The Differences Between

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

and The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ



On January 22, 1988, at 6:00 a.m., the word of The Lord Jesus Christ came to me, saying,


“Now is the time to begin the transmission of the next vital and the most important portion of The New Revelation. The spiritual atmosphere and condition in all worlds and universes, as well as in the Zone of Displacement, is such that it requires further clarifying explanations and elaborations regarding important spiritual issues. This portion of The New Revelation will begin with pointing out the fundamental differences existing between The Revelation of Jesus Christ as recorded by Apostle John and contained in The Holy Bible and the current New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“The very first revealed truth relates to the following fact: The content and the interpretation of all sayings of the Biblical Revelation of Jesus Christ have been completely and totally misunderstood from the very first day of their conception. All interpretations of that Revelation are hereby proclaimed false and misleading. The exception to this statement can be found in the interpretation given through Emanuel Swedenborg. Through him, one important aspect of that Revelation was interpreted properly with the inappropriate perception by Swedenborg that his interpretation contained the entire meaning of that Revelation. Let it be known now that what was revealed through Swedenborg about the content of that Revelation was only a limited aspect of the whole picture. Swedenborg was permitted to consider his interpretation as complete due to the fact that, at that time, no one was ready to know more about other aspects of that revelation. However, the aspect of that Revelation, as revealed through Swedenborg, was the very beginning of The New Revelation which is being continued in its transmission at this time. All other available interpretations of that Revelation have never been inspired by The Lord Jesus Christ directly or indirectly. Therefore, they are to be disregarded.”


“First of all, most interpreters of that Revelation assumed that all events described in it relate to the physical planet Earth and the destiny of humankind as it will unfold in the process of its history. Nothing is further from the truth than this false assumption.”


“Secondly, most so-called Christians assumed that The Revelation of Jesus Christ given through John was the final one and nothing new can be revealed any longer. And if it is revealed, it must be from a negative and misleading source. This false assumption stems from a totally misunderstood statement recorded by Apostle John in the last Chapter of The Revelation of Jesus Christ, Chapter 22, verses 18-19. It says there,”


‘“For I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds to these things, God will add to him the plagues that are written in this book; and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the Book of Life, from the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.’”


“This statement was taken literally and not spiritually. The meaning of these words relates solely to the content of the book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ. Basically, it denotes two things:”


“1. The spiritual condition of the multiverse (all infinite varieties of universes, beings and existences in Creation) at the time of that Revelation was ready to perceive, to know, to understand and to apply only that which was contained in that Revelation. If anything were to be taken out of that Revelation, it would mean spiritual deterioration and concealment of vitally important truths which were necessary to be revealed in their fullness within the spiritual limitations of that time. Anything less would mean the end of the possibility for the spiritual progression. Such an end denoted spiritual death. On the other hand, if anything were to be added to that Revelation, it would mean a premature exposure of the spiritual concepts and ideas for which no one was spiritually ready. Adding anything more than one can take or comprehend may and will result in misunderstanding, distortion, misinterpretation, perversion and ultimate spiritual profanation. This also results in the spiritual death.”


“2. The above-quoted statement does not indicate that no new revelation will be granted in the future. It limits itself only to the content of its own statements. This is obvious from the words ‘adds to these things and takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy.’ It does not speak about any other things, or any other prophecies.”


“This implies a very important spiritual rule: Each period of time is limited by its own spiritual quality, content and style of life which requires its own specific truth as revealed in The Revelation tailored to the needs of that time. This is a Principle of Accommodation. It states:”


“Any true Revelation, given by The Lord Jesus Christ, is accommodated to the spiritual quality and level of spiritual maturity of each particular and specific time.”


“The principle of spiritual progression requires that the flow of that progression be discretely cyclical. Thus, it proceeds in discrete steps. Therefore, whatever is revealed is revealed in and within each particular step. Nothing can be revealed from the succeeding step. But neither can anything be withheld that belongs to that step.”


“Otherwise that step could not manifest itself and become a necessary stepping stone for the succeeding step. In both situations it would mean spiritual regression with an ultimate spiritual death of all participants in the previous and current steps; and no further step could come to its fruition, as well. Now, this is exactly what Apostle John meant by the above-quoted words. No other meaning should be assigned to them whatsoever.”


“In this respect, one could say the same things about the current New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ: Nothing can be taken away from it and nothing is permitted to be added to it for the same reasons as explained above. But it does not mean that no other New Revelation will be given in the future after the current step in spiritual progression of the multiverse exhausts its usefulness and fulfills its purpose.”


“Thirdly, the majority of the so-called Christians, with the exception of the followers of Swedenborg’s teachings, interpret the entire content of The Revelation of Jesus Christ in The Holy Bible literally and not spiritually. They incorrectly assume that what is described there will happen literally. Again, nothing is further from the truth than such an assumption. Although some events on your planet resemble and will resemble the descriptions of that Revelation, it has no relevance to anything that literally happens on your planet. Your planet’s events are only concretizations of the consequences of events that happen elsewhere, in a different mode of being and existence.”


“The entire Revelation of Jesus Christ in The Holy Bible is written in pure symbols and correspondences. The human words are used to conceal the true meaning of the spiritual state of affairs that have no relevance to any other level of reality or pseudo-reality except as an impact and consequence of the spiritual affairs. A good example of this situation are the words used in that Revelation. Let us take the 13th verse of the 5th Chapter of The Revelation of Jesus Christ:”


“‘And every creature which is in heaven and on the earth and under the earth and such as are in the sea, and all that are in them ’”


“The words ‘heaven,’ ‘earth,’ ‘under the earth,’ ‘the sea,’ etc., are used frequently within the context and content of that Revelation.”


“Most people on your planet take these words literally, thinking of the literal heaven, literal earth, literal under the earth and literal sea. Whenever the word ‘earth’ is mentioned, everyone thinks about planet Earth. Yet, these words mean something entirely different.”


“The word ‘heaven,’ for example, denotes the entire positive state of Creation and its inhabitants in general and the most within Spiritual Mind in particular. The word ‘earth’ signifies the entire intermediate world of spirits and its inhabitants in general and the interior mind or mentality in particular. Let it be revealed now that in the spiritual world your planet is not called ‘Earth.’ Instead, it is known under the name ‘Planet Zero.’ The reason for this name is rooted in the fact that your planet occupies a peculiar position within the structure of the Totality-Of-It-All. It is a stage on which universal combat of good and evil unfolds and takes place fueled by the negative state. The word ‘Zero’ has two meanings in this connotation:“


“1. There is no worse state within the natural realm of the Totality-Of-It-All than on your planet Zero.”


“2. Only in the spiritual condition that corresponds to the mathematical Zero can full consequences of the spiritual battle of good and evil be fully manifested, exemplified and actualized.”


“Thus, mathematically speaking, planet plus One (+1), or above Zero (0), would be totally positive. Nothing of the negative state could be appropriated to it or be manifested there. Therefore, no combats of such a nature could ensue. On the other hand, planet below Zero (0), or planet minus One (-1), would be of purely negative and evil nature. Nothing of the positive state of good and truth could take hold there and be appropriated to anyone. Neither could the combat of good and evil unfold or take place on this planet.”


“The peculiarity of planet Zero (0), your planet, is even more obvious if you take into consideration the twelve general spiritual levels of being and existence within each particular cycle of time. Above Zero (0) you have plus One (+1) to plus Twelve (+12) and below Zero (0) you have minus One (-1) to minus Twelve (-12). Plus Twelve (+12) denotes the highest spiritual level one can achieve within each cycle of time and step of spiritual progression, while minus Twelve (-12) reflects the worst possible evil and profanation of truth that can occur within its own negative cycle of time and step of spiritual regression.”


“It is important to understand that each cycle of time and step of the spiritual progression or regression, respectively, has its own twelve spiritual levels. Once the twelfth level is reached in either direction (and they do occur synchronously and simultaneously), the cycle of time and step comes to its end. At this point a new cycle of time and a new step of spiritual progression takes place starting at its lowest spiritual point in the positive state or at the lowest point of evilness and profanation of truth in the negative state. However, it has to be understood that each such cycle of time and step transcends in all respects any previous cycles of time and steps.”


“Thus, the goodness and truth of the positive state will be of greater proportions of its plus One (+1) level than the plus Twelfth (+12) level of the previous cycle of time and step. The same is true about the negative state: Minus One (-1) will be much worse than minus Twelve (-12) of the previous step. Regarding the negative state, only steps apply within its continuum. The negative state is permitted to be active only within one cycle of time — the current one.”


“The distinction between cycle of time and step denotes both universal occurrences of cycles of the multiverse and each particular step of individual, local, planetary, galactic or dimensional occurrences.”


“Now, from the above-described situation, it is obvious how peculiar a position any state or place that occupies the Zero position — as your planet does — can be within this negative cycle of time and step. Anything can happen on planet Zero both in the positive and the negative sense. This is a planet of ultimate choices. This is a neutral zone where everyone and everything can mix and manifest concretely and experientially anything one wants. This is also a planet that continuously teaches everyone in the positive state what not to choose. (More on planet Zero later.)”


“From the above statement, it is obvious that in The Revelation of Jesus Christ the word ‘earth’ has no direct relevance to this planet.”


“The words ‘under the earth’ represent the entire natural world and its inhabitants in general and the external mind in particular. The words ‘in the sea’ describe the entire Zone of Displacement and its inhabitants in general and the ignorant, negative unconscious processes of the pseudo-mind of all creatures trapped in the negative state in particular.”


“So, whatever is stated in The Revelation of Jesus Christ in The Holy Bible relates solely to the spiritual affairs of the above-mentioned worlds and the sentient minds. In a general sense, that Revelation deals with the gradual spiritual deterioration taking place after the departure of Jesus Christ from your planet; devastation and betrayal of the so-called Christian religions and churches; final victory of the negative state on planet Zero and subsequent total deactivation and elimination of the negative state from the face of Creation; depopulation of the Zone of Displacement; and the ending of this cycle of time and step.”


“The description of these events is given in pure symbolism and spiritual correspondences. Not one word or dot reflects any literal meaning. This is one of the reasons why so many contradictory interpretations of that Revelation are possible and are continuously springing up and why none of them can ever be true — they derive from its literal meaning where no meaning whatsoever exists. Because it was, after all, The Revelation of Jesus Christ, only The Lord Jesus Christ can properly interpret that Revelation. Any human’s or spirit’s or angel’s or whoever’s interpretation is a totally futile venture. You are advised to disregard all such interpretations. They only contribute to the obscurity and confusion of the complexity of its issues.”


“The major differences between that Revelation and The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ can be defined in the following points (for the clarity of this discourse it is proposed to call The Revelation of Jesus Christ in The Holy Bible ‘The Old Revelation’ and what is being revealed here and in the previous books by this transmitter ‘The New Revelation’):”



“The Old Revelation, by the necessity of the spiritual state existing at that time, was written in pure correspondences and obscure symbolism. Taking into consideration what was going to happen after The First Coming of Jesus Christ, it was necessary to conceal the true meaning of the revealed truths in the obscurity of human language in order to prevent the negative state and its minions from the proper understanding of what was being said. That way, they could not interfere with the process of the works of The Divine Providence of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“Simply stated, the major concerns here were related to the security of the positive state. If the workings of The Divine Providence of The Lord Jesus Christ were known in advance, in their fullness, the forces of the negative state, through their magical and pseudo-spiritual means, could alter those workings and their own destiny. That would lead them to the eternal damnation and literal eternal death. They could also negatively influence the inhabitants of the positive state — hence, the security reasons. But, nowadays, the spiritual situation is entirely different. Recently, a tremendous spiritual shift and change occurred throughout the multiverse. The nature of that shift and change cannot be described in terms of human language, the language of planet Zero, because it lacks, in its vocabulary, any words that would even remotely approximate what this really is all about. Suffice it to say that that shift and those changes will have, and are having right now, tremendous, far reaching implications for the entire Creation and the Zone of Displacement.”


“This new spiritual situation requires an entirely different approach toward the issues that are being revealed. First of all, the obscurity and concealment of the old style in the language of correspondences is no longer required. To use human expression, the present state of the spiritual affairs on all sides requires that all cards lay open, face up, on the table where everyone can see them clearly. Whatever needs to be revealed is to be revealed in simple words with their original, literal meaning. The current time and step requires that The New Revelation be formulated in common words without any hidden and obscure meanings of symbols and correspondences. Clarity and simplicity are the key words for the next step.”


“In the process of transmission of this portion of The New Revelation, this rule will be kept in the utmost manner. However, one has to remember in what kind of world and its state this transmission is taking place. After all, present planet Zero is under the rule and dominance of the negative state. For that reason, no matter how simply and with what clarity it is conveyed to the one who functions as a transmitter, as it gradually enters the area of the negative state, it loses somewhat the original clarity and simplicity of its content.”


“You have to remember that in the negative state everything is immensely convoluted, perverted, distorted and turned into a confusing and limiting multi-complexity in order to keep people in thick darkness and ignorance. And although the transmitter of The New Revelation is protected from distortions or misinterpretations of the content and ideas of The New Revelation, nevertheless The Absolute clarity and simplicity of its ideas cannot be attained in his world. With this in mind, we can continue with the transmission.”



“The Old Revelation, in its symbolisms and correspondences, was foretelling the future development of the step initiated by The Lord Jesus Christ after His/Her Resurrection. This prediction was a necessary element for the purpose of consolation of all members of the positive state. Knowing what atrocities and abominations would take place in the realm of the Zone of Displacement and in the intermediate world of spirits, The Lord Jesus Christ prepared the entire positive state for these events, explaining the reasons why they would have to happen.“


“If such a revelation were not to be given, the entire Creation, lacking the knowledge of these reasons, would go into shock, from which it would not be able to come out. It would succumb to the negative state. In that case, the negative state would become an ultimate eternal winner. Even with such a warning and preparation (the members of the true positive state know the meaning of symbolism and correspondences and can properly interpret The Old Revelation. That knowledge is secure with them and it cannot be read out by the members of the negative state who occupy the minus position. Whatever occurs in the plus position can never enter or be understood in the minus position. However, occurrences of the minus position are clearly discernible and understood in the plus position, although they can never enter the plus position), the entire positive state came very close to the state of that shock, as it can be seen from what is said in Chapter 8, verse 1 of The Revelation of Jesus Christ in The Holy Bible:”


“‘When He opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.’”


“Opening of the seventh seal denotes revelation about the true nature of the negative state and why it was permitted to come to its adverse fruition in the first place. Silence in heaven reflects total shock of all who are in the positive state. That it lasted only for about half an hour signifies that the shock is not a fatal one but lasts until the full impact of the necessity for activation of the negative state and full manifestation of its putrid, ugly and evil nature is recognized, understood and accepted. Now, if such revelation were not available to them, they could never come out of that shock.”


“On the other hand, The New Revelation deals with the future only in a sense of the consequences and outcomes of the activation of the negative state. They are foreseen only as possibilities that may or may not materialize themselves.”


“Thus, The New Revelation does not predict the future in the same manner as the Old One did. If it did, it would be written in symbolisms and correspondences by the necessity of security, as mentioned above. Mostly however, The New Revelation deals with the current state of affairs, explaining the spiritual quality of the step within which all these events take place concurrently. It formulates the new spiritual ideas, ready to be immediately implemented in the lives of those who chose from the beginning of time and space to become such implementers. The New Revelation also clarifies the events that already have taken place, giving them proper interpretation and revealing their proper meaning and origin.”



“The transmitters of The Old Revelation (this includes not only the Apostle John but also all prophets of The Old Testament), due to the nature of that Revelation, usually were not permitted to understand any of the inner, hidden sense of what was being revealed through them. They applied it either locally, externally, to one nation or nations of the planet Zero, or they simply accepted the fact that they did not understand what was being conveyed through them. This was an agreed upon arrangement for the above-mentioned security reasons.”


“On the other hand, the nature of The New Revelation requires that its transmitter fully understands what is being said in order to make it available to all interested people. This is done for the purpose of immediate implementation of all newly revealed truths in their everyday lives.”


“The ideas of The Old Revelation, with some exceptions, could not be applied immediately because of their futuristic nature. They were to take place sometime in the future, if at all (in case different choices were being made by those who were being forewarned).”


“The ideas of The New Revelation are for exemplification and actualization as they come and at the time they come. Thus, the transmitter and the followers of The New Revelation are in the process of constant change, reflecting the continuous updates and newness of its ideas. The key words for the times of The New Revelation are mobility, flexibility, adaptability, adjustability, changeability, fluidity, diversity and versatility. The reflection of the revealed New Truths in everyday life under all conditions, with their full understanding and acceptance, and not on blind faith, as was the case with The Old Revelation — this is what makes The New Revelation so fundamentally different.”



“During the times of The Old Revelation, because of the nature of that time, no proper methodological tools were developed for verification and security checks of the ideas and their source. Everything was taken on the face value of its external manifestation. The only way anything could be verified was by the external events: If a prediction given by a prophet came through, it was judged as coming from God, or the Lord. If not, the transmitter was considered to be a false prophet. No internal verification through intuition or any other inner spiritual means was available at that time.”


“The reason for this can be found in the fact that spirituality of that time was totally externalized and ritualized. Therefore, whatever was said had to be believed blindly without asking any reasonable questions. The externalization and ritualization of spiritual principles, that also occurred after the First Coming, was foreseen by The Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, the closure of the inner sense of the Word of God, as reflected in the inspired books of The Holy Bible, had to take place. This closure is in the form of correspondences, symbolisms and representations in order to avoid the possible profanation of the Word of God and subsequent spiritual death of humankind. But, at one point, a shift was initiated by The Lord Jesus Christ from the external conceptualization of spiritual ideas and principles to a more and more internal one. The New Revelation represents this shift. Because of this nature of The New Revelation, one of its major functions is to establish ways and means of getting inward for the purpose of discovery of the true internal meaning of spiritual principles from which everything is derived.”


“This step required a development of proper methodological tools and security checks that came from within and reliance on one’s subtle inner intuition in judging whether the revealed truths are coming from the true Lord Jesus Christ or they are of the negative, deceiving source. Thus, the era of blind faith is irrevocably dead. From now on, every individual, in his/her intuition, is responsible for finding out about the verity of The New Revelation from within and not from without. This is one of the most crucial principles of The New Revelation.”



“The Old Revelation was written from the position of separation of fundamental spiritual principles. As mentioned above, the spirituality of that time was externalized and ritualized. No unifying principle can exist in the state of externalization and ritualization. The nature of externals and rituals is separation, disunion, dissension, factiousness and fractionalization. This is the negative state. For that reason, a language of correspondences and symbolisms is used in The Old Revelation in order to keep intact the unification principle in the within, while, at the same time, allow that separation in the without.“


“A good example of this separation in the literal or external sense of The Old Revelation is the way the nature of The Lord Jesus Christ is perceived. Let us take the very first verse of the First Chapter of The Revelation of Jesus Christ in The Holy Bible. It states,”


“‘The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants...’”


“or Chapter 2, verse 18, the second part of the verse,”


“‘These things says the Son of God...’”


“or Chapter 2, verse 27, the last part of the verse,”


“‘as I also have received from My Father,’”


“and so in many other places in The Holy Bible. The literal meaning of these statements is very plain and obvious: Two separate persons or entities are involved. One is Jesus Christ, or Son of God, the other is God or the Father. In the Epistles of the Apostles and in some places of The Gospels in The New Testament, the third entity is added — The Holy Spirit. Thus, we have here the proverbial Christian Trinity which separated unity, oneness, harmony and integration of One Indivisible God into three distinctly separate entities — One God — but nevertheless in the three persons. Can you visualize one body with three heads on it?”


“The ridiculousness, abomination, atrocity and danger of this separation in the literal sense was already revealed through Emanuel Swedenborg. Yet it continues to plague the so-called Christian religions with a ferocity of strains of flu viruses, resistant to any known means of cure. And if a new medication is found for its cure, the strains of the virus mutate into a new form to incorporate the nature of the new medication, thus, making it useless and ineffective in its therapeutic property. No matter what, the flu and common cold reappear again and again with even greater and more vicious symptoms and deadly complications.”


“The reason why it was necessary to speak from the position of this separation was that, at that time, no true spiritual knowledge existed about the fact that all relatedness to God or The Lord Jesus Christ had to be established from within, in one’s ‘Spiritual Mind;’ and not from without. At that time, it was assumed that the true worship or relatedness (to worship means to properly relate) to one’s God could be accomplished only by following certain externally prescribed rituals, as can be seen so nicely from the Laws of Moses in the Old Testament and Paul’s dictates in the New Testament. For important spiritual reasons, the so-called Christians conveniently disregarded what Jesus Christ said about this in The Gospel According to John, Chapter 4, verse 24,”


“‘God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.’”


“That ‘God is Spirit’ signifies that God is The Most Within (formerly called ‘The Most High’. The Most High is a spiritual correspondence of The Most Within). Spirit is The Most Within. To worship Him in spirit and truth means to worship or relate to Him from and in within. Such a worship or relatedness is possible only from and in within each individual, in his/her Spiritual Mind. The Spiritual Mind of each individual is his/her Most Within where the presence of God is and from which presence everyone lives. This is the truth of the matter. This is the worship in truth because all knowledge of the true spiritual principles can come only from within — from the presence of God in that within. In the within, no separation is possible.”


“No true worship of God is possible from any other position but from the true spiritual principles. These principles are ingrained in everyone’s most within — the Spiritual Mind. Thus, if one does not go into that within, one can never discover and know what the true spirituality and relatedness to and worship of God is all about. One can see only separate elements of the spiritual principles. Again, no unifying principle is available from the position of the without. In such a situation, it is very easy to take one spiritual element and proclaim it to be the only one, the most important one or the only one that counts. Such separation gave rise to the abomination of many religious sects, cults, pseudo-spiritual trends, psychics, false prophets, channelings, mediums, etc.”


“Due to this separation, the judgment of the betrayal of Christianity can take place only from the position of this profane separation. Thus, it is the Son of God who is seen in the literal sense of The Revelation of Jesus Christ in The Holy Bible who judges all elements of that separation.“


“The spiritual principle of this judgment is very clear: Anyone who separates, perverts, distorts, falsifies and mutilates the true unified spiritual principles brings upon oneself the judgment of that separation. Inherent in these adverse states and processes is their self-judgment and self-destruction. The Judgment of the Son of God during that period of time (as revealed in The Old Revelation) is accomplished by His sole presence. “Son of God” denotes Divine Truth of The Lord Jesus Christ. The sole presence of that Divine Truth destroys all pseudo-spiritual principles of the negative state and its efforts in separation.”


“So, whenever any element of that separation fulfills its measure, or measure of its evilness and falsification, it is subject to the judgment. The judgment occurs by a simple illumination of that element with the light of The Divine Truth of The Lord Jesus Christ. In the moment of such illumination, that element disintegrates. No other forceful actions on the part of The Lord Jesus Christ are taken in that process, as the literal sense of The Old Revelation would make one to erroneously believe. Simply stated, by turning His/Her momentary attention on that element, The Lord Jesus Christ disperses with it permanently.”


“On the other hand, The New Revelation is founded on the internal principles of the spiritual life. If one derives everything from and goes for everything into the ‘Most Within’ — the spirit — one does not need to disguise anything in correspondences and symbolism. Everything is open there. The very nature of the Most Within — The Spiritual Mind — is unification, oneness, harmony and integration. No separation is conceivable there. The literal sense of the negative state has no place in that state. Therefore, it perceives The Lord Jesus Christ as the only One God Indivisible, the true ‘Most High’ and the ‘Most Within’ who is all in all (more on the true nature of The Lord Jesus Christ will be revealed in the next Chapter).”


“Thus, in The New Revelation, one is spoken to from the position of that integral oneness. For that reason, no use of words, such as Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Son of God, Son of Man, Jesus, The Most High, Christ, Allah, Buddha, Krishna or whatever name, is permitted any longer. The use of these names or terms exhausted its usefulness and no longer has any true spiritual meaning. To continue rigidly clinging to the usage of these terms, being attracted to them after learning all these facts revealed in The New Revelation, from now on, will keep one in bondage to the negative state. It will be a sign that one is still in the negative state.”


“This statement can also be used as one of the means for security checks of those who speak under these names or whatever names. One can be assured that they are not coming from The Lord Jesus Christ.”



“In its inner sense, The Old Revelation contains a multiple meaning of the spiritual reality. It usually comprises the description of various states and processes that occur, are occurring and will occur during the entire cycle of time. This is one of the reasons why proper and timely interpretation of its content is so difficult, if not impossible. Different spiritual states and processes within this cycle of time trigger an entirely different meaning of its content and what its practical utility should be.”


“Thus, as mentioned previously in Major Ideas of The New Revelation, what was the proper and right interpretation yesterday, might not be so today; and what is proper and right today, might not be so tomorrow. This is another important reason why The Old Revelation was written in the language of correspondences and symbolism. Only this type of language can convey such infinitely multiple meanings.”


“As long as this cycle of time is in its being and existence, The Old Revelation will continue to have meaning if seen from the perspective of its inner, spiritual sense and applied from the position of its multiple meanings.”


“However, to derive any spiritual doctrine from its literal sense, as the case was up to this point, is no longer tenable. That sense has been replaced with the precepts of the current ‘New Revelation.’ Anyone who continues to do so endangers one’s spiritual life and condemns oneself to the Hells. From now on, any true spiritual trend is to derive from the principles of The New Revelation and from the inner, spiritual sense of The Old Revelation, as recorded in the inspired books of The Holy Bible. The nature of the currently established new spiritual epoch, within this cycle of time, requires that this rule be universally and multiversally applied.”


“This statement points out the nature of The New Revelation as compared to the Old One. The principles of The New Revelation are fully applicable at all levels of spiritual awareness including their literal sense. Its content is always timely, synchronous and simultaneous with everything that is happening in the entire multiverse here and no . It does not contain multiple meanings specific to each particular spiritual step within this cycle of time.”


“This new portion of The New Revelation is the same for all steps. No multiple interpretations can be given to it because it is in the state and from the state of the ‘Most Within.’ In that state there is only one way and one interpretation. The multiple ways and multiple interpretations occur only when division of and separation from the ‘Most Within’ takes place. But, one of the major purposes of The New Revelation is to bring this fact to the attention of those who are willing to listen and take heed. The shattering fact for many people on your planet will be the realization of the reality that there is no other way. It will be very difficult, if not impossible, for many to accept this fact.”


“If you are used to considering many possible ways leading to the same goal, as people are being taught from the cradle to the grave on your planet, it will not be easy at all to change this rigid view. And, yet, as of now, there is only one way, as outlined in the precepts of The New Revelation and the inner, spiritual sense of The Old Revelation. In this connotation, because of its very nature, The New Revelation, as of now, supersedes all other revelations that have been given to this point. No other source is acceptable any longer. Whoever has ears to hear this, let him/her hear.”



“The Old Revelation, due to the nature of the spiritual condition at the time of its transmission, in its literal sense, dealt primarily with the warning, judgment and condemnation of all those who refused to accept on face value the spiritual reality of the positive state. Thus, it is a lake of fire and brimstone, a bottomless pit of misery and suffering, violence and destruction, plagues and disasters and devastations. As you see, its literal sense has a very negative connotation. It is composed of fear, anguish and anxiety.”


“Notice, please, how it mostly talks about fear of God rather than Love of God. The literal meaning of the word ‘fear’ has only a negative connotation. And, although one of the major Commandments of the Two Commandments commands to love your God, that commandment is not repeated too often. Instead, it is replaced with the words ‘fear God and give glory to God,’ etc. The literal connotation of these words is obvious — tremble and shake from the wrath and jealousy of God, etc. What happened here to the positive connotation of love and goodness?”


“The problem is that The Old Revelation spoke primarily to the negative people. The nature of the negative people is such that they despise everything positive. Therefore, if you are to speak to them in the positive connotation, they will either turn their back on you, or laugh at you or pervert its meaning purposefully or will misunderstand it entirely. The only language the negative people can understand and appreciate from their current spiritual condition is the negative one. For that reason, for the sake of salvation, it was necessary to formulate the literal sense of The Old Revelation in the negative terms and concepts so that humans could hear it, understand it and be judged by it if they request to convert to the positive state.”


“On the other hand, The New Revelation describes fully the nature of the negative state, its origin, outcome and reason for its being and existence, without any aspects of its judgment. It speaks primarily to the positive people, to the positive state, giving them insight and understanding of what the negative state is all about. Many people in the positive state, up to this point, had little knowledge about the true nature of the negative state, what its origin was, why it was permitted and what its outcome would be. For that reason, this New Revelation is granted by The Lord Jesus Christ in order to rectify this situation.”


“Notice, also, that The Old Revelation has a widespread reading and acceptance on your planet (albeit only its literal sense), the reason being it speaks mainly to the negative people in their own negative, literal language. On the other hand, you can almost count on your fingers and toes how many people on your planet read, understand and accept The New Revelation — so far. You can be assured that this situation will continue for some time and only selected few individuals will be eager to study and apply it, the reason being that The New Revelation speaks to the positive people of the entire Creation about the negative state and the new spiritual principles that are being implemented in each particular step of their spiritual progression.“


“Therefore, The New Revelation has a tremendously eager acceptance in the rest of Creation. In the negative state and on planet Zero it will either be totally ignored as nonexistent or viciously attacked and condemned as misleading, coming from the negative spirits, and its transmitter considered a mentally ill, delusional person who is being misled by the devil and Satan himself who feeds him all these insane ideas.”



“The literal ideas of The Old Revelation are presented as a compelling necessity. Meaning, unless you believe and accept what is said by them and do what you are told, you will be rejected and eternally condemned. The favorite emphasis of all zealous preachers on your planet is on the words ‘ eternally condemn ’ Little choice is given in this matter. Here again the negative literal sense of the externals is used. That sense reflects the true nature of the negative state: No choice is given but to be negative. The same way the negative state perceives the positive state. It believes that people in the positive state have no choice but to be positive.”


“As mentioned in the previous portion of The New Revelation (Major Ideas of The New Revelation), to be positive by necessity and not by a free choice means to be in the negative state. There is no difference here. At the time of The Old Revelation, the spiritual condition was such, and also was foreseen to be such until The New Revelation, that freedom of choice was limited to blind faith, taking everything on its face value, by external means, through compelling miracles and commandments of God. That situation is fully reflected in the literal language of The Old Revelation. Thus, as mentioned above, conversion to the positive state from the negative state is determined more by fear of eternal condemnation than by true love of the truth and the nature of the positive state and for the sake of principles themselves.”


“The New Revelation is granted in a timely manner when everyone who wants to may really know that nothing is by necessity but only by freedom of choice. The language of The New Revelation reflects this principle through all its statements, always acknowledging people’s right to accept or to reject anything they want. It only points out that each choice bears its necessary consequences by which it is validated.“


“The only way one can truly be a part of the positive state is through the acquirement of an unconditional profound love of the truth and the nature of the positive state.”


“The New Revelation gives the description of this nature in comparison to the nature of the negative state so that everyone can know clearly and simply what one chooses. The obscurity, uncertainty and contradictions of the negative literal sense of The Old Revelation lack this clarity and simplicity. After all, it speaks from the position of the negative state where there is no clarity and simplicity.”



“As mentioned at the beginning of this Chapter, The Old Revelation deals, through the language of symbolism and correspondences, mainly with the gradual spiritual deterioration and perversions of The Divine Truth, revealed by The Lord Jesus Christ during His/Her incarnation on your planet, and betrayal and devastation of the Christian religions and churches both on your planet and particularly in the intermediate world of spirits. Also, it deals with all consequences of such devastation for the spiritual state of all concerned and involved. Because it deals primarily with the negative issues, it sounds negative and finalistic, giving an impression that, once you make a choice in either direction — positive or negative — you will be locked forever to eternity in that choice. You will never have an opportunity to change or come out of that condition.”


“Again, this conceptualization of the negative literal sense of The Old Revelation in The Holy Bible is a favorite topic of many sermons from churches’ pulpits.”


“As you see, the negative state likes to put people in the finalistic situation from which they can never come out. Preachers think that only by threat of eternal unchangeable condition can people be kept from choosing the negative state. By this attitude preachers violate the fundamental spiritual law that states that nothing can be appropriated to anyone by threat, duress and imposition. Even if they change as a result of that threat, that change is only of an external nature. Nothing is changed internally.”


“This situation explains why The Old Revelation was so much accompanied by all kinds of signs and miracles. At that time the spirituality of life was reduced to observation of external rituals. Everything was of this external nature. No internal validation existed. However, spiritual law requires that some form of validation exists.“


“Under spiritual conditions of externalization and ritualization, the only validation of any spiritual principles was possible by the externally performed great signs and miracles. The New Revelation denounces this approach. It is based on the inner or internal validation of perception, recognition and acceptance of truth for the sake of its true content and not because of any miracles.”


“Moreover, The New Revelation emphasizes the eternal freedom of choice and ability to choose. The only thing that cannot be changed eternally is the freedom of choice, to change from any condition and situation. One can never be locked in one condition or state forever by any other means but by one’s own freedom of choice. This is one of the most fundamental principles of The New Revelation that makes it so different from any other, including The Old Revelation.”


“He/she who has ears, let him/her hear what The Lord Jesus Christ reveals in this Chapter.”





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