Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 68 – 74, msg. 11


April 7, 1982 in Martinique


The following messages have been received today from the Lord.


“It is necessary to be aware of the following facts:


As mentioned previously the Most High created a very special new heavenly society which has been in existence for some time, and some of its functions and purposes were described before.


However, as long as the negative state in the form of the Hells exists, it will always tend to counteract any creative effort of the Most High and to come up with its own pseudo-creation by the process of imitation of such a creation in a perverted manner. Having the stolen principles of life and creativity from the Most High, they can, may and will continuously, as long as they exist in the negative mode, counterpseudo-create something in exact opposition to that which is created by the Most High. The negative state's purpose in such a pseudo­creation is to undermine and ultimately to destroy whatever is formed, created and put into effect by the Most High. The Most High permits this to happen for the sake, among many other spiritual reasons known only to the Lord, of preservation of balance and freedom of choice for all those who came from and are on planet Earth. The choice of evil intent for them must be permitted to flourish because of the mode of their choice of coming to this Earth - by an indirect endowment from and by the Most High through the pseudo-creative effort of the pseudo­creators. Such a manner of coming into existence and existing in it is negative in itself and it requires certain conditions for proper and effective maintenance of its existence - allowance and permission to continuously fabricate its own negative states and processes.


For that reason, after the Lord brought into being and existence the new heavenly society, briefly described previously, a new pseudo-society of the Hells came into existence in the exact counter-corresponding state and process in order to oppose its purpose and effort. It has been formed from the most vicious, violent, negatively sophisticated and cunning members of the Hells who have at their disposal unusual methods, weapons and tactics which thus far have never existed. The members of this new hellish society gathered all existing hellish ideas, concepts, methods, modes and ways and pseudo-­integrated them in order to achieve an entirely different approach with abilities of persuasions, influences, blackmail, forcefulness, terror, horror, etc. Their primary purpose is to undermine any effort made by the new heavenly society by engaging it in continuous fierce combat and by challenging its accomplishments. However, the most important and final purpose of this pseudo-establishment is a final, all-out attack on the forces of goodness and truth, on the Most High Himself/ Herself, on all the heavens, on all good people of planet Earth and on the entire Lord's Creation. They are unusually ambitious and arrogant in their endeavors.


Until recently, as long as the human era was permitted to exert its influence in the intermediate world of planet Earth, and to a certain extent in all the heavens composed of humans from Earth, the members of this pseudo-society were allowed to have their offices and establishments in the intermediate world. From there they have been and are conducting a fierce spiritual war against the Lord, the members of the new heavenly society and all those who volunteered to help (these include many members from Earth's Heavens and likewise volunteers from other Universes, dimensions and galaxies outside of this domain).


The first phase of this spiritual war ended in a complete defeat of this hellish society and their cohorts from all other Hells. This defeat resulted in their complete expulsion from the intermediate world and abolishment of all their offices and establishments there. All direct access to the intermediate world was closed to them permanently. At the present time, they may maintain only an indirect access to the intermediate world by means of conjunction with those people coming there from planet Earth who are of negative affection and evil intent.


However, the second phase of this war is in the process of preparation, and to a certain extent of actualization, right now. The realization of this phase changed the place, conditions, states and processes under which and in which it will be executed. It has been transferred to the last outpost and stronghold of the Hells - the natural degree in the form of planet Earth and its people.


This is an all-out effort on both sides - on the side of the new heavenly society and its allies as well as on the side of the new hellish pseudo-society and its allies - to establish strongholds here on Earth in order to engage in a final and decisive spiritual war which would lead to the abolishment and to the complete elimination of the human era and all its traditions, conventions and customs on planet Earth.


Both new societies are in conjunction with their respective people, groups, societies, races, countries, nations and their governments on planet Earth. The conjunction takes place both by corresponding factors - through positive states and good intents of people, nations, countries, etc., on one side and on the other side through negative states and evil intents of many people, nations, countries, etc. - as well as by opening the direct access for many people into the spiritual world, their Inner Mind and their spiritual advisors or to the negative possessive entities and spirits from the Hells.


This is a new situation which came into existence only recently. There are several important factors worth taking into consideration and being warned about which stem from this unusual situation:



For spirituality in general and for the spiritual world in particular:


There is a tendency to see and to interpret things in terms of extremes and to resolve problems by extreme means. One may see and interpret things only by extreme spiritual concepts or by extreme natural concepts. The middle stance which integrates both extremes in a productive, creative and functional whole that explains things in their true content and meaning is forgotten. Taking an extreme stance leads many to make mistakes in the interpretation of the expectation of events. Disappointments occur when things do not happen and/or do not mean exactly what they were expected or interpreted to mean.


From this stems the fact that in communication with one's spiritual advisors, for example, one often receives a message which is not exactly congruent with the way things really are or will be. This is an embarrassing situation for many in the positive states and processes and very exciting for those in the negative states and processes.


To resolve this situation, it is necessary constantly to bear in one's mind the warning not to see things in extreme spiritualistic or naturalistic terms or in the finalistic, limiting states, processes or time-space concepts and continuums.


The danger for spirituality in general from these erroneous or somewhat shifted interpretations and expectations is that they tend to reinforce the negative state of finality and the unchangeability of any situation. One must always remember that nothing is final or unchangeable. This principle constitutes the very essence and substance of the middle stance which contains within itself true wisdom and the Divine Providence of the Most High. Therefore, everyone in the positive state and process here on Earth in the natural degree, in the spiritual world in the spiritual degree, as well as in the intermediate world and intermediate degree, is strongly advised to see and interpret things, events, happenings and their outcomes and consequences in terms of the possibilities which may or may not take place in the exact manner or that may or may not be exactly correct as interpreted.



For the personal spiritual condition of people:


There is a danger of exposure to an unusual amount of contradictory ideas, concepts, messages and events. This often leads to confusion and a tendency to believe things which are more congruent with personal predispositions, subjective projections, unrealistic expectations, wishful thinking and self­-fulfilling prophesies than with the real spiritual and natural facts. Again this kind of situation may lead one to disappointments and embarrassment when things do not occur in the way they were expected, or when interpretations do not match the reality of the content of any concept, idea or view. Such an outcome, of course, is very pleasing to the new hellish society.


Here one is advised again and again to keep one's mind and heart open, to be mobile and flexible, and to ask the Lord in one's Inner Mind for guidance and patience in all matters of life.



For the natural degree and the natural world:


In response to the fierce spiritual war which was transposed entirely to this world, the nature and the natural degree has a tendency to react in such a fashion as to lead many to believe that total physical annihilation of the natural degree in general and planet Earth in particular is at hand and that it is inevitable. This is exactly what the members of the new hellish society want people to believe and what they project in the events of the natural degree. They want nature to self-destruct so as to put people in a hopeless and helpless stance where they can become an easy prey for them.


One has always to remember that the natural degree can never be destroyed because it is a foundation on which spirituality stands. The natural degree can be considered in a general sense the feet of the spiritual degree and, in some instances, its sensorial output. To destroy it means to destroy the whole creation. The natural degree, like anything else, is changeable, modifiable, restructurable and renewable (although by its nature it does not like to change). But preparations for such intensive and extensive changes are often perceived incorrectly as signs of an upcoming total doomsday.


Now, this does not signify that a doomsday in a local sense will never occur. But one should not generalize from such occurrences to the entire natural degree or to the entire planet Earth. Even if the Most High decides, for some reason or other, to permit elimination of this particular physical Earth (a very remote possibility), it will be instantly replaced with another similar, newly-created Earth that will take over the function and correspondence that this Earth performed and represented.


When any Sun in the physical Universe goes nova or super­nova, and that particular solar system or galaxy where it happened is eliminated from that particular position and function, it is instantly replaced with another Sun and its system to take the place of the one that fulfilled its corresponding spiritual, mental and physical function and exhausted its use. Such events are part of restructuring, modifying, changing, updating and renewing of the natural degree so that it is more congruent with and reflects better the process of universal spiritual progression. All original elements of that particular solar system and galaxy, whose Sun went nova or super-nova, are creatively utilized by the Most High in this process of change, restructuring, renewal, modification and update, etc. Nothing is ever lost. But people, under the misleading views of Earth scientists, believe that such events (such as a Sun going nova or super-nova) signify or mean catastrophes, destruction, holocaust, violence and doomsday. From the above interpretation of such events, one can see how wrong they are.



For the everyday practical life of individuals on planet Earth:


In recent years there has been an unusual preoccupation of many people and societies with the possession of natural goods and properties. This is a sign of escapism into false and illusional security and safety from all turmoils which are occurring at the present time on this Earth in an intensifying and extensifying manner. Advertisements, commercials, news, literature, the economy and all else are geared to brainwash people into buying more, having more and depending more on material products of society. Very little of a spiritual nature is considered or mentioned in this respect and, if it is, it is usually in a distorted and traditional manner. People are made to believe that all their problems, miseries and shortcomings will be resolved or at least considerably alleviated if they have and possess more material goods and properties.


On the other hand, various rumors of upcoming holocaust, cataclysm and doomsday lead many toward unnecessarily giving up or not taking proper care of their material and physical well-being. They neglect or consider it unimportant any longer to perform their everyday routine duties, obligations, responsibilities, etc., expecting that at any time there will be an end to all of these futile and unproductive efforts.


Both these extremes in one's attitude are very pleasing to the members of the new hellish pseudo-society because they reinforce their position and motivate their destructive endeavors.


In this respect one has to remember that no matter what is going to happen, it is a sign of spiritual maturity and of being led by the Lord if one goes about one's everyday business accepting full responsibilities, duties and obligations, and with good intent performing uses with delight and pleasure within the scope of one's profession, vocation, job, work or whatever one is assigned to, etc. It is also spiritually proper and right to have certain amounts of possessions and properties as long as one does not consider them an ultimate purpose of life, as a source of security, safety and survival. Moreover, it is spiritually proper and right to have certain amounts of pleasures, fun, play and leisure activities, regardless of whether the expected doomsday or holocaust will happen tomorrow or never, as long as one uses these leisure activities to keep oneself in good physical, mental and spiritual shape and health for the purpose of being more useful and a better human being, and for better sharing, mutual benefit and the common good.


These are, then, some important things of which one must be aware and be warned against under the present unusual conditions existing in the spiritual-natural realm and continuum.


This is the end of today's message.”










Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 75 – 79, msg. 12


April 8, 1982 in Martinique


The following messages have been received today from the Most High:


“It is necessary to realize and to understand that in the process of the history of mankind's spiritual development and/or regression on planet Earth there have been in existence different ideological, doctrinal, philosophical, metaphysical and conceptual approaches and requirements regarding the matters of faith, religion, life, mysticism and similar matters in accordance with the state, condition and process of spirituality of the different human eras. Different eras required different spiritual approaches. Therefore, it would be an error to analogize and generalize from any of them.


In general terms, one could conceive such development and/or regression in several major steps that very often comprise long historical eras lasting sometimes for thousands or even millions of years in human natural terms.


The most initial era, the first, true and genuine mankind in the form of androgynous people which lasted for approximately twenty thousand years, represented the fullness of true spirituality. This state can be characterized by a unique and unrepeatable unity, oneness and harmony of volitional, rational, intellectual, logical, philosophical, intuitive, emotional, mystical, esoterical, exoterical, scientific, empirical and all other spiritual, mental and physical conceptualizations, understandings and practices of all matters of faith, religion and spirituality. As mentioned above, in this era no contradictions among various areas existed.


As spiritual recession began, the shift in this conceptualization, understanding and practice started to occur. The next era in mankind's history, the era of splitting human beings into two forms - feminine and masculine ­began a gradual emphasis on an external-rational, logical, scientific, empirical, exoterical and intellectual approach toward matters of faith, religion and spirituality. The volitional, intuitive, esoterical, mystical, emotional, etc., approach began to be somewhat underestimated and considered less valid. This era lasted for several millions of years and ended in the complete devastation of spirituality and destruction of all approaches. This is the era of the so-called Fall. The Fall is characterized in general terms by the perversion of all principles of faith, religion and spirituality in such a manner that emphasis is put entirely on external, outward sensorial inputs and outputs with conclusions drawn from externally observable phenomena and knowledges which have no connection to anything internal - either purely rational, intellectual, logical, etc., or purely volitional, intuitive, mystical, etc. This era, the era of the Fall, continued also for several millions of years and ended with the fabrication of a cave man, pseudo-humans and the establishment of the negative state in the spiritual world in the form of Hell. No scientific proof exists for anything and anybody that existed before this era due to the fact that all traces of the previous people have been very thoroughly and carefully obliterated and destroyed by the so­called pseudo-creators. Only some obscure rumors remained. There are some indirect indications of that era, the era before the beginning of pseudo-mankind, in the Bible and in Swedenborg's concepts. The pseudo-creators sometimes are referred to as Nephilims, Rephaims, Anakims, etc.


The Post-Fall Era, or the first era in the history of the pseudo-mankind, is an era of total spiritual ignorance that lacks any logic, reasoning, rationality, volition, intuitivism, mysticism, faith, etc. Instead ignorance produces superstitions, fears, unresolvable mysteries, magic, blind obedience to the external authorities and/or to deities that are anthropomorphized, naturalized and idolized in external manners. No concept of free will or free choice enters their mind or is even conceivable. This is the era of slavery and gross prejudices and biases. It lasts for several thousand years and ends with the so-called flood.


The post-flood era is characterized by the concept of faith and obedience from faith. It begins with an historical figure ­Abraham. In this era, one does something because one believes it is right. One does not know and does not reason as to whether it is right or not; one simply believes it is right.


The next step in spiritual conceptualization begins with the history of Israel and Moses' Law. Here one can see an attempt to return to the matter of faith by a path of love to God and to one's neighbor. But this path can be achieved at this point in mankind's history by external means only - external sacrifices and performance of certain external rituals, ceremonies, prescriptions and total obedience to them as reflected in the Law promulgated by Moses. No knowledge of symbolical and correspondential meanings of all these requirements is possible or available to them.


This era ends with complete profanation of all external requirements for the spiritual conceptualization and, thus, endangers mankind and the universe with complete destruction. The problem is that, when people pervert and profane even the external means of spirituality, all conjunction and contact with spirituality, from where life flows into the externals, is lost. Given enough time, this would lead to eternal spiritual death. Such a situation requires a direct involvement of the Most High. At this point, the Most High incarnates on planet Earth in the physical form of Jesus Christ in order to prevent an occurrence of eternal death of planet Earth's people and to put an end to the dominion of the pseudo-creators over the fate of Earth.


Jesus Christ's era also means a return from external conceptualization of spirituality to the internals where true spirituality resides. Therefore, He abolishes all external rituals, sacrifices and ceremonies and proclaims that God is a Spirit and that the true worshipper of God worships Him in spirit and in truth. Emphasis is put on the knowledge of truth which leads one to spiritual freedom. Jesus Christ also establishes the principle that the greatest law of all is the law of love, com­passion, forgiveness, mercy and understanding. This is the law that constitutes the true faith and spiritual conceptualization.


Now, for the first time since the history of pseudo-mankind, one is shown a clear way as to how spirituality should be conceptualized - by integration and unification of the rational, logical, intellectual mode (knowledge of truth, exploration of truth, etc.), with the volitional, intuitive, esoterical, mystical mode (love, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, etc.). All these concepts, subsumed under the terms of "spirit", "truth", "understanding", "love", "compassion", "freedom", etc., are reformulated, restarted, updated and modified by Jesus Christ and are put into permanent possession of the human treasury of knowledges. Establishment of this situation assures to eternity that there always will be a connection and conjunction between the natural and spiritual worlds by means of such concepts and their spiritual representations, no matter to what extent people might try to destroy, falsify, pervert or twist them. Thus, once again, spiritual freedom is reestablished.


But mankind was not quite ready, for various spiritual reasons, to accept the type of integration brought and established by Jesus Christ. In order that the knowledge revealed by Jesus Christ would not be spiritually profaned by people, it was necessary to put limitations, restrictions and prohibitions on the exploration, understanding and conceptualization of spirituality by means of logic, reasoning processes, rationality, intellect and scientifics. Instead, the reign of blind faith in and obedience to these principles was instituted for many centuries. This era is characterized by obscurity, mysteries of faith, mumbo jumbo of pseudo-metaphysics, etc., conceivable only to and by the select individuals who dictated and prescribed the type of spiritual thinking and behavior the rest must have.


The one-sided emphasis on such a requirement became a life philosophy of the so-called Dark Ages. This period continued until Swedenborg's time. From that time until now, mankind has been going through a transitional period. It is conceptualized by the statement in Swedenborg's "True Christian Religion" that now it is permitted to enter into the mysteries of faith by means of reason, rationality, logic and intellect.


However, even this great statement indicates, by the word "permitted", that it is a dangerous venture to do so and one should be cautious and suspicious of such an endeavor. This tendency, still to underestimate somewhat the rational, intellectual, logical part of the conceptualization of spirituality, is typical of the transitional period - retention of some traits of the old, acquirement of some traits of the new with some possible distortions in between. The only way that can and will lead mankind to the reestablishment of the initial conceptualization of the new spirituality is an integration, unification, harmonization and oneness of all approaches by all aspects of the human mind without exception on an equal basis without any prohibitions, limitations, restrictions, denial, preferences or exclusivity of one aspect or approach over another.


This is the reason why the present revelation and messages are acquired by the combination of logic, reason, rationality, intellect, etc., and by transmitting concepts, ideas, thoughts, intuitions, feelings and all other volitional, intellectual and emotional components of the human mind. This is a purely rational-volitional-emotive-intuitive-mystical approach. Such an approach is a sign of the beginning of the new era in spiritual thinking and acting.


This is the end of today's message.”










Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 80 – 85, msg. 13


April 9, 1982 in Martinique


The following messages have been received today from the Lord:


“It is advisable to remind oneself of the following important facts:


Since the time of the so-called cave man until now, one of the major sources of acquiring knowledges of any kind has been through sensory modes of the human external mind. This is also true with regard to the activities of prophets and revelations which came through them. For that reason, they saw, heard, dreamt, and had visions and words which they were ordered to record. This was by the way of obedience, frequently without their knowing or truly understanding the spiritual, internal and interior meaning of such revelations or visions. Very often and in most instances they took these visions, dreams and words literally, applying them narrowly to their own time, to physical events and to Earthly nations and people without any concept of their true inner spiritual, interior and universal significance.


This methodology was required because of the closure of direct access to the Inner Mind as a result of the hoax of the cave man fabricated by the pseudo-creators.


In order to maintain some semblance of contact with the Inner Mind and spiritual world, it was necessary to develop a special methodology which would fit such a spiritual situation which has been in existence on this planet until recently.


This methodology accommodated itself to the only available source of acquiring and understanding all kinds of knowledges through and by the external means and external human mind which operates through and by sensory tools. Therefore, in this methodology it was necessary to use the language of external events which would be literally comprehensible to anyone and, at the same time, which would contain within itself precise correspondences of events from and by "within", in the Inner Mind and in the spiritual world. This enabled deep spiritual meanings to be manifested through and by ordinary, literal, everyday events, behaviors and happenings in people's, nations' and groups' lives and in the natural world.


In such a methodology, no internal comprehension or comprehension from "within" is possible and discernible because one is turned to and faces "without" and has one's back to "within". This manner of conjunction necessitates that people who were supposed to transmit revelations would have abilities to see, to dream and to hear various events which personally for them would be very obscure and which very often would not make any tangible sense. The real sense to these things comes only from "within". However, at that time the ways to "within" were closed so that no profanation by sensorial inputs from "without" could occur.


Since those times, people were instilled, almost in their genes from the very first moment of their physical conception, with a need, a desire to look outside, to "without", and to seek all knowledges and answers to their questions outside or "without" of themselves. Only a few "chosen ones", such as so-called holy people, monks and nuns, and similar people were trained and allowed to look and to seek inside, from "within".


However, even these people in actuality were not capable, with some exceptions, to contact the true "within" or inside because they went about it in a wrong, external manner. First, they accepted doctrines, conceptualizations, philosophies, prescriptions, rituals, ceremonies, obscure mysticisms and distortions of their own religious pseudo-spiritual concepts (which were fabricated from sensorial-externals). Then, by them and through them, they attempted to make such a contact. Wrong methodology, of course, leads to the wrong area of contact. Instead of contacting their true internals, they ended up in contacting the artificially developed area of the mind which is comprised of wishful thinking, personal predispositions, subjective projections, self-fulfilling prophecies, false expectations, suppressed and repressed fantasies and daydreams and similar matters which do not have the reality of true internals. Then they assumed this area to be the real Inner Mind or "within".


These situations and methodologies are one of the major sources of all kinds of distortions, misconceptions, misinterpretations, misguidances, misleadings, twistings, perversions, errors and mistakes which have been plaguing mankind's various religious doctrines, beliefs, faiths, concepts, ideas, thoughts, social establishments, laws and institutions since the time of the cave man.


As long as people on planet Earth choose and are forced by all available means without exception to look outside, to "without" and to be preoccupied with externals only, no true understanding of anything in its essence and substance, and no true spirituality will be accessible and available to them.


The first critical evaluation of the above methodology was given by Swedenborg. However, in reality, it was Jesus Christ who was first to warn people that the Kingdom of God is not here or there, but within. That means that all understanding and answers to spiritual questions as to the meaning of life and religion are only "within", in one's Inner Mind where the Most High resides in people. But nobody paid too much real attention to this statement because, by virtue of the spiritual situation on Earth and in the spiritual world at that time, Jesus Christ by necessity spoke mostly in parables or correspondences and symbolism. However, people took such statements literally or they simply did not understand the true meaning of what He was talking about. Swedenborg was the first who properly explained this situation.


As mentioned previously, to accommodate themselves to the current situation of the spiritual ignorance of people of their time, all prophets, Jesus Christ, Swedenborg and other such people were necessarily equipped with external sensory powers which would demonstrate visibly and experientially the spiritual principles at work. They all performed so-called miracles. The problem with this methodology is that, despite the fact that it proves the spiritual principles at work, it comes from the outside, from "without", of one who observes the performance of such miracles. Whatever comes from outside is compulsory and has little spiritual appropriation unless, of course, it triggers some spiritual internal processes that awaken one to the reality of one's Inner Mind or internals - "within". But unfortunately it does so only to a very few. People who observed Jesus Christ's miraculous works ultimately crucified Him. His own Earthly relatives considered Him to be mentally ill. Others claimed He performed these miracles by the powers of the Hells. Most prophets before and after Jesus Christ were imprisoned, tortured and killed despite the fact that they performed great miracles and everyone was a personal witness to such a performance. Contemporaries of Swedenborg, together with some present time scientists, claimed that Swedenborg suffered from a psychotic disorder labeled in the old psychiatric textbooks as paraphrenia - a form of schizophrenia.


This all points to a very important fact - nothing can be considered spiritually valuable which comes from the externals and the sensorial alone without first being initiated in one's internals and then having proper impact on the externals also. Otherwise, in the end, it is vehemently denied by most people, and messengers of such works are considered to be insane or working by the powers of evil spirits.


Therefore, in order that the New Spiritual Age take hold on planet Earth, it is necessary to teach people to give up their dangerous and destructive habit of millions of years to look and to seek outside, "without", in the external sensory mind, and to start to turn inside, to "within", to their Inner Mind where the Most High is. This is a new methodology for the coming New Spiritual Age. For a few years, now, people have been told about and drawn toward special so-called mind techniques, such as various meditative techniques, self-hypnosis and hypnosis, spiritual hypnosis and self-hypnosis, biofeedback, guided imagery and many similar methods that herald the very important first step taken by many in the right direction - to look to and to seek in "within", in their Inner Mind.


Until recently, people by and large always expected that things would be done for them by someone else and not by themselves (something like going, for example, to a doctor for a cure by external means, instead of going to a doctor to learn how to cure oneself by the means of one's Inner Mind). This was a part of the old methodology. A good example of such a methodology is the so-called medical model. It can treat only from without and describes everything only by observable symptoms which are sensorial means. Such a methodology will no longer be tolerated in the New Spiritual Age. Everyone will be properly trained to utilize all available powers of one's Inner Mind from the presence of the Most High in it for accomplishment of whatever one needs in accordance with one's chosen style of life.


All "miraculous" types of healing and other psychic and spiritual powers will be natural occurrences in everyone's life not by the external tool of someone else's abilities, but by one's own determination and reliance on the Lord within one's Inner Mind.


The various new methodologies for getting in touch with one's Inner Mind and the Spiritual World and the tapping of their inexhaustible resources for one's benefit and the benefit of all will be developed, revealed and utilized on the broadest and widest possible scale. No one will be lacking anything one needs for successful fulfillment of one's purpose of being on this Earth within one's chosen type of use that one will perform and style of life that one will want to lead.


The external human mind will be productively engaged in useful service to the Inner Mind by providing proper routes to the external world and nature. The externals will no longer dominate human life and no one any longer will be habituated and enslaved to them.


Because the new revelation, reflected in the "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality" and in all these and future messages, is for the first step in establishing the New Spiritual Age, the revelator, messenger and transmitter of them from the Most High is not equipped with externally observable powers to perform so-called miracles or to have unusual sensory methods of communication. As mentioned previously, such powers would defy the very principles of the New Spirituality. He must serve as a first example of complete reliability on his Internals from where the Most High Himself/ Herself speaks to and through him by logic, reasoning, intellect, intuition, ideas, thoughts, concepts, feelings, inner senses and similar methodologies of his Inner Mind. They all come, appear and are thought through while he is in a deep state of meditation, spiritual self-hypnosis and prayer in the presence of all his spiritual advisors, appointed by the Most High, Swedenborg and other entities who are present by the will of the Most High under the direct presiding of the Most High in the High Council of the newly formed heavenly society. These internal events then are confirmed, verified, checked and validated also by external means, such as various life events, examples of external happenings, ideomotor reactions, etc. Whatever comes in this respect comes directly only from the Most High, from the Lord. No one else is allowed to put into him anything from oneself except with direct permission from the Most High and in His/ Her presence with instant feedback of corroboration or modification by the Most High.


Such a methodology is a living example of how things will be done and accomplished by people of the New Mankind, of the Age of New Spirituality.


This is the end of today's message.”










Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 86 – 90, msg. 14


April 10, 1982 in Martinique


The following messages have been received today from the Lord.


“Since the typical human era came to its fruition and was abolished in the spiritual world (with the exception of the Hells), an extensive restructuring of various levels of that world took place. Not all procedures, outcomes and consequences of such a restructuring and reorganization can be discernible and comprehensible to those who are still in the natural degree on planet Earth. However, some limited concepts may be related here.


As mentioned previously, the major structural changes occurred when the new heavenly society was created and established by the Most High. The former limitations, boundaries and closures of various levels have been removed and replaced with new freedom, understanding and a new spirituality characterized by a differentiated integration, unity, oneness and harmony of all levels of the positive states, conditions and processes of the entire spiritual world.


This situation leads to a qualitatively and quantitatively different, more profound, more intense and more universal function, content and participation of all members on a mutual sharing, beneficial and useful basis.


There are several aspects which conceptualize these profound changes.



The most striking change and the most important one from the standpoint of the principles of universal spirituality occurred in the modes and ways of relating to and communicating with the Most High, including how the Most High is perceived by the various spiritual societies and their individual members.


There is one dominant perception of and relatedness to the Most High, characterized by one's spiritual make-up and the degree of one's love and wisdom, good and truth, and faith and charity toward the Most High and the neighbor, and one universal or auxiliary perception of and relatedness to the Most High determined by an integrated perception of and relatedness to all in Creation. One may now participate in perceiving and relating to the Most High in all possible modes and ways which are available to others by the principle of mutual sharing and mutual benefit. The third way this perception of and relatedness to the Most High is determined is by the result of the combinations and unification of the two mentioned above. Now one can experience the Most High from one's personal, private and intimate state, unique only to that one; one can, at the same time, experience Him/ Her by the universal way of all others; and one can experience the combination of both as this experience happens simultaneously and in a synchronous manner. This leads to one of the most intensified and unique ways of perceiving, relating to and experiencing the Most High. Nothing like this has been thus far in existence. The result of such a situation is the availability to all concerned of an entirely new, hitherto unknown, perception of, relatedness to and experiencing of the Most High which gives one a better understanding of, closer proximity to and greater spiritual awareness of the Most High and His/ Her Nature. This, in turn, leads everyone to a better knowledge of oneself, of others, and, most importantly, of the Most High. Such knowledge brings a greater intensity of love, goodness and charity and equips one with a greater degree of wisdom, truth and faith. The result of this is greater happiness, joy, delight, pleasure, fun, peace and bliss for everyone.



Such a situation, as described above, gives the Most High the possibility to appear personally to everyone by a direct mode of perception, communication and experience in the form of Jesus Christ (Divine Human and Human Divine). At these days this happens more frequently, more intensely and more naturally (in the sense of a greater discernability of, approachability to and contactability with the Form of the Most High). Formerly the Most High was perceived more frequently by and through appearances of His/ Her various symbols and correspondences and through the Word. Thus the Most High was seen, for example as a Sun, Moon, Star, etc.


Nowadays, at the levels of the spiritual world, there is no longer separation and discernment of the Most High at one level as a Sun, on another level as a Moon, on still another level as a Star, etc., but instead the Most High appears to all as Sun and Moon and Star simultaneously and synchronously in different modes of their intensity and emphasis in accordance with everyone's degree of spiritual progression and development. At the same time, the Most High appears personally to everyone and in all important activities in the form of Jesus Christ (for the people of planet Earth). Once again, this situation leads to greater and better knowledge of the Most High, others and oneself. This, in turn, results in a greater intensity and experience of love and wisdom, good and truth, charity and faith in relationship to the Most High and to the neighbor. This once again contributes enormously to everyone's greater happiness, joy, delight, pleasure, fun, peace, mutual sharing with and benefit to all.



Such a multiple relatedness to, perception of, and experiencing of the Most High throughout the spiritual world (its positive states and processes) enables that world to have a greater sense of the universality-of-it-all. This opens the door widely to all other heavens, intermediate worlds and natural universes which are not of and from the humans of planet Earth. There are now established multiple levels, degrees, modes and ways of communication with all of them. Finally, the members of the spiritual world of humans from the planet Earth became equal partners and members of the all-universal family.


This leads to an unusual enrichment and enhancement for all concerned in their new, hitherto unknown perception, understanding, discernment and experience of the Most High. For the first time, these new experiences are available to everyone. One can learn and experience how the Most High is perceived, related to and experienced by the various other types of sentient entities throughout all Creation in all dimensions, levels, degrees and steps. At the same time, all other Creation may and can participate in how humans on the planet Earth and the spiritual world from humans on the planet Earth perceive, relate to and experience the Most High.


Once again, such mutual sharing and mutual experiential benefit leads to far greater, better, more profound and more approximate knowledge, understanding, perception, experience of and relatedness to the Most High, others and oneself. This, in turn, leads one into an even greater intensity and degree of love and wisdom, good and truth, charity and faith to the Most High and the neighbor. And this gives one an even greater intensity and degree of joy, happiness, pleasure, fun, peace, mutual sharing, etc.



The above-described three points determine the present structure and function of the intermediate worlds.


When one transits to the intermediate world, one is exposed to the greater variety, degree and intensity of experiences and available choices. Such an exposure gives one a better perspective and greater justice, objectivity and judgment in the process of evaluation, examination and exploration of one's previous life and consequent conclusions as to the most appropriate state, condition and process to assume in regard to the next step of one's spiritual progression. The personal Last Judgment gives one a greater sense of justice and objectivity and, at the same time, broader and more frequent opportunities for repentance, correction and removal of all errors and mistakes, for learning of new experiences, modes of functioning, styles of living and various other possibilities. In the case of humans, who come from planet Earth, the demonstration of the intensity of the destructiveness of the negative state is more discernible, experiencable and understandable.


By exposure to various experiences which have not been available in such numbers, degrees and intensities until recently, one can undergo and is better motivated to separate from one's negative state and one can see more clearly its consequences for the entire Creation.


Moreover, the new situation now allows the opening of memories which have been obliterated about the facts related to the pseudo-creator's pseudo-creative efforts and one's voluntary status in participating in the perpetuation of the negative state and process. One is, therefore, given a greater chance and opportunity to change and to recede from one's negative ways of life, thus entirely avoiding the necessity of going to Hell. Since more and more people coming from Earth, after learning about all the reasons behind the existence of the negative state, will choose to recede from the evil and falsity assumed by their negative state, fewer and fewer people will need to go to Hell. Therefore, at one point in the future, no one will choose to go there, and no new arrivals will be appearing in the Hells. This may eventually lead to the complete elimination and abolishment of the negative state and all Hells.


These are, then, some points which are useful to know and to consider by all interested.


This is the end of today's message.”


End of the trip to Martinique.










Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 91 – 94, msg. 15


April 10, 1982 during the flight from Martinique to Miami


The following messages have been received from the Most High during the flight from Martinique to Miami:


“There are certain clarifications which are necessary to consider at this time related to sexuality in the spiritual world. As mentioned previously, the concept of sexuality in its entire content, extent and meaning, as it is experienced and practiced in the spiritual world, is not comprehensible to one who is in the natural degree. This is even more true for those who are in the natural degree and in the negative state - the condition that presently exists on planet Earth. Humans have nothing in their present repertoire of conceptualization and imagination which would enable them to discern correctly what sexuality is all about in the spiritual world.


However, some remote understanding of some of its aspects can be revealed at the present time:



Sexual intercourse in the spiritual world is in its spiritual fullness and in full expression, impression and sharing. No restrictions for those who wish to share with each other exist. However, the modes and the ways of sexual intercourse have little, if anything, in common with the ways it is practiced on planet Earth. In the spiritual world, it is done primarily by mutual, simultaneous and synchronous spiritual and mental projection of all one's masculine or feminine characteristics into one another in their totality and entirety. Such a projection also has a reaction in the external forms of the participants. The complete exchange of all thoughts, ideas, emotions, experiences, etc., takes place in such a manner that each participant is in all minute details of everything that is happening in the process of intercourse with one another.


Thus, a unique experience results from such a sexual intercourse that contains subjective experiences of each partner, mutual experience of what the other experiences and a blend and unification of togetherness of that experience. Moreover, one also experiences impressions of how one is experienced by one's partner. Thus, there is a continuous simultaneous and synchronous feedback of all processes which take place during such an intercourse. And because one is always in a progressive mode of existence, no identical experiences in succession are possible. Therefore, each sexual intercourse, even if it is with the same partner, can never be the same. It is always unique and unrepeatable.


The above-mentioned feedback is experienced by them manifoldly - first, as one's own impression, expression and subjective content; second, as the impression, expression and subjective content of the other one in exactly the same way as it is subjectively experienced by the other one; third, as mutual reactions, impressions and expressions of objective perception of how one experiences another; fourth, as a projection and feedback of external reactions, etc. This all results in a unique orgasm that brings forth the birth of a special, new creative idea, concept, insight and understanding which has not been in actual manifestation until that moment. Such ideas are then utilized by the Most High for endowment of a new sentient entity with life by projection, transmission and emanation of them into a specially created external form congruent to the choice and need of each idea to become a sentient entity in the most opportune environment, dimension, level, degree and step. This is one of the ways all sentient entities assist the Most High in continuous creation.


Human beings on planet Earth have no practical means to experience sexuality the way it is experienced in the spiritual world. As you know, they were genetically altered by the pseudo-creators in order that no unification, exchange and true subjective and experiential feedback and mutual sharing could occur during sexual intercourse. Therefore, humans are not equipped in any manner to have such experiences. For that reason, in the process of sexual intercourse, humans remain experientially separated from one another's subjective experience and, therefore, no true sharing can occur. Every sexual partner is locked in his/her own subjective experiential mode without any true comprehension of what is being experienced by his/her partner. No true feedback can occur between them. The only sharing which is possible under such circumstances is by verbalization and observation of the physical reactions that can never convey the true subjective experiences in their essence and substance. Everything takes place in the externals. This is one of the major reasons why human sexual intercourse in its ultimate sense is never completely satisfying.


This is why people on Earth are sexually attracted to each other primarily by external appearances, very often at first sight, rather than by spiritual and mental traits. This is another reason why no true marriages are possible on planet Earth. The pseudo-creators could not tolerate the continuation of true sharing in sexual intercourse because it would have led people to just the opposite of what they wanted to accomplish ­destruction of spirituality. For that reason, people on Earth are only in the externals of sexuality but never in its internals.



The physical aspects of sexual intercourse in the spiritual world are different from those on planet Earth. There is no physical penetration of a vagina by a penis. This is an anatomical peculiarity on Earth which was fabricated by the pseudo-creators in order to keep people from the internals and the spirituality of sexuality. Instead they have something like a blending into one another, a merging in totality of one's being and existence, essence and substance, and impression and expression. They become for that moment one another, at the same time preserving their separate identities and the subjective content of their experiences which are projected in their totality into one another synchronously. When they complete such an exchange, the indescribable delight and bliss of it results in a simultaneous, mutual orgasm. In the process of orgasm, one is experiencing one's own orgasm, one's partner's orgasm and the unified orgasm of both.


A very remote and imprecise analogy for such an intercourse could be somewhat understood if one would imagine that each partner has both a penis and a vagina. When they approach one another for sexual intercourse, they simultaneously penetrate each other and are penetrated. In the spiritual world, there is no one-sided penetration without being penetrated, and reception without being received is possible. That would defy the very nature of spirituality.


There is nothing like this possible on Earth. This is again another reason why true marriages are impossible on Earth. The true marriage requires that such a total exchange take place. Since people on Earth are not even physically and anatomically equipped for such an experience, they cannot be truly married.


Therefore, in the future, when the New Spiritual Age comes into existence, an extensive restructuring of humans' anatomical, physiological, biological and hormonal organs and spiritual and mental attitudes corresponding to them will be necessary.



Until recently sexual intercourse in the spiritual world of humans from Earth had been limited, for certain spiritual reasons, to the level, region and society where one lived and was part of. Since the extensive reorganization and abolishment of boundaries and limitations, and creation by the Lord of the new heavenly society, no such limitations are feasible any more. Thus, the door was opened to a greater experiential life for all concerned and to the other dimensions, levels, degrees and steps, so that more profound and more spiritual knowledges, ideas, concepts, thoughts, etc., could be born. This enhances and enriches everyone's life and sexuality to hitherto unknown proportions. Such a situation, in turn, leads everyone to a greater knowledge of and love for the Lord, others and oneself. From this stems the greater spiritual use which enables closer approximation to and greater identity with the Most High's Absolute State, Process and Condition. Thus, everyone can become a better, more spiritual, more loving and more wise sentient entity.


This is the end of this message.”










Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 95 – 98, msg. 16


April 11, 1982 during the flight from Miami to Los Angeles


During the flight, the following messages have been received from the Lord:


“This is a continuation of yesterday's theme on sexuality in the spiritual world and on planet Earth.


As mentioned yesterday, in the spiritual world, sexual attraction is determined by one's internal spiritual state and process. Therefore, one is attracted to the internals of one's partner. The internals determine the appearance of the external physical form (note: physical form does not necessarily mean material form from the elements of the natural degree). There is not and never can be any discrepancy between the internal spiritual state and process and its physical external form and outward appearance. One really appears as one is in one's spiritual essence and substance. Hence, sexual attraction is always determined by purely spiritual conditions. To be sexually attracted in this way is the proper and right universal order and law of being and existence.


However the situation on planet Earth is different. Here the negative state and process dominates and is in control. Therefore, sexual attraction on Earth follows a distorted, perverted and unnatural order. Here the attraction initiates, in most instances, in the externals, from physical appearance, and then may proceed to mental and possibly to spiritual attraction. Such a reversion of this process cannot lead to the proper conceptualization and experience of the true spirituality of sexuality and sexual attraction.


Because of the reversion of this process, discrepancies between physical form, physical appearance and one's spiritual and mental state and condition are not only common, but are, in fact, a frequent occurrence and general rule. One may appear physically very attractive and beautiful while one's spiritual state, condition and process, at the same time, is ugly, disharmonious and of negative intent. And vice-versa, of course, one can be physically and externally unattractive, having little or no sexual appeal, yet one, at the same time, may be beautiful and very attractive spiritually and mentally. Such a situation is possible only in the dominion of the negative state. Nowhere else in the entire universe does it exist.


This is one of the many sources of devastating sexual problems and sexual perversion that people on planet Earth are exposed to and suffer from.


Another problem with sexuality on Earth is the anatomical structure and positioning of the sexual organs. The pseudo­creators restructured the sexual organs in such a manner as to place them in proximity to the organs which are in charge of elimination and expulsion of waste from the body. Thus, sexual organs are shared with the urinary tract and are in close proximity to the anal tract. These parts are called unclean parts of the human body because they carry out waste which is offensively smelly, filthy, dirty, repulsive and has only negative connotation and correspondence to some state and process of the Hells (Swedenborg pointed out that feces correspond to evil while urine corresponds to falsity). This positioning and connotation is a deliberate result of the genetic manipulation by the pseudo-creators. It supports the unconscious, and in many instances even conscious, notion which many people hold about sex and sexual pleasures. These are very often, "naturally", because of their proximity to the unclean organs, considered dirty, filthy, repulsive, offensive and immoral. This again leads to much misery, suffering and guilt about having sexual desires and sexual feelings. Such a situation originates all types of sexual perversions and is the ultimate source of all venereal disease.


In the spiritual world, the situation in this respect is different. Whatever is consumed there in the form of food or beverage does not need to be eliminated because it does not produce any waste (in the positive states of the heavens). It is completely utilized, absorbed and changed into pure spiritual and mental energy that emanates from one's body in the form of beautiful light, various colors and their most exquisite various combinations, and in delightful and unimaginably beautiful fragrances. Thus, no negative connotation about sex and sexual feelings are possible there in any way. The only possible connotation is a connotation of beauty, creativity, joy, delight, pleasure, a sense of fulfillment and higher spiritual awareness, etc., which motivates one to engage in more sexual intercourse in order to share this indescribable pleasure and beauty with all who have similar desires.


This is one of the reasons why, after sexual intercourse in the spiritual world of the positive state and process, one can never have an experience of sadness, temporary impotence and/ or temporary lack of further energy for sexual performance, etc., such as occurs with people on Earth. People on Earth are not able to achieve the totality of sharing and exchange, as are people of the heavens, as a result of sexual intercourse. Therefore, they end up with feelings of exhaustion, frustration and depression. There is always that nagging feeling that something very vital is missing from human sexual experience. This is another reason why true marriages are impossible on Earth.


Such negative states, processes and feelings of people on Earth are the result, among other things, of the reversion of order in the process of their sexual attraction (as a result of general reversion of the order of spiritual progression). This was also genetically determined by the pseudo-creators.


True marriage requires a different spiritual order and, corresponding to it, a different physical and anatomical structure of the human brain and the human body than is in existence presently on Earth. This also requires an entirely different understanding of the concept of sexuality and its approach, attitude and practice.


The negative connotation that sexuality has acquired from its association with the so-called unclean parts of the human body must be removed and restructured. Instead of connecting sex and sexual desires with Hell (as the pseudo-creators wanted), it is necessary to reconnect them to the heavens and to spirituality where they belong. This requires a lot of work in changing human attitudes regarding sexuality and sexual desires and their corresponding spiritual and mental states, conditions and processes.


On the other hand, sexuality in the negative states of the Hells is derived from the conjunction of evil and falsity. Because nothing productive, constructive or creative can result from such a conjunction, everything there ends in negativity and waste. So, whatever is consumed in the Hells is turned into waste. Therefore identification with the negative state makes sexuality truly filthy, dirty, offensive, smelly and repugnant. But, in the Hells, they love such a connotation of sexuality and its connection to feces and urine. It is their pseudo-delight and pseudo-pleasure. Such a sexual conjunction there (between masculinity and femininity) results in a birth of perversions and all kinds of negative and adverse ideas, thoughts, concepts and notions which produce such a repugnant stink that one who is not of that state can faint from it.


This is the end of today's message.”










Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 99 – 105, msg. 17


April 16, 1982 in Santa Barbara, California.


The following messages have been received today from the Most High:


“Just two notes today:


First, longevity of people's natural life on Earth, from the standpoint of spiritual principles, is not determined in terms of physical linear time - in years, months, weeks, hours, minutes and seconds. The spiritual world does not deal in such terms. Instead, it is determined by the degree and extent of usefulness, productivity, constructiveness and creativity of one's life. So, when the Lord says to someone: "You will live long because you help", it does not necessarily mean a long physical life span in terms of time categories. It means long life by content. One can live, for example, 30 or 40 years in human Earth terms, yet, because of one's very productive and useful life, one, in actuality, may have lived a very long life. On the other hand, some people may live over 90 years, but, because they have mostly wasted those years on unimportant and superficial matters, they, in fact, may have lived a very short life.


This is how longevity of one's Earthly life should be determined. The physical aspect of longevity may or may not coincide with the spiritual one.


One has to remember constantly that, in actuality, there is no old age. The aging process of the human physical body is the result of the existence of the negative state and genetic manipulation by the pseudo-creators. Before the negative state commenced on Earth, there was no apparent aging of human tissue. Spirit and soul, of course, can never age. They are constantly in their prime creative and productive age to eternity. Thus, people of the pre-Fall period never measured the length of their lives on Earth by natural time. Rather they determined their life span by the degree to which one fulfilled one's mission and by the usefulness of one's being and existence in the natural degree.


Second note: Mr. Paul O. of Santa Barbara, California, is correct in his assumption that there was a time in the history of people of planet Earth when no such books as the Bible were necessary. They did not exist. This is true about the entire pre­-Fall period. There are basically two reasons why such books were unnecessary at that time. First, people of the first period had a continuous, around the clock, direct access to all dimensions, levels, degrees and steps of being and existence. They directly communicated with the Most High and all members of the spiritual world by all modes and tools of communication. They saw them, they heard them, they interacted with them both in spirit, soul and body and by all perceptive inputs and outputs appropriate to them. Whatever questions they had or whatever knowledge they needed to acquire, they asked for directly and they received directly. Under such conditions, it would have been superfluous to have a Bible or such similar books.


Second, the entire human mind of those people was not, in any of its parts, regions, levels or degrees, in any way in the mode of unconsciousness. At that time, there were no unconscious processes in existence. Everyone had a direct and conscious access to all levels of one's mind and, especially, to one's Inner Mind where the Lord was and is continuously present in everyone. After all, how does one communicate with the Most High ? Through, by and in one's Inner Mind. To think that there is any other valid way of communicating with the Lord is to think non-spiritually, that is, to think from the Hells.


Since one was always consciously aware of these facts, and since one has always turned toward one's Inner Mind, and thus to the Lord, one did not need any external means, such as the Bible, for example, for communication with the Lord or the spiritual world and/ or to maintain conjunction with them. One, in actuality was in a constant conjunction of spirit, soul and body, with all their respective dimensions, levels, degrees and steps.


The necessity for the Bible and other similar books appeared when the so-called Fall began. When people started to revert from and pervert the order of creation and started to turn from "within" to "without", it was necessary to provide some external means that would keep reminding them of the internal­spiritual, thus, keeping some bonds and conjunction with the spiritual degree.


The problem starts when one begins to turn from within to without and one starts to lose conscious awareness of the "within". Then one starts to lose conscious awareness of God, the spiritual world, the Inner Mind and all spiritual issues. From such a loss, there is only a very short step to the complete denial of their existence. The more one turns outward, the more unconscious processes take over. So that, at one point in human history, the human mind became almost blank and people were born in complete ignorance. At the present time on Earth, over ninety-five percent of the human mind is in an unconscious mode of being and existence. This number is in an exact correspondence to mankind's spiritual state of affairs. That is how little spirituality remains in people at the present time; yes, less than five percent (to use human statistical terms).


So, in order that such a situation would not result in the eternal spiritual death of people on Earth, the Divine Providence of the Most High provided an external means for keeping people in some form of conjunction and contact with the Lord, their Inner Mind and the Spiritual World. Mostly this is an indirect and unconscious access, sufficient enough to supply and maintain the life support system in anyone no matter how much the fact of life flow from spiritual to natural is denied.


This external and indirect means of conjunction came in the form of writings of so-called holy books such as, for example, the Christian Bible. These books or writings started at the beginning of the Fall.


It is important to remember that the so-called Fall did not occur overnight as many people believe. The process of the Fall was gradual and continued for several million years. From the moment of the first step in the direction of the Fall to the moment of the fabrication of a cave man, approximately 3d million years elapsed (in human terms on Earth). (The subsequent history of mankind can be dated approximately four million years.}


The first book, similar to the Bible (as to its function but not as to its methodology of writing, etc.), appeared approximately 24 million years ago. As a matter of fact, including the present Christian Bible and other presently existing holy books on Earth, there have been in existence eight groups of such books. Two or three of these are briefly mentioned in the Old Testament and in Swedenborg's writings. The existence of others has not been known to anyone until now through this message. This is the first mention of this fact. Except for presently existing holy books, all traces of existence of previous holy books have been completely lost. No record of their existence has been preserved with the exception of those mentioned in the Old Testament and Swedenborg's writings.


This situation was provided by Divine Providence so that those lost books would not fall into the hands of "modern man" because they contained too much open and accessible knowledge of such proportion that it would have given people unimaginable powers which they might have used for negative, destructive and non-spiritual purposes. In fact, those books were lost in order to protect people from self-annihilation. They might be recovered in the future if deemed appropriate and safe by the Most High.


Again, one must remember that a complete turn-about and perversion of the order of Creation did not occur overnight. It was a gradual process. The first group of holy books, therefore, were accommodated to the spiritual condition of people who were not yet entirely corrupted by evils and falsities and, therefore, whose minds were not put in the unconscious mode as exists with present people.


For that reason, the style of the writing of those books was not as hidden and obscure as it is with presently existing holy books. Everyone at the start of the Fall could at first glance see and discover all levels and degrees of correspondences by and through which those books were written and understand their meaning, significance and universal application. Such an understanding gave them unusual powers of mind and the knowledge of correspondences that hold the true secret of life. (Later generations used this secret to fabricate a cave man.)


However, as people turned more and more toward externals, thus becoming more external themselves, it was necessary to accommodate the style of the writing of those books to the people's spiritual condition in order that they would not annihilate themselves by having access to such tremendous powers. Therefore, each successive group of holy books was written in such a manner that the internal and interior sense and their correspondential meaning was less and less apparent, discernible, understandable, and usable by people who, by that time, had lost most of the conscious processes of their minds. When such a need for modification of those books occurred it was provided by Divine Providence from the Most High that they were lost, and a new set of books were written accommodated to the current regressive spiritual state of people.


In the process of the history of writing those books, less and less spirituality in people remained and less and less understanding of the internal and interior meaning of those books was perceived and accepted, until the time came when all such meanings were completely lost for many thousands of years and only their literal sense was taken into consideration.


This situation lasted until the time of Swedenborg. Swedenborg revived the truth regarding these books, pointing out that they had manifold meanings and that they contained within themselves unusual and indescribable secrets (arcanas, as he called them) which relate to spiritual matters, God, the Spiritual World and Life.


The rediscovery of this knowledge by Swedenborg can be considered a milestone, a turning point in mankind's history. People still do not realize the full impact and consequences this rediscovery will have on the future destiny of mankind. This rediscovery stopped the process of spiritual regression which mankind pursued until that time, and it started a transitional period, a period of spiritual reawakening which precedes a period of resumption of true spiritual progression or the New Spiritual Age.


The question then is - will the Bible and similar holy books be necessary in the New Spiritual Age?


The answer to this question depends upon how long the negative state will exist. As long as the negative state on Earth exists, ignorance and the unconscious processes will exist. As long as they exist, the Bible and similar books will not relinquish their spiritual usefulness which they perform for such types of people.


One must remember that as long as the negative state exists it will always try to attack and to wage fierce spiritual war with the positive state. The means, procedures, outcomes and consequences of such spiritual struggles and the ways to overcome them are recorded in the internal and interior sense of the Bible (among many other things). In this sense, the Bible can never lose its usefulness as long as such a situation exists. Nothing can ever be fulfilled that is written in the Bible as long as the negative state exists. In this respect, Swedenborg was incorrect when he assumed that what was foretold in the Revelation of St. John was fulfilled in his time (the 17th century). As a matter of fact, it was fulfilled only in a limited sense on one level and in one small region of the intermediate world that came to its end. However, all other aspects and dimensions of that revelation had not been touched even remotely at Swedenborg's time. The reason for this necessary error was discussed elsewhere.


Now, if and when the negative state is rejected by people on Earth and the Hells are put off limits and are closed completely, then, of course, all unconscious processes will be eliminated, direct access to one's Inner Mind and to the Spiritual World will be open; everyone will be able to communicate with all levels, dimensions, spheres, degrees and steps, and immediate knowledge of everything one needs in respect to all aspects of one's life will become available. Then and only then will the Bible and similar holy books have fulfilled their usefulness and no longer be necessary.


As long as the Hells exist (albeit off limits to people of Earth and completely closed off), people in the Hells will continue to need such books to maintain their life support systems by indirect, external means of conjunction to spirituality and to give them a continuous opportunity for change and recession from evils and falsities. When and if the Hells cease to exist, all such books will become unnecessary.


One must remember that the necessity for having such books signifies spiritual recession. They signify the low level of true spirituality. They are external tools showing the way to the internals, thus, to true spirituality. Once one accomplishes such a state of full spirituality and returns to one's internals, that is, to the Lord, one will not need to rely on external inputs in order to be spiritual. Such books will have, then, only historical and educational value.


This is the end of today's messages.”










Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 106 – 108, msg. 18


April 17, 1982


The following messages have been received today from the Lord:


“It is time to consider very briefly some further points on the philosophy of the New School of Spiritual Re-Awakening, Re-­Learning and Restructuring which will soon come into existence.


The following may be revealed today.



All programs of this School will be structured in such a manner as to provide opportunities for all participants not only to learn but to truly change. One will not be allowed to enter this School merely for the purpose of learning and gathering information and knowledge. Curiosity for the sake of curiosity, learning for the sake of learning, and collecting information and knowledge for the sake of collecting information and knowledge will have no place in this School. Such an ulterior motivation will obliterate any knowledge and memory of how to find, locate or enter this School. One can find, locate and enter it only if one profoundly feels, desires and longs from the depth of one's heart, by one's freedom of choice, to learn or to be treated, or to acquire knowledges and information for the purpose of a complete restructuring, rebuilding and fundamental changing of one's mind, heart and style of life, or one's spirit, soul, body and behavior.


The purpose of entering this School will be to change for the better in all respects without any exclusion (in spirit, soul, body, attitude, intent, behavior, etc.). All means for such a profound change will be provided. One will learn and acquire knowledge and information by doing and becoming; one will do and become by learning and acquiring knowledge and information.


If any knowledge and/ or information does not lead to one's change it will be useless. Therefore each acquired knowledge, information and learning will have immediate consequent impact, manifestation, actualization and realization in one's thinking, willing, feelings, emotions, intentions, desires, attitudes, actions, behaviors, relationships and appearance at all levels of one's spirit, soul and body simultaneously. This will be true in regard to one's self-concept, self-image, self-perception and one's perception, understanding and relatedness to others and, in the higher sense, to the Most High.



Everyone in this School, be it a teacher, therapist, minister, assistant, aide, resident, student or patient will be equipped from the Lord with very special abilities, gifts and tools for locating, finding, determining and applying the most appropriate, effective, efficient, sufficient and successful way and method of accomplishing the process of change, as described in point one, with respect to everyone's individual, personal and intimate needs, choices and desires in accordance with the structure and dynamics of one's mind, personality make-up and the content of one's unique individuality. This will be an individual approach. No generalization and analogizing from one case to another will be possible or allowed. However, one will contribute to the common knowledge by sharing one's experiences with all others and by sharing the experiences of all others for the purpose of enhancement, enrichment and mutual benefit. This will be a group approach.


In view of this fact, locating, finding, determining and applying the most effective ways for change will lead toward the establishment of ways, methodologies, tactics, conditions, states and processes for such a change to take place in the most effective, beneficial, economical, quickest, simplest, most profound and most fundamental manner. The most proper pace will be determined and utilized for each individual to accomplish one's purpose and goal for being in the School in the fastest, most safe and most beneficial manner without any pressure, stress or unrealistic expectations, but also without delay and/or procrastination.



Under the direct auspices and guidance of the Most High, every participant in the School, by the process of deep self-exploration, self-examination and self-perception, will, from one's free will and choice, actively, creatively and innovatively determine, build, form, establish and activate one's future destiny which will be congruent with the unique structure and dynamics of one's mind and personality and one's chosen placement in the hierarchy of the spiritual organization for the purpose of an approximation to the Most High in the most useful, unique, satisfying and unrepeatable manner.


Such a structuring, building, determining, forming, establishing and activating of one's new destiny, under the direct guidance of the Most High, will be one of the major purposes and goals for being in that School. Whoever comes to this School will come with this higher purpose in mind. This will be the ultimate accomplishment in being there. One will be able to graduate from the School only after one accomplishes this higher goal.


When one learns, forms, establishes, determines, builds and activates one's destiny, it will be done with one extremely important principle in mind. Any chosen destiny by such a process as described here will require, during its realization, actualization and fulfillment in one's life, a continuous update, modification, re-evaluation, reformulation, improvement, enhancement, enrichment and, if necessary and deemed appropriate and right, a complete change either in its content, methodology or in its application, style, manifestation, outcome, experience in all or some of the above. This principle will be built into every individual who will graduate from that School, and it will be continuously exercised, renovated and restated so that no one will ever find oneself with a non-spiritual and false idea that one is locked forever in one's destiny.


This is the end of today's message.”










Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 109 – 115, msg. 19


April 18, 1982


The following messages have been revealed today by the Most High:


“Today something more may be revealed briefly on the structure and function of the new heavenly society created and established recently by the Lord.


There are three points which will be considered at this time.



The position of this society in the hierarchy of spiritual organization. This position can be conceived in two ways: first, within the structure of the spiritual world comprised of people who come from planet Earth; second, in the structure of the entire spiritual world in Creation, not only limited to humans of this particular Earthly origin.


In the first instance, the new society can be conceived as the highest spiritual state and process that has been in existence thus far in the spiritual world for humans from Earth. This new society represents the innermost of their innermost. In this sense, they can be conceived as being in closest proximity to the Most High and in the most intense identity with the Most High as far as this particular cycle of time is concerned in relationship to this one region of Creation (humans from planet Earth). This is a qualitatively different state and process. No such experience for humans from Earth was available in the spiritual world until now.


However a serious note of warning: in assessing the position of the new heavenly society, or any society for that matter, in the hierarchy of spiritual organization, one must entirely relinquish linear modes of thinking. Otherwise, one will find oneself in gross error and distortion.


The proximity of states and processes in the spiritual world can be conceived and perceived only in simultaneous or discrete modes. Linearity exists only in a relative sense and only within societies, but never in the relationship of one society to another.


Therefore, no concept of superiority or inferiority of one positive state and process in relationship to another is possible. So, when, in the spiritual world, one hears someone say that one is from a higher society than the other one, it by no means denotes that one is superior or inferior to another. They are always discrete in relation to one another in their own peculiar and unique position in the hierarchy of spiritual organization. Their position is always determined by the degree of approximation to the Absolute State and the intensity of identity with the Absolute Process of the Most High. Regardless of the degree and intensity, each is as valuable, needed, necessary and useful as any other. One could never come even into the remotest existence without the other. (See message 8, dated April 3-4, 1982).


To avoid gross misconceptions, this must always be remembered while dealing with the concept of hierarchy in spiritual organization.


So it can be said that the new heavenly society occupies, in this sense, the highest level of spirituality so far in existence within the spiritual world of humans from planet Earth.


As mentioned previously this society is an integrator of all positive states and processes which have been in existence thus far in this world.


However, this perception is valid only as looked upon from the "within" of the only spiritual world comprised of humans from Earth. If one looks upon it from the standpoint of the entire Creation in being and existence, the perception changes -it is determined by the position humans of the entire spiritual world occupy at the present cycle of time in the hierarchy of spiritual organization of the whole Creation.


This position can be compared, to some remote extent, to the function of the most outward sensory organs of the human body and to some most outward functions of the human skin, especially the parts located in the area of the feet and small toes.


In a more general sense, people of this particular spiritual world represent and correspond to the outward externals of spirituality. Spirituality, as anything else, consists of its own degrees, levels and steps from the innermost to the outermost. The spiritual world of humans from Earth by their position denote this ultimate outermost of the externals of spirituality or some of its spiritual sensory organs.


In this respect, the new heavenly society represents the innermost of the ultimate outermost of the externals of spirituality, or its subtle, sensitive and integrating component which can send, receive and transmit all and any type of information and experience which originate in any part of the Grand Man - the whole Creation. (Swedenborg discovered that the spiritual heavens appeared in the form of man with each society performing uses and functions for the spiritual heavens similar to our own cells and organs in our own bodies.) This is a very important element because by its function it gives sense to any occurrence which takes place throughout Creation and translates and interprets it into a language which is understandable by any one at any level. This is a connecting link of the outermost of the externals of spirituality to the rest of entire spirituality and vice versa - the rest of entire spirituality is connected to the outermost region of its actualization and realization, giving it the real sense and reality of its totality and fullness.



The existence of a typical human era in the spiritual world (specifically in the intermediate world) prevented the existence of this vital link and connector. It was a missing link. This is the reason various societies of the spiritual world of humans from Earth were so isolated, restricted, separated and limited within their own boundaries, and this is why there was very little contact and direct communication with other parts of Creation.


The reason why it was not feasible to have such a society until recently is because of its sensitive structure and position. Being a link, a connector and an integrator of everything in the spiritual world of humans from Earth, it would inadvertently transmit the negative state and process to all other regions of Creation, resulting in a mixture of the negative state and process with positive states and processes. This transmission and mixture would cause such a tremendous, unbelievable confusion and perplexity that no one or anything could survive. The reason is that the rest of Creation would accept the negativity as coming from the Most High. Such a consideration is the end of any spiritual life. The end of spiritual life is the end of any life.


However, once the negative dominion of the human era is eliminated from the intermediate world and all is put under the control of the positive state, the full function of the new heavenly society can be activated. Although creation of the new society precedes the elimination of the human era in the intermediate world (after all it assists the Lord in the process of this elimination), its full universal function cannot be activated until negativity is eliminated. After elimination of the negative human era, no transmission of the negative state and process in an upward direction will be possible; this will eliminate the danger of receiving and passing on thoughts or affections that are not from the Lord or of the Lord. Thus, all doors can be opened and the vital link and connector to all spirituality, which has been missing for millions of years, can be established and activated.


As far as transmission of the negative state and process from the Hells is concerned, without having direct outposts in the form of the human era in the intermediate world, the Hells will not be able to transmit anything in an upward direction because any negative impulse would be reflected back and would not be received or absorbed. Thus, they can transmit only downward to people on Earth, to their own lower levels of Hells and among the Hells, and indirectly to those who come from Earth into the intermediate world who have affections similar to those in the Hells. These newcomers to the intermediate world look, of course, downward to the Hells and whatever they receive from the Hells they can no longer transmit in an upward direction but only back to the Hells.


Thus, a new security and safety has been fully established throughout all the spiritual world's positive states and processes of humans from Earth and throughout all the intermediate world of humans from Earth, as well as total control over the Hells and all their establishments.



As long as such an important link, connector and integrator of Love and Wisdom, Good and Truth, Charity and Faith and the concept of the Most High was missing, no reformulation of principles of spiritual homogeneity was conceivable, and no steps toward the beginning of the elimination of this human era and the eventual elimination of the negative states and processes could begin.


The problem is that one cannot very well begin this process of elimination from any outward position. It is necessary first to go to its source and motivating factors. The source and motivating factors of all negative states and processes were, are and will be the pseudo-creators from their Hell. Despite the fact that they were closed off and put off limits to all Creation by the Lord personally, in the form of Jesus Christ, by the fact of their very existence they are the very motivation and source of the negative state's existence. Therefore, any effort to eliminate negative states, or at least to restrict and control them, must start at their level. But the problem was that no one could enter their Hells and survive. If the Lord were to enter there in person in His/ Her glorified Humanity, they would perish instantly. If they were to perish in such a sudden manner, the motivating factors of the negative states would stop feeding pseudo-life to all areas of the negative states and processes. To withdraw suddenly such a motivating factor of life (albeit an evil one) would cause such havoc in Creation that everything would perish. The balancing factor would suddenly disappear and with it all choices would cease to exist. If there are no choices, no life can be maintained.


The Lord could enter the Hells of the pseudo-creators personally without destroying them only in the intermediate state of what is called His/ Her glorification, by making His/ Her Human Divine. This was during the time between His crucifixion and His resurrection. During this interim Jesus Christ's state was tempered sufficiently by His human aspects, which were not yet entirely made Divine, so that it was possible for Him to accomplish His mission there successfully without causing any need for them to perish by the fact of His presence. This act was most important - the very first step and act in the beginning of the elimination of the negative state and the restriction of its function and extension. Without it, nothing further could have been done. Without this act, no new heavenly society could ever be formed. Without its formation, no integrating principles of spirituality and its homogeneity could ever be reestablished. Without this, everyone would be doomed to be locked forever in one's state and condition.


Yet, in order to proceed with the next important step in the process of elimination of the negative state, it became necessary that someone mortal enter the Hells of the pseudo-creators and through such a person the Most High could proceed with the fulfillment of another part of His/ Her Grand Plan.


But, as mentioned above, no one could enter their level under the spiritual conditions existing at that time and survive. The problem was that, no matter how strong spiritually such a person were, no matter from how perfect a spiritual society of the positive state one were to come, one would still be coming from the state of isolation, separation, restriction, limitation and exclusivity. No direct links to all other levels, states and processes, steps and degrees of Love and Wisdom, Good and Truth, Charity and Faith, etc., would be available to such a person. To enter the Hells of the pseudo-creators under the prior limiting conditions is to enter them under their conditions, into their domain. After all, it was because of them that such a situation of isolation, separation, restriction, etc., as described here, existed throughout the spiritual world of humans from Earth in the first place. This is their weapon. Therefore, they would instantly annihilate such a person. Only from the position of integration of all aspects of positive states and processes can one enter their region and not only survive, but conquer.


But these restrictions, isolations, separations, limitations and exclusivity, etc., have been removed by the Lord, and a new spiritual state and process of integration, unification, assimilation, oneness and homogeneity has been created, formed, established and activated by Him/Her in the form of the new heavenly society. This is an entirely new situation throughout the spiritual world of humans from Earth. It gives the members of this society unusual weapons, tactics, methodology, security, safety and protection that allows them, without any danger to themselves or to anyone, to enter the Hells of the pseudo-creators and to perform services for the Lord there in accordance with the Most High's Grand Plan for the salvation of all and the elimination of the negative state. Now, for the first time, the combat against the negative state can take place where it really belongs - at the very core, source and motivating origin of its being and existence.


This is one of the most vital and important tasks which the new society performs from the Lord for Creation.


The impacts, consequences and outcomes of this act for all Creation in general and for the human race on Earth and from Earth in particular will result in changes of unimaginable proportions. No one can begin to guess what the results will be. It does not matter how short or how long a time it will take, in human natural terms of time, to fulfill this assignment and to bring to full fruition the content of the Lord's Grand Plan. One must remember that there is no time in reality and that one lives forever (see Principle No. 7 of spiritual homogeneity).


This is all that is permitted to be known at this time.”










Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 116 – 121, msg. 20


April 19, 1982


The following messages have been received today from the Most High:


“Today it would be useful to remind oneself about certain tactics and methods of operation of the new Hellish pseudo­society.


It would be a gross error to assume that people in the Hells do not "improve" their methods and tactics of attacking and fighting the positive states and their members, and also fighting among themselves. In this respect, they never stagnate. They are very "inventive", continuously fabricating something new, more sophisticated, more cunning for the accomplishment of their goals.


In this respect it is time to warn everyone against expecting to find the Hells, or even the heavens for that matter, to be exactly the same as they were described by various authors, including Swedenborg in his "Heaven and Hell". Since those times, many reorganizations have been occurring throughout all the spiritual worlds, and things are never the same as they were at the moment of their description by those who were allowed by the Lord to witness them.


This is one of the problems that people have. When they come to the spiritual world after their departure from Earth, they expect things to be the way they were taught by their religious doctrines, by Swedenborg, or others. These out-of­-date expectations lead to many unnecessary disappointments and readjustments. People assume that everything is eternally fixed and stagnated in the same mode of its being and existence. Nothing is farther from true reality.


So it is advisable for everyone not to expect to find things in the spiritual world the way one is taught on Earth. One must see things in their continuous motion, change, progression, up-to­-date modifications and restructuring. There are certain fundamental spiritual principles that govern all worlds and societies, but even they are continuously being modified, up­dated, added on to or entirely changed or replaced to reflect all current needs of overall spiritual progression.


The same is true, of course, about the Hells. They do not stand still in their destructive endeavors, and their condition, structure, content, dynamics and process are in continuous change. As mentioned previously, in their essence and substance, the Hells do not want to change. They oppose the changes at all costs and by all means. They want everything to be final and unmodifiable. But here is the great paradox of their condition - in order to oppose these inevitable changes, they must continuously come up with all kinds of "inventions", "tactics", "methods", "weapons", "discoveries" and many other things by which they can exert opposition to any change. Thus, they must be continuously active in their endeavors to bring everything to a final negative state and condition where it would become fixed for all time. This is the major goal of all the Hells - to bring everything in Creation to its final state. Everything in the Hells serves this purpose.


If such a condition of finality could be accomplished, the Hells would win the battle because the whole Creation of the Lord would perish. In reality, this is what all devoted members of the Hells want to happen. This structure and function of the Hells can be considered their "dynamic" principle.


This is the reason why the Hells are not the same as they were at the time of Swedenborg, or Dante, or Jesus Christ, or at any other time. One should not expect them to be the same when one arrives in the spiritual world.


As mentioned previously, the Hells, under the new leadership of the new Hellish pseudo-society, lost their recent war with the positive state and processes in the intermediate world. The result of this loss was total abolishment of their strongholds, outposts and establishments throughout the intermediate world of humans from Earth. They were forced back into their respective Hells.


At the present time, the Hells are in the process of regrouping, reorganizing and fabricating more sophisticated weapons, tactics and methods for engagement in the next spiritual war. The only stronghold that remains in their possession, outside of the regions of the Hells, is planet Earth. This planet will be a last battlefield of the Hellish forces against the positive forces for dominion over people's souls and spirits.


There are some points of the Hells' functions and operations on Earth which are worthy to keep in mind as a constant reminder.



The main negative influence of the new Hellish society is over the existing major religions on Earth. Christians fight Christians, Muslims fight Muslims, others fight their own, everyone fights everyone else. This is all done, as usual, in the name of God. Muslims, for example, hatefully consider all others who are not Muslims as infidels and, perhaps, worse than dogs; to kill such people is, in actuality, to do a favor for God. How much farther can this foolishness and insanity of religion go? The present time witnesses an unusual expansion of this religion on Earth with its philosophy of violence, terrorism, "holy" wars and extermination of anything non-Muslim. At this point, the followers of the Koran, such as described here, are the major forces in the hands of the members of the new Hellish society for their spiritual war. One is advised to notice that there is very little, if any, emphasis on principles of spiritual homogeneity in this kind of approach. (Of course, not all followers of the Koran are of such a nature.) The situation, of course, is not better with any other major and/or non-major religions, but methods and tactics of their use and domination by the Hells may differ and vary in innumerable ways. If one looks carefully, one can discover the specificity of such a variation.


This situation is compounded by the fact that major political powers of Earth are profusely infiltrated by evil entities from the new Hellish society (incarnated for that purpose) who assumed Earthly human form in order to spread over Earth concepts of atheism, materialism, communism, terrorism, false religions and doctrines and various other concepts in opposition to each other that bring nothing to people but turmoil, unrest, political and economic disasters, etc. They continuously create, all over the globe, tense situations and continuous threats of war and annihilation. They infiltrate high governmental positions all over the world. They use the language of peace and attempt to negotiate various treaties, i.e. arms limitations, etc., only to break them at the very first opportune time suitable to their evil and negative intent. The danger of this last situation is that they cunningly use the desire of honest, but very often naive, people and politicians for making such treaties, forcing their governments by widespread public opinion to enter into such agreements, weakening their position in comparison to their enemies. Of course, this is what the negative process and state wants and expects from such agreements. The Hells do not and cannot have any feelings or needs to keep obligations or to abide by such treaties. The governments of democracies should remember one very important spiritual fact - if one compromises with the forces of darkness and evil, one will be rewarded by darkness and evil. No compromise ever can be reached with the representatives of the Hells. They will ultimately devour one if allowed. The only possible solution is the unconditional surrender of all negative forces. All other ways and expectations will lead only to bitter disappointments and unnecessary massacre and butchering of human flesh.



The other convenient way of infiltration of humans on Earth by the forces of the new Hellish pseudo-society is through both a direct incarnation into and possession of various "spiritual" leaders, gurus, "teachers" and "saints" who, under the guise of sharing elements of spiritual truth, brainwash people into accepting all kinds of "spiritual" concepts which basically lack any principles of spiritual homogeneity. (Many of these "prophets" even have so-called external powers for performance of miracles and various methods of mind control for forcing their followers into believing and accepting their "teachings" as coming from God or proclaiming themselves to be incarnations of God). One method of such brainwashing is the transmission of numerous "spiritual" messages from various so-called "higher" entities from the spiritual world. The problem with these kinds of messages is that they may contain within themselves a considerable amount of very attractive and believable truths. But they are interpreted and presented in a distorted manner, lacking simplicity and spiritual homogeneity, and they describe everything in complex, mysterious and finalistic terms. Not all of them are of this nature, but one must remember again that the true revelation about anything can be granted only by the Most High Himself/ Herself. All other sources of information, revelation or transmission of messages are subject to numerous distortions which are utilized by the new Hellish society for their ulterior purposes. As a guide, it is recommended that one apply logic, reason and intellect, together with one's heart, will, feelings and intuition, in order to properly assess their validity. In addition, use of the principles of spiritual homogeneity can be very helpful as a criterion of such validity.



The new Hellish society has also been specializing recently in the causation and staging of unusual so-called natural catastrophes, disasters, accidents, incidents and crimes on planet Earth in order to induce chaos, disrupt communications, undermine the economy and weaken the stability of social communities. Foolish people with their foolish laws call such disasters "acts of God". By calling them that, they play right into the hands of Hellish spirits who want at all costs to have God look bad in the eyes of people because they desire to destroy in people any faith in God. Such acts, in fact, should be called "acts of the Devil" and all human laws should change their formulation accordingly.


The staging of such happenings on Earth is not caused by God, as many people still believe, but the Most High permits these occurrences as a part of the Judgment, visitation, balancing and reinforcement of the universal spiritual freedom.


One must remember that all participants in such events, be they the perpetrators or victims, participate in them by their freedom of choice, by their inner determination and desire, and by their negative intent.


The new Hellish society utilizes, intensively and extensively, all such negative intents and feelings of people on planet Earth for a successful staging and activating of all of these tragic happenings. Any negative ideas and thoughts of people are instantly captured and utilized in their effort to wage wars against the positive states and processes. This situation is even more pronounced at the present time, because direct contact and communication with the spiritual world is open and permitted. Thus, they can come here and attach themselves to such negative and adverse ideas and concepts of people and infiltrate their thinking, volition, feelings and behavior. This is their favorite way of recruiting new soldiers for their destructive spiritual wars.


This is all for today.”





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