Major Ideas


 The New Revelation





Peter D. F.















Content of „Major Ideas Of The New Revelation“, pg. iii - vi, Introduction


This book consists of sixteen brief essays that primarily deal with the issues of the New Revelation. The major con­cepts, ideas and the understanding of the New Revelation are directly and indirectly discussed and explained. Each essay can be conceived of and read as a basically independent issue despite the fact that there is a loose interconnectedness among them. After all, they do deal with what is called here the New Revelation. Because of this relative independency, the reader can study various essays by simply picking any one of them at random, that is, by picking the one which sounds the most interesting to a reader or the title which triggers within the reader a strong desire to read it first.


The content of these essays, very often, will be difficult to accept at face value by some or even many readers. First of all, how many people in this world, nowadays, are interested in anything that deals with such a non-tangible issue as spirit­ual ideas and concepts related to something which is called the New Revelation? For many people, by their own defini­tion, this is too impractical and useless from the standpoint of their daily, earthly endeavors. Secondly, even if one could find a considerable number of people who are interested in these issues, how many among them would be willing to accept that such a thing as a New Revelation is possible in the age of modern science and high technology?


Would it not be considered the ravings of a madman, at worst, or the wild fantasy and rich imagination of the writer, at best, rather than a revelation that comes directly from the Most High? Is it not true that knowledge about anything should be acquired by objective observation: the accumula­tion, classification, verification, scrutiny and cautious gener­alization of perceptible facts or data, using the well-defined procedures and tools prescribed by certain expected stand­ards of a scientific mind; and not by some kind of obscure revelation that seemingly comes out of nowhere without any possibility of immediate, objective verification?


On the other hand, even though many people accept the fact that one of the important means of acquiring knowledge and understanding of truth is by a direct revelation from the Most High, they have difficulty accepting the fact that such a revelation can be granted in modern times. Many people believe that all needed revelations were granted to humankind once and for all at a certain time in the past and recorded in the so-called Holy Scriptures. They believe these Scriptures cannot be altered, modified, added to, built on, and that their validity has an absolute value that can never change.


Moreover, some people believe that such revelations can relate only to so-called religious matters and have no rele­vance to anything else or to any other aspects of everyday life.


These and similar views give one an impression that the Most High is no longer functionally in direct communication with people, but that He/She stated His/Her case and gave the license for discovery of truth either to science, or to the Holy Scriptures, or both, leaving everything up to them in deciding the meaning and content of the real truth. Many people even go so far as to proclaim that there is no God, the Most High, the Creator, and that everything is explainable and derivable from the natural laws that established them­selves by themselves as a matter of chance or accident. For people like this, the content of this book will be the result of the ravings of a madman.


Whatever the case may be, for modern people it is not easy to believe or to accept that, at the present time, anything like the New Revelation is possible. Does it really mean that God, who is called here the Most High, tells someone or dic­tates to someone certain ideas, concepts and thoughts that constitute the New Revelation? Is it not true that such a claim can only come from a person who suffers from delusions of grandeur or megalomaniac paranoia, as psychiatrists and clinical psychologists would diagnose or label such a person? Or, perhaps for those who believe in spirits, is it not the result of being misled or deceived by some evil or negative spirit, or entity that claims to be the Most High; or a multiple personal­ity of a sick mind that makes such claims; or simply a sophis­ticated imagination of the author who wants, by all means, to get people's attention for his own neurotic needs?


On the other hand, why do people need a New Revela­tion? Don't they have enough of all kinds of books that tell them about the truth and how to live their lives?


The essays, contained in these and other books by the author, give answers to these and similar questions.


But the problem with such answers is that people either accept them as true and sensible, or they reject them as mean­ingless or misleading.


So, one comes to the discovery of one of the major tenets of the New Revelation: it is up to everyone's freedom of choice to accept this as a true New Revelation of the Most High or to consider it to be the ravings of a madman, a wild fantasy, the imagination of the author, or whatever one wants to call it.


To be precise, these essays are not written for the pur­pose of trying to force people to accept them as a true revela­tion from the Most High or as part of that revelation. No such efforts are made by the author. They are written only for everyone's consideration.


Whoever is interested in deep spiritual issues and keeps his/her mind open and broad, will study them, consider them, meditate on them and subsequently will decide, from within himself/herself, whether what is presented here is real­ly a part of the New Revelation or an intricate and interesting spiritual theory with which one may or may not agree, or a consequence of the author's wild imagination, or the ravings of a mentally ill mind. The tools and procedures for verifica­tion of any such claims are contained in the New Revelation and everyone is urged to apply those tools.


Whatever the conclusion that any prospective reader will arrive at in this respect, will be his/her personal, free conclu­sions and choices. The reader will be fully responsible for them and for any consequences of such conclusions.


It is a God-given gift and privilege, given to everyone, to be able to make decisions about all matters of life by his/her free choice and by his/her own free will and to bear the con­sequences of any decision.


If any one essay in this book is able to trigger a positive reaction in the reader that will lead him/her toward becoming a better human being, a more spiritual human being, and a more loving and wise human being, one cannot desire or expect more, and the purpose for which this and any other previous books by this author were written, will be fulfilled.”


Peter D. F.

Santa Barbara,  California

January, 1985






Compiled by: Ivo A. Benda.


New Revelation


1) THE NEW REVELATION OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, Peter D. F., 1992, 777 original pages, complex commentary from Lord Jesus Christ on PRESENT SITUATION OF EARTHLY MANKIND including its history and ways of solution in 30 chapters. Received in 1988.  KEY MATERIAL ! ! !


2) FUNDAMENTALS OF HUMAN SPIRITUALITY, Peter D. F., 1982, 262 pages, commentary on human spirituality and its relation to the Creation. Covered in 1982.


3) MESSAGES FROM WITHIN, Peter D. F., 1982, 278 pages, other additional information augmenting the New revelation.


4) FOUR CONCEPTS OF THE SPIRITUAL STRUCTURE OF CREATION, Peter D. F., 1983, 119 pages, other additional information augmenting the New revelation.


5) REALITY, MYTH & ILLUSION, Peter D. F., 1984, 506 pages, other additional information augmenting the New revelation.


6) WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU HERE ?, Peter D. F., 1984, 256 pages, position of earthman in the Creation. Processed in 1984.


7) MAJOR IDEAS OF THE NEW REVELATION, Peter D. F., 1985, 266 pages, other additional information augmenting the New revelation.


8) UNDERSTANDING AND FULFILLMENT OF OUR EARTHLY LIFE, Peter D. F., 1985, 198 pages, what of our life is bound to this world. 


9) COROLLARIES TO THE NEW REVELATION OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, Peter D. F., 1997, 352 pages. Received in 1992-4. The last supplementary information extending the New revelation. It is recommended to read this book after triple reading of the previous books.



All the Bible’s wordings are presented according to “The New King James Version of The Holy Bible“, Thomas Nelson Publishers, New York


Pictures and diagrams were not in the original books; they were processed by Ivo A. Benda to provide better illustration of some connections/relations (however, not of all of them, that's unfortunately impossible in this way).


“The New Revelation” books vitally concern everyone on the planet Earth, for everyone has a suite - the material body – fabricated by pseudo-creators ! ! !  Understanding of this fact gives a possibility of finding a solution to problems of every man on the Earth.


Spread this information with love in your heart in all directions - don't be afraid of anything - primarily to schools – teachers, medics, officials and scientists and to everyone who may be interested in, don't miss out our dear journalists and politicians. It will be of help to many people and a big bummer for pseudo-creators.










A Note of Introduction By The Lord Jesus Christ To Any Prospective Reader of This Book.                                                                       LIST AND CONTENT OF THE NEW REVELATION BOOKS.


            Chapter 1.

The Differences Between The Revelation of Jesus Christ and the New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ.


            Chapter 2.

The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ.


            Chapter 3.

Betrayal of Christianity.


            Chapter 4.

The Second Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ.


            Chapter 5.

Principles and Applications of the New Spiritual Hypnotherapy and of The Process of Going Inward.


            Chapter 6.

The Mystery of Pseudo-Creators.


            Chapter 7.

The Concept of Antichrist.


            Chapter 8.

The Last Judgment.


            Chapter 9.

The Meaning of the Last Supper.


            Chapter 10.

Update, Modification and Redefinition of the Spiritual Laws.


            Chapter 11.

The Concept of Sin and Human Problems.


            Chapter 12.

The Concept of Life in General and Human Life in Particular.


            Chapter 13.

How to Survive Human Life.


            Chapter 14.

The Impact of the New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ on Creation, The Zone of Displacement and Human Life.


            Chapter 15.

The Mystery of the New Revelation.


            Chapter 16.

Practice of the New Revelation.


            Chapter 17.

The Placement of Planet Zero, Humans and Humankind In Relationship to All Else.


            Chapter 18.

The New Life of the Positive State.


            Chapter 19.

Life After Human Life.


            Chapter 20.

The Mystery of Sexuality in General and Human Sexuality in Particular.


            Chapter 21.

The Mystery of Creation and the Zone of Displacement.


            Chapter 22.

The Mystery of Birth, Death, Resurrection, Rebirth, Transfiguration and Transformation.


            Chapter 23.

How The Lord Jesus Christ Governs His/Her Creation, The Zone of Displacement and Planet Zero.


            Chapter 24.

The Ten Commandments Revisited.


            Chapter 25.

The Mystery of the Ten Spiritual Principles.


            Chapter 26.

The Lord's Prayer Revisited.


            Chapter 27.

The Mystery of the New Prayer Formulated by The Lord Jesus Christ.


            Chapter 28.

The Mystery of the Road of Life.


            Chapter 29.

Some Brief Clarifications on the Structure and Nature of the Zone of Displacement.


            Chapter 30.

The New Revelation In Perspective.








 22 units.



A Very Important Introduction



PART I: Spiritual Deterioration


Chapter 1.
Definition and Principles of Spirituality in General and Human Spirituality in Particular.

Concept of the Most High.


Chapter 2.

Origin of Matter, Universe and Sentient Entities. Original Purpose, Goal and Structure of Human Life and Its Natural, Mental and Spiritual States.


Chapter 3.

Beginning of and Reasons for Human Spiritual Deterioration.


Chapter 4.

Consequences and Impact of Human Spiritual Deterioration on Development of Mankind as a Whole.


Chapter 5.

Consequences and Impact of Human Spiritual Deterioration on Specific Areas of Human Life, Human Activities, Human Systems and Human Relations.


Chapter 6.

Profound Crisis of All Human Systems, Values, Traditions, Conventions and Cultures. End of the Human Era.


Chapter 7.

Present State of Affairs in Mankind's Condition and Human Spirituality. Preparation for the New Age.


Part II: Spiritual Reawakening


Chapter 1.

Understanding of True Human Nature.


Chapter 2.

The Structure of the Human Mind.


Chapter 3.

The Dynamics of the Human Mind. Building of a New Spiritual Psychology and Spiritual Social Sciences.


Chapter 4.

Purification and Synthesis of Grains of Truths Existent in Traditions and Conventions of the Human Systems.


Chapter 5.

Opening of All Levels of Being and Existence and Building a Permanent Bridge Among Them.


Chapter 6.

Dangers and Precautions in the Process of Opening and Building. Perils of Transition.


Chapter 7.

The Proper and Right Tools and Building Blocks for the New Age. Development of the hew Methodologies of the Human Systems.


Part III: Spiritual Progression


Chapter 1.

Definition and Principles of Spiritual Progression.


Chapter 2.

The New Structure of the Human Systems: Analysis of the Structure.


Chapter 3.

The New Dynamics of the Human Systems: Analysis of Dynamics.


Chapter 4.

The Nature and the Structure of the New Mankind.


Chapter 5.

Place, Purpose and Goals of the New Mankind and its Systems in the Universality of It All.


Chapter 6.

Style of Life and Human Relations in the New Era. Analysis of the New Spirituality.


Chapter 7.

Perspectives and Future Possibilities of Human Development and Spiritual Progression.




3) MESSAGES FROM WITHIN - 40 messages, 41 units.






            Message 1.

On Misinterpretation of  "Jupiter Effect".


            Message 2.

On the Nature of the Most High.


            Message 3.

On Marriage and Sexuality.


            Message 4.

On  Changeability of One's State and Condition.  On  Establishment by the Most High of a Special School of Spiritual Re-Awakening, Re-Learning and Re-Structuring in the Spiritual World.


            Message 5.

On a New Heavenly Society and Its Purpose and Function.


            Message 6.

On the Swedenborg's Understanding of the Last  Judgment. On the Bible and Its Various



            Message 7.

On life and Its Meanings. More on Sexuality and Sexual Intercourse.


            Message 8.

On the Principles of Spiritual Homogeneity.


            Message 9.

More on the Function of the New Heavenly Society.


            Message 10.

On the Spiritual Requirements of Everyday Life and a Set of  Rules for Such a Life.


            Message 11.

On the New Hellish Pseudo-Society and Its Purpose and  Function. Warning About Its Works.


            Message 12.

On Various Eras in Mankind's History of Spiritual  Development.


            Message 13.

On Methods of Acquiring Knowledges Throughout Mankind's  History.


            Message 14.

On the Major Structural Changes of the Spiritual World.


            Message 15.

On Sexuality in the Spiritual World.


            Message 16.

Continuation on Sexuality in the Spiritual World.


            Message 17.

On How Longevity of People's Natural Life on Earth is  Determined.


            Message 18.

More on the Philosophy of the New School in the  Spiritual World.


            Message 19.

More on the Structure and Function of the New Heavenly  Society.


            Message 20.

On Tactics and Methods of Operation of the New Hellish  Pseudo-Society.


            Message 21.

On the Philosophical Concept of Time.


            Message 22.

On Spiritual Principles and Life in General.


            Message 23.

On Practical Application in Everyday Life of  Spiritual Principles.


            Message 24.

On Spiritual Requirements of Everyday Life and  Living.


            Message 25.

On the Practical Principles of Everyday Living.


            Message 26.

On the Proper Understanding of the Negative State's  Nature.  On Inappropriateness of People's Understanding of Some Life Events.


            Message 27.

On People's Modes of Perception, Unconscious Processes and Altered States of Consciousness.


            Message 28.

On Spiritual Wars  and the Methods, Tactics and Weapons Used in These Wars and How They Correspond to the Human's Earthly Wars.


            Message 29.

On the Source of People's Problems, Miseries and Sufferings and How to Overcome Them.


            Message 30.

On People's Spiritual, Mental and Physical Equipment and on Methods of Treatment Of Their Problems. On Proper Understanding of Concepts of Karma and Reincarnation.


            Message 31.

Some Practical Clarifications on the Concept of Spirituality and Spiritual Principles.


            Message 32.

On the Process of Incarnation of Human Beings on Earth and How Their Choices are made.


            Message 33.

On How to Determine Whether One is in the Positive or Negative State.


            Message 34.

On the Issues of Everyday Living and On Proper Building Blocks of Everyone's Life.


            Message 35.

On the Structure and Content of Reality.


            Message 36.

On the Nature and Structure of Creation and On Spiritual, Mental and Physical Illnesses and Their Treatment.



Why Do People Choose To Go To Hell ?



An Additional Message Regarding the New Heavenly Society.



A Brief Comment on the Concept of Reincarnation.



An Important Announcement From the Most High.





    4 chapters, 5 units.



A Brief Introduction



            Chapter 1.

Spiritual Theory of the Universal Multidimensional Zone of Displacement.


            Chapter 2.

Spiritual Principles of the Middle State.


            Chapter 3.

Principles of Spiritual Metaphysics.


            Chapter 4.

Human Will and Intentions And Their Multiple Reincarnation.




5) REALITY, MYTH & ILLUSION - 18 chapters, 17 units.






            Chapter 1.

The Most Common Myths And Illusions That People Cling To.


            Chapter 2.

Discussion On The Structure Of The New Heavenly Society.


            Chapter 3.

Three Dialogues.

  I. Dialogue On Spiritual Aspects Of Sexuality.

 II. Memorandum And Dialogue On Dealing With The Negative Entities.

III. More On The Structure Of The New Heavenly Society.


            Chapter 4.

More On The Structure Of The New Heavenly, Celestial-Cosmical Society Or Galaxy (Conclusion).


            Chapter 5.

Some Thoughts On The Nature Of The Negative State.


            Chapter 6.

On Some General Trends Of The Negative State.


            Chapter 7.

A Warning About The Negative Entities.


            Chapter 8.

On Femininity, Masculinity And Human Sexuality.


            Chapter 9.

On The Origin Of Modern Man.


            Chapter 10.

On The True Purpose Of Human Life.


            Chapter 11.

Nine Circles Of Creation.


            Chapter 12.

Analysis Of A Deceptive Mode Of The Negative And Evil Entities Who Contaminated H.'s Spiritual Transformation Process.


            Chapter 13.

More On The Structure Of The Zone Of Displacement.


            Chapter 14.

The Completion Of H.'s Process Of Intensive Spiritual Hypnotherapy (An Empirical Illustration Of The Proper Procedures In The Process Of Intensive Spiritual Hypnotherapy).


            Chapter 15.

On The New Methods And Tactics For Combating Evil And Negative Forces.


            Chapter 16.

Further Elaboration On The Procedures By Which Humans Incarnate On Planet Earth.


            Chapter 17.

On The Structure Of Human Mind Which Is Trapped In The Zone Of Displacement.


            Chapter 18.

On The Structure, Content and Meaning Of The Holy Bible.




6) WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU HERE ? – 5 chapters, 7 units.




Why You Need To Read This Book ?



            Chapter 1.

Is The History Of Mankind And Thus The History Of Your Origin, As Described In Various Scientific And Religious Books A Correct One ? Are You Really Who They Say You Are ? What Is The True Reality About All Of This ?


            Chapter 2.

Of What Do You Really Consist ? How Many Levels And Aspects Are Within You ? What Is Your Place And Position In This Universe And In Relationship To Others ? Do You Really Live In A Genuine And True World ? What Is The Purpose Of Your Life ? Did You Really Start Your Life On Planet Earth ?


            Chapter 3.

What Is The Real Origination Of All Your Problems, Troubles, Bad Habits, Sufferings, Miseries, Illnesses, Diseases, Accidents, Incidents, And All Other Misfortunes, Liabilities, Shortcomings, Et Cetera ? What Kind Of Purpose Do They Serve In Your Life? Do You Really Need Them ? How Did The Negative State Really Originate? Did Eve In The Garden Of Eden Really Eat An Apple And Give It To Adam To Eat, Which Act Supposedly Started All Human Miseries And The Negative State? What Does All This Really Mean And Signify ? How Can It Be Applied To Your Own Private Life Or To Everyday Living ?


            Chapter 4.

What Are The Proper, Right, Correct, Efficient, Successful And Effective Means And Ways To Find Your Way Back To The True Life, To Your True Inner Self, To Your True Inner Mind And To True Happiness ? How Do You Get Rid Of Problems And Troubles Be They Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual, Sexual, Personal Or Physical Or Any Others Without Any Exception Or Exclusion ?


            Chapter 5.

How Do You Continuously, Properly Maintain Your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual And Over All Well-Being and Happiness Without Back-Sliding Or Reverting To Your Previous Unproductive And Self-Defeating Lifestyle, Or Without Stagnating In One Place ? How Do You Fulfill To Your, And Your Creator's Satisfaction, The Purpose Of Your Life On Planet Earth ? Does Your Personal, Unique, Self-Aware Individual Life End With Your Physical Death ? What Happens To You After You Leave Your  Body And This Earth ?



Do You Now Really Know Who You Are And Why You Are Here And What It Is To Be A Truly Spiritual And Happy Human Being, An Integrated Human Being?




7) MAJOR IDEAS OF THE NEW REVELATION - 16 chapters, 17 units.







On Various Types Of Revelations And How To Properly Verify Their Source And Validity.



On The Spiritual Meaning Of Chapter 7 In Prophet Daniel In The Holy Bible.



The Requirements For The Speaker And Transmitter Of The Most High's Revelations And Messages.



Revisions Of And Update On Proper Procedures For Verification And Security Checks Of The True Spiritual Advisors During Spiritual Hypnotherapy And Spiritual Self-Hypnosis.



Why Did Jesus Christ Speak About And Relate To His Father-God As Though He And The Father Were Two Different Persons Or Entities And Not One And The Same God-Indivisible ?



Update On The Issue Of Why People Choose To Go To Hell.



What Are The True Reasons For Existence Of So Many Different And Often Contradictory Religions And Their Numerous Sects On Planet Earth ?



On The Reasons For The Most High's Incarnation On Planet Earth In The Form And Manifestation Of Jesus Christ.



Why Did The Most High Allow The Negative State To Remain In An Activated And Dominant Mode On Earth And Elsewhere Even After He/She, In The Form Of Jesus Christ, Conquered, Subjugated And Put All The Hells Under His/Her Dominance.



Spiritual Interpretation Of One Limited Aspect Of The Content Of Chapter Eight In The Prophet Daniel.



On The Proper Understanding Of The Concept Of The New Revelation.



Summary Of The Major Concepts And Ideas Of The Current New Revelation.



Self-Correcting And Progressive Mode Of The Revealed Truths.



To Love The Lord Above All And Above Everything.



Changes Of States And Conditions.



The End Of The Human Era On Planet Earth And In All Regions Of The Zone Of Displacement.





    10 units.






            Chapter 1.

Spiritual Life.


            Chapter 2.

Mental Life.


            Chapter 3.

Physical Or Bodily Life.


            Chapter 4.

Sexual Life.


            Chapter 5.

Professional Or Work Life.


            Chapter 6.

Family Life.


            Chapter 7.

Social Life.


            Chapter 8.

Leisure And Sleep Life.


            Chapter 9.

Balanced Or Integrated Life.





    32 units.






            Update 1.

For The Agents Of The Positive State Of The Lord Jesus Christ And Practitioners Of His/Her New Revelation.


            Update 2.

To All Readers And Practitioners Of The New Revelation Of The Lord Jesus Christ And His/Her Servants And Followers.


            Update 3.

The Requirements For The Speaker And Transmitter Of The Most High's Revelations And Messages.



Update 3A.



Update 4.



Update 5.



Update 6.



Update 7.



Update 8.



Update 9.



Update 10.



Update 11.



Update 12.



Update 13.



Update 14.



Update 15.



Update 16.



Update 17.



Update 18.



Update 19.



A Private Conversation Between The Lord Jesus Christ And Peter..



Update 20.






An Advice.



A Reminder.



The Source Of False Memories In Past Lives Experiences And Therapies.



Revelation On The Revelator Of  "A Course In Miracles".



On Infancy.



Clarification Of Some Important Spiritual Concepts.



A Letter To All.



A Second Private Conversation.




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