Changes Of States And Conditions



Content of „Major Ideas Of The New Revelation“, pg. 233 - 248, Chapter XV.


Emanuel Swedenborg in his writings (particularly in his book "Heaven and Hell", page 108-111, paragraphs 154-161) revealed that every sentient entity and being, without any ex­ception or exclusion, is subject to the law of continuous change of his/her/its states and conditions.


This is an all-inclusive law. There cannot be any excep­tions or exclusions to this rule.


Only the Absolute State of the Most High is always the same and, therefore, it is not subject to this law for the very simple reason that the Most High contains in His/Her Abso­lute State, within Himself/Herself all possible changes, con­ditions, states, processes, etc., from eternity to eternity.


After the Most High's incarnation on this planet in the form of Jesus Christ, this also became true regarding the neg­ative state's mode of changes and its conditions. Jesus Christ experienced all possible conditions and states of the negative mode of pseudo-being and pseudo-existence. This is the rea­son why one can say that the Most High contains within Him­self/Herself all possible changes, states, and conditions from eternity to eternity and, therefore, the Most High is always the same. This situation with the Absolute Most High - con­taining all possible changes, states and conditions from eter­nity to eternity - cannot be changed. If it could, the Most High would no longer be Absolute.


However, with everyone but the Most High, the situa­tion is entirely different. No one is Absolute but the Most High. Therefore, no one is able to experience simultaneously all-inclusive changes, states and conditions which are possible in being and existence. Their entire being and existence is based and founded on the very law of continuous changes. If the possibilities for change were to be withdrawn from being and existence, being and existence would cease to be being and existence. Nothing whatsoever would remain.


As mentioned many times before, the entire Creation of the Absolute Most High is always relative to the Most High. The motivating factors for Creation's being and existence can be found only in the necessity of experience and manifesta­tion, in a progressive mode, all infinite numbers and varieties of changes, states, conditions and processes.


Because it is impossible for someone or something which is not Absolute to experience all these infinite number and variety of changes, states, conditions and processes in a simultaneous, synchronous and all-inclusive mode, this expe­rience is attained in a progressive, gradual, continuous and at the same time, discrete mode.


Swedenborg perceived this law of changes as to be func­tional and applicable only to the internal states and condi­tions of sentient entities. Because of these internal changes, because of the law of correspondences, the environment and its equipment of people in their state of change reflects these necessary changes. However, according to him, people al­ways remain in that degree or step of Creation to which they assigned themselves by their original choice. No change from step to step, from degree to degree, from dimension to dimension, from universe to universe, etc., was directly per­ceived or assumed by him. The only such change in this respect possible for him was from the physical body or from the natural world to the intermediate and the spiritual world respectively. After this took place, one remained in that step or degree or dimension for eternity without changing one's place. Thus, the basic change is the change in one's internals or within, that necessarily modifies one's environment with­out leaving that environment behind.


This conclusion is a violation of the law of correspond­ences and the law of all-inclusive changes.


The change of the states and conditions of one's within cannot be a self-feeding loop. It is always reflected in the changes of all other elements of Creation, and its all-respec­tive dimensions. If one is limited in one's possibility of change only by a certain mode of that change, one is deprived of choosing all of the infinite number and variety of available choices. If this were the case, one would lose one's freedom of choice. To limit one only to a certain limited number of choices, is to exclude one from experiencing some other im­portant changes that are vital for one's continuous spiritual progression. In such a case, one would no longer be free to choose any possible mode of change of one's current state and condition but, instead, one would be forced to change along certain lines dictated by the necessity of someone else's decision. This would be slavery and not freedom. The Most High doesn't operate within limited parameters.


For this reason, everyone is subject to the change of all states, conditions and processes that one is in at any particu­lar moment or place of one's life.


It is necessary to realize that the changes of one's states and conditions at any moment are both very subtle, minute, and sometimes imperceptible by one's conscious awareness and they are very general, all-inclusive, and global with full conscious awareness of their occurrence.


Thus, people are in a constant mode of change from one second to another. For example, it is impossible to hold one's attention on one particular subject for too long. One's atten­tion is in a mode of constant shifting. It is impossible to con­centrate on one thought or idea for a prolonged period of time without occasionally thinking about something else. It is impossible to constantly be in the same mood or have unal­tered feelings forever. It is impossible to be still physically for a long period of time. One constantly moves and is active even during one's physical sleep. It is impossible to stay in one spot forever. One has to shift one's position or place from time to time.


It is impossible to stagnate in one particular age. One grows older and his/her appearance changes. It is impossible to maintain the same attitude forever. It is impossible to ex­perience the same event twice in exactly the same manner and way. It is physically impossible for the same person to experi­ence childhood or any period in one's life twice. It is impossi­ble to physically return to the same place, state and condition that was experienced already once, or to experience the same experience twice or more times in the same manner and way. There will always be a substantial and essential difference in any experience and situation even if one returns to the same city or the same house that one was in before. One cannot re­capture the same moment that was experienced the day before or the second before in that place or house in exactly the same way. It is impossible to experience two or more physical births or physical deaths for the same person who experienced them once before, as followers of the concept of reincarnation would like to believe. It is impossible to forever stay in any state, condition, place, time, situation, relationship, involve­ment or whatever one has without a foresight of its end and the beginning of something new and different. Otherwise, the Lord Jesus Christ would not say,


"Behold, I make everything new."


When the Lord makes such a proclamation, He/She makes it from His/Her Absolute State because such is His/ Her Nature. To proclaim anything from the Absolute State means that it is done in an Absolute Sense. The Absolute Sense is perceived and experienced by all relative recipients of it in a manner of constant changes. Therefore, when the Lord says, "Behold, I make everything new," it doesn't mean one, limiting act of creating something new, as some people would like to believe. It means a continuous, unceasing, eternal creation of everything new.


This kind of creative effort and its actualization gives everyone an eternal opportunity to gradually experience all changes, all states, all conditions, all processes, all times, all dimensions, all modes of being and existence and their infi­nite manifestations.


By such a vital, gradual, step by step experience, one is enabled to be closer and closer to, or more and more approxi­mate to the Absolute Nature of the Most High that contains all possible changes from eternity to eternity and from infin­ity to infinity.


This is the major motivating factor of Creation's being and existence. Nothing else can really motivate its being and existence.


From the earthly standpoint and from the standpoint of the negative state one of the reasons why people, trapped in the negative state of their choice, often feel so unhappy and miserable is because they want to retain or maintain one cer­tain state or condition forever. They want to live on this planet forever. They want to look and to feel beautiful in their earthly body to the very end. They want to be in a good mood, happy, satisfied or whatever, forever, without any change. Such a desire stems from the very nature of the nega­tive state that wants to remain the same way it is at any given moment, without ever changing its states and conditions to eternity.


As was mentioned many times before (in other writings of this author), the spiritual wars of the negative state are for that purpose only: to preserve its status quo to eternity and not to allow any change of its state and condition to occur. One can symbolically say that the rebellion of the negative state against the positive state is primarily because of the true nature of the positive state which is a state, mode and process of continuous change and fluidity. This nature of the positive state drives the negative state mad, so to speak. For this rea­son, the negative state wants to destroy or wipe the positive state out in order to establish its own domain of eternal stag­nation. Little does it know that a stagnant, unchangeable condition would cause its own eternal end. Little does it know that if the spiritual wars which the negative state is wag­ing against the positive state were not to continue and keep the negative state in a need of constant change and move­ment, everyone in the negative state would cease to exist. Little does the negative state know that once a certain goal is accomplished and set up and once there are no longer any motivating factors to do or to strive for anything else, all life, including the life of the negative state, stops right there.


The negative state is possible only because the positive state exists. The positive state is possible only because cons­tant change and fluidity are the essence and substance of its being and existence. If one takes away the essense and sub­stance of the positive state, the positive state is no more. If the positive state is no more, the negative state is no more because the negative state depends on the source of its life which the positive state provides by its being and existence from the Most High.


Thus, ultimately, even the negative state is in a state of constant change, movement, and modification.


No one in the negative state can always be happy. Be­cause the negative state is misery itself, everyone in it wants to be happy in order to avoid its miserable state. But, being in a state which is misery itself, it is inevitable for everyone, no matter how positive one is, to be and to feel, from time to time, miserable, depressed, unhappy, irritated, inhibited, frustrated, exasperated, angry, fearful, anxious, worried, sick, etc. This is the negative state. This is what is brought into one's life as a result of incarnation into a negative state. It is futile to try to avoid these kinds of adverse and negative conditions, states and feelings. After all, one of the purposes for one's incarnation into the negative state was to experience them and subsequently to overcome and endure them without being overwhelmed or taken by them. This effort in overcom­ing and enduring them or successfuly resisting them and replacing them with an occasional sense of accomplishment and happiness, keeps the negative state in the mode of con­stant change, movement and fluidity. Thus, such a condition or attitude toward and about the negative state works toward the ultimate elimination of the negative state's nature to be stagnant and unchangeable. If people were to succeed to be nothing but the misery of the negative state, they would expe­rience nothing but misery. Therefore, no change of that state or condition could ever occur. In this case, the negative state would have won its case and everyone would perish.


On the other hand, if people were to feel nothing but constant happiness while being in the negative state, it would signify that they love and enjoy the negative state. In this case no change of their state and condition would occur. Again, the negative state would win its case and everyone would cease to be and to exist.


However, because most people in the negative state ex­perience the misery of its state and condition, they strive to get out of its misery and to become happy. This experience in striving makes it impossible for the negative state to ever win the spiritual war.


On the other hand, the positive state is in the state of happiness and bliss. The very essential and substantial nature of happiness and bliss is constant change, fluidity and con­tinuous spiritual progression. There is no happiness and bliss possible in a stagnant, locked-in position, state or condition. The stagnant condition, after a while, when its novelty wears off, begins to rot and turns into a poisonous stench that suf­focates one's life and all motivation for its continuation. This kind of outcome is not happiness and bliss but misery and death. Therefore, the positive state is the very state of change, fluidity and eternal spiritual progression. No other type of positive state existed, exists or can ever exist.


For this reason, the members of the positive state are subject to continuous changes of their states, conditions and processes. They have their own ups and downs, so to speak. They are not perfect. They are not gods. They are not Abso­lute. They are only relative. The relativity of their condition is a source of this so-called up and down condition. They have their own mornings, noons, afternoons and dusks. However, they don't have any nights because nights are possible only in the negative state. The negative state is nothing but black night and thick darkness.


The experience of dusk in the positive state is the state when realization comes that it is time to change one's state and condition. Swedenborg says that sentient entities in the positive state, when they reach this point, the point of so-­called dusk, become almost sad. However, it is not the same type of sadness as experienced by people in the negative state. Instead, it is a feeling of one's imperfection that makes it im­possible for anyone to experience all changes in their absolute state in a simultaneous mode of that experience. It is the state of awareness that one is lacking something very important be­cause of one's imperfect condition. It is a feeling of humility and humbleness that comes with the realization that whatever one has learned so far, in comparison with what one is to learn in the future, is of such small magnitude that there is nothing to be proud of. It is a state in which one realizes one's gross limitations and that one cannot do anything whatsoever without the help of the Absolute State, that is, the Most High.


When such feelings and states are experienced by some­one in the positive state, that someone enters dusk or the end of his/her day. (Day corresponds here to one's current condi­tion and state.) This indicates that one's current condition, state or place or whatever one has or is in, has exhausted its usefulness, all lessons were learned, and incorporated, every­thing was manifested and shared, and it is time to move on to a different state, condition, place, time, process, dimension or whatever one has. At the moment one enters that new situ­ation, one enters the morning of a new day in one's life which gives one an experience of tremendous happiness and bliss. The experience of happiness and bliss of the new condition is much higher, much more profound, of greater intensity and magnitude and of greater experiential impact than anything that had been experienced so far in all previous steps and con­ditions of one's spiritual progression. Thus, there is no com­parison or similarity between this condition and the previous one except that the current condition would not be acquired or entered into without the experiences of all previous condi­tions, as each current condition stems from and is built on all previous ones.


The relationship of each preceding and succeeding con­dition and situation is always a discrete one and never contin­uous or linear. This is the reason why it is said that there is no comparison or similarity among various conditions. Each new condition is qualitatively and quantitatively different and unique. However, they are all connected with one another through correspondences. The occurrences of one condition are synchronous to the occurrences in all other conditions. They are specific and unique to each condition and relevant to the level or perceptive and receptive abilities of those who occupy those conditions at each particular level and state. For example, one aspect of the truth is revealed simultaneously and synchronously to all conditions in being and existence. However, the degree and quality of perception and reception of that aspect of the revealed truth will differ substantially from one condition to another. The revealed aspects of truth have as many facets as there are conditions in being and exist­ence. Each condition receives and utilizes that facet of the revealed aspect of truth which is congruent with its specific and unique nature.


The synchronicity of perception and reception of the revealed aspect of the truth is a necessary occurrence because no utilization, actualization, and realization of the totality of the revealed aspect of truth could be accomplished without all its facets being simultaneously processed and incorporated. If it were not simultaneous in all its facets, no further aspects of truth could be revealed. Subsequently, stagnation would ensue leading to the cessation of all life. This is how it works in a discrete mode of being and existence of all possible con­ditions, states, processes, places, times, dimensions, situa­tions or whatever one has.


On the other hand, the continuous and linear form of spiritual progression for everyone is assured within each cur­rent condition, state and place. This means, that, when one enters the new condition or situation for the first time, one enters into the least degree of knowledge and its application which is available within this new condition. As one's day (state) proceeds from its morning to mid-morning, to noon, mid-afternoon, late afternoon, and finally to dusk, one gradu­ally acquires a greater and greater degree of knowledge and its application within that condition and one shares one's unique contributions more and more with all in that condi­tion until the time comes that that condition or state exhausts its usefulness for that one, and one can neither learn anything new nor can one give or share anything new with others any­more. At the moment this occurs, dusk, so to speak, sets in and one is ready for a qualitative, non-linear jump, from one discrete condition to another transcending, discrete condition.


The time between leaving the old condition and entering the new condition is the time of dusk, or what is called the Last Judgment for the one who is ready to move on.


During this transitional period, characterized by the so-­called dusk of one's day or by one's Last Judgment, one un­dergoes the process of thorough re-evaluation of everything that happened and was accomplished and learned in the pre­vious condition. During this process one receives full insight and understanding of the entire impact of one's stay and learning in that condition that one had on the entire Crea­tion. One comes to the realization of how one contributed by one's unique learning and experiences to the enhancement of that condition, or state, or place, or whatever one was in, and how one was enhanced and enriched by one's experiences and by others in that condition and similar matters.


When this is accomplished, one is presented with all pos­sible choices for the next step in one's spiritual progression. Taking into consideration one's own unique needs and the needs of the entire Creation, one makes a fresh choice. At the moment the choice is made, one is born, so to speak, into the state or place of one's chosen condition with full retention of memories of everything that was experienced so far by that one. The exception to this rule is only if one chooses to enter some regions of the Zone of Displacement. In this case, one must agree that all of one's memories of anything previously experienced will be obliterated for the duration of one's stay in the negative state or until the agreed upon time before incarnation into the negative state.


Now, this process of continuous change and spiritual progression, in the manner described above, goes on to eter­nity.


From the above description, one can clearly see that at each point of one's being and existence, no matter in what condition, one is in a state of constant change, fluidity, flow and progression. Thus, one is never locked into only one state and condition.


As far as people in various regions of the Zone of Dis­placement are concerned the change of their states and condi­tions proceeds as follows:


They are born or appear in the negative state in a state of total conscious ignorance about anything described above or anything else, for that matter.


From the moment of their birth, they are taught from externals, by observation and the examples of others. They are exposed to various negative and positive situations. These situations give them a choice to either follow the positive or the negative path. By choosing the positive path, they will be subjected to constant attacks, bombardments and floodings of the negative state which will try to trap them into succumb­ing to its clutches. During this time, they will be in a state of continuous change and choice-making regarding the negative state. Once they learn everything that they were supposed to about the negative state and that they chose to learn, and once they have fully overcome all temptations of the negative state, they rejoin the positive state and proceed in the manner described above in their spiritual progression.


However, if anyone chooses to follow the negative path, the changes of his/her state and condition are determined by each point of choice to either continue on the negative path, becoming more and more negative and evil, or to recede from the negative path and accept the positive path. The choice to recede from following the negative state brings one back into the positive state and gives one an opportunity to proceed in the manner described above after one learns to conquer and to overcome all temptations of the negative state.


On the other hand, the choice to follow the negative path at each point of transition, puts one in a position to enter a condition of a considerably greater, deeper, and different degree of evils and falsities than one experienced and pro­duced in the previous or preceding condition.

Once again, during each transitional period, in the state between leaving that preceding condition and entering the new one, one is always given an opportunity to recede from following the negative path and to enter the path of the posi­tive state's eternal spiritual progression. This happens to everyone, without exception or exclusion, during each transi­tional period no matter how evil, or bad, or negative one ap­pears to be.


Now, from the above description one could easily con­clude that this process, with people in the negative state, also continues to eternity as it does with people in the positive state. However, such a conclusion would be erroneous.


One has to remember, again and again, that the positive state originated in the Absolute State and Condition of the Most High. Whatever originated directly in the Absolute Nature has to continue to eternity because it contains within itself the presence of the Absolute Most High. Thus, it can never cease to be and to exist. This was the original choice of everyone in Creation as well as Creation itself before it was created.


On the other hand, the negative state didn't originate in the Absolute State. It was initiated in the relative state, by people's wrong choices, as a result of their rejection of the Most High and His/Her spiritual principles. Although that "relative" in itself originated from the Most High and, there­fore, must continue forever, whatever that relative produces from itself is relative only to the relative and not to the Abso­lute. Relative to the Absolute continues forever. Relative only to the relative cannot continue forever because there is noth­ing Absolute in it. Only relative to the Absolute carries that Absolute within itself (as an extension and process of the Most High). Therefore, it stays forever. The relative only to the relative cannot stay forever because it is an extension and process only of the relative condition. Therefore, at one point, when it exhausts all its potentiality, there will remain nothing in it to sustain it.


All evils and falsities of the negative state, therefore, are limited by their relative origin. The relative origin cannot give them an inexhaustible and eternal source of inspiration for constantly producing new ideas and inventions which would be able to sustain their being and existence forever. Thus, when that relative source is dried up, the negative state will fulfill its purpose for which it was permitted to come to its be­ing and existence by the Most High. At that point, it will end.


All those people who will remain in the negative state up to its very end by their free choice will realize that there is no longer anything in the negative state to motivate or to inspire them to remain in it and to continue it. At the point of this realization, the memories of their voluntary status, the condi­tions by which the negative state was permitted to come into its activated and dominant mode, will be restored to them and they will be given the following choice: either to convert to the positive state and to follow the path of continuous spir­itual progression of change, fluidity, and motion, or to have their life source withdrawn from them back into the Absolute State.


In the second case, at the moment of withdrawal of the life source from them, the current negative, evil, illusional and delusional form of that stolen life, with all its states, con­ditions, processes, etc., will fall apart and turn into nothing­ness. After all, it is nothing more than nothingness. At that time these people will recall that this was the very agreement between the Most High and the entire Creation and those who volunteered to enter the negative state, under which the negative state was permitted to be activated and put into a dominant condition.


The promise was made by the Most High to all in His/ Her Creation, and particularly to all who volunteered to par­ticipate in the negative state: that, first, the negative state will not last beyond one cycle of time; second, the cycle of time, in which the negative state will be activated, will be shortened considerably; third, all participants in the negative state will continuously be given opportunities to get out of it; fourth, the Most High Himself/Herself will incarnate into the nega­tive state; fifth, the negative state will never be permitted to be activated again; sixth, all experiences of the negative state, from the very beginning of its activation to the very end of its being and existence, will be permanently recorded and placed in the universality-of-it-all and will be available to everyone at any time from eternity to eternity for learning and experienc­ing without the necessity of its activation sometime or some­where else; and, seventh, all those who will not choose to convert to the positive state at the end of its being and exist­ence will turn into nothingness after their unique life source, stolen from the Most High, will be withdrawn from them and returned to its rightful Owner where it will be purified, cleansed, restructured, rebuilt, totally reformed, renewed and released to a new recipient in the positive state.


These were the important agreements and promises made by the Most High with everyone before the negative state was permitted to be activated. Those who refused to be converted to the positive state at the moment of the perma­nent deactivation of the negative state also agreed to this. At that time, these facts will be brought to their memory and they will fully realize the chosen alternatives to which they agreed before entering the negative state. It is difficult to envision, at that point, that anyone, no matter how evil or negative, would be reluctant to undergo the conversion to the positive state.


After all, at that point, at the very end of the negative state's being and existence, everyone remaining in it, by law of change, will be put into the transitional period for the Last Judgment in the manner described above. With all memories being opened, with all tools and procedures for conversion being revealed and made available, and being in the state of transition, which is the state of neutrality, thus, with no influ­ence either from the positive or from the negative state, with­out the state of insanity that characterizes the negative state and its homicidal and suicidal tendencies, without all these adverse influences, it is difficult to imagine that anyone would come up with the choice to reject coming back to the positive state, the state of eternal changes, fluidity, progres­sion, betterment and growth.


However, such a choice is available simply because all choices, including that one, are available to anyone under all conditions, states, situations or whatever one has.

The availability of all possible choices in being and exist­ence for everyone in the Most High's Creation and in the en­tire Zone of Displacement constitutes the very nature of one's continuous change, fluidity, progression, movement, better­ment and growth. Thus, it motivates everyone to change one's state, condition and situation and to preserve one's freedom and independence forever to eternity by not being locked into one condition.





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