Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 122 – 128, msg. 21


April 20, 1982


The following messages have been received today from the Most High:


“What follows will be difficult to understand.


Today it is time to say something about the philosophical concept of time. This concept can be considered one of the most mysterious and least properly understood by people on Earth. The reason is that they are in the externals of their mind. The rest of their mind is closed and put in the mode of the unconscious. To understand time properly, one must be in a full conscious awareness of one's total mind. People on Earth utilize only about five percent of their mind.


The external mind is capable of apprehending time only in a very limited and a very narrow manner - by taking one small aspect of its process and improperly generalizing from it to the entire time content. Because the human external mind is adapted to the nature of the natural degree and its physical laws, it has only one mode of thinking and conceptualization ­linear. From this linear mode, it attempts to apprehend and conceptualize time. Thus, time is seen as a straight-forward, one-directional continuous flow pictured as a straight arrow pointed upward and forward. No other conceptualization of time is discernible to the human external mind.


The problem with this conceptualization of time is that it forces one to objectivize time, to consider it as a reality apart from the conscious and apperceptual mode of existence.


Einstein was one of the first on Earth to notice the inconsistencies in this conceptualization of time. He perceived correctly the relative nature of time. In this respect conceptualization of time depends on one's position and state in the physical universe respective and relative to all else.


But even this advanced theory of time relativity lacks conceptualization other than a linear continuum. No other possibilities are taken into consideration.


However, to properly understand the time phenomenon, it is necessary to consider the following facts.


First, any ideas, thoughts, concepts, states and conditions are in their process of becoming. This is always a subjective process. Projection of ideas, thoughts, concepts, states and conditions into becoming can be conceived and considered as an act of their objectivization from their subjective states. Once they are manifested and actualized outside of the subject, they continue both as subjects in themselves and as objects to their subjective source. The latter part, becoming an object of their subject, constitutes the linear aspect of the time phenomenon.


Second, the linear aspect of the time phenomenon is the end product of the whole process and not its origination, continuation and/ or the only conceivable mode of being and existence.


Third, time can be better understood not as a linear continuum but as a discrete, simultaneous and synchronous occurrence of events relative to the content, quality and use of their originating source.


Fourth, physical manifestation of such ideas, thoughts, etc., in the natural degree is determined by the corresponding spiritual factors which establish their necessity and purpose of realization in the linear mode of continuum which rules the physical universe in relativistic categories. The linear mode of existence cannot produce in itself any occurrences or events. By its nature, it can only receive them and manifest them in the relativity of a linear time continuum.


Since there is no initiation and origination of anything in the physical mode of being and existence, all determinations of occurrences, proceedings and becomings take place in subjective states, processes and conditions which are in no way bound to the linear aspect of time. Therefore, it is up to the subject or a sentient entity or, in an ultimate sense, the Most High to determine the best possible mode of projection and manifestation of any idea in the most suitable moment of the linear aspect of time.


Because of the complexity of time's conceptualization, whenever a message comes from the spiritual world to people on Earth, it always comes in its discrete mode, as an idea, and it is then translated into the categories of linear time of the physical continuum, distorting the proper perception of the true moment of its positioning or appearance in the natural degree. People in the spiritual world speak always in ideas, states and processes of time which is never linear for them but discrete, while people on Earth hear them in linear time elements and units which are never discrete for them.


This is one of the major problems why proper, comprehensive and meaningful communication between the spiritual world and the natural world is so difficult, since people on Earth approach such a communication from their external mind which is not aware of any other mode of communication.


When the negative state was initiated by the pseudo­creators, it was necessary to close any other understanding of time categories (for the time being) so that changes of destinies, apart from the chosen aspects of one's personal destiny, could not take place.


The problem is that it is possible at will to influence the linear manifestation of any event from its discrete, simultaneous and synchronous mode of existence (if one knows how to do it). The occurrence of any idea need not be synchronous with its manifestation in the linear aspect of time. When an idea occurs it assesses the best possible and the most useful beneficial time for its manifestation in the linear continuum or physical universe and its relative time. Should it be determined that such a manifestation would be best, for example, in the remote part of its linear aspect, it is projected in the far past from its occurrence in the discrete mode. This is a paradox of linear time - in such a case it would have to conclude that manifestation of the idea in its linear continuum took place many million years (for example) before its occurrence as an idea in the subjective state. Such a situation is reflected in a formulation of a famous paradox about the chicken and the egg. Which came first – the chicken or the egg? Such a question can occur only in the linear mode of thinking and time continuum. In reality, the idea of a chicken and an egg occurs in a discrete mode of being and existence and then it is projected into linear time at the time most spiritually needed for the physical universe moment. In this linear sense, both answers to that question are simultaneously correct and false. One can manipulate the projection of ideas into the linear aspect of time in such a manner as to confirm or deny both suppositions to that hypothetical question about the chicken and the egg or anything else for that matter.


Because of the complexity of time phenomena, when one considers major spiritual ideas and their manifestation in the natural degree, where laws of the physical linear time continuum apply, one should not use or think in the categories of passing years, but rather of passing eons. Whatever is said in time categories will always be only an approximation of the true reality of any occurrence and not its precise moment of actualization in the physical universe. So, when one hears that something occurred on Earth, for example, 140 million years ago, it does not mean it occurred in linear continuum of time at that particular date but rather it means the kind of a spiritual correspondence which is reflected in that number. Therefore the actual manifestation may or may not be synchronous to that specific linear time. Usually it is not. For that reason, it is better to speak in terms of eons rather than years, since it takes that much time in the terms of physical linear time for a major spiritual idea to be fully manifested, utilized and exhausted in the natural degree.


One can conceptualize an eon as equaling approximately 90 million years (more or less depending on the spiritual content, connotation and universal impact it will have in the process of its linear manifestation in the time continuum).


For that reason, when in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality", other similar books, holy books, in these messages, etc., such time categories are used, they are not used exactly in the literal sense. Rather those numbers in years point toward occurrences of the relevant ideas of described events in terms of their spiritual correspondence which may or may not be approximate to actual physical time.


One must again and again remember that the occurrence of an idea can be projected for its manifestation from a discrete mode into a continuous mode at any moment of physical time in any continuum (past, present or future, or combination thereof). So it is not surprising to find that even though an idea occurred, for example, 140 million years ago, it is decided for various important spiritual reasons to project its manifestation into physical time several million years into the past of continuum (or into the future or the present as the case may be). If one converts those millions of years into eons, one can come to some approximation of the real physical time of its projection and manifestation. Thus the ideas are projected several eons into the past or into the future or both. One eon on an all-universal scale can be conceived as one day in terms relevant to time as measured on planet Earth. To the universe 90 million years are like one day to the Earth.


But because one who produces such an idea is, in fact, that idea, or is in that idea in one's entirety, one projects oneself into its manifestation into the physical or spiritual universe (or both) whatever the case may be. In very remote and crude terms, this is something like humans' concept of "time travel". In order to be capable of such projections, one would have to know the meaning of all laws of correspondences and their manipulation. In this sense "time travel" is possible by the manipulation of correspondences. However, the knowledge of correspondences and methods of their manipulation was obliterated from the human mind because of the negative state.


But this knowledge was available to the pseudo-creators. They used it in the process of activation of their hoax of the cavemen. The idea of cavemen occurred to them a long time before its actual realization in the physical reality and linear time. It was estimated and determined by them that the best and the most appropriate time for its projection into the time-space continuum of the physical universe would be what spiritually corresponds to 3 or 4 million years ago counting from our present time. But realization of this idea in its concrete form, in order to succeed, had to be preceded by many other events which needed to occur in the physical past. For example, various natural and cosmic catastrophes needed to happen first (such occurrences as splitting Earth's one continent into several continents) before this idea could come to its fruition on the physical Earth. Yet it was too late for that because the idea occurred within their own linear time. Also the actualization of this idea, most importantly, had to be preceded by establishing first the negative state in the form of the Hells in a discrete, simultaneous and synchronous mode of the spiritual world's being and existence. All these negative ideas were occurring to the pseudo-creators at the closing phase of their linear existence on Earth.


In order to succeed, the pseudo-creators projected these ideas into the discrete mode of time and "jumped"backward two or three eons in linear time, before the appearance of any people on Earth, and established their Hells. In the process of this "jump", by the nature of its process, they obliterated all traces of their existence on Earth so it would seem as though they never existed. From that position they then proceeded with their plan of preparing, planting and staging various events on Earth influencing and manipulating evolution of its species and plants and altering Earth's cosmic position which would culminate in an appearance of a caveman. Thus, although all of these ideas occurred to them only at the end of their eon, they were projected for actualization backward in time two or three eons before their physical time and their actual physical existence where these ideas started to exert influence on Earth's development. This is the reason why no valid scientific proof of their existence is so far available to people. When one "travels in time", so to speak, one alters destiny.


The pseudo-creators were preparing another daring step in this respect that would lead toward the alteration of the whole universe's destiny. To accomplish this would require many eons. In order to protect Creation from such a fate, the Most High intervened and aborted all their efforts in this respect. When the Most High, in the form of Jesus Christ, entered the Hells after His crucifixion, He removed from the pseudo-creators all and any knowledge and memory of such time manipulation and restricted their sphere of influence to their own region only.


Since that time, no knowledge of how to manipulate the discrete and simultaneous modes of the time process has been available to any humans on planet Earth or from Earth. This condition will exist while the negative state and its Hells exist. Once its existence comes to an end, it will be once more reactivated, restored and available for use for human creative endeavor and for proper and right manifestation and projection of their ideas of love and wisdom into the most appropriate and spiritually feasible time-space continuum of linear existence.


However, such ideas of humans are currently utilized by the Most High without people's conscious awareness. They are projected and manifested on the full spectrum of both a discrete and a linear mode of time synchronicity and time continuum as needed, where needed, and when needed.


At the present time, since the abolishment of the typical human era in the intermediate world and its influence on all heavens of humans from Earth, this knowledge and ability of time manipulation was given to the members of the newly created heavenly society established and activated by the Lord. This act has a very special purpose, meaning and impact on human destiny. It is not discernible to humans in the external mode of their present mind's existence.


This is all that is permitted to be known about this subject at this particular time.”










Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 129 – 135, msg. 22


April 22, 1982 (No messages were received on April 21, 1982. Other important work was accomplished.)


The following messages have been received today from the Most High:


“Many people on Earth do not realize consciously that in order for them to be alive, to function and to go about their everyday business, it is necessary that a certain degree of spirituality be continuously present within and with them.


The extent of true aliveness of any one depends upon the degree, extent and content of spirituality which one chooses and allows to be part of one's life. The greater the degree of spirituality, the greater the extent of spirituality and the deeper the content of spirituality, the more one can be considered alive and living. And vice-versa - the less of spiritual qualities are present in one's life, the less one is alive and living, regardless of one's external seeming perception of being alive and living. In the latter case, one is not actually in life but in self-deception, deception and the illusion of being alive and living.


Spirituality, as applied to the above statement, can be conceived as a recognition, acceptance and application in one's everyday life of the existence of the "within" or internals or Inner Mind which contain all principles of life from the Most High's eternal presence in it, from which internals are created, originated, established, manifested and activated exclusively and inclusively, without any exception, all aspects, levels, degrees, steps, impressions, expressions and behaviors of one's externals or "without".


Now, the more one accepts and applies this spiritual fact in one's life, the more one is spiritual and, therefore, the more one is alive and living. And vice-versa, of course - denial of this fact, its rejection and reliance on the external, sensory, natural, outward, "without" as the only source of life without any regard for its originating spiritual principles of internals, or "within", robs one entirely of true life and living. In such a case, one lives in an illusion of life. The illusion of life steals all its energies and fuelings for its perpetuation from the denied and rejected spiritual principles of life. Such a life cannot be considered a true life but only a deception.


In order to better understand what was said here, it would be advisable to redefine, restate, reformulate, reestablish and update the following principles of spirituality as related to everyday life and living.



Principle of Spiritual Motivation. Existence and Being in their totality and completeness in all respects without any exception are motivated to be and to exist by the everpresent spirituality in them. This spirituality is their core and nucleus which unceasingly provides a life support system to all their functions, manifestations, actualizations and realizations. Nothing can be and is motivated to be and to exist apart from spirituality. The denial of this fact does not change anything because motivation and energy for this denial stem and come from the existence and being of this spiritual principle. One could not be motivated even to move one's small finger without having within oneself this everpresent core and nucleus ­spirituality.



Principle of Individual Subjective Acceptance. One can become a truly spiritual person and, thus, one can become truly alive and live only if one accepts, as a first step, from one's own free will, by one's own choice, without any outer or outside demands or conditions or duress, by the process of one's reason, logic, intuition and from one's own heart without any ulterior motivation that this spiritual principle of life and living is a reality, a fact in itself and by itself, an axiom which does not need any external proof or substantiation by sensorial methods (although if one relies on one's internals - "within" - one is capable of discerning such proof everywhere in everything). It is a sign of true spiritual maturity and wisdom from the Most High to be able to rely on one's internals without a need to seek proof for their existence in externals first, and only then to corroborate and confirm one's internal insights by external factors. This method leads to an ability to discover and to see an ample proof for spiritual principles at work in all externals. The other way closes the door to spiritual principles and blinds one in one's perception of true reality.


The principle here is not to try to seek proof for such existence of spiritual principles apart from the internals and only from the stance of externals and sensory inputs. Any such exploration must begin in one's internals and then it may proceed toward externals. All such explorations, by the very principles of spirituality, must be preceded first by the subjective, individual and free acceptance of spiritual principles which can and may determine the best possible, the most reliable and the most valid avenue for exploration, discovery and confirmation of their being and existence. Any other methods of exploration are doomed to end in total distortion and perversion - materialism, atheism, pantheism and rejection of true life and spirituality. The entire history of mankind is a good example of this tragedy.


The point is that to seek proof of life outside of life, or, in this case, to seek proof of spirituality outside of spirituality, leads to its lack of proof because there is nothing outside apart from inside. Philosophically speaking no "without" can exist or be without its "within". To try to prove the existence of "within" from the stance of "without" is a futile venture because no "within" is in "without". The only way one can prove anything is from "within" to "without". In such a case, the true nature of "without" can be properly and correctly conceived and discerned. Otherwise, one would arrive at a great deal of distortion and false conclusions regarding the nature of life, spirituality, the universe and matter. This principle may be considered an important axiom of the principles of spirituality.



Principle of Spiritual Quality and Subsequent Determination of Degree of Spiritual Manifestation in the Form of Its Quantity. Spirituality by its essence, substance and nature is the very quality of all Beings and Existences. Because quality cannot be determined solely by the relativistic categories of the space-time continuum, its manifestation in being and existence is determined by the degree of spiritual receptivity of various infinite numbers of recipients. Their position, state, process and condition, as far as proximity to spiritual quality is concerned, determines the amount of spiritual quality one is willing and able to receive by one's choice. The act of such a degree of reception determines the quantity of the spiritual quality in respect to the space-time linear continuum of one's being and existence.


The proportion of one's subjective reception of spiritual quality in respect to the Absolute State and Process of Spiritual Quality of the Most High determines its quantification, together with the fact of how much of true spiritual life will be manifested in one and each individual.


Although one can and may be alive externally by means of an infinitesimally small reception of spiritual quality from the Most High, the internal content of one's life and the usefulness of manifestation of any individual life is directly proportional to the extent and degree of reception of spiritual quality from its Absolute Source in the Most High.



Principle of Spiritual Reality. There is only one reality in being and existence - spirituality. Being the state and process of the Absolute Self-Awareness of the Most High, spirituality is reality in itself and by itself. Nothing else can be and exist apart from spirituality. For that reason, the reality of all else, no matter what or who it is, depends upon, derives from and is an extension of spiritual reality.


Any other conceptualization of reality leads toward the establishment of unreal modes of the pseudo-existence which are, very often, labeled in materialistic terms as a so-called objective reality. Such reality does not exist.


The only objective reality in being and existence is the internal reality of spirituality. The internal state and process of spiritual reality constitutes the only spiritually feasible objective reality. No other objective reality in itself and by itself is capable of assuming any form of reality. Therefore, whatever is and exists is and exists from and by this spiritual reality. This principle can be regarded as another spiritual axiom.



Principle of Spiritual Internal Categories. Any thought, idea and concept is an internal spiritual matter. It is an outcome of internal spiritual processes. No thought, idea or concept can originate or be conceived in any other state and process. The state, process and condition of any thought, idea or concept constitutes internal spiritual categories in their dynamic nature. This means that these categories can never be empty notions or static "somethings", but they are dynamic constituents of spiritual reality by and through which this spiritual reality operates throughout all its modes of being and existence.



Principle of Spiritual Manifestation of External Forms. Spirituality is in a continuous state and process of its manifestation by and through its thoughts, ideas and concepts. This manifestation is a continuous occurrence taking place both in the synchronous, simultaneous, discrete mode of being and existence and in the linear, continuous and physical mode of being and existence. This condition of continuous manifestation of spirituality through and by its thoughts, ideas and concepts is a determinant of an infinite variety of external forms by and through which spirituality appears and projects its ideas, thoughts and concepts in the concreteness of their representations.


Therefore, any observable external forms in being and existence, without any exclusion, are the modes of manifestation of spirituality only. For that reason, one can properly and correctly understand, conceive and conceptualize the various forms of spirituality such as for example, Nature, physical bodies and various other appearances, only from spiritual principles through and by their ideas, thoughts and concepts because these principles determine the structure, function and use of all such forms.



Principle of Spiritual Utilization. Any idea, thought or concept, being a constituent of spiritual categories, occurs for one purpose only - to be utilized. This is a law by and through which an idea, thought, or a concept may occur. Once it occurs, it instantly proceeds to its utilization. The process of its utilization follows the law of correspondences. The occurrence of such an idea, thought or concept takes place synchronously and continuously both in the successive and simultaneous dimensions, levels, degrees and steps of Creation from the Innermost to the Outermost where it is being creatively utilized fully and completely in the modes and processes of manifestation and utilization relevant to each level, degree, step, etc., until it is fully exhausted and replaced with the next occurring idea, thought or concept. Nothing is ever lost in the process of utilization.



Principle of Spiritual Mentation. Any idea, thought or concept which is occurring in its spiritual nucleus is in the state and process of continuous mentation for the purpose of its complete actualization, realization and utilization throughout all Creation. In order that the process of mentation might occur, an idea, thought or concept of mental processes which gives origin to what is called sentient mentality comes to its fruition. By virtue of such spiritual ideas, thoughts and concepts, one acquires all traits and characteristics of mental processes in the form of thinking, perceiving, willing, feeling, remembering, acting, etc. Such ideas, thoughts and concepts therefore are continuously establishing the reality of mentation in which they are manifested.


For that reason, in order to understand properly and correctly any mental processes, one must derive all conclusions regarding such processes from their spiritual principles. No other mode of exploration and understanding of mentality, mentation and the resultant human behavior and action can lead to the right and proper conceptualization of the true nature of mental processes.



Principle of Spiritual Congruency and Reflection. Once an idea, a thought, or a concept is originated in its spiritual nucleus, it occurs "within" and appears "without" in congruency with the overall states, processes, conditions and needs of the spirituality which is specific and unique to this particular universal and global cycle of time for the purpose of spiritual progression. It is then reflected throughout all Creation in an infinite number and variety of forms, activities, happenings, behaviors, etc., in the cosmic spiritual, cosmic natural and physical and also in an individual personal and subjective life.


Thus all forms, activities, events, happenings, behaviors, etc., without any exceptions of anything in being and existence, are expressions and impressions of the spiritual ideas, thoughts and concepts which are produced in the Absolute Thought Process of the Most High, transmitted to and received by all Creation at all levels, and then manifested creatively by all Creation in an infinite number and variety of existences, beings, modes and forms. Through such ideas, thoughts and concepts, the Most High, in His/ Her Totality, is continuously present with and is reflected in all Creation in general and in every single individual or sentient entity in particular from eternity to eternity.


Recognition, acceptance and application of these facts constitute the very spiritual principle of everyday life. Because this is an entirely internal process, reflected in externals of one's being and existence by the principle of spiritual congruency and correspondences, in order to establish the spiritual reality of one's life, one is advised to turn oneself to one's Inner Mind where the Most High is present, and to seek there the meaning and purpose of one's life and spirituality. By doing this one is more and more alive and lives (as opposed to vegetating). This is all for today.”










Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 136 – 137, msg. 23


April 23, 1982


The following messages have been received today from the Lord:


“Yesterday some additional principles of spirituality were formulated and presented for one's considerations. They can be considered, to a certain extent, an integral part of the theoretical foundation of the philosophy of spirituality.


Any theory, no matter how abstract it may seem, in order to justify its existence, must have a practical consequence or practical utilization in the everyday life of every individual. Otherwise it is meaningless and useless.


Today it is advisable, therefore, to ponder some practical applications of these theoretical principles of spirituality and ways in which they can be manifested in one's everyday life.


There are several points which may clarify and show the practical utility of such principles.



The mode of everyday thinking. Everyone is in a continuous mode of thinking. The process of thinking is usually directed toward oneself, others, life in general, one's overall activities in particular, and in some instances toward the Universe and toward God. The content of such everyday thinking determines whether it is a spiritual or non-spiritual process. The spiritual principle here is to think of oneself, others, the Lord, life, Creation, etc., in terms of spiritual principles and categories.


One is constantly encouraged to think of oneself as a valuable, worthy and unique entity who is the center of one's own universe and the master of one's own life, and to think of others as valuable, worthy and unique spiritual entities who are the centers of their own universes and the masters of their own lives. One thinks of the Lord, one's Creator, as an absolutely valuable, absolutely worthy and absolutely unique Spiritual Entity, who is the Center of all and everything and who is the Ultimate Master and Originator of all life in general and one's life in particular. One thinks of life and all Creation as the valuable, worthy and the unique manifestation and reflection of spiritual ideas, thoughts and concepts which are continuously occurring in the Absolute Thought Process of the Most High.


One exercises in this type and mode of thinking, eliminating from it everything contradictory to such a mode and type. To think in this mode means to think positively. Positive thinking is determined by the fact of the spirituality of its content. If one thinks of oneself, others, the Lord, life, Creation, etc., in terms of their value, worthiness, uniqueness, respect, use, mutual benefit, etc., one thinks positively and, therefore, one thinks spiritually. Such thinking is a first important step toward becoming a truly spiritual entity and manifesting and utilizing theoretical principles of spirituality.


Any other mode of thinking is negative and, therefore, non­spiritual. It stems from the negative states and processes of the Hells.


When one asks, "How am I to combat evils, falsities, negative states, the Hells, etc.?", one is advised, as a first step, to start to exercise positive thinking or spiritual thinking, as described yesterday by the principles of spirituality and as described here, in an effort to show the practical application and utilization of such theories.


The important initial first step in such spiritual positive thinking is the realization and acceptance of the fact that everything in oneself, others, life, all Creation and, in the ultimate sense, in the Lord, is of spiritual essence and substance and their spiritual ideas, thoughts and concepts. The second important step is in practical everyday exercise (through various active modes of concentration, self-hypnosis, meditation, self-­realization, realization of one's thinking, etc.,) of thinking positively of oneself, others, the Lord, life and all Creation. This is true spiritual thinking. From it stems the third important step - building from this spiritual positive thinking a positive spiritual self-concept, self-perception, self-likeness, self-image and concept, perception, likeness and image of others, life, Creation, and in an ultimate sense, of the Most High. This positive or spiritual thinking cannot occur and truly take hold in anyone's life unless it is preceded by an acceptance of the Being and Existence of the Most High, the Lord, God, Creator, Jesus Christ, or whatever one calls such an Absolute Being and Entity. (Names do not matter - see principles of spiritual homogeneity.) The acceptance of this fact is the very essence and substance of positive, that is, spiritual thinking.


One cannot very well think positively and, therefore, spiritually, by denying such an existence and being. The content of a denial in itself has nothing positive and, therefore, spiritual. (Positive thinking is always spiritual. No other positive thinking is possible except spiritual.) This is also true for negative states. Denial of the negative state is non-spiritual, non-positive thinking. In order to be positive one cannot deny the fact of the existence, in this case, of the negative state. Such denial would take away the opportunity for one to overcome it, to combat it, not to be taken in by it, not allow it to take hold of one's thinking and life and, eventually, to completely control it.


This is, then, why, spiritually and practically, it is impossible to think and to be positive if one denies the existence and being of God. No matter how much effort one puts into one's thinking about oneself and others as valuable, worthy and unique, if one, at the same time, does not think the same way about the Most High one cannot ever succeed because one eliminates the very source of Absolute Positive Thinking - the Most High. This is a spiritual-practical axiom of life and living. It is necessary first to accept this axiom in order to build any philosophy of life and spirituality. Without this acceptance, everything in one's endeavor is completely futile and a waste of time.


The opposite is also true. It is utterly impossible to think positively about the Lord and others, and, thus, to be truly spiritual, if one, at the same time, does not think the same way about oneself. Likewise, it is impossible to think positively about oneself and the Lord unless one, at the same time, thinks positively about others. Each situation brings an element of negativity which poisons, eliminates and cancels true spirituality and positive thinking.


The spiritual principles state that everyone is alive and living by the everpresence of the Most High in one's Inner Mind. Furthermore, they state that one cannot relate to the Most High and others in any other way except through and by oneself. This is the reason positive or spiritual thinking is impossible if one of these vital elements is missing or is eliminated. Thus, for one's thinking to be positive or spiritual it is necessary that one think positively about oneself, others and the Most High simultaneously and at the same time, regardless of whether or not others think the same way or accept this definition of positive thinking.


If one exercises this kind of thinking faithfully, one is fulfilling one's important part of the requirement of applying spiritual principles of life in one's everyday living.



The mode of everyday willing. The second part of such a requirement is to will, desire, want, wish and intend that such spiritual principles of life become part of one's everyday striving and effort, and that they become the only motivating factors of one's will and intentions. One wills, desires, wants, wishes and intends only everything good, positive and wise for oneself, others, the Lord, life and all Creation. Such a focus and content of one's will and intentions makes one a truly spiritual, valuable, worthy and respectable person.


Therefore, one is advised to exercise in one's everyday life and living not only such positive thinking about oneself, others, the Lord, life and Creation, etc., but to will, desire, wish, want and incorporate these positive thoughts within one's heart and mind. In this way one's positive thinking becomes an actualized manifestation.


Once again, in this practical principle, it is impossible to will, intend, etc., anything good, positive and wise for oneself unless it is done at the same time for the Lord and others, and vice-versa.


A part of such will, intent, wish, desire, want, etc., is a humble admission and acceptance of the spiritual fact that one is able to will, intend, desire, want, wish, etc., anything good, positive and wise for oneself, others, the Lord, life and all Creation only from and by the presence of the Most High in one's Inner Mind. Thus, one can be this way only from the Lord. This is the very spiritual principle of will and its practical utility. It is, in fact, another important axiom of spiritual life.



The mode of everyday feeling. Everyone is in a continuous mode of feeling. Whatever one thinks or wills is accompanied by one's feelings. One feels one's thinking and one's willing. For that reason, in order for positive thinking and positive willing to be complete in their spiritual and practical mode of being and existence, it is necessary to also exercise positive feelings. Regardless of how positive one might be in one's thinking and willing, if one does not feel positively one cannot be completely positive and, thus, completely spiritual. A first step in this respect is the admission and acceptance that all feelings are originated and initiated in their spiritual ideas, thoughts and concepts in one's internals or Inner Mind. This is their theoretical and factual base, foundation, essence and substance. Their practical utility, from the standpoint of true spiritual content, is in exercising feeling positively, delightfully, joyfully, pleasantly and happily about oneself, others, the Lord, life and all Creation. Such a mode of feeling is a very spiritual mode. These are true feelings. Anything contrary to such feelings or similar feelings does not originate in true spiritual reality and principles and, therefore, cannot be considered anything. Negative feelings are fakes, impositions and inculcations of the Hells which are realized by people accepting and practicing them. After all, what makes a feeling real? It is acceptance by one and by one allowing oneself to feel it.


This is the reason one is advised to exercise continuously in aligning one's thinking and willing with one's feelings so that the positive mode of their expression and impression can be maintained more and more in one's life.


Again, it is impossible to feel positively about oneself, others or the Lord if one, at the same time, does not feel positively about the Lord, others or oneself simultaneously.


As a third axiom of this spiritual principle of life, one is advised to admit and accept humbly the fact that one is capable of feeling positively, joyfully, delightfully, pleasantly, happily, etc., about oneself, others, the Lord, life and all Creation only from and by the presence of the Most High in one's Inner Mind which is the only possible source, originator, sustainer and maintainer of such positive feelings, together with positive thinking and willing and their continuous alignment.



The mode of everyday acting and behaving. Everyone is in a continuous mode of acting and behaving. Even if one seemingly does not do anything, this is one's mode of acting and behaving - not to do anything. Acting and behaving can be considered an outcome and consequence of the modes of one's thinking, willing and feeling. They are manifest concretizations of genuine spiritual ideas, thoughts, concepts, etc., originated and initiated in one's internals or Inner Mind. In a sense, they are vital practical confirmations and affirmations of the unity, oneness and harmony of spiritual, mental and physical modes of functioning. Without them the spiritual and mental modes are like a spirit and soul without a form. On the other hand, any activities and/ or behaviors in themselves and by themselves are meaningless and useless if they do not serve such an affirmation and confirmation of their spiritual and mental origin and initiation in the succession of the hierarchy of spiritual organization - from the innermost (spiritual ideas, thoughts and concepts), through the intermediate (mentality, mentation - thinking, willing and feeling) to their outermost (behaviors, activities, actions and attitudes). This is a true theoretical principle of spirituality.


As concerns their practical application, in order to be spiritual, one is advised to exercise making every effort to act and to behave toward oneself, others, the Lord, life and all Creation from one's positive thinking, positive willing and positive feeling - positively, respectfully, kindly, empathetically, compassionately, forgivingly, lovingly, justly, objectively and wisely.


Therefore one is advised to exercise making an effort in one's everyday life to act, behave and acquire a positive mode in order to achieve positive attitudes. By doing so, one is acting and behaving truly spiritually. Any other type and mode of acting and behaving is non-spiritual and is from the negative state ­the Hells. It poisons and destroys one's life and makes one a useless and inactive bundle of unproductivity.


Once again, it is impossible to act and to behave positively and to have a positive attitude toward oneself, others, the Lord, life and Creation unless one, at the same time, does so simultaneously toward the Lord, others, oneself, life and Creation.


This is the very principle of life and its practical utility. It can be considered the fourth important axiom.


Now, these four axioms of spirituality can be considered as having universal applicability. They are always true. In this constant truth of their universal applicability is the spiritual and, at the same time, the practical meaning of all principles of spiritual homogeneity.


If one strives, makes an effort and exercises in applying these axioms in one's everyday life from one's free choice, by one's free will, in one's freedom and independence, for the sake of the common good, for the sake of the principles themselves, because it is proper and right to do so, without any ulterior motivation or merit seeking, one is a truly spiritual person regardless of the immediate impacts of such an endeavor in the linear time continuum of one's life on Earth. By doing so, by accepting these principles, one is truly becoming a holy man or a holy woman of God. This is what spiritual life is all about.


It is said that one is advised to strive, to make an effort, and to exercise in such a mode of life and living as described here. In no way does this imply that one will be entirely free from intrusions to think, to will, to feel, to act and to behave negatively. As long as one is on planet Earth, where the negative state dominates, it is inevitable that such intrusions will occur. But it is a sign of spiritual maturity and wisdom to recognize this fact, to be alert to such intrusions, and to combat them, not give in to them and not be enslaved by them, but instead to master and counteract them instantaneously with positive thoughts, wills, desires, wishes, wants, intents, feelings, actions and behaviors. In doing so, and in such a manner, one truly lives a spiritual life. In such a life is the true presence of the Most High. This is all for today.”










Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 143 – 152, msg. 24


April 25, 1982


The following messages have been received today from the Most High:


“The majority of people have a faulty impression and belief that it is very difficult, or, in fact, impossible, for one to live a truly spiritual life. Very often they consider such a life to be boring, flat, dull, void of emotion, feeling and joy, restricted and unfree.


Yet, in reality, just the opposite is true. To live a truly spiritual life is the easiest, most normal and natural thing to do. Any other style of life is, in fact, very difficult, strenuous, worrisome, bothersome, pressured and tense, leading to continuous struggle and preoccupation with everyday survival and with making ends meet.


Many people forgot entirely a very important principle of life which was restated and reformulated by Jesus Christ during His physical presence on Earth. It says that one should seek first the kingdom of God and that all else will be added to it.


This statement signifies that the most important thing in life is spirituality and its principles; if one considers them to be truly most important in one's life, then the natural, easy and inherent outcome and consequence of such a consideration and application is that all else in life will be taken care of, will be provided for in the right and proper time when and if needed, and will be available to anyone for use in the most appropriate and comfortable manner.


Now, this is the basic spiritual law of life. Unfortunately the majority of people still disregard this fact and spend most of their lives wasting their energies on continuous preoccupation with external conditions of life, giving little, if any, consideration to internal-spiritual factors. Thus, they end up never having enough of anything, and never achieving any sense of stability, certainty, security and safety. This gives them no choice but to worry constantly about what may happen in the future.


If one disregards and refutes the true source of any certainty, safety and security - spirituality, they can never be acquired, stabilized, or experienced in one's life. Therefore one will spend most of one's life in a futile endeavor to find security, safety, certainty and happiness with the false hope that, perhaps, fortune may soon turn its face on one.


What a difficult life this is to live! The majority of people consider such a life normal and natural! There is nothing normal and natural in such a life. This kind of life can be considered artificial, untrue, abnormal, unnatural and imposed by the negative state prevailing on Earth which people consider to be a necessary and vital occurrence of life in general and human life in particular. Nothing is farther from the real truth.


In order to demonstrate how people trap themselves in the perpetuation of such a miserable style of life, it would be useful to consider the following points.



There is a certain spiritual requirement of everyday life which can be called a balancing factor of one's life. The majority of people are in continuous violation of this balancing factor. If one were to care enough to analyze the activities of one's everyday life, one would realize that one's life is one-sided or lop-sided. Most of the time during the day one thinks, wills, feels, speaks, etc., about things which have little, if any spiritual value in themselves. People talk about the weather, sports, jewelry, shopping, houses, cars, television and movie programs, meetings, work, gossip, etc., without any regard or time for exploration of spiritual principles or, at least, acknowledgement that such activities are possible only because spiritual principles are at work. Now, let one honestly examine oneself and find out how many seconds or minutes a day one thinks, considers or acknowledges such spiritual facts.


What do people talk about when they get together? How much time do they usually devote in their conversation and meetings for the exchange of spiritual thoughts, values, etc., for consideration of the meaning of life, the purpose of one's everyday striving, the establishment of internal spiritual factors of everyday life, etc.? Very little, if any at all.


Because of this, the balancing principle of one's life is totally destroyed and one ultimately suffers in various ways and modes.


The problem is that people place all their values and meaning of life on such external considerations with little, if any, regard for their spiritual origination or existence.


True spiritual life and living requires that the balancing factor of everyday living be respected and applied. This means that a certain amount of time in everyday life be devoted to spiritual considerations, to acknowledgement of the spiritual origination of everything in externals and to the improvement of one's spiritual views and position in regard to one's Creator, oneself, others, life and all Creation in general. Then and only then can one also find the true meaning in all externals of spirituality such as material, worldly, earthly, corporeal, sensory and similar matters of everyday life. The balancing factor requires that one pay equal attention to all aspects of one's life - spiritual, mental, physical, material, environmental, social, etc., preferably in that order.


Disregard for spiritual consideration and exaggeration of and preoccupation with external factors of life lead to pathology, abnormality, misery, unhappiness, one-sidedness, dullness, stupidity and futility. In order to justify their exaggerated strivings and endeavors for material, worldly, earthly, sensorial and similar matters, people consider these the most important factors for happiness and fulfillment of life, and usually ascribe the lack of such qualities in one's life to not having enough time and means for their acquirement.


If one wants to be a truly spiritual person, one is advised to balance one's everyday life by devoting equal time to all factors of life - spiritual, mental, material, physical, etc. In doing so, one affirms and applies the true spiritual principles in one's life.



The second spiritual requirement of everyday life is defined by establishing a hierarchy of priorities of things and concepts in everyday life. Which are the most important things having top priority; which are less important; and which are the least important things having the least priority in one's life? The majority of people unfortunately give top priority to things and concepts which are least important from the standpoint of a truly spiritual life.


People, for example, give top priority to such things as being materially rich; having a better house or a better car; having a more prestigious position; being recognized and accepted in the community, at work, or in school; being famous and powerful, etc. Many people want to excel in their work or studies or in whatever they do so that other people will talk about them, admire them and praise them; or they wish to please others. Little, if any, spiritual consideration is given for such activities and strivings. Such a perverted and inverted hierarchy of priorities in life result in numerous problems, miseries, losses, illnesses, disappointments, incidents, accidents and many other miseries, the list of which can be endless.


One can state here with certainty that one of the major sources of human suffering on Earth in general is the perverted and inverted hierarchy of priorities people have in their everyday lives. Everything is upside down. Priorities belonging at the top of the list are at or near the bottom or, at worst, are left out entirely. Priorities which belong at or near the bottom of the list are placed at the top.


Once again, to be truly spiritual and, thus to be truly happy and productive, one is advised to reformulate and reconsider one's hierarchy of priorities in one's everyday living and to place spirituality and its principles at the top of one's list. By doing so, one aligns all things in a natural, normal and healthy formation which results in abundance, success and useful accomplishments in all one's endeavors.


Unfortunately, the present condition of people on Earth in this respect is such that only approximately fifteen percent of the entire population of Earth places spirituality and its principles at the top of their priorities. Because of this condition, life on Earth is barely surviving.



The third spiritual requirement of everyday living is in establishing preferences of interests that one has in one's life.


What kind of interests dominate one's life? Not many people devote their lives to the development of interests in spiritual issues, the meaning of life, improvement of the spiritual condition of life and similar issues. The majority of people establish, pursue and nurse their interests in outwardly, worldly, earthly, material, external and sensorial matters. They are preoccupied with such matters and allow them to saturate, dominate and penetrate their lives to the point that whatever they do, feel, think, desire, want, will and intend is only with regard to such external interests. All else is considered less important or not important at all. Yet, one is basically what one's interests are. They make one what one is.


It is proper and right to have many interests in life, but in proper proportion and in a hierarchy with one major interest above all which determines all else in life - an interest in the purpose, meaning and goal of one's life and in how to go about fulfilling one's purpose of life in the best possible, most useful, productive, creative, constructive and fruitful manner so that mutual benefit and sharing can result. Whatever other interests one might have, they must serve this overall interest of spirituality.


Therefore, in order to be a truly spiritual person, one is advised to exercise in acquiring, establishing, nursing and developing such an interest, making it the most preferred interest of all. The result of such an endeavor is the automatic establishment of many other side interests which will provide possibilities of the enhancement and enrichment of one's spirituality and happiness in life.



The fourth spiritual requirement of everyday life is the establishment of appropriate motivating factors for inclusion of spiritual types of activities in one's life. What are the true motivating factors of such activities and what constitutes true spiritual activities?


The majority of people on Earth have very inappropriate motivation for establishing and engaging in such activities. First of all they consider, for example, verbal prayers, going to church, reading the Bible, etc., to be true spiritual activities in themselves. Secondly, they engage in such activities in most instances for wrong reasons and with inappropriate motivation. These activities are established and performed usually because of feelings of guilt, fear of punishment, fear of illness, fear of misfortune, fear of death and many other modes of fear, guilt and shame, or for some other ulterior motivation.


Such activities, engaged in with such motivation, have nothing truly spiritual in themselves. They are in no way true constituents of spirituality.


In order to be a truly spiritual person, one is advised to practice spirituality by one's inner acceptance of the fact that one's entire style of life and all its activities are the result of spiritual principles at work, and whatever one does is from freedom and independency, by one's free choice, with love and wisdom, with intelligence and logic, with feelings and intuition, because it is a proper and right thing to do for the principle in itself, without any other consideration or motivation.



The fifth. spiritual requirement of everyday life can be found by establishing proper connections and bridges between externals and internals of spirituality.


The majority of people of Earth at the present time externalize spirituality and in so doing, they destroy all bridges and connections to its internal essence and substance. In this instance, spirituality is considered to be an external performance of certain established, unchangeable rituals, rules, ceremonies, outward behaviors, restrictions, taboos and limitations by which everyone is expected to abide. By following such external acts, one is led and leads oneself to believe that one is in true spirituality. One is forced and forces oneself to be preoccupied with maintaining certain standards and sequences of such acts and performances without looking inward for their representative meaning and corresponding spiritual factors.


In reality, however, nothing truly spiritual exists in such activities in themselves. In fact, in many instances, they keep people away from discovering true spirituality by turning them away from their internals or their Inner Mind where the Most High resides. Thus, in fact, they lead one away from the Most High.


In order to be a truly spiritual person and to live a truly spiritual life, one is advised to turn inward, to one's Inner Mind, and to seek there communication with and advice from the Most


High Who is everpresent in everyone's Inner Mind. By such an act one establishes a permanent bridge between spirituality and everyday external life so that all factors of spirituality are unified, harmonized and function in the oneness of their totality. One must remember that there are no unimportant things which one should not bring for consideration to the Lord in one's Inner Mind. The external factors of spiritual activities may serve, if one desires, as a means and reminder to turn to one's internals or as tools for contacting one's Inner Mind and the Lord. No other meaning should ever be placed in such external performances and acts.



The sixth spiritual requirement of everyday life is to carefully avoid any possible habituation to expected modes and ways of living and practicing spirituality. There is nothing more damaging to life and spirituality than such a habituation.


The problem is that the majority of people have a tendency to establish a certain style of life, a certain way and mode of living and practicing spirituality, and to cling rigidly to it without a desire or need to change. This is a dangerous situation because one starts to do things by habit, as an automaton, without any thinking, feeling, willing or considering the content of such activities and performances. Such habituation leads to complete devastation of any spiritual sense in one's life and in one's activities regardless of what they may be.


The true spiritual principle of life states that the essence and substance of spirituality, its very life, is in continuous flow, change, progression, growth, betterment and transcendence of previous states, conditions and processes.


How can one grow or progress if one locks oneself in one's habit to think, to will, to feel, to act, to behave, to perform, to relate, etc., in one certain way and mode, excluding anything different or new?


The tragedy of human systems and present mankind is that such habituation is perpetuated.


Now, in order to be a truly spiritual person, one is advised to frequently examine oneself, search oneself out, seek out in one's Inner Mind from the Lord the most progressive modes and ways of living, functioning and performing, with strong self­suggestions of not allowing oneself to become trapped in the illusive and deceitful comfort of a habituated life style, avoiding new perspectives for continuous spiritual progression.



The seventh spiritual requirement of everyday life is in careful avoidance of relying upon views, opinions, expectations and attitudes of others.


The majority of people have the tendency to build their lives and establish their style of living in accordance with views, opinions, expectations and attitudes of others. Spiritually this is a dangerous attitude and tendency because it habituates one to rely on externals, on an "outward", where no reliability exists. Instead of relying on their internals, their Inner Mind and the Most High Who is always present in their Inner Mind, ready to answer any question and establish any reliable style of a truly spiritual and happy life, people tend to shut off their own source of true life and to seek out rules for the establishment of a lifestyle in externals where there are no rules discernible or obtainable. Thus, they live in continuous deception and self­deception. One of the many sources of chaos and confusion in people's lives stems from the violation of this rule of the spiritual requirement of everyday life.


In order to live a truly spiritual life, one is advised to always check, verify, explore and establish in one's Inner Mind with the Lord the validity, reliability, usability, suitability and applicability of any such views, opinions, expectations and attitudes of others. One always inquires and searches in one's Inner Mind with the Lord for the best possible modes and ways of living in accordance with the unique spiritual, mental, emotional, volitional, intellectual, physical, environmental and material structure and the dynamics of one's entire mind and personality. In such an endeavor is true wisdom, maturity, happiness and the presence of the Most High which constitute spirituality in everyday life.



The eighth spiritual requirement of everyday life is careful avoidance of conformity to established and expected standards and stereotypes of life. The majority of people have a tendency to conform to what is expected, dictated, prescribed and demanded by the externals of everyday life.


The spiritual danger of this situation can be detected in the necessity to suppress, repress, forget, give up or even eliminate certain vitally important characteristics of one's unique needs, tendencies, traits, patterns and features which constitute the true content of one's essence and substance. Denying oneself the opportunity to be oneself in a unique way and manner, in order to conform to outward standards and stereotypes of expectations and uniformity, frequently leads to very serious spiritual, mental, emotional, intellectual, sexual and physical disorders and all kinds of problems, the list of which can be endless.


This is one of the sources of people's spiritual impoverishment and doom which leads one to live a life of dullness, counterproductivity, superficiality and emptiness. Such a life is no life at all, but spiritual death.


In order to avoid such a pseudo-life and to establish a true life of spiritual living one is advised to exercise and practice recognizing the establishment and actualization of the Lord in one's Inner Mind, and living one's unique and unrepeatable patterns of life, without trying to please anyone or anything and without feeling a need to conform to anyone's expectations and stereotypes. One is advised to realize that one is not here on Earth to be like someone or something else, but one is here to be oneself. Only in being oneself can one fulfill properly one's purpose on Earth. In trying to be like someone else and in trying to please someone else by denying one's own uniqueness, one is violating all spiritual principles of life and robbing oneself of all opportunities to be truly happy, joyous, satisfied, delighted, pleased, useful,etc., to oneself, to the Lord, to others, to life and to all Creation.


In the process of formulating these spiritual requirements of everyday life, it is not implied that one should stop pursuing any positive external activities or devoting time to their consideration and actualization.


The spiritual principles of living are violated only if such activities and considerations become a sole purpose, goal and striving of one's life.


To be a true spiritual person and to live a truly spiritual life, one is advised to engage in such external activities and considerations with the recognition, acceptance and realization of the important spiritual fact that they are not the most important activities in one's life; they are not the only purpose of life, nor are they the only source of one's happiness, content and satisfaction. They are merely tools, means, expressions, representations and correspondences of the spiritual state of affairs in one's internals, in the Inner Mind from the everpresence in it of the Most High. It is one's duty, right, obligation, responsibility and purpose of one's life to establish the spiritual principles which govern, rule and are manifested in all activities and considerations and to determine how to utilize them in the most effective, productive, constructive, creative and useful manner so that mutual benefit, common good, happiness and satisfaction can ensue from them to the Lord, others, oneself, life and all Creation. One must ensure that no ulterior motivation and/ or negative intentions are behind such an effort. To establish this is possible only by turning oneself to the Lord in one's Inner Mind and consulting one's Inner Mind and the Lord about all matters of life. No other way truly exists. In doing so and in such a manner, one becomes a truly spiritual person.


This is what true spiritual life is all about.


This is the end of today's message.”










Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 153 – 157, msg. 25


April 25, 1982


The following message has been received today from the Most High:


“If people on Earth were to occasionally remind themselves and realize and accept the fact that, whatever they do, and no matter in what kind of activities they are engaged at any moment of their everyday lives, be it work, leisure, eating, drinking, lovemaking, etc., it is an ultimate consequence and outcome of spiritual principles at work by and from the Most High, who is present in their Inner Mind, and that such activities are concrete manifestations and correspondences of various spiritual states, processes and conditions, then nothing in their lives could hurt them, bring them unhappiness, cause them any complications, problems or destruction of any kind.


The problem with people in this respect is that they either neglect to consider this axiom and indisputable fact or they deny entirely even the possibility of the existence of such spiritual principles.


The result and consequence of such neglect and/ or denial is that most of people's everyday activities, chores and engagements lead ultimately to some problems, complications, adverse reactions, dissatisfactions and many other negative outcomes. Even if they succeed in one area of their endeavors to their seeming satisfaction, in some other areas they will find themselves lacking in satisfaction, etc.


Lack, neglect or denial of spiritual considerations of everyday living violates the basic principles of the true life and destroys the balance of the human mind's functions and operations (of spirit, soul and body). Hence all kinds of problems and miseries in life are created which contaminate one's life.


In order to give themselves another opportunity and chance, in order to reestablish and bring back into their lives spiritual principles of everyday life and living as formulated here (in these messages), people are advised to approach their everyday activities and engagements applying the following practical principles.



Principle of Moderation. The spiritual principle of life states that because one is a free and independent individual, no restrictions, prohibitions, limitations and/ or taboos can be imposed on anyone. One is permitted to use anything and everything available for engagement in various activities of everyday life. However this principle is valid only if one approaches and utilizes all available resources with moderation. Any exaggeration or neglect in their use leads to abolishment of the balance of life and becomes a strong source of all kinds of life problems. Neither extreme is healthy for one's spirit, soul and body.


A good example of this principle at work can be found in eating and drinking. One is allowed to eat and to drink anything edible and potable, and no restrictions should be imposed on what one should eat or drink (such restrictions are of non­spiritual origination). However, one is advised to drink and eat in moderation, in a balanced manner without overeating or overdrinking, or undereating or underdrinking. This applies, of course, to any activities of one's everyday life. If one is moderate in all respects one is acting from spirituality. It is a sign of spiritual wisdom and maturity not to generalize this principle of moderation. One is advised to establish within one's Inner Mind with the Lord what is the most appropriate, right and relevant measure of such moderation for that one with regard to one's real needs, scope and extent of responsibilities, duties, obligations and rights, and with regard to one's structure, dynamics and chosen assignment on this Earth. Different people will have different needs and requirements of life and living which will determine the extent of necessary moderation in all respects. What is proper for one is not necessarily proper for another. Therefore, one is advised to always consult one's Inner Mind and the Lord within one's Inner Mind in order to apply this principle properly in one's life. In doing so one is acting spiritually and is, in fact, spiritual.



Principle of Purpose in Use. Whatever one does in one's everyday life the content, the meaning and the outcome of such doing is determined by the purpose for which it is done and is used. If the purpose of any activity and the use of any means and tools for such activity is determined by the spiritual principles ­for common good, for mutual benefit, for maintaining one's spirit, soul, body, environment, society, etc., in good shape, health, condition, state and process, etc., in order to be more useful, beneficial and helpful - then one fulfills all the spiritual requirements for such activities, engagements and uses. Therefore, one is acting as a spiritual person. No harm, problems or negative consequences can come from such activities and engagements from such purpose and use. Any other purpose or use for engagement in various activities is of non-spiritual intent and origin and therefore will probably result in ultimate unhappiness, problems, miseries, ailments and other negative results (in spirit, soul, body and environment), the listing of which can be endless.


Again a good example of this principle at work can be found in the functions of eating and drinking. What is the spiritual purpose of the consumption of food and beverages? The spiritual purpose is to be strong, to be healthy, to be energetic, vigorous and in good physical shape in order that one might have a healthy body with a healthy spirit and soul for the purpose of being a better, more useful, more beneficial and helpful human being to the Lord, to others, to oneself, to life and to Creation in general. Now this is a true spiritual foundation of such activities. It reflects the ultimate consequence and concrete manifestation of spiritual acquirements of love and wisdom, good and truth, and charity and faith which are food and drink of spirit and soul. If one eats and drinks for such a purpose, and with such a use in mind, and if one devotes equal time to acquire spiritual and mental food and drink for the same purpose and use, then one is acting spiritually and is becoming a truly spiritual being. With such a spiritual purpose, no food and/ or drink consumed in any form or shape in moderation relevant to one's structure can hurt one or cause any problems whatsoever. To think otherwise is to think from the Hells. The Hells like nothing more than to impose all kinds of restrictions and taboos on people's activities, as in this case on food and drink. They proclaim certain foods and drinks unhealthy, unclean and improper to consume. They do not want people to realize that there is nothing unhealthy or unclean in food or drink itself. People's attitudes, expectations, projections, purposes and use, etc., are what make something unhealthy, unclean and/ or dangerous.


Again, if one, for example, eats and drinks something for any other purpose or use than that described above, and if one does so with some conscious or unconscious ulterior motivation, then, of course, one will become unhealthy, obese, unbalanced and/or miserable. Everything in one's spirit, soul and body will suffer and will cause all kinds of problems in one's everyday life and living. A good example of such a situation is consumption or restriction of consumption of food for the purpose of illusive self-protection, or self-punishment, to assuage guilt for having sexual feelings, or for avoiding of being sexually attractive, or for many other ulterior motivations and reasons. One can safely analogize from this example to all other everyday activities one engages in.



Principle of Appreciation, Gratitude and Satisfaction. The spiritual principle of life states that whatever exists or is occurring, exists and is occurring for some use, and it can be utilized for a good purpose, for learning, growth, betterment, insight, and spiritual progression. Therefore, it is a sign of spiritual maturity, wisdom and presence of the Most High if one looks upon all happenings, available opportunities, activities and engagements, etc., with appreciation and gratitude and feels satisfied with what one has, knowing that all these things occur and can be utilized for such a good purpose.


If one approaches all events, activities, engagements, etc., in one's life with an attitude, sense and feeling of appreciation, gratitude and satisfaction directed to the Most High in one's Inner Mind, one can never be hurt, harmed or endangered by anything in one's life.


Other types of feelings, senses or attitudes may and will lead one into all kinds of problems, miseries and dangers. However if one practices and exercises in one's everyday life looking upon such activities with a stance as formulated in this particular principle, one is acting spiritually and one is, in fact, a truly spiritual person.


These three practical principles of spiritual living can be applied to any activity of one's life.


The reason it is advisable to utilize these principles is that they are normal, natural, healthy and axiomatic to the true life and true living. Deviations from them are counter-productive, destructive and damaging to life and living and are originated in the negative state of the Hells.


Because of the naturalness, normality and healthiness of these principles, they are easy and comfortable to follow and to apply if people from their free will and by their free choice decide to accept and to follow them while also asking for help and guidance from the Most High in their Inner Mind.


It is an abomination, fabricated in the Hells, to consider the following of these principles and rules, as have been formulated throughout these messages, to be difficult, impossible, burdensome and/ or restricting. Just the opposite is true as anyone who cares to stop and analyze the mode and practice of one's everyday life can testify. But the point is to get people to realize the need for such daily examination, searching and exploration of oneself and one's daily activities by turning inwardly to the Most High in one's Inner Mind, and to begin applying these principles consistently.


This is all for today.”










Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 158 – 166, msg. 26


April 26, 1982


The following messages have been received today from the Most High:


“Two issues will be considered today.


First, in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality" it is mentioned that the negative state is a local and not a universal occurrence, confined and limited to this Solar System only and specifically to planet Earth (not counting the Hells in the spiritual world of humans from Earth).


This statement must be understood in the following manner.


On planet Earth the negative state and its consequences exist in an activated, dominant and Earthly-life pervasive manner. There is nothing here that is not contaminated in one way or another by the negative state. Planet Earth and all people on it have been assigned to the negative state for this specific purpose, as pointed out in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality".


On the other hand, everywhere else in Creation, the negative state does not exist in the state and process of activation, domination and pervasion. Instead, it exists in the state and process of suspension, potentiality, harnessing, dormancy, restriction and subserviency to a good and positive purpose. It is like a caged animal which is docile and well under control without any danger of striking out and hurting anyone.


The reason there is a need for the awareness of the negative state all over Creation is because the opposite of goodness and truth must be constantly present everywhere in order to preserve the freedom and independency of all sentient entities. Without a reminder of the possibility of negative existence, no opposite choice would exist. That would violate a fundamental principle of any sentient life's existence and being - the principle of choice to reject or accept the Most High and the positive state. How else could one choose something which is different from the positive state?


Now in order that all Creation might have a concrete knowledge of all the consequences of choosing the negative state, planet Earth and its people were designated for the demonstration of such consequences. As pointed out in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality" all Creation continuously benefits from the negative experiences of the people on Earth. Therefore, it is not necessary for the negative state and process to be activated and to be in a dominant condition elsewhere in Creation.


The benefit of such an experience is available, of course, through all modes of being and existence and is captured also in the discrete and simultaneous levels of synchronicity of time and space. For that reason, it is available for learning everywhere and at all times in Creation from eternity to eternity without exclusion. Thus people in different cycles of time, both in the absolute past and in the absolute future, and of course in the present (from the view point of linear time-space continuum) in all levels, dimensions, degrees, steps, states and conditions, by virtue of this principle, are able to benefit from the experiences of consequences of the activated negative state and process on planet Earth. (For a better understanding of the concept of discreteness of time see the message 21 of April 20, 1982.)


The other important reason why the negative state is present in the form of potentiality everywhere in Creation, although never activated, is because of the nature and structure of the universe and sentient entities.


The lack of anything negative can be conceived only in an absolute state, condition and process of positive. In other words, only the Absolute positive State and Process can be entirely free from anything negative. The meaning and content of the words "absolute positive" denote that nothing of the negative may or can exist in it. Otherwise it would no longer be completely absolute and positive. But "absolute positive" also denotes that it cannot be created or originated, for it must always be and exist without any time and space, but also in time and space apart from it; otherwise it would no longer be absolute. Therefore such an absolute positive state must be uncreated. Only the Most High is and can be in such a condition, state and process. For that reason only the Most High is the One Who Is Absolutely Positive and, therefore, without anything negative within Himself/ Herself.


On the other hand, all else in Creation is created and originated from the Absolute. By virtue of this fact, all else created and originated cannot be absolute but only relative to that absolute. The nature of being only relative includes in itself the potentiality of having an experience which is different from the absolute positive; hence, the possibility of the negative state's existence. Whatever is not from the positive, is not positive and, therefore, is negative. Lack of something, no matter what it is, gives an impetus for starting something that will compensate for that lack. In this case, lack of the experience of being in an absolute state, condition and process gives one an opportunity to start an opposing trend to such a lack. Hence there arise questions on the level of matter, "What is it like to be without spirituality", or "What would happen if life could be explained from any other source but the Most High who is in an Absolute Positive?" The consequences of such questions were described extensively in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality".


However, because this situation originated in the relative state, in temporality of the Creation's continuum, it does not have and cannot have an eternal continuation. Only that which originated in the absolute condition, state and process has and must have an eternal continuation because it carries within itself all attributes of the Absolute in a relative condition. The negative state does not have such an origination. It is a side effect, a consequence of something which is in itself originated. It is originated in an originated state. Therefore, although all created sentient entities must have eternal continuation by their choice to be relative to the absolute (see Principle No. 7 of the spiritual homogeneity revealed on April 3-4, 1982 – msg. 8), it does not mean that their various productions must also have eternal continuation. After all, the negative state was and is produced from the relativistic condition. It can never originate in the Absolute Positive. Therefore, it cannot continue to eternity in its activated and dominant form. Its eternal continuation is possible only as a potentiality because of what was said above ­as a choice and as a result of lacking the experience of being in an absolute condition.


Because of the temporary nature of the active and dominant mode of the negative state's existence, its current manifestation on planet Earth must end at some time. The point is that the negative state in its active and dominant mode of existence is not in its natural, normal and right condition. Its natural, normal and right condition is to be dormant, suspended and subservient to the positive condition. The reason is that it is conceivable only by virtue of the positive's existence. It cannot exist in itself and by itself as the positive does. It can exist only off the positive's existence and energies. Whatever exists in itself and by itself, is always active, dominant and truly real. Therefore, it is normal, natural and right. Whatever exists off something, is always suspended, dormant and subservient to that off which it exists. For that reason, its activation will always be unnatural, abnormal, artificial, forced and imposed, having no eternal future in itself and by itself. Its existence is maintained by the stolen principle of life only.


Because of these factors, the activated negative state is in the process of constant reversion to its initial, normal and natural condition - deactivation, dormancy, suspension and subserviency. This is the condition of the negative state as it exists in the rest of Creation. In the Hells and on planet Earth the situation is different because here it is forcefully activated and maintained in an active and dominant mode by the will and intent of those who, for the time being, identified themselves with the ideas of an active engagement in the production of evil deeds. The moment they stop the production of such ideas, the negative state reverts itself naturally to its original and rightful condition.


Now this unnatural situation with the negative state causes continuous troubles, problems and miseries for those who keep it in an activated and dominant mode. The reward for activation of the negative state is only that which is the natural consequence of the negative state - misery, troubles, problems, guilt, anxiety, insanity, foolishness, unconscious processes, ignorance, and many other similar things, the list of which is endless.


For that reason, people on planet Earth, at one point in time, will revert to their original, normal, healthy, natural and right condition which they had before the Fall - suspension, dormancy and subserviency of the negative state in their lives. The negative state will revert to its controlled status where it belongs, and there it will be controlled, harnessed, dominated and tamed, serving the common good of all.


The Second Note


Once the negative state becomes activated and dominant, its influences, structures and demands on those who put it in an active and dominant mode leads them to a certain style of life. The description of such a lifestyle was given in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality".


Under the influence of the dominant negative state, people develop a tendency to expect certain things in certain ways. All their definitions of concepts and expectations of how life should be lived or should appear are saturated, penetrated and determined by the pseudo-principles of the negative state. In the process of time people habituate to their ill-defined concepts and style of life and it becomes a part of their genes and heritage. At one point, they lose all perspective of the possibility of a content, style of life and mode of living other than that determined by the negative state. They, in fact, do not want to know anything better. They become dangerously comfortable with such a situation.


So they define life in certain terms and expect life to be lived in certain ways which determine (falsely, of course) how a happy, content, productive, satisfying and fulfilling life should be and is. These expectations, then, are projected to anything and anyone. They develop very definite criteria of a happy, productive, healthy, normal, satisfying and fulfilling life. Whatever deviates from such criteria is considered to be unhealthy, abnormal, pathological, unnatural, insane and in need of treatment, change or entire elimination.


When people face someone or something that does not adhere to or meet their expectations of normality, healthiness, etc., they do everything in their power to change this situation and to force that one to be like them. They think that such an individual, who differs from their standards and expectations, must be unhappy, miserable, dissatisfied and ill.


In many instances, if people cannot, for some reason or another, succeed in bringing such a person to their standards and norms of living, they feel badly, guilty and/ or a failure. Very often they blame themselves for other people's problems or the ways other people function.


Inherent in the activated dominant negative state is a condition of continuous guilt, accusation, blaming of wrongdoings, false sense of responsibility for other people's choices, and similar things. Now, in most instances, people are totally identified with these miserable conditions. They think these conditions are a necessary part of a normal life. So they continuously reinforce and wallow in their feelings of guilt, blame, projection, introjection, false sense of responsibility for others, and in self-accusation for other people's deviations from what they consider to be normal, happy and healthy.


Most people lost the knowledge and realization (after all the negative state is a state of ignorance and unconscious processes) that no one can and may be responsible for anyone's life and choices; all who come to this Earth choose by their free will for some very important spiritual reasons, known only to their Inner Mind and their Creator, to be and to live life here in a certain way that may diametrically oppose accepted standards, norms and concepts of normality, healthiness and happiness. Therefore, to try to force upon such people changes in accordance with established standards, norms and expectations may be a gross violation of their choices and the right to be the way they have chosen by their free will.


A good example of such a situation is the choice to be born mentally retarded, autistic, with birth defects, with a proneness to develop a fatal and terminal illness, or similar conditions. Now, parents or guardians of such people feel badly and guilty about these kinds of situation, very often blaming themselves or others for such miserable (in their view) conditions of children and adults. For that reason, they make all efforts to reverse the situation to their own standards, norms and expectations of life and living, without realizing that by doing so they may be destroying an important opportunity for those people and for all Creation to fulfill their special and important spiritual experience and mission they have on this Earth by being the way they are. From their experiences, no matter how painful they seem to be at the time to them and to others who are not in a similar condition, a very important universal learning occurs which is invaluable and the lack of which could have incalculably devastating consequences.


Other problems with similar backgrounds affect people who are somewhat different from others, but still within the reach of the so-called reality of everyday living, as defined by commonly accepted standards, norms and expectations of the majority. However, they feel very badly about their condition and force themselves, very often under the pressure of inherent environmental expectations (not necessarily verbalized or required by anyone else), to seek out corrections of their conditions despite the fact that, for some important spiritual reasons, they have chosen to be in that condition during their life span on planet Earth. Because of that choice, no matter how hard they try to change or to adhere to the accepted standards and norms of living happy and healthy lives, they will usually fail or become more ill and unhappy.


This is one of the major reasons why, in so many instances, therapeutic intervention by psychotherapists and physicians are either of limited success or a total failure. The percentage of such failures by human statistics is very high. This creates a very disappointing, disillusioning and depressing situation for both the patient and the therapist.


From the spiritual standpoint, the only feasible mode of treatment of such conditions is in exploration, examination and inquiry into one's Inner Mind, and with spiritual advisors and the Most High (who is in the Inner Mind) for reasons, causes and needs for such experiences and/or lifestyle or problems, conditions, etc. One may ask the following or similar questions. Why was such a choice made? What kinds of lessons are being learned for the personal benefit of the individual and for the universal benefit of all from such conditions? Has the lesson been learned and the use of such a condition been derived? Is it time to correct or rectify this situation? is the present situation favorable for a change? Would such a change be beneficial, useful and proper from the standpoint of the original choice which brought one to this Earth? If yes, what would be the best possible way to remove these problems and to restructure one's style of life? What kind of a fresh choice is necessary in order to fulfill one's purpose of being on this Earth? What are the best possible, the most effective and the most constructive ways for fulfillment of this purpose? What is the most congruent lifestyle leading to content, happiness and satisfaction for this particular person? If one gets answers that it is proper and right to do something about this situation, one proceeds under the guidance of the person's Inner Mind with treatment, always verifying with the Inner Mind that these procedures are right and proper and building safeguards against interference from standards which are outwardly accepted and identified with and norms and modes of living which are imposed on one by common beliefs as to how one should live.


This is the most effective, humane, individually oriented, original and creative method of assisting people discover their true life and purpose because it utilizes the fundamental spiritual principles of life and living.


In cases where one deals with those who are afflicted by retardation, autism, birth defects and/or terminal illness, where there is no direct, front access for them to contact their Inner Mind, one may proceed in contacting the Inner Mind of those who feel responsible for them or their parents and one may request that the Inner Mind and one's spiritual advisors contact the Inner Mind and spiritual advisors of the afflicted people and pose the above questions. Should the answer be negative (which in many instances it is) then one may ask the parents' or others' involved Inner Mind and their spiritual advisors if it would be proper and right for them to accept this fact, to adjust to it, to stop blaming themselves and feeling guilty or to stop blaming God and/ or others, and to discover why they, the parents, etc., chose in synchronicity with their child, or whatever the case may be, to be the transmitters and tools for their child to come to this world in a defective or afflicted state. What is the lesson in it for them? What kind of a purpose does it serve? Has the lesson been learned? Is it time to remove all of these related problems? Is it time to proceed to something else? If so, to what and how? And so on.


This is the way a true spiritual treatment should proceed. It never violates any principles of choices, freedom, independency or a need to be that way or this way. It never generalizes.


Any other treatment approach is non-spiritual and, from the standpoint of eternal values and one's chosen position in the hierarchy of the spiritual organization at this particular time, is futile and very often dangerous. The danger of such treatment is frequently not discernible to anyone as long as one is on Earth in the physical body. One even may feel cured, happy and satisfied. However, when one enters the spiritual world the situation could be, for a while, entirely different.


In view of the above-presented facts, one is strongly advised to disassociate oneself as much as possible from the accepted, outward, external standards and norms of life and social expectations as defined by Earth's dominating negative state. The best possible way to accomplish this is by daily dialogues with one's Inner Mind and the Most High in conjunction with all one's spiritual advisors in order to determine these issues properly, correctly and wisely for oneself and for one's relationships with others, the Lord, life and all Creation.


In doing so, one is following the spiritual principles of life and living and one is a truly spiritual person. No other way can lead to real lasting success.


This is all for today.”










Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 167 – 172, msg. 27


April 27, 1982


The following message has been received today from the Most High:


“Many people have a tendency to limit the reality of being and existence to what they are able to perceive through their physical sensory organs. They either deny the existence of whatever is beyond or above such a perception, or they have a hard time accepting it. This situation changed somewhat with the discoveries which led to the development of radio and television. Such discoveries proved the existence of various waves which are beyond and above the limited perceptual abilities of humans' physical sensory organs.


People forgot that physical sensory organs were built primarily for the purpose of orientation in their immediate physical outward environment and for perception of some of their bodily functions. But even this mode of the sensory organs' functioning is very limited, gross and imprecise, not capable of perceiving the infinite number and variety of dimensions, levels, degrees and steps of life existing in various modes of continuity and discrete, simultaneous synchronicity, etc.


Because of such an attitude, people expect, require and place more meaning and sense from and into their sensory perception and external consciousness than they can deliver or are equipped to offer, or people expect from their sensory perception that which is contrary to what its real function is. People believe in and impose on the sensory organs and external consciousness something that was never meant to be a part of their structure, function and dynamics; hence the source of myriads of distortions.


The problem with people on Earth is that they live under the condition of the active and dominant negative state. The result and consequence of this situation is a closure to and a limitation of most regions and areas of the human mind, production of unconscious processes, suspension of the inner knowledges, and institution of ignorance. As mentioned previously, only approximately five percent or less of the human mind is activated into the conscious mode of its existence and function. Under this condition, people barely have enough time and tools to cope with and survive in their outward physical environment. Thus, by their position, they are forced to turn nearly all their attention to such an outward struggle for everyday survival.


Inherent in the activated and dominant negative state is the condition of rejection of any knowledge contrary to the status quo of this activation and dominance. Therefore such a mode of the negative state's existence keeps people in blind obedience to the established modes, norms, standards and stereotypes of living, surviving, understanding, perceiving and functioning. It develops gruesome customs, institutions, systems, conventions, traditions and cultures in order to keep people preoccupied with their externals thereby preventing them from finding out the real truth of their predicament and situation.


Because of this preoccupation most people do not realize that they are slaves to the unconscious processes and to the unknown factors of their behaviors, desires, wants, attitudes, relationships, etc. They believe that all their activities are the result of their rational, logical and conscious decisions. They consider this situation to be normal, natural and healthy. Many of them reject even the notion of the unconscious mind's existence, not to speak about the Inner Mind.


People do not realize that one of the many side effects of the activated and dominant negative state is to keep everything hidden, to motivate people from behind the scene, so that its functions, processes, states and modes of influence, dominance and activity are not discovered and subsequently removed.


This is why people on Earth are primarily motivated in their behavior by the unconscious processes. People do something without often knowing why they have done it. They feel certain feelings without knowing why they feel this way or that way. They crave something without knowing why they have such a craving. This situation exists with most everything in their lives. They have very little true awareness as to why things are happening the way they are happening. Usually they have some surmises, views, suppositions, opinions, etc., about the reasons for such events but, in most instances, these are conscious conclusions which very rarely reflect the truth of the situation. Such conscious conclusions, not being reflections of the true reality of the matter, keep people in a self-deceptive and deceptive mode of existence.


Such a situation as described here, establishes a very peculiar and negatively unique condition, existing only here on Earth, that, by and large, makes people's behavior and attitude unpredictable even to themselves. No one knows exactly how one will react from one situation to another.


This unpredictability is the true nature of the activated and dominant negative state. There is nothing predictable about such a negative state. It is by its very nature illogical, irrational and inconsistent. Its predictability is possible only when it is in its natural state of suspension, dormancy, taming and subserviency to the positive state. But the moment it loses its natural condition, it becomes unnatural, unhealthy, pathological and disruptive. In such a mode of existence, there is nothing logical, rational, reasonable, stable and consistent.


Now, people falsely believe that the condition of their life, as it is now - a life of limited consciousness and reign of the unconscious processes - is a natural, healthy and normal occurrence and condition. They are habituated to it, they cling to it rigidly and have, very often, mortal fear of the discovery of what is beyond their external consciousness. They start to believe that no other mode of life is possible or feasible. This is exactly what the negative state wants them to feel, to believe and to think. As long as people consider such a situation a normal, natural, proper and right state of affairs, they will keep the negative state in the activated and dominant mode of its existence. As long as the negative state is in such a mode of its existence it will exert all its powers and energies (stolen from the positive state) to keep people right where they are –believing that this is the only possible mode of existence and that, therefore, it is normal, natural, healthy, right and proper. This is a vicious circle of the mutual feedback of falsities and the unpredictability of their outcomes.


People are afraid to discover and to admit that the present mode of their existence and their lifestyle - the reign of the unconscious processes, tremendous limitations of the presently existing conscious processes, unpredictability, ignorance, problems, tragedies, miseries, etc. - has nothing natural, normal, healthy, right and proper in itself. Therefore, they have a tendency, in many instances, to reject anything which would lead them to believe to the contrary.


A good example of such a situation is some people's fear of altered states of consciousness, such as, for example, hypnosis and self-hypnosis. They are afraid to experience something which is beyond and above their so-called conscious mode of existence. Very often, they consider such experiences to be abnormal, unnatural, unhealthy, improper and incorrect. For that reason, they have been avoiding such experiences for a long time in their history, rationalizing by the most foolish means the avoidance of such experiences. Yet nothing is farther from the truth than consideration of such phenomena as hypnosis and self-hypnosis and similar methods to be dangerous, abnormal, unnatural, unhealthy, etc. Just the exact opposite is true. Such phenomena are the most normal, natural, healthy, proper, right and spiritual. They are an integral part of the human mind's equipment for bridging a deep and vast gap, a schism which exists between external consciousness and the unconscious mind.


As a matter of spiritual fact, the normal, natural and healthy condition of human existence is complete and total consciousness, without any unconscious processes, with full awareness and access to all levels, degrees, regions, steps and layers of one's entire mind. Anything less than this is unnatural, abnormal, improper and is the result of the activated and dominant negative state.


Therefore, whatever helps to bridge and to connect various levels and regions of the human mind, and whatever helps to overcome its presently existing unnatural and pathological condition, is proper, right, natural, normal and healthy and should be practiced, utilized and exercised on a broad scale.


One good example of such a normal, healthy and natural condition, which should permanently exist with everyone, is the ability to experience altered states of consciousness by such modes as hypnosis and self-hypnosis, and especially the ability to enter a so-called waking state of the plenary level of hypnosis. This experience gives one some insights and understandings of what it is like to function normally, naturally and healthily. In this condition, one's perception of reality is multi-dimensional and magnified almost to its original proportion. One is able to perceive and to function simultaneously from all or most levels of one's mind, in all or most dimensions available at this moment. One is able to understand and to perceive what is truly right and proper. One is capable of experiencing many other things which are difficult to comprehend in limited conscious awareness.


Now, such an experience is proper, right, desirable and spiritually justified, and it leads to the enhancement and enrichment of one's life. It should be a permanent condition of one's life.


As a matter of fact, once the negative state is put back into its dormant, suspended, tamed and subservient condition, the above mode of existence and living will be activated again into human life and will become a permanent state and process of the human mind and its function with the difference that it will be unimaginably of greater, deeper and more magnified proportion than humans are capable of experiencing even in the deepest level of the plenary state of hypnosis. (This proper condition exists in all Creation with the exception of planet Earth.) After all, under the present existing condition on Earth, people even in the deepest level of the plenary states of hypnosis are under the influence, to a certain extent, of the activated and dominant negative state which puts some limitations and restrictions on their experiences.


In view of these facts, it is advisable that people start to use, in their everyday lives, such means of altering their consciousness as hypnosis, self-hypnosis, meditation, deep relaxation, biofeedback, guided imagery and similar methods which help people to bridge the vast gap that has been in existence between the external conscious awareness and their unconscious mind and to make contact with the Inner Mind in order to start the process of the elimination of the unconscious processes entirely.


To use such methods is spiritually right and proper because, among many other things, such methods contribute to putting back the negative state into suspension, dormancy, subservience and tameness where it belongs.


Once the negative state is exposed and comes fully to one's consciousness, an insight is acquired of its present unnatural condition which has caused all kinds of problems and miseries for human life on Earth. Recognition and acceptance of this fact is the first important step toward its elimination or returning it to its initial state.


The only way the exposure of this situation can come to its fruition, under the present condition on Earth, is by self-­exploration, self-examination, self-inquiry, self-determination, and continuous contact and dialogue with one's Inner Mind and the Most High in it, for the purpose of learning to be the master of one's own life from the Lord and the center of one's own universe from the Lord. By becoming the true master of one's life from the Most High and by becoming a true center of one's universe from the Most High, one abolishes one's slavery to the negative state, and, to the extent that one is becoming more and more the master of one's life and the center of one's universe from the Lord, to that extent the negative state will become more and more deactivated, dormant, subservient, tamed, and will recede from one's life.


This is all for today.”










Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 173 – 185, msg. 28


April 28, 1982


The following messages have been received today from the Lord:


“During transmission of these messages and in the "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality" there is frequent mention of a spiritual war.


At this time, it would be beneficial to clarify and to remind oneself what this spiritual war is all about and to recognize the kinds of tools, weapons, tactics, methods and means utilized in the waging of this war. Some of these means are mentioned in Swedenborg's writings.


Of course, not all these procedures can be revealed at this time. In fact, most of them are totally incomprehensible to one who is in the natural degree and in a physical body.


However, some of these methods are so common that one can easily overlook them without recognizing that they are a part of the ongoing warfare of the negative forces against the positive ones. This oversight is dangerous because one easily habituates to such a state of affairs, considering it to be a normal occurrence of everyday life, not giving too much attention to it and not making enough of an effort to protect oneself from continuous attack. In such instances one can find oneself in a serious predicament of being in the negative state and a part of it.


Now, it is necessary to realize that the initiation, causation and fueling of spiritual wars is always one-sided. It always comes from the negative side. The negative state, being a production and fabrication of the Hells and those who are not in the absolute state and process, has, by its nature, a tendency to be of temporary duration. But because its greatest desire and purpose is to acquire a position of eternal continuation and domination, it needs to take hold in the absolute state and process in order to accomplish this goal. Only from this position can it assure its eternal continuation and eventual domination because there it can become a part of something which cannot be eliminated or destroyed. However, nothing of the negative state can be in the absolute condition. Therefore, the negative state, by the very essence and substance of its nature, is in continuous opposition to such an arrangement. It opposes the fact that nothing in the negative state can be in the absolute condition. This opposition appears in the form of continuous attacks and offensives against anything positive and anything from the positive. Because of this situation, as long as anything of the negative state is in activated being and existence, it will always be motivated to oppose, attack, take offensive and wage a fierce spiritual war against anything positive.


As far as the positive state is concerned, by its nature of being the only true reality, it does not need to oppose or to attack anything or anyone for its position because it always is in its proper and right position from eternity to eternity and it does not have any need to change its position. Only the negative state has a continuous need to change its position to ensure its eternal continuation and domination which it does not have. The negative state, being artificially fabricated by someone who was and is not absolute, lacks a true sense of reality. Its reality can be activated only by someone who from one's own free will accepts it to be a true reality. No other mode of existence for the negative state is possible or feasible. For this reason, the negative state is in a continuous process of striving to become a true reality of being and existence independent from the condition of the necessity to be activated by the process of will and acceptance. Such a striving appears in the form of continuous attack in order to assert itself and to survive. It must fuel the wills of people to be accepted as reality. Such a continuous fueling appears in the form of spiritual battles.


However, the positive state is not dependent on the need to be activated by the will of anyone because it always is a reality in itself and by itself being the very nature of the Most High who is not created or originated from and by anything or anyone. The Most High - thus, the positive state - is the One Who always is. The negative state is something that never really is by itself and in itself. It can exist only by the principles of life stolen from the positive state, activated by the will and acceptance of someone who was created and initiated by the Absolute State.


Because of this situation, the positive state can never initiate any wars, attacks, battles, etc. However, since it is being continuously attacked by the negative state, it must defend itself, its position and its creation against the war-hungry and bloodthirsty negative state.


It would be an error to assume that spiritual wars are being waged by the mechanical tools and weapons which physically kill people on Earth. No one can or may be killed in the spiritual world. However, as Swedenborg pointed out from the Lord, whatever happens in the spiritual world has its consequences and correspondences in the natural world. In this case the spiritual tools and weapons and spiritual wars appear in the natural world on planet Earth in their concrete form. Such wars, of course, are confined to the spiritual world of humans from Earth and on planet Earth only. So whatever is spiritual in the spiritual world becomes natural in the natural world. For that reason, on the natural level of planet Earth, such spiritual wars and spiritual weapons appear in the form of the natural wars with the mechanical means and natural weapons for killing and destruction of physical bodies, which is considered by people to be death. Of course, nobody dies as to one's spirit and soul. Only the physical form can be destroyed by such means. But because people on Earth are in their externals, placing all values of their lives in externals, and being of the opinion that there is little, if anything, beside their externals, they believe that they really die and that by their physical death everything is ended for them. This is, of course, a false belief imposed upon them by the activated and domineering negative state with which they identify themselves. By such an identity, they make it possible for the negative state to be real, giving it life and energy to continue its spiritual wars.


As far as the situation in the spiritual world is concerned, as Swedenborg pointed out from the Lord, there the process of spiritual wars is purely spiritual. But because of the law of correspondences, it is also manifested by appearances through correspondential means. This signifies that in the process of such spiritual wars, in the regions and states where it is in its active mode, it appears as if there is a literal bloody battle with the use of all kinds of sophisticated weapons, giving one a sense of this being true reality. However, these are symbolical pictures and projected fantasies which materialize themselves in such appearances without having any tangible, solid reality in the form of matter as it is in the natural degree.


So, if one were to observe such spiritual wars from some distance, one would observe and experience in actuality a full scale, very sophisticated battle with all appearances of physical reality (as known on planet Earth) only in a more sophisticated and complex manner. However, if one were to come into closer proximity to their region, one would not see pictures, symbols and appearances; one's personal experience would be totally different. One would find oneself being attacked within one's spirit and mind by means relevant to the battles of minds.


In order to better understand what is meant by spiritual wars, it would be useful to enumerate some methods, tactics and weapons utilized in these wars by the negative state and some defensive methods utilized by the positive state. As mentioned above, most of these methods cannot be comprehended by someone who is in the natural degree and physical body on Earth. Therefore this enumeration is limited only to those areas of weaponry which are easily understood and discerned by humans on Earth.



All spiritual battles are waged first of all by ideas, thoughts and concepts. These are spiritual tools and weapons which are in the process of continuous manifestation.


As it was pointed out in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality", whatever exists exists by its idea, thought and concept. There can be no existence of anything without an idea of its existence first. Therefore, the reality of anything is determined by the idea of its reality. If there is no idea of reality, there is no reality at all.


This spiritual principle of being and existence is utilized by the negative state to maintain its existence and being, or in other words, to maintain its reality. This is accomplished by a continuous projection of ideas, thoughts and concepts of everything negative, adverse and opposite to love and wisdom, good and truth, and charity and faith, or to the Most Nigh Who is all positive. By production of such negative ideas, thoughts and concepts the negative state can maintain its existence.


When all negative forces are gathered for their attack, they all produce a cumulative effort to project into everyone in the positive state such negative ideas, thoughts and concepts. The output of this cumulative effort is of such tremendous proportion and magnitude that if it were to succeed in reaching one's mind in its entirety it would instantly annihilate anything in that mind and half the universe with it without any traces. The only way anybody might survive such an attack is by means of the defense system created by the positive state. One has to remember that the positive state in its totality far outnumbers the negative state in its totality because the negative state is limited to one locality only ( Hells from humans of Earth and on planet Earth). So the positive state in its totality counterbalances everything negative by counterprojecting to all Creation and to everyone involved in that battle all positive thoughts, ideas and concepts of love, wisdom, good, truth, charity and faith. The cumulative effect of this output is of such geometrically multiplied proportions and magnitude that it completely blocks the destructive effort of the negative state's ideas, thoughts and concepts. As a matter of fact, in most instances, the positive state must temper its output in order not to entirely destroy those who are on the negative side. One has to continuously remember that the purpose of the positive state is never destruction of anyone, but instead salvation. The Most High is Absolute Love and Wisdom. The nature of such love and wisdom is salvation, preservation and eternal continuation of anyone who is sentient. The concept of destruction is inconsistent with such a nature. Moreover, one has consciously to keep in mind the fact that those who are in the negative state do not need to be in it forever. At one time or another they can recede from it and join the forces of the positive state, becoming valuable and well-experienced members. Why would one rush into destroying someone of this nature?


Only the negative state has a continuous desire, lust and goal to eternally destroy anyone in the positive state in order to diminish the number of its participants and bring it to a point of gradual weakness so that the positive state can eventually be destroyed entirely and the negative state can take over. Of course, this is an insane and foolish fantasy, since if such a thing as destruction of the positive state were possible, nothing else, especially not the negative state, could survive or exist for one fraction of a second. After all, the negative state lives off the positive state and its energies (albeit stolen). How else could it survive? This is the reason all destructive efforts of the negative state are completely irrational, illogical, insane and futile. But, after all, it is its true nature to be this way.


As pointed out elsewhere, in the process of the Hell's existence, the negative state does not stagnate in its methods for waging war. It is very "inventive" in its production of all kinds of new ideas, thoughts and concepts which are increasingly more cunning, sophisticated, complex, powerful, clever and seemingly more effective.


This corresponds to the physical inventions by humans on Earth of more sophisticated weapons for physical destruction. The reason people on Earth can invent such weapons is because of the Hells' initiation of such new negative ideas, thoughts and concepts which find their concrete manifestation on Earth in the natural degree in the form of physical weapons. People on Earth could invent nothing at all if the ideas for these inventions did not occur in the spiritual world first. This is true of anything, not only weapons. For an understanding of this process one is referred to Swedenborg's writings and "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality".


These weapons and tactics can be compared to nuclear devices, guided missiles, bombs, tanks, artillery, etc., as they exist on planet Earth.


The understanding of this fact can give one insight as to why it is so important to maintain within oneself only positive ideas, thoughts and concepts, and to reject by all means any negative, adverse and opposing ideas, etc., projected by the negative state of the Hells. By doing so, one is evoking within oneself the positive state's defense system, and one is contributing to the weakening of the negative state both within oneself and in the universal sense.


One can say for certain that all other weapons, tactics and methods being utilized by the negative state in its spiritual wars derive from the principle described in this point.



Methods of persuasion, insinuation, accusation, a sense of wrongdoing and infusion of guilt, in a cumulative manner, derive from the above-mentioned weapons.


These negative persuasions are favored and utilized by the negative forces and correspond, to a certain extent, to the hand­carried type of weapons used on Earth, i.e. automatic rifles, grenades, bazookas, mines, etc.


The negative state in its cumulative effort continuously projects into the members of the positive state and into its own members all kinds of persuasions of a negative nature and a false interpretation of "good and truth", such as insinuations as to the possibility that one is in distortions of good and truth, straight­out accusations of being in the state of distortions, infusion of a feeling that one is always doing something terribly wrong and that one should be punished, continuous guilt for everything happening in one's "within" and "without", etc., the list of which can be endless.


The cunning, sophistication and danger of these tactics lies in the fact that such negative connotations seem to come from within one's own mind and one has a tendency to believe that in actuality one is their producer and one's conscience is speaking. U this is so, then this must be true. Therefore, one feels worthless, good for nothing, and deserving of misery, suffering, unhappiness and eternal damnation. Of course, there is no tangible proof that this is from "within", but a favorite trick of the negative state is to play the old tune of various religious beliefs that one is nothing but evil inside and out and there is nothing good and positive in one's existence. This common false belief is perpetuated by the interpreters of the literal sense of the Bible, by misinterpretations of the writings of Swedenborg, and many others. If one continues in such a belief, one is inevitably committed to feeling negative thoughts about oneself which are saturated by an all-pervading guilt, a sense of wrongdoing, insinuation of not deserving anything good and positive, etc. These are all weapons of the negative state used for the destruction of everything positive. Whenever one believes them and accepts them, one is fueling and supporting the negative state.


The reality of this situation is, however, entirely different. Because everyone alive has within oneself an Inner Mind (otherwise one could not live), everyone has within that Inner Mind the presence of the Most High. In such a presence of the Most High within everyone's Inner Mind is the good and truth of one's existence, regardless of how evil one may seem outwardly or how much one may seem to identify with evil and falsity.


It would be a spiritual abomination to claim that everything in the human mind is evil and false because this would imply that the presence of the Most High in one's Inner Mind is also evil and false. The evilness of one's state is determined by one's attitude and position toward that presence. If one denies the presence of the Most High in one's Inner Mind, and/ or denies even the existence of the Inner Mind itself, one identifies oneself with the negative state, opposing the source of everything positive. This does not mean, however, that such an attitude and position deprives one of the ability to recede from it. One's ability to recede from one's negative attitude and position toward the presence of the Most High and one's ability to accept such a presence constitutes one's eternal good and truth. Without such an ability, one could not survive or even breathe. Therefore, to claim that one is nothing but evil is an abominable and formidable weapon of the negative state which it uses in its spiritual wars against the positive state.


It is necessary to correct this commonly accepted distortion resulting from false interpretation of the literal sense of the Bible, some statements in Swedenborg's writings, etc. What is actually meant is that humans by themselves, without the presence of the Most High in their Inner Mind, could be nothing but evil. Since the only source of everything positive is the Most High, lack of His/ Her presence in one's Inner Mind signifies the lack of anything positive. This would also signify that no one could be and exist. Again, what is indicated by such literal statements is the potentiality to become negative. Actually being 100% negative in the literal sense is an utter impossibility because the withdrawal of the Most High from one's Inner Mind would mean instant eternal death.


Therefore, it is not wise to see things in finalistic conditions, states and processes. To proclaim that man is nothing but evil means to proclaim that man is absolutely evil. This is a finalistic statement. To be absolutely evil means to be untreated and unoriginated; it means that evil is absolute and always is and, therefore, can never be changed or abolished. If one is evil in this kind of connotation, nothing can be done to change one's state and condition. It also means that there is another absolute existence besides the Most High. Such statements are mutually exclusive because logically no two states can exist in an absolute condition. If they could they would no longer be absolute.


Now, the persuasion used by the negative state as a weapon in their wars consists in convincing people to believe that the negative state is absolute by itself and in itself, that it is uncreated and originated in the Most High, and that people are evil and damned. Why should people try to be something else if, no matter what they do or believe, the "fact" will always remain that they are nothing but evil and this is their eternal destiny? Such a persuasion leads and maintains people in the negative state, preventing them from believing it is possible for them to be good.


One of the many reasons the Most High incarnated on Earth in the form of Jesus Christ was to point out to people that they can be good by accepting the fact of the Most High's presence in them. He pointed out that the Father was within Him and that He was in the Father. Moreover, He pointed out that He is in them and they are in Him. The acceptance of this fact makes one less and less negative and more and more oneself, which is positive.


The positive forces in their cumulative effort continuously counterbalance the methods and tactics of the negative state's war by constantly emphasizing the presence of the Most High in everyone's Inner Mind, pointing out the potentialities everyone has to be a better human being and to progress spiritually to eternity, and by reminding people continuously that insinuations, persuasions, accusations, a sense of wrongdoing, feelings of guilt, etc., are not from within, as the negative state wants them to believe, but they are imposed from without by the negative state, and people can accept or reject them. People are guilty only to the extent they accept and believe these insinuations and persuasions about being guilty. No more and no less.


This situation strongly emphasizes the importance of daily self-exploration and self-examination to determine the source of such insinuations, persuasions, sense of wrongdoing, guilt, etc. In this way one is able to disassociate oneself from any such impositions and to stop believing they are coming from within oneself.


Again, with the history of the negative state and its wars, these weapons become more and more sophisticated, cunning, credible and effective. But so did the defensive weapons of the positive state.



The third favorite weapon utilized by the negative state in its spiritual wars against the positive state is to infuse and implant in people doubts, suspicions, confusions, perplexities, uncertainties, insecurities, hesitations, procrastinations, fears, unsafety, etc. These weapons can be compared with various small caliber firearms which are of a more personal nature, usually for self-defense in human terms.


These tactics keep everyone in a constant state of doubt and suspicion regarding oneself, one's ideas, accomplishments, spirituality, the existence of God, etc., bringing into people's lives confusion, perplexity, uncertainty, hesitation, procrastination, etc., and denying them a sense of stability, security and safety.


Such ways of infusing and implanting these conditions in people's minds have become more and more sophisticated, cunning, up-to-date and credible. If there were not a continuous cumulative counterbalancing effort from and protection by the positive state, most people would succumb to this condition and become an easy prey for the negative state.


The positive state continuously transmits into people's minds, in a manifoldly intensified manner, a sense of certainty, protection, trust, faith, confidence, security, safety, constancy and all other positive feelings and attitudes which totally undermine the tremendous effort of the negative state to flood spirits, souls and bodies with negative attitudes and feelings.


Again, one is advised to carefully examine the source of one's doubts, confusions, uncertainties, etc., and disassociate oneself from them, recognizing they are shots being continuously fired in the process of these spiritual wars. By doing so, one transforms these shots into harmless nudges incapable of harm. One summons one's Inner Mind for help and asks the Most High to build a permanent shield of spiritual certainty against such attacks.



The fourth weapon utilized by the negative state in its spiritual wars against the positive forces is a continuous attempt, in a cumulative manner, to flood the human spirit, soul and body with desires, wishes, wants and intentions of a negative nature, such as, for example, wanting to do something hurtful and harmful to oneself and others.


This weapon can be compared to daggers, knives, stilettos, etc., which can be as deadly as any armaments of the negative state because they are used in stealth, silence and darkness.


The purpose is to keep everyone in a constant condition of wanting, desiring and intending something negative, deceitful, selfish, inconsiderate, impulsive, compulsive, irrational, illogical, etc., keeping people from thinking logically and rationally and causing them to strike out without any apparent reason in a compulsive and impulsive manner.


The positive forces, on the other hand, in their cumulative effort, are continuously projecting into people's minds positive, good, loving, kind and wise desires, wishes, wants, intentions, etc., which counterbalance the negative ones to the point of blunting them, incapacitating them and preventing their total success. They support logic, reason and rationality, thereby controlling impulsive, illogical, irrational, hurtful and harmful behaviors and actions.


In this case also one is advised to explore the source of such negative desires, wishes, wants, tendencies, etc., and to countermand them with positive will, desires, wishes, wants and tendencies to be loving, wise, understanding, kind, rational, logical and patient. This is one of the best defensive weapons one can have against the forces of the negative state.



Finally, the fifth weapon of the negative state in its spiritual wars against the positive forces is the production, inculcation and maintenance of negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, worry, anger, hostility and violence in the human spirit, soul and body. Here also belongs the fear of death and eternal damnation stemming from faulty religious beliefs. Very often numerous religions are produced and fabricated in the Hells and continuously transmitted to all regions of human existence to keep people in such fears, anxieties, worries, obedience and blindness, all in the name of God.


This is one of the most favorite weapons of the negative state (the production of various forms of religions and their foolish doctrines), and it can be formidable and deadly.


In human earthly terms this weapon can be compared to sophisticated hand combat weapons, when one swift blow of the hand can kill instantaneously.


Of course, the training, use and application of this weapon became more and more sophisticated, effective and credible. The only reason people still live and are alive is because of the counterbalance and counter-projection of the cumulative effort of all positive forces into spirits, souls and bodies of humans of positive feelings and emotions of joy, happiness, contentment, satisfaction, delight, pleasure, peace, serenity, tranquillity, conciliation, tolerance, principles of spiritual homogeneity of religions and similar positive feelings. They repel any possibility of negative feelings permanently taking hold and causing one damage which would have an eternal effect.


So, whatever new weapons and tactics the negative state originates, they are instantly counterbalanced by the positive state's efforts to produce new defensive weapons which neutralize any permanent effect of the offensive weapons.


As far as this situation is concerned, one is again advised to disassociate oneself from the negative feelings and to countermand them with positive feelings in the moment of their attack. If one consistently does this, time periods between attacks by negative forces are prolonged until the time occurs when they are either infrequent or easily warded off without any permanent damage to one's spiritual, mental, emotional, volitional, intellectual and physical stability. In this way one helps in the final defeat of the negative state.


These are some of the weapons which are used in the spiritual wars. By comparing them with the physical weapons of humans on Earth, which are originated from their ideas in the spiritual world, one can comprehend to a certain extent how they work and how one can do anything in one's power from one's Inner Mind and the presence of the Most High in it to neutralize them and make them harmless.


As was mentioned previously, the most recent spiritual war in the spiritual world ended with the loss of all the negative state's positions and influences there. They were driven back into their Hells where they are now preparing for another war with more formidable weapons, etc., to be fought this time on the natural level (their last stronghold).


One can be assured that if one follows the principles of life and spirituality, as revealed in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality" and throughout these "Messages From Within", one will be protected and safeguarded by the Most High from any hurt, harm and/or consequence of that war. Nothing adverse can happen to such a person. As long as one follows these principles from one's free will and by one's freedom of choice, one is secured in an eternal position in the positive state and spiritual progression.


This is all for today.”










Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 186 – 193, msg. 29


April 29, 1982


The following messages have been received today from the Most High:


“The problem with many people on Earth is that they very often consider self-exploration, self-examination and going "within" into their Inner Mind, as a preoccupation which is abnormal, unhealthy and dangerous. For that reason they pay little attention or heed to what happens within them. As a matter of fact, they do everything in their power not to turn in to themselves, to their "within", and .not to listen to their inner thoughts, feelings, senses and intuitions. Instead, they waste their precious energies and time in keeping themselves in their externals, or "without", preoccupying themselves with outside matters, deliberately keeping themselves busy with all kinds of chores, errands and activities which successfully keep them from contact with their Inner Mind and, thus, in fact, with themselves and their Creator.


With this attitude, it is not surprising that people do not know themselves and are unpredictable as to their behaviors and attitudes. They simply do not have time to discover themselves, to know themselves, to will themselves, to feel themselves, and to experience themselves the way they really are in their essence and substance. Instead they run around listening to and absorbing what others have to say, how others see them, consider them, value them, and what others expect from them, taking for granted that such perceptions of them by others is really what they are. Because they believe this, they identify themselves with such outward perceptions and expectations of themselves and do everything in their power to live up to being that way, repressing, suppressing, shutting off and not heeding the screaming voice of their internal, real self which is being violated and rudely raped by such an attitude and style of life. They consider this situation normal. Thus, they become the result of their outward self-fulfilling prophecy. They consider all else dangerous, unsafe, unhealthy and leading toward insanity. It is not uncommon to hear a naive statement, such as, "You see, he was so preoccupied with himself it made him insane and he had to be committed", or similar statements.


Many people do not want to admit and realize that such an attitude is a perversion of the universal order, and that it is, in fact, very dangerous, unsafe and unhealthy. It leads people to all kinds of spiritual, mental, emotional, intellectual, volitional, sexual, social and physical problems, disorders and insanities.


This situation is, of course, the consequence of the prevailing negative state which exists on Earth in an activated and domineering mode.


One of the greatest weapons of the negative state, and one reason it has been so successful (as the entire human history on Earth testifies) is that it has directed people to the outside of themselves and has infused the idea in their minds that to be inside of oneself leads to insanity and all kinds of mental and emotional instability, disorder and illness.


This, of course, is the greatest falsity and perversion of reality of all. In fact, the exact opposite is true. To be continuously preoccupied with the outside of oneself, with one's external environment and with what others consider and expect to be one's real self is what causes people's problems, disorders, miseries and insanities.


As pointed out previously, such a reverse and perverse attitude leads to violation of the spiritual principle of balancing life and living (see Message 24 of April 24, 1982). One of the results of this violation is exactly what has been happening with people on Earth for a millenia.


If people ever hope to reach peace on Earth and in themselves, with justice and happiness, they need to learn to apply this balancing principle of life first. It means that they have to learn to turn themselves to the "within" and to pay attention to what is there. Then, from that position, they may and can look outside in order to see reality through their own eyes and not through the eyes of someone or something else. Perceiving reality through someone or something else and remaining blind to one's own point of apperception is to constantly distort things and not to see them in the way they really are. This means living in an illusion of reality. No wonder people have so many problems.


Yet it rarely occurs to anyone that, if the prevailing view about keeping oneself outside of oneself, as the only healthy attitude by their standards and expectations, is correct, then why do people arrive in the situation they are so afraid to find themselves? This is a paradox of the negative state; it is illogical, irrational and foolish.


This is what the perverted order of universal principles is all about.


It is necessary to put everything in its true perspective in accordance with the proper order of things and procedures. As was pointed out before, in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality" and throughout these "Messages From Within", the proper universal order of Creation is from "within" to "without", and never from "without" without any regard to "within". The moment the "without" is placed in a dominant position, it shuts off all access to "within"from which it takes all energies for its existence. The state of continuous suffocation of "within" is established by such an act and, as a result, people do not really "live", but suffer. Human life becomes a continuous chain of misery, suffering, wars, crimes, illnesses and all kinds of problems, the list of which is truly endless. Such a life is not a true life but an illusion and a fake life. People live in deception and illusion believing this to be not only the true life but the only possible and feasible life in being and existence.


Such thinking is a result of the domineering and activated negative state in which people trap themselves by their faulty belief system.


In order to correct this situation one is advised to take certain steps which are offered throughout these "Messages From Within". In addition, there are a few additional points worthy to be considered for practicing in one's life to establish a


proper and orderly flow of life and all its spiritual principles of living. The following points are in a sense elaborations, and perhaps repetitions and extensions, of all the principles previously mentioned.



The very first important step in putting things in order in one's life is the recognition and acceptance of the fact that excessive preoccupation with the "without" while considering turning oneself to the "within" as dangerous, unsafe and unhealthy, is incorrect. It is a source of many human problems and a violation of the spiritual principle of balancing of everyday living (see again the message of April 24, 1982). Once one takes this first step, by starting to question and to dispute the old style of life of "withouts", it will lead one to remove the artificial fear of going into oneself induced by the negative state.


One is advised to recognize and accept the fact that fear of oneself is the most devastating and damaging fear of all because it robs one of everything one is. Instead one is advised to approach oneself with trust, faith and confidence; with love, care, appreciation and respect; accepting the fact that one's Inner Mind, the inner self, where the Most High is ever present, is the true and the only possible source of knowledge, wisdom, love and happiness, and is the determinator of the sense of true reality. If one starts to think and feel in these terms, one is well on the way out of the predicaments of one's life produced by the old lifestyle of externals or "withouts". But this step has to be taken first. It is like reconditioning oneself to start to think from one's within and not from one's without.


It is advisable to spend some time daily in practicing this mode of active thinking, willing, feeling and acting as described previously (see message of April 23, 1982).



The next important step in the process of correction of one's faulty lifestyle is the admission of the spiritual fact that happiness and the meaning of life cannot be found in externals and in the possession of material goods. There is nothing in them that can truly inspire, motivate and/ or give one a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction of being alive. This is a very important recognition, helping one to cease seeking values where there are no values. One cannot change anything without first admitting this fact. Again, one is advised to engage oneself actively in facing this fact, admitting to oneself that it is true, repeating it in one's thinking, feeling, willing and acting. In so doing one is preparing oneself for change.



The third important step in this endeavor is to recognize that one's life is not what it should be and that it is necessary to do something about changing its content, meaning and purpose. In other words, one is advised simply to admit to oneself that one needs to change. Without such an admission, no need for a change can be felt. Without a need for a change, no change can be initiated.


Therefore, one is advised to actively engage on a daily basis in developing a need for a change in one's lifestyle in accordance with spiritual principles by admiting the fact that one is in need of a change. This kind of active engagement gives one's Inner Mind, and the Most High in it, an opportunity to transmit to one's conscious awareness a sense, a feeling and a proper knowledge for the initiation of such a change.



The fourth important step in this active process is finding the proper and right tools, ways and means for change in the best possible manner, congruent with the essence and substance of one's overall mind and one's personality. In other words, it is necessary to recognize first that thus far one has not properly utilized whatever one has, and the tools, ways and means which one has been using in one's life have failed to accomplish and to bring a proper spiritual and creative mode of living in one's life. Thus, one has to admit that it is necessary first to replace the old tools, ways and means of living since they failed completely in their work. Once this fact is admitted and a desire from one's free will is expressed for a need to replace and to find new tools, ways and means of living which are more adequate and proper to true life, one then can proceed with a submission of a request to one's Inner Mind, "within", where the Lord is, for enlightenment, inspiration, revelation, clear insight, and the knowledge about such future tools, ways and means of right and proper living. If one does so consistently, on an everyday basis, one will find oneself having all kinds of proper insight, understanding, ideas, etc., as to how to proceed with the removal of the old, miserable patterns of life and how to replace them with new, truly spiritual ones.



The fifth important step in this respect is the necessity of establishing an active will for using these newly acquired tools, means and ways in the most productive, constructive and creative manner possible so that mutual benefit, common good and sharing can be accomplished and a continuous spiritual progression can flow in an onward and forward direction, with a built-in safeguard against any possible reversal to the old, destructive, miserable, non-spiritual modes and patterns of living.


In this respect, one is advised to give oneself suggestions on a daily basis to accomplish such a will and to keep constantly in one's mind and in one's practical life the higher spiritual perspective of life as defined by all spiritual principles of life and living and by the principles of spiritual homogeneity. If one does so faithfully and consistently, with a right motivation, on a daily basis, always finding some time out of one's daily life, one will most certainly succeed in all respects.



Finally, the sixth important step in this undertaking is the admission and acceptance of an indisputable spiritual axiom that one can do all these things only by oneself, on one's own, by one's own determination, effort and striving, with faith, trust and confidence in one's worthiness and ability to do so effectively and successfully, without any reliance on anyone or anything outside oneself, recognizing the fact that all life and its positive attributes continuously flow from the Most High in one's Inner Mind. Therefore, going within oneself, relying on one's Inner Mind, signifies going to the Most High, to the Lord, who is the true source of everything positive and good in one's life.


This is why it is so important to turn oneself to the inside, to one's Inner Mind. This is the only place where one can find God, the Most High. This is also the reason the activated and domineering negative state puts forth so much effort into keeping people outside of themselves. In so doing, the negative state keeps them away from the Lord - that is, away from the source of true life and all good and truth.


For this reason, one is advised to set aside some time from one's everyday activities for giving oneself positive suggestions to establish a need, a desire and will to turn oneself to the Lord, inwardly, in one's Inner Mind, and to ask for help and support in actualizing the fact of reliance on oneself, on one's Inner Mind and the Lord in order to be able to do all things on one's own without placing hope and values outwardly where there is no hope and value in existence.


By doing so consistently, patiently and with determination, one will become free and independent, strong and healthy, useful and creative, happy and joyful, content and satisfied, having fun and achieving good and positive things.


This is all for today.”










Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 193 – 201, msg. 30


April 30, 1982


The following was revealed today by the Lord:


“It is necessary to realize and to remind oneself again and again of the following important facts:


Everyone who comes to planet Earth brings with oneself everything needed to fulfill the purpose of one's incarnation on Earth effectively and successfully. Nothing is missing.


The state, process, condition, content, extent, degree, quality and quantity of one's abilities, tools, gifts, talents, or their lack, of course, and similar things, are determined by a specific choice one made before incarnation on Earth in order to successfully and effectively actualize, realize, manifest and bring to full and complete utilization, fruition and exhaustion such a choice.


There are many possibilities as to how such a choice is actualized and realized. Some people choose to be and to live in a certain way or condition for the duration of their life span in the natural degree and physical body while on Earth. Others choose to go in steps, from one point to another, choosing certain changes in their lifestyle so that the final, most important purpose of their life on Earth can come to its fruition. The latter cases may involve in succession two or more entirely different lifestyles, very often opposite. In this case, the final choice of one's being on Earth cannot come to fruition without the experiences of previous choices. Whatever the case may be, everyone is fully granted everything one needs for this purpose. Neither less nor more. Less would lead to the failure of realization of one's choice. In such a case, the opportunities which would be presented to one could not be taken advantage of properly. More would mean violation of one's freedom of choice, which would block one's proper manifestation within one's choice.


However, no matter what the case may be, in order to do anything, one has to be equipped with the most important principle of life - with the Inner Mind - wherein is the presence of the Most High, from which presence one lives and successfully fulfills one's purpose of being on Earth (or any other place).


But having the Inner Mind and the presence of the Most High in it constitutes a certain paradox from the standpoint of choices in the natural degree, and even more so for a choice to be incarnated on Earth where the negative state is in its dominant and activated condition.


The paradox is that the Inner Mind, and the presence of the Most High within it, contain the means, ways, tools, possibilities and knowledges in a completeness and totality far surpassing or extending beyond anything which one has chosen to have or to actualize in one's particular life span.


This paradox is resolved by the activation of only those areas and levels of the Inner Mind which are needed and necessary at each particular time in the process of fulfillment of one's choice. The rest of the Inner Mind is in a state of dormancy (insofar as its manifestation in the natural degree of Earth is concerned) and readiness to be activated whenever proper needs occur.


However, since everyone's life is a continuous progression in some mode or another, and because this progression continues to eternity, it is necessary that everyone possess within oneself all possible choices to eternity. Without this possibility and perspective, no further choices could be conceived and made. Without this condition, no life support system could be sustained in anyone. As one goes from one choice to another, the Inner Mind's potentials become activated, and further abilities, means, ways, tools, etc., become available for the realization and actualization of each succeeding choice.


This is why it is vitally important for one's survival that, despite the fact that one does not have, by one's choice, a full access to the totality of the content of one's Inner Mind (specifically during one's life span on Earth), one has within oneself the Inner Mind and the presence of the Most High within it, from which one can draw everything one needs to change from one choice to another to eternity. Without the presence of this eternal opportunity, life would make no sense and have no meaning for anyone.


Therefore, in the process of one's life during one's chosen span, one's Inner Mind releases only as much as is necessary and needed for that particular time span and for whatever steps one determines to take within that particular time span.


When one is being incarnated on Earth for fulfillment of a certain choice or choices, one carefully seeks out the most opportune conditions, situation, environments, lines, heredity, etc., in order that everything may be available for the successful completion of one's purpose for being in that particular life span.


It would be a gross error to assume that people appear on this Earth in this or that social, cultural, racial, physical, etc., environment, with this or that problem, limitation or excess, by mere chance without any planning or choice. Such a conclusion is a scientific fallacy which leads people to many faulty conclusions and ineffective treatment of their condition.


Nothing appears or happens by chance. Whatever happens in one's particular life span is always, without any exception, determined by one's choices and free will. However, these free choices were made before one's physical birth within the Absolute Thought Process of the Most High. Those who incarnate from the negative spiritual state are also asked if they are choosing this of their own volition, taking full responsibility for the consequences of their choice.


Thus, one is fully responsible for one's choice, even though no conscious awareness or conscious memory exists for such a choice. This limitation - the obliteration of memory - is valid only for those who choose to be incarnated on planet Earth where the dominant and activated negative state exists. Conscious knowledge and memory of such a choice would totally invalidate one's necessary experience in this respect, which is very vital from the standpoint of universal learning and universal spiritual progression.


However, not having conscious awareness and conscious memory of such a choice does not mean that one does not know about it inwardly, unconsciously and in one's Inner Mind. In fact, this can be discovered in the process of one's particular life span, after fulfillment of certain steps in choices, in deep hypnosis or similar conditions during one's determination whether a lesson of a certain experience has been learned, whether it is time to move on to the next step and change, etc.


In view of this fact, it is obvious that everyone on Earth, regardless of the condition in which one was, is and will be, be it in outward misery or outward happiness, is fully responsible for whatever one experiences at each particular moment of one's life span. There are no exceptions to this rule.


So, before one is incarnated on this Earth (or whatever the place may be), one seeks out synchronicity between one's choice and the conditions which are the most suitable and favorable for the fulfillment of one's choice. Thus, one chooses the line of heredity and its pool one wants to assume and to follow; the moment of linear time continuum one wants to enter this particular heredity pool; the genes which are most suitable and favorable for one's physical, mental and spiritual manifestation in this particular life span; the kind of specific mother and father for conception one needs to synchronize with to assume this heredity line; the kind of social, political, racial, economical, physical, etc., environment one needs to have for this purpose; and all other needed situations, conditions, states and processes in order to fully and completely exhaust one's choice or choices.


From what has been said here, it is very obvious that, in the ultimate sense, one's lifestyle on Earth is in no way determined, conditioned or influenced by heredity, environment or any other external factors. Just the opposite is true. One determines by one's own choice the kind of heredity, environment and all other external and internal factors of this particular life one will have for accomplishment of one's purpose of being on this Earth.


So, it is entirely futile and unjust to blame anyone or anything for whatever happens in one's life, regardless of how accidental or beyond one's control it appears. People have a tendency to excuse themselves for what they are, blaming their environment, parents, race, social situation, etc., without realizing that they placed themselves in all their predicaments as a part of their choice which they made before incarnation on this Earth. They agreed to undergo such experiences by their free will for very important spiritual, cosmical, universal, personal, private and intimate reasons which, is most instances, are not discernible and/ or consciously perceivable and understandable to them during their life span on Earth, or for a certain period of time while on Earth.


However, inherent in the spiritual state of affairs is the spiritual principle of life which states that everyone is able to change one's destiny. This means that everyone may, by one's free will and choice, change one's choice or modify it and its consequences. This can be done either during the life span on Earth or at any other place, time, continuum, state and process of one's eternal life. The condition of such an ability to change is determined by a necessary learning which one needs by one's choice to undergo in order to be able to change. A premature change of one's condition would be in violation of one's freedom and independence. For that reason, one is carefully safeguarded by one's Inner Mind and by the presence of the Most High in it from assuming or even desiring and wanting to change before important learning occurs and vital experiences are acquired. Once one feels a need and desire to change from within, by one's inner choice (not by any external circumstances), one is truly ready to change, since one then has fulfilled the requirement of this or that particular learning and experience. Therefore, one is given proper opportunities for initiation of such a change and a new set of tools, ways, means and abilities for actualization of that change and for making a new, fresh choice.


In the moment of such a change and new choice, that area of one's Inner Mind is instantaneously and in synchronicity activated with that which is the most appropriate and needed for successful realization and actualization of the new choice, with total and complete retention of all accesses to the formerly activated areas of one's Inner Mind. Thus, one never loses anything one ever had available from the Inner Mind and one continuously adds new areas of one's Inner Mind in the process of one's life span, making it possible to proceed with the all­-universal spiritual progression. This is the base for spiritual progression and no spiritual progression could occur without such additions.


In view of this fact, one can see that wrong and faulty methods of treatment are being utilized by psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians and various therapists. In most instances they are trying to understand human problems as a result of the environment, heredity, upbringing or similar matters, mostly beyond anyone's control initially and originally. Therefore, therapists do everything in their power to correct these situations with little, if any, consideration for the chosen necessity of such experiences and learning.


As mentioned previously (see message 26 of April 26, 1982, the second note), all such treatments should be aimed toward discovery of why one chose to be and to have what one is and has during one's Earthly life and whether it is time for a change of one's current condition. Usually, when people come for help and are motivated for this help solely by their inner needs, without any outward duress, they are ready for a change.


Only after establishing this fact may one proceed with treatment in the way determined by the seeker's Inner Mind. No other approach is spiritually feasible and proper because it may be in violation of one's freedom of choice, depriving one of important spiritual learning and experiences.


Due to the fact that this message deals with an important spiritual principle of choices, it is time to say something about the widespread human term or concept "karma" or "karman". Basically this is a doctrine which claims that every deed, good or bad, receives due retribution. In Hindu philosophy this concept relates to the doctrine of reincarnation (discussed extensively in "Principles of Spiritual Hypnosis" and "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality'. These concepts do not appear in any form or mode until later in mankind's history when all sense for the principle of spiritual homogeneity was lost and when people frequently started to rationalize reasons for people's various destinies on opposite poles which people call pleasurable life or painful and miserable life. At that point, the need occurred in the human external mind (which began to be completely disconnected from the Inner Mind) to explain these seeming discrepancies, inconsistencies and unexplainable sufferings on Earth and to justify their occurrence. So they came up with the idea that one is in the process of payment or reward for something one did in one's previous life or lives, without any conscious awareness of such existence or existences and their deeds.


In the earliest Vedic thought, these concepts do not exist because at that time there was still in existence some limited direct access to the Inner Mind and the Spiritual World which gave people a better understanding of life in a broader definition than the one which appeared later when such direct contacts were lost. These doctrines (reincarnation and Karma) appear for the first time in Brahmans, and subsequently are fully developed in the earliest Upanishads. From there they spread into most of the Indian religions and then gradually they infiltrated into Western thought. This is quite a popular concept among many people on Earth at the present time.


Yet, this concept, like the concept of reincarnation, is a distortion of reality. It is misunderstood and misinterpreted by most of its believers. The misconception stems from improper conceptualization of the philosophical principle of cause and effect. In this connotation, this principle signifies that any action has its reaction. As far as the previously discussed issue of choices is concerned, it signifies that any choice has its consequences. But even in this limited application of the law of Karma there is a distortion because one is capable of changing the outcome of one's choices even during manifestation of their consequences. One can alter, modify, re-direct or totally abolish them if one asks the Most High in one's Inner Mind how to do it and the way of doing it. The law of Karma assumes incorrectly that one is locked in one's choices and there is nothing that can be done about the consequences. However, this is not true because if one learned one's lesson well, one does not need to continue repeating the same mode and style of living unless, of course, one wants to.


The law of Karma does not take into consideration properly the greatest spiritual laws of all beings and existences -the Law of Forgiveness and the Law of Mercy.


Karma has the tendency to see everything as an inevitability of a cause having its effect. But this is not true. The effect of a cause may or may not manifest itself, depending on the proper and right spiritual needs which are in existence at any moment of the continuum within one's life span. One chooses to come to this Earth with a certain mission. This is a cause. The effect of such a cause may be continuously modified or changed in the process of the steps taken in the fulfillment of one's choice. For example, one can recognize within oneself that the consequences of one's choice are not reasonable and in the best interest of all concerned. In this case one goes to the Most High in one's Inner Mind, from one's own free will, with good intent, and evokes the law of forgiveness and the law of mercy which modify those consequences or entirely abolish them, giving one an opportunity to make another new and fresh choice with more reasonable and useful consequences.


The law of Karma applies only when one desires its application in one's life. Again, one freely chooses to accept this law and by this free choice one makes it workable. Thus, in reality, there is no other law that governs human life and destiny than the law of freedom of choice and change.


The danger of the literal application of the law of Karma in one's life is in the fact that one easily loses any motivation for change and represses any needs for modifying one's destiny. One starts to fatalistically believe that whatever is happening in one's life is inevitable and, therefore, nothing can be done about it until all consequences of choices of one's previous life or lives run their ultimate course. Then and only then can things change. So, these people, inwardly, do not make any effort to do anything about their lives; instead they wait all their life to come back for a better deal. What a waste of time and precious energy of life!


This attitude plays very nicely into the hands of the Hells and all their negative states. They want people to believe just that so that people will not be free to make any changes in their lives and to influence the consequences of their choices.


When members of the Hells and the negative state from Earth at one time established themselves in an artificially created "Heaven and Earth" in the intermediate world, they purposefully blocked planet Earth from direct access to all levels of the spiritual world and their Inner Minds. Some of the members of this pseudo-world fabricated from the distorted concept of choice and its consequences the doctrine of Karma and Reincarnation and established a strong society and position there built on this doctrine. From that position they started to flood all kinds of ideas related to this doctrine into humans on Earth who were by their choice susceptible to such ideas. It happened that a favorable ground for these particular distortions was found in Indian religions. It did not take long for that infusion to be accepted and to be considered a spiritual fact.


Similar numerous distortions and misconceptions were fabricated in that "world" about many other aspects of spirituality, religion and life. Then they were transmitted to all kinds of religions on Earth.


In view of this fact, one is advised not to be taken in by or to put one's trust in any presently existing doctrines, religions, occults or spiritualistic trends because they are all under the influence of the fabrications created by distortions of the Hells.


The artificial "heaven and earth" in the intermediate world was partly abolished at the time of Swedenborg's revelation (the part connected to the Dark Ages). The rest of it was abolished just recently, in connection with the revelation of "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality" and at the beginning of the recording of these "Messages From Within". However, their fabricated ideas took a very strong hold in people's minds through their various religions which are full of distortions and many spiritual abominations. Unfortunately, this situation keeps people connected to their respective Hells.


The only way to disconnect oneself from any bonds to the Hells is by a complete disassociation from any currently existing religious systems without exception, and to go into one's Inner Mind - to the presence of the Most High - and inquire in modesty and humbleness from one's heart and good intent for proper guidance, understanding, insight and protection from all distortions, and for the ability to see clearly what parts of any religion or spiritualistic trends have true spiritual value, if any, and what parts should be discarded, if not rejected entirely.


One who does this consistently is truly blessed and will not be misled. This is all for today.”





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