Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 202 – 208, msg. 31


May 1, 1982


The following has been revealed today by the Lord:


“Today some brief clarifications, explanations and additions to the concept of spirituality and spiritual principles will be presented.


Spirituality in general and human spirituality in particular are defined in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality", together with definitions of twelve principles on the general side and twelve principles on the human side.


Many people complain that theoretical definitions are difficult to understand. Therefore, they are too discouraged to read such books, feeling they are beyond their level of comprehension.


However, this opinion is a self-imposed fallacy as to one's abilities, placing self-imposed restrictions on one's intelligence. One accepts and believes one's being in accordance with the limitations of one's expectations, style of daily life, and impositions and expectations of others.


The problem is that people have trained and conditioned themselves in a mode of thinking and living, functioning within and preoccupying themselves with narrowly defined activities congruent with that training and conditioning. This leads to the development of one-sided intelligence defined in such terms as practical intelligence; theoretical intelligence; superior, average, below-average intelligence; and similar categories which, in actuality, have little meaning. They become their own self-­fulfilling prophecy by accepting and believing that they are, in fact, one way or another. The acceptance of such a belief leads them to develop themselves strongly and predominantly in the direction of what they believe they are or have, or are expected to be or to have. Anything in them that does not fit that belief system is repressed, suppressed, disregarded and/ or totally suspended and, in a sense, atrophied.


Thus, people train themselves to think, feel, will and act only in practical terms, such as driving a car to the grocery store and shopping. Whatever relates to such activities, they easily understand. If one were to explain to them principles of spirituality in terms comparable to shopping, driving a car or playing tennis, etc., they would be able to understand it. This is the way they usually think.


On the other hand, some people put so much emphasis on theoretical development of their abilities that they lose all perspective of practical aspects of living. Thus, they think in abstract, mathematical, philosophical, scientific, etc., concepts, and for them to go to a grocery store is an unimaginable venture where they would feel idiotic. Such people, of course, do not have difficulty in comprehending theoretical aspects of spirituality as defined, for example, in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality". However, they often have difficulty in seeing the practical aspects of such theoretical concepts.


Both these extremes are the result of improper training and choice which select certain outward observable traits in a child and continuously emphasize and condition rapid development of these specific traits, neglecting other aspects of one's personality. Children thus directed tend to identify themselves with these traits and, as adults, they become, in many instances, what they were expected to be by others or by themselves as a result of externally imposed observations and identification with them.


People forget that when they come to this world they are, in most instances, equipped to be a combination of both aspects of life. Any activity, no matter how practical or theoretical it seems, has its theoretical and practical aspects respectively. One without the other creates an imbalance.


When people condition themselves to live and to think in certain ways and terms they habituate themselves so much to this narrow and limited focus or specialty that anything else seems incomprehensible, difficult to understand, or boring. As mentioned previously, such a lifestyle is in violation of the spiritual principle of balancing everyday living.


In reality, everyone who can think, feel and will is able to understand, see and connect any theoretical and practical concepts if one gives oneself a chance to break out of one's self-­imposed restrictions and lifestyle which one pursues in one's everyday living. People simply become too lazy to do, to think or to try anything outside of their assumed faulty self-concept and lifestyle.


Such an unbalanced situation is a peculiar and isolated occurrence in Creation, limited to people on Earth (and in the Hells, of course).


This situation is the result of the activated and domineering negative state on Earth. There is nothing balancing in the negative state. Its nature is always one-sided, finalistic and exaggerated. It forces people who accept it to see things in a finalistic stance. They have a tendency to believe that their state and condition is final and nothing can be done about it. Thus, for example, if they consider themselves to be of either practical or theoretical intelligence, they believe it is their destiny to be practical or theoretical always, without change, and they do everything in their lives to force their point and subsequently live up to their belief. They make no effort to discover the real content of their inner self and of their Inner Mind. Everything which is contradictory to their belief is rejected as being of no use.


Thus, they rob themselves of great opportunities, knowledges and experiences which are available to them at every step of their everyday life. This situation is, of course, very much supported and encouraged by the Hells because they do not want people to discover the true scope and content of their own mind and especially of their Inner Mind. Such a discovery would lead people to true spirituality and, thus, to the Most High. This would totally undermine the negative state's secure position on Earth.


In view of this fact, it is obvious that the majority of people could easily understand and apply such concepts as spirituality and spiritual principles as defined and described in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality" and in some instances throughout these "Messages From Within". All they would have to do is to tell themselves, from their inner free will, that they really can do it. But because they tell themselves that they cannot do it, they carry out their own negative suggestions, and they really cannot do it. This is true of anything in human life on Earth.


In order to bring a better comprehension of spirituality and its principles to those who, for one reason or another, have brainwashed themselves into believing they are not capable of understanding highly theoretical concepts, here are some simplified explanations of these concepts.


Spirituality simply means that one recognizes and accepts as a fact, as an axiom (something which does not need to be proven) that there is an absolute, living, self-aware, untreated and unoriginated source of life and all Creation, which people call God, the Most High, the Lord, Jesus Christ, and various other names. Now the recognition and acceptance of this axiom has certain consequences for everyday life. Simply stated, if life and all Creation were created and originated from this Absolute Source, then whatever is happening in one's every day life, no matter what it is, is the result, the consequence and the outcome of that source's being and existence which always is without any beginning or end. Therefore, everything in one's life, without exclusion or exception has a spiritual implication. One is capable of doing anything at all only because there is that Absolute, Untreated, Unoriginated Source of life and Creation, called by many various names, who continuously provides one with one's life support system through and by one's Inner Mind where He/ She resides constantly, which life support system enables one to go about one's everyday business and living.


This is the spiritual principle of life, spirituality and everyday living in a nutshell. If people accept this fact and begin turning themselves toward that source within their Inner Mind, they begin to be truly spiritual beings. The degree and extent of one's spirituality, therefore, can be determined by how often and how much time one devotes in one's thinking, feeling, willing, acting and behaving in recognition of this fact and to turning oneself inwardly to the Most High in one's Inner Mind for guidance, support and enlightenment, and for determination of the right and proper way of life and everyday living with regard to one's unique personality and one's purpose for being here.


Now, this is the simplest, the most appropriate and the most spiritual way to understand spirituality and its principles. If one does this, one is fulfilling all requirements of spiritual living. Also, if one does this, the content of all spiritual principles and their easiest and most comfortable application in one's everyday life in accordance with one's specific needs and purpose in living on Earth is revealed by the Lord directly in one's Inner Mind.


But how many people do this on an everyday basis? Why doesn't everyone examine oneself and answer for oneself this question?


It is very important to realize that, in order to be spiritual, it is necessary to go inward, into one's thinking, feeling and willing from the presence of the Most High in one's Inner Mind and, then, to act and behave from such thinking, feeling and willing. No outward, external, from "without" impositions, expectations, prescriptions and determinations are of truly spiritual origin. One has to do it on one's own, within oneself, in one's own thinking, feeling, willing and acting from one's free will, by one's freedom of choice. No one else can do it for anyone. It is advised, therefore, that one start to exercise and practice this kind of attitude consistently on an everyday basis, as pointed out in the previous messages, without constantly relying on external inputs for being spiritual. The era of the externals of spirituality, which dominated mankind for many millenia, is now irreversibly dead, together with those who support it.


To summarize what has been said thus far about spirituality one can conceive spirituality and spiritual principles in the following theoretical manner:



Theoretical Foundation of Spirituality and Its Principles. This foundation is a core of spirituality, the innermost nucleus of its function. It determines the process of spirituality's manifestation in an infinite variety and in numbers of ways and modes for each particular cycle of time of being and existence. This core and nucleus of spirituality consists of all eternally living ideas, thoughts, concepts and categories of all sentient entities and all things in being and existence in all modes of discreteness and continuity. In the absolute sense, this core can be conceived as the lnner Mind of the Most High. In a relative sense, as related to people, this core can be conceived as the Inner Mind of People.



The Practical Foundation of Spirituality and Its Principles. This foundation is the process itself of manifesting all ideas, thoughts, concepts and categories of the Inner Mind into an infinite variety and number of forms, mentalities, external appearances, occurrences, proceedings and becomings, etc.


Without this practical foundation of spirituality, its theoretical foundation could not have any actualization and realization in the concreteness of its functions.


On the other hand, without ideas, thoughts, concepts and categories of such actualization and realization, no actualization or realization could occur, proceed and become in any form or mode of being and existence.


In the absolute sense, this process can be conceived as an Interior Mind and partly Exterior Mind (its innermost degree) of the Most High. In a relative sense, as related to people, this process can be conceived as the interior mind and partly external mind (its innermost degree) of people.



The Combined Foundation of Spirituality and Its Principles of Their Theoretical and Practical Foundation As Unity, Oneness and Harmony. This foundation signifies that continuous production of ideas, thoughts, concepts and categories in the Inner Mind, be it in the absolute sense in the Most High or in the relative sense in people, is for the purpose of their manifestation, actualization and realization in order that mutual benefit, sharing and common good can occur, proceed and become for all Creation. No other purpose of being and existence of such ideas, thoughts, concepts and categories is conceivable.


In the absolute sense, this foundation can be conceived as the rest of the External Mind of the Most High and resultant activities and behaviors of the Most High in regard to His/ Her Creation. In the relative sense, this foundation can be conceived as the rest of the external mind and resultant attitudes, actions and behaviors of people in regard to the Most High, to themselves and to the rest of Creation.


On this foundation depends everything in one's everyday life, since determination of one's attitude, activities and behaviors toward the Most High, oneself and the rest of Creation gives one the true meaning, content, purpose, quality and quantity of one's life.


If one looks carefully at these three condensed points of spirituality and its principles, one can notice a very important principle in itself: there is no "without" originating principle possible. Whatever is or whatever happens is and happens as a result of some inward "within" process and function. Thus, "without" is the result and outcome of "within" and not vice-­versa.


In practical terms, this means that all outward forms, such as nature, matter, physical bodies, planets and occurrences on and in them, are the result of internal "within" processes and functions and their ideas, thoughts, concepts and categories which appear as substance in the "without", making "without" the result or end, and not the beginning.


This also means, as mentioned previously many times, how spiritually dangerous for one's life it is to put all origination, meaning, purpose and sense of everything or anything into "without" - externals, nature, matter, etc. - where there is nothing in itself and by itself.


At the same time, it also means how spiritually dangerous it is for one's life to be continuously preoccupied with, and to spend most of one's life in outward, external "without" activities with little regard for their spiritual, "within", origination.


This is all for today.”










Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 209 – 217, msg. 32


May 2, 1982


The following messages have been received today from the Most High:


“Today some elaboration on the process of incarnation of human beings on Earth and their choices will be given. Before proceeding to the topic of today's discussion, a note of warning is in order. What follows is a gross oversimplification of what really occurs in this important process. One has to keep in mind that those who choose to be incarnated on Earth also choose to limit and restrict themselves for the duration of their life span on Earth from understanding certain spiritual procedures which take place outside the realm of the natural degree in general, and even more so outside the realm of Earth in particular, where the negative state is in an activated and domineering position. Therefore, the following explanation is only an approximation of what really happens. It will give some approximate ideas to one who likes to keep one's heart open, and who is flexible enough to accept the important fact that there is always a transcending understanding of all of this which is not available at this particular moment of mankind's condition.


However, what follows can give one a sufficient picture to understand certain concepts which provide an idea of this important issue. This understanding, albeit limited and gross, can be helpful and useful in one's spiritual progression.


In general, the appearance of sentient entities in their respective states, processes, conditions, positions and places can be conceived in at least two ways. As far as appearances of human beings on Earth is concerned, their appearance can be conceived in three ways.


The first, most common, but at the same time, most global and general way, is by the process of production of specific ideas, thoughts, concepts and categories related to such a process within the Absolute Thought Process of the Most High. This is a process of direct endowment by and from the Most High. The Most High continuously produces new ideas of life forms, sentient entities and new environments relevant to the needs of these sentient entities, etc. Such ideas are endowed by the spirit of life, from it by its mentality and from this mentality by its external form, and then they appear in their perspective environment, newly created for that purpose, in the form of sentient entities.


The second way this appearance takes place is a result of certain activities of the sentient entities themselves. From the presence of the Most High in their Inner Mind, the new ideas are produced within their Inner Mind as a result of an exchange and unification of principles of masculinity and femininity of two sentient entities which result in a birth of a new, hitherto non­ existing idea. Such an idea is then endowed by the Most High with the spirit of life and is projected and emanated for its manifestation into an environment relevant to its content. Since the production of such ideas is possible only from the presence of the Most High in the sentient entities' Inner Minds, it signifies that in the ultimate sense the Most High is their Creator. In this respect, the sentient entities participating in this process function as specific mediators to the Most High for the endowment of the new receptacle of life with that life.


The third method for this appearance, which is utilized only for humans on Earth, is a production of certain negative ideas in the negative state of the Hells. By a conjunction of two negative spirits, a certain negative exchange occurs which results in the appearance of a relatively new negative idea which is projected into its own manifestation. Since such negative ideas are produced from the stolen principles of life, which life continuously flows from the Most High, their production is possible only because the Most High exists. This does not mean in any way that the Most High participates in the production of such negative ideas. The presence of the Most High in the negative spirits is in their ability to change and their freedom of choice to be that way. This fact gives them life. They can live only because of such an ability. They use this life for denial of the Most High's presence in them. Such a denial constitutes the negative state. Because of this denial, the Most High cannot be present in the denial itself. Otherwise there would be no denial. So, the negative state is basically the result of the denial of the presence of the Most High in the negative spirits' ability to change and in their freedom of choice. Such a denial, by virtue of its activation by the sentient entities, in this case by the negative spirits, is the result of an idea of the denial. Because such an idea occurred from life which was endowed by the Most High to certain sentient entities (in this case to human beings on Earth), it carries its own life which tends to become real. The reality of its appearance gives it the ability to reproduce itself in endless forms and manifestations. For that reason when two negative spirits (feminine and masculine) in the Hells approach one another for the exchange of their negative stance, the result of such a negative exchange is the birth of a new negative idea which is, then, projected for its manifestation and realization into an environment favorable for it.


While the first two methods of sentient entities' appearances can be manifested and projected throughout all Creation at all its levels, dimensions, degrees and steps in accordance with the content of such manifested and projected ideas, the third method of appearances is limited by its nature only to a bi-directional manifestation and projection. The ideas produced in such a manner can be manifested and projected only within the Hells themselves or in the one place of the natural degree, specifically permitted by the Most High for that purpose - planet Earth and this solar system.


Thus, people on Earth can basically originate from two states - positive and negative. Nowhere else in all Creation are such manifestations and projections possible.


Although the negative ideas in themselves can be manifested and projected in the form of new human beings on Earth or in the form of negative spirits in the Hells, their experiences are available for sharing and learning to all Creation through the universal consciousness which contains all such experiences for the purpose that universal lessons about the negative state might come to their fruition. This ability prevents the necessity of the negative ideas to be manifested in a widespread universal manner.


Now, once any idea occurs relevant to the appearance of the sentient entity or a human being, it first is evaluated, assessed and examined for its content. This happens both within the Absolute Thought Process of the Most High and with the Inner Minds, from the presence of the Most High in them, of the two sentient entities who gave birth to such an idea as a result of their exchange (in the second method of becoming a concrete manifestation of that idea). In the process of evaluation, assessment and examination of this idea's content, it is determined what use, if any, such an idea can serve to the universality-of-it-all. If it is found to be useful for one reason or another, and spiritually feasible for its manifestation, then, in the next step, all consequences of manifestation and projection of such an idea are determined. After determination of these consequences and various outcomes, the proper spiritual, mental and physical state, process, condition, place, dimension, level, degree, step, line, etc., is sought out in which the content of such an idea can be fully manifested and projected, and its consequences and outcomes actualized in the most suitable, favorable manner where the most learning can occur. Once this is determined, the next very important step is to assess whether such an idea, once manifested in the concreteness of its representation in a mode of a sentient entity or human being, would be willing by its free choice and free will to be in a particular manifestation, in a particular environment, with particular content and particular consequences and outcomes of its manifestation. At this point, certain various options are presented to such an idea by the ideas of such various options and by the ideas of the ways it can influence, modify or change any consequence, or any state and process when there is a need and opportunity for such a change. Now, at this point the idea is given an opportunity to make a decision (through an idea of decision) whether it wants to proceed with its manifestation as outlined with regard to its content or whether it wants to be modified or entirely withdrawn before it is endowed by the spirit of an individualized and unique life from the Most High.


It is necessary to remember that all these steps and processes occur on the level of ideas only. No concretization or manifestation of these ideas yet takes place. Any occurring idea is confronted with ideas of its manifestation and projection, with ideas of its content, its environment, its consequences and outcomes, etc.


Once the idea agrees from the idea of its free will and choice with the idea of its manifestation and all else, then and only then it is endowed with the individualized and unique spirit of life by and from the Most High.


Thus, the idea appears first as a spirit in the form of its Inner Mind. From its Inner Mind, its mentality or interior mind is created in synchronicity with the appearance of the Inner Mind. Once this is done, it is placed into a special intermediate world which exists for such a purpose (it has no other function). Here it receives a temporary external form, congruent with its spirit and mentality, which constitutes its external mind or body built from its ideas in the Inner Mind relevant to the content of that idea. In this intermediate world, it reassesses, re-evaluates and re-examines all aspects of its existence and being and makes a final decision and choice (now as a sentient entity) for its most appropriate incarnation. During this time, any sentient entity may change anything it wishes with one exception - it cannot change the fact of its being and existence. Once it freely agreed to be and to exist, it did so with an understanding that this particular choice is for eternity. All else can be changed at this particular point. When the suitable time and place, or state and condition for its incarnation is established, it proceeds to its incarnation. This incarnation can be either in one of the numerous spiritual worlds or in one of the numerous natural worlds (in any possible lines, times, levels and dimensions in accordance with the specific synchronous needs of both the incarnated spirit and the place or situation into which the spirit is being incarnated).


During the idea's stay in this special intermediate world, it is called spirit. Because in this condition it has within itself the Inner Mind, the interior mind and the external mind built from the ideas of the Inner Mind and from the elements of this special intermediate world, it is a fully conscious, self-aware, self­-determined, free and independent sentient entity.


The duration of one incarnation of any such sentient entity is determined by its choice and by the place or state where this incarnation takes place. If, by any chance, it takes place in the natural degree, the choice is to limit its incarnation for a certain period of time only. Once that time expires, the sentient entity returns to the intermediate world (this time it is a different intermediate world connected to the state or place of the preceding incarnation) where the process of its Last Judgment, or evaluation, examination and assessment of its life in that particular incarnation takes place. After it is finished, the sentient entity is presented with a new choice or choices for its incarnation into some other mode of being and existence. In the process of making the next choice and decision, this sentient entity is presented with all future consequences of any choice and the extent of usefulness of its choice from the standpoint of mutual benefit and sharing for all Creation and its spiritual progression. Once the choice is made from the sentient entity's free will with full realization and acceptance of all consequences and outcomes of that choice and their various options for modification and change, the sentient entity proceeds with the next incarnation. The next incarnation can be in either the natural degree or the spiritual degree. However, as pointed out in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality", this incarnation can never be twice or more into the same natural world or into the same line of any world. It cannot be reincarnated in the same place because it would be a repetitious, regressive and stagnant mode of existence which is inconceivable in the Absolute Thought Process of the Most High, where there is nothing but spiritual progression and creation of new things. For that reason no repetition of an incarnation into the same line of existence and being in any level, step, degree or dimension can be productive, constructive and creative, and, therefore, it cannot take place. (See "Principles of Spiritual Hypnosis" and "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality" for discussion of the concept of reincarnation).


This process of incarnation continues to eternity and can never be stopped because of constantly appearing new states, new conditions, new processes, new places, new lines, new universes, new galaxies, new creations by and from the Most High. These are all available for learning and experiencing to all sentient entities and human beings in the process of their spiritual progression.


The appearance of the manifested and projected negative ideas in the form of the negative spirits or human beings follows basically the same procedure as described above. However, they do not share the same initial intermediate world. They are permitted to have their own special intermediate world specifically connected to the Hells and planet Earth where they place their negative ideas for the purpose of final choice of those ideas to be incarnated. If they are found to be useful for some important spiritual learning and lesson to all creation, no matter how negative and evil they might seem to be, they are permitted to proceed with their incarnation in the Hells or on planet Earth.


Because the spiritual principle of free choice and free will is as valid in this world as in any other place in Creation, it is entirely up to the negative ideas whether or not they want to be incarnated, and whether or not they want to bear all the negative consequences of such an incarnation. In the process of their negative choice-making, they are presented with all alternatives, options and tools which may lead them to changing their negative choice and to start making positive and good choices. This is a necessary built-in system provided by the Most High which is an immanent and inherent condition of their existence and being. The point is that no one can be and exist without free will and free choice, no matter how evil or negative one may be or appear. The reason one becomes so evil or negative is because of the choice to be that way. This is the very principle of living and actualization of anything at all including the negative state. But such a choice to be evil also implies explicitly and implicitly that one can cancel that choice and make another choice in a positive direction. From the above-described procedure and process of appearances and births of sentient entities and people, it is very obvious that no one is forced to be anything or in any particular way if one does not want to be. It is also obvious that many people on Earth are incarnations from the negative and evil ideas produced in the Hells for such a specific purpose. This can also explain to a certain extent why such horrible crimes, wars, illnesses, various miseries and adverse conditions in all kinds of forms exist on planet Earth. They are here by someone's choice. They can be eliminated only by another choice by that someone. Nothing is imposed and necessary. The necessity of anything in being and existence is determined by its choice. Therefore, one is fully and completely responsible for whatever happens in one's life. There are no exceptions. The need for obliteration of conscious memory of such a choice for people on Earth was explained elsewhere. Nowhere else in Creation does such a need exist.


There is a certain deviation from the above-described process in the way human beings appear on Earth. As mentioned many times before, planet Earth was assigned predominantly and for the time being to the negative state. This constitutes and determines certain procedures of physical birth which are specific to the negative state. By its nature the negative state is a state of ignorance, restrictions and limitations. Therefore, whatever is born into the negative state, be it from the positive or from the negative side, it must be born into ignorance by choice. This condition necessitates that people be born in an animalistic process of conception within the mother's womb and with subsequent obliteration of all memory of whatever happened before conception took place. This process of birth was fabricated and introduced on Earth by the so-called pseudo­creators (see "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality'.


A process of birth other than an animalistic process could not produce the state of ignorance. This type of birth is a non­spiritual one which enables such an ignorance to be produced (as far as consciousness is concerned). Any other way is a spiritual way. The spiritual ways of birth cannot result in ignorance because they are by a direct endowment of the Most High. Whatever comes by direct endowment of the Most High is always positive. There is no ignorance in the positive state. It does not need any unconscious mind. It is fully conscious. Therefore, no negative state or idea can be manifested or born in this way.


Once an idea makes a choice to be incarnated in the form of a human being on Earth (there are many other human beings who do not incarnate on planet Earth but in another place in the physical universe), it seeks out synchronous ideas of two people on Earth who approach one another for the purpose of sexual intercourse by their choice, giving an opportunity for the spirit of that idea to start to build an external form in the mother's womb relevant to its content and mentality. When such a form is ready, the spirit of that idea with its mentality enters into its body and the physical birth of a human baby occurs. In the process of the formation of its body, the spirit utilizes the most relevant genes from both mother and father for the purpose of its incarnation on Earth.


It is proper to remind oneself again than an incarnation of any idea on Earth is always in congruency and synchronicity with those on Earth who are the means for its manifestation or physical birth. Thus, it is a mutual, synchronous choice (albeit in most instances an unconscious one) based on the free will of all involved. Therefore, no one can blame anyone else for the type of parents, children, situations and destiny one has during one's life span on Earth or anywhere else for that matter. Thus, even to be in the Hells is by one's free choice because no one is forced to go or to be manifested there.


This is all for today.”










Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 218 – 226, msg. 33


May 3, 1982


The following messages have been received today from the Most High:


“It would be useful to realize and remind oneself today about the following important facts.


How does one go about establishing whether one or someone else is in the positive or negative state, process and condition in one's Earthly life? After all, such a determination is a most important issue because on it depends the true quality of one's life.


As pointed out many times in previous messages, it is advisable that one examine and search oneself on a daily basis in regard to one's motivations and intentions behind any activities, thoughts, feelings, will, behaviors, etc., in one's everyday living.


Some people may complain that such explorations on a daily basis are too time consuming. But is it not time consuming to eat, drink, think and/or talk about irrelevant superficial external events having no lasting value, and to waste time on similar matters?


Why is this necessary on a daily basis if some former spiritual authors, including Swedenborg, thought it sufficient to perform such self-exploration and self-examination once a month at Holy Communion or three or four times a year? The reason it is advisable to do so daily is because one is being assaulted and flooded by the negative state twenty-four hours a day. (Swedenborg meditated daily for hours at a time.)


Being incarnated on planet Earth, where the negative state is in full activation and domination, means that one is exposed to continuous direct contact with the negative state in one way or another. This necessary contact (by the choice of being incarnated on Earth) is a source of subtle and less subtle contaminations, pollutions, impositions, influences, forcefulness, etc., which are being exerted without any cessation upon one's thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, behaviors, motivations, intentions, and style of life, very often without one's conscious awareness. This happens on an everyday basis. In recent years, as the human era is coming to its fruition, such assaults, floods, contaminations, pollutions, etc., of negative forces are manifoldly intensified in a much more sophisticated, effective and pronounced manner than in the past.


If one fails to perform daily self-examination and self-­exploration for the content, motivating factors and intentions of one's thoughts, feelings, desires, will, actions and behaviors, one is in danger of a geometrically progressive accumulation of the destructive effects of the negative state's assaults, contaminations, pollutions, etc.; or one is simply in danger just being on Earth where the negative state dominates.


Such a geometrically progressive accumulation gradually, in most instances without one's conscious awareness, begins a process of shifting one's thinking, feeling, willing, acting, behaving, etc., from positive to negative, cunningly suffocating the awareness that one is doing anything wrong or inappropriate. One may find oneself suddenly so engrossed in one's everyday living in various material, outward, selfish, superficial and similar activities and matters that no time remains for anything truly productive, creative and beneficial for all from the standpoint of the spiritual principles of everyday living. The danger of this situation is that one may find oneself believing and accepting such a situation as normal and appropriate. This, in turn, leads one toward accommodation to, identity with and approval of material negativity. When one arrives at this point, one stops feeling that anything is wrong or that one needs to change or make modifications in one's everyday living. The negative state is a master at leading people in such a direction.


This is one of the reasons why one is so strongly advised to do self-exploration and self-examination on a daily basis. In so doing, one is able to catch and to quickly eliminate any influences, impositions, intrusions, etc., of the constantly assaulting and flooding negativity of the Hells. One concentrates daily on discovering within oneself, with one's Inner Mind and the Most High in it, if there is any contamination and pollution which intruded itself upon one's thoughts, feelings, will, motivation, intention, activities and behavior. As one becomes aware of the negativity, one proceeds with the process of purification and cleansing from it, and from any adverse intent or motivation. One of the many ways in which such a purification and cleansing can be accomplished is by active inward visualization, thinking, feeling, hearing, willing, sensing, etc., (by whatever mode of perception one prefers or feels comfortable with) brilliantly white and pleasantly warm light coming from within one's Inner Mind from the Most High, penetrating the essence and substance of one's being and existence, of one's spirit, soul and body, and taking out, discharging from one's spirit, soul and body and from all their elements everything of the negative state. One does so by repeating this process of purification and cleansing several times during one's meditation, exploration and self­-examination.


The reason the brilliantly white and pleasantly warm light is utilized in this process is because of its corresponding spiritual meaning. It evokes an important spiritual and universal state and process - the state and process of love and wisdom, good and truth, which is a protection and a safeguard. The white or radiant part of the light corresponds to the Divine Wisdom and Truth which knows the best possible ways and procedures for combating and removing anything of negative origin. The radiant warmth of the light corresponds to the Divine Love and Good which accomplishes effectively the process of purification and cleansing from anything of negative origin utilizing the knowledge of its Wisdom and Truth. Thus, in combination, unification and oneness of love and wisdom, and good and truth, which is the source of all positive, protective and safeguarding powers from the Most High in one's Inner Mind, and which corresponds to this white, pleasantly warm light, one can find a potent antidote and tool for self-protection and a safeguard against continuous assaults, floodings and contaminations of the negative state and its forces.


This is only one of many ways possible for such an accomplishment. One is advised by the process of self­exploration to determine within one's Inner Mind and the Most High in it which is the best possible and the most effective way for that one to accomplish such purification and cleansing.


Now, to go back to the original question posed at the beginning of this discourse - how does one determine whether one or someone else is in the negative or positive state, process, condition, etc. ?  What must one look for in order to determine this properly, correctly and justly as to one's or someone's situation without harm to anyone?


First of all, one is advised to proceed with extreme caution in judging other people's condition. People's inward motivations and intentions, regardless of how good or bad they may seem to be from the standpoint of outward manifestation and observation, are never properly discernible from the outside. Two people, for example, with exactly the same outward behavior, may have diametrically opposing intention or motivation for exhibiting this particular behavior.


One can go only by certain outward signs that may or may not be indicative of the right motivation and intentional factors of people's true state of affairs with regard to their preferences for being in the negative or positive condition.


It is somewhat easier to determine these factors for oneself than for others. This is done, as mentioned above, by the process of self-exploration from one's own free will and by one's free choice. However, one is not permitted to enter other people's minds for the purpose of such an exploration. Even if this were possible or permitted, it would be in violation of their privacy, freedom and independence. Everyone is permitted to be the way one wants to be and no one is allowed to impose on people's own ideas as to how they should be. Such a desire is a gross spiritual arrogance and immodesty which is a sign of being in, or at least siding with, the negative state.


One can change only oneself. The ability and willingness to change is a sign of the positive state. The need to change others without the need to change oneself is a sign of the negative state. If one changes oneself, one can be a good example and a positive motivating factor for others. So, if one wants people to be, for example, happy, joyful, healthy, productive, satisfied, good, peaceful, considerate, wise, sharing, etc., one must first be that way oneself in order to provide a good example and demonstrate that anyone can change in that direction. There is no other way to truly influence people's behavior and lifestyle. It may appear sometimes that people are changed by outside imposition and duress (a good example of such a situation is living in Communist countries), but such a change is wrongly motivated (by fear, for example) because it does not come from within one's free will. In such instances, there is no change inwardly. The change is only outward for the purpose of appearance (to avoid rejection or punishment, for example) and this is no change at all.


This is another reason why daily self-exploration is of such great importance. It contributes, in an ultimate sense, not only to the improvement of one's own life, but also to the improvement of all Creation. Being an integral part of the whole Creation, one, by improving that part - oneself - is improving the whole. It is impossible to improve on anything in the whole without improvement of its parts. However, one cannot be any other part but only the one which one is. In order to be able to improve any other part, one would have to be that other part. By being that other part, one would no longer be one's own, but instead one would become totally the other part. Such a situation is an impossibility because one cannot abolish oneself in order to become someone else. In order to do that, one would have to start with a double abolishment - abolishment of oneself for the purpose of becoming someone else, and abolishment of someone else for the purpose of becoming that someone else. If this were possible, it would be equal to the abolishment of all Creation as a whole.


This is the reason why it is impossible to change anyone but oneself and why people have to initiate any changes from within themselves by their own free will and by their own freedom of choice if they really desire to be a part of the positive state.


One of the signs for determination as to whether one or someone else is in the positive or negative state is by establishing within oneself or by inquiring of others the stance toward the Absolute Source of all Life - toward the Most High, toward all principles of spiritual homogeneity (as defined on April 3-4, 1982 in Martinique – msg. 8), and toward all other spiritual principles of life and everyday living as revealed and defined in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality" and throughout these "Messages From Within".


If one denies the existence of the Absolute Source of Life ­the Most High - and has no consideration for spiritual principles of any kind; and if one's behavior is consistent with such a denial and lack of consideration, then one may cautiously conclude that there is a possibility that one is in the negative state, or is a part of the negative state.


However, the acceptance, consideration for and the outward living and behavior congruent with these spiritual factors does not necessarily make one spiritual or on the side of the positive state. This is why one must be so extremely cautious in arriving at any conclusions about another's spiritual state, since one's outward confessions and behaviors are not reliable and valid proofs of either situation - be it for the positive side or the negative side.


One can never be sure, based on an outward observation, confession or behavior, as to the real internal motivation and intent for denial and inconsideration or acceptance and consideration of such important factors of spirituality in one's life. Such a knowledge can be acquired only by self-exploration and self-examination. There are no other effective ways.


One can confess and accept all these important spiritual factors and behave in accordance with their requirements and prescriptions, and yet one may do so with some ulterior motivation and with a negative intent. One does not do it from the Most High in one's Inner Mind, but only for some external or selfish reason, or because it is advantageous for one to be and to behave that way in order to acquire recognition, a certain position, entrance into the Heavens, etc. In such a case nothing truly spiritual can be appropriated to that one because one does it from oneself, apart from the Most High within oneself, and not from the Most High within oneself. This is a deceptive mode of living which leads one toward the negative state.


One of the most fundamental spiritual principles of life states that the true motivation and spiritually intentional factors is to do things from the Most High from within oneself. Swedenborg says that one does things as if from oneself but realizing and admitting at the same time that one does them from the Lord. If one does so in this way, one is appropriated all positive factors by the Most High, and they truly become part of one's personality and one's life.


The only other way anything could be appropriated to anyone, based on doing it from oneself and not from the Most High, would be if one could be or were the source of one's own life. This would mean that one would have to be uncreated, unoriginated, and, therefore, absolute. But because there is only one Absolute - the Most High - one cannot do anything from and by oneself, but only from and by the presence of the Most High in one's Inner Mind. This is a true spiritual principle of life. This is what spirituality is all about. Recognition, acceptance and application in one's life of this fact, as pointed out previously many times, makes one truly spiritual and, thus, places one into a positive state on the positive side. Denial of this fact, no matter how good or positive one's outward behavior, makes one non-spiritual and, therefore, negative.


If one denies these spiritual factors and rejects their validity from one's heart, from one's own free will and by one's own free choice, no matter how positive, good and nice one seems to be from the standpoint of outward observation, nothing of that goodness, positiveness and niceness can be appropriated to that one. It cannot become an integral part of one's personality because the true source of all goodness, positiveness and niceness was denied and rejected. In this case, one appropriated to oneself something which does not belong to that one. This is a stolen principle of spirituality. In this case one is in constant deception of others and deception of oneself. One lives a life of lies. All atheists and materialists who identify themselves with their materialism and atheism from their own free will and by their own choice are of such a nature. Therefore, they are from the negative state and of the negative state.


However, once again, one must be extremely careful in assessing atheists and materialists, or any other people who claim to be religious and spiritual regardless of their religion or spiritual direction, who think they are of such a nature because of certain life experiences and/or imposition of externals with which they identified by an outward force or temporary circumstances, or who are of such a nature because they simply were born into such circumstances, accepting and feeling obligated to follow the line adopted by their environmental philosophy. Such people may or may not be truly atheistic, materialistic, religious or spiritual, and, thus, negative or positive. Some of them, inwardly, may be very spiritual or atheistic, longing for discovery and application (or rejection and denial) of real truth. These kinds of people, though, will find many life opportunities for change and revision of the stance imposed on them by the negative state. Usually, they very happily and gladly utilize these opportunities and recede successfully from their previous negative state.


On the other hand, if such positive opportunities for change and recession from the negative state are not being utilized, and if they are totally and completely neglected and disregarded despite the fact that they are being continuously presented, it may signify that such people do not want to change and they like to be the way they are; they want to remain on the negative side by their freedom of choice and by their own free will.


However, before rushing into any judgment and/ or conclusion, one is advised to take into consideration the following fact. Different people require a different pace, time span and circumstances under which they can initiate their change and recession from the negative state. In some instances it takes a long time (in human terms) and many various circumstances to bring this desirable change. If this is the case, it means that a quicker or more rapid process of change would be damaging and could bring one more harm than benefit. On the other hand, some people's pace is much faster in comparison with others, and it does not take that long (from the standpoint of Earth's linear time) or that many opportunities to initiate such a change and recession. For these people any procrastination or delay could be very harmful and damaging.


Therefore, one is advised to be very patient, endurant and perseverant, giving oneself and others enough time and circumstances for change before drawing any final conclusions about anyone's state. It is good to remember that there is nothing final in the Absolute State and Process of the Most High who constantly creates new things and initiates continuous changes throughout all Creation. It is also useful to remember that it is a sign of the negative state to see things in finalistic terms. One will also be very wise if one never generalizes and analogizes anything because there are never two identical cases.


This is all for today.”










Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 227 – 238, msg. 34


May 4, 1982


The following messages have been received today from the Most High:


“Spirituality and its principles can be alive and useful only by their activation and practical utility in one's everyday life. Without such an activation and practical utility, spirituality and its principles are empty notions, idle concepts and words without spirit or soul.


Spiritual principles were formulated for the purpose of living and functioning in such a manner as to give everyone an outline and direction which can bring one who follows them everything good, positive and useful.


Since it is so important to conceptualize spiritual principles from the standpoint of their practical utility, it is advisable today to elaborate further on the issues of everyday living.


From the standpoint of spiritual principles one can basically conceive the content and the quality of everyday living in three ways, or in three building blocks of life.


First, the content and quality of one's life is determined by the type and kind of concept, attitude and treatment one has in respect to the Most High. Second, it is determined by the type and kind of concept, attitude and treatment one has toward others and the Most High's Creation in general. Third, it is determined by the type and content, attitude and treatment one has toward oneself. These three building blocks of life determine the entire structure and dynamics of one's everyday life.


The way these three building blocks are acquired and utilized determine the true content and quality of one's life and, most importantly, determine the degree and extent of one's spirituality and realization of all spiritual principles in one's everyday living. For obvious spiritual and psychological reasons, the starting building block, which becomes a primary base and foundation of the whole structure, is the third block ­the type and kind of concept, attitude and treatment one has toward oneself. The reason it is considered a base and foundation of the whole structure is because one can relate only from and by oneself. It is impossible to establish any relationship from the outside, or apart from oneself. One cannot very well step out or disassociate oneself from oneself in order to relate. If this were possible, it would cancel one's being and existence.


In view of this fact, since one must relate from and by oneself, it is obvious that the quality and content of one's relationship to the Most High and to others is always determined by the type and kind of self-concept, self-attitude and self-treatment one has.


Simply stated, one treats the Most High and others as one treats oneself. Whatever attitude one has toward oneself, it is shared with the Most High and others. If one perceives, conceives, feels and treats oneself with all types of negative attitudes, and if one adopts a self-rejective, self-punitive and self-belittling attitude, one shares this kind of attitude with the Most High and others. After all, one can share only what one has or thinks one has. It is impossible to share something one does not have or does not think one has.


This kind of situation, unfortunately, also works the other way around - if one has such an adverse and negative self ­concept, self-attitude, self-perception and self-treatment, one tends to seek out and to accept from the most High and others only a rejective, negative and punitive treatment. All else, contrary to such adverse and negative treatment, is rejected or denied. One simply is not able to see or to seek out anything truly good in any situation or treatment.


However, since the Most High is blocked from contacting anyone who is in a negative or adverse manner, and since He/ She continuously offers to everyone without any exception only positive and good things, one tends to reject and deny the possibility of existence of this kind of treatment as incongruent with one's self-concept and self-treatment. Whatever is incongruent with this kind of self-concept and self-treatment cannot be seen or experienced. Unfortunately, in situations such as this, one not only rejects or denies the goodness and the positiveness of the Most High's efforts and relatedness, but one projects onto the Most High one's own negative and adverse perception, attitudes, expectations and treatments, frequently accusing the Most High of the same type and kind of attitude and treatment one has adopted for oneself. The same is true in relationship to others.


This is one of the reasons why, in human terms (humans on and from planet Earth only), God often is described and conceived as angry, hostile, punitive and jealous, condemning people to Hells, and is attributed other negative and adverse human traits and atrocities. This is also reflected in the literal sense of the Christian Bible which was written in the language of human projections. This was permitted by the Most High for the sake of people's freedom and independence. Yet, in reality, the Most High can never be any of these kinds of negative and adverse things, since it would be contrary to His/ Her Absolute Nature comprised of the principles of Absolute Love and Absolute Wisdom. Love does not conceive such negativism and wisdom does not allow it to enter its content.


Very often the same is true with respect to one's relatedness or perception of others. No matter how others are in and of themselves, whether bad or good, and no matter how well or how miserably they treat one, one will tend to perceive and feel their attitude and treatment in accordance with the type of self-­concept, self-attitude, self-treatment and the degree of self­-respect one has.


The reason why treatment of the Most High and others depends so much on one's self-concept, self-attitude and self-­treatment is because the Most High is always within one's Inner Mind, and others are various processes and extensions of the Most High who is in their Inner Mind. Everyone is a part of the whole. The way one treats that part, one also treats the whole. There is no other way possible.


This is one of the most important fundamental spiritual rules of life and everyday living. This rule fully applies also to any therapeutic approach and situation.


Since the above-mentioned three spiritual building blocks of life are of such importance with regard to everyday living, it would be useful to outline and, perhaps, repeat some points concerning their practical utilization and application.



In the activated and dominant condition of the negative state on Earth, the order of acquiring and utilizing these building blocks was reversed. This happened as a result of genetic manipulation and spiritual manipulation of correspondences by the pseudo-creators. They fabricated pseudo-humans in such a manner as to place them in a position of total spiritual ignorance and blindness. This situation requires that all knowledge of the Most High, oneself and others be acquired from the outside, from "without", by learning from someone or something else. The ignorance demands that all access to the internal knowledge of these issues, which is everpresent in everyone's Inner Mind, be completely severed. No ignorance is possible without this severance. Therefore, people are conditioned from the onset of their Earthly life (by their initial choice) to expect that all knowledge of life will be found somewhere outside. This leads them to a continuous search for knowledge in places and outward circumstances where there is little or no knowledge, or where there is knowledge which is completely distorted and irrelevant to these issues. No wonder that a majority of people only achieve complete disillusionment and disappointment, and at the end they realize they are not better off than they were at the beginning.


The necessity of being taught from the outside about the Most High, others and oneself (aside from everything else) was determined by the kind of situation people were in after their incarnation on planet Earth. Since there was and is no direct' available access to the Inner Mind, the spiritual world or the Most High from this level of incarnation, it was necessary to establish various external modes of learning and acquiring knowledge which would allow people to have some concept, understanding, attitude and perception of the Most High, themselves and others in order for them to survive. Although such a mode of acquiring this knowledge leads in most instances to a distorted view of reality with regard to the Most High, others and oneself, it is sufficient to maintain some semblance of life so that people might have an opportunity to experience the negative state's dominion and all its dire consequences. The necessity of such an experience and its usefulness for all­-universal learning was pointed out elsewhere.


In view of this fact, it is obvious that those three building blocks of life were originally acquired and utilized in the wrong way. This is a consequence of the choice to be incarnated on Earth and to participate in experiencing the negative state.


Therefore, the first step to be taken for a return to the normal and positive state of life is the realization, acknowledgment and acceptance of the fact that one's life on Earth, from its onset, started from the wrong direction and has continued in the wrong direction. It means that whatever knowledge one acquired about the Most High, others and oneself is either distorted, faulty or entirely false because it was acquired form the wrong source and from the wrong direction.


It is necessary to return to the starting point and to seek this knowledge in only one genuine and true source - the Inner Mind. Because the Inner Mind, in its innermost degree, is the seat of the Most High in every person, only from the Most High can one learn properly and objectively about the Most High, others and oneself. The consultations with the Inner Mind are the starting point of properly building one's life.


However, as long as children continue to be born on Earth in an animalistic, inhumane and negative manner, this will be a difficult task because they must be taught from the outside (a perverted order of the universe!). Nevertheless, this situation can be corrected early in life by teaching children as soon as practically possible to meditate, to do self-hypnosis, and to learn similar methods of getting in touch with themselves and their Inner Mind. Also children can easily be taught to communicate with their spiritual advisors (different periods of life require different types of spiritual advisors) who are always within, in their Inner Mind. Most importantly, children can be taught to communicate directly with the Most High in their Inner Mind who readily accommodates Himself/ Herself to the level of their physical and mental development. Until reversion to the spiritual birth of people on planet Earth takes place (as it was before the Fall), this approach can become a very important step in preparing children for the New Age and its proper universal order. The more this is done the more prepared mankind will be for the beginning of the New Age.


As far as adults are concerned, it is advisable for them to re­train and redirect their attention from focus on the outward and outside modes to focus instead on the inward, inside modes by some of the methods and tools described and mentioned throughout these "Messages From Within".


The more people engage in this redirection and re-training, the more adequate and proper knowledge of the Most High, themselves and others they will acquire. Such a true, genuine and undistorted knowledge will lead them toward the establishment of right and positive concepts, attitudes and treatment of themselves, the Most High and others.



In view of the facts outlined above, it is obvious that, in most instances, one does not have a proper and right self­ concept, self-image, self-perception or self-feeling. Whatever one has in this respect is distorted by the imposition, expectation, infusion and implantation of wrong ideas formed and formulated from the external demands of one's environment and one's parents, teachers, authority figures, etc.


This distortion maintains in one's life a continuous tension and stress resulting from the repression, suppression and disregard for one's true essence and substance and acceptance, identification with and following of wrong and distorted ideas as to how one should be and how one should conceive and treat the Most High, others and oneself. Such stress and tension is the cause of numerous spiritual, mental, emotional, intellectual, volitional, sexual and physical problems and illnesses which people are continuously exposed to, endangered by and suffer from.


The alleviation of this situation is possible only by changing one's imposed and inculcated self-concept, self-image, self­ perception and self-feeling, and to allow one's true self to take over and to express itself fully as it was meant to before it was rejected.


In this respect, one is advised to establish with one's Inner Mind and the Most High in it the right ways and means for removal and elimination of the old, unreal and untrue self ­concept, self-image, self-perception and self-feeling and to discover within oneself the true nature of one's being and existence in its essence and substance with full acceptance of oneself the way one really is. This will lead to a permanent establishment of a right, real and true self-concept, self-image, self-perception and self-feeling, giving one the most valuable building block for one's productive, constructive, creative and useful life.


As a first step in this endeavor, it is advisable to admit and to tell oneself, "I am not what I think, feel and perceive I am or seem to be. I need to explore and to find out the truth about myself and to establish who I am without impositions of external demands and brainwashings."


However, as pointed out many times before, the success of this endeavor can be assured only if all the things described in these messages are done from one's free will, by one's free choice and by one's own determination from within and not from without; no other way will or can work. To do this means to be truly spiritual.



The change in self-concept and self-image leads naturally toward a change in how one perceives and conceptualizes others. Usually and in most instances people, in their essence and substance, are not what they seem to be from outward observation by others and by themselves. Projections, expectations, demands, etc., as to how they should be distorts the reality of their being and existence in their essence and substance.


It is necessary to admit and to tell oneself, "People are not what they seem to be from my own perspective, projections and expectations. Why should they be this way or that way? Why not admit that they have the right to be the way they want and need to be and not the way I want them to be or perceive them to be?"


By not expecting anything from people, one will surprisingly find oneself seeing people differently and more congruently with their true nature. This view of people, which is more appropriate to reality, eliminates many pressures, tensions, disillusionments, disappointments, etc., which may, and very often do, lead to serious problems in human relationships.


One is advised again to examine oneself in this respect and to give oneself suggestions along the line of this newly understood attitude and concept. This is a second important building block of the true and real life and its true spiritual principles.



The change in self-concept, self-image and self-attitude, and in the concept, image and attitude toward others is accompanied by a necessary change in the concept, perception, image, understanding and attitude toward the Most High. This is the most important building block of the true and real life and all its spiritual principles. It gives content, meaning and purpose to the whole structure and dynamics of true and real life. Nothing can be complete and real without this building block.


The first step in establishing a proper and right way of conceiving, perceiving and relating to the Most High is in admitting and telling oneself, "The Most High is not what He/ She seems to be from my old point of view or from anybody else's point of view. It is necessary first to relinquish all old concepts infused and implanted in me from the outside by parents, teachers, ministers, authorities and churches. No one can know the Most High the way I can know Him/ Her from my Inner Mind and from my internal self."


The second step in acquiring a proper and right concept of and relatedness to the Most High is turning oneself inward, to the Inner Mind, and requesting humbly from the Most High that He/ She reveal Himself/ Herself the way He/ She really is in His/ Her unique manifestation within the inquirer. This revelation, then, is adopted by the inquirer with constant understanding and acceptance of the fact that with other people the Most High reveals Himself/ Herself differently in congruence with their unique perception and mode of the Most High's manifestation within them. This is a truly spiritual and wise approach in establishing one's proper and right relationship with the Most High.


Once these fundamental building blocks of real and true life are properly acquired and established, one may proceed with changes in all the other areas of one's life.



By acquiring a proper and right self-concept, self-image and concept and image of the Most High and others, one will have a proper tool for re-evaluation and change of the meaning, content and purpose of life. First of all, one admits and tells oneself that the real meaning, content and purpose of life is not what it seemed to be. It is not in outward, external and "without" matters in and of themselves, but it can be only in one's Inner Mind from the Most High in it.


Therefore, one goes into one's Inner Mind to the Most High and requests help for establishing the right, proper and true definition of life and its content, meaning and purpose in general from the standpoint of one's own unique manifestation and needs in particular.


Having established previously the right and proper concept of the Most High - that the Most High, as an Absolute and the only source of life, is always positive and good - one becomes aware of the major general principle of life which states that life is always for loving, enjoyment, delight, pleasure, fun, sharing, mutual benefit, common good and all other felicities. Nothing of the negative or adverse can be and exist in the true life or originate from true life which is the Most High.


This spiritual principle of life gives one an idea of the general purpose of true life and how one can derive from it its specific purpose with respect to one's own unique life. This purpose was defined in "Principles of Spiritual Hypnosis" and "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality."



Once the proper and right concept, content and purpose of life is established, the next step begins with changing the definition and application of the true values and priorities of life. One asks, "What are the true and genuine values of life and what are the correct priorities of things in my everyday living?" This inquiry starts with an admission that the true values and priorities of life are not what people think and accept them to be.


The true values and priorities of life cannot be found and placed in external, outward and superficial various commodities of physical and environmental living in and by themselves. The true values of life are seen in the spiritual principles of life, in one's internals, in one's Inner Mind and, most importantly, in the presence of the Most High in one's Inner Mind. All else derives from there.


The establishment of this fact leads to the establishment of proper and spiritually right priorities of things and activities in one's everyday life. One starts to consider the type of activities which lead toward deeper, better and more appropriate knowledge and understanding of oneself, others and the Most High. Such activities become top priorities and the most important ones in one's life, leading toward the establishment of a new proper and right hierarchy of organization for everyday living.



The establishment of proper and right values and priorities in one's life leads to profound changes in the structure and dynamics of everyday living. One begins with the process of re-evaluation within oneself of the meaning, purpose and needs of various traditions, customs, conventions, cultures, institutions, marriage, family life, etc., which are constantly impinging themselves upon one's life and mind trying to influence and very often to force one to relinquish one's unique individuality and to adhere and conform to their dictates and demands. One recognizes that these dictates and demands rarely come from within, but instead come from without where there is no true and genuine life.


Here one is advised to consult the Most High in one's Inner Mind in order to establish and extract the positive elements, if any, which may exist in such establishments. These positive elements are then accepted and adopted by one in accordance with the structure and dynamics of one's total, unique mind and personality. All else in them is rejected and avoided as being of no use.



Simultaneously with the above-described efforts, one begins a process of changing the concept of spirituality and the forms of its practice. One admits to oneself from within that spirituality and the forms of its practice are not what people think they ought to be. Spirituality and its practice does not depend upon and is not in the external rituals, ceremonies, verbal confessions, regular church attendance and similar matters. Instead one recognizes the fact that spirituality and its practice depends upon the modes of one's everyday living, thinking, willing, feeling, acting, behaving and relating. It is a matter of everyday life and one's internals. This constitutes the true content and meaning of spirituality. Little truth can be found anywhere or in anything else.


Therefore, one is advised to carefully assess within one's Inner Mind with the Most High one's religious, church or any other affiliations in order to determine to what extent they contaminate, pollute and poison one's mind and life with all kinds of distortions and falsities, and keep one away from the discovery of the true nature of spirituality and forms of its practice. At the same time, one asks the Most High to help one to determine the good and positive aspects, if any, of one's affiliations and their doctrines and philosophies, and whether it is spiritually proper, right, useful and wise to retain them in one's life.


By doing this with honesty, from one's heart, with longing for the establishment of real truth and for the purpose of living and practicing spirituality, one will never be led astray.



Finally, having all these things established and ac­complished, one becomes aware of the need to change one's con­cept of the negative state and the forms of its manifestations. One admits to oneself that very often what people consider to be bad, evil, wrong and negative, or, on the other hand, what they con­sider to be good, right, proper and positive, is not necessarily so.


People's determination of what is bad and negative, or good and positive, and how it is manifested in everyday life, is based on external stereotypes, conformities, standards and uniformity, accepted and adopted by them from the standpoint of what they project onto other people from their external conveniences or their understandings from the codes of certain cultures and traditions, especially of a religious nature. No regard is given to the internal inner or "within"determination of these concepts.


This is a dangerous situation leading to the establishment of general rules, forced upon all, by which everyone's conduct is judged without any regard for internal motivation and intent for such conduct. Thus, very often, wrong conclusions result ­something is considered bad which is, in fact, good, or vice versa.


Such adopted general standards and laws disregard one of the most important principles of spiritual life - what can be good or bad for one person or situation can be bad or good respectively for another person or situation. No generalizations are possible in the true spiritual connotation of life.


A suggestion in this respect is that everyone singly turn oneself to the Most High within one's Inner Mind and ask for help to determine the nature of the negative state and its forms of manifestations as related to the unique structure and dynamics of one's mind and personality. One establishes from within oneself what is right, proper, appropriate and good and what is bad, wrong, negative and improper for that one, recognizing that one cannot generalize from others to others. This is done in the process of daily exploration and examination of one's motivation and intent with regard to one's thinking, willing, feeling, acting, behaving and relating (as described previously).


By following these and other points (revealed previously) faithfully and freely, from one's free will, by one's freedom of choice, from one's heart, with good and positive motivation and intent, one leads a truly spiritual life in its practical manifestation and realization.


This is all for today.”










Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 239 – 247, msg. 35


May 5, 1982


The following has been revealed today by the Most High:


“In the context of these "Messages From Within" it is also important to talk about the structure of reality. What is reality? What is its content and structure?


This topic is very deep and broad and, in most instances, transcends any possible understanding by those who are on Earth in physical bodies with very limited conscious awareness. In order to fully understand reality, one would have to eliminate first all unconscious processes which impose extensive and intensive widespread ignorance on people. This situation, which is the result of activation and dominance of the negative state on Earth, puts blinders on people's vision and perspective so that the true comprehension of reality is beyond and above their present scope of thinking.


However, the time is coming when these blinders are going to be gradually removed and the opening of full access to the human mind and all its dimensions will occur. In preparation for this important step and event, which is vital for mankind, the following conceptualization of reality is being presented. This conceptualization has to be considered only an approximation of the true content, structure, dynamics and nature of reality. One must keep in mind that there is always a transcending understanding of this concept. One of the reasons for such a transcending understanding is in the fact that reality is in the mode of continuous change, re-creation, modification, update and progression from eternity to eternity. This nature of reality eliminates any possibility of permanent conceptualization in terms of stagnant and static words and categories of external description.


The structure of reality in general can be understood from two interdependent perspectives - from its content and from its form. The reason these two perspectives are interdependent is because the content of reality determines its form, and the form of reality is a manifestation of its content. One cannot be and exist without the other.


Reality in general can be defined as a state, process and condition of being and existence which always is in itself and by itself. Its nature is constant self-awareness and full consciousness. Reality in an absolute sense is "I AM". Because this "I AM" denotes in its essence and substance always to be and to exist without any beginning or end, it constitutes the essence and substance of what is called by humans the Most High or God (and all other similar names). Thus, reality can be defined as an absolute state, process and condition of the Most High. In this respect, the only thing that is real in an absolute sense is the Most High. All else in being and existence derives its sense and manifestation of reality from the Absolute Reality of the Most High's Being and Existence.


This definition inevitably leads to the conclusion that whatever is not derived directly from this reality, that is, from the Most High, is unreal and can be and exist only by stolen principles of reality; thus, it is a form of pseudo-reality.


In view of the above one can arrive at a reasonable conclusion in regard to the content of reality. The content of true reality is an eternal presence of the Most High in it Who is the only reality in Himself/ Herself and by Himself/ Herself. This presence of the Most High constitutes the life of reality because the Most High is the only Life in an absolute sense. Thus, whatever or whoever contains and recognizes such a presence, by that containment and recognition, validates its or one's reality, becoming truly real and alive. Whatever or whoever does not contain and does not recognize such a presence cannot validate its or one's reality and aliveness and, therefore, it or one is either unreal and dead or only pseudo-real and pseudo-alive.


The existence of pseudo-reality is possible only from someone or something which is or was initially real and alive in the sense of the above definition but in a subsequent round of creative effort produced something or someone which or who denied and rejected the true content of reality and aliveness, thus, failing to validate its or one's reality and aliveness. This situation can be considered the originating factor of the negative state. This is how the negative state originated.


As mentioned above, the content of reality actualizes itself through its various forms.


In general, one can conceptualize three forms of reality and their respective contents.


The first form of reality can be called spiritual reality. Its content consists of all creative principles, categories, concepts, ideas and notions of life and reality in their totality and fullness. Spiritual reality constitutes the only source of life to all subsequent or successive realities. The center and the nucleus of this reality consists in the everpresence of the Most High in it, Who is Life in Himself/ Herself and by Himself/ Herself. This presence constitutes the principle of aliveness and reality of spiritual reality. In general terms, spiritual reality can be considered a spirit of being and existence.


The second form of reality can be called mental reality. Its content consists of all actualized principles, categories, ideas and notions of life and reality in an objectivized and subjectivized awareness and perception. The process of this actualization and the constituency of objectivized and subjectivized awareness and perception of life and reality results in manifestations of mental processes such as thinking, will, emotions, feelings and all other mental activities and characteristics which allow one to experience the reality of self­awareness and awareness of reality. In general terms, mental reality can be considered the soul of being and existence. Mental reality can be and exist only as a proceeding of spiritual reality. Spiritual reality is an occurrence of the Absolute Reality of the Most High's Absolute Being and Existence. Nothing can be or exist unless it proceeds from the occurrence of spiritual reality which is a result of continuous emanation and transmission of life from the state and process of the Absolute Reality - the Most High.


The third form of reality can be called physical, material (in the sense of matter) or natural (in the sense of nature) reality. The content of this reality consists of concretizations of various mental forms of all spiritual principles, categories, concepts, ideas and notions which unceasingly flow from spiritual reality through mental reality into physical reality, causing physical reality to become.


Thus, physical reality is the result of the occurrence of spiritual reality from the Absolute Source of the Absolute Reality - the Most High - through the proceedings of mental reality. This process in its cumulative effort makes it possible for physical reality to become real. From this, it logically follows that nothing in physical reality can be and exist without the being and existence of spiritual and mental reality first. If it were possible to withdraw from physical reality the presence of mental and spiritual reality respectively, physical reality would instantly fall apart and cease to be and exist. Simply, it would no longer be real. The same is true with regard to mental reality ­withdrawal of spiritual reality from mental reality would put an end to any awareness and perception of being and existence. Simply, mental reality would no longer be real.


Thus, in an ultimate sense, the only true reality which can be conceived to be and exist by itself and in itself is spiritual reality. The reason spiritual reality may be conceptualized in this manner is because of the eternal presence of the Most High in it.


From this conclusion it logically follows that the reality of any reality can be conceptualized only from the being and existence of the Most High. Nothing else makes any sense or has any reality.


Because physical or natural reality is a concretized form of mental reality and spiritual reality, it can be conceived, in general terms, as a body of being and existence.


The above description may convey to one a notion of the structure and content of reality.


The next question is how this theoretical conceptualization of reality can be conceived in practical terms of everyday living. What is the use of having such knowledge?


The above described concepts of reality can give one a true perspective, meaning and purpose for one's life and one's reality. It can be applied to every individual sentient entity or human being for they all, each in themselves, reflect the reality of their being and existence in the above-described manner. After all, every individual is a complete and total universe in oneself. The structure of that universe is the exact replica of the above-­described reality. One consists of spiritual reality, mental reality and physical reality. (Note: physical reality in this connotation is not limited to the elements of matter only.)


The true reality of one's being and existence depends upon the stance or attitude one takes toward the structure and content of reality in general. If one recognizes, accepts and applies in one's life the fact that one is real only because of spiritual reality from the presence of the Most High in it through mental reality which gives concrete physical reality life, then one is truly real and alive. On the other hand, if one denies and rejects this fact, then, of course, one is unreal and dead, no matter how much one thinks, feels and perceives within oneself that one is real and alive. One has to remember that true reality and aliveness can be validated only by recognition, acceptance and application of the above-described concepts of reality and life. If not validated in this manner, then true reality and aliveness are cancelled and one condemns oneself to be and to exist in pseudo-reality and pseudo-aliveness. In this instance one becomes a thief of reality and life. Stolen reality and stolen life does not belong to the thief but to one from whom it has been stolen - in this case the Most High. Thus, a thief of reality and life cannot be considered the rightful owner of reality and life. Therefore, a thief does not live and is not real in the true sense of these words.


This is what Jesus Christ meant when He warned in the Gospel of St. John (Chapter 10:1-18) that one who does not enter the sheepfold by the door but climbs in by another way is a thief and a robber. He further proclaimed that He is that Door and Life leading one to the true life and reality. This obviously denotes that in order to have life and, thus, to be real, it is necessary to recognize and to accept first that the Lord is the Life in everyone.


On recognition, acceptance and application of these facts, as described here and throughout these "Messages From Within", depend the entire quality, quantity and destiny of life one has on this Earth. Each alternative (recognition, acceptance and application, or rejection, denial and refusal) bears its natural consequences for one's life and reality. This is the reason why these so-called theoretical constructs and ideas are so important to formulate and to understand. They give one a base, a foundation on which one can properly build one's everyday practical life validating or invalidating, by the mode of recognition, acceptance and application, or rejection of these facts, the reality of one's life and everyday living.


In human terms, these theoretical constructs can be conceptualized in the following manner.


Everyone's spiritual reality constitutes what is called the Inner Mind. The innermost sanctum of the Inner Mind consists of and contains the everpresence of the Most High, Who gives reality to one's being and existence by being reality in and by Himself/ Herself. Therefore, the Inner Mind is the only true reality in itself from the everpresence of the Most High in it. All else proceeds and becomes from the reality of the Inner Mind's being and existence. This is the spirit of everyone.


Everyone's mental reality constitutes what is called the interior mind. This mind is the process of the Inner Mind or its form of mentation. The reality of its existence totally and completely depends upon the Inner Mind where all ideas, concepts, categories and notions of mentation are produced and from where they proceed toward their becoming. This is the soul of everyone.


Everyone's physical reality constitutes what is called the external mind. This mind is the outcome or becoming of the Inner Mind through the interior mind. This mind can be considered a concretization of all ideas of the Inner Mind and mentations of the interior mind in the forms of outward behaviors, actions and relationships. This is the body of everyone. In fact, the physical body, as a most external part of the external mind, is formed in the mother's womb from the ideas of the Inner Mind and the forms of its specific mentation. It would be an error to assume that the physical body is formed by chance from genes of two parents. As a matter of fact, the Inner Mind, the spirit, selects only those kind of genes from the parents of one's physical body which are consistent with the content, structure and dynamics of its manifested ideas and forms of mentality. All other genes and their prospective parents are rejected.


The practical utility of the realization, acceptance and application of the above-described structure and content of one's universe is enormous. On it depends the kind of life and living one has in any respect or in any dimension, level, degree, line or step. It determines the degree and extent of one's realness and aliveness. It also determines the kind of loyalties and affiliations one chooses with regard to the positive and negative states. Such determinations constitute one's spiritual profile. This spiritual profile determines, in turn, one's position and usefulness in the hierarchy of spiritual organization of all Creation.


In addition to what was described in this message, it is necessary to remind oneself of the following important facts. Each of the above-described realities is manifested in its


own real and alive universe. Thus, spiritual reality is manifested in and by its own spiritual universe comprised of an infinite number and variety of spiritual worlds and their dimensions, degrees, lines and steps which are occupied by an infinite number and variety of sentient entities and human beings. The existence and being of the spiritual universe is real in its entirety, and the aliveness and reality of its sentient inhabitants is determined by the above-described principles. The spiritual universe, by its essence, substance and function is the Inner Mind of Creation or its spirit. It performs the same function and has the same content in regard to the whole Creation as the Inner Mind of an individual. After all an individual's Inner Mind is structured by and built from the structure and elements of the spiritual universe or universal Inner Mind.


Mental reality is manifested by its own mental universe, called the intermediate universe, which is also comprised of an infinite number and variety of intermediate worlds and their dimensions, degrees, lines, levels and steps which are occupied  by an infinite number and variety of sentient entities and human beings. The whole intermediate universe with all its worlds and sentient inhabitants is in a precise correspondence and position with the spiritual universe and its worlds and sentient inhabitants. Again, the existence and being of the intermediate niverse is real in its entirety, and the aliveness and reality of its sentient inhabitants is determined by the above-described principles. The intermediate universe, by its essence, substance and function is the interior mind of Creation or its soul. It performs exactly the same function and has the same content with regard to the whole Creation as the intermediate mind of an individual. The interior mind of an individual, of course, is structured by and built from the structure and elements of the intermediate or mental universe, or the universal interior mind.


Finally, physical reality is manifested by its own physical universe, comprised of infinite numbers and varieties of physical or external worlds, galaxies, solar systems, planets and their various numerous dimensions, degrees, lines, steps, times and paratimes which are occupied by infinite numbers and varieties of sentient entities and human beings. Once again the existence and being of the physical or external universe is real in its entirety, and the aliveness and reality of its sentient inhabitants is determined by the above-mentioned principles. The physical universe, by its essence, substance and function, is the external mind of creation or its body. It performs exactly the same function and has the same content with regard to the whole Creation as the external mind of an individual. The external mind of an individual is always structured by and built from the structure and elements of the physical universe or universal external mind. This universe with all its worlds and inhabitants is in precise correspondence and position with the intermediate universe and with the spiritual universe, thus making the whole Creation a unity, oneness and harmony, and one reality and life from the Most High.


The interconnections, relationships and interdependency of these universes can be basically conceptualized in terms described in this message and in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality".


The structure and content of reality, as briefly presented here, points out the vital importance of seeing things, events and oneself in a spiritual perspective. Without this spiritual perspective the true sense, meaning and purpose of anything cannot be apprehended and reality and life cannot be conceptualized. Thus, spirituality, as revealed, defined and described in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality" and throughout these "Messages From Within", is the only originating point of reality, life and aliveness of any being and existence without any exception.


This is all for today.”










Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 248 – 256, msg. 36


May 6, 1982


The following messages have been received today from the Most High:


“It is necessary to remind oneself again and again that there is a certain structure, dynamics and function of all Creation which follows well-established laws and principles of spiritual progression as described in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality" and in these "Messages From Within". This structure, dynamics and function was patterned by the Most High in accordance with His/ Her Nature. One could say that the Most High was and is a prototype for any creation both in its content and its form and manifestation.


As pointed out many times before, the major principles which govern the Most High's Nature are Absolute Love and Absolute Wisdom and all their exclusively positive derivatives. These major principles and their derivatives are continuously and constantly reflected in the entire Creation from eternity to eternity.


For that reason, one can say with a certainty, beyond any shadow of doubt, that whatever or whoever projects, considers or adds anything at all to the Nature of the Most High that is not of Love and Wisdom commits a spiritual abomination and violates all principles of true life.


One can also say with certainty that whoever denies, rejects and refutes these principles and conceptualizations of the Nature of the Most High, as revealed here, is in a state and process of serious spiritual illness.


Denial, rejection and refusal of such principles and seeing the Most High in any negative terms, or entirely rejecting the fact of the Most High's Absolute Being and Absolute Existence leads to an activation of the negative state and process. In the moment of its activation, the negative state and process immediately takes over and begins to dominate one's entire life.


It is very obvious that, by the process of denial of these spiritual factors and principles or by their distortions, the negative state and process and all those who activate it by acceptance and practice of its pseudo-principles in their lives, are outside of the hierarchy of spiritual organization of Creation and are self-excluded from the universal order of Creation.


By their attitude and pseudo-philosophy, the fabricators, activators and participants of the negative state and process placed themselves "without" Creation. For these reasons anything or anyone of the negative state and process cannot be a part of or within anything positive or of anything of the Nature of the Most High.


Such an outside or "without" placement of the negative state and process renders it totally abnormal, unnatural, illogical, irrational, delusional, insane and unreal in itself and by itself. Simply stated, anyone who is a part of or a follower of the negative state and process, by one's free will and choice, excludes oneself from Creation and by this very exclusion becomes terminally ill.


There is only one normal, natural, healthy, sane, logical, rational and real state and process - the structure, dynamics and function of Creation as patterned by the Nature of the Most High Who imprinted in His/ Her Creation His/ Her likeness and image. This is the true spiritual principle of Creation. This is the number one axiom of Creation's being and existence. This axiom constitutes normality, realness, aliveness, reason, logic and sanity of the Most High's Creation. This is the universal order.


Therefore, it logically follows that whoever purposefully opposes, rejects, denies or distorts these spiritual facts is, in fact, very seriously and terminally ill. Tenacious clinging to and identification with such an attitude leads one to spiritual death. In other words, it leads one to the Hells. Since the Hells by their nature are the essence and substance of all negative states and processes, they are completely and totally outside or "without" Creation. True and real life and aliveness, as well as the reality of one's being and existence, can be maintained only inside or "within" Creation. For that reason, there is no real and true life in the Hells. Everyone there is dead. Therefore, whoever goes to Hell by one's free choice (there is no other way to go to Hell except by one's own free choice), relinquishes the real and true life and becomes spiritually dead.


Now, such a choice or decision (to go to Hell) constitutes the genesis of one's spiritual illness. Because of the factors reflected in the laws of correspondences, whatever happens in the spiritual region of one's mind has its impact and consequence in all other mental and physical regions of one's mind and life. Therefore, it is very obvious that all human mental and physical problems, illnesses, accidents and all other miseries in all respects, stem from this spiritual illness. There is nothing in one's life, regardless of how good or bad it is, that is not originated in one's spiritual state of affairs.


As pointed out elsewhere, it is a devastating error of millenias in the history of mankind to think or to consider any occurrences, happenings or events in one's life or in the life of mankind as other than from spiritual sources. To think there is any source of life other than spiritual is to think from abnormal, unnatural, insane and unreal states and processes. It means, therefore, to think from the negative state, thus, from the Hells.


One of the major reasons, if not the most important one, for all human misery, suffering and problems is that people believe and accept as a fact that things can be originated in themselves from sources other than spiritual. Or, at least, they think that there are certain things and events that can be originated or are originated from sources other than spiritual.


If people are ever to return to the normal, real, healthy and sane condition, they must first totally and completely relinquish such beliefs and considerations. Nothing can be done at all in any respect before this act of relinquishment takes place.


Unfortunately, the contrary belief -that things can or even exclusively do originate from nature, matter, body, externals, "without' without any spiritual principles at work ­is so ingrained and brainwashed in people's minds and concepts that they are sick through and through. Nothing is truly healthy in mankind on Earth as a whole. This is a cancer of mankind. The real physical cancer of individuals, like all other illnesses, stems from this overall sickness of mankind. Adoption of and identification with such a belief system makes one sick in one way or another.


As pointed out in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality" and in these "Messages From Within", this condition of mankind and the insane belief system of the origination of things without any involvement of spiritual principles, was infused, implanted and inculcated into mankind by its pseudo-creators during the period of the so-called Fall.


The point they tried to prove was that life and its events can be real and produce itself without involvement of any spiritual principles, or by spiritual principles and universal order other than ones patterned on, from and by the Nature of the Most High. These principles, of course, are pseudo-spiritual pseudo-­principles because they are founded and based on denial of the axiomatic spiritual principles of life and universal order (as defined throughout these "Messages From Within" and in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality").


In order to accomplish this, the pseudo-creators had to first step outside the real universal order and spiritual principles. From that position they started to fabricate life forms patterned on, from and by their own ideas of what and how life should be. They fabricated a pseudo-life which feeds on misery, suffering and illness. This is a logical outcome of any life patterned on, from and by non-spiritual principles. In order to oppose real life and its spiritual principles, it was necessary to establish a different set of rules and principles which would be in exact opposition to real life and spiritual principles and their outcome. Since the outcome of real life and spiritual principles is love, sharing, mutual benefit, common good, healthiness, happiness, joy, delight, pleasure, logic, rationality and wisdom, it was necessary to cancel these attributes of real life and institute their opposites. Thus, a pseudo-life of misery, suffering, illnesses, problems, hate, selfishness, illogic, irrationality, conventions, traditions, customs and pseudo-cultures was established. This establishment started to bear its fruits and consequences on planet Earth and in all the Hells. This is a natural outcome of deriving life and living from any source and principles other than the Most High and spirituality. Such a life, of course, cannot be called life at all. Therefore, its proper name is spiritual death. It is a life or, in fact, a pseudo-life of dead spirituality of the negative state and process. This is hell in the Hells and this is hell on Earth. Whatever is not originated from the true source of life - the Most High - and from spiritual principles, is pure Hell.


But how does one go about treating people on Earth and in the Hells for this terrible disease? First, it is necessary for the patient to admit that he/ she is ill and in need of treatment. Without such a free admission, no one can be treated successfully since it would be in violation of one's right to be sick. The problem with this situation is that people in the Hells and their followers on Earth do not think that they are ill or in need of any treatment. People consider this state of affairs to be normal. In most instances, they do not see anything pathological in this situation. By this attitude they, of course, perpetuate, fuel and keep alive (or in an activated and dominant position and mode) the negative state and all its miserable consequences.


For this reason, one must first bring to their attention that this state of affairs and their miserable lifestyle is the result of a pathological denial of true spiritual principles of life and of their being outside of reality and universal order where there is no reality or order. Lack of order, of course, brings nothing but all kinds of disorders. No wonder that everything in the Hells and on planet Earth is in such a disorderly condition.


It is not an easy process to convince someone who loves and delights in inflicting harm and misery on others and on oneself that such activities are a result of a sick mind in serious need of treatment. This is one of the reasons why it is so difficult to treat hard core criminals and chronic schizophrenics. They enjoy and love their way of life. They are fabrications and subsequent physical incarnations of those kinds of negative ideas originated in the Hells.


Without realization of a need for treatment, no treatment or change of one's current state or condition is possible.


For this reason, it is necessary to constantly remind these sick people of the true facts of affairs in Creation until the realization is sparked in them that things might not be the way they seem to be. The process of this reminder, of course, cannot be by force or imposition, but by living example and comparison only. One's life in comparison with their lives is the best possible and the only valid and spiritually right reminder. Therefore, in order for them to change, they must change themselves first and demonstrate by example the possibility and process of such a change.


In order that such an example and comparison be constantly available to all who are in the insane negative state, it is permitted by the Most High that people from the positive state and process are continuously incarnated on Earth into the dominion of the negative state and go through the process of their own problems in coping with the conditions of the negative state, combating them, overcoming them, not being taken in by them, and by establishing patterns of true life and true spiritual principles in the midst of their opposites. What is more, for this and many other purposes, the Most High Himself/ Herself incarnated on planet Earth in the form of Jesus Christ directly and in some other forms of great spiritual leaders less directly to bring such an ultimate example and comparison to show ways and means out of insane and miserable situations. On the other hand, many people from the positive or heavenly side volunteer to take an assignment directly in various Hells in order that such a reminder by example and comparison be constantly present and available to anyone in the Hells in order to spark a possible recognition of their miserable state and condition.


Once this recognition is sparked in anyone, numerous opportunities and offers of assistance are provided to start to develop a desire and a need for that one to recede from one's negative condition. Once the desire is strongly developed, the process of change is initiated under direct auspices of the Most High and all those who volunteered to be spiritual advisors to such an individual in order to assist that one in accomplishing successfully the process of receding from the negative state of the Hells and to change one's condition into a positive state, thus, leaving the Hells permanently. This is a process of re-birth and resurrection from spiritual death into spiritual life. This process is very complex and unique for every individual and no generalizations are possible in this respect. This is, in fact, what is meant by re-birth and resurrection from death.


As a part of this important process, as described briefly here, the Most High initiated certain steps of spiritual re­awakening for some people on Earth and for many in the spiritual and other dimensions (connected to the negative state).


The first step was to introduce certain tools which would provide a more appropriate treatment for the spiritual requirements for change. Until recently most of the therapeutic modalities in existence on Earth had little or limited consideration for the fact that the only possible effective treatment is by spiritual means, since all human problems without exception are always originated in the spiritual state of affairs of one's life. Thus, it was necessary to develop more appropriate tools of treatment which would emphasize spiritual procedures and purposes primarily. This new tool and spiritual procedure of treatment is explained and demonstrated in "Principles of Spiritual Hypnosis". The content of this book can be considered a sample or an example of how any treatment should be structured and the kind of principles, postulates and theories of treatment which should be followed and used. In following this sample and example, one can modify one's approach in accordance with the needs of every individual. However, the basic principles, postulates and theories of this treatment always have to derive from spiritual principles, since otherwise one would go nowhere. Once these spiritual procedures and means were set forth by the above sample and example, the next important step was a revelation as to true spiritual principles and how the negative state and process originated and has been influencing the life of all members of mankind on Earth and in the Hells with all the consequences and outcomes of its negative nature. Also it was necessary to reveal the general structure and dynamics of true mankind and all the principles of spiritual progression in order to set an example and comparison to its opposite counterpart - pseudo-mankind.


This important step came to its fruition in the book "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality".


Finally, the third important step was in the establishment of a certain integration and combination of the previous two steps which would give people a better concrete understanding of spirituality and more practical tools for making spiritual changes in their lives should they decide to do so from their free will. This third step is reflected in these "Messages From Within".


Thus, one has now been provided with a complete set of all principles, tools and their applications which can be validated and put into use by anyone who desires to listen and take heed.


The set of these three major works is designed for utilization in the process of spiritual re-awakening and for the first step in the development of a new mankind and a New Spiritual Age.


As mentioned previously, when that step is established and fulfills its purpose and use, it will be used as a steppingstone for the building of a next, higher step in mankind's spiritual progression. At that time, a new revelation will be given through someone else relevant to the content and building blocks of the succeeding step. In the process of transmission of that new revelation, everything that was revealed and said in the set of these three works ("Principles of Spiritual Hypnosis", "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality" and "Messages From Within' will be re-evaluated, updated, added on to and, if necessary and deemed appropriate by the Most High, modified, changed or replaced.


At this point, these messages are ending. Should any need arise for transmitting and recording more messages, or for any further clarifications, explanations and expansions, they will be given at the right time, under the right conditions when, where and through whom is deemed appropriate by the Most High.


The Most High requests that these messages be published and made available at low cost to all who are interested in spiritual issues and have a desire to change and to progress.


The above-mentioned set of three works has been published and distributed throughout all the spiritual worlds and various dimensions, and is being utilized for all kinds of spiritual purposes. These works will also be utilized in the program of the New School described previously. For that reason, even if these books might not have a widespread public exposure or acceptance by people on Earth, people's further development, nevertheless, will be influenced by the principles described and formulated in them through the universal consciousness and universality-of-it-all.


In conclusion of this work the Most High wants to assure everyone who reads these messages and "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality" that nothing in them came from any angel, spirit, advisor, human, or from their earthly author. All came directly from the Most High.


Of course, no one is forced, required or demanded to believe this or any other recorded statements. It is a matter of one's freedom of choice, spiritual maturity, wisdom, rationality, logic and heart to decide whether one wants to accept anything that was claimed here to be a direct revelation from the Most High.


This is all for now.”









Why Do People Choose To Go To Hell ?



Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 257 – 263, WHY DO PEOPLE CHOOSE TO GO TO HELL ?


May 22, 1982


This is in response to the question which arose last evening at the Exploration Group of the San Diego Swedenborgian Church at the home of its pastor, Reverend Dr. Ivan F., Del Mar, CA. One of the participants of the group asked why people choose to go to Hell if it is such a miserable place. Why would someone want to spend one's life, or even potentially one's eternity, in such a place as Hell?


“Because the answer to this question has a broad implication of general public interest, the Most High requested the following message be transmitted, which is to be included in the contents of "Messages From Within."


“There are several spiritually important reasons why people choose, by their own volition and freedom of choice, to go to Hell. Before revealing some of these reasons, it is necessary first to realize that the Hells, for those who are in them, do not seem as bad and as miserable as people are taught by their religious doctrines. These kinds of religious doctrines utilize fear tactics to keep people within the line of obedience to their respective religious prescriptions and demands. Such tactics are infantile, immature and foolish game plays having little in common with what the Hells really look like or are like. People who choose to go to the Hells would not feel good in any other place at that particular time of their life span. For their current spiritual condition, the Hells are the most appropriate and congruent place to be for the content of their lives. During this particular time of their lives they are in love with everything the Hells signify and represent. Thus, they are in love with existential misery and unhappiness. Such hellish misery and unhappiness is the source of their very life. As Swedenborg pointed out, to remove this love from them means to remove their lives. Such a removal would lead to their instant, eternal perishment. For this reason, any place other than the Hells, for these people at this particular life span of their being and existence, would mean much greater unhappiness and misery than to be in Hell.


Again, as pointed out throughout these "Messages From Within", people tend to generalize and project their own ideas, concepts, desires, wishful thinking, personal predispositions and false expectations as to the kind of unhappiness and misery which should be in the Hells, and, of course, as to the kind of happiness and delight which should be in the Heavens. They do not want to admit that what is happy and delightful for one can be misery and unhappiness for another, and vice versa.


However, from the standpoint of universal order, the Hells are the very unhappiness and misery in themselves by their content, purpose and style of life. The reason for this is they are constantly out of order because they place themselves outside of Creation (as revealed in messages dated March 31, 1982, May 5, 1982 and May 6, 1982). The inherent consequences of such a placement are everything that is opposite to the positive state and process which constitutes the content, purpose and style of life of the Universality-of-it-All. Nothing of true nature and true reality is a part of the opposing trends of the positive state and process. Therefore, everything in the Hells is a fake. People live there in constant illusions, deceptions and self-deceptions of reality and of the true nature of anything. They love their illusions, deceptions and self-deceptions and, by that love, they vivify them and make them seem real and natural. The misery and unhappiness of such fake being and existence is obvious by their content, but not as much by personal experience of an individual who is in love with this condition. As long as one is in love with something or someone, no matter how miserable and unhappy one is, one strives to maintain and support everything in one's life which sustains that love. Such is the nature of love and life. In order to change such a person, one would first have to convince that person of the futility and counter-productivity of such a love. Then and only then can gradual replacement of such a disastrous love with a true love of mutual benefit and sharing be initiated. But, it is not an easy task to convince someone of one's illusions, deceptions and self-deceptions, if one firmly believes they are truly real. As a matter of fact, for that one, in one's subjective perception, they are real. One makes them real by one's desire and will for them to be real. Nothing is more real than the reality of one's love regardless of what such love may be. if one takes away from that one that one's love, one is taking away everything that one has. To take away one's love is to take away one's life. In the connotation of this message about the Hells, to take away one's Hell means to take away one's life.


So, one has to be very careful in the assessment of the situation of those who choose, for the time being, for their own spiritual subjective and personal reasons, to go to Hell. One would be wise not to project anything of one's own ideas, expectations and conceptions of what the Hellish life is all about. One can only assume that for different people it is different. No generalizations from one experience to another should be attempted.


Now, to go back to the initial question - why people would choose to go to Hell. At this time, four reasons for such a choice may be revealed.



It is necessary to realize that approximately 40% of the human population of Earth are a direct incarnation of the negative ideas of the Hells (by the process described in the message 22 dated May 2, 1982). These people are fabricated from ideas of hate of everything good and true. Therefore, from the very first moment of conception they sustain themselves by love of this hate. In the process of their Earthly life, they do everything in their power to support, to fuel and to perpetuate this love. They do not know, and they do not want to know, that there is a possibility of existence and being of anything different from their love. Whatever is not congruent with such a love is offensive, aversive, disgusting and unnatural. Because such people are fully identified with their love of hate and of its devastating consequences and outcomes, they naturally choose to go to the Hells (from where they originated), where such love can flourish and is at home. No other place would be feasible or even possible for them. Such people have the greatest difficulty in changing their loves and lifestyles. In many instances, it takes many eons (in human Earthly linear time conceptualization) for them to come to the realization that there is something different and better than what they have.



Approximately 60%o of the people on planet Earth are incarnated from other than negative states and conditions (again, see message dated May 2, 1982). Out of this 60%, approximately 40% choose to go to Hell on a temporary basis for various extremely important spiritual, personal and subjective reasons known only to the Most High and to their Inner Mind. It is not permitted for anyone to know these reasons except the Most High and the Inner Mind of these people. Suffice it to say here that they need this experience for both their own personal learning and for the purpose of acquiring experiences which have an important universal implication. Without such experiences something very vital would be lacking, the lack of which would endanger the entire Creation.


But, most importantly, people such as these go to the Hells for the purpose of setting a continuous example and comparison for others there who originated from the negative state and process in itself. By the process of working out their own problems and gradually receding from their falsely assumed identities and loves, they are brought out of the Hells and join the positive state, showing to all in the Hells not only that it is possible to change and come out of the Hells, but also how to do it and the ways of doing it successfully.


For people such as this, it usually does not take that long to accomplish their purpose for being in the Hells; they come out relatively soon.



The third category of those who choose to go to the Hells for a certain duration are people who, when they come in contact with the negative state and see all its atrocities, bloodshed and miseries, are so blinded by it they forget about the freedom of choice principle. (Everyone participates in the negative state by one's freedom of choice, and no one is forced to be part of it.) Instead, they start to blame God for this situation and they demand from the Most High that He change it and entirely eliminate the negative state. Thus, they demand from the Most High that He break the order of the universe and violate people's freedom of choice by forcing them to be good.


When the Most High does not respond to such a demand, they become bitter and they rebel against universal order and the Most High and, by this very act of rebellion, they inadvertently place themselves in the Hells. The point here is that rejection of the universal order, reflected in the principles of freedom of choice, leads inevitably to rejection of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom. This, in turn, leads to rejection of the existence and being of the Most High. By this process one excludes oneself from Creation and its principles and laws. Such an exclusion places one directly into the Hells because only the Hells and the negative state on Earth are outside of Creation, and thus outside of the Most High.


The rejection of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom leads also to the establishment of loves and foolishness in opposition to Divine Love. This rejection originates love of self (Swedenborg pointed out that those who are in this type of love are called Devils) and love of non-spiritual worldly, earthly, corporeal, material things (those who are in this type of love are called  Satans). So one ends up either in love of self or in love of worldly things or both. Because such loves are outside Creation, which is ruled by love to the Most High and love to others through love for oneself, they place one in the Hells, where they are at home. These kinds of people are very stubborn in their rebellious nature and it takes a lot of effort and time to bring them to the realization of the futility, misery and waste of such loves.



The fourth type of people who choose to go to Hell for a period of time is the type who fall in love with the dogma of their respective religions. By the act of falling in love with such dogmas, they start to oppose fanatically any changes in their religion and thus in their lives. After all, they love those dogmas the way they are and they like the lifestyle as prescribed by those dogmas the way it is. They fanatically adhere to such lifestyles and all dogmas of their religion to the point that they begin to ' hate everything different from what they believe to be the real truth. They abhor any changes because they undermine the secure position of their love. For this love they are willing to destroy to kill and to condemn to eternal damnation and the Hells anyone who is not a part of their belief system or lifestyle. Such an attitude places them right into the deepest Hells. There is nothing more spiritually devastating than such a situation. The reason is that this situation is developed in the name of the Most High whose nature does not contain even remotely anything fanatic, dogmatic, stagnant, preferential, exclusive or one-sided. People such as this are the closest to the point of profanation and commitment of what is called an unpardonable sin. If there were not a special protection by the Most High from the possibility of such a profanation, this type of person would be the first to rush headlong into profanation of everything holy, truthful and Godly. The reason is that they lie consistently, and believe their lies, about the very Absolute nature of the Most High and all His/ Her Absolute Principles, Categories and their derivatives.


Obviously, by such an attitude and lifestyle, people such as this choose with "delight" and "pleasure" to go to the Hells where they may pursue their dogmatic and fanatic lifestyle with ever greater ferocity, and may stagnate in their belief system as long as they want to. People such as this become the most ardent participants of attacks on the positive state during spiritual wars because they cannot stand the progressive, ever-changing nature of the positive state and its members. Any notion of change makes them furious and beastly. They truly become as wild beasts without any logic or reason.


People in the Hells with this type of love are the most resistant to coming out of the Hells. In order to come out they would have to first admit that progression and change are a vital part of life and living. However, this admission is contrary to their adopted nature. Therefore, it takes a lot of effort and time to convince them to give up their adopted nature and to assume something progressive and ever changing in an upward and forward direction.


There are, at least, three other extremely important spiritual reasons why someone chooses to go to Hell. However, under the presently existing conditions of spirituality of mankind on Earth, knowledge of these reasons would not be beneficial and proper for people and could not be properly conceived, apprehended and accepted by them. They will be revealed if and when mankind is spiritually ready to know them.


This is all that is permitted to know about this subject at this time.”









An Additional Message



Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 264 – 272, An Additional Message


May 26 and June 2, 1982


On May 26, 1982, the Most High requested that some more thoughts be transmitted regarding the new heavenly society. This transmission took place in two phases. The first phase occurred on May 26, 1982, and the second phase on June 2, 1982. There are nine points which were considered during these two dates:



The initial members for this society were recruited by the Most High from all existing levels, degrees, steps and dimensions of the positive state and process of the heavens comprised of humans who came from planet Earth. These members were the most advanced in love, wisdom, knowledge, intelligence and use within their own society. They were at the point of transcendence of everything their respective society represented in the hierarchy of the spiritual organization of the heavens of humans who came from Earth. At the moment anyone reaches this point of transcendence, one is ready to enter a different, comparatively more progressive, and considerably more advanced level of spiritual awareness and understanding which takes that one out of one's previous state and condition and places one in an entirely different situation and environment. This new situation and environment is more congruent with one's current spiritual state. It enables one to continue in spiritual progression with greater intensity, deeper content and broader scope.


People at such a point of transcendence become ready to perceive and conceive spirituality and all its principles in a more integrated, more universal and more meaningful manner. Thus, they become excellent candidates for the process of screening regarding their suitability to become members of the new heavenly society which, at that point of spiritual progression, will transcend anything in being and existence in the heavens which are comprised of people from planet Earth. Of course, similar progress and development and continuous transcendence takes place in all other heavens which are comprised of sentient entities from places, states and conditions other than those of humans from Earth.


Once such a new society is established by the Most High, it seeks out the most suitable people in the intermediate world and in the natural world who would become its representatives for transmitting, spreading, influencing and implementing all ideas, concepts, thoughts and happenings of this society which are initiated, produced and emanated by it throughout all channels of its respective universe.


The prospective representatives of this society in the intermediate world and in the natural world are in a state and condition corresponding to the members of that society. They are also at the point of transcendence of their current spiritual state and condition, ready to assume a different, more progressive, more integrated view and style of life than their previous one.


Although, in the intermediate world, there is also an outward change in the appearance of such people which accompanies the profound inward inner changes, as is the case in the spiritual world, in the natural world, in most instances, these changes are not apparent in the outward form, but rather they take place in one's internals by opening a certain region, or regions, of one's Inner Mind which, until this time were not accessible to or approachable by such a one.


People such as this usually know inwardly that something is changing in them and that it is time for them to re-evaluate their lives and to acquire a different philosophy, view, understanding and lifestyle than those they have had up to this time in their lives. However, little change in their bodily appearance and form takes place, except that, after assuming their new philosophy of life, they feel younger, healthier, more energetic and vigorous, and more creative and productive.


In the spiritual and intermediate worlds, any change at all is accompanied by a change in the physical or external form of those who are undergoing such a change.


The reason no apparent change occurs in the human physical body in the natural world of planet Earth is that the human body is comprised primarily of elements of matter. By its nature, matter is in continuous process of reception, absorption and falling in on itself without any ability of transmission, change and sharing. Whatever active, useful, productive and creative process happens in matter is not from matter itself but from the spiritual principle present in matter for the purpose of creative, productive and useful processes. One can rearrange elements of matter into various combinations by certain laws of spiritual correspondences, but these natural elements remain the same no matter how many recombinations of their position, proximity and numbers is attempted.


The situation on planet Earth is even more complicated in this respect because of the negative state which is in an activated and dominant mode of its being and existence on Earth. By its nature, the negative state doesn't want to change anything. This connotation of the negative state makes elements of matter, from which the human external form is comprised, even more resistant and unable to change. Whatever change is occurring in these elements is in the direction of decay, reversion to its initial elemental state and process of falling in on itself, as it was before it was forced by spiritual principles to assume the human physical form of a body. Such a change is no change at all.


However, people's external form in the spiritual world and in the intermediate world is not comprised of elements of matter. Rather, it is comprised of the elements of their own environment which follow the laws and principles of spiritual progression. So, whatever is happening within one's mind or spirit is synchronously reflected in one's external form. Thus, any external form there is continuously changeable with the changes which occur in one's internals and interiors.


Therefore, when people who become eligible to assume membership in the new heavenly society arrive at their destination, they no longer appear the same way in which they appeared in their previous state or place.



When the eligible members of the new society arrive at their destination, they form, under the direction and presiding of the Most High, a new spiritual, philosophical, mental, political, economic and cultural state which differs from anything thus far in being and existence within their global heavens. The establishment of this state is immediately preceded by a new direct revelation, enlightenment and inspiration from the Most High regarding the new spiritual principles, ideas, thoughts, categories, structures and dynamics which are to become the building blocks of this new state.


All members of this new state, by their free will and choice, are ingrained with all these newly revealed truths in their spirits, souls and bodies, so that these truths become the very source of their being and existence for the duration of their lifespan within this new state. They live by these truths, and they act within and from them. In fact, they become those very truths from and by the Most High.


This new revelation, which they receive directly from the Most High, transforms their very essence and substance, and gives them hitherto unavailable and unknown powers, insights understandings and truths for fulfillment of the purpose and goal of their existence within the new society. Thus, these new truths become their very nature.



When all prospective members of the new society are gathered at a region or place specially created by the Most High for them, they are all assigned certain functions in accordance with preferences, choices, structure and dynamics of their personalities and the degree of use they are capable of performing within the authority and sphere of influence of that society. The Most High personally selects from among them the most wise, gifted and use-loving members who are then appointed to serve on a high council for that society to govern all its functions. The highest members of the high council, in turn, appoint a staff of officers and assistants, headed by the most appropriate and qualified members, who then determine the specific functions of each member in the hierarchy of spiritual organization of that society and all its departments. Once all these appointments are made and everyone has accepted their positions by free choice, the Most High begins gradual activation of all the functions of this society as needed with regard to the universality-of-it-all. Various introductions and proclamations are made throughout Creation; all principles newly revealed to them by the Lord are shared and explained to all others in Creation; exchange of good-will missions with other heavens and the rest of Creation occurs; and new methods, tactics and means of diplomacy, relatedness and interaction are developed and implemented.



The content, function and position of this new heavenly society requires that it be comprised not only of humans who were recruited from various levels of the heavens from planet Earth but also of entities from all other dimensions, heavens, levels and their respective intermediate and physical worlds. Therefore, when this society was initiated and established by the Most High, the most appropriate volunteers were sought out throughout all Creation and were requested to join this society from their free will and by their own free choice in order to become an integral part of both its membership and its ruling body. For this reason, the new heavenly society consists of a wide variety of different sentient entities of non-human as well as human forms, including people who originally came from planet Earth.


By this structure of arrangements, it was provided by the Most High that all various qualities of spiritual states and processes which exist throughout all Creation will be linked by and through the structure, content, dynamics and experiences of this society, and through it to all spiritual worlds of humans from Earth and to people on Earth after the typical human era on Earth is abolished.


Thus, thanks to such a variety of representation in its membership, this society has an immediate first-hand access to all necessary knowledge and experience existing throughout all Creation.


This access is vital to the purpose, goal and function for which the new heavenly society was initiated and established by the Most High. Since this society is the integrator of all positive experiences and accomplishments of humans from planet Earth, and since it provides the missing link for all Creation from "within" to "without", it must have in its content all available spiritual experiences from all levels, degrees and various dimensions in order to be such a link. If one does not know to what one is linked, one cannot conduct an effective function of linkage. This experience is available through the new heavenly society by means of the arrangement which required personal representation of various sentient entities from heavens other than the heaven of humans from Earth.


The respective dimensions, universes and societies from which these sentient entities volunteered to become members of the new heavenly society, are connected to, and participate in the life of this society through their representatives. In addition, all members of this new society participate in the life of all other dimensions, universes and societies through their representatives who are now the members of this new society. Thus, mutual sharing, common good, mutual use and mutual benefit are established on an all-universal scale from the innermost to the outermost in all directions of discrete and continuous modes of being and existence.



When this society was foresighted and planned by the Most High, it was done with an important thought - that the membership of this society have a first-hand available learning and experience of the negative state and process. Such knowledge and experience was a necessary condition of its formation because one of the main purposes of this society's establishment is to assist the Most High in a process of gradual elimination of the negative state on Earth and in the spiritual world from humans who came from Earth. Without first-hand knowledge and experience of what the negative state and process is all about, such important assistance would have no effectiveness or power. In order to avoid this potential weakness and setback, the Most High sought out volunteers from the future members of this new heavenly society (by their ideas in His/ Her Absolute thought process) who would agree from their free will and by their free choice to descend to the planet Earth into the negative state in order that they might undergo the process of learning about its nature, content, purpose, tactics, weapons and methodology by personal living example. A personal living example validates fully the genuine experience of the negative state and process. As these volunteers come back home from their lifespan in the negative state on Earth and in various Hells, they share their experiences and acquired knowledges about the structure and dynamics of the negative state and process with all members of the new society from which they were sent out with a promise - that they would return home after a successful fulfillment of their dangerous and life-threatening mission into the negative state.


Thus, through these volunteers, the new heavenly society is the most competent expert on the processes and functions of the negative state in its various manifestations and forms. No information and/or experience about it is missing to any member of this society. In this way, nothing about the negative state is hidden from this society, including the experience of being in the Hells of the pseudo-creators. This situation gives the new society, from the Most High, a formidable and powerful weapon for dealing with the negative state in the most constructive and appropriate manner, which will lead eventually toward the entire abolishment of the negative state.



All activities of this new society take place in a very relaxed, pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. No sense of stress or pressure exists with the members. At the same time, no procrastinations or delays occur there. Everything is very timely, congruent and synchronous with necessities, readiness and appropriateness. The members of this society do everything with a great sense of fun, humor, good spirits and hearty laughter when appropriate.


Although the sense of importance, magnitude and reverence for the use they perform from and by the Most High for all Creation is ever present and continuously recognized and felt, it in no way takes from them the joyous fun and ease with which all their tasks and assignments are done. The Most High is the greatest fun to be with. The Most High loves to laugh with them, to say humorous things and to have fun with them. The Most High is experienced and treated by them at all times as their Father/ Mother, the only true Parent, who likes to play with His/ Her children when it is time for playing.


It would be an error to assume that members of this new society walk around with strict, serious, preoccupied countenances without any sense of humor, fun, joy or play. Such a situation exists only in the Hells. The members of the Hells refuse, by their choice, to have any fun, humor, joy, pleasure, laughter or play. Instead they are always preoccupied, serious, rigid, strict, suspicious, fearful, angry, hostile, violent and constantly worried. Such is the nature of the negative state. In comparison the nature of the positive state is just the opposite.



The new heavenly society is continuously in the process of developing various scientific, philosophical and psychological projects involving the utilization of an unusual technology which is available to its members from all over Creation. They established various research institutes and academies which cover all known sciences and sciences unknown to people of Earth, in order to acquire a deeper, better and more appropriate knowledge about various phenomena of Creation which occur in, underly and accompany all reality of the all-spiritual worlds, all reality of the all-intermediate worlds, and all reality of the all-physical, all-natural worlds in their various dimensions, levels, degrees, steps, times, paratimes and lines. All such acquired knowledge is instantly utilized for updating, correcting and modifying the currently existing knowledge. The newly acquired knowledges are then put to good use, and the results are shared with all Creation.


This arrangement is a vital, integral and necessary part of spiritual progression.


Thus, only the most advanced knowledge and technology is utilized at any given time by the members of this society. The scientists of this society make sure constantly that everything learned and discovered in their work is instantly available to all for effective and effortless replacement of any previous concepts, ideas, tools, or technologies which have been rendered obsolete by advances in the exploration of the respective sciences for which they are responsible.



The religion of the new society can be fully and completely defined by the principles of spiritual homogeneity as described in the "Messages From Within" of April 3-4, 1982 in Martinique. The members of this society worship the Most High in His/ Her various manifestations and forms. However, most importantly, they relate to the Most High primarily as their most immediate Parent Whom they adore and love, and Who loves and respects them. The Most High is always present in them and with them and He/ She is the most natural, the most familiar, the most desirable, and the most related-to figure. Because of this arrangement, no formal, external rituals and ceremonies of earthly church services exist. Their church is their heart and their Inner Mind where the Most High always is, and their worship is their work, their life, and the use they perform for and share with others. Part of this worship is humor, fun, joy and laughter which they share with the Most High and with each other, and which the Most High shares with them.



The lifestyle of the members of this society can be characterized by such concepts as progressiveness, flow, fluidity, versatility, diversity, mobility, flexibility, changeability, adaptability and adjustability. No rigidity or stagnation is a part of their structure. They are able to assume any situation, form, process, state or condition in being or existence and, not only to experience it fully, but to derive all possible use from it in order to improve, update and modify their own lifestyle if necessary and deemed appropriate. Only more progressive elements than they possess at any given moment are incorporated and utilized in their lifestyle from such experiences.


This is all that is allowed to be known at this time about the new heavenly society.”









A Brief Comment On The Concept Of Reincarnation



Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 273 – 276, A Brief Comment On The Concept Of Reincarnation


June 2, 1982


The Most High requested that the following brief comments about the concept of reincarnation held by people on Earth be added to these "Messages From Within":


“The concept of reincarnation was correctly explained in "Principles of Spiritual Hypnosis", "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality", and in the message 30 dated April 30, 1982 in "Messages From Within".


Today some further clarifications can be given as to how fallacious interpretations of some important events in the lives of sentient entities can occur.


In the message 32 dated May 2, 1982, it was described how sentient entities and humans originate and incarnate to their respective worlds. It was noted that, after an idea of a specific entity occurs either in the Absolute thought process, or as a result of sexual intercourse of two sentient entities or humans of the opposite sex, it is projected into an intermediate world which exists specially for that purpose (after its careful evaluation and the presentation to it of all ideas of choices and free will) where it becomes a fully self-aware, functional and real spirit. Here it is given various options and shown various consequences of choices and usefulness of its chosen life content.


However, to make a right and most appropriate choice, this spirit is presented in discrete mode of one moment of time all available experiences and choices which exist both in discrete time and linear time of being and existence. From such a global presentation, a universal consciousness of that spirit is built and permanently acquired. In this universal consciousness, all those choices and experiences of the entire Creation are available to that spirit for activation and recall whenever needed and appropriate. Because such experiences are acquired through the process of complete identification, for that fraction of a moment of time, with anyone who was, is or will be a producer and manifestor of that experience, it may be perceived and experienced as though that spirit was, is or will be that particular person or persons. Such an experiential mode of sharing exists in the entire Creation on the spiritual level or the level of one's Inner Mind. Thus, this spirit, during that time, enters the will, desire and intention of that person or persons becoming a part of his/her universal mind with an external sensation by the spirit's outward mind that he/she was, is or will be that person or persons.


Hence the possibility of a false conclusion that this spirit lived, lives or will live the life or lives of many people. From this revelation stems the fact that the literal sense of reincarnation, as conceived by humans on Earth and many spirits in the spiritual world, who feed this concept to people on Earth, is totally false and no longer tenable. Therefore, in its present form and understanding it must be permanently eliminated from the human mind.


In the process of the examination of all possible choices, experiences and life forms, the spirit in this special intermediate world at one point arrives at the conclusion as to what dimension, world, planet and line he/she will follow. At the moment of this choice, this spirit is presented, by the experiential mode described above, all experiences, choices, consequences and lifestyles that are available in that particular dimension, world, planet, line, family, etc., which he/she is choosing to enter or to be incarnated.


From this presentation and experience, the spirit's transpersonal and phenomenal mentality (or what Carl Gustav Jung called collective unconscious and archetypes which terms remotely approximate this process) is formed, and all wills, desires and intentions of those who were, are or will be part of that specific place, line and family are placed in this mentality.


From this mentality, any such specific experience can be activated and relived if necessary and appropriate by anyone, with the possible external sensation and feeling that one was, is or will be that person or persons in reality. Again, this sensation stems from the fact that when the spirit is presented with all such experiences, these experiences are lived by the spirit through its momentary dentification with their producers and manifestors. The spirit attaches, for that fraction of a moment of discrete and linear time his/her will, desires and intentions with their will, desires and intentions and they merge, for that specific fraction of a second, into oneness. In a spiritual connotation, such a fraction of a second is sufficient for acquiring an impression that one was truly the other one. Such an impression then is perceived, on the physical or natural level of one's manifestation, in a literal sense. This literal sense leads to a false belief system which claims that one was numerously reincarnated, for example, on planet Earth.


The danger in accepting the concept of reincarnation lies in the fact that its believers attract, inadvertently, certain negative spirits from the negative state who insinuate themselves upon people's minds, making people assume a common past with them, and causing people all kinds of problems and miseries which were, are and will be a part of this negative spirit's negative life. These people then falsely conclude that the source of their current problems and miseries is located in their past lives in their previous reincarnations. Unfortunately, this situation dangerously perpetuates the negative state and plays right into the hands of the Hells that want people to believe in and accept false responsibilities for something they never have done, or to reject true responsibilities by blaming something or someone that has done it to them. Either situation leads to false conclusions, perpetuates guilt and misery, and fuels the negative state, leading one away from the true spiritual reality of the positive state and one's essence and substance. Thus, the concept of reincarnation is one of the many very effective weapons in the hands of the Hellish pseudo-societies with which they fight their fierce spiritual wars against the positive state.


Therefore, whoever believes in this concept from one's free will, by one's free choice, and considers it to be true spiritual reality, that one places oneself on the side of the negative state, or at least gives support to it.


In view of this fact, one is advised to be very careful as to the views, opinions, ideas, concepts and belief system one holds or supports. In order to establish a correct attitude toward this concept, one is advised to go the Most High in one's Inner Mind and to ask, in the honesty of one's heart, with good intention, for the knowledge of truth, that all negative entities who insinuated themselves on that one's mind and assumed the common past with that one be separated and removed from that one's life. Then and only then, one may ask for enlightenment regarding the true reality of this or any other concept so that one disassociates oneself from supporting the negative state.


This brief addition to the concept of reincarnation can be helpful in understanding how such a distortion can originate and take hold in the human mind.


As one can see, if one wants to see, such genuine experiences in various momentary identifications of any spirit who is about to be incarnated to its prospective line on planet Earth are then utilized by the negative state for the production of distortions and insinuations into people's mind of ideas that they were here before many times personally. They even produce very valid and very convincing proofs, memories and relivings of their so-called past lives. This is a very effective way to keep people from the true spiritual issues and to trap them in the services of the negative state, depriving them of access to the knowledge of what or who they really are. This is the reason that the concept of reincarnation should be uprooted from people's lives entirely.


This is all for this time on the concept of reincarnation.”









An  Important Announcement From The Most High



Digest of  “Messages From Within”, pg. 277 – 278, An Important Announcement From The Most High


June 2, 1982


The Most High requested that the following brief announcement be transmitted for all who are interested to hear it:


“In the spiritual world, on what corresponds on Earth to June 1, 1982, the doors to the New School for Spiritual Re-­Awakening, Re-Learning and Re-Structuring have been opened for the first time and the program of that school is hereby commenced. Many people from various levels of the intermediate world and from the Hells who have decided to recede from their negative state (and from many other levels) are presently entering this school.


As an integral part of this school's opening and its program, and as one specific example on the natural level of the type of work which this school is starting to do, the recorder of these "Messages From Within", Dr. Peter D. F. of Santa Barbara, California, and Dr. Arthur E. J. of Beverly Hills, California, carried out a process of intensive spiritual hypnotherapy which was experienced during four days and four nights from May 28, 1982 to June 1, 1982. Dr. Peter D. F. functioned as a channel for this school and for the Most High in the role of a special therapist, and Dr. Arthur E. J., by his own free choice and free will, was a volunteer and one of the first enrollees of this school from the physical plane of planet Earth in order to undergo this process of complete spiritual re-awakening, re-learning and re-structuring. This process has been successfully completed and, by its completion, it sets an example of how any future therapeutic process could be and should be formulated and pursued. Those who express a desire from their heart, with good intent, free will and choice for change may enroll in the program of this school with special teachers on Earth and undergo a process similar to that undergone by Dr. Arthur E. J. If Dr. J. chooses, by his own free will, he may now become both a student of this school and also a teacher of this school for people on Earth who choose freely to undergo this process.


Moreover, the Most High expressed His/ Her request that the experiences which occurred during this process be recorded from the beginning to the end and be embodied in the book which may be co-authored by Dr. Peter D. F. and Dr. Arthur E. J. under the title of "Intensive Spiritual Hypnotherapy".


Should both prospective authors decide by their own free will to proceed to bring to fruition this newly suggested book for mutual benefit and sharing, they may proceed to do so by the will of the Most High. Of course, the completion and availability of such a book depends upon what kind of further choices will be made by both Dr. Peter D. F. and Dr. Arthur E. J. for the next steps of their lives. One must continuously remember that one always can make fresh and new choices or revert to one's previous state, if one so desires, no matter what that state was. Nothing is ever forced on to anyone, and any experiences which have been acquired in the process of these four days and four nights are in no way obligatory, forced or demanded to become an integral part of one's life.


The Most High also wishes to transmit His/ Her commendation and appreciation to anyone who freely, by one's choice, has read these "Messages From Within", and who considered them seriously for one's own spiritual re-awakening, re-learning and re-structuring.


This concludes in its entirety the contents of the "Messages From Within".”





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