“When you all enter this path and begin living like us, being able to share everything with each other, being able to work and to give your work to the whole, but all of you, it will make a difference. ...”


Ptaah, the commander of the Cosmic Squadron from Pleiades.”





Ivo A. Benda                                                                                          July 1997
























Communications with peaceful
extraterrestrial beings are at full pace …


With love,  Ivo Benda.





Dedicated with love to all peaceful people of Earth,

to our cosmic friends and to our Creator, who I love so much.





Dear reader,


together with Miloslava Drsková, I have been asked by our extraterrestrial friends (mostly from Pleiades, but also from elsewhere – planets Erra, Tasiila, Riddh, Zetor, Ajacit, etc.) to publish these „Talks with teachings from my Cosmic friends”, which I’m doing gladly and with love.


Since my childhood I’ve been longing for people from outer space, and now I managed to realize this desire in the form of this book.


I would like to assure you that the civilizations with which we converse are immensely peaceful beings, very similar or almost identical to us in their appearance, and they represent a part of a huge community and society of many other civilizations in the entire Universe. They are our older brothers and, for example, our predecessors are partially common with Pleiadians (among other intelligences).


Just in our Galaxy are some 2,000,000 of such civilizations. Governing body of our Galaxy is located in the constellation Aquarius and is represented by the HIGH COUNCIL in PETAL, the oldest member of which is GORLOJ.


It is important that the people of our little, but spiritually highly developed country (Czech republic – translator’s note), have the opportunity at these times to learn about these civilizations, which want to make contacts with us on a larger scale. In addition, they want to warn all peaceful people (who care about this) of high danger on the part of the Forces of darkness. These are the rascals that are performing massive abductions of people in the USA and another western countries. They plan to do the same on a mass scale also here in our little country.


Those people who will familiarize themselves with the counsels and advices (see the attachement) will be able to orientate themselves much better in this opaque world full of evil. Our planet Earth, including our little Czech country, is in great danger.


Books published so far in the Czech republic (except of UFO: Contacts and UFO: And Still They Fly…) and articles in the Magazine 2000 have opened eyes to many, but only a little bit. As people look at the pictures of those rascals with big black eyes and reptilian bodies, as they read articles about ship crashes and abductions, they inadvertently send lots of these thought impulses out to the entire outer space, and thus massively attract to them these rascal civilizations with evil intentions. This is due to the esoteric law that holds in the entire Universe – “same attracts same” !


Therefore I would like to add these “Talks with teachings with my Cosmic friends” to your library, so that the people of your country and of the entire Earth, who are so loved by the extraterrestrials of the Forces of light, have an opportunity to acquaint themselves with these loving extraterrestrials and later establish telepathic and possibly personal contacts with them.


Everything that is presented here is approved (corrected) by our friend from Cosmos. All that we are doing here, every word, my and your sight, is watched and recorded thousand times. Be sure about that ! We are being watched by millions of cosmic civilizations. Everything that we do, feel, or think is being constantly watched. This is necessary for the reason that we are doing a pretty big mess here, and, at the same time, they draw lessons from our actions or sometimes they have fun, too. They like, among others, our czech music (especially from the times of “socialism”), our humoristic scenes, literature (e.g., Babièka – The Grandmother – written by Božena Nìmcová is highly valued by them) and our fairy tales (which they let their children watch, too).


They evaluate the present time of capitalism in the Czech countries as steps backwards. However, by this they are not saying that “socialism” was okay.


Moreover, I would like to notice that the first official offer for establishing a new order (do not confuse with NWO – totalitarian new world order) – a new, sustainable, peaceful, positive style of life in all aspects in harmony with all creation on the basis of love and wisdom – from the Forces of light took place on 20 February 1954 at the Muroc AFB (today Edwards AFB) base in the United States. Extraterrestrials from five ships from planet EISA from Betegueze star in Orion personally proposed this offer to President Eisenhower. They were rejected.


You, dear people, who do not understand why the media and press do not want to publish these true information without censorship and distortion, do not marvel at it. This is because our planet Earth has been for 300,000 years under influence of the Forces of darkness. Thanks to the beginning of Age of Aquarius (planet Earth and the entire solar system is entering the photon belt of our Galaxy), our environment is being massively flooded by lots of fine-vibratory energies from the Central Sun in the center of our Galaxy. The body of our Sun together with its corona has been embedding into the photon belt since the beginning of 1998 and this will take place until 2001. In this environment, under such conditions, we have a unique opportunity to get out of the influence of the Forces of darkness (of their low-vibratory thought – mental – impulses), we can change from puppets to true free Cosmic men, who are allowed to freely travel all over the Universe, learn about and make friendships with a myriad of other peaceful civilizations, and work for our Creator. Through religion and other information channels, the Forces of darkness have constantly imposed on us an idea that they are our creators, but this is not true, for they simply forgot who had created them. (That’s why they are Forces of darkness, for the Creator is love and light, and they act and behave in just the opposite manner.)


Hence, dear people, I – Ivo Benda – am appealing that you stop being puppets and become true people just as you were created by our beloved Creator.


There are many universes, and every universe has its creator, and above all them is one Prime Creator – The Most High – The God-Spirit – the highest love, wisdom, good, truth and intelligence.


The Creator creates Universes in order to create beings who will have the same abilities as he does and who will create their own universes in the future. The best way is to turn to our within, for every man is an universe itself and a part of our Creator. Every man has in his within a vast amount of information; much more than anyone can ever imagine. Multidimensional beings – MDBs – (there are 12 of them including us) have their own information channels (chakras and DNA helices in physical body cells) within them. We are the third MDB. The other MDBs long for the connection with us, and therefore every man is addressed by his MDBs. So don’t hesitate and establish contacts. This is the purpose of these “Talks” too; it’s just needed to satisfy certain conditions – see the attachment.


To the book itself:


The books goes out when, as of 6 July 1998, a part of the messages have already been read by some 950 million people in the world, 3.6 million people out of it in the Czech countries. 670,000 people communicate with the Cosmic people. The book has been spread in the samizdat form by copying single-paged A4 sheets. This book helps establish a link with the Cosmic people just by simple reading, for the reader is watched by the Cosmic people and streams of love are sent to him. While reading the book, the reader more or less uplifts the vibrational level of his spiritual and physical body, and so he contributes to creating a fine-vibratory field of love on planet Earth. Just by mere thought that the reader sends out to the Cosmic friends, he can greet them, touch them, caress them, or tell them his opinions. In case one fulfills the conditions of contact (see below), one can write the messages with paper and pen (it is advisable to record the place, date and time), and read it afterwards. It is also possible to communicate without pen.


This kind of literature is being published here for the first time, the book consists mostly of the original, verified messages in groups of people all over the Czech countries. In order to retain the maximum originality of messages and minimum distortion of information (which may originate during transmission and reception of information between the two beings), no text corrections in the received messages are performed !


In libraries, the book will probably be placed to the UFO literature section; however, it would deserve a section on its own, since this is not UFO (unidentified flying objects – material objects), but these are sentient cosmic beings – SCB.


The messages are transcriptions of originals, which I – Ing. Ivo A. Benda – am liable for.


In conclusion, I emphasise it is necessary to love a lot, to spread love, so that we can advance to the higher worlds. No material, physical technologies will help in this way; this is one of the tricks of the dark T-shirts.


Tremendous new opportunities in the Universe will then be opened to us – the cooperation and beautiful relations with loving, peaceful civilizations; immense possibilities and opportunities of knowledge. Compared to this, our present earthly life is merely living in darkness and ignorance. The man himself is “the best instrument”, to speak in a limited material tongue, he is an Universe in himself, and just through love and humbleness toward the Creator can one grow to a higher level of being where one will be really free. Free in the sense of feeling and thinking, as well as in the sense of freedom of knowledge and travel all over the Universe. The Cosmic people are within us, they are our MDBs, so it is not necessary to search for them in a distant space. I believe that you, the reader, will sense these beings when you begin striving for it, and I believe you will establish contacts and build beautiful relationships with them just like I did. I always have a great joy when I feel the Cosmic friends in me, when they are helping me in various life situations.


No money, no translations from foreign languages are necessary for communication with them. No official permission is necessary for personal, face-to-face contacts with them. What is only necessary is your sincere desire, love and humbleness, and peaceful, decent life.


Thank you for understanding, with love,


Ing.  IVO  A.  B E N D A


Processing, design and format of texts by Ing. Ivo A. Benda.


August 27, 1998. Czech countries, Europe, planet Earth, fourth sector = Bella, Universe. First edition.





CONDITIONS OF CONTACT WITH THE COSMIC FRIENDS   Message 1603.                        Ivo A. Benda   February 26, 1998.


Motto:   Contacts with peaceful extraterrestrials

in Czech republic are at full pace ...


Dedicated with love to all peaceful people of this Earth and to our Friends from Space.


Dear reader,


I would like to present you the conditions of contacts with FRIENDS from Cosmos and with our Creator. Those of you who have too materialist thinking and have your sentiment inhibited, focus on removal of these barriers.

The conditions here are actually conditions of abidance to the Cosmic Laws of the PRIME CREATOR OF EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY, and thanks to them, you will increase and stabilize your vibratory - spiritual level. Cosmic people long for contacts with every Earth man who fulfills these conditions. As of 6 July 1998, 670,000 people in the Czech Republic have experienced such contacts. After fulfillment of these conditions, everybody can contact the Creator, too.


1. Live a loving, harmonious, well-ordered and spiritually - sentimentally founded life. Love your Prime Creator of everything and everybody, your Spirit and physical body - by this you love your Creator, for you are part of him/her. Don't drink alcohol excessively, preferably not at all; don't smoke cigarettes excessively, preferably not at all. Forgive yourself and your fellows.


2. Love other human beings, even those who harm you, for they do only what they can.


3. Love all other creatures, the "living" and "non-living" ones, i.e. nature, plants, animals, and the planet Earth who is a higher being than ourselves.


4. Reduce eating of meat to minimum, best no meat at all.


5. Eliminate - destroy any negative literature, i.e. books and magazines about wars, eroticism and negative extraterrestrials (UFO - abductions, crashes of ships, etc.) – they are irradiators of the coarse-vibratory energies.


6. Don't read negative books and magazines, don't watch negative movies. It's recommended that you ignore politics since it's full of coarse vibrations.


7. Don't possess excessive property (2 and more houses for yourself, 2 and more cars for yourself, etc.)


8. Help people in need according to your possibilites.


9. Work unselfishly for other people at least in the matter of spreading information about Friends from Cosmos (in a moderate, unobtrusive manner).


10. Don't harm other creatures.


For such contacts you need no radio telescopes, no projects CETI or SETI !!!



One can ask for a contact with these words:


“Dear Creator, the beloved one, I'm asking you for a contact

        with You (easier contact)

        with my cosmic friends, with Ashtar, Ptaah, ...”


At the same time, it is necessary to have the purest thoughts and love in the heart, a pen in the hand and paper prepared. While writing, beam with love and don't insert your own thoughts and, especially, doubts. The best communication is IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR CHEST via 4th – the heart chakra ("in spirit", no hearable voice), which, when open, serves as a filter from negative entities; or via 7th chakra (hearable voice), but there can be the both sides, i.e. also negative entities – more intuition-intensive! Wish you a lot of joy, edification and lovely experiences at building-up of friendship with Cosmic People!



















In the psychological, religious and metaphysical spheres the “Forgiveness” became a subtle theme. Or, in other words: “It is simpler to forgive than to confront somebody face to face.”


Many people are delighted at the possibility of disburdening them of past abuse and pain by means of forgiveness, and they do their best to convince themselves that they are more perfect than those who are more wrong than themselves. They take all the courage to forgive those who they are convinced have caused them pain.


Does it work ? Will the cycle break ? Will this form of justifying oneself ward off the tide of past abuse and paing ?


Well, for most people indulging in this “application of a sticking plaster” to heal the wounds of life, … let’s say, it works. Or at least for a moment.


But does it eliminate emotional effects of memories of stressful, painful situations, which underestimate the “feeling of a need” to fogive ? No, it does not. Smouldering pieces of coal are still ready to ignite the flames of ashaming and accusing oneself as well as the others.


What actually occurs in the meantime, when forgiveness seems to provide us with relief for a moment, if the same anger, fear and feeling of separation returns to chase us with the same questions ?


Why “it” worked ? Why are we struggling again with the ever-recurring feelings ? And, should forgiveness not to work, what works then ?


Forgiveness may give us a sensation that something has ended, but unless we unblock memories that have caused mentioned negative feelings, we will still be left at the mercy of them.


And… is there actually an alternative of forgiving others the sinful acts they committed on us ?





The first alternative begins by healing yourself – forgive yourself. What and why ? The answer is very simple and exceptionally reliable. For many, it can however mean something entirely new.


You are the one who feels pain and/or is ashamed. You are the one who continues in your undesirable (negative) emotions and reactions.


Haven’t you already become ill of your suffering ? It is yours, no ? You are the man with a “problem”, because you feel it as a problem. And only you can do something with it.


FORGIVE YOURSELF for allowing this negative influence to continue.


FORGIVE YOURSELF that, just like you PUNISHED and TOOK VENGEANCE UPON YOURSELF, you took vengeance upon others, made them feel ashamed, accused and punished those who abused you.


FORGIVE YOURSELF for making use of the abuse for JUSTIFICATIONS of wasting a big part of your life in unsuccess and doubting about yourself


FORGIVE YOURSELF the lack of awareness and the willingness to lie to yourself, which caused your accessibility to abusing, through which you suffered.


FORGIVE YOURSELF for your conferring a status of sacrament to yourself for the virtousness of suffering.


FORGIVE YOURSELF for your forgetting about your own POWER.


FORGIVE YOURSELF that you waived your own power and yielded it to others.


FORGIVE YOURSELF the assumption that forgiving changes for the better anyone but you.


FORGIVE YOURSELF that you evaluate and judge other people’s lives but not your own.


FORGIVE YOURSELF that you conferred a status of victim to yourself.



The real problem is that the abuse that caused you pain could not occur without your participation. This abuse can continue only with (either willing or unwilling) consent of a victim.


After all, if it comes to “Abuse”, we all have sinned. If we look at the subject objectively, we all guilty of abuse.



This is just a little part of the work on oneself, which is necessary for our best understanding and sensing of this book’s content. The field – which I recommend to you – is called KINESIOLOGY, i.e. ONE BRAIN. Once we begin to work on ourselves (and not on material things) and once we have certain results, we will be allowed by our Creator to advance to higher worlds, not otherwise. The same holds also for the contacts with the Cosmic people – this I am emphasizing to those who are waiting for “physical evidence.”


Several groups in the Czech countries work using this method at this time, and they are guided by the Cosmic people of the Forces of light, especially by Ashtar Sheran, a high spiritual being, the commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron which is in charge of this part of Universe where our solar system with our planet Earth is located.


This I am stating here for the reason that today there are many “healers” who heal without higher beings, or even with beings of the Forces of darkness, and whose “work” results can be recognized much later after the “healing.”


           With love, Ivo Benda.






Messages received from the Cosmic people of the Forces of light – the Angels of the higher (heavenly) worlds – who work for the Creator


Contactees: Miloslava Drsková, Ing. Ivo A. Benda and many other people of Czech countries.

Method of trasmission: Telepathic writing, through heart chakra. (Unlabeled messages were received by Miloslava Drsková.)

Note: The style of speech, the form of expression, the vocabulary that the Cosmic friends use in their communication with a contactee are adapted to the contactee’s innate style of speech, expression and vocabulary.



1. Modern life.                                                                                           December 1994.


“When you all enter this path and begin living like us, being able to share everything with each other, being able to work and to give your work to the whole, but all of you, it will make a difference. What happened few years ago is past and they proceed this way. It is very bad to long for something undeserved. (Privatization after end of Communist era). Everything belongs to Creator, we and you are His children, too. As I said, people are taking steps backward, not forward. Only you, Miluska, are progressing and few people with you. An advanced person, who enters the universe and understands us, understands so this law of Creation and such a man we can contact in this manner, and later in person. You know that after years the man can see us from Earth. So, continue your study of this teaching. It means to live and work with the awareness that you do not live only one life, but you enter into another life after this one; you determine this yourself by every day of a good deed, or with the knowledge that you have a reason to live. Not only for people, but also for yourself. I mean the life after this one. And therefore we love the nature so much. To love the nature is to love our Creator. This is the right religion, this great respect, and then you live a wonderful modern life. Modern life is love to everything and to all and a fruitful work.


Then the technologies may come in, and they are utilized in this way, and at the same time we have everything so clean. Our technologies proceed hand in hand with this true spiritual teaching. That’s it. It’s just needed to understand it, not like they are doing it here on Earth. Religious leaders and this power machinery hinder you – the people – from this, from your progress both in spiritual sense and in technical sense. As a result, you live in such an ignorance. Only understanding of this true way out will help you, nothing else.


Ptaah, the commander of the Cosmic squadron commander from Pleiades.”



2. About life on the planet Erra.


“When the body is sick, it asks for its own, this happens to us, too. But such a man is immediately in the care of experts, and how they care ! Older people strive to be useful as long as possible, our work is not hard after all, and so everything is as it is supposed to be. Work, relaxation, entertainment mostly in the nature and not like in your countries – entertainment during nights, and television, as we can see every day. We have many places of entertainment for young people. Communal libraries, halls, where our people are educated by means of the most modern techniques. Even the universe is demonstrated to them in a plastic view. The technologies and actually everything that one should know is accessible to all. Not like here, as you have recognized. And our young people are interested in so many subjects. But everything happens in the day-time, and at night we have a calm sleep. Before sleep, we do a quiet, sincere meditation, and that’s enough. Otherwise, we celebrate day while working and entertaining ourselves in an useful way. There are pedestrian precincts everywhere. That’s how our time looks like. Day by day we study, educate ourselves and offer our work to our Creator. Teachers are teaching our young ones, and how attentive they are ! My teacher was so kind. They talk to us in similar way like I or my people speak talk to you. It is not like on your planet. You change day into night. But we keep vigil only when we desire to gather informations about the universe; then we observe it at an astronomical observatory analogously as you do. Everything happens differently in the day-time. This nightly noise is not good for your health. Over there is always tranquillity, the nature rests, and we conform to it, too. Work, education and entertainment during the day, rest at night. You – people – often can’t sleep because you are afraid what would happen tomorrow, and that’s bad. Respect the law of Creation as we do, conform to the universal order, and you will feel so good as we do, too. Therefore we are delivering this teaching for all your people who desire and do live like people among you.


Ptaah, the commander of the Cosmic squadron commander from Pleiades.”



3. Yeti.


“You asked about Yeti; he does exist, he is something between ape and man. He wasn’t here before, because he was transferred here from another planet, and now he is here. He would become extinct on his home planet, and he was quite intelligent. And the work of our researchers consists also of help to another creature, so that it can survive, and these mountains on your planet suited his needs. So we did it. He is used to mountains, and so he lives and will live there. He will not harm anybody, he will rather hide. He is clever in some ways. But it was long ago that they placed him here.


As I mentioned, we are doing peaceful work. We are helping not only to people, but also to creatures of nature if they or their home planet is in danger of extinction. This is the law of Creation, and so we respect this so much and we are happy that in our ships we can travel through space and time and be of help to all. We appreciate and value, indeed, that we can see a diversity of life on various planets, yes, and that’s the idea of research and exploration – to save, to be of help where necessary, and this is so and will be so. This is the right way and future of humanity, too. Not to scuffle one another, but to help not only oneself, but particularly to others, for peaceful living of ease. Then you would have the same opportunities as we do. We are helping not only people, but we gladly help also to precious species of animals for their survival. We do not behave like you, people of Earth.“


Ptaah, the commander of the Cosmic squadron commander from Pleiades.”



4. The seasons of the year.


“Yes, we have changing seasons in our worlds, too, because the nature also needs to rest, but it is not like on your planet. We have snow at some places, too, and it is such a pleasure for our people, they are enabled to enjoy it all, our mountains are so beautiful, everything is kept so clean that we have a real delight of that. Not like some people of your worlds. Our industries are only in inhospitable areas. Our seasons are balanced and mild, we live over every season with ease and enjoyment, every time something new takes place, our nature is so much loved at any time that we talk much about her, and our women and children adore her so much. We love everything – the time when everything blossoms, but also the time of autumn is so beautiful, in your world many people lament over that, but for us it’s unthinkable, we have so many interests, we always do some activities, and the winter time we usually spend by educating ourselves. We have not only books, but also the screens that you have, and we use these for presentation of things from nature, and when our explorers come back home from another planets, they bring many things with them, and we are shown all that on our screens. Our people are very interested in other planets, in their life, not only social life but mainly natural life. Everybody wants to see the nature on other planets, and many people of ours feel sorry for your planet Earth. Many people of ours become “travelling researchers”, just like I did, because we want to help poor people whether they accept it or not. Our people simply burn with desire to help, for they know that by doing this they help our Creator, and this way acts every true man in the Universe. You, people of Earth, can also join, and everything will become healthy just like on our planets.


Ptaah, the commander of the Cosmic squadron commander from Pleiades.”



5. Declaration.


I desired to narrate so much,

but nobody desired to listen.

Because they do not care about anything,

except anybody’s moneybags.


They are not interested in nature,

they are not interested in love,

and so, with this mind,

I remain utterly solitary.


                        Miloslava Drsková



            The answer:


“Our beloved, somebody does care,

you do know, that you are not alone here.

We did reach you from another planet,

where so many are hungry for affection, too.


We are flitting across the sky,

we are looking for such people.

So, you are not lonely,

we desire to hear your narration.


                        Cosmic friends.”



6. Conversation.                                                                                       August 1995.


“You took a glance at the nightly heaven, did not you? We are just now flitting across the sky, I will fly over, too. But now I was exactly where you looked; you see, that is our station, you know, and inside I dwell with my people, you know, and thence you receive our impulsions. We sit down and continually observe the Earth, what you are doing. This is our observation post; it looks like a star, you know, but it is not a star. And, when you see those flying points, you know, these are my people, and I’m there, too; we orbit around your Earth all the time, or we move somewhere else, even home, you know, but the majority of our people is here, because you (Earth men) are causing a big mess here and it is necessary to keep an eye on you and record it all, you know, particularly at the present time, you know. Our researchers in the biology-medicine branch conduct their research here or help people unobtrusively, and you belong to them. And this is one of our tasks we are to perform here, you know, and we are doing everything voluntarily, you know, because it would so beautiful if you could join us, and then this planet Earth would shine with glory, too, as does our planet Erra or other planets, you know, and we could come and stay here among you to teach you how to live, as you, Miluska, already know.


Ptaah, the commander of the Cosmic squadron commander from Pleiades.”



7. Conversation.                                                                                       August 1995.


“I’m very surprised why are those people still speculating so much about it, although the man does have his record, so, why? They are searching for those mysteries, as they call it, without any reference to spiritual teaching. But it is funny anyway, so that we managed, that it was sucked up for our laboratories, which are similar to yours, it is possible, somehow, and those people still speculate so about it. Our explorers in that biology-medicine branch research what you have here, how you maintain yourself, and research in natural science is analogous. The sampling happens all along, especially in maturation season, and then many of our people fix here, in addition, these pictographs. Otherwise we have worked in the world enough, that’s right, but now just here. But we will be working here continually, we enjoy that, I’m accustomed to that, you life is constantly scrutinized.


Quetzal, second-in-command of the Cosmic squadron from Pleiades, but only here on the stations around Earth.”



8. Fragment of conversation.                                                                           September 1995.


“The pictograms are symbols or coats-of-arms of our planets, we are doing that through force fields. We prepare the symbol and then instil it in there. But this is not done by ships, but in a different way – a blast wave is produced which then impresses the pictogram. You remember as it embraced you once in the past? This is the same, we make a spiral from force waves and then impress it, you know, and this we do while hovering in the sky, you know.


Jamahama, the researcher/explorer in the biology-medicine branch.”



9. Mysterious circles afield.


I confided to one

my new fiend.

Tell me, please,

what is the cause of those circles,

which at times appear,

here afield.


                        Miloslava Drsková.


            The answer:


„As if you took a stamp,

and marked a letter.

This is our sign,

to people on the Earth,

to know that we are here.





10. “Haating’s love.


If you would feel sometimes at night,

that somebody caressed you.

If you would be shaking,

and at the same time you would be in bliss.


So, that was me

or my fellows,

who flitted across this sky,

just when you were sleeping.

Believe me, my beloved,

you were touched

by God himself.





If  you would feel sometimes,

that somebody caressed you.

If  you would feel sometimes,

that you are in bliss,

you would feel my fellows,

you would feel just them.


Just my cosmic friends,

come down constantly,

in their flying saucers,

to this planet Earth.


With their vibrations,

they are effusing,

among those people,

who search for Truth all the time.


How we are to love,

how we are to help,

as they do.


                        Miloslava Drsková.



11. Fragment of conversation.                                                             September 1995.


“The biologist-doctor in our society is well aware of his work of not only healing, but also of teaching young people what to do so as to cherish love among themselves. Young people have to devote themselves to the spiritual growth in the first place, so that there is a harmonious co-living between those who are in love for one another. This is the work of us, the biologist-doctors as well the psychologists. We do this kindly and we devote ourselves a lot to this. If one gives everything to the society, he also has a right to all the care, and so we have no illnesses here, and if there is an ill man, he is embraced by our kind, loving care. This is our task and we enjoy doing it. Engineers produce things for us that we need, and, in turn, we take care of them. And so everything is under our control, especially the nature. We care about nature, everybody of us wants to live in a lovely and clean environment, and so we have beautiful nature. We, the biologist-doctors, carefully treat with everything – from plants up to people themselves – we look over them, we watch over them. And that’s why we are called the “biologist-doctors”. Every biologist-doctor must go through a deep schooling; we first learn and master biology and then continue with medical science. We have to know all that. Although the commander is a technical engineer, he still must know the fundamentals of medicine, and of course the spiritual teaching – this is the basis of everything – and he must perfectly master the techniques of flights into the Universe. And so everybody knows something, and so we respect one another.


Jamahama, the biologist-doctor.”



12. Conversation.                                                                         September 24, 1995.


“And it is so and will be so in our worlds, for without this self-discipline there is nothing. And that’s why you, Miluska, are experiencing things in this way – because you have given yourself to our hands, and this is the path of salvation, but the self-discipline has to be in the first place in one’s mind, this I, Quetzal, am saying to you, for without it there would be nothing. Just take a book of the Universe, look at the building and structure of the Universe etc., you can see every celestial body has its own trajectory, days change for nights, nature has its own order, too, and this is because it’s all directed by our common Creator. Only you, people of Earth, are doing things that oppose the order of the Universe and the Creation at all, and so all this is happening. But you, Miluska, have found the power of self-disclipline, so you’ll be fine if you won’t want more than you need, just like now, and will be helping and giving to others. This is the way we live, and you are now living the same way as us, and I assure you that it is great surprise for us to have found somebody who has a courage and behaves in such a way.




13. Message.                                                                                 September 24, 1995.


“Great is your love toward us, and our love toward you, too. Even we’ve heard how selflessly you work for your fellow people. Alone without love in such a suffering; and therefore you selflessly undertook the task that was entrusted to you. You are familiar with these old scriptures, even though you haven’t fully come into the world, you still very well know the nation of this little country (Czech Republic – translator’s note) which has always lived in such a modest way and has always been giving to other nations. And just from this nation some few individuals have arisen – you, Miluska, are one of them – to defend the right of decent life for all people, and we were really sorry we hadn’t tried it in your country (contacting country’s government – translator’s note). We really met a man – an adept – in the past, he was looking for advices, but he was afraid of people, while you are not.


You see, Miluska, how they underestimated you, but you defended yourself successfully, thanks to your heavenly conduct, and now you maintain a firm attitude. This is the true work for the good and well-being of the entire society of people, hence we are now sending you our sincere greeting full of love, and the bliss you are now feeling are our common vibrations being sent to you, our peaceful daughter of this planet Earth. During our explorations, we have met some people, but they lacked courage to tell this to others, while you did it immediately. Take this as a real Truth, because it is so and will be so. For people of this Earth have recently attracted such rascals from outer space that this is without parallel in this part of the Universe, and therefore we from the constellation Centaurus, planet Zetor, are coming here, too, in order to help Earth men find the Truth so that Earth men understand where is their place. And you, Miluska, have already understood that, and thus attracted many people of us. And therefore the commander Ptaah likes you so much and sticks to you, but he now allowed us to greet you in this way and send you a warm thanks that you joined this work and are helping to your best. This is all from us for now.


Your new friend from Cosmos Athar and Kohun.”



14. Cosmic people.


I often take walk at sunset,

to gaze at the starry sky.

I’m different, not like others,

who constantly count,

how much money they made, day by day.


My greatest pleasure is,

to admire the beauties of nature,

and one of them,

is just the starry sky.

I often see in the midst of these stars,

certain illuminating flying objects.

Not a sort of shooting star,

but spaceships.


These spaceships flit across the universe,

with people aboard.

The likes of me and you,

but from different inhabited planets.


Those cosmic people,

do live together,

in love and humility.

Therefore have so advanced technology,

because they live for, work for and pray to

the only one God.


Their principal entity,

is the grand Creator Himself,

and they observe only His law.

Only we suppose for so long time,

that we are the most important beings,

and consequently we still live,

in such terrible suffering.


We authorize people,

who think only of their own profit.

Why should they care about others?

They want to be the only possessors,

to keep everything at their own disposal.


Therefore they do not hesitate,

to disunite others,

ensconced in hiding place,

screaming with laughter.


Why couldn’t we live up,

to principles of cosmic people,

in love and humility.

Believe me,

that we would live then,

in such bliss, too.


                        Miloslava Drsková.



15. Conversation.                                                                         October 1995.


“In contrast to other people who try to learn the spiritual science, you, Miluska, after your spiritual awakening, have understood too good what you should do and how you should live and behave. Not to seek bliss and joy only for yourself, as other people are doing, although this path is good, too, but the path you and few other individuals are now walking on is the true one. The path of unselfish, proper work for all people is what really helps man, and not to seek only oneself in the spirituality. And this path is the life full of work. And then people should understand they are not alone on this planet Earth, i.e. the Universe is inhabited too, and it is inhabited in this way: In various constellations and galaxies are myriads of solar systems with spinning planets on which there is life, too, not only on your Earth as some preposterously believe. Well, look into your history, you can learn that once there was an advanced civilization here, and it came from us. So it’s time that you, people, understand at last that there is life all over the Universe, not only here. Yes, only planet Earth is inhabited of all planets in this solar system. And we, who have understood the true spiritual life full of work for all, are now here just for this reason.


Jamara, the head of biological-medical research institute.”



16. Fragment of conversation.


“Among us, there are cautious, prudent people, but also courageous people, and such was Semjase’s husband, and the memory of him is here, in our hearts. This is the way we do it, we keep just a quiet memory within us, we don’t build things or celebrate like you on Earth. We simply come together to remember and commemorate in a quiet, and that’s it, nothing else. This am I mentioning here because you on Earth tend to exaggerate things – the feasts etc. – while other important things go aside. We direct our attention at this teaching and work, this is our vital concern, and you joined us; this is the way how to communicate with us.




17. Cosmic communication.


“Just like now with yourself,

we chat among ourselves.

If you have a thought full of good,

it will meet another like thought.


During our explorations, we were seeking

those of you who have the same thinking.

Then we linked with you,

and so we made ourselves understood.





18. Message.                                                                                 November 5, 1996.


“Yes, I’ve given this to your people not only for their reading it, but people really have to take care of those who are now struggling along and living poorly, and therefore we are here and will be here to be of help to you. We first help by informing through messages, and then we have other capabilities, too, so we can devote ourselves to those in need also in other ways. We give people in need various counsels and advices, and they follow them, but we help in other ways, too. We of Ashtar’s Squadron are sending all these messages to you, people of Earth, not for your mere reading of them, but you must help each other in the first place, not to devote yourselves only to prayers, this will not help so much, but to work, to divide and share property and fortune equally to all people and not to quarrel about what belongs to whom. In variuos eras, I was instructing and giving advices to some spiritual people not for the reason, as these people thought, that these people could appropriate only to themselves what belongs to all, and do nothing for people in need. And, as a result, your religion, your church is not of a high value for you. Yes, the religion was doing something in the past, as we have learned through variuos messages, but now, at least in your country, it does nothing at all. We indeed respect and value those people who strive to live like real people. But the rest of you, wake up so as not to end up with some bad consequences. I, Ashtar, am in charge of passing people, we are sorting them to various planets, and in this I am and will be strict – especially to those of you who try to uplift your mind to the very Creator but do too little for it. And these people will thus condemn themselves to such conditions in their next life that they will marvel at it that their goals were not fulfilled, since they were egocentric in some way. For many on Earth still don’t want to understand the teaching about Creator, which is common for all people – not only people on planet Earth, but in different worlds, too. And many still do not want to believe in life on other planets, and are persuading others that this is not so, that in addition to this planet there are no more planets in the Universe that could be inhabited. But they are tremendously wrong, for even in the vast space itself there is life. In the interstellar space, there are huge space stations full of life, full of true people. Not only commanders are on these stations, but also myriad of scientists, biologist-doctors, writers, technicians and engineers of many kinds. We are not only around this planet Earth, we not only fly down to Earth from these space stations, but we fly to various different places, too, for there are so many inhabited planets in diverse solar systems.


In the name of all our people on the space stations, the major part of this message was given to you by Ashtar from his space station Share, and the rest of this message was given by friends from Ptaah’s squadron.


Your friend, commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron, Ashtar.”


“(I was not that proficient in your Czech language that much, and because here the commander of the Cosmic Squadron from Pleiades Ptaah mastered it, he helped me with this message, together with some other brothers and sisters.) – Added by Ashtar on July 22, 1996.”



19. Fragment of conversation.                                                             November 1996.


“I so much wanted to tell you how we live here on our space stations. The life here is like life somewhere on planet Earth. Things change here regularly; some researchers fly away, the others come back, but I am always here so far, together with Quetzal and Alena, however Pleja has now flown away, you know, she works diligently, too, I am unyielding even to my daughter, but all the comfort awaits her on her return – warm, cozy cabine and all one needs, and a clean and cozy home on her return to the home planet. Our young people have everything, they only need to obey, you know, and you Miluska, too, when you are subject to our guidance, then you know what you are to do and, in return, you get help from us.


Ptaah, the commander of the Cosmic Squadron from Pleiades.”



20. Fragment of conversation.


“As you could notice, I was describing to you how big is our mother space ship, or space station, where we, the biologist-doctors, are dwelling, too, and we have really spacious premises here. But we have conveyers and other mechanisms here that transport us wherever we need to go, e.g. to the command deck where we hold briefings, or to various furnished cabins where we have everything we need, this is I, Jamara, saying to you now, and take it as truth.



21. Fragment of conversation.


“Let everybody listen to advice, you know. Yes, something is exaggerated in there, but there is much truth in it, you know. This hell, I mean, this wartime, which has been and is being demonstrated now so much, was brought here by your ancestors, and partly by those rascals.“ (Up to this point was this report recorded last year, and now, on July 24, 1996, I took up the following message from my cosmic friends.) “These are the ones with big eyes, who are hanging around now so much, and therefore we giving you all this warning – that unless you live like true humans among yourselves and, primarily, understand the true spiritual teaching, you won’t have peace here. And, in addition, you must learn to discern us from those who have destructive thoughts and intents. And I, Ashtar, with surname Sheran, tell you, for your information, and I strongly recommend that you destroy the literature about/with such people or extraterrestrial beings. We all are urging you, people of Earth, that if you want to live in utter peace, it is necessary that you destroy all literature about wars and violence. Including the books containing messages from those malignant beings, not only from Earth men but primarily from the humanoids from outer space, except of Jargidians – these are peaceful civilization. And keep the messages from us, provided that you really want to live in this way. And this is all to this subject.


Not only I, Ashtar Sheran, the commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron, am giving this to you on behalf of all our people, but also the commander of the Cosmic Squadron from Pleiades – Ptaah himself.”


“PS: I did it, I have destroyed all such literature and retained nice books only, and it is so necessary, dear friend, to get rid of this, I have retained only the messages from the true friends from Cosmos, who live such a beautiful, peaceful life, full of unspeakable love, not only one toward another, men toward women, but to all people, not only on their planets, but in the entire Universe.

They come down here surrounded with force fields, and if you accept this warning, they will appear and land here on this planet Earth in their white space ships, or even golden space ships as shown here in the picture in book “UFO: And still they fly…”. And my friends from Cosmos will get off the ships and will go among us, they will show everything to us and will bring films with them that will show how they live on their planets as well as on their space stations.

So far I’m sending you these talkings about their beautiful, peaceful life, but later we will see everything tangibly, with our own eyes. It is my desire to see it all, and this desire of mine will be fulfilled just like it was fulfilled to Mr. Meier.

And, you know, I love them so much, they care so much about me. They care about everyone who is left alone with such thinking, and therefore now I have this ability to receive messages from my cosmic friends, for it is my desire that we live equal one to another and work for each other, and that we live in a beautiful environment. And this desire, this thought has merged with the thought of my friends, and they acted accordingly.

And so, please, listen to my words and get rid of all that literature with violence among men. I have had so bad experiences with these beings – not only men, but also humanoids – that, without my friends from Cosmos and their unselfish help and protection, I would not be here anymore, or it would happen to me what has happened to many people on this planet Earth. But what these people experienced they should not talk of much, but rather with humbleness turn toward our Creator. I did it this way, and I am calm now. I have now my friends from Cosmos around me, they are guarding me, and so will they guard and care about all people on this planet Earth.

And their biologist-doctors work here unselfishly, too, some of them I know. These are Jamahama, Jamara – both from Ptaah’s squadron – and Ashtar from the Grand Ashtar’s Squadron. They are so sefless, and, well, all cosmic friends of mine are simply beautiful, generous people. I love them so much, I’ve written a couple of poems in honour of them. I respect, I revere, I love them. This is my word to it.


                                                                                  Miloslava Drsková.”



22. Our cosmic friends proceed to narrate.                                       January 17, 1997.




„Miluška, concerning those, who are located at these interplanetary stations, they will return home, too. In a way, their homes are like your homes, but every family there has everything needed, including furniture, which is very simple, and also toilet-set; that all is inbuilt there, and appreciated especially by young people, who are joined in matrimony, you know how it is, although you do not know everything here. In that place, everything is already furnished for young people, who jointly reach decision to found a family; for the time being they reside in their own dwelling space. At times it might happen also there, that something in that dwelling is out of order. In such case they simply get rid of the trouble by themselves. If their wall-to-wall screen is damaged, yes, our screens are very big, so it is taken away, and again is inbuilt there what is necessary, it is just so. Money means nothing to us, a man there makes his living thanks to his work dedicated to the whole society of people, to the Creator himself, that’s all self-evident. Everybody loves to practise gardening there, on his own piece of land, everybody cultivates the soil for his own food, except fruit and vegetable; otherwise nobody cooks in that place, because there is communal catering. But our explorers in biology-medicine branch strictly observe, that every member of our society has fresh food, yes, it is the main principle; because of that there is not such a great number of maladies, we, explorers in biology-medicine branch, are able to attend to it. Our institutions, namely, our laboratories are equipped with machinery, with robots, as you call them; a man just superintends. Everything else is described in our common book. And we are supplied in this way: things of everyday use are brought to the place, or a small spaceship arrives, and a man in charge puts everything into a special source of supply, by which is provided every household. The person, man or woman, must have all at hand, or, nobody is without anything needed. Here it is so different, these shops; in that place there does not exist and will not exist anything like that. Your people put Christmas presents under those Christmas trees (such cutting is the cause of destruction of living nature, all the people simply would not do that at our place). But we are provided by everything what anybody, man or woman, needs, in the way mentioned here. We, researchers in biology-medicine branch claim, that it is a howling shame, this wholesale trade in department stores, therefore we all emphasize, that you must do away with money, otherwise, all your prayers have really no meaning. I, Ashtar, desired to declare that; certain part of this declaration was composed at first by Ptaah, and then by my friends, by researchers in biology-medicine branch. But even those, who arrived here, they do live in this way, yes, my Miluška, or our Miluška, you are the only one who understood what should be promoted, that this should be patronized instead of what is patronized here.


The cosmic squadron commander from Pleiades with friends.“



23. Report.                                                                                                  January 17, 1997.


„As I have already stated, I also have no property, but my housing differs from the habitation of some of your people, who were elected by you; although we, the cosmic squadron commanders, keep at our disposal only the most modern apparatus, you would be stunned: stylish furniture, large gleamy combination-rooms with wall-to-wall screens, and also small screens inbuilt in our small spaceships. Every member of our society can stay in homy lodgings, you would say cabins, but there is only bed and toilet-set, since our young people spend all our time, you would called it daytime, in dayrooms, where they study, but they have a good time there, too; everything is available for everybody, and our young people also enjoy singing and dancing lessons.


The commander of our grand cosmic squadron Ashtar.“



24. Colloquy.                                                                                                        January 17, 1997.


„I also do not stay still at one place, but at times I get on a small spaceship and go by air down to you, to your Earth. Pleadians built up these our stations mainly by means of the most advanced technology, and we, as members of Ptaah’s squadron, reside at one of these stations, and see your planet Earth as aloft.


The head of biological-medical research institute Jamara.“



„We join in the conversation, too, dear sister, when you really love us; that’s me, Alena, together with Hjlarra (read as Hilara). We go along with these our men, or members of this expedition, to let you know, dear people of this small planet Earth, that together with men are working here as research workers women, too, that we endeavour together with men to attend this appliance. We had to learn that, too, and now we can fly. But we must mind our commanders. You would say, that our old commander is too old, but he is full of energy and he assists us considerably in our sophisticated studies. Our families live on our planet, each of us has one husband there, and we love each other so much, but we have to follow suit. Together with Taljda I must subordinate to our commander, we always respect him. Otherwise we have everything we need, it is self-evident. But our commander informed you about that all, of course. We were your cosmic friends even before. You know, while our commander is somewhere else, we coze thus all the time, and we also take over variety of your songs and that reading, too. While everything is relocated, sometimes you hear only us or Jamara; we attended his induction course. But others are present here, too. We wanted to inform you, that we do not stay still at one station, we continually get on spaceships and gown down often to this Earth, but from the other side. Sometimes we are in contact so just by the medium of telemetric ship, but not just now, when we do it by ourselves, our commander permitted that.


Research workers Alena with Taljda.“



25. Report.                                                                                                      April 11, 1997.


„ I arrived on this very day, and so, many greetings from all researches in biology-medicine branch, especially from the young ones, Shikta.“


„And also we, the others, who are present and reside at these interplanetary stations, which you do not see, although they are here, lightened by sunlight, as if you looked at the moon, but it is a reflection of sunshine, too. We stay on these planets, excepting Jupiter. Our stations are like circular buildings.


Cosmic friends.“



26. Report                                                                                                       April 19, 1997.


„As we have already transmitted that, I introduced myself to you, and now to the people, too: my name is Ebermashek; I came from the planet Riddh, together with my brothers, who are also present here. We like you very much, and not only you, but all the people on this planet Earth. It is necessary to live in such a way, as it was recommended to you personally by our brothers from the interplanetary space; we go along with all our brothers from the interplanetary space to restore thorough tranquillity and peace even here, on this planet Earth. This was transmitted to you and to other good people by me, Ashtar, because it was delivered to us in this way, but we did it also in our name; you deserve that, because you constantly endeavour after transmitting only very nice words and especially songs and melodies into the interplanetary space, and it is very necessary, this should be done by other people, too.


Not only people from the planet Riddh, but also the rest of us, present here, and Kohun with Athar, too, are with you, our beloved, for you still endeavour to help us in this way.“



27. Report                                                                                                        May 14, 1997.


„As to our military equipment we have at our disposal here: we do not have any on our planets, because it is not necessary there at all. It is essential only in the universe, because of those rascals, who just fly around here so. And in case, that people constantly entertain thoughts of them, or if they continuously speak about that, then such people affiliate with those beings, who think in the same way; consequently hitherward arrive those, who thus still want to make harm, and therefore it is necessary, that people abandon all of that, including such thought, and that they stop speaking about it, especially in media. Then we could go down here freely, and freely move around, as it is possible not only at home on our planet, but also on other planets it is so, and it will be so.




28. Report.                                                                                                      June 14, 1997.


„This our report, you will be reading, treats of our life, me and my family. My wife’s name is Ester, and we have many children together; we bring up Isaac to undertake this task of the commander of our grand cosmic squadron after my demise to my Creator, if he would feel like that and endeavour to conduct himself as I do. In addition I state, that we still reside permanently at our station Share. Ashtar, also the oldest son Isaac and Ester with our sisters attach themselves to this report.“



29. Report.                                                                                                      June 16, 1997.


„Every member of our society gains experience of technique, and of other sciences, not only about nature, but we all endeavour to understand also this art, which exists on this your planet Earth, but on our planet, too. We like arts and crafts very much. We apply our wits to work, but we are addicted to arts, too. We sing songs about love, and we also take over other your songs. But reject such arts, dealing with violence; we reject that on principle. We prefer love. You like to listen to your songs about everything possible, and we are not pleased by that at all. You are broadcasting programs publicizing acts of violence and you present continually also antiquated programs about Jesus Christ, without end, and we do not like that; for you yourself know, who is sincerely interested in these contacts. Therefore we stress, that you have at your disposal enough records dealing with proper conduct, decent life, and I emphasize, that it is necessary to realize that, and not just read it without any consequent effort. You have to act, otherwise we would not be here at all, and you would get accustomed to live primitively. You know enough about our people, but you are not concerned with them as much, you care more about our technology, but it is advanced just for this community of people, who endeavour to restore lasting peace; they are not interested in giving it over to such self-centred people.


Transmitted by Ashtar, with additional Guetzal’s comment.“


Please! Destroy all literature, which deals with violence, and inform also other people about it. Everything about acts of violence must be annihilated immediately, I ask you to do that, my dear friends. I mediate to you the best I received here, and I have yet more, but this record for people is temporarily sufficient.


With greetings,                                            Miloslava Drsková.



30. Haating’s declaration.                                                                                       Summer 1994.


„I heard many times,

about this small nation,

you were subjugated for centuries.

And yet, in this nation,

the best people were born.


People, who endeavoured to change this world,

for the welfare of all.

We waited anxiously, too,

for your freedom.


Free in thought, speech.

Therefore we go by air hitherward so often,

since we hope firmly,

that you are the chosen ones.

You would be rather subjugated,

than to use weapons.


But now, what we see:

You live in such a way,

as other in the world do.

Brother fighting against brother so often.

You overlook,

what is really important.


And yet, we did find among you,

good people.

And you are

one of them.



            (He comes from the planet Tasila, system Tai, constellation Orion, height 1 m.)



31. Instruction.


„Remember this: If any rascal commits an offense like this, then time is not on his side, whoever it may be. Their time is pressing. As I have said, the Creator will give everybody his share. Endeavour to help the poorest people, all of you, because only bailout of fellow manifests the right way of life, otherwise nothing else. Do not care what higher-ups say; rather get informations about their aims and assets; you should act just according to that. But as I have stated, if you authorize any man on this Earth, you would never become happy. Authorize only the Creator, through the medium of silent prayer transmitted in thought, which he likes more than praying in a church and quoting from the Bible, it is out of the question. We do that just in that way, and otherwise we live as you do, and that’s enough. Then you would reach your goals, thus and in no other way. Especially women fit the bill, their mission is important, and therefore they should hold their own and stand up to men, but not with a weapon in their hands, simply to vindicate themselves. They must be on their guard against rape, by the help of commitment to the Creator: just to transmit a silent prayer in thought, and then no man would touch you, but he would begin to regard you with reverence instead. And woman is capable of that through the medium of tenderness, kindness upon any terms, and her heart must be still full of love towards everything and everybody. This is the power, which could depolarize this Earth; then everything would be slowly set in motion. Men would correct themselves; they would think highly of women and mothers. With that would everybody work just for you. In contrast to present time.




32. Colloquy.                                                                                                           December 1994.


„Our families have everything what they need, and we like to work; because we help others, we do help ourselves principally, and this is the true service to our Creator, and not just to kneel and pray. Man has to work, he must take care choicely of everything animate. We like to observe, and leastwise on your high days and holidays we see kindly faces, but what then? It makes no difference. We celebrate holiday every day, we work with pleasure, then we meet each other and talk about all possible matters, you know, how we enjoy life, when we discuss so many things, what to improve on our planet, instead of your raising hell on the Earth. And finally, when we return home from the universe, it is so wonderful, the latest developments anywhere, scientific research, new discoveries. There are so many spheres, you know, not just earthly matters: from natural sciences to the universe itself; in this way we understand how we are to adjust ourselves to the universe. That’s all possible, but man has to learn it. For us is this spiritual teaching the most important. This spiritual teaching we regard as the principle, by the time we get up that, we learn the rest. But we stress, that it is essential to understand these laws established by our Creator for us, and we are delighted to observe them.




I write up for you this additional remark: These were my first initiative contacts with cosmic friends, and because I see, that you would like to accept them and distribute them to people, so I looked out yet something else form my, or actually from our own records; I was improved in this way by my first spiritual teacher, at the moment he was the cosmic squadron commander from Pleiades Ptaah.


                                                                                                          Miloslava Drsková.


33. To people on the planet Earth.


I’m not boasting, dear friends,

but it is just the true love,


I did not write this,

with an intention to pique myself on it.


I love everything here,

what is animate.

Therefore I was fluttered so much,

at the sight of this our planet Earth.


Why do you still authorize those people,

who constantly bring about this suffering.

Why are they so self-centred,

as you can see yourself.


Hence I make these useful contacts,

as declaration of true love.

I do not write it only for myself,

but for you, genuine people.


You are still looking for this way,

how you are to live, by my troth.

Not the way of violence,

but to vow yourself to the Creator.


I did it in such a way,

therefore a change for the better followed.

The change in my mind,

so, I’m in contact with cosmic friends.


Cosmic friends from these dimensions of Light,

shrouded in mystery,

they keep on working here,

for the welfare of everybody.




34. Love.


„Perhaps you will find out,

what that true love is really all about.

In due time, the heart itself shall suggest,

what is concealed behind your pain.


In due time,

you will find out,

what that true love is really all about.


That’s a stream of crystal water,

that’s a sunbeam,

that’s a star on nightly sky,

that’s you yourself.


Never you fear, friends,

do not be afraid of Truth.

What we are saying now,

does make sense, what a sense!


Everybody should understand

the Infinite.

With that you will understand,

how wonderful it is to live.“



35. Colloquy.                                                                                                               July 24, 1994.


„This country, or polity, subjugated you, although it is assaulted hereby. But now, even your small planet is invaded not only by those humanoids, but also by people, who resemble you conspicuously and endeavour to indoctrinate you with this interrelationship you present now (negative, materialistic - adaptor’s comment), to lower the value of our teaching. These people from universe here do not strive for welfare of the whole community, but by their present research work they aim at selecting some of you for future incarnation to join their society, they live not only here on this Earth, but also in the universe itself, where it is enacted, that good attracts good and evil attracts evil. And these people, who are arriving hereward at present time, they strive for that not only in your country, which subjugated you, but they move and gallivant along here, too. It might happen to you, who are thus affiliated to our extraterrestrial stations, that our enemies will try to win you over to their side, so that you would turn on your back to Light, or to our Creator, to make a profit; we have met with that often nowadays. Do not dare to make money in this manner, you would not come right then, although you would be without means of subsistence.


The head of biological-medical research institute Jamara.“



Such attitude is essential, dear  friend, my cosmic friends emphasized that. I just possess what is indispensable to life, others want to posses many things, but I do not, because I love the Creator so much; therefore I try to be generous in this sense. You, people, join my friends! And I threw out the pulp literature, dealing with those beings from dark dimensions of existence, really, I did it! And I warn other people. I have put an end to everything regarding violence.


With greetings, Miloslava Drsková.



36. I used to read often the periodical Magazine 2000; my friend and first spiritual teacher answered my questions.


„As I have already stated, we come hereward from different parts of the universe, and thus are working our people in detailed groups; you see, it is so. But there’s a snag: kidnap cases. It was also stated, that there is military equipment and all its implications. And there’s the rub, you certainly agree with me, that you must not have any disposal of it. It did happen, really, that our spaceships crashed here, and somebody took hold of it, but there is not anybody among your people to be able to piece them together, we can take care of it, so that the existing danger cannot be intensified. At least in this respect there is no peril. It is taken care of, and therefore you read now, that they are not successful in it. In the universe there is no justification for conduct of a man without faith, and if he does find himself here, he shall be repelled or crushed. This is the cosmic law in general. Take it as it is. The good always prevailed any time and it does prevail again. Initially, even if hard years rolled on, but you were kind, cognizant and acting accordingly, then nobody can harm you; but such a candidate must remain in crowd, silent, he must go that way traced out by himself, set aside his personal feelings as to opinion of others. Everything what people radiate into the universe, is observed, and will be observed. But in case that their conduct would become unacceptable, then we would intervene severely. As I have stated, you are nice people, and therefore many cosmic brothers and sisters want to keep you alive upon any terms. I’m responsible for you, some our friends are responsible for others. But nobody is interested in a man, who likes wars; if anybody would take notice of him, then he would just receive a message, and that’s all.


Otherwise those people are backtailed, so that they would not emanate into the universe anything inappropriate. On the Earth they may do whatever they want, if it is OK with other people, but the universe is inhabited by us. Cosmos is to be utilized for peaceable aims, and not for something like that. It is our task to take care of it here. We know, that there are many crackpots writing just about some galaxial wars. Such absurdities we do not transmit to people. This was transmitted by those, who were described in your book tajemný život (secret life, Jacobs - adaptor’s comment); they mess around here with their spaceships, too, and you do make films about them. But some books, although not many, were published by peaceable people, for example the book you have brought here (UFO: A PØECE LÉTAJÍ ..., Hessemann, publishing house Etna). We transmit to people only what serves the purpose of lasting peace. But in that country of self-centred people (USA - adaptor’s comment), there are blankly published many absurdities. We point that out especially to you, our friends living in this small country. You model yourself after that community of people, who are merciless to each other. They are interested especially in possessions, and you blink at local diseases and everything else what is negative there. Yes, a man should be especially uncompromising regarding this discipline, namely in this sense: not to do anything what could harm somebody else; this is right self-discipline. But some people cater to their instincts baldheaded, and consequently they are hated by other people, hence they go to their fate. This is the right law of causality, with consequent retribution in few years, and he enormously wonders why. But he is not aware of the fact, that he worked on that all the years around. Yes, at first he would be honoured, having everything at his disposal, including friends, but the time, slow and sure, works against him, even at present. Then either other people kill him, or he does not escape unscathed, inflicted with sickness. This is the true teaching of Spirit. This is the law of Creation, which must be studied in such a way, as it was transmitted by us to people. Live after this manner, do not get pushed around by anything what anybody says or commands; establish that right inner discipline yourself, as I have stated.





37. Why criminality exists in this world.




„Do not be surprised, that it happens. We know, that it is learned up at home and it comes from above. You know, there are so many machinations, I would like to explain that to you. There is a danger. If a child is born of such family, luxuriate, then this child does not know anything else. It is not advisable to believe to such parents, who just complete the forms, but do not work. They pardon their son or daughter for everything; then the children take it that they are allowed to do anything, and they share this view with others: the epidemic of rioting. No wonder, that you appear in such circumstances; everybody does anything for unearned income. But it is not possible, and you did understand that; such people must disappear, because a man has to work also on the Earth, and not just to poke his nose into papers, then there would be no results, be sure about that. Therefore happens and will happen what we see now. You are not astonished by that, we are not surprised. The Creator is also working, he constellates continually, we follow Him, there is no other way, and it is work and decent life. The nature works and rests, too, and it is supposed to be so.




38. Person in charge.


„An officer especially should care for others more than for himself. This is the right way how a man should think: To give more to others, more than he wants for himself. If an officer does not comply with that, than there is no use of any title, not a damn. People shall never like him, and later, in due time, he will admit his guilt; he will have to begin again.




39. Why there are cannibalic whales and sharks in the seas?


„You asked about that. Yes, it is so, these whales are supposed to do away with anything what is to perish in the seas, what does not have any justification. If someone has interfering claims and takes even what he does not need, so, in a way they are clever enough to come to an agreement there; in due time emerge species intended for this punishment, to punish men. When people will be in harmony with nature, then nobody shall ever harm them, but otherwise he will.




40. Tunguz meteorite.


„Do you know what it was? Well, this was just cosmic orb of unknown origination, not what people presumed, do you remember your bombs, atomic bombs; it came from the universe, but keep it to yourself, my dear. I’m glad that just you were asking about these mysteries; it is one of them. As I have already stated, quite a few are messing around, and this happens also if a spaceship crashes, nothing is left. That was not a comet. It happened as follows: you know makings for spaceships, the construction materials, it is described also in that book, and if a spaceship crashes, then equipment is damaged, it is burnt out in the air. Wrong connection of field of force could be the cause. Therefore there were not found any fragments at all. It could also come to us, but mostly it happens to those rascals, they are damageable. Remember this: they are punished by the Creator for their rascalism. Analogously, you might have a traffic accident, but they are punished otherwise. Yes, people have seen various lights, and just somebody was messing around and had an accident, as I have mentioned it, and you have read that in our book. You are clever enough, you know, that we have accidents, too, there are victims because of our research work, we take anything into account. You are kind, you think of us and I think of you. You really love all, you love us, too. You are exceptional in that, you know how to be sorry for anything, you are so perceptive, delicate of feeling, I do not know what to think about that. Other women on the Earth are interested in something else. I’m very pleased, that you are one who continually tries to solve various problems. But this is true. There could be also an accident because of radioactivity. Once happened that incident with express, while you were not yet here, but somewhere else. And immediately as you could understand that, you became interested in it, did n’t you? You watched the sky, stars, admired your people, observed those who aviated, you enjoyed that.




It happened to me for the first time, that somebody had talked with me in such a way as the cosmic squadron commander from Pleiades Ptaah did in this colloquy. In this connection I emphasize, that he honours especially women; initially Haating composed poems, that’s the way how woman should be actually respected by man, thus we speak together even now. All of them express themselves in this way; also our people have to learn to speak together after this manner. I wanted to demonstrate by that, how much I love my cosmic friends, they deserve to be acknowledged even by people.



41. Declaration.


„Even we are not allowed

to come together with those,

who yearn after power and wealth.


We can come together only with those,

who live in such a way as you do.

People without possessions,

who do not long even for happiness,

who simply live.





42. To my cosmic friends.


You, my dear astral tramps,

as somebody else called you.

And I call you so, too,

because you are such astral tramps.


Also on this our planet Earth,

there are such tramps, who love to tramp.

They have no possessions at all,

except their heart full of love.



            The answer.


We are those astral tramps,

you solved a riddle.

But we have the right message:

Live as people should live, you all.


People without possessions,

except their heart full of love,

that’s the only treasure,

because everybody should enjoy all.


            Cosmic friends.“



43. Enlightenment on cosmos.                                                              December 1994.


„When I studied cosmos, they used to instruct us in this way: The universe was not created just in itself, but the Creator established such a law, that in spite of the fact that every cosmic orb comes into its existence itself, it originates from our Creator’s love, which emanates for many years; however, we do not count time in the same way as you do, our practice is somewhat different, therefore my explanation is different, too. After long period of cosmic development, it all clusters under the guidance of cosmic living power, and this power creates everything, then, again, after long period it becomes extinct, but in the train of that, on the same place, is everything created newly, and that all is Creator’s achievement. Our humility originates in that grandeur. We see everything in different way, not as you do. While we travel from time to time, we see everything always radiant, this permanent cosmos as our home we love so much. And now, you will see it in this way, too: wonderful evermore, non-aging, full of life on sundry planets; somewhere extinction, but in the train of that, somewhere else yet more wonderful creation, and that’s the mystery, the infinite, without end. The Creator is immortal, and we are immortal in the same way. Everything must be motivated by love, and nothing else. And therefore life itself never begins and never ends, just goes on in its varied  forms. One life ends, another one begins, etc. But remember this. We enlighten that only to a person looking for the Truth. But somebody else, who is inactive, does not see it after this manner: your astronomers regard the universe as dead matter of mechanical character, and they suppose, that their approach is the best one. But they are not conscious of the fact, that the cosmos had to be constructed and regulated by somebody; the universe also did not create itself, but it was created and regulated by the Creator all-inclusively.





44. Additional enlightenment on cosmos.


„You see, this is another mistake: that the universe will allegedly remain cold and dark. But we know for sure, that the Absolute Power absorbs the universe, and then everything starts from the beginning again. But what they have got up and propagated is utter nonsense. I tell you just this about that: Cosmos shall remain radiant and permanent, it is the Infinity as the Creator Himself, without beginning and end; there will be always life in the universe, because everything is animated, born of our Creator’s love itself, and you know that love. This love shall continually go along with us to another life, as it is described in our book. But it is drawn just as routine work, it is not the Spirit itself, of course. And now, you must learn again what this cosmic conscience actually is; if anybody will understand it, then he should instruct others what it really means.





45. Salmons migrate from the sea to river, there they spawn and perish right away.



            The answer:


„The Creator enacted such a law, every fishlet has its intended place, it has to be so. In due time their powers are failing, because they convey their stamina to descendants: having so much energy, they impart it to another life cycle, that’s the transmission of power, they know about that; spawn is inseminated. Their vitality is conveyed to descendants. In every Creation it happens in this way, people understand that. Salmons act spontaneously, knowingly, they know, that they will not die out, it happens subconsciously. They follow the Creator’s example. Only man acts of his own free will, you know. Anybody who thus studies this spiritual teaching knows very well, that it is everlasting life cycle. Everything is engendered and then it sinks, and so on, excepting the soul, which does not change, it is eternal, we know that. Who studies diligently, knows what is happening in the nature; everything is inspired by the Creator, we understood it in this way. I shall make my point yet later.




46. How we should regard our fellowmen.


„Instead of advancing forwards, you are moving backwards again. Instead of building small houses with dooryards for all, you are building luxurious residences, or rather palaces, guarded by all means, but just for somebody. As you know, I do not possess anything, but I have everything I need to my satisfaction, and I would not accept anything more, why should I? This cosmic spaceship is adequate for my research, and then somebody waits for me at home on our planet, where I have also only what I need, nothing more. I’m pleased by my beloved, and we have many friends anywhere, you see them everywhere you look. Wheresoever you would enter, there they would welcome you with love, and there you would find whatever you would need for life; otherwise nobody has or wants anything in that place. We love each other so much, that we do not need any army at all, nothing like that; and if somebody gets in trouble, then he knows, that he is not alone. At first comes spiritual teacher, and later is such man visited by others, so that there does not happen anything what you could see here. On this Earth you are at home, but also you are not at home here; we know very well what happens, when a man  gets in serious trouble: nobody really concerns himself about him, and then such a man has to suffer. This is the most important principle for us: such a man must not be abandoned, we are people, after all. But how do you act? After he dies, you are sorry for him, but this is not necessary. We know, that he is with our Creator, who particularizes new life for him, so that he comes back to us, or somewhere else. But remember this: A man does not die, he just passes over to another place. Yes, the body dissolves, but our spirit remains. I shall live again according to my deeds. And therefore we make reckoning of our body, which the Creator vouchsafed us, and this reason we have, too. Anybody who understands that also knows, what gift it is. We cannot waste it as you do on your planet Earth. We respect ourselves in such way, that we act as we should, especially in contacts with our fellowmen. Not to long for everything, it is not necessary; just to take only what I need, this is something what you have to learn. That is the right spiritual education, and not just browsing in the Bible and celebrating various people. What a shame, that you celebrate, although you do not act in accordance with that at all. We celebrate a man, and especially those spiritual teachers in such way, that we respect their words, this is the best reward for them, we do not twist the meaning of their words as you do. They are just teachers, nothing more. Analogously, others teach technique and other subjects, so, the principle is the same.




47. Some people assert, that there will be end-time in 2000.


The answer:


„Even that is otherwise, not as it is claimed. No end, but this planet Earth must be purged from the influence of those, who are rough on it. Therefore you have such transformations here, something is happening continually. It is just that classification. The one, who learns diligently how to understand himself, knows the Truth, and is not afraid. The others will not stand their ground, if they would listen to gups and not words of those who warned them and warn even now. No wonder; nowadays we could and can see, that people sit tight and listen to nappy talks of self-centred men. Wherefore we are here, and we will be here to help those who keep their head and endeavour to live decently in spite of all what takes place. Your salvation consists in due form of life. Some say that we bring destruction, but that’s nonsense. Here we are, loving peace and order, and you know about us. Although there are also others, who fly around here, too, and you have recorded about them, that they resemble good and bad people of this Earth; the reality of the universe is analogous, so, take it as it is. But we are people as you are, and nothing else, yes, it is so, though there are also those rascals with ox-eyes.



„I repeat: People have to destroy at their homes and also in public libraries that pulp literature, dealing with humanoids and others who want something else than tranquillity and peace !!!“



48. Spiritual world.


I’m sitting, holding a book in my hand,

absorbed in prayer.

My God, I breathe,

and think of this my world.


The world without violence,

just with love all around.

We are so kind to everybody,

with God in our hearts.


                                   Miloslava Drsková.



49. From my cosmic friends.


„When there will be clear sky again,

then take a walk towards night.

We shall greet you,

in this way:


By the time you hold up your arm

to wave to us,

so we shall irradiate,

to send you our regards.


                        Cosmic friends.“



50. Report.                                                                                                    January 8, 1995.


„I would like to transmit yet something to you. Yes, there is something happening with your government, expect substantial transformation. It is just that group of people longing for more and more, and later they will want yet more than that. They are not concerned with any political party, but they just desire to have so easy lives as nobody else. They follow in the footsteps of those states acting in this manner for many years. At first, you tried to live in different way, something was good, but you erred especially in this. You wanted to boss the nature, to order, and therefore this change came around. Remember, that if anybody aims at anything, he must live in such a way, that he comes home to the Creator, who transcends him. Even man on the Earth has to study this problem, and thus there is so much research work in the world. In this sense people here are behind the times, I recognized that correctly. And you are in possession of this faculty just on the basis of the fact, that you became amenable to such law, that’s all. If more people would do the same, nay, everybody, then it would make a difference. Every man was born with specific faculties at his disposal, but these were mostly misused to exploit other people.




Footnote to this report:


That research work pertained to testimonies of people, who were touched by Near-Death Experience and described the Being of Light. I received a testimony about the Creator, too. I have seen also that Light; this is the touch of the Creator Himself: such an experience is connected with this study. After that I began to write these articles about my contacts with my cosmic friends.



51. Revelation.


Although nobody ever taught me that,

I did have a feeling,

that we are guided by somebody.


Our ancestors lived and worked

in the name of God.

A new age has arrived,

nobody thinks of God’s name.


I found a book,

and began to abide by His laws.

It happened in February,

that I experienced enchanting revelation.


Emanating Magic Light,

with currents of thoughts.

I’m that God,

whom you see now.


I asked that Eternal Light:

what about the question

of death and life?

That Exquisite Being answered:


A person constantly stealing, destroying and killing,

enters eternal Darkness.

To a person abiding by my laws,

I give more lives,

not only one.


Good Lord, my God,

I breathe with gratitude,

I understood just now,

how to live.


                                   Miloslava Drsková.



52. Colloquy.                                                                                                           August 19, 1997.


The reason why I append this colloquy here is, that also other people are observed, not only me; those, who endeavour to live in decent way are taken care of also as to their health. Therefore, my mind is happy and tranquil.




„Many people might suppose, that we cannot establish contacts with others; well, regarding that, the conditions are strict. We can contact you now, telepathizing for the present. You strive for no selfish goal, just you used to be sad, but after that turning point, as lately as you threw off the yoke of slavery, you know what I mean, then you began to read, being thirsty for knowledge from another spheres, too, but there were not many books here dealing with that. At times you used to have special feelings. You did not know what it was, as if you went into trance, you were all at sea. You rambled through the country often, sometimes riding on bicycle, or gathering fruit, but your thoughts roamed somewhere else. Our people watched you secretly, and already in those days all of us agreed, that you are not like others; you were still interested in nature. But then, your time has come, and our time has come, too: we rejoice at your love.





53. Colloquy about churches and other buildings which are not inhabited.




„It is not necessary to worship antiquity hereby; remember who was the owner. These buildings must be removed, and I cannot understand, why they are preserved. Otherwise, they are nice, but after certain time the continents will be changed, be sure about that, and everything will be destroyed. We are building for people, but not just to occupy the place of those who live. That all will be razed to the ground, when a catastrophe comes in due time, analogously as Atlantis disappeared in the ocean. But the Earth will be soon changed again, it will be purged from that muddy existence. A new generation shall arise, the true one, living happily. Therefore at first these great catastrophes must happen. All peaceable people, all brothers in the universe know that, and now, you know that, too. So why to construct this? Yes, to build a small houses with conveniences, and industry serving to people, that’s OK. But I see, that you argue about something what was ravaged by time. You should rather think much of nature, it is still living and beautiful, it should be loved instead of these buildings and structures. Love the sky, stars, the sun; be fond of anything what is alive.




54. Instruction.


„I would like to illustrate to you yet something by example. Remember, that the nature is thus regulated. The Creator enacted the laws even for beasts of prey, birds and mammals. You do not have to be sorry for these animals, because they are intended for keeping balance in the nature, as fair game, too. But also in this case there are hard conditions. If parents make out, that their young ones can shift for themselves, they leave them; take it as a law. And they have to fend for themselves, it means, that they begin to make their living by hunting immediately. All the creatures are governed by that principle, nobody has to express his regret of that. Even you should learn, that it was good for you, that you had to fend for yourself; the positive results then followed. A man in your society should undergo something so distressful like this to understand how to act. But it is a mistake if children have everything at their disposal, actually, it is dangerous; you appear in this situation just because of the fact, that people here give whatever to their children. Remember how you turned over a new leaf, this is essential for you. If you like working, then you will make your living, and in addition, you help, but not just somebody, no; this is also our Creator’s law enacted inexorably for people in particular. But if you understand that, then Creator embodies you in His infinite love, which you feel consequently; we have such an experience in higher dimensions. You did find the way to us, and therefore we look after you. We could direct you inconspicuously, but we leave this to you to decide, and it will be always so. This is the right conduct; we do not know about better one.






I was improved in this way by my first spiritual teacher and also friend Ptaah. I respected him eminently, actually, I still do; I follow his instructions always, and I also act up to guidance of other cosmic friends. So, I mediated that to all of you, who are reading this.





55. Touched by love.


Tonight I felt so well, my friends,

I had still so blissful feeling,

as if somebody caressed continually,

my whole body.


            The answer


„We caressed you, our beloved,

because you love all.

Instead of huffing,

you rather hold a book in your hand.


You are not making a bad impression, others do,

you are interested in something else,

in something else than other people are,

therefore we transmit our vibrations to you:


Vibrations of eternal love,

filled with desire, that you stay with us for ever.


With us, with our mind,

according to this law of Creation.


            Cosmic friends.“



56. Their opinion on our representatives.


„Your governments are just interested in possibilities how to exploit you, because your representatives only think of themselves and their relatives. Those, who thus dash and show themselves everywhere, are not good people, because those, who act in harmony with the law of Creation, are modest and they mediate all their knowledge to others, without any pretension to bonus payment; they know very well why they play fair. But a person in charge should act as a man, who takes only what he needs and work in the same way as others do; he should not take so much, that he is not even ever able then to use that all. This is really serious offence; I would hate to be in his shoes. They should lend poor fellows helping hand, be helpful to young families in particular, simply to all people, instead of these established nappy talks and repeated tergiversations, as we could experience here everyway. That’s a great mistake, if somebody supposes, that nobody observes him. You are observed continually by us, by adequate number of people in the universe. We are people as you are, but we are conscious of the fact, that we are to live as people actually should, and not like you. No wonder, that consequently you meet with various mishaps. People on this planet Earth are guilty of such wrong conduct. They heap up riches instead of lending others helping hand. You delivered schools to the tender mercies of them, but instead of that you should be especially helpful to children. And what do you teach children? Just technique, money matters, and that’s about all; as to the right way of life they know next to nothing. Yet I tell you: do not establish new political parties, but rather unite people in such a way, that they would live as people should live, in harmony with our teaching. But you took advantage of this teaching again in another way. People here argue, and you see results. Earthquakes, changeable weather, floods, mass destructions: thus the planet Earth reacts to conduct of inhabitants here, which makes a serious offence against the Cosmic Order. You have books at your disposal, so, improve yourselves, but do not argue with each other about matters, which we consider to be useless. Yes, even you have now the recorded teaching about the true Spirit already filed in your libraries, so, please, improve yourselves, if you do not want to appear yet in worse situation. Behave perfectly to the nature itself, respect it, that’s the most important thing. The situation is bad, do not you see that? Authorize the Creator instead of people, not in churches, but respecting the life; love each other, lend others helping hand, and yet, that’s not all: the nature is continually destroyed, therefore, do your best to prevent from that. Your fields are not cultivated, why? Because there are everywhere too many people just writing meaningless instructions, and arguing about something what belongs only to the Creator; we know, that we are His children, after all. Therefore behave as children should. Our law makes possible, that we can help you just by means of an advice. If you were united, having courage to inform your representatives in a sense, that you are going to authorize only the Creator, then we could do something more. But all the people on this Earth must proclaim that, act in harmony with these laws of Creation, learn how to experience them, I repeat, to experience in a way as we teach here; after that you will be happy, but in no other way.



57. Their opinion on our health service.




„Even in this respect you do much wrong. The best health care is available for your representatives, but a man who works in good faith is in this aspect culpably neglected. The Creator had dowered with specific faculty just the very man, who is supposed to care especially for fellowman’s health. But some people in this profession turned out to be individuals, who just thirst for their own profit at any rate. And we are in the conviction, that this is something very bad. Some of these people would do anything in order to get what you call money. But that is really serious offence. There are also other people in the world, who receive their pay for that, it’s no go, but they keep their faith and help others, yes, we know about them. However, many others commit grave offences, especially in this country; they all immediately drift off for any material incentives. Yes, there is great demand for technology in the world, really, but who will be the profit maker now in this country? At times even a patient in serious state of health has to leave your health centre, but another person, a rich one, receives medical care on such level, that grassroots cannot even form an idea on that. All fellow-citizens on our planet are entitled to exemplary care, every individual is treated carefully, and we watch over birth rate there. Why? That is to say, it is better not to have too many children than to have so many of them as you do on this Earth here. On the one hand, it happens, that you praise a mother, who gave birth to more children at a time, but on the other hand, children die of various diseases, and there are also regions on your Earth, where are people starving; who is guilty of that? Just those your representatives; you give them a clap and you authorize them, but they exploit people. Remember these words: If you really would not come to your senses, if you would not deliver this true teaching to others, not until you advance in a right way here, by then you will not get on well with this Earth.





58. Their opinion on prostitution and erotic.




„A person, woman in particular, should play fair; that’s really serious offence, if they do anything bad just for money. We do observe them in towns, and on the roads: so beautiful young women dishonour and demean themselves in this manner so much. These are the worst difficulties, which can civilized society create; women do not cling to chastity as especially mothers should, and they abuse confidence of other people. Our Creator put them in thrust with the most noble mission in life: motherhood. But only some women endeavour to fulfil their task as they should; instead of that, almost all of them trespassed upon that. In this respect is the situation in the world really very bad. Do not think, that nobody sees them; somebody does: namely, we, the cosmic people see them. And how the children could follow your example, if your press and news media deal with that so often? You should feel ashamed of their conduct, really. All such sins we regard as the most serious offence; consequently, people here are sick so often. Mothers are astonished, why their children are ill; as I have stated earlier, the reason why that happens is, that you offend against this order. Therefore I give you this advice: First and foremost, you should adore the life in love itself, love each other, and particularly, realize, that we should care of everything living, our Creator vested us with everything; such realization is sufficient. If you would follow our instructions we transmit to you in this way, then consequently, slow and sure, in due time, everything would get settled into shape, so that your descendants would not have to suffer so much as you now. The most precious gift is life itself; the Creator made a present of life to us, and we think much of that, really. And we consider a man to be perfect entity in the Creation; hence we are in possession of our faculties, and you marvel at that. And why? Because we abide by that law of Creation; we live and work for the welfare of the whole community of people, also out of our planet Erra. But some others who fly around (negative beings - adaptor’s comment) act on demand. We just want to help you, that’s our mission, we set such a goal ourselves, but also you have to cooperate with us; you have to abide by that law as mentioned.





59. How they look on our armament.


„This is something very bad, and yet, you pride yourselves upon that; it is the last straw. You are not sick and tired of all that misfortune; by contraries, you are proud of that community, you are going to attach yourselves to it. How can you act like that? That I see as drop in moral standards of civilization. Therefore we turned out there in such strength, as never before, and in this way we have to keep a watch on your devastation constantly. You are not the only people present in the universe, learn at least, that also other planets are inhabited by truly peaceable people. If we need any unit on our planet, it just keeps a watch on public policy, that’s all. Also rascals fly about here, you know about them, but yet, you even publish some books comprising their portraits. They love to display themselves, but we, as true people, do not. Just in a few isolated cases could people meet us on the occasion of our research work on this planet Earth, not otherwise. We are here, and we will be here, that’s also true, of course. To me fell a very responsible task of the cosmic squadron commander from Pleiades. Earlier I described to you conditions, which are incidental to my mission, and you have published also our common book, which was authored in Switzerland (UFO: A PRECE LÉTAJÍ ..., Hessemann, publishing house Etna - adaptor’s comment). There lives our friend, who is devoted to our work for welfare of the whole community of people on this Earth, too. And now we have established contacts also here in this small Czech Republic; thus you will see much of us nowadays. We considered you as peaceable people, but what happened now? You made your worst option, and you’ll pay for this, if you will not come to your senses. Instead of weapons, you and your children should pick up books dealing with the true Spirit. Do not plan how to harm fellowmen; rather lend each other helping hand. That’s no help, if you establish new armies at once; be ashamed of that, you, people, who call themselves people: it can’t be helped. People, to take you at your word, should really live in such a way, as I have stated here. And who instigates you to wrong actions? I reveal that just now: those, who spend whole hours sitting, twiddle their thumbs and concern themselves only with their pleasure-seeking; they do not care for anything else. You, people, are proud of that, but I would not like to be in your shoes: I would not show my face before my fellowmen in public, and I wished the ground would open up and swallow me; I would feel ashamed of that so much. You could not see anything like that on our planets. There is real tranquillity and peace, in the best sense of these words. We do not speak idly. We learn and work, that’s all.




60. More instructions from my first spiritual teacher.


„As I have stated, apart from other things, I give you these instructions. You must act practically, and propagate speedily among other people everything what is recorded here. Do not listen to nappy talk; you have to proceed, indeed. This is not democracy, on the contrary, you would be kept enslaved again; do not you realize that? Compare that with the past, when some had been exploited by others for many years! And nowadays, is not the situation analogous? Yes, it is, my beloved friends on the planet Earth. It is so, really. What reward do you get for your work? Next to nothing. I can see everything, I see, how people live out in general. On the one hand, young families argue about anything all days long; on the other hand, there are constructed edifices, which occupy so much place and look like luxurious palaces, but only for those, who are allegedly entitled for that according to your laws. What is left to other people? Not work, but explicit drudgery. A man, who has actually no possessions, is not able to spare a minute, and then, what reward does he get for that? Next to nothing. It’s always the same. You dangle round, once a Mr. X. comes out on top, at some other time Mr. Y. does, but you still suffer, just because you constantly believe in a man. But if you want to live as men should, then you must follow us. Maintain self-discipline just as we really do, it means, that nobody among us is in possession of anything unnecessary. We see after food, housing, consumer goods, we live up to our principles. Thanks to this self-discipline we are happy; we never desire to have so hard time as you have. No wonder, that our planet also serves as country of birth to people, who are good for all. With that, our technique is developed in such a way, that we are able to fly about across the universe. But you compared abc with cba. Yes, the research into the universe is desirable, but only in a case, that there is an order on the planet itself. Thus we do fly about here. Our spaceships fit the description of a disk, but you launched spaceships, which are shaped otherwise. Everything must be constructed in such a way, that nothing would be damaged, and it is important, that everything what we do in the course of our research work, we do humbly. The more humbly man acts and listens to his heart, the more knowledge he acquires. This is the right way how to live in harmony with Creation. A solution was found any time we asked our Creator for an advice. We have delivered this teaching to you already long before this, few centuries ago, but people from this Earth have profaned it. Even Jesus Christ was just one of the teachers of this teaching, nothing more; and other saints, too, you know them, you idolized them: it’s your fault. Therefore I explain that all to you now, so that you could be sure about it. The Creator is not a man, as you all supposed, but He is the luminous principle of life as such. He is the Light itself: the Light, which saturates the whole universe; many people know Him. And this Spirit of Light is the real Father of anyone. Everybody of us was originated in Him, and each of us shall return to Him later. Many people on this Earth already know that. And He prescribes another life to anybody of us according to our acts. This is the matriculation of life, so, something like at school, where you left the grade with a certificate which sometimes does you credit, but another time it does not, you might be even graduated; and analogously, the last moment of human life, you call it death, is just a change over new life. A person who behaved well, maybe shall come to us, it means, to such a community of people, where he will be well. Why? Because such person deserves that. Another person, a sloven who does not want to live in such a way as commanded by the Creator, has to suffer later, in another life. That’s the justice, and not what they teach you, namely, that a saviour will come to save mankind, this is a figment of folk’s imagination: once it was recorded by certain smartaleck, and you were duped just as you are now. In defiance of a way how you would call that, none of these people is going to help you. Only the words I have transmitted to you could help you, satisfy yourselves. There are some groups of people on the Earth now, who study sedulously, and consequently they acquire strong points; for example: this woman is able to receive my thoughts which I transmit, but she does that for you, people, not for money; she longed for such way of life long time before, and therefore she was endowed with such a faculty by our Creator. This is not a miracle, believe me, although many people misused analogous faculties, and consequently they were punished, because they authorized all kinds of people, but only silent prayer and wish, free-hearted request for tranquillity and peace on this Earth would gratify our Creator adequately. Not your idols, cathedrals, et hoc genus omne; instead of that just silent word would reach, possibly transmitted as far as ideas are concerned. As I have stated, live humbly, it will do, on your own accord.




61. Fragment of colloquy.


„We radiate to you vibrations, which are together curative, but we emanate them only to people, who search to understand be-all and end-all of Truth; such people had suffered a lot, they are not loved here at all, and therefore we have taken even you into our protection; it is so, and it will be so. Other people are susceptible to the public, but the big ones are under the influence of that Gizeh or of other beings, you know them well. They love to display themselves, you have made films dealing with them; but you understood correctly, that a man has to act in line of duty everywhere. Thus we discipline and teach our young ones; they express themselves on the subject, but they are dutiful, it should be so, and it will be so. Such obedience is to be rewarded. That’s it. If  somebody devotes himself completely to the Creator and other people, setting oneself to work for common good, then such person is taken into our protection, instructed and helped by us to enjoy good health adequately at the best possible level, and in case, that remains in a crowd helping thus others all years round, then also shall be rewarded in such a way that other people never dreamed of. But if somebody misuses the gift of Spirit which was developed, it means, that the Creator enabled him to help others, but he turns away to become self-centred as your representatives did, then his reward would be different: he would be punished already in process of lifetime, namely, that he would get sick and leave for darkness again to begin new life as a man surrounded by the worst company; yes, it is so, and it will be so. This is the true law of Creation on the Earth, and now, it is due time to study that law, otherwise those, who would not accept it, would be in a bad way.


In behalf of all research workers this was transmitted to you just now by your cosmic friend, explorer in biology-medicine branch




62. Colloquy.                                                                                                                              1995.


„Let everybody listen to advice, you know. Yes, something they enhanced, but there is much truth in it, you know. This hell, I mean, this wartime, which is demonstrated now so much, was imported here by your forefathers, and partly by those rascals, who, still, also brought in a quantity of that, you know, it is so. Only few disembarked here, some were punished in this way, but not many; or, others wanted that themselves, you know, they wanted to escape from the overtechnologized world, even that happens, you know, although they expressed their regret of that later, it could not be helped, you know. And therefore were established by us, or by others, these ancient civilizations of old, you know. To wit, somebody loved nature so much, that he enforced this way of life, you know, it was so, and it is so, this did happen; analogously, you leave the town to go to your holiday place, thus it is so, you know. Later, after they mixed themselves up with others here, they lost contact with the universe, but they recollected, that gods were here. And it was so, and it is so, actually we were informed by others about it, you know; people from Malona domesticated here ordinarily, you know, but they had to begin at the very beginning, you know, our cosmic friends recounted it to others in that place, you know, in accordance with the truth. And now, my beloved, you are familiar with the course of events: there are, and will be, changes for the better pertaining only to those, who believe in better future, which you are to experience, too.






The faces of those cosmic people, who are usually dressed in white or beige or coloured flying suits, make a graceful impression. With their spaceships from interplanetary stations they constantly fly down hitherward, to this planet Earth. They are going to land here and to go among our people to reveal them everything, and our people will be invited to board their spaceships. We all shall travel together not only to their interplanetary stations, but also to their planets. My beloved ones on this planet Earth, accept their message of unspeakable love, tranquillity and peace; regard this instruction very seriously.

I love them, I love my cosmic friends.




63. Colloquy.                                                                                                         July 1995.


„And now, I will explain to you, why ticks attack people. It is topical nowadays, because everything in the nature is advancing against you, people, analogously as that happens in the world generally. In the concrete: If a man, particularly townsman, packs up and goes to the country just in order to get food, to strip it of its matured fruitage, but otherwise he does not like the nature, then it reacts in such a way, that such people are attacked by that vermin to be punished, so that they do not dare to go to the country again. But you like to listen to birds in spring, you enjoy blossom time, when also meadows are in full bloom, and you like to go out in all weathers, and who likes the nature and admires it with love as you do, such a man will not be harmed by it; the nature protects such people, you see. You may go wherever you want, you are quite at home there, you shall not meet with any serious accident, because that all is regulated by the Creator; the nature blesses people devoid of all property, who go to the country, because it is their sole dependence as to food, and such people love the nature, but others do not. And therefore all that happens, the situation is bad everywhere: in all seas, and also on dry land. If nations make wars, then the weather is dry, floods come, follows a time of catastrophic history; but people do not correct themselves, and therefore the nature is advancing against them. We know that very well, and you see, we reciprocate here quite safely, nothing harms us, we are equipped with technique for that, and we are going to stay here. You attract us by your enormous love, otherwise we almost do not speak with people, only occasionally, it depends on the behaviour and thought of a man in this way: If your mind loves seclusion and you are not attracted by other people, so that you do not ask them about anything, then we can give you thus answers, because thereby you belong more to us, just in due time, and you know why: you obey us completely, because you comprehend, that no man in this word could convince you of their law, and you completely understand, that there is no other way.


Explorer in biology-medicine branch Jamahama.“



64. To my cosmic friend.




It happened once at night,

I had a kind of vision:

Certain head appeared,

and observed me.

That was a head of a man,

and at once I had felt bliss.


He observed me,

with beautiful eyes.

These eyes were full of love,

I know that for sure.

Then the vision disappeared,

and I was so sad.

I asked: Who revealed that?


            The answer:


„That was me,

our beloved friend.

I did cause that vision,

so that you could meet,

also another man.

The cosmic man.


Your cosmic friend





„Once, while you were drowsy, I revealed to you that effigy of our man, which was just transmitted to me by Jamara, and I transmitted it to you; I used to do that, and others caused some visions, too. Analogous visions shall be revealed also to other people in future, but only to those, who endeavour to receive such reports, so that we will not go out of your mind. At first, such persons shall welcome us in this way, and later they shall meet us also in person. This was stated in behalf of all our explorers by me, Ptaah.“


Not only thus at night or towards the morning, but I have got  various visions also while I was up, that’s possible: if a man concentrates, then in his mind itself occurs wonderful world, and then he can see everything with his own eyes as well as I can see with my own eyes their stations, they constantly make signs to me by show of white lights; my dear friend, everything is true, including that trip to Prague. Everything has to be transmitted to people, and therefore I still make records, even of an earlier date, so that you have at your disposal even instructions dealing with the way how we talk with each other; in such a way should people talk with each other, too.


                                                                                              Miloslava Drsková.



65. Declaration.                                                                                                August 1995.


My nights are so wonderful now,

when somebody continually testifies to love,

that love is so wonderful,

pervaded with such tenderness;

and he teaches me how to love,


although I did not hope for it,

but, at the least, I have dreamt of it,

I dreamt of that lovely alliance,

this was my bedtime story.


And now you see: because I turned to God,

and began to abide by His laws,

so I have cognizance of that true love,

I know, where it is hidden.


            The answer:


„I’m teaching you now,

and I’m not alone here,

my fellowmen are with me.


We come from the universe,

we abide by that law,

it is the law of Creation,

which promotes all of us.


We all abide by that law,

nobody could ever lead us astray.


We live in this love,

and we also help others here.


You, people on this Earth,

have been suffering for a long time.


New age is breaking now,

therefore so many of us flit here.


But you know, that we are born again,

that the Creator shall use His judgement then,

according to your acts,

to gift you with more lives.


So, as the seasons rotate,

the lives rotate, too.

We know that very well,

we obey our Creator.


                        Ptaah with cosmic friends.“



66. Colloquy.


„You know, that’s just what we have transmitted to people, you know, it has true value. It is so, because our law is clear as far as that goes: a man should earn an honest living. This is ethical standard. We respect that, you know. But you lay the blame at your door. Even your mass media deal with that. You are up to the eyes in debt. You have to pay off. Listen: if you endeavour to work for the benefit of others with understanding, giving credit to us, then you become one of us in future life, or maybe, even in this life; this is the best reward, and so, now, a man can pay off. If you live decently, taking care of your family, and thus you love each other, then you live happily. But if you were self-centred, if you would rob all others just for a profit of your relatives, then the Creator would inflict on you an adequate punishment: just because of your greed, you would suffer, because you would be still harassed by other people, you know; that’s the law of Creation.“



67. Instruction.


„You, people on this planet Earth, have misused hereat that intercourse between man and woman, when you publish that pornography, this is a desecration, and you are going to keep away from that thoroughly. And consider these records, which you have at your disposal, as declaration of true love expressed by us to beloved beings living on another planet Earth, on your planet. But regard this declaration of love as true one, because it is invariable. This is the right way how to declare man’s love to a woman, this is Creator’s commandment; such spiritual contact is real. That all you have recorded, so that other people could understand this wonderful relation; they should reinstate its true meaning: it should be experienced in privacy, where is only that couple present. Pleiadians act analogously, they really love each other; they pay attention to such spiritual development; something like that is experienced on all these planets administered by specialized experts, so that there should not happen anything wrong, but if there does occur such sort of problem, then we treat people very considerately: they are not harmed by that, but they have to learn how to live decently, it is the will of all the people who live and work under the guidance of the Creator Himself, in particular, to abide by the principles of sexual conduct. No woman could uncover herself after this manner anywhere, we would regard that as a serious offence. Moreover, we use only decent words, yes, we live just in decent way there, my Milenka. Thus, it was emphasized in all spiritual teachings; but you began to merge into orders, and so on, and that was faux pas. Simply, at first your Earth experienced natural life, and it worked, you needed just some additions, that would be enough. But you shot a line, and now, you have what you have. Everything must be kept clean, on our planet it is maintained by machines, yes, really. But you care of that only somewhere, you have forgotten, that the whole planet Earth must be kept clean, that’s the main thing; therefore you have so many diseases, people all over the world have no place to live, but it is the man, who is guilty of these consequences.


The head of biological-medical research institute Jamara.“



68. Colloquy.


„We were flitting across the sky also formerly, you know, and we observed you, but we contacted you only occasionally, we did not regard that as necessary, because otherwise you  lived peacefully, although people were somewhat alarmed and backward: on the one hand, even you remember, that extraterrestrials became subject for discussions in those years, but on the other hand, people who were taking us seriously became subjects for laughter; our existence was denied, and so, we concentrated on combatant countries, not on your country, where were published also other books written by authors from the former Soviet Union, the nation, which temporarily aspired to the most promising development, but then there intervened those powers, and that was very bad. We have transmitted to people there our impulsions, too, and you know what kind of them. And then, the populace of these eastern nations was better, but you overdid it otherwise, and therefore that all collapsed, you know. But nowadays we are marked everywhere, you know, after all, times are changing for the worse because of that terrible enslavement of mankind everywhere, you know; all that evil which extends to you was inrooted in that country dictating to you nowadays, you know, and from that country have come also those beings spanking just there, because here they were at loose ends, but now, in this place, they found their slot. So, as we stated, your antiquated religion is without parallel in the universe, you know, and therefore you were charged to inform people, that our presence here is connected with this spiritual teaching. Did you know that?





69. My friends.


So many times, towards night,

I have been sitting outside, meditating,

and trying to concentrate

on sending love to my friends.

And now, my friends are

those who constantly flit here,

in flying saucers,

but people ridicule that.


I know, that such beings,

are people like you and me,

people endowed with well-developed reason,

they flit here to explore,

and to learn here,

what are the results,

of our way of life.


If they sinned as we do,

then they would not thus travel throughout the universe.

But because they abide by God’s law,

they have entire disposal of cosmos.


If we would accept God’s law,

they could show us everything.


But because we are so self-centred,

we actually do not know, what the real heaven is.


We do not experience all the beauty around,

while people wage wars anywhere on the Earth.


We do not experience the real universe,

while we just long for power and wealth.



70. Greetings from the universe.


It’s the morning again,

but I’m awake,

I listen to that familiar voice,

it is the voice of my friends,

of the true friends, from cosmos.

They fly by us,

and greet me.

My cosmic friends,

greet me with love:

Do not be afraid, our sister,

times are changing for the better on the Earth.



„This is just a transition period,

for people to understand,

whom they should respect.

Whom they should help?

Do not help those in power,

help your planet Earth,

so that it would be beautiful again,

as in times of its creation.


Instead of producing weapons,

build houses.

Instead of hatred,

love each other.

Then we would take you

into our spaceships.

You would fly with us across the universe,

you would see cosmos in all its beauty.

You would see everything what we can see,

this is our message.


                        Cosmic friends.“



71. Colloquy.                                                                                                   November 26, 1996.


„You know, there is more of us present, but remember one thing, I’m going to tell you that as the cosmic squadron commander from Pleiades: we would be never satisfied with a rich man, who thinks, that it is enough, if he would build a ramp, as it is described in that book dealing with yours mysteries. Not even other brothers in the interplanetary space would take sides with him, although it cannot be said, that we dislike such people; yes, we would like them, but they would have to do that all for the welfare of other people, and not to expect, that they will be the first, who shall meet us here. If we are to meet with people, they have to endeavour to work for other people in such a way, that they would have all they need, everybody, and not just few of them; this was emphasized in many reports. Yes, it did happen even in such a way, that our fellowmen had an accident; but your people then had made their choice and our brothers met their wishes, we all love to do that, since such persons constantly endeavoured to mediate this work, or reports, to other people. Yes, our beloved one, also we, the young people, brothers and sisters from our grand cosmic squadron, thank you very much for that lovely amusement, namely, at light reading and also at your favourite music, it was music for our ears, too. Certainly, at times you have been listening to the melodious voice of our commander, and you could recognize our voices, too. You have narrated to us occasionally, and we are able to make a selection of it, because we have at our disposal special apparatuses, also based on a simple principle of what you consider as the most modern TV sets. Our devise is so perfectly constructed, that we can make a selection of anything, if we train at it such a specifically constructed transmitter. Every civilized being in the interplanetary space carries it on its person, but only you, people on the planet Earth, do not, but you, people, are not worried about that, although we would like you to have it at your disposal, too; there are some places with more advanced technology.


                                                           This was transmitted to you by me, Ashtar.“


„We all flocked at one common station of Ptaah’s squadron, together with one group headed by the commander of our grand cosmic squadron from the station Share. We are with you. Now and again, when we are stationed at our interplanetary stations, mostly by twos, we launch a telemetric flying saucer, usually from the Ptaah’s squadron, recording anything.


I should prefer to work, and my people as well; they are stationed at our interplanetary stations, where we have inbuilt anything: even such devices, which you have never seen with your own eyes. These apparatuses are so sensitive, that they can intercept every human thought. And now, our people stay here, and will be here, to take measurements, and so, we have detected how many people have come under that evil, although there are some places, where people study diligently. We are sorry for you, considering that there will be an almighty row, so, at least try to inform people, that we are here, and that we shall be here. Your friends, your brothers are here, keeping ward over those, who are willing to learn. When you cast your mind back to your Creator, we shall stay patiently at your side to lend you helping hand, so that you could come to us, yes, to these heavenly worlds, you know that law of incarnation. We are just those people from these highest dimensions, stationed at squadron headed by that commander from Pleiades, or at our grand squadron, which was described earlier. We are waiting for you, brothers and sisters from this Earth, to evacuate a great number of you at the crucial moment, but only those of you, who will learn, shall contact their Creator inside: just that fellowship shall board these grand interplanetary spaceships at that crucial moment to be carried away from this rather plagued planet. Yes, my brothers and sisters from the interplanetary space were right when they claimed, that it must be purged analogously as is separated the wheat from the chaff, yes, they used this parable; in such a way must be separated this human society, and it actually happens nowadays. Thus acknowledge it, dear friends, even in this small country.


The commander of our grand cosmic squadron Ashtar.“



72. How were originated the astronomical terms of constellations?


     (Ivo Benda’s question.)                                                          Jaromìø, August 24, 1997.


„Not a few terms were otherwise conceived by us, but also other brothers and sisters transmitted them here; when our people disembarked here, everything was prepared. And then, also what you set down as invented, that all was transmitted by us, but many people are not conscious of it, because your astronomers, including Mr. Grygar, suppose, that this all was conceived by themselves, but it is not so. Everything what you learn from your people, that all was transmitted in such a way by our people, who had been learning that for centuries, because it was already in their nature to inform other people about this system, or the structure of the whole universe. It is just a fractional sector, it is only inconspicuous part of cosmos, because nobody could ever see the universe as a whole, excepting the Creator Himself, He has cognizance of the whole universe.





73. How to establish contact with cosmic friends?


     (Ivo Benda’s question.)                                                          Jaromìø, August 24, 1997.


„Dear brother, if you want to establish such a contact, then take out of your records those reports dealing with that Gizeh and other beings, who bring to this planet Earth what is now propagated here so much, and keep just the reports dealing with us, people from the Ashtar’s squadron and other peaceable people, or our brothers and sisters; this is really necessary to do: get rid of anything dealing with our enemies. This was transmitted now by myself, the cosmic squadron commander from Pleiades Ptaah, although I do not like to speak in this way; such beings are at first warned, and in case, they do not follow that, we retaliate: thus they are eliminated (dematerialized - adaptor’s comment), and that’s the justice.“



74. Is it possible to photograph or cinematize spaceships of our cosmic friends?


     (Ivo Benda’s question.)                                                          Jaromìø, August 24, 1997.


„Ivo, if you are quite honest, then sometimes, going for a walk, take a good camera with you, if you have any. We would remove the shade from us immediately, so that you could take a snap of our spaceships, to have pictures of them; but you have to radiate to us thoughts of love continually. This was transmitted by me, Guetzal: we are really willing to do that for you, so that even you would have at your disposal pictures of our spaceships; not only photographs from Mr. Meier and other people, but also photographs made by yourselves.“



75. What planet in the constellation Centaur did Athar and Kohun come from?


     (Ivo Benda’s question.)                                                          Jaromìø, August 24, 1997.


„Yes, our planet is called Zetor.

                                                                       Athar, together with his brother Achar.“



76. What planet did Haating come from, the friend with that pure poetry?


     (Ivo Benda’s question.)                                                          Jaromìø, August 24, 1997.


„The planet Tasila, constellation Orion, running in system Tai.


Our planet is revolving around one our sun; this happens else in our Solar System, but in the same Solar System are running otherwise 3 planets, and one of them is just our small planet, it is our, or, my planet.





77. What planet did the „blondes“ come from on February 20, 1954, to the base Muroc AFB (now Edward AFB) in the USA, when they put into life the first offer to introduce a new order without starvation, wars and acts of violence to President Eisenhower, which was turned down?


(Ivo Benda’s question.)                                                               Jaromìø, August 24, 1997.


„The planet Eisa.“



78. How to address cosmic friends? (A practical example.)


     (Ivo Benda’s question.)                                                          Jaromìø, August 24, 1997.


Dear cosmic friends, I love you so much; just alight on this planet Earth still in your interplanetary spaceships. Touched by your vibrations, people from this planet Earth shall wake up with better thoughts every day, and they shall keep on improving themselves.


                                                                                                          Miloslava Drsková.


Dear friends, I thank you for these answers.       Ivo Benda.



79. Colloquy.                                                                                                           November 1995.


„Now, every man, who would experience the cosmic consciousness and believes in the existence of extraterrestrial beings, it is, that people do not live only on the Earth, but also in the universe, is in this way in contact with our stations.


People did have presentiment of that even earlier, but they lacked such faculties they have now. And therefore you are nowadays led and instructed by us. But if somebody manifests, that he treasures this friendship, remaining good and modest man, then it may happen, that he will be loved truly by the best people leading here these teams of workers; with that, such a man receives the best care which could be offered to him, and later he meets them to leave this planet for ever and finishes his days in such bliss and heavenly tranquillity, that finally he goes off together with his lover to their Creator. But conditions are established yet here, on the Earth: he has to entrust himself to us utterly, he has to give true informations to people here on the Earth, he may not be attached to opinion of other people, yes or no, because this teaching is voluntary, and he may not press other people at all, just to deliver it, and it is up to people what they pick out. This is the dispensation of all cosmic people here, our will, because we help voluntarily. And you have to realize, that this life is not the last one, that you shall experience future lives as you deserve in accordance with your conduct. We know that, and therefore, in the first instance, we support people, who believe in the Creator, and that’s all. But if somebody does believe, that the universe is inhabited, then we render assistance, and we teach him more about real life on various planets guided by our Creator, it is so. The whole planet, including its natural resources belongs to all, and it should be administered by certain number of experts, in the first place spiritual teachers, and in the second place explorers in biology-medicine branch, who are particular not only about state of man’s health, but also about state of the whole planet itself. Later will be particularized what is to be established together with methods according to essential technological advancement, so that the nature, as the main principle, would not be victimized: this is our task, mission of explorers in biology-medicine branch, that the nature has to be preserved at least in condition to promote healthy life of people. This is also the reason of our work here. And now, this is the first person, who takes this work in writing together with us, the explorers in biology-medicine branch. As I have stated, we also fly here, because your coarse vibrations endanger even lives on our planets, especially recently. Therefore we transmit that all to you now, at the hand of this person, whose main priority is the peaceful and comfortable life not only of descendants, but of all other people on this planet Earth, too. This person is fully conscious of the fact, that the word love is the most important one.


Your cosmic friend, the head of biological-medical research institute Jamara.“



80. Coarse vibrations.                                                                       November 15, 1995.


„Yet this footnote as to words coarse vibrations, by which is expressed: that somebody takes an interest in jealous and dominative thoughts, or that somebody desires to harm other people, or that somebody encourages others to take up arms, yes, such coarse vibrations can be felt even in the interplanetary space, and therefore we are now working here to broadcast or to transmit these words not only to this person, but also to other receivers here on this Earth; our words should be treasured, so that you could find the way to us again, namely, back to our common Creator. And that’s all.


This was transmitted to you by the commander of our cosmic squadron Ashtar himself.“



81. Fragment of colloquy.                                                                                        August 1995.


„I perform my task, but I dispose of an instrument with great distance of action so that we shall be in contact constantly, you know, we do not miss anything. Guetzal works here on these earthbound stations, and we are stationed also in the universe, sometimes they gather together with me at this station, then they go asunder, they disperse themselves every which way, and so, we rotate duties, you know. I’m in charge of one squadron, it is supervised, you know, but I dispose of anything  what I need, so that I just drop a hint, and everything is self-moving, you know. We are supported by these robots, you know them from our book, but otherwise we establish contacts with people just by ourselves, our people do that by the medium of translators, you know.




82. Many young people fill high positions in our society, and therefore I was furnished with instructions dealing with that topic.




„I tell you something about it. We do not assign young people to high positions hereby; we assign to a post of commander of cosmic squadrons or as persons in charge exclusively older worker, who had been thus working all the years round under command yet of the oldest ones, this is just that transition. But your people expected, that just young man could achieve a purpose, but it is not so; the young ones have to learn continually, and they conform to us voluntarily, although they express their way, all around. People who thus work on stations out of their native planets, have to be working in this way really for very long time, all the years round, they have to learn constantly before they are assigned to such position. Such a man has great responsibility. And they have to keep remarkable discipline, which your people do not maintain. Yes, occasionally happens even what you have experienced, but that’s something else, not as far as work and help for people. In case, that young people here would accept that all, then our young people would establish contacts with them, too. Transmitted by Haating, Shikta, and us from the Ashtar’s squadron.“


„With reference to Ptaah’s daughters: he himself guided them, and Guetzal assisted him, you also know that, this is the only possible way. But also others were here, they joined just these commanders, because our stations, or our grand carriers, have to be piloted by somebody, and that’s the mission of these squadron commanders, and this is our mission, too. I’m fully stretched, and I’m a man of great knowledge. You have different attitude towards that: especially your elders are apt to quit the job, I have seen that; but our elders actually matured to enjoy themselves and really understand the meaning of life, then you thus work for people, and with such mental power the life eventuates in another life, yes, it is so, my Milenka. But not in your way: your people just practise gardening for themselves, that’s wrong. If people work for the whole community, then the work is not hard, but the fruits of their labour is enjoyed by all. But your way is different. I transmitted this to you, so that you understand our attitude towards work and to towards love above all. And in particular, a man may not loose his faith, especially faith in himself: he should conduct himself properly.


The head of biological-medical research institute Jamara.“



83. Colloquy.                                                                                           February 23, 1996.


„This all was transmitted to you by our man in accordance with the truth. And those humanoids get up to mischief often here, and they were up to mischief also at Meier’s place, they misconducted themselves there a lot. Therefore you are thus kept in safety, in order not to be endangered by these rascals, I mean just these humanoids, they deserve to be called so by me and by our old commander Ptaah as well, he would give it to them straight. At any rate, you know, what you take in writing, that’s also part of instruction. Meier’s situation appears to be different; he studied this kind of technology. But you see that otherwise, and therefore we transmit this to you; these our experts have not established such contact with anybody else by now. Instead of speculating about any wrong, you take a book in your hand and constantly study, sometime history, another time you read modern literature, you have simply a thorough knowledge of life, you know how to occupy your mind with your favorite subjects. This is what we treasure; we do not appreciate staring upon the sky, although you also used to do that, but just for a while. But then, you take a book into your hands again, and we are still after you, namely, our gadgets are aimed at you to inform us what you are reading or where you are going, you blankly know how to entertain us hereby, and thus we consider you to be simply one of us. But humanoids deserve to be punished; many of them were sent home or deported to other planets. And if they do not mend their ways, and treat others badly, then we simply eliminate them, yes, it is possible. But not only these humanoids, also people like you are here, but they are so bad, you would have to see them; especially those humanoids are such rascals, that even here they have under their control just your government men, who are instigated by them. It’s good, that Ptaah transmitted you that; yes, we like people, they would be well. We respect the principle regarding man and woman: a man looks after woman and her children, we all acknowledge that, they are equal in our society.


                                                                                              Your cosmic friend Guetzal.“


„And your friend, Ivo, too, if you care for that. I like you already very much now, you have devolved these specific printed forms upon our beloved one, so that even other people could read that.




84. Fragment of colloquy.                                                                   February 23, 1996.


„It is important, that you refine your moral conduct, this is something what we appreciate, that’s our way of life; we do not use expletives in our language at all. In the day-time we work, but not only that by day: we have here on the station greenrooms, where we forgather, and we also use recordings of your planet Earth, not only music, although we enjoy music, too, you have a specimen, after all. And what more: our or my Milenka transmitted us so much to this place. We also share together what was experienced or seen by us, now and then we joke, but we make fun only by fair means, that all happens here within the bounds of mutual respect. You know how to treat a person as a clown. And a couple has the right to privacy here, we respect that, nobody misconducts himself, that’s the right way of life. Certainly, from time to time happens something like that, but mainly here, in the universe, accordingly we are present here as biologists-doctors to lend these research workers helping hand: if they have any problem, they come to us, and we look after them appropriately, so that besides our development we thus also take care of our people. But those humanoids I call rascals, they mess around setting spies on you, therefore they are after you. Once, when you come to your senses, they will have to go away, and you would be left in peace. Again, they have nothing to do here, at our planets, therefore Ptaah’s mission is to look about this interplanetary space here, together with his people; otherwise we are engaged in research work here, thus we live in peace, my Milenka, and you with us. You shall be annexed to the universe, and accordingly the space will be alive anywhere around in future years. You know, that you meet them wherever you go, although you do not see them, but our people, our friends and brothers shall be continually with you.


Your cosmic friend, the head of biological-medical research institute Jamara.“


Everything what Jamara transmitted to me comes true, as to the care and attendance; a man is observed, and especially protected; you, all kind people, shall be my cosmic brothers and sisters.

                                                                                              Miloslava Drsková.



85. Instruction.                                                                                      November 3, 1996.


„You do not need dogs, at least not so many as you have here on this planet Earth. Why so many? Therefore you have defiled any place, you see that yourself. You pay attention to these animals excessively in present situation, although you should rather help people. Many citizens in your country live from hand to mouth now, and therefore you should pay attention to this problem instead of these animals. We, the explorers in biology-medicine branch, have seen enough of present situation this summer, during our engagement in this research work here, when we sampled in the country. We also endeavoured to help people, and hence you have found these pictographs; this happens and shall happen also elsewhere in the world.


This was transmitted to you in behalf of all explorers of Ptaah’s squadron and of Ashtar’s squadron by the head of biological-medical research institute Jamara, and I, the doctor working in the Ashtar’s squadron, joined in the conversation, too, in behalf of Ashtar.“



86. Thanksgiving.


The High Council in Petala,

I pay the highest homage to you,

because you take credit

for my Knowledge highly.


I think highly of the fact,

that you have chosen me.

Hence I shall be assiduous,

serving for the mission.


We should desire to live as people,

without selfishness,

working together,

sharing everything.


We should love the nature,

we should protect it,

I treasured such thoughts,

I always did.

We should love each other,

and we should live as people,

but not like now,

when we are so self-centred.





87. To my beloved cosmic friends.


It happened at night again:

all of a sudden I woke up,

and such a gentle voice speaks to me,

and I do understand.


That voice continually testifies to love,

so that I have blissful feelings.

And I shall be praying constantly,

to our Creator,

that He enabled me to experience,

this true friendship.


Friendship with true people,

from another planet.

Although I do not see them,

I’m conscious of them clearly.


I believe firmly, that we are to come together,

we shall shake our hands,

we shall meet face to face;

I cherish this hope.





88. The answer.


„Our beloved one,

that was me.

I desired to speak with you so much,

because I love you, too,

hence you shall listen again,

to our gentle words.


We are not ashamed of that,

when we love somebody.

This is the way how a man should act,

speaking with the beloved one.


I also believe, that we come together,

in due time.

We know, that you would not fail,

you love us so much.


Your cosmic friend, explorer in biology-medicine branch, Jamahama.“



The High Council,

I pay homage to you,

I shall follow

your advice.


I shall live still in humility,

for they are the true people.

I shall respect them correspondingly,

therefore I also want to abide by it.


            In love and humility




89. Haating’s homeland.                                                                              Summer 1994.


There is one small planet,

in the constellation Orion,

where is the real homeland,

of my dear friend Haating.



Any time I concentrate,

he narrates about his homeland.

All the children there,

learn about their Creator.





90. Haating’s wish.


All days long now

I spend in conversation,

with my new friend.


Any time he said:

At least you abide

by the law of Creation.


„We have been visiting this planet Earth

for many centuries,

leaving behind us

various signs for you.

We firmly hoped,

that people form the Earth,

would establish contacts with us;

that common sense would gain victory

over power and wealth.

Common sense shall side with faith,

yes, it will be so,

my beloved one.

You are one of us;

you have understood,

that cosmos is inhabited.





As I have already stated,

Haating led my hand,

when I was writing this my first report,

and also earlier,

when I was just listening;

they taught me at first by word of mouth,

and then in black and white.





91. Encouragement.                                                                              Early spring 1995.


„Although many will not believe you,

do not worry about that now.

Just walk on this way

daringly, all along.


However, in due time,

they will ask questions.


And you, who are walking on this way,

you shall be their hope.


                        Cosmic friends.“


Also these words, transmitted to me by my cosmic friends, encouraged me, and will encourage me in future, together with their care of me, and also of other people, who accepted that hereby.




92. From my cosmic friends.


„If you would feel all the time,

as though somebody caressed you,

if you would feel constantly, that you are in bliss,

so, you were touched by us, our beloved one,

thus we caressed you every so often at night.


This is our reward for people,

who believe in our existence,

who follow our advice,

and lend people a helping hand,


who strive diligently,

and do not follow bad advice,

of those advisers,

who should advise themselves.


But who falls in love with the Creator,

such a man is our friend,

we love him deeply,

and also we protect him.


We protect such people,

who endeavour to live in our way,

who just still believe,

in much better future.


We take up such people,

to learn them more,

so that they could later

transmit this message to others.


The message of true faith,

message of true love,

and for all the people,

here on this planet Earth.


                        Your devoted cosmic friends.“



93. My answer.


I thank you, dear friends, very much,

that you appreciate my effort,

that you love me so much;

why should I long for anything else?


I shall endeavour also in future,

to work for all other people,

because now I know,

that somebody appreciates that.


That somebody loves me,

and knows how to express such love to me.

I long just for this love,

all my expectations are fulfilled.




This is reply to my cosmic friends as far as what they shared with me in this poem.





94. To my cosmic friends.                                                                     Early spring 1995.


You, my astral tramps,

who still fly across the universe,

I send to you greeting full of love,

with respect to your merits.


Thanks to you,

I was born again,

and therefore this my grateful greeting,

will reach all of you.


This my greeting full of love,

will reach all of you according to your merits.

At least one person on the Earth,

transmits to you these words:


                        Thank you.


Thank you.


I thank you for your work,

I thank you for your sacrifices,

at least I thing highly of them here;

let the Creator protect you.


He protects good people, all of you,

who flit here.


Leastwise I shall follow your advice,

you can cherish hope, though.


Hope, that somebody listens to you here,

that somebody shall take counsel of you.

I would help you any time,

you are not alone.


I shall assist in your work,

for this planet Earth,

especially you, the commander,

of cosmic squadron form Pleiades.


I pay homage to you, too,

for your teaching.

To all of you I vibrate,

my words:


                        Thank you.



95. The answer from my cosmic friends.


„Our beloved one,

we are rewarded,

when somebody listens to us,

and follows our advice.


We love you so much here,

we shall touch you again,

our dearest one,

from this small country.


We expected, that just here,

in this small country,

we would meet a person,

who would appreciate that.


A person treasuring our love,

regarding our merits highly.

You, the citizens of this small country,

you were the best people.


Therefore we have searched here so much,

till we have found you, our dear one;

after you accomplish mission in life here,

you shall be absorbed by the Creator.


Then He shall deliver you to us,

because we desire to be with you here;

in respect of your conduct,

we shall adopt you.


                        Your cosmic friends.“


                        Dear Ivo,                                                    Delivered on September 1, 1997.


Yes, I mailed you few lines of verse, so that you could acquaint yourself with their attitude not only towards me, but also towards other people of the Czech Republic, or, of our small country, as they called it.


„And we were not disappointed; these lines of verse were transmitted some time ago.


                                                                                              Cosmic friends.“



96. Reply to my letter dated August 26, 1997.


            Dear Ivo, or, brother,


I also acted promptly, and on Monday I set out on a journey with copies to distribute them, in the concrete: to public libraries in Kladno, Slaný, Ostrov nad Ohøí, Karlovy Vary and Jáchymov, where was nobody present, so the copies were left at bureau. The main libraries have them at their disposal. On my way I distributed some of them also to people, who asked. Thus I have seen for myself, how many people do care, those, who are not selfish at all; so, we should not be ceremonious. People must be warned at any rate; they should be advised what to read, and especially informed, that the delivery rooms have copies available. I took care of that, and everything what you have sent me I distributed among people.


„And we also join in the conversation, because you desired to be informed about all kinds of topics. If you have any concrete question, then just take a pencil in your hand, and try to concentrate yourself; with that, I will be delighted to answer your questions, especially if you would asked them in definite terms.


Now, we all give our love to you, and we wish you and Miluška success in your work among people. We know about anything what you do, what you have distributed, both of you recently, Miluška particularly, you have informed many people. Therefore we emphasize, that we shall develop it; you will see later what happens. We shall give you your due; you help people a lot. Then you will make certain of what is to happen with you. Later, if many people would become devotees of our faith, analogously as our beloved one did, our dear sister, then we would come down to this planet Earth in a greater number, so that we could descend into your midst; consequently people would not claim, that they are not going to believe in anything what they cannot examine by touch. But they have to bear themselves well, and particularly, not to read that pulp literature; we do not read anything like that at all, neither do our children, in particular. Well, from time to time is discovered a new planet, which is inhabited by people, that way we became acquainted here with people form the planet Riddh, we did not know them before, and you see, we made friends with them, because they are hereby also concerned for your and our welfare. And they are interested in our teaching so much, that Ebermach is to learn how to pilot our spaceships, and that’s really something. And thus also you, Ivo, could learn, all sorts of things, because you have technique at your finger-tips, and so, if you are going to listen carefully, you shall learn various things, especially how to communicate in this manner. Yes, this is what I wanted to transmit to you hereby. I repeat, that you are a docile young man, and you are interested in our activities. Cosmos fascinates you primarily so much, that we were surprised with that. You are keen on astronomy so much, that we made sure, that you are more talented for it, than Mr. Grygar, though, because you are interested in us; you know, that not only the planet Earth, but also other planets, or constellations are inhabited.


For instance, our beloved one, she was brought up in a different background, especially characteristic of writing books, that is to say: narrating stories, or composing poems; she enjoys that, and we observe such people first of all. And you, Ivo, you would like to lecture on astronomy, you would say, that it is your hobby, in terms with your expression. By our experience, for example, when I, Guetzal, was recognized as talented child for technique, I was interested in it since my childhood, so, I could continually visit various engineering departments, and very soon I was enrolled for special technical school. But all of us have to be familiarized with spiritual teaching, which is the principle of technological advancement on our planet. Just on the basis of this spiritual teaching we understood, that if we are to advance appropriately, then there is only one philosophy of life possible: work for our Creator, or, for the welfare of the whole community. With that, we can also fly across the universe, that’s the only way, particularly this spiritual teaching, thanks to it we arrived at our knowledge. And here, our beloved one, she also understood that, and therefore she records now that all, and willingly distributes that; you satisfied yourself: she is in possession of these faculties to use them for the welfare of the whole community of people, and the same we can say about you now. That’s all, for the present.


Primarily was at least one fourth transmitted by me, the cosmic squadron commander from Pleiades Ptaah, and the rest then by Guetzal.“


Yes, and my normal pencil ran out of cartridge, well, I wrote in your pencil, I hope, that you would not be angry with me about that. I use all my faculties for the welfare of all people, I have enough time to do that. And besides, I also often talk with my friends. I asked them so many questions altogether, and they gave me so many answers, I recorded many of them for people, they are involved, anyway. And then, Ivo, I visited Lída Šubová, and I was sorry for her; she has two children, you know, and her daughter is keen on singing, you know, but she has to be able to earn her living in this world, so, she is working, actually studying the trade, but that’s the worst option; they have also my Talks with friends.


„I must acknowledge that, although they exchanged some catchwords, they were just joking, not taunting. We thus observed that outside for appearance’s sake, while they were sitting in the fresh air. Our beloved one was treated appropriately, they regaled her in the same way as we would; these people are accustomed to welcome friends with hospitality. We thus welcomed also Ebermach and others; a man, who bears himself well, is most favoured one, as Meier was. People called him Billy, but we do not like to use this nickname, because it is rather suitable for a farmer in the USA, where people are not so hospitable, although they should introduce such practice there. Once, together with my old friend, I was a witness, how they expelled such person, just because he was a ragged man, had next to nothing. And yet, if somebody desires to live in the USA, then he has to know English language, and additionally, he must respect persons in charge there, they stand on such ceremonies. Moreover, if your countryman would come there, he would not stand his ground in that country of advanced technology, because your people do not know, how to act there. This is again Guetzal speaking with you, and I transmit that all to you, because you longed for that country, but we got acquainted with it this way. Therefore we began to fly across this section here after your Velvet Revolution; earlier you did without freedom of speech, but now we see, that it was misused again in such a way, that we tried to establish contacts with various people here promptly, because, as we can see, you actually endeavour to imitate foreign countries, especially such countries, which imposed themselves on you, but it occurred to nobody, that you should paddle your own canoe jointly. That’s what I wanted thus to transmit to you. We see, that at least some of you would like to realize the better way again, and in such case stay with us, with the Pleadians. It’s for everybody of you to decide.



My friends transmitted it to me thereby, while we were talking over the situation in the world, and now, I thus send that to you; and try to write yourself, you will be successful, surely.


With greetings, for the present,


                                               Miloslava Drsková.



97. The answer for Serena Sabaková.                                                                Summer 1995.


„Dear Serena, you surely forefelt our existence, but you also do not know all, and therefore you receive now something from so called ufo. You are right, we can be heard, clearly. Only few people are conscious of that, and consequently we send you the answer just via a woman, who understands us. You know how to foretell future, indeed, you give good advice, but try to answer yourself  where you actually would go, after you accomplish mission in life here. Yes, it is so, beautiful Serena Sabaková, a man can thus work, but also do not forget on yourself. Rather concern yourself with the welfare of the nation itself, than with predicting so many stupidities. Rather prognosticate happy future, and inform your representatives what awaits them, instead of engagement in such trifles.


Your cosmic friend, explorer in biology-medicine branch, Jamahama,


                                                                                              ... some people call me ufo.“



This was an answer for one clairvoyant woman, which was mediated in summertime 1995.


„Additionally I warn, that these people misused endowment of Spirit. What would  happen to them? So, do not commit yourself to their care, we do not recommend that. We teach you how to bear yourself well; inform other people just about this kind of service, Ivo, and you, Miluška, you are actually already doing that. That’s the right way how to make out records to distribute them among people, and not otherwise, as we learned while we turned over the leaves of one such periodical: people were asking and this woman answered in such a way, that we would never dare to do that like this. And even you, Ivo, do not quest out after anything like that. We just retorted upon that person, and that’s all, namely, while Serena was answering, somebody asked her about us. So, I dropped her few lines, and our beloved one delivered that there, but she was never concerned about the impact of that reply, and no such person ever answered her. We can see, that many people must learn how to understand our Creator.


And therefore it is important, that you, who thus understood us, warn other people against all such periodicals, they should not attend to them. It was not even published there. This is transmitted to you, Ivo, in order that you will be conscious of this, and you surely will, regarding the articles in these periodicals called Hrom, Spirit, etc., so that people would be discouraged to read them. But it is up to you, people: if you want, rather set in reading our reports or instructions. And that’s all about that.


Explorer in biology-medicine branch, Jamahama.“



98. Once people talked about cancer, and I received this answer concerning that.

                                                                                                                                      In 1995.


„You are here listening to talks about these pernicious diseases, so, I’m going to transmit to you with this something myself. People brought that on themselves, because they lead so dissolute life, or they commit another offence. Anybody who went through that, or who is going through that, committed certain offence in the past. You would go trough that too, but you have found the way to pull yourself together by this conduct; the right behaviour towards others is very important. Even this disease is curable, yes, our beloved, if a man is instructed in this way, and really respects the Creator Himself, it means, that he takes remedies form nature, and sincerely tries to establish contact with the Creator Himself as you did. And you see, you turned to Him, it means, that you abide by His commandments, and you are not self-centred at all; with that you can feel His power: that’s what you are feeling now, especially if you thus confide in us. We, the doctors, did much for you, too, it was necessary, and now, you are OK. We did that hereby, and we would also help people, but they would have to respect us, and be obedient like our people; then everything is healthy and beautiful. And therefore you are utterly under our control, because you disciplined yourself properly. A person, who will not obey, shall thus suffer, yes, our beloved, even otherwise. But everybody should look for this way, and should use his abilities for the welfare of the whole community, without any demand. Therefore you are experiencing our Creator’s transcendental love.


Explorer in biology-medicine branch, Jamahama.“


My cosmic friends concern themselves about people, who thus look for this way to their Creator; our people do not manage to help a man after this manner, to cure him completely.

                                                                                              Miloslava Drsková.



99. Colloquy.


„Because you endeavoured and even now endeavour to live in harmony, you have associated yourself unknowingly with our people for ever, with cosmic people, who arrive hitherward from other planets not only to carry on as research workers, but also to make themselves wise, and to teach these people on this planet Earth to live decently, in accordance with the cosmic order. There are many beautiful planets with beautiful people in the whole universe, which is infinite, because in personal sense, the life is without beginning and end, and is continually renewed in its transcendental amenity; the Creator shall display anything in front of a man who understands Him. Even we have our faults, but we do acknowledge, that a man should provide for his family, or for the whole community, but this stands good only for people from the higher dimensions of life.


But the new era is dawning, and also you are thus learning; you are one person from this planet Earth, who understood that completely, and therefore now you live with this mind. Because such person working for the welfare of all, who admits, that everybody should be in possession of everything, becomes one of us. And that love between man and woman is very important, not only as for corporeality, but primarily as to mentality; the woman should improve her mind, and with that she could have it both ways. Thus, if you are going to improve yourself, then you will be loved so much, and not only nightly, but also by day; you would be worthy of that. The man should be strengthened newly at night, which is saturated with this our love. Our Creator is the source of that love, in this sense should be understood, uninhibited, and not just as an instinct, but without pretensions to reward, which you demand: then everything is OK, and our man would give anything to his beloved one.


The head of biological-medical research institute Jamara.“


Do not consider that as a boasting, that’s just the way we speak with each other. I endeavoured and endeavour to bear myself well, and that’s all.

                                                                                                                   Miloslava Drsková.



100. Instruction.                                                                                               Spring 1995.


„As an explorer in biology-medicine branch, who is present here now to make certain of local situation, I found, that you should not be so forlorn in this fight for better tomorrow, and therefore you need help so much. We did not establish contacts earlier with all those mediators in this world, but now we did, because this woman understood first, that the most important duty is to provide for family. This is more fundamental than technicalities, in which were interested others. Yes, technology is also important, but nowadays we go in fear of you, when we see the money risk here, when this world is controlled by money now. But we see, that also your representatives make a lot of money to the charge of you, the honest people. And also the doctors are tricked, they have forgotten about their oath. But not all of them, of course. As elder explorer in biology-medicine branch, I can help you through the medium of this declaration. You shall not be forlorn in this fight for the real humanness. You have many problems in this current situation, and you need some time to solve them, but you have to use your head and tell your representatives, that you are going to work really for all the people. We transmit this just to you, people form this small country, we repose our trust in you; although you did not have at your disposal advanced technology, you did live as people, while here lived also some troublemakers, but not many of them. So, we transmit to you this notification:


Learn how to understand language of the universe, it is the teaching of Spirit, just what was recorded by real people, our mystics or some others, but not what was propagated here by certain troublemakers. Hereby I conclude this notification.


After that, you shall establish contacts with us, as did one of your men, whose surname is ZENTRICH, and his book was also published. I have transmitted that to our explorers, and they transmitted that to your people who did understand how to bear themselves well. Come home to that, please, at least you doctors, because we shall be always near by you, and we can help you not only by words of advice, but also otherwise. I’m the eldest explorer, who is, and will be present here; I went into well-earned retirement, but still, I endeavour to help our explorers, at least I give hints. And that’s really all.


The eldest explorer in biology-medicine branch, Jatamaka.“






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