The End Of The Human Era On Planet Earth And In All

 Regions Of The Zone Of The Zone Of Displacement



Content of „Major Ideas Of The New Revelation“, pg. 249 - 265, Chapter XVI.


In "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality", pages 296­-297, it was pointed out what the typical and specific human era is and that it was ended in the spiritual world, particularly in the intermediate world of spirits (see "Messages From Within" pages 1-3).


However, the being and existence of the typical human era is integrally connected with the existence and being of the negative state in general and in particular.


One of the major characteristics of the human era, that has been in existence for about four million or so years, is the activation and dominance of the negative state. This act re­sulted in the following signs that are very typical of the specif­ic human era which reigns in the entire Zone of Displacement:



The upside down view of the true reality. Reality is considered to be unreal and unreality is considered to be real.



The human physical form, that is, the human body which was genetically produced by the combination of ani­malistic genes and the original true endowment of the Most High. This resulted in the fabrication of human beings as they exist on this earth at the present time, or in the produc­tion of a specific physical body and the mentality correspond­ing to it, as reflected in presently existing humans. These physical or bodily forms were altered and rebuilt by the pseudo-creators in such a manner as to make it possible for the upside down view of reality to come to its fruition.


Thus, human sensory organs were fundamentally altered and changed to purposefully give people a totally false or dif­ferent perception of reality. This enables humans to make wrong or distorted conclusions about everything with a very strong certainty that their conclusions are correct because their sensory perception and discernment of the world and its events speak louder than any words. Thus, they are convinced that they perceive reality as it really is.



The perverted hierarchy of the priorities of human values. In most instances, what is least valuable and impor­tant (such as, material possessions) is considered the most valuable and important and what is most important and valu­able (such as, spirituality and spiritual considerations) are considered either least valuable and unimportant or having only an average value and importance or having no value and importance.



Appearance of suffering, misery, illness, diseases, dying and similar states that are considered to be necessary concomitants of human life giving life its full meaning and fulfillment. These adverse states are considered to be an inte­gral part of living, a motivating factor of life strivings and an inevitable accompaniment of any life form.


People convincingly do not realize that these considera­tions are the results of the genetic alteration of their physical forms which enable their life to be manifested in a certain, very specific, very narrow, very one-sided or upside down fashion and manner. The purpose of that genetic alteration was to produce all their adverse states, conditions, processes and predicaments in order to activate the negative state. Be­fore that time no such adverse states existed.



Loss of any direct contact with or inward awareness of the original endowment of the Most High in every human, by which endowment humans can breathe, be, and exist.


For the purpose of the activation of the negative state it was necessary to repress the most important inborn factor or ability of people to be consciously aware of and directly com­municate with their Creator, with their own Inner Mind and with all other sentient entities in the spiritual and intermedi­ate worlds. Thus, at the present time, the majority of people are either unaware of these factors and abilities, or, if they are aware of their existence, they don't have any direct expe­riential utilization of them. Instead, they may know about them only through external means such as, for example, read­ing of the Bible or various spiritual books, listening to the ministers in churches, from TV, radio, discussions, or from what other people say about these things.



Avoidance of the need to know the truth about real­ity and about who people are and why they are here in the negative state. Preoccupation with all kinds of external mat­ters, killing time with activities of questionable value, devel­opment of interests that fully absorb their attention so that they have no time on their hands to be interested in anything else but what they do in their everyday living. Very few of these activities, if at all, are concerned with or relate directly to the question of who they are and why they are here. Thus, everything in their lives is geared toward keeping them out­side of themselves and away from themselves.


Because of this bad habit and style of life the preserva­tion and continuation of the negative state is assured. To con­tinue in their negative endeavors is made very easy for people by virtue of the fact that they were physically and mentally built, in the original set-up by the pseudo-creators, in such a manner as to make it natural for them to be outside of and away from themselves and to make it very difficult and un­natural to be inside of themselves and to derive everything from the inward position or from their Inner Minds.


Now, the above mentioned signs, as well as any other signs that characterize the typical human era, must be uncon­ditionally abolished if the negative state is ever to come to its end. As long as these signs exist, the negative state will flourish and grow as the worst possible cancer.


But, how does one go about accomplishing this goal and bringing the specific human era on this planet and in the entire Zone of Displacement to an end?


If people in the Zone of Displacement are even physical­ly and mentally built in such a manner as to make it "natural" for them to be the way they are described above and by other signs of the typical human era, then, what can one do to change that situation?


The ending of the typical human era in the spiritual world which was recently accomplished (see "Messages From Within" pages 1-3) was not an impossible venture because it was done by a simple separation of all those new humans who built their places there and continued their favorite life style there. They were separated from all those who were not of human origin or who didn't exhibit the signs of the typical human era.


On the other hand, humans, who recognized the futility of the negative state and showed a willingness to change were transfigured by the Most High into different physical forms and appearances that lacked the above described and similar signs and were sent to the New School for Spiritual Re­awakening, Re-learning and Re-structuring where they were transformed into true sentient beings. The rest of those who didn't want to change were expelled from the spiritual world and placed into the hells consistent with their life style.


However, it is not as easy to do this in the Zone of Dis­placement where the form of people's manifestations are accommodated to and are supported by the very structure of the Zone of Displacement since that form is built from its ele­ments.


In the spiritual world, no such support exists and one maintains one's life style by one's free choice only. There are no other external motivating factors there that would force, feed, and encourage the continuation of such a life. The physical forms of the spiritual world and the intermediate world are very fluid and changeable by the quality of one's chosen will. Thus, if one is willing to change one's will in a different direction, one's physical form changes in accord­ance with the new quality of that will.


However, in the Zone of Displacement the physical form of one's life manifestation is not as fluid as in other dimen­sions. In fact, it makes one totally dependent on that physical structure here and accommodates one's spirit to it. Thus, everyone's life in the Zone of Displacement must be accom­modated to the limitations of one's physical form and not vice versa as it is in the real Creation (in the real physical world, in the intermediate world of spirits and in the spiritual world) where one's spirit and its life determines its physical form or manifestation. Thus, to repeat, in the Zone of Dis­placement, the spirit is forced to be dependent on its body while in the real Creation the body is dependent on its spirit. This is the upside down position of the negative state.


This is one of the most fundamental and crucial signs of the typical human era, that the spirit is forced to be depend­ent on its body or that the spirit is put into such a condition that it is trapped into dependency on the physical body and cannot get out of it until that body either wears off, or is destroyed by some forceful means (such as, homicides, sui­cides, fatalities, and wars).


Thus, one of the major and vital steps that need to be taken in the process of the abolishment of the negative state is to revert this process and make the physical body totally dependent on its spirit. However, in the presently existing physical forms throughout the Zone of Displacement (physi­cal forms do not only mean material forms of the human body as it appears here on Earth), there is nothing at all that could be utilized for this reversal because they were purpose­fully fabricated in such a manner as to make it impossible to accomplish any such reversal of roles.


For that reason, presently existing human forms through­out the Zone of Displacement, including the human physical bodies, must be destroyed and different forms must be engi­neered in order to make this revision possible. Only in this manner the full abolishment of the negative state is possible.


As long as currently existing physical forms continue their being and existence, no matter how much people were to change toward the positive state, there would always be a danger or a temptation to revert back to the negative state because these forms are built from the elements of the nega­tive state, that is, from the ideas of evils and falsities. As long as a concrete physical form of these evils and falsities exists, it will always carry its evils and falsities even if the rest of the evils and falsities were to be wiped out. Therefore, it is neces­sary to also eliminate the physical manifestations of people's lives on this earth and in the rest of the Zone of Displace­ment, that is, their physical bodies which make it natural and easy for them to be negative and to perpetuate all signs of the typical human era.


In order to accomplish this, several steps must be taken:



An entirely new revelation must be transmitted by the Most High to all in His/Her Creation and in the Zone of Displacement in which all these facts are explained, revealed and brought to everyone's attention.


Now, it doesn't matter if the vast majority of people will never read or know about this New Revelation or about these very words with their physical or external conscious mind. The availability of this revelation to the entire Creation makes it possible to prepare everyone from within for all other steps to be taken.


The reason why the New Revelation must come first is that it triggers the internal memories of all in the Most High's Creation and everyone in the Zone of Displacement about the conditions under which the negative state was activated and permitted to come into dominance by the Most High in cer­tain places and states. Up to this point, or before the New Revelation became available, all memories about these facts were closed to everyone in order to give the negative state a chance and opportunity to manifest its total nature.


The opening of the memories gives everyone the clear awareness that the negative state doesn't exist by necessity as most people believed so far, but by a free choice of everyone who participated in it. Therefore, the negative state doesn't have to continue to eternity. This important revelation puts everyone in the negative state in a position of being able to change. In the positive state, everyone realizes that the nega­tive state is not an eternally locked-in state or position but a transient situation existing only for an important spiritual learning.


Once everyone is placed in the position of being able to change and to realize the truth of the matter, the other steps in the elimination of the negative state could be taken.



The opening of the New School for Spiritual Re­awakening, Re-learning, and Re-structuring and staffing it with a competent and able staff. This school is able to handle all those who take the opportunity given to them with the realization that they can change, to convert to the positive state. Recently, the entire New Universe was created by the Most High which functions as this New School.



Proclamation and preaching of the New Revelation to all in the hells including all in the hells of the pseudo-­creators. For that reason, the establishment of special out­posts and embassies of the positive state in all regions of the hells as well as in the hells of the pseudo-creators, where those who want to convert can find shelter and support until they are shown the way out of the hells.



Establishment of a vast specific region between the hells and the intermediate world of spirits where the massive exodus of those in the hells who respond to the call for con­version can be examined, processed and handled in a compe­tent manner. Providing numerous specially trained staff of people who will be able to take proper care of all these mat­ters so that everything goes smoothly and effectively to the satisfaction of all.



After the exodus is completed, the closure of all the hells and their total separation and isolation from the rest of the Zone of Displacement, particularly from the planet Earth and from the intermediate worlds of the Zone of Displace­ment. In that condition no connections to the hells will be possible any longer and people on earth and elsewhere will no longer be fed by continuous evils and falsities. All agents of the negative state who are on planet Earth will be eliminated, after being given an opportunity for conversion to the posi­tive state, and locked up in their respective hells. The mode of this elimination cannot be known to anyone but the Most High. All agents of the positive state, who fulfilled their mis­sion up to that point, will be withdrawn back to their home base in the spiritual world (leaving behind their physical bodies).



Just before the elimination of the agents of the nega­tive state takes place, the people who are not agents of the negative state but their slaves and followers, by their choice, will be placed somewhere else, in a suitable, physical environ­ment where they will undergo the process of thorough purifi­cation, cleansing, de-briefing, opening of their memories and subsequent change; and their spirit - now cleansed from all falsities and evils - will be withdrawn from their physical bodies, which were originally fabricated by the pseudo-­creators and transferred into the relevant physical forms that were originally created by the Most High and now modified to everyone's unique spirit and its specific nature, choice and condition.


As this is taking place, the elimination of the agents of the negative state proceeds and thorough purification, cleans­ing and liberation of this planet from all pollutions, poisons, and contamination of the negative state is accomplished and a new planet Earth is subsequently returned back to the true Creation. All people, who choose so by their free choice, and who completed the transfer of their spirit to the new physical bodies, will be placed back on the new planet Earth and con­tinue there in their positive efforts to follow the path of spir­itual progression. Those who will not want to come back here will be given an opportunity to choose a life and a place of their own liking and needs.


By this act the typical and specific human era will end on the planet Earth and the New Era of true spirituality and godly people will begin.



In the meantime, the effort to convert all who remain in the hells, now closed, isolated and separated from every­one else, continues. No new human souls will be coming into the hells any longer. The number that remain in the hells con­tinuously diminishes and one region after another of the hells is deactivated, de-populated, emptied, and permanently abolished. Only the most stubborn, vicious, violent, evil and negative spirits remain and resist any effort for conversion.



When the time alloted by the Most High for volun­tary conversion of all in the hells expires, all remaining hellish spirits will be withdrawn from all the hells and placed in an interim, neutral condition, where they will all be reminded of the original agreement and promise that was made by the Most High before the activation of the negative state, and a final opportunity and choice will be given to them in accord­ance with that initial agreement. From that position they either choose to convert or their life will be withdrawn from them or from their physical and mental form and they will cease to be and to exist in that evil and negative condition and form (see previous essay).


With this last step the entire typical or specific human era will come to a permanent end everywhere and the negative state will be completely deactivated and put into a permanent dormant condition. The entire Zone of Displacement, once again, will become uninhabited and its elements will no long­er be used to produce any living external forms that will be conducive to the activation, maintenance and perpetuation of the negative state.


The above described process of the elimination of the negative state can only be an approximation of the true reality of how that procedure or process will really be accomplished. This is only a very brief outline of what will happen in very general and superficial terms. Moreover, these steps are only some of many options that the Most High retains. In an ulti­mate sense, the final choice of all participants in the negative state will determine which option will be put into effect.


However, no matter what option is utilized, it will lead to the same desirable end - a permanent abolishment of the typical and specific human era and eternal deactivation of the negative state with all its atrocities and abominations as mani­fested so vividly on this planet.


The confirmation of some of the above statements can be found in the internal sense of the Revelation of Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible, Chapter 20, verses 1-3 and 7-10.


One limited aspect of the internal sense of these verses will now be revealed.


In that chapter (New King James Version) we read:


Verse 1:


"Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven, having

 the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand."


Verse 2:


"He laid hold of the dragon, that serpent of old, who is

 the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years;"


Verse 3:


"And he cast him into the bot­tomless pit, and shut him up,

and set a seal on him, so that he should deceive the nations

no more till the thousand years were finished. But after

these things he must be released for a little while."


In verses 7-10, we read as follows:


"Now when. the thousand years have expired, Satan will be

 re­leased from his prison"


Verse 8:


"and will go out to deceive the nations which are in the four

 corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them

 together to battle, whose number is as the sand of the sea."


Verse 9:


"They went up on the breadth of the earth and surrounded

 the camp of the saints and the belov­ed city. And fire came

 down from God out of heaven and devoured them. "


Verse 10:


"And the devil, who deceived them, was cast into the lake of

 fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are.

 And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever."


Now, most people on earth (particularly the Christians) believe literally that what is described here will happen on this earth. That is, they believe that one person - the Prince of Darkness who is called Satan and the Devil - will be locked up for exactly one thousand years (counting in earthly time units) and that all subsequent events will happen in the exter­nal or literal sense of these verses exactly as described here.


However, the true spiritual reality of the content of the above quoted verses is as follows:


Verse 1: "An angel coming down from heaven" - sig­nifies the entire power of the positive state of the Most High's Creation. (The entire Creation of the Most High appears in front of the Most High as one angel or person.)


"Having the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand" - signifies that only the positive state, the state of pure Love and pure Wisdom of the Most High, has the ability to understand the true nature, structure, purpose, con­tent of and the reason for the being and existence of the nega­tive state. From that position, only the positive state has the ability, the power, and the proper means to restrain the nega­tive state and to take all dominance and rule from the nega­tive state. That is to say, only the positive state has real power and can properly subjugate, rule, and control the negative state.


Verse 2: "He laid hold of the dragon, that serpent of old, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thou­sand years." "He laid hold of the dragon" - signifies to take away all control, power, position, dominance and ruling of the entire negative state (dragon) and its methodological tools and weapons (that serpent of old) which are all-inclusive evils (Devil), and all-inclusive falsities (Satan) and to isolate them from the rest of Creation and the entire Zone of Dis­placement (and bound him) until everyone who is trapped in the negative state and is in love with evils and falsities is given an opportunity for conversion to the positive state (for a thousand years).


"For a thousand years" doesn't literally mean a thou­sand years, but, a condition and the quality of that state in which everyone is given an opportunity to be converted to the positive state by following certain spiritual procedures (con­fession of sins, repentance, acceptance of the fact that the true Most High is the Lord Jesus Christ, asking for His/Her mercy and forgiveness and volunteering for entering the New School for Spiritual Re-Awakening, Re-learning and Re­structuring).


Verse 3: "And he cast him into the bottomless pit" ­signifies that the influence, impact or interference of the neg­ative state on the rest of Creation in the Zone of Displace­ment is being eliminated.


"And shut him up", signifies the limitation only to the hells of the negative state.


"And set a seal on him", signifies that no further access of anyone in the hells to the rest of people anywhere and any­when will be permitted.


"So he should deceive the nations no more till the thou­sand years were finished" denotes the total closure of all the hells in order that nothing of evils and nothing of falsities could escape from them and influence any other regions of the Zone of Displacement and all other states, conditions and processes in the Most High's Creation in any manner until everyone in the hells, now separated and isolated from the rest of the Zone of Displacement, is given a final, full oppor­tunity for liberation from the hells and conversion to the pos­itive state.


"But after these things he must be released for a little while" - signifies that all the hells will be reopened in order to separate those who choose to be liberated from the nega­tive state and converted to the positive state, from those who rejected this opportunity in order to prepare the way for the utter and total elimination of the entire negative state and all its hells.


Verse 7: "Now when the thousand years have expired, Satan will be released from his prison" - signifies that after the Divine Providence of the Most High perceives that every­one in the hells was given all necessary final opportunity for conversion to the positive state, and that it is time to elimi­nate the negative state permanently, all those who choose to cling to and continue in their false belief systems (Satan) will be given the final chance to state their case and show cause why the negative state should continue its being and existence and, finally, to demonstrate to the rest of Creation whether there is any reality to and justification of the being and exist­ence of the negative state at all.


Verse 8: "And will go out to deceive the nations which are in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog" - sig­nifies a last all-out effort of the negative state to convince all its former and current followers (Gog and Magog) by means of falsification and dire persuasions that the negative state is the only possible reality and the only feasible mode of being and existence that can be justified fully without the existence of the positive state.


"The sand of the sea" signifies the total summary of all evils and falsities that have ever been produced in the negative state from the moment of its activation to the very last mo­ment of its deactivation.


Verse 9: "They went up on the breadth of the earth" denotes the last attempt of the negative state to validate the entire Zone of Displacement as the only feasible reality and the only true creation in being and existence.


"And surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city" signifies denial that the positive state, heavens and their inhabitants, and all states of Love and Wisdom, Good and Truth, Charity and Faith, etc., have any meaning, reality and justification for their being in existence. It also signifies an all out final assault on the Most High's true Creation and all its inhabitants.


"And fire came down from God out of heaven and de­voured them," signifies that the Absolute Love of the Most High penetrates all hells to the deepest one of them, including the hells of the pseudo-creator, and eliminates all evils and falsities from them which gave them their life.


Verse 10: "And the devil, who deceived them" - signi­fies all experiences, results, outcomes and consequences of all loves of evils that gave pseudo-life to those who chose to be in such loves.


"Was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone" denotes that all experiences, results, consequences and outcomes of the negative state's activation and dominance are placed in that part of the universality-of-it-all which is assigned by the Most High to register and contain all experiences of the nega­tive state for the purpose of learning for all.


"Where the beast and the false prophet are" signifies that all productions, dogmas, false religions, doctrines, phi­losophies, traditions, conventions, customs and cultures, etc., of the negative state (the beast) and all their justifications, ex­cuses, rationalizations, functions, manifestations, method­ological tools, procedures, games, etc., (false prophet) are also placed in the universality-of-it-all.


"And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever" signifies that the all-inclusive experiences, manifesta­tions, realizations, actualizations, demonstrations, illustra­tions and whatever we have, of everyone who has ever parti­cipated in the negative state, with all the miseries and loath­someness of its nature, from the very first moment of its acti­vation to the very last moment of its deactivation and elimi­nation, will be retained in the universality-of-it-all forever and ever - to eternity and to infinity. The retention to eter­nity of all these experiences is a very necessary condition in order that everyone in the Most High's Creation could learn in preceeding and subsequent cycles of time about the true nature of the negative state.


Should the question "What would life be like without God or true spirituality?" ever arise in the future again, the answer to that question would immediately be illustrated and demonstrated by living examples of all who participated in the activation, dominance, perpetuation and continuation of the negative state in this cycle of time. This cycle of time, in which we live, has for its purpose the gathering of such dire experiences so that no future needs for the activation of the negative state could ever arise again.


Thus, anyone who will become interested in the issues of the negative state in the future, will be able to directly connect himself/herself to that part of the universality-of-it-all which contains all-inclusive experiences of the negative state and to experientially (through momentary identification with the former participants in the negative state, thus having all their personal feelings, sensations, thoughts, ideas, behaviors, states of mind, etc.), relive them as if it were him/her that lived at that time.


This arrangement by the Divine Providence of the Most High makes it possible that the typical human era, which de­notes the activation and dominance of the negative state, will never again come into being and existence.


Once all possible experiences of the typical human era are given an opportunity to come to their fruition and once they are placed into the universality-of-it-all for eternal learn­ing, the typical human era becomes obsolete and loses its jus­tification for continuation of its being and existence. At that point it is eliminated for good and forever.


From the above explanation three things become appar­ent:



The negative state and all its hells will not or even cannot exist forever.



"The torment of hell" does not mean that some people will be tormented in the hells forever and ever. Rather, it means that all tormenting, miserable, loathsome, lousy, putrid, atrocious and abominable experiences, states, and conditions of the negative state, from the time of its activa­tion and dominance, will remain forever and ever in that part of the universality-of-it-all which is called the "lake of fire and brimstone" in the Holy Bible, to pinpoint the specific area in the Creation which will retain all those above de­scribed experiences of the negative state.



The concept of the millennium, as conceived by most Christian churches, is a distortion and falsification of the truth. Those in the Christian world who are patiently waiting to literally reign on earth with Jesus Christ for one thousand years will be very much disappointed to learn that the term "millennium" has no relevance to the physical time, but, in­stead, it deals in general with the gradual elimination of the typical human era as defined and described above.


The end of the typical human era also means the end of all distortions and all falsifications of the true meaning of the Holy Bible - the true Word of God. The sooner and more appropriately we understand the true meaning and content of the Word of God, the sooner and faster the typical human era, with all its atrocities and abominations, will be elimi­nated and the sooner the positive state of the heavens will also be established on this earth and in everyone's life.”







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