Digest of “Messages From Within”, pg. 1 – 3, msg. 1


March 21, 1982.


The messages started to come on this date with a request from the Most High that they be recorded and shared with those who sincerely, from their hearts, are interested in the new spiritual issues.


The first message is part of a personal lesson that has a point of interest for the general public.


"One has to learn to never take the content of any message in the literal sense only. Messages are always spiritual in their content and not literal. The literality of such messages may or may not come to fruition, depending upon certain spiritual needs known only to the Lord.


A good example of faulty conclusions is the prediction about the "Jupiter Effect." This phenomenon was completely misunderstood, misinterpreted and taken literally. First, many were expecting that on March 10, 1982 (when all planets of our Solar System were in the same quadrant behind the Sun opposite the Earth) the world would end, or at least some tremendous natural catastrophe would occur. However, no one was sensitive enough to give this event the proper spiritual and "astrological" interpretation. One must remember that astrologically there are always so-called waiting periods for events to take place that both precede and succeed the exact date of such a phenomenon. So, if something were to happen, it would happen before or after the exact date (or both before and after) but rarely on the exact date. Since all planets of the Solar System are engaged, the waiting period is cumulative. Therefore, the effect of this phenomenon may start at least two years prior to its exact date (in this particular case, it started with the 1980 violent eruptions of Mt. St. Helens, the Iranian crisis, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan) and will continue several years after the exact date (possibly to the end of this century). However nothing happened on the exact date because of the so-­called "eye of the hurricane" rule. In the centre of a devastating hurricane there is an eye, an island of complete calmness, peace and tranquility where nothing happens. People forgot that this phenomenon was taking place in the constellation of Libra which corresponds to social, political, economic and marital events, and other similar violence, assassinations, floods, etc.­ not necessarily to geological events. We have had such events in Afghanistan, Poland, the Middle East, Central America and the Falkland Islands. On March 20, 1982 the double re-eruption of Mt. St. Helens occurred, as well as many other things. These are all physical or natural manifestations and correspondences of the "Jupiter Effect". They will go on (with intermittent periods of longer or shorter respite), compounding until the end of the human era on planet Earth and the beginning of the New Age. Only the Lord knows the exact dates and times of this end.


However, the most important consideration, apparently overlooked by everyone, was the fact that the "Jupiter Effect" is a correspondence of a spiritual state of affairs and events that have been occurring in the spiritual world. By and large these events were completed at the time corresponding to March 10, 1982. In actuality at that date, or to be precise, at what corresponds to that date, the typical human era ended in the spiritual world. This will eventually have tremendous consequences, including an incalculable impact on and for all Creation, and an unpredictable influence on our life on planet Earth. Because the typical human era is only a phenomenon of this Solar System and its corresponding factors, it must also be reflected in the constellation of its planets. Hence occurrences of phenomena such as the "Jupiter Effect" in this particular century. In different centuries this effect has had and will have different meanings in accordance with the spiritual states and processes and degrees of spiritual progression which were and will be relevant to that particular time.


This is a good illustration as to how various messages about


doomsdays and precise dates of events must be taken with great reservation. They are correspondences of events which happen in the spiritual world. They may or may not be synchronous with time in the natural world. It is rare when they are.


This is all for today.”










Digest of “Messages From Within”, pg. 4 – 5, msg. 2


March 24, 1982


The following was revealed to me today by the Most High:


“The nature of the Most High is constant. Everything in the Most High is in an absolute state and an absolute process.


The constancy and absoluteness of the Most High is not changeable.


However, because of this absolute state and process, the nature of the Most High contains within Itself all changes from eternity to eternity in their infinite varieties and manifestations. Therefore, the Most High is in the process and state of continuous change. This is the very sign of the Most High's absoluteness and constancy.


This is also a base, a foundation for continuous creation from eternity to eternity of an infinite variety of different new ideas, different new concepts, different new spiritual, intermediate and natural worlds, dimensions, universes, galaxies, solar systems, planets, time and space lines and paratimes and different new sentient entities.


The old ideas, concepts, worlds, sentient entities, etc., are in a state and process of continuous modification and change reflecting this absolute order relative to the Most High. This is what spiritual progression is all about.


From this stems the mortal danger of clinging rigidly to the old, conventional, traditional, cultural ways that unnaturally force people into avoiding any changes and to preserve, by all means, the old. Such an effort comes directly from Hell and


obviously leads one to Hell. The so-called tortures of Hell consist of, among other things, the necessity to change sooner or later, even though no one there has any desire and/or motivation to change. The inhabitants of Hell live in constant terror, expecting at any time to be subjected to the necessity for making a decision about changing their states and conditions.


This also illustrates that all churches and religions which exist on planet Earth, without any exceptions, by not allowing anything new to come into their doctrines, by rigidly clinging to the old revelations of the Bible and other holy books and writings of the prophets (including Swedenborg), and by not allowing necessary updates and modifications of these revelations, are serving, supporting and perpetuating Hells here on planet Earth (in the natural form) and in the spiritual world (in the spiritual form).


This is the reason why the present form of religions and churches must be unconditionally abolished and replaced entirely with the new spirituality which will reflect in its doctrines and teachings the absolute necessity for continuous change, modification and progression, and the dynamic nature of everything in existence. The same is true, of course, for all human social establishments, systems, governments, institutions, cultures, etc., since they are all correspondences of the spiritual state of affairs.


Because all heavenly societies reflect the Most High's nature of constant change, they are continuously modified, re­arranged, renewed, restructured and reorganized into ever higher and more spiritual modes of existence. The happiness and bliss of the members of these societies are in their fullest when the members actively, creatively and uniquely participate on and in these changes. Thus, they are highly motivated to change constantly. Such motivation is crucial for them because it is the driving force behind their eternal spiritual progression.”










Digest of “Messages From Within”, pg. 6 – 16, msg. 3


March 25, 1982


The following clarifications and explanations were given to me by the Lord today:


“Under the present conditions existing on planet Earth, no true, genuine, spiritual marriages are possible. There are several reasons why this is so (among other things):



The present people on planet Earth are the result of genetic manipulations by the so-called pseudo-creators (see "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality'. Several millions of years ago (about 3-4 million) people were fabricated from non­spiritual principles for only one intention and purpose: to prove that sentient life is possible without any spiritual principles. For that reason, everything in the present people is geared toward opposing and eliminating anything spiritual. This is, in most instances, an unconscious effort. However, many people dedicate their lives to this abominable goal. This includes whole societies and countries. In such people, this effort is conscious, although the real motivating factors stem from the deep unconsciousness where they were implanted by the pseudo-­creators.


Principles of femininity and masculinity, in their genuine essence and substance, are spiritual principles. Therefore, it was necessary for the pseudo-creators to distort, pervert, mutilate and restructure their meaning, function and manifestation in the natural degree, where such destructive efforts are possible to actualize. Planet Earth was given to them for this purpose. Thus, it became a stage upon which a demonstration of the consequences and outcomes of such non-spiritual strivings


could become reality for purposes of illustration and learning. 'True spiritual marriages are possible only under conditions


of complete spirituality where no distortions exist. Since such important conditions were carefully obliterated by the pseudo­creators, together with obliteration of any memories for these acts, no true marriages are feasible on planet Earth so long as the experiment continues and is permitted by the Most High.



By genetic manipulation, the pseudo-creators implanted the non-spiritual pseudo-principles of pseudo-life in their pseudo-creation. Thus, they deprived human life of the most important principle which makes humans true humans: true spirituality. For that reason, present "humans" on planet Earth are not true humans but only pseudo-humans. In the pseudo-­conditions of the pseudo-life, only pseudo-relations are possible.


All these factors became part of the heredity and genes of the pseudo-humans. In a compounded and cumulative manner, they were and are being transmitted to all posterities and newly-­born children. Because of this arrangement, it was necessary to permit children to be born by non-spiritual, physical, animalistic means which do not contain anything of direct endowment from the Most High. In this connotation, whatever level and degree of good, love, truth and wisdom, along with their principles and derivatives, remained in pseudo-humans were completely and totally contaminated, polluted, distorted and saturated with non-spirituality. It is impossible to build true, genuine, spiritual relationships and marriages on such contaminations, pollutions and distortions.



The present condition of people on planet Earth is such that it denotes an unusual, unnatural, pathological and artificially forced and imposed mixture and co-existence of positive and negative states: good and truth together with evil and falsities. Unfortunately, this condition is considered by many to be a natural, normal and necessary state of affairs which is a driving force of creativity and activity, and which motivates people to be and to exist. This is a great fallacy fabricated in the Hells and induced into people's minds.


It is utterly impossible, in the spiritual sense, to conjoin flood to evil, good to falsity, or truth to evil, truth to falsity. Therefore, if true spiritual marriages were to take place under such mixed conditions, the eternal profanation of all spiritual principles would occur.


All true spiritual principles are manifested in concepts of masculinity and femininity. All non-spiritual pseudo-principles are manifested in the pseudo-concepts of distorted understandings of marriage, sexuality and family life. The former are always based on freedom, independence, tolerance, understanding, mutual sharing, mutual benefit and exchange. The latter are always based on possessiveness, jealousy, taboos, demands, restrictions, projections, false expectations, fears, exclusivity, dictates, hate, manipulations, prescriptions, stereotypes, convenience, selfishness and ulterior motivation. One cannot very well build a genuine, spiritual relationship based on such a mixture of opposites.


A good analogy of such a situation can be found in the concepts of matter and anti-matter. If one were to mix these two, a complete annihilation through a spectacular explosion of both would occur.


Analogically, if true spiritual marriages were instituted under the present conditions of people's pseudo-spirituality and mixture, such an explosion would take place that it would eternally annihilate all life in all dimensions, levels and degrees of existence and being.


Hence, the Lord takes good care to protect that no true spiritual marriages and bonds come to fruition on Earth so long as the present conditions of non-spirituality and distorted spirituality exist.


Now, this does not mean that some people who are presently married (pseudo-married) will not be spiritually married to each other in the spiritual world. Many will be. But first they will have to undergo a process of purification and cleansing from all contaminations they acquired by virtue of the process of physical, non-spiritual birth, genetics, heredity and other factors introduced by the pseudo-creators for the purpose of destroying spirituality. No one at all can be truly married so long as one chose to come to this world by the means imposed by the pseudo-creators. Whoever comes to this world relinquishes the possibility of being fully spiritual and truly married, and is


thus necessarily contaminated by the non-spirituality as fabricated by the pseudo-creators. Under these conditions, no one knows what true spiritual marriage is.


In order to enter a true spiritual marriage, one must first be decontaminated. Decontamination is impossible to achieve here on Earth under the present existing conditions, characterized by the rule of the negative state. Therefore, such a decontamination is possible only in the spiritual world.



Swedenborg correctly defined spiritual marriage as a conjunction of good and truth and love and wisdom. He also pointed out that marriage symbolizes, in a higher sense, the marriage of Jesus Christ and the Church. However, the concepts of good and truth, love and wisdom, and the spiritual meaning of this great symbolism are completely misunderstood and misinterpreted by people. Also, the application of these meanings to actual physical marriages is completely distorted.


Conjunction of good and truth signifies unification of all spiritual principles which are subsumed under the broader categories of masculinity and femininity. These categories denote clusters of spiritual states and processes which relate to principles of love and principles of wisdom and all their derivatives summarily. There are infinite numbers of such derivatives. For this reason, they never denote a relationship between one physical male and one physical female. Inconsistency in Swedenborg's interpretation occurred when he took this broader meaning of the principles and applied them narrowly to human couples and their physical marital bonds. Because he was influenced by his time, customs and modes (post-Dark Ages era), his interpretation of earthly physical marital bonds is inconsistent with the true spiritual meaning of such a marriage. Such an inconsistency was necessary under the conditions which existed in Swedenborg's time both on Earth (just coming out of the Dark Ages) and in the spiritual world (just completing the Last Judgment that happened in one area of the world of spirits). Mankind was not yet ready to acquire the understanding and acceptance of the deeper and higher meaning of spiritual marriage and human sexuality.


As far as the symbolism of the marriage of Jesus Christ and the Church is concerned, people forget that the words "Jesus Christ", in themselves, from within, already denote complete, total and absolute unification of all spiritual principles which  are continuously in marriage (the words "Jesus Christ" signify,  among many other things, all principles of femininity -"Jesus",  - and all principles of masculinity - "Christ"). Each principle  consists of infinite numbers of further principles and their  derivatives in both directions, which are all in marital union with  each other, thus making complete One God.


On the other hand, the Church is one body. However, that  oneness consists of numerous individual and unique bodies  which comprise the life of the Church from the Lord who is  eternally unified and within Himself/ Herself eternally and  absolutely married. If this were not the case, no relationships  between God and humans would be possible.


Since the Lord is in an Absolute State and an Absolute  Process, He/She can relate only in an absolute sense. But it is  also true that it is necessary to reciprocate this relationship on an  equal basis - in an absolute sense. However, the dilemma here  is that no one can relate to the Lord in an absolute sense because  only the Lord is absolute. Everyone else is in the relativity of  one's condition. We are all relative to the Absolute Most High.  The dilemma is resolved by the fact that the Lord relates  simultaneously to infinite numbers of sentient entities (of which  people of Earth are one stock), and every individual person  relates to the Lord by assuming spiritual identities of all others  and himself/ herself in his/ her unique and unrepeatable manner.  Assumption of such identities and self-identity is possible by the  principles of mutual sharing and mutual benefit. So, when one  relates to the opposite sexual characteristics of people, one  relates to the Lord (who is present in that one in an unrepeatable  and unique manner - in one's Inner Mind) in a very special and  unique way possible only through and by that one specific  person. This is what a true spiritual relationship signifies. Such  an understanding is lacking in people's concepts. Therefore,  they cannot enter, under these conditions, into a true spiritual  marriage.



The above principles constitute the principles of true  love-making and sexuality. Sexuality's higher purpose, among  other things, is at least three-fold: first, to know one's self better;


second, to know others better; and third, most importantly, to  know the Lord better. Because of people's relativistic condition,  knowledge of the Lord is available only through knowledge of  self and others. One of the best possible ways to acquire such  knowledge is by sharing oneself with others for this particular  spiritual purpose and mutual benefit. This is the motivating  factor of true spirituality. On the physical level, this principle is  manifested by sexual desires. Sexual intercourse, in its intimacy  of sharing and mutual benefit, is one of the best tools to acquire  such knowledge.


However, under the present conditions on Earth, one is  limited and restricted by the negative state and social  conventions, traditions, customs and cultures to have such


relationships only with one person - husband/wife (pseudo­-husband/pseudo-wife, or in some countries with one's wives),  and only in the context of the so-called marital bonds, primarily  for one purpose only - procreation. All else, and especially the  true spiritual purpose, is disregarded, condemned, or at least  looked upon with suspicion. This attitude suffocates any  possibility of acquiring vitally important further knowledge  about oneself, others and the Lord. The consequences of such  restrictions for people's spiritual, mental, emotional,  intellectual, social, sexual and physical well-being are  devastating and destructive, as the history of pseudo-mankind  demonstrates so vividly. Such a situation eliminates any  possibility of establishing true spiritual marriages and proper  sexual relationships. This outcome was projected by the pseudo­creators into people's lives so that no true spirituality could take  hold through sexuality and marital bonds.



The concepts of adultery and monogamy are  misunderstood by people. Adultery is not defined and  determined by engagement in sexual intercourse with a sexual  partner other than one's own spouse. Such an engagement may  or may not be adulterous. True adultery is defined by spiritual  principles. Spiritual principles are determined by one's intent in  having such a relationship. In this sense, if one marries someone  for selfish reasons - to misuse or to be misused, to manipulate  or to be manipulated, to possess or to be possessed, to hurt or to  be hurt, to depend upon or to be depended upon, etc., - one commits adultery with one's own so-called marital partner. Any ulterior motivation and negative, selfish intention, if it hurts the other and/or oneself, may lead to an adulterous stance regardless of whether it is within marriage, outside of marriage, or while one is single.


If one approaches such a relationship with a good, positive intent, for mutual benefit, to share and to be shared, to love and to be loved, to give and to receive, to know and be known, etc., - for the purpose of acquiring greater knowledge of oneself, others and the Lord in order to be able to share, to give more, and in a better way, to be a better human being, more useful and productive, one is acting spiritually and from the true love of God. It would be a spiritual abomination to call such a relationship and sexual intercourse adulterous or fornicative. But the present type of people, under the brainwashings of religious doctrines and social demands and traditions, do just that. Thus they play into the hands of the pseudo-creators who purposefully distorted the true spiritual concepts of marriage and sexuality.


Monogamy, on the other hand, signifies that good can be conjoined only to its truth as love can be conjoined only to its wisdom, as wisdom and truth can be conjoined only to their respective love and good. Because there is an infinite variety of manifestations of principles of good and truth, truth and good, love and wisdom, and wisdom and love, there are infinite possibilities of conjunctions. Every specific element of good and love has a corresponding precise specific element of truth and wisdom and vice-versa. The true conjunction is possible only between these two specific, precise corresponding elements. Such a conjunction leads to their complete unification so that they become truly one complete and perfect element. Conjunction with other elements, not in precise corresponding position, does not and cannot lead to unification. Therefore, spiritual marriages are always monogamous. No polygamous relations in this connotation are spiritually feasible. However, determination of which element of love is specific to the corresponding element of wisdom, and vice-versa, is possible only under conditions of total spirituality. Such conditions do not exist, at the present time, on planet Earth. Therefore, no true


spiritual marriages are possible here. In this situation, the concepts of monogamy, polygamy, adultery, etc., are superfluous because no one has the knowledge of true spiritual principles which can be conjoined to each other. Only the Lord has such knowledge. For that reason only the Lord can marry people.



Another error in people's concept of marriage is that they disregarded in such a relationship the principle of sharing and mutual benefit. Although no true marriage is possible with any other elements but only with one corresponding specific element, it does not mean that there also is no sharing for mutual benefit and pleasure possible among them. The opposite is true: the true spiritual principle states that once such unification and oneness takes place, it is shared with all other elements which are similarly unified or seeking unification in oneness. How else could specificity of the unity of one particular conjunction, which is so unique and unrepeatable, be transmitted to others; and how else could everyone participate in such an important experience if it were closed in a self-feeding loop and not available for sharing with all others? To think to the contrary means to think non-spiritually and from Hell.


The pseudo-creators did everything to prevent people from the discovery of this truth. They infused guilt, restrictions and taboos on sexuality and marriages so that people were prevented from seeking greater and greater knowledge of themselves, others and the Lord. Such knowledge, of course, would lead people toward a greater true spirituality. This was one thing the pseudo-creators did not want to happen.


With such restrictions, taboos, guilts, limitations, projections, expectations, dictates, atrocities, abominations and all other insanities regarding marriage, sexuality and family life, it is not possible to establish true spiritual marriages on Earth.



One of the major principles of spirituality is that everything in creation is in the process of continuous change, update and modification. (See message dated March 24, 1982.) In the everyday lives of people, this principle is reflected in their need for variety. This need is one of the motivating factors of spiritual progression and change. This need originated from the fact that one cannot be in an absolute state and process that comprises all possible changes from eternity to eternity. Only the Most High is in the Absolute State and Process. In order to survive, to progress and to be motivated to approximate to eternity such an absolute condition, one needs a continuous variety of changes which lead one to greater and greater knowledge of self, others and the Lord. If one were limited in scope, possibilities, choices, expressions, impressions, sharings, etc., to one or very few alternatives only, one could not progress, one could not become more oneself, and one simply could not survive. All creativity, productivity and usefulness would cease to be. In such a situation, life would be dull, boring and meaningless. No joy and pleasure of living could be derived from such a situation.


This principle of variety is reflected in the human sexual response. The majority of people can be and are sexually attracted, aroused and stimulated by more than one person of the opposite sex. They can be and are aroused by many, and they have desires to have sexual intercourse with many.


Now, this desire, in its original form, before the negative state took over here, came from true spiritual principles as a reflection of the need to know oneself, others, and the Lord better. After all, in making love to someone unique, one, in a higher sense, makes love to the Lord, or to be precise, to one of the Lord's unique characteristics which are and can be represented, expressed and shared only by and with that one particular person who is the process, manifestation and extension of that specific, unique characteristic. No one else can give one such an experience and such a knowledge. By acquiring this experience and knowledge, one makes further steps toward the better knowledge of oneself, others and the Lord, and thus one becomes more complete, more integrated, more individualized and a better human being.


In marital relationships which presently exist, such a sexual experience, with such a purpose and intent, may and can enhance and enrich each other's sexuality and intensify a mutual desire for each other, bringing a variety and excitement into their relationship and giving them a sense of true sharing, mutual benefit and love without any boredom, banality and onesidedness, and without any jealousy, possessiveness, paranoia and selfish exclusivity. With such an intent and approach, presently existing marriages on Earth could be considerably improved and become a source of happiness, creativity and birth of the new, higher idea for everyone's spiritual progression. They could eventually lead toward the re­establishment of true spiritual marriages, or at least prepare the way for them.


Such an outcome of sexuality and marriages was not acceptable to the pseudo-creators because it led toward greater spirituality. The pseudo-creators had no such intent. Therefore, they inculcated in their pseudo-creativees pseudo-human feelings of guilt, possessiveness, jealousy and many other similar atrocities and abominations {considered by many to be spiritual and Godly - just the opposite of truth) that completely destroyed the true meaning of sexuality, marriage and family life on Earth.



The spiritual principles of masculinity and femininity, as manifested in the concepts of Love and Wisdom, and Good and Truth, are built and manifested on principles of complete and total equality, freedom and independence. No preferences, dominion, subserviency and/ or exclusivity of one principle over another is possible or even conceivable. In the true spiritual sense, there is no domination, manipulation, dependency or slavery possible. Therefore, they are in all respects equal. They are different in their manifestation but entirely equal in their importance. No true conjunction, unification and oneness can occur with them on any other principle but equality, freedom and independence. True spiritual marriage is possible only on the basis of this equality, freedom and independence of femininity and masculinity. True unification can take place only on such a basis. Anything less leads to destruction and hate; thus, it is evil and comes from Hell.


In the present non-spiritual condition on planet Earth, no such equality of the sexes and of people in general exists. Therefore no spiritual marriages can take hold here.



Finally, because present mankind is the result of the fabrication and an experiment by the pseudo-creators, which was permitted by the Lord so that the question of what it is like to be without spirituality or with distorted spirituality could be answered, and its result could be demonstrated and illustrated by a living example of people, it was necessary to institute the state of ignorance and unconscious processes. To be born into ignorance, with more than ninety percent of the mind at the unconscious level, is to be born into no outward spirituality.


True spirituality requires full knowledge, full consciousness of all processes, and no limitations and restrictions. Ignorance and unconscious processes are limiting and restricting. Since all the knowledge people acquire from birth stems from ignorance, they are fed, instead of true knowledge, a myriad of distorted and falsified knowledges. Ignorance produces and promotes educated ignorance.


In order to resume the dominion of true spirituality and its principles in human life, it is necessary to return to the original spiritual methods by ways and means of which people were coming into this world - into full knowledge and complete consciousness. (See "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality.") Only in this way can the compounding and accumulation of ignorance and evils, falsities and distortions (imposed genetically and through heredity) be disrupted, and the New Spiritual Age with a New Mankind can take hold on Earth. As long as people are born by the old, animalistic ways, as fabricated by the pseudo-creators, the hereditary and genetic transmission of evil and falsity will continue in geometric progression. Thus, people will always be contaminated by the negative tendencies and will rot in their desire to distort, misconstrue, misguide and destroy more and more. Under such conditions, no true spiritual marriages can exist on this planet, since they are built on the fullness of knowledge, complete consciousness of all processes of the human mind, in the state and process of freedom and independence.


So long as people are contaminated by negative states, and live in them, they cannot be in freedom and independence and in fullness of knowledge and consciousness of all processes and levels of their minds. Therefore, they cannot be truly married.


This is the end of today's message.”










Digest of “Messages From Within”, pg. 17 – 23, msg. 4


March 27, 1982


The following was revealed to me today by the Most High:


“One of the most important realizations and knowledges that have recently been made available to all Creation, including those in the Hells and the pseudo-creators, is the realization of an indisputable fact that no one is locked into one's state and condition, and that everyone can change, modify, update and recede from one's present condition, if, of course, one wants to.


The reason this is such an important knowledge is that until recently most people in the spiritual worlds (hells, the intermediate world and the human heavens) were of the opinion and conviction that one must stay in one's condition forever, that any progression or regression had to be and could be actualized strictly and only within that condition.


Such a view has been and still is perpetuated and maintained by most religious doctrines, including some literal statements in the Bible and some misinterpretations of Swedenborg's concepts. Humans on Earth have a saying, "As the tree falls, so will it lie", which implies that nothing can ever change once the choice has been made.


However, such statements, views, opinions and interpretations were taken literally and not spiritually. The spiritual and internal meaning of them contends that whatever is meant literally "for good, forever, to eternity", in the spiritual sense denotes the potentiality of someone's state and condition to be for good, forever, to eternity. It, by no means, denotes that it must be for good, forever and to eternity.


For this reason, any such statement in the Bible, in the writings of holy books of various prophets, and in Swedenborg's concepts basically signify that one may choose to stay forever in one's chosen condition, state and process. One does not have to change. One is not forced into anything. But it also means that one does not have to stay there forever and that one may and is able to change any time one desires, provided one submits oneself voluntarily to such a change with all its consequences and outcomes and from one's own free will recedes from the former lifestyle. It does not matter what dimension, level, degree, step or line one is in at the time (be it in the deepest Hell, or in the Highest Heaven, or in the natural degree, etc.). This interpretation was obliterated from people's memories throughout Creation for the following reasons (among many other reasons which cannot yet be revealed at this particular time).


When the negative state came into existence in the spiritual world (in the form of the Hells) and in the natural world (in the form of people of this planet), it had to be validated by the choices made to be and to exist forever to eternity. In order for it to take any hold, it had to be convinced that it may stay forever. Inherent in the nature of the negative state is a necessity to perceive everything in the terms of finality. Nothing is changeable in its condition. The evilness of the negative state is determined by the principles of its finality and unchangeability. Whatever is changeable cannot be motivated by evil intent. Whatever is not motivated by evil intent is from good. Therefore, it is good and proper to strive for change and to change. Such a condition gives one perspective for eternal growth and progression, since it gives one a chance to continuously learn something new by experiencing it, living it, and realizing it in one's experiential life. This change is not limited to within one's state, as Swedenborg thought, and as many still think, but is from state to state, from level to level, from dimension to dimension as well. In the negative state, no such situation is conceivable. The reason is that it would be considered only transitory, as an intermediate step in the process of one's learning about the transient, temporary nature of the state of evil's existence. With such knowledge, the negative state could not sustain itself.


So, in order for the negative state to flourish and bear its fruits, together with a live demonstration of its nature, outcomes and consequences, it was permitted by the Lord that any knowledge and memory of the temporality and transiency of the negative state be obliterated for the time being from all Creation. The only thing that was allowed to persist with some people and sentient entities in all Creation was rumour, surmise, speculation and contention about whether one is or is not locked for eternity in one's state and condition. The negative state and the literal sense of the Bible and other sources, of course, support the notion that it is forever. Heavenly societies, other sentient entities and worlds, and a few people on Earth argue the opposite. No tangible proof, except the Scriptural literal sense and some of Swedenborg's statements (although Swedenborg is not consistent in this respect), was available for either argument, and no direct revelation from the Lord about this situation was granted until now.


Another reason why such a situation was permitted by the Lord was that, if people were to know for sure that one is not obliged and eternally committed to stay forever in the negative state, the experiment and its consequences and the answering of the question, as to what it is like to be without spirituality or with distorted spirituality, would not be authentic; it would be a joke and no one would take it seriously. This applied until now to all other states. It would have been like playing a game, "Let us pretend", and no true, genuine learning could have occurred or come to fruition from such a situation. That would have hindered the true spiritual progression throughout all Creation. The true reality of any condition is determined by certainty that it will stay forever. It is true that the state stays forever, but only as an experience, a learning, and not as a permanent stagnant reality. On the other hand, if any state stays forever, it does not mean that its participants must stay in it forever. This is a very crucial distinction that puts the whole concept in an entirely different perspective. Until now, most people have not realized this difference in the interpretation. Hence, faulty conclusions concerning it have resulted.


As mentioned in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality", all Creation, together with all of those who participated in the negative state in Hell and here on Earth, agreed from their own freedom of choice before the beginning of time and space (in their ideas in the Absolute Thought Process of the Most High) with obliteration of these memories and knowledges so that the experiment and learning could be valid, reliable, conclusive and useful.


An additional reason why the Lord permitted such a situation was to discourage people from participating in the negative state. Before one makes a choice to be engaged in the negative state, one is presented with the "facts" - that the consequences of such a participation could have eternal duration. People think twice before they choose to come here. Of course, "could have" does not mean "will have." But such is the nature of the natural degree and the negative state that it tends to perceive this warning as a finality of state. The importance of this experiment for all Creation and the Lord's first advent to this Earth was clearly demonstrated and discussed in the book, "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality."


There are some other important reasons why this situation was permitted to exist by the Lord, but they cannot be revealed at this particular time.


At the present time, the results of this experiment have been learned and demonstrated to all Creation. The use from it has been derived. Therefore, the process of its gradual elimination is being instituted by the Lord.


The first step in this process is a direct revelation from the Lord about all of this and about the fact that no one is locked forever in any state and condition. This fact is no longer a topic of surmise, argument, supposition and guessing, but the real eternal truth revealed directly by the Lord.


It is important to remember that for several million years people believed the contrary. They were brainwashed by the Hells, religious doctrines and teachings about eternal damnation in the Hells, about being eternally locked in one particular state in the Heavens, and about many other similar spiritual abominations. It will not be an easy process to eliminate all these false knowledges and replace them with genuine truths. It will take a lot of effort and time.


In order for those who thought they were locked forever in their state, condition and process, and for those who express a desire from their own free will to learn more, to commence the process of purification, to be cleansed of the particular falsities, their consequences, lack of proper knowledge, etc., the Lord, for that purpose, is about to establish, under His/ Her direct auspices and charge, a special school called the School of Spiritual Re-Awakening, Re-Learning and Re-Structuring. This school will be placed in a special region specifically created for that purpose by the Lord. This region will be in direct, simultaneous proximity to all the Heavens (both of humans from Earth and from the other regions of Creation), to all intermediate worlds, to all Hells (including the Hells of the pseudo-creators), to all levels and dimensions of the natural worlds, and to planet Earth.


The reason the school will have such a proximity is that it must be connected first hand to all experiences of all Creation and its dimensions, levels, degrees, steps and lines, so that all choices are present and all consequences of such choices are available experientially for everyone who comes to that school. Only under these conditions can objective, unbiased, undistorted and free choices be made.


So, whoever desires and decides to change one's state will be sent to the school for re-learning and re-structuring in accordance with the new concepts of spirituality.


However, the school will have a much broader function. One of them is to help all those coming from the Hells to become aware of the new knowledge, and the new opportunity for initiation of the desired change. Everyone in the Hells is spiritually, mentally, emotionally and intellectually ill. Before assuming a new life, they need first to be treated. The school will provide such treatment.


Many people in the intermediate world, after their entry there, are also confused, bewildered and ill. If eligible, they will come to the school and get rid of their confusion, bewilderment and contamination from the negative state. The same is true for people coming from planet Earth.


However, many people on planet Earth, while still in their physical bodies, will have direct access to the school and will serve the school as teachers, therapists, ministers and helpers of others here on this planet. They will participate in the school's activities and administration and will implement the new rules of spiritual re-awakening, re-learning, treatment and re­structuring there as well as here on Earth. They themselves will first undergo the whole process and treatment in that school to get rid of their own problems and distortions so that they can in a better way help others. These people will have a physical sensation of being in the school and remembering what happened after they return to this level of consciousness. All inhabitants of the Heavens who have a desire to learn more about this new revelation and concepts of multi-dimensional changes, and who wish to experience various other possibilities and choices so that they can grow more and be more useful to others and to the Lord, will also have full access to this school and will be able to enroll there and contribute to its program.


The same is true for all other sentient entities (humanoids and non-humanoids) throughout all Creation who have a desire and a need to learn more about the new concepts of spirituality as applied to this particular region. They will share their own experiences with all residents of the school and learn from all residents about their experiences. Thus, mutual benefit will be established.


One of the major functions of this school is to ensure to eternity for everyone in Creation, from the Lord, the possibility of change and spiritual progression; to generate continuously new ideas, new concepts, new learning, new possibilities, fresh choices and their practical utility and implementation as they flow continuously from the Most High; and to make sure that no one ever again falls into the faulty belief that one is locked forever in one state or damned to Hell for eternity, even if it is in the pseudo-creators' Hell.


I am told that as a first and very modest forerunner, a tiny little prototype of this school's ideas appeared on this planet in the form of spiritual hypnosis. Spiritual hypnosis has for its purpose a spiritual re-awakening, re-learning, re-structuring and recalling the reasons why one has chosen to live the life of negatives and problems.


In the school the concept of spiritual advisors will be utilized in a much broader and deeper sense than that which is being utilized at the present time in the process of spiritual hypnosis. One is always connected with one's spiritual advisors. Therefore, in the process of re-learning and re-structuring in the school, all spiritual advisors will be physically, so to speak, and in all other respects participating in this process and will be undergoing the whole treatment procedure themselves simultaneously with their advisee. Thus, there will be no disproportion, imbalance and/ or lack of anything or anyone in that school.


Of course, there is much more to the structure, purpose, goal and program of this new school than what is revealed here. If it is necessary and useful, more will be revealed later.


This is the end of today's message.”










Digest of “Messages From Within”, pg. 24 – 31, msg. 5


March 28, 1982


The following messages have been received today from the Lord:


“Some time ago the Lord created, instituted and activated an entirely new state and condition in the form of a new heavenly society. This society transcends anything thus far in existence. The structure, function, purpose and goal of this society are of such a nature that it surpasses anything in human comprehension.


However, some concepts may be related because they are remotely within the scope of human understanding.


The spiritual world, comprised of those people who came from planet Earth, has been divided in general terms into three Heavens, two kingdoms, an intermediate world and various levels of Hells. The structure and function of this particular spiritual world was revealed to and described by Swedenborg.


However, it was erroneously assumed by many that this structure is permanent and will stay to eternity without any change.


To assume this means to assume that the Lord stopped creating anything new. As it was stated on March 24, 1982, the Lord is in the process and state of continuous change. Thus, the Lord not only maintains His/ Her Creation but also creates to eternity new ideas, concepts, states, processes, sentient entities, etc.


The above-mentioned structure in the spiritual world (from humans of planet Earth) was temporary and transient. It served its purpose and use.


Under the old structure, various levels and degrees of heaven were isolated and closed within themselves. No direct trespassing from one territory to another was possible or permissible without special permission and preparation. Communication among them occurred primarily by and through correspondences, the Word, by specially appointed mediators or on the level of the intermediate world (which Swedenborg called the world of spirits).


This condition was necessary as long as the typical human era had been in existence in the spiritual world (for definition and description of the specific and typical human era see Chapter Six, Part One, pp. 296-297 of "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality"). The human era was and is an era of divisions, restrictions, limitations and exclusivity. This condition was reflected in the structure of the human Heaven. Those in this Heaven have been divided in accordance with the degree and extent of their perception and acceptance of truth and wisdom, good and love, faith and charity, love to God and love to the neighbour, and their various combinations and manifestations.


By this division, they also, among other things, protected themselves from possible assaults from the negative spirits and the Hells that were allowed for certain spiritual reasons and purposes to roam throughout the spiritual world of humans of planet Earth.


Inherent in the above-mentioned structure of the spiritual world are, necessarily, gross limitations, restrictions, isolations and a sense of exclusivity. It served its excellent purpose for various important reasons, but its eternal continuation is not conceivable. It is contrary to the nature of the Most High.


Recently, the typical and specific human era ended in the spiritual world and is also in the process of coming to an end in the natural world. The ending of this human era in the spiritual world was completed in its entirety on what corresponds to human categories to the time of March 10, 1982 (at the time of the so-called "Jupiter Effect" which people took literally, disregarding its spiritual correspondence - and, as a result, of course, they were disappointed).


The ending of the typical human era enabled the Lord to proceed with extensive and intensive reorganization, restructuring, modification and updating of the entire spiritual world of humans from planet Earth. This includes all levels, degrees, regions and areas of the Heavens, Intermediate Worlds, Hells and regions assigned to and occupied by the pseudo­creators.


In order for such an extensive and intensive reorganization to take place and take hold, it was first necessary to create a very special state, condition and process in the form of a heavenly human society which would transcend anything so far in being and existence. This society incorporates in its structure, in a unique conglomeration, integration, assimilation and individuation, all available elements of all levels, degrees, regions, steps and societies in the entire Heaven from humans of planet Earth. This new society could be considered the homogenous principle of human existence and being. The homogeneity of spirituality and all religions had been lost since the time of the establishment of the negative state. Now, in the form of this newly created heavenly society, it has been  re-established by the Lord. All religions and spiritual concepts in existence will, from now on, approximate that state, condition and process of this society.


Because of such a structure and function, this society does not have any boundaries, limitations and restrictions. Its members are free to go to any level, degree, or region, and to interact, to relate with anyone in being and existence, without any danger to them or to those with whom they are interacting or visiting. Anyone from any region, level, or degree may, without any danger, if one feels a need and desire, visit and interact with the members of this society.


Such is the nature of the new society, that its members, by virtue of being integrators of all elements of truth and good, love and wisdom, faith and charity, love to the Lord and love to the neighbor, and their various combinations from the Lord, can instantaneously accommodate themselves to anyone's level, degree and extent of perception and understanding.


Because of this special content, role, purpose and function, the newly created society was situated by the Lord in a special region (created by the Lord for this specific purpose) which is connected directly to all dimensions, levels, degrees, steps, lines, regions and sentient entities in the entire creation, including all natural degrees, intermediate degrees, all degrees of the Hells and hells of the pseudo-creators. This region was put by the Lord in a peculiar synchronicity with all occurrences, proceedings and becomings of Creation so that continuous integration of all experiences and knowledges, as they originate and are manifested in It by the Lord, may come to fruition and ultimately be shared with everyone in being and existence.


There are several specific functions which this heavenly society, newly created by the Lord, performs, from and for the Lord.



It performs a role of liaison for the Celestial Kingdom and the Highest, First Heaven, to all other levels of being and existence. By its structure and existence, the new society removed barriers, boundaries and inaccessibility to others of this region and level. It has established there permanent offices and ambassadorships that help the members of this kingdom and heaven to transcend their present condition, state and process and to initiate any changes they desire to undertake in their personal lives and endeavors, thus, improving their love and wisdom and their spirituality. For the first time, because of this arrangement, all members of this kingdom and heaven are no longer dependent on correspondences and special mediators in their communication with the members of other levels, degrees and regions. Such methods of communication are now enhanced and enriched by the direct, face to face communication with everyone else who desires to communicate. This situation permits the exchange of knowledges, informations and experiences first hand to such a great degree and intensity as hitherto has been unknown to anyone. It eliminates a possible danger of misinterpreting, misunderstanding and distorting the content of communication (as is possible by mediations only). This, in turn, makes the spiritual progression of everyone much more meaningful, deeper, broader and faster.


The various degrees of love and love to the Lord which rule this Kingdom and Heaven now are directly available to know and to experience for anyone who desires them for his/ her personal direct sharing and mutual benefit without any restrictions or taboos. The sense, the content, the meaning and the application of freedom has been updated and its understanding and experience considerably upgraded to a level unknown to anyone until this time.



This new society performs the same role and function, as described above, to the spiritual kingdom and the second heaven. By its nature, the new society integrates and incorporates all levels and shades of truth and wisdom, together with love to the neighbor, which rules this region in its entirety. This integration, incorporation and assimilation, together with the integration, incorporation and assimilation of everything available from the Celestial Kingdom and the First Heaven, enables a very unique experience of life which surpasses anything in existence and being, is ineffable, and cannot be described in humans' limited natural terms.


Because of the existence of this entirely new state, condition and process, everyone in this particular region, together with everyone in any other region, level or degree is capable, if he/ she desires, for mutual benefit and sharing, to accommodate himself/ herself to anyone else in being and existence, with the ability to understand, perceive and to experience anyone else's state, condition and process. Such an experience is now possible without any necessity to relinquish one's unique self and mode and style of life.


The same is true with regard to the third, or natural ­spiritual heaven, where the newly created society established their offices for the same purpose as above in respect to the spiritual principles of faith and charity.


This new situation, created by the love and mercy of the Most High, gives everyone unlimited and unimaginable opportunities for growth, betterment and spiritual progression to eternity, with an entirely different perspective, scope, intensity and extensity of the experience, sharing and mutual benefit.



The Lord from Himself/ Herself is putting this newly created heavenly society in charge of the New School of Spiritual Re-Awakening, Re-Learning and Re-Structuring. The members of this society will be administrators, teachers, therapists, ministers and helpers of this school, assisting the


Lord in actualizing and realizing the new spirituality and its concepts and ideas as reflected in the program of the school.



The creation of this new heavenly society, by its content, purpose and goal, removes any existing barriers and restrictions which have been in existence for the spiritual worlds of humans from planet Earth in respect to all other worlds - spiritual, intermediate and natural - not of this Solar System.


Until recently, because of the existence of the typical and specific human era in the spiritual world and of the negative spirits' ability to roam around it, any communication and contact with other cultures, galaxies and universes in their respective spiritual, intermediate and natural degrees and dimensions, was rare and sporadic only. No permanent contact or ambassadorship among them existed. This was necessary so that the negative state would not be able to establish itself anywhere else but only in this particular Solar System and its corresponding spiritual world.


Thus, the entire Spiritual World of humans from Earth, as well as people on Earth, have been isolated from all other creation for the time being. This isolation has been a considerable hindrance to human spiritual progression since it deprived humans of very important knowledge of a universal nature.


At the present time, thanks to the special condition of integration, incorporation and assimilation of all spiritual principles of the humans' spiritual world, and thanks to the control and restriction of the negative state, this isolation, barrier and restriction has been removed by the Lord. The newly-created heavenly society performs, among other things, a role of liaison between the Spiritual World of humans from Earth and all other worlds in being and existence. They send and receive ambassadors throughout all systems and establish offices of exchange, good will and cooperation in the universal effort of all sentient entities' spiritual progression.



The new heavenly society has a similar function (as described in No. 1 and No. 2) in respect to the intermediate world. Here, the members of this society serve everyone through the newly established offices, with understanding, with assistance in acquiring and implementing the concepts of the new spirituality and with help for them to make the most appropriate and useful personal choices for their future lives and spiritual progression.



The Lord appointed the members of this society to assist Him/Her in the reorganization of all Hells including the Hells of the pseudo-creators. Throughout all the Hells, many missions have been established, staffed by the volunteers from the members of this society to spread the new Gospel of change, freedom and forgiveness, and to proclaim to everyone there, without exception, that no one is locked in and no one must stay forever in one's Hell and that everyone has a new opportunity and chance to change. They prepare those who accept these new ideas for transition from Hell and help them in actuality to find their way out of the Hell and show them the way to the new school where they are treated, restructured, trained and prepared for their new life of spiritual progression.


This very special mission and work, established and initiated by the Lord throughout all Hells by the members of the new heavenly society, may eventually and possibly lead in the future toward the complete elimination of all Hells, including the pseudo-creator's Hell, to eternity.



The Lord appointed the members of this new heavenly society to assist Him/Her in ending the typical human era on planet Earth also, and in starting there the New Age of a truly spiritual mankind with the concepts and ideas of the new spirituality. Some of these ideas have been incorporated in the book, "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality".


In order to accomplish this goal, suitable people on planet Earth are being sought out and appointed for the purpose of transmitting these new ideas to people so that the process of ending the typical human era may come to its fruition and the New Age may commence.


Also, at least three very special and significant people were born on this planet in 1981 (January 1, 1981; March 5, 1981; and July 24, 1981). They are special messengers from the Lord from the new society. They will be direct liaisons between this planet and the new heavenly society. They will establish and maintain offices here, staffed with members of this society who are in the physical form of this Earth. The function of these offices will be, among many other things, to coordinate the ending of the present typical and specific human era and to initiate the New Spiritual Age.


These are a few functions of the new heavenly society being revealed by the Lord at the present time. Of course, they are not the only ones and their explanation is limited by the lack of appropriate expression in human's external language. Their meaning is much deeper and broader than indicated here. But it gives one at least some idea as to what it is all about. An intuitive and spiritual person will be able to feel from them and sense these deeper and broader meanings.


I am told that Swedenborg is one of the members of the ruling High Council of this society.


This is the end of the message for today.”










Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 32 – 35, msg. 6


March 30, 1982


The following messages have been received today from the Lord:


“Just two brief reminders today:


First, what Swedenborg witnessed in the world of spirits as the Last Judgment was, in fact, the ending of the Dark Ages. It was not the ending of the typical human era. The Last Judgment was executed in a certain region in the intermediate world which was responsible for establishing, maintaining, fueling and supporting the perpetuation of the Dark Ages both in the world of spirits and on planet Earth. All other worlds and the rest of the intermediate world and its regions did not participate in this Judgment because at that time the typical human era had not fulfilled its purpose and use from the standpoint of the Grand Plan of the Most High.


Swedenborg perceived those events as global occurrences and not as a local event. This local event had to be undertaken for the purpose of preparing for the ending of the typical human era and the starting of the Age of New Spirituality. For certain spiritual reasons, Swedenborg was not consciously permitted to know that what he witnessed was not the beginning of the New Age, but an extremely important period of transition from the Dark Ages to the Age of New Spirituality. The extreme importance of this event gave Swedenborg an understandable sense (albeit incorrect) that this was the beginning of the New Age. Unconsciously Swedenborg sensed that those events simulated, during his time, the beginning of the New Age. For


that reason he correctly perceived that there would be no apparent difference in people's lifestyles on planet Earth. They would not be discernible as a result off the Last Judgment that was executed over the founders and perpetuators of the Dark Ages. The only obvious thing would be greater spiritual freedom of thinking, expression and rationality. Hence the age of widespread scientific enlightenment, bun not so much widespread spiritual enlightenment, commenced as a result of that Judgment. On the natural level, before the ending of the typical human era, it was necessary first to begin with scientific enlightenment (in order to disperse the thick darkness of superstitions, prejudices and biases of the Dark Ages in the human conscious mind) before the widespread spiritual enlightenment could take proper hold with permanent results.


Second, the opening of the internal and interior sense of the Bible, as revealed through Swedenborg, could not take hold on Earth in as widespread a manner as some expected. Even now, only a few people on Earth know about the internal and interior sense of the Word. The overwhelming majority of Christians still cling rigidly to the literal sense of the Bible without perceiving in it any other sense or meaning.


As long as the typical human era exists, it is impossible for the multiple meaning and sense of the Bible and other holy books to take hold on Earth. If this were the case, people would tend to use these meanings for their ulterior motivation, which would lead to profanation of holiness of the Word, and, in the higher sense, of the Lord. Such profanation would lead to their eternal damnation. This is what is basically meant by the unpardonable sin (against the Holy Spirit). Since no one has the proper understanding of these meanings (Swedenborg was permitted to reveal only a tiny little fraction of these meanings - not sufficient to profane), no one can profane them and be damned to eternity. In this sense, there are no such things as unpardonable sins. Once again, the internal sense speaks about the potentiality of such a situation that may lead to eternal damnation by committing an unpardonable sin. But the literal sense converts this potential possibility into the final and absolute certainty. The paradox here is obvious: the transience of the temporal natural degree clings rigidly to the false idea of its illusional immortality. Nothing is permanent in this degree. Therefore, under such conditions, nothing can transpire here that would lead one to the unchangeable state and condition. As long as the typical human era exists, the Lord takes good care that no one is ever capable of committing such a profanation.


Most people do not realize that literal events, places, names, statements, etc., described in the Bible do not signify anything spiritual in themselves, as Swedenborg profoundly pointed out. Their value is in conveying something spiritual without being spiritual in themselves. This error originated from the fact that there is in existence another Earth, existing in paratime between the Spiritual World and natural world in mediating proximity to both. The outward appearance of this paratime Earth is almost identical with the natural Earth. Names of the countries, cities, nations, regions, etc., are virtually the same. This is the reason why, as Swedenborg pointed out, when people leave their physical body and enter that world, as a first step on their journey, they think for a while that they are still on their original Earth. The Bible mostly speaks about events that were, are and will be taking place on that paratime Earth because only there events may have multidimensional impact thanks to the special position it occupies for this particular purpose. All such events are described by historical events, expressions and behaviors of humans in the natural form because they have the exact correspondence to the events of that intermediate state which is also called Earth. In themselves, without this correspondence, these events do not have any true spiritual meaning.


This is the reason, among other things, why people who deny any internal and interior sense of the Bible and similar holy books, clinging rigidly to only the literal sense, cannot acquire any true spirituality. They cannot be truly spiritual; therefore, they cannot truly profane anything. One can profane only true spirituality. False spirituality cannot be profaned. For this reason, because most people are in such a predicament, no true spirituality has been in existence on this Earth since the time of the Fall.


In order to resume the reign of true spirituality on this Earth, it is necessary to have simultaneous perception, understanding and application of all three meanings (internal, intermediate and literal) of the Bible and of similar holy books. As long as the typical human era continues, no such situation can come to realization. For that reason, in order to accomplish this, it is necessary first to remove and to abolish this typical human era. Then, and only then, will the full meanings of the Bible and similar holy books be available to everyone for consideration and for spiritual progression.


The negative state of the Hells does everything in its power to keep people in the darkness of the literal sense only. Such sense, without any regard to the internal or interior sense, perpetuates, fuels and feeds the typical human era. Thus, whoever rejects the manifold meaning of these Books does it by the inspiration of the Hells.


On the other hand, preoccupation only with the internal sense, without consideration of other meanings, leads to disregard of the consequences of correspondences in a concretized manner, manifested in people's feelings, emotions, behaviors and strivings and in the political, social, physical, material, etc., events of the natural world. Neither extreme denotes true spirituality.


True spirituality can be found in the middle stance. It states that true spiritual principles are discernible properly and correctly only in synchronous, simultaneous and integrated perceptions, understandings, and in acceptance of these meanings and senses which follow a certain spiritual hierarchy - from the innermost to the outermost. In this way, spirituality is in its completeness and fullness. In such a stance is the presence of the Most High. Either extreme by itself excludes the Most High's presence. To be without this presence means to be in the negative state. Thus, it means to be in Hell.


This is the end of today's message.”










Digest of “Messages From Within”, pg. 36 – 45, msg. 7


March 31, 1982


The following messages have been received today from the Lord:


“It is important to realize what constitutes life. What is Life? Religious people correctly claim that God, Jesus Christ, the Most High, or whatever name they use, is life. But these names without the knowledge of what they signify are useless in establishing a proper definition and understanding of life. For that reason, it will be useful today to elaborate somewhat on the concept of life.


Life can only be defined and apprehended by spiritual principles and categories. These basic spiritual principles and categories in a general sense are Love and Wisdom. In the broader sense, life can be subsumed under concepts which are known as femininity and masculinity and everything they represent, and in what they describe and mean.


In these terms, life can be defined as a continuous exchange, unification, integration, individuation, emanation and transmission of these principles, categories, and all their derivatives, from eternity to eternity, with all the consequences of such an activity.


It would be erroneous to assume that these principles and categories are empty notions or abstract ideas which have no tangibility. As a matter of fact, they are the only concrete, tangible, factual and actual reality in being and existence. They are the true essence, substance, state, process, content and form which is called life. Life without them is not discernible and/ or conceivable. In their pure condition, without a beginning or an end, they constitute the total true consciousness and awareness. They are the true content and form in the absolute sense of what humans call God, the Most High, etc. Therefore the Most High is the Producer, Sustainer, Maintainer, Unifier, Emanator of Life from Himself/ Herself in the absolute sense, because the Most High constitutes all these principles and categories in the Absolute State and Absolute Process. He/ She is the very principle and category in itself and by itself. No other source of life exists. Thus the Most High is truly Life in Himself/ Herself.


On the other hand, sentient entities are receptacles, vessels and containers of this life in a relative state and process, as Swedenborg so profoundly and brilliantly pointed out.


Therefore, from the standpoint of sentient entities, their lives can be defined as a state and process of reception, perception, containment, assimilation, differentiation, individuation, experience and transmission of all of the above­mentioned spiritual principles and categories in a unique and unrepeatable content and form for the purpose of reciprocity, sharing and mutual benefit for all Creation. Creation was, is, and will be to eternity for this purpose.


Since this life is emanated and transmitted into sentient entities and to humans from and by the Most High, the Most High is the only possible life in everyone. Since the reception, perception, containment, assimilation, differentiation, individuation, experience and transmission of this life is from and by the Most High, the Most High contains within Herself/ Himself, all the possible infinite varieties and infinite numbers of uniquenesses in being and existence from eternity to eternity. Thus, in this sense, the Most High is absolutely a Unique Being and Entity. No one else was, is or will be from eternity to eternity life and as the Most High.


The possibility of existence and being of unique and unrepeatable individuals stems entirely from the Absolute Uniqueness of the Most High. Therefore nothing in Creation can or may be repetitious. In this uniqueness is anchored the very principle of life and living. Life can only sustain itself by its uniqueness and unrepeatability. There is no true life outside of such a condition.


There are several other points which need to be considered in respect to the above statements:



The reception, perception, etc., of true life is possible only from the Most High. The Most High directly endows life into its recipients. Any other ways, modes or methods of producing, sending, receiving, containing or transmitting life is only by indirect endowment. This signifies that whatever is is only because the Most High Is. One can take from that "Is" and produce something that may and can imitate life. But even this imitation of life is only possible because the Most High Is. No imitation is possible without that which is being imitated. This is why it is called life by indirect endowment of the Most High.



The pseudo-creators, being originally and in their initial content and form the direct endowment of life from and by the Most High, were able to use this principle for the purpose of starting the negative state. Thus, the negative state starts in the very moment when production, transmission and reception of life occurs by any other means than by direct endowment from and by the Most High. Such a methodology produces a non­spiritual life which is then considered a true life. Hence, the origination of all non-spiritual principles and categories which lead toward the establishment of evil in the form of Hell and all other miseries in existence.



The direct endowment of life from the Most High contains within itself spiritual and practical consequences which can be discerned, among many other things, by such states and processes as delight, pleasure, joy, happiness, fun, freedom, well-being, sharing, exchange, reciprocity, mutual benefit and all other positive values of life. There is always a desire that everyone share in these exquisite felicities which constitute the experience of true life. No other meanings or expectations are imposed or wanted by and from true life.



All other ways of living (by stolen principles of life as described in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality") cannot produce in themselves such pure states and processes as mentioned in point No. 3. They imitate them. But imitations are not true realities. This is the reason why people produced by the indirect or stolen endowment from and by the Most High (through the pseudo-creators' effort to destroy spirituality) cannot truly perceive, understand and experience these pure states and processes in their original content and form. Thus, their so-called joy, happiness, delight, pleasure, etc., are very shallow, superficial, transient, and illusive and are soon replaced with disappointment, depression, sadness, anxiety, worry, restlessness, hopelessness, bewilderment, confusion and many other similar miseries.



Inherent in the other-than-by-direct endowment from and by the Most High ways of producing, receiving and transmitting life, there is a constantly nagging, underlying feeling of guilt that permeates and penetrates everything without exclusion. This is an immanent principle of the Universal Order from the Most High. It denotes that whatever is stolen must bear the consequences of such an act. The consequence is that one does not feel one ever deserved to be alive. But since one is nevertheless alive, by the principle of the indirect endowment from and by the Most High (one is only because the Most High Is), one has no choice but to feel constant existential guilt. Guilt cannot produce anything joyful, happy, delightful and truly productive. Guilt is, therefore, a direct result of the negative state of evil and is counter-productive, destructive, consumes precious life energy to sustain itself, and is devoid of any true meaning and sense - contrary to some people's belief (existentialists). Thus, guilt can produce only misery. There is no guilt in life which comes by direct endowment from and by the Most High. To think the contrary means to think from the negative state, that is, from Hell.



As long as people continue to come to the planet Earth by the indirect endowment from and by the Most High (as fabricated by the pseudo-creators), that is, by the animalistic way, they will always live in guilt and constant misery. In order to reestablish the true principles of life on this planet, it is first necessary to revert to the original way people came to this Earth - by the direct endowment from and by the Most High by spiritual principles (as briefly described in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality"). In order for this to happen, it is first necessary to eliminate the typical human era that resulted from the perverted method of infusion of pseudo-life in pseudo­-humans by the pseudo-creators in the first place. Only then can guilt and all resulting miseries be wiped out from the human mind and behavior.



In the state and process of life (pseudo-life) that was produced by stealing, no true and genuine exchange, unification, individuation and sharing of principles of masculinity with principles of femininity and vice-versa is possible. The only things that can be exchanged are guilt, misery, unhappiness and many pretensions that are believed to be genuine and true feelings and relationships. This is a very tenuous and illusory base upon which to build human relationships. As the history of humans on Earth testifies vividly, such relationships can result in devastating consequences. Whatever results in such devastating consequences is not from true life. True life always results in creativity and in eternally productive, constructive and useful endeavors which produce such states and processes, among other things, as mentioned in point number 3.



In order to eliminate the typical human era, which is a perpetuator of the negative states of guilt and misery, it is necessary for people on Earth to come to the realization, recognition and acceptance of the fact that no one on this planet has any true life in himself/ herself, and that he/ she lives by the stolen principles of life as executed by the pseudo~reators. People on Earth must also realize that they volunteered from their free will and by their free choice to undergo this experience as a part of an experiment and demonstration to find out how and what it is like to be without direct endowment by and from the Most High. The recognition, realization and acceptance of this fact, together with an admission of the voluntary status of one's participation in this experiment, is the very important first step toward the eventual elimination of the typical human era on planet Earth. It is also, among other things, an opening of the door to the true spiritual principles of life which will lead people toward the discovery of the original, proper, right and spiritual way of bringing newly-born people into this particular world.



It is necessary to realize again that, since the time when the negative state came into existence and pseudo-life took hold on this planet and in the Hells, all efforts of the spiritual principles of life and of the Most High have been geared toward returning everything alive into its original state and process of true life. Therefore, whatever has been happening since the commencement of the negative state here on Earth and in the spiritual world has been happening and is being permitted to happen for one purpose and use: reestablishment, return and institution of true life and all spiritual principles and categories that constitute life on this planet and in the spiritual worlds of humans from Earth. No matter how painful, horrid, devastating and miserable these events and happenings have been in the interim, they served, serve and will serve the ultimate purpose of true life. They show, among other things, what true life is not. Being the opposite of true life, the pseudo-life leads to the full realization and learning of what true life is all about. The style of pseudo-life of people on this Earth is a living example of this fact.


This is the end of this message.”


An additional message from the Most High:


“This is to clarify some statements about human sexuality as it exists presently on planet Earth.


As mentioned previously, sexuality can be properly understood only from and by spiritual principles. Its spiritual purpose was never meant for the physical procreation of the human species, as people think. In the higher, mystical sense, it was meant as a physical manifestation of a state and a process of exchanging and sharing of all the principles of masculinity with all the principles of femininity, and vice-versa, for the purpose of mutual benefit, delight, pleasure, expression of universal love, and for fun, and in true marital relationships, most importantly, for unification, integration and individuation.


This meaning of sexuality was lost and, in fact, has been erased from humans' minds by the pseudo-creators. Instead, they instituted the use of sex for the sole purpose of procreation, deleting from it the truly important spiritual principles mentioned above. They instilled guilt into people for having sexual desires for purposes other than for procreation and for having sex with partners other than their spouses. People became ashamed of their sexual desires, which were viewed as burning, consuming flames of filthy passion and lust. Of course, this is the exact consequence of sexuality if it is considered and accepted as animalistic without any spirituality.


In this connotation, no true sexuality exists nor can exist in humans as long as the typical human era continues on Earth. To return to true sexuality and its proper meaning and practice, it is first necessary to eliminate the human era which is the result of the negative state.


However, bear in mind, it would be a spiritual abomination to assume that people even now are not permitted to engage in sexual intercourse for purposes other than procreation, be it with marital partners or other sexual partners, while married or single. It is not so. Everyone may enter such relationships if the desire stems from the proper motivation and good intent: for sharing, mutual benefit, pleasure, delight, and fun, for enhancement and enrichment of one's life, and primarily for knowing oneself, others and the Lord better. There is nothing adulterous or negative in such an attitude and motivation. The opposite is true: it is a sign of maturity, true spirituality and the presence of the Lord.


Now, as you know, human sexual organs were restructured by the pseudo-creators in such a manner as to enable conception of the human fetus by non-spiritual means (as mammalian animals). This is a side effect of the existing negative state. As long as the negative state exists, this physical form of conception will continue.


In order to avoid a population explosion which could result from such free sexual exchange as mentioned above, it was permitted that physical means of birth control (i.e. various chemicals in the form of pills, various mechanical devices, etc.) come into existence. Under the present non-spiritual condition on planet Earth, the idea of birth control stems, essentially, from true spiritual principles. For the first time, it led toward the realization that sex can be used not only for procreation, but also for other purposes (such as pleasure, fun, delight and similar positive, but also negative, purposes).


However, as mentioned in the first message today, inherent in the negative state is the feeling of guilt in being alive. This applies manifoldly to sexuality as a most tangible, intimate and intensified sense of being alive (reflected in physical orgasm). Therefore, the use of birth control devices triggers this inherent guilt which, in turn, triggers dangerous side effects that these devices have. Thus, the vicious cycle of perpetual self-­punishment is established.


Another problem is that, although the idea of birth control under this condition stems from the proper spiritual influx, its realization occurred in the typical external, medical, pseudo­scientific way. Instead of using the available internal device of their Inner Mind, people turned to the medical, non-spiritual means. Hence, another source of problems, misery and guilt occurs.


People truly forgot that they have within them an Inner Mind which contains within itself an excellent means for birth control. They may and can be in charge of their fertility at any time they wish. Unfortunately, instead of being dependent on their own inner resources, they rely on external means which are unreliable, dangerous and frequently ineffective. This is the result of their non-spiritual condition. They are so habituated to the external means that all other available ways, more congruent with spiritual principles, are completely disregarded. They do not believe in them or they laugh at them. Well, as you know, if you do not use it, you will lose it. That is exactly what happened to humans.


As you know, there is a diagnostic category in human medical terms called infertility. It is not an uncommon occurrence in both females and males. By and large this condition is caused by the so-called mental or psychological processes (although, in fact, they are spiritual). Something in a person's unconscious mind causes this state to occur. In most instances, and with few exceptions, there are no physical or organic reasons for this state. All physical or typical medical means to correct this situation are usually futile. However, as you know, through such methods as hypnosis, especially spiritual hypnosis, bio-feedback, meditations, and similar mind control modalities, this condition may, can be and is corrected permanently.


Now, if people can use their mind for making themselves fertile again, they may and can use the same mind for birth control. They have the ability to suggest effectively to themselves to be fertile only when they choose to be, in accordance with their desire and need to be this or that way. This method of birth control is spiritually proper, right, and should be taught, learned and utilized on a widespread basis.


However, a note of warning and caution is in order here. The spiritual method of birth control through the power of the Inner Mind from the Lord will work properly only if such an endeavor is undertaken with good and positive intent, free of guilt and/ or free of ulterior motivations. To use it any other way may compound evil, guilt, suffering and misery. Therefore, one must first establish within oneself the right spiritual attitudes toward sexuality and life in general before one may and can apply this method in one's life effectively in the process of sexual intercourse or for some other legitimate reasons.


There is a transcending understanding of this concept of sexuality which is not discernible as long as one is in the natural state and degree. Also, the modes of sexual intercourse in the spiritual world are different from the one known to humans of planet Earth. If proper and needed, some of these modes will be elaborated upon at the right time suitable for that purpose.


One more important thing. In order to assume the role of sexuality as indicated here, one must be free from guilt and misconceptions about it first. It is advisable not to engage in sexual intercourse with anyone unless one frees oneself from all misconceptions and guilts imposed by false religious doctrines, social and pseudo-marital demands and expectations. Otherwise one will suffer unnecessarily. However, it does not mean that one will be considered a sinner, an adulteror or a fornicator should this happen, unless, of course, one engaged oneself in intercourse for the purpose of hurting, using, abusing, misusing and/ or for purely selfish reasons and ulterior motivation. Therefore, it is spiritually advisable that one always search oneself in order to establish what kind of motivation, attitude, need and stance one has about sexuality, and that one ask the Most High in one's prayers, meditations or self-hypnosis (or whatever it is called by humans of Earth) to show one, enlighten one, and to advise one as to the most beneficial, useful, proper and right way for all concerned insofar as sexual intercourse and all other matters of life are concerned.


There is no other practical way to show and to acquire knowledge for properly practicing human sexuality. It is always between the Lord and the one who asks the Lord about it. One can never generalize in this matter.


Therefore, avoid at all costs judging anyone in any respect, but especially in respect to the ways they practice and approach their sexuality. If you abide by these rules you will not be judged either.


This is all for today.”










Digest of “Messages From Within”, pg. 46 – 54, msg. 8


April 3-4, 1982, in Martinique


On these dates the following messages have been received from the Most High:


“It is necessary to elaborate somewhat on the principles of spiritual homogeneity.


Since the negative state came into existence, mankind on planet Earth lost one of the most important values of spirituality: homogeneity.


Homogeneity is an integrating, unifying and assimilating principle of the diversity, variety and difference of spiritual concepts, understandings and approaches which exist in relationship to the Most High, religions, Creation and life.


Inherent in the positive state of existence, being its very immanent condition and state, is this principle of homogeneity by which everything is sustained in a harmonious, rhythmical and cohesive functional oneness.


Inherent in the negative state of existence, being its very immanent condition and state, are the principles of division, faction, contradiction, disunion, dissension, intolerance, separation, exclusivity, false righteousness and perverted morality that continuously undermine, abolish and ultimately destroy anything that leads toward homogeneity, unification, integration and harmonization of spirituality.


Because of this inherent and immanent condition of the negative state, a variety of religions and spiritual concepts exist on planet Earth which are intolerant of one another, each proclaiming to be superior to one another.


This attitude, among other things, can be considered one of the major reasons why all existing human religions, since the time of initiation of the negative state to the present time, are completely, totally and irreversibly dead. They do not have and cannot have any true spirituality in themselves. True spirituality is a vivifying principle of any religion. Spirituality and aliveness of any true religion are always determined by the above­mentioned principle of homogeneity.


In order to better understand the concept of homogeneity, it would be useful to elaborate somewhat on its important principles.



Principle of Diversified Oneness:


This principle states that there is only One God, One Most High, and One Creator who manifests Himself/ Herself to His/ Her creation in an infinite variety of ways, modes, perceptions, understandings and accommodations.


As mentioned previously, the Most High, in His/ Her Absolute Condition, State and Process, contains within Himself/ Herself all infinite varieties and infinite numbers of changes and uniquenesses. For that reason the Most High is always Different and Unique in perception, acceptance and understanding of those who are not absolute but relative to His/ Her Absolute State, Condition and Process.


Every unique individual perceives, understands and accepts the Most High somewhat differently and uniquely from all others. This is a necessary requirement of the principle of spiritual homogeneity because in such a different and unique relationship the oneness of infinite and absolute diversity of the Most High is conveyed to all Creation.


From this principle stems the fundamental rule of any prospective religious doctrines in existence and being: the ability to see, to perceive, to comprehend and to accept the Most High as One who is manifested in infinite varieties and numbers of ways of His/ Her Goodness and Truth, Love and Wisdom. There is only One Good or Love and One Truth or Wisdom. However, this Oneness of Good and Truth is conveyed to sentient entities in inexhaustible manners, ways, diversities and differences. The perfection of the Absolute Good or Love and Absolute Truth or Wisdom of the Most High derives its origin from the diversity, infinity and variety of modes, ways and uniquenesses of its expressions, manifestations, conveyances, transmissions and receptions by similarly unique infinite numbers and varieties of unrepeatable individuals.


Within these infinite varieties of diverse, different and unique manifestations and conveyances of Good and Truth or Love and Wisdom of the Most High there are certain similarities and relatedness. Some are more approximate to each other than others. They are usually perceived by the sentient entities as various clusters. These clusters of related varieties are, then, subsumed under a variety of names and labels which people and sentient entities accommodate or feel comfortable to call the Most High.


In this respect, any name by which the Most High is called reflects, in limited manner and comprehension, one such cluster. It is said "in limited manner and comprehension". The reason for this is that no name, no matter how appropriate it seems to be, may and can express fully the absolute content and function of one such cluster or even its one trait. It only infinitely approximates its absolute nature.


One major concept of the Most High, adopted by most Christian doctrines, is a perception of the Most High in three most significant aspects: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In actuality these three aspects represent three Major Absolute Clusters of the Infinitely Unique and Changeable Nature of the Most High, within which there are infinite and inexhaustable varieties and numbers of unique and constantly changeable absolute traits, characteristics and their various absolute derivatives.


The term "Father", in this connotation, denotes, in general, the Most High's Absolute Essence and Substance, the Absolute Innermost of the Most High. The term "Son" denotes, in general, the Most High's Mentality and all various infinite manifestations of the Most High in the natural degree of His/ Her Creation. The term "Holy Spirit" denotes, in general, infinite numbers and varieties of activities of the Most High throughout all Creation.


The Christian term "Jesus Christ" signifies in this connotation, in general, one manifestation of a specific trait related to Goodness and Truth from the Most High's Aspect called "Son", in the fullness of the Most High's bodily expression and impression of the natural degree of planet Earth and its negative state, for the purpose of a specific mission related to the ultimate elimination of the negative state and to make His/ Her Human Form Divine. The Divine Human and Human Divine of the Most High signify in this connotation total and complete conjunction of all aspects of the Creation in the Most High for the purpose of direct acceptance of and communication with the Most High. It has further deep mystical meaning which is beyond the scope of the presented message.


Now, after the so-called Fall, the pseudo-creators distorted, mutilated and perverted this principle. From that time on, the existence of the Most High has been, in many instances on Earth, either completely denied, or nature and matter have been considered the Most High. In most instances, one trait or limited cluster of some aspect of the Most High was taken and proclaimed to be the exclusive and entire Most High. From this proclamation, it was only one short step to consider all other clusters and traits of the Most High as either inferior, non­essential, non-existent or false.


This general outcome resulted in the establishment and existence of many religions on planet Earth which propose that only their view is right and anything else is wrong and should be eliminated.


Such an approach toward the Nature of the Most High destroys all and any homogeneity in the principles of spirituality and puts an end to the usefulness of all religions on planet Earth.


Yet everything in life and Creation depends upon this important concept. All else derives from the kind of stance, attitude, understanding and perception one has about the Nature of the Most High. It determines one's position in the hierarchy of the spiritual organization and in the universality-­of-it-all. But most importantly it determines how one approximates the Absolute State and Process of the Most High. On it depends one's spiritual progression and, thus, the quality, fulfillment and usefulness of one's life.



Principle of Synthesis and Transcendence of Synthesis:


This principle requires that all aspects of the Nature of the Most High, as they are known and unknown alike to people and all other sentient entities, are approached and accepted in synthesis. No one aspect in itself and no spiritual or religious concepts in existence which proclaim and emphasize this or that particular aspect can and ever will describe, explain and conceive properly the Nature of the Most High. Only in the synthesis of all such existing concepts in all doctrines and/or religions may and can one remotely approximate the true Nature of the Most High.


At the same time, all such concepts must recognize as an indisputable fact that, although the true Nature of the Most High is reflected to a certain extent in such a synthesis, it transcends and will always transcend to eternity any such available synthesis.


Therefore, it must be recognized that, no matter how perfect and inexhaustible any such synthesis seems to be, it does not mean that it is the only possible, correct and acceptable one, and it does not mean that there is no transcending understanding of the Nature of the Most High.



Principle of Spirituality:


Any doctrines, religious systems and/or various spiritual concepts in existence and being must accept an indisputable fact of which they must be constantly aware: that everything in existence and being, from the innermost to the outermost degree of Creation, in all modes and ways of happening without any exception, is of spiritual origin and cause. Such things as matter and the practicality of everyday life, for example, are, in their ultimate sense, only one of the infinite manifestations, actualizations and realizations of spirituality.


Since spirituality denotes in the higher sense the Most High, any such occurrences, proceedings and becomings are a reflection, manifestation, actualization and/ or realization, and are the continuous work of the Most High or one of His/ Her aspects, traits and/or clusters. As to negative happenings, such happenings denote affirmation of the Most High's existence and being by the process of denial of this fact. This means that, if the


Most High did not exist, no negative state, process or happening could be conceived nor could flourish because there would be nothing to deny or to derive from. All energies for such a denial or maintenance of lack of spirituality are and can be derived only from the Existence and Being of the Most High for the purpose of denial and negation of the Most High and for the purpose of perpetuation of the negative state. This is its very spiritual principle.



Principle of Reflection and Application of Spirituality in One's Life:


This principle is an elaboration of Principle No. 3 (Spirituality) as applied to the life of a single individual.


This principle denotes that every individual's spirituality is determined by perception, recognition, acceptance and application in one's life of the fact that whatever one does, thinks, wills, intends, desires, feels, etc., at any moment of one's life, no matter what it is, without any exclusion, is possible only because of the continuous presence of the Most High in one's Inner Mind. From that presence, one is constantly motivated to be, to do, to function, to think, to will, to feel, to be active, etc., in one's spirit, soul, body and behavior.


Morever, this principle requires that one always keep in one's mind, in the process of all activities without exclusion, that, whatever one does, there are always spiritual implications and consequences, since any notion and/ or motivation for such activities stems in the first place from some spiritual correspondences which are manifested, actualized and realized in such activities. All people's life activities are reflections and practical manifestations of spirituality and its correspondences.



Principle of Use:


This principle has a two-fold meaning. The first one was formulated brilliantly by Swedenborg. It denotes, in general terms, that whatever exists exists for some use. By its very existence it performs use. Nothing can exist without any use. The Most High creates from use, for use and into use. The existence of anything can be justified by the kind of use it performs for the common good.


The second meaning, the most important from the standpoint of the concept of homogeneity, denotes that all concepts, understandings, perceptions, doctrines, names, acceptances, etc., of the Most High are useful and necessary if seen in an integrated and synthesized manner as described in Principle No. 2. They all perform certain important uses. They allow one to see the Most High in a broader and more elaborate way than would be possible only from one view or concept or doctrine, etc. This may and can bring one to closer proximity with the Most High's Absolute Condition, thus making one more spiritual, more integrated and more truly a sentient entity or human being (in the case of people of Earth). In turn, such a situation makes one more useful.


This principle of use implies explicitly and implicitly that no spiritual doctrine, concept, system, religion or whatever one has is superior or inferior to another. They are all equal as to their use and excellent as to their differences. The differences only mean a different view, vista or perception of some of the Most High's infinite varieties and numbers of aspects, traits or clusters, etc., which ought to be recognized but which are not to be considered as exclusive, the only important one or the only one in existence. The distinction between true and false concepts and doctrines is determined by acceptance or rejection of all principles of spiritual homogeneity as defined here.



Principle of Personal Relatedness:


This principle denotes that every sentient entity, in this case every human being, in some way or another is actually or potentially an extension and process of the Most High to the degree of acceptance of principles of spiritual homogeneity formulated here.


Because everyone is a unique and unrepeatable being or entity, everyone experiences the Most High in a unique and unrepeatable manner congruent to one's uniqueness of perception and overall personality make-up. Therefore, one has to relate to the Most High in a very personal, intimate and private manner, unique only to that one. Only in this way may one allow full manifestation of one of the infinite varieties and numbers of uniquenesses of the Most High to all Creation. If one does not relate to the Most High in this personal, private and intimate manner, one forcefully deprives and robs all Creation from experiencing the Most High in this particular unique manner. Every such experience, by virtue of one's being and existence from and by the Most High, no matter how private, intimate, personal and within it is, is instantly related to the universality-of-it-all for the purpose of sharing and mutual benefit. In fact, the more private, personal, intimate and within this experience is, the greater is the use, the degree and intensity of sharing with and mutual benefit for all Creation through the universality-of-it-all. Participation in the universality-of-it-all is determined by the principle of the part and the whole. Everyone is a part of the whole. Therefore, any experience one may have is instantly available to the whole and to all its parts and may be conveyed at any time to all for sharing and mutual benefit.


This principle also denotes that in regard to individual relatedness to the Most High, no imitations, rituals, ceremonies, demands, prescriptions, conformities, stereotypes, etc., of external religions have any value without acceptance of this principle first. They are useless and dangerous because they force deprivation of one's personal unique relatedness to the Most High and vice versa, damaging, thus, the whole Creation. Such concepts have no spirituality in themselves.



Principle of Eternal Continuation:


Once any manifestation of life from and by the Most High takes place in an individual person, that person must continue to eternity in an individuated, individualized, personal, unique, conscious, self-aware and unrepeatable manner. After all, every individual in being and existence reflects, carries and manifests one of the Most High's infinite numbers and varieties of uniquenesses. To cease continuation of such a uniqueness means, in an ultimate sense, to cease the existence and being of the Most High. This is an utter impossibility.


No other form or mode or way of continuation of an individual person is conceivable, possible and/or spiritually feasible. It would have no sense and no use.


These seven principles, as now revealed, constitute the principles of spiritual homogeneity. In the future any spiritual and/or religious doctrines, concepts, systems, philosophies, ethics, metaphysics, etc., in order to justify their existence must build on these principles and derive all their meaning from them. Neglecting to adopt and;` or to utilize one, some or any of these principles deprives anyone and anything of true spirituality. Without them, any such concepts are useless and have no right to exist.


This is the end of today's message.”










Digest of “Messages From Within”, pg. 55 – 58, msg. 9


April 5, 1982 in Martinique


The following messages have been received today from the Lord.


“One of the many functions that the previously described new heavenly society performs is a widespread proclamation and institution throughout all Creation, in all its dimensions, of the newly revived, re-established, reformulated, modified and updated spiritual principles of homogeneity (see the preceding message).


These principles are a base, a foundation in which inter-and intra-relationships of all sentient entities and their respective groups, societies, cities, countries, nations, etc., are formulated and built.


By its existence, the new heavenly society, which transcends and at the same time incorporates, integrates, assimilates and manifests all levels, degrees and steps of the heavens, abolished any existing restrictions and isolations which were in force until recently.


Before this abolishment could occur, it was necessary first to revive, reformulate, modify and update the basic principles of spiritual homogeneity together with the fundamental principles of people's spirituality. Only after this took place and all these principles were proclaimed to all concerned in Creation could a process of gradual abolishment of isolations, separations, limitations and restrictions take place.


Such a proclamation was necessarily preceded by the visitation, evaluation, analysis, examination, exploration 'or judgment of all existing states and processes in order to determine what use, if any, their current form of maintenance and structure was performing for the common good of all Creation.


After such thorough evaluation and analysis, it was decreed and adjudged in what form, structure, content, and on what principles they were either to continue in their existence or to be entirely abolished, with their members dispersed into states, conditions and processes where they might and could continue to perform some relevant use.


Now, the Lord appointed the members of the heavenly society, newly created by Him/ Her, to assist Him/ Her in the process of these visitations, evaluations, analyses, examinations, explorations and adjudications. For that purpose, the Lord equipped them with special spiritual principles by which they are authorized to perform this important work. Among many other principles, the previously formulated principles of spiritual homogeneity are the important ones in this process. Not all principles available to them for such a purpose can be revealed and/ or understood by people on Earth because of inherent limitations of the natural degree and the negative state of ignorance for such a comprehension.


As this process of evaluation and analysis continues, under the direct presiding of the Most High, every spiritual establishment and all its members are examined and explored by these principles in order to determine to what extent and degree they incorporate the content of these principles in their lives.


One of these principles, not mentioned above, is the principle of open-heartedness, open-mindedness, mobility, flexibility and willingness to change, to progress and to transcend one's previous condition, state and process. True spiritual freedom is determined, among other things, by this very important principle. Anyone who wishes to stay forever in one condition without change is trapped and limited in one's development, becoming in a way a slave to that condition. Thus, in this instance, one deprives oneself of one's very freedom. This is a dangerous situation because, unfortunately, it puts restrictions and limitations on all other Creation as well. The universal principle of sharing and mutual benefit, in such a case, is violated - one does not have anything any more for sharing and mutual benefit since one has locked oneself into only one experiential mode of one's being and existence (be it in a linear or discrete manner). This tendency is a side-effect of the relative states and processes which all Creation is in by virtue of the fact that it was and is created by the Creator Who is Absolute.


In order not to be influenced or damaged by this side-effect, certain spiritual principles are formulated, established, instituted and continuously re-evaluated, restructured, reformed, updated, modified and promulgated by which everyone may and can transcend one's present condition and state at any time one feels need or motivation.


This is also the reason why periodic visitations, examinations, explorations, evaluations, analyses and judgments must take place to eternity.


The concept of the Last Judgment does not mean literally "last, final and no more to eternity", as many people and many Christians believe. It means the Last Judgment for that one particular state, condition and process which has been in existence until now and which has fulfilled its proper use. Therefore, it requires restructuring, modifying, updating, changing and transcending its previous mode and style of life.


For each such periodic Judgment, all spiritual principles in existence are also re-evaluated, restated, updated and modified, and new spiritual principles come into existence which will serve in a better way to establish a higher lifestyle and mode of use transcending anything previously in existence.


When these new spiritual principles are formulated, the Lord creates a new heavenly society, transcending all previous ones, into which these new spiritual principles are promulgated, and a lifestyle of spiritual progression congruent to these principles is established with them.


The members of this newly created society, then, are appointed by the Lord to assist Him/ Her in a subsequent Last Judgment over all existing states, conditions and processes through the use of all these new and updated spiritual principles.


Such an event, as just briefly described, has been in process in the Spiritual World of Humans from planet Earth for some time. An intensive Last Judgment has been taking place over all negative states, conditions and processes, first in the spiritual world (in the Hells and in the Intermediate World), where it was just finished, and secondly, in the natural world, where it is now in process. In the natural world, this process will continue for some time. The duration of this process in terms of natural time cannot be revealed or known to anyone. Only the Lord knows how much time is needed to accomplish this process effectively and successfully.


As far as all other heavenly societies of humans from planet Earth are concerned, during this period of time they have undergone extensive and intensive reorganization and updating of their conditions, states and processes, and the incorporation of the newly reformulated spiritual principles of homogeneity has taken place in them.


This is the end of today's message.”










Digest of “Messages From Within”, pg. 59 – 67, msg. 10


April 5-6, 1982 in Martinique


The following messages have been received on these dates from the Lord:


Many people have been asking you what the everyday life of an average, normal, healthy individual should be like in order to meet the spiritual requirements of life and for a person to become truly spiritual.


There are certain rules which constitute such a life. Throughout the history of the present "pseudo-mankind", various rules and commandments were given to people in order to return them to spiritual principles. One of the best known sets of rules is the Ten Commandments. All religious systems and doctrines, in one way or another, contain within themselves these or similar sets of rules.


However, these rules are too often misunderstood, misinterpreted and bent to suit one's projections, expectations and personal predispositions within the religious framework of one's belief system.


The best and the most appropriate interpretation of the various internal, interior and external meanings of such Commandments were given by the Lord through Swedenborg.


At this time it is necessary to update, restate and formulate a certain set of rules which can and may lead one to the true spiritual life if one abides by them. These rules are applicable for the next step in mankind's spiritual re-awakening and spiritual progression. When the new step, succeeding this one, comes into existence, these rules will be updated, modified and, if necessary, changed and/or replaced.


In the present concept of spirituality and its principles, in order to lead a true spiritual life, it is advisable to follow the following set of rules.



The first and most important rule is the recognition, acceptance and application in one's life of all principles of spiritual homogeneity as defined and described in the message of April 3-4, 1982. The recognition, acceptance and application of these important principles must be accompanied by constant awareness that these rules are modifiable, changeable and replaceable, if deemed appropriate by the Most High, in accordance with the principles of spiritual progression as defined in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality". This means to recognize the fact that different sets of rules and approaches for some other spiritual states and processes are feasible and acceptable by the Most High.



The next most important rule to follow is the recognition, acceptance and application of the fact that one accepts these rules and lives by them without any ulterior motivation, expectation and/or merit seeking. One lives by them for the sake of good and truth, for the sake of the Most High, and for the sake of the common good, without any further attachments, conditions, demands or "ifs". One does not expect anything in return.


Although following these rules brings certain spiritual consequences such as, for example, freedom, independence, joy, delight, pleasure, happiness, success and many other innumerable positive things, one does not follow them for the sake of their consequences. One follows them only because it is the right thing to do in and of itself as a principle.



In everyday life, whatever one does, be it in one's job, work, profession or in leisure, fun, play or rest, one does it in accordance with one's best abilities and in accordance with the possibilities which are offered or are available to one for such activities in any given particular time and condition.


One does all these things with the awareness in one's mind that all these activities reflect, serve and contribute to the ultimate spiritual purpose as defined by the principles of spiritual homogeneity.


One is always thankful within oneself to the Lord for any opportunities which are continuously offered by the Most High to everyone for engaging in such activities.



One devotes certain periods of time during one's daily life to getting in contact and communicating with one's Inner Mind where the Most High is continuously present (through and by such methods as spiritual self-hypnosis, meditations, prayers or similar modes most suitable and comfortable to that one). In the process of this contact, one asks one's Inner Mind and the Lord for help in exploring and examining oneself for the purpose of determining if there has been anything at all in one's attitude, behavior, thought, will, emotion, wish, want, intent, etc., consciously or unconsciously, that, for some reason or other, has not been congruent with the Lord's Will and/or is contrary to true spiritual principles. If the answer is "yes", one asks to bring them to one's attention, recognition, and to the surface. Then one asks for help in their removal and elimination. One asks the Lord to purify and cleanse one from all such shortcomings and requests protection and safeguarding against their repetition in the future (unless, of course, their reoccurrence is needed in order to learn some important spiritual lessons).


If the answer is "no",one gives thanks with all one's heart to the Lord for such an accomplishment and respectfully asks the Most High to lead one to a life of freedom from any such negative things to eternity.



In relating to other people, one avoids at all costs expecting or projecting into them anything personal or irrelevant to them. One respects other people's choices no matter how miserable they may be. One has always to remember that such choices may be necessary for some very important spiritual reasons which are not readily discernible to anyone and which are known only to the Lord. Therefore, one avoids judging or condemning anyone. One is entitled to the same treatment from others.


In order to know how to relate properly to others, one asks the Lord in one's Inner Mind, during one's meditation, self­-hypnosis, prayer, or whatever one has, to enlighten, to inspire and to lead one in all respects, and to help one to avoid at all costs hurting (by one's attitudes, behaviors or any other ways) other people, the Lord and/ or oneself.



One continuously exercises open-heartedness, open-­mindedness, mobility and flexibility, asking the Lord in one's Inner Mind to help one to achieve these valuable traits in such a manner as to make them an integral part of one's spirit, soul, body and behavior.



One must always be aware that one can never be perfect in anything and that some errors, mistakes, shortcomings, doubts and uncertainties are inevitable in life as a result of one's relativistic state and condition. One learns by one's mistakes. One accepts this condition in modesty, humbleness and humility and asks for help in the ability to accept the scope and certain limitations of one's responsibilities, duties, functions, rights, authorities, abilities, talents, gifts and tools that one has from the Lord, which were determined by one's choice, no matter what they might be.


One asks for help in determining the scope of one's responsibilities, duties, authorities, etc., from the Lord, as long as one is on this Earth. One functions within this scope fully without trying to be or to achieve more than one is equipped to do. At the same time, one avoids any tendencies to underestimate oneself, belittle oneself and/ or not utilize one's abilities to the fullest of one's chosen potentials. One recognizes within oneself that they are gifts of God and one is thankful and grateful for what one has in this particular state, condition and process. One knows that after one fulfills one's purpose in being here, one will be able to transcend one's present condition and to change in any way one desires. One accepts the fact that this change and transcendence can take place only after one has fulfilled all aspects of one's previous choice with all its consequences, and the spiritual lesson has been learned and proper use has been derived from such a condition.


As long as the negative state exists, it is inevitable in our natural degree for one to become occasionally discouraged, disappointed, let down, desperate, unhappy, dissatisfied and/ or miserable. This is the result of one's choice to be in the degree where the negative state dominates and is manifested. Such adverse states are a signal for one to recognize the negative state of this particular existence and to combat it and overcome it within oneself by asking the Lord for help in this endeavor so as not to be governed by it. These adverse states are a constant reminder that the negative state exists and is real and painful. Such a realization helps one to avoid adjusting to them or to become comfortable with them. If one were to become comfortable with them, they would destroy one in all respects.



Whatever one does in one's life, without any exceptions, one should do with a good and positive intent for the purpose of sharing, mutual benefit, common good and for becoming a better human being. Anything that is done with a good and positive intention, no matter what the outcome is or how it is judged by others, is appropriated to that one by the Lord in a positive sense and it is utilized in one's growth, betterment and spiritual progression.


One should continuously examine one's activities and undertakings and should ask the Lord in one's Inner Mind to help one in determining correctly what was, is or will be one's real intention in each and every case and/ or situation. If by any chance one discovers that one's intentions are ulterior, selfish and hurtful in motivation, one asks the Lord for forgiveness and gives oneself suggestions from one's free will for their utter and total elimination and/ or removal and replacement with the type of motivation and intent which is congruent with the Lord's will.


The major point in the new spirituality is continuous self-­exploration and self-examination to know the source of one's intentions. This is the reason why communication with one's Inner Mind and with one's spiritual advisors and, in the ultimate sense, with the Most High is of such importance. For that reason it is advisable that such a communication with such a purpose be done on a daily basis. If one follows this advice, one will not go wrong or do wrong even if one does not have sensory perception and awareness (visual, auditory, etc.) of the answers and/or of the spiritual advisors. Regardless of whether one is sensorially aware of them or not, they are always present and they hear and respond to one's inquiry accordingly and timely.



Swedenborg stated that one of the spiritual principles of life is to shun evils as sins. In the present connotation of this statement, this means that anything and anyone that denies, destroys, condemns and/or holds in contempt the principles of spiritual homogeneity, as previously defined and described, commits an evil act. Thus, it may be considered sinful to deny, destroy, condemn and/ or hold these principles in contempt, for upon them the true spiritual life is built.


For this reason, one is advised to examine, to evaluate and to analyze by these principles any concepts, ideas, acts, behaviors, etc., which one encounters in one's life. Should one find that they do not adhere to these principles, one should avoid them, not be taken in by them, and one should be very careful about them since they may be of an evil intent. One is advised to consult with the Most High in one's Inner Mind and through one's spiritual advisors (if one has established contact with them) about such situations and should take a stance accordingly.


These are some important rules which are revealed for people who have a desire to lead a truly spiritual life. Because these rules lead to spirituality, it is advisable to follow them. However, it is wise to state that there is a definite possibility of the existence of many different ways which may lead toward true spirituality, provided that they are all founded on and derive from the principles of spiritual homogeneity as defined on April 3-4, 1982 in Martinique (msg. 8). This last statement should be recognized, understood, accepted, kept in mind and in awareness in order to avoid false and damaging self-righteous attitudes. This becomes an important principle in itself which one is advised to follow.


Some principles mentioned here have a universal applicability. Others are relevant only to those people presently existing on planet Earth. The principles one, three, four and five have a universal applicability. Others are related only to the conditions existing on planet Earth. As long as one stays on this Earth, under the condition of the domination and ruling of the negative state, these rules are valid and applicable on a broader scale. However, once the negative state is eliminated on this Earth by the Lord, these conditions and rules, specific to Earth, will be modified or entirely replaced with new ones which will be more congruent with the needs of the situation which will exist on Earth in the future.


In the process of formulating these rules, one can notice an important feature. At no time was it stated that one must follow these rules in order to be a truly spiritual person. It was, is and will be always emphasized that one is only advised, but not forced or compelled, to follow them or abide by them in order to be a truly spiritual person. One is not forced, demanded or compelled to do anything. As Swedenborg succinctly pointed out, nothing can be appropriated to anyone if it is done by force, compulsion, demands or circumstances which adversely influence one's freedom of choice, rationality and/ or reasoning process.


For that reason the most important rule of all is the proclamation that, in order to be a truly spiritual person, one is advised to follow these rules only from one's freedom of choice and from one's free will, by virtue of the fact that this is a reasonable, rational and logical condition and requirement. No other mode of following can or may have any true spiritual validity. This rule can be considered rule number ten.


This is one of the most important reasons why the transmitter of these messages and the new revelation from the Most High was not equipped to perform miracles or to possess abilities such as those which accompanied the work of Jesus Christ, Swedenborg and all other prophets. People would tend to believe these things only because of the exhibition of such powers and not because of the validity, logic and rationality of these principles. For this particular time and condition, such external powers would be very damaging to the principles themselves. These principles must utterly eliminate any compelling or forced components which would direct one to believe and accept them. The messenger of these principles must be free from any such compelling force and power so that he would not be tempted to use it, be it intentionally or unintentionally, to prove his point. Such an effort would deny the content and application of the principles themselves.


At the time of the prophets, Jesus Christ, Swedenborg and others, no direct access to the Inner Mind, and thus to one's internals, was then available. Therefore, the only way to remind people of any spiritual principles was by external means (such as miracles, for example).


The situation started to change at the time of the Last Judgment of the members of the Dark Ages. This event was witnessed by Swedenborg. Therefore, it was Swedenborg who, for the first time, was allowed to recognize the compelling and unspiritual nature of such miracles and similar exhibitions.


However, as mentioned previously, Swedenborg's time was a transitional period from the Dark Ages to the New Age of Spirituality. Inherent in the nature of transition is a necessary condition that some old modes of thinking and demonstration are retained as well as new principles, which are to some extent stated together with some distortions of those principles so that the complete devastation of spirituality does not occur. This is the reason why it was necessary that Swedenborg be still equipped with certain external powers (clairvoyance, clear­seening, clear-hearing, etc.), so that people of his time, habituated to external judgment, would not entirely deny the feasibility of his revelation, spiritual principles and memorable occurrences as seen and recorded by him. The total denial of them would have led to a very dangerous situation for the building and developing of the Age of New Spirituality. Hence the logic for Swedenborg's external powers. However, one can notice a certain recession in the quality of these powers in comparison to the other prophets and Jesus Christ. Swedenborg did not exhibit instantaneous healing powers as did Jesus Christ and the prophets. This is, in a way, a compromise. At the time of the prophets and Jesus Christ, the reign of externals was complete and at its peak. There was complete spiritual darkness. To break such darkness it was necessary to use the most powerful external means - instantaneous healing and exorcism. Nothing less would work. In the next step of preparation for the New Age, more emphasis was put on reason, rationality, freedom of thought and similar internal means (therefore, more spiritual means) than on externals. Therefore, Swedenborg, as a prophet of this important step, had different, less external and more internal psychic powers as an indication of compromise between the entirely internal approach and the entirely external approach. Since Swedenborg's concepts took firm hold in the Universal Consciousness and prepared the way for the next step in starting the New Spiritual Age, the entire emphasis is being shifted today to internal means only freedom of choice, free will, rationality, reasoning, logic and heart. These means, by their very spiritual nature, avoid the use of any compelling external means of spirituality. External means are not congruent with the nature of true spirituality, which does not need any proof from externals since externals exist only as a result and consequence of internals.


Therefore, any attempt to prove their validity by external means and powers would damage and utterly destroy their very principles.


This is the reason why the revelator and messenger from the Most High of these principles for the Age of New Spirituality must be entirely different as to his external powers. He cannot do any "miracles" but he treated people in accordance with the new principles as were defined in "Principles of Spiritual Hypnosis" and "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality". In this connotation it is entirely up to people if they choose to get well or to be miserable. The means are continuously provided for both alternatives. One can teach people and show them what these means are and how to utilize them properly, effectively and successfully. However, it is ultimately up to people whether they choose to utilize these means or not. This principle is entirely in accord with the Age of New Spirituality and all its spiritual principles.


Thus, the present revelator from and messenger of the Most High is not permitted to have such external miraculous powers. He must reflect in his equipment from the Lord these new principles. Therefore, instead he is equipped with greater power of spiritual perception, intuition, insight, logic, rationality and reasoning processes, and he refers to the heart and the Inner Mind where each of us has all the power one needs to be a truly happy, healthy, content, satisfied, useful, loving, wise, kind and, thus, a truly spiritual person. In this way, one is a miracle oneself. To be this positive is one of the true signs of a person of the New Spiritual Age. Anybody may and can become such a person if one follows the above-defined spiritual principles and rules by one's own volition and freedom of choice.


This is the end of the two days' messages.”





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