Summary Of The Major Concepts And Ideas

 Of The Current New Revelation



Content of „Major Ideas Of The New Revelation“, pg. 182 - 198, Chapter XII.


As pointed out in the previous Chapter, the New Revela­tion for this time and for the next step in the spiritual reawak­ening and progression of humankind is contained in the inter­nal sense of the New King James version of the Holy Bible, in some theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, and in the books by this author.


The major concepts and ideas of this New Revelation are widely scattered throughout these three sources.


In order to give people who are interested in these issues a better and more concise understanding of what the major concepts of the current New Revelation are, it is advisable to briefly summarize them here.


These ideas and concepts can be divided into three parts:


1.     The theoretical foundation of the New Revelation.

2.     The methodological tools and procedures for verifi­cation, validation and checks of the New Revelation.

3.     The practical application of the ideas and concepts of the New Revelation in the everyday life of people.


The theoretical foundation of the current New Revela­tion may be summarized in the following points:



There is an Absolute Source of all being and exist­ence. This Absolute Source is Life in Itself, of Itself, and by Itself which emanates and gives life to everyone and every­thing else. People call this Absolute Source by various names such as God, the Most High, Jehovah, Adonai, Shadai, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Krishna, Buddha, Rama, Vishnu, Brahma, Allah, Manitou, Great Spirit, etc.


These various names of the Absolute Source of Life are nothing else but various aspects of the same Absolute Being, One Indivisible God and Supreme Lord, Master, Ruler and Creator of everything that is.



This One Indivisible God, the Most High, Created by Himself/Herself from His/Her Absolute Essence and Ab­solute Substance the entire Creation and all its inhabitants. Thus, the entire Creation and all its inhabitants were not cre­ated from nothing but from this Absolute Source which can be conceived as Absolute Intelligence, Absolutely Self-Aware Entity, Absolute Pure Thought and Absolute Pure Creativity.



The Absolute Nature of the Most High in Her Abso­lute Essence is pure Absolute Love, Goodness and Freedom and in His Absolute Substance is Pure Absolute Wisdom, Truth and Independence. It is from this Absolute Love and Its Goodness in Freedom, through Absolute Wisdom and Its Truth in Independency that the Most High originated every­thing that can be conceived as the positive state and all its in­habitants, giving them His/Her attributes in a condition relative to His/Her Absolute State. This signifies that the Most High created everyone and everything in the positive state in Her likeness and His image. For this reason, the Most High is ever present in everyone as in His/Her Own. There­fore, the true Most High can be found within everyone's In­ner Mind.



At one point in time and space the Most High incar­nated on planet Earth or in the Zone of Displacement in the form of Jesus Christ, for the purpose of making His/Her Divine Essence and Substance human, thus, assuming a human nature and subsequently making that human nature Divine, conjoining it to His/Her Absolute State, Condition and Process.


Through this limited human nature, the Most High, as Jesus Christ, experienced the negative state and all its evils and falsities and put it under His/Her dominance. By this act He/She saved everyone in the positive state from annihilation by the negative state and gave everyone in the negative state an eternal opportunity, including those who are in the deepest hells, to convert to the positive state through certain steps and procedures which were outlined by Jesus Christ (confession of one's sins, repentance, recognition and acceptance of Jesus Christ as the true Most High and the Holy Spirit, the Savior of all, asking for mercy and forgiveness, and instill­ment of the new, positive life).



The Most High did not originate the negative state and, therefore, cannot be considered its source. The negative state and all its numerous evils and falsities originated from relative human beings who, in their freedom and independency, decided to experiment with the following question: What would life be like if it were conceived and explained as not originating from the Most High and His/Her Spiritual Principles but from nature, or someone or something else?


The experimentation in the process of answering this question brought about the activation of the negative state which subsequently led to the establishment of all the hells and their dominance on this planet. It was on planet Earth that this experimentation took place. This was accomplished by the so-called pseudo-creators who were a race of people with unimaginable knowledge of science and other matters and who initiated this daring and devastating experiment.


As a result of this experimentation all participants in it, by their free choice, fell out from the real Creation into the so-called Zone of Displacement, which up to that point, was uninhabited.


The Zone of Displacement occurs parallel to the true Creation as a result of the rejection by all sentient entities in the positive state in the Most High's Creation of the idea that they may, if they so choose by their free choice, turn their back on the Most High and not reciprocate His/Her Love and Wisdom and deny entirely that He/She is the only Abso­lute Source of all Life. Thus, the Zone of Displacement is maintained in being and existence by the falling out of these rejected ideas. This situation is a potentiality for the negative state to become active.


At the moment one accepts the above idea by one's free will and choice and actualizes it, instead of rejecting it, one falls out into that Zone and the negative state begins its inde­pendent life. This negative life subsequently starts to rule everything in everyone who accepted that idea into his/her life.



Because the negative state in the form of all the hells and their numerous evils and falsities, as manifested through­out the entire Zone of Displacement, originated in the relative condition of the human mind and not in the Absolute Source, that is, in the Most High, it cannot continue forever, to eter­nity. Only those states and processes which originated in the Absolute Source of Life, that is, in the Most High, must con­tinue to eternity because they carry the image and likeness of the Most High.


The Most High permitted the negative state's activation for the sake of the preservation of everyone's freedom of choice and for the sake of the important spiritual learning by everyone in the entire Creation of the true nature of the negative state and life without the Most High, without His/Her Spiritual Principles or with the pseudo-gods and their pseudo-spiritual principles.


Once the learning is fully manifested, actualized and realized, and the negative state's being and existence exhausts its usefulness, it will be, once again, permanently deactivated and put in its initial dormant condition.


The Most High, in His/Her Absolute State and Condi­tion, foresaw that such a question, posed in point five, would be asked at one point in time and space, in a certain cycle of time and for that reason made a promise to everyone in His/ Her Creation to answer that question. At that time, the Most High also promised that the negative state would be permitted to be active only during one cycle of time. But, a promise was also made by the Most High that, for this very reason, be­cause of the activation and dominance of the negative state, the cycle of time in which this activation occurs, would be shortened considerably as compared with other cycles of time. Thus, the current cycle of time, in which all this takes place, will only continue to the moment when the entire nature of the negative state is experientially exposed and illus­trated; full learning about its nature occurs and all results of its active form and dominance are placed in the universality­ of-it-all for permanent preservation, and, thus, the answer to that initial question is exhaustively answered to the satisfac­tion of all in the entire Creation.


When this takes place, the negative state in its active and dominant position will be eliminated with all its hells.



Because everyone in the negative state is outside of Creation, in some chosen region of the Zone of Displace­ment, and because the Zone of Displacement has no direct access to the positive state of Creation, the Divine Providence of the Most High provided a means by which people can return home to the positive state. For this reason the Most High, among other things, dictated through various people the so-called Holy Scriptures, such as, for example, the Holy Bible, that has the ability to connect one to the positive state (by one's free choice). In order that these important connec­tions be available, the Holy Scriptures are written in pure cor­respondences. That is, every word in them contains many im­portant spiritual meanings or the internal sense that connects one to the true positive state of the heavens and Creation mostly without one's conscious awareness. By virtue of these and many other facts the Holy Bible is the true Word of God which contains all spiritual tools in all their infinite aspects. This Word of God has the ability, through its reading and practicing its principles, to connect one directly to the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is ever present within everyone's Inner Mind and Who responds to that reading and to the positive intent and good motivation of every reader and triggers the relevant understanding of the reading mate­rial that enables one to come back home gradually.


There are at least ten various internal meanings in the Holy Bible that relate to all levels of Creation, the Zone of Displacement, and, most importantly, to the true Nature of the Most High and salvation from the negative state.



Everyone, without any exception or exclusion, who participated, participates or will participate in the life of the negative state, or on this planet or anywhere else in the Zone of Displacement, did, does, and will do so by one's free choice for the purpose of learning and illustrating some im­portant aspects of the negative state and how to cope with them. Because of this situation, everyone participating in the negative state, before coming to one of its regions, agreed from his/her free will to have removed and obliterated all and any conscious memories about these choices either for the en­tire duration of one's stay in the negative state or until the current New Revelation is made available to everyone who wants to accept it and to learn how to recapture those hidden memories and to eliminate the negative state from their lives.


Because of these and many other facts, human life neither begins nor ends with life on this planet Earth. Nor is it ever repeated two or more times. One's life on earth is only a fraction of a second, a brief respite from the positive state, a short transition, a passing through, during which important spiritual lessons are being learned for all in the Most High's Creation, as well as by every participant, regardless of whether such a participant is or is not consciously aware that such a learning takes place in his/her life and for the entire Creation in general.


Because one's unique and unrepeatable life is in some ways the image and likeness of God, because of this fact, one's life, by one's choice, must continue to eternity in a pro­gressive manner in accordance with the principles of eternal spiritual progression. Thus, no one can ever return to this earth physically through the mother's womb by physical birth. One can incarnate here only once.



The presently existing humans on this planet and all humans that have been in existence here for approximately four million years, are not a direct endowment of and by the Most High as was the case with humans before that time. They are the results of prolonged genetical engineering by the so-called pseudo-creators (humans who were the original en­dowment of and by the Most High) who combined 95% of the animalistic genes with 570 of the original endowment of the Most High and produced or fabricated the so-called mod­ern man as known at the present time.


This was permitted to happen by the Most High in order that a full and exhaustive answer to the question, posed in point five, could be vividly, illustratively and experientially demonstrated and the proper learning about the true nature of the negative state, the state without God or with a false god, could come to its fruition.


In the process of many millions of years of this experi­mentation with and fabrication of pseudo-humans (so-called modern man), the pseudo-creators fabricated many forms of life (mostly negative) that were, and some still are, present on this earth.


Some of these life forms, for certain spiritual reasons, disappeared from this planet and were placed elsewhere. The knowledge about these life forms is contained in many fairy tales, fables and magic stories that humankind on this earth transmitted from one generation to another. Thus, such terms as elf, mermaid, siren, troll, nymph, ogre, and all other similar names contained in those magic stories and fairy tales, have a certain degree of reality. These creatures were really fabricated by the pseudo-creators for the purpose of estab­lishing the most suitable life form which would fit their own goals to prove the point that life may and can originate from another source other than by direct endowment from and by the Most High.


When the pseudo-creators succeeded in combining the original endowment of the Most High with the genes of the ape-like creature that existed at their time, they finally came up with the production of a creature that became a cave man from whom subsequent humans evolved into their presently existing physical and mental forms. With such a creature and all its posterities they could proceed with their plan to destroy the entire positive state and the Most High, and to establish their full dominance and the dominance of the negative state activated by them. Thus, every human being presently exist­ing on this planet consists of 5 % of the original endowment of the Most High and 95% of the imposed fabrications from the animal and beastly nature that allows the perpetuation of the negative state and all its numerous evils and falsities. The 5% of the original endowment consists of the true Inner Mind and its three degrees, the true interior mind and its three degrees and the exterior mind and its three degrees. On the other hand, the 95010 of the beastly nature consists of the false or pseudo-inner mind and its three degrees, the pseudo-­interior mind and its three degrees, and the pseudo-external mind and its three degrees. All these minds and their respec­tive degrees and all pseudo-minds and their respective de­grees, with the sole exception of the outermost degree of the external mind, are in the state of deep unconsciousness. For this reason, most people are in a state of deep ignorance about these important spiritual issues and about the ways people are structured and function. Whatever views, opinions and philosophies they have or hold, are, in most instances, distortions of truth at their best, and at their worst, they are total falsity. Thus, for this reason, everything on the planet Earth and in the entire Zone of Displacement is in an upside down position. Nothing is real here.



One of the purposes of genetic manipulation and engineering by the pseudo-creators was to fabricate a race of people who would be unequal among themselves, subservient or dominant to one another and dependent on each other. This was a necessary prerequisite for the activation of the negative state because everyone in the positive state is equal to everyone, as special as everyone else, as unique as everyone else, as important as everyone else, and as needed as everyone else. No negative state and condition can thrive on this kind of arrangement and order.


For this reason, the pseudo-creators, in the process of f their experimentation, successfully accomplished a state in which these principles are not only de-emphasized, but, almost non-existent. Thus, one nation was put above another nation, one race above another, one society above another, one group above another, and males above females or females above males. This discrimination became one of the major weapons of the negative state among people in the Zone of Displacement for the perpetuation of its being and existence.


But the true reality is that this situation is an artificially and forcefully imposed one through the 95 % of the animalis­tic or beastly genes of which the present existing human forms consist. In the original 5 % of the direct endowment into the human of the true Most High (of which 5% is all that really counts), no such discrimination is possible, ever existed or will exist. From the position of the 5 %, that is, the true reality, everyone, regardless of gender, race, nation, society, group or whatever one has, is as important, as equal, as unique, as spe­cial, as different, as needed and as valuable as anyone else without any exception or exclusion. This is the true nature of the positive state.


Now, the points briefly described above can be consid­ered the theoretical foundation of the current New Revela­tion. Any other ideas and concepts that were originally revealed in all other previous revelations, before this New Revelation came into its being and existence, and that will have validity, are creatively incorporated in this current New Revelation.


However, one of the major tenets of the New Revelation as opposed to and in comparison with some previous ones, is that nothing can be taken on blind faith anymore. Therefore, at the present time, under presently existing spiritual condi­tions, no one is required, forced or even expected to blindly believe any statements, principles, concepts, or ideas that are contained in the aforementioned three sources of the New Revelation (see the preceding Chapter). For this important reason, it was necessary to develop proper methodological tools and procedures that would, first of all, allow one to ver­ify, check out and validate the content of the current New Revelation, and, secondly, that would give one a clear way out of the negative state.


These methodological tools and procedures can be described briefly in the following points:



One of the many reasons why the Most High incar­nated on this planet in the form of Jesus Christ was to remind everyone of the lost knowledge and ability to go inward, into oneself, as well as for an illustration of how to do just that. If the Kingdom of Heaven, and thus, the positive state, and thus, the real truth, is within, in the original 5% of the en­dowment of the Most High in everyone, then it is obvious that no truth can be found in the externals or anywhere else. Thus, in order to properly verify, check out, and validate any presented revelation, one must learn to go inward, into one's true Inner Mind, where the true Most High is, and discover the truth there for oneself. There is no other possible source in being and existence of any truth or its verification, confir­mation and validation than directly from the Most High in one's Inner Mind. Any other source is always misleading.

This fundamental and major source of discovery, verifi­cation, confirmation and validation of any truth constitutes the base on which all other methods and tools are built and developed for this purpose. Thus, whatever tool is subse­quently used, its purpose is always to lead one within oneself into one's true Inner Mind.



One of the most important tools for going inward for this important purpose is meditation in various forms, such as, spiritual hypnosis and self-hypnosis, prayer and deep meditation. These forms of meditation allow one to discard any external impositions and to get in touch with one's true Inner Mind by following certain important procedures as reflected, for example, in Chapter Four of this book and to discover there all truth about this and any other issues.



From the position of this inwardness, once one learns to be in contact with one's true Inner Mind, studying and reading the above mentioned three sources that contain the current New Revelation, which trigger and enable proper perception, understanding, acceptance and application of all these issues in one's life. By the good fruits of that positive life, all ideas and concepts of the current New Revelation are verified, confirmed and validated. This form of verification, check, and validation can be considered to be one of the most important ones. After all, if one bears good fruit, as a result of learning, acceptance and application of all the principles of the New Revelation in one's life, what better ways are there for verification and validation of anything at all?



It is vital and crucial that one learns to be in perma­nent contact with one's true Inner Mind, one's true Spiritual Advisors, assigned to everyone for that purpose by the true Most High, which Advisors represent different aspects of the truth and reality of the Most High's Creation, and, most im­portantly, with the true Most High in one's Inner Mind. From that position one questions everything, asks for verification, confirmation, checks and validation of anything at all. Be­cause one's true Inner Mind and one's true Spiritual Advisors, as well as the true Most High, are in the state of constant in­wardness or in the true positive state, they become the only true source of proper verification, confirmation, checks and validation of any claimed ideas of the current New Revelation as well as anything else.


Having the proper theoretical foundation of the New Revelation and most appropriate methodological tools and procedures for verification, checks and validation, one needs to learn the proper and correct practical application of all ideas and concepts of the New Revelation.


In other words, the question is, what are the proper and right ways to live and to practice one's everyday life in accordance with the principles of the New Revelation?


These ways will be briefly summarized in the following points:



From the bottom of one's heart to recognize, to acknowledge and to accept in one's life the fact that there is the true Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, One Indivisible God, Who has many other names (all names are His/Hers) and Who manifests Himself/Herself to His/ Her Creation and to everyone in the Zone of Displacement, since the time of incarnation on this earth as Jesus Christ, in His/Her Divine Human and Human Divine.



To recognize, acknowledge and accept all three sources that contain the precepts of the New Revelation (the New King James version of the Holy Bible or its equivalent in other human languages on this earth, Swedenborg's writings, and writings of this author) as the true Revelation of the Most High for this particular age and this particular time, with recognition that each specific age, time, and epoch reflects different needs and requirements and has its own New Reve­lation and its methodological tools and procedures relative to its purpose, content and degree of spiritual progression as well as its practical application. Thus, different times and conditions in the state of humankind require different ap­proaches that, very often, could be seemingly contradictory to each other. Therefore, what was proper and right in one time, age, and epoch frequently is not necessarily so in the succeeding time, age or epoch. For that reason, no forceful transposition of the ideas and methods of the preceding step, age, time or epoch should ever be attempted into the succeed­ing steps of the spiritual progression or regression of human­kind.



Regularly, on a daily basis, to read, study and medi­tate on the above three sources that contain the true current New Revelation, along with constant verification, checks, confirmation and validation of all thoughts, feelings and ideas that are triggered by such daily work, as well as a re­quest from within for constant updates, modifications and revisions of any ideas and concepts of the current New Reve­lation (if needed and if it is time for them).



At least twice or three times a day, go deeply inward into one's true Inner Mind, to the true Most High and the true Spiritual Advisors for the purpose of thorough self-examina­tion, self-exploration and self-search of anything possibly negative, evil, false, problematic, adverse and inconsistent with the positive state and the Most High's Will with subse­quent thorough purification and cleansing from all of them (if any) and, with confessions of one's sins or problems, repentance, asking for mercy and forgiveness and the ability to change, as well as for purification and cleansing from all of them and from all pollution, contamination and poison that one is subject to by the simple fact that one lives in the midst of the negative state where its evil and falsity is active and dominates. And to ask for the ability to successfully and ef­fectively resist and overcome all evils and sins.



To learn to make all life's decisions and one's choices, no matter how important or unimportant they seem to be, only from the position of inwardness, from one's own true Inner Mind, from the true Most High in one's Inner Mind and from the true Spiritual Advisors and to faithfully, loyally and devotedly follow all their advise even if it is contrary to one's conscious desires and wishful thinking. To relinquish one's external control or the control of one's external mind, or the bad habit of following external authorities no matter what they might be, to one's true Inner Mind and, in the ulti­mate sense, to the true Most High in one's Inner Mind and, thus, to do only the Will of God.



To strive for and to be motivated by doing every­thing, no matter what it might be, for the sake of the Most High, others and oneself (in that order) that is, for the sake of mutual benefit, common good, sharing and use for all in the Most High's Creation and in the Zone of Displacement with­out any ulterior or selfish motivation or intentions. For this reason, on an everyday basis, carefully explore one's true in­tentions and motivations regardless of anything else and ask the Most High to give one the proper, right, correct and godly intentions and motivations.



To strive to always be as much as possible, under any and all conditions, unconditionally very loving, wise, kind, gentle, humble, modest, decent, truthful, sincere, honest, tactful, non-judgmental, accepting, respecting, tolerant, mer­ciful, forgiving, empathetic, compassionate, objective, and just. To always be true to one's self and to one's true nature (as reflected in the original 5% of the Most High's endow­ment) without lusting to be someone or something else or try­ing to have more than one needs. Thus, to learn to be thank­ful, grateful, appreciative, and satisfied with what one has and with what is available at each moment of one's life and to learn to work productively, constructively, creatively and in­novatively with what is available instead of bitching, com­plaining, nagging and demanding of God those things which one doesn't have but which other people may have. To ask one's true Inner Mind and one's true Spiritual Advisors and

the true Most High to help one to be as described and to be happy, satisfied, content, joyous, delighted and elated over what one has, and have all pleasure in that.



Accept full responsibility for one's life in all its aspects without blaming anyone for anything or without pro­jecting one's problems on others. To perform one's everyday assignments, work, profession, duties, trade or whatever one has and chose, with gladness, delight and pleasure and in ac­cordance with one's best abilities to the fullest of one's poten­tials and capacity without being dormant, idle, lazy or reluc­tant; to devote a certain necessary period of time for relaxa­tion, rest, fun, humor and play as a means of being in a better spiritual, mental and physical condition in order to perform more productively in one's assignment for the benefit of all.



To restrain oneself, if possible, from any harmful substances such as tobacco, non-prescription drugs or habit-­forming drugs, alcohol and any excessive consumption of drink or anything. But, at the same time, not to restrict one­self by any taboos, limitations, or rituals imposed by external authorities, such as, for example, avoidance of eating or drinking certain types of food and drink, or dressing in a cer­tain type of way, or performing only certain types of external rituals, or remaining in one certain physical position, etc.


One is advised to go inward and to find out from one's true Inner Mind, from the true Most High in one's Inner Mind and from one's own true Spiritual Advisors, what is or is not appropriate for oneself. Different people have different needs and what is proper for one is not necessarily so for another. No generalization is possible in these or any other matters. This is the reason why one is advised to go inward to find out all these things for onself.



If possible, to avoid any organized religions and other similar institutions, brotherhoods, cults, sects, spiritual centers, or whatever people on this planet have in this respect, so that one is not limited by their restrictions, taboos, prohi­bitions, demands, traditions, customs, conventions and simi­lar things. Thus, one is to strive to preserve one's freedom and independency in all matters of one's life, with readiness and openness of one's mind to anything new and progressive (knowing that one is not locked forever in one condition and state and that one can always change) and with willingness and readiness and openness to share unconditionally oneself and one's unique experiences in life with anyone who is will­ing and who is asking for such a sharing from the position of total selflessness and for the purpose of mutual growth, pro­gression and betterment of oneself and all in order to be a better human being and a more spiritual human being.



To follow a proper hierarchy of the Most High's spirit­ual organization and not to place any value, purpose and meaning of one's life in material, monetary, corporeal, physi­cal, outward, external, transient and temporary matters and possessions. To see these things as a means for acquirement of higher spiritual awareness and not as the main purpose, goal and end of one's life strivings and efforts.


One can have everything, possess all material riches and estates of all the world, as long as these things and issues don't become the ultimate goal and striving of one's heart, but, instead, they are accepted as a gift from God to serve and to help others by these means in their greater spiritual awareness or spiritual reawakening.


Thus, one is advised to always remember that one's life neither started nor ends with life on this planet (nor is it ever repeated two or more times here) and that one cannot take anything from this world except one's loves and affections. One is always to remember that whatever one loves and has affection for will determine his/her place, state, position, condition, process and future hereafter and not what one has or possesses.



One is to realize that in striving for and doing all these and similar things, as briefly described in the above points, lays the foundation and meaning of the true worship of the true Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit Who is One Indivisible God. To follow and to do all these and similar things is what constitutes the true spiritual worship of the Heavenly Father/Mother/God. This is what is meant by the words of Jesus Christ in the Gospel in Accord­ance with John, Chapter Four, verse twenty-four:


"God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth."


There is no other valid or valuable worship of God than this which can lead one to the true path of continuous spirit­ual progression, happiness and eternal life in the heavens of the positive state of the Most High's Creation.


To worship God in spirit and truth means to worship Him from the position of inwardness, from one's Inner Mind, because it is the true Inner Mind of everyone who is one's spirit. One's spirit is the state of goodness from which all true worship of God proceeds. It does not mean one is to worship God in some certain, external place or building, by certain dictated prescribed external rituals. And this is the truth of the matter. This is worship in truth because truth can be found in one's spirit, that is, in one's true Inner Mind where the Most High resides, from whom all good and love proceeds. From that position one establishes the style of life, as defined in the above points. This style of life is what is meant by the true spiritual worship of the true Most High.





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