Self-Correcting And Progressive Mode

 Of The Revealed Truths



Content of „Major Ideas Of The New Revelation“, pg. 199 - 218, Chapter XIII.


As was pointed out many times before, each step, time, age, era, or epoch reflects and has for a purpose a different and unique manifestation of some relative aspects of the Ab­solute Truth of the Most High, or, in the case of the Zone of Displacement, also some aspect of distortions and falsifica­tions of that truth.


The structure, dynamics, content, meaning, needs and nature of each such step, era, time, age or epoch is determined by the specificity, quality, degree and level of the revealed, actualized, realized and manifested relative aspects of the Absolute Truth or its distortions and falsifications.


Thus, the purpose of each particular step, time, age, era, epoch, being, existence and all people who are assigned, by their free choice, to be an integral part of them, is to illus­trate, demonstrate and exemplify a life style in accordance with the specificity, quality, degree and level of revealed rela­tive aspects of the Absolute Truth or its distortions and falsi­fications.


When these relative aspects of the Absolute Truth or its distortions and falsifications are fully illustrated, demon­strated and exemplified in people's life style, attitudes, behavior, relationships, etc., that particular step, time, age, era or epoch comes to its end and is replaced with the next one.


In between two such steps, times, ages, eras, or epochs, there is a transitional period during which certain aspects of the previous one are carried on, as well as the preparation for the new age, or time or epoch.


The important part of this preparation is that the Most High begins to reveal certain new relative aspects of the Absolute Truth that will become an integral part or style of spiritual life (which determines all aspects of the new life style) of the next, succeeding step, time, era, age or epoch.


Thus, in this important transitional period, certain previ­ous aspects, concepts, ideas and actions, and the way they are understood and applied in people's lives, from the preceding or outgoing step, time, age, era or epoch are still retained together with the attainment of some, but not all, relative aspects of the entirely new, transcending understanding of the Absolute Truth and/or its distortions and falsifications which will be illustrated, demonstrated and exemplified by people's life style in the succeeding step, etc.


This transitional period is a necessary bridge between two qualitatively different ages, eras, steps, epochs, or times in order to preserve cohesiveness and an uninterrupted flow of certain spiritual ideas necessary for the maintenance of people's lives. A person's life, at each point of its being and existence, depends entirely on the continuous flow of these spiritual ideas.


Thus, any abrupt termination of one step, time, age, era or epoch, and institution of the next one without this transi­tional period would drastically cut off the flow of certain necessary spiritual ideas and people's lives would cease to be and to exist.

This is one of the major reasons why the Divine Provi­dence of the Most High establishes such important transition­al periods in between the preceding and succeeding step, time, age, era or epoch.


Each preceding and succeeding era, etc., is in itself and by itself discrete and there is no linearity between them. What people perceive as linearity is, in fact, a transitional period that is characterized by the retention of certain ideas, con­cepts, philosophies and behavior patterns of the outgoing step, age, era, epoch, or time and the revelation and initiation of totally different ones.


However, because of this specific nature of the transi­tional period - to bridge the two different steps, times, eras, ages or epochs - only certain limited, relative new aspects of the Absolute Truth or its distortions and falsifications can be revealed during this time. The complete revelation of all these aspects would constitute an abrupt end of the outgoing step or age, or whatever, and the institution of the new one would not be possible. People's minds could not take the full impact of all the newly revealed relative aspects of the Absolute Truth or its distortions and falsifications as they are to be illustrated, demonstrated and exemplified in the succeeding new era, age, epoch, step or time.


The reason why it is repeated here in a parallel manner about the revelation of relative aspects of the Absolute Truth or its distortions and falsifications is because in the Zone of Displacement each newly revealed relative aspect of the Absolute Truth is accompanied in a parallel manner with the effort of the hells always to distort or totally falsify these newly revealed aspects of the truth. This is permitted to hap­pen by the Most High so that the full nature, content and meaning of the negative state could also be illustrated, dem­onstrated and exemplified in a gradual, step by step manner, for the purpose of important spiritual learning for all in the Most High's Creation.


If the total and exhaustive nature of the negative state were ever to be revealed within one era, step, time, age or epoch, no one could survive for a fraction of a second the immensity and totality of the ugliness, misery, viciousness, violence, rage, hate and all other atrocities and abominations that characterize the negative state. This is the reason why the true nature of the negative state also has to be revealed in cer­tain progressive (regressive) steps.


Thus, each era, time, step, age or epoch within the regions of the Zone of Displacement will be revealed and will illustrate, demonstrate and exemplify different aspects of the negative state and all its processes.


During the transitional period, therefore, the negative state will retain some previously manifested aspects of its ugly nature in people's lives from the preceding step, as well as some new, hitherto unknown aspects will start to emerge parallel to and in balance with the emerging new relative as­pects of the Absolute Truth of the Most High.


These new aspects are necessary because only by them the emerging new aspects of the ugly negative state can be defined, overcome and conquered.


This is how the learning about the Absolute Nature of the Most High on the one hand, and the nature of the acti­vated and dominant negative state in the Zone of Displace­ment on the other hand, occurs, proceeds, and becomes.


Obviously, because of people's relative nature, under presently existing spiritual conditions, no other way of learn­ing is possible.


During the transitional period, the Most High appoints and assigns a certain person or persons through whom He/ She begins to transmit the ideas of the New Revelation in a manner and way that is needed and is specific for each transi­tional period. By his/her position, condition and situation, that person will, by necessity of that situation, reflect in his/ her writings or messages certain ideas of the old or outgoing age or era, etc., as well as reveal certain new ideas to be im­plemented in the upcoming new age or era, etc.


By virtue of such a mixture, some of the new ideas tend to be looked upon through the glasses of the old, outgoing ideas. This situation leads frequently to misunderstanding and misinterpretation of their true meaning and the mode of their application in people's lives.


This is widely utilized by the negative state for making a totally false proclamation that the distortions and percep­tions of the new ideas are not distortions but the real truth and the real truth of the properly perceived ideas is distortion and falsity. And, that the old ideas retained from the outgo­ing step, age, era, epoch, or time are, in fact, not the old ones but truly new ones and the true new ideas, therefore, have little or no validity whatsoever.


In this manner the negative state is allowed to illustrate its true nature because different new ideas of the real truth trigger manifestations of various aspects of the negative state that have not yet been exposed.


In this manner, any person who is assigned to this transi­tional period by the Most High serves an important purpose not only by transmitting some new ideas of the real truth but also, by misperceiving the real meaning, content and manner of their applications, triggering and exposing further ugly aspects of the negative state, contributing thus, to the impor­tant spiritual learning of all in the Most High's Creation.


However, when the transitional period is at its final end, and the new era, age, epoch, time, or step or whatever is to come to its fruition, the Most High reveals the rest of the new ideas of truth that are to be illustrated, demonstrated and ex­emplified by people's life styles within the new era or age, etc., that have not been prematurely revealed at the beginning of that period.


In the process of this new revelation, all necessary mis­perceptions and misinterpretations of the certain originally revealed new ideas of truth, at the beginning of the transi­tional period, by the one through whom that revelation was granted, are brought into the light and subsequently cor­rected and put into a proper perspective.


As mentioned above, these misperceptions and misinter­pretations are necessary in order to insure an uninterrupted flow of important spiritual ideas by which everything and everyone in the Most High's Creation and in the Zone of Dis­placement is interconnected and interrelated and by which everyone and everything lives.


However, once preparation for the full understanding and assumption of all the new ideas of truth for the next step, etc., is completed, these misperceptions and misinterpreta­tions are no longer tolerable and their explanation and re­moval is assured through someone who is assigned by the Most High to transmit the next portion of the New Revela­tion for the upcoming era, age, time, step or epoch and the end of that transitional period.


Thus, one of the important parts of such a revelation is the explanation, correction and/or removal of all misper­ceived and misinterpreted ideas adhered to by the one who was the transmitter of the first portion of the New Revelation at the very beginning of the transitional period.


At the present time, the entire Creation of the Most High and all regions of the Zone of Displacement, as well as humankind on this planet, are at the end of this transitional period. The ending of this period requires the transmission of the final portion of the New Revelation for the upcoming age, era, step, time, or epoch. Now it is also time for correc­tion and beautification of the first portion of the New Revela­tion which was transmitted at the very beginning of the tran­sitional period.


Emanuel Swedenborg's writings represent the first por­tion of the New Revelation and the very beginning of the transitional period. The writings of this author represent the final portion of the New Revelation of the next era and for the end of the transitional period. Both portions of the New Revelation came directly from the Most High and derive from the Holy Bible. They constitute the three sources, described in the previous essay, Essay 10, which contain the New Reve­lation for the next step, era, age, epoch, time, or whatever one has.


Because at the present time the transitional period is at its very end (although no one knows for certain how long this end will last; this is known only to the Most High), before the commencement of the new era or age can take place, it is necessary to bring to everyone's attention certain necessary misperceptions and misinterpretations of reality contained in the first portion of the New Revelation for the upcoming New Age as reflected in Swedenborg's writings.


Basically, there are seven major misperceptions and mis­interpretations that can be found throughout most of Swe­denborg's writings:



Under the influence of the preceding step, or age, or whatever, Swedenborg came to a conclusion that a person's state and condition cannot change after their departure from this world (after their physical death). Thus, everyone is doomed to stay or to be the same as he/she was at the mo­ment of his/her transition to the spiritual world, no matter what.


From this point of view, Jesus Christ's act of salvation is limited only to those who live in this world and only for the duration of their physical lives on this planet. It stops at the moment of one's physical death and it is not applicable to any other state, condition, place or time and particularly to those who are in the hells.


To reflect this erroneous state of affairs, people on this earth came up with a saying, "As the tree falls, so will it lie", meaning that no change or choice can be made after one physically dies.


And yet, it is an obvious illusion that the fallen tree lies forever in the same place and condition without any change of its state. The above mentioned proverb doesn't reflect the reality that gradually, through the erosion of time, that tree completely transforms its form, state, condition and content so as to, at one point in time, be reabsorbed into the ground releasing all its contents and energies into it and assuming some other state and condition totally different from the previous one.


After a while, its former condition, form and content disappears entirely and no one will ever know that there was a certain tree lying there after its fall.


This is a good illustration of how limited people's per­ception of reality really is.


The true reality of the situation is that there is no finalis­tic and stagnant state, condition or situation anywhere at all. People have eternal choices and opportunities to change re­gardless of where they are or in what state they are - being in the deepest, lowest hells, or in the highest, most inward heavens. No one ever remains in the same condition, state or situation by necessity but only by one's free choice and free will. There is no such concept or state as necessity in the Most High's Creation.


Jesus Christ's work of salvation was as much for those who are in all the hells, on this earth, or anywhere in the Most High's Creation and in the Zone of Displacement. God's act of salvation is never time-space-condition-state bound but, is applicable to all times, to all places, to all conditions and to all states without any exception or exclusion. Otherwise, what would be the point for the Absolute Most High to assume a human nature and to make His/Her Divine Human, and His/ Her Human Divine if it would not have universal and eternal validity and applicability? Whatever the Most High does, because of His/Her very Absolute Nature, it always has the all-universal and all-eternal validity and applicability.


The error which was made here was based on the evalua­tion of people's relative condition whose actions are seeming­ly determined by limited and temporary conditions and states in accordance with the laws of their physical anti-universe.


Of course, at the time of Swedenborg, no one was ready to know yet that this is not a true universe but a displaced one, an anti-universe, or what is now called the Zone of Dis­placement that fabricates the illusion of finality and un-changeability of one's negative condition and state.


What a cruel God the Most High would be if He/She would not provide everyone with an eternal opportunity to change and to make a fresh choice regardless of one's state and condition! This would be inconsistent with the true Ab­solute Nature of the Most High which is the Absolute Love and the Absolute Wisdom.


Now, initially, as it is obvious from his Spiritual Diary, Swedenborg was aware of the possibility of conversion to the positive state even from the hells. But, later on, under the in­fluence of the traditional interpretation of this matter, as it was conceived in the preceding, outgoing age, he changed his mind and yielded to that traditional interpretation. This was permitted to happen for the sake of transitional needs as described above.


On the other hand, one of the major tenets of the New Revelation is that no one is forever locked in their condition, state, place or situation. Therefore, no one needs to be in the hells, or anywhere for that matter, except by their free choice.


This principle has all-eternal and all-universal validity and is a major building block on which any subsequent New Revelation will be founded. From now on, as of this very moment, this principle could be considered one of the major tools of verification of any subsequent message, transmission or revelation that claims to have a Divine origin. Unless it in­corporates this principle fully, such a claim is a false one and the Most High is not its true Divine Author.



At his time, Swedenborg was permitted to witness certain spiritual combats in the intermediate world of spirits, particularly in one of its regions. From the events that tran­spired in that region, he misperceived and misinterpreted the significance of those combats and their outcomes. He gener­alized from them to all situations, conditions, and states making them all-inclusive and final. Thus, he concluded that those events reflected the entire content of the Revelation of Jesus Christ (Apocalypse) and therefore, they constituted its fulfillment. In his writings on the Apocalypse, Swedenborg concluded that whatever was foretold in the Apocalypse was completely fulfilled in his time.


It is true that certain limited aspects of the Apocalypse's forecast were fulfilled during Swedenborg's time. Otherwise no transitional period could be initiated.


As mentioned previously in this and in other books by this author, all predictions in the Holy Bible have different meanings for different times and conditions. When the use­fulness of one state or condition is fulfilled, it ends. And the new state and condition triggers different levels or aspects of the Biblical predictions as relevant to each specific time.


Therefore, no finalistic generalizations are possible from witnessing the fulfillment of certain aspects of Biblical pre­dictions. If this were the case, the Holy Bible could not be considered the true Word of God because it would be limited only to certain levels, steps, degrees, dimensions, etc. The true Word of God, being Absolute, cannot be limited by such considerations. It is applicable to all times, to all dimensions, to all states, to all places, to all conditions and to all situa­tions. Thus, only that aspect of a Biblical prediction is re­vealed which can be properly interpreted only from the stand­point of any current situation, condition, event or happen­ing. All other aspects of those predictions are concealed until the opportune time. This concealment is necessary because any premature revelation, without the proper preparation and readiness of its recipients, could not be understood, properly incorporated and therefore, it would be distorted, mutilated, profaned or entirely rejected.


From that situation Swedenborg had a tendency to inter­pret the Holy Bible in such a manner as to give one an impres­sion that its internal sense deals only with the events that take place in the spiritual and intermediate worlds but not with the events on planet Earth or in the Zone of Displacement that much. The history and the events of these worlds were used only for the concealment of the events and happenings of the spiritual and intermediate worlds. Although Swedenborg ad­mits that whatever was happening on earth was always the result of things that happened in the spiritual world, this was seen more as a distant consequence of the events of those worlds and not as simultaneous, synchronous and discrete occurrences that correspond to each other.


Yet the true reality of this situation, as reflected in the current New Revelation, is that the proper relationship among all dimensions and their respective worlds and all regions of the Zone of Displacement and all their respective inhabitants in the totality of the being and existence of the Most High's Creation is always simultaneous, synchronous and discrete through and by the law of correspondences. This was already revealed through Swedenborg. Therefore, what­ever the Holy Bible contains in the internal sense is always relevant to all of them and not to some of them only.



Point number three is derived from the above point. In his time, Swedenborg witnessed certain spiritual combats, upheavals and holocasts in one region of the intermediate world of spirits and its respective artificial pseudo-heavens. The Last Judgment of those who fabricated the pseudo-­heavens there was executed and their pseudo-heavens were abolished, wiped out, and that region was cleaned up from anything negative, false and evil. The process of that Last Judgment resembled in all details everything that was fore­told in the Revelation of Jesus Christ (Apocalypse) as it always does. This situation led Swedenborg to the mispercep­tion and misinterpretation of that situation to the point that he erroneously concluded that the Last Judgment which he witnessed, was the real all-inclusive global Last Judgment after which nothing more of that nature can come or happen. Thus, as far as Swedenborg was concerned, everything in the spiritual world was finished and closed at that time.


However, what Swedenborg witnessed was a local, re­gional and isolated occurrence that initiated the transitional period, during which many other so-called Last Judgments have been taking place in various other regions, levels, de­grees and steps of the Zone of Displacement and in the inter­mediate world of spirits. In fact, what Swedenborg truly wit­nessed was only the very beginning of the Last Judgment that has for its ultimate purpose the total abolishment of the entire negative state.


The process of this abolishment proceeds in certain steps in all dimensions, regions and levels that are afflicted by the negative state. Each step represents a phase of the Last Judgment. This phase carries all signs of what people con­sider to be a global, all-out Last Judgment, because the true Last Judgment is nothing else but the cumulative sum of all last judgments that were and will be taking place until the entire negative state is eliminated from all regions and levels of the Zone of Displacement and the intermediate world of spirits.


In view of the New Revelation, the concept of the Last Judgment has to be understood both as a very personal and individualized process, when one leaves one phase of one's life behind and transits into another one, and as an all-out universal occurrence when one cycle of time of Creation ex­hausts its spiritual usefulness and the new cycle of time is ready to be instituted.


In this respect the Last Judgment is a period of intense evaluation, soul searching and choice making, of either one individual, that is, of one phase of everyone's life (after the physical death of an individual, for example, or change of any state in the spiritual world) or of the entire nation, or humankind, or planet, or solar system, or galaxy, or universe, or dimension or the entire Creation and its Zone of Displace­ment.



Another misperception and misinterpretation can be found in the manner Swedenborg and his followers under­stand the concept of the New Church, New Heaven and the New Earth. Certain generalizations came to their adverse fruition from this conceptualization. It was perceived and concluded that the creation of the New Church, the New Heaven and the New Earth constitutes the final act of Crea­tion and nothing follows after that.


This conceptualization is a gross limitation in under­standing the true Nature of the Most High. As everyone knows, the Most High is Absolute and, therefore, He/She can never stop creating new things, new heavens, new earths, new churches and new people, etc.


What the New Church, the New Heaven and the New Earth means is a higher step in the spiritual awareness of peo­ple and an assumption of a transcending, higher level and degree of spiritual progression. Once the building of this step or level or degree is efficiently completed and properly grounded, a new, higher, more advanced and more inward step and order of life is being built upon it. This process goes on to eternity to reflect the Absolute Nature of the Most High that never ceases to create new things. When each particular step in the spiritual progression fulfills its purpose and the number of sentient entities needed to occupy that step is com­pleted, established and closed, then the next step comes into its being and existence. The new step requires its own New Revelation and its methodological tools. This step is called the New Church as far as its spiritual doctrine is concerned, the New Heaven as far as its structure and dynamics is con­cerned, and the New Earth as far as its specific manifestation, illustration, demonstration and exemplification of certain newly revealed aspects of the Absolute Truth is concerned.



One of the major concepts of Swedenborg's writings is the concept of marriage and sexuality. As compared to the previous understanding of that concept, which preceded Swe­denborg, Swedenborg's interpretation was revolutionary and totally new. He, very correctly, perceived that marriage is a spiritual correspondence to the ultimate unification of love and wisdom, good and truth, charity and faith, masculinity and femininity, etc. However, his understanding of adultery and fornication and matters pertaining to sexual intercourse were misperceived and misunderstood as applied to the earth­ly life of people and their sexual and marital relationships.


Swedenborg forcefully transposed the spiritual meaning of these acts into the requirements of their practical applica­tion in the Zone of Displacement where no such rules are applicable because, for obvious reasons, no true spiritual marriages are possible in a state and condition where there is no spirituality or only falsified and distorted spirituality.

Swedenborg, therefore, believed that the eternal mar­riage of good and truth also means the external marriage of one specific female to one specific male or one specific male to one specific female and that no other involvements are possible or even spiritually proper except between the marital couple. From this understanding it is very obvious that one is forever locked into a marital bond with one specific person without ever being allowed to be involved sexually with any­one else.


From this conclusion stems the view that sexuality and marriage are an exclusive possession of two people who enter the marital bond and none of their aspects can ever be shared with anyone else. Thus, no matter what kind of intention or motivation one would have in approaching sexual intercourse with someone other than one's own marital partner, one would be labelled as an adulterer and a sinner.


This understanding of sexuality and adultery is mislead­ing and no longer spiritually tenable.

What Jesus Christ's statement in Matthew Chapter 5, verse 28 and other places means ("Whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart"), is not lust to have sexual intercourse with any partic­ular person other than one's marital partner, but, the lust to possess, to use, to misuse, to abuse, to hurt, or to be involved with that person solely for egoistic, selfish, self-centered, self­-loving reasons, without any regard for the well-being or con­sideration of the other person's needs. "To lust", means just that.


But, there is another, deeper meaning to this statement. "A woman" in this connotation signifies the feminine princi­ples of one's being and existence. In this respect, "to lust for a woman in one's heart" signifies total disregard for one's own feminine or masculine principle respectively (in the case of a woman) and lusting or wanting to appropriate to oneself that principle which belongs to someone else. This is what true adultery signifies. It is, thus, disregard for one's individ­uality and uniqueness of one's personality, that consists of all principles of masculinity and all principles of femininity, and lust to possess or to have someone else's individuality and its specific unique aspects of femininity or masculinity. This is what true adultery really means and not engagement in sexual intercourse with someone else other than one's marital part­ner if it is done from the position of mutal open benefit, for the purpose of sharing and a greater understanding of the Most High, others and oneself with the good and positive in­tent to apply that knowledge in one's life and sharing it with all others.


In the true reality of the positive state, which reality is described in the current New Revelation, no exclusive, pos­sessive, selfish, jealous, self-loving and uni-directional rela­tionships or states are possible or even conceivable. This is the reason why Jesus Christ said to the Sadducees, "For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels of God in heaven." (Matthew, Chapter 22, verse 30 and in other places).


As far as divorce is concerned, this was again misinter­preted to signify divorce from one's earthly, physical, marital partner. To divorce one's marital partner or to marry a divorced one signifies to reject those aspects of good and its truth or truth and its good that one agreed to manifest or rep­resent on this earth and to assume, instead, something differ­ent or someone else's representations. "To commit sexual im­morality", (Matthew, Chapter 5, verse 32) signifies in this connotation to sell out to the negative state or to abuse one's good and truth or truth and good in the services of evil and falsity; thus, pervert them or falsify them. Such a perverted or falsified state can no longer be spiritually utilized properly in one's life and, in order to change, one has to recede from it. This is the only justifiable reason to give up one's original assignment in order to assume a different one after the origi­nal was adulterated for the above reasons.


From this brief discourse, it is obvious that Jesus Christ did not speak about physical, earthly marriages and earthly sexual intercourse where no true spiritual marriages exist. He spoke about spiritual relationships and obligations that everyone agreed to follow before their incarnation on this planet.


Swedenborg knew about the particular significance of this matter, yet, he was allowed to make wrong conclusions when he was attempting to apply that understanding to the relationships of humans on this planet.


Once again, this was permitted by the Most High for the preservation of spiritual flow so that no devastation or abrupt cut off of that flow could occur.



During the first phase of the transitional period, no one was ready to know that everyone on this planet lives, not in the true universe, but in the Zone of Displacement. For that reason, Swedenborg had to perceive this world as the real one with the incorrect impression that this world exists only for one purpose: to be a nursery for the positive state of the heavens.


Because of this erroneous perception, two major mis­conceptions prevailed among Swedenborg's followers. First, everyone who is born on this planet started one's life on this planet and no previous life experiences existed. Second, all sentient entities, beings, and forms in being and existence at all levels of Creation without any exception or exclusion must start or had to start their life in the natural degree of the phys­ical universe. Thus, all sentient entities in being and existence, at one time or another, started their life either on this planet Earth or on some other physical planet.


This is contradictory to the very teachings of Sweden­borg himself. In the New Revelation, reflected partly in Swe­denborg's writings, it is explicitly stated that everything pro­ceeds from within to without, from the spiritual to the natu­ral, and not from the natural to the spiritual. If this is true, and the current position of the New Revelation firmly con­firms this to be true, then all life cannot start on the natural level, not to mention the Zone of Displacement, without first having life in sentient forms in the spiritual level or in the spiritual world. The spiritual world, after all, is the very with­in of Creation. Therefore, sentient life forms had to appear first in the spiritual world before any other forms of life could come to their fruition in any other places.


Thus, it is not necessary for all life to start at the physical level. In the true Creation, after the spiritual and intermediate worlds were fully inhabited with various sentient life forms, one may start one's life in the natural world.


However, under no circumstances can any sentient life start in the natural degree of the Zone of Displacement be­cause the atmosphere of that degree, being of the accumula­tion and summary of all evils and falsities in a concrete condi­tion, is poisonous and not conducive for initiation of any sen­tient life in itself and by itself. The position of the natural degree of the Zone of Displacement is extremely outward, in the most remote, tenuous condition from any spirituality and in a state of total ignorance to be able to sustain any sentient life without certain extensive preparations and training in some other worlds.


On the other hand, the spiritual and intermediate worlds of the Zone of Displacement, such as the hells, for example, are capable of initiation of the negative life forms because they are in their own spiritual state which has the ability of such fabrications for the purpose of the perpetuation of the negative state. These life forms are very often projected to the natural degree of the Zone of Displacement, after their own preparation and training for survival in the extremely harsh, outward, condition that exists on this earth.


For this reason, no one ever began or will begin one's life on this planet. Therefore, in no way can this planet be consid­ered a nursery for the positive state of the heavens. Instead, it is a stage on which the true nature of the negative state is being acted out for the important spiritual learning of all in the entire Creation of the Most High. Whoever participated, participates or will participate in this acting-out, did, does and will do so by his/her own free will and by his/her own free choice.



One of the major misperceptions and misinterpreta­tions that underlies all of the above is the typical human tend­ency to perceive everything in finalistic terms and conditions, something as follows: this is it and there is nothing more after this. This is a very common conclusion that people made about all matters. This is especially true about spiritual mat­ters, particularly if they claim to come from the Most High. People have a tendency to believe that if the Most High did something, it is unchangeable and cannot ever be modified or replaced but must stay forever as it is. Thus, from this the in­credible conclusion results that this or that revelation stated the Absolute Truth and there is nothing more to be added to it or said about it. Everything is fixed and no alterations or add-ons or build-ons are permitted or even possible.


People forget that the Absolute Most High speaks to relative human beings or sentient entities who cannot com­prehend the Absolute Truth. Therefore, the Most High ac­commodates His/Her revelations to the current perceptive and receptive abilities of people at each step of their spiritual development. For this reason, there will always be correc­tions, updates, modifications, build-ons and add-ons to any­thing that the Most High reveals to people at any given time.


This is a very crucial rule and principle of the current New Revelation that must be realized in order to avoid stag­nation in one particular level blocking oneself from possible spiritual growth and progression.


Most people succumb to this common and understand­able error. No wonder that even Swedenborg, in some of his statements, reflects this traditional attitude.


Thus, when Swedenborg describes in his writings the structure of the spiritual world in such terms as celestial, spir­itual, natural, etc., he understandably assumes that this is a permanent and final structure as if there could never be any­thing more or different.


However, this attitude does not reflect the true reality of the structure of the Most High's Creation. At the time of Swedenborg, this was the case and his description of Creation reflected the reality of that time or as he perceived it at that time. From his earthly position, Swedenborg didn't realize that, by his very writings, he was contributing from the Most High toward the building of the new, higher order of Crea­tion that surpasses and transcends any other in being and existence previously. This higher order is reflected in the New Heavenly Celestial-Cosmical universe that came into its being and existence only relatively recently.


It is this higher order of Creation that made it possible for the Most High to prepare everyone in Creation and in the Zone of Displacement (in this Zone mostly without anyone's conscious awareness) for transmission of the final portion of this current New Revelation and for the beginning of the elimination of the negative state from its active and dominant position.


Only after he left this planet, Swedenborg realized all these major facts and the degree of his misperceptions and misinterpretations and with great elation and joy he corrected them and integrated them entirely, subsequently becoming one of the prominent members of the High Council of the New Heavenly Society-Universe.


Once full activation of the function of the New Heavenly Society-Universe came to its fruition and everybody there assumed his/her proper position, all things that are contained here and in the final portion of the New Revelation could be revealed and transmitted to all those who really care and count.


Thus, with this essay, the major misconceptions and mis­interpretations of the first portion of the New Revelation, as contained in Swedenborg's writings, are permanently re­moved and, in combination with its second portion, the New Revelation stands ready to accomplish its role and function in the Most High's Creation. Any other minor misconceptions that might be contained in Swedenborg's writings are insigni­ficant for the proper understanding and application of the New Revelation in one's life and, therefore, they are omitted here.


Once this New Revelation fulfills its purpose and goal and accomplishes what it is meant to accomplish for the Most High and everyone in the Most High's Creation, once it serves the fulfillment of illustration, demonstration, actuali­zation, realization and exemplification of certain ideas of the Most High's truths as are necessary for the next step, era, age, or time, then it will be transcended by another New Revelation from the Most High. This will happen at the time when the step, era, age, time, or epoch for which the current Revelation was given, comes to its full fruition and the new step, age, era, time or epoch is ready to commence. At that time a transitional period will be instituted by the Most High and the first portion of the future New Revelation will be re­vealed through someone else.





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