On The Proper Understanding

 Of The Concept Of The New Revelation



Content of „Major Ideas Of The New Revelation“, pg. 166 - 181, Chapter XI.


Throughout this book and other books by the author the term "New Revelation" is used quite frequently.


At this time it is advisable to acquire a proper under­standing of this term and what the New Revelation consists of.


As everyone knows by now, and as it was pointed out so many times before, no sentient or human being is Absolute. Only the true Most High is Absolute. Because of this funda­mental distinction that exists between the Creator and His/ Her Creation, no one in Creation is capable of discerning the Absolute Truth and all encompassing spiritual principles of the Most High's Absolute Nature.


For this reason, the relationship between the Absolute Most High and all created relative members of His/Her Crea­tion is built on the following vital and crucial principles:


The sharing of the Absolute Truth and its infinite num­bers of Absolute Spiritual Principles of the Most High's Ab­solute Nature is accomplished in gradual progressive steps in accordance with everyone's unique structure and capacity to contain and utilize the degree of truth transmitted by the Most High corresponding to that capacity.


Why is it necessary to transmit any degree of truth in such steps? Because in themselves and by themselves, without ever being Absolute, all people in the Most High's Creation, as well as in the Zone of Displacement are not capable of deriving any truth by their own efforts apart from the Most High. No one in Creation and in the Zone of Displacement is capable of producing from one's self any concept of truth and its proper understanding. Any truth can only stem and originate from someone who is Absolute and who is that Ab­solute Truth in Oneself. That someone is the Most High.


For this reason, all truth comes and is originated from its Absolute Source - the Most High.


But, on the other hand, no proper relationship toward oneself, others and one's Creator can be established either unless one knows, has, accepts and utilizes some degree of the Divine Truth of the Most High.


For that reason, it is provided by the Most High that a gradual release of the Divine Truth into its relative condition continuously occurs to all in the Most High's Creation. The understanding of the Divine Truth and its application in the form of the Divine Good (because the Good of the matter is determined by life in accordance with the revealed Divine Truth - it is good to live the Truth and not only to know the Truth) is determined by the quality, condition, state, unique­ness and accepted assignment by every recipient of that truth.


Thus, different individuals, different societies, different planets, nations, regions, different levels of Creation and its various dimensions and their inhabitants will have a different application and understanding of the same Divine Truth rele­vant to their condition and needs at each current moment of their spiritual progression.


Because no one in the entire Creation can originate any­thing or do any good based on that truth by oneself or from oneself, it is necessary that various infinite aspects of the Absolute Divine Truth are revealed by the One who is the Absolute Source of the Divine Absolute Truth, that is, by the Absolute Most High.


When any one or more aspects of that Absolute Divine Truth are revealed, it triggers in everyone in the Most High's Creation and in the Zone of Displacement, without any ex­ception or exclusion, a need for re-evaluation and transcend­ence of anything previously available and held in this respect. Because different people are on different levels of reception (by their own free choice) they will perceive only those ele­ments and meanings of that truth which correspond to their currently held spiritual state and condition.


The deeper one is, by one's choice, in the hierarchy of the Most High's spiritual organization, the deeper and more comprehensive the application of that truth is accomplished.


 But, any degree of perception and application of that truth is as valuable and as needed as any other degree – from the innermost depth to its outermost surface. Only in the totality of its perception and application can that truth be fully manifested and prepare everyone at all levels of Crea­tion for understanding, acceptance and application of the next progressive step in which the succeeding aspect of the Most High's Absolute Truth is going to be revealed.


For that reason, for overall spiritual progression and growth of the entire Creation, any perception, understanding and application of truth is as important as any other one. No discrimination or preferential treatment or partiality can be conceived in this state, as well as in any other respect.


When one aspect of the revealed Absolute Truth has been received, absorbed, apprehended and properly applied and utilized by everyone in the Most High's Creation, the New Era will be ready to come to its fruition. This New Era is characterized by the transcendence of everything which was known and applied in the previous Era.


In order that the New Era could come to its fruition, the Most High gives a New Revelation that contains the new truth, (to someone specifically created by Him/Her) or, to be more precise, a deeper, more inward aspect of His/Her Abso­lute Truth which will determine the quality, state, condition, style of life and spiritual principles by which the New Era will be characterized and directed toward its own full incorpora­tion, utilization and fulfillment of that new aspect of the Divine Absolute Truth.


Each successive New Revelation is transmitted from the Most High to certain members simultaneously on all levels of Creation and in the Zone of Displacement so that no one or anything in the entire being and existence is deprived of the possibility of receiving and incorporating that aspect of Divine Truth. Deprivation and inability to incorporate the newly revealed aspect of the Absolute Truth at one or a few levels of Creation and the Zone of Displacement would make it impossible for that aspect to be fully and exhaustively manifested and utilized and something very important would be missing. If this were the case, no further step in spiritual progression could ever commence and everyone would be doomed to forever stagnate in the degree and understanding of that truth accomplished thus far. This situation would ulti­mately lead to the collapse of the entire Creation. All life would cease to exist because life depends on a continuous spiritual progression that is made possible by a full and com­plete exhaustion of that truth or its aspect by everyone in being and existence.


For that reason the Most High appoints certain individ­uals at all levels of Creation and the Zone of Displacement who transmit these new aspects of the Absolute Divine Truth with its perception and understanding as relevant to each par­ticular level.


Thus, such individuals are situated and positioned from the innermost or the highest heavens, to the outermost degree of the physical universe and in the Zone of Displacement and through them this transmission occurs. In order that this transmission be cohesive, simultaneous and synchronous, all these individuals and their assistants are firmly connected to each other by a special spiritual bond established by the Most High for that purpose. One without the other could not do anything, even utter one word or sound.


Such an arrangement is a necessary one for the preserva­tion of the interconnectedness of all levels, dimensions, degrees of being and existence through such revealed aspects of the Absolute Truth. This enables a continuous, around the clock feedback, so to speak, of the spiritual state of affairs of all of them and mutual awareness of the relevantly perceived, understood, accepted, utilized and incorporated degree of that aspect of the Absolute Divine Truth, as well as readiness for the New Era to commence.


But, what does the New Revelation consist of usually?


It is obvious that each respective level, as well as each commencing Era, requires a different approach and, very often, different methodological procedures and tools. There is no generalized rule or principle that can be uniformly valid at all levels. The most important common denominator of all of them is that they all come directly only from the Most High. Any other source of revelation cannot be valid because only the Most High contains within Himself/Herself the as­pects of Absolute Divine Truth to be revealed. Thus, any other source would have either false or different understand­ing of some currently available truths that were revealed pre­viously. Nothing new can come from anyone but the true Most High. This is, perhaps, the most important principle to be remembered in evaluating the source of any type of claim­ed revelation.


From the time of the so-called "Fall," another common denominator in being and existence is that the New Revela­tion is derived from the so-called Holy Scriptures dictated for that purpose by the Most High. Most of them contain an in­ternal sense which is able to simultaneously incorporate all levels of the Truth through the correspondential laws and which is being gradually, step by step, opened for understand­ing to all in accordance with their ability and readiness to do so.


The current New Revelation, which transcends all previ­ous ones (this is the spiritual rule that any New Revelation has to transcend all previous Revelations, otherwise there would be no need for any New Revelation) is contained in three major sources. As mentioned previously, the content of all these three sources was and is directly revealed by the true Most High.


The first source is the New King James version of the Holy Bible. Why does it have to be this specific version of the Holy Bible and not any other? Because this version, at the present time, is the most comprehensive and the closest to its original source. All other versions and translations in any other languages, up to this point, of course, contain numer­ous incorrect translations that many people take at face value and even build on them, quite often, entire religious sects. This is permitted to happen by the Most High in order to reflect the current spiritual condition of those who adhere to those types of translations. Those translations also reflect the level of spiritual awareness that enables people to be spiritual in a certain particular way and perceive and apply the spirit­ual truth only from the standpoint of that particular level. Anything more than that would be unacceptable and, there­fore, would have no spiritual value for them. For that reason, the Divine Providence of the Most High accommodates the spiritual needs of people in each progressive step and permits only such understanding of the original Holy Scriptures dur­ing their translations that are relevant to those spiritual needs, levels and conditions.


As each step fulfills its purpose and assignment in the utilization, actualization, realization and complete exhaus­tion of the specific aspect of the Divine Truth revealed during each particular step, a new translation of the Holy Bible is inspired by the Most High which is closer and deeper to its original meaning. This new translation subsequently allows a better and deeper understanding of the spiritual aspects of the Divine Absolute Truth which is being revealed when the time is right.


The New King James version of the Holy Bible serves this purpose exactly. However, it doesn't mean that it is per­fect and the ultimate in precision of its translation. It still con­tains many errors but they are much less frequent and much less substantial than in some other versions and translations. Therefore, once the current New Revelation exhausts its use­fulness, and another New Revelation is ready to be revealed by the Most High, another translation of the Holy Bible will be initiated by the Most High which will be even better and closer to the spirit of the original. It will also be able to trigger that understanding of spiritual principles, contained in the Holy Bible, which would correspond to the new aspects of the revealed Divine Truth as accommodated to the new step in the spiritual progression of people.


The second source in which the major and fundamental ideas of the New Revelation are contained is the theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. The Revelation of the Most High given through Emanuel Swedenborg was the turn­ing point in the history of all Revelations. Its major and basic function was to prepare the way for exposure of the true nature, origin and source of the negative state; to pave the path for the ultimate elimination of the negative state's being and existence; to show the way toward the true understanding of the Absolute Nature of the Most High; to reveal the true structure of the Holy Scriptures for the first time and how their content should be understood and interpreted as well as enabling many other major spiritual ideas to come to their manifestation.


Once Swedenborg's writings prepared the entire Crea­tion and the Zone of Displacement for reception and proper understanding of the above mentioned ideas, they were sub­sequently revealed by the Most High and are contained in the third source of the New Revelation.


This source is contained in all ideas, thoughts, concepts, philosophy and categories that were recorded in the books "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality", "Messages From Within", "Four Concepts of The Spiritual Structure of Crea­tion", "Reality, Myths and Illusions", "Who Are You And Why Are You Here?", in this book, and in some ideas con­tained in "Principles of Spiritual Hypnosis", "Intensive Spiritual Hynotherapy" and in any other possible books that might appear in the future if found appropriate by the Most High to continue in this effort. This, of course, depends on the extent the current New Revelation is completed and ready to be properly understood and implemented by people every­where in their everyday life.


The above mentioned three sources, containing the New Revelation for this time, are now available in an updated con­dition to everyone in the entire Creation of the Most High and at all levels of the Zone of Displacement.


It doesn't make any difference whether people on the pseudo-planet Earth will or will not be consciously aware that such a New Revelation exists in its complete and full form or whether they will or will not accept it by their conscious minds as coming directly from the Most High or in any other manner and way. Because it is accepted and applied in the rest of Creation, its impact will occur at the level of people's Inner Minds (the existence of which most people are not aware) where it really counts. That impact will allow the incorpora­tion of the newly revealed aspect of the Divine Truth in such a manner as to prepare everyone for the next step in the spirit­ual progression of Creation.


The time needed for this incorporation and what the content of the next step is, is known only to the Most High and cannot be revealed until it commences its own cycle.


While each successive New Revelation is accepted, incor­porated and actualized in great joy and elation by everyone in the positive state of the Most High's Creation and by the pos­itive people in the Zone of Displacement, who see in it a great opportunity for becoming better and more spiritual beings, more knowledgeable and useful beings, acquiring greater knowledge of the Most High, others and themselves, the situ­ation is entirely different in the Zone of Displacement.


The inhabitants of the Zone of Displacement, those who are fully identified with evil and falsity of their self-love and love to the externals, don't like to know the truth in any aspect. In fact, they hate it and do everything in their power to undermine, discredit and belittle the new ideas of the New Revelation. The reason for this hate is in the fact that the more and deeper aspects of the truth are available to the people, the more danger occurs for continuation of the domi­nance of the negative state in its activated condition.


The knowledge of truth makes everyone free. Freedom is a substantial and fundamental attribute of the positive state and is the most dangerous enemy of the negative state. The negative state functions on the principle of slavery and bond­age because it rules from the position of evil and falsity. Evil and falsity rule people and people become their slaves. In the positive state, the truth of the matter is that everyone makes a free choice to be the way one wants to be or the way one agreed to be created: for the purpose one was offered by the Most High to be created. The negative state requires from its followers that they relinquish the need to be free and inde­pendent and instead to be the way the negative state wants them to be by precisely described conventions, traditions, rules, customs and rituals.


This is the reason why any new knowledge of the truth, no matter in what respect, is a deadly enemy for the continua­tion of the negative state.


In order to assure the eternal continuation of the nega­tive state, its current pseudo-rulers and pseudo-princes fabri­cate their own pseudo-new revelations that occur in a proxim­ity to the New Revelation or shortly after the New Revelation was granted.


But, because the pseudo-rulers of the hells cannot come up with anything new from themselves and by themselves, they utilize the basic ideas of the New Revelation which is always available to everyone once it is granted by the Most High.


They take all the ideas of the New Revelation and wrap them up in pseudo-metaphysical and pseudo-spiritual termi­nology, embellished by bombastic words and mysterious expressions, obscure hints of deep mysticism and unlimited power and present it in this revised form to the inhabitants of the Zone of Displacement. The subtle distinction that is im­planted in the ideas of the New Revelation is a hint that it can be utilized for enhancement of one's own power, position, reach, expansion and dominance. Thus, the pseudo-rulers of the hells cunningly revert one's attention from the true pur­pose and meaning of the new ideas of the New Revelation and, instead, they emphasize its usefulness as a means of ful­fillment of one's various ulterior desires and strivings.


Therefore, instead of seeing the ideas of the New Revela­tion as new content for the new, more spiritual life, these ideas are perceived as a means to accomplish and to actualize more effectively one's own wishful thinking and various ego­-states.


These and many other similar perversions are utilized by the negative state to make the impact of the New Revelation on people very minimal or make it totally impotent.


The danger of the pseudo-new revelation is in the fact that it utilizes the original and genuine ideas of the true New Revelation. However, the ideas of the true New Revelation are put into an entirely different perspective than what they originally were meant to be.


Another way to pervert the New Revelation is to go in the opposite direction from the above: to proclaim it to be very difficult to understand, very impractical and impossible to implement, thus, to discourage people from reading it and learning its content. Since this is the case, it is better to take out the major ideas of the New Revelation and bastardize them, presenting them in a common pseudo-easy language with many attractive and practical words that seem to be right on the target and that have a tendency to trigger people's cravings to read, not the genuine true Revelation, but various false interpretations of it that use a very simple and com­mon language. Because everyone can understand this simple and common language, most people would tend to read the distorted interpretations of the New Revelation rather than the New Revelation itself. After all, under this condition, only a few people learn the genuine content of the New Reve­lation and, because only a few people read it, no one will notice that the false interpretations of the concepts of the New Revelation are false and that they don't reflect the genu­ine truth.


Thus, the major purpose of the negative state in this re­spect is to somehow convince people not to read or pay atten­tion to the New Revelation because it is either impossible to understand or it doesn't make any sense the way it is pre­sented.


For that reason the negative state appoints its own spe­cial representatives, at all levels of the Zone of Displacement, who become interpreters of the New Revelation.


One group of interpreters is assigned the role of making it more difficult and more obscure for understanding so that no one would be willing to make any effort to read it. Another group is assigned the role of discrediting the verity of the New Revelation by proclaiming it to be from the wrong source or as coming, in fact, from the negative state. Still another group is assigned the role to interpret it in such easy and simple terms that no one would have any desire to .waste one's precious time by going to the very source of it, because it is more difficult to understand, and checking out whether the explanation of the new ideas by the interpretors is a cor­rect one.


By these and similar manners and ways people accept the pseudo-revelation as the true Revelation. From this accept­ance it is a very short step toward the conclusion that the New Revelation is a false one.


These and many other methods and tactics of the nega­tive state are constantly fabricated by the pseudo-rulers of the hells to destroy the New Revelation. They are successfully applied on this planet and in the other regions of the Zone of Displacement.


For this reason everyone in the Zone of Displacement is warned to be on guard against such interpretations and, in­stead, to go to the three genuine sources that contain the New Revelation for this Age as described above. Any difficulty in reading and properly understanding these three sources can be removed by going inward and asking for inspiration and enlightenment from within during their reading. How to go inward was described in a step by step procedure in very easy and understandable terms in the book that is part of the three sources containing the New Revelation, called "Who Are You And Why Are You Here?"


In conclusion of this brief discourse the author would like to give the following illustrative note and comment:


The various distortions and falsities that are built around and from all the true New Revelations can be numerous and very peculiar.


One of the most powerful tools of such distortions and falsities are, of course, various translations of the Holy Bible from the original source. Very often, the translators are used by the negative, evil and dark forces to confuse their under­standing of the meaning of the words used in the original.


This leads the translators toward choosing the wrong equiva­lent words or meanings by which they attempt to convey in their own language the original text.


However, this is not the only way the evil, negative state plays tricks on people. There is one trick which is even more subtle, less obvious, and therefore more dangerous. It doesn't relate to the meaning of the translated words and sentences but rather, it relates to the least expected area ­the art arrangement of the printing of the Holy Bible. Unfor­tunately, even the New King James version of the Holy Bible fell into this dangerous trap.


As everyone knows, many translations of the Holy Bible are printed in such a manner as to emphasize the words spoken by Jesus Christ using a different ink for printing. In this case, many of them use red ink whenever Jesus Christ speaks and all the rest of the text is printed in black ink. These art arrangements occur in the New Testament, particu­larly in all four Gospels, in the Acts of the Apostles and in the Revelation of Jesus Christ (Apocalypse).


What the negative state accomplishes by this act is that it makes Jesus Christ very much different from the God Al­mighty as known in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. Such a differentiation leads to the inevitable conclusion that there are two separate Gods, one, God-the-Father and the other, God-the-Son and not One God Indivisible. Whenever the so-called God-the-Father speaks, His speech is printed in regular black ink in the Holy Bible as in most of the rest of the text. On the other hand, whenever Jesus Christ speaks, His speech is always printed in red ink.


This absurd, illogical and dangerous distinction under­mines the very essence and substance of the Absolute Nature of the Most High, Who is the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, One God Indivisible. And, yet, as testified so many times in those three sources containing the New Revelation, on the proper and correct understanding of the true Nature of the Most High everyone's spirituality and spiritual level of progression stands or falls.


Thus, with such an absurd and peculiar art arrangement, the evil, negative and dark forces win a considerable battle in people's minds by causing people to automatically falsely believe that Jesus Christ and the God Almighty are not One and the same person. Yet the true understanding of the true Revelation is that Jesus Christ of the New Testament and God Almighty of the Old Testament are the same One God Indivisible, with the emphasis in the New Testament on the aspects of the Most High that are summarized by the terms Human Divine and Divine Human of the Most High which is called, Jesus Christ.


This absurd, foolish and illogical peculiarity of the art work of some translations of the Holy Bible can be nicely illustrated by the following verses in the Revelation of Jesus Christ (Apocalypse).


In Chapter One, verse eight of this Revelation it is said and printed in red ink (to indicate that it is Jesus Christ Who is speaking):


"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End,"

 says the Lord, "who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty."


As one can clearly see, here Jesus Christ also calls Him­self the Almighty. Since when can there be two Almighties? Isn't the existence of two Almighties mutually exclusive so that no Almighty remains? After all, the term "Almighty" indicates someone who is all in all and who is Absolute and the only One, and that there is none besides Him/Her.


On the other hand, in the same Revelation of Jesus Christ, Chapter Twenty-One, verse six, it is said, "And He said to me, `It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End."'


Yet, this verse is printed in black ink to emphasize that this is spoken by someone else other than Jesus Christ, that is, by the one sitting on the throne who is the real God and not by Jesus Christ who, in this connotation, is not the real God. This is a very confusing issue. The separation of One God into two Almighties or two Gods is very obvious from this understanding of the illustration. Unfortunately, so far it has not occurred to anyone that both of the above quoted verses use exactly the same words, that is, "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End."


Since when is it possible to have two different beginnings and ends or two different Alphas and Omegas? Where is the logic in this arrangement? Two beginnings and two ends or two Alphas and two Omegas are mutually exclusive because there can only be one beginning and one end or one Alpha and one Omega as an all inclusive state and condition charac­terized by the term "Almighty".


Because God in the Old Testament calls Himself the only One God Almighty (in all the Prophets, the Psalms and Moses) and because the same term is used by Jesus Christ in relationship to His true Nature and since in both quoted verses it is said, "I am the Alpha and the Omega and the Beginning and the End", it is very obvious that one is defi­nitely, beyond any shadow of a doubt, dealing with the same Lord, One God Indivisible Who is Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the true Most High. After all, this is one of the most fundamental and major ideas of the current New Reve­lation that was revealed by the Most High, particularly in the second source (Swedenborg's writings) and in the third source (Peter D.F.'s writings) which contain all tenets of the New Revelation. However, from the above compared verses in the Holy Bible itself, as the very first source of any New Revela­tion, it is very obvious that the Holy Bible even in its literal sense very obviously leads everyone who keeps his/her mind open to the understanding of the true Nature of the Most High as One God Indivisible Who appeared on this planet in the form of Jesus Christ.


The above brief note and comment is a very good illus­tration of how the evil, negative and dark forces pervert, mutilate and distort the various new aspects of the revealed Divine Truth and violate their proper acceptance and applica­tion in people's lives, leading also to a violation of the Divine Good from which this Divine Truth originates. In this man­ner the way to the proper understanding of the true New Revelation and application of its tenets in one's life is care­fully obliterated and closed, and people continue in the old, outlived, outdated, reactionary and useless manners, ways and lifestyles of unproductiveness, unconstructiveness and self-destructiveness.


However, by this Revelation about this matter, everyone is given an opportunity to correct this false impression and to tune oneself into the pure truth of the New Revelation which is available to everyone in the entire Zone of Displacement and which can lead one out of the mess of all distortions, per­versions, falsities and mutilations that mostly rule one's life.





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