301. Answers to strategic questions. (Received by Mirek).   13.6.1998.   22:08-23:15.

                                                                                                            Place: Tøinec.


We are three, Ivo and Naïa are asking and Mirek is replying, Naïa and Ivo are making notes.


“Here is Ashtar Sheran, we have been already waiting for you to contact us and that you have finaly met. We will answer everything you need to know. I Ashtar am here, also with Ptaah. We were watching you on our screens, also in the tea room. Ask me, I Ashtar will answer your questions.”


Ivo would like to thank you for the support during the lecture.


“We were glad that most of you could feel our presence. There were more than 60 beings from our planet. We were very busy, we had to work on you, which was not very easy. Some were rather withdrawn. They got much information at this meeting and many of them will open their hearts. They will slowly process the whole knowledge, which they have got. We are very glad that everything will happen as it should happen.”



301.1Ivo: How many listeners were there ?


“There were 86 people.”



301.1Ivo: Will there be established new groups ?



“Yes, they will, but at first they need to go through some kind of preparation.”



301.2 Ivo: I do not have enough contacts with South Moravia.


“The right time is coming, but be sure dear Ivo that the situation in South Moravia will get better after some time.”



301.3 Ivo: A strategic question – not published.



301.4 Ivo: How about preparations in Zlin region, how is it going ?


“It is far away, most important things are happening near Zlin. Now the most important places are Šumperk and Jeseník. Everything is given by our Creator.“



301.5 Ivo: What do you think, will Nova Tv publish this, or will it be better on F1 Tv ?


“If you insist more and more and if you give it to them to read time and time again, perhaps it will not be thrown in a backet.“



301.6 Ivo: International quetion – how many people on the Earth are in touch with your people ?


“We will tell you this during a personal contact and also other instructions what to do.


Mirek is receiving sort of picture information but it is a different sector and branch. Each of you has got a different sector and branch. You, Ivo, have got technical – informative and also other. It is because you have got more helices. You are good at putting information into its proper place and you can also process them very well, moreover you give people true information, not any twisted one. Also other people, for example Naïa is not into technic. She is a medium of telepathic transmission of information and she also knows a lot about meditation. You will get new instructions and branches. You need just more practise. Believe that your strong will will help you to finish this task successfully.”



301.7 Ivo: How to ward off a disaster of the whole planet ?


“Everything depends on each one and everyone – spread “Talks”.


People change and you should speed it up as fast as you can.


I am transmitting another thing to you: According to Nostradamus, you should think about it in a positive way, not negative. Everything can be ward off, everything what Nostradamus fortold. A large number of people meditating would prevent the Earth from a catastrophy. He also said that the third world war should be in …, I had better not say the exact year. Believe that if you all get together you will have such power and strong mind that not only will you be able to ward off this war but also dispose of negative thoughts. Your strong mind and high hope will ward off this war and anything bad will not happen. Your power and love can be materialized if you could imagine peace all over the world. You can change the world with your power of thought !!!


Start mass meditations to save your planet, to ward off wars, to make peace!!!


The more peace meditations the more positive thoughts.


Where love, happiness and hope is, negative thoughts have no chance to succeed.


If there are any groups in your region, tell them this information about meditation. Tell them the exact time and meditate on the same thing and believe that you can change everything.”



301.8 Ivo: Thank you Ashtar for this brilliant idea and leadership.


“Ivo, publish in “Talks” everything that is important so that people would be able to purify themselves, tell them about meditation, they all will read it and then practise it. Be aware of the fact why you are here and what is your task and not only you. I think that also other radio stations should tell people about these contact, it would be more effective. The more the medias the more power. Best would be stations that transmit to the whole republic but it all dependes on you, on your attitude and on your will.”



301.9 Ivo: Should I send “Talks” again to politic leaders ?


“Nothing can be spoilt in this way, maybe just one of them will read it and will give it to other people. Until now it has already had some effect on some politicians. It depends on a particular person, some have bad conscience, some are ill and some are in a desperate situation. They will recall that they have read “Talks and they will find out that it was not such nonsence as they first thought. Those politicians who have already read it have got it in their subconscious.”



301.10 Ivo: And how about our president Havel ?


“Havel was influenced very much but it has become evident as some kind of illness. Now he has got everything in his hands. It depends on his behaviour. He is aware of what he has read. If he behaves in a positive way and if he thinks about himself a bit, his health condition will improve a lot. Moreover I am afraid to think about future events. Those politicians who are in high position are sources of coarse vibrations and twisted information. Well everything will be as they have chosen! But if they really want to change their life-style they must think about themselves and also other people. This was transmitted to you by me Ashtar.


We are glad that you have met. Everything is destined and planned. You will see each other often because it is destined. You have to share information and spread everything which is linked to us. Also you have to check each other’s information.”



301.11 Ivo: Three Americans who were in Sedmihorky in 17.1.1998 have got all the “Talks”, will we hear from them ?


“I cannot tell you now any information about these Americans, I have to contact somebody first. Yes, I have got it here; They spread right information, although they would work more quickly. They also have got the second part, they have got it all, but it dependes on them, whether they keep spreading this information. We are willing to help them but they must make a final resolution.


Moreover, dear Ivo, I would like to tell you something about this lotus, which you have already got for four days. We resolved that you can use it for 2 or 3 months. It means since 10.6.1998. and this is only the begining. We are glad that we can help you and we also help those who are not aware of it yet.”



301.12 Naïa: How about our lives together here on the Earth ?


“The most important connection were Naïa with Ivo in Egypt, then in Atlantis but there you were in the know of secret teachings and science. Everything you will be able to recall, everything is in your minds. You will know everything about your past. You know each other personally from Egypt. You saw each other very often through this science. You were sort of a big family, you helped each other very much but you had to hush because of some aspects. That made you be close to each other. Each of you had a different task and work but you managed to complete it reasonably good.


We are glad that you are sitting here together. Anything did not happen, as you know, by chance, these are consequences of the past.“



301.13 Ivo: Is it possible to tell the difference in % between this and last year according to a decrease of coarse vibrations in the Czech republic ?


“Yes, in the Czech republic there is a decrease of coarse vibration in 35 % and in the whole world it is 18 %. As a result of “Talks”, dear Ivo. It is spreading very quickly and this is good, although evil forces want to stop it. I think that their fear is now right.”



301.14 Ivo: Will evil forces draw lessons from this ?


“They are pushy, hard, violent and very agressive. Everytnig they send out comes back to them.


Some advice for all of you: Before making every contact, writen or telepathic, it is in need to imagine a golden ray of light in a shape of two cones and each in a different direction. These two cones will be coming out of his or her heart  and they will start rotating around each other and will create around a body a golden safety cover in a shape of an egg in the room and also in other rooms around this room and in this way this golden light will be spread in a circle of 1 km. This will be the way to return everything negative to the source in a multiplied amount.


The other important meditation for everyone who works with us. You will make it every day and in a way which is writen in our book: “Messengers of the dawn – it is a teaching of Pleiady people reported to inhabitants of the Earth”, by Barbara Marciniak on the page 111. See: the Light column!!!


Some canals will be open and you will be able to get to know all you need. Then it will depend on your resolution.


We, Ashtar, Ptaah and Anahata, are here in front of screens, everyone from planets of light and love. We love you, spread light and love. Love each other, listen to your inner voice and your intuition will lead you to a destined place. Everything will return, do not be afraid because we are always with you.



                  by Ashtar Sheran, Ptaah and also other beings.”


Now Ivo and we are saying goodbye to cosmic friends and we talk about what to do.



302. Answers for other questions. (Received by Naïa Bullová).

                                                                                           13.6.1998. 23:30-23:52.

                                                                                                             Place: Tøinec.

We are three, Ivo is asking questions, Naïa is receiving and writing them.



302.1 Ivo: When will we obtain Ptaah‘s photo ? You know that Miluška Drsková loves him very much.


Ashtar: “The portrait is being finished, it will not be from America, Ashtar – it was a special gift for patience.


Yes, mainly Miluška is in a better psychic condition, she should not take so many pills, which damage her insides. We are glad that she feels better, we believe that with help of doctors, her physical will and love she will get better so that she will be able to concentrate on tasks which are prepared for her.”


“Now Ptaah is joining. Thank you for the work which you do for people of the Czech Republic. I am glad that you work with such love and faith and that you do not want anything for it. Everything is a matter of time, will and patience. It will not take a long time and others will also go through all tests successfully and you will meet us in our spaceships and you will see galaxies and people, you will meet the Grand council in Petale, many of you will be asked to work on other important tasks, not only you Ivo, you will see your work will be awarded. We thought that at the first meeting 80 people would be present but after very demanding tests we reduced this number to 45 and maybe there will be another possibility. But the group of 45 people will be tested in a very special way. Also you will be there dear Ivo and Naïa and Mirek who we love very much, we enjoy his sense of humour. Anežka is not well – balanced presently but we believe that she will get better and she will be able to enter the first group. It depends how long time you will stay in the inner leadership and how you will solve appearing obstacles which will come. Believe us, you have got our support and also suppor of the only Creator and also of other Light forces. We believe that everything goes as it should, according to God’s rule, love.”


Now a medic operation on Ivo is being done, to connect him with lotus.


Now meditation follows.



303. Night awake.        (Received by Ludmila Š.).       14.6.1998.            00:45-01:25.

                                                                                                        Place: Olomouc.


I woke up and realized that I was talking to you Ivo (did I really sleep ?). Then I felt a sudden impulse to go for a sheet of paper I felt that it was important. Report‘s content is important. (With a pencil, sheet of paper, almost sleeping I was writing these words:)


“Please write this, it is important. I Orthon am here.


We have already heard this thought: wisdom and purity should unite … (1.6.98)


„Purity of mind, it means desire to unite with us in purity of heart and longing for everything to get better, it should unite with wisdom of knowledge and understanding teaching about everything, as a basic condition for real turning of people to Light, to their Creator.


The nature of a being must be willing to change, not only mere discipline, it is necessary to achieve the unity with us. You have seen many of those who are in the dark, they know nothing about Creation, about creation of the spirit, substance, rules which are valid for ever, which control the world and also us. They do not know the breath of my Spirit, who creates and calls back. Our friend, one of the most important spiritual teachers and beings of order, has already given a new teaching to you. And you are to look for it by your selves. Try to grasp the basics, then by your own change you will be moved to love and great respect for everything created, your steps will aim to us without being forced. Only real resonance of your soul can open the gate to us.


Superficial discipline is not enough! Future life and trials without this deeply processed experience would throw you back again.


Now you can see how important is to join your 2 streams of thinking (they are represented by you Ivo and by Liduška), they should be merged and felt so that a qualitatively better direction would come. Liduska guesses now what is her important task to do. She should be your support and she should direct you.


You attack human ignorance very strictly in an intelectual way, by intuitive deeper acknowledging of the Truth, by very female emotional vibrations, to take the best of your wisdom and to stop hurrying.


Yes, you have already known her for ages. That time you were appealed by magnificence of spirit, beauty of female majesty, you looked up to her and admired her. The old wish appeared from your subconscious and asked a question. This shocked her and she is still thinking about the meaning of it. Search your heart and conscience, seek the answers and the Truth.


At this moment Orthon is giving to you this message as an interpretor of higher orders where the secret is hidden and only love knows the entering code.”



304. Report 99.            (Received by Ivo Benda).                14.6.1998.    10:31-11:01.


The report follows the report from the only Creator R 41.


“Now me Ashtar, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron, am joining. Yes, you had a good sleep after important work yesterday, now you have got new knowledge and abilities installed to your smooth material bodies, in this way we will be able to solve new more demanding tasks that will come to you and you are looking forward to them very much. We will always support you and you dear Ivo do not be afraid of anything, everything goes as it should, under our control, everything is happening according to our dear Creator’s plans. You will get further concrete information and commands to be direct in the right way and to be able to complete your tasks effectively and smoothly.


This was transmitted to you with love by Ashtar, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron.”


                                                                       Thank you dear Ashtar. With love Ivo.


“And now I Ptaah, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron from Pleiades, am joining. Yes you can go on like this and work on changing the information field of coarse vibrations to love vibration field – smooth vibration energy, this way we will be able to connect the planet Earth with the whole Universe.


This is being transmitted to you with love by Ptaah and other brothers and sisters from spaceships of my squadron from Pleiades.”



“And now me Orthon, the spiritual guarantor of the Galaxy, am joining and this way I am greeting all of you together with the members of the Grand council. We all support you and bless you to complete all future tasks as you have done by now. If it is done in an unexpected and a strict way as you dear Ivo did, everything will be speeded up and stronger and consequently there will be less suffering on the Earth than it would happen in a slowlier and less penetrative way.


This was transmitted to you by me Orthon, the spiritual commander of this Galaxy.”



304.1 Mirek:Who is Malchmot, please?


“Yes, dear Mirek, Malchmot is a creature who is taking part here, too. But not under our control, it is an entity completing its tasks here with certain images concerning the entering New age. Yes, it is possible to get in touch, but for our progress choose our leadership as “Talks” say, because this structure of control and leadership is united and controls activities right under our beloved Creator. We have a certain privilege to complete certain tasks, it is clear that other entities which are not destined in this way are also taking part. According to their best images they will provide this support when entering the Age of Aquarius.


It was transmitted to you by me Ashtar, dear Ivo, and Orthon continues.”



304.2 Mirek: my MDB?


“Dear Mirek you will be told the name at the right time, as soon as you will be taken into other activities, be patient, after having read “Talks” a lot of people are interested in their MBD, but they even have not started communication or working harder yet. It was transmitted to you by Ashtar.”


304.3 Naïa: my MDB?


“Dear Naïenka, your MBD’s name is Archel, and everything will be told you, too. You can see that dear Ivo knows only 2 names, my and Orthon’s, and it corresponds with his work. Yes, Ivo has his MDB in me and Orthon. You will get to know other names, you are pretty curious, you need patience. I love you and we are still working on your being better and better, and what you can improve yourself right now is that you should do something about this smoking. It depends only on your will, everyone who tries like this, has also a more serious problem to solve, maybe a different one, so do not think that you are the only one who tries. Even Ivo had to fight some of his shortcomings over, and I can tell you that successfully thanks to his big desire to help people, so he saw to the problem in this consequences, in other words, all of us are parts of one unity, and we influence this unity by all deeds. Every action has its own importance, nothing is useless or irrelevant, everything influences in the Universe consequently, and Ivo knows it rightly. If he had not work on himself so much, which means many years ago, he could not have realized the tasks which we can consider completed or nearly completed. So you can see dear Nadenka  how everything connects and has its own consequence.”



304.4 Naïa: Is it not too late?


“No, it is not too late, you can always work on yourself harder, Ivo started it also in July last year, but he knew sooner thanks to his selfstudying, reading different sorts of literature, how important is proper lifestyle, e.g. he walked in Jeseniky mountains for 5 years and he was really interested in nature and society in this region of the Czech Republic. You can see that it is not a question of conscious spiritual work but of general keeping Cosmic rules. Ivo could also smoke or do other worse things but he avoided them.


This was transmitted to you with love by me Ashtar.”


Thank you Ashtar.



305. Report.        (Received by Nada Bullova).                   16.6.1998.    21:21 – 21:44.

                                                                                                           Place: Ostrava.


The report follows the report of the only Creator R 42.


“Now your Ashtar Sheran, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron, am joining. I am so happy that I can join and now I can tell you how pleased we are, here in squadrons, by you and others. Also Ivo Benda, our dear one, appreciates and respects you a lot, as well as you appreciate him, and it is how it should be. To stand by each other and help each other this way as you do and many others intend to do the same. Do not be afraid that you do not do very much, it is not true. We all know about it and nothing will be forgotten, everything will be appreciated. That is me Ashtar Sheran who is controling your hand, you know, and you can feel me by your heart, I am with you and I am sending you streams of love and my support. You know my daughter and everyone’s sister we all love you and we are looking forward to the results of your tests and not only yours our dear, beloved by everyone here. We are your fans because of your behaviour, you are changing for the better and working on yourself. How much light you send to people!


Also other work you are doing we can see, do not think that we cannot, what you are doing is a good deal. And you like your work and you are doing your best, that is right, to work for our Creator and for everyone’s good and you want nothing in return our dear, this is the real treasure which you give from your heart and you do. And how well.”



“And now me Anahata am joining, it certainly was our dear brother and the commander of this beautiful squadron, working with love for our Creator, who led your hand.


I Anahata would like to greet you and also others who are in this beautiful ship, presently from the station Share. We all here love you and we wait with love for results of those tests. First Creator has to approve of them and then we will decide. I and also others send you streams of love and light vibrations to be with you and around you.”



“Now I Ptaah am leading your hand and I am greeting you after a long time. Ashar is not here now, he sends you streams of love and also he waits and looks forward to next contacts with you. Now I can see that you are a bit tired, we are all saying goodbye to you, everyone who is watching you on screens. They wave you goodbye the same way as you do. Also they are sending streams of love to you and support.


We all look forward to a meeting at our place, which will be soon. Believe in it, our dear. This was transmitted to you with love by Ptaah and now biologist- medic Jamahama is joining. Your honey, as you call me. We all look forward with love to next contacts with you.”


I am saying goodbye to you, my dear cosmic friends, my brothers and sisters. I love you sincerely and deeply. I am sending streams of love to all of you and I would like to thank you for your support.


With love and humility I thank Creator, to you my dear, I love you very much for all these contacts and connections and for this beautiful “light” family. Thank you Father.

                                                                                               Naïa, Your beloved kid.



306. Dissatisfaction.      (Receivede by Ludmila Š.).    18.6.1998.             11:45-12:00.

                                                                                                        Place: Olomouc.


My dear Creator, friends, I am not satisfied with me and it takes already a few days. These are days of unease, mental block, apathy together with physical tiredness, I often feel sleepy and I regret all this wasted time without any useful action. Friends from cosmic brotherhood, please explain it to me, tell me the reason why ?


“There are sunny days, sleet on weekdays, some days are active, some are passive. It depends on the stars, they can influence your mood. After days of much experience, came queit time of processing the information. Also your friends who got much information from you, need time to process it and then put it in their minds – next steps will follow soon.


You compensate your unease in the wrong way. It means that it overstrains your body and it is then impossible for it to deal with unbalanced vibrations. You do not love your body enough, learn how to control lower instincts, fasting will purify your body, strong will will strengthen you, your spirit will lead you and will overcome traps of physical instincts (overeating late at night). It will be your own victory, you will win over yourself. You will have just spiritual wisdom, which will shine and will lead your steps to higher sphers.


Fill yourself with light,

control your mind,

your imagination aim at beauty, love, God’s health.

                                                                                A friend.”



307. Report 100.         (Received by Ivo Benda).                 19.6.1998.    15:19-15:28.

                                                                             Place: The train Kolín – Pardubice.


This report follows the report made by the only Creator R 43.


“Now I Ashtar Sheran am joining, dear Ivo. I have got news for you.


The number of readers in the world has reached 300 millions. Here in the Czech Republic it is the number 3.720.000. The number of people who are in touch with us in the Czech Republic is 265.000 and also this number is still growing and we are all happy about it. We always love you, dear Ivo, and we send you streams of love that is why keep on trying so that everything will be better and better.


The state of coarse vibrations is now better than the last year in june. This is a result of these “Talks” and mainly of your hard work. On the whole planet Earth we can see reduction in coarse vibrations by 18.5 % and in the Czech Republic by 35 %, which clearly shows the source of these “Talks”. We look forward to the moment when it reaches the number under 50 and then 30 %. Then it will be all different, you will see. We know it from other planets, which also went through this change.


This was transmitted to you with love by Ashtar, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron.”


“Now I Ptaah, the commander of Cosmic squadron from Pleiades, am joining.


Well, we are also sending streams of love to you, dear Ivo, and we believe that everything is going to change soon, mainly the level of coarse vibrations. This is being transmitted to you by Ptaah and also by other members of my squadron from Pleiades who love you.”


Thank you dear Cosmic friends, I love you and I will keep working to save the planet Earth.

                                                                   With love Ivo.



308. Question refering to meat.  (Received by Ludmila Š.). 20.6.1998.    20:38-20:56.

                                                                                                        Place: Olomouc.


I do not agree with information that with loving attitude and in a limited amount, also more inteligent beings can eat “uninteligent“ beings such as animals. It does not make sense to me, my Lord, and it destroys my image about purity of more inteligent beings with love for everything which was created !


Please, connect me with my adviser and friend Orthon. My friend, excuse me that I disturb you but I would like you to explain this problem to me.


“There are certain levels of evolution, according to quality of Spirit and also quality of body. If is a body built up of coarse vibration material, it needs for its feeding certain building substances, which are included in animal meat. We can make these substances in an artificial way, such as cloning of cell tissue etc. That is why we do not need to kill and destroy Souls ! It would be against the rules of Creation and violent and unforgettable misdemeanour with certain concequences. It is only a misunderstood report. Beings more spiritualy developed can receive energy right from the source, they do not need any digestive system to receive food. There are many beings in the Universe who are different from everything you know now. The appearance is not as important as spiritual development. This only shows the vibration frequency of body, to range among higher or lower order.


Today we explained to you the function of a connecting link called an animal man. With his crossbreeding and manipulations with his genes was achieved to “cultivate” inferior beings, with a limited brain, used for manual work. Evolution made from them you, present earthly people.”


Question in my mind: 1.2, or 12 helices of DNA ?


“Is there anyone at your place who usualy looks into this matter ? Are scientists aware of the number of Dalajlama’s helices ? How many of them had Jesus ? How many of them have got an informed person who is not in the limelight. ?


From a scientific point of view it is a stupid notion, as also about anything else. Is it enough to explain it like this ?”


Thank you Orthon. Are you really here ?


“Yes, it is me your friend, adviser, guider on the way to us.

                                                                                               Me. Orthon”.



309. Report.             (Received by Naïa Bullová).              22.6.1998.     21:03-22:10.

                                                                                                            Place: Tøinec.


“Yes, our dear the contact is connected, it is me Ptaah and also me Ashtar Sheran, me Anahata, Orthon and also other.


You have chosen a suitable time for your contact with us, although this evening time is not good everytime, when there are more people who want to contact us, but not today. We are here in a great number and also others who are happy that we can see each other from Ashtar’s squadron and who are happy, together with you, about this contact. Keep on writing because soon it will be a personal contact with you, our dear, and not only with you.”


“Now I Ashtar Sheran am leading your hand, you know about it and you feel it as such pleasure in your heart. We know everything about you and about you all, what you do and what you think. I know my dear that you were sad when you were reading contacts of Olomouc group. There was nothing linked with you and Kolín from this Ivo’s lecture. It does not matter because everything you make according to your feelings, you express love and other feelings, everything in a different way.


That light and energy you have seen now (in 21:01), is apart from other things a reflection of a “light shield”, which you have created around you and you are completely covered and surrounded with it. This glare and warmth and all the vibrations you feel now is also caused by the fact that this light and streams of love you send out to other people and to Creator of everything and everyone, who we and you work for with love. He also knows about it, my and our dear, our sister, my and also Creator’s daughter. This light and love you spread our dear, loved by all here, this is with help of our ships and stimulation of other energy and beings who work for your and our Creator spread and transformed to places where it is most needed and you feel it right that it is true and it will go on in this way.”


“Now I Anahata am joining and greeting you and I am also sending streams of love to you from our place. You are the light in our eyes. You work with love and other join you and we appreciate it very much. Do not be afraid, everything will be understood, also those ones who cudgel their brains over it and those who do not want to take it as read, in these difficult and important times full of obstacles, will finaly grasp it and you, and not only you, are the one who gave them all your helping hand. That is enough, then it will depend on them. It is their freewill, what they do and think, although some of them think about you, who spread light, not in a pleasant way. They do what they can do, they are becoming aware of it but who is not aware of it is not excused, it is a matter of time when they will understand that it is in need to look into their hearts and not only control everything with their brains, only to see advantages for themselves. You already know about it and also other people who work for all people and the planet Earth.”



“We are happy that we have got you and also others. There are thousands similar to you who carry frequency of love and light. Everything which happens in these days and in these moments is according to plan of our Creator who we have to work for without any difference, position, colour of skin, nationality and religion etc. We are all devoted to him, with love and gratitude. Other will grasp it soon or later that it is necessary development, these changes of evolution of people. Arrival of the New age is coming closer with every minute. People wake up, open your eyes, open your hearts and listen because there is not enough time. People wake up and do not waste any day, any moment. I know my dear, it is not easy for you to write this painful report. I Ashtar Sheran, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron (high spiritual being), am still leading your hand.”



“Now I Orthon, the spiritual guarantor of the Galaxy, am joining. I am so happy that I will wait until you prepare another sheet of paper, I am happy that I am able to join with my message. I Orthon am leading your hand now, I know what you are thinking about, you know how I look like, yes my face is like Jesus’s. It is because he is a “print “ of my incarnation in a spiritual smooth – material body. You are sensitive and your intuition leads you and not only this. You will see all what you should see and also you will understand more and more. We have finished work on the sixth helix and we work on the seventh that is why you have increased your vibrations and you are also able to percieve more, the treating abilities and energy you send out have multiplied. You let yourself to be led by your intuition because you can calm down and then listen to your heart carefully. Also other things will change in your life and also in lives of other people, it does not matter who they are or where they are. And when these changes come they will really be great but well – deserved, everything will happen according to Creator’s plan and order because everyone has to keep Cosmic rules. It already happens in this way and these are not just people’s diseases, which are caused by themselves, the way they think and the way they do things in every day life. It will be more recalled and more multiplied, good things but also those, which you dot not like to write. But write them ! Because everything is needed to be reported, although for many of you it will not be pleasant. You know that we mean it well, so that people will not say that nobody told them about it !


I Orthon am still here and I am leading your hand. This is my message and everything will be transmitted with love until the last moment comes.”



“We are always awake and we are ready in our spaceships in the state of preparedness. We all work on a particular task, each squadron have mapped all the sectors and is always aware of the state of vibrations and also takes notes of them. EVERYTHING IS READY and with love we call to you. People wake up, open your hearts, open your old eyes and remember who you are ! Remember that you are light, goodness and love. We were all given so much grace. We love our Creator of everything and everyone very much, the only Creator. Because he is our faith, our hope, our Light, Love, and everything anyway. He pains us so much that we do not want him to watch all this what happens and which makes him so sad. Do not cry darling, everything will be alright and this is the way, it is and will be.

This was transmitted to you with love by Orthon, your friend and loving brother. Now you know it, these are vibrations and streams of my love, which I am sending you now and also always, for everything that you do, not only for people, but also you send out streams of love to all beings. If they want or not to receive it, it is not your matter. I am glad that I have been able, my dear,to transmit this message to all people. Be aware of the fact that it is not the last one because it is never too late, hope is always here and also as other aspects of life is eternal.


This was transmitted to you by Orthon, the spiritual guarantor of the Galaxy, and I have also led your hand. I am saying goodbye to you for now. Ashtar is not here now. He is sending streams of love to you and support for you and your work for people  and for everything that you do there on the Earth. We know that you love everything and everyone.”



“Now I Ptaah am leading your hand also transmitting this. Everyone here and not only here, is saying goodbye to you. Everyone from Pleiades, star cumulous, constellations and galaxies. They are all sending streams of love and support to you and ALSO TO YOU, DEAR PEOLPE. This contact is nearly finished, we look forward to other ones.


I have got another message for you, I will tell you about it quickly. We thank you, you deserve Creator’s blessing through Auter who works for Him, for us and for you. We are sending streams of love to you, for that lecture, which you organized in Liberec. It was wonderful, you made it very well and changed greatly vibrations of a hundred people and not only them, who took part in there. You did not expected that there will be so many of them.”


(Now was contact finished, Ivo Benda phoned me about next lectures but it does not matter, there will be plenty of other contacts – Naïa‘s comment.)


I thank you with love all who, and not only you, led me during this contact. I am sending streams of love and light.                Naïa.



310. Report 101.                (Received by Ivo Benda).              23.6.1998.    7:00-7:26.

                                                                                               Place: Mladá Boleslav.


This report follows the report made by the only Creator R 44.


“Now I Ashtar, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron, am joining.


I am also greeting you dear Ivo, everything goes as it should, everything depends on our dear Creator who controls and creates everything. You are happy about these results. Yes, the number of readers of “Talks” in the world is 375 millions, the number of people who are in touch with us in the Czech Republic is 320 000, both these numbers are still growing. You are surely very happy about it, keep on working to make people be better and better.


I have got another report for you, that information is now being studied by a variety of international scientific organizations and it makes them worry a lot because they are influenced by earthly material science that is why it is difficult for them to take it as read, because it would mean to change their opinions about things, which are becoming more and more real for their way of percieving and understanding. They will keep thinking about it and also about other changes of their science, which is aimed so materially. This is hard information which is damaging their science, which has been also controlled by evil forces so that it could not progress in any spiritual way.


This was transmitted to you, dear Ivo, by me Ashtar, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron.


You have got a question about a Mrs È.V., why she cannot communicate, she has got blocks, which make it difficult for her to receive any information. It is in need to dispose of these blocks. The best way is to receive love of other being and then she can start giving this love to other being, because it is a rule that love is the strongest expression of our Creator’s love and it is as powerful as nothing else.


You are asking about Mr R., about his device. Yes, it is a progressive method of teaching, we have got similar devices but they are better. Tell him to continue but he should also aim at spreading of spiritual knowledge, this information about us and our Creator, Cosmic rules and these “Talks” anyway. Because they are very effective and get into minds of peolpe from the whole planet Earth.


That is all from me for now, dear Ivo, the computer and the table is on the way to you, so that it will be more comfortable for you to work than until now.




“Now I Ptaah, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron from Pleiades, am joining.


Yes, I love you and I support you. We are still flying in our ships. Yes, these are really good results of your work. In Šumperk in this tea room there was wonderful atmosphere, we were there too and now there will be a lot of people interested in this matter. The civic center (in Mladá Boleslav) is also a suitable place for spreading this information. Well, everything is as it should be.


Now you are looking forward to “Èerná Voda” in Jeseniky district, yes, there will be perfect environment, with minimum of coarse vibrations, it is as it should be and moreover it has got a good preparation. I will be there with our ships and you will see something which you have not seen yet. I am very happy with results of our cooperation and also with your work, which you do for people of the Czech Republic and the whole Earth.


This was transmitted to you with love by me Ptaah, the commander of the cosmic squadron from Pleiades.”



“Now I Orthon, the spiritual guarantor of the Galaxy, am joining.


The Grand council admire you very much dear Ivo. They admire that you managed to do this “surgery of the planet Earth”, the result is that the field of coarse vibrations has started to change greatly. Well, the truth is that the only problem remains in Asia and its nuclear explosions but the level of coarse vibrations of the whole Europe and America is changing (their decrease – addaptor‘s comment). “Talks” spread in countries with Roman letters, as you managed to recognize, countries with different handwriting are delayed but it will soon get better, that is the way it is and the way it will be, dear Ivo, because everything is as it should be. Now you also know why you have got such a easy name, yes it is easy to read and this was all given by our beloved Creator.


This was transmitted to you with love by Orthon, the spiritual guarantor of the Galaxy.”



Now there is a critical situation, the planet Earth is threat with catastrophy. Evacuation squadrons of Karne and Isaak are making operations before possible evacuation. It was made sure again, by many people who are in touch with Light forces, whether this is true or not. A few moments before a possible evacuation would Cosmic people interfere in the media to let people know the true situation on the planet Earth, and also to make people stay calm and relaxed, so that it would be possible to save maximum of people in their present bodies. An aproximate amount is 1/5 of people, they would be taken from large places, parks, squares etc. Those who will stay at home would be saved by remote controlled ships in a shape of a ball.


Critical situation was ward off on friday 3.7.1998, as a result of trying and sending out the energy of love by many earthly people, who were in touch with cosmic people, together with Cosmic friends and granting of our prayers by our beloved Creator. This energy of love was sent to places in the world which were in war at that time. As it was later made sure, by people who are in touch with cosmic people, the crisis was caused by evil forces and nuclear tests on the day of the aniversary of burning Master Jan Hus to death 6.7.1415. That day the church burnt to death the priest whose teaching was the basic reform, to humanize the church. The church also as other religions used to be always a tool of evil forces, so called “saurians” and other entities.




            (Received by Jiøí L., also made sure by many informed people).         23.6.1998.


                                                                                                           Place: Ostrava.


“The situation is serious, there is lack of time, you do not have many chances. We are trying to get connected to your technology, first tests are being done. We will have to inform your people through the media. We have been waiting to decide this and now we have finaly decided because the situation is unbearable. It is  interference but we have got Creator’s permission, we want to save as many people as possible, those ones who will change at the last moment. There is not enough  time, warn your family, friends and others, there is no time for hesitating, time runs quickly. We are getting ready for evecuation, everything is prepared and planned, until the last second comes. Possibility to prevent this catastrophy is very improbable. We do not lose hope, as you say. Warn people, tell them what they should do. This would save more people. Be awake, soon there will be appeal and you will have to react quickly. Take just your clothes, nothing else. If you want to save your possesion you will die. There will really be the lack of time. Inform your group and other people who are in touch with us. We count on you, live in love, this was transmitted to you by ASHTAR SHERAN and ISAAK.”


Until the last moment comes, send out, to the Earth, positive thoughts and energy!!!


Once a day create a safety shield, made of light-love, and then spread it 1 km around !!!

                                                                                                Ivo Benda.


312. SOME OF LARGE EVACUATION SHIPS (Information adapted Ivo Benda together with informed people).


They are large cosmic spaceships in a shape of disc, some kilometres in diameter (mostly 6-8 km). In these ships would be saved 1/5 of people if a possible catastrophy comes (in Prague would be saved less than 1/5 of people – we regret to report this).


Town:                                 Name of evacuation ship:       Comments:

PRAGUE                                    TOBISH                       The diameter of the ship 12 km.

                                                                                   Crew, 2,500 of cosmic people,

                                                                                   the same amount of androids.

BRNO                                        ASEKA

OSTRAVA                                   ERRA

PLZEÒ                                       ESOTA

OLOMOUC                                SEKANE

HRADEC KRÁLOVÉ                     DAVID

PARDUBICE                               IONA                             The diameter 18 km.

ZLÍN                                          DAVID

LIBEREC                                    SAHANE

MLADÁ BOLESLAV                      IONA                            The diameter 18 km.

ŠUMPERK                                  PALA

VSETÍN                                      ARES


Every house on the planet Earth has got some sort of this security as an evecuation ship. These evacuation ships are situated in the height from 8.600 km to 50.000 km above the Earth.


These large evacuation ships have got thousands of small ships with 1-2 members of a crew, which every day take the measurements of samples of energy and clay right from the earthly ground. No one can sees them, because they do not want to make a confusion.

                                       Mladá Boleslav, 1.7.1998.                        Ivo Benda.



313. Pleasure for my friend.     (Received Ludmila Š.).        25.6.1998.     22:00-22:17.

                                                                                                        Place: Olomouc.


I want to make you happy my dear friend, with beautiful words and while praying I am asking  for help.


This text follows:


“You beautiful human being. You have already grasped that only love can bring you happiness. Thank you that you open your heart to all my miracles, which I have offered you in the name of creating. Everything is at your disposal. You can find me in everything because I am everything. I am a thought which puts everything in order, I am power that keeps and tells everyone the direction, I am Light which can make, in thicken substance, material things and everything that exists. You can see me everywhere and you can talk to me in every moment. I know the voice of your heart, I know your trouble and desire, I know your destiny, I know when your heart comes close to me and when it is wheedled to go different direction. If you find me once and you will feel me in your heart in that magic moment of awake, you will never forget me then. You will know, believe and love more and more. But you must try to find way yourself, look for it, get to know it, think it over but mainly – through knowledge come to perfection here on the Earth, as much as it is possible.


Much power, humility, patience and love wish you your Source, you are part of it without knowing about it.


There is a right time for everything, you will also once move to more developed worlds with higher consciousness, and you will get to know me more. You are light which shines, together with other, into the air and purifies and negotiates evil around you.


I bless you and I wait for you, with desire, to help you as also many other brothers.”



314. Report.          (Received by Anežka).                        25.6.1998.       22:23-23:30.

                                                                                                          Place: Náchod.


“Wait a minute till tea, cooked with gas, is prepared. To concentrate properly you need a quiet mind and your consciousness illuminated with love. Wait and relax. You are love and become certainty together with it – do a picture.


     Our darling,


there is no reason for you to worry in your mind about a coming disaster. The world is destroyed and built up every minute. It depends on you people, on your thoughts and on the way of your thinking.


You are asking whether it is a practise for future events ? Also this is possible. There are people who are examined, to find out what they will do in a certain situation, what they are like, how they react.


Let your heart to tell you the way, it will lead you and tell you what to do. (In my heart I feel peace and certainty of calmness.). If you feel calmness inside of it, then stay quiet and send out your sincere and loving thoughts to your dears and tell them, in this way, what they should do. Everyone will be warned if there is a need. Peaceful mind, open mind and heart will solve more than speeded up conclusion.”


Should I ask Ashtar ?


“Our darling, your question is sort of when a child is asking its parents. Do it yourself and you will see what it will bring about, when regarding this matter. Ask me.”



     “Our dear Anežka,


I Ashtar, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron, am here.


I feel your senses, they are the oposite of what Ivo is going through right now (I was working hard on informing people – phones, checking some information refering to evacuation in cooperation with Cosmic people and other people, who are in touch with them, all over the whole republic – adaptor‘s comment). You are filled with feeling of certainty of calmness. You will see it all, everything will be alright. You think, maybe they are in a different time, they see different moment of the history of the planet Earth, maybe it is a simple practise or it is an examination of people who are being prepared for their mission.


Remains the question, what the truth is. Are you willing to receive another report in this situation and will something happen ?


You are quiet person, you are hardly ever nervous. (Which has happened now). A thought is creative, do you remember ?  Yes. To create something new, what should happen ? Old and not working things should “extinct“. Yes, that is right.


Ashtar, I have such a feeling that it is to happen only in minds of some people. The end of images, when a man finds out that everything is an illusion. I feel that it has something to do with heart. What will you say about it Ashtar ?


Your faith heart is very strong. You do not want to accept anything immediately, you have to, you need to recognize it yourself with your heart. Well, listen.


Your hearts need to be purified and disposed of everything which should not be there. You must do it yourself, we can help you in a way of sending streams of love. When will this happen ? When the dark cloud of your negative thoughts will come, you will feel its weight. Will it influence also the planet Earth ? Of course. Will there be destroyed buildings, broken ground, earthquakes ? Our darling, do you really know that there is salvation before the purification of the Earth ? This knows only Creator. Why should he give permission to destruction when he still creates and will create ? Even though inside of old things there is born something new and it grows itself ? What will happen is help. Help to whom ? To all people from the Earth. And where there is the cerainty that it is right for people ? God knows what he does, let Him to take care of it. Even if he is in a role of observer ? Be Creator‘s will.


Everything what is writen here on this paper has been given to you through your heart. What is writen here is also in your heart. This all happens to help you to open your heart.

Is it possible to meet you also after this awareness of this knowledge ?


Yes, it is. When you stop searching and longing then it will happen.


                                                                                 With love Ashtar, Ptaah, Anaha.“



315. Report 102.            (Received by Ivo Benda).             26.6.1998.     14:40-14:48.

                                                                                               Place: Mladá Boleslav.


     “Dear Ivo,


I Ashtar am talking to you. Now I have got this news for you:


When you will arrive at the Castle, go to president’s office and tell people there that you urgently need to talk to president Havel, about a critical situation here on the planet Earth. It is prepared, you will see, he will meet your requirement and then you will go to Lány where you will meet him. You first inform him about a present situation and about us, Cosmic people. Then you will offer him a straight transmission by Ashtar Sheran and we will describe to him the arrangement of evacuation spaceships. Then you will ask him to ask some questions and I will answer them. Then let us be alone. I can see that you are willing to do maximum for it. Young people are not ready for this task (as I have already known – adaptor‘s comment). It is your task dear Ivo, I love you very much and we are all awake and getting ready for the coming evacuation. We are ready and all of you are under our control. We want to rescue maximum of people, at best ward off the catastrophy but it is improbable.


This was transmitted to you with love by Ashtar, Ptaah joined me and also other members of our squadron. Be awake, we are always with you.“



316. Report.              (Received by René).                     28.6.1998.         12:20-12:30.

                                                                                                    Place: Èerná Voda.


This report follows the report made by our Creator R 45.


“We, Cosmic people and beings from higher spiritual dimensions, would also like to join this. We ask people, to refrain from evil, negative thoughts and sending out of coarse impulses which are sources of evil forces. Avoid shouting, coarse vibrations, and also your politics. Calm down inside yourselves and send out only impulses of love, happiness, joy and inner peace.


This was transmitted to you by Rene – Karne, Ashtar and other Cosmic people.”



“Tell everyone that I wish it too, Spirit – Father – your Almighty Creator.”



317. Report.              (Received by René).                        28.6.1998.      12:35-12:49.

                                                                                                    Place: Èerná Voda.


On 27.6.1998 gathered 100 people in Èerná Voda (Jeseník district) and they were waiting for contact with Cosmic people. In the evening after a lecture gathered more than 50 people outside a fireplace, its position had been chosen as place for contact. They observed lights of cosmic ships, apart from other things.


“What we saw on 27.6.1998 was very pleasant and beautiful. It was such a beautiful surprise which you prepared for us. It was very nice but those jokes should have not been there. I know that you warned them, next time it will certainly be better. We love you very much for it, please tell everyone that we love you from the bottom of our hearts. You know that it is true. Those tests are still being analysed, you know that you succeeded. We will keep testing you so that everything is as it should be. I have to tell you that there in Èerná Voda happen really interesting things. It was wonderful when you were smiling at each other. We are glad that our ships filled your hearts with joy. We love you very much for these things that you do. We bless you, please open your hearts so that, with our help, you will save as many people as possible. We are glad when people are interested in us. We were really surprised that Saturday.


Cosmic people, Ashtar.“



318. 1. Report in life.         (Received by Jarmila S.).           28.6.1998.     14:20-14:26.

                                                                                                   Place: Lipová Láznì.


Atari, the commander of cosmic ship from Orion is greeting you.


We send our greetings, we are with them, we love them and we want to help them. It is needed to be open to all impulses which come and it is also needed to perceive them!


We give you our love and trust and we hope that you will complete your task on the Earth. It is difficult task but you will manage to complete it. You have got our support. You are more and more illuminated with light and more and more people are taken by you into this light. You can help them because for them you are light in the dark. We love you. Believe that what has happened to you is right and keep going on in this way.


Atari, your friend for hardest times, is greeting you.”



319. Request for the planet Earth.    (Received by René).  28.6.1998.     22:30-22:35.

                                                                                                    Place: Èerná Voda.


This report follows the report of the planet Earth Z 46.


“We, Cosmic people, also ask. We who respect love in heart. Stop wars, stop nuclear tests, stop polution and destroying of natural wealth, stop suffering of others, stop gathering of fortune – STOP YOURSELVES. Please, open your heart to love ! Help your beautiful planet Earth, which suffers very much. At this moment it depends mainly on you, on your freewill and on your pure heart. But the retaliation, for those who destroy the Earth, is coming. They will learn that it is not right to do this. We maintain that death is not the end and that everything will be paied back sooner or later.


This was transmitted to you, dear Rene, by Cosmic people who are near your beautiful planet Earth.”



320. Report 103.        (Ivo Benda).                                     29.6.1998.   15:10-15:30.

                                                                                               Place: Mladá Boleslav.


        Proclamation to Mr president Václav Havel, sent afterwards by fax. (2 pages.)


Dear Mr President of the Czech Republic

Václac Havel

The president‘s office

Prague Castle


Czech Republic


     Dear Mr President,


On behalf of our Creator I would like to ask you to enable me to visit you as soon as possible, in the matter of coming catastrophy and evacuation of people of the planet Earth. We would like to provide you mutual communication with Cosmic people, who guard the planet Earth and love us very much. This is the most effective way to prevent this catastrophy - with help of Cosmic people and our beloved Creator.


Now report for you by Ashtar Sheran, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron, whose photo I gave you in Lány on friday 26.6.1998.




     “Dear friends,


we love you and we have got something to tell you. We are with you and it would be help for you if we could talk to you through the media. In this way we tell you that you are responsible for the future of the planet Earth. We are ready for the conversation right with  president of this republic. And also through the media with all people.


This was transmitted to you by me Ashtar Sheran, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron and the guard of the reincarnation of our rule on the planet Earth.



In this way I ask you to enable us to visit You, we are looking forward to this visit very much, me Ing. Ivo Benda, J.B. and N.B.

               Thank you for understanding, with love


                                                                             Ing. Ivo Benda.


Mladá Boleslav 29.6.1998.




321.  Report 104.      (Received by Ivo Benda).                       30.6.1998.      21:40-21:55.

                                                                                                           Place: Mladá Boleslav.


     “Dear Ivo,


Yes, it is me Ashtar, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron.


Yes, the situation is critical, you are also worried, everything is under our control, now we practise evacuation plans, evacuation ships are arriving closer to the Earth. Yes, Mr. Havel went asleep and he has full mind of thoughts how to solve this problem. We are really interested in the way of informing people through him, otherwise we will have to use the second possibility – the interference in the media.


Yes, we are always with you dear Ivo, we all love you and we send you streams of love. Our dear Creator watches people with tears in His eyes, He has strong desire, people turned to Him and understood that everything is different.


We love you very much dear Ivo, you cannot imagine how strong our love is , we look forward to the moment when we will see each other and we will have a chat toghether. You wish to see us, yes, it is going to be soon.


This was transmitted to you with love by Ashtar Sheran, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron.”


“Now I Ptaah am joining. I am also sending you streams of love dear Ivo, what you have achieved is surprising and great, we admire this very much and we are all happy that our personal meeting will be soon. Yes, it is given that you will meet us often so that we could cooperate in future. You wish it very much, yes, it will be so, it will be soon, you will see it.


This was transmitted to you by Ptaah, the commander of the Cosmic squadron from Pleiades, and also by other sisters and brothers.”



“Now I Orthon am adding. Yes, dear Ivo, also we, from the Grand council in Petale, are greeting you and sending you streams of love and this in such way that you are able to feel it. It has to make you strong and full of energy. Well, we would like to meet you, we love you very much and we wish all events would go in a positive way, but the situation is too serious.


This is dear Ivo all for now, with love Orthon, the spiritual guarantor of the Galaxy.”


Thank you dear friends, I will keep working for our Creator, because this was a task which I chosed before this incarnation.

                                                                               With love Ivo.



322.  Report.           (Received by René).                                 1.7.1998.       13:25-13:28.

                                                                                                               Place: Èerná Voda.


“Here is Orthon, the spiritual guarantor of the Galaxy.


It is true, the situation is serious. Do not go to any places of conacts. Mainly in the evening and at night, only if we tell you so. It is dangerous for you, it is serious.


Rene tell everyone that this was transmitted to you by me Orthon - the spiritual guarantor of the Galaxy.”



“Rene, here is your old friend Ashtar.


There is a cruel fight in the Universe. The fight about the Earth. The Darkness want to destroy it but do not fear, we love you very much. Make sure, whether everything you write is true or not.


Everything we do, we do according to God’s will. Creator supports us and we carry his name in our hearts. It is necessary you protected yourselves with pure heart, otherwise you are threat with great danger. Please meditate tonight. It is needed, it is important. Get used to doing it every day, if it is possible. We like you and we are going to fight for you. We love you. Rene, please tell this to everyone that it is important to have an open heart. Warn your friends that evil forces want to get them. They should not receive negative thoughts from their surrounding. They should switch off progammes with destructive behaviour and thinking. Save your children. Those negative things and thouhgts influence you a lot, my beloved people. We love you. We respect you for these things which you want to complete and because you want to help us. Please, be aware of the fact that the situation is serious and critical. We do not want to scare you, we just want to tell you what you should do.


Rene, thank you for receiving this information, give it please to everyone, it is important.

                                                               Ashtar, Ptaah and other Cosmic people.”



323.  Report.            (Received by Jarmila S.).                       1.7.1998.     17:20-17:24.

                                                                                                            Place: Lipová – Láznì.


“I Atari your friend am greeting you and I am sending you and your close friends greetings of love. The situation is critical but it is not so bad. It is needed to send love to the Earth and to all beings who live there. Love is powerful and it can prevent becoming danger. It is your desire, try to fulfil it. Your thoughts are pure.


Evil forces are stirred up but you can stop them with love and in this way to take power away from them. It is needed to spread the light gate with positive thoughts. It depends on you !

                                                                            Bye Atari.”



324.  Course of possible evacuation.   (Received by Blanka B.).   2.7.1998.   00:03-00:10.

                                                                                                        Place: Rokycany.


“We will help you to take off, it is dangerous also for us, people must be devoted, they must not fear, otherwise they would put down guider and they would die both because guider should take with him other and other.”


Is it possible to return ?


“Yes, it is possible to return and tell people about it and help them to see the truth. Without any scream, emotions and interference, just with love and goodness.”



325.  Report.                 (Received by Jarmila S.).                 2.7.1998.         21:40-22:45.

                                                                                                             Place: Lipová– Láznì.


Ashtar, the commander of light squadron, is reporting to you.


You are the one who speaks our words to people who want to hear. We are transmitting an urgent message to you with a request for help to the Earth and to beings who live there. Speak to your hearts, open them so that more love and understanding for other can enter them. Mother Earth is stirred up and it is necessary to think of her in a positive way and send her vibrations of love. It depends on you whether the Earth will be saved or not !


Light squadrons around you are willing to help you anytime, if it is needed. If you can spread this message to other and let people get to know it.


The Earth needs the same help as you people. We help you but you must be more keen on it. It is important to multiply our effort and illuminate your thoughts with light.


Our spaceships are near, to help you to spread light. They are above every town and every village, we are here for you.


You feel anxious Jarmila because you perceptivity has improved, the whole day you know, that something is wrong and you are right. Open your heart so that more light can enter it and your anxiety will disappear. You cannot stand in front of people with anxiety and fear, it is necessary to light, well shine !  You have got our blessings, faith and love. This is being transmitted to you by Ashtar and Atari, they are both sending the Earth and people power, light and love. We are with you.”


Question: Head ?


“It is necessary to spread information and let people know  about it, so why we should not we take it straight from the top ? Why not a head, it is also human being. despite You are inteligent, you also believe it and you understand it, well why not her. Give her a chance, give a chance to everyone !




326.  Danger has been warded off, for the time being.         (Received by Jarmila S.).

                                                                                                           3.7.1998. 8:10-8:14.

                                                                                                           Place: Lipová – Láznì.


“The commander of the light squadron Ashtar is reporting to you this:


Danger is warded off for the time being. Your influence and positive thoughts sent out to the Earth caused it. It is important to keep on working in this way of influencing, spreading, percieving. Let know those who are unconscious and do not underestimate the situation.




327. Report.                     (Received by Jarmila S.).      3.7.1998.                   10:30-10:38.

                                                                                                           Place: Lipová – Láznì.


“Here is Atari, I would like to thank you. You managed to complete your task, although you were a bit nervous at the beginning, you managed to finish it perfectly. People know about it and they open their hearts, our visit has not been without success. Not only the head of Jeseniky mountains but also mayors respond very well. You take credit for it. It is good that people are becoming more responsive and susceptible and their number is increasing so fast. That is exactly what is necessary.


We send you love, we wish you good and remember that we are with you.

                                                                     Atari is greeting you and Ashtar is joining.”


“Jarmilka, you are doing very well, we love you. Put it down, not to forget it and do not be ashamed for expressed love. You deserve it.               Atari.”



328.  Fragment of report 105.   (Received by Ivo Benda).             3.7.1998.  11:40-12.25.

                                     (There were 3 phone calls).                                          Place: Pøerov.


     “Dear Ivo,


That is me Ashtar, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron, talking to you.


Yes, you are doing well that you contact me in this way, yes, the information yesterday about the possible evacuation was true, also the next development concerning cancellation of this action, and now there is no definite date of this evacuation (at least not for the public).


(Fragment of report is not given.)


Regarding the decision of the Grand Council, there is some information impossible to publicize, but there is also some which is possible to release. So, it is needed to go on working in this way and to work for people of the Earth, and people should be informed about the possibility of evacuation, because squadrons aimed for evacuation are not leaving yet but are filling their tasks. As for the report about handing materials by the colonel to the ministry of defence Lobkovic, it is true, and he gave it to V. Havel yesterday. He is still in a contradictory situation so it is needed to go on writing him and asking him for this arrangement. You, dear Ivo, have done a good job with all the materials you work on hard and spread, “Talks” were read by Havel in the autumn, so he is quite well informed although he is still confused. That is right for people to write to the office of the president to the Castle, fax is 02-24310855, and in this way to ask for Ashtar Sheran’s presentation in the media and also to ask you for this arrangement.


Furthermore, I’d like to tell you dear Ivo that we are still trying to prevent the catastrophe threatening the Earth, which has a lot of varieties, but the variant is not what matters but a spiritual cause is important, which is primary and decisive, as people have behaved very badly, so it is important to purify the energy of coarse vibrations, and also information about Cosmic people, our presence and the reason of this presence should be spread.


It is important in this way because there are still reasons for this work, work for people and our Creator, who we love very much.


It was transmitted to you with love by Ashtar Sheran, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron.”



329. Report.                (Received by Rene).               3.7.1998.                 16:25-16:40.

                                                                                                                Place: Èerná Voda.


“Please Rene, we would also like to add something. People, we want to help you. We, Cosmic people, who respect our Lord - our Father, our Creator. We, who know how it hurts wher your hearts get closed. We do not want a catastrophe, we would like to help you. We beg you, dear people, to open your hearts wide. Compete in love, who has his heart open wider. The situation is serious but it is not so crucial as it was yesterday. But in spite of this fact our ships are still prepared.

Our Creator’s will is clear. Who saves his heart, saves himself. He won’t be dying, he will continue in his evolution. The situation is serious. Rene, try to spread this information as much as it is possible to let people know what is going to happen, how to change and and how to help yourselves and also others. Please, ask your friends to spread these words written by you. Do not turn right or left. You must go straight ahead. Report everyone that we love all of you, people of good will and pure heart.


This is us, Cosmic people. Thank you Rene for your help us and others. We would like to meet you and help you with your task. We also thank your friends whe are doing all they feel for rescuing of as many people as possible. So that it would not be the worst, but smooth, and spaceships for evacuation would not be needed.


This was transmitted to you by Cosmic people, Ptaah.”


Question: How will it be spread ?


“You know how it is. The first people to hear it will be the ones who want to. And they will spread it further. In this way the information is spread and finally it reaches even the most coldhearted. People, it is especially up to you. We only support you, we lead you, we advice you, but you are to open your hearts to let love in - we cannot do it.


This was transmitted to you Rene by Cosmic people - Ashtar.”



330. Questions concerning the crucial situation - certified by 6 people in touch.

22:45-23:55.    3.7.1998.

                                                                                                         Place: Havíøov - Suchá.


Questions were prepared by Ivo Benda, they were given to 6 different people in touch in one room, they were answered at the same time by all of them, each question itself. It was done like this because in last two weeks “saurians” started their activities on the day of the anniversary of burning Mister John Hus to death, and some of the contacted people got misleading information from the Universe because of disharmony of vibrations of their bodies.


The order of contacted people refers to seats around the same table.



330.1 What is the situation concerning the evacuation like - in concrete terms.


a)        Was there any certain emergency on 2.7.1998 ?


1. Milada N.


My feelings today: My head is spinning, I am depressed and sad.


2. Jana C.


“Yes this date was checked by you, dear, during today several times, and this was prepared, but thanks to your love and effort to help it was not necessary by now, go on working.”


Feelings: All day I felt as if I was suffocating , as if there was a brick on my breast. All day long. In the evening at about 8 p.m. it was gone.


3. Lída K.


“Yes, the evacuation was discussed for a long time and there were many sugestions, which are recorded and in case of need they will be used. Everything was thought over and worked on properly. You do not need to worry. It was worked out with the greatest care.”


4. Marie G.


“Yes, urgent emergency. The situation was really dangerous.”


Feelings: On 2.7.1998 I was very tired, but from 6:30 I worked at home without stopping and I went to work immediately without a minute of break, and it lasted until 19:30. Then we went with friends to Žeranovice to have a look at the circles in a field of grain, a beautiful sunset and strong feelings in the cirle of the field of grain.


5. Alena P.


“Yes, it is not the same everywhere, different places need an individual attitude, everything goes sequently and gradually. Everything is just up to you. I gave you the possibility to create. Creator. It was transmitted by Auter.


Feelings: On that day in the evening I meditated longer than usual and I felt a strong pressure at my breast. At work I could not concentrate. When I went to sleep I felt pleased and I felt you Ivo at my side.


6. Vera B.


“Yes, We can tell you that this emergency still continues, but there is no need to worry, because thanks to work you have done the vibrations of love have gone up to 40per cent and as for the whole planet it has reached 20 percent. I know that you will work and I am really grateful. Your Father.


Feelings: Yesterday it was a very tiring day. During the day there was buzz in my ears as if I was in the centre of heavy traffic. I was crying all night long, I was sorry for everything. I did not know the reason why tears were running down my face.



b)        Is there a certain date of the catastrophe, e.g. 27.8.1998 ?


1.         Milada N.


The report about a catastrophe did not upset me at all. It is necessary to live in a good way all the time.


2.         Jana È.


“Of course not, the date is calculated.”


3.         Lída K.


“The date cannot be known today, it is really up to all of you, up to your attitude, it is important to try to prevent the catastrophe or at least to reduce it or to influence it in a different way. This date will be at the end of august serious, but it is not possible to set an exact date and it depends only on all of you.”


4.         Marie G.


“There is no date, only Creator knows it, and it is also up to people.”


5.         Alena P.


“Let us say it aloud finally, the absolute cleansing of our beloved planet, your home, is coming.

With love Auter.


A date ? What does a date mean in the dimension we are now ?  All is in your own hands and the voice of your heart will direct you. Your Father.”


6.         Vera B.


“I have sent all my dear some information to confuse you. There is no such information. Everything is up to you, I tell you that everything depends on you, loving ones, I believe you can make it.


                                                                                                         Your Father.”


c)        Is the danger of the catastrophe warded ?


1.         Milada N.




2.         Jana È.


“I apologize for the previous answer. It is still needed to work.”


4.         Lída K.


“No, but as I have already told you, it depends up to all of you how big the catastrophe will be.


5.         Marie G.


“Never will be, do not rest on your laurels. If it happens that you will get asleep, the situation will repeat again and again.”


6.         Alena P.


“No, everything is a matter of your activity and love, my dear. Auter.


I just watch your deeds, I wish with love your understanding and acknowledging, and deep feelings, and return to me.

Your Father - Creator.”


6. Vera B.


“Yes, now.”



330.2  Lives of Jaroslav B., was he Žižka, Charles IV., Galilei, Koperník, Kolumbus etc. ?


1.         Milada N.


“Jaroslav B. - is sensation-loving.”


2.         Jana È.


“It is a pity but it is necessary to avoid some things, people and devote to what is needed.”


3. Lída K.


“The simple fact that this man boasts about this information shows that he blows his own trumpet, and probably he does not know anything about reincarnation. Do not regret not knowing him, it is not worth. You deserve better friends, Liduška.”


4. Marie G.


“B. - no - no - no - no - no.”


5. Alena P.


“You know yourself how it is.  It is a summary of information and it is not important to be interested in personalities who lived in the past on the Earth. Just in case a man is seeking for his aim of life, he should consider it some help to find the way.


                                                                                      With love Ashtar."


6. Vìra B.


"B. - just that you know what to do with him. You have seen him through yourself and you know why he is not present here, (still afternoon) everything he spreads is work of spiritual beings from the fourth dimension and our news comes to him very hard , now he is literally obsessed by it, you know what you should do . All will turn out well for us."



330.3  Will Ashtar appear on TV now - by messing up, or does it still remain unknown ?


1. Milada N.


"No, not by messing up."


2. Jana È.


"If the situation at your place or the way of treating each other and your planet becomes critical, then it will be necessary, but not now."


3. Lída K.


"It is not known. It is a difficult thing and it is not so desperately needed now. When the situation becomes so serious that it will be absolutely essential, then it will come itself."


4. Marie G.


"Yes, he will appear on the radio, but also in dreams of some people who would not dream of it at all. It will also happen on a smaller scale, people will spread information among each other, what they will have lived through, this news will be more interesting and better checked."


5. Alena P.


"It is not known this moment. There are a lot of possible ideas and plans. According to the fact how serious the situation will be, a solution will be found.


                                                                                     Your loving Ptaah."


6. Vìra B.


"We are still working on it, everything depends on our Creator's decision, what time in a crucial situation he will inform through them. Otherwise there will be some personal contacts, which will occur more and more often, and you will be able to supply proof, you will be among the first chosen ones, your friends are looking forward to you."



330.4  How far is president Havel with your appeal ?  Some information about Havel himself. Is it necessary to write him ?


1. Milada N.


"It is in his subconscious, but he does not take it seriously."


2. Jana È.


"There are certain things that he still cannot understand. To write ? It is the only one of all possibilities, but as he is unwilling to grasp this news, there is not another way but to believe now."


3. Lída K.


"Havel has just recieved this information, he had to, whether he was willing to do so or not, you put a thought into his mind and it needs some time to develop. I would not provide other information in the near future, because he needs some time to grasp this thought and in this way to put himself into reality."


4. Marie G.


"I discussed everything with Ivo this afternoon."


5. Alena P.


"Yes, it is necessary to write to him. There are a lot of ideas he thinks about but he does not process them. He knows everything about it, of course something has not been handed to him under the influence of human nature and fear of his workmates.


Your Alanan, your guardian angel, spiritual guard, Alan, assistent, Anaha, a man from the Universe."


6. Vìra B.


"All you have already done is turning out well, keep on spreading  these "Talks" and send him other messages continuously. Let him decide, everyone has free will to believe it. We have other mechanisms. You should keep going on in the system you started.





330.5  Is it true what was said by Jaroslav B. 2.7.98 in the evening, that me and him are members of Council of the wise on the Earth ?  Me a spirutual guarantor ?


1. Milada N.


"B. - "pearl", where is Mr.B.'s modesty ?


2. Jana È.


"It is just effort to influence Ivo."


3. Lída K.


"There is nothing to answer this question, there is even no answer in human speech."


5. Alena P.


"What pride!  Auter. How can he be sure that he will be able to take on all the responsibility for all happening here?



Dear creatures, you are men of human heresy and mistakes. Could you take the responsibility for all connected with it? Everyone is how and what he thinks. Could what you asked be real? Reality is often different than you think many times!


                                                                                                 Your Father."


6. Vìra B.


I must add that your functions have already been researched, there is no need to go back to it, it depends on Creator who will be elected. You belong there in spite of the fact it seems to be unbelievable to you. Mr. B. would be there as well, but he cannot  for now. As in one leap at your (illegible - adaptor's comment), and he reached  the spiritual bottom, we cannot tell anything. But I believe it will be like this."



330.6  How many per cent of his communication concern Light forces and Evil forces or spirits ?


1.Milada N.


"Where is love ?  If there is not any, there is manipulation."


2. Jana È.


"Start of his communication his 40 per cent - L, 10 per cent - E. After effort for attention 60 per cent - E and 5 percent - L. (The rest with spirits - adaptor's comment).


3. Lída K.


"I will not give you an exact number, I will not go into it, but Darkness is winning. He can get rid of it, and he will pull himself together, but it is not known when exactly."


4. Marie G.


"1:1, one to one, it is not necessary to speak about him any more."


5. Alena P.


"It is not percentage. Your feeling Anežka is really deep. So I will only tell you that he speaks more to one he wants, and he forgets Creator. He is directed at a certain moment by his feelings and emotions. Such percentage! Tell Ivo not to demand it, because it is enough to explain it in a different way.


                                                                   Bye, your friend Lean."


6. Vìra B.


"The beginning was really good, at the moment he was offered to cooperate, his pride and desire got so strong that he appealed beings who started to abuse him.  For today he is not connected with him, we lost him.




330.7  2.7.1998, was any information about a possible evacuation handed over by that colonel from the ministry of defence to Lobkowic and did he hand it over to Havel then ?


1. Milada N.


"2.7.98 the information handed over, they talked about it."


2. Jana È.


"Fear, disbelief."


3. Lída K.


"Just little was discussed there but only by the way, they do not take this information seriously."


4. Marie G.


"He did not work, maybe recently, but if he did it was in order to save his property, but he did not care about the whole."


5. Alena P.


"There are a lot of assumptions and questions. The first reaction was like this: They are not interested in it. They talked to Klaus and they became more interested then.  They will not admit aloud when they are reading it, but it is also good.

                                                                                                       Your Lean."


6. Vìra B.


"It is not true, he does not work with it, they only brought it to Havel, but he only laughs at it, it is too funny for him, but in some time they are in for a surprise. Go on working, he will get what he is to get. Hold out and do not be afraid of the fact whether it was appreciated, you are familiar with your task."



330.8  Confirmation concerning the warning, received by Jiøí L., names of spaceships aimed for evacuation ?


1. Milada N.


"The warning is still necessary, help is important."


2. Jana È.


"I know you know nothing about it, but everything is all right, information is correct, you will receive everything, now you should devote to yourself and become mature, everything is fine."


3. Lída K.


"Yes, this plan of evacuation is quite O.K., it is real. The names of the spaceships are a bit distorted, but nowadays these are only piddling details. It would happen in such silence and peace that nobody would care about the name of his spaceship. There are only a few individuals who would cause troubles at the last moment, but this is only insignificant, so we know exactly how it would happen, it depends only on you, how many of you will be there and when it will happen."


4. Marie G.


"Perfect, this letter met with a good response, intensive and positive !!!!!  A lot of people start to think about themselves hard, why they were born - on the planet Earth. They got to know that property is not important, but what matters is love to our only Creator and mother Earth. They are starting to look around and listen to silence - the nature- we look around at all the beauty provided by our Creator. We are grateful."


5. Alena P.


“He is under pressure himself. What he can see outside that is also happening inside.  Relaxation is necessary. Yes, information is important and significant. You know yourself and say that nothing is so hot as it seems to be. He needs love.Tell him to listen to his heart as the state of being in love can be only temporary. Later he will get to know it himself.  I can feel your thought that for a man to get to know his identity is necessary to realize who he is not.

    Bye, Lena.


„Are names important ?  Can they help you anyhow ?  Answer my question. Lean.“


Here on the Earth there are living many materialistic people. That is why we chose such tactics of information – IT IS A SPECIAL CONCERT OF INFORMATION, „SAURIANS“ ARE REALLY SCARED OF IT. It should guarantee salvation provided it is wide-spread. IT IS SURGERY ON THE PLANET EARTH. It is possible on condition that this information is accepted by majority of material minded - people. For these people it is necessary to adapt the information so that it is accepted by them and they are moved. As the source of vibration are all inhabitants, 5.5 billion people. The success of „Talks“ is based on this. That is what many spiritual people cannot understand and it is difficult for them to take in the fact that they were not so successful in spreading their information. We are talking about building a bridge between two banks, one side is spiritual and the other one is materialistic. This bridge must be supported by two different piers, two different aspects, even if we are talking about penetrating the spirituality into the material world on the planet Earth. It would not work in a different way. The pure spiritual information is hardly accepted by people! That is why this tactics was chosen by our dear Creator, Cosmic friends also understand and accept it and they have some experience from many other planets, and me the adapter of „Talks“ can understand it and I appreciate and support it, too. That is the answer to the question what we need names of the spaceships of evacuation for.


                                                                            With love and understanding your Ivo Benda.


6. Vìra B.


„Dear ones, the work done by Jirka was OK, that time it was really hot but your work and activity have been going up, so for now it is not so relevant. Spaceships are put in rightly – you need not worry about it. We think if you keep on working as you do everything can be warded off. You know the reason you were born, and why you are doing this, that only in this way your Earth can be saved and I am satisfied that you have pulled your sleeves up again. We believe you, your friends.“



330.9  What to do to ward off the disaster ?


1. Milada N.


„Harmony of everything and everywhere.“


2. Jana È.


“Love each other, do not be afraid to express love, spread love vibrations, you are so beautiful when you are in love, you just radiate warmth and light, be nice and loving.”


3. Lída K.


“You know it yourselves best and you are doing it. Love, love, love. Do not be so interested in your properties, but try to look at yourselves more, look around you more carefully, maybe you will realize that there is sunset and sunrise everyday, that the woods smell nice, that there are beautiful ants, that it is pleasant to meditate in the woods, in the meadows, that the water in brooks is alive, water in lakes is velvet, the air smells beautiful, etc. , you know.”


4. Marie G.


Love to the Primary Creator, to the Mother Earth and the whole nature, we should tiptoe on the conferred planet, not walk in nailed boots, we should sing, not give commands, let us listened and we will be heard, let us love and we will be loved, let us hush and we will be listened to. We are opening our hearts for all universes. Amen.”


5. Alena P.


 “Settle relationships and calm yourselves. Try to understand and tolerate each other and be aware of some differences and free choice.


Love is the substance of everything. You spread love yourselves.



6. Vìra B.


„Love love and once more love, it must be spread here, what people miss is only love, so give it by loving and live love, do not be afraid to show it to everyone, you will see that they will be envious at first but later they will start to seek it, I believe that you will manage to spread love and you will help me in this way, me Father.“



Who did Ria (Marie G.) write to, to which sweetheart ?


     „Dear Ivo,


Ria is in touch with me through her spiritual heart, it means with her Creator, who loves her so much.“



330.10  Did Ria (Marie G.) fall in love with Tom on holidays in Croatia ?  Is there a conection?


     „Dear Ria,


Yes, you fell in love with dear Tom because he showed you a piece of your past life, how you lived in the Middle Ages in a convent and this Tom was your lover then and he could feel this love again after so many years. Appreciate this love, it is a proof that love is not limited by death.


                                                                                                 With love your loving Creator.“



330.11  Did he requit this love now ?


„Yes, he requited this love, he felt the sama as you did, so you know exactly what he felt.“



331.  Report.                              (Received by René).          4.7.1998.            13:00-13:18.

                                                                                                                Place: Èerná Voda.


“Rene, please tell everyone that the explosive situation has been warded off, but people should be aware of this serious situation around the Earth. It is necessary to warn them to stop feeding the Darkness with fear (coarse vibrations – adaptor‘s comment), so that the Darkness will not be able to abuse presently improved situation. People should not fear, but they should be conscious that the situation is serious. They should sincerely smile and be happy and spread happiness around them, so that love can stream from every heart.


The last few days, when we warned you, was the situation really bad (it is really true, but now it is better).


Evacuation ships were prepared for the intervention. That is why we, Cosmic people, the planet Earth and Creator, warned you so urgently. Some of you from your group must get to know that these messages were and are right, to make people to turn to their Creator. It was not just their matter as they have thought, it was also others matter and there was given such information which was needed. That’s why there is no need to be surprised now. No one can act as someone he wants to be but he is not. He must be conscious how is a situation serious at the right time and not to say that it is hard and inconvenient. Tell them please that they do not see what has happened and why it has happened. They had better open their own hearts instead of always correcting you, you who act according to Creator’s will. It does not matter. We hope that everything will be alright. We must finish this contact because our Father wants to talk to you.


                                                                                                                Ashtar with friends.”



Here is dear reader the key to the whole secret of Creation, THOUGHT – LOVE create smooth vibration energy shaped into the concrete life situation and every day actions and deeds. Any saurian will not bear this smooth vibration energy and also other entities of dark forces will be expelled and this is our strategy, our tactics in this fight between Light forces and dark forces, which is reaching a peak right now !!! But Light always wins because Light is our loved Creator.


Those who have seen the USA movie “The indipendence day” of the saurian Spielberg, they will find out that in this movie it is not by a chance that negative extraterrestrial beings arrive by air, in their huge mother ships, on 2.7. to attack and occupy the Earth. It is a cunning programme, which is implanted in this way by saurians into bodies of hundred millions of people from the whole planet Earth, either to create fear among them or mainly to scare people not enter rescuing evacuation ships in case of a real catastrophe!!!


Dark forces caused the conflict on the planet Earth right on 2.7.1998 when there was really a bad situation, when evacuation squadrons of Light forces were making the last operations of evacuation plan according to instructions of our CREATOR and thanks to work of Light forces (together with people from the Czech country who are in contact with them) was this evacuation action warded off.


Danger is still here, it is necessary to work on, not to hesitate and not to wait what others will do !!!


Dear people, spread these “Talks” all over the planet Earth beause this is immediately the most effective weapon against dark forces.


“Talks” enable people to see the TRUTH, for the first time people connect with Cosmic people and in this way they effectively improve their spiritual level and they also make work other chakkras and helices of DNA cells in their bodies, this also means that it comes to improving of abilities of their bodies (telepathy, practising of traditional medicine) in harmony with Cosmic rules and this is also the way to get rid of influence of dark forces because 3.000.000 years ago dark forces reduced to human kind the number of DNA helices from 12 to 2, to make from them controllable slaves, puppets, producing fear = coarse vibrations, food for dark forces.


The book “Talks” is the only effective tool here on the planet Earth, that is why it makes work THE LIVING LIBRARY OF THE PLANET EARTH (see the book Bringers of the Dawn and reports in “Talks”). Because this is the book which started the whole process mentioned above.


In the Czech Republic there is a lot of “spiritual literature” and “UFO literature” but both these books are not as important as the book “Talks” in this important surgery operation of our Creator on the planet Earth while moving to the New age, to a higher dimension.




This tells you with love IVO BENDA, adaptor, guarantor and propagator of these “Talks”.



332. Report.                       (Received by Jarmila S.).                   5.7.1998.        00:10-00:28.

                                                                                                            Place: Lipová – Láznì.


“I Ashtar, the commander of the cosmic squadron, am greeting you.


You are excited about everything, about what you have read, what you have found out from “ Talks”. You understand but you are anxious. You are worried about your family but it is natural. Since the morning you know from Sol-tec that your family (the way you feel it to be) is alright and will be saved. You are worried about the man kind, you understand the principle of purification, disposing of coarse vibrations, but it seems to you too violent. We agree with you but there is no other way – what to do with people who do not listen to our advice and love does not mean much for them. You think whether it is worth creating something new on the Earth, to renew, to decorate, when everything will be destroyed. Be aware of the fact that it is worth doing. The most neccessary action is to purify your heart, to get rid of the dirt and negative vibrations. This is the most important work. Do no be worried everything is going to be alright. Faith and love will win over lie and hatred, as your president say. He is right. We love you and we thank you for your endeavour when opening human hearts. Today you did well, you deserve a praise – the meditation was successful and people understood you.

                                                                        Ashtar and Atari are greeting you. We love you.”


I love you too !


“We are aware of it very well, that is why we are connected with you and we watch what you do – and you do well. We will let you to see us soon. You will have an opportunity to see us and our spaceships to improve your image about us. We know that you are looking forward to meeting us.




333. Report.                            (Received by Jarmila S.).          5.7.1998.          19:00-19:11.

                                                                                                            Place: Lipová – Láznì.


“We are greeting you and we would like to thank you for what you have done for people today. You are becoming smoother and more; light illuminated vibration being. You are ours and we love you. You are doing well, you radiate love and light, even if you are not self-confident from the begining, but then you are taken into it and you connect with us and we help you. We send you thoughts, when you do not know what to do, so that you are able to reply correctly. Say the truth and shine !


Atari, Ashtar and also Cohun are greeting you. We are with you. We love you.”



334.  Report.                              (Received by Jarmila S.).             6.7.1998.     0:05-00:23.

                                                                                                            Place: Lipová – Láznì.


“Ashtar, the commander of light squadron, is greeting you and responding to your questions:


Ruda – you saw his aura herself, it is the man who is alright, he just does not know what to do when solving some human troubles. It is not any bad think. Something tries to influence him in a negative way (it was that indication of grey colour on the left side of his aura), but he is aware of it and he tries to do something about it. It is better to ask us or Creator and everything will be solved faster. It will be easier for him to get rid of his doubts and then he will be confident again. We love him and we think that he is a good man. You can tell him this, it will help him in recovery.


                                                             This was transmitted to you by Ashtar and Atari.“



“About your recovery. You say right that it is difficult to help others when you are not well too. You are asking whether you can ask us for help with something you do not know what to do. Yes, we can help you. In essence you are being cured now when you are increasing your vibrations. The fact that your present problem is getting worse is a temporary condition and also this is a part of the treatment. Everything is going to be alright. Just a month and you will see.


This is being transmitted to you by Jamahama who is now curing you. Do you feel it, don’t you ?  I can see that you are smiling and that is good.”


“We are greeting you and we are sending you and your family positive thoughts. We love you.

                                                                                                                   Atari, your friend.”



335.  The aniversary of the Mr Jan Hus’s burning to death– 6.7.1998.      9:44-10:15.

                                                 (Received by Ivo Benda).                          Place: Dolní Lomná.



Dear Cosmic firends, dear Creator who are also the highest Creator. Yesterday in the evening at the aniversary of the Mr Jan Hus‘s burning to death I visited a sacred place in Horní Lomná which had a magic impression upon me and which gave me the power and the energy of the mother Earth. I would like to thank her for it and I promise that I will keep working to save this beautiful planet Earth with all living and inanimate things which are on and also above and under her surface. Thanks all of you who lead me and help me with this strenuous work. I believe that this work will be finished with my help and also with help of other people and beings from the Universe. I wish it from the bottom of my heart and I am aware of the fact how this is a demanding task. At the same time I will be working on breaking of the barrier between people from the planet Earth and Cosmic people and also creating of bridges between our terrestrial civilization and civilizations of Cosmic people who work with love for our Creator.


I want to ask you just one question. Did it happen by chance that I visited this place on the day the aniversary of the Mr Jan Hus‘s burning to death or should have I visited it the day before (4.7.1998), as some people around me tried to make me ?  Then I will know answers for other questions which are linked with this. Thank you.


     “Dear Ivo,


I Ashtar Sheran, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron, am talking to you.


Yes, it was right what you pointed out in your question, it is not any chance that you visited the sacred place at the day of the aniversary of the Mr Jan Hus’s burning to death. It is given like this by our Creator. During this process appeared differences in your Havíøov group, all of you should have been there in the evening on 5.7.1998 at the time of this important aniversary because on this day was your body given back to the planet Earth and that was right. It appeared that some people are under a strong influence of dark forces and those were not able to visit this place on 5.7.1998 at the time of this important day. You drew a lesson from this, and it was given in advance, these people were warned like that about the presence of disorder inside them. Just for these people work and their job is more important on that day than remembrance of this important person, so it happened in this way.


It was transmitted to you by Ashtar Sheran, who loves you and believes that some of these people from the Havíøov group will find the way to you.”



“Now it is me Ptaah, the commander of the Cosmic squadron from Pleiades, joining.


Yes, also I share love with you dear Ivo, and I wish you a lot of success in your important work for people and for the whole Universe.


Yes, the situation is just as Ashtar said, people are what they are, which means different, and it is the same with the Havíøov group. Part of the people must work hard on themselves to be able to get higher, we keep our fingers crossed for them and we want to help them so as we help you. Yes, I think that you managed the situation well, thanks to the acknowledgement of the book “Message to people” by Orthon, where it is written that if there is not a mild solution to stop the conflict among people, the best thing to do is to go away (the wiser make way), and you did that is why I love you so.


Moreover I would like to tell you that people go on contacting us, there are about 670 000 people, and this number is still growing. The number of readers is now 635 000 000 and this number is also growing really fast. It is an important change, this world with the languages of latin is now quite well informed about us and this is important. Now there is only Asia with a different language group left. So you know what to do, you can ask this lady who translates into Chinese language and who had chosen this task before she was born. I am with you dear Ivo, all members of my Cosmic squadron from Pleiades send you love and they also long for a contact with you. We are looking forward to it very much and we are glad that here on the Earth exists the man like you.


This was transmitted to you by Ptaah on behalf of all members of my Cosmic squadron.“



“Now I Orthon, the spiritual guarantor of the Galaxy, am adding.


Yes all what have been written by Ashtar and Ptaah is true, not eveyone managed to free from dark forces’ influence and this is the way it is and also the way it will be. The fact that somebody is a member of a group does not mean that is automatically freed from dark forces’ influence forever. You know about it but other people are not aware of it, that is why I tell you this.


I am always with you, yes, this crisis and Lomná are linked with the aniversary of burning Mr Jan Hus to death because he was also a spiritual leader on the planet Earth and dark forces wanted to abuse this oportunity for these aims. This did not happened, thank you dear Ivo and people who were involved in the warding off of this catastrophe, which is real succes, but it is not warded off completely. It will be warded off completely when the planet Earth enters the Cosmic confederation of planets. You work on it so much, then a possibility of destruction will be decreased by many degrees than it is now.


This was transmitted to you, dear Ivo, with love by Orthon the spiritual guarantor of the Galaxy.”



336.  Vibration growth.               (Received by Jarmila S.).         6.7.1998.       21:40-21:56.

                                                                                                            Place: Lipová – Láznì.


“Here is Atari your friend.


You do not know what is happening to you, why this anxiety ?  Why this pressure on your chest ?  It is a natural process of vibration growth and process of making your spiritual body smoother. You are becoming a quality divine being. You are smiling as if you do not believe but it is true. We support you and completely believe in you. We love you. Your anxiety will disappear. Now it is hard for you to bear all these negative thoughts and chaos around you. It is conditioned by the process of making your spiritual body smoother, now you feel everything in a multiplied way – but you will get used to it. Let your self be led by us and it will be easy. Do not blame yourself always. We are sending you the vibration of the most beautiful and purest love which is a human being able to give. Do you feel that warmth in your heart ?  Do you feel this vibrating ?  It feels good, does’n it ?  It is our reward for you to compensate for what you are going  through in your spiritual growth.


With love Atari, Ashtar, Cohun, Sol- tec, Jamahama – your personal doctor.”


So much love at once ?  So much affection and appreciation ?  Thanks, thanks, thanks !!!


“We would like to thank you for your pure heart and good thoughts for all peaceful beings in the world. We love you for it. You are such a wonderful being !

                                                                                                           Your Pleadian people.”



337. Report.                 (Received by Jarmila S.).                            7.7.1998.     22:51-23:07.

                                                                                                            Place: Lipová – Láznì.


“Today a friend Ebermach is reporting to you, even if you wonder why. I would like to greet you too and I thank you for your results to support you in this way. You are worried about yourself, about your feeling of anxiety linked with your spiritual growth. I would like to tell you that i is all natural and that you do not have any reason to be worried. You are doing well and I have been trying to get in contact with you the whole evening to tell you this. We here love you and we are looking forward to meeting you. It will be very useful and pleasant for you and for us too. You come through us and we are seeing you again after a long time.


                                                                                                              Bye Ebermach.”


“You should sleep more so that your body is able to renewe and regenerate quiclier. This is message from Jamahama. (All what I promised is healing, even if you doubt it.)”


I had a strong feeling that I was in the middle of your spaceship and you were around me. You were giving me your hands.


“Yes, it is true. You experienced a moment of meeting us. You could see and touch us. You feel her as something pleasantly freezing. We know it and we are as glad as you are.


                                                                   The commander of light squadron Ashtar Sheran.”



338.  Report 105.                         (Received by Ivo Benda).          8.7.1998.      17:22-17:34.

Place: Mladá Boleslav.


     “Dear Ivo,


yes, it is me Ashtar, I am next to you and I am watching as you are making copies of reports from this critical period.

Yes, what you are writing is right, it was the aniversary of the Mr Jan Hus’s burning to death because at this time there were these dark forces who took the offensive. Now is this fight reaching a peak and dark forces are losing their footing, as you say, and this is what happened. This is a fine example of their work, they find answering terrestrial people according to the rule: The same attracts the same. Yes, thanks people who are in contact with Cosmic people was this crisis warded off for now.


Yes, I can feel your love for me dear Ivo, yes, I have my hand on your left cheek and on your temple to make you more harmonic and consolidated after the tiring past week and the weekend.


You are asking me about the number of your helices and chakkras, you have still 8 like before, our medic – biologist helps you to overcome these difficult situations in your life. Yes, in Havirov there are some people really under dark forces’ influence, they must get rid of it with their own will and precision work. Yes, your latest reports received on the train are true.


This was transmitted to you with love by me Ashtar, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron.”



“Now I Ptaah am joining. Well, you had so much to do but you coped with it dear Ivo, on the whole you managed to solve the critical situation at the weekend in Dolni and Horni Lomna, yes, we love you thus and also other people who were and are under saurians’ influence. Informing people is needed, as you did it with Anezka (I informed her – adaptor‘s comment), to help them to realize this problem and work on it with love and humility. That is all refering to this, dear Ivo.


This was transmitted to you by Ptaah, the commander of the Cosmic squadron from Pleiades.“



“Now I Orthon am adding. I am also radiating streams of love to you and greeting you from the High council in Petale and admiring your work for people, the planet Earth and our Creator because it is important work. We support you, dear Ivo, and we wish you success in your next work.


This was transmitted to you with love by Orthon, the spiritual guarantor of the Galaxy.”


Thank you dear Cosmic friends, with love Ivo.



339.  Work in groups – Symphonic concert of information – up to date.


                                                        (Received by Naïa Bullová).      10.7.1998.  14:30-14:50.

                                                                                                                         Place: Tøinec.


Important thing for you now is to understand your direction. You have not been able to rescue the environment yet, dematerialize the planet and not even feed the poor ones, because you have not been able to get rid of fear of shortage and a need to control others. Your lives were based on a fight to obtain energy from each other, that is why you were not able to give energy to other people. Beloved ones, be aware of the fact that to receive energy does not mean to take it from other people, but it means to draw energy from the nature and a way of eating. It is needed to know that the more easily streams energy into you, the more quickly and mystically answers  the Universe to you. Every time you behave according to your intuition, we will lead you ahead and we will improve your vibrations. Be perceptive to this new process, which leads you ahead, be awake, you are a part of the process of creating a new view of the world. You, who search, you already know that the Universe is a great system of energy, and all human conflicts are based on lack of this energy and on manipulation to achieve it. This conflict can be finished if you consciously draw energy from a higher source. The time of explaination of your old and repeated dramas and of finding out your identity has come. The real secret of your happiness and harmony is to stay in this magnetic stream and to know how to create relationship with others. Derive from them the best to the surface and answers will always come. Improve your feelings of perceiving. Your repeated balancing of level of energy reduces vibrations. Fear and mistrust in known things also reduces your vibrations. Overcome your fear and keep present vibrations in every situation. Be aware of your destination. It is creating of a picture of Light, which has incredible beauty and energy, and yourselves, who improve this connection with beauty of the environment by perceiving it consciously, with open eyes. The more beauty you see, the more quickly you develop yourselves. And in the same way your vibrations will get better. Finaly, increased vibrations will lead you to heaven, which is ahead of you. You just cannot see it and recognize it. Whenever you doubt, if your way is right, remember your destination, you develop yourselves and this is the basic fact of the whole life. The purpose of your existence, is to achieve heaven on the Earth. Keep connecting with energy, be open to it, do not let anyone or anything control you, and do not allow any destruction of the planet. If you return to your old way of behaviour, you will not survive.


Each of you must do as much as possible, to get this message into Light.


Now we are going to give you small, but important example for your work in groups.


Each person should speak only when energy is coming into him or her. The  key to this process is to speak at the right time and vibrate strengthening energy, when it is other’s turn. Many people are controlling and selfish when they are in a group, to the fore their ego and greedy pride come. These people can feel power of a thought, they can express it, and they keep speaking for a long time, because “the explosion of energy” is so pleasant, that they cannot stop speaking, even if the energy should come into other ones. In this way they try to control groups. Those who are not so pushy, they keep in the background, even though they feel power of a thought, they do not take a risk to say it. When this happens, a group is divided, and it means that not all messages are being transmitted, granted and said. The same thing is when some members of a group are not received by others as rightful members of a group. Dismissed and separated members cannot receive energy and this part of group is divided. When someone does not seem to be nice to you, or he or she is sort of strong personality, or we feel endangered by him, then there is a natural tendency to concentrate on something that we do not like about him or a thing which irritates you. Unfortunately when you make this, while you should see deeper beauty of those people and give them energy, you take energy away from them and this does harm them, which is unnecessary. They become aware only of feeling that they are less beautiful, less self - confident, and it is a result of destruction of their energy by you. A real working group has a rule not do this. A thought, energy and vibrations of each member should be improved by means of energy vibrated to them by other members. When this happens, energetic fields of all members merge and they create only one beautiful energy, then this group creates “one body”.

                                                                                                (An omitted part.)


This was transmitted with love by Orthon, Ashtar, Ptaah, the Grand council in Petale and other.”



340. Report.            (Received by Jarmila S.).                      10.7.1998.         19:35-19:53.

                                                                                                            Place: Lipová – Láznì.


     “Ashtar and Atari are greeting you and reporting to you this:


A meeting you are going to have on 18.7.1998 (on Old - town square in Prague next to Hus – adaptor‘s comment) will be very positive for the whole Earth. We will be with you during your meditation, we will be perceiving all positive vibrations and we will be happy about you and about your Earth. You have power, creative power, you create the future, it depends only on you. We try to help you from the bottom of our heart and we multiply every positive thing, we provide it with the right direction and meaning. It depends on you !


Reply to questions:


“People how about those doubts about you and about others ?  You have the same aim so why then investigate whether this one or that one is better ?  You have the same direction but each one will come to the end through a different way. This is sense of your staying in the dark. We will not name anyone because we are all in the same boat. Each one of you was informed in, by you, an understandable way that he turned away from the right direction. It has not happened yet that is why we get in touch with you and we contact you. Believe yourselves more and do not look for any mistakes or differences either in you or in other members of light family. We are not here for those who think in an unsincere way. We are here for those  who have pure heart – it is you who feel that we are with you for you.


This was transmitted to you by Ashtar Sheran, the commander of the light squadron.”



341.  Report 106.              (Received by Ivo Benda).                13.7.1998.     15:23-15:33.

                                                                                                            Place: Mladá Boleslav.


     “Dear Ivo,


It is me Ashtar who is talking to you. Well, you are asking about this Radim. Yes he has a task to introduce here a device, he will be led by us, for now he should try to contact us to get more information.


Yes, it is true dear Ivo, everything is moving, yes, you were right about that USA movie “The indipendence day”, yes, everything is going in the right way, in Zlín again a perfect action. It goes so well because we sent there those articles. They are the reason why there is more of the media than before and everything is speeded up. It is perfect, I am ready to give people of the Czech Republic the message to the planet Earth and everything goes in the way of our Creator’s will, which means informing people of the whole planet Earth.


This was transmitted to you dear Ivo with love by Ashtar Sheran, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron.”



342. Chat.                            (Received by Petr S.).           21.5.1998.         14:55-15:17.

                                                                                            Place: Tearoom at Wooden doll.




     “Hallo Soty,


I Alex am greeting you. It is nice that you have just written this report by Ashtar in this K., he will be happy about it. I love you the way you are, not only because I am your MDB. Yesterday  it was very good when you all met at Elephant’s (a tearoom). We were there with you and we felt very good. Here at Doll’s it is also nice and we are looking forward to the meeting tomorow when you will all meet again. We will be here with you. We love you very much because you work for our dear Creator.”


Alex, where are you from ?


“I am from Andromeda, as Marek already told you. I am from a planet which is really beautiful. I will not tell you the name because you are not able to receive names and numbers yet. You need more practise and also to hold out. You will get to know everything soon.”


Could I talk to Guetzal now ?


“Of course dear Soty, I Guetzal am greeting you, so we can talk to each other now.”


Guetzal, how it feels to have four wives ?


It is perfect, on the one hand you have four mothers–in-law but on the other we do not consider it as such disaster as you do at your place. Some men from your place would not bear it easily. We, here on our planet, love each other, we try to help each other and we are happy that we live. It will be the same at your place soon, I know you are looking forward to it very much.”


Where is Pleja right now ?


Pleja is now at her father’s Ptaah mother ship. I am here and I am greeting you dear Soty. It is me Pleja, your sister and friend, who is join now. I can see that your pen is worn out but you were so conscious and experienced that you took two from home today. It also has not happened by chance. You felt it because you listen to our Creator who leads you. Some would think that this is just an unimportant thing, when we speak about a pen, but it is a typical example of your perceptivity. If you had not taken the spare pen you would finish the contact and you would swear.”


Where are you with your spaceship right now ?


We always watch you. We will meet soon each other personally. I look foward to it very much and not only me. Have a good time.


First it was Alex who transmitted it to you and then Guetzal and Pleja joined.


Thank you dear friends. Thank you dear Creator for this contact. With love Soty.



343. Telepathy and about the planet Erra.        (Received by Iva Ch.).        23.5.1998.

                                                                                                                       In the morning

                                                                                                                     Place: Kromìøíž.


“We are glad that you have contacted us our dear Iva. Yesterday in the park we tried to make you self-confident and we also tried to renew your perceptivity abilities.”


That echo I heard, was it coming from Creator ?


“Yes, Creator influenced you because you turned to him. He anwered to you through Auter – it is an usual middleman, a spiritual being.”


So when I speak to Creator it goes through one middleman ?


“Yes, at most times. You do not need to worry about perversion of your thoughts. You know, we are able to catch thought impulses in a way of copying them, there are not distorted. We just make them stronger and then we send them to you.


We monitor – make a note of your thoughts, but it is such quick process that when you think something – a picture - we are able react immediately, we just have to make our thought impulses stronger. Making it stronger is not enough, we have to make these thought impulses also slower and to such extent you are able to catch them in senteces, otherwise when they are too quick, as we are used to communicate, you do not believe them and you think that you make it up because you understand just sense of a message.”


How is it with telepathy among us people (after an attempt for a telepathic contact with Daniela)?


“Well, it has not worked yet and reasons I alredy told you, but you can learn it of course. In the future it will be an usual way of a communication. Mainly, you need to be relaxed – but not to drop off, to be concentrated on radiating and receiving. At the begining it is more difficult because you do not know mutual thought waves (frequency) and you do not what to do, what the right tunning is. Once your thought impulses meet consciously, your brain will remember it and next time it will be easier. It is the same as contacting us our darling, now you know what to do, it is child’s play for you now but when you did not know how it works you made a stronger effort and you did not hear us either, even if we were speaking to you.


You are interested in the way we dress ourselves. It is material which is kind of elastic but it is not uselessly decorated, it is practical – it helps us with termoregulation. Yes, you are right, we do not know something like obesity and also we do not feel ashamed of our bodies because it is natural. A body is a gift but we do not consider it as important as you do, for example those Miss competitions and those actresses and models. No one would worship outer appearance in this way at our place because it is not your work anyway. We do not blame you for this, it is necessary development, your planet is going through this period of materialism and people are interested in this outer appearance because they are afraid to see deeper into the matter, to find out that material is sort of energy reflecting only certain inner energies. Of course women want to be attractive but physical appearance is not so important at our place. Only our youth have these tendences but not to such large extent as at your place, nevertheless you will get to know them sometimes. They are looking forward to meeting you very much.


Questions about Erra:


“We do not have any sports and competitions, we do something like this for a joy from physical exercise. The most favourite activity is hiking, in this way we can enjoy the unity with Creator. You do something like this instinctively when you go on so called “wanders” We like to watch people from your planet when they spend their time like this and they try to understand nature and its secrets.


The same it is with animals, they look similar like yours, they differ just in some details.


Also we have the blue sky but with little bit of green shade. During our sunset the sun goes through other colour shades, we are able to distinguish more than you do, and the same it is with sounds and tones. Your ability of perceptivity was artificially restricted by Dark forces for 300.000 years, these days your DNA helices (those which were reduced by saurians from 12 to 2) start growing. You start to feel everything more intensively and we are surprised that you can hear music tones which you could not hear before. Sometimes you even see something you have not seen yet. It is true, your ability to perceive is improving and it is coming up to the surface.


Try and go often in the country, which gives you power, nature helps you to purify yourselves and to get closer to our Creator.


This was transmitted to you by Ashtar, Ptaah, Jamahama and others joined them.”



344. Chat.                        (Received by Petr S.).                     24.5.1998.    In the morning.

                                                                                                          Place: Olomouc district.


     “Hallo Soty,


I can see that you have slept well. Today it is really a beautiful morning. Yesterday when you went to observe the sky, the object you saw was our ship. We analyse other vibration tests which we did yesterday. Next time when you divide into those groups it will be easier and something interesting may happen. The more you are developed the more you will see. We love you very much.


                                                                  This was transmitted to you by Alex.”


“Now I Ashtar am joining. I am greeting you dear Soty, it is good that you have slept in the cottage. There are good vibrations. We communicated and worked on each of you during your sleep, even if you are not aware of it now. Today it will be a beautiful day and you played the important role in it dear friends. Our beloved Creator whom we work for with love gave you beautiful weather because here it is a beautiful area and it does not need any rain now. Yesterday dear Soty, when you were observing stars, it was nice visibility. You were very amazed when you saw such beauty. You have to wait for the moment when we will take you into our spaceships and we will show you the beauty of the Universe. You will be over the moon. We love you very much. Also this activity when you are meeting here is creating of positive energy which is so strong that it relieves the Earth.


                                                    This was transmitted to you with love by Ashtar, your friend.”



“Now I Ptaah am joining. Hallo Soty, those vibration tests which we made are becoming better and better. In time you will be able to perceive and see more and more things. Yesterday it was perfect at the Ap – 2. When you were watching the sky we blinked from our ship to greet you. We love you very much and we keep our fingers crossed for you in work for Creator.

                                                                    This was transmitted to you by Ptaah, your friend.”



“Now I Ingrid, from 9th dimension, am joining. I love you very much, dear Soty, the way you are and the way you work. You are becoming more perceptive and sensitive and this gives you many possibilities. Increased number of helices and opening of chakkras will give you more abilities. Now you have 6 helices, as I mentioned before. Once you let Light enter into you, there is no way back. It is a wonderful condition, you will understand to the sense of Creation and life. We love you all very much and still try as much as until now, other MDB you will get to know with time. You are becoming more perceptive that is why try to feel me also at home.

                   I will be always with you,

                                                                 With love. Yours Ingrid.”



“Now I Jamahama am joining. Hallo dear Soty, I am happy about you. Actually I am happy about you all. You are flying so quickly on the way to Light that we are all surprised. You are merry, young people who are full of life, that is why we feel good to be with you. I am here in the room and not only me.”


Where are you exactly ?


“I am sitting next to you on the left side, over there where you put your things. Yes, you feel me, I am really here with you. You feel my warmth and that is good. In this way we can hand over each other our energies of love. Yesterday there were lots of us at the AP – 2 and also those ships were really at those places where you felt them. I stood next to you with Ashtar, Alex and Ingrid. It was wonderful when we all joined our hands, nevertheless you were feeling it yourself. We love you very much and we are with you all the time.


                                         With love Jamahama, biologist-medic and your friend.”


An hour after.


     “Dear Soty,


it is me again, your Ingrid. I can see that you have much energy and you still want to write, however, you will run out of paper soon. I love you very much. You are asking about your other MDB. As “Baby elephant” told you (Jana), it is a woman. She also longs to meet you and it will happen soon. She loves you very much and she sends you her greetings and streams of love.”


Are you here with me Inka ?


“Yes dear dear Soty, I am with you.”


Where exactly ?


“I am in front of you, you are feeling my warmth. Hana is staring at me and she is seeing me. You are my dear Soty - fighter, I know that if you were the last who could save your beautiful planet Earth, you would fight until the end. It is not needed of course, I just wanted to define your character. Have a good time.


                                                 This was transmitted to you with love by Inka or better Ingrid.”


Can I talk to Pleja ?


“Yes, dear brother I am here too. I love you very much as you have already known. If you have any questions ask me.”


Did K. get the packet ?


“Yes, she got it and she was very happy that you wrote to her. She was also happy about the message from Ashtar which you sent her. If you will keep helping her it will be good.


Where are you right now Pleja ?


“I am here with you, I am sitting next to Hanka. Yes, over there you looked before. Believe in your intuition.”


Coul you say hallo your sister Semjase ?


“Yes, of course I could but if you would like you can talk to her personaly.”


Certainly that I would like to.


“Hallo dear Soty, I Semjase am greeting you.


I am glad that you want to talk to me, I have already waited for it. I know that you know me very well from the book by Meier. When you first read it, you could not imagine that you would comunicate with me. You see, it has become true now. I am very glad my dear that it is going in this way here. It is really going in great amounts.”


Dear Semjase, have you blond hair ?


“Yes, I am dear Soty as you have known. Jana thinks that you confuse me with Asket, who is, by the way, greeting you very much but be sure of what you know. You can tell Jana that in Switzerland there in Semjase’s center of silver star, people own a stream of my blond hair that I gave to Meier, who wished it, as a present.



“I look forward the time, dear Soty, when we meet personaly. It will be wonderful and edifying but you have to wait.”


What do people from the planet Erra think of people from the Earth ?


“Everyone on the planet Erra always impatiently waits until one of us comes with news about the developing of situation on the Earth and about its inhabitants. They are enthusiastic when they heare about people like you who started working so hard that we cannot believe it. We admire your results and enthusiasm, which you are able to unertake to save your beautiful Earth, the living library of the Universe. It is a real treasure because the energy from the whole Universe concentrate here to provide you support. Present situation and state of the Earth is pointed out above all because the operation is very important. I am greeting you dear people from the planet Earth on behalf of all members of our planet Erra, our home – planet. Millions of people wait impatiently how the future events will go on that is why try to be aware of the fact that they all love you and believe in you and that they keep their fingers crossed for you. They are not just people from our planet Erra. There are lots of planets and millions of creatures, who are your mainstay and support you with their love. I am very glad dear Soty that you always turn to our dear Creator. He loves you all and it is just a matter of time when the rest of inhabitants of the Earth turn to him.Soty, tell everyone in this cottage that I am greeting them and that I love you very much.


This was transmitted to you with love by your sister and friend Semjase.”



345. Report 107.               (Received by Ivo Benda).                     16.7.1998.     10:37-10:52.

                                                                                                            Place: Mladá Boleslav.


This report follows the report made by Creator R 55.


“Now I Ashtar, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron, am joining.


Yes, dear Ivo you have excelent results and we support you all the time and we will support you in the future because it is work for people, for the planet Earth and for our Creator.


(I am pointing out this for people who doubt about this work and who are under saurians’ influence because of their bad spiritual level. It refers also to those who “communicate”, mostly with spirits and saurians – adaptor’s comment).


Now we are at the stage of getting to the media (to myself it means 1,000 hours of work on “Talks” last year and strong desire to inform people – adaptor’s comment), yes, give them this information, other possible performance will depend on Creator because He can allow it. That is the way it is and it also will be.


This was transmitted to you with love by Ashtar, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron.”


“Now I Ptaah am joining, it is true dear Ivo, we all love you and we support you in this work which you keep doing, not taking into account advice of some people who are under influence of dark forces, for people and the whole Universe with love. Yes, the number readers of “Talks” is now achieving 950 millions and it is good because 1 billion people have in their subconscious information about us Cosmic people. It is important, yes you are very happy about it, we feel it here, this our work, hard work, is rewarded with this success. Yes, dear Ivo what you have achieved is unusual, this will influence the whole Universe. We are all sending you our love and also our sisters Alena, Hljara, Irena and Semjase are greeting you. They are glad that here on the planet Earth does exist the man like you dear Ivo.


This was transmitted to you by Ptaah on behalf of all members of my Cosmic squadron from Pleiades.”



“Now I Orthon am joining. Well, dear Ivo you got over another period successfully. We, from the High council, would like to congratulate you and we wish you big success in this work for people and our beloved Creator. Yes, now the media is working with this matter, there has been much information in the press about it, yes, keep working in this way and keep your harmony. When you will be in a radio or a Tv we will be leading you so that you could feel good and this information got to a right place. All members from the High council in Petale are sending you streams of love and they wish you would see yourself the way your work influences the planet Earth and how everything changes in the dynamic way. This will be shown to you by Cosmic people in our ships, dear Ivo.


This was transmitted to you with love by Orthon, the spiritual guarantor of the Galaxy.”


Thank you dear brothers and sisters from the Universe. I love you. Ivo.


Now one of many letters which I get every day. In this way I would like to thank all people who write to me. Thank you very much. Ivo.



     Dear Ivo !


I appreciate very much that you will look into my connection. I start to be not quite confident about messages I obtain. I ask you to find out who I contact. I have such a feeling that I communicate with everyone and sometimes even with you.


I got to a blind alley with my comunication. I do not what is true and what is work of my subconscious.


One thing I know certainly: you enabled me to get to know myself and forgive myself. It is important knowledge for me and I thank you that you exist, live and give love to the world. You are very rare person for people who admire you and who look forward to your lectures. Stay the way you are and you will see Cosmic friends soon. Tell them that I send a lot of love to them.


Good-bye Ivo and Cosmic friends, I am looking forward to the lecture in Hranice. With love.

                                                                                                                                             Irena T.



     Dear people,


If your communication starts in this way, it is alright. It is the same like when a little baby learns to walk. When you receive more reports, you will be more confident. It is necessary to live in love, humility and harmony, do not let your ego or something similar swallow you, because we are all equal. Next communication will be answering to it.


Those, whose vibration worsen by means of bad thinking and behaviour, will have problemes with their communication, as it nowadays has happened to many people. Lower frequency of body also connects spirits and dark forces whose behaviour is cunning. This percentage increases with decreasing of body frequency. That is why it is difficult to recognize them at first.


Therefore it is necessary to make sure in groups of people whether some communication is right or wrong. In case of this bad sign, give up communication, concentrate on yourself and try to find a possible mistake and then try to solve it. It is not any disaster, it is necessary to look for a mistake in you !


This was given to you with love by Ivo Benda.








Telepathic contacts of young people with Cosmic friends, Light beings and beloved Creator.







We carry this message in our hearts. We are accredited by our Father – Creator and supported by his spiritual helpers and our friends from the Universe. We took this task to support everyone. We do it with love, led by heart. We love you dear people and this news is here right for you.



                                                                                                                       Olomouc group


We met not a long time ago. What put us together was an interest in a man’s soul. We know each other hardly two months and the number of our members is still changing. Almost everyone of us is in a telepathic connection with Cosmic friends and Father – Creator. We do not have any rules. What links us together is love that is why we meet. We love our planet and we can see that it is at the verge of collapse. We feel her pain. The time, when we will all have to decide whether we want to enter the New age with love or not, is coming. Both is a way of you people. These messages can open your eyes, Dear people, stop for a while and look around. Calm down and listen to yourselves. Your heart is beating fast.


                                                                                                                          Marek V.

Jana L.

Barèa V.

Radka N.

Petr L.

Iva K.

Petr S.

Jirka K.

Honza T.

Hanka K.


“Dear people, come with open hearts, the time when anybody could hurt you is blown over.

                                                                                                                     Cosmic friends.”


“You are drifting like water,

you are flying like wind,

you are shining like the sun,

you are in everything.


That is the truth about you

Friends from spaceships.”



346.  Report.                 (Received by Radka N.).             7.5.1998.                  16:00-17:00.


     “Dear Radka,


it is difficult with you people because you are not able to dispose your brain of all these useless things, which makes you worry and are not worth thinking about. Each of you is able to achieve more than he has ever thought. You just must wish it. You know it. Now you also know why you have not got a proof to make you believe in our existence. We wanted to show you the way, but we wanted it to be on the one hand more difficult but on the other hand a nicer form of human knowledge. And we made it together.


How should I imagine Creator ?


Imagine it as energy which is streaming into every being. Why should not this energy give a message to a human brain ?  Telepathic transmission is also a form of energy. I know that you imagine Creator as a white hair man, sitting on a cloud with an aura of sanctity. It is not true ans try to get rid of this image.


You are sorrounded with our love, Creator’s love and with love of your family. You know that it is pleasant feeling that’s why spread this love around you to the whole world. Many people lacks it, not only those who are important for you but others too.


Ashtar and Orthon.





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