know God in an absolute sense requires one to be absolute. But no one is absolute but the Most High. There­fore, no one can know the Most High in an absolute sense. Now people are relative to the Absolute State of the Most High. For that reason, they can perceive, know, understand and accept God only from their relative position. Each rela­tive position to the Absolute State occupies a different angle. No two persons can occupy exactly the same state and condi­tion. Therefore, no two persons can be in exactly the same angle in relationship to the Most High.


Thus, everyone's perception, understanding, sense, knowledge and acceptance of God will be somewhat different or entirely different depending on the angle from which one is attempting to relate to the Absolute State of the Most High.


Before the negative state came to its activation and dom­inance, this situation was a highly welcome state and condi­tion for all in the Most High's Creation. Everyone knew (as it is also today in the true Creation) that these diversities and differences in views, perceptions, understanding, knowledge, acceptance and angles, from which one related to the Most High, was contributing to the principles of mutual sharing, to the total proper knowledge of the Absolute Most High. Thus, this situation was not perceived as a contradiction but as a valuable contribution to the pool of knowledge of the Most High from everyone's position, angle, state and condition.


If one could picture a situation in which there are infinite numbers of various people and entities in the Most High's Creation, and if everyone would willingly, happily and gladly contribute one's own perception, knowledge, understanding and acceptance of the Most High, then one would perceive that the cumulative sum of all these perceptions, knowledges, understandings and acceptance of the Most High in their totality would give one the Absolute Knowledge of the Abso­lute Most High. This is the principle of spiritual sharing for mutual benefit, common good and use to all because through such a sharing everyone is capable of acquiring greater knowledge (and its application) about the Most High, others and oneself. With such a knowledge and its application every­one becomes a better person, a happier person and a more spiritual and useful person.


Thus, the original purpose for which so many diverse views and religions were permitted by the Most High was just for that reason. To give people an opportunity to know God better, not only from their own limited perspective and angle that each of them occupies, but from everyone else's. This helps them to be more spiritual and more knowledgeable in all matters of life.


This is the original or positive source of existence of so many religions and their respective sects before the so-called Fall.


However, when the so-called pseudo-creators made the decision to activate the negative state, they cunningly utilized this situation to develop in people a negative and evil attitude of self-righteousness, self-exclusivity and hatred toward everything different from their own position, angle, state, view and condition.


Thus, in the process of "genesis" of the negative state, all religions and their respective sects became a major nest in which all false, perverted and distorted religious doctrines and pseudo-spiritual trends were born and were developed.


This situation was permitted to be established by the Most High for the purpose of learning one of the many im­portant major spiritual lessons: what happens when the prop­er understanding of the needs for diverse spiritual trends is lost; the homogeneity of their existential purpose is denied; and the need for the spiritual, mutual sharing without any impositions and self-righteous attitudes of one state, angle, view and understanding is wiped out.


The consequences and outcomes of this situation are vividly illustrated and demonstrated in the bloody religious history of humankind on earth, in all the hells and in the Zone of Displacement of the intermediate world of spirits.


This is the so-called "negative" reason why so many religions and their respective sects exist.



The original people on planet Earth were the true en­dowment of and by the Most High. This is reflected in the statement, "Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness;" (Genesis Chapter 1, verse 26). To make man in God's image signifies, among many other things, to make him in a state of total freedom and independency. To make man according to God's likeness signifies, among many other things, to make him/her for a unique, unrepeatable and very specific manifestation of certain traits and aspects of the Most High's Absolute Nature in a relative condition.


Because of this structure, the most important issue that people have to face, no matter what, is in their freedom and independency (the Most High's image) to make a decision not only whether they want or don't want to be relative manifes­tations of certain absolute aspects and traits of the Most High's Absolute Nature (His/Her likeness) but, most impor­tantly, what aspects and traits they choose or don't choose to manifest or to become or not to become in their concrete illustration and demonstration or manifestation.


But how can a relative, non-absolute entity or being choose something from the Absolute if no total or immedi­ate, subjective and direct knowledge of all infinite aspects and traits of the Most High's Nature is available?


The first step in this crucial and vital relation is to agree, from one's free will and by one's free choice (from the image of the Most High), to be a manifester, representative and il­lustrator in a relative condition of some aspects or traits of the Most High's Absolute Nature. Once one agrees to do so, one is introduced, in a moment of time, to all potential and already available representatives in the relative state and con­dition of the Most High's likeness and its aspects and traits.


These infinite varieties of representations of various aspects of the Most High's Nature give an impetus for origi­nation of various religions and spiritualistic trends that repre­sent and adhere to that one of the few certain aspects of the Most High's Absolute Nature.


People that represent certain aspects which are in prox­imity to each other tend to cluster or associate with one another. The less proximity of aspects and traits to each other, the less similarity and need for a close association. Hence, different religious systems and their numerous respec­tive sects.


However, this situation has another advantage: the con­crete illustration by example of such clusters, traits, charac­teristics and aspects of the Most High's Absolute Nature gives the prospective chooser a vivid illustration of the results of a free choice to be a representative, in a relative condition, of some important aspects of the Most High, thus, becoming an extension and process of the Most High.


The above described situation is a positive one in itself and by itself because it gives everyone an opportunity to ap­preciate, understand, respect and relate to some other aspects of the Most High represented by others and their spiritual and religious affiliations. This contributes considerably to the greater, deeper, and better knowledge of the Most High, others and oneself, which makes one a happier, better, more useful, beneficial, and more spiritual human being and person.


However, after activation of the negative state by the pseudo-creators, this situation was used to falsely proclaim that the aspect, trait or characteristic of the Most High's Absolute Nature, as represented by some religion or sect or a person, is either the most important one or exclusive one or the only one in existence, thus, representing the entire Abso­lute Nature of the Most High. If this is true, of course, no other aspects, characteristics and traits of the Absolute Nature of the Most High have any use or validity and they should be disregarded and their followers should be elimi­nated or converted to this one aspect represented by those who claim such falsity. Such a proclamation, of course, leads to the destruction of true spirituality and of any true sense of different religious belief systems.


Again, this was permitted by the Most High to happen in order to learn another major, important lesson about the negative state: what happens if one aspect of the Absolute Nature of the Most High is taken out from the Infinite, Abso­lute State of the Most High and proclaimed to be the only feasible one, the only possible one, an exclusive one, the most important one or the only one in being and existence.


This situation also gives one a choice to reject all of them and to illustrate a life not only of false or distorted spirituality but of no spirituality at all.


From this position everyone in the Most High's Creation can learn by a living and vivid example what not to choose. Thus, the choice of not choosing something is made vitally possible through such perverted and non-spiritual religious systems and their numerous sects as exist on this planet.



The being and existence of the negative state in the form of various hells and their numerous manifestations is possible only under the condition of either total denial of God's being and existence or blocking the ability to acquire a proper knowledge and understanding of the Most High's true Nature. Thus, the life of the hells stems from constant fabri­cation and subsequent projection of various ideas, thoughts, feelings, concepts and states that lead one toward either ulti­mate denial of the existence and being of God or toward a total distortion and falsification of proper understanding and acceptance of the Most High's Nature.


For this purpose the hells fabricated numerous religious systems and their respective numerous sects into which they infuse such false and distorted concepts and ideas and make them "holy", worthy of all possible sacrifices. However, the major, hidden purpose of all such religions and their respec­tive numerous sects is to keep people from acquiring a proper and correct understanding, knowledge, acceptance of and re­latedness to the true Most High. As long as the hells are suc­ceeding in fueling, keeping, supplying and supporting the numerous different and contradictory religious belief systems and their respective sects, the status quo and permanent con­tinuation of the negative state is secured and safely assured.


Thus, at the present time, the negative state succeeded in nullifying any positive impact of the existence of various reli­gions and their respective sects on this planet, as described in point one and two. Only the negative impact remained. Un­fortunately, this situation indicates that all presently existing religious systems and their numerous sects are either a total fabrication of the hells or a total corruption by the hells. It seems that, at the present time, nothing of the original mean­ing is retained in any of them.


From this conclusion, it is obvious why so many differ­ent and contradictory religions and their respective numerous sects exist on this planet: they are the reflection of the true nature of the negative state that is capable of existing in an activated and dominant state only by continuous attacks on the proper perception, understanding, knowledge and accept­ance of the true Nature of the Most High, His/Her spiritual principles, His/Her positive state and the entire Creation.


The only way this can be assured is by production, fabri­cation, maintenance and fueling of as many different and contradictory religions and their respective sects as possible which would constantly be at each other's throats, as bloody religious wars on this planet so vividily illustrate.


This situation is permitted to continue by the Most High for the purpose of learning by all in the Most High's Creation how the negative state operates; what the true source of its being and existence is; how it can be eliminated; why one should choose not to identify oneself with anything negative; and why not to be involved with any presently existing reli­gious systems on this planet and their sects.



The greatest danger for being and existence of the negative state and all its hells is in people's ability to go in­ward into their Inner Mind and discover there the real truth about all this and other matters. The negative state knows well where the truth can be found. For this reason, in order to maintain and successfully continue the being and existence of the negative state, it was necessary to somehow block the path to people's within into their Inner Mind and make them dependent on external inputs and factors. This would allow the negative state to impose on people the ideas, views, con­cepts and style of life consistent with the needs of the negative state's survival rather than with the internal, spiritual needs of people themselves. The best way to accomplish this is to preoccupy people with the external state of affairs and make them accept the external authority in all matters of life. If one learns to listen to and rely on someone else consistently, rather than on one's own Inner Mind, one will, first of all, doubt anything that comes from within, from one's Inner Mind and, secondly, one learns to trust only that which comes from someone else who is in the position of authority to know better.


Thus, the negative state and the hells fabricate numerous external authorities in the form of various philosophies, reli­gions, sects, brotherhoods, spiritualistic trends, etc., that claim to have the necessary knowledge and ways for a proper, happy and contented life for everyone. And because the negative state usually uses the external, wishful thinking of people to be this or that way, or worship this or that way, and so on, it accommodates the content of any religious doctrine to people's wishful thinking.


Thus, the negative state accomplishes two important things with this arrangement: first, it keeps everyone in the externals, in the mode of closure to the access to one's true Source, that is, to the true Most High in one's Inner Mind, making sure that no real truth is learned; and, secondly, it establishes contradictory religious belief systems and their respective numerous sects that confuse and keep people from acquiring a proper and correct knowledge and acceptance of the true Nature of the Most High.


Hence, this is another reason for and source of so many religions and their numerous sects in being and existence on this planet. If one tends to derive any knowledge from exter­nal factors and relies only on them, with total disregard to anything internal, one ends up in distortions and falsities that, eventually, lead to evil acts and a life of negativity. The external factors of life, when they are separated from their in­ternal source, are based on contradictions and confusions. This was the reason why the negative state could originate only in the most external degree of Creation which has the closest proximity to the state of confusion and contradiction. After all, the true nature of the negative state is based on con­tradictions and confusion. When one believes confusion and contradictions, one gets nothing more than confusion and contradictions. There is no certainty in anything in the nega­tive state. The uncertainty of its conditions leads toward fab­rication of numerous religious systems and their respective sects that reflect the true nature of the negative state: confu­sion, contradiction and uncertainty. This is the nature of the externals, if they are separated from their internal Source, the true Inner Mind or the state of internals where the true Most High resides.


This condition of the negative state leads toward the establishment of various factions and contradictory philoso­phies, concepts and spiritualistic trends that continuously wage war against each other, each proclaiming to have the ultimate answers to the resolution of all uncertainties, confu­sions, contradictions and problems of the negative state. This hellish situation and its politics is projected on planet Earth where it appears in the form of various religions and their numerous respective sects.


Thus, from this standpoint, it is very obvious that most of the currently existing religions and their sects on this planet are nothing more than a reflection of the status quo of the hells. They are a direct fabrication of various groups and fac­tions of the hells for the purpose of supporting and fueling their life and their pseudo-spiritual philosophies and doc­trines in the most external degree from which they derive and for which they constantly wage fierce spiritual wars.


Once again, this situation was permitted by the Most High for the purpose of learning by all in the Most High's Creation what happens when the true internal Source of knowledge of truth and the Most High is disregarded and everything is derived from external factors and their states and conditions.


Now, these are some major true reasons for the existence of so many contradictory religions and their numerous sects on this planet. Obviously, these are not the only exhaustive reasons. But the knowledge of what is presented here is, at this time, sufficient to give one an idea what this is all about.


That presently existing religions and their numerous sects on this planet are of a negative origin and nature and, therefore, don't fulfill, in any manner or way, the spiritual needs of people, is very obvious from these two statements that are being quoted here from the Holy Bible. In the proph­et Jeremiah, Chapter 31, verses 33 and 34, one can read,


"After those days, says the Lord: I will put My law in their minds, and write it on their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people."


Verse 34:


"No more shall every man teach his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, `Know the Lord,' for they all shall know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them, says the Lord. For I will forgive their iniquity, and their sin I will remember no more."


It is very plain and obvious that this statement ("No more shall every man teach his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying `Know the Lord', for they all shall know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them,' says the Lord") refers to the true internal Source of knowledge of God that doesn't require any external teaching or reliance on external teachers or religions or sects or anything at all where there is nothing else but confusion, contradictions, problems, iniquities and sins as illustrated by the life of the children of Israel who represent here the entire humankind on this planet.


And another quote from the Holy Bible which is record­ed in the Revelation of Jesus Christ, Chapter 21, verse 22. It says there:


"But I saw no temple in it, for the Lord God Almighty

 and the Lamb are its temple."


"Temple" in this connotation represents and refers to all religions, sects, spiritual trends and their various dogmas and doctrines which must be unconditionally abolished in order to yield to the true doctrine of the New Jerusalem which is the true New Revelation of Jesus Christ and His/Her True Sec­ond Coming in the Inner Minds of everyone. Only within one's true Inner Mind, where the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ (the Lamb - Divine Human and Human Divine of the Most High), the Holy Spirit, One Indivisible God is and resides, can one discover the true knowledge of God from God directly and to live a life of true, uncontaminated, un­polluted and unpoisoned spirituality.





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