Reality,  Myths


&  Illusions







Peter D. F.















Content of „Reality, Myths & Illusions“, pg. i - iii, Introduction


This book deals primarily with two major issues. The first issue is related to the deepening of the comprehension of the New Revelation regarding the proper grasp, understanding and application of various spiritual concepts and their practical utility in everyone's daily life. Thus, within the scope of this issue, one can find various elaborations on the understanding of the true nature of the Most High, Jesus Christ, etc., from different and diverse perspectives; on the origin and nature of modern man; on human sexuality; on the structure of the Most High's Creation; on the ways people incarnate on planet Earth; and on many other similar issues.


The second issue relates to the vitally important elaboration on the proper procedures which one is recommended to follow in the process of one's spiritual self­-hypnotic trance and in treating others by means of spiritual hypnosis and intensive spiritual hypnotherapy. This issue also contains an elaborate analysis of what can happen in the process of such a treatment if these procedures, rules and outlines, are violated, with a subsequent empirical illustration of the treatment and its results and outcomes when these rules, procedures and outlines are meticulously followed.


The second issue also contains a precise step-by-step procedure for dealing with various imposing negative and evil entities that contaminate one's spiritual self-hypnotic trance and spiritual hypnotherapy as well as a description of the tactics and methods of combating and conquering them.


When one compares these two issues, one would have the tendency to perceive them as separate and unrelated to each other at all. However, the reality is that the second issue is the logical consequence of the first one. Whatever happens in the spiritual realm has an immediate impact on all levels of a human's being and existence and the entire Creation. There are no conceivable exceptions or exclusions to this rule.


In the recent year or two many things occurred, proceeded and came into being in the Most High's Creation and in the Zone of Displacement including planet Earth. As one can clearly see, nothing in the Most High's Creation is stagnant or regressive. There are continuous activities going on which reflect the Divine Law of Continuous Spiritual Progression. As a result of the application of this law, it is only understandable that new things, new transcending understanding, new rules, procedures and their application would come to their fruition. Unless one follows the path of mobility, flexibility and fluidity in all aspects of one's life, one is doomed to stagnate in the old, outlived, outdated, outmoded and reactionary style of life which leads one into a bottomless pit of regressive, counter-productive and futile "vegetation".


As mentioned many times previously (in other books by the author), this spiritual progression goes on in steps. Each current step of one's life is a succession of the preceding step and it will be succeeded by a new, subsequent and transcending step. Each step requires its own set of rules for accommodation, adjustment and utilization. When the usefulness of each current step is exhausted and fully utilized, it is succeeded by a new step. In that new step all rules are either different, changed, up-dated or they are a further deepening of and elaboration of the rules of the previous step. Even if some rules from the previous step are retained in the new step, these rules must be redefined, readjusted and reformulated for the purpose of their proper and effective incorporation in the new situation without holding back, in the stagnant condition, the progression of the current step.


From this one can see the danger of clinging rigidly to the modes and content of the previous step in an unchanged form. Such a clinging gives an impetus for the origination of many deep problems in human life which perpetuate, fuel and support the negative state's being and existence.


Thus, this book can be considered to be a reflection of continuous changes that occur in the process of spiritual progression from one step to another. At the same time, this book is a reflection of the acquirement of a deeper understanding of these two issues and their topics than was available up to this point.


Once again a warning is in order: Whatever transpires in this book is for one's consideration only. It does not put anyone in a position to be obligated to accept all or part of the content or ideas in this book. One is simply advised to keep one's mind and heart open and to meditate on these issues. After all, the confirmation can come only from within one's heart. This rule is, of course, true and valid only under one condition: one approaches one's heart for verification in total honesty without any preconceived ideas or prejudices of one's own belief system or dogmas. One's internal relationship with the Most High, in the purity of one's heart, where there is a true kingdom of heaven, as revealed by Jesus Christ Who is the true Most High, should by all means transcend any personal predispositions and wishful thinking.


If any of these concepts, ideas and events, as described in this book, can contribute to anyone's proper understanding of the mystery of human life on this Earth or serve as a source of deep contemplation and subsequent changes toward becoming a better human being and a more spiritual human being, one cannot desire more.


The Author


February, 1984












Compiled by: Ivo A. Benda.


New Revelation


1) THE NEW REVELATION OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, Peter D. F., 1992, 777 original pages, complex commentary from Lord Jesus Christ on PRESENT SITUATION OF EARTHLY MANKIND including its history and ways of solution in 30 chapters. Received in 1988.  KEY MATERIAL ! ! !


2) FUNDAMENTALS OF HUMAN SPIRITUALITY, Peter D. F., 1982, 262 pages, commentary on human spirituality and its relation to the Creation. Covered in 1982.


3) MESSAGES FROM WITHIN, Peter D. F., 1982, 278 pages, other additional information augmenting the New revelation.


4) FOUR CONCEPTS OF THE SPIRITUAL STRUCTURE OF CREATION, Peter D. F., 1983, 119 pages, other additional information augmenting the New revelation.


5) REALITY, MYTH & ILLUSION, Peter D. F., 1984, 506 pages, other additional information augmenting the New revelation.


6) WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU HERE ?, Peter D. F., 1984, 256 pages, position of earthman in the Creation. Processed in 1984.


7) MAJOR IDEAS OF THE NEW REVELATION, Peter D. F., 1985, 266 pages, other additional information augmenting the New revelation.


8) UNDERSTANDING AND FULFILLMENT OF OUR EARTHLY LIFE, Peter D. F., 1985, 198 pages, what of our life is bound to this world. 


9) COROLLARIES TO THE NEW REVELATION OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, Peter D. F., 1997, 352 pages. Received in 1992-4. The last supplementary information extending the New revelation. It is recommended to read this book after triple reading of the previous books.



All the Bible’s wordings are presented according to “The New King James Version of The Holy Bible“, Thomas Nelson Publishers, New York


Pictures and diagrams were not in the original books; they were processed by Ivo A. Benda to provide better illustration of some connections/relations (however, not of all of them, that's unfortunately impossible in this way).


“The New Revelation” books vitally concern everyone on the planet Earth, for everyone has a suite - the material body – fabricated by pseudo-creators ! ! !  Understanding of this fact gives a possibility of finding a solution to problems of every man on the Earth.


Spread this information with love in your heart in all directions - don't be afraid of anything - primarily to schools – teachers, medics, officials and scientists and to everyone who may be interested in, don't miss out our dear journalists and politicians. It will be of help to many people and a big bummer for pseudo-creators.








A Note of Introduction By The Lord Jesus Christ To Any Prospective Reader of This Book.                                                                       LIST AND CONTENT OF THE NEW REVELATION BOOKS.


            Chapter 1.

The Differences Between The Revelation of Jesus Christ and the New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ.


            Chapter 2.

The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ.


            Chapter 3.

Betrayal of Christianity.


            Chapter 4.

The Second Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ.


            Chapter 5.

Principles and Applications of the New Spiritual Hypnotherapy and of The Process of Going Inward.


            Chapter 6.

The Mystery of Pseudo-Creators.


            Chapter 7.

The Concept of Antichrist.


            Chapter 8.

The Last Judgment.


            Chapter 9.

The Meaning of the Last Supper.


            Chapter 10.

Update, Modification and Redefinition of the Spiritual Laws.


            Chapter 11.

The Concept of Sin and Human Problems.


            Chapter 12.

The Concept of Life in General and Human Life in Particular.


            Chapter 13.

How to Survive Human Life.


            Chapter 14.

The Impact of the New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ on Creation, The Zone of Displacement and Human Life.


            Chapter 15.

The Mystery of the New Revelation.


            Chapter 16.

Practice of the New Revelation.


            Chapter 17.

The Placement of Planet Zero, Humans and Humankind In Relationship to All Else.


            Chapter 18.

The New Life of the Positive State.


            Chapter 19.

Life After Human Life.


            Chapter 20.

The Mystery of Sexuality in General and Human Sexuality in Particular.


            Chapter 21.

The Mystery of Creation and the Zone of Displacement.


            Chapter 22.

The Mystery of Birth, Death, Resurrection, Rebirth, Transfiguration and Transformation.


            Chapter 23.

How The Lord Jesus Christ Governs His/Her Creation, The Zone of Displacement and Planet Zero.


            Chapter 24.

The Ten Commandments Revisited.


            Chapter 25.

The Mystery of the Ten Spiritual Principles.


            Chapter 26.

The Lord's Prayer Revisited.


            Chapter 27.

The Mystery of the New Prayer Formulated by The Lord Jesus Christ.


            Chapter 28.

The Mystery of the Road of Life.


            Chapter 29.

Some Brief Clarifications on the Structure and Nature of the Zone of Displacement.


            Chapter 30.

The New Revelation In Perspective.






 22 units.



A Very Important Introduction



PART I: Spiritual Deterioration


Chapter 1.
Definition and Principles of Spirituality in General and Human Spirituality in Particular.

Concept of the Most High.


Chapter 2.

Origin of Matter, Universe and Sentient Entities. Original Purpose, Goal and Structure of Human Life and Its Natural, Mental and Spiritual States.


Chapter 3.

Beginning of and Reasons for Human Spiritual Deterioration.


Chapter 4.

Consequences and Impact of Human Spiritual Deterioration on Development of Mankind as a Whole.


Chapter 5.

Consequences and Impact of Human Spiritual Deterioration on Specific Areas of Human Life, Human Activities, Human Systems and Human Relations.


Chapter 6.

Profound Crisis of All Human Systems, Values, Traditions, Conventions and Cultures. End of the Human Era.


Chapter 7.

Present State of Affairs in Mankind's Condition and Human Spirituality. Preparation for the New Age.


Part II: Spiritual Reawakening


Chapter 1.

Understanding of True Human Nature.


Chapter 2.

The Structure of the Human Mind.


Chapter 3.

The Dynamics of the Human Mind. Building of a New Spiritual Psychology and Spiritual Social Sciences.


Chapter 4.

Purification and Synthesis of Grains of Truths Existent in Traditions and Conventions of the Human Systems.


Chapter 5.

Opening of All Levels of Being and Existence and Building a Permanent Bridge Among Them.


Chapter 6.

Dangers and Precautions in the Process of Opening and Building. Perils of Transition.


Chapter 7.

The Proper and Right Tools and Building Blocks for the New Age. Development of the hew Methodologies of the Human Systems.


Part III: Spiritual Progression


Chapter 1.

Definition and Principles of Spiritual Progression.


Chapter 2.

The New Structure of the Human Systems: Analysis of the Structure.


Chapter 3.

The New Dynamics of the Human Systems: Analysis of Dynamics.


Chapter 4.

The Nature and the Structure of the New Mankind.


Chapter 5.

Place, Purpose and Goals of the New Mankind and its Systems in the Universality of It All.


Chapter 6.

Style of Life and Human Relations in the New Era. Analysis of the New Spirituality.


Chapter 7.

Perspectives and Future Possibilities of Human Development and Spiritual Progression.


3) MESSAGES FROM WITHIN - 40 messages, 41 units.






            Message 1.

On Misinterpretation of  "Jupiter Effect".


            Message 2.

On the Nature of the Most High.


            Message 3.

On Marriage and Sexuality.


            Message 4.

On  Changeability of One's State and Condition.  On  Establishment by the Most High of a Special School of Spiritual Re-Awakening, Re-Learning and Re-Structuring in the Spiritual World.


            Message 5.

On a New Heavenly Society and Its Purpose and Function.


            Message 6.

On the Swedenborg's Understanding of the Last  Judgment. On the Bible and Its Various



            Message 7.

On life and Its Meanings. More on Sexuality and Sexual Intercourse.


            Message 8.

On the Principles of Spiritual Homogeneity.


            Message 9.

More on the Function of the New Heavenly Society.


            Message 10.

On the Spiritual Requirements of Everyday Life and a Set of  Rules for Such a Life.


            Message 11.

On the New Hellish Pseudo-Society and Its Purpose and  Function. Warning About Its Works.


            Message 12.

On Various Eras in Mankind's History of Spiritual  Development.


            Message 13.

On Methods of Acquiring Knowledges Throughout Mankind's  History.


            Message 14.

On the Major Structural Changes of the Spiritual World.


            Message 15.

On Sexuality in the Spiritual World.


            Message 16.

Continuation on Sexuality in the Spiritual World.


            Message 17.

On How Longevity of People's Natural Life on Earth is  Determined.


            Message 18.

More on the Philosophy of the New School in the  Spiritual World.


            Message 19.

More on the Structure and Function of the New Heavenly  Society.


            Message 20.

On Tactics and Methods of Operation of the New Hellish  Pseudo-Society.


            Message 21.

On the Philosophical Concept of Time.


            Message 22.

On Spiritual Principles and Life in General.


            Message 23.

On Practical Application in Everyday Life of  Spiritual Principles.


            Message 24.

On Spiritual Requirements of Everyday Life and  Living.


            Message 25.

On the Practical Principles of Everyday Living.


            Message 26.

On the Proper Understanding of the Negative State's  Nature.  On Inappropriateness of People's Understanding of Some Life Events.


            Message 27.

On People's Modes of Perception, Unconscious Processes and Altered States of Consciousness.


            Message 28.

On Spiritual Wars  and the Methods, Tactics and Weapons Used in These Wars and How They Correspond to the Human's Earthly Wars.


            Message 29.

On the Source of People's Problems, Miseries and Sufferings and How to Overcome Them.


            Message 30.

On People's Spiritual, Mental and Physical Equipment and on Methods of Treatment Of Their Problems. On Proper Understanding of Concepts of Karma and Reincarnation.


            Message 31.

Some Practical Clarifications on the Concept of Spirituality and Spiritual Principles.


            Message 32.

On the Process of Incarnation of Human Beings on Earth and How Their Choices are made.


            Message 33.

On How to Determine Whether One is in the Positive or Negative State.


            Message 34.

On the Issues of Everyday Living and On Proper Building Blocks of Everyone's Life.


            Message 35.

On the Structure and Content of Reality.


            Message 36.

On the Nature and Structure of Creation and On Spiritual, Mental and Physical Illnesses and Their Treatment.



Why Do People Choose To Go To Hell ?



An Additional Message Regarding the New Heavenly Society.



A Brief Comment on the Concept of Reincarnation.



An Important Announcement From the Most High.



    4 chapters, 5 units.



A Brief Introduction



            Chapter 1.

Spiritual Theory of the Universal Multidimensional Zone of Displacement.


            Chapter 2.

Spiritual Principles of the Middle State.


            Chapter 3.

Principles of Spiritual Metaphysics.


            Chapter 4.

Human Will and Intentions And Their Multiple Reincarnation.


5) REALITY, MYTH & ILLUSION - 18 chapters, 17 units.






            Chapter 1.

The Most Common Myths And Illusions That People Cling To.


            Chapter 2.

Discussion On The Structure Of The New Heavenly Society.


            Chapter 3.

Three Dialogues.

  I. Dialogue On Spiritual Aspects Of Sexuality.

 II. Memorandum And Dialogue On Dealing With The Negative Entities.

III. More On The Structure Of The New Heavenly Society.


            Chapter 4.

More On The Structure Of The New Heavenly, Celestial-Cosmical Society Or Galaxy (Conclusion).


            Chapter 5.

Some Thoughts On The Nature Of The Negative State.


            Chapter 6.

On Some General Trends Of The Negative State.


            Chapter 7.

A Warning About The Negative Entities.


            Chapter 8.

On Femininity, Masculinity And Human Sexuality.


            Chapter 9.

On The Origin Of Modern Man.


            Chapter 10.

On The True Purpose Of Human Life.


            Chapter 11.

Nine Circles Of Creation.


            Chapter 12.

Analysis Of A Deceptive Mode Of The Negative And Evil Entities Who Contaminated H.'s Spiritual Transformation Process.


            Chapter 13.

More On The Structure Of The Zone Of Displacement.


            Chapter 14.

The Completion Of H.'s Process Of Intensive Spiritual Hypnotherapy (An Empirical Illustration Of The Proper Procedures In The Process Of Intensive Spiritual Hypnotherapy).


            Chapter 15.

On The New Methods And Tactics For Combating Evil And Negative Forces.


            Chapter 16.

Further Elaboration On The Procedures By Which Humans Incarnate On Planet Earth.


            Chapter 17.

On The Structure Of Human Mind Which Is Trapped In The Zone Of Displacement.


            Chapter 18.

On The Structure, Content and Meaning Of The Holy Bible.


6) WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU HERE ? – 5 chapters, 7 units.




Why You Need To Read This Book ?



            Chapter 1.

Is The History Of Mankind And Thus The History Of Your Origin, As Described In Various Scientific And Religious Books A Correct One ? Are You Really Who They Say You Are ? What Is The True Reality About All Of This ?


            Chapter 2.

Of What Do You Really Consist ? How Many Levels And Aspects Are Within You ? What Is Your Place And Position In This Universe And In Relationship To Others ? Do You Really Live In A Genuine And True World ? What Is The Purpose Of Your Life ? Did You Really Start Your Life On Planet Earth ?


            Chapter 3.

What Is The Real Origination Of All Your Problems, Troubles, Bad Habits, Sufferings, Miseries, Illnesses, Diseases, Accidents, Incidents, And All Other Misfortunes, Liabilities, Shortcomings, Et Cetera ? What Kind Of Purpose Do They Serve In Your Life? Do You Really Need Them ? How Did The Negative State Really Originate? Did Eve In The Garden Of Eden Really Eat An Apple And Give It To Adam To Eat, Which Act Supposedly Started All Human Miseries And The Negative State? What Does All This Really Mean And Signify ? How Can It Be Applied To Your Own Private Life Or To Everyday Living ?


            Chapter 4.

What Are The Proper, Right, Correct, Efficient, Successful And Effective Means And Ways To Find Your Way Back To The True Life, To Your True Inner Self, To Your True Inner Mind And To True Happiness ? How Do You Get Rid Of Problems And Troubles Be They Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual, Sexual, Personal Or Physical Or Any Others Without Any Exception Or Exclusion ?


            Chapter 5.

How Do You Continuously, Properly Maintain Your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual And Over All Well-Being and Happiness Without Back-Sliding Or Reverting To Your Previous Unproductive And Self-Defeating Lifestyle, Or Without Stagnating In One Place ? How Do You Fulfill To Your, And Your Creator's Satisfaction, The Purpose Of Your Life On Planet Earth ? Does Your Personal, Unique, Self-Aware Individual Life End With Your Physical Death ? What Happens To You After You Leave Your  Body And This Earth ?



Do You Now Really Know Who You Are And Why You Are Here And What It Is To Be A Truly Spiritual And Happy Human Being, An Integrated Human Being?


7) MAJOR IDEAS OF THE NEW REVELATION - 16 chapters, 17 units.







On Various Types Of Revelations And How To Properly Verify Their Source And Validity.



On The Spiritual Meaning Of Chapter 7 In Prophet Daniel In The Holy Bible.



The Requirements For The Speaker And Transmitter Of The Most High's Revelations And Messages.



Revisions Of And Update On Proper Procedures For Verification And Security Checks Of The True Spiritual Advisors During Spiritual Hypnotherapy And Spiritual Self-Hypnosis.



Why Did Jesus Christ Speak About And Relate To His Father-God As Though He And The Father Were Two Different Persons Or Entities And Not One And The Same God-Indivisible ?



Update On The Issue Of Why People Choose To Go To Hell.



What Are The True Reasons For Existence Of So Many Different And Often Contradictory Religions And Their Numerous Sects On Planet Earth ?



On The Reasons For The Most High's Incarnation On Planet Earth In The Form And Manifestation Of Jesus Christ.



Why Did The Most High Allow The Negative State To Remain In An Activated And Dominant Mode On Earth And Elsewhere Even After He/She, In The Form Of Jesus Christ, Conquered, Subjugated And Put All The Hells Under His/Her Dominance.



Spiritual Interpretation Of One Limited Aspect Of The Content Of Chapter Eight In The Prophet Daniel.



On The Proper Understanding Of The Concept Of The New Revelation.



Summary Of The Major Concepts And Ideas Of The Current New Revelation.



Self-Correcting And Progressive Mode Of The Revealed Truths.



To Love The Lord Above All And Above Everything.



Changes Of States And Conditions.



The End Of The Human Era On Planet Earth And In All Regions Of The Zone Of Displacement.



    11 units.






            Chapter 1.

Spiritual Life.


            Chapter 2.

Mental Life.


            Chapter 3.

Physical Or Bodily Life.


            Chapter 4.

Sexual Life.


            Chapter 5.

Professional Or Work Life.


            Chapter 6.

Family Life.


            Chapter 7.

Social Life.


            Chapter 8.

Leisure And Sleep Life.


            Chapter 9.

Balanced Or Integrated Life.





    32 units.






            Update 1.

For The Agents Of The Positive State Of The Lord Jesus Christ And Practitioners Of His/Her New Revelation.


            Update 2.

To All Readers And Practitioners Of The New Revelation Of The Lord Jesus Christ And His/Her Servants And Followers.


            Update 3.

The Requirements For The Speaker And Transmitter Of The Most High's Revelations And Messages.



Update 3A.



Update 4.



Update 5.



Update 6.



Update 7.



Update 8.



Update 9.



Update 10.



Update 11.



Update 12.



Update 13.



Update 14.



Update 15.



Update 16.



Update 17.



Update 18.



Update 19.



A Private Conversation Between The Lord Jesus Christ And Peter..



Update 20.






An Advice.



A Reminder.



The Source Of False Memories In Past Lives Experiences And Therapies.



Revelation On The Revelator Of  "A Course In Miracles".



On Infancy.



Clarification Of Some Important Spiritual Concepts.



A Letter To All.



A Second Private Conversation.
















Chapter One


The Most Common Myths and Illusions That People Cling To



Content of “Reality, Myths & Illusions”, pg. 1 - 33,  Chapter One


(From the Lecture-Workshop on "Principles and Application of Spiritual Hypnosis", January 14, 1983)


”Most people on the planet Earth are unaware of the fact that in all aspects of their earthly existence they are subjected to various myths and illusions. Since they consider them to be a normal state of affairs, these myths and illusions are conceived by people to be the true reality and the only truth. Yet, they are neither true nor real, but instead are distortions of reality and, in many instances, they are complete and total falsities.


It is time to dispel these myths and illusions about life, God, Creation and one's nature. If one rigidly clings to and stagnates in these illusions and myths, the only way one can treat and relate to oneself and others is from the position of stagnation, problems, myths, and illusions. What kind of treatment and relatedness is that? It is a treatment of related­ness from, by, through, and to problems, deceptions, misery, suffering, myths and illusions. No true meaningful, lasting, fulfilling and satisfying relationship can be established in any manner from such a position.


Therefore, if one wants to successfully relate to people, to God, to oneself, to life, to Creation or anything else, one is strongly advised to eliminate these myths and illusions that people so commonly hold about all issues of life.


At this time we will deal with 34 such myths and illusions. Before considering these it is necessary to emphasize that what is being presented in this book is only for one's consideration. The request is being made that one keep one's mind and heart open and broad. In no way does one have to agree with what follows. These messages and revelations are being presented by the guidance of the Most High, the Lord God Jesus Christ, One Indivisible God, as food for thought, feelings and will. It is advisable for anyone who reads this to consider the contents and to ponder them, to meditate on them, to put oneself in a spiritual self-hypnotic trance and ask oneself, from the position of the Inner Mind, whether all the issues presented in this book are or are not true and how they are related to one's life and needs. Also, how they can be utilized in the most effective, constructive, productive and creative manner.


With this introduction the outline and consideration of all 34 myths and illusions are as follows:



It is a myth and an illusion to think and believe that life in general, and human life in particular, can originate from any other source than from a special constellation and combination of spiritual principles that continuously emanate and radiate from the Absolute Uncreated Source of life that people call God, the Most High, Jesus Christ, Vishnu, or whatever name He/ She is called, Who is the Absolute Supreme Sentient Entity and Being. No other form of life ever existed, exists or will exist from eternity to eternity no matter how perverted, distorted and stolen that life may be, and no matter what foolish people with their foolish science think, proclaim and try to prove. In that sense it is a total myth and illusion to believe that life could develop through an evolutionary process as Darwin thought, and especially that the higher form of sentient life could develop from anything except from the combination of spiritual principles that emanate from the Most High.



It is a myth and an illusion to think of the Creator, God, the Most High as someone who is remote, somewhere above or outside, alien, non-tangible, difficult to relate to or to approach, or someone that requires special or unusual means, ways, tools, procedures, mysteries, rituals, ceremonies or similar matters to be evoked and to be understood in the process of communication with Him/ Her. Nothing is further from the truth than this. In fact, the Most High is ever present in everyone, "within". To relate to and to communicate with the Most High is the easiest, the most natural, the most normal and the most desirable thing to do. However, the negative state, which is in existence on this Earth in an activated and domineering manner, does everything in its power to hide this indisputable fact from people, so they won't communicate with the Most High. There is nothing special, complex, difficult, or unusual about communicating with God from "within". It is as natural as breathing.


In this respect it is time to realize that the Most High appears to people in several manners: as God "within us'; meaning that we breath, we live and we do everything from that presence in our Inner Mind. But God is also with us as a brother, sister, father, mother, friend, lover; someone with whom we can share an intimate relationship.


It is also proper to realize that God is among us in all our activities participating in everything that we do; and that God is above us, overlooking everything as a Divine Providence. It is very important to realize that God is manifested to people in an infinite variety and diversity of ways and manners and that God is the only one who always "Is" and everyone else is because "God Is". If there is no God, no "Is" would be, no "I am" could be. "I am", because of the Absolute "I AM" of the Most High. It is also proper to realize that God transcends all that was just said. He is more than that. This more is incomprehensible to us. If we relate to God in these aspects; within us, with us, among us, above us, within the infinite varieties and diversities of His manifestation, then nothing can go wrong.


It is sufficient to be aware of and to feel the Most High's presence in the above described manners and to do everything from, by, with and through the Most High in us.



It is a myth and an illusion to think and believe that God originated or consists of anything negative, adverse, evil, bad or to believe that God punishes or condemns people to Hell, causes accidents, misery, suffering or what foolish people with their foolish laws call, "acts of God". God, the Most High, is pure Absolute Love and Absolute Wisdom and such negative attributes and notions are inconsistent with His/ Her true nature. They are ascribed to God by people, and they are nothing more than human projections of the way they think, will, act, behave, and treat themselves and each other, and the way they practice their own foolish life.


When the Bible speaks in its literal sense about God being jealous, angry, punitive, punishing and so on, it speaks in the language of human projections and appearances of truth and not in the language of spiritual reality and its truth. This reality is hidden in the internal sense of the Bible, the sense of which is clothed with the literal sense. One has to realize that no other language is available to humans on Earth, only the language of externals and projections. The reason for this is that on Earth the negative state is active and dominates, and because it is the state of ignorance it derives everything from externals which are determined by "human" projections and expectations, and not by the content and meaning of the true reality. The Bible, therefore, uses the only language that is available to people in order to keep them in some awareness of spiritual principles. And even though they distort these principles there is nothing else available here at this time.



It is a myth and an illusion to think and believe that there is more than one God. As there is only one Creator, one "I am", as far as "I am" is concerned, so there is only one God, One Absolute "I AM" Who manifests Himself/ Herself in His/ Her Creation in an infinite number of ways, aspects, combinations, names, states, conditions and processes. Different aspects of one such manifestation can be considered as clusters of the certain attributes of the Most High which are labelled by people with various names such as God, Allah, Manitou, Brahma, Vishnu, Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Great Spirit, Holy Spirit, Jehovah, Jesus Christ, Adonai, Shaddai, Elohim, the Most High, and so on. I use the name the Most High. So, whenever I say the Most High, it means all that and more. This is a vital principle of the spiritual homogeneity of life, because it gives you the sense of the unity, totality, oneness and harmony of the essence and substance of who you are. How do you perceive yourself? In what aspect do you perceive yourself? One is a spirit, isn't one?


Now, of course, that spirit needs somehow to manifest itself. It creates a mentality which people sometimes call a soul. The soul. Now, the spirit has a soul through which it mentates. Mentation means to think, feel, will, act, behave. That signifies that it is the same spirit. It's not two. But there is a third aspect to it which is that you feel yourself in your body. You have a body, a form, an appearance. Now bear in mind that when I am talking about body, appearance and form, it is not necessarily only from material elements, atoms, molecules and matter as it is known on Earth. This is only one of the infinite varieties of forms available to the spirit and its soul for projection into some concrete reality to some other spiritual and mental plane. But again, it is one's body, isn't it? But, people split it, separated and isolated that sense. The Christian terminology came up with three Gods. They have a mystery there because it's Father, Son and Holy Spirit; they are one but there is one God, - Father, another God - Son, and still another God - Holy Spirit. This, of course, is nonsense, an abomination of the true spirituality. It is splitting Creation into many forms or into many manifestations derived from different gods which cannot be because everything has to come from One Absolute Source. If there would be three Gods, there would not be one Absolute God, there would be no life at all. As one is not three different persons . . . can you imagine yourself to be three persons with three monstrous heads on your shoulders, which speak to each other continuously? Even to imagine it seems like an abomination. Maybe it exists somewhere in the universe, I don't know, I doubt it. So far I haven't seen it and I have travelled all over and in different levels. Yes, I saw many so-called non-human forms but that basic principle of unity and oneness is always preserved, without any exception and exclusion. So, as you are one, indisputably one, as you feel yourself as one in your spirit, soul and body, so is the Most High one. Where do you derive that from? From the oneness of the Most High, you are an extension, a unique process and manifestation of the Most High.



It is a myth and an illusion to think and believe that human life starts with the physical conception in the mother's womb on Earth and ends with the physical death of this "body". Bear in mind, that human life neither begins nor ends with manifested life in the natural degree on Earth. In fact, it starts from beyond physical conception in a special spiritual dimension, from which one incarnates into the physical degree and continues to eternity, beyond the physical death of the body as a unique self-aware individual. Your life span on earth is only an infinitesimal fraction of a second, a very brief phase of one aspect of life, chosen by people for a certain learning and purpose.


However, since incarnation on Earth (by your free choice, of course,) is an incarnation into the negative state, which is ruled by the principle of ignorance, all memories of one's pre-existence before conception in the mother's womb, and all memories of what happened to that one, by choice, are obliterated and not available at all. People cannot remember what happened to them beyond their conception. This is a set up of the negative state to trap people into the illusion and myth that there is nothing beyond and above any other life than life from the mother, from conception in the mother's womb to the end of the physical life. From that standpoint, it is obvious that all those foolish arguments regarding the right to live, abortion, disconnection of the life support system from the dying client/patient in order to preserve life, are futile and misleading. What is life? They are trying to preserve something which is not life but death. There is nothing alive in the natural degree. Only by spiritual principles is life being put into that degree.


Nature is constantly vivified by those spiritual principles, so it's superfluous to discuss those kinds of issues. They should be solely a matter of personal conscience, or the matter between one and one's Creator, not a matter of foolish laws and codes by which people try to interfere with this process and attempt to brainwash people into clinging rigidly, desperately to this physical life and into believing that there is nothing beyond it. Unfortunately, even people who say that they believe in life after death or that they believe that they were here before, are clinging as desperately to this life as those who do not believe.


What is the wise, the mature way in this respect? "I am going to be here as long as I am needed here. I am elated, delighted and ecstatic to be here, because I am here by the Divine Providence of the Most High and there is a purpose in my being here. Not a second sooner or not a second later, when the time comes to go, I am going home. It will be a pleasure, a delight and ecstasy to go. There will be no fear of death because there is no death."



It is a myth and an illusion to think and believe that human destiny and life is predetermined, fixed, or locked in one position or state. Human life is neither predetermined nor fixed eternally in one position or state. Instead, human life is determined by one's free choice, freedom, independence and self-determination for continuous spiritual progression. Human life, destiny, and choices are in a state of continuous change, fluidity, modification, updates, build ons, etc., and one is never condemned to be forever in anything or anywhere unless one chooses so by one's free will. However, from the Absolute State of the Most High, human choices are foreseen and all opportunities for their actualization or realization are provided together with an eternal possibility and choice to change any situation, condition, state or place. Now this foresight from the non-space, non-time condition of the Most High is fallaciously conceived by some religious doctrines and philosophies as predetermination and unchangeability of one's state and condition to eternity. Nothing is farther from true reality. The true spiritual principles do not contain any notion of finality, but only potentiality to be what you choose to be by your free choice. Now this myth has a tremendous implication for therapy. If people would not be able to change, what would be the use of any type of therapy? Any therapeutic approach is built on the ability of people to change and believe that they can. You can choose to be miserable, or you can choose to be happy. Either way it is your choice, and either way you bear the consequences of that choice.



It is a myth and an illusion to believe and think that human life and human activities, whatever they may be, are limited to the external conscious awareness and that there is nothing in being and existence beyond what they perceive or apperceive with their conscious mind. In fact, there is very little true reality in what the conscious mind allows you to perceive. Ninety-five percent (95%) or more of human activities and human life events are caused by and originate from something which is not even remotely perceptible and comprehensible by the human external conscious mind, on which we so heavily rely. See how little we are and know? Less than five percent (5%).



It is a myth and an illusion to believe and think that what people perceive in their external environment, what one perceives right now, is the only true reality, the only true being and existence and that there is nothing more to the reality of Creation. What we are perceiving right now, this earth, each other, is not a true reality but a displacement of the true reality, a fallout of the true reality. It is the result of an activated and domineering negative state existing on Earth for about 30 million years. By certain complex processes the negative state was activated and put in dominance by people of that time, who were of extremely high intelligence and spiritual awareness. This activation caused a tremendous havoc and warp in the fabric of time-space continuum which threw them out of the reality of Creation and they fell out into what the Most High calls the Zone of Displacement. This is a displaced universe. This is not a true universe. The negative state cannot co-exist with the positive universe at the same level. The moment you activate the negative state, it creates a warp and you are thrown out from Creation into the displaced zone. This is the displaced zone here. It is not true reality; however, because we don't have anything else, we are not aware of anything else. Due to the closure of the access to the true reality by such a process, we believe that this is a true reality. You can change this false awareness; when you go into deep trance you can discover what the true reality is.



It is a myth and an illusion to believe and think that the function, position, and placement of the life of any human being is limited, at any given moment, to one degree, one level, or one dimension which is perceived by the external conscious mind. Now, the true reality is that all minds, are placed and function synchronously and simultaneously in the spiritual, the intermediate, and the physical dimension. Moreover, in our case it is also in the Zone of Displacement. It is another myth and an illusion to think the spiritual and intermediate dimensions are non-tangible and unreal, an empty notion devoid of any life and without any sensory reality. In fact, the spiritual and intermediate dimensions are more real, more tangible and more concrete than the physical dimension, which people are consciously aware of and consider to be the only reality. The reality, concreteness and tangibility of the physical universe, our physical bodies and our environment, derive only from the reality, concreteness and tangibility of the spiritual and intermediate dimension. We would not be able to sense, to feel, to perceive anything at all if those dimensions were not real. We derive all sensation, sensory inputs and outputs from the existence of those dimensions. For that reason all these various realities and dimensions are occupied, live and function by the infinite number and variety of sentient beings of human and non-human forms alike. We do not perceive them at the present time because, by the process of physical birth, another abomination of creative spirit, all contacts with all other dimensions were closed off so that people would turn outward and disregard any spiritual and intermediate reality in order that the negative state could be activated, constituted and instituted. If one would be consciously aware of all those dimensions, the negative state would never be able to come into its being and exist. Nobody would have that need or necessity.



It is a myth and an illusion to believe and think that spiritual and intermediate worlds, or what people call heavens, hells, astral worlds, etc., are places somewhere in the remote corner of Creation which is extremely difficult and impossible to approach or have communication with. This is another illusion that the negative state tries to make you believe.


The reality is that these worlds co-exist synchronically and simultaneously with the physical worlds and zones of displacement, and they are mutually connected and related and one without the other, with the exception of the Zone of Displacement, cannot exist. (All other dimensions can exist without the activated Zone of Displacement, although the Zone of Displacement cannot exist without the other dimensions.) Therefore, all these worlds are present continuously within each other, occupying the same place but different dimensions. In order for these worlds to be open, to be discernable, perceptible, accessible, a certain shift or warp is required by the mind principles.


To repeat, the negative state, existing on Earth in an activated and domineering mode, closed the awareness of the existence of all worlds other than the physical worlds, otherwise they could not even conceive of their own existence.



It is a grandiose myth and an illusion to believe and think that true spiritual life and healthy everyday living consists of following certain external rituals, ceremonies, activities, and events that are summarized, for example, by church-going, verbal prayers, being for hours in a lotus position or whatever position, external readings of Holy Books, giving monies and properties to charities, avoiding eating and drinking certain foods and drinks, dieting, abstensions, fasting and similar matters, (except for smoking tobacco, marijuana and taking drugs, which is always negative and evil because it comes from hell) without any regard to the inner state of your mind, intentions and quality of your internal life. Nothing truly spiritual exists in such activities in and of themselves; they are good for nothing except to mislead and misguide you. Such activities can be considered something like clothing for the body. The body is not for clothing but clothing for the body, except people put all value in the clothing but not in the body. The true spirituality consists of the state of your internal being, the general style of life and the primary intentions which are behind all your activities. What is the intent of your activities? No matter how much you fast, how often you go to church, or pray, if the intention is not for mutual benefit, common good, sharing from love and wisdom, from objectivity, justice, to be a better human being, it is not good, it leads nowhere at all. Please forget about such externals. They will not help you whatsoever. The style of true life is always from the quality of your love. The intentions of such a life is from the degree and quality of your wisdom. The true love and wisdom of life does not require any such restrictions, taboos, prescriptions, demands, forcefulness, or limitations, as long as whatever you do in your life (and you can do anything you want to) you do it for one purpose; to be more spiritual, to be a better human being, to serve the good and truth, love and wisdom, the Most High and others; then you can do anything. You do not have to suffer, or put yourself in a self-punishing mode by restricting yourself with all kinds of taboos or by spending hours following the "expected" rituals, etc.



It is a myth and an illusion to believe and think that you can love, respect, care for, appreciate, accept, be good and nice to people or to God, the Most High, and at the same time to hate, disrespect, neglect, despise, be negative, nasty, reject, and mistreat yourself, or to respect yourself, to be nice and kind to yourself and at the same time not to respect, love, care for and be nice to the Most High and others. Whatever you feel, will and do to yourself you also do to others and to the Most High at the same time. You cannot step out of yourself in order to relate to others or the Most High from some abstract, outward position. If you do not love yourself, you are not capable of truly loving anyone. At the same time, if you do not love others and the Most High, you cannot love yourself either. For this reason you cannot be a truly spiritual, healthy person. This principle has far reaching implications for any type of treatment. How do you treat people? How do you behave toward people? You have to remember an important principle here: everything in the Most High's Creation has a time and a place. People's behavior and attitude at each moment of time and space is what it's supposed to be no matter how miserable or how negative it is. There is a very important learning occurring from any situation. Everyone represents a certain use. By your behavior, attitude, the way you are, you are serving a certain use to Creation. If you think about people negatively or if somebody comes into your life and you do not like that person and you feel very uncomfortable with that person, if you reject that person, if you think of that person as a whore, trash, or a son-of-a-bitch, it means that you better look at yourself: What that person represents or is triggering is what is wrong with you. It is not that person, it is you. A wise, mature and spiritually minded person with thankfulness, gratitude, appreciation and respect will turn inward and ask, "What is wrong with me"? "Why am I reacting to a person like that"? "Why do I consider that person in such a way"? After all, that person is there for a certain purpose, for a certain use. That person came into my life to remind me of something that I am feeling and doing wrong about myself; if I don't love that person, if I consider that person trash, a whore, a son-of-a-­bitch, it means I consider God, who is ever present in that person, in that person's ability to change, trash, a son-of-a-­bitch and all that negativity . . . ". And by the same token, because we are all part of the same God, I consider myself trash, a whore, a son-of-a-bitch and all that negativity. Now think about that. Re-evaluate the way you treat people because the way you treat people is ultimately the way you treat yourself. This is a crucial point. How do we relate to our parents, to our friends, what kind of people do we associate with? Are we choosing to associate with only those kinds of people, who for some reason or other, support our misery, or who are telling us how nice, beautiful and exquisite we are? Those people don't do us a favor, do they? Sure, you are all that, if you want to be that, but then you go to someone else's house and say, "This is a terrible place, I can't stand it here." Because you do not hear those nice words about you or even if you hear those nice words it doesn't sound appropriate because those people, or situations trigger something in you that you need to work on. Unfortunately, most people don't do that. Why do you think that kind of situation exists? As a continuous reminder to you that you need to do something about your attitude, something about your self-concept, self-­image, self-perception and perception of others. Those are great opportunities which the Most High sends us for our consideration and as a constant reminder of our own problems, and we are wise if we take heed. Unfortunately, people restrict themselves, they reject those people who could help them learn and they will pick up only certain friends and associate only with those friends who continuously support them in the old, stagnant, negative style of life, negative self­-perceptions that make them feel good. I'm always suspicious if somebody makes me feel too good, because there is a possibility that there is something wrong. Unless, of course, I examine myself on a daily basis and say, "Is this a reality or not?" It is a different story when you do a self-examination. It is easy to do a self-examination when somebody is evoking in you something positive. It is not pleasant to do self-­examination when somebody is evoking in you something very negative and nasty. Instead of avoiding those kinds of people, the true wisdom and maturity is to seek out these kinds of people with deep respect, thankfulness and gratitude for giving you that opportunity to learn something about yourself and to change yourself. This is what true treatment is all about. Unfortunately, it is not easy to face it, and to dig into oneself and suddenly realize, "What am I doing"? "I am considering myself a whore, trash or a son-of-a-bitch. This is `me' I am treating like this". It is a projection, what Freud called transference; that person reminds me of something in me which I don't like; instead of admitting it, I will project my "not liking myself" to the others. This is the most selfish, most abominable spiritual injury people do to themselves and to others. Examine yourself, search yourself and I am positive you will come across many situations in your life which will prove to you that you tend to treat others the way in which you treat yourself . . . .



It is a myth and an illusion to think and believe that your true essence and substance, your true self or super-self is what you think it is. What you think it consists of, particularly of the outward attitudes, thoughts, behaviors, appearances and the current self-concepts, self-image, self- perception as built from the external impositions, demands and identifications from early childhood. This is a falsity, it's not you, you think it's you. The closure of the interiors and internals of your mind, by the process of your physical birth into the negative state, put you into the necessary position of being taught and led by accepted standards, traditions, conventions, customs, all kinds of social, religious, moral and similar outward demands and codes that lead to the development of an artificial, unreal, imposed pseudo-self which is considered to be the only reality and which you believe is you. Everything else, particularly your own unique essence and substance, the true self and super-self, your Inner Mind is denied, repressed, suppressed and forgotten. So, remember you are not what you think you are and people are not what they think they are. In order to discover who you are, and what people are, the very first step is to remove all those outward impositions, inculcations, those artificially imposed expectations, demands of your environment, of your family life, your false religious beliefs, distortions, before you can really discover your essence and substance. If you start trying to contact yourself without first removing all these impositions and distortions, you will contact nothing but negativity. This is one of the many sources of suicide. People discover tremendous misery and life is not worth living. Of course, there are other factors that lead people toward committing suicide, but this is only one good example of its source and causation. For that reason, by your own free choice, you have to eliminate that which you believe is you in order to discover who you are and in order to start to relate to yourself, others and the Most High from the position of your true essence and substance. This will lead you to the discovery that the presence of the Most High is within. You will be able to establish a mode of treating people from the Most High within you. Doing it means to do it completely and totally from your essence and substance.



It is a myth and an illusion to think and believe that human physical birth, by which humans come to this world, through the mother's womb, is something natural, proper, truly human, normal and the only feasible way to be brought to this world. In fact, this type and mode is the most abnormal, obnoxious, evil, inhuman, unnatural, degrading, dangerous, painful, miserable, messy, bloody, repulsive, repugnant, adverse and inappropriate. It is in the midst of urine and feces, stink and smell, (feces correspond to evil and urine corresponds to falsities). One is born in the midst of evil and falsities. Is it natural? This is the direct result and consequence of an activated and domineering negative state on Earth. Nothing truly spiritual and Godly is in such a process. The true spiritual means of birth is by the direct endowment by the Most High and some other spiritual methods which are described in Fundamentals of Human Spirituality.



It is a myth and an illusion to believe and think that human sexuality was originally meant for procreation. Such a purpose for sexuality is the result of a genetic and magical manipulation by the so-called pseudo-creators. You can read in "Fundamentals" about the purpose of the destruction of the proper spiritual conceptualization of sexuality in humans. Sexuality is one of the most spiritual concepts. Therefore, it was the main target of distortion and manipulation by the pseudo-creators. Through it they could accomplish the destruction of spiritual awareness. The true purpose of sexuality was never meant to be for procreation. Instead, it was for the purpose of total exchange, unification, harmonization and sharing of the universal principle of masculinity and feminity. It was for mutual benefit, common good and use to all and for the purpose of acquirement of greater knowledge of the Most High, of others and oneself as well as for the purpose of pleasure, pure pleasure, delight and fun. Thus, in the true spiritual connotation of sexuality, true sexual spiritual intercourse can never be limited to only one person, since you would deprive yourself from such a necessity for the acquirement of greater knowledge of the Most High, others and yourself. However, this has to stem from proper intention, and adherence to the original purpose of spiritual sexuality for mutual benefit, common good, sharing and for acquirement of greater knowledge of the Most High, others and yourself. No exclusivity, possessiveness, jealousy, dependency, clinging, or limitations are possible in the true connotation of true sexuality. All else comes from evil.


In this respect, it is a grandiose and devastating myth and an illusion to think and believe that males are superior to females. The inequality of the sexes is the result of cunning and immensely evil manipulation of the pseudo-creators, for the purpose of establishing a subservient, less valuable role for females and womanhood. The essential universal principle of the Absolute Nature of the Most High is the principle of love and affection, which is the very essence of life. This is Her Absolute Feminine Principle. The substantial universal principle of the Absolute Nature of the Most High is the principle of Wisdom and Intelligence. This is His Absolute Masculine principle. Therefore, in the true spiritual reality, there has never been, currently is not nor ever will be any preference, subservience, supremacy, or any other such nonsense and foolishness of one principle over another. They are in all respects, without any exclusion and exception, equal, of the same value, the same importance, the same specialness although different in their role and purpose. But one without the other can never survive, be, or exist. Many tragedies come from this non-equality in human life.



It is a myth and an illusion to think and believe that external marital bonds, marriage, and vows that people give one another under existing conditions of the activated and domineering negative state on planet Earth, have a spiritual base, foundation and value or are obligatory in any way and that one must stay in them for the rest of one's physical and natural life. One is accused of being a sinner, an adulterer, an evil person if one breaks them and does not keep them. Well, the word "bond", speaks for itself. No comments are necessary. One is bonding oneself, one is enslaving oneself to that kind of attitude and relationship. What truly makes such an attitude bad, negative, evil and sinful, is the intention of such an act. In this respect, any external marital bond formed on the basis of negative intent, to use and abuse, to misuse and hurt and harm; to depend or to be dependent on; for material reasons, money, personal selfish type of security reasons; to feel secure; for an avoidance of being lonely and many other similar matters; if one marries someone for this kind of purpose, one can be considered, and one is an adulterer and a negative person even with one's own marital partner.


The true spiritual meaning of marriage is in conjunction and marriage of love and wisdom, good and truth, charity and faith, justice and judgement, objectivity and righteousness, mercy and forgiveness, compassion and empathy, warmth and light, femininity and masculinity, and so on, ad infinitum. No one is allowed to separate love from wisdom, good from truth, charity from faith, justice from judgement, mercy from forgiveness, masculinity from femininity, femininity from masculinity, etc. They are conjoined and eternally married to each other by the Most High. A conjunction of love and wisdom, good and truth, charity and faith, masculinity and femininity, etc., has an eternal value and continuation, and they cannot be separated. Such a conjunction has an absolute value and whoever separates them or even thinks of such a separation, commits adultery. This is what Jesus Christ's statement was primarily about regarding adultery, and not that one should not have physical sexual intercourse with someone other than one's marital partner. If such sexual intercourse is done for positive and good purpose and with a positive and good intent for mutual benefit, common good, sharing and greater knowledge of the Most High, others, and oneself, then it can never be adulterous. Before one enters this kind of situation, however, one must very carefully examine one's intentions in order to avoid the commitment of adultery. Be extremely careful with that.



It is a myth and an illusion to believe and to think that life, human activities, behaviors, attitudes, events, happenings and so on, no matter what they may be, can be of any other origin, consequence or outcome other than from spirituality. The so-called non-spiritual, the everyday type of practical activities of humans are only correspondences of certain spiritual states and processes which enable such activities to come to their fruition in the first place. If there were no such spiritual principles, no such activities could be in existence. No matter what people do, think, will, or how they behave, feel and act they are capable of living, feeling, willing, thinking, doing, behaving and acting only because of the being and existence of spirituality as the only reality that originates all other realities.


Everything in human life and human activities, without any exception or exclusion, is of a spiritual origin and nature. Regardless of what external manifestation such a life and its activities take, denial of this fundamental and spiritual fact does not change anything. The ability to deny this stems from the spiritual principle of choice to accept or to reject it. Therefore, an act of denial is a spiritual act, because one cannot very well deny something that doesn't exist. Denying something that doesn't exist, is no denial at all.



It is a myth and an illusion to think and to believe that there is any true knowledge, understanding and truth discoverable and observable in the external world, in the external mind and in the natural degree by means of scientific external observations, descriptions, classifications and conceptualizations. There is no true knowledge or truth in them apart from the spiritual reality of internals and spiritual principles.


Such a scientific stance leads to a distorted and false conclusion in which the true reality is considered unreal, and the unreality and illusion of the external world are considered real. This is the upside down position that rules the Zones of Displacement and from which scientists derive all their conclusions. It is safe to say that, as long as those conclusions are derived from external observations, not too much real truth can be found in scientific conclusions. They have only relativistic values and can not be applicable to anything else.



It is a grandiose myth and an illusion to believe and think that matter, nature and external chemical, biological and physical laws, constellations and combinations can in any way originate life in any form. By themselves, and in themselves they are totally dead and void of any life. Dead elements cannot produce anything living. The vivification of nature, matter, body, elements and all else related to them is possible only from the spiritual principles that constitute life. Life, which unceasingly emanates and radiates from the Absolute Reality of the Most High's Being and Existence, enters nature, matter, elements and all else related to them, makes certain atomic, chemical, biological and physical combinations and vivifies them. Matter and its elements, nature, body, etc., is only one of many forms that spirituality builds for its manifestation, appearance and concretization throughout the natural degree.



It is a myth and an illusion to believe that life forms in general, and sentient life in particular, are the results of and are based on protein-carbon-oxygen combination or matrix as biology would like one to believe. Spiritual principles use this particular combination as one of the infinite number and variety of combinations for life's impression, expression, manifestation, actualization, realization and concretization. Life is in no way dependent on its external bodily forms or human forms and there are an infinite variety and number of non-human and human life forms both sentient and non­-sentient in the Most High's Creation which are totally and completely inconceivable and incomprehensible by the human external conscious mind. Life is thriving and blossoming and blooming fully in those conditions and we cannot comprehend how it is possible or if there is any life there.



It is a grandiose myth and an illusion to think and believe that the human body and human psyche are capable of causing or originating anything at all in themselves and by themselves. It is another myth and an illusion to believe and to think that human economic, social, racial, political, physical and mental problems, illnesses, diseases, symptoms, miseries, perversions, accidents, incidents, wars, crimes, etc., are in any way caused by or originated in any externals such as physical, economical, social, chemical, biological, hereditary, mental or any other similar factors. These factors are nothing more than certain correspondences, consequences and outcomes of the inner spiritual state of affairs and are the result of the disruption, mutilation, perversion, distortion, disregard, denial, and/ or rejection of spirituality, the Most High and spiritual principles. Nothing more and nothing less. Such a negative stance to spirituality gives impetus for the activation and dominance of the negative state on Earth and the establishment of hells in the spiritual world that produce, fabricate, fuel and impose all these kinds of adverse factors and miseries.



It is a grandiose myth and an illusion to think and to believe that one can live and do anything from oneself and by oneself. As pointed out before, one can live and do whatever one does only from the presence of the Absolute Source of life within us that is from the Most High. The power, energy and motivation for living and doing always stems from that presence. Denial of this fact starts the negative state with all its misery and unhappiness, insanities and problems. It is a grandiose myth and an illusion to think and to believe that one can do any good or to be positive from one's own endeavor and merit. Whatever good and positive there is in people, it is completely, utterly, totally from the presence of the Most High in them; from, by, through, and with Whom they can and do good. On the other side, whatever is negative, bad, evil, adverse, unhappy, insane, and problematical in any mode or form there is in them is due to the denial of that spiritual presence within them.


As Swedenborg pointed out, if people only would want to accept this fact and recognize that all good and positive in them is from, by, through and with the Most High, they would do everything good and positive from by, through and with the Most High, and not from themselves. On the other hand, if they would only recognize and accept the fact that all evil, falsities, distortions, miseries, problems, insanities, symptoms, illness and so on stem from the denial of the Most High, which denial is the negative state and hells, thus stemming from hells, then nothing of evil, bad and negative would be appropriated or imputed to them and they would never have any problems It is as simple as that. Because people think they are the originators of anything good or evil, they inadvertently become evil by the fact of the identification and appropriation to themselves of the consequences and outcomes of such thinking or such a belief system. What they need to do is recognize that all the good and positive is from, by, through and with the Most High and not from themselves, and that they act from, through, by, and with the Most High. If they identify themselves with this stance they really become good and positive. They also need to recognize that everything evil and negative is not from them either, but from hells. If they identify themselves with that fact and dissociate themselves from that evil and negativity, that is from hells, nothing evil and negative can be appropriated or imputed to them. Thus they would have no problems. Simple as that.



It is a grandiose myth and an illusion to believe and think that people are not entirely responsible for everything which has been and will be happening and occurring in their lives or that there are certain events in their lives that are beyond their control or that they are accidental, incidental, imposed or not being the consequences of their choices. It is also a myth and an illusion to think that people are responsible only for those things and events in their lives which they are consciously aware of and which they consciously choose or will choose. At the same time it is a grandiose myth and an illusion to believe and to think that one can be responsible for anyone elses choices or life or happenings. One is not responsible for anybody else, one is responsible only for oneself. As stated before, nothing else is farther from the truth and reality. It is vital to remember that whatever befalls or is happening in one's life at any given moment of one's life continuum, without any exception or exclusion, is the result, the consequence and the outcome of one's free choice to learn something important including the choice not to be consciously aware of such a choice. One has no memory that one chose to come to those particular parents, to get to that area, the Soviet Union, a concentration camp, or whatever. Thus, in this sense, there is nothing by chance or by accident or statistical probability as scientists believe. In fact, accidents, chances and statistical probabilities derive from such choices and are determined by such choices. People are fully aware of these things on the level of their Inner Mind, unconsciously. If one puts them in the plenary state of trance, they will nicely line out everything: why they have been that way, what happened, why there was the accident or incident and they just state something like this, "Because I chose it, because there was some important learning from it of which I am not consciously aware. It was all my doing, I am responsible fully." Because one is responsible for one's life, therefore, one cannot be responsible for anybody elses life. So let everyone stop feeling guilty that one is responsible for one's mother, one's father, one's sister, etc. It's all poppycock and utter, sheer nonsense Which the negative state wants one to believe, to feel guilty about, to feel pre-occupied with and to keep one away from oneself and from taking the responsibility for one's life where it belongs, in one's own hands.



It is a myth and an illusion to believe and think that one must bear the consequences of one's choice only on one level, one degree, one step, one dimension of being and existence and that one has to reincarnate over and over again in the same place in order to bear the consequences of that choice or what Indian philosophy calls Karma. There is no such thing. There is only choice and its consequence. One does not have to come back to the same place to bear those consequences. It is also a myth and an illusion to believe that one's life is a repetitious loop that brings one to the same degree and level, or that once the purpose of one's life is fulfilled in one degree, one no longer is subject to the principle of eternal continuous spiritual progression. There is no stagnation in the Most High's Creation in some elusive place such as Nirvana, Satori or places like that. People go through many degrees, levels, steps, dimensions, worlds, places, states and conditions in a progressive manner, never experiencing the same things twice in any manner. However, reincarnation or physical birth in the same place two or more times is repetitious. It's utterly impossible to experience physical birth twice because the whole universe would perish instantaneously by repetition of the same experience. Whatever memories or problems people have from their past lives stem not from the physical, literal incarnation on planet Earth, as people falsely believe, but from the fact they lived before in other places, times, para-times, dimensions and / or universes that are very often similar to the planet Earth.


However, they can never again be on planet Earth in the physical form through the physical birth in the mother's womb because it would be repetitious of the same condition and experience that already previously occurred unless it is in some parallel or synchronous earth that even bears the same names of countries, and country-sides as this particular earth. This situation gives people an illusion they were here before. Even some remote similarity can give one an impression of deja vu, or the feeling one was on this planet before. Nothing is farther from the truth.


When spiritual advisors, the Inner Mind, and the Most High in the spiritual world talk about experiences of previous lives they never mean it to be a literal, physical reincarnation on the physical planet Earth even if they mention the word "earth" since there are many physical, intermediate and spiritual earths that are in corresponding proximity to this planet. However, people with their limited and restricted awareness of their conscious mind understand and interpret this situation to be a literal physical reincarnation. This understanding and interpretation is a myth and an illusion of human literal senses and of the negative state which wants people to believe in such a counterproductive, uncreative approach. As the Most High revealed, literal, physical reincarnation is an abomination of the creative spirit, the imposition of a negative spirit that grabs on to assume a common past. Of course, one does not have to believe this revelation if one does not want to believe. It's up to the individual.



It is a myth and an illusion to think and to believe that we are surrounded only by people, objects, environments, that we perceive by our external sensorial outward, conscious mind only, even when we are totally alone and are in complete sensory deprivation. At any given time, regardless of our physical, mental and spiritual state and condition, we are surrounded by many people, by many societies, by many objects, by many environments of which we are not consciously aware. All one needs to do is close one's eyes, tune oneself into the spiritual world and suddenly one will see the thousands or more of them which are around. Yet, when one opens one's eyes and looks around, one sees only those people who are in one's external environment. Yet, simultaneously, right here, right now, many things are happening. Many people are here listening and interacting, communicating and discussing what is happening, yet consciously one is not aware of this. Of course, fallaciously, people will conclude that since they do not see anyone or anything with their physical eyes, there are no other worlds in existence. Therefore, the only reality is what they discern with their physical eyes. This is the greatest falsity and illusion of all because the fact is that at any given time we are surrounded by many other dimensions. On various levels of our mind we associate, communicate and are in constant contact with all of those people without being consciously aware of this fact. As we shall see later, each level of our mind resides in a different dimension. Our external mind is surrounded by all those people, objects and environments right here, which one is seeing at any given moment. At the same time our other minds are surrounded by people, objects and environments we have no conscious notion regarding. We see them or perceive them with other levels of the mind and they are as real and more real than people one sees with one's physical eyes at any given time.



It is a myth and an illusion to think and to believe that people can cure people by external means or that anyone can be a therapist to another. There is no such thing. No one can cure anyone. One can only cure oneself. One can not be a therapist to others but only a facilitator of their own therapeutical process. No matter what kind of treatment it is be it physical, be it mechanical, medical, surgical, chemical, psychological, or spiritual, these are all facilitating tools that patients either accept or reject. It is not the kind of facilitating tool that is important, but what the client does with that tool that counts.


Thus it is not surgery, medicine, pills, therapy, hypnosis or spiritual hypnosis or whatever one has that cures the client. It is the attitude, stance, choice and belief system that makes such a facilitator effective and successful or ineffective and unsuccessful. If one chooses to get well on all levels of one's mind, and it must be on all levels simultaneously, otherwise it will not work, one will get well regardless of whatever means were used to facilitate it. Some people, for their own spiritual reasons and learning, choose to get well through surgery. Others through chemicals, or mechanical or biological, psychological, spiritual or any other means that are the most suitable and needed for them at that particular time, under the particular conditions of their spiritual state and progression.


Others do not get well by any means no matter what one tries because they have chosen to fail, to be miserable or physically die for their own spiritual reasons and learning. Who are we to judge or to try to save them? Save oneself, for that is what one is here for. Do not try to save others. By saving oneself, one most certainly saves others. This is the secret of the saving process.



It is a myth and an illusion to believe and to think that the true total treatment, cure and resolution of problems of any kind, be they economic, racial, social, political, physical, psychological or spiritual, are possible by any other than spiritual means. All other means are correspondences, consequences and outcomes of basically spiritual endeavors for elimination of the negative state and its evil and problems manifested in such disorders, which endeavors led to the institution of various medical, psychological and spiritual, etc., treatment modalities. Meaning that if one treats people by medical means, one treats them spiritually because without the existence and being of spiritual principles no treatment modality and its ideas could ever occur, proceed and become. This is what is meant by the statement that "treatment is possible only by spiritual means". Even when one takes pills for treatment for the purpose of getting well, the invention of that pill was through some kind of spiritual idea, that gave impetus to someone to start the process of invention and production of that pill in order to eliminate the negative state which is represented by guilt, sickness, misery, pain, or whatever problems one has.



It is a myth and an illusion to believe and to think that there are people who are incapable of experiencing hypnotic trance or who can experience only lighter levels of trance. This is a tremendous fallacy. It is a matter of their choice. They cannot as long as they believe they cannot. The reality is, everyone is capable from birth to eternity of experiencing all levels of trance including the plenary state. Such an ability is an inborn, natural and normal condition of Creation. The other way around, the inability to enter a deep hypnotic trance or any hypnotic trance, is abnormal, unnatural, pathological, disorderly and stems from the negative state. I am introducing a new term which I call the hypnotic chain reaction. Let me explain the paradox here. If one says that one cannot experience any trance or little trance, it inadvertently means that one can experience much or all trance because one without the other cannot exist. No notion of inability to experience trance or to experience only little or light trance can come to its fruition without the positive and basic notion of an ability to experience much or all trance. This is the principle of Creation and the order of the universe. For that reason it's logical that if one thinks that one is unable to experience any trance or only little or light trance one can derive that thinking only from one's basic and essential ability to experience much or all trance. Of course, if one is able to experience light trance, one can experience medium trance, most certainly. If one can experience medium trance one can most certainly experience deep trance. If one experiences deep trance one can experience very deep trance and somnambulism. If one can experience somnambulism, one can experience the plenary state ad infinitum. This is what I call the chain reaction of hypnotic trance.


(Question: What if a person says he cannot experience any trance? Answer: He says it because he can experience all trance. To say that, you must be able to experience all trance in order to be able to say "I cannot experience any." The negative state does not exist. Only the positive state exists. Denial of the positive state is its existence. Therefore, if you say I cannot experience any trance you can say so only because you can experience all trance, because the negative state of itself does not exist. The ability to say "I cannot" stems from the fact that "I can". "I cannot" is the negative state. Therefore, one would never be able to think and say, "I cannot", unless one can think and say "I can". However, one can think and say "I can" without ever knowing "I cannot".)



It is a grandiose myth and an illusion to think and to believe that treatment of any problem must be of lengthy and complicated duration or takes a long period of time in the physical conceptualization of time. The pseudo­-psychotherapists believe in this myth and illusion and feed and brainwash this myth into their client's minds which subsequently becomes a matter of self-fulfilling prophecy rather than emphasising the true reality and potentials of one's mind.


It's time for everyone to realize that one's mind is not bound by physical, temporal and spatial categories and conditions, because it is timeless and spaceless. In fact, it initiates time and space for its external expressions and impressions. However, these expressions and impressions are always a matter of internals and their states and processes, which have no time and space. Thus, if time and space is regulated by these states and processes of the Inner Mind of one's internals, getting well and becoming positive doesn't require so much physical time and painful effort. It's an illusion. One can place one's clients into a subjective time­-space reference that can be expanded ad infinitum while the so-called physical or objective time is infinitesimaly short in duration. Thus, under these conditions one can accomplish in one day of physical time, the equivalent of ten years of physical time under regular, traditional conditions in psychotherapeutic hypnosis. However, the problem here is that the Inner Mind yields to the desires of external mind for the physical slowness of the process only because people are unwilling or uncomfortable, under the illusion of the need for assimilation, to make different choices. This is an issue of avoidance to make a choice, or to make a decisive decision: "I am choosing to become, here and now, I am choosing to do everything from the Most High in me, by the Most High in me, through the Most High in me, with the Most High in me." When such a decision is made, one does not have to have months and years of treatment. Once one makes the decision, one can go fast. But it is an avoidance to make a decision which makes it so difficult. And this is a myth, a desperate clinging to our illusional belief systems that we are holding to so much for many years. This is even dangerous because what happens is that, if one is not being treated in one intensive type of approach, one compounds evil and negativity.



It is a myth and an illusion fabricated in hell to believe and to think it is dangerous, impossible, difficult, abnormal, disorderly, unnatural, unsafe and evil to be in contact with, seek advice from and be in touch with one's Inner Mind, the Most High, the Spiritual World, and with one's spiritual advisors, spirits, angels and the inhabitants of other dimensions. What counts here is the intention of such a contact because the purpose of such a contact is what makes the difference. If you do it with a good and positive intent for the purpose of spiritual growth, betterment, progression, greater knowledge, learning, love, wisdom, in order to be a better human being, for mutual benefit, for common good, common use, to serve the Most High, others, oneself, for sharing and services or helping all in the Most High's Creation, such an act is orderly, proper, right, safe, normal, natural, easy, possible, desirable and Godly. Then you are a man or woman of God. That is what it is to be a man or woman of God. To have this kind of intention is not like the negative intention that leads one into danger and difficulties because it puts the negative spirits into contact that only confuse, misguide and misuse. A good example are people who contact spiritual advisors to get a tip on horses, which horse will come in first in the race or what number to pick at the casino, etc. The answers to these kinds of questions are right from hell. This is what is meant by the prohibitive statements in the Holy Bible. (Leviticus, Chapter 19, verse 31). When this contact is made with an evil intent and negative motivation for personal gain and selfish, ego-type reasons then it is disorderly, unlawful and condemnable as evil. The contact with an evil intent and negative motivation leads to a contact with evil spirits only. Evil spirits defile and endanger one's spiritual life. However, people, as in any other situation, under the influence of the negative state, generalize from such statements to all situations. They forgot in what context these biblical statements were pronounced, and promulgated, and to whom, to what kind of people. Remember, the children of Israel just carne out of Egypt which was full of black magic and abominations of the pseudo-religions, which were hellish. Under those conditions contact with evil spirits would be extremely dangerous and deadly. In this context they were told not to do it because it was evil. People do generalize from that and conclude that no contact at all is possible to eternity. The negative state supports that because it does not want you to be in contact with the spiritual world. It does not want you to believe in the spiritual world, in any spiritual advisors, or your own Inner Mind. Most important it does not want you to believe in yourself and God in you. Believing in your true self is believing in God because your true self is from God. Then you have a chance for spiritual growth and will become a daughter and a son of the Most High.



It is a myth and an illusion to think and to believe that spiritual life is always serious without any fun, joy, humor, play, laughter or pleasure of any kind. False religious doctrines feed one with foolish ideas that spiritual life should be full of restrictions, taboos, limitations, seriousness, threat of eternal damnation, etc.; do not eat this or that, do not dress this way or that, don't do this, don't do that, etc. Be assured this is an upside down position with nothing spiritual or true in such statements. In reality it is the opposite which is true. True spiritual life is full of delight, pleasure of all kinds, laughter, fun, play, humor, enjoyable sex, freedom, independence and mutual sharing on a multi-dimensional level.


The seriousness of spiritual situations stems from the fact that it is the only reality and source of anything at all including all known pleasures. They are all manifestations of spirituality. As long as these kinds of pleasures are not the sole purpose and goal in life but they are only to serve as a means 'for becoming a more productive, constructive, creative, useful and fruitful human being or spiritual human being, such a service has absolute spiritual value. We were created by the Most High to enjoy life in all its aspects and not in a limited sense. Religious systems or doctrines or gurus put limitations on our spiritual experiences. This is not from God; His/ Her ultimate Love and Wisdom never put any restrictions on anybody. God is God of Absolute Freedom and Independence and He/ She created us from, into and for freedom and independence. Therefore, if somebody puts restrictions on people, we can be sure it is not from God. However, if you want to follow them, it is your problem, it is your choice. You have to bear the consequences of your foolish choice.



It is a myth and an illusion to think and to believe we were born without any choice, knowledge, ideas or concepts, and that we came here from the neutral state or from the positive state and then subsequently turned evil under the influence of the negative environment. It is necessary to be aware that almost two-thirds (2/3) of the population on the planet Earth at the present time is coming from the negative state of hell. They incarnated and were endowed with life through magical and other mysterious means and projections, all for the purpose of perpetuating, fueling and maintaining the negative state, its evils and falsities, and the destroying everything good and positive in the Most High's Creation. This does not mean that people produced by such negative and adverse means must remain evil and negative forever. They are not locked forever in the negative state. They have the ability to change if they choose. This ability to change comes from the presence of the Most High in them from which presence they can be alive. That's how they are alive; meaning, because they are able to change, they live even though by the stolen principles of life. Stolen by the hells, the principle of life produces the semblance of life. However, such a life can be produced only under this one condition; that there is always a choice to change. Otherwise no one can be alive, no matter how negative, how bad, how evil, how demonic one is, including the current pseudo-prince of darkness himself. And from that position even the most negative and evil entities, negative and evil people can recede from their evils and falsities. So one should never turn one's back on anybody. When I worked in the prison system, I saw how hard it was. How much worse it is when one goes to the hells, to bring someone out. It sometimes takes them eons to change.



It is a myth and an illusion to believe and to think that our physical form and our mentality is a genuine original form as it was originally created by the Most High. We are not true humans but only pseudo-humans genetically and magically altered by the so-called pseudo-creators. As revealed in the book "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality," this was done for the purpose of proving that life is possible from other than spiritual principles and means or from another source than from the Most High. In this respect we are an experiment permitted by the Most High for the purpose of demonstration and learning for all Creation in response to the question, "What is life like without any spirituality, or with distorted spirituality", and what is life like if it doesn't originate directly from or is not endowed directly by the Most High. "What would life be if it was conceived that life evolved from animals in an evolutionary manner?" We are all participants in this experiment by our free choice including the choice to have no memory that such a choice was made. If one is put into a plenary state of trance, if it's time and proper to do so, it is possible to recall this fact and how the choice was made and why it was made.



It is a myth and an illusion to think and to believe that any revealed or acquired truth and knowledge by people, including the literal Biblical revelations, have an absolute, unchangeable value. There is no stagnation in the Most High's Creation. Remember that no one is absolute and therefore, whatever is revealed to us is revealed in progressive steps. The


Absolute Truth is we cannot know the Absolute Truth because we are not absolute. The Most High is the only Absolute. We are created, and for that reason whatever comes to us, comes in progressive steps. Whatever knowledge is available to people is available in certain progressive steps. Each step transcends its preceding step. This step becomes a stepping stone on which the new transcending step is built. Once any step exhausts its function and usefulness it is then succeeded by a higher degree of knowledge and awareness which in many instances can be very different and even contradictory to the content and lifestyle of the preceding step. The true spiritual reality is whatever was proper and true yesterday might not be so today or tomorrow. We are not absolute and we are not perfect, therefore, we cannot conceive and discern the Absolute Truth. We can continuously become better and more advanced. The new aspects of the Absolute Truth and knowledge are revealed to us when we are ready to advance further and to become better in our lives and endeavors. Everything has a time and place; when it is the time to transcend the current step of spiritual progression, the opportunity is given to do so and all ways and means are provided for this transcendence.


Anyone who seriously wants to utilize the principles of spiritual hypnosis or intensive spiritual hypnotherapy or principles of spiritual self-hypnosis in one's professional and private life, is being advised by the Most High to get rid of all these and similar myths and illusions and to help facilitate changes along these lines in clients and in oneself. Everyone is advised to look within oneself and explore further within what other illusions and myths one holds onto and to remove them: by replacing them with the true reality of the Inner Mind from the presence of the Most High.”







Chapter Two


Discussion On The Structure Of The New Heavenly Society



Content of „Reality, Myths & Illusions“, pg. 34 - 77, Chapter Two


“P: I want to tell you about certain things that have been happening in the Spiritual World in which I have been involved in very mysterious ways and manners. I was told to share it with you and to have it on tape for future reference and learning. I don't know if you'll understand what's going on here at this time, but let me put it this way. You will probably understand to a certain extent at this time but you will not be able to understand the full implications of what is happening here or how it relates to anything at all. When the time comes, however, you will understand and maybe you'll understand it now, I don't know. It's hard to say; even I don't understand it fully from this level.


X: I'm aware at this moment that we are being invited to participate in a very profound sharing and already I'm feeling very grateful and . . .


P: OK.


X: . . . honored to participate.


P: Oh, we'll see, we'll see what will transpire from all of this. As you know the Lord created a certain New Society some time ago. I presume you are all aware of that from "Messages", are you not? Well, there are certain concepts about that Society which are difficult to understand from our standpoint because we are on planet Earth. It's not appropriate to call it a Society. At the time "Messages" was written it was the best possible term to use in order to understand the approximation of what was happening and what the function of that Society was. In fact, what happened was that a new spiritual galaxy was created. It is not only a Society, one Society or a state in a political spiritual sense like the State of California or the United States of America or a planet or anything like that. But it seems that this whole new galaxy came into existence and it was hinted to us in your process but we misunderstood.


X: Exactly. That's what I'm remembering.


P: Yes.


X: My Inner Mind is giving my outer mind a replay of that.


P: They called it, as you remember, the celestial cosmic nucleus.


X: Nebula . . .


P: Nebula. Yes. Which is a galaxy of this . . .


X: Celestial cosmic nebula.


P: Yes. And a hint was already there but still it was not time to know the exact extent of its meaning. What is so special about this galaxy, and, of course, its several solar systems, planets and many, many new people there, is that for the first time, as you already noticed in "Messages", for the first time this is a mixture of all races throughout all the Creation including humans from planet Earth. And certain representatives of that cosmic celestial, cosmic nebula or of this new galaxy, who are in charge of those solar systems, are representatives of certain principles of the Most High's nature which I am going to outline for your learning and for the tape for the Center so that it can become the basis; the foundation on which to build. Now, understand that you know those principles and they were known but they were scattered. They were never put entirely together in one place, so to speak. It is a nebuli in a sense that it's a center where everything converges from all Creation. From that position . . . this is the only position to which planet Earth and the negative state are connected for the purpose of the ultimate elimination of the negative state. It doesn't mean that the negative state has influence on them but they are in charge of the entire negative state of all hells from the Most High, by the Most High, through the Most High, with the Most High and of the planet Earth. And it's funny, because I wasn't aware of the extent of this structure. I knew about this Society but as my so-called new Spiritual Advisors were starting to be introduced to me and the old came back transformed, I even got two couples today, then it suddenly became apparent why. It's not advisors, but instead it's a kind of spiritual family that's in charge, through those principles they represent . . . they are in charge of that galaxy. And they are connected to their respective solar systems, planets and people. They make one, you know. It's unity, oneness and harmony of all. So that when I am going to talk, naming those advisors or members of the family and briefly, very briefly, in a limited sense, to state the principles they represent, it doesn't mean only them, but it means all those in their respective solar systems and the planets that they represent.


X: Are you using the word "family" in place of the word society now?


P: Well, I . . .


X: Is that what the implication is?


P: Now, it's kind of . . . it's numerous societies you know, but it's like a hierarchy . . . . What I am talking about here is that these people . . . they are in charge, let's say, of one solar system or so. And, of course, they are connected to all those people which are in their solar systems and there are numerous societies on each planet that are representing the infinite variety of that one principle. Let's start and perhaps if I name the principles it will be more compre­hensible. The names that I am going to give you, as related to each member of this spiritual family, are only for us in a sense that these are names only for now and only in relationship to planet Earth at this time which doesn't mean that they are their real and/ or permanent names.


X: Would it be best to ask questions as we go along or wait until the end?


P: You can ask questions as we go through each principle, you know, each representative of the principle.


X: If that's the case I would like to ask a preliminary question now which is, first of all is there a particular name for t his new galaxy? What is your current understanding of the correct name for the new galaxy that corresponds to the new family society?


P: Well, we still are in that celestial-cosmic nebula name that you were getting because it's the best approximation of what's happening. The term includes the celestial and includes the cosmic connotation. Maybe an addition would be like "Integrator of Creation" or something like that.


Amazing. Those words didn't seem to make any sense at the time that I got them. It was then confirmed that what I was experiencing was the New Heavenly Society.


P: Right. But you have to understand that it started with the Society as a first step but as things were evolved, as the Grand Plan by the Most High was activated more and more, they were activated, too. I think it was already mentioned in Messages that they were not immediately activated to the full extent. First it was necessary to formulate certain principles, make up-dates, go through the Last Judgment and eliminate certain things in the World of Spirits related to this situation, etc.


X: So as I understand it, the New Heavenly Society has become translated into a correspondence in the form of a galaxy in the Universe.


P: Right. Which has a central position.


X: And is bridged to all . . .


P: . . . To all other dimensions, you know, it's like a White Hole through which everything . . . you will probably understand it better because it now occurs to me that's the reason I first needed to formulate the Principles of Spiritual Metaphysics in "Four Concepts" because they will explain this Society right there, or that galaxy because it has the function of integrating those principles.


X: Is the terminology "New Heavenly Society" still accept­able and workable or is it going to be replaced?


P: You can work with it on this level only because it is more understandable to people. However, for your information and your learning, the full implication of this suddenly came to me only today when these two new couples came and indicated that we are dealing here with the entire galaxy and then suddenly it came to me from them that "remember that we already indicated to you through Arthur that it's more than just a Society." Society is okay to speak of because the whole Creation, the people in the whole Creation, are one Society of the Most High on the positive side. In that sense it's fine. But when you go into metaphysics, then, of course, you have to transcend it and to see it differently. But as a relation, as a part of the whole, we are all part of the one whole, that's one society, in that sense, isn't it?


X: It's changing my concept because my concept was that the New Heavenly Society was essentially a group of people who met at meetings to conduct business and make decisions. And the concept that you are presenting is that it's not just a meeting place, it's a home. It's a home base.


P: It's a galaxy. But that was already implied in "Messages From Within" that the Lord created a special condition or state and they are at home and they live there. And people were gathered there not only from this planet, from humans of Earth, but from all over Creation to incorporate all principles of the Most High. See, it was already implied there but we still didn't understand it properly.


X: And do I understand that the word "family" comes closer to describing the network of relationships than the word "society"?


P: Yes. In that sense, yes. Because more and more my spiritual family are talking about . . . there are still meetings in the sense . . . so far twenty couples that meet for business or for whatever necessity and who kind of rule that galaxy from the Most High, by the Most High, through the Most High and with the Most High in them. Because that's how the Most High rules His/Her Creation. But in that sense it's a society that meets far the meetings in a special place. And, of course, each of them has his/ her own, if you want to call it, kingdom; but kingdom is the wrong word, it's a princedom or something like that or area that they are in charge . . .


X: A domain.


P: Domain, domain. From the Most High.


X: Hmmm.


P: Okay. So, these names as I said are only for our orientation points. They don't have too much meaning in the spiritual sense except that they represent a certain spiritual principle as much as we can comprehend on this level. But as we are transcending the understanding of those principles, because each principle has Absolute value in the Most High, and if they represent an Absolute principle, therefore, there would always be transcendence of that and with transcendence the new name comes. So don't be fixed on those names.


X: I understand.


P: Okay. With that I can name them only for the sake of orientation and understanding and I am emphasizing again don't be fixed rigidly on these names because as we are transcending the understanding of one principle, the names are changing to reflect that transcendence, you see. This is the progressive, fluid, changeable situation.


X: It's a kaleidoscope.


P: Yes. Because you know some of my Advisors by the old name, for your sake I will also pinpoint who is who at this time. Is this alright?


X: Yes.


P: The first one, of course, was who? Remember David? His name is now Alpheiel and his consort is Alpheiella and he and his solar system or society or whatever represents the principle that God is the first and the last, all in all, in His/ Her Creation. And she is the principle, God is unity, oneness, and harmony of everything in His Creation. This is a very brief general principle which Alpheiel and Alpheiella represent in the Creation.


X: And as I understand it they were in the First Circle of Creation.


P: Yes. This is the very first one, among the first which God created to minister directly to the Most High. The second set is Betheiel and Betheiella who was formerly Daniel. Daniel also used to be on the Earth, the prophet Daniel. And he/she represents the principle that God's Creation is a temple, abode, sanctuary, home, possession, territory, sovereign territory, estate of the Most High and the Most High has continuous intercourse and interrelationship with His/ Her Creation as His/ Her home meaning the principle - God among us.


X: Uhmm.Okay.


P: This is a very brief understanding of this principle. The third one is formerly Delagran . . . whose name was changed to . . .


X: Hmmm


P: . . . Gameiel and Gameiella which signifies the principle of God above us and the power of Divine Providence and manifestation of that Divine Providence from Absolute conjunction of Love and Wisdom, Good and Truth and Charity and Faith. This is again very brief. His brother, Edengran formerly, is Delteiel and Delteiella. When we are talking about pairing them off, the proper way in trance, when I am calling on them, is Alpheiel/ Alpheiella, Alpheiella/ Alpheiel. OK? Betheiel/ Betheiella, Betheiella/ Betheiel. Gameiel/ Gameiella, Gameiella/ Gameiel, and so forth. There is no priority . . .


X: I understand.


P: . . . no less or no more because they are absolutely equal and one.


X: So you say it both ways in order to equalize.


P: Delteiel/ Delteiella, Delteiella/ Delteiel signifies the principle that God is the One who transcends all under­standing of the human mind, relative mind and at the same time He/ She is the Absolute conjunction of masculinity and femininity and the only way that we are connected . . . this is a very mysterious mystical connotation here . . . that we are connected to that concept and principle that God Who is transcending any under­standing . . . how to understand something which transcends understanding. How? There is a way. Not by knowledge or rationality but through sexuality. The sexual principle, the Divine sexuality of the Most High. That's how He/ She conveys that which transcends any understanding and human conceptualization to Eternity. The only way it is conveyed, and it has to be conveyed because otherwise we would perish, is through the sexual intercourse. And they represent that plus eternal marriage, inseparable marriage of Love and Wisdom, Good and Truth, Charity and Faith, Justice and Judgment, Objectivity and Righteousness and so forth and so on. This is a marriage of those principles and transcendence of all of them; and mysteriously somehow sexuality is part of this understanding. You see, this is very important to under­stand. Then the next ones that you don't know; they are new and came in the last two months . . . .


X: Let me just say at this point. Up until this point I experienced that there is an approximate correspondence with what you were telling me previously . . , maybe that was around the first of January, about the four princes representing the various relations to God.


P: Yes.


X: And there seems to be a correspondence up to this point of the first four and the implication is that there is more that you are now going beyond . . .


P: Well, those are just kind of basics . . . you know, as it was unfolding to me, I was telling you, because it was unfolding tome....


X: Uhmm.


P: But, of course, as I say, you know these principles but they were never integrated, put together like that in one place. Such an integration produces tremendous spiritual powers. The next couple I didn't know until recently, until about a month or so ago. His name is Adeiel. Funny, one would expect that her name would be Adeiella but it's not. It's Deiella. It represents independence here.


X: Hmmm.


P: Certain independence even though there is a unity. And Adeiel would represent the principle that the Most High is manifested to His/ Her Creation in infinite variety and diversity of ways and manners and she represents that we can live and relate to others and to everything only from the Most High, by the Most High, through the Most High and with the Most High. She specifically is that, Deiella. That's the reason her name is a little different from his because of that relatedness that the only reality, the principle here is that the only reality, the true reality of relatedness can be and exist only from the Most High, by the Most High, through the Most High, with the Most High. All else is illusion. OK. Is it clear, gentlemen?


X: It's clear to me that we are leaving the outer mind far behind and shifting to the Inner Mind in order to . . . comprehend . . .


P: . . . to understand. I told you, don't worry . . . that's the reason it's being recorded because it's far . . . even I don't understand the full implications on this level.


X: It's definitely trance inducing. (laughter)


P: Well, that's OK with me. The sixth one you know as Emmanuel Swedenborg and Emmanuella and he represents the universal principle that God is with us and in conjunction with her the principle of our most intimate and private relationship to God. Intimate and very private.


X: Hmmm.


P: Very unique principle.


X: Wonderful.


P: See how it's unfolding? Everything is represented there in unity. The next set you also know. He used to be called Carl Gustav Jung and being a scientist he represents that aspect, in the sense that his name is Scienteiel and hers is Scienteiella at this time. They represent the principle that God is Absolute Omniscience, that He has Absolute knowledge and that the Most High is Absolute Justice and Judgment, Objectivity and Righteousness. My twin brother is the next set - Amedeiel and Amedeiella; and he and she represent the principle that God is the only One Who always Absolutely Is. All else and we are because He/ She is. We are from that Is, from that Absolute "I am". I am from the Absolute "I am". This is a very important principle, as they are all important.


X: Now, I recall when you first revealed the name Hamedeiel. The reference was to the meaning "God within".


P: We'll get to that, don't worry.


X: And here the reference is to God as "I am that Is."


P: Correct. And, "I am" is from the "I am", "Absolute I Am." There is no other reality. This is a very important principle.


X: And is the Hamedeiel there spelled the same way, H-a-m-e-d-e-i-e-1?


P: Yes. Except in my name is the "H" there. And his name is with "A". Amedeiel.


X: I see, without the "H"? P: Yes. Without the "H".


X: I understand.


P: Amedeiel, Amedeiella. X: I understand.


P: It cannot be spelled the same way because that would be repetition; it cannot be the same name. There is no such thing in Creation.


X: Why do you say twin brother? What does twin brother mean?


P: That's an interesting point. He is my twin brother. We were created at the same time and in a sense from the same spiritual principle. Because you cannot have the principle, God within us, unless there is that Only One Who always Is.


X: When did you become aware of the fact that you had a twin brother?


P: Just when he came . . .


X: Just in this process?


P: Just in this process a month or so ago. Did I mention him before?


X: No.


P: Oh, well then it was just not too long ago.


X: (laughter) All right.


P: Yes.


X: (laughing)


P: He loves you. See, you are my brother but you are our younger brother. He is my twin brother. See the difference? Ready to go further?


X: Not only am I ready but I am thoroughly enjoying the richness and the joy of the working with the representation and the manifestation of the principles and the words and it's just thoroughly enjoyable.


P: The next set is Mary, which I had before, the mother of Jesus Christ. Her name is preserved except that there is added the God's attribute "EL"-Mariella and her consort Mariel. It was interesting that she was named first.


X: Hmmm.


P: Mariella/Mariel, Mariel/Mariella. Which means God is Absolute Compassion and Empathy; Absolute Mercy and Forgiveness, Kindness, Gentleness, Tolerance, Patience, Understanding, Positive Affections and their sharing. Those are the principles which are represented by this beautiful couple.


X: The words in my mind are, "behold the handmaiden of the Lord."


P: Yes.


X: Spoken to the angel Gabriel.


P: The next set . . . I am not giving them to you in the order in which they were coming because some of them I had before and some just came now, but I will tell you which were before. The next couple which I got just a few days ago is Liberiel and Liberiella. And as the ward indicates in English, - liberty, they represent the principle of Absolute Freedom and Absolute Independence of the Most High. And most importantly, they represent that vital, crucial point that we can relate to the Most High and to each other only on the basis of freedom and independence.


X: I experience how important that is.


P: No other way is valid. That's the reason no miracle can do anything for you because it must be in freedom and independence. If you relate through miracles, it's dependency. It's not in freedom, it's compulsory. This principle is represented by those beautiful people.


X: That principle has been so central to my whole life.


P: Again, the next one which also came recently, is Omegeiel and Omegeiella which represents the principle that the Most High continuously creates new things. There is nothing stagnant in the Most High's Creation. The old things have gone past and He/ She shares those new things continuously with everyone in His/ Her Creation who is willing to share and to accept that. "Behold, I create everything new."


X: Including all of these new names.


P: Yes. Constantly. And they will be transcended and new names will come as people's understanding of this principle has been accomplished.


The couples which came today, I will take up before I go to some older ones. They are Domniel and Domniella representing the principle that we are a unique extension and creative processes of the Most High. And the Most High, therefore, because we are His/ Her processes, I already mentioned it to you today, knows what is the best for us. Therefore, this principle states that the only way, the only proper way to be and to exist is to wish, to want, to desire not what you want to wish, to desire from and for yourself but what the Most High wants and desires and wishes for you. The principle being that you have a choice and the choice is to let the Most High choose for you, what is best for you.


X: Yes.


P: Because He knows what is best for you. You don't. Because you are an extension and process, you are not the Most High.


X: Some people might think that placing one's problems in the care of the Most High and asking to be directed from the Most High is a way of avoiding responsibility for one's choices but as I experience it there is no more responsible, free and effective way of making a choice than to choose to place one's problems in the care of the Most High and to live from the Most High. That is a responsible choice.


P: That is the true choice. That is what this couple represent.


X: That's not an avoidance of responsibility, it's the full taking and actualization of responsibility.


P: The next couple is Uriella and Uriel. Probably you would pronounce it Yuriella and Yuriel, but I heard it Uriel and Uriella. Again, as the female was put in the beginning, it doesn't mean that she is more, but that the emphasis is on femininity here. Representing unconditional surrender of one's will to the Most High's will and . . .


X: Sounds like what I have been going through.


P: . . . in order to become entirely free and independent because you are a slave of your own desires and wishes and wants and will. In order to really know what you want and desire and will, first it is necessary to unconditionally surrender your will to the Most High.


X: What is the name that goes with that principle?


P: Uriel, Uriella.


X: Is that U-r-i-e-l?


P: Yes. Correct. And another important aspect connected to this principle is unconditional, now emphasize uncon­ditional, sharing of yourself with all for mutual benefit, common good, common use, delight, pleasure and most importantly for acquirement of greater knowledge of the Most High, of others and yourself. Unconditional sharing. You don't share this or that, but you share everything that you have.


Now come the names which are an entirely different set of names and the first one is called Beloved One. Formerly he was one of my old higher Spiritual Advisors, known by the name of Ischmil. He was a mystic from some remote galaxy and with his consort, of course . . . because they are Beloved Ones. Now we have one name for both. Beloved Ones. He was a mystic and his favorite thing was to understand better and to explore more and more the nature of the Most High and to be closer and closer to the Most High. That's the reason he was named Beloved One.


X: I am with him.


P: What is a greater thing to do than this? Because when you know that . . . ,This is his, I wouldn't say, hobby but this is his kind of principle . . . .


X: That's marvelous. I feel that.


P: And it represents the principle that we are all beloved sons and daughters of the Most High.


X: Hmmm.


P: Okay. That's what he represents, that principle.


X: He's my man. (laughter)


P: I knew you would like him. The next one is my former female advisor. Her former name was Ashar and she was also from the other galaxy. And her name is now The Beautiful One. Beautiful Ones with her consort, which represent the principle that everything and everyone in God's Creation is beautiful. Everything is beautiful, pleasant, exquisite and outstanding.


X: I'm having the experience that I not only love them all but I identify with them all. (laughter)


p: And the next one is also my former female advisor. Her former name was Refar. Again from another galaxy. Her name is now Orderly One to represent the principle that everything in God's Creation is orderly, lawful, harmonious, elegant, intelligent, logical, rational and reasonable. Isn't that beautiful, gentlemen?


X: Uhummm.


P: I especially like the word "elegant".


X: Hmmm. (laughter). That's your modus operandi. (laughter)


P: But it's in the spiritual sense, you know, that the principle is amazing.


X: Elegant.


P: Now the other couple which were supposed t o be my parents, remember I mentioned it to you before some­where in Montecito or in Santa Barbara, that became my Shadows.


X: Oh, yes.


P: Their names are the Blessed One and the Transformed One; which names they retained because they just came.


X: These are the individuals who were potentially going to be your parents in Santa Barbara if the   switch hadn't been made at the birth?


P: Right. And because of this switch they became my Shadows as the opposition which is a logical consequence and outcome of that situation. And they were trans­formed . . . . I mean, they were converted and were named the Blessed One and Transformed One. I didn't know why, but now I know it's because they represent a very important principle. The Blessed One represents the extremely important principle that everyone in the Lord's Creation is blessed by the eternal presence of the Most High within us. The presence. And the Transformed One represents the principle that everyone is in a state of continuous spiritual progression and in a process of continuous transformation which we are going through all the time. Not standing still. Now it makes sense. I was curious why they would be named like that . . . . But now it is clear that they represent the principle . . . one representing the principle of Blessing-we are blessed by the Eternal presence of the Most High in us, with us, among us, above us, whatever. The blessing of that situation. And the other one-the principle of continuous spiritual progression through continuous transformation from one state to another. Isn't it beautiful, gentlemen?


X: I am contemplating the implications that they are the individuals that you could have grown up with if the switch hadn't been made. A whole different . . .


P: Everything has its time, place and purpose. Everything came back. I came to Santa Barbara. They are here.


X: I appreciate your acceptance of what happened.


P: It doesn't bother me anymore.


X: (laughter)


P: As long as I understand, that's . . .


X: I know what you mean. When you experience that some­thing is wrong and you don't understand it . . . it is very trying . . .


P: Yes. Well, I knew it was for some reasons, you know. I accepted it.


The next ones are two beautiful white spirits from another galaxy. Formerly they were my Shadows, the very first ones and, I don't know if I can say this . . . but I did some bad things at one time, within my 120 years before I was born, by which I kind of swayed them with me. Of course, everybody has a choice. It's a matter of choice. But, we forgave each other so it's no problem now. It's kind of like you were continuously combating your Shadow and trying to kill him, slay him, so I made them, or participated in making them negatives for certain purposes. But it all served a good purpose. The former name of the first one was Dehr and now he is a Peace Bringer, One who brings peace. The second one is Rahan whose name is now Peace Keeper. They are mighty warriors of the Lord's Peace Corp. They are high commanders, generals of the Lord's peace army to keep in Creation . . . to be guardians of the gates of the Hells and to keep the peace, calmness, serenity and tranquility of the positive state and in the positive state and protect it from the attacks of the negative state. They have tremendous armies behind them that they command.


X: And they have armies behind them?


P: Yes. Well, tremendous armies. Hosts.


P: Hosts, right. And so far this is what has been transpiring. I don't think I left out anyone. No, I didn't. We have twenty couples. Alpheiel, Alpheiella; Betheiel, Betheiella; Gameiel, Gameiella; Delteiel, Delteiella; Adeiel, Deiella; Emmanuel, Emmanuella; Scienteiel, Scienteiella; Amedeiel, Amedeiella; Mariella, Mariel; Beloved Ones; Beautiful Ones; Orderly Ones; Peace Bringers; Peace Keepers; Blessed One, Transformed One; Liberiel, Liberiella; Omegeiel, Omegeiella; Domniel, Domniella; Uriella, Uriel; and I left out Hamedeiel and the Queen Hamedeiella. You know her by a different name. This last couple represents, gentlemen, the principle that God is within us and integration of everything that has been said so far. Now, why Hamedeiel is the integration of everything that has and will be said in this respect: there is a reason for that. Of course any integration is possible only from the position of God within us. You understand that, don't you?


X: Uhmmm.


Y: Uhmmmm.


P: The integration of everything has to be on the basis of someone who is also in the physical universe and at the same time in the Zone of Displacement so that we can incorporate that.


X: What I'm getting is that this has references to your


coming assignment.


P: Right. Well, I don't know what the coming assignment is but, in a sense, my Inner Mind knows, of course, but in a sense only. But integration must also involve the processes which are happening on this plane. And somebody has to sit here because on the naturalness the spirituality stands. It's like a base on which it rests, like a resting ground, you know, and then it goes back in the feedback loop, transcending loop, always transcending, progressive loop.


X: Are we to understand that you are the only one on that list who is in the physical body at this time?


P: As far as I know at this time, yes. I'm the only one I know of and how long I'll be here is not clear. Of course, these people and this galaxy are in charge of the New School. You are aware of that, aren't you?


X: Yes.


P: Now, let me tell you about transcending the understanding of the School. It's not only one school, it's an institution, although the word "institution" is not the best to use. It's a university. Again, I don't want to use those terms, which have many schools like we have law school, medical school, etc. They also have different schools, for example, those for demons, devils, satans, who come from hell. Or those who . . . they have very special equipment, a special situation, a special condition, special people to work with that kind of situation. Somebody whom I bring out from the pseudo-creators' hell cannot go immediately into the center of the school, but he/ she must first go through certain processes of re-awakening and elimination of certain things which requires a very special means. We have no idea what these means are all about. From this position we cannot even guess what it involves to re­awaken a demon, for example. You know, let's take a devil from the pseudo-creators hell. You have no idea; nobody has any idea what it involves.


X: But you have been working on it?


P: Well, I know it on the Inner Mind level but I cannot get it at all...


X: Explain it in the external level?


P: Yes. It's impossible because there are no words, no analogy whatsoever to that. And within that School is a special School, special situation, condition and special people equipped to deal with this kind of situation and to help them to re-awaken, to bring back the memories of what happened, which is a very tedious process. When they are through that process then they go to another School and then another School until they come to the one where they go through the process of final transformation and the choice of a new destiny and assignment in the hierarchy of the spiritual organization in Creation to perform some use and to represent some aspects of the above-mentioned principles. These are very general principles, but they also make sense practically. They have a Medical School there, of course, where they teach the new spiritual medicine, and they have a Psychiatry Hospital there because many people from hells come there completely insane . . .


X: I understand.


P: . . . and they have to be treated for that condition. There are many divisions and many subdivisions in that School and the members of this Society are in charge of the entire School because only they have these principles, some of these principles, in an integrated state. To have these principles in an integrated state is to have a formidable weapon, a tool which makes it possible for such trans­formation to occur.


X: So it's a multidimensional school comparable to a university with many departments.


P: Yes. Right. That's what I was trying to tell you.


X: And, I just want to check. Is your understanding that the correct name for the School is The New School for Spiritual Re-Awakening, Re-Learning and Re-Structuring?


P: Yes. That's what it is for. But again, it's a relative term because this is a tremendous School. It's a galactic School or all-universal School in a sense that we have divisions there for people who come from the other galaxies or other heavens that are non-human to learn about us and to incorporate the new ideas and to share their own ideas, of course. Then you have non-humans establishing a point of contact and understanding. It's interesting that in preparation for my next mission I was given a dream about two or three days ago, in which it was explicitly shown to me the importance of not imposing our conceptual­ization of spirituality on some other non-human or even humanoid forms that are so alien to us. It is difficult to comprehend. I was taken to one planet in that dream and shown some people who were very much alien in all respects. And I was concerned about, first of all, how we are going to communicate, how we are going to convey the ideas and what would be the point of contact. And, of course, then I was afraid that some contamination can occur here from the negative condition and state, invasion, you know, of improper conceptualizations and how would they respond to that. And I was told that the dream was to warn me about two things. To be tolerant of those kinds of alien concepts because they represent something entirely different regarding the Most High's Absolute Nature which we cannot comprehend even in the Spiritual World. Sometimes it's difficult when you are not in this limited, restricted situation and if one of my assignments is to visit those kind of cultures throughout Spiritual Worlds and learn and share and then integrate . . . . You see, Hamedeiel to integrate? . . .


X: Uhmmm.


P: . . . and come up with transcending ideas and then share those so everyone can incorporate. So it's absolutely necessary to be entirely open and not to impose my ideas but to listen carefully and share. Nothing more.


X: Uhmmm.


P: Listen, note, write down, and share my views and opinions, you see? And the second warning through that dream was not to worry about possible contaminations by falsities of the ideas that current people hold on Earth because those Aliens have at their disposal, unimaginable to us, means and ways by which they can protect themselves and to instantaneously repulse any such attempts at contamination.


X: Peter, this is a very exciting assignment that you have.


P: It's coming! I am still being prepared for that right now. I don't think it will commence until I leave. Time is irrelevant, you know, whether it's in fifty years or . . . .


X: Peter is the caterpillar and Hamedeiel is the butterfly.


P: Peter is dead. I even don't . . . it's such a funny thing because even with this kind of situation Peter is continuously trying to come back.


X: When I call you Peter, I experience that the name is obsolete and that Hamedeiel is emerging.


P: It's OK to call me Peter but I am talking about what Peter­-principles have represented in my life until this time.


X: Yes.


P: And how it's trying to come back. And how the negative state is using all kinds of situations to try to revert my thinking, my feelings, my inner misery which I always felt, you know, to impose . . . .


X: To try holding you in that . . .


P: Right. I almost laugh nowadays . . . . Today, I said to them "don't you have anything better", it's such an old trick, you know? But sometimes they almost catch me in some subtle ways to insinuate something . . . .


X: I can experience you emerging, I can experience you leaving the name Peter behind. I can experience you leaving the Soviet concentration camps behind. I can experience you leaving all those frustrations and trials and tribulations behind. I can experience you emerging.


P: So that gives you the update on what's happening and that you have to learn from this because you will be using these principles in your work, evolving and transcending them. As you know, each principle has absolute value which means that whatever is revealed about it is very relative to us to the degree that we can understand it with­out limits put on us by the limited negative states, conditions and situations. As you grow, the meaning of each principle is becoming deeper and deeper, transcending the previous meaning and so on and so forth so that you can build on it. Because this is a formidable weapon, gentlemen, and the way to contact the spiritual world; this is the bridge that you have to build. That's the reason I now understand why I have to record it, so you have it for your records.


X: I understand that that paper is one statement and what


you are doing is spelling it out in sequence in a very meaningful way. I'd just like to share with both of you that essentially what I'm experiencing is as soon as I got the feel of it I plunged into it and I feel like I've beenbathing in those principles. And reveling in those principles. More questions to attempt to clarify further. Do you understand the sequence in which the names and the principles were revealed to correspond to the hierarchical structure or do you experience that it was an arbitrary sequence of presentation or do you experience that they are individuals and principles that are relevant to you? My impression is that there was a logical order to the sequence and that this is a hierarchical correspondence.


P: Correct. Of course, they are all equal, you understand.


X: Yes, of course.


P: In that sense. And some of them are, or most of them are sitting on the High Council, always present.


X: What is your understanding of the relation of these individuals and these principles to the totality of the New Heavenly Society or the galaxy that it corresponds to?


P: That's the New Society. This is what the New Society is all about.


X: This is what the New Society is all about but is this the totality or is this simply an apex of a pyramid, so to speak?


P: Well, it's what is revealed now.


X: I have the distinct impression that it's a . . . that it's a key but that there is more.


P: Of course, gentlemen. If it were totality you would be absolute which is an impossibility as they say.


X: But it's a key to understanding . . .


P: Yes.


X: . . . the whole of the New Heavenly Society.


P: Right. That's the kind of crucial nucleus or something, the foundation on which you can build and go into a better, higher understanding. Right. This is the key, the key to the door. And the bridging from here to there, to that Society. And you have my authorization to say that to anybody you feel could benefit.


X: Further question, to come back to the use of names in previous discussions including my Spiritual Transfor­mation Process. You indicated very clearly that there are some names in the spiritual dimension that cannot be uttered in the physical world. Obviously these are names that can be used in the physical world.


P: Correct. But some of those people, you know . . . remember I told you that there are some we cannot name but they are part . . . they are here named now for the purpose of connectedness and named for the purpose only of this planet Earth. Not for the purpose of others.


X: I understand. My question is are the requirements or conditions for using names being relaxed or changing? In other words, is it possible to know and to use names referring to the spiritual dimension that were not possible to use previously?


P: Some of them. Like here they were specifically named, given names for that purpose. Their real names are different, of course. The names by which they are known there. What's happening here . . . the reason why they .are being given names is because it's time now for the sake of the establishment of the bridge between there and here.


X: I sense that this is what I am trying to clarify.


P: It was not time yet, when we were talking previously.


X: The implication that I'm getting is that we've reached a point in the unfolding of this whole pattern where this information can be divulged and shared.


P: Right.


X: And that, that has profound implications. The impression that I have is that if these names were divulged or similar names were divulged earlier they could have been used by the negative state and the implication is that we've now arrived at the point in the whole process where it's no longer necessary to be so cautious in the use of names referring to the spiritual dimension.


P: Correct.


X: Is that right?


P: That's right. Yes.


X: Uhmmm.


P: Which means that we are making progress.


X: It means that eventually . . . .


P: Getting closer and closer, you see.


X: We are coming closer and closer to the time where everything can be revealed and everything can be open and there is no need for secrecy in dealing with the spiritual war.


Y: No unconscious, as Peter . . . .


X: No unconscious processes.


P: Oh, that will take time, of course, but this is one of the first steps toward that. As long as you consider those names to be fluid.


X: Let me work with this in another way by asking this question. Maybe this will shed some further light. Can the negative state make use of that piece of paper and this tape and the information on it?


P: It can't because it would not be able to utter any of those names without having a tremendous seizure of pain and anguish. If they would try to do something with that they would bring upon themselves such a tremendous anguish they couldn't breathe. You have to understand that those people existed before but they were there, there . . . .


X: Not integrated.


P: They were not integrated. From the position of integration you have nothing to fear. You don't need to fear anymore because once the name is uttered from the position of integration to the position of no integration, it's such an anguish for all in the position of no integration that they cannot breath.


X: The integration of love plus wisdom gives power and once you have got the power arising from that integration there is no longer any problem.


P: Why? Principle of Deiella because you do it from the Most High, by the Most High, through the Most High, with the Most High in freedom and independence and now you can go, you know, to all the principles represented by the revealed names because I am Beloved One, because I am Blessed One, because I am Beautiful One, Orderly One and because of this and that principle . . . you will go through all principles, name them and nobody can endure that. Even the worst devil, number one in the hells of the pseudo-creators cannot endure the naming of those principles when you name them just that way.


X: The implication that I'm getting at is that the negative state and the forces of the negative state must have been working very hard to try to prevent this integration from coming about because they sense that once this integration occurs it generates overwhelming power.


P: That's the point, correct. They did everything to prevent that happening. Everything.


X: Including making you a target.


P: Oh, that's nothing new. I'm used to that part, you know. But that's what was happening the last almost three months, yes? We started sometime in November, December and now it's January. Almost three months, three and a half months. And you know, I don't believe that the process is completed. By no means. Other things will be going on. There are three options, as I see it, and which option the Most High will choose I cannot know because this is strictly a matter of Divine Providence and my attitude is or my choice is whatever the Most High chooses for me I will take it.


X: Well, the impression that I'm getting, and I say this in all humility because I don't feel that I fully comprehend what is being presented here, but the impression that I'm being given is that the Most High has chosen for you to serve as the integrator of this constellation of principles.


Y: I'm going to say something.


P: Go ahead.


Y: My Inner Mind wanted me to say this a while ago and it would not let me not say it.


P: Please say it, say it.


Y: When you were finished presenting the couples and the principles that they represent and the solar systems they represented, the galaxy that they represented, the universes that they represented and there was some brief discussion about the impact that this would have, I was suddenly presented with a revelation that I have been having the past couple of days, going back for about a week actually, when I mentioned to you that my wife came to my office to experience Spiritual Hypnosis. We encountered her Shadow and her name I cannot say because of the tape but her Shadow came with the appearance and declaration of absolute evil but with a very interesting twist to it. Inability, the total inability to perform evil. The total hesitation, the total desire, on the other hand, to be kind. It was almost, . . . and I had this revelation in talking with this Shadow that the Shadow had done something amazing which was to appear to the negative state to seemingly accept an assignment, very negatively to do evil.


P: Uhmmm.


Y: But it had transcended and tricked the whole negative realm as a means of coming into the spiritual positive state and was able to, had to appear that way, evil, and even declared to say and to speak the evil things, but inside t he heart there was a place, there was Inner Mind . . .


P: Yes.


Y: . . . inside that Shadow that was unperverted. And as soon as she entered the Spiritual realm, that declared itself. I've experienced no less than three or four Shadows. Two previous to that one and one since then that came and presented almost exactly the same presence or feeling. The appearance, the declaration, walking, talking of evil but somehow the Inner Mind of that Shadow was unperverted.


X: Uhmmm.


Y: And the transformation was easy, was very beautiful, almost instantaneous. As if, when during these processes, my revelation was, something is leaking into the hells, something is leaking into the hells that is already starting a transformation process before they come to the Spiritual world in the positive state and . . .


X: Things are changing.


Y: . . . this is,


X: The times, they are changing.


Y: . . . and also the fact that even every hell is still under the domain of the Most High.


P: Of course, He is the Lord of all hells, too.


Y: And, in experiencing my Shadow who was Deflon and is now named Daniel . . . .


P: See, also changing of name . . . .


Y: His role was to become hell's champion. He became hell's champion. The demon of the demons. Hell's champion. Then he went through the gate and he suddenly realized what he'd been trying to become all this time. And even that hell has a path towards spirituality as a result of the far-reaching nature of these principles and they transcend all levels and all obstacles and all blocks to their dis­semination so I agree that it is acceptable that this be communicated.


P: Well, you see, I think that hell as a whole, in a sense, is ready for changes even if they don't realize, some of them don't realize and fight it. But you would be surprised at how many are coming out.


X: The impression that I'm getting is that even as the hells and the forces of the negative state are mobilizing for an all-out showdown on the stage of planet Earth that on the Spiritual dimension there is already the beginning of a mass exodus . . .


P: Yes, desertion. They desert their own. It's funny because . . . .


X: As though the outcome of that showdown is already known.


P: It's funny because I think I mentioned it . . .


Y: In the Inner Minds . . . .


P:. . . that there was a time when I would never even present a negative entity with the choice, reminding them of the choice that they also can change. It was not clear to me. And of course, it wasn't time. Not because it was my kind of lack of consideration or anything like that, but that it simply wasn't time for them to come out except for Shadows and for those who really . . . you know, there is some kind of mystery there. But first it was necessary to proclaim the principles, to establish the proper facilities, schools, conditions, state, train people there to do that.


Establish the galaxy, special galaxy, place, the whole galaxy that would be devoted to that.


X: Uhmm.


P: And when it was established, principles proclaimed, formulated; now we can do that.


X: The overwhelming power of the Love and the Wisdom of the Most High is being manifested.


P: That's right. So beautifully, you know.


X: And the implication is that the negative spirits in the deepest hells are beginning to get the message, are begin­ning to experience the implications and that the whole situation is rapidly changing so that even though the world is headed for a . . . .


P: Disaster.


X: . . . some kind of cataclysmic showdown the Spiritual bases for the negative state are already beginning to disintegrate.


P: Of course, but you see, the negative state has to be eliminated first from the bases, from the Spiritual World not from the natural world.


X: I have the image of the negative state preparing itself to deliver what it hopes to be a fatal blow and as it prepares to deal what it hopes to be a fatal blow, the rug is being pulled out from under it simultaneously.


P: Right. Exactly. This is exactly the case.


Y: The soldiers and minions of the negative state will simply vanish from that.


X: And the implication is that Peter has been very busy amongst others in getting that message through to the deepest hells.


P: It wasn't always pleasant.


X: That's for sure. I'm not sure whether now's the time to mention it but yesterday evening as I was proof-reading I suddenly got a flow of thoughts that I wrote down that seems to revolve around the question, how to eliminate the negative state, which is one of my favorite questions to contemplate and at some point this evening I'd like to share it with you, what I wrote down. Should I do that now?


P: Sure.


X: It seems to be coming up here.


P: Do you want it on the tape?


X: It doesn't matter. It's just a rough form but I'll just read it and share it with you as it stands. It goes something like this. How to terminate the negative state. We live in a world which is presently dominated by the negative state of evil and falsity, the symptoms of which are all around us in the form of deception, destruction, disease and death. Viewed from the standpoint of the positive state of Good and Truth the planet Earth is the location of an experiment in negativity which manifests as psychopathology and sociopathology as well as physiopathology. Viewed from the standpoint of the negative state of evil and falsity each human soul constitutes a battleground on which the forces of darkness wage war against the forces of light. With the advent of nuclear warfare it is no exaggeration to say that the human race has become quite literally a race against time. The key question, therefore, is whether there is any way to terminate this experiment in negativity before it culminates in the extinction of the human race and the destruction of our planet Earth. If there is a secret formula by means of which the negative state can be effectively terminated, what is it? Far from being mysterious the answer is obvious. Every human being is created with a free will and not only the design of one's life but the very pattern of one's personality is determined by choices that one makes. Then comes a sentence that refers to the fact that the fundamental choice is one's relation to one's internal Source and then it proceeds as follows. When one chooses to exercise one's free will to acknowledge the spiritual source of one's life, one places oneself in an activated, positive state of light by one's act of acceptance. When one chooses to exercise one's free will to dis­-acknowledge the spiritual Source of one's life, one places oneself in an activated negative state of darkness by one's act of rejection. The important thing to understand is that one's rejection of God is subjectively experienced as being analogous to the disappearance of the sun. The negative state of darkness thus gives rise to the false illusion that the evil act of rejecting one's source has the immediate effect not only of denying that source but also of destroying that source. Thus, this in turn gives rise to the false delusion that the act of rejecting the positive state has the ultimate effect not only of deactivating one's own positive state but also of deactivating everyone's positive state. The true reality is that this foolish act of negating the positive state affects only the negator and corresponds to a suicidal act of self-destruction. It is an act of self-rejection, self-­blinding, and self-condemnation which places the negator in a negative state of spiritual death which is outside the positive state of God's Creation. It is no accident that the word "evil" is the word "live" spelled backwards.


P: That's interesting.


X: For the evil act of negating the positive state has the inevitable effect of turning everything inside out and upside down in the mind of the negator who finds himself imprisoned in the mental set of a false world from which it is very difficult to escape. Nevertheless by its very nature the negative state contains within itself the seeds of its own destruction which occurs when the negator first sees through the illusion that he has the power to destroy God. Next sees through the delusion that he has the power to destroy the lives of others. Finally wakes up to the reali­zation that he can only destroy his own life when he chooses negatively and then completes this process of liberation and enlightenment by the simple act of choosing positively. The experiment in negativity which begins with the negation of the positive and the affirmation of the negative thus ends with the negation of the negative and the affirmation of the positive.


P: Very good, very good.


X: It just flowed right out of me putting it all together. And the key image was the image of the sun disappearing the moment that one disacknowledges one's Source so that one is under the illusion that one's disacknowledgement of one's source not only denies that Source but actually destroys the Source. It creates that illusion.


P: They put some kind of pseudo-sun in the hells which is like charcoal, you know what I mean, that thing, what do they call it?


Y: Briquet.


P: Briquet, yes, exactly. That kind of light.


X: A substitute sun.


P: Substitute. Awful.


X: The holiness of the Most Low is the way . . . (laughter) P: Holy shit, yes. (laughter)


Y: The Eye of Soron.


P: And they like to play magic and mysteries and hidden things, you know.


X: I experience that this, what I wrote there, is what you meant when you said to my negative entity, Kid Cusart, when he was saying that he is fearsome and dangerous, you said, there's nothing threatening about you, you just don't understand yourself. (laughter).


P: That was ridiculous. They like to play that game. If you believe them then, of course, they are fearsome.


X: But it's not just that they are trying to bluff and intimidate in the sense of deceive, the important thing that I was grasping was the self-deception in believing that the act of disacknowledging one's Source actually destroys that Source. It creates that subjective illusion so that they are under that self-deceptive illusion that they have this power to destroy. When actually all they're doing is an act of self­destruction.


P: Right.


X: It's amazing.


P: They have no power whatsoever to destroy anyone


X: They don't even destroy their own lives, they only create the illusion that they destroy their own lives by putting themselves in that hellish state.


P: That's right.


X: Once you see it and understand it, there's no longer anything really threatening to it. It's ugly but the essential thing that I see now is that it does contain within itself the seeds of its own destruction. By it's very nature it is self-­limiting. The idea that it could actually challenge or supplant the positive state is a complete illusion. It seems to be increasingly clear to everyone.


P: Yes, but you see, the problem in that is, I think the principle is clear here that, yes, it is an illusion, but as long as you identify yourself with that illusion it's real.


X: In other words, the negative state really does exist as an alternative to the positive state.


P: Right. In the sense that, as it was said in the Messages, how do you activate the negative state? By identifying yourself with it by your own will, by your choice. Anything in the universe, in the physical universe, can exist only by the existence of the mind because there is an idea which produces that state, you know. And if I have an idea of evil as opposing, rejecting the positive state and I identify myself with that evil, I become evil.


X: Uhmmm.


P: Evil becomes reality. And it hurts, of course. As long as that identity persists then it hurts and destroys in a sense of relativity, but nevertheless it does.


X: I remember the first time you made the distinction for me between the two different meanings of the expression of negating the negative. I was using that expression. How do you negate the negative? And you were taking that position.


P: From what position?


X: From what position? If you negate the negative in the sense of denying that the negative state even exists. . ,


P: That's negative.


X: . . . you are fueling the negative state. Whereas if you negate the negative in the sense of acknowledging that the negative state exists and choosing to be free of the negative state, then . . .


P: When, you are not taken by it, then . . .


X: . . . then you are free of it. Because you are exercising that negation from the positive state.


P: But you see, more understanding about it comes from the metaphysical concept of the Zone of Displacement. In the moment you identify yourself with the idea that there are any other possible principles than spiritual, by themselves and in themselves, you no longer can exist within those principles. So you have to be outside of them. So you create your own pseudo-universe, anti-matter or whatever you call it.


X: Which is not exactly . . . . It corresponds to the suicidal act of self-destruction, but it's not self-destruction in the sense of ceasing to exist, it's a spiritual death that puts oneself outside of Creation.


P: Yes, and that's death. That's death. But in the sense that there is a resurrection, you see? There is no such thing as eternal death because that would be contrary to the nature of the Most High Who is eternally alive. There is only one Absolute State meaning that there is only one state of eternal aliveness. All else is only relative. There is no such thing as absolute death. Because then there would be two Gods, which is a terrible concept for the positive state to even think about. Therefore, the negative state cannot be forever, already on that basis and principle.


X: And that's precisely what the negative state was trying its damnest to do; make itself eternal and equal to the positive state.


P: Yes. That's what the war is all about. The whole spiritual war is right about that.


X: And that's what Jesus Christ's descent into hell after the crucifiction was all about.


P: Yes.


X: To set that limit, to establish that limit.


P: Yes. And to subjugate them and become the Lord of the hells and give them the opportunity to realize that, and come back.


X: To establish the fact that they were not equal and opposite and eternal.


P: They can't be. They can't be because they are not coming from the Absolute. Nothing evil comes from the Absolute, you see. Therefore evil comes from the relative, therefore evil is relative to the relative and cannot be forever. It's only potentiality for it to be forever. But not reality. And this is what the spiritual war is all about. To establish themselves on an equal basis with the positive state so they can be forever. That's what it's all about. And the only way they can do it is by destroying the Absolute. Of course, their suicide, the foolishness of that situation is that if they destroy the Absolute, they destroy themselves because they cannot exist without the Absolute, you see. That's the illusion of that situation. They believe, some of them believe, that they can exist without the Absolute but they don't realize that if they succeed in that destruction, because they derive everything from that Absolute . . . ,


X: It's like the parasite destroying its host.


P: Right. Exactly.


X: You know, I'm very much aware at this moment that although it might look to an outsider like we're just sitting around having some abstract philosophical discussion that what we are actually doing from an Inner Mind point of view is arming ourselves with the truth to deal with the forces of the negative state.


P: That's right.


X: It's as though . . . . I experience as though we are sharpening our swords as we are talking, we are sharpening our swords of truth, clarifying and perhaps sharing with others the understanding of the true relation of the negative state to the positive state which has the implication that the positive state has nothing to fear from the negative state.


P: Well, it never has, you see. It's only difficult to discern that when you are in the midst of the negative state. When you are bombarded with continuous assaults and attacks then it becomes difficult, exasperating and you get tired.


X: Well, I do have this sense that the physical earth is going to be the scene of a . . .


P: Last battle.


X: . . . of a very drastic, catastrophic showdown phenomena . . .


P: Now, don't be so sure of that. The Most High has several alternatives about this situation . . .


X: I realize . . .


P: Don't count that a cataclysmic catastrophic disaster necessarily will come. It may or may not come.


X: I realize that.


P: The indication is that - yes, it might come. It's a very strong possibility but the Most High is Absolute Mercy and Patience. Remember the principle represented by Mareiella and Mariel? The Most High can find ways to circumvent that situation and to do it, for example, by the invasion of the positive state into the Zone of Displacement in moderation so that people would not perish from the presence of positive entities. Purely positive, you know, that they have nothing negative in them. Of course, I want you to realize that the Most High has many other options to resolve the situation on planet Earth. Which option the Most High will use at all depends on the choices that mankind as a whole will make. What that choice is going to be can only be known to the Divine Providence of the Most High and it is none of our business to try to guess it. Our business is to bring to mankind the Good News of the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ Who is the Most High and of the New Revelation reflected in the New Heavenly Society-Galaxy represented by all its members as revealed to us by the Mercy of the Most High up to this point and as it will be revealed in the days to come.”








Chapter Three


Three Dialogues



Content of „Reality, Myths & Illusions“, pg. 78 - 129, Chapter Three





Dialogue On Spiritual Aspects Of Sexuality



“P: Gentlemen, I was told to present you tonight with three issues. The first issue will relate to sexuality. Be prepared that what follows will be difficult to understand, but in time a full implication of what is going to be said will be obvious and apparent.


As you know, the activators of the negative state have recognized the danger of the proper understanding and practice of sexuality for the establishment of the dominance of the negative state's processes. Therefore, as you know well, by genetical, magical, and various other secret and mysterious means available to them at that time, of which we have no idea, they forcefully separated sexuality from spirituality, and particularly from the Most High. This act was done so that sexuality would lose its primary purpose to be a means and a tool for the acquirement of greater knowledge of the Most High, from the position of His/ Her Absolute transcendence of everything and everyone. Now, this is important. The knowledge about sexuality is available from the position of the Most High being within us, with us, among us, and above us. But no knowledge in this respect is available from the position of the Most High Who transcends everything and everyone. And the only means by which it can be somehow and somewhat intuited is through sexual intercourse, which at the same time, is a tool for the acquirement of greater knowledge of others and oneself from that vitally important position of the Most High's transcending everything and everyone. This gives an entirely different perspective to the whole concept of sexuality.


One of the major ways, among many others, that the pseudo-creators separated sexuality from spirituality was by proclaiming and infusing a belief system in human minds that sexual intercourse can be holy only in matrimonial relationships, limited only to the marital partner. Or, on the other hand, that sexuality is nothing but filth and dirt and relates only to prostitution, promiscuity, or whoredom and usage by others for some personal, selfish gains or lustful pleasure and purpose. Either of these ways takes away any spirituality of sexuality, and its most direct connection to the Most High -in that absolutely transcending everything and everyone position. Now, this is the crucial point of the mystery of sexuality. The most direct connection to the Most High-I emphasize that because this is a mystery right there-is through sexual intercourse. This is the reason why sexuality and the relationship of femininity and masculinity was a major target of perversion by the pseudo-creators.


In the positive state of the spiritual world, the marital partners are in no way limited to themselves only in their sexual relationship, but instead they are involved in a wide variety of unconditional sharing of everything that they have, which includes, most importantly, their sexuality.


In the true connotation of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom there is no conditional sharing or limited sharing in only one or several areas of one's life with the certain exclusion of anything else. You know, what kind of sharing is that? I am going to share this with you but I am not going to share that with you because it's exclusively limited only to that one person. Such a relationship and limited sharing would not be from true unconditional love and wisdom, but from selfishness and self-­exclusivity, which is the abomination of hells.


Now, the wide variety of sexual and other sharings in the spiritual world is accomplished primarily in two ways. The first one is that the marital partners, at each moment of their sexual encounter, are always different and are never the same, even as far as their outward appearances are concerned. This prevents an occurrence of the state of becoming habituated and getting used to the same content of a relationship, which usually leads to boredom, and making love from duty rather than from pleasure and the newness of the situation that leads to the birth of exciting new ideas and concepts, in a relationship to the Most High, others and themselves . . . ourselves. Thus, in the positive state of the spiritual world one is never subject to losing sexual interest in his or her marital partner as is the case so often in marital partners in the negative state on Earth, where no apparent difference occurs because of stagnant and rigid conditions and clinging to one state and content which repeats itself and becomes a devastating habit. This would lead to a lot of feelings of anxiety, fear and guilt should the habit in any way be altered or changed.


To properly understand a relationship that exists in the positive state of the spiritual world, you can apply, if you wish, the spiritual principle of the hologram here. Everyone reflects and contains everyone in Creation. Since nobody is absolute except for the Most High, no one is able to experience all others in one moment of time simultaneously and synchronously. Because of our relative nature, we can experience various parts of the whole only in continuity and sequence, and subsequent but not proceeding simultaniety of preceding experiences, nor simultaneously succeeding experiences. Otherwise, we would be absolute. This is a little difficult to understand, but if you listen carefully, you will get the point; . . . simply stated, you cannot experience everyone simultaneously. We can experience each other and others only in sequence, in flow, in continuity. From this position, therefore, during each sexual intercourse with the same marital partner, sequentially and successfully in continuity, always new aspects are triggered, which are represented by all others in continuity, simultaniety and synchronisity, even as far as outward form is concerned, meaning that, I'm not making love to the same woman or a woman to the same man because she/ he appears entirely different each time. Thus, each sexual encounter is eternally different, exciting and new and it never for eternity can be the same in any way. No boredom, satiation, or letdown, habituation, rigidity or lack of something can ever occur in such a situation as it is in the Spiritual World.


Secondly, sexual intercourse can never be limited to one marital partner only. Why? The reason is that no one person is absolute, and therefore, no one knows oneself and others absolutely or can satisfy one's essence and substance in an absolute sense. Only the Most High is absolute and knows everyone absolutely. Now, this absolute knowledge is available only through a discreet mode of being and existence that is subsequently applied to the successive continuum. Since the principle is that we all contain each other ad infinitum, and since our various infinite aspects are variously contained in all others, through the presence of the Absolute Most High in all, we can be absolutely contained in all the infinite numbers of all existing sentient entities or specifically in their' feminine and masculine characteristics. The absoluteness of the femininity and masculinity of the Most High is reflected in these infinite numbers of relative, masculinities and femininities. Their total cumulative sum constitutes their absolute value and contains the Most High in His/ Her Absoluteness. This prospectively and potentially allows the absolute knowledge of oneself, others, and the Most High, and particularly one's marital partner who is present in his/ her various aspects in all others. Thus, in making love to other than one's marital partner, one in fact makes love to one's marital partner who is contained by some of his/ her aspects in that particular individual or individuals; and since the spiritual principle of the Hologram states that one aspect contains the totality of one's being in existence . . . you know that statement "if you know one grain of sand, you know the whole universe" . . . one does make love to one's marital partner, because the marital partner is contained in all those infinite numbers of individuals.


However, the opposite is also true. In making love to one's marital partner, one makes love to all others, as they are all contained in our universal consciousness. And of course, in the higher sense, one truly makes love to the Most High and that's how you get the knowledge of the Most High.


The quality of the uniqueness of each feminine and masculine manifestation is always different with both the marital partner and other sexual partners. One cannot, by virtue of one's relativity to the absolute, transmit oneself to the others in the uniquenesses of one's containment in others-as you are containers-because it is specific and unique to those others. In this way, the uniqueness and individuality of each is eternally preserved. But one can be experienced in the unique quality of other femininities and masculinities in which you are contained in some other than your own unique subjective and specific manifestation. This is the reason why sexual intercourse can never be limited to one marital partner only, although it stems from that eternal union of love and wisdom and femininity and masculinity.


This union cannot be disturbed or strained by one's involvement with others, but instead it deepens and enriches, enhances and unifies it more because, after all, as pointed out before, one makes love to others in one's marital partner and to one's marital partner in others. These arrangements provide all in the positive state with an eternal opportunity for acquirement and application of progressively greater and greater knowledge of the Most High, from that position of transcendence, of others and oneself for mutual benefit, common good and sharing. This is the true spiritual meaning of sexuality.


Now, you can understand why sexuality and its understanding and practice was and is a major target of distortion and mutilation by the negative state. Without repression and obliteration of these meanings of sexuality from the human mind, the activators of the negative state would never succeed in putting the negative state in an active and dominant position, because otherwise there would be continuous conscious inter-connectedness, all with all, and particularly with the Most High. This kind of situation could never lead to the establishment of a negative state, as a separate state and process in being and existence. This is also the reason why the negative state puts such a tremendous and gruesome opposition in people to accept or change anything in their sexual practices other than what is in existence at the present time; particularly using religious means, the Bible, under the deceptive cover that they are the laws of God, in order to prove its point. This is why sexual issues in the negative state on Earth are such a sensitive and emotionally charged problem, even with people who are otherwise spiritually-minded.


Therefore, be warned that the greatest opposition, resistance, condemnation, and fiercest spiritual battles you will encounter will be in this area. This area will be the most stubborn, resistant and rigid to conquer and it will definitely be used by the negative state as a last stronghold of evil and falsities in preventing the establishment of the New Spiritual Age on planet Earth. The negative state will continue to flood and inundate people's minds with tremendous doubts and guilts about sexual issues; supporting their point with the spread of venereal disease and various sexual perversions and inversions.


The realization, understanding, acceptance and application of these facts about sexuality and the negative state's tremendous and gruesome mobilization to battle its proper spiritual awareness in the human mind is, at the present time, one of the most crucial, most vital and most fundamental issues to be aware of and to be prepared to combat.


Gentlemen, any questions? This is the first issue.


X: I'd like to propose that we take some time to discuss and share our thoughts and feelings.


P: That is the reason I am . . .


X: It's clear to me that the Revelation regarding sexuality is one of the most important and really key aspects of the New Revelation, and I'm happy to say that I find the New Revelation regarding sexuality very congenial. I have no difficulty.


P: You are an exception to the rule, of course.


X: I realize that that is exceptional, and I am very grateful for the fact that I was able to . . .


P: Because it was a major stumbling block of many people who read it and . . .


X: In "Messages," yes.


P: In "Messages" and in "Fundamentals." (Two books by the author.)


X: For example-to go immediately to an example- I have a friend who is a longstanding friend of the family. She is a woman approximately 80 years old now, a very spiritual, very intelligent, very wise, very cultured, very fine human being, with a life-long spiritual orientation, and I sent her a copy of "Messages From Within" for Christmas, and I received in response a letter. the essence of which was, "I appreciate the gift very much and I like many of the ideas; however, Dr. D. F.'s concept of sexuality I find very difficult to accept," which I think is a classic Example of the particular difficulty that many people with an otherwise highly-evolved personal orientation will have.


P: Yes.


Z: X., could you elaborate on why you think she found it so difficult to accept, without psychoanalyzing her, but simply giving your understanding of that?


X: I really don't know that much about it because she didn't go into detail in the letter, but the little that she said gave me the impression that she had a deeply ingrained concept of the exclusive marital relationship as the only safe grounds for sexual expression, and the concept of sexuality outside of marriage, I think, was her major stumbling block. It's just an impression, I guess.


Z: I'm wondering if a lot of reaction to this revelation which . , , a lot of the adverse reaction, a lot of the difficulty people have, is because they hear one part of it which is that part which says that in making love to all others, one makes love to the Most High, and so to one's marital partner, and that it's that idea of, sort of a transgression of, you know, adultery, which they focus on rather than the other part of it, which is in making love to one's marital partner one makes love to everyone else, because isn't-in the Revelation-isn't there implied a choice there, and not a mandate to people to make love with as many people as possible?


Y: It's also related to the very mystical statement which is so grossly misunderstood, I think, sometimes, "Love thy neighbor as thyself."


P: Uhmmm.


X: And it's not, you know . . . on the superficial level, it says, "Well, love yourself and love your neighbor and you'll do good", but ultimately it's to love the Most High, and yourself.


P: It's love yourself first . . . and the Most High, and yourself, before you can love your neighbor. It is a prerogative to start from the point to which we have come, and the only way we can start is from ourselves because that's the point, but you do it from the Most High in you, and for the sake of the Most High in the others; this is the distinction. I don't love myself for myself, but I love myself because I love the Most High and the others, and I am doing it for the sake of the Most High and the others, this is the difference. This is the true love; the other is a selfish love. "I love the Most High and the others for my own sake."


Z: As if the others and the Most High were outside of myself.


P: Yes, yes.


Z: When in actuality the Most High is within myself, in myself . . .


P: They are within. Z; . . . within myself.


P: Yes, yes, He is the ultimate "I Am".


Z: But do you see what I am getting at? It is that there is a choice there, and I think many people may be alarmed at something like that, "Oh, Peter's saying that it's okay, that I should go out and make love to everyone."


Y: It is okay, to screw her/ him.


Z: It's okay to screw around.


P: No, it's not okay to screw around, because that's a negative state, because if you go to screw around for the sake of screwing around, you are supporting the negative state.


Z: But can you, in my comment, I'm asking a question also, Peter, and I'd like to have some clarification on that. I am feeling and perceiving that there is a choice there, and would you clarify that for me, what one is to do on a practical level when one is considering making love?


X: I have a suggestion. Before we tackle that, let's consider the basic principles involved further and then come back to that practical issue. As I understand it, your practical issue is represented by the question, "Let's make it personal; ,s it acceptable for you to be oriented to making love to the universe through making love with D. or are you required to avoid an exclusive sexual relationship with D. by making it a point of having other sexual experiences. Do I follow correctly that that is the general thrust of your . . .


Z: Yes, yes, and . . . that's a very good phrasing of my question.


X: In other words, if you can conceive . . . if you can experience your lovemaking with A. as making love to the Most High and to all creation, so that there is a sense of universality rather than mere individuality and exclusivity, is that a satisfactory choice?


P: No, because there will be a limitation in making love to her. He would be limiting himself from the highest spiritual level. He would be limiting himself only to one aspect of her, which is represented by her, but not to the aspects of her which are represented in all others.


X: Before we come back to that and give Z. an opportunity to express it the way he formulates, which might be different from the way I formulate it, let me share with you some thoughts that I'm gradually bringing into focus here. It's clear to me that if one starts from the negative state and tries to arrive at a correct understanding of the positive state, it is enormously difficult because of the ingenuity of the trap the negative state has devised, and therefore, as I experience it, the correct way to approach the problem is to start from the positive state of love and wisdom and from that position to contemplate what the negative state has done with sexuality as a means of dealing with the fundamental principles of love and wisdom in those correspondences. And as I understand it, the essential point is that the negative state has hit upon the ingenious device of dealing with the duality of love and wisdom with another duality which is the duality of pseudo-purity which is represented as maximum value, and total abomination, which is represented as minimum value. In other words, the negative state perverts sexuality by means of a trap into which everyone will fall, and the basic concept is let's divide sexual experiences into two categories. One category . . . on one category we place a very high value. This we call marriage, this we call purity, and this . . . because it's so valuable . . . will be characterized by exclusivity . . . because it's so valuable, it will be exclusive. So the key concept is exclusivity.


On the other hand, we will present the alternative form of sexuality, which is the sexuality of no value; whereas, exclusivity implies maximum value, promiscuity implies no value, and in this way we will present everyone with a choice between two forms of sexuality . . . take your choice. The high value sexuality which is characterized by exclusivity, and the no value sexuality which is characterized by promiscuity. Take your choice. Either way you lose, and once you fall into those traps where you're conditioned to think in "either, or", it's very difficult to extricate yourself, and that's the position of the world.


P: As I was reading, your Inner Mind was continuously confirming with your "yes" finger.


Z: Mine? Yeah.


P: Saying "yes, that is true", and when he was explaining that lady's view why she is . . . your Inner Mind said no, no, no, because there's something much deeper than what X. can present you with. Have you noticed that?


Z: Yeah, yeah. I'm aware of all of it, but . . .


X: It's clear to me that my friend, this 80-year old woman, who was married and had children and . . . you know . , , she lived in the world, even though she was always very spiritually oriented, was never of the world, even though she lived a full life. It's very clear to me that she fell into the trap and conceived of the choice between sex as dirty, meaning promiscuity, meaning no value, and the alternative of sex as purity meaning an exclusive marital relationship, and so she always committed herself to the exclusive marital relationship and when her husband died, she renounced sexuality as being unacceptable in any other alternative. And that she is still a victim of that trap, who in other respects is highly evolved spiritually, but in that respect, has a hangup that blinds her to the correspondential aspect of sexuality.


P: This is also one of the major obstacles for people who come to the spiritual world after they leave their body. They come there and are so disgusted by discovering that it's so entirely different than what they were taught, and they become bitter and it takes a lot of effort and a waste of precious time to eliminate those misconceptions because it's the most stubborn, even there, the most stubborn issue to deal with; and the most attachments and possessions and the insinuations in people of the negative entities are through that channel of sexuality. Notice schizophrenics, it's always sexual, that's a problem, isn't it? They are possessed and particularly in that area.


X: Okay, in that context, let's call it the two alternatives of pseudo-sexuality; the promiscuity which is of no value, and exclusivity which is supposedly of high value; and exclusivity is characterized by possessiveness which destroys love; and promiscuity, by definition, implies no love; maybe sexual pleasure but no love, so that love is effectively destroyed by dividing sexuality into those two pseudo-characteristics, which is diabolical. I mean, it's diabolically ingenious.


P: Sure, you have a choice to limit yourself or not to limit yourself. It all depends on what kind of intention or motivation you are pursuing in those limitations or non-­limitations. However, bear in mind that it is difficult under presently existing conditions on the planet Earth to envision such a purity of intentions to get involved with many; because of tremendous contaminations, pollutions and poisons by all things which we are continuously flooded by, and no matter how good the intention is in approaching sexual intercourse either only with your wife/ husband or someone else, it will always be with a little contamination which can result in guilt and which can result in problems. So, the way I was told to do that and the way I am presenting it in my own relationship . . . and I can talk about myself only because, you know, you are different . . . is that I say to the Most High, "Lord, I surrender unconditionally to you everything including my sexuality. Therefore, My Lord, if you find it necessary for some spiritual reasons, for some use or mutual benefit or common good and learning, if it will be advantageous, proper and right, to get involved with someone for a purpose of blessing and acquirement of greater knowledge, then provide me with an opportunity, or so be it. But it has to be on an entirely pure, no-personal-­predisposition-type of attitude. Otherwise, it's no go o d. It has to be from You, by You, through You, with You. If there is even a little grain of something from me, by me, through me, and with myself, no way. We are not going to do that. Okay? And if it is not proper to get involved, then of course, I'll have no such opportunities."'


Z: This helps me a lot, and really directly addresses the practical issue because in what you are saying, also, X., before about whether you approach it from the negative state or the positive state is very important, because you can't...


P: Yes.


Z: . . . really approach it from the negative state, but . . . and I think that's a clarification that's maybe really important for people, because people who are not going within themselves, through the Inner Mind and through the Most High, are going to be evaluating it as your . . .


P: Traditions, yes.


Z: . . . from traditions and conventions and from the outer mind standpoint, and that's very confusing. Whereas, I think if people have the methodology and the instruction to evaluate the nature of the revelation that was given, from the inside out, then they arrive at their own answer, and that itself would seem to mitigate the negative reaction that people give to hearing what the revelation is; because they hear the revelation as in terms of the negative state, it's adultery you're recommending.


P: Yes, definitely, it comes from the negative state.


Z: They're the choices . . .


P: However, this is an up-side position. From the standpoint of the negative state the heavens are adulterous because they're making love to all. Even you're adulterous because you are making love to all in A. This is straight forward adultery, you see. In their concept specifically it must be only, only with that one person. Everyone has to be excluded from that situation. This is an abomination. Now, to add to that one practical, which was beautiful . . . to that highly exquisite and nice explanation that X. gave us. ..


Z: It was beautiful.


P: Yes, and I gave you the practical . . . you do that and don't judge anyone on how they practice their sexuality. When you do that, you are in good shape. If somebody goes out and makes love to many, fine. It is not for us to judge such a person. The person's intentions are what count.


Z: I can't judge from the outside anyway, . . .


X: Because the key is not the actions, but the intentions.


P: The intentions . . . . And you cannot know inward intentions because the only person who knows these intentions is the Most High. You don't even know your own intentions because you are not absolute, and you don't know yourself. Only the Most High knows you absolutely because He created you from Himself, therefore, He knows you absolutely. Only He can know the intention, and that is the reason for that formula of practicality, to refer it to the Lord; if I'm doing it from You, Lord, by You, through You, with You, and there is nothing of personal predisposition or egoism in it, then it's fine.


Z: So, one then . . . as a practical measure, then one who is asking this question with respect to one's spouse or one's companion in contemplating the intention of his sexuality would go into trance, ask the Most High and receive an answer and thereby would know that intent ion was pure or not pure.


P: Right.


Z: Is that a correct understanding?


P: That is the correct understanding that you go inward and make sure that you dissociate yourself from . . . the first step of course is unconditional surrender. You must first unconditionally surrender everything in you, including your sexuality, primarily your sexuality, to the Most High. That you don't want to use sexuality for any other purpose but that; for mutual benefit, common good, sharing, greater knowledge of the Most High, others, and yourself, from that position of transcendence and whatever are the consequences of that. And, of course, there are other aspects of sexuality but we are now talking about that purely spiritual, mystical, highest level, spiritual concept of sexuality, not that pleasure and fun aspect of it, which is also part of it but it's not the issue here, you see?


Y: The key is, then, you make love with the Most High.


P: Right. The key issue is to make love to the Most High, yes.


Y: You make love in the positive state.


P: Right. That is the key issue, because that's the way you can approach the Most High in that transcending position, which is vital to have, that connectedness to that position particularly.


X: This is something I arrived at not just by intellectual contemplation or psychoanalysis but by actual observation and experience, I learned through experience that the act of making love was an act of worship.


P: Yes. Exactly.


X: It put me in touch with the ultimate reality. It put me in a trance-state. I would come out of a trance-state, I didn't recognize it as a trance-state at the time, but I now look back and recognize that when I made love I would go into trance, into a state beyond time and space and when I came out, feeling transformed, I experienced that I had been engaged in an act of worship that had put me in touch with reality, and I came to the understanding that sexuality was a vehicle for the expression of love through wisdom, and that when approached this way, that it was an enormously nourishing process for oneself. S o I came to think of sexuality as a vehicle for expressing love that is enormously nourishing to the self; the true self finds sexual love the most nourishing food in life.


P: But what is the highest purpose of sexuality? You know, in the sense of what is better than to know the Most High, yourself and others, and coming up with new ideas about the nature of the Most High and your nature and others' nature . . . a birth of new ideas. What is more? . . . .


X: Yes.


P: The ideas that are enhancing and enriching the whole creation, coming up from these progressive, new, different ways that you can really share with everyone. This is the ultimate. Now, if that kind of intention is there, then it cannot be evil and negative, you see?


Z: It occurs to me that just hearing this, hearing somebody speak these words, and having, even dealing on an outer mind level with these concepts, can provide a basis for suggestions to people to consider the possibilities of this function of making love, and thereby bring them closer and closer to that. I have an experience that I want to share with you, with my wife D., who was raised as a Catholic, and you can imagine, and so . . . but the experience was simply of her confronting certain conflicts that she had, and going inside and asking the Most High about the purpose of sexuality and the purpose of making love, and the Most High told her that it was . . . the words were that sexuality was . . . and making love was for the purpose of bringing the Divine into the physical.


P: And it wasn't for procreation.


Z: Like bringing the Divine into the individual.


P: See, the implication of the statement . . . since you are not absolute, you can bring the Divine into the physical with your sexual partner in a very limited manner. But you see, you are limiting the Divine's full manifestation by limiting yourself to one.


Z: I'm not understanding that, because in the revelation you said, that you just gave to us, you said that by making love to one's spouse, two things stuck out in my mind. One is that since one's spouse is continuously changing one is never making love to the same person; and secondly, by making love to one's spouse, since the whole is contained in any particle or element of the whole, then one's spouse is part of the whole, I am . . . we are making love to the whole Creation in that way, and in that way, I'm thinking isn't it simply sufficient, then, for one to decide to make . . . and I'm saying to decide, not to decide on an exclusive, possessive basis, that one can only make love to one's spouse, but that by deciding to make love to one's spouse, being satisfied and content and receiving the permission of the Most High to do that, then . . .


P: It is funny, because that was the question that I raised when this came through, and I was told in principle, no, because you are not absolute, even if you are changing continuously, it's still a change from the position of your own uniqueness but not from your position in someone else as a unique individual, which makes a tremendous difference.


Z: So, does that mean that if one chooses to make love to one's spouse, with the understanding that by doing so one is making love to a continuously changing being and to all beings simultaneously, by virtue of . . . .


P: As they are represented in your spouse.


Z; Okay. As they are reflected and represented in one's spouse.


P: Right, by certain aspects that your spouse can uniquely manifest . . . .


Z: Is the whole represented in the spouse, the whole creation?


P: In the unique conglomeration which is available only to the spouse. But in someone else, that whole is rep resented in a different unique experience. It is there, but in a different unique experience which is not available to anyone else.


X: Let me see if I can formulate what I think is Z.'s question more clearly so we can really zero in on this. I think, correct me if I'm wrong, this is the question . . . .


Z: Well, I had a question which was following that, which is: is it therefore limiting for one to decide to make love to one's spouse and not to others, on the basis that one is making love to a continuously changing being and to the whole of creation as represented through the uniqueness of that one individual; is that limiting?


P: Essentially, I am told, yes. It's a choice; there's nothing wrong with that . . . there's nothing wrong with that, but it's limiting because you are excluding all other uniqueness which can never be repeated in anyone else.


X: I think I can help us to clarify this. As I understand it, Z. is essentially approaching the problem from the angle that gives rise to the question, can I escape the trap of exclusivity, which is destructive spiritually, by regarding my lovemaking with my spouse as a universal act of worship. Instead of trying to answer that question, let me share with you my experience which may help us to clarify. I'm not sure, but I have a feeling that it's relevant and may be helpful. What I gradually came to formulate for myself, in my marriage with S., after we were married, was this way of formulating it, which at the time was experienced as a psychological formulation rather than spiritual formulation, so that it was all formulated in terms of my true self, my innermost self, so that I experienced it in terms of psychological context rather than spiritual context; and the way that I formulated it to myself was my primary commitment is not to my wife but to my innermost self. I am committed to be true to myself, so long as myself freely chooses to only make love with my wife, I will only make love with my wife. But the moment that myself chooses to make love with anyone else, I will be true to that self, so that what I experienced was that my commitment was to that internal relationship to my innermost self, that was my marriage, and I was prepared to always be true to that self so that so long as myself genuinely desired only to make love with this one woman, I would be true to myself so long as that was the genuine feeling, but there was no sense of exclusivity, no sense of restriction. There was a sense of, "I'm committed to be true to myself and myself is free so that anytime myself chooses to make love to anyone else, I'm free to do that," so that in that way I was free from the orientation of exclusivity. Now, whether or not that's useful to anyone else, I don't know; I know it was extremely useful to me.


P: In a sense, when we speak about marriage, we speak about internal marriage, both femininity and masculinity within us, not with some outside individual. Of course, in the kind of relationship you are talking about it is rather difficult to envision finding a true spirituality on the earthly level in the negative state, where there are no apparent changes, and these changes are very imperceptible and slow and everything decays as the body gets older and shabbier and things like that. It's a decay situation, so you lose motivation and it becomes a matter of duty and a real sexually-charged situation, thrill, which would fulfill the spirituality . . . the content of spirituality in the sexuality, in this case is missing.


In the spiritual world, in the positive state, of course, the idea not to share myself with everyone else, both in my spouse and experiencing my spouse in others, is an abomination. This is the issue here. Your situation would limit experiencing your spouse in others. This is the issue.


Z: Which thought?


P: That I would limit experiencing myself and others in my spouse only, and limit myself in the sense that I would not allow myself to experience my spouse in others. I experience others in my spouse and my spouse in my spouse, but I also experience my spouse as she is represented in others.


Z: And so you're . . .


P: See, you neglected, not neglected but you probably didn't hear what I said; when you make love to others, you make love to your spouse, when you make love to your spouse, you make love to others. This is a two-way street. When you limit that, then you only go one-way, and there is a danger in that there are certain limitations; it is not necessarily evil, but there are certain limitations which have a potentiality to be exhausting. Eventually you will get to the point that something is missing in your spirituality.


Y: Yes, and certainly there would be some limitations to masturbation, and if you're making love with the Most High and your exclusivity is with yourself, and it's an interesting proposition to think that you work through that . . . to work through that because in some certain circumstances, of course, one is left with masturbation, because of certain situations in the negative state.


P: Again, even masturbation depends on motivation and intention. If through the universal consciousness, when you masturbate, you think about someone intensely and about the Most High in that person, then it is valid, particularly if one, for some reason or other, is in a situation in which nothing else is available.


Y: I can't help but be impressed with the idea that to make love to the Most High with the intention of doing that is, as X. suggests, where you start . . . where you start your consideration of sexuality.


Z: Well, this last exchange, when you raised the issue of masturbation and your comments about that, led me to ask what is making love, and if, in fact, making love is simply a physical, genital act versus . . . there must . . . that would be . . . seem to me to be very limiting and very much on the outer or the surface level.


P: Right. Again, do not judge because what counts is the purpose or the intention of masturbation. In this case I would exclude it . . . I don't think we should discuss that at the moment because this is a very low level . . . primitive level of sexuality which is a cop-out when nothing else is available to the physical body which needs relief of tension; and that's fine, you know; but this is not the issue. It's not sinful, but it's . . . call it a neutral state . . . it's neutral. There's nothing evil in it unless there is an intention . . . negative evil intention to avoid sexual intercourse at all. Then it's sick and, of course, it's negative. On the other hand, to avoid homosexual involvement, for example . . . and I'm talking about myself here . . . it is better to masturbate if no other alternative than homosexuality is available. Homo­sexuality was always repulsive to me, because it was never natural to me. The only thing that you would have in con­finement was homosexuality. Now, to avoid homosexuality and to avoid the tension, the cravings of the body . . . and especially at that young age, being 18, 19, 20, etc.


X: In the concentration camp?


P: Yes, I'm talking about prison, you know. Well, I masturbated, of course, and that is the only way, under those conditions; it is harmless and there is no problem in that sense. Of course, I had tremendous guilt about it, gentlemen, because at that time I was still a confirmed Baptist, conservative Baptist, and it was a terrible thing; it was, you know, the sin of sins. But now I know better. So I am just giving an example of a situation where there is nothing else available and the body has to be taken care of, because there is a bodily aspect of sexuality like everything else. But here, we are talking entirely about spiritual aspects of sexuality. I am only considering that approach which you are talking about; of that situation in which the limitation . . . you are excluding yourself from experiencing your spouse as she is manifested and reflected in others. That relationship is excluded there.


Z: In what I was talking about earlier, in saying if one is making love to one's spouse, acknowledging and experiencing that one's spouse is an always changing, human being of infinite variety, and that also the whole is contained within the spouse reflected in the unique qualities of the spouse, then that's limiting.


P: Yes, because it lacks that aspect of how your spouse is reflected in the other parts. Now, you are limiting that. You see the point there? The subtle distinction?


Z: Yes. Now I guess the other question about that is to interpret or understand the nature and relationship of that limitation for the individual in question, whether it's tolerable or whether, in fact, it is a limitation; is it universally a limitation for everyone?


P: Well, there are different levels of awareness, and under­standing. When you come to this awareness, in the moments you come to this higher awareness and understanding, it becomes limiting. When you don't have that awareness, then it's not limiting. You see the point?


Z: Yes. That's clear.


P: You cannot generalize, but why this revelation has been given to us, which transcends anything which exists anywhere, as far as I know . . . .


Z: To have that understanding?


P: Yes, on sexuality.


Z: To take us beyond our limitations.


P: Yes, to have this understanding. You see? It's given because we have to start to hit the negative state in the stronghold . . . that is the crucial point. This was the target because they knew very well what sexuality means. We do not. Now you know, at least on some higher level; there is even transcending understanding to that which we are not yet ready to know; but they knew.


Z: I have another question. Is everybody tolerating my questions?


P: Oh, sure.


Z: The other question goes back to what X. really beautifully brought out about the choice which is no choice. What are the steps, considering now that we are approaching people and many people are stuck in making that choice; what are the steps for people to extract themselves from that dilemma of no choice?


X: Good question.


P: Okay. This is the point which I think is the crucial one for the methodology which was transmitted through me . . . to approach it spiritually . . . the positive approach .. . you don't determine it for people. Let them determine it from the positive of their Inner Mind in deep trance, from the position of the presence of the Most High in them. And from that position slowly, step by step, explain to them what was beautifully brought out by X, the two alternatives which are reflected in this period; from that position, slowly help them to realize what happened and what should be done about it in their particular life and from their particular position, from their particular current spiritual state, condition and level. Again, you cannot generalize; you have to be very cautious.


X: In short, one external outer mind cannot help another external mind because you get lost in the rationalization and the traps of the negative state, and the only solution is to facilitate that internal relation between that individual's outer mind and their Inner Mind, and let the Inner Mind . . .


P: And preferably go into trance.


X: . . . do the therapy.


Z: Blind lead the blind.


P: Yes, and go into trance with your client and talk to your client from the position . . . from the Most High in your Inner Mind to the Most High in that Inner Mind. This way you cannot go wrong, sir.


Z: Yes, I'm aware.


P: Okay.


X: Now, let me ask the corresponding question, because I experience that it's relatively easy for us to arrive at our own understanding and it's relatively easy to arrive at an understanding of how to deal with one individual who is amenable to going into trance, but the toughest question in this area, as I see it, is how does one deal with the misperception of the New Revelation and the Spiritual Transformation Center . . . well, let's say by the media; not by an individual who's amenable to going into a trance, but by let's say, a journalist who is writing an article in a magazine about the Spiritual Transformation Center and the New Revelation on which it is based, say, a year from now; and this journalist, an unwitting agent of the negative state, presents the argument that . . .


Y: Are there any?


X: . . . that these kooky cultists are victims of self-deception and rationalizing their promiscuous sexuality with this high­faluting theory about the divine nature of sexuality so that it is presented to the masses . . . in the public news media as being a kooky sex cult that is rationalizing their neurotic behavior?


P: Gentlemen, that was the reason we have, "Be therefore warned that the greatest opposition you will get is in that", and it will happen.


Z: Right, right.


P: And you have to take things one step at a time.


Y: You can read the bold headline: "Free Sex Guru Peter D. F." akin to Rajneesh, et cetera, and on and on and on.


Z: Except that it raises a really important point which is for us to be discreet, and that can easily come, even on the level of outer mind, but also to be going inside and being guided in that discreetness with the awareness that we are approaching an extremely sensitive topic, and our objective is not to create antagonism. Our objective is to create . . .


P: Right. You don't publicize this. What you do, as I am getting right now, is train people, one person at a time, slowly, gradually, from the position of that person's Inner Mind, changing those attitudes in one person, in your clients, slowly. And, of course, asking the Inner Mind, "Is it proper, is it correct, is it acceptable" to that person, so that when a person comes out . . . runs out of your office he doesn't go and shout about it publicly. First of all, all the clients who come for a spiritual transformation process should at least read "Messages From Within." If they have difficulties with it, you are very careful, very cautious, you don't impose any foreign ideas until the time comes when they are ready to accept it and you are sure that they will be discreet about that matter.


X: I'd like to summarize what was just said in this way. I think we are all agreed that it's inevitable that the negative state will engage in misrepresentations and unscrupulous attacks and so forth, and that's part of the sweet drama of the whole situation.


P: Well, gentlemen, congratulations, you volunteered, you agreed to come to the negative state for that purpose. Remember, you are equipped; you have been given tools, means and methodologies to deal with this situation.


Use them wisely and with discretion, going inward every day, several times a day, consulting your Inner Mind, consulting the Most High, advisors getting together, three of you getting together . . . as long as I am here, you can come and the four of us will get together putting yourselves individually and simultaneously in trance and finding the most wise decision to make about the situation, under the auspices and guidance of the Most High.


X: How right you are.


P: From the Most High, by the Most High, through the Most High...


X: And before you spell that out, Peter, I experience that Z. immediately put his finger right on the heart of the correct answer, which is that in dealing with those attacks from the negative state, if we were trying to defend the New Revelation by means of our outer minds, there would be no chance.


P: No chance.


X: The whole solution is to work from the Inner Mind . . . .


P: You lose the battle, gentlemen.


Y: Yes, and the fail-safe step would be . . . in anybody considering their options sexually, "Inner Mind, is this a situation and an opportunity to get closer to the Most High, to make love to the Most High, interact with the Most High, to be intimate with the Most High, or not?" The questions, the dilemmas, just blow away like chaff in the wind.


Z: It occurs to me, you know, that if you're talking about somebody asking . . .


Y: Yes, clinical transformational methodology is the step, the question . . . to formulate the question to the person who's working through their sexual struggles in the negative state . . . .


Z: Who presents you with a question and you refer it to the Most High.


Y: For example, "I have this problem. I'm married and I'm bi­sexual and I have this relation . . . this relation . . . this relationship . . . what's happening to me, what am I to learn from this situation?"


Z: It seems like the crucial thing . . . there is the posture that a person is adopting in simply addressing it to the Most High; that is the crucial thing, and then the posture of us, ourselves, to be patient in working with people.


P: Well, this is the point.


Y: And to work from the principle, the law, to be a counselor of Divine Law, well, of course, we know that true sexuality is to make love with the Most High, and it is a situation that you can work towards or not.


P: Gentlemen, don't concern yourselves too much with get­ting the sense of this statement. What is one of the first steps in spiritual process, or transformational spiritual process? What is one of the very crucial points? At one point to get the client in touch with the Most High, or the highest spiritual advisor within, that represents the Most High. If you are succeeding in that, then don't worry, because you address yourself to the highest advisor, you address yourself to the Most High. The Most High tells that person what is proper for that person under those conditions, at that time. And if the issue of sexuality will not come, or if it will be very limiting, limit it at that point, because that person is not yet ready to accept any higher understanding of sexuality; then there is no danger. The danger is only in a sense of publication of my books and people reading that and misinterpreting, misunder­standing; even those people who are very philosophical and spiritually-minded and are willing to accept everything except for the most crucial and most important issue . . . sexuality. People are funny in this respect.


Y: It's also significant that so much of our energy responds to this issue.


P: That tells you something.


Y: We all have pertinent personal experiences, pertinent personal struggles and thousands of clinical samples and examples that we have on tap, and it's right there.


P: But it's so obvious, just what is the biggest problem people bring into your office? Ultimately, somewhere along the line it will relate to sexuality.


Y: The problem of giving and receiving love.


P: Right, that's it.


Z: Which is misperceived as a problem of love-sexuality on the outer level, performance and so forth.


P: Exactly.


Y: Alienation.


Z: But it is giving love, and it's of course giving love to different people at different times.


Y: Depressed libido.


P: Now, do you think that we can finish this?


Z: We have tapped the surface of it only inasmuch as I have . . .


P: Study more of what was said, and you will be enlightened.


X: I'd like to just share with you that I have made a mental note in the back of my mind that my orientation will not be to try to avoid misunderstanding or misinterpretation or unscrupulous smears and perversions of the New Revelation, but on the contrary, my position will be to anticipate and accept the fact that this is inevitable, that it will occur; in other words, there's no way . . . we could twist ourselves into pretzels trying to avoid being misunderstood or misinterpreted. It's very important to accept the fact that the negative state has its part to play in the sweet drama, and that there will be misinterpretations no matter how scrupulous we are in attempting to communicate accurately and correctly.


P: Very true. And that was the warning; that is the reason it was brought to your attention. See, now you know why I have to start with sexuality. Okay. Ready to proceed to the second issue?




Memorandum and Dialogue On Dealing With Negative Entities



P: This is more official. This Memorandum on dealing with negative entities was in the form of a revelation as an update on transcending the understanding of sexuality which came the day before yesterday. This is a memorandum, which I will read to you.


"To the Ruling body and all members of the Center For Spiritual Transformation and to all concerned: As a speaker of the Most High, I am hereby advised by the Most High to advise you to use the following approximate procedure in dealing with the negative and evil entities in all situations at this time" . . . meaning that at this time it's proper; a year from now, I don't know . . . we always have to check it out. "First, to mobilize and evoke the powers of the Most High's Absolute Love, Wisdom, Mercy, Forgiveness, Compassion, Empathy, Kindness and Gentleness, combined with your own and your client's similar attributes from the Most High, by the Most High, through the Most High, and with the Most High in you and in your client; second, mobilize all of your and your client's spiritual advisors, with the same attributes as above; third, assign to the former shadows, who are now mighty warriors of the Most High's peace corps and are peace-bringers and peace-keepers, the role of taking out, separating, evicting, and isolating the negative or evil entity or entities from the client or yourself, to the left side of you or the client's left side. In this case, it is not a situation of possessiveness, insinuation, or attachment, but a request for help or encounter with them, as part of their mission they have to continuously combat everything positive and good during the fierce spiritual wars. Have the mighty warriors of the Lord's peace corps surround them or it and encircle them or it with a shield of white light from the east, that is from the Most High; fourth, have the mighty warriors of the Most High's peace corps read to the negative entities the entities' rights and privileges."


The following content of the reading is to be presented to the evil or negative entities as advised by the Most High. This is the content of the, you know, Miranda, something like that. "By the powers of the Most High's Divine Love, Wisdom, Mercy, Forgiveness, Compassion, and Empathy, as well as our own, as we are all present here, from the Most High, by the Most High, through the Most High, and with the Most High in us, you are hereby being eternally evicted, expelled, and separated from me or from the client. (Use the client's first name). You are hereby reminded of certain rights and privileges that you eternally have from the Most High. First, you are not locked eternally or forever in your present condition, state, process, or place. Second, you are hereby reminded that you have the power of choice and ability to choose. Third, you are hereby given an opportunity and a chance to exercise your rights and privileges to choose from your own free will and by your own free choice, the abilities that you have from the Most High's love and wisdom, either to continue in your negative state in the midst of evils and falsities, or to change through the process of repentence and confession of your sins from the bottom of your heart and request the Most High for forgiveness of your sins. Either choice bears its consequences; if you choose to remain in your current condition, as a result of this choice, being an intruder and imposter from hells in the home that belongs to the Most High, you will be sent back to your respective hell from where you originally came, where you will be locked up to bear the consequences of your evil and false deeds and concepts without being allowed to disturb or attack anyone to eternity, contrary to their will and choice. There, we advise you to reconsider your position. And when you are ready to ask the Most High for help to repent, to confess your sins and to recede from your current condition of evils and falsities and to find a way out of your hell as well as to learn how to repent and how to recede from the negative state that you identify yourself with, you will be given an opportunity to do so. Should you make a wise choice and repent and confess your sins and ask the Most High for forgiveness, then you will be taken from the left side where you are right now and placed in the front of the east, and you will be engulfed by the Most High's warmth and light and be transfigured into a white spirit. Should you be deceptive in your statements, you will not be able to survive that warmth and light and it will instantane­ously transport you into the deepest hells where you will be barely able to catch your breath. Once you are transfigured into a white spirit, you will be accompanied by two angels, the servants of the Most High, to the special division of the New School for Spiritual Re­-Awakenening, Re-Learning and Re-Structuring, and there you'll undergo a process of total transformation from the negative spirit into a positive spirit and subsequent placement within the positive state of the Most High's Creation for the performance of work chosen by you for mutual benefit, common good, and sharing with all in the Most High's Creation.


considering and weighing all the alternatives and let me know your choice. Fifth, after the choice is made, in the first situation when the negative entity chooses to go back to the hells, have the mighty warriors of the Most High's peace corps escort it to the hells, lock it in the hells, and put a permanent seal, with the Most High's approval, on the gate. If the negative entity chooses to change, proceed with its placement to the east, and do as described in the reading of the rights above. This is a memorandum.


X: Beautiful memorandum, Peter.


Y: Yes.


X: Which is . . .


P: You can discuss it, if you want to, briefly, or even . . .


X: Well, I'd like to begin the discussion by saying it's a beautiful memorandum which is beautifully illustrated by the exorcism that you did in my process so that I experience a complete correspondence between the words in that memorandum and the memory of that exorcism that occurred on the evening of the third day.


P: Even seeing William-the-Conquerer, kicking him in the ass.


X: The point I'd like to make is that the key factor in the whole process is the working assumption that the shadow has been converted prior to exorcism which is a really key point. If the shadow has not been converted, then the exorcism is not ready to be performed. That is my experience.


Now having read to you these eternal rights and privileges, that come from the Most High, I am hereby asking you, what is your choice? Take your time in


P: Well, that's true in both directions. Your own shadow also has to be converted; the basic one . . . the basic shadow which is attached to you must be converted.


X: On the part of the therapist or facilitator as well as the client.


P: Yes, right, because you are endangered there; they will not listen to you. You don't have any powers.


X: So, if a therapist or facilitator encounters a negative entity in a client or recipient, which is coming into the foreground and attacking, the key question to ask is . . . on the part of the facilitator . . . is "Has my shadow been converted so that it is prepared to assist in this process, and has the client's shadow been converted?" If not, that is the first priority. We have to get the shadows in position before the exorcism can proceed.


P: Well, I . . . it's possible, you know, that it will not happen until the shadow is converted, although, you know, there . . .


X: Boy, I mean, I think of L.'s process where Lucifer came on the scene before there was any reference to a shadow so that I had to first begin the exorcism of Lucifer and then check with the spiritual advisors and discover that it was not appropriate to proceed with the exorcism until the shadow had been brought out, and as it happened, the shadow had already been converted spontaneously, so it was a very simple matter, but the shadow first had to be put in position before I could proceed with that exorcism.


P: Well, you have to have the fullness of the situation. If you have an unconverted shadow, it is not a fullness of the situation; you have no powers. The shadow is the power. Remember that it is a mighty warrior of the peace corps as you noticed from the New Society's structure, which was presented to you two weeks ago in the first statement with which I shall continue in a moment (for the first statement see Chapter Two). Yes, sir?


Z; Well, I would like clarification of an experience which I had, which was with this gentleman that I have talked to you about before who was suicidal, and my instructions in working with the person, were initially to very tenuously present spiritual hypnosis to the person, to put him into trance, and when he went into trance, my instruction was that there are numerous negative entities which are possessing this person - I mean, this person had extreme suicidal ideation to the point of deciding . . . .


P: Note that the word you are using is `possessing' him, not insinuating.


Z: Yes. No, it is possessing . . . and there were numerous ones, and that when we went into trance and went ahead and did an exorcism of one in particular and there was no confrontation with the shadow. The shadow was not resolved, and yet it was stated that this particular exorcism of this particular entity was crucial for his survival, and after that, I was instructed not to do spiritual hypnosis with him anymore, and then I was simply instructed to stay with this person in therapy to talk with him . . . it's the person I mentioned to you . . . also-because if I didn't-if he wasn't coming to see me, then he would kill himself.


X: And you were instructed to not attempt spiritual hypnosis to deal with the shadow.


Z: Not anymore.


X: Interesting.


P: But also not to exorcise all other evil entities possessing him. Notice, you were not allowed to proceed further.


Z: Just that one, and his experience during that time was profound and very quick. It was gone very quickly, exorcised quickly, and he had a profound experience of the Most High which left him speechless after he ….


P: How long did it last?


Z: All I know is that there was something very crucial going here in terms of saving his life.


P: Yes.


Z: And that I was receiving just enough instruction to do that, to follow through with that.


P: In terms that he would not commit suicide.


Z: That's right, yes.


X: It sounds like a kind of a first-aid emergency . . . .


P: It's an emergency situation, which is an exception to the rule, I would say; you have to go by what your Inner Mind is saying. The advice is here the same: always listen to it, especially in a situation like this.


Z: Right. I guess that's why I wanted to share it.


Y: So your instruction on how to proceed precisely came from where? From your Inner Mind, from his Inner Mind?


Z: It came from the Most High when I asked for guidance on how to proceed now after that entity had been exorcised and there was obviously significant difficulty and fear for this man of going into trance again.


X: The Most High within you or the Most High within the patient?


Z; The Most High within me, and then there's a whole lot with his experience because it has to do with a presentation of hell to me.


P: There you see, this is the point, Z., some situations with the clients are not that much for the sake of the client but for the sake of our learning, like . . . . Let me tell you a secret. You know that R.'s case in my book, the first book (Principles of Spiritual Hypnosis)? Well, his advisors were mixed up and somehow there was no cooperation . . . .


X: In the third case?


P: In the third case. That situation was primarily for my learning, meaning that it was provided specifically for that purpose as a test; his advisors were confused . . . the confusion was induced into the spiritual advisors. They volunteered for that. And, of course, there is more to it than even I can know at this time, because that was such a special and unusual situation in all respects. But it was more for my benefit than for anyone else's. And for the benefit of further developing the spiritual hypnosis.


X: Am I to understand that the spiritual advisor, Harold, was not actually incompetent, but had volunteered to perform that function as a test for you?


P: Yes. Because as you may remember, I told you that you don't understand something about this, which is not proper to tell you.


X: Yes, I remember.


Okay, this is one of the reasons . . . and there are some other reasons which even I am not allowed to know at this time, but this explains why that situation was not that much for his benefit . . . sure, it's also for his benefit . . . but it was for your benefit. That's one of the reasons why an exception is made from the rule.


X: The fundamental point here, as I see it, is that even though it is a basic rule that the shadow should be converted before an exorcism is attempted . . .


P: Be flexible.


X: . . . that one should always be flexible in the sense of adhering to the primary rule of always be guided by the Inner Mind in each individual situation.


P: Yes.


X: Because there are always exceptions to any rule.


P: Right. But that's the rule which I had been trying to "brain­wash" into people during all my workshops but people would not listen, you know, it's funny . . . it was always frustrating to me.


Y: Was there verification from that patient, Z., in some way that he should not have any more spiritual hypnotherapy?


Z: There was in the sense of extreme . . . . Before I received that, and the reason for asking explicitly was because there was extreme resistance and difficulty in going into trance . . . . There was no verification on the level of his Inner Mind because after the exorcism it was not possible to go into trance deep enough to have verification from him. He wouldn't go beyond two fingers.


P: Which is not enough, no.


Z: So, there was no direct confirmation from his Inner Mind only...


Y: Indirect confirmation?


Z: …. only that he wouldn't go, and that's when I said, well, what should I do?


P: Look for confirmation, yes; he wouldn't go so he didn't go.


Y: I understand.


X: I have a couple more comments in regard to the Memo­randum. As you were reading the Memorandum and as I was associating it with the process of my exorcism, I found myself recalling a key moment in that process where once it was clear that what we were dealing with was a negative entity that was operating very subtly, Peter said the following words as he got up from his chair and he moved over behind my chair, something like this, `all right, I am taking over now, by the authority of the Most High; all right, by the authority of the Most High, I'm taking over now'. Those were very, very, very powerful words. That was a key moment; there were many important moments, but the confidence, the decisiveness, the power that was communicated at that moment, not just, `all right. I know what was going on here, we're dealing with a negative entity,' but `I'm taking over by the power of the Most High;' that was the decisive move in the whole process. Very powerful, very powerful, the negative entity didn't have a chance from that moment on.


Z: As the Most High taking over, it's for Peter.


P: You see, you are . . . or I was authorized to say that by the Most High, `I'm taking over by the power of the Most High' because I have to do it from the externals also. The Most High is doing it through me in the externals at the same time as He/ She is doing it from the internals. For that moment I become the Most High without being the Most High myself; the Most High . . . no, this is not a correct statement. The correct way to say it is: the Most High becomes me for the purpose of also doing the work from the external position. You have to understand that this work has to be done both from the internals and the externals simultaneously. Only in this way is the successful outcome of this work assured. The Most High does His/ Her work in the externals through spiritual people who occupy the external position.


X: Let me spell this out more fully so that we can see what we're dealing with here. I experienced that it wouldn't have been the same thing at all if Peter had said `all right, I want this negative entity to know that I have the authority to ask it questions', or `I have the authority to deal with this situation'. The words `taking over' are the key words. `By the authority of the Most High,' of course, is the backup, but `I am taking over' . . . . From that point on, that negative entity was on the defensive; it was attempting to be very intimidating, you know. It was initially coming through with an attempt to be very intimidating, but once Peter established that he was taking over by the authority of the Most High, . . . that was the decisive momentum and it just carried through the rest of the process as I experienced it, and of course, it was tremendously reassuring to me to hear it. I mean, I sensed that Peter understood what was happening but let me just share with you, in case you're not aware of it, that I was sitting in that chair unable to move and unable to speak and knowing that something extraordinary was happening that I was only just beginning to have a faint comprehension of, and there was this sense that Peter not only understood the situation but had the skill and the competence to deal with the situation, which is much more than just understanding. So that the moment he said, `I' am taking over by the authority of the Most High', I felt that my trust in him was fully confirmed and that it was just a matter of the two of us working together to complete the process. That was really a key moment; it comes back very strongly, and I certainly . . . I mean, I have learned from that experience to use that tool and I strongly recommend it. Very decisive, and there's a right moment for saying it. It shouldn't be too soon and it shouldn't be too late, but there's a right moment for saying, `all right, I'm taking over now by the authority of the Most High'.


P: If you are guided by the Most High, you will know when to use it.


X: Right. And there was that sense of Peter being absolutely tuned in so that he knew exactly at what point to take that step. I was . . . I mean, thirty years of experience as an analyst and director of a clinic put me in a position of being able to recognize competence, and at that moment, I recognized competence. Extraordinary moment. I couldn't move and I could not talk and I felt like I was at the mercy of what was happening, and at that moment, it was very reassuring to experience Peter's magnificent competence.


Y: But there's also an element of surrender in that, too. Your Inner Mind surrendering.


Z: Which is reassuring.


P: I remember once I was dealing with some demon in a very sick girl and that demon was just hating me. He was hating me and everyone else but particularly me with all his passion. That battle in a sense was going on for several weeks. That's how bad it was. And he was hating me, just wanting to devour me when at one point I said, "Well, here I am, now, I am coming to you. If it can help you to change your attitude, please take me and devour me." That was the key issue, willingness to sacrifice myself for his salvation.


X: Which implies a total absence of fear on your part.


P: After I said that the demon got confused and powerless. However, in those days (this was several years ago) it was much more difficult to deal with this kind of evil spirit. Gentlemen, you are in good shape because you have the New School now, where you can send them. That school has a special division for demons, satans and devils and similar creatures. You can send them there and if they choose to convert, then it is fine and dandy. But in those days there was no such school opened yet.


X: The balance of power was different at that time.


P: I had to send them back to hell, and it was not easy for me.


Z: When A. heard that on the tape, the other day when we played the tapes, we made some reference to that and she sat up, very alertly, and said, `you know, that's where it went' . . . .


P: Yes. That's exactly where her demon went.


X: I have one further thought to share. I think I expressed it in the workshop but I'm getting an indication that I should repeat this. During . . . I believe it was during the . . . just at the time of the spiritual workshop, it was either in the middle of the workshop or just before the workshop, in one of my trance states, I got this revelation which went beyond what I understood in the process that I went through with Peter last May. In the process my Inner Mind was making a very clear distinction between insinuation and possession, using the analogy of a tapeworm to represent insinuation and the analogy of a python or huge snake crushing and swallowing its victim to represent possession. And there was also an implicit distinction referring to attachment that I didn't really fully comprehend the relation between these three things in my process last May, and I was just . . . in trance that I got this further clarification that attachment . . . that negative entities go through three stages of attack, once they find an opening; the first stage is attachment, the second stage is insinuation, and the third stage is possession; where attachments are like leeches, insinuations are like tapeworms, and possessions are like pythons. And what I further got . . . and this is the thing that really interested me . . . was that attachments tend to take the form of dependency fears, the symptom of attachments are dependency fears. The key symptoms for insinuation are false beliefs, falsities; and the key symptoms of possessions are evil actions, evil intentions.


P: That's the worst type.


Y: This is interesting because the other day I was working with a woman, and being inspired by leeches, tapeworms and pythons - attachments, insinuations and possessions, it became relevant that for her attachments were confusion, insinuations were illusions and pythons ­possessions were delusions, and that was the progression - confusion, illusion, and delusion.


Z: This is very helpful.


X: And there is a progression where the negative entity tries to take it from one step to another for the ultimate purpose of possessing to control . . . .


P: Oh, yes. This is a purpose. Do you realize that confusion corresponds to the turning of oneself to the negative state; illusion to the falsity of the negative state; and delusion to evil of the negative state? However, there is a fourth situation which is neither of that but precedes all of that and which is a continuous, 24-hour attack by those negative thoughts, feelings and concepts which are continuously flooding the world by those negative people who are in this world and by the negative entities in them, Those negative thoughts, feelings and concepts are continuously hurled at you, you see, and you just have to continuously ward them off . . .


X: Originally, in the process I hadn't made the distinction between bullets and attachments. Now I understand that quite apart from attachments, in applying various fears or confusion, there are these - we live in the atmosphere of the negative state where there are these bullets flying through our experiential field, and we have a choice as to whether we own it and create a problem out of it or whether we disown it and just let it pass through without being affected by it. Or another way of putting it, we have a choice when a bullet approaches seeking an opening for an attachment of an insinuation or ultimately a possession, we have the choice as to whether we're going to say, "well, yes, I'll accept that little thought and let it percolate and germinate in my mind", or we can just choose to reach up, pick the bullet out of the air and send it back saying "no, thank you".


Z: It reminds me of the way superfluid helium heats; it flows everywhere in all directions with no resistance.


P: Okay, gentlemen, I would like to continue with the third issue if you don't mind. Are you ready?




More On The Structure Of The Heavenly Society



P: This is a continuation of the discussion two weeks ago about those twenty couples that were introduced to you at that time. (see Chapter Two). As a result of all the work which was done in two weeks, earthly time (you have no idea how much time elapsed in the spiritual world), the five new couples were introduced as an addition to the union of the New Cosmic-Celestial galaxy or nebula. They are representative of some other solar systems or spiritual solar systems which are being incorporated in this New Spiritual Galaxy. The galaxy or the New Society is growing. Again be warned that the names which I am going to give you are only for the purpose of orientation. They are not permanent; their real names, the way they really are, are not utterable here. These names are given to us for the purpose of identifying with whom we are relating.


The first couple who came was Victoriel-Victoriella. They represented the principle that the Most High is the Absolute Winner and Conquerer, and the negative state is an absolute loser and defeatist. Therefore, all in the positive state, in their being and existence, always ultimately win and conquer, and all in the negative state, in their pseudo-being and pseudo-existence, always ultimately lose and are defeated.


Then after them came the second couple who were called Nadiel-Nadiella, and they represented the principle and the content of the Most High's Nature which is absolute usefulness. This principle signifies that the Most High creates and permits . . . creates and permits everything from the position of His/ Her Absolute Nature ­usefulness. Therefore, whatever He/ She does, it is from use, for use, into use, to use, and with use. Thus, whatever exists is for some important use, purpose, goal, reason or learning and therefore its being and existence is justifiable and needed and has its time and place. This, of course, also includes the negative state's temporary being and existence because the negative state performs for the Most High and for all Creation, to its bitter disappointment, a very important use, providing a very crucial opportunity for learning.


X: A very important principle in both "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality" and in the "Messages From Within ".


P: The third couple which came were called Mobiliel-Mobiliella. They represent the principle that the Absolute Nature of the Most High is reflected and manifested in His/ Her Creation in a continuous unceasing fluidity, mobility, flow and changeability of all states, processes, conditions, places, generalities, globalities, localities and singularities. Therefore, all infinite numbers of alternatives and choices and their infinite number of consequences and outcomes are always present simultaneously and synchronously for anyone to choose. Nothing whatsoever is missing in the Most High's Creation. The unavailability of something is by choice only and by the fact that it is not a proper time and place from the standpoint of spacial-temporal continuum to have it, but it is there.


The fourth couple can be called Constantiel­-Constantiella just for the sake of orientation. And the principle they represent is that the Nature of the Most High is absolutely constant from eternity to eternity and from infinity to infinity. In His/ Her Absolute State, Process and Condition, the Most High contains all changes, all states, all conditions, all possibilities, all choices, all generalitities, all globalities, all localities and all singularities. In such an Absolute Condition is the Most High's Absolute Constancy and Permanency of Changes.


That sounds like a quotation from "Fundamentals" on that.


P: I think it is from "Messages".


X: Is it from the "Messages"?


P: Yes, I think it's the second message.


X: Oh.


P: Except that in that message there are no "generalities", "globalities", "localities" and "singularities". It sounds more like the "Four Concepts of the Spiritual Structure of Creation", in the chapter on "The Principles of Spiritual Metaphysics".


And the final couple in this set who came at this time is Archangel Raphael and Raphaella. They represent the principle that the Most High is the Absolute Lord of life, death and healing and of all heavens, of all hells, of all earths in the totality of their being and existence. The Most High is the way, the door, the path, the resurrection, and the true life, the true "I AM" in everyone and everything, and that the Most High is Jesus Christ.


That the Most High and Jesus Christ are not two separate persons but they are one. The resurrection of Jesus Christ was the resurrection in the physical body. That physical body was made divine by that process and other processes and can, therefore, never be disfigured or decayed like everybody else's body, including Buddha's and all others who had the presence of the Most High and who were a manifestation of the Most High. But Jesus Christ was and is the Most High, and He is the only One whose physical body was made divine and taken with Him into the spiritual world where it never decays. It is called Divine Human, and the Most High appears to all humans in His/ Her Creation in that body.


X: So the equation Jesus Christ equals the Most High is re­presented by Raphael and Raphaella?


P: Right. And also a very important principle that only the Most High is the Absolute Healer and therefore only the Most High can heal people from any of their infirmities. Whatever methods of healing are available to people, without any exception or exclusion, they originate from this Absolute Principle of the Most High.


X: And that's the 25th couple?


P: So far 50 people were revealed. They are quite a council but they all represent the solar systems and planets of the galaxy of that New Heavenly Society.


X: And are we to understand that these couples that correspond to these fundamental principles are members of the High Council of the New Heavenly Society?


P: Yes, right. They constitute the High Council. There is a ruling body that is not all 50 or more members (at this point we know only about 50 but, of course, there are more) but they are the High Council and they are all in session, something like a Plenary Assembly or a plenary session. And they maintain and rule that New Society which is a full galaxy and has many, many members from all of the places, universes, galaxies and solar systems not only from humans that came from planet Earth but from other sentient entities both human and non-human. For the first time-it was not before-this Society is being totally activated but it is not totally activated because it is still in the process of being activated by the Most High. As you see, this is the process of activation. As they are being introduced to us, the New Society is being more and more completely activated. And this is all for today.”







Chapter Four


More on the Structure of the New Heavenly, Celestial-Cosmic Society or Galaxy.





Content of „Reality, Myths & Illusions“, pg. 130 - 136, Chapter Four


“In the two previous chapters certain information was revealed by the Most High regarding the structure of the New Heavenly Society which is known as Celestial-Cosmic Nebula or a New Spiritual Galaxy. That structure was described by certain important principles which reflect the Absolute Nature of the Most High as contained in the various members of the High Council that rule that galaxy of the New Heavenly Society. In the two previous chapters twenty-five couples were named or fifty councilmen and councilwomen who represent these important and vital principles of the nature of the Most High.


At this time, it is being revealed by the Most High that an additional eleven couples or twenty-two persons will be named and the principles of the Most High they represent and reflect will be described in general terms. From the last revelation about this matter, as described in the previous two chapters, some time has elapsed. It was known to me in the interim that there are an additional eleven couples who are part of the High Council and Ruling Body of that Spiritual Galaxy but their names, functions and the principles they represent were not revealed. The time was neither right nor appropriate. From February of 1983 to September 1983, when this new addition was named and briefly described, many things of a vital and crucial nature happened both in the Spiritual World and in the Zone of Displacement of planet Earth. Some of those events and happenings are revealed and described in the subsequent chapters of this book. The reason why this chapter is included here instead of at the end of this book (where it chronologically belongs) is because of continuity and logical sequence in description of the Structure of this New Spiritual Galaxy.


Once again a warning is in order; these names are provisional, temporary and only for the purpose of orientation of those who are in the Zone of Displacement and who need some points of labeling for the ease of their conscious mind. In no way are these names exhaustive or unchangeable or final.


The following additional names are being revealed for the benefit of all who are interested in these important spiritual issues:


Michael and Michaella: This couple is better known to people on planet Earth as archangel Michael. However, in the spiritual world, from the spiritual standpoint the pronunciation of this name as Michael (in English pro­nunciation) is incorrect. It violates certain spiritual principles that are contained in that English-type of pronunciation. The proper pronunciation is M i c h a e 1 and M i c h a e 1 a (pronounce phonetically). This couple represents the following principles of the Absolute Nature of the Most High. The Most High is Absolute Peace, Calmness, Serenity and Tranquility. The Most High, from the state of His/ Her Absolute Love and Absolute Wisdom, continuously emanates to the entire Creation this peace, calmness, serenity and tranquility and from that position the Most High is not only the Absolute Emanator of these principles to all but He/ She is also the E Protector of that Peace, Calmness and Serenity, their Defender and eternal Guardian. Thus, the Most High is called the Prince of Peace because He/ She is, in an ultimate sense, the Supreme Commander of His/ Her host - the Peace Corps of the Heavenly Society and Archangel Michael with his consort Michaella is put in charge of this Peace Corps besides representing these Absolute and Exquisite Attributes of the Most High's Absolute Nature.


The next couple is Archangel Gabriel with his consort Gabriella. This couple represents the principle that the Most High is the only Absolute Key for resolution of all problems, mysteries, secrets, riddles, puzzles and everything hidden and enigmatic. At the same time this couple represents the principle that the Most High is the only Absolute Source of true joy, delight, pleasure, contentment, satisfaction and happiness and only from Him/ Her one can derive true and genuine fun, humor, laughter, smiles and a good disposition. Because of this nature, the Most High is a Bringer of only the Good News in an absolute sense.


The next couple is Johnel and Johnella. This couple represents the vital and crucial principle that the Most High is Holy and everything that proceeds from the Most High is Holy. His/ Her Word is Holy and pure Truth from His/ Her Good and pure Wisdom from His/ Her love. The Most High created the entire Creation by the Holy Words of His/ Her Mouth. Because these Words are pure Truth and Rightousness they constitute the reality of the Most High's Creation. The books in the Bible that contain the internal sense (Five Books of Moses, Joshua, Judges, Two Books of Samuel, Two Books of Kings, Job, Psalms, All Prophets, Four Gospels and Revelation of Jesus Christ) are the true Word of God. Therefore, whatever is contained in those books in the Holy Bible is Holy and in them the Most High is constantly present, maintaining from the position of those books in the Bible the connectedness of the Zone of Displacement to the true Spiritual World. Without this connectedness, no one in the Zone of Displacement would live for a fraction of a second.


The name of the next couple is Samuel and Samuella. This couple represent the principle of the Most High which states that the Most High through His/ Her presence in the Holy Bible and in everyone's Inner Mind listens and hears everyone and always knows what everyone's right and proper 132 needs are and He/ She answers everyone's request in accordance with one's real needs in order that everyone may fulfill one's destiny and fully actualize and realize one's free choices. Thus, everyone is heard by the Most High regardless of whether one is or is not consciously aware of this fact. If, by any chance, one's request is not answered or fulfilled, it only means that such a request is contrary to one's true free choice from the position of one's Inner Mind where it truly counts. Therefore, the Most High, in order to preserve one's freedom of choice and free will, will fulfill and respond only to those requests which are in accordance with everyone's free choice and outline of one's destiny for the duration of one step in the process of one's spiritual progression. This principle signifies that everyone chooses a certain step or steps in one's spiritual progression and as one fulfills one's choice in that particular step and exhausts its usefulness for one's life, one is entitled to submit further requests to the Most High and be answered by the Most High in accordance with the needs of one's unique spiritual progression. Thus, any deviation from the chosen step would bring disastrous consequences for that one, should one desire or request and be granted something which is contrary to the content and need of that freely chosen step. However, whatever is needed for the effective and successful exhaustion and completion of usefulness of that particular step, within that step, is continuously provided by the Most High, and the Most High hears everyone's request in this respect.


The name of the next couple is Xenel and Xenella. This couple originally comes from a different universe and different dimension than what is known to humans on Earth. They represent the principle that the center of everyone and everything in the Most High's Creation is the Most High. By virtue of this fact, everyone and everything in the entire Creation is interconnected through this Center - the Most High Who is, thus, a Common Denominator of the infinite variety, diversity and number of various states, processes, places, conditions, entities, dimensions, universes, galaxies, solar systems, planets, times, para-times and all their respective life forms and inanimate objects. Thus, according to this principle, there is only one common denominator of everyone and everything in being and existence. It is the Most High Himself/ Herself Who is all in all.


The next couple is Confuciel and Confuciella. Confuciel is known on this planet under the name of Confucius, who was a great spiritual teacher and leader in ancient China. He and his consort represent the principle that everything in being and existence derives from the spiritual principles of the Most High. Nothing can be and exist apart from these spiritual principles. Thus the only true reality which is really real is the spiritual reality of the Most High's Being and Existence. All else is a derivative, manifestation, process, extention, realization, actualization and concretization of this only spiritual reality.


The next couple is Renumeriel and Renumeriella. This couple represents the principle that the Most High is absolutely impartial and objective and treats everyone and relates to everyone, in an ultimate sense, equally in accordance with the deeds and motivations and intentions that are behind such deeds and in accordance with the degree of one's identification with such deeds and their intentions and motivations. In this sense it is obvious that everyone is remunerated or repaid in accordance with their deeds and their intentions and to the degree of appropriation and identification with them without any preference, discrimination or prejudice. Furthermore this principle states that if one is evil but turns away from one's evil ways, and by one's free choice becomes good and identifies oneself with being good from, by, through and with the Most High, nothing of one's evil ways is remembered, taken in consideration or appropriated to that one. And vice versa: if one is originally good but decides to turn away from being good and by one's free choice becomes evil and identifies oneself with that evil, nothing of one's prior goodness is remembered or appropriated to one as long as one continues to identify oneself and appropriate to oneself that evil. Please see also prophet Ezekiel Chapter 18, verses 19-32 and Chapter 33, verses 10-20 on this issue (in the Holy Bible).


The next couple's name is Uziel and Uziella. This couple represents the important spiritual principle that the Most High is equally present in every sentient entity or human being regardless of whether one is evil or good. However, while the Most High is present in everyone, the difference between a good and evil person is that a good person is also present in the Most High. Thus the Most High is present in a good person as well as a good person is present in the Most High. There is a continuous conjunction and reciprocity going on between the Most High and a good person. On the other hand, while the Most High is ever present in an evil person (in his/ her freedom of choice, free will, rationality and intelligence), an evil person is never present in the Most High but is always outside of the Most High with his/ her back to the face of the Most High. Thus, there is no reciprocity or conjunction between the Most High and an evil person. For that reason the Most High cannot ever be present in an evil person's deeds or life style and can never participate in that evil person's deeds.


The next couple is Seniel and Seniella. This couple represents the spiritual principle that the Most High is absolutely faithful, loyal, devoted, reliable and unfailingly effective in His/ Her Cause and in the relationship to His/ Her entire Creation and to every individual. This principle also indicates that one can build a meaningful relationship with the Most High, with others and with oneself only on the basis of faithfulness, loyalty, devotion, reliability, unfailing effectiveness of one's behavior, attitude and one's entire life.


The name of the next couple is Panteiel and Panteiella. This couple represents the principle that the Most High is One God Indivisible Who is the Lord Jesus Christ Who happens to have many other names because all names are His/ Hers. He/ She is the only All-Universal Being. There is no other God or Supreme Entity or Being anywhere or anywhen else. He/ She is the Only One Who is to be worshiped, adored, loved and related to. To worship, to adore, to love and to relate to this One Indivisible God is to be aware of, to recognize, to acknowledge, to accept, to live and to practice all these principles, as reflected in the Holy Bible and in the New Revelation, in one's everyday life and in all one's activities.


And the last, but not least, couple is Dooveiel and Dooveiella. This couple represents the principle that the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ desires nothing more than to share all of these and all other of His/ Her exquisite principles with everyone in the Creation in an absolute sense. For that reason the Most High continuously stands at the door of everyone's heart and knocks on it. That one who hears this knock and opens the door and invites the Most High to enter or to come in and offer his/ her heart to the Most High for permanent, eternal abode, that one will have a privilege of the Most High's sharing with him/ her everything that the Most High has - all these and all other principles, as reflected in these 36 couples or 72 members of the High Council of the New Heavenly Society­ Galaxy - Universe, that so far have been revealed and, of course, everything else that the Most High consists of. And, of course, since the Most High is inexhaustible in an absolute sense, such a sharing with Him/ Her is also inexhaustible and always new to eternity.


Thus, all in all, as it was so far revealed by the Most High, we have seventy-two councilmen and councilwomen of the New Heavenly Society which is also known by the name of the New Celestial-Cosmic Nebula and Galaxy. These members are totally, completely, utterly and in all respects equally important, equally unique, equally special, equally exquisite and equally equal to each other and to all in the Most High's Creation since everyone in the Most High's Creation performs an important use no matter who it is or where it is or in what capacity or under what condition that function is being performed.”







Chapter Five


Some Thoughts On The Nature Of The Negative State



Content of „Reality, Myths & Illusions“, pg. 137 - 146, Chapter Five


“The Lord Jesus Christ who is the Most High requested me to share the following knowledge and clarification about the negative state which came to me in the early morning meditation on February 20, 1983.


When one is being conceived in the mother's womb (this is a gate on planet Earth through which one enters the negative state) certain ideas, concepts and feelings are very subtly, very cunningly and in a very sophisticated manner insinuated in people's mind by the negative state. These ideas claim that the negative state in its activated and domineering position has absolute value by virtue of the fact that the positive state cannot survive without the negative state. Thus the positive state needs the negative state's being and existence in its activated and dominated manner for its continuation and survival. Because, supposedly, on the negative state's being and existence depends the most vital principle of life and living, that is, freedom of choice. The negative state insinuates the idea that no freedom of choice could exist or be without the negative state's activated and domineering position which allows one to learn the nature of the negative state and which, in fact, makes freedom of choice possible and thus ultimately makes the being and existence of the positive state possible.


This is an upside down position. The consequence of such an insinuation is that, from the very moment of conception, people are made to believe that the negative state is equal to the positive state and, therefore, is normal, natural, proper and right and has eternal continuation and without it life would be impossible.


The danger of such a conclusion is obvious. If this would be the truth then combat against the negative state, elimination of the negative state could be dangerous and would bring ultimately the elimination of all being and existence. Therefore, people should not try to eliminate the negative state in their lives but instead to support it as a necessary, vital and fundamental occurrence, as an integral part of their lives about which they cannot do anything anyway, no matter how hard they try. Now, identification with such ideas, acceptance of such ideas is one of the most common openings for insinuation of negative entities in people's life. This is a very subtle one. One has to be careful because very often it's not obviously discernable on the conscious level. Sure, many people do have this philosophy and idea, even obviously and consciously, but if you examine people who are consciously disagreeing with this fact and go into the unconscious levels of the mind, if you regress them to conception you will find that strongly imbued idea in their mind. Be aware of the possibility of insinuation at that level which is not easily detectible by regular normal means. Therefore, it is necessary to explore everyone who comes for treatment or whom you counsel, particularly about the time around conception, in order to find out to what extent they identify themselves unconsciously with such ideas since such an identification, in turn, allows insinuation of the negative entity. And, of course, if you discover that, then it is vitally and crucially important to exorcise such negative entity and to correct this false distorted idea.


Now, the second point which logically follows the first one is that, if it is true that the negative state has its absolute value, that is, that the positive state cannot survive without the negative state and needs the negative state in activated and domineering position in order to learn what the negative state is all about and that such a choice has to be preserved to eternity, then one arrives at the dangerous, evil and false conclusion that the nature of the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ is a dual one. It means that the Most High is both positive and negative and that the Most High originates the negative state as well as the positive state for the purpose of maintaining freedom of choice and that freedom of choice is impossible unless there are two absolutely opposing absolute states in the Most High's nature, one being positive and the other being negative.


Now, this is an even more dangerous concept and idea than the first one since in this connotation to combat the negative state equals combating the Most High. This idea is particularly imbued in the Eastern philosophy of duality, Yang and Ying, night and day, positive and negative and similar concepts which are extremely dangerous because they equate evil with good and everything negative with everything positive and place in it eternal value and absolute value. Therefore, one should passively allow the negative state to dominate one's life and to hope that inadvertently one will find himself/ herself on the positive side. Of course, in this kind of conceptualization, no matter what one does, it is always a matter of chance. On the other hand, it is a matter of tremendous effort and struggle and sacrifice and giving up all kinds of things in order to be worthy to be part of the positive state. From these ideas came all those restrictions, taboos, impositions, rules and regulations of customs, of traditional, conventional, religious and spiritualistic trends in both the East and the West which prohibit people from doing certain things and which impose on them certain ways that allow them to come into the positive state. At the same time claiming that the negative state will be existing to eternity. And that, if one doesn't follow those rules and regulations, one is condemned and damned to eternity in the absolute sense of spending one's life in the negative state or to be continuously reincarnated on Earth. Well, that's what the negative state wants one to believe because the major point here is that the negative state strives tremendously to convince people that it is forever. This is a finalistic stance so inherent or immanent in the nature of the negative state. The interesting thing is that the literal sense of the Holy Books, such as the Bible, for example, are full of such finalistic statements because the statements are being made from the position of the negative state. Being restricted and limited by the ignorance of the negative state and impositions of prohibitions of the negative state, people tend to judge everything from the position of finality or a finalistic stance and don't see things the way they are, meaning in their continuously changing flow and their potential nature.


The true reality is that the positive state is absolute because it stems from the Absolute Source and as such doesn't depend on the negative state for its continuation, existence and being. Furthermore the nature of the absolute positive state and its immanent condition is freedom and independence. Therefore it exists absolutely by absolute choice. Now, absolute choice doesn't need any relative choices. They only appear, those relative choices, at the point of creation of beings and entities that come from the Absolute Source. Since they appear as if they are outside of that Absolute Source, there is a need to make a decision to accept or deny that Absolute Source. In the presence of such a need for decision is the potentiality for the occurrence, proceeding and becoming of the negative state. However, such an awareness, that is the awareness that I may or may not choose the absoluteness of the Most High and that I am from the Most High, by the Most High, through the Most High and with the Most High, is sufficient and is only valid for total, complete and unlimited maintenance of continuous freedom of choice. Thus, no activation and dominance of the negative state is necessary at all to maintain the positive state's being and existence since it always is anyway from eternity to eternity, from infinity to infinity. Now the activation and dominance of the negative state comes to its fruition only after the question is asked, "what would life be like without any spirituality, distorted spirituality and/ or if life could be explained as originating from any other source than the Absolute Source of the Most High?" The answer to that question requires demonstration and illustration and this is accomplished by activation and putting in dominance of that potential choice that exists with everyone to eternity. However, once the lesson is learned, once the negative state's nature, in an activated and domineering position, is fully, completely and totally manifested, illustrated and demonstrated to all and it has fulfilled its use then, of course, it is deactivated completely and totally in the process of one cycle of time or at the end of this cycle of time. At that time its original shape or form is resumed again which is the presence of eternal free choice as potentiality to reject one's origination from the Absolute Source of the Most High. Of course, such understanding of the negative state is not acceptable to the negative state and therefore it is permitted to produce all kinds of philosophies, religious systems, mystical systems, belief systems, ritualistic trends that would emphasize the dual nature of the Most High, contradictions, opposites and elevation of the negative state to the position of being equal with the positive state. Such abominations are full of Eastern religion's mysticism and Western religion's Christianity which is reflected in the finalistic statement of the Bible that one will be doomed to eternity to suffer in hells in the negative state. These philosophies are convincing means because they are disguised under the revelation of the Most High, that is, they claim that the Most High revealed it. But of course the Most High is even described as an angry, hostile, punishing, punitive, condemning God. This is negative. In the Christian Bible, for example, it is very implicit. On one hand He is a merciful, loving and kind God and on the other hand He is a jealous, punitive, hateful, bloody, angry God which are descriptions of total negativity. This was permitted by the Most High in order that the true nature of the negative state can be learned, illustrated, demonstrated and the atrocity, abomination and futility of the negative state could be exposed. The point here is that without such a belief system the negative state could not fully manifest itself and its nature because if you believe that you will be in the negative state only temporarily and not eternally and if you believe that the negative state is not from the Absolute Source, then, of course, the negative state has no value and it cannot be manifested properly since nobody would believe and trust in its existence. It would be like pretending, a game, a let-us-pretend-game type of situation. This is one of the crucial, vital reasons why the Most High states that all religious, mystical and philosophical systems which are currently in existence on the planet Earth, no matter how great they are, no matter how truthful they seem to be, must be unconditionally abolished as long as they maintain this duality, and equalize the positive state with the negative state and claim that the negative state has absolute eternal existence and continuation to eternity. They must be replaced with this New Revelation, the new philosophy and the new explanation of the nature of the negative state. Since basically the negative state has exhausted its usefulness, and its nature has been sufficiently demonstrated, illustrated and proven, it is no longer necessary to maintain or to permit the perpetuation of an idea of the duality of the universe and Creation, the duality of the nature of the Most High and to conceive of the Most High in the literal Biblical terms or in Eastern terms of duality as containing in an absolute sense both the opposite natures of the positive state and the negative state. Therefore, it must be proclaimed that the negative and the positive state are not opposite since, when you state or admit that they are opposite, you are stating and admitting that they have an equal value. Instead there is only one state which is the positive state, the state of love and wisdom, the state of good and truth, the state of objectivity and righteousness which is the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ Who is absolutely positive; and then there is a derivative of the relative state of the sentient entities who are relative to the Absolute State of the Most High and from themselves, from that potentiality of the denial of the existence of the Most High, they fabricated or activated the negative state which is, therefore, a denial of the positive state not the opposite of the positive state. Denial of something doesn't constitute equality with that something because it stems from the existence of that something. The denial, as mentioned many times before in the writings, cannot even be conceived without the existence of that which is being denied. Otherwise no idea of denial could occur.


In view of this fact, the Most High advises all members and followers of the New Revelation, and all who read this, if they choose so, to be completely and totally dissociated from any previously held belief systems, teachings, concepts, ideas, whether they came from Western thought or Eastern thought, in order to be purified, cleansed and prepared for acceptance of the new spirituality that cannot be contaminated, polluted and poisoned by anything previously held in being and existence no matter how true, proper and right it seems.


Now, the third point here is, that, when one comes into the negative state in the mother's womb after conception, one is conceived in the midst of the correspondences of evils and falsities, that is, in the midst of the feces and urine. Under those conditions it seems to be such a natural, normal and healthy process since nothing else or different is available. The point here is that the negative state needs its own proof that it exists to eternity and that it is needed desperately for the positive state to survive. Therefore, it fabricates its own way of proof and one of them is to be physically born by animalistic means in the mother's womb in the midst of urine and feces. Once one is in the mother's womb, one is bombarded from externals, from one's external environment, from the mother and father and people around, about the negative state's continuation and philosophy that the negative state is a natural and normal part of life and that's the way it is and that's the way it will be always. And since in the mother's womb the Inner Mind is closed off from the external mind, which external mind is being formed by those kinds of impositions, one is very sensitive to everything which is coming from the externals because this is the only tool by which the external mind is developed and this is needed to survive in the negative state. Therefore, from such suggestibility and sensitivity, which is illustrated also by the so called "naturalness" of feces and urine that correspond to evil and falsity, one identifies oneself with that philosophy which claims that the negative state is a way of life and that it is the way it is always going to be and therefore nothing can be done about it. Now you can see the danger of this situation.


When I came out of trance this morning, I was immediately led to the Bible and I opened the Bible at random to the Gospel of Matthew, 15th Chapter. There is an interesting event described which was always a thorn in my mind. The event relates to the woman from Canaan who came to the Lord and asked Him to heal her daughter who was possessed by an evil spirit. However, the Lord, contrary to His nature of love and wisdom, completely ignored her and didn't want even to talk to her. Now the disciples of the Lord asked Him: why don't you do something with her, she's just bugging us, let's get rid of her. And the woman comes and kneels in front of the Lord and begs Him to help, and what does he answer her? "It is not good to take away bread from children and throw it to the little dogs." What a nice response from someone who is Absolute Love! That was the thorn in my mind. But the woman, being very intelligent says, "I agree, Lord, but even the little dogs feed on the crumbs from the bread which fall when children eat." Then the Lord turns and says, "Oh, woman, your faith is great, therefore be it as you believe." And in that moment the evil spirit left her daughter and her daughter was healed. Now what is the meaning of this event, what is the correspondence? The woman, her daughter and the dogs represent the negative state, the evil state. The bread, the Lord and the children represent the positive state, the goodness and love. Why did the Lord refuse to acknowledge the woman? Because the Lord doesn't acknowledge the negative state as being equal to the positive state. The negative state is not from the positive state and, therefore, He refuses to give good and truth to the negative state because of that love. If He were to give it the good and truth, that real good and truth, under the conditions in which it exists, the negative state would profane that good and truth and by virtue of that profanation it would destroy itself to eternity without a possibility of salvation. This means that everyone who participates . . . and this is the point, everyone who participates in the negative state by profaning the real good and truth, as long as one is identified with the negative state, would instantaneously kill oneself. Life would be destroyed. However, the situation is different when one admits, as this woman did, that one is negative; that one cannot exist without the positive state; that one has no value and no eternal continuation. Therefore, one doesn't deserve to live and one lives only by the mercy of the Most High, by the permission of the Most High, not as an equal to the positive state but something which is tolerated on a dog-like level and has no value by itself and in itself. And, of course, if one admits that, one starts to recede from evil, negativity and falsity. The admission of that fact, the admission that the negative state has no value, no equality with the positive state, no independent existence, no eternal continuation and is the dog­like state which can exist only by the mercy and permission of the Most High, symbolized here by the crumbs of bread falling from the table to the floor, such admission is the very first step of recession from negativity and elimination of the negative state. That admission allows, therefore, the Most High to intervene and to bring one from the negative state into the positive state which here is signified by His statement, "great is your faith, woman, go in peace and your daughter is healed." ("Daughter" in this connotation signifies all false and evil spiritual doctrines of the negative state.) Therefore, one is healed, one is freed from the bondage, from the prison of the negative state. Thus the negative state cannot exist forever. Now, I am told this is the true meaning of that event. It's funny because this was one of the problems I had with Christianity or with Jesus Christ. That particular event always bothered me, why it is so. But now, in view of this revelation, it's clear how important it was to behave exactly the way that Jesus Christ behaved at that time illustrating to us the true nature of the positive state and the true nature of the negative state and proving once and for all that the negative state has no equal value to the positive state and the positive state doesn't need the negative state for its existence; that the nature of the Most High is not dual but Absolutely one, positive; and that the negative state is not the opposite of the positive state but the negative state exists only by permission, by mercy, for the sake of learning which is permitted by the Most High. Of course, the main thing the Lord Jesus Christ proved by healing the negative state, is that it will not exist forever. In the ultimate sense all hells will be eliminated and the negative state will be put back into the dormant, inactive condition as a choice, as an availability of choice but not as a dominant and activated mode of being and existence. And this is the true meaning of that event. It puts my mind at peace now. And this is the extent of the revelation which occurred today.”







Chapter Six


On Some General Trends of the Negative State



Content of „Reality, Myths & Illusions“, pg. 147 - 155, Chapter Six


“I am told by the Most High to share the following thoughts and ideas with all who are interested. They were outlined to me in early morning meditation on February 23, 1983. These ideas are related to some general trends of the negative state with which people have a tendency to identify themselves. Such an identification is dangerous because it leads to various kinds of insinuations in their lives of the negative spirits that need to be exorcised should such identification be detected within oneself or within those people that one works with in treatment or spiritual counseling.


At this time there are eight points that will be considered.



In the negative state the trend is always to seek out differences, to be separated, to be isolated, to be split and to be disunited from everyone else. No common points, no commonality of all is emphasized or sought out. This is a dangerous trend because it leads one to the ultimate state of self-love, not love of self, but self-love, selfishness, egoism. It is a direct key for opening the door for insinuation of the negative entity in one's life. On the other hand, the positive state has a trend that seeks out continuously some common grounds, some common points with everyone else in Creation so that there is a unity in diversity, there is a concept of being many parts of the same whole. The common point which unites everyone in the positive state of Creation is the eternal presence of the Most High within everyone. One relates to the Most High within oneself and one relates to the Most High's presence within everyone else in Creation. This tendency unites and makes one and harmonious the entire side of the positive state of Creation.


Since in the negative state emphasis is on differences and isolation and separation instead of on commonality from the presence of the Most High in everyone, the negative state blocks people, by that virtue, from the discovery of that common trend which we all have, the presence of the Most High within us.



In the negative state whatever one does, one does for one's own sake, with little or any regard for the Most High or for anyone else. The starting point of doing something is always what use can it be for me, and not what use can it be for mutual benefit, common good, and sharing with all for the sake of all and most importantly for the sake of the Most High. In the negative state, if one does something for the Most High or others, it is with regard to oneself, for one's own sake and not for their sake. Thus the motivating factors of activities in the negative state are always selfish, self-centered and self-­directed.


Identification with such a trend is a direct opening of the door for insinuation of a negative entity in one's life which continuously feeds, fuels and maintains that kind of tendency. This is a dangerous trend because it can be very subtly disguised by false modesty and humbleness and humility and especially by charity. Doing things seemingly for the sake of others and the Most High but, in fact, inwardly, it is done for the sake of recognition, reputation and good standing and any other similar ulterior motivations.


On the other hand, in the positive state there is a trend that whatever one does one does it for the sake of the Most High and for the sake of others and for the sake of mutual benefit, common good and sharing and mutual use for all. In the positive state whatever one does for oneself it is with regard that one does it for the sake of others and for the sake of the Most High. One loves oneself because one wants to love the Most High and one wants to love others. If one doesn't love oneself, one cannot love the Most High and others. And this is the true motivational factor that rules the life of everyone in the positive state.



There is a very dominant or predominant trend in the negative state and that is that whatever is done, whatever is conceived in the negative state, is done and conceived always from the position of without, from externals, that is from expectations, anticipations, rules and regulations that are defined and established from the position of outside, from without, from the externals. These trends lead to the build up of illusory self-concepts and self-images that people have about themselves which shuts them off from the discovery of the internals where the real self-concepts and self-images can be built and acquired from the presence of the Most High within. The identification with these trends leads again to the opening for insinuation of negative spirit or entities in one's life that fuel, support and keep one in the outside, in continuous illusion and self-deception about oneself and others and the Most High.


On the other hand, in the positive state, whatever is built or done, is always done from the position from within, from the reality of the eternal presence of the Most High within everyone that regulates all events and that allows one to acquire a true and positive and right and correct self-concept and self-image which then, in turn, is projected to the outside, to the externals for sharing with everyone in the spirit of mutual benefit, common good and common use.


Thus in the positive state the true self is built from the presence of the Most High, by the presence of the Most High, through the presence of the Most High and with the presence of the Most High within the totality of one's being and existence. And since such presence is the only true reality, one derives a true self-concept and self-image and one avoids being ruled by illusions and deceptions. Of course, the negative state has just the opposite trend, because nothing there is built or done or conceived from internals but from fabrications of the externals that are subsequently imposed on one's style of life and then one chooses to have no choice but to identify oneself with such fabrications, become such fabrications and bear the consequences of such devastating identification with those fabrications.



The trend in the negative state is that everything is conditional. Whatever is done, whatever is concocted in the negative state is always conditional. It depends always on certain considerations that exclude the totality of one's essence and substance, one's being and existence so that in the negative state when one relates to anyone it is like relating from the position of the closed book. I will open myself only as much as I feel that it is beneficial and useful for me, and deny and reject, and deceive and become dishonest by claiming that this is all I have. Thus the negative state is very secretive, always holding back in order that one doesn't share unconditionally everything that one has or possesses. This leads to the development of deception, denial and dishonesty toward others and oneself which, in turn, leads to the position of self­exclusion that only "I have the right to possess and to know certain things and because of that false appropriation of such right I am not going to share myself or that knowledge or whatever I possess with anyone else. I will determine to what extent and how much I will share or do or reveal." Do you notice how secretive the negative state is? Look at the KGB, look at the CIA, the IRS and all those organizations of hells that are established on planet Earth, how secret they are, under the disguise of national security and various other abominations of the negative state. And, of course, under existing conditions on planet Earth this is the only way that is at this time feasible and possible. Of course, identification with such ideas and trends is one of the devastating manners through and by which the negative entities insinuate themselves in people's life and fuel and motivate and support these kinds of trends and attitudes.


Now, in the positive state the trend is that everything there is unconditional. Everyone is an open book. I am an open book, therefore everybody can read me page by page and share myself unconditionally without any exclusivity, without any denial, dishonesty, disception, without holding anything back. This is a great delight and pleasure that I can completely and totally share myself and everything that I have with everyone unconditionally. The eternal presence of the Most High is in such a stance because the Most High shares Himself, Herself unconditionally with everyone else to the degree and the extent of people's ability to accept His/ Her unconditional sharing.



In the negative state there is a trend that whatever one does or feels or comes up with is and can be validated only by an approval, acceptance, admiration and recognition by others. Thus validation is not done by, through, with and from the Most High, from the position within the Inner Mind, but instead by what other people say, how other people react, how other people accept, or approve or admire whatever one comes up with. Notice, please, that lack of such support, acceptance, approval, admiration and so forth leads to a devastating condition of depression, misery, suffering, worthlessness, self­-denial and ultimate suicide. This is a dangerous trend because identification with such attitudes opens the door for very strong insinuation of negative entities that fuel, feed, support and motivate everyone to feel that way and to be dependent on other's approval, acceptance, admiration and validation.


On the other hand, on the positive side, the trend is that the only approval, admiration, or acceptance of one's actions, ideas, thoughts always come from within, from the presence of the Most High. Therefore they come directly from the Most High, by the Most High, through the Most High and with the Most High. From such a position and stance, of course, there is no lack of acceptance because one accepts the Most High within oneself. From that position, because one accepts that, one accepts the Most High in others. This leads to total mutual acceptance, mutual respect and mutual consideration. Thus no idea even crosses their mind to be approved, accepted, admired and worshiped in their ideas, thoughts and deeds from the externals because everyone there does everything from the Most High, by the Most High, through the Most High and with the Most High from within, therefore everyone is valuable, positive and worthy. So, as you can see, in the positive state there is no idea or need to be approved, accepted, admired and worshiped by others for whatever one does. One does things for the sake of the principle because this is the way it is without any need for approval and acceptance by others from externals. Since externals derive from internals, the internal approval simultaneously means external approval so that one doesn't have to turn oneself outward, waste one's time and energy for seeking out approval where there is no approval.



There is a tendency in the negative state for people to seek out in other people, as a trend, only that which is negative, which is bad, which is wrong, which is weak, which is sensitive, which is adverse. They have tendencies to emphasize these kinds of aspects of one's personality. Usually this is done with the tendency to put people down for the purpose of condemnation, rejection and denial of anything good and positive in people in order that one can look as good and positive and admirable from one's own position for the purpose of self-elevation, self-admiration, self­-aggrandizement, self-importance, self-exclusivity, self-­righteousness and so on and so forth. The principle here is that "I am right and everyone is wrong". Therefore, in order to prove that this is true, that I am right and everybody else is wrong, it is necessary that I seek out in people only negative things, bad things, wrong things which lead me to the conclusion that, because they are bad, wrong and negative, they cannot be right and, therefore, only I am right and they are all wrong. The arrogance of this stance, the rudeness and megalomania of this stance is very obvious and this is a favorite way, if people identify themselves with this stance and trend, for the negative spirits to insinuate themselves into people's lives and rule and influence their lives in that direction.


Now, on the positive side, there is a general trend that members of the positive side always emphasize in people everything that is good, that is positive, that is right, that is correct, that is creative, productive, constructive and contains in such attributes the presence of the Most High. Therefore the emphasis is always on the presence of the Most High. While in the negative state the emphasis is always on the presence of the devil, on the presence of the negative state, on the presence of wrongness, in the positive state, emphasis is always on the presence of the Most High and subsequently on everything that is positive and good. Therefore, in the positive state no condemnation, no judgment, no denial, no refusal, no writing-­off of people is possible, conceivable or even can come to their mind. Such ideas, occurring in their mind, are an abomination and they abhor even thinking about them. Thus in the positive state the principle is: because everybody contains the eternal presence of the Most High within oneself, within one's Inner Mind, everybody, even in the negative state, has the potentiality to be right regardless of how evil and negative one's situation is at the moment. Here the emphasis is on the potentiality of being right, which is the basis or foundation from which one can recede from one's evil and falsity or from one's being wrong. Therefore, no one is ever put down in the positive state or from the positive state in the negative state and there is no desire, wish or even idea that is conceived of self-elevation, self-admiration, self-aggrandization, self­importance because everybody is important, everybody is admirable, everybody is different, everybody is unique, everybody is special and everybody is equal and everybody is valuable because everyone carries within themselves the unique manifestation and presence of the Most High in their Inner Mind.



In the negative state there is a peculiar trend that everything that is happening in human life or in life in general, in the pseudo-life to be precise, is controlled by situations, by events and by externals. The funny thing about it here is that one does not control the situation, happenings and events of one's life but one is controlled by them. One is almost determined by situations, events, environments and externals. Thus one is enslaved to the situations and doesn't have a mastery over one's life from this position. Therefore in the negative state the illusion is that one is not the master of one's life, one is not the center of one's own universe but instead one is a toy of forces and situations that are beyond one's control. This is again a dangerous situation because it leads to the acceptance of the idea that the negative state is inevitable and therefore it's futile to combat it. Now, the identification with such an idea is again a nice opening of the door for insinuation of negative entities in one's life that dominate and control people and one really becomes a toy in the game playings of the negative state.


On the other hand, in the positive state the situation is entirely the opposite. One is in control of every situation, of every event because one determines by one's choice what the situation will be, what the content of the situation is, what the use of that situation is and what kind of events and happenings are necessary in order that mutual benefit, common good and sharing can occur and take hold with all in the Most High's Creation. Thus in the positive state, all events, situations and happenings are the result of one's internals or one's ideas that continuously occur in one's Inner Mind from the presence of the Most High, by the presence of the Most High, through the presence of the Most High and with the presence of the' Most High in one's Inner Mind.



And the last trend, number eight, is that everything in the negative state is built on the principles of projections and excuses. By seeking out only the negative aspects in others, as was pointed out in trend number six, one justifies and excuses one's own negativity and accepts negativity as a way of life; in fact, as a normal way of life. The principle here is that, if I look around and see that everybody does things that are generally considered to be not appropriate and are condemnable or negative, since everyone else does it, then I have the right to do the same thing and therefore I should not feel bad or do anything to change because everybody cheats, everybody lies, everybody deceives, and so on and so forth ad infinitum. This is a nice way of substantiation, justification, rationalization and excuse for the negative state. This is another reason why people tend to seek out in others only the negative aspects so that they can justify their own negativity.


On the other hand, in the positive state whatever one projects, if one projects, it's always positive, good, stemming from the Most High, from internals that tends to seek out the common points, the presence of the Most High in others for the purpose of unification, oneness and harmony in order that the greater mutual benefit, common good and use could ensue from such relationship.


Again the identification with this negative situation, negative trends is one of the best ways for insinuation of negative entities in one's life that support, fuel and maintain this kind of projection and abomination, justification, excuses and rationalizations of the negative state's existence and being.


Therefore, in approaching people, it is important, particularly when one is treating them or counseling them, to be aware of these points and any other points and possibilities of very subtle and cunning insinuations of negative entities through such false identifications as mentioned above.”







Chapter Seven


A Warning About the Negative Entities



Content of „Reality, Myths & Illusions“, pg. 156 - 160, Chapter Seven


“This is a warning which one is advised to take into consideration particularly when one works with spiritual advisors in one's own trances or when one treats one's clients.


When a person has within himself/herself a negative entity, which is more than just insinuation, it is necessary to exercise extreme caution in dealing with that person and his/her spiritual advisors. One is to be aware that in such a situation that entity is in uncontested control of everything that constitutes that person. One is to be aware that the Inner Mind of that person is imprisoned, isolated and completely separated from any part of that person's mind and also from his/ her body. Thus the negative entity is in complete and total charge also of the idiomotor responses and therefore influences the idiomotor responding, finger movements, simulating them as if they were coming from the Inner Mind. So that when one asks, "is this the Inner Mind speaking?", one will get the "yes" response. In this situation the spiritual hypnotherapist has no possibility of getting through to the Inner Mind for the purpose of verification and checkout of the true identity of this entity. Very often the entity very authoritatively will claim that it is the Most High, Jesus Christ, or the Highest Spiritual Advisor. Also one is to be cautious of the possibility that, in such instances, all other advisors may be, in fact, pseudo-advisors and the shadow is or will be cooperative and willing and nice, since the shadow relates from the position of the negative state which is considered to be the positive state and thus seemingly there is no need for conversion or liberation of the shadow. Unfortunately, a person who is in this category is fully identified with this situation and will listen only to his pseudo-highest spiritual advisor considering him to be Jesus Christ or God. The client doesn't want to change this situation because he/ she falsely assumes that to change it or disconnect himself/ herself from communicating with this entity means that he/she will have no access anymore to the Most High. This is a very cunning self­deception utilized by that negative entity for total control of the persons life. Now the only way the spiritual hypnotherapist can recognize and determine whether this situation is negative and abnormal is not through idiomotor responses but only by intuition, feelings, clinical observation and assessment of the content of what is being said by the negative entity during the trance and how the client behaves while outside of the trance. Here are some signs to look for.



First, the spiritual hypnotherapist will notice that there are no feelings of love flowing from or to the client. There is a sense of coldness and complete detachment. The external or outward mind of the client is usually disjointed, poorly focused, scattered, abrupt and full of traumas. Outwardly and clinically the client seems to be almost borderline psychotic. However, this is not always the case, since this depends on the degree of sophistication of the possessive negative entity and what level of hell it's coming from because some of them can pretend to have good mental and physical health.



Another sign is that the client is usually a heavy smoker or drinker or drug user or addicted to something or has some kind of habit usually of a destructive nature or self­destructive nature and the negative entity claims that this is not a problem. The classical example of such situation is the famous and beautiful person Dr. K.R. who is one of the heaviest chain smokers and her so-called spiritual advisors tell her that it is OK and proper to smoke and there is nothing wrong with it. The same thing is true about the person who transmits messages from Seth. She is a very heavy smoker and yet Seth tells her to continue to smoke and even gives her breaks so she can smoke in between dictations.



The client claims that he/she has no choice in the matter but that he/ she must obey and follow the instruction of this entity because otherwise life is made difficult and unbearable by that entity if the instructions are not followed and the entity, of course, is considered to be God or Jesus Christ, so "you better follow it if God says so."



When the entity speaks through the client, using the client's vocal cords, the therapist can immediately notice lack of love, lack of wisdom, lack of consideration, acceptance and humbleness. The entity is very finalistic, dogmatic, rigid, predicts future events with the sense of absolute certainty, and sense "this is the way it is because I say so," giving no freedom of choice to the client to change or modify or alter that situation under the disguise that the client originally chose to follow what the entity dictates and says, which is, of course, true, because that's what happened. But the entity uses that situation as an excuse to take total control and tell the client that he/she has no choice because he/she has already chosen to have no choice and to give the choice to it.



The entity speaks in terms of "must", it's inevitable, "I order this, it's my order, this is the way it's supposed to be", and who will argue with the Most High anyway? The entity usually proclaims that the client is a very special person, more special than all others and for that reason others better follow and obey what the entity says through the client and treat the client with a special consideration and preference. Thus the therapist can detect self-exclusive, self-righteous, preferential and unusual special circumstances in this situation.



The entity desperately wants for the hypnotherapist to ask it many questions because through such questioning the psychotherapist inadvertently divulges certain information about himself/herself, his/her life, interests and the entity is capable through such questions to read out many things that are subliminally implied in statements of the therapist despite the fact that the therapist doesn't directly speak about it. And, of course, the entity immediately fully and totally capitalizes on this information and subliminal implicit and explicit statements and from them makes authoritative predictions and exhibits a certain knowledge of information about the therapist by which the therapist is totally and completely flabbergasted and surprised. This is especially true in view of the fact that the therapist thinks that no such information about himself/ herself was given to the entity and yet the entity knew these things about the therapist. The therapist, of course, does not realize that through certain subliminal cues, when the therapist questions the entity, the entity is capable of momentarily insinuating itself into the therapist's mind and to reading out whatever it needs to seduce and to give orders to the therapist in order to trap the therapist in believing and accepting that the entity is the Most High. This is a very convincing manner or way for the entity to coerce the therapist into believing that it is the Most High.


These are some signs of detection of the true nature of possessive entities. It is obvious that one will find more such similar signs for detection of its true nature. Should it be difficult to detect any such signs and yet the therapist feels intuitively or gets the message from his own Inner Mind or his own Spiritual Advisors that there is something terribly wrong with the situation, regardless that outwardly everything seems to be going nicely, then the facilitator of the process is advised to call upon the senior members of the Center for Spiritual Transformation, particularly to the president or director of the Center. The president then appoints three spiritually highly evolved members of the board of directors who will examine the case. The advice would be to bring the client into the presence of the three members and the facilitator, who is a fourth one, who will then put the client into a deep trance in the presence of the three spiritually highly evolved members of the Spiritual Transformation Center.


In that process they will be themselves in deep trance from which state they will collaborate and confirm or ask the Most High to resolve that situation. Should all three members agree that this is a fake situation, or a trap, and they agree independently from the deep level of their own trance and the thorough examination and observation of the client while outside of trance, then the conclusion is that the Most High spoke and, therefore, the therapists should accordingly be warned and not take any statement that comes through the client seriously. The therapist can continue to see the client in a supportive manner but under no circumstances should a forceful exorcism of the possessive entity be undertaken at that time because such an attempt can lead to a full-blown psychotic break.


The therapist in that case simply, supportively emphasizes objectively the positive statement, the good and love and truth and wisdom and finishes the therapy with suggestion that the client will be able effectively and successfully to resolve his/ her problems and deal with all kinds of life situations in accordance with his/ her best abilities and will be able to understand everything that is happening and will happen at the right time, the proper time, under the right conditions when the time is right. At this point, nothing more can be done in cases like this. Also one is to be aware that in such cases, clients could be agents of the negative state that have a desire to infiltrate the Spiritual Transformation Center and to destroy or avert or mislead and misguide, or take away its primary purpose and goal.”







Chapter Eight


On Femininity, Masculinity and Human Sexuality



Content of „Reality, Myths & Illusions“, pg. 161 - 173, Chapter Eight


“This is a very touchy subject and one should approach this with an open mind and request the Most High to give one a proper understanding, perception and application of what's going to be revealed.


As everybody knows the principles of femininity and masculinity and their intra and inter-relationships, as well as the concept of marriage and sexuality, are grossly misunderstood, misused, abused, perverted and mutilated by mankind on the planet Earth. The statements in the Holy Bible about these issues, as well as the interpretation of adultery, is taken literally as though it relates to the relationship of a female and a male instead of femininity and masculinity. This is a crucial distinction. When we speak about male and female, we speak about two human beings. When we speak about femininity and masculinity we speak about principles that are very fundamental, vital and crucial spiritual principles contained in every singular human being. Now, when the Lord speaks about conjunction and marriage, He always speaks about an internal state of affairs and not about a superficial, outward, external relationship and bond. The principle being that, when God created man, he created femininity and masculinity in that one man. The entire nature, structure, dynamic, content of man can be derived from the principle of femininity and masculinity, which are inherently contained Within man's mind. Thus when we speak about man, we speak not about male but we speak about conjunction, unity, oneness and the harmony of feminine and masculine principles contained in that oneness, that one human being.


So that when the Lord said that it is impossible to divorce or to enter into divorces without committing adultery, He speaks about separation, isolation, repression, suppression, split and the underestimation of one principle over the other instead of a superficial, outward relationship between male and female. The relationship between male and female may or may not be adulterous regardless of whether it is without or within the external marital bonds depending upon the kind of intention with which one approaches such a relationship. If the intention is negative, evil and egoistic then it is an adulterous relationship even though it is with one's own husband or wife in the external sense or in the marital bondage of traditional and conventional conceptualization. However, if the intention in such relationships is positive and good, for mutual benefit, common good and use, for greater knowledge of the Most High, others, oneself, and for serving God and others then such relationship is not adulterous but proper, appropriate and Godly.


But to go back to the principle of femininity and masculinity. The Lord states that what God puts together man should not separate. Meaning that God created man as a unity of feminine and masculine principles. But in foresight, what the pseudo-creators will do with these principles, before the "Fall", God warned mankind that such a separation would have a devastating consequence to human life. It would be committing adultery. Meaning that it would almost profane the sanctity and holiness of the Lord's Creation, if they ever tried to separate those principles. Which, of course, they did. The reason that they did and they needed to do that was as long as the principles of femininity and masculinity were one, unified within one's mind, no negative state could be activated and put in a dominant position. Therefore, in order that such an act could be committed and the negative state could become active and dominant (for the purpose of learning the answer to that initial question, which was revealed in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality" and "Messages From Within' the first necessary step was the careful separation of the principles of femininity and masculinity, their isolation, split and the preference of one principle over the other so that the equality would be broken and no true unification ever could occur. In approaching this matter the pseudo-creators, through the knowledge of genetic manipulation and spiritual correspondences, carefully suppressed the femininity and isolated it from masculinity in such a manner that, when they fabricated male and female, as we know them now at this time, they very strongly and carefully de-emphasized, suppressed, and repressed the feminine sensations, feelings, conceptualizations in the male and they did the same thing to the masculinity in females. Of course, deviations occur, because that's how it is, but the majority of cases were successful, as the history of mankind so vividly illustrates and demonstrates.


Of course, for the purpose of activation and domination of the negative state, the emphasis was put on masculinity instead of femininity. The reason being that the essence of life which is love and which is represented by the principle of femininity had to be put into a subservient, less valuable position, an inferior, undesirable position which would be treated with contempt because in love there is the very presence of life in which presence of life is the presence of the Most High. One can approach the Most High only through the principle of love, and from the principle of wisdom, of course. To approach the Most High from love is wise. That is wisdom, but if one eliminates that principle then how does one approach the Most High, by what means? Only through reason, through rationality; and that doesn't have any content. So instead of finding God, one finds nothing. It's a nice way that leads to the development of materialism, atheism, agnosticism, empiricism, positivism, pantheism and all those things that deny the true nature of the Most High, its essence being Absolute Love and by denying that they deny the Substance, meaning the true wisdom. Thus they become fools and foolishness then is considered to be the greatest wisdom and prudence. That, of course, leads away from God, from the Most High instead of toward Him. Or that leads to false gods and false spirituality. And this is spiritual adultery. This is what adultery is all about and not making love to someone other than one's own marital partner, if it is done with good and positive intent. This has to be emphasized continuously. It must be done with positive and good intent with purity of one's heart.


Another point in this separation is that true love­making and true understanding, sense and feelings of the meaning of sexuality and its purpose can be conceived entirely, totally and only from the position of total unification of the principles of femininity and masculinity from within to without. And not from without to without, that is, from one person to another. Now if you have a situation in which both people are missing that unification, (which no one has being in the negative state, because that's the negative state not to have such unification) then, of course, no true meaning, understanding, proper sensation, proper conceptualization and proper practices of lovemaking are truly possible. In order to succeed with total adulteration and mutilation of sexuality, the pseudo-creators devised very sophisticated means by which no possibility of acquiring the proper understanding and practices of sexuality could occur.


First of all, they replaced bi-cloning, as a means of bringing human beings into this world, as described in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality", with the animalistic manner and ways, that is by conceiving a human body in the mother's womb that is positioned between the urinary and anal tract, or in the midst of feces and urine or waste as mentioned before at another time and another place.


Several things were accomplished by this kind of conception. The direct access to the spiritual world was eliminated. The closure of the Inner Mind occurred. All memories of one's pre-existence as a spirit in the special spiritual world before conception were obliterated. The choice of and emphasis on one principle, either masculinity or femininity, was made possible so that the suppression of the spiritual, mental, emotional, intellectual and physical qualities of these principles could be accomplished. And, of course, the ignorance and unconscious processes could be instituted. But the main thing that was accomplished by all of this in a very cunning, very subtle, sophisticated and devastating manner, is that the human fetus was completely and totally isolated and separated from everything else and made completely and totally dependent on only one person, that is on the mother. Therefore, whatever information is available to the fetus, is available only from the outside and only from and through the one person, the mother. And of course, the information which is coming through the mother is that the feminine principle is not valued; that the feminine principle is nothing; that the feminine principle is a servant, a slave; that the feminine principle has no equality and only the masculine principle is to be served, to be obeyed, to be followed, and if you do that everything will be fine. Thus, this information is inculcated, brainwashed in by the totality of the being and existence of the mother. It is transmitted into the fetus. Thus the negative state begins to take hold of the fetus and do its devastating work. Of course, since all connection with the spiritual world, with home, was severed by the process of physical conception, the fetus, being very sensitive and suggestible and completely open, has seemingly no choice but to totally and completely identify itself with those kinds of messages that are coming through regardless of what the mother says to the contrary.


One has to remember that the mother, in her genes, reflects the conventional, traditional and customary approach, understanding and conceptualization of femininity and masculinity that exists on planet Earth still at this time. And that's what the fetus responds to. Even if the mother is a feminist who says the opposite, but that opposite is incongruent with what her genes, her entire unconscious psyche on a subliminal level tells the fetus, the fetus will respond to the subliminal cues because that's what counts primarily and predominantly in this kind of situation. Of course, the fetus, having no other information, no access to the Inner Mind at that time, no access to his home base, has seemingly no choice but to accept the fact that this is the way it is; that this is a natural, proper and right occurrence; that this is a Godly way; that this is the will of God because there is no other way. There are no comparisons, no memories of any other way possible. And notice, please, how everyone emphasizes, especially in Christianity, God being a male. Now if God is a male then God prefers the form of a male and this form is superior and is to be worshipped, to be admired, to be related to. And everything else that is not male, therefore, is not Godly, is inferior, and is there to serve the whims, wishes and desires of the all powerful male-God. All males readily identify themselves with this abomination.


The other thing which was accomplished by this kind of animalistic way of bringing people into this world and distorting sexuality is that direct sexual feelings and intercourse were experienced only through the externals, through the level of the womb or area of genitalia. Now what kind of a message and experience does the fetus get from the way in which sexual intercourse is practiced? The penis enters the vagina, deposits its seed and subsequently removes itself from the vagina. Therefore the purpose of such intercourse is nothing but impregnation for the purpose of bringing more people into this world. And whatever pleasures are derived from such intercourse are felt entirely on the physical level with a sense of guilt, underlying or apparent guilt, on the part of parents for having such pleasurable side effects. These are immediately replaced with aversion, with satiation, finality and many other adverse reactions, both of the physical, mental and intellectual nature. So sexuality is, from the very first moment of conception, conceived as something external that comes from outside to outside, from one body to another body for the purpose of impregnation. All else is forbidden, causes nothing but trouble, guilt and misery. In this connotation sexual intercourse has only temporary value because, after the father deposits his semen in the mother's womb, after satiation occurs, there is a feeling of emptiness, aversion, dissatisfaction and, of course, underlying guilt for enjoying that experience in the case that the parents do enjoy it. However, a worse situation occurs when they don't enjoy it, but do it only because they are committed to going along with that from a sense of duty and for the purpose of procreation as the conventional, traditional approach teaches. Again, even if parents, those particular parents, do enjoy their sexual intercourse without guilt and approach that sexual inter­course for other reasons than impregnation, the messages that the fetus gets from the genes, the deposits of the collective unconscious of mankind that are on the subliminal level entirely, totally and completely de-potentiate the impact of the temporary pleasurable outward external feelings that these parents experience at that particular time in contradiction to the negative messages which are coming from the collective consciousness. Of course, the fetus responds more readily to the subliminal messages that are continuously shouting at it from the collective unconscious of mankind. All those doctrines, teachings, philosophies, inculcations into the genes are saying to the fetus that there is only one way, there is only one right way and this is the way it is and this is the right way, this is the Godly way and everything else is not Godly, it's evil, negative and inappropriate. So when it comes time to make love the only way you relate lovemaking is to the penis entering the vagina for only one purpose, basically, for procreation or impregnation and all else is excluded and if any pleasure is derived, it is for the sake of bringing someone into this world by the means of sexual intercourse and impregnation in the mother's womb. Anything else, any other mode of sexuality is inconceivable and not even considered to be possible and if they are possible they are considered to be nasty, ugly, ungodly and coming from the hells.


This is exactly the way the original pseudo-creators, activators of the negative state, wanted it to be because the discovery of other ways and modes and meanings of sexuality than what has just been described would prevent them from the activation and domination of the negative state. They didn't want people to know that true sexual intercourse is a total and complete unconditional sharing and exchange of everything that one has which comes from internals to internals through, by and with the incorporation of externals which also includes, as one of the ways, the penetration of the penis into the vagina. Thus people became unjustly preoccupied with and limited sexuality only to the genital areas and only to one mode, the well known missionary position. Of course, many people practice different ways but there is a lot of underlying guilt and dissatisfaction because again, it is from externals to externals instead of from internals to internals through externals.


The problem is that no internal to internal sexual intercourse is possible for mankind as long as that separation, isolation and split between femininity and masculinity and between masculinity and femininity exists within every single individual. In order for true sexual intercourse, the way it is in the spiritual world, to be experienced it is necessary to get out of the adulterous condition which is a condition of mankind on planet Earth.


When the pseudo-creators split and separated masculinity from femininity, despite the warning by the Most High that it would lead to dire consequences, they committed adultery, spiritual adultery, and they started an adulterous generation of which the entire population of mankind on planet Earth is now composed. Of course, identification with such concepts and ideas, particularly in view of the fact that it is supported by the churches, presently existing churches, and that it is externalized, makes it almost impossible to change or for people to accept that there is any other way than this way, because they have no comparison, no analogy and no memories of how it used to be in the spiritual world. Again, identification with that makes them an adulterous generation. And that's what Jesus Christ called us, an adulterous generation, because we agreed with that for certain important Spiritual reasons and purposes.


In this view it is obvious how sexuality became externalized, one-sided, rigid, inappropriate, inadequate, dissatisfying and, in fact, having no meaning at all. And if there is any meaning, it's usually on the external level as a pleasure, as a lust, or, on the other hand, it is experienced as dirty, filthy, smelly, disgusting, connected with urine and feces and the smelliness of the semen and smelliness of the hormones so that one goes to the bathroom and washes off. Notice an interesting concept here. After sexual intercourse, there is a tendency to wash off or to urinate afterwards, to expel the falsity of that situation. This is a spiritual correspondence. As one knows, urine corresponds to falsity; and water, pure water, which is coming from the faucet, corresponds to the truth. So one wants to wash off all that negativity and falsity connected to it with truth and through urination to expel that falsity from one's system. This is the true connotation of sexuality which exists at the present time on earth.


Now, in this kind of connotation how much spirituality can be attached to sexuality? None. And this is the reason why the pseudo-creators so desperately wanted to fabricate humans through the animalistic manner because, by that process of isolation and separation in the mother's womb, which enabled them to manipulate and suppress the principles of femininity and masculinity, they could de-spiritualize sexuality and make it entirely external and physical without any relevance to God, to the Most High. It's funny because if one conceptualizes God as a male, how can one, as a male, for example, sexually relate to the Most High Who is in this connotation a male? Isn't that homosexuality? So one carefully excludes any sexual thoughts, desires and projections toward the Most High. Thus one never relates to or connects to the Most High any sexual feelings and by that one deprives mankind, one deprives oneself or the pseudo-creators deprived mankind of one of the most important sources for acquiring knowledge, true knowledge about the Most High,  others and oneself, that is, the spiritual aspects of sexuality. In a spiritual connotation sexuality is the most spiritual and the deepest way of relating to God, the Most High, Jesus Christ and to others and to oneself. However, since, (under the forceful mutilation of sexuality and limiting it only to the externals, to the genitalia, from the position of the split) there is no unification of femininity and masculinity within one individual, no such relationship or knowledge or relatedness with the Most High could be established and therefore no true knowledge of the nature of the Most High is available to mankind on the planet Earth and, of course, to the entire negative state.


After all if such a knowledge of the true nature of the Most High were available or accepted, and, of course, the pseudo-creators made sure that it could not happen through that isolation in the mother's womb, then no negative state could exist.


But there is another very devastating, dangerous and sophisticated consequence of such a way of bringing people into this world which was very carefully considered and built and activated by the pseudo-creators. That relates to the principle of monogamy. Again under the influence of the externalization of sexuality it was conceived literally in the sense of the relationship between one person and another person instead of the internal relationship between one's principles of femininity and masculinity which signifies true monogamy.


True monogamy in this respect signifies that the specific principles of femininity and the specific principles of masculinity which are within one person are conjoined within that one person. The principle of masculinity can be conjoined only to the specific principle of femininity which is within that one. No other unique manifestation of feminine or masculine principles somewhere else can be conjoined to anyone from the outside. That conjunction is only from inside, from within. This is monogamy. It has nothing to do with having a relationship with someone else. But the point here is that when one is conceived in the mother's womb as a fetus, it is an act of love in an ultimate sense because it is with permission of the Most High. Of course, in that process no such awareness is available to that fetus and the only thing which is there at that point is that vague sense of love. And because the conceptualization of love on the physical level is possible only in true sexual feelings, at that time the fetus has intense sexual feelings as a reflection of that love by which it survives.


Now, one is advised to notice the cunning, the danger and the subtlety of this situation which exists in the mother's womb between the fetus and the mother in this respect. The fetus in its love, in its survival, in its life, in its sexuality is completely, totally, absolutely dependent on one person only, on its mother. And any disconnection from the mother, or being cut off means instant death. It's a life threatening situation. Thus the fetus develops intense sexual feelings toward one person only and because of that dependency the fetus is conditioned from the onset that it can have sexual feelings and desires and sexual intercourse only with one person of the opposite sexual characteristics. The female responds to the masculine characteristics of the mother and to the voice of the father. Implicit in that kind of situation is the mortal danger of having sexual intercourse with someone other than one's own marital partner, which is represented by the mother or father who approaches the mother and which approach is inculcated and brainwashed by those millions of years of accumulation of conventions, traditions and customs of mankind regardless of the outward behavior of the father and mother. That message is loud and clear from those genes, from that collective unconscious as Jung calls it. (I am using Jung's terminology because in this connotation it is more relevant. For your information collective consciousness in our terminology is transpersonal mentality.)


Now, from that kind of situation one obviously has the idea that it is a mortal danger, it endangers life to be sexually involved with more than one person or sexually relate to someone else other than to one's own wife or husband. If one does that, one will die or one will be severely punished or something awful, terrible will happen. Of course, this is reinforced from outside and also reinforced by the first months and years of life as a baby where one is totally and completely dependent on the mother, on one person who takes care of the baby towards which the baby develops strong sexual feelings. This again reinforces the idea that to have sexual feeling toward someone else is taboo and is a mortal danger and therefore it is desirable and proper and right and Godly, to have it only this way because there is no other way or means or comparison and no other way to do it or to feel. If one feels any other way, it is ungodly, evil, negative, bad and condemnable, punishable to eternal damnation. One becomes adulterous and a fornicator, if one is not married, and many other names that people are called who exhibit such desires. Again, they could be adulterers and fornicators if it is done with evil intent. Again it is necessary to emphasize that it is the intention which counts, which determines the outward and inward adultery or nonadultery in this situation.


The point here to be aware of and to realize continuously is that, while the fetus in the mother's womb develops with those kinds of messages and feelings, it has no other knowledge and memories. It is completely ignorant; it lost its contact with the home-base and whatever is presented to it in the process of that time is considered to be normal, natural, Godly and the only possible way. Therefore, from such experience the conclusion is made implicitly and subliminally that the normal, natural and Godly way is only through the marital partner and any other extra-marital or non-marital sexual involvements are punishable by death, meaning by eternal damnation in the hells, since there are no other ways.


And that is how sexuality is completely destroyed and its meaning and purpose completely perverted. Of course, since sexual intercourse is limited to externals and to genitalia only, one carefully avoids, under the penalty of severe spiritual and social punishment, to be closely or physically involved with other people. One keeps them at a distance, depriving oneself of the act of sharing, unconditional sharing of everything that one has. Such a stance, of course, ultimately leads to the development of jealousy, enviousness, possessiveness, dependency, cruelty, slavery, self-exclusivity, self-righteousness, pseudo-rightful ownership of each other; and to limitations, restrictions, taboos and many other abominations and atrocities that are full of human relations all over the place on planet Earth.


The problem here is that, because of this set up, as described in this message, people will have a tremendous, almost insurmountable difficulty in believing and accepting these teachings about sexuality which are presented in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality" and "Messages From Within" and in this book. The point being that they consider their way to be the only way, the right way, the Godly way and that there is no example, no comparison, no knowledge and no understanding of any other way. This, combined with the rigorous teachings of the dogmas and doctrines of all the churches on planet Earth, or most churches on planet Earth, only multiplies geometrically this stance, this falsity, this distortion and this mutilation of sexuality.


Therefore, one has to be aware of the difficulties which one will be facing and encountering in this respect. One is to check out the verity of the content of these messages with one's Inner Mind, with one's Spiritual Advisors, and, most importantly, with our beloved Lord Jesus Christ, the Most High, Who knows the right way and Who requested me to transmit this message for anyone's consideration and implementation if one chooses.”







Chapter Nine


On The Origin Of Modern Man



Content of „Reality, Myths & Illusions“, pg. 174 - 186, Chapter Nine


“On March 2nd, 1983, while in a deep state of meditation, in the presence of all from the New Heavenly Society, the following revelation in the form of a clarification concerning the origin of modern man was received from the Most High.


When the original pseudo-creators were trying to fabricate a man through the process of bi-cloning as described in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality," it was not with the intention of bringing disaster on mankind and to activate the negative state. It was a first step in that process, in preparation for the activation of the negative state and putting it into dominance. In the second step or in the second round which occurred several million years after the first step, when they conceived a fabrication of modern man that would be under total control of the negative state, the pseudo-creators through magical and correspondential genetic manipulation, added to the process of bi-cloning something which had not been tried before in the first round. What they did was they produced tri­cloning instead of bi-cloning. But this time they took a gene or genes or a cell from the creature who was an ape-like creature existing at that time on planet Earth. That creature was solely ruled by the instincts and by a primitive instinctual reflexive type of behavior without any rationality or reasoning and with little or no insight into spiritual values. The reason why it was necessary to add an animalistic component was that the true dominance of the negative state on the planet Earth, in the natural degree, could not be established and conceived if bi­cloning in its original form would continue. The reason for this was that in the first setup, when you have two cells, male and female, from two people, nothing animalistic in the true sense, nothing primitive, savage-like, instinctual, reflex-like, in the sense of stimulus-response, is available because under those conditions people are ruled entirely by spiritual principles, by mind control, their own mind, in which condition the principle of mind over matter is completely, totally and utterly activated. Such a situation could not continue if the activation and dominance of the negative state were to be established. It was necessary in a gradual manner and way to eliminate that principle, mind over matter, and eliminate the ability of people to communicate and to control nature through the rational mind, in a spiritual way and through the use of spiritual principles. So people eventually became dependent on external matters, on external laws that rule them instead of them ruling the laws.


This tri-cloning gradually led to the condition in which animalistic, primitive, ignorant, non-spiritual, non-rational, savage behavior took over completely. So that, when the first human baby was born, as conceived in the mother's womb by animalistic means, with those kinds of animalistic attachments, genes and heredity from animals, they completely suppressed or repressed any spiritual principle, any remains of spirituality and closed off the Inner Mind and obliterated all memories about spirituality.


The implications and the consequences of this act are devastating. Since by the process of physical birth and from those inculcated animalistic genes one completely loses any conscious awareness of any spirituality and conscious awareness of who one is and from where one is coming; and since there are no memories of anything at all, particularly of the possibility of different ways of coming into this world, one "naturally" assumes that this is the normal, proper and right way; and the animalistic way of birth and the animalistic, savage, instinctual, primitive part in us, that aggressive, hostile, surviving part is a necessary and integral part of human life and human beings and is Godly because it comes from the Most High. Therefore the fallacy of this situation is that it is not proper to repudiate or to eliminate such animalistic tendencies, conditions, and instincts because they are a normal and necessary setup and arrangement on the planet Earth, in the physical natural degree. And that without them people cannot be agressive enough, cannot have enough incentives and motivational factors for defending themselves or for doing anything productive and constructive. Therefore, the trend is, instead of eliminating those kinds of things, to incorporate them and channel them into something creative, productive, constructive and so forth.


Now, this idea is so prevalent that even the most spiritual people up to this point have been considering this to be a true state of affairs. However, I am being told that it is time to correct this falsity, this view and such identification of mankind with the necessity of incorporation of the animalistic, instinctual, lower, primitive, atavistic, savage, raw emotions, thoughts, reflexes, and so forth. The truth of the matter is that man originally, before the "Fall," as he was coming to this earth as an endowment, direct endowment, from, by, through and with the Most High, was totally, completely and entirely a spiritual man that chose a specific physical body, much different from what we know it at the present time, which body and which spirit and soul did not conceive or contain any genes or hereditary endowment from the animalistic, primitive, savage line of nature and its raw condition and state. The spiritual man, the first man, entirely, completely and totally inherited or came with the inheritance or heritage or heredity from the Most High. This is the reason why in the Bible the Lord says that man was created in the likeness and image of God. There is nothing animalistic, primitive, savage, or raw in the nature of the Most High. Therefore what is coming from, by, through and with the Most High does not contain anything which would not be from the Most High. Such a man cannot become negative. In order for a man to become negative it was necessary to deviate from that condition and inculcate through magical and correspondential genetic manipulation, through the process of tri-cloning, the tendencies that would lead man away from his inheritance and heritage or the line which he followed from the Most High.


Thus, originally, there was only one line which was followed by man, the line of pure love and wisdom, pure good and truth, charity and faith; pure productivity, constructiveness and creativeness; pure intelligence, reasoning, rationality without any instinctual, raw, primitive factors as seen so vividly in animal life. No stimulus-response type of behavior existed at the time since man controlled, through the spiritual principles inherited from the Most High in him/ her, all stimuli and determined those stimuli and that environment and all natural laws that stemmed from such control. That means that man established those laws from the Most High or the laws were established for man to control them from spiritual principles. Of course, with that kind of situation the physical appearance and physical body of man was quite different and difficult for us to envision. Meaning that the body, every single cell, was in constant awareness or under the total and complete control of mind, of spirit, of the Inner Mind and particularly of the Most High, from the presence of the Most High in the Inner Mind. Every movement and behavior of the body and reaction of the body was influenced by and was the result and correspondence of the thoughts, ideas, concepts and spiritual states of each unique individual. No automation of the processes was necessary or conceivable and no autonomic nervous system existed. Everything without exception and exclusion was under voluntary control of the mind. This is the lawful way, this is the Godly way, this is the normal way, this is the natural way. All else, autonomic systems, involuntary states are not a natural, not a Godly, not an appropriate way. They were induced, inculcated by magical and correspondential genetic manipulation, by the tri-cloning of people by the original pseudo-creators that included that animalistic pattern and tendency.


The reason that it was necessary to do so was that otherwise no unconscious processes and therefore no ignorance could be instituted which in turn would make it impossible for the negative state to come to its fruition. This abnormal and unnatural setup, which is considered to be normal and natural and Godly, of course, gives all kinds of excuses, rationalizations and justifications for people to be evil and negative, since from this standpoint one cannot be held responsible for something that one cannot be in control of. This is especially true in relationship to physical illnesses that seemingly are completely independent of anyone's control and that seemingly have no relevance to any spiritual or mental issues. However, this is true also about mental illnesses and spiritual deviations because, if one considers this state and condition to be normal, natural and Godly, therefore, one cannot be responsible for something over which one seemingly has no volitional control because things usually come upon one suddenly. Suddenly one becomes ill, suddenly one becomes depressed, suddenly one starts to feel this way or that way and, in most instances, there is no conscious awareness or effort to be this way or that way. Therefore, in this connotation one cannot be held responsible for one's life and, therefore, one's deeds and actions and behavior are excusable, justifiable and can be rationalized.


The falsity of this situation, of course, is that people believe that they have to be this way or to have those animalistic tendencies because they are the only ones that can properly motivate them as mentioned in the beginning. However, they don't realize that the positive state in itself, by its nature, that is of the nature of the Most High, of course, is the pure, total, absolute driving force and motivation for everything positive and good, for everything productive, creative, constructive and that inherent in such a state is a trend for continuous spiritual progression and therefore it doesn't need any outward, raw, animalistic, savage type emotions, tendencies, or instincts that would function as motivational and intentional factors in one's life. In fact the opposite is true. But people don't see that in the negative state, the involuntary systems, be they spiritual, mental or physical are the stagnant ones, are the destructive ones, are the rigid ones that don't want to change or to go further but desire under all conditions to preserve the status quo and limit their activities only to the animalistic pure trend of survival; their own survival. Survival of the status quo. Therefore, whatever motivational factors exist in the negative state or in this kind of condition they, in fact, stem from the remains of spiritual principles which are included in the genetic codes of human cells from the original setup that existed before the so-called "Fall." That original setup is described in the Bible by the word "remains" which is so much emphasized by all the prophets. The "remains" means the remains of some spirituality in human beings which are utilized by the Most High for spiritual reawakening and breaking out of the bondage and slavery of the animalistic way of living. In view of this fact it is obvious that the present life style of humans on Earth and all their science and all their philosophy and spirituality is polluted, poisoned, contaminated through and through by this non­spiritual, animalistic stance that must be completely, totally eliminated and removed if the New Age or the new spirituality is to be instituted.


The first step in this elimination is, of course, the revelation and the awareness that this is the case, that such things exist and such things happened. And this is the reason why the Most High, at this time, reveals what happened in the process of the fabrication of "modern man".


As you know, medical scientists believe that the involuntary autonomous nervous system is an advantage and that's the way it's supposed to be. However, in view of these new facts it is obvious that it is not an advantage but, in fact, it is a liability that causes many devastating problems in human lives. The existence of involuntary systems or autonomous nervous systems, that are seemingly beyond one's control, put one in the position of seeking out help or understanding of their function from the externals, from outside. In this case from medical professional people who again discovered the functioning of these systems from outward observation, by external tools, by symptoms and by description of their function. Morever, total dependency of the newborn baby and the fetus before physical birth on the external input in the mother's environment, in the mother's womb or in the mother's taking care of the baby, the total helplessness of the baby, leads to the reinforcement of the need to look outward to externals for everything. And since there are no memories or recollections of any other way, the principles of spirituality and the spiritual life are not even considered, or are considered to be something abnormal, unusual, out of place, unimportant, having little meaning for human survival particularly in the physical sense. Thus all possibilities of learning or acquiring or rekindling the mind control, mind over matter principle, is suffocated and one, in fact, has little control over one's bodily functions such as, for example, bowel movement, urination, breathing, the function of various organs and so forth. One needs to expel from one's body the waste in the form of feces and urine exactly as animals do. Such a similarity with animal life and total ignorance and dependency on the primitive instincts of the newborn baby, of course, leads scientists to proclaim that man is an animal and this is what this is all about. This is what the pseudo-creators had in mind, to bring man to the point of considering himself/herself to be an animal.


Now in the original setup, before the "Fall", before the genetic manipulation and tri-cloning process was established, there was complete control of all functions by spiritual mind­laws, as mentioned above, that enabled one to nourish one's body, soul and spirit in such a manner that no waste was produced. Thus, no urine and feces were produced from the human body, but everything that was consumed was turned into strength, vitality, energy and radiated into the environment with a certain warmth, light and auras that contributed to the maintenance of the natural environment and its regulation. Thus, no need to look outward for help or for understanding of the processes was necessary because all knowledge was conscious and available for everyone to use from one's Inner Mind, from the presence of the Most High in one's Inner Mind. And this is the proper spiritual way, the right way, the normal way, the healthy way. Whatever deviates from this way is not normal, not natural; it is aberrant and it's not from God. Thus it's ungodly and hellish.


As far as animals are concerned their original function was a totally positive one, benign, peaceful and friendly, as a manifestation of spiritual correspondences or reflection of life processes that are entirely spiritual in the outermost degree of the natural degree, so-to-speak in the outermostness of the outermostness. The outermostness of the outermostness is manifested by total dependency on instinctual processes that do not require any rationality or logic because no self­awareness and self-concept can occur in such a set up or degree. Thus animals depend on the natural laws and they are ruled and regulated by those laws, from within and from without. Since they are in the outermost externals to the extreme degree, they are ruled by externals from the principles that are implanted in the externals by spiritual laws from the Most High. The knowledge of such laws by man put him/ her in a controlling position or friendly position toward the animals and there was complete harmony between man and animals and man influenced animals by his/her thought processes and mental projections. Thus they served a good purpose. In fact, animal life started from the ideas and concepts produced by sentient mind as a correspondence of those ideas in the extreme outermost external degree of nature. Since at that time there were no negative ideas and no negative thoughts, no negative animals or negative plants or poisonous or predatory animals, no vicious, violent animals or plants existed. Once the negative thoughts started to be produced then, of course, from those negative evil ideas, thoughts and concepts a gradual appearance of vicious, violent, negative, poisonous, dangerous, predatory animals and poisonous plants started to appear on the natural level or in the Zone of Displacement as a consequence and correspondence of such negative thinking.


As one can see, the structure and dynamics of animal life as it exists at the present time is nothing other than a reflection and correspondence of the internal state of affairs of presently existing human beings on planet Earth. The cunningness, the endless variety of evil and false thinking, ideas and concepts, in their minute details, produces all kinds of viruses, germs and bacteria of a negative nature; poisonous insects, carnivorous birds, vicious animals, weeds, snails, poisonous plants and many other numerous varieties of strange, weird, dangerous pseudo-life forms that exist on this planet both in the animal and plant kingdoms. They are all the result of the activation and domination of the negative state by the will of man.


The purpose of such a manipulation by pseudo­creators and the fabrication of such a man as we know now was, of course, to prove that human beings have not evolved from the Most High but from animals by the natural laws through external forces which are beyond anyone's control and that no spiritual principles or endowment by the Most High were involved in that process.


Therefore, in order to return to true spirituality and to a true normal healthy life the way it was in the beginning from the Most High, by the Most High, through the Most High, with the Most High, it is very important and necessary to debunk this myth and illusion that man is an animal and that the animalistic part of a human being's equipment is a necessary condition for human survival and that this kind of man which we have on the planet Earth right now was created by the Most High. As one can see, human beings that are presently on planet Earth were not created directly by the Most High, from the Most High, through the Most High, with the Most High but, as mentioned in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality", they were fabricated from stolen principles of spirituality which were perverted, misused and unnaturally, abnormally and forcefully combined with the principles which governed animal and plant life. Such a forceful, abnormal, pathological, aberrant and deviant combination of stolen spiritual principles with the external, outward extreme natural laws that govern animal and plant life and that were inculcated, through magical, correspondential genetic manipulation and built into the mental and physical structure of human beings that exist on planet Earth, created a monstrous condition and nothing of the image and likeness of the Most High is contained any longer in human beings in its initial form and appearance. Only distorted remains of that likeness and image exist which can be found in the ability to think, to build a self-concept, a self-image, to be rational and to make a free choice. These remains, from the original likeness and image of the Most High in people, enable everyone who desires to change the course of the history of mankind, to stop the negative state and its processes, to return to the original state of affairs of pure spirituality and mind control over matter and to reacquire the original likeness and image of God. Therefore, it is vitally important that people stop relying on physical and external means and ways of dealing with problems, be they medical or otherwise. Because what is nature, what is objective reality, what is matter? It is nothing more than an objectivized and concretized thought, idea or concept manifested outside and kept there in so-called solid form by the ideas of the mind of such forms. If one withdraws the idea of the form from the mind or solidity from nature, it instantaneously disintegrates. But the negative state wants one to believe that nature and matter are independent of the human mind, that it is not the human mind from the Most High, by the Most High, through the Most High, with the Most High that created, initiated and originated all outward solid forms of matter but instead that matter produced and originated the human mind. Of course, to prove this point it was necessary through magical and correspondential genetic manipulation by the pseudo-creators to introduce that animalistic gene into the human body when they were fabricating man by the process of tri-cloning. That way the total dependency of the human body on outward matter, nature and solidity was assured as long as man believed in it. And since there was no other knowledge in existence, which was lost by the process of physical birth, (which was another pseudo-invention of the pseudo-creators to accomplish this) man considered this to be a normal and natural condition and is in slavery and dependency on externals, on matter, on something which was initially a product of his own mind. What a beautiful entrapment, to become a slave of one's own projections and ideas that take the form of solid matter!


However, there was another vitally and crucially important thing which the pseudo-creators accomplished by this kind of manipulation. This relates to sexuality. By genetical manipulation, as they included the animalistic instincts through tri-cloning into humans, they also suppressed or repressed, at the same time, the spiritual content of sexuality which is inherent in a true human being. Thus animalistic instincts, desires and wishes around sexuality and in sexuality were implanted into people. Basically two things were accomplished by this. First of all, sexuality was placed in the externals, in an outward sexual intercourse by means of genetalia as it occurs with the so-called higher forms of animals, mammalian type, which form of intercourse doesn't give any possibility of total exchange of one principle with another, that is, feminine with masculine, and masculine with feminine. This keeps everyone isolated, separated, and closed off. In such a relationship no true knowledge of oneself, others and the Most High could be accomplished.


Secondly, by the implanting of animalistic instincts, sexuality was reduced to one purpose only and that is the procreation and continuation of the species in the natural degree. Again, in this kind of stance there is no true spirituality since the original purpose of such procreation is to remain in the natural degree to eternity in and through one's posterity in order to leave the imprint of one's being and existence, so-to­speak, on this level, like there is no other possibility of continuation or life form than the physical and natural.


Because in animal life, sexuality doesn't have any other purpose than procreation and doesn't have any other meaning than that, this meaning and content of sexuality was transposed into humans, adopted and considered to be the only true, Godly and spiritual meaning and purpose of sexuality in humans. Now, the externalization of sexuality by these means and bringing it to the animalistic instinctual level and for the purpose of procreation only deprives human sexuality of any spiritual connotation. And since God in human conceptualization doesn't have any animalistic tendencies, therefore God is sexless; and since only God is good and true, whatever is not from that good and truth, whatever is not contained in God, is not good and true and therefore it is dirty, filthy, immoral, perverted and tolerated only for the purpose of procreation of the human species which is justifiable as a spiritual means because God wants people to multiply, as the literal sense of the Bible indicates. You see how cunning, how subtle and how devastating this set up in humans is, especially in relationship to the nature of the Most High? This approach totally distorted, mutilated and perverted the understanding, acceptance and perception of the true nature of the Most High who is Absolute Sexual Being in His/ Her eternal marriage of femininity and masculinity and all their exquisite attributes and derivatives.


By these means the pseudo-creators accomplished their purpose with presently existing humans. Humans on Earth have no true understanding of what the nature of the Most High is or who the Lord Jesus Christ is. In their conceptualization as mentioned above, God is sexless and therefore the purpose of one's life, if one desires to be an image and likeness of God and a follower of God, to entirely relinquish sexuality, dissociate oneself from any lustful, sexual desires, because they are animalistic, ungodly, and limit sexuality only to procreation and only within marital bonds since that is tolerated by the Most High. However, once we leave behind this human body, according to the traditional approach, we shall be sexless, Godlike figures without any sexual feelings or needs. This is a very common belief among people which was inculcated, brainwashed and magically, correspondentially and genetically manipulated into people through the set up described in this message.


In view of these facts it is advisable to refute, by all means, such a distorted, mutilated, negative and perverted view of human nature; acquire the proper understanding of the origin of presently existing humans on planet Earth and correct the view and philosophy of the nature of human life; reestablish the proper understanding and practice of sexuality, bring back its spirituality once again; and become a true image and likeness of the Most High as it was supposed to be from the very beginning.


Be aware and warned that the more one identifies himself/ herself with the so-called scientific ideas that man is an animal, even though a social animal, the more one becomes an animal and is identified with vicious, aggressive, violent, selfish, truly beastly concepts which don't have anything Godly, good, spiritual, or proper nor anything from the image and likeness of the Most High. And that way one truly becomes a devil, a satan, a demon and an evil spirit of the hells. And, of course, the opposite is true. The less one identifies oneself with such pseudo-scientific concepts and the more one dissociates oneself from the animalistic, beastly tendencies, and instinctual, raw emotions and concepts, the more one becomes an image and likeness of the Most High.”







Chapter Ten


On The True Purpose Of Human Life



Content of „Reality, Myths & Illusions“, pg. 187 - 196, Chapter Ten


“It is time to update, to modify and to transcend the understanding of the true purpose of life and human life in particular. The first definition of the purpose of life was given in "Principles of Spiritual Hypnosis" and it went something like this: The true purpose of life is to love, to be loved, to give, to receive, to share, to be useful, beneficial, helpful, to be productive, constructive, creative, to be content, to be satisfied, to be happy, to enjoy life and to have fun and to have the knowledge that this is the true purpose of life and thus to be wise.


However, there is a transcending understanding to this purpose of life. In fact, and this is to the surprise of all, this is not the true purpose of life but it is a consequence, an outcome, a result of the true purpose of life. And, at that time, under those conditions, it was a very important, crucial and vital step to realize that aspect or that consequence of the true purpose of life without which we could not talk about the purpose of life the way we are talking or will be talking right now. As mentioned many times before, the Lord reveals the truth in steps and that step is now being succeeded.


The second step which succeeded the previous one is reflected in a statement in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality." It claims that the true purpose of life, among other things, is to love oneself in order to be able to love the Lord and to love others. This is a higher, deeper, more meaningful purpose of life and the consequence of such love of self for the purpose of loving the Most High and others is to love and to be loved, to give and to receive, to share and so on and so forth, as it was reflected in the first step of understanding the true purpose of life. However, neither is this step the true purpose of life but again the outcome, consequence and result of a higher purpose of life which is now going to be revealed. However, before we do that it is necessary to briefly analyze the content of the previous two steps.


Both steps still contain elements of egoism or self-love that is necessary to repudiate in order to have the proper understanding of the third transcending understanding of the true purpose of life. In the first instance the element of egoism is contained in the very subtle, very subliminal implication that one does it for oneself in order to be truly happy and have a nice comfortable life. No indication is contained in such a statement that one does so for the sake of the principle itself without any other motivation or intention whatsoever. Such a stance and attitude invalidates the true spiritual understanding of the purpose of life, and the purpose of life is not in that. On the other hand, in the second statement or step, when one loves oneself for the sake of the Most High and the sake of others, one does it again, and this is an even more subtle, more subliminal situation, for the sake of the opportunity to love, which implies for one's own sake. Neither can this situation be considered a true purpose of life. Instead those are again, as pointed out before, the outcomes and consequences of the true purpose of life.


In view of this fact then, what is the true purpose of life? The true purpose of life surprisingly is neither of the above but, instead, the true purpose of life is in doing the Lord Jesus Christ's, the Most High's will, in a total, complete and unconditional surrender and relinquishment of everything to the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, including one's gifts and abilities to make choices; including all one's desires, wishes, wants and paradoxically one's freedom and independence so that you can state, "I choose whatever the Lord Jesus Christ, the Most High, chooses for me. I desire, I wish, I want whatever the Lord Jesus Christ, the Most High desires, wishes, wants for me and I do this for no other reason but for the sake of the principle because this is the way it is supposed to be; this is the structure, the dynamics, the order of the Lord's Creation." No other motivation, no other intention, implicit or explicit, subliminal or apparent can be part of such a choice. "I am not doing it because I want to be happy, I am not doing it because I want to have an opportunity to love and to be loved, I am not doing it because of anyone or anything else, I am doing it simply because it is the principle, this is the way it is supposed to be."


Now, such a conclusion and such an understanding of the purpose of life-this is the purpose of life-to do that­ contains within itself the first and the second step. And the first and second step are the true outcomes and consequences, the result of such a purpose of life and a choice to follow such a purpose of life.


The question is why is it necessary to relinquish and to surrender all one's desire for happiness and love and anything else, including one's own freedom and independence and choices, to the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ. Why is it so important and vital to do so? The answer to this question is: whoever is created is created from the Absolute Source and therefore because we are created we are all relative and we do not have absolute knowledge and understanding of ourselves and life. Therefore, we do not know in the absolute sense what is the best for us, what true happiness is, what true love is, true wisdom, what true freedom is, independence and choice. Only the One Who is Absolute has such knowledge. Therefore, only the One Who is Absolute, the Most High, Jesus Christ, the Lord knows exactly what the best choice is for you. What the best work is for you to do, what is to be desired, wished and wanted for you; what your potentials and abilities are, the pace at which you can move, and all other things that are necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose of your life.


If you choose from your limited awareness of all the infinite number and variety of choices and consequences, your choice, being that it is from your own freedom and independence, that is from yourself, leads ultimately to relativistic conditions and states that end up in some disaster, negativity, incompleteness, unfulfillment and unhappiness. You cannot be happy from yourself, by yourself, with yourself, through yourself. In actuality you cannot be anything from yourself, by yourself, through yourself, with yourself. This is the point. You cannot be free and independent either from yourself, by yourself, with yourself and through yourself. The reason being that you don't possess and have all the knowledge of all the available choices, the infinite variety and number of choices with their infinite variety and number of consequences, in order to be able to be happy or to love or to do anything for that matter from yourself, by yourself, through yourself, with yourself and thus to be truly free and independent. The freedom and independence that you have in the relativistic condition from yourself, which is given to you by the Most High, is, in the broader implication, an illusion. What that freedom and independence is all about is the freedom and independence to give up everything that you have, your choices and your freedom and independence to the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, Who, in turn, can choose for you, can do for you from the Absolute state what is the best for you, what is the freest, the most independent for you in an Absolute sense. Thus it is impossible to be happy without the Most High. It is impossible to be free and independent without the Most High. It is impossible to love and to be loved and so on without the Most High. It is impossible to love yourself for the sake of the Lord and others without the Most High. If you think it's possible just look at the history of mankind and the history of the hells. You see nothing but misery, suffering, unhappiness, temporality of states, relativistic conditions, continuous breakdowns and all other atrocities and abominations in which truly there is no presence of the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ. That's how it is to do things without the Lord Jesus Christ, the Most High. Now this is the reason why, if you want to be free and independent, if you want to be loved and to love and to be happy and all those good things, it is necessary that you surrender any desires, wishes and wants to be happy, to be loved and to love, to be free and independent to the Most High and to do it unconditionally.


The point here is that you are surrendering it not for the sake of being happy, not for the sake of being loved and able to love and so on and so forth, but solely for the principle of it without expecting anything in return because it is the order of Creation. This is what the Lord's Creation, its positive state, is like. There is nothing egoistic in it, nothing selfish, nothing self-centered. When you do this, when you give up things like that then it signifies that you truly love yourself. This is what love of self is all about.


Of course, then it also implies that you truly love the Most High and everyone in the Most High's Creation. If you do it, this relinquishment and surrender, for the sake of being happy and for the sake of loving others, God and yourself, then, of course, in an ultimate sense you do it for egoistic, selfish motivations because you do it for the sake of something else instead of for the sake of the principle because this is the way the universe, Creation is structured, patterned, built and functions. And this is the true meaning of the statement in the New Testament by the Lord Jesus Christ, the Most High, that whoever loses his soul for the sake of the Lord ultimately will find it. Meaning that, as long as you hold on to your soul desperately, you will lose it to the negative state because you don't want anybody else to be there. Particularly you don't want the Most High to have your soul. If you don't want the Most High to have your soul I can assure you and you can be assured that the negative state, the hells, will have your soul. This is the negative loss. However, if you lose your soul to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Most High, then you find it, then you are free, then you are independent, then you are loving and loved, then you are happy, you are content, satisfied, particularly and solely if you lose that soul for the sake of the principle because this is the way it's supposed to be: To lose your soul to the Most High without any attachments,  conditions, manipulations, personal gains, personal predispositions or any ulterior motivation and negative intentions. So that you don't do anything for the consequences, outcomes and results of such choices to give up and to lose your soul to the Most High, to surrender unconditionally everything that you have and what you are to the Most High because that is selfish, that's egoistic, because you do it for the consequences. Instead you do it for sake of the principles because it is the way it is supposed to be. Because it's the law, statute, principle, concept, category, idea, establishment of the Most High's Creation. This is the way the Most High is, this is the true nature of the Most High. The Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ does it for the sake of principle. The Most High loves you and wants the best for you for the sake of principle because this is the way it's supposed to be. No attachments, no ifs, no conditions, simply uncondition­ally. And if you take into consideration that only the Most High knows in the Absolute sense what is the best for you, what the happiest thing is for you, then only in surrender to the Most High can one truly find the true purpose of life, true happiness, true love. Particularly if you don't do it for that purpose but do it for the sake of the principle and (I am repeating it again and again) because this is the most important revelation from the Most High to you, to us, that we have received so far.


A good illustration of this situation can be found in the very interesting encounter that occurred between the Apostle Peter and the Lord Jesus Christ after His resurrection before He went back to the heavens. This event is described in the last chapter of the Gospel of John. I am told by the Most High that there is some distortion in translation of that event which is going to be now corrected and the proper understanding of that situation will be acquired.


As you remember the Lord appears to his disciples, to Peter, when they are fishing. And as they are eating their fish, they are having dinner or supper or whatever it was, the Lord turns to Peter and asks him three times, now notice this please, three times, "Simon, do you love me more than they?" And Peter answers, "Yes, Lord, I do and you know that." Then the Lord tells him, "Feed my sheep." Then again He asks him for the second time if he loves Him and Peter says, "Yes, Lord, I love you." And the Lord tells him, "Tend my lambs if you love me." Then for the third time He asks Peter the same question and here is where the distortion in translation comes in. Peter answers, "Yes, Lord, I love you", with a sad voice because he was puzzled and confused why He was asking the same question. And when he tells Him, yes, my Lord, the Lord answers him:-Now the translation in the Bible is repetition of "feed my sheep", but the proper translation, I am told by the Most High, should be-"give drink to my flock". Thus, we have in the first statement, "feed my sheep," the second statement, "tend my lambs," and the third statement, "give drink to my flock."


In this encounter the Lord Jesus Christ describes in the internal sense the proper relationship of man, of humans, to God, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Most High, to others and to themselves. These are three-fold meanings that are contained in this description. You have to remember that the Apostle Peter represented the faith of the church, the foundation of the church and therefore in this situation the Lord describes on what foundations the true spirituality, the true church, the true religion should be built.


Now the first question, "Peter, do you love me?" and the answer "yes", then the request, "In that case, feed my sheep", implies that it is not sufficient to love the Most High by external acknowledgment, by external means but the only way you can love the Most High, is by doing something about it. And the question, if he loves him more than others, signifies that one needs to completely, totally relinquish, give up and surrender oneself to the Most High in order to be able to properly give the fruits of that love. And what are the fruits of that love? Feeding the sheep. However, feeding implies that you have to have something. You have to have food in order to feed the sheep. This implies that one is given abilities, tools and everything that one possesses by the Most High to be able to do so. Therefore it implies that whatever one has from the Most High, has to be given back so that the true feeding can occur; sharing with all, this is the principle of sharing. You share what you have with all, with "the sheep". But you cannot do it unless you love the Lord more than anyone else to the degree described in the first and second steps outlined above. That is, you cannot love the Lord unless you truly give up everything to the Lord. And you don't give it up for the sake of being loved, but simply because you love the Lord, period. This is the principle. I do it because I love the Lord, I give up myself, I unconditionally surrender myself to the Most High, to the Lord Jesus Christ, simply because it's the principle, because I love Him. Nothing more, nothing less. I love Him for Him, I love everyone for them but particularly I love everyone for the presence of the Lord in them and I love myself for the sake of that presence of the Lord in me, for the sake of those things which I have from the Lord for the purpose of being able to feed the sheep. Feeding means giving love, sharing from love. Therefore, the major principle of any religion, of any church, of any spirituality is in sharing from love, that is from the Most High, through the Most High, by the Most High, with the Most High for the sake of the Most High and because the Most High is the Absolute Principle of everything, therefore, for the sake of the principle itself.


Now the second point, when the Lord says "tend my lambs." This can be conceived as an individualized pluralism. Everyone is different. Therefore, what does "tending" signify? Tending signifies charity, the principle of charity. You give, you tend, you take care of everybody, and yourself, because you are also a lamb, to the degree and to the extent that every situation warrants. That is, you don't feed more than is necessary, than is healthy, and you don't give drink more than is necessary and healthy. Just give the right and proper amount and you have the wisdom within you to do so, to distinguish, to discriminate, to be able to measure the amount of love and wisdom that you can share with a degree of perceptiveness,


receptiveness and the ability to know what can be utilized at any given moment by everyone who participates in the Most High's Creation. This implies that there is an infinite number and variety of degrees, steps, and levels that are equally important, equally special, equally needed, equally unique, but different and, therefore, each situation, each step, each level, each degree requires a totally different approach, "tending." In such a stance, there is true wisdom. Nothing is uniform, nothing is standard, nothing is finalistic, nothing is rigid, nothing is one-sided. And this is the second principle on which the true church, the true spirituality and the true religion is built.


And the third principle which the Lord gives to Peter, "give drink to my flock," signifies sharing only the truth. Give truth to everyone as you are tending them to the degree, extent and level of their ability to accept, perceive and incorporate the truth in steps. You don't give them more drink than they can take because it would kill them. Thus, good or love is the fundamental principle, truth or wisdom is the substantial principle and charity or faith is the consequential principle of the true church, religion and spirituality and because this is a message to any prospective spiritual organization and to all who read this we can say that these principles should be the foundation on which any prospective spiritual organization is built, and on which anyone's spirituality should be built.


Notice, please, that in the process of this statement or encounter between the Lord Jesus Christ and Peter, there are no promises to Peter that if Peter loves the Lord that he will be happy, content, satisfied and `so on and so forth. Nothing of that nature occurs here. Just the opposite is true. The Lord tells Peter, "when you were young, you did whatever you wanted, you were free to come and go, but when you get older you will not be able to do that, someone else will lead you where you don't want to go,"and so forth. Now this statement, although it has a personal reference, (however, as you know, the Lord Jesus Christ never spoke only in personal references because whatever He was saying, no matter how personal it seemed to be, it always had universal implications) has a universal implication.


It refers to that issue of giving up, being led by the Lord and not having any desires, wishes, wants to be led by oneself. Therefore, it implies the necessity to give up one's own freedom and independence and give it to the Most High so that the Most High leads you. Because only the Most High knows in an absolute sense what is the best for you. And this is true freedom.


Now in the true sense, from what transpires in this encounter between the Lord Jesus Christ, the Most High and the Apostle Peter, we can see very clearly that whatever one does, whatever one feels, whatever one thinks, whatever one desires, does, feels, one wants it for the sake of the principle, for the sake of mutual benefit, common good and sharing without any ulterior motivations whatsoever. In such a stance is the true presence of the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, which presence assures eternal love and wisdom in a progressive manner that can be continuously shared with all others, for the sake of all others, for the sake of the Most High and, of course, for the sake of oneself to the extent that one loves oneself for the sake of the presence of the Most High in one and one loves others for the sake of the presence of the Most High in them. This is the true love, transcending love above all and above everything. This is what it truly means to love the Lord with wisdom and to love others with wisdom and to love oneself with wisdom.”







Chapter Eleven


Nine Circles of Creation



Content of „Reality, Myths & Illusions“, pg. 197 - 204, Chapter Eleven


“Whatever follows must be taken with approximation only. The description which follows is one possible aspect of the structure of Creation seen from a certain perspective and it is correct if seen from that perspective. However, bear in mind that there are infinite possibilities and perspectives of such a structure which are not taken into consideration in this description. This description is sufficient only for this particular time and can be considered as a starting point in understanding the content and structure of the Lord's Creation. On this, one will be able to build, as one spiritually evolves and progresses. In the process of that evolvement and progression, new aspects will be revealed and added to that which is revealed at this time.


The Lord Jesus Christ, the Most High, revealed to me that there are basically nine circles or rounds of Creation. Each circle has a very specific and at the same time a general assignment, purpose and goal. In this revelation we can talk only about some very limited general concepts which will allow the revelation of more specific concepts and understanding later on, when the time is right.


At this time those nine circles of Creation will be described by some general functions of those who inhabit these circles. From that function one can logically assume what the general function of the entire circle is.


The first circle or the first spiritual entities which were created by the Most High in the first circle can be called the ministers, the moderators and introducers of the Absolute Principles of the Most High. Meaning that the first circle of Creation contains and exhibits the Absolute principles of the Most High or is patterned by the Absolute Principles of the Most High in the closest proximity to the Most High or to the Absolute state and condition of the Most High's nature.


The second circle or the entities that were created in the second round are considered to be embodiers, integrators and representatives of the Absolute Principles of the Most High. Thus, this circle in general terms is patterned on or represents the integration, embodiment and clear representations of what the Absolute Principles of the Most High are like.


The third circle, or the sentient entities which were created in the third round can be considered the manifestors, radiators and emanators of the Absolute Principles of the Most High in all directions, to all spheres, to all levels, to all dimensions. Therefore, the structure of this circle in general will be the container of the two previous ones for the purpose of radiating, emanating and manifesting the Absolute principles of the Most High to the rest of Creation.


These first three circles of Creation comprise what is called the Spiritual Dimension of the spiritual world with its infinite number and variety of universes, galaxies, solar systems, planets, states, places, conditions, times and para­times. In a general sense this is the occurrence of Creation and in an even more general sense these three circles of Creation can be considered the Inner Mind of Creation.


The fourth circle or the spiritual entities which were created in the fourth circle are the researchers, explorers and relators of the Absolute Principles of the Most High. Therefore, the structure of this circle is patterned in such a manner as to enable such research, exploration and relating of those principles of the Most High for the benefit of all.


The fifth circle, or the sentient entities that were created in the fifth round, are perceivers, sensors and recognizers of the Absolute Principles of the Most High. Therefore, the structure of this circle is accommodated with and contains all the necessary tools and means for such perception, sensation and recognition.


The sixth circle or the sentient entities that were created in the sixth round are the seekers, distributors, and placers of the Absolute Principles of the Most High in the rest of Creation. Therefore, this circle of creation is equipped with all the necessary tools, means, possibilities and abilities for seeking out, finding, distributing and placing the Absolute Principles of the Most High in the most appropriate manner.


Now the fourth, fifth and sixth circles comprise what is known as the Intermediate Dimension or proceeding of occurrences with its infinite number and varieties of intermediate universes, galaxies, solar systems, planets, times, para-times, conditions, places, states and their respective inhabitants. In the general term these three circles can be considered as the Intermediate Mind of Creation.


The seventh circle, or sentient entities that were created in the seventh round, are comprehenders, substantiators and rationalizers of the Absolute Principles of the Most High. Therefore, this circle is equipped with the proper abilities and tools to properly comprehend, understand, substantiate and rationalize and discuss these principles with the rest of Creation.


The eighth circle or the sentient entities that were created in the eighth round are the forms, impressions and expressions of the Absolute Principles of the Most High. Therefore, this circle is structured in such a manner as to be organs which are able to appear outwardly and to impress, express and imprint these Absolute Principles of the Most High on the rest of Creation.


And finally, the ninth circle, or the sentient entities that were created in the ninth round, are receivers, incorporators and "feed-backers" of the totality and completeness of the Absolute Principles of the Most High. This is the skin of the entire Creation in the natural degree.


Now the last three circles, the seventh, eighth and ninth, comprise what is known as the natural or physical dimension with its infinite number and variety of universes, galaxies, solar systems, planets, times, para-times, places, states, conditions and their respective inhabitants. This is the "becoming" of Creation and in a general sense these circles can be considered the exterior mind of the entire Creation.


The last four circles, the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth, by their nature also initially require external tools, formal introduction and outward manifestation of the principles of the Most High in the form of correspondences. Meaning that they appear without of within. In fact they are the without of the within. "Within" without its "without" cannot be considered or conceived, that is it cannot become. However, "without" without its "within", is nothing and it doesn't exist. As far as the first five circles are concerned they don't need any external tools, manifestations and introductions since everything there stems from within to within, from their Inner Mind, from the nature of their state of being and existence, by the immediate knowledge that it is or it is not so. No proof, no belief systems, no philosophies, no other outward type of convincing proof and tools are necessary because for them it is immediately perceivable what is or is not true without any outward proof. The rest of them, by their nature, in an initial state, need that proof. Once they have that proof, they are led within where they discover the Absolute Source, that is the presence of the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ within them and then they can start to rely entirely on that Source which leads to the gradual relinquishment of the outward tools.


All these circles, levels and degrees and their respective sentient entities, in their totality comprise one perfect creation of the Most High.


Of course, the situation is different in the Zone of Displacement. As you know everything there is upside down and therefore it is a caricature, a lousy imitation of the true Creation. They have their own nine pseudo-circles of fabrication and they are in exact opposition to the nine true circles of the Creation of the Most High.


One could conceptualize from this the structure of the negative states and processes or the Zone of Displacement in the following manner. In opposition to the Most High, Who is the Absolute Creator of the positive state of the universe, of the entire Creation and the nine true circles and rounds, there are pseudo-creators described in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality," who fabricated the nine pseudo-circles of pseudo-creation or of the Zone of Displacement of the negative state.


The first pseudo-circle, is of course, the lowest, the deepest hell of all, inhabited by the ministers, moderators and introducers of the total evils and falsities of the pseudo­creators.


The second pseudo-circle contains the ones who are embodiers, integrators and representatives of the total evils and falsities of the pseudo-creators.


The third pseudo-circle is inhabited by the entities who are manifestors, radiators and emanators of the total evils and falsities of the pseudo-creators to the rest of the pseudo-creation or the Zone of Displacement.


These first deepest, lowest, most vicious circles comprise their pseudo-spiritual world, pseudo-occurrence of all evils and falsities and this level can be conceptualized as a pseuso-inner mind, false inner mind of the Zone of Displacement.


In the fourth circle, of course, are researchers, explorers and relators of the total evils and falsities of the pseudo-creators.


In the fifth circle, or pseudo-circle they are perceivers, sensors and recognizers of these total evils and falsities of the pseudo-creators.


In the sixth circle, or pseudo-circle they are seekers, distributors and placers of all these evils and falsities of the pseudo-creators.


The fourth, fifth and sixth circles or pseudo-circles, comprise that which can be conceived of or called a pseudo-­intermediate dimension or world of the negative state or the Zone of Displacement. It is a proceeding of everything evil and negative from the occurrence and, in a general sense, it can be conceptualized as a pseudo-intermediate mind of the Zone of Displacement of pseudo-creation.


The seventh circle or pseudo-circle contains comprehenders, substantiators and rationalizers of the totality of evils and falsities of the pseudo-creators that turn everything positive and good into everything negative and evil by rationalizing and justifying such perversions.


The eighth pseudo-circle contains the entities that are forms, impressions and expressions of the total evils and falsities of the pseudo-creators thus giving them reality as if they really exist, turning illusion into the only reality and existence.


And the ninth pseudo-circle is inhabited by those who can be considered as receivers, incorporators and feed-backers of the totality and completeness of the evils and falsities of the pseudo-creators.


Thus, the seventh, eighth and ninth pseudo-circles can oe conceived as a physical, natural, pseudo-natural, pseudo-­physical dimension of the pseudo-creation or the negative state or the Zone of Displacement and this is a "becoming" of all evils and falsities and, in a general sense, it can be conceived as a pseudo-external mind of the negative state or pseudo­creation of the pseudo-creators.


Again the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth rounds of pseudo-creation require initially also external tools, formal introductions, and outward manifestations in the form of pseudo-correspondences of all evils and falsities that are presented to them as good and positive and truth and that appear to be the true within. Thus, in this connotation here, "without" is considered "within" and "within" is considered "without".


One can see from this arrangement how the negative state has nothing original, initial or creative or productive. Everything is stolen, patterned, distorted, mutilated, perverted in an upside down fashion from the real and true Creation. That's the reason all agents and identifiers of the negative state are thieves and robbers and steal and rob continuously or try to steal and rob and assault and mutilate the true Creation. In both situations, in the first positive state of Creation of the nine circles and in the pseudo-creation of nine pseudo-­circles, one can see a certain corresponding factor for each dimension. Thus the first circle of Creation and the first circle of the pseudo-creation would be in precise correspondence to the fourth, and through the fourth to the seventh circle of Creation. The second would be in precise correspondence to the fifth and through the fifth to the eighth circle of Creation; and the third would be in precise correspondence to the sixth and ninth circle of Creation and pseudo-creation.


A good example would be that in the first circle the ministering, moderation and introduction of the Absolute principles of the Most High requires thorough research, exploration and relation which, in turn, requires proper comprehension, substantiation and rationalization for such condition. The embodiment, integration and representation of the principles requires proper perception, sensation and recognition of them in order to have the proper forms, impressions and expressions of them. And finally the third, sixth and ninth circles: the manifestation, emanation, radiation of the principles requires seeking them out, distributing them and placing them in the proper manner in order that they are received, incorporated, and given a feedback of the totality and completeness of all principles as they go through to all circles and in the most productive, constructive, creative manner are applied, experienced, built on, enriched, enhanced and returned back to the first circle where again they are taken up enhanced, enriched, re-experienced, with new ideas coming from those ideas then being sent back to all other circles.


Thus every circle, regardless of its position and place, in view of this fact, outline and correspondence, is as important, as special, as unique, as needed, as valuable, as worthy as any other without exception or exclusion. Therefore, to be a part of any circle is a delight and pleasure and a uniqueness and specialness and a difference equal to anyone else in all the circles.


Neither circle without another has any sense, any value or any meaning. We are all parts of the same whole, at different levels, at different circles, equal in importance, in specialness, in uniqueness, in usefulness and in needs for our being and existence in totality of the Most High's Creation. This is the reason why the Most High loves everyone unconditionally, equally. And this is the reason why there is no such thing in the true Creation of the Most High that someone is loved more or that someone is preferred more or someone is more special than anyone else.


Whenever you encounter such a situation you can be sure that this is not from the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, but preferential treatment, discriminations, conditions stem only from the negative state of the pseudo-creation.


Of course, in the negative state of pseudo-creation everything is the opposite. There is no unconditional love, everyone is specially special, everyone is more important than another, everyone is more unique than anybody else, no one is equal and everyone is for themselves and everyone does everything for themselves without any regard for others. This can be considered a good discriminative tool or idea between the positive and negative state, particularly when one is working with the various entities in deep trances. This can be used as a criteria for determining whether the entity is an imposter, a lying one, from the negative state or from the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ; especially in view of the previous message of transcending understanding of the purpose of life combined with this structure of Creation.”







Chapter Twelve


Analysis of a Deceptive Mode of the Negative and Evil Entities Who Contaminated H.'s Spiritual Transformation Process.



Content of „Reality, Myths & Illusions“, pg. 205 - 232, Chapter Twelve


“Many of you know that the human era or specific human era was abolished and came to its end in the spiritual world particularly in, what Swedenborg called, the world of spirits, and what at the present time is called the intermediate world. As a result of this abolishment all fierce spiritual wars that the negative state leads against the positive state, have been transferred from the spiritual world, particularly from the intermediate world, to the natural degree of the Zone of Displacement, specifically to planet Earth.


Thus planet Earth is now the final battleground for the final and ultimate confrontation of all the negative forces against the positive forces of the Most High.


It is important to realize how this war is being waged. Most importantly this war is being waged in the hearts of people on the planet Earth. Thus people, their relationships, their attitudes, their thoughts, their feelings, their will, their motivation, their intentions, their desires, their wishes, their strivings, their lifestyle, the way they treat themselves, God and others are all being utilized as a means for waging this crucially important spiritual combat.


As you know, the Most High instituted new methods and designed new procedures and ways for combating the negative state. It is crucial and vital to realize that, in order that such spiritual combat could take place on the planet Earth or in the Zone of Displacement of the planet Earth, it was necessary first to build a very important, specific bridge that would connect the natural degree of the Zone of Displacement with the spiritual world. The first building block and structure that initiated the building of that bridge was the revelation that was granted by the Most High through Emanuel Swedenborg together with the revelation and methodology of spiritual hypnosis as reflected in the first book by Peter D. F., "Principles of Spiritual Hypnosis." The next step in the building of that bridge, which step was one of the most crucial and vital of all, was the new revelation as reflected in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality", "Messages From Within", "Four Concepts of The Spiritual Structure of Creation", messages that are being presented in this book and the final decisive phase of completion of building that bridge was the development of Intensive Spiritual Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Transformation Process of Arthur Jones as described in "Intensive Spiritual Hypnotherapy". The completion of intensive spiritual hypnotherapy can be considered, therefore, a completion of building the bridge between the natural degree of the Zone of Displacement and the true Creation of the Most High, in this particular case to the spiritual world.


Now after the building of the bridge has been completed, whatever methodologies and procedures were applied before the completion of the bridge have to be modified and changed. Thus, for example, it is no longer appropriate to invite the Inner Mind to proceed in any way it wants to. But certain methods, procedures and rules, carefully designed by the Most High, are necessary to follow in order to avoid contamination, insinuation, and distortion by the negative state. You have to remember that before the completion of the bridge, and before the ending of the human era in the spiritual world all combat and battles were in the spiritual world. Since the external mind doesn't know anything about the spiritual world, it was necessary, proper and right to invite the Inner Mind to proceed in any way it wants to because only the Inner Mind, from the position of the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ in the Inner Mind, knew how to proceed. However, since the transfer of the battleground to the planet Earth, which is the natural degree of the Zone of Displacement, combat shifts into the intermediate mind and particularly into the external mind which requires certain steps and rules that have to be followed from the externals, as defined, outlined by the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ in the Inner Mind, in the internals.


As was pointed out many times in the new revelation, several years ago the Most High Created, established and developed a New Heavenly Society and recently a New School for Spiritual Re-Awakening, Re-Learning and Re-Structuring in order to gradually eliminate the negative state and also to give an opportunity to everyone in the negative state, who freely chooses, through the process of repentence and confession of sins and asking for mercy and forgiveness, to enroll in the new school for the purpose of undergoing a total transformation from a negative spirit into a positive spirit, from the negative state into the positive state. To counteract and to countermine these and any and all other efforts and work of this New Spiritual Heavenly Society and the New School for Spiritual Re-Awakening, Re-Learning and Re-­Structuring, all hells got together and established a pseudo-­new hellish society from the most cunning, smart, pseudo-­intelligent and dangerous spirits who come from the lowest, deepest hells and from other members of the negative state to conduct and to wage fierce spiritual war against anything good and positive in the Zone of Displacement, particularly on the planet Earth. It is only logical and understandable that these members of the pseudo-new hellish society would attempt to fiercely attack the bridge which the Most High built with the assistance of many and with the assistance of Peter D. F. and Arthur Jones and others. The reason being that the bridge domes one of the major weapons of the positive state to gradually eliminate the activation and dominance of the negative state on the planet Earth and then, when the time comes, in the spiritual world, in the forms of the hells. Thus, when the building of the bridge was completed and the bridge was secured, it is not surprising that the first fierce attack of the pseudo-new hellish society took place in order to destroy that bridge. It is also not surprising that the members of the pseudo-new hellish society tried to destroy that bridge or attempted to destroy it my means of one who participated in building that bridge. This is the way they like to operate.


The attack, which is being mentioned here, took place in the spiritual transformation process that was facilitated by one of the builders of the bridge and his assistants and in which the recipient was H. who is a messenger of the Most High and who also volunteered to become the first major battleground on which such a combat and attack against the bridge could take place.


Because of this situation the Most High, who is the Lord Jesus Christ, permitted certain things to happen in the process of that spiritual transformation that would teach all concerned to more appropriately recognize the methods and tactics by which the pseudo-new hellish society is attempting not only to destroy the bridge but to wage a continuous, fierce spiritual war against the New Heavenly Society, the New School, and the entire positive state; thus in an ultimate sense against the Most High Himself/ Herself. Because of this meaning it is important to briefly analyze what happened in the process of this spiritual transformation that took place partly in San Diego but primarily in Los Angeles on the third day and partly on the fourth day.


The tape which was heard by Peter D. F. from that process was available from the third day and one tape from the fourth day which was sufficient for him to see what happened and to understand what happened. It is appropriate to say here, that the Most High, for the sake of learning, permitted many errors and mistakes to be made in good faith and with good intention. Otherwise the learning would not have occurred. Therefore, it is necessary to approach this matter with understanding, appreciation and respect, gratitude and thankfulness to those who agreed to participate in that process and to make those crucial mistakes and errors.


It is also appropriate to state here that facilitators, both senior and junior facilitators, felt uneasy throughout the process and inwardly, intuitively knew that something was terribly wrong without being able at that point to exactly determine what was wrong, since they were blocked or the Most High permitted that they be blocked from proper understanding of what really happened.


What really happened was that it wasn't a personal spiritual transformation process for H., although it served that purpose also to a limited extent, but instead H. was functioning by his own free will as one of the first battlegrounds for spiritual combat in an attempt by the negative state or the pseudo-new hellish society to destroy the bridge. The result of this combat has universal implications.


Now let us briefly analyze that process. From the very beginning the process got out of hand and in a sense went backward, upside down. It is my understanding that in the beginning it was indicated that H. had some personal problems, albeit not important, nevertheless personal problems, that were necessary to resolve first. That advice was not followed and was superceded by a statement by someone who identified himself as the Most High in order to prevent the establishment of the proper procedure in the process of spiritual transformation.


It was obvious from the onset that the facilitators were being deceived into believing incorrectly that H.'s personal problems were of little importance and that the most important thing was the universal implications of that process which would take place. And because supposedly they were dealing with something there that is immensely special and unusual that set precedence over all and above all, no needs for resolution of personal problems had to be fulfilled first.


The falsity of that statement is very obvious. How does one eliminate the negative state? Through undergoing a Personal spiritual transformation. The elimination of the negative state from the personal life through the elimination of the personal problems leads consequently to the elimination of the negative state in the entire Zone of Displacement. Therefore, it is vital to realize that each and every intensive or non-intensive spiritual transformation process has not only personal implications but in all respects it has full universal implications for the entire Creation and the Zone of Displacement. Therefore, although each and every spiritual transformation process is different and unique, nevertheless it is never under any circumstances more unique, more special, more universal than any other. If you encounter, in the process of your working with recipients, statements of such nature as we have in H.'s process, immediately be on guard and be warned that you are not dealing with reality, with the true reality of this situation; and that there is something terribly wrong, that the negative state is trying to mislead and to misguide you and contaminate the process.


Another error which was allowed to be committed and which is understandable under the circumstances was that the senior facilitator at that point invited H.'s Inner Mind and the Source within the Inner Mind to proceed the way it wanted to proceed, thus neglecting to recognize that the building of the bridge was completed, and therefore, it was necessary to follow certain procedures and rules as outlined in all five books, in this book, and in particular, the procedure which was setting a precedent for that in the process as described in "Intensive Spiritual Hypnotherapy." Furthermore, it was an attempt by the negative state to deceive and to convince the facilitators that the shadow of H. was converted, which was a purposeful lie and an attempt to destroy the verity of the entire process.


During the process such words as "my command" and using the word "guides" instead of Spiritual Advisors, which word was consistently used properly and correctly by facilitators but entirely disregarded by the one who called himself the Most High in H.'s process, should have served as a warning that something was terribly wrong. Since the Most High is infinite Divine Love, infinite Divine Wisdom and Absolute Free Will, He/ She in no way ever commands anything but simply advises on the procedure. Moreover, the Most High never causes pain or illustrates or demonstrates severe punishment-like conditions such as occured in this process when H. was gasping in painful rigidity of his body that supposedly was demonstrating and proving that the Most High was speaking in commands. The whole situation at that moment was obvious and indicative that it was not the true Most High that was functioning in that process.


But the most devastating and the most crucial attack of the pseudo-new hellish society against the New Heavenly Society and the New School was in the form of an attempt to destroy and to undermine the whole spiritual ideology and concepts as defined in the New Revelation as reflected in those above mentioned five books and the messages of this book, as well as the new book, "Who Are You And Why Are You Here?"


The attack in this situation was led against the proper understanding of the nature of the Most High, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Before we comment on that, it is important to bring to the attention of all concerned that, in the process of the work which was done with H., when the senior facilitator was told by the so-called Most High that H.'s Inner Mind rebelled against the Most High, the senior facilitator knew that there was something terribly wrong and he wisely called Peter D. F. to consult with him about the situation. Peter D. F. told him that it is necessary first, before proceeding, to evoke the shadow, to convert the shadow, then to evoke female and male spiritual advisors and to perform their marriage at the proper time. When the senior facilitator attempted to do so the initiative of the senior facilitator was taken out of his hands and the one who called himself the Most High proceeded in such a manner as to violate entirely the procedure, the way it's supposed to be done and the way it was already outlined in "Principles of Spiritual Hypnosis."


Instead of first working on the conversion of the shadow, the one who assumed the role of the Most High hastily proceeded to bring out male and female spiritual advisors, so-called male and female spiritual advisors, and to perforrn a pseudo-marriage. Here is where the severe attack on the nature of the Most High, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit as one God, occurred.


The understandable error of the facilitators in this process was in allowing that to happen and breaking the procedure and the rules. The one who called himself the Most High said, "Well, we have to follow the somewhat presumptuous advice of Peter, because Peter knows his stuff so let's proceed with the marriage." Now the one who said that knew that everything was safe for the negative state as long as they performed that pseudo-marriage before the resolution of personal problems and before the conversion of the shadow which is the upside down, backward position, because no marriage between principles of Love and Wisdom and the principles of femininity and masculinity can take place before the resolution of personal problems and conversion of the shadow. That kind of procedure opens the door wide for attacks and the taking over of the negative state within anyone's mind. And that's what happened here.


Now let us concentrate on the philosophy of that attack against the nature of the Most High. When the evocation of the so-called male and female spiritual advisors by the one who called himself the Most High took place, it didn't take place on the spiritual mountain top which was a devastating but understandable error on the part of the facilitators for the purpose of learning an important spiritual lesson for all concerned. The whole situation was hastily done without any regard for the proper procedure to be followed. What transpired at this point was that the one who called himself the Most High said that Jesus Christ is the male spiritual advisor for H. and that Mary Magdalena was the female spiritual advisor and that the Most High is one person and Jesus Christ is entirely another person who is only a beloved Son of the Most High and that the Most High is giving his Son, Jesus Christ into marriage to Mary Magdalena in order to remind mankind that His son, whom He sent to the Zone of


Displacement in the natural degree, was physically married, or something like that, to Mary Magdalena and that they had sexual intercourse and lived together while Jesus Christ was on the planet Earth. And that later on the church destroyed that record to give the impression that there was no sexuality or physical marriage manifested during Jesus Christ's life on Earth. Now there are grains of truth in this statement but, please, notice the devastating split of God into several persons or demoting Jesus Christ from the position of the true God and the Most High to a regular son, but not the only son because later on it is obvious that Lucifer, or the one who calls himself Lucifer, who comes as a shadow, also calls himself the Son of God and the brother of Jesus Christ.


Now the negative state wants nothing more than to have people believe that the negative state is the product of the Most High and that it is in an equal position to Jesus Christ who is the positive state. However the interesting point to realize is that when the so-called Most High was evoking Jesus Christ as the male spiritual advisor for H., he said the word "Jesus" but slurred the word "Christ". Then when the pseudo­marriage was occurring he was marrying Jesus, not Jesus Christ, but Jesus to Mary Magdalena. Here is where the devastating error occurred.


First of all Jesus Christ, as the only Most High or as an aspect of the Most High in totality of the concept of Divine Human and Human Divine which was represented by Jesus Christ, is eternally married. He is the very marriage of Absolute Love and Absolute Wisdom which also incorporates humanity in His Human aspect which constitutes the fullness of the Most High both in spiritual love and in sexual, sensual and physical love. Thus Jesus Christ cannot be married because He/ She is already married to all the principles of femininity from the position of His masculinity and to all the principles of masculinity from the position of His/ Her principle of femininity. Also, please, notice an important rule here that the word Jesus corresponds to Divine Love and Divine Good also in its physical, sexual, sensual manifestation and bodily functions, as the word Christ corresponds to Divine Wisdom and Divine Truth and its physical manifestation of the Most High.


Since the word Jesus is Divine Love and Divine Good and Divine Charity and since that part is being married to Mary Magdalena who is also a representation of love, good and charity, no marriage could take place since one aspect of love was attempted to be married to another aspect of love. This is not marriage. Marriage can take place only between Love and Wisdom and Wisdom and Love. This fake marriage allowed for the occurrence of the next crucial falsity and distortion and of an attack which was led against the positive state.


After this pseudo-marriage the next step which was undertaken was the so-called conversion of the Shadow. The Shadow came under the name of the so-called Lucifer. The indication that was given was that Lucifer was allowed to contaminate and to become part of the Inner Mind of H. Again to the credit of the facilitators of this process we must point out that they immediately knew and felt that something was not right. Nevertheless they were allowed to proceed on that assumption and allowed further errors to occur.


Before further analyzing what happened, it is necessary to point out that a serious lack of the proper knowledge of the structure of the human mind, particularly from the standpoint of the spiritual theory of the human mind, took place here. Everyone is therefore strongly advised to thoroughly study the spiritual theory of the human mind as updated in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality."The Inner Mind is the seat of the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, the only One Indivisible God, who has many other names, of course. Therefore from that position the Inner Mind cannot be contaminated under any circumstances or contain any negative spirit or any Lucifer. Such contamination would immediately result in destruction of the entire Creation. It would also imply that the Most High contains within Himself/ Herself evils and falsities and negativity. Well, that's what the negative spirits, Lucifers, devils and satans of the pseudo-new hellish society want us to believe. They could never approach the Inner Mind directly or be part of the Inner Mind because the moment they succeeded they would cease to exist. However, they are capable of influencing and contaminating and making their home in the interior mind if permitted. The interior mind consists, among other things, of transpersonal mentality and phenomenal mentality which contains all the experiences of mankind. And because the experiences of mankind in the last thirty million years or so are negative, from that they can derive and feed on all the falsities and evils that are contained in there and from that they can build a special region between the Inner Mind and the interior mind that encapsulates the Inner Mind and keeps it from coming through and which is considered to be the Inner Mind. Thus, what we have here is the pseudo-inner mind that influences the interior mind and the external mind in such a manner as to capture whatever comes, whatever genuine truth comes from the Inner Mind, from the presence of the Most High in the Inner Mind. It is captured or recaptured by the negative spirits in that artifically built region which is considered to be the Inner Mind. This region utilizes all the knowledge of distortions, evils and falsities contained in the transpersonal mentality and the phenomenal mentality of the interior mind to distort, pervert, to mislead, to abuse, to misuse and to present things as though they are reality and fact, while, in fact, they are distortions, perversions, upside down positions, illusions, delusions and insanities. Thus in this particular case the one who called himself Lucifer in no way was contaminating the true Inner Mind of H. but, in fact, that one was contaminating and occupying that region which we all in the Zone of Displacement have between the Inner Mind and the interior mind which is built from elements of hellish material. But who was that one who called himself Lucifer, brother of Jesus Christ, and Son of God?


Before answering this question be warned that those kinds of negative spirits, pretending to be Jesus or Christ or Seth or Michael, or whatever name they pick, love to mislead people by false stories about their and other people's reincarnation, literal reincarnation on the planet Earth. This is another warning sign that there is something very wrong. Please read carefully chapter 4 of the "Four Concepts of Spiritual Structure of Creation."


The one who called himself Lucifer and who wanted us to believe that he was created by the Most High before time and space as an equal to Jesus Christ and then subsequently fell and rebelled against the Most High and established the negative state is none other than one of the leaders of the pseudo-new hellish society who was sent out to do combat and to attempt to undermine H.'s process and thus to destroy the bridge that was built between the natural degree of the Zone of Displacement and the spiritual world. The alarming situation for the external mind of Peter D. F. was that the senior facilitator and the assistant facilitator failed to recognize that no such thing could exist. For example, that Lucifer was equal to Jesus Christ and was also the Son of God originally created as a high level spiritual being that "fell". Although all of you were advised to study very thoroughly the "Four Concepts of Spiritual Structure of Creation," which advice was given to you on May 1, 1983, at the first conference of the Spiritual Transformation Center, nevertheless that message about Lucifer or the fallen angel which was explained on page 17 and 18 was totally disregarded and instead it was accepted on face value although with great doubts and grains of salt so to speak. Cum grano salis, as it's said in Latin, which was a very good point. So in talking with, conversing and matching wits with this so-called Lucifer, who is not Lucifer but bears the name Lucifer and who is, in fact, one of the leaders of the pseudo-­new hellish society; (By the way, they like to call themselves by various names such as that to mislead, to misguide and to lie), in that conversation an attempt was made to convert the one who called himself Lucifer. During this attempt a serious set of errors occurred.


First, the whole process didn't take place on the spiritual mountaintop. Secondly, when Lucifer desperately asks, "How can I change?", both facilitators or three facilitators at that point failed to evoke, to read the Rights and Privileges to Lucifer that were dictated to Peter D. F. by the Most High in the form of a memorandum on February 9, 1983, which memorandum was on the tape given to members of the Spiritual Transformation Center and which is included in the third chapter, part two of that chapter, in this book.


Instead they were full of words that had little meaning. Instead of putting Lucifer on top of the mountain, engulfing him in white lights, facing East and inviting him to confess his sins and to repent and to ask for mercy and forgiveness, (by the way, these words were not once used in the process of the attempt to convert the shadow) they were talking about unconditional love and wisdom. In fact, they were talking only about unconditional love without wisdom and were telling Lucifer that knowledge of the truth and the return home would constitute a change. Well, Lucifer or so-called Lucifer knows the truth. The point is that he is the perverter of the truth therefore he knows the truth. And coming home is impossible without confession of sins, repentance from the bottom of the heart and asking for mercy and forgiveness. That's the wisdom of unconditional love which was lacking there. So instead of reading Lucifer his Rights and Privileges, as outlined word by word in the memorandum, they allowed the one who called himself Lucifer to pick the terms by which he would be converted. Thus he picked a farmhouse on the prairie, facing the mountain and not the mountaintop and he goes into that farmhouse where there is milk on the top floor, and apples. Note the symbolism of the words "milk" and "apples" which constitute a lower spiritual reality. Of course, it all takes place on the prairie, in the farmhouse, not on the mountaintop, in the true Creation; not on the basis of Divine Love which is signified by the mountaintop; not in truth with the rock, the rock signifies the truth and wisdom, but in some obscure place such as a farmhouse on the prairie which is, in fact, at the level of the hells.


What kind of true conversion can happen on the basis that has no basis? And even though it is a possibility that Lucifer was subsequently converted into Luther and sent to the New School for Spiritual Re-Awakening, Re-Learning and Re-Structuring, nevertheless Lucifer was not a true shadow but the top rank officer, leader of the pseudo-new hellish society who insinuated himself into the pseudo-inner mind of H. for the purpose of destroying the bridge and leading the combat against the New Heavenly Society and the entire positive state. Also to test, and if possible to destroy particularly the New Revelation as revealed and reflected in the five books and in the messages of this book which were at that time on the audio cassette tapes. Also to test and to prepare H. for his specific mission as a messenger of the Most High and to test the faithfulness and devotion of the members of the Spiritual Transformation Center to the Most High and to the New Revelation and their willingness to follow the procedures, the proper procedures.


Whether the real conversion of Lucifer into Luther took place remains to be seen when the process with H. is completed, sometime at the end of July or the beginning of August of 1983, if H. chooses to do so and subsequently after that to assume his true mission to function as a specific messenger of the Most High, an important messenger of the Most High of which function H. still has no conscious awareness or proper understanding. But in time he will if he chooses so. (For the completion of H.'s process see Chapter Fourteen of this book. That chapter contains a verbatim transcript of this process as conducted by the author of this book.)


Another important and crucial point occurred on the fourth day right at the end of the spiritual transformation process of H. when a severe attack by the negative state against H. occurred. A tremendous confusion occurred. And H. says, "My Inner Mind is confused," which indicates that H. wasn't functioning from the position of the Inner Mind because the Inner Mind cannot get confused. It is impossible for the Inner


Mind to get confused since it contains within itself the Most High and the Most High is not confused. He was talking from the position of his interior mind which was falsely believed to be the Inner Mind or from the position of that artificial body superimposed around the Inner Mind, encapsulating the Inner Mind to prevent the truth from coming through. After this H. said, "Outer mind is the Most High," meaning that if the outer mind is the Most High, then the Inner Mind is Lucifer, the negative state. Do you see the upside down position in this particular situation? Although H.'s mind was desperately asking for help, when the severe attack of the negative state occurred, both facilitators failed to do what was necessary to do in this particular case and they just comforted him and vigorously tried to learn the dates of various events and the final terms that were outlined by the one who called himself the Most High.


It is very important to realize that the true Most High never speaks in finalistic terms. Therefore when the so-called Inner Mind and the so-called Most High in that pseudo-inner mind was asked to elaborate on some specific terms in the life of H. and mankind on planet Earth and on the advisability of publishing the new book or transcription of the process with H., they made a mistake in believing the finalistic term such as a precise date, such as 1992, during which something will happen, that H. will be assassinated. This should have warned them that it was not the Most High Who spoke because He/She never speaks in finalistic terms. The Most High never makes such predictions because it would be dangerous. For the sake of people He/ She doesn't do it, because it would be giving the secret plans, the grand plans and content into the hands of the enemy. This would undermine the outcome of the final spiritual combat. The Most High speaks only in potentialities, what could happen, and reveals alternatives that could come to fruition if certain choices are made because from the position of the Absolute Free Will the Most High allows all alternatives to be equally present and have equal opportunity to be manifested. Therefore, any firm term or finalistic stance with certain dates eliminates the choices and alternatives and gives the opportunity for only one alternative to come to its fruition. Such a situation would lead to the conclusion that the Most High doesn't know what He is doing and that the Most High deprives His Creation of choosing from all alternatives.


In the future this should be a warning to any prospective facilitator that if, in trance work, one gets specific finalistic dates and predictions and not a general outline, then it is not the Most High but the negative state which is infiltrating and contaminating the process. Please stop being fascinated by such predictions and being in awe when someone speaks and calls himself the Most High and violates the proper procedures and rules that have been outlined in the five books and in the messages of this book and in particular in the "Intensive Spiritual Hypnotherapy" book. The Most High, being Law and Order Himself/ Herself, never violates His/ Her own procedures and rules. It would mean violating Himself/ Herself.


However, for the sake of testing and learning the Most High sometimes permits the shadow or the negative spirit temporarily to take over and to play the role of the Most High for the purpose of testing people to see whether they really have followed the rules and have conducted the combat with the properly established rules, regulations and methodologies that the Most High has defined and does define for every particular time. Thus, instead of taking heed that something was terribly wrong, and resolving the problem and confusion about the Inner Mind, the interior mind and the external mind and about the true nature of the Most High, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit and all other issues, the facilitators in this case lightly, for understandable reasons, dealt with this situation and instead, perhaps from their own curiosity, pressed for dates and for guidance for what to do with these audio tapes. Of course, the negative state would like nothing better than to have these audio tapes of H.'s process transcribed and the book published so that they could undermine and destroy the bridge and the entire philosophy and the ideology of the New Revelation that is the major weapon at this time, in this particular step, for eliminating or for beginning the elimination of the negative state from being and existence both on planet Earth and in the spiritual world - in hells and in the entire Zone of Displacement. Yes, these tapes should be transcribed and they should be carefully studied by all concerned with comments and explanations pinpointing how the negative state was trying to contaminate, to pollute, to distort, to attack, and what kind of weapons they used. But not as an authentic spiritual transformation process of personal transformation of H. which has to be completed at a later date. (See Chapter Fourteen for this completion.)


Despite certain errors and mistakes that were allowed and permitted for the sake of learning to come to their negative fruition, it is necessary and it's proper and right to commend all involved for their intuition and sense that there was something wrong and that it was necessary to check out the entire process with Peter D. F. who is specifically equipped by the Lord Jesus Christ, the True Most High, with specific abilities to detect and to recognize who is who and what is what particularly in the matter of spiritual combat. Thus it was extremely wise of the facilitators to give him the copies of the third day and one tape from the fourth day which were crucial in recognizing what was going on in that process.


Before proceeding with an outline of certain procedures or summaries of the tactics and methods which must be followed, if you want to be on the positive side, one more warning about the process of H. needs to be mentioned.


At one point the senior facilitator was stating for the record something like this: "Let the record show that while the Most High was speaking through H., his left hand was raised above with outstretched fingers and his right index finger, which is the "yes" finger, was lifting." This should have been a warning to the senior facilitator when the left hand was lifting, instead of the right hand which is the hand of the Most High in the stretched position. Both hands should lift simultaneously with outstretched fingers and both index fingers should lift for the confirmation of "yes".


Whenever you have such a situation where the left hand is up but the right hand is not up for confirmation, be aware because something is terribly wrong there. The Most High will use and bless with the right hand as a correspondence of His power. The right hand corresponds to the power of the Most High. Or both hands will be lifted to indicate that the Most High is in complete and total charge and the only Lord, both of the positive state and the hells. The left hand signifies that He is in charge of hell but without the right hand lifting, when the left hand lifts alone, it means that the negative state is prevailing and is contaminating the process.


Now for learning, let us summarize some proper procedures, methods and tactics that you are advised to follow if you undertake the spiritual transformation process, or become a facilitator whether in the intensive form or the more traditional form.


First of all, as of this date it is crucial and vital to realize that there is only one God. That God is known as the Lord Jesus Christ, who has many other names, but Jesus Christ is the Most High.


During the spiritual transformation process should a situation occur where there is one who speaks and calls himself the Most High and there is another separate one who speaks and calls himself Jesus Christ and then there is a third separate one who calls himself the Holy Spirit, then there is something terribly wrong. When you are testing the spirits, and you must test the spirits, it is necessary to say, "say the words, the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit Who is One Indivisible God, the Creator of the entire Creation" and Who is therefore not three or more separate entities (as it was so obvious in the process with H.) but Who is One, as you are one. There is only one mind, there is only one Absolute Mind containing the Inner Mind which, in this case, is the Absolute Inner Mind called the Most High. There is one Absolute Interior Mind which is in this connotation called Jesus Christ or Son, and, of course, the Absolute Inner Mind is called Father; and there is only one Absolute Exterior Mind which, in this situation, is called the Holy Spirit; but it is One Mind. As you are one indivisible in your Inner Mind, interior mind and exterior mind, consisting of one human being, so is the Most High One Absolute Being consisting of Father, the Absolute Inner Mind, Son, the Absolute Interior Mind also sometimes called Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit-the Absolute Exterior Mind. Any deviation from this conceptualization constitutes an opening for the negative state to contaminate the process. Of course with other cultures where the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ is called by other names, in the ultimate sense it has to be emphasized that there is only one God, Indivisible God, known by many names and that one of those names is Allah, Brahama or Vishnu, or Great Spirit, or Jesus Christ, or whatever name is used but it always has to be the Lord, the Most High, One.


Secondly, it is vital to realize again and again, as recorded on page 17 and 18 of the "Four Concepts of the Spiritual Structure of Creation," that there is no such thing as a fallen angel, Lucifer, who was at the high spiritual level and who rebelled against the Most High. Rebelliousness is possible only from someone who is occupying the outermost of the outermost or the outermost degree of the natural degree of Creation from which one falls out into the Zone of Displacement when one decides to rebel against the Most High. Should any such claims be made, as it happened in H.'s process, you are hereby warned that the negative state is contaminating and that you are not following the proper procedures or that you are being tested on whether you know your proper procedures.


The proper procedures are outlined in the process with Arthur Jones in the book "Intensive Spiritual Hypnotherapy" which is the Most High's book and in which the Most High developed the new methodology and procedure for combating the negative state through the transformation process and which is, together with all other books and messages in this book, particularly Chapter Fifteen, the bridge. Thus the first step, for both facilitators and prospective recipients is to study thoroughly the five books and messages in this book including this message.


The reason why, as of this date, the prospective recipient of the intensive spiritual transformation process is advised to study them is that it allows the person to recognize and understand the spiritual theory of the human mind, with the understanding that the transpersonal mentality and phenomenal mentality of the interior mind is the contaminating area where the seat of the negative state and all evils and falsities is located in every human being; where the battle takes place and from where the external mind is influenced and controlled.


From that area, another artificial area is built above the interior mind to encapsulate the true Inner Mind and to distort, pervert and put upside down all truths, ideas, correct ideas, and concepts that are continuously flowing, descending from the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, the only God and His/ Her Holy Spirit, down to the rest of the mind. The reading and studying of those books and the Holy Bible helps to eliminate the interference of those false ideas, evils, falsities and misconceptions that are in the interior mind.


Before you proceed with anything else it is necessary to work out all so-called psychological problems and problems that were acquired in the process of the prospective recipient's earthly life from the moment of conception to the present time. This can be done with the invocation of the Spiritual Advisors and the Shadow or without them depending on what the Inner Mind of the recipient suggests. However, under no circumstances should there be an attempt to marry the female and male principles and advisors until the personal problems are resolved and the Shadow is converted and liberated from the negative state. Failure to follow this procedure will result in devastating consequences not only for the recipient but for the entire Creation. All processes in working with the Spiritual Advisors and with the Inner Mind must always take place on the spiritual mountaintop which corresponds to and symbolizes the Divine Love of the Most High; with the presence of the rock on the right side which symbolizes the Divine Wisdom and Truth of the Most High; and with the understanding of the significance of right, left, front, east and so on and so forth.


After the personal or so-called psychological problems have been worked out it is vitally important that the confession of sins, repentance, forgiveness and mercy, asking for mercy and forgiveness, forgiving all from the state and position of unconditional love and wisdom take place. The recipient is now capable of forgiving all hardships and all who participated in his/her miseries and is willing to forgive himself/ herself and accept the unconditional mercy and forgiveness of the Most High. The recipient asks that he/ she be taught to love unconditionally in wisdom and to forgive and show mercy unconditionally to all. After the shadow has been properly converted, then the next step is to proceed with the marriage of the feminine and masculine principles of Love and Wisdom as represented by the male and female advisors.


Note of warning here: be advised that the Shadow, the unconverted Shadow, because it is an integral part of the mind of every human being, is capable from that position of saying the words "Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, the Most High, as One Indivisible God, Lord Creator of the universe." Don't be misled by this situation, so that, unless you have the Shadow converted, you are subject to contamination and pollution and the interference of the negative state despite the fact that the Shadow, who might be playing the role of the Most High or any other positive entity, is capable of saying those words. The only true check is when the Shadow agrees to be converted and joins the team or the spiritual family on the mountaintop. For that reason the Shadow doesn't go to the New School, because the Shadow is part of the New School already by virtue of being the personal Shadow for the recipient. The process, the liberation and the conversion of the Shadow is the process which takes place in the school, the New School.


The next step, after the Shadow is converted and after the marriage is performed and after all the so-called psychological problems are resolved is, if the Highest Spiritual Advisor has not participated yet, to invoke the Most High and ask the Most High to take over and conduct the process by introducing the recipient to his/ her home.


Now be careful here and be cautious because in the process of the introduction to and arrival at home the possessive, insinuating or attaching negative spirits can interfere and here is where the exorcism has to take place unless it took place before, but not before the conversion of the Shadow. Again I emphasize very strongly that before any exorcism can take place, first the Shadow must be converted. If you experienced the exorcism of the negative spirit before the conversion of the Shadow be warned that something is wrong. Any spirit, negative entity or negative spirit who desires to be converted must wait until the Shadow is converted and then you utilize the converted Shadow, who becomes a peace officer of the Most High, to read the Rights and Privileges to any other negative spirits and entities, and to assist in the exorcism.


When the negative spirit that insinuates into or possesses or is attached to the recipient agrees to join the positive state and to recede from evil and falsities it must confess its sin, it must repent from the bottom of his/ her heart and it has to ask for the mercy and forgiveness of the Most High and it must be put on the east side of the spiritual mountaintop, engulfed in the white lights and given a new name and then two special angels have to appear who will take the transfigured (not transformed) white spirit (previously negative entity) into a Special Division of the New School for Spiritual Re-Awakening, Re-Learning and Re-Structuring where that now transfigured, white spirit will undergo the process of total and complete spiritual transformation and subsequent placement in the positive state. The process of this transformation is a complex one and can be very lengthy. It is not a simple task, as many would like to believe, to transform a former demon, Satan, devil or whatever you have into a good spirit or angel of the heavens. This process requires a tremendous amount of work which includes, among many other things, extensive genetic alterations by spiritual means and rearrangement of very specific correspondences related to this process. The type of work which is done during this process is of such a nature and magnitude that people on Earth do not have any concept or idea or words or images that could bring it even remotely to their understanding and grasp.


If and when these things take place, the next step is to discover the purpose, the mission, the plan for the recipient's life and assignment, acquirement of the new assignment and regression to the time before birth and finding the reason why the recipient decided and volunteered to incarnate into the negative state on the planet Earth. This is followed by his/ her reintroduction to the true members of the recipient's spiritual family in the spiritual world; by establishment of permanent access to the spiritual world, to the spiritual family; and most importantly by establishment of permanent and direct access to the Lord Jesus Christ who is the only Most High within the recipient's Inner Mind. This direct access makes it possible for the recipient to become connected to his/her Source, to his/her spiritual family and to function from that position from now on to eternity in a growing, progressing and bettering manner. This all happens with the understanding that this is only the beginning, and that the process of transformation and progression continues afterwards and that the recipient is now responsible for taking over his transformation process and the process of eternal continuous spiritual progression under the auspices, guidance, and leadership of the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ and in conjunction, in unity, in oneness, in harmony with all of the recipient's spiritual advisors, spiritual consort and the members of the recipient's entire spiritual family.


Now these are the new methods and laws and procedures that are to be followed by all concerned. Failure to follow these procedures, I repeat again, can have devastating consequences because it opens the door for attack by and insinuation of negative spirits. You have to remember that we are in the Zone of Displacement on planet Earth which is the enemy's territory. We are in the enemy's territory as special agents of the Most High, sometimes disguised, sometimes secret agents of the Most High, who are constantly being attacked. And because the battleground was transferred from the Intermediate world or the world of spirits to planet Earth, to the external last stronghold and outpost of the hells in the natural degree, therefore, it is now necessary to meticulously follow these new rules and procedures as briefly outlined here and which will be outlined in Chapter Fifteen of this book. Of course by your own free will you either choose to follow them or not to but remember that you must bear the consequences of every choice. Because every free choice has its outcomes and consequences.


A few words about the experiences that one of the assistant facilitators had. Her experience is valid since she learned the lesson that one cannot separate spiritual love from mental, emotional, intellectual, sensual, sexual and physical love and that the Most High can be present in totality and completeness of His/ Her Being and Existence in us, only in the unification of those loves and that separation of spiritual love from sexual love and physical love and sensual love and other loves is what true adultery is all about. It is adulterous and fornicative to separate the Most High from sexuality and therefore to love the Most High means to love Him spiritually, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, sexually, sensually and physically. After all sexual love is supposed to be the extension and the process of spiritual love, and spiritual love rests in sexual love as its ultimate expression and impression of the Most High's presence. Therefore, when a spiritual man makes physical, sexual love to a spiritual woman and a spiritual woman makes physical sexual love to a spiritual man they make love, in the totality of that love, to the Most High and the Most High is eternally present in and conjoins such an act.


In conclusion of this chapter, a note of WARNING for the prospective reader of this book and of the previously published book "Intensive Spiritual Hypnotherapy".


There are several references in this book and in "Intensive Spiritual Hypnotherapy" (Chapter Three of Part Two and Chapter Two of Part Three) to a church-like organization called the Spiritual Transformation Center.


In view of the analysis of H.'s process, as reflected in the foregoing chapter, and in view of the further developments of the Center, it appears to the author of this book (and this is his personal, private and subjective opinion corroborated by his Inner Mind and his Spiritual Advisors) that, from the very beginning of its foundation, the Spiritual Transformation Center was considerably contaminated by the negative state. The Center's development was allowed, for certain important spiritual lessons and learning, to be influenced by various distortions of the true reality of the spiritual state of affairs.


From the spiritual standpoint, it is obvious that any attempt to establish an organization that would be patterned and structured by the old, outlived, outdated, outmoded, reactionary, conventional and traditional types of establishments, no matter what they might be and no matter what the motivation and intent of those establishments might be, would be in its essence and substance negative and therefore, it would be under constant attack, contamination, pollution and poison by the negative forces. This situation is a necessary consequence and outcome of trying to organize anything at all using the old tools, means and ways of the Old Era which have been discredited so many times during the history of humankind on this planet.


The very spirit of the New Revelation of the Most High, as reflected in this and all other books by the author, is being violated by any such establishments and/ or organizations. After all, one of the many crucial tenets of the New Revelation is that all such establishments and organizations of the Old Era must be unconditionally abolished first before the true ideas of the New Revelation can take proper hold in the most people's mind.


For this reason, it was necessary for the author of this book to dissociate himself from any involvement in any conventional and traditional establishments, churches and organizations, including the Spiritual Transformation Center.


It is the opinion of the author that anyone who exhibits any desire to establish such church-like organizations and establishments of any kind, which are structured in the manner of the Old Era, is automatically subject to the influence of and hold by the negative state.


When one goes inward to one's Inner Mind and asks a question, "Should I establish a Spiritual Transformation Center for the purpose of helping other people accomplish this transformation?" (page 447 in "Intensive Spiritual Hypnotherapy"), one inevitably gets the only possible response: "If you choose to do so, you may do so". (Page 447). The problem with such questions is that they already presuppose that this is what one wants to do. Questions like that do not give any other choices to one's Inner Mind. These are wrong questions directed to the wrong source. Instead of directly asking the Most High in one's Inner Mind for the will of God to be done and manifested in one's life and for the outline of one's destiny and assignment, one comes up with a projection of wishful thinking that imposes one's will on the will of God. Under such conditions one will manipulate oneself into getting responses from one's pseudo-inner mind in the manner one expects them from one's own wishful thinking, believing that those responses came from one's true Inner Mind and the true Most High in one's Inner Mind. Unfortunately, this leads to the wide opening of the door for invitation of the negative state into one's life under the disguise of positive services to mankind and in the name of love and wisdom.


This is especially true in the case of the recipient of the intensive spiritual hypnotherapy, as reflected in the book "Intensive Spiritual Hypnotherapy". The recipient of that process, at the end of his process, following the right procedures, already was given an immediate assignment by the


true Most High (see pages 413-416 of that book). However, in his postgraduate sessions, the recipient, for some reason or other, overruled the Most High's assignment by his personal wish to begin immediately the similar processes with the other people and to establish for that purpose the Spiritual Transformation Center. Obviously, this was not, at least at that time, his true assignment. Here we have a very good example, illustrated, among many other things, by the analysis of H.'s process in this chapter, of what can happen if one overrules by one's wishful thinking and desire the original advice of the Most High in one's Inner Mind.


In view of this fact, it is the author's solemn personal and subjective opinion (which may or may not be true objectively) that certain statements and conclusions in Chapter Three, Part Two of "Intensive Spiritual Hypnotherapy" (headed "Postgraduate Sessions", from page 430 onward), and certain parts of Chapter Two, Part Three, (headed "The Client's Evaluation of the Process', particularly "The Client's Follow Up Report One Year Later," are under the influence of voluntarily invited insinuation of the negative state. By asking voluntarily the wrong question from the wrong source, one inevitably invites the wrong answers from the wrong source ­the negative state. The voluntary follow-up of such answers in one's life by putting the content of those answers into practice invites the negative state into one's life and one ends up in the illusion that one does everything from the positive state, from the true Inner Mind and from the true Most High. This is a common danger when one fails to follow the Most High's advice and, thus, fails simply to relinquish, to give up and to surrender oneself and one's will unconditionally to the Most High and instead, one imposes questions that stem from the wishful thinking of one's external mind so that one's personal predispositions could come to their fruition.


For the purpose of serious spiritual learning and warning, these possible contaminations and distortions were allowed to be included in the above mentioned parts of the book "Intensive Spiritual Hypnotherapy". Any prospective reader of that book, therefore, is advised to read those parts with caution and with an open mind, asking his/ her Inner Mind and the Most High in that Inner Mind for bringing to the reader's attention the possibly contaminated parts so that proper learning could occur and use for one's spiritual progression could be derived for the benefit of the reader.”







Chapter Thirteen


More on the Structure of the Zone of Displacement



Content of „Reality, Myths & Illusions“, pg. 233 - 250, Chapter Thirteen


“It is time to discuss some particulars about the structure of the Zone of Displacement and what is called the hierarchy of their pseudo-spiritual organization. As it was revealed previously, the establishment of the Zone of Displacement is patterned by the stolen principles of the hierarchy of the true spiritual organization of the Most High's true Creation and placement. Thus, whatever appears and occurs and takes place in the true Creation of the Most High is utilized, after it is captured, by the inhabitants of the Zone of Displacement and first perverted, put upside down, and then in distorted manner applied to the structure of the hierarchy of the pseudo-spiritual organization of all Zones of Displacement.


As you already know basically we can recognize, in general terms, three inhabited Zones of Displacement that are vast and contain what can be called many universes, galaxies, worlds and solar systems of displaced zones. The Zone of Displacement of the spiritual world or to be specific, of heavens or the positive state of heavens, is accompanied by what is called by people on planet Earth, hells. Thus hells with all their regions, worlds, universes, galaxies, places and people constitute the pseudo-inner mind of the Zone of Displacement and everything is initiated in that region which is transmitted all the way down to the Zone of Displacement of the physical or natural world.


The second area with its universes, galaxies, worlds and people which is called the Intermediate world and is considered to be the intermediate mind of the universe is accompanied by its own Zone of Displacement and its universes, galaxies, worlds and displaced places where all perverted ideas, concepts, occurrences and initiations that take place in the hells, are transmitted to the third region so that they may become and be actualized and realized in the third Zone of Displacement, or third area of the Zone of Displacement which is in this particular case the displaced zone of planet Earth.


Now, since the true placements of the Most High's Creation, that is the spiritual world of heavens, the intermediate world of the world of spirits, and the natural world of the human and non-human beings are structured and patterned in such a manner that everything is ruled there from within to without and that everything stems from the One Absolute Creator Who is called by many names and who is the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, One Indivisible God and Creator, in the hierarchy of spiritual organization; and since the Most High utilizes His people whom He created in certain positions and they are called by various names, such as archangels, angels, counselors, advisors and many other names; and since the Zone of Placement contains such words as Jesus Christ, Father, Son, Son of Man, Son of God, Holy Spirit, and similar names, it is obvious that the rulers and inhabitants of the entire Zone of Displacement would pattern their structure and their hierarchy of the pseudo-spiritual organization exactly in the same manner.


Thus, above all and everything they appoint the one who is called the Most High, in fact the one who is the most low, but they call him the Most High, who is then worshipped as the true creator of everything and the true ruler of the entire Zone of Displacement. Now this pseudo-Most High appoints his entourage and appoints his son whom he calls Jesus Christ, pseudo-Jesus Christ, of course, and Holy Spirit and appoints all his archangels, angels and any other so-called powers that are copied and imitated in the exact manner from the true Creation of the Most High by the stolen principles as described in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality" and "Messages From Within" and other books.


But because the Zone of Displacement is the opposite of the Zone of Placement of the true Creation and because everything there is upside down, everyone in the Zone of Displacement desires nothing more than to be appointed the Most High, and to have his/ her own entourage in the manner as described above. For that reason the entire Zone of Displacement is in a state of constant conflict, continuous wars, plots, revolutions, overthrow of their governments, and overthrow of the so-called Most High and his entire entourage. So they have their parties and factions and fractions and splits and groups that continuously struggle for power as it can so nicely be seen in the Zone of Displacement of planet Earth. After all, whatever is happening on planet Earth, stems from what is happening in the Zone of Displacement in the spiritual world and intermediate world. This is the proper order and process from within to without. Again, I will repeat, the pseudo-within of the Zone of Displacement is the hells; and the intermediate or interior state is the Zone of Displacement of the intermediate world; and without or external state is the Zone of Displacement of planet Earth and the physical world.


And, of course, in the process of their struggles for power eventually one faction or one group or one party overthrows the current so-called Most High who is, in fact, the most low, and his/ her entire entourage and they establish their own Most High, so-called Most High, who in turn forms his own staff and entourage and appoints his own Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit and all cherubins, and archangels and angels and things like that imprisoning the former ruler and his/ her entourage until, of course, the current pseudo-Most High and his entourage are overthrown by some other group. Now this goes on continuously and will go on as long as the Zone of Displacement is inhabited and the negative state is in the state of activation and dominance in the Zone of Displacement.


The hierarchy of pseudo-spiritual organization of the Zone of Displacement, of course, goes all the way from within to without or pseudo-within to pseudo-without and thus everything in that zone is interconnected in such a manner that the pseudo-angels and pseudo-archangels of the hells are appointed to be in charge of all events, happenings, systems and people throughout the Zone of Displacement. For that reason they are assigned, in a general sense, to control the various countries of the Zone of Displacement on Earth, the various organizations, banks, systems, schools, universities, governmental organizations, churches, private industries, private organizations, money business, realty, all groups and every single human being. In this way we can say that no one person, one organization, no matter how small or big, how important or unimportant it is, exists that would not be assigned a certain negative spirit or what they call an angel who is, in fact, a pseudo-angel that would not be overlooking, interfering, blocking and doing everything in his/ her power to maintain the status quo of the Zone of Displacement and to keep people in externals, outside, and mislead, misguide them and feed them with all kinds of distortions and falsities pretend­ing that they are positive and good. They speak to them with the words of love and the words of wisdom and with the words of God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit while at the same time pursuing at all cost the activation and dominance of the negative state throughout the Zone of Displacement.


The danger of this situation lies in the fact that they know their business well, they know well the desires, wishes, personal predispositions and wishful thinking of people. They utilize them, they feed them back to people and they arrange events and happenings in such a manner that they become self-­fulfilling prophecies in the sense that they predict things and they arrange them to come through so that people will be caught in the web, the trap of negativity in believing that it is coming from the Most High and from the positive side. After all they are in charge of the Zone of Displacement. They are the ones that establish rules and regulations and procedures and influence events and happenings in the Zone of Displacement and they can to a certain extent predict things.


Now this is permitted by the Most High for the sake of learning and for the reasons which were described in "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality", "Messages From Within", "Four Concepts of the Spiritual Structure of Creation" and the messages of this book. Therefore, we are not going to repeat it here.


However, the rulers or current rulers of the Zone of Displacement, under the name of the Most High, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and all archangels, angels and similar entities, are aware of the fact that the most dangerous situation for their continuous ruling and preservation of their dominance in the Zone of Displacement is to have the proper concepts, ideas, thoughts and understanding of the nature of the true Most High and the structure of the hierarchy of the true spiritual organization and how it works. Therefore, the primary target is to distort and to bring confusion into people's minds about the true nature of the Most High and all other matters related to the true Zone of Placement of the Most High's Creation. The major confusion, of course, is the confusion about the role and person of Jesus Christ, Son of Man, or Son of God, Father, Holy Spirit and the relationship among them.


It is necessary to concentrate on the fact that every current ruler of the Zone of Displacement or current pseudo­-Most High, pseudo-Jesus Christ, pseudo-Holy Spirit, pseudo­archangels and so on, make sure and certain that the concept, understanding and idea about the Most High, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit or Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, continues to be distorted, split, and that there is no proper understanding of this situation and relatedness and their corresponding factors in the minds of people. Thus the primary target of their attack is the concept of Jesus Christ. Who is Jesus Christ?


There are two basic philosophies that they developed within the Zone of Displacement and desperately cling and adhere to. One is confessed and believed by most Christians, which claims that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God, the true God, and although Jesus Christ is the true God, nevertheless He is the Son of God in the sense that there is someone else besides Him who is His Father and although some Christians have the concept that Jesus Christ is one with that God, nevertheless in their conceptualization, Jesus Christ is a different person. In the same manner most of them believe or think they believe that the Holy Spirit is one with God, is God, although different from Father and Son. Thus the Most High, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit are one God, but nevertheless they are three different persons.


Such a pseudo-christian conceptualization of the Most High, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit, allows the negative state to come in and to distort all doctrines, concepts and ideas of the Christian religions and undermine the true meaning of the incarnation of the Most High in the form of Jesus Christ. Thus, we can say safely that currently existing Christian doctrines are all saturated with distortions, misconceptions, misunderstanding and serve, unfortunately, to preserve and maintain the activation and dominance of the negative state on planet Earth. The exception can be found in Swedenborg's teachings. He was the first one through whom the Most High revealed the true nature of the Most High. We shall return to this issue later.


The second way the rulers of the Zone of Displacement keep people away from the proper understanding of the nature of the Most High, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit, is in statements, belief systems and establishments of various cult organizations and brotherhoods that claim that Jesus Christ is, in fact, only one of many sons of God, an archangel or highly evolved being whom God, the Most High, picked and sent to the planet Earth to become a savior. And thus in this connotation anyone from the hierarchy of the spiritual organization can be sent by God and become a savior because they are all children or sons and daughters of God. And not only that, but since His first incarnation, Jesus Christ continuously reincarnates in various people physically speaking, in the body, and is always somewhere in the world on planet Earth under a different name.


Now this false gospel is spread by many organizations, so-called pseudo-spiritualistic/cultistic organizations and brotherhoods to keep people in blindness about the true nature of the Most High. At this point the concept of reincarnation is becoming one of the major weapons in the hands of the rulers of the negative state and the Zone of Displacement to keep people believing that they are continuously reincarnating, coming back to planet Earth and various other areas of the Zone of Displacement because they are working out their karmic destinies. This doctrine implies that the Most High doesn't have enough power to accomplish the last judgment, purification and cleansing of every human being in some other dimension, sphere or level of the true Creation in the process of everyone's gradual spiritual progression.


Thus the whole philosophy of the negative state and the Zone of Displacement is built and founded on continuous spiritual regression which is, of course, the upside down position and opposite of the true Creation of the Most High.


At the present time you are being warned that there are several pseudo-spiritualistic organizations that claim that Jesus Christ is on the planet Earth in physical form as a reincarnation under names such as Sananda, somewhere on Mount Shasta. Some others claim that He is in Europe, some others claim that he is born in Arabic nations, some others claim that he is born in India or Asia and so forth and so on. Well, this is a funny situation because this is exactly what the true Jesus Christ, the Most High, who is the Most High, Indivisible God, Creator, predicted in the gospels of the Bible. Therefore, you are hereby strongly urged and advised to study the Gospels, the words of the true Jesus Christ who warned all of us saying in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 24, and in the Gospel of Mark, and the Gospel of Luke, quote, "For many will come in my Name, saying I am the Christ and will deceive many. Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many." And to deceive, if possible, also the select ones, the people who really know the truth, because they will hesitate, they will doubt, they will say maybe it is the real Jesus Christ.


For some reason people forgot what Jesus Christ, the real Jesus Christ said about this situation and in their desperation and search for truth, they are inclined to believe the false Christ and false prophets and to go after so-called reincarnated pseudo-Jesus Christ instead of turning themselves inward to the true Lord Jesus Christ, the Most High, the only Creator and to His words which are recorded in the Gospels and in the Old and New Testament where the Most High is present in the internal sense. However, since the rulers of the Zone of Displacement know the danger of the Bible and particularly the four Gospels, they do everything in their power to undermine the verity of the Gospels. They are aware of the fact that the Bible is written in correspondences and contains besides a literal sense also an interior and internal sense and, therefore, in order to discredit the true meaning of the Bible, the Word of God, they either emphasize only the literal sense that is very often misunderstood and is misleading or Epistles, particularly of Paul, and they base all their doctrines on the literal sense on Epistles of Paul and deny the existence of the interior and internal sense or they proclaim that whatever is recorded in the Bible are fairytales, that have grains of truth but that they are distortions of the true reality.


Of course, the exact opposite is true. By reading the Bible, particularly the Gospels, Psalms, Prophets and Moses the true words of the true Jesus Christ, even if one is only in the externals or in the literal sense of that aspect, with good intent and positive motivation, by the fact of that act, one is connected from the Zone of Displacement to the true Creation of the Most High. This is the reason why the Bible was written by the Most High through His people, prophets and saints, in order to maintain a continuous link between the Zone of Displacement and the spiritual world and the true Creation so that people would have a chance and an opportunity to repent and to turn from their evils and falsities and to return to the Zone of Placement in the true Creation of the Most High.


Thus, at the present time, since the shift of the battle­ground from the world of spirits to the Zone of Displacement on planet Earth in the fierce spiritual war between the forces of the Hells and the forces of the Heavens and the positive state, everyone is hereby warned to be extremely cautious and careful, not to believe things which are coming in trances that would contain the belief system about Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Most High, angels, archangels in the manner of those two above mentioned belief systems. Whenever one encounters a spirit that talks about physical reincarnation, about the Son of God who is different and split from the Most High and is not One Indivisible God, Lord Jesus Christ, one can be assured that this is some evil, negative spirit speaking from the Zone of Displacement of hell. This is particularly true about automatic writing but also about other means. Automatic writing is out of control and takes place at random and not on the spiritual mountaintop, facing east, on the basis of unconditional love and wisdom of the Most High. Automatic writing is subject to the influence of billions of spirits that are roaming the Zone of Displacement; that speak in nice terms; that are full of words of love and words of wisdom but that mislead, promising things, but also really giving one a break in 50% of the situations and whatever they say very often comes through at least 50% of the time. Unfortu­nately people tend to believe those 50%, forgetting about the rest of the things which didn't come through.


Of course, to distinguish themselves from the so-called negative state, these rulers of the Zone of Displacement also appoint among themselves various positions that are given a name such as Lucifer, Satan, Devil, Beelzebub, Asmodeus and their negative angels so that people would be misled by them in believing that they are good, the ones who call themselves the Most High, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, angels (and they like to take names such as Gabriel, Michael, Seth and many others) and that they are opposing Lucifer, Devil, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and all other entities of hells. But, in fact, they are the same, exactly the same people playing the same role or double role or double game.


Recently, since the door to the spiritual world was open, at the end of the Old Age and the beginning of the New Age, many messages came through from the spiritual world, particularly from Seth, Michael and others. It is to warn you not to be misled by those statements, by those pseudo-­philosophies, particularly by one who calls himself Seth and Michael. Be advised by the Most High that Seth is a very pseudo-sophisticated demon who assumed the role of an archangel to destroy and undermine the true philosophy, concepts and ideas of the Most High, His nature and who Jesus Christ really is and what His Holy Spirit is all about.


All these negative and evil spirits like to make various predictions, to give prophecies, to talk about alternate existence, reincarnation, deriving the knowledge of various concepts from the transpersonal mentality and phenomenal mentality of the human mind and confusing the issue that every human being is a multidimensional being because by our Inner Mind we are in the spiritual world, by the interior mind we are in the intermediate world and by our external mind or exterior mind we are in the natural world; and building around these three minds, one mind in three aspects, the pseudo-inner mind of the Zone of Displacement which is called hell, the pseudo-interior mind of the Zone of Displacement of the interior world, and the pseudo-exterior mind or external mind of the Zone of Displacement of the natural world on planet Earth. They make people believe that this is all they have: the pseudo-inner mind, the pseudo-interior mind and the pseudo-­exterior or external mind and no other Inner Mind, interior mind, or exterior mind exists. (See more on this issue in Chapter Seventeen.)


Now let us briefly talk about the concept of the Son of Man, Son of God, the Most High, Jesus Christ, Jehovah, Holy Spirit, Father, and so on. These concepts and the true nature of the Most High were profoundly revealed by the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, the only Indivisible God and Creator to His/ Her servant Emanuel Swedenborg about 200 years ago. Therefore, you are strongly advised to familiarize yourself and study the profound book of Emanuel Swedenborg called "The True Christian Religion" which deals with these issues. This is the reason why the Most High didn't reveal that much about the nature of the Most High through Peter D. F. because the New Revelation which came through Peter D. F. was based on Swedenborg's revelation and the true nature of the Most High was exhaustively revealed through Emanual Swedenborg and is correct and has eternal value and the only thing is that on that foundation, on that base, the new aspects and the new understanding is being added on, built on and continued on in a spiritually progressive manner.


Now, as you know, the Bible, particularly the Gospels, speak very often of the Son of Man, the Son of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, and so on. Let us briefly, very briefly repeat what these terms mean and correspond to as revealed through Emanual Swedenborg and confirmed here by the Most High through Peter D. F.


Son of Man signifies the Most High's Human Essence which was united to His Divine Essence.


Son of God signifies the Most High's Human from eternity but born in time and place and particularly in the Zone of Displacement. It is the Divine Human of the Most High which is the Son of God. We also can conceptualize the Son of Man as the Divine proceeding of the Most High which proceeds from the Most High.


In other words, by the Son of Man, the Most High signifies the truth itself, and by the Son of God, the good itself which belongs to that Human Essence which was made Divine by the process of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, in Jesus Christ's final act of His mission.


Jesus Christ represents the Divine Good and the Divine Truth. Jesus being much the same as Jehovah, or Lord, or the Most High and Christ much the same as God. Christ signifies Truth Divine.


The Lord's Christ signifies the Divine Truth of the Divine Good and the Divine Human as to truth.


Holy Spirit signifies all that emanates from the Most High and the Lord and inspiration from the Lord.


Thus, as one can see, Son of Man, Son of God, Son, Father, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ are not different persons, different entities, but are different aspects of the same Most High God, Lord Jesus Christ.


"Father" signifies Divine Love from the Lord or Jehovah from whom and in whom Jesus Christ was and who was in Him. Also Father signifies the Divine in the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ from conception which was the Essence of His life and to which He united His Human when He was on the planet Earth.


By resurrection He made that body, that human body Divine, and became Divine Human and Human Divine. Note, please, that the negative state does everything in its power to undermine the verity of the Lord's resurrection and for that purpose they fabricated at the time of early Christianity several scrolls or pseudo-gospels in which they dispute the resurrection of Jesus Christ because that would help them to proclaim that Jesus Christ was only as any other man and one of the many sons of God and not the true God.


And yet in the mystical, philosophical and spiritual sense, the resurrection of Jesus Christ was the most important act of Jesus Christ's mission because it completed the unification of the entire Creation into one Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, God Indivisible, from eternity to eternity giving all power in Heaven, on Earth and in the Zone of Displacement to the only One God Who is Jesus Christ.


Now the transcending understanding of this concept can be found in the Spiritual Structure of the Human Mind as mentioned before. Briefly repeated, we can conceptualize the Father as the Absolute Spirit, or the Absolute Inner Mind Who creates and makes everything that is through the Son, Jesus Christ, Who is the Absolute Interior Mind of the Most High, from Whom continuous emanation proceeds and inspiration goes forth to all in His Creation which is called the Holy Spirit Who constitutes the Absolute Exterior Mind of the Most High. Thus, again, one can clearly see that this is not three different persons but it's One Absolute Being that has the


Absolute Inner Mind, the Father, the Most High; the Absolute Interior Mind, the Son, Jesus Christ; and the Absolute Exterior Mind, the Holy Spirit, emanation, inspiration, actualization and operation of all occurrences of Absolute Ideas in the Most High's Absolute Thought Process.


Now the Absolute Inner Mind, which is Absolute Spirit, cannot become flesh. Therefore, the part of the Most High which is called the Absolute Interior Mind or Son, because it proceeds from the Absolute Occurrence of the Most High's Absolute Inner Mind, could and did become flesh in which the Most High could be present in His/ Her completeness and entirety and through which the Most High could become a Savior of the entire Creation and subjugate the whole Zone of Displacement, all the hells, and everything in the negative state under His domain, eliminating the rule that the pseudo-creators at that point had over the Zone of Displacement and in other regions of Creation, spreading even to the heavens.


In fact, sin against the Holy Spirit, which the Gospels mention, means that a Christian utterly denies that the Lord Jesus Christ is the only God, the Creator of the Universe and His Divinity, that He/ She is the only Most High and at the same time it means to deny the holiness of His Word and to do so to the close of life on Earth. Fortunately the true Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, One Indivisible God protects and makes sure that such profanation does not occur by allowing people to believe in their external mind, but not in their Inner Mind, that there are either three Gods or Jesus Christ is only a man but not Divine Human and Human Divine Himself/ Herself.


Another note on the structure of the hells. As was already revealed through Swedenborg, here it is being confirmed that there is no such thing as one person who was Satan, one person who was the Devil, one person who was Lucifer, one person who was Beelzebub, and so on and so forth. What these names mean is that there are certain regions in the Hells that summarily are called by these names and which contain beings and entities and people who, when they appear, because they represent their own hell, they call themselves by those names. Thus, for example, Beelzebub is from the hell or the region of hell which contains all falsities of sensual man. Demons are in those hells, or the hells that consist of demons, are those who are in the love of domineering from self-love and of profaning heaven by truths from the spurious zeal of that love. And also they signify lust from love of the world or externals, love to externals. Reliance on externals stems from those hells that are called Demons and whoever identifies himself/ herself with that becomes a demon. Now the hells that are called Devil signify those that are in the evils of lust. Therefore Devil signifies all evils in their entirety and usually they are in the deepest level of hells. Lucifer contains all those that usurp Divine power of the Most High. In the initial sense, Lucifer signifies the church at first in its zeal for the Lord, from the good of love and the truths of faith but inwardly from the fire of dominating from the love of self by means of the holy things of the church who were all whom they could seduce to submit to themselves. Satans are all those who are in the pride of self-intelligence and led by falsities and by evils. Also Satan signifies the doctrine of all falsities and the hells from which they come. Also it signifies a life in thick darkness. Satan also signifies the love of possessing the goods of others by every evil art.


Now these outlines give us an idea of how many distortions and falsities exist in the conceptualization of the structure of the Zone of Displacement of the universe, the Most High and interconnectedness that exists between various levels, degrees and spheres of the Zone of Displacement and the true Creation of the Most High.


In view of all these important facts and confirmations that came and that were revealed in Swedenborg's writings and hereby confirmed in the New Revelation given through these messages it is vitally important to realize again and again that the only way one can be safe in dealing with various spirits and entities is by continuous identification and testing of the


spirits, their belief systems and what they say, particularly in relationship to the Most High's nature, how they understand the relationship between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Son of Man, Son of God; whether they emphasize literal reincarnation; what is their understanding about literal reincarnation and the Zone of Displacement and whether they are eager to predict the future and to lead one into believing psychic phenomena such as particularly finalistic predictions of certain dates and happenings that will occur in the future.


Moreover, the type of language and concepts they use, although at this time they already learned to speak from the position of emphasis on free will and choice. They know that you have free will and choice and therefore it is becoming more and more difficult for them to command you, to give you orders, but they do like to tell you that they want to "guide" you instead of advise you. However, more sophisticated negative spirits even know this and they will tell you that they are only advising you, that you have to choose. So in this respect the only safe way is the discussion of the concept of the Most High and what they think about Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, about the Holy Bible and the concept of continuous spiritual progression. You see, the concept of reincarnation is not progressive, but regressive. A good example of such distortion is one message which was received from one who called himself Jesus, Jesus the Christ, in one of the booklets published by the Great White Brotherhood. That pseudo-Jesus Christ claimed in that message that he is sad and tired of being considered a God and that he was only as any other man, or equal to all other angels and archangels and that he is not Divine Human and Human Divine, but only a messenger of the Most High who showed by example what kind of person one should be and this is the limit of his mission as a savior of man.


Of course, as mentioned above, this so-called Jesus Christ is now reincarnated as Sananda somewhere on Mount Shasta or whatever place in the United States and people go to him and think that he is the ultimate of love and wisdom.


While in fact he is the ultimate of deceptions, evils and falsities disguised by the words of love and words of wisdom. As the prophet Ezekiel said about people like that, "their mouth is full of love but their heart is on gain". Please don't be taken by such false prophets and false Christs and remember that the real Jesus Christ predicted that this will be occurring at the end of the Old Age and the beginning of the New Age.


Thus we can be thankful and grateful for these signs and these occurrences that tell us that we are now at the close of the Old Age of non-spirituality and at the beginning of gradual elimination of the negative state from the Most High's Creation or, in fact, from the Zone of Displacement.


One of the signs of the coming New Age and a final confrontation between the forces of the positive state and the negative state is the provision of Divine Providence of the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, One Indivisible God and Creator, that all distortions, perversions and mutilations, especially of a spiritual kind and especially about the nature of the Most High, would surface. As a part of such surfacing it was provided that various scrolls of ancient time, pseudo­gospels be rediscovered during the twentieth century which were carefully planted by the negative state, by the rulers of the Zone of Displacement as final weapons in the final battle against the positive state. These scrolls contain the most abominable and devastating falsities about Jesus Christ and about Jesus Christ's resurrection. It is permitted by the Divine Providence of the Most High that they come to the attention of people in order that a separation of those who choose to follow the negative state from those who choose to follow the positive state is made or takes place on the basis of what kind of attitude, stance, or concept one wishes to adopt about the true nature of the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ and His/ Her Holy Spirit as One Indivisible God and Creator of Creation. One has to understand that whenever the positive state comes up with some new revelation or the Bible is written or Gospels are written or books are written that contain the truth about the nature of the Most High, parallel to them, at the same time,


the rulers of the Zone of Displacement, pseudo-reveal and write their own pseudo-bibles, their own revelations, their own Gospels, their own books that would distort, pervert, put in doubt and abuse, misuse and mutilate whatever is from the Most High and whatever is revealed by the Most High in the true sense.


The only grains of truth in those scrolls, which are contained in them and which were permitted by the Most High that they be lost to Christians, are those passages that relate to Jesus Christ's journey to India and to Jesus Christ's early life between the age of 12 to about the age of 28. The reason why they were permitted to be obliterated from the Gospels in the true Bible was because it was foreseen that Christians would misinterpret the concept of Christianity in such a manner as to lose the homogeneity of spirituality and become self-­righteously and self-exclusively oriented. These principles of spiritual homogeneity were explained, revealed, and recorded in the "Messages From Within" to which readers are referred.


And another grain of truth which was recorded and was obliterated from the true Gospels and permitted by the Most High to be lost is the events which happened with Jesus Christ between His crucifixion and resurrection when He entered the hells and gathered all pseudo-creators from the entire Creation and Zone of Displacement, found them a place, locked them up, and isolated them completely from the rest of Creation and put the entire hells under His subjugation. Then He resurrected in the body and completed His act of saving the entire Creation and mankind.


Again the reason why this part was lost is that Christians by becoming self-exclusive, self-righteous, would not be able to profane and to commit an unpardonable sin by claiming that only Christians can be saved; while if they know these facts and adhere to these facts and at the same time proclaim that only Christians are saved and that only people on planet Earth are saved, they would have the tendency to commit this abomination and unpardonable sin and they Would perish. So that for their own benefit the Divine Providence of the Most High arranged that those scrolls that contain these stories were lost. However, now, as the New Age is coming to its fruition and beginning, it is necessary that some of these recordings be discovered and available to people so that they can make final choices and decisions about their loyalties and their true spirituality and if they really want to serve and to be channels of the One God, the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ Who is Indivisible and the only One; because no other God exists, existed or will exist from eternity to eternity.


Again, one is hereby advised by the Most High not to be taken in by any of those stories, contained in those scrolls and to have an understanding that the only fruitful meaning and content in some of those scrolls is related to Jesus Christ's life in India, and in Asia between the age of 12 and 28 and to some events that describe what happened to Him between crucifixion and resurrection. All else must be considered with great caution and in view of the understanding of the nature of the Most High as revealed through Swedenborg and reconfirmed through these messages by the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, One Indivisible God and Creator.”







Chapter Fourteen


The Completion of H.'s Process of Intensive Spiritual Hypnotherapy.


(An Empirical Illustration of the Proper Procedures

 in the Process of Intensive Spiritual Hypnotherapy.)



Content of „Reality, Myths & Illusions“, pg. 251 - 424, Chapter Fourteen


“As described in Chapter Twelve of this book, H. underwent intensive spiritual hypnotherapy with other facilitators of this process. For various important spiritual and technical reasons, the process was not completed at that time and approximately nine and a half hours were missing from its completion.


During the process it was very strongly felt by all involved that this process should be completed by the author of this book.


Because of the importance of this nine and a half hours of completion of the process with H. for illustration and demonstration of the proper procedures in the process of intensive spiritual hypnotherapy, it is presented to the reader verbatim as transcribed from the audio tapes.


Before transcription of this process is presented, a very brief note on H. himself:


H. is a 52 year old all-American white male who is happily married and whose family consists of himself and his wife, two adult children and one teenage child. He is a businessman in the area of finances and investments who has gone through various successful and less successful years of business involvements as most business people do. No apparent or covert problems or anomalies of the unusual or uncommon proportions were present in his development and formative years.


Almost two years ago H. spontaneously developed a gift of automatic writing. In the last two years a voluminous number of messages came through his automatic writing from the spiritual world which, in most instances, were misleading and from the negative state. Fortunately for him, H. had enough proper intuitive feelings to recognize that there was something very wrong regarding those messages. However, there was a positive side to his adventure with the automatic writing. It awakened his intense interest in the spiritual issues which were dormant and buried under the mountains of preoccupations with the money and investment business. Thus, when H. met one of the members of the spiritual hypno­therapy team, for the first time, he was open and ready to experience spiritual hypnosis. This experience finally led him to a desire to undergo the process of intensive spiritual hypnotherapy. The results of that process were analyzed in Chapter Twelve of this book.


And now follows the transcript of the completion of H.'s process:


T: (Inducing a spiritual trance):


And as you are breathing slowly, deeply and regularly everything in you is relaxing. Your entire body is now becoming completely and totally relaxed. Every single muscle in your body is becoming completely and totally relaxed. Every single cell in your body is becoming completely and totally relaxed. Just letting everything go. And a very nice, a very pleasant, very comfortable, very soothing, very delightful, very beautiful feeling is starting to spread from your toes through your body at the top of your head into your brain, bringing you very deep, very profound peace, calmness, serenity and tranquility; deep, profound peace, calmness, serenity and tranquility. Letting everything go. Nothing is important. You are letting go of everything. Whatever you hear from outside, cars going by, birds chirping, singing, Gloria working in the kitchen; my voice . . . my voice, the words, everything now is being incorporated to make you more relaxed and to put you into a deeper, and deeper state of inwardness, turning yourself, shifting from without to within. Relinquishing control of the external mind, which has no control, and turning yourself inward to your true Inner Mind. And you can remember, H., the deepest possible level of trance, or meditation that you have ever experienced in your life. How it feels, what it is. Every sensation, every feeling of that trance. And as you are remembering that level of the trance you are establishing that level of the trance right now. And, of course, from this moment on, I would like to suggest to you, to go still deeper inward recognizing the fact that there are no limits to your Inner Mind, how deep you can go. Your true Inner Mind, which is in you, has no limits to how deep it can put you into the state of inwardness. And your Inner Mind, your true Inner Mind knows what is the best for you. It is that true Inner Mind in you. Perhaps in the past you consciously have not been realizing or until recently you have not been realizing that there is in you that true Inner Mind, Spiritual Mind, the superself of your being and existence which is in the spiritual world that knows everything about you; that cannot be confused, or bypassed or misled because it contains the presence of the only true Most High, the Lord, God, Jesus Christ, One Indivisible God, the only Creator of the entire Creation who is manifested in you by the unique aspect of His/ Her Absolute nature, to H. And that One is one with your true Inner Mind and therefore that Inner Mind is here and it listens to what I say and it can respond to what I say in the best possible manner and way, the way it is needed for you. Now, that Inner Mind, to whom I talk, knows what level, degree and depth of inwardness or plenary state of spiritual hypnosis you need to experience in order for you to accomplish what you need to accomplish, to learn what you need to learn, to acquire what you need to acquire, to get rid of what you need to get rid of, of all problems, miseries, sufferings, guilts, tensions, up-tightness, anxieties, inferiority complexes, shortcomings, weaknesses, physical problems, whatever the problems are, your Inner Mind, the true Inner Mind knows their content, their reason, their connections, inter­connections, how they originated, where they originated, when, and not only that, but knows how to get rid of them and replace them with positiveness, with goodness, with unconditional love and wisdom, with determination and with freedom, independence, with productiveness, constructiveness, creativeness and joy, and delight, and pleasure. And for that purpose, because you are a unique human being, an extension, a process and creation of the true Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, One God Indivisible, you deserve by the virtue of that fact, H., that you are a unique human being, you deserve to be free of all those problems, miseries and any influences, contamination, pollution, poison of the negative evil forces. You deserve to be free.


Now, as I am talking to you the suggestion stands that my words are being utilized by your Inner Mind to deepen your state of inwardness all the time. All the time, with every word, you can go ten times as deep. With everything that you hear, feel, you can go ten times as deep. You have that ability. That ability is now being triggered, put to good use, going deeper. And I am requesting your true Inner Mind and the presence of the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, the only One God Indivisible, Indivisible in that Inner Mind, to establish now a favorable condition, state and process for working out everything that needs to be worked out, to be learned, acquired, to be eliminated, gotten rid of . . . everything; go deeper now.


And my humble request is . . . now we are going to eliminate, H., all false expectations, all false anticipations, all personal predispositions, wishful thinking, preconceived ideas, self-fulfilling prophecies and we are going to eliminate any distortions, contaminations, pollution, poisons, and misconceptions, misconstruction, misguidance, misleading, twisting, error, mistakes of any kind here; and now you are going to be surrounded, penetrated, by the brilliantly white light from the sun on the east side. You can go to your mountaintop now, imagining yourself, visualize, picture yourself on a mountaintop facing the east; the sun is rising and on the right side is a huge boulder and you can sit down. There is a nice place to sit down and watch the sun and feel that warmth and light of that sun which is the representation of the Most High, One Indivisible God, the Lord Jesus Christ, the only Creator of Creation, that penetrates you and engulfs you and protects you from any interferences, blocks, walls, hinderances, obstacles of the negative forces, or evil, negative forces that can not be allowed to interfere. And I am now suggesting to your true Inner Mind from that position to take over, the true Inner Mind, and disconnect you from any false, pseudo­inner mind and false imposed personality, anything which is not true Inner Mind, to take over your thinking, your feelings, your mouth, your speech, your body, your hands, your arms, your fingers. You even can imagine, picture, visualize and feel that your hands, your fingers are becoming disconnected from your conscious awareness. We are going to disconnect them from your consciousness here, the wrists, so that you will have no feelings, no sensation, they will be numb until the end of this session or until the break. Then when you go back into session they will again be disconnected. And of course your Inner Mind, the true Inner Mind, that Inner Mind that knows everything about you and cannot be confused or mislead or be rebellious, that one contains the presence of the One Indivisible God. That Inner Mind now is being put in charge or control here. You are looking down and the only thing you can see is empty space here. Don't get frightened because your hands will be under the control of your true higher self, superself, and your hands will feel much better afterwards. But for now they are disconnected and you will have no sensations, no feelings, they will gradually disappear as we are going along, there will be a numb feeling maybe just slight pressure but that's about all. But even that will disappear, everything will disappear and your Inner Mind, the True Inner Mind will be in charge.


As of this moment I am suggesting to your true Inner Mind, H., the time, physical time is now being eliminated and is now being distorted. And from this moment on every hour in objective time will equal one year in subjective time, so that one hour of objective time for you will feel like one year in subjective time to you. So that you have enough time to work out what needs to be worked out. Plenty of time to assimilate and to accomplish everything that needs to be accomplished. And this morning it will be three years, maybe three and a half years before lunch break, it will be like three and a half years for you. And in those three and a half years you will be able to work out everything that you are ready for from the standpoint of your Inner Mind, on problems . . . and to accomplish what you need to accomplish. And I am suggesting to you also that you will stay in the deep, profound, plenary state of trance all the time throughout your stay here until tomorrow morning after the last session that we'll have. You will be continuously in the deep plenary state and there will be two types of conditions that you will experience. One is what you are experiencing right now, being in the chair, reclining comfortably with closed eyes, or with open eyes if necessary, relaxed like this. This is one aspect of the deep, profound plenary state. And the other part or the other aspect of the plenary state will be the so-called waking state, when you will be able to open your eyes, to get up from the chair, to walk, to go to the bathroom; and, of course, when you need to go to the bathroom you will let me know easily, because your Inner Mind is in charge here, it will be in charge of your vocal cords, your mouth, your speech, everything and when you go to the bathroom, if necessary, you will go into a deeper trance. Your trance will not be disturbed, you will stay in the deep plenary state, you will be able to talk, to laugh and to behave as normally as you do when you are not in the plenary state and not only that but you will be able to function much better. Much better, with ease, with comfort, with laughter; whatever is needed and proper. You will be able to eat like that, enjoy your food, to the extent it is proper and right, and to have fun. And at the same time, as you do those activities, or when you go to bed to sleep, you will be going to bed to sleep in deep trance, and wake up in deep trance. Until we are through here, you will be in a deep, profound plenary state of trance. This is a suggestion. This will not be altered and I am suggesting and asking the Inner Mind to accept this as a proper manner and way to accomplish what we need to accomplish. And with these suggestions now, I am asking the Inner Mind to take over everything here. And of course, the first thing which we need to establish here will be asking your Inner Mind, by using your vocal cords, your mouth, your speech, but first your ideomotor responses, your fingers, to indicate the level of the trance you are experiencing. But before we do that, certain questions are in order to your Inner Mind. But before we even do that, in order to establish and to deepen further your trance, now I am going to suggest that you go deeper inward by experiencing that one of your hands and arm and forearm, it can be left, or right or both simultaneously, are becoming very light like a feather and will start to lift by themselves to drift toward your face. And can you imagine that it is a feathery-like situation and your hands, your arms are so light like a feather and the nice breeze, wind, is blowing from the ocean and picking up that feather and gently blowing it toward your face? And you can experience now that sensation of lightness when your hands, your arms, truly become light as a feather and will start to move, if necessary, to lift, to float toward your face. Nicely, comfortably, starting to move, to lift, to float toward your face, Now, it can be your right hand or left hand or it can be both hands, I don't know which one. Let your Inner Mind, the true Inner Mind, decide which arm, which hand it wants to lift, to move first, or both simultaneously. And as your arms are lifting, starting to move, to jerk, it will be a clue, a signal to you to go deeper inward, all the way down inward, up the mountain, inward, so that when your hands will touch your chin, when your fingers will touch your chin, your face, at that point it will be a clue, a signal to you to be in a very deep, very profound, plenary state as deep as your Inner Mind feels that you need to experience for the purpose of accomplishing what we need to accomplish.


Now as your right hand is moving, starting to lift comfortably, you are going deeper and deeper inward; with every inch, with every jerk of that arm, that hand, that forearm you will find yourself going more and more inward remembering that there are no limits to how deep you can go. You are safe, you are protected, you are safeguarded, you are here to be yourself, to be free. Nothing will be suggested to you which is contrary to your will. Your free will, your free choice are respected, appreciated and totally incorporated. And as that hand is moving you will go deeper and deeper all the time knowing and remembering that the deeper you go, the better you will feel. The deeper you go, the more you will be yourself. Knowing and remembering that the deeper you go the freer you will be, the more independent you will be, the greater knowledge you will acquire, the greater abilities you will acquire and the more you will be able to accomplish with permanent results.


Now let the hand start to move faster now, it is now going nicely and faster toward your chin and as it is moving you will go deeper and deeper into a plenary state of trance. With every jerk, and with every movement of your hand. Now, very deep, very profound, your hands, your fingers at your chin. And your hand will go back now, fall down to your thigh which will mean that you will go still deeper in trance or it can stay on your chest, or it can go back. Whatever feels right and proper and adequate. And we can put it right here, down like that. And let me just check how nicely relaxed you are. Let me just see here if you are relaxed. And if you are really relaxed, you are going to relax more, go into deeper trance, when I drop this hand, it will just flop onto your thigh. The moment it hits your thigh it will be a clue, a signal to you to go one hundred times deeper, one hundred times deeper - NOW - one hundred times deeper. Very good, very good, very good. And, of course, we can use even deeper trance than that because the deeper you go the better for you, so we will do the same thing with your right hand, see how relaxed your right hand is. When I drop it, I will just drop it on your thigh and you will go maybe a thousand times deeper ­NOW! That's right, all the time deeper.


From this moment on, no matter what you experience, no matter what you hear, no matter what you feel, no matter what you do, what you hear, what you say, what is said through you, what is said to you, everything, but everything is going to be incorporated to deepen your trance, not to lighten, but to deepen, to maintain this trance and to be comfortable. This is a comfortable state without any problems, without any pains or interferences, with an open mind, feeling comfortable in all respects all the time.


Now, I am communicating directly to your Inner Mind because it is here and listens to me. And when I ask questions, and the answer is "yes" then the Inner Mind will lift this finger here, either on one or both hands. Those are "yes" fingers. If the answer is "no"then the "no"finger will lift. This is the "no" finger. If the answer is "I don't know" then this finger will lift. Of course, your true Inner Mind knows everything about you, about your problems and what you need and therefore your true Inner Mind never uses this finger because, if this finger lifts, it means that it's not the true Inner Mind communicating, because your true Inner Mind knows everything about you. Maybe it doesn't know about other people, but it knows everything about you because after all it is the true essence and substance of you.


And, of course, your Inner Mind has freedom of choice to refuse to answer my questions. In that case, this will be the small finger. The thumb here, will be, if your Inner Mind doesn't understand what I am saying and wants me to rephrase, then it will lift the thumb. So at this point I am asking your true Inner Mind if your true Inner Mind is willing to communicate with me. If your true Inner Mind is willing to communicate with me then it will lift the "yes" finger. If it is not, then it will lift the "no" finger.


T: Inner Mind, are you willing to communicate with me? Yes or no? ("yes" finger lifts). Thank you very much, Inner Mind, for your "yes" response. You can relax that "yes" finger. I appreciate your courtesy and willingness to communicate with me. Now, the next thing, I want you to determine the level and degree of inwardness that H. is experiencing at this time by lifting that finger, or hand, or both hands that correspond to the degree and level of hypnotic trance, spiritual degree of hypnotic trance that he is experiencing right now, how deep he is. Lift that finger, starting from here, all away . . , or both hands if he is both hands in the plenary state to indicate how deep he is at the present time. Explore and see. OK, just lift. You will relax all your fingers and the question will be, "is he, in accordance with your determination, deep enough to proceed with the work at hand?" If he is, then "yes" finger will lift, if he is not then "no" finger will lift. Thank you. Is he now in . . . the, OK ("yes" finger lifts) you can relax your "yes" fingers. Is he now in the true plenary state of trance? Thank you very much, he is. We have confirmation and, as I say, "from this moment on you will go deeper all the time, no matter what you do, even when you open your eyes, when you speak and when you get up and go to eat, to the bathroom, to sleep, you will maintain this level, never becoming lighter but going deeper, unless your Inner Mind indicates something different. And, of course, this will be in a distorted time-frame reference. Whenever I touch you with my hand on your forehead, like I am doing right now, you will always go one hundred times deeper at any situation and condition for the purpose of working in deep trance.


Now I would like to ask the Inner Mind if H. is seeing himself, picturing himself, visualizing himself sitting on the top of the mountain in front of the sun, experiencing the warmth and the light, engulfment into white lights, protected, safeguarded from all dangers, interferences, blocks, walls, resistances. Is he there? ("yes" finger lifts). Thank you very much. At this point I would suggest that you stay there all the time and do all work from the position of the top of the mountain which means from the position of unconditional love, with the boulder and unconditional wisdom from, by, through, with the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, the only One Indivisible God, in conjunction, unity, harmony with all your Spiritual Advisors who are present, even if you don't see them yet, and the time will come when you will, if necessary, proper and right. . . . That Presence of the Most High is in that Sun, from that Sun and in you and at the same time that warmth. Warmth corresponds to the Most High's Divine Love and light corresponds to the Most High's Divine Wisdom which protects you from everything adverse, evil, negative, false, interfering. Nothing of evil . . . negative entities will not be allowed to come here, unless we call them. And the important suggestion is that from this moment on, no one and nothing will be allowed or able to interfere or to use the ideomotor signals or vocal cords, or mouth, or speech of H., or anything, but only the true Inner Mind, the true Most High, the One Indivisible God Who is the Lord Jesus Christ, the only Creator, and the true Spiritual Advisors when asked. And if anyone wants to come through, he or she or it must ask for permission of one of the Spiritual Advisors or the Inner Mind, the true Inner Mind, directly and announce to us that someone or something would like to speak or to use the ideomotor signaling well in advance so that we know. Is it agreeable to the Inner Mind, this kind of arrangement? ("yes" finger lifts) Thank you very much. You have that power and you will, from the power of the Most High in you, One Indivisible God, the Lord Jesus Christ, you will exercise that power, total Absolute Power, without allowing anything or any one to use the vocal cords, mouth, speech or anything and ideomotor signals or automatic writing, although we will not use that unless indicated, but we'll use automatic speech and finger movements. No one will be using it but only the true Inner Mind. And I would now like the Inner Mind to take over everything from the position, from the power, by the authority of the true Most High, One Indivisible God, the Lord Jesus Christ, the only Creator of Creation, in unity, oneness and harmony, in conjunction with the true Spiritual Advisors to be in charge of this situation from the position of the Inner Mind because that's the only position from which the Most High can function. From the position of the true Inner Mind. And I understand that it is desirable . . . the first step in this process is to eliminate all problems, personal problems in H.'s life that stand in his way for contact and relationship to his true God, the Lord Jesus Christ, the One Indivisible God, in his Inner Mind and with his Inner Mind. Is it correct to assume that this should be a first priority, Inner Mind? If it is then the "yes" finger will lift, if it's not then the "no" finger will lift . . . . Very well, thank you, Inner Mind. We have confirmation with "yes" finger that this is the top priority and, of course, this is reasonable. For the sake of learning let me state, and for the record, that if he would approach the Most High, Spiritual Advisors, any other issues, before eliminating, removing all problems that stem from the negative state, since all problems are from the negative state, from the negative forces, then, of course, without elimination of the problems there would be an opening for insinuation, contamination, pollution, poisons and distortions or anything which would come through because of those problems. Inner Mind, am I correct in my assumption? If I am correct, lift your "yes" finger, if not lift the "no" finger. (The "yes" finger lifts) And the Inner Mind, the true Inner Mind agrees that I am correct and therefore we are going to ask to start to work on the problems. And first I would like to ask the Inner Mind to establish how many major problems . . . . And I am talking about the major problems, the clusters, not the various manifestations or sub-problems of one major problem. How many of such major problems and their sub-problems, that are incorporated in that one major problem, need to be eliminated and removed from H.'s life before we can proceed to establish what the mission is and contact the Spiritual Advisors, contact the Most High, convert the Shadow, do the exorcism if necessary and proper, perform the marriage of feminine and masculine principles of love and wisdom represented by female and male Spiritual Advisors; taking H. back in time when he was coming to this Earth to learn what is his mission and why he chose the type of life that he has chosen, and things like that. So again, we are using the fingers. The thumb is one such major problem, "yes" finger is two, "no" finger is three, "I don't know" finger is four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. And, of course, if there are more than 10 major problems the entire left hand will lift. Inner Mind, explore and lift that finger which corresponds to the major problems that we need to work on in accordance with your detection, what do you detect? (The fourth finger lifts.) Thank you, you may relax your finger. Am I correct in assumption that we have four major problems and their sub-problems and clusters? ("yes" finger lifted.) Thank you. You can relax your finger. And, are we ready to start now with problem number one? ("yes" finger lifted) Thank you, Inner Mind, you can relax your finger. And I want you now to take over H.'s vocal cords, mouth, Inner Mind, true Inner Mind, take over his vocal cords. Now Inner Mind is in charge here and originator from the Most High, One God Indivisible, the Lord Jesus Christ of speech, therefore it's as easy and easier to speak from the position of the Inner Mind than when you are not in that plenary state. Inner Mind, take over and communicate with me by vocal cords and tell me what the first problem is that you detect we need to work on? Loud and clear. And as you speak let H. go into deeper trance, please. Go ahead.


C: Peter?


T: Yes. Who is speaking?


C: This is the true Inner Mind.


T: I welcome you here and I am happy that you are coming through. I have confirmation that this is the true Inner Mind. Whom do you worship, Inner Mind?


C: The Lord Jesus Christ, the Most High, the One Indivisible Lord, Creator of all there is.


T: Thank you. This confirms . . . You understand the necessity of that kind of identification, don't you?


C: Yes.


T: Make sure that if somebody appears that you immediately ask them whom they are worshipping and if they say it the way you said it they are true and from the Most High, otherwise they are negative. OK?


C: Yes.


T: Thank you, sir. Now tell  me, what is the first problem we are going to work on?


C: Guilt.


T: That's what I thought. That is the most severe one, isn't it?


C: Yes.


T: As you know, guilt comes from the hells.


C: Yes.


T: Let's go back to the situation in H.'s life, the time, place, condition that originated that guilt, how it started . . . . Look into his memory bank. When, where, and how it started?


C: Sucking thumb.


T: At what age? Approximately at what age?


C: One....


T: One year old, or one month?


C: Month.


T: Go on, what happened?


C: His father discouraged him by spanking him in his crib frequently. Many times in front of several others which reinforced his guilt, disturbed his security. Mercy was not forthcoming. It was considered a terrible weakness.


T: To suck on the thumb?


C: Yes.


T: And the message was that because it was a weakness that it was a bad thing and that you should feel guilty about it?


C: Yes.


T: And this is the origination of the problem, that's when it started?


C: Yes.


T: Well, has the lesson been learned from that? Is it time to remove it, that part?


C: Yes.


T: OK. You know very well, Inner Mind, and I want you to tell him . . . . Now, the suggestion is . . . . Of course, do you agree that he should remember everything that's happening for the sake of learning? Should he remember everything?


C: Yes.


T: OK, the suggestion is that he will remember everything and he will listen carefully as we communicate with you and later on with the Spiritual Advisors and the Most High, the true Most High, the One Lord God Jesus Christ, One God Indivisible, the Creator of everything in Creation. The suggestion is that H. will remember everything because it is absolutely vital for him to remember for the sake of learning. Now, Inner Mind, you know and I know and I want H. to know that what happened is that there was a distortion of the situation because if you look at the physiology of a child, at that age sucking of the thumb is a reflex, automatic reflex which is part of the equipment of every baby and this is the most natural thing to do under those kind of conditions being that we are in the Zone of Displacement. Do you follow me?


C: Yes.


T: And there was nothing wrong with that activity, there is nothing to be ashamed of or to feel guilty about and obviously his father . . . . Was it his father who punished him?


C: Yes.


T: What about his mother, did she do anything about it?


C: Yes.


T: What did she do?


C: Painted his thumb with iodine.


T: At the age of one month?


C: Later.


T: Which was a cruel thing to do, to paint it with iodine. Wasn't it?


C: Yes.


T: Well, the problem is that the problem was not in H. at that time, but the problem was with the parents. The parents in their ignorance, without knowing anything better, understand that we are not blaming them, we are just saying that their ignorance . . . they thought that sucking the thumb was a bad, negative thing to do without recognizing that sucking the thumb at that age, particularly at the age of one month, is an unconditional reflex of a child, of a baby through which the child learns to satisfy its needs. What do you suggest we should do about this problem?


C: Forgive the parents.


T: Because they didn't know what they were doing.


C: Yes.


T: Is he willing to forgive?


C: Yes.


T: Well, call the Inner Mind of his parents to the mountain­top, let them appear and ask them for the sake of learning, both, why they have done such things. Let them explain to H. what was the motivation, the reason why they did that. Let me know when they appear there, their Inner Mind, their spirits.


C: They are here.


T: Let's start with father, ask father why did he do that, what was his motivation, his explanation, his reasons, and tell me what he says.


C: Embarrassing, embarrassment, crooked teeth, cost money.


T: To correct the crooked teeth?


C: Yes.


T: What about mother, what does mother say about it? Why did she put iodine on your finger, your thumb?


C: To prevent father from beating H.


T: So if you analyze that situation, the intention was good but the method was wrong. From ignorance and misunderstanding of the situation in good intention they did something which started the guilt. Correct?


C: Yes.


T: Do they understand their error and mistake? Ask them. From the position of their Inner Mind.


C: Mother, yes. Father, no.


T: Well, he has the right to have his opinion and his views. Do you accept that?


C: Yes.


T: And we can now free H. from being dependent on those views, attitudes and expectations of parents?


C: Yes.


T: After all, H. didn't come to this world to live up to the expectations of his parents, but he came to this world to be himself. Am I right?


C: Yes.


T: Therefore, let the white light and warmth come out of the Sun, from the Most High, the true Most High and eliminate the guilt, the misunderstanding, the bitterness or whatever started at that time. Going back to that situation, with the understanding that the intention was good but the methodology was wrong and that everybody has his right or her right to have their opinion, but that from now on H. doesn't need to be under the curse, the influence of that situation anymore and have the burden and waste precious time, energy, strength, vitality and good life by feeling guilty for something that no one should feel guilty about because under the condition of the Zone of Displacement, in which one is incarnated into that body, that reflex is a natural, normal state to be in, under the conditions. H., Inner Mind, and H.'s Inner Mind, interior mind and external mind, turn yourself to your parents with the Sun and forgive them, show mercy and forgiveness and unconditional love to them, for what they did to you.


C: Yes, I am.


T: And, forgive yourself also for allowing yourself to be polluted, poisoned and influenced in your behavior, attitude, and feelings by that awful guilt feeling for so many years. Are you willing to forgive yourself, too?


C: Yes.


T: Now, let the white light of the Lord come in to you, based on this mercy and forgiveness and mutual respect and acceptance and love, unconditional love, and take out that black, dark, oozing guilt from your system. See it coming out of your feet and going to the left, to the valley, disappearing there . . . all the blackness, darkness, the guilt, coming out of your system, of your spirit, your soul, your mind, your body, your cells, your behavior, attitude, thinking, will, feelings, everything. That darkness, that terrible guilt is coming out and that burden is falling and being eliminated. Make sure that everything is out so that when the white light is starting to come at your feet instead of the darkness it means that all is out. Let me know when it is done. (Long pause.)


C: It's gone.


T: Everything is out?


C: Uh-humm.


T: OK. Now we can see . . . we can now tell the parents to go back. And, of course, if we will need them we will call them back. And thank them with respect and thankfulness and appreciation and gratitude for their willingness to participate and that you will call them back if you will need them. Perhaps we will.


C: I am.


T: Thank you. Now let's see if there are any other situations, conditions after that period that contributed, reinforced that guilt. Check it out and see what is next as far as guilt is concerned, so that any other contributory, sub­problems of this major problem are not in the way. So what is next here, if anything? The next situation.


C: Ummm . . . mother finding H. and sister undressed.


T: Age?


C: Four.


T: OK. And what are they doing with each other?


C: Looking.


T: At each other?


C: Yes.


T: And what's happening, what does mother say when she comes in and discovers it?


C: Very upset.


T: Hear the words, what are the words she is saying, using?


C: Bad, nasty, shouldn't do it, angry.


T: This, of course, also relates to guilt about sexuality?


C: Yes.


T: How did that scolding in that situation, that experience, influence H.'s life?


C: Every time H. involved himself in a sexual relationship he felt guilt, but this particular area of guilt has been reinforced by many others besides his parents: The church, teachers, friends.


T: Expectations of society in general.


C: Yes.


T: I see. Reinforcing the falsities of that situation. One then starts to believe that it is true.


C: Yes.


T: From externals. What is the real situation about sex from your position, from the position of the true Inner Mind and the Most High, the true Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, One God Indivisible and the Inner Mind? Tell him, what is the truth about that?


C: The sexual nature of one in the body is a reflection of the essence of the Creator and is but one way to experience the love of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Most High, Indivisible and Creator of all that is.


T: But, of course, the negative state put it upside down and perverted it and taught through church and parents and society and friends and teachers and school that it's all wrong and bad.


C: Yes.


T: Thus denying the vital creative principle of the true God, the Most High and pleasing the devil.


C: Yes.


T: OK. Of course, am I correct in assuming that since H. approached sexuality and other things with guilt that subsequently there was no proper enjoyment and delight and pleasure in his activities because of the guilt?


C: Yes.


T: Because he was not allowing the Most High to be fully functional within him because the Most High is always present in joy and delight and pleasure and good positive feelings. Correct?


C: Yes.


T: OK. What do you suppose we should do about this now? Is it OK to remove that?


C: Yes.


T: Well, are we ready to get on with it?


C: Yes.


T: Let's turn ourselves to the Sun, to the Most High, in within, and on the mountaintop. Ask for forgiveness, forgive parents and churches and schools and friends and society for their ignorance, foolishness, stupidity, rejection of God's gift, the true God's gift, and ask the Most High to send again the beam of white light and eliminate that guilt, that misconception, that falsity, distortion about sexuality and about anything else for that matter and instead fill H., after it's gone, with positive good feelings of love and joy and delight and pleasure and ease and freedom and independence and ability to appreciate the creative Power of the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, One God Indivisible, in him, through all aspects, levels, degrees of H.'s spirit, soul, body, mind, sexuality, behavior, attitude, everything. What about that, agreed?


C: Yes.


T: And again let that blackness, darkness, that misconception come out. And let forgiveness and mercy with unconditional love come in. Let all that evil be discharged at his feet and sent to the left to disappear there forever, for good, never to come back and when it's done and


when the white lights are coming out, let me know again. When it's done, this part of it. (Long pause.) Is it all gone?


C: Yes.


T: Thank you. OK. Make sure that it never comes back. And the suggestion, of course, is (from your position to H.'s all levels) that from now on he will enjoy without guilt, without uneasiness, without tension, without anxieties, with thankfulness, with gratitude and appreciation to the Most High, the true Lord, Jesus Christ, One Indivisible God and have happiness and fun and delight and pleasures in all aspects of his life including sexuality accepting it as a precious gift of the Most High's creative effort. Agreed?


C: Yes. (cough)


T: What is that coughing about? Is there some interference or attempt to interfere? Check it out, around. Is there anything there?


C: No.


T: Everything is fine?


C: Yes.


T: We are the way we are supposed to go?


C: Yes.


T: Now, are there any other things related to this major problem of guilt? Any other events, aspects that need to be brought to our attention so that we can eliminate it? Making sure that nothing is left before we go into the second major problem? Thoroughly check out, so that nothing is there.


C: Money.


T: Yes, what about money?


C: Parents were poor. H. worked from age 8, saved money. Put in savings account. All was taken by father at age 13 to put as down payment of home. Father lost job, no money to give H. H. stole for spending money because he could not find work either and stole occasionally from father.


T: Money?


C: Money.


T: From the father's pockets?


C: No.


T: From where?


C: From business.


T: Go on.


C: Justifying it because of father squandering his savings. Again these caused two problems. One, afraid to accumulate money because some higher authority with power will take it without reason; and second problem, taking money that he did not earn even though he justified it as his money; intellectualizes and forgives his father's act because father used it to buy home; easy to understand now, but left with the guilt of taking money from father and oth