Betrayal of Christianity



On January 27, 1988, at 6:00 a.m., the word of The Lord Jesus Christ came to me, saying,


“Now is the time to deal with the betrayal of Christianity. It has not been known until this revelation that this betrayal was foretold by The Lord Jesus Christ through His/Her interaction with the Apostle Peter. Peter of that time corresponds to and exemplifies the entire Christian movement in the process of its history.”


“In The Gospel According to Matthew, Chapter 16, verse 18, it is written,”


“‘And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.’”


“As most of you know, the word ‘Peter’ means rock. The word ‘rock’ corresponds to the spiritual truth. If the Church is built on the true spiritual truth, nothing of evils and falsities can prevail against it (‘the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it’).”


“Any proper spiritual movements, signified here by the word ‘Church,’ must be built on spiritual truth, revealed by The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“However, few people know that each correspondence has also its negative counterpart. In this case, falsified spiritual truth may and will establish a spiritual movement, or a church, which will block and oppose the genuine spiritual truth. Thus, the word ‘rock’ can have both connotations, depending on the choices the followers of the so-called ‘church’ will make. If the choice is for the genuine spiritual truth from good of the matter, ‘the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.’ However, if the choice is for falsified spiritual truth, the church is a production of the Hells and therefore the gates of Hades do not attempt to prevail over it but, instead, they support it as its own production. In either case, ‘the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.”


“Most interpreters of the above-quoted verse from Matthew erroneously concluded that, if The Lord Jesus Christ stated that on Peter — ‘rock’ — He/She will build His/Her Church, nothing adverse or negative can happen to it. This is especially true in view of the statement subsequently made that ‘the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.’ However, as mentioned above, this statement can mean either alternative. That this is so is apparent from Peter’s behavior during the time that followed immediately after that proclamation.”


“You have to understand that, by that proclamation, Peter was assigned a role of representing the entire destiny of Christianity on your planet. Once such a role is assigned to anyone, that person’s life will reflect, in the minutest details, exactly what is going to happen to the entire movement represented by that person.”


“It is not by coincidence that in the same Chapter in Matthew, just prior to the above-quoted statement of Jesus Christ, Peter confesses, saying to The Lord Jesus Christ, ‘You are the Christ, the Son of the living God’ (verse 16). Notice, please, that Peter confesses the Christ but not Jesus Christ. Here is the very first grain of the future betrayal of Christianity. The willingness to accept the divinity of The Lord Jesus Christ is limited to the most external element which was taken out of The Absolute Exterior Mind of The Most High — ‘Christ.’”


“This limitation conveys the acceptance of the natural truth but not that much of the spiritual truth and even less of the celestial truth. Moreover, it totally disregards the life of that truth — the natural, spiritual and celestial good. What do you have, if you disregard the life of any element? A dead element!”


“‘Jesus’ in this connotation, corresponds to the natural, spiritual and celestial good — the life-giver to any truth. That this is the case is clearly confirmed in a subsequent encounter that happened between Peter and Jesus Christ, described in the same Chapter, in verses 2223:”


“‘But He turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are an offense to me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but things of men.”’”


“This statement is also recorded in The Gospel According to Mark, Chapter 8, verse 33.”


“The above-quoted encounter reflects that the Christian Church, initially established by The Lord Jesus Christ, will become totally corrupt, taken over by all falsities (‘Satan.’ ‘Satan’ represents all falsifications in being and existence.) of the Hells, externalizing and suffocating the genuine spiritual truth (‘being mindful of things of men.’ ‘The things of men’ denote all external, outward rituals and preoccupation with the earthly, worldly, transient, temporary, corporeal and unimportant issues that have no true spiritual meaning and life in themselves. ‘The things of God’ signify all spiritual elements of the genuine spiritual truth, the internal, inward states that are vivified by good and love of the Divine Life). The outcome of this state of affairs is that the Christian Church, from its very beginning, with the exception of a very brief period of time (until the so-called ‘conversion’ of Paul), was taken over by the negative state and became the domain of the Hells.”


“Furthermore, it is not by a coincidence that Peter denied The Lord Jesus Christ three times during His/Her ordeal and interrogation. To emphasize the extreme importance of this betrayal, it was provided by The Divine Providence of The Lord Jesus Christ that all four Gospels in The Holy Bible meticulously record this event.”


“That Peter denied The Lord Jesus Christ three times denotes a total, complete and irrevocable rejection by the Christian Church of The Lord Jesus Christ as the only One God Indivisible. The acceptance of The Lord Jesus Christ as the only One God Indivisible, the true Most High, constitutes the genuine natural, spiritual and celestial truth (‘Christ’ — natural, ‘Jesus’ — spiritual and ‘The Lord’ — celestial truth.)”


“Moreover, it signifies that the Christian churches in varieties of their diverse doctrines will split the Person of God into three Persons in One God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) — threefold denial. As you remember, shortly before denial, The Lord Jesus Christ said to Peter, ‘Simon, Simon! Indeed, Satan has asked for you, that he may sift you as wheat’ (Luke 22:31). This is an obvious indication that the entire Christianity will be under the influence of the negative state for a long time to come.”


“The realization of this devastating denial makes the true, genuine spiritual truth, also represented by Peter, very sad and regretful. This is signified by Peter’s subsequent bitter cry and weeping.“


“But the story does not end here. It continues after resurrection of The Lord Jesus Christ. The entire last Chapter, Chapter 21 of The Gospel According to John, is devoted to this issue.”


“As you remember, Peter, with other Apostles, went fishing. The significance of this event is enormous. The recession of the entire Christian Church from the genuine spirituality, originally imparted to it by The Lord Jesus Christ, is portrayed here. As everyone knows, before Peter was called by The Lord Jesus Christ to become His/Her disciple, he was a commercial fisherman. In a spiritual correspondence, ‘a commercial fisherman’ is the one who catches and gathers seeming, external or outward natural truths and disseminates them among others. ‘Fish’ in this connotation, before Peter’s calling, signifies a seeming truth, that is to say, a truth that appears to be true but, in fact, is not. To return to this previous condition, after all direct enlightenment by The Lord Jesus Christ in the issues of the genuine spiritual truth from good, signifies regression from and betrayal of The Lord Jesus Christ. It also signifies that Christian churches will never properly understand the true meaning of The Lord Jesus Christ’s incarnation on planet Zero and the full significance of the act of resurrection itself. This is the reason why Peter decided to go back to fishing after having the knowledge and experience of The Lord Jesus Christ’s resurrection.”


“Because Peter of that time represented the entire Christianity, his return to fishing means rejection by Christianity of all spiritual truths from goods of The Lord Jesus Christ and, instead, adoption of seeming or falsified truths of the most external nature. It also means externalization and ritualization of all spiritual principles, thus, making them void and lifeless. ‘Fishing’ spiritually corresponds to this meaning (in the discussed connotation).”


“In order to emphasize even more this situation with the entire Christian movement, The Lord Jesus Christ asks Peter three times, ‘Simon, son of Jonah, do you love Me more than these?’ (verses 15-17). Notice here, please, an important fact. The Lord Jesus Christ does not address Peter as Peter — ‘the Rock,’ but as Simon, son of Jonah. ‘Peter’ or ‘rock’ corresponds to the spiritual truth of good of The Lord Jesus Christ on which any truly spiritual church is founded.”


“However, ‘Simon, son of Jonah’ corresponds to the external non-spiritual church which is void of any love and good. Lack of love and good denotes lack of any true life. It is all artificial. ‘Son of Jonah’ signifies this lack because nothing truly alive and living can stem from anything worldly, earthly, external and human.”


“‘Jonah’ was a physical father of Simon. No life can be initiated in the physical environment. However, there is an artificial life, a semblance of life into the physical condition coming from the Hells. In this respect, ‘Jonah’ also corresponds to all pseudo-spiritual principles, cunningly fabricated in the Hells and infused into ‘Simon’ — pseudo-Christian churches.”


“This clearly indicates that Christianity was built not on the ‘Peter’ principles — divine spiritual truth from good of The Lord Jesus Christ — but on the ‘Simon’ principles — falsified truths concocted in the Hells for the purpose of destruction of anything truly spiritual.”


“Thus, it is obvious that from the time of Paul’s conversion (of which we shall speak in a moment) to the present time, the so-called Christian Church (this term denotes all major Christian religions and their respective numerous sects) was founded on totally false spiritual principles.”


“That The Lord Jesus Christ asked Peter (actually Simon, son of Jonah) three times whether he loves Him/Her signifies total and complete lack of any true love to The Lord Jesus Christ in the so-called Christianity. As you know, Christianity talks about love to God, to Jesus, to Christ, to the Savior, to the Lord, to Jesus Christ, to the only begotten Son of God, etc., but there is no true acceptance of and love to the true Lord Jesus Christ. That Peter was grieved because he was asked three times the same question signifies full recognition of the true spiritual principles (that know the true spiritual church can be built only on pure love to The Lord Jesus Christ) and that Christian churches will reject The Lord Jesus Christ as the one and the only God Indivisible, The Most High.”


“Peter’s affirmative answer to The Lord Jesus Christ signifies the acknowledgment of the need to love The Lord Jesus Christ above all and above everything if the true spiritual principles are to survive and become the foundation of the spiritual Christian Church. However, that this will not be the case is indicated in verse 18 of the Chapter 21 in The Gospel According to John. It is stated there,”


“‘Most assuredly, I say to you, when you were younger, you girded yourself and walked where you wished; but when you are old, you will stretch out your hands, and another will gird you and carry you where you do not wish.’”


“The majority of people understand these words literally, thinking that The Lord Jesus Christ spoke about Peter’s physical death, as the next verse indicates. But, do not forget the important spiritual fact, that Peter represents the entire Christianity. Therefore, all events of his personal life reflected the destiny of the Christian Church.”


“In this connotation, the above-quoted statement signifies the following truth: Christianity in its beginning (‘when you were young’) is founded on the principles of freedom from any negative influences of the Hells (‘you girded yourself and walked where you wished.’) However, later on, it becomes a slave of the negative state of evils and falsities without any spiritual freedom whatsoever (‘but when you are old, you will stretch out your hands, and another will gird you and carry you where you do not wish.’)”


“No genuine truth and its good or good and its truth can be properly discerned, understood and applied in the condition of slavery to the negative state. Thus, there is no true understanding and life of the spiritual principles and The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ in any so-called Christian churches on your planet. And even though some people among you have such an understanding (particularly followers of Swedenborg’s teachings), they lack true love to The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“That this is the case can be seen from the scene, described in John 21, verses 19-22, that immediately follows after The Lord Jesus Christ stopped questioning Peter. The Lord Jesus Christ asks Peter to follow Him/Her. This request emphasizes the fact that only in following The Lord Jesus Christ can true life be found. However, when Peter saw that Apostle John also responded to that request and followed them, Peter got indignant, saying, ‘But Lord, what about this man?’ ‘John,’ in this connotation, corresponds to pure unconditional love to The Lord Jesus Christ, signified here by the words ‘the disciple whom Jesus loved... ., who also had leaned on His breast... .‘”


“This scene points out the fact that Christianity, represented here by Peter, will turn away from and will reject the true unconditional love to The Lord Jesus Christ, professing this love only with the lips as Simon, son of Jonah, did, becoming upset when he saw that only this kind of love remains forever and has any significance, as reflected in the verse 22-23 of Chapter 21,”


“‘Jesus said to him, “If I will that he remain till I come, what is that to you? You follow Me.’”

“‘Then this saying went out among the brethren that this disciple would not die.’”


“As you remember from the beginning of this Chapter, the Christian Church was supposed to be built on ‘Peter’ principle — the rock — that is, the spiritual truth. If this were the case, your planet would be in much better shape than it has been since that time. So, whatever happened to the church that claims her founder was Peter and considers Peter to be the very first Pope of that church? Is it the truth?”


“In its initial stage there is a grain of truth in this statement. However, that stage did not last too long. Shortly after it was founded, Paul came on the scene. In the spiritual connotation, relevant to this situation only, ‘Paul’ signifies perversion of the spiritual truth and its good and hate to everything truly spiritual and internal or the most within.”


“As you remember from The Acts of the Apostles , Chapter 8-9, Paul (who was called Saul at that time — ‘Saul’ corresponds to everything hellish) was persecuting or “breathing threats and murder against the disciples of The Lord...” (verse 1). He was an outright murderer. He truly hated with great passion everything that was coming from The Lord Jesus Christ. In this condition, Paul-Saul has a vision on the road to Damascus. A voice tells him, ‘Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?’ And he said, ‘Who are you, Lord?’ And the Lord said, ‘I am Jesus, who you are persecuting ’ (Chapter 9, verses 4-5).”


“Before continuing, please, note that it is not by coincidence that Paul’s name ‘Saul’ was the same as of the first king of Israel — Saul. There is a deep spiritual meaning and connection here. That Israel at the time of Judges demanded to have a king over them signifies that they rejected the divine spiritual truth from good of The Most High — Jehovah. ‘King’ corresponds to this truth. If one rejects such a king, one has no choice but to establish as the ruler of one’s life just the opposite of that — all spiritual abominations of the hellish falsities.”


“Thus, Saul was chosen as a king over Israel instead of the One King — The Lord Most High. King Saul was rejected by The Most High because no falsity can be accepted by the true positive state. Otherwise, it would cease to be positive. Instead, David was anointed as a king. But Saul, all his life, viciously sought David’s life, wanting to kill him. ‘David’ corresponds to the spiritual-natural truth of the Divine Absolute Exterior Mind of The Most High — ‘Christ.’ Thus, the word ‘David’ in The Holy Bible does not ever signify the literal King David, but the ‘Christ.’ Of course, ‘Saul’ — the hellish falsities — hates with passion any truth, especially the divine truth, as an eternal threat to its very being and existence. Therefore, it wants to murder ‘David’ — ‘Christ’ — in an effort to eliminate any access to the real truth.”


“In this connotation, Israel portrays the future Christian Church that will reject the true King — The Lord Jesus Christ — and the true spiritual divine truth as a foundation of its doctrine. Instead, it chooses Saul-Paul, making Paul’s teachings a foundation of its ‘spiritual’ doctrine and dogmas.”


“However, it was prophesied that Israel would be brought back to its land and that David would become king over them to eternity (for example, in Prophet Ezekiel, Chapter 37, the entire Chapter, and many other places in The Holy Bible), as The Lord Jesus Christ prophesied the return of Peter into His/Her fold (Luke 22:32).”


“That Israel would be brought back to its land signifies that all those who succumbed to the negative state and were thrown out into the Zone of Displacement would eventually return to the positive state (when the time is right!). That David would become king over them forever denotes that the foundation of their life will be the spiritual divine truth from its divine good in all its aspects from The Lord Jesus Christ. That ‘Simon’ (Peter) was to be sifted as wheat by Satan (‘Satan’ denotes fabrication by the Hells of all falsities in being and existence) signifies that falsities will invade the Christian Church or Christianity in general until the end of the negative state. The words ‘when you have returned to Me’ signify the conversion of all that are of ‘Simon’ principles (falsified truths) into ‘Peter’ principle — The Divine Spiritual Truth. It is Simon who betrays the Spiritual Truth. It is Peter who grieves over this betrayal and longs for his return to The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“It is not by coincidence that the earthly name of the transmitter of The New Revelation, in its present phase, is ‘Peter.’ It signifies the return to the genuine Spiritual Divine Truth of The Divine Good of The Lord Jesus Christ and restoration of the true spiritual doctrine of the Church founded originally by The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“But to go back to Saul-Paul; as you noticed, the voice which spoke to Saul on the road to Damascus identified itself as ‘Jesus:’ Not the Lord, not Christ, not Jesus Christ, not The Lord Jesus Christ, but simply ‘Jesus.’ The significance of this fact is enormous. The word ‘Jesus’ has many meanings: First of all, it represents The Absolute Interior Mind or Absolute Mentality or Absolute Soul of The Lord Jesus Christ. Secondly, it denotes The Absolute Divine Good of The Lord Jesus Christ. Thirdly, it signifies The Absolute Feminine Principle of The Lord Jesus Christ and His/Her Absolute Feelings and Affections. Fourthly, it means The Absolute Essence of The Absolute Being of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“The reason why the voice identified itself as ‘Jesus’ and not by any other name is to emphasize the evilness of the fact that murderous Saul had within himself in his zeal to destroy anything truly good and spiritual. For whatever is truly good is always spiritual. And whatever is truly spiritual is always good. This is the truth of the matter. Against this fundamental principle of The Lord Jesus Christ the frontal continuous attack of the Hells has been and will be raging, the reason being that good and love is the life of all and especially of truth.”


“Notice, please, that the word ‘Christ’ was not used by the voice. The negative state of the Hells is well aware that by attacking ‘Christ,’ even if it were to succeed, the life would continue because the life of truth — ‘Christ’ — is its good.”


“However, if you destroy good and love, you succeed in elimination of life of the positive state because, to repeat again and again, the life of truth is love and good. There is no other source of life to anything.”


“Thus, Saul was trying to persecute and murder ‘Jesus,’ but not that much ‘Christ.’ The truth — ‘Christ’ — can always be perverted, falsified and distorted without too much difficulty by the means of persuasions and negative suggestions. However, ‘good’ or ‘Jesus’ cannot be perverted because good is always good no matter what you try to do to it. You can come up with some evil acts but evil is always evil no matter what you do to it. Thus, the only thing that can be done to good is to destroy or murder it, replacing it with evil. By such a destruction, evil reign of the Hells is accomplished. As you see, evil is the destruction of good. But to destroy good is to destroy life. In succeeding in such a murderous act, the negative state’s victory is assured. Hence, the persecution of Jesus by Saul.”


“Saul is not afraid of Divine Spiritual Truth — ‘Christ.’ He has a tremendous means and inborn ability of perverting and falsifying that truth. After all, at that time and until recently, Saul has been the master of persuasions. It is the principle of ‘Jesus’ he is afraid of. He devotes all his energy and life, first directly, then indirectly to subvert, if not to destroy, this principle.”


“After his so-called conversion, this effort was indirect by his continuous attack on the feminine principle which is also ‘Jesus.’ He totally distorts and falsifies the proper understanding of femininity and woman’s place in the hierarchy of the spiritual organization. He makes woman a slave, or, at least, subservient to the male, commanding her to serve the male and keep her mouth shut. He places ‘Christ’ — the masculine principle — as the head of the Christian Church.”


“This is a perverted order of the true spiritual church. The ‘Christ’ principle, the spiritual-natural divine truth of The Lord Jesus Christ, is the foundation or the feet on which the true spiritual church stands. The ‘Jesus’ principle, or good of love, is the head and life of such a church. Paul’s concept was fully accepted by all Christians because Paul cunningly was saying that The Holy Spirit was in him.”


“In order to pretend that this is the true organization and that the ‘Saul’ principle is no longer in force, suddenly, he begins to be called Paul (Acts 13:9). In this connotation, renaming Saul means suppression of the evilness of the Hells that breathe destruction and murder against the ‘Jesus’ principle and, instead, replacing it with ‘Paul’ or external, pretentious acceptance of divine spiritual and natural truth of The Lord Jesus Christ. External and pretentious acceptance of truth is always artificial and superficial, never finding its place in one’s heart, in one’s internals.”


“Thus, although externally Paul accepted Jesus Christ as the Lord, until recently, he was not able or willing to accept Him/Her internally. Internally, he was still full of murderous intentions against anything coming from The Lord Jesus Christ. Being in externals, Paul succeeded in subverting the entire Christianity through the process of its externalization and ritualization and putting everything in an upside-down position.“


“In this respect, you have to remember the following important fact: Paul had never accepted The Lord Jesus Christ, until recently, by his own free will and choice. He was forced into this acceptance by the inevitability of the miraculous experience that happened to him on the road to Damascus. Such acts have no true spiritual meaning. Nothing can be appropriated to anyone by force or duress but only by free will and choice.”


“Thus, Paul’s acceptance of The Lord Jesus Christ was only in an outward sense, but inwardly, no change occurred. Inwardly, he continued to be Saul. Inward acceptance can be accomplished only by the freedom of choice from one’s own free will through inward discernment that it is so or not. This is a fundamental multiversal principle.”


“For that reason, once this imposition was removed from Paul, after his physical external body died, and he arrived into the spiritual world, he reverted to his inward, Saul-type condition. As you know, nothing of the external, imposed nature can be taken to or sustained in the spiritual world. The spiritual world is the state of the true inwardness or the internals.”


“Finding himself once more in his inner freedom, not bound by any external impositions and fears, Paul became again Saul and continued at the point when he was interrupted on the road to Damascus. He resumed his fiercely hateful and murderous battle against anything truly spiritual, internal and of goodness and love. The battle became an obsession with him because he resented the forceful conversion imposed on him and had a personal vendetta against The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“To a certain limited extent, this situation with Paul was already revealed through Swedenborg. But everyone who read Swedenborg and will read this book will be horrified to accept the fact that Paul-Saul used to be of such an adverse nature. But in actuality, Saul (Paul) was a very sophisticated demon of a high rank in the Hells who incarnated on your planet for the sole purpose of bringing about the fact of the betrayal of Christianity.”


“For very important spiritual reasons, he was permitted by The Lord Jesus Christ to succeed in his mission. Notice, please, that somehow Peter and other Apostles faded away and Paul took over, dominating everyone’s attention. The Acts of Apostles were supposed to be their acts but their acts turned, inadvertently, into the acts of Paul. And his Epistles became the foundation of all doctrines of various so-called Christian religions.”


“Somehow, Peter, who was supposed to be the head of the church, was removed and disappeared entirely from the scene. Yet, The Lord Jesus Christ built His/Her truly spiritual divine church on Peter’s principle and not on Paul’s. Christians, thanks to Paul, betrayed this principle. Instead, they chose the non-spiritual, external, ritualistic, ceremonial, perverting and falsifying Paul’s principle.”


“And although the Christian Church puts Peter and Paul together, in actuality, Peter never walked with Paul. Instead, Peter and John were always together. The togetherness of John and Peter represents the true foundation on which the true spiritual church is built — Love and Wisdom, Good and Truth and Positive Works and Faith. Forceful conjunction of Peter and Paul is a destructive force for any spiritual state because it signifies a pseudo-marriage of truth and falsities and absorption of that truth by the dire perversions of the Hells. Thus, by this act, the Christian Church endorses the falsified truth and its perversions as the real and genuine spiritual truth.”


“As far as a personal fate of Paul/Saul is concerned, let it be known now that he, finally, converted to the positive state by his own free will and choice at the time corresponding on your planet to March 10, 1982.”


“Paul’s conversion was a great victory for the positive state and an enormous defeat to the forces of the Hells. Presently, Paul is an ardent follower and herald, with all other Apostles of The Lord Jesus Christ, of The New Revelation throughout the entire Creation. He is an emissary of The Lord Jesus Christ to the Hells where he is able to bring out many spirits who, by their own free will and choice, want to convert to the positive state. Paul is very happy and grateful for the fact that the truth about his role in all of this is coming to full light. He is constantly present with the transmitter during the transmission from The Lord Jesus Christ of this portion of The New Revelation. He volunteered to be in charge of its immediate spread throughout the spiritual world, intermediate world and the natural world of the true Creation and in some non-physical regions of the Zone of Displacement. The conversion of Paul in his internals foretells the eventual conversion of the so-called Christianity to Peter’s principles — to The Lord Jesus Christ.“


On January 30, 1988, at 5:00 a.m., again the word of The Lord Jesus Christ came to me, saying:


“Two more issues, related to the topic of this Chapter, need to be revealed. First, on the use of terms ‘Christian,’ ‘Christianity’ and ‘Christian Church.’ Secondly, some reasons why this situation was permitted by The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“The fundamental error conceived by all Christians and readers of The Gospels is in the way the statement in Matthew 16:18 is being understood. For some reason everyone interprets this statement as though The Lord Jesus Christ meant to establish His/Her Church immediately after His/Her departure from your planet. The second error, related to this statement, is that everyone assumed that The Lord Jesus Christ meant to build His/Her Church on your physical planet as an external spiritual organization.”


“Let it be revealed now that no such meaning can be assigned to that statement. First of all, this statement in no way implies that the Church is going to be built immediately following The Lord Jesus Christ’s departure from your planet. Secondly, it does not say that such a Church will be built on the planet Zero.”


“The third error, related to the interpretation of that statement, is in an assumption by all that it was the physical Peter-person, Apostle Peter, on whom The Lord Jesus Christ intended to build His/Her Church. Nothing is further from the truth.”


“The fourth error in the interpretation of that statement is in the fact that many people assumed that by the word ‘church’ The Lord Jesus Christ meant the future external spiritual organization which was supposed to appear under the name of ‘Christianity.’ Again, nothing is further from the truth.”


“As mentioned previously, by ‘Peter’ was meant the principle of spiritual truth and its faith on which any spiritual doctrine is built. Remember, in most instances, The Lord Jesus Christ called Peter ‘Simon’ and not Peter. This was so, in order to emphasize the symbolic and correspondential representation of the word ‘Peter.’ The word ‘Church’ has never implied any external spiritual organization. Instead, it signifies the most within of every individual where the ‘Peter’ principle — spiritual truth and its faith — is implanted for the purpose of establishment of an intimate, private and personal relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“Such a relationship can never be built from the position of any external state or organization, the reason being that the function of the externals is not in initiation and origination of anything at all but, instead, in exemplification, manifestation and concretization of the original and initial ideas, states and processes, taking place in the most within Spiritual Mind, after they undergo the process of mental transformation in the interior mind.”


“Thus, nothing can take hold in the externals by themselves and in themselves. Whatever is happening in the externals is the result, consequence and outcome of the activities of the internals and interiors. For that reason, in no way can any genuine church be built on your planet which is positioned in the most external-natural degree of the Zone of Displacement. As you know, planet Zero is not even within the natural degree of the true Creation.”


“In this connotation, The Lord Jesus Christ’s statement, recorded by Matthew, Chapter 16, verse 18, must be interpreted as follows:”


“An entirely new spiritual state will be established by The Lord Jesus Christ which has never existed before, and which will stem from the unification and integration of all aspects of the Nature Of The Most High, after It incorporates within Itself the physical body of The Lord Jesus Christ. The process of this incorporation was described in Chapter Two of this book. Since such a spiritual conceptualization of God has never existed before, no true unification of the Spiritual Mind, interior mind and external mind could exist either. It was only potential but not actual unification.”


“As you remember, The Most High made a promise to His/Her Creation that this would be accomplished after His/Her Divine was made human, by the process of previously described hybridization, and His/Her human made Divine. This process, in its totality, had not been completed until recently.”


“Therefore, no such Church could have been built until recently. But because any building needs to be initiated and accomplished in the most within state first, that Church must be established in the spiritual world of Heavens first; then in the intermediate world of spirits second; and then in the physical world of the true Creation third. Once such a Church is established in all these worlds, then and only then something can be done about the situation in and of the Zone of Displacement.”


“Now, the building of that Church does not mean in any way and manner an establishment of some kind of external organization, as you have it on your planet. What it means is the restructuring, rebuilding, transforming into and endowing first everyone’s Spiritual Mind, second, the interior mind and, finally, the exterior mind with the new likeness and image of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“The new Absolute State of The Lord Jesus Christ, formerly of The Most High, requires an establishment of the new, hitherto unknown and impossible, relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ. In order to make such a relationship possible (and to have such a relationship is the matter of one’s spiritual life and death), everyone subjects himself/ herself to this new process of spiritual transformation throughout the entire Creation and its multiverse. This process is going on right now, everywhere in The Lord Jesus Christ’s Creation. In the ultimate sense, ‘Peter’ principle corresponds to the content of this most fundamental and vital event that has ever been initiated since the Creation came into its being and existence.”


“Thus, in this connotation, ‘Peter’ means the new spiritual state in Creation which is a consequence of The Lord Jesus Christ becoming in actuality and factuality the true One Indivisible God Most High by the process described in Chapter Two of this book.”


“‘My church’ means endowment of the new spirituality into everyone’s Spiritual Mind for the purpose of unification with The Lord Jesus Christ so that everyone’s most within, and from it, everyone’s interior and exterior, becomes a sanctuary of The Lord Jesus Christ for establishment of the most private, personal and intimate relationship with Him/Her. Such a relationship will have a tremendous transformative effect. As a consequence, every sentient entity will acquire a totally new self-concept, self-image and self-identity which has not been conceived until this time. And this is what is meant by establishing or building ‘My church.’”


“Thus, as you can see, the establishment of this new spiritual condition was indicated by The Lord Jesus Christ at the time of His/Her stay on your planet. It related to the present time and not to the time after His/Her departure from planet Zero. ‘Peter’ does not mean Apostle Peter literally. ‘Church’ does not mean a physical external organization of any kind, and establishment of this church does not mean it will be established on your planet.”


“What was established on this planet, instead, is called ‘Christianity,’ or ‘Christian Church’ — an external ‘spiritual’ and political organization which dominates its followers.”


“As you remember, the name ‘Christians’ came about in Antioch (see The Acts of Apostles, Chapter 11, verse 26 in The Holy Bible). This name was assigned to the followers of Saul’s (Paul’s) teaching, after he taught in Antioch for a whole year. This term was initiated from the externals. Subsequently, it was adopted by the entire humankind. Since that time it signifies everyone who confesses to be the follower of a Christ’s (actually Paul’s) teachings.”


“The term ‘Christian,’ ‘Christianity’ or ‘Christian Church’ reflects the state of separation of the element of The Absolute External Mind of The Most High which was utilized in the process of conception of Jesus Christ in Mary’s womb. It does not contain anything from The Absolute Interior Mind — ‘Jesus’ — and even less from The Absolute Spiritual Mind — ‘The Lord.’”


“This name was permitted to be used not by a coincidence. It was adopted in order to reflect the falsified, isolated and separated truth and betrayal of the true Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ by the entire Christian World. The total inadequacy of the content and meaning of this word is obvious at the first glance. The truth — ‘Christ’ — is confessed, but the good — ‘Jesus’ — which constitutes life of that truth, and the spiritual marriage of Love and Wisdom, Good and Truth, Positive Works and Faith, etc., and — ‘The Lord’ — which constitutes the foundation of the true spirituality or church, are rejected and betrayed to the negative state.”


“The unification of that truth — ‘Christ’ — to the good — ‘Jesus’ — and to The Absolute Essence and Substance of God Most High — ‘The Lord’ — is completely disregarded. Instead, forceful and violent separation is maintained until this time. This is ‘Saul/Paul’ principle but not ‘Peter’ principle.”


“The Lord Jesus Christ has never built any church, any state, anything for that matter, on such a perverted principle — the principle of separation. The separation was an interim state, during The Lord Jesus Christ’s life on planet Zero, until the process of divinization, called in The Gospels glorification, was completed. At that time, the reunification occurred and the new spiritual state had begun to be developed. This process has been completed just recently after the physical body of The Lord Jesus Christ was fused into the totality of The Most High, becoming The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“For this reason, the words ‘Christian,’ ‘Christianity,’ ‘Christian Church,’ etc., as of now, mean falsification of truth regarding the true Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, to call yourselves ‘Christians’ is no longer appropriate and desirable. As of now, you are advised to call yourselves, if you choose so by your own free will and choice, the followers of The Lord Jesus Christ. Say, ‘I am a follower of The Lord Jesus Christ,’ instead of, ‘I am a Christian.’”


“Proclaiming to be a Christian means admitting to be in falsities. The Lord Jesus Christ of the present state is not the same as professed by Christians. Their Jesus Christ is a conglomeration of inventions of Saul/Paul and all the so-called Fathers of the Christian Church who further perverted and distorted the proper conceptualization and understanding of the true Nature Of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“And although to say the words ‘I am a follower of The Lord Jesus Christ’ is much more cumbersome from the standpoint of your language requirements than to say ‘I am a Christian,’ nevertheless, it is the truth. Please, in dealing with spiritual issues, disregard any concerns for grammatical and structural rules of human language. They are of the negative origin.”


“As far as the other religions on your planet are concerned, their total falsification and perversion was completed either at the time of The Lord Jesus Christ’s First Coming or in the process of their development and establishment. Whatever spiritual and natural truths they contained within themselves, they were extracted from them by The Lord Jesus Christ either at that time or later on, in the process of transmission of this New Revelation. They all are now incorporated in the principles of The New Revelation.”


“At the present time, all these religions have no meaning and significance other than being of the negative origin, keeping people in slavery and bondage to the negative state. Nowadays, no exception to this rule exists. Their existence outlived its usefulness and, for all practical purposes, religions are dead and void of any true spiritual life.“


“Subsequent to the completion of the process of fusion of Jesus Christ’s physical body into the totality of The Most High’s Absolute Nature, and The Most High becoming The Lord Jesus Christ, a totally new spiritual state came into its being and existence.”


“This new spiritual state made all existing religions, existing up to that time, totally and completely obsolete and unnecessary, unless they choose to switch to The New Revelation. Otherwise, their nature becomes reactionary, opposing everything new and different from their own belief system, and especially opposing The New Revelation. They became the major tool in the hands of the negative state in their spiritual war against the positive state and, particularly, against the new spirituality and the proper conceptualization of the true Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“Beware, please, that, as of now, the major thrust of this spiritual war will be directed against the proper understanding and acceptance of the true Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, as revealed in this book. The old religions on your planet will serve this purpose very effectively. As you know, most of them do not recognize The Lord Jesus Christ at all, and those who do have a falsified and totally inappropriate understanding of His/Her Nature. The most ardent enemies of The Lord Jesus Christ, as conceptualized here, will be, of course, the so-called Christians and, particularly, the so-called newborn Christians. You are hereby warned that such will be the case.”


“In conclusion of this Chapter, some important reasons will be revealed why all these things, described in this Chapter, were permitted to take place. Some of these reasons were already revealed in general terms in Chapter IX of Major Ideas of The New Revelation, pages 124145. The reader is advised to refresh his/her memory by rereading that Chapter, or reading it first, if such reading has not taken place so far, before continuing with what follows.”



“As was revealed in that Chapter, the purpose of The Lord Jesus Christ’s First Coming was not the elimination of the negative state. Thus, most people missed the true meaning of that Coming.”


“In actuality, let it be known now that one of the many major reasons for the First Coming was to set up a stage for the full exposure of the true nature of the negative state. That nature cannot be exposed by a simple denial of God’s existence, as the atheistic philosophers of the Hells and their scientific minions have been trying to prove. It is only one of the many less important ways by which the negative state operates.”


“Everybody knows that the negative state hates God, in this case, The Lord Jesus Christ, and, therefore, desires nothing more than to convince people that God does not exist and that the story of The Lord Jesus Christ’s life on your planet is a myth or that He/She was only a regular human being, maybe enlightened, but, nevertheless, not too much different from any other humans and that there was no divinity in Him/Her. This is too easy.”


“However, very few people are willing to accept the fact that the Hells fabricate many various religions and spiritualistic movements through and by which they misdirect people into a falsified spirituality, making them loyal members of the Hells under the favorite disguise of serving God or in the name of God. Now, this is much more difficult to accept, but, the true cunning nature of the negative state can come to the surface in a much more pronounced manner.”


“What is even more difficult to accept is the fact that the Hells devised a way to infiltrate The Lord Jesus Christ’s earthly disciples, first in Judas, then, later on, in Paul, and established the most powerful spiritual, cultural, social, religious and political movement under the name of ‘Christianity’ or in the name of Christ, professing that they worship the Lord Jesus, or the Lord Christ, or even The Lord Jesus Christ (as a Son of God and not in the sense of the present conceptualization of His/Her true Nature).”


“Of course, their original weapon was in the form of Judas Iscariot. But he committed suicide and by that act failed miserably in his mission. No other Apostle was willing to betray his Heavenly Teacher. Peter’s personal betrayal, apart from the correspondential significance of that betrayal, as explained at the beginning of this Chapter, did not last long. The same day he betrayed The Lord Jesus Christ, he felt very sorry, then repented. Therefore, he was of no use to the negative state afterwards. The negative state had high hopes in Peter’s personal betrayal but was bitterly disappointed over his repentance and return to The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“But the negative state, although a fool, is not stupid. It had some reserves. One of these reserves was Saul/Paul. As mentioned above, Saul/Paul was a physical incarnation of a very shrewd demon whose initial mission was to block the activities of the Apostles. However, as all other human resources of the negative state failed in this respect, his mission was changed and he was to infiltrate the ranks of the Apostles and establish a church in the name of Christ which would totally and completely corrupt its followers and which would successfully block for millennia people’s understanding of the true Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“If one does not have a proper understanding of this nature, one cannot build and derive proper spiritual principles, doctrines and a style of life consistent with such a nature. And because one’s destiny and position depends on this most important factor, by identifying oneself with these inappropriate and falsified spiritual concepts, one, inadvertently, condemns oneself to the Hells or, at least, one becomes blocked from finding the way into the positive state.”


“Now, with this kind of situation, the true nature of the negative state can best be exposed; and the learning for the entire Creation can be the most memorable and vivid. Do not forget, please, that the negative state was allowed to be activated only for one important purpose: As a learning to all of what not to choose.”


“As mentioned many times before, in the first portion of The New Revelation by this transmitter, the choice of not choosing something is as vital and as important to have as all other choices. It is impossible to make a choice of not choosing something if there is no concrete, living example of that something. And because we are dealing here with one of the most fundamental and important spiritual principles — the proper understanding of the true Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ and, subsequently, establishing a proper relationship with Him/ Her (it is impossible to establish a proper relationship with anything if there is no proper knowledge and understanding of the nature of that something) — it was only natural and necessary to permit all falsifications of the understanding of that Nature to the most extreme case (‘Christianity’), so that there would be an example of how not to conceptualize The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ and how not to relate to Him/Her.”


“The Christian Church or Christianity serves this purpose exactly. By the example of Christians, everyone in the entire Creation knows what not to choose in this respect and how not to worship The Lord Jesus Christ. Without this example, the entire Creation would be deprived of this important knowledge. Why is it so important to have this particular knowledge?“


“As mentioned previously many times, the quality of life in general and all particulars of any individual depend upon his/her relationship to his/her Creator — The Lord Jesus Christ. Since originally life was created by The Most High God, who is The Lord Jesus Christ, and since the source of true life is its Creator, the content, quality and style of anyone’s life will solely depend on what kind of attitude, stance toward and relationship with the Source of this life one takes.”


“It is only logical that this is the case. It is obvious that no one but The Absolute Lord Jesus Christ, who is life in and by Himself/Herself, can be a source of one’s life. Thus, validation of one’s life comes from establishing one’s relationship with this source. But the choice to relate in any manner and way to this Absolute Source is given to the one who is required to establish such a relationship. As you are aware, a true and meaningful relationship, or any relationship for that matter, can be established only on the basis of freedom of choice. No such relationship is possible by force or by necessity.”


“The freedom of choice is possible only when all infinite varieties and ways of choosing are available. Lack of any choice, including the negative one or rejective one, makes other choices by force or necessity. In that case, it is not a choice, but slavery. Thus, as you see, a choice of not choosing something is as important and as needed as any other choice.”


“Now, it was foreseen by The Lord God Most High, before time and space or before Creation was created, that at one point in time and space, He/She would incarnate into the Zone of Displacement and on planet Zero. From that position, later on, an entirely new conceptualization of this Lord God Most High would come to its fruition. He/She would become the fullness in the form, content, essence and substance of The Lord Jesus Christ. In the foresight of this most fundamental, vital and crucial event, the state was set up on your planet to illustrate by concrete and living examples of humans how not to relate to The Lord Jesus Christ. Christianity in its entirety became such an example.”


“For this reason, it was necessary to allow Christianity to betray The Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, instead of building a church on Peter’s principle, it was built on Saul/Paul’s principle.”


“Now all Creation knows how to properly and correctly relate to and conceptualize The Lord Jesus Christ by not falling into a trap of inappropriate choice. Once this lesson was learned, the fusion and integration of the physical body of The Lord Jesus Christ, made divine, could be completed and a totally new spiritual state could come into being and existence.”


“Any such new state, particularly if it concerns the eternal change of the very Nature of Creator Itself, requires that it is preceded by various illustrations of all possible choices which cannot be applied to that new state. The point here is to realize that any new state and condition requires a transformative change of all that will relate to this new state. It is impossible to relate to it in the old, previously appropriate manner. No proper and lasting relationship can be established by old ways and manners with anything new and different. Its nature is fundamentally different. Therefore, it requires a fundamentally different approach, hitherto unavailable and incomprehensible.”


“So, once The Lord Jesus Christ accomplished this Inner, Interior and Exterior change of His/Her Nature, and once all examples of how not to relate to this fundamentally changed Nature were learned, the process could be initiated by which all members of Creation can be led into a state of restructuring, rebuilding, renewal and transformation of their entire minds and personalities. This is needed in order to accommodate them and make it possible for them to build this new relationship to The Absolute Source of their lives — The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“As mentioned previously, this fundamental and most important process started in the spiritual world first, then in the intermediate world, and then in the natural world of the true Creation. Once it is fully completed there, the full impact of this new state will begin to be felt in the entire Zone of Displacement and, later on, on planet Zero. At this time, only very few individuals on your planet are permitted to participate in this change in order to set an example for the future impact of these events on the entire Zone of Displacement.”


“For this reason, it was stated previously that the consequences and impact of this new spiritual state — the fundamental change in conceptualization of the true Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ — will rock the foundation of the entire Creation, the Zone of Displacement and all their inhabitants for eons to come.”



“The negative state cannot be eliminated until its full nature is allowed to be manifested and come to the full awareness of all Creation and its experiences are placed in the Universality-Of-It-All or in that part of it which is called in The Holy Bible, the lake of fire and brimstone.”


“If this elimination were to come prematurely, some more hidden, and therefore more dangerous, aspects of its nature could not be exposed. Thus, only very superficial knowledge of its full nature would be available, not sufficient enough to properly answer the question of what life would be like if it is not derived from the true positive state, from The Lord Jesus Christ and from the true spiritual principles, or if it is derived from false gods and their false spiritual principles.”


“In this case, the entire Creation would be deprived of the proper knowledge of all available choices. It could not make reasonable and appropriate choices about these most fundamental spiritual issues. It would not have enough proper grounds for such a choice.”


“The full appreciation of the true nature of the positive state, which derives from the Nature of its Creator — The Lord Jesus Christ — could not be experienced if there were no comparison possible to that which is not of the positive state or from The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“Thus, it is necessary to allow the negative state to flourish to the fullest of its potentials, so that the members of the positive state can have full and complete appreciation of the fundamental differences of these two states. Now, on this kind of comparison, one can make a choice based on certainty and direct experience of what is most desirable and needed and not on what is based on force or necessity. If you have only one choice — the positive one — you have no choice at all. You are a slave of only one choice. No true relationship, based on love and reciprocity, can be built from such an imposed choice.”


“The Lord Jesus Christ is the life of the positive state. It is only natural therefore, that all comparison has to be against the life which either denies The Lord Jesus Christ entirely (such as atheists and non-Christian religions) or does not have an appropriate conceptualization of His/Her true Nature or is falsifying and distorting the proper understanding and acceptance of this Nature. Christianity and all Christian religions serve this purpose well. This is one of the reasons why they were permitted to appear.”



“In Fundamentals of Human Spirituality — the very first book of the previous portion of The New Revelation, it was revealed that your planet was assigned the role of a concrete and experiential illustration of the true nature of the negative state with some ideas of the nature of the positive state. Because of this particular position of planet Zero, it was here that the negative state was permitted to be activated and come into dominance. As you remember, the people responsible for this activation were called pseudo-creators. They became the full rulers of the Zone of Displacement, planet Zero and the entire negative state.”


“Due to the fact that the negative state was initiated in the most outward, external degree of the natural world (in the externals of the externals), and your planet occupies this position, it is on your planet that all dire consequences of that activation of the negative state have to be manifested in the only possible mode available in such an extreme external state — concrete, tangible and outward style of life of all its participants.”


“Thus, the illustration of the negative state from your level is reflected in the external organizational structure of its nature. Whatever spiritual or pseudo-spiritual ideas are transmitted to your planet, by the nature of its position, those ideas are illustrated not so much spiritually and inwardly, but, instead, in the form of some kind of external organizational endeavor.”


“Humans tend to organize around such ideas in the form of religions, societies, brotherhoods, sisterhoods, political parties, tribes, states, countries, etc. They build around those ideas all kinds of conventions, traditions, customs and rituals, the maintenance, perpetuation and upholding of which become the prevailing lifestyle of all who are part of such an organization.”


“What happens here is that the content of the ideas loses its original meaning and purpose and, instead, is replaced with those conventions, traditions and customs that must be followed, worshiped and upheld at all costs, not for the sake of the content of those ideas, but for the sake of their forms reflected in the external organizations.”


“In such a stance the spiritual requirements are supposedly being fulfilled. No internal or inward considerations are given, or, if they are, they are not prioritized but subjected to the external requirements. Such is the nature of the negative state.”


“For this reason, anything written in The Holy Bible, for example, is taken literally, despite the fact that everyone was clearly warned by The Lord Jesus Christ, at the time of His/Her earthly life, that whatever is spoken is spoken in parables and correspondences.”


“What humans continuously refuse to realize and to accept is that every word spoken by The Lord Jesus Christ, while on your planet, has no literal meaning whatsoever. Even if those sayings seem to be expressed in plain, literal language, no true literal meaning exists in them. They are never meant literally. The sole reason for this situation is in the obvious fact that no direct, truly spiritual, ideas could have been expressed and understood at that time on your planet because of its most ultimate external position.”


“Bear in mind, please, that any spiritual idea is always of the internal, inner nature. Therefore, it can be captured, taken hold of, comprehended and become the source of one’s life, only in one’s internals, in the most within Spiritual Mind.”


“But the majority of humans disregarded this important fact. As a matter of fact, one of the main thrusts of the negative state, in this respect, was to suppress or take away from people’s minds the realization of the fact that the literal sense of the sayings in The Holy Bible has no spiritual meaning and that this sense was only used to disguise the true spiritual ideas it contains. The major emphasis is always on the literal sense.”


“Some of the fundamentalist Christian religions and Mormons take pride in their abominable emphasis on taking everything literally and externally regarding what is said or written in The Holy Bible, and particularly, in The Epistles of the Apostles, and particularly of Paul. It was Paul’s role in this respect to keep people in the externals and disregard any inner spiritual meaning. Thus, Paul’s words superseded the Word of The Lord Jesus Christ who warned against such a literal conceptualization of the spiritual ideas.”


“This situation was permitted to occur in order to illustrate to the entire Creation what happens if the literal sense of The Holy Bible is taken literally and not spiritually; if an entire spiritual movement is built in the form of the Christian Church on such external premises; what kind of lifestyle comes into being and existence, based on such a falsified conceptualization; and what the outcome of human life on planet Zero is if it is derived from such an external, literal meaning. The learning here is in a permanent understanding that nothing truly spiritual and positive can be initiated in the most externals or the external mind. The external mind’s and word’s function have never been meant for such initiation. Its purpose and function is in illustration, manifestation and actualization of consequences, outcome and results of any spiritual idea initiated in the most within.”


“To remind you again, the principle here is always from within to without, never from without to within, except as a feedback of all consequences, outcomes and results of the within’s initiations. Thus, the learning here is in what happens when such a perverted, upside-down direction is taken up and becomes a dominant lifestyle of an entire planet. And because the major spiritual idea is the idea of the proper understanding of The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, it is this idea that becomes the major target of distortion by the negative state on your planet and everywhere else in the Zone of Displacement.”


“This again gives the entire Creation a notion that one should never choose to derive any meaning and purpose from something that has no meaning and purpose — the negative state and its emphasis on the literal sense. This is another reason why the betrayal of Christianity was permitted to take place on your planet.”



“As you remember from the previous chapter, the process of fusion and integration of the physical body of Jesus Christ into the totality of Divine Essence and Divine Substance of The Most High God had not been completed until recently, bringing to fruition a totally new, hitherto unknown, spiritual state and process — The Lord Jesus Christ. In actuality, this process consisted of, among many other mysterious things, internalization of all elements of that body from their state of externals.”


“The state of externals, in its ultimate sense, was the product of the negative state. Yet, nothing of the negative state can be incorporated in the state of absolutely positive. In the case of such an incorporation, the positive state would no longer be absolutely positive.”


“Therefore, it was necessary in small gradual steps to genetically, spiritually, mentally, and by all other means available only to The Lord Jesus Christ, restructure, alter, rewire and transform all these elements, and to do it in such a manner as to free them from any negative connotation, determined by their external nature, but, at the same time, preserving their ability of survival in the negative state as if they were of their own environment and origin.“


“The retention of the ability of survival is a very necessary prerequisite because it gives to The Lord Jesus Christ an opportunity to enter the negative state at any time and at any place without suffering the loss of His/Her Absolute Positive Nature and, at the same time, without annihilating the members of the negative state by His/Her sheer presence.”


“Now, the physical body of The Lord Jesus Christ has some degree of affinity to the Zone of Displacement and particularly to your planet. If the true future Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ were to have been revealed at the time shortly after His/Her resurrection and departure to the spiritual world, and well before this fusion and unification occurred, it would have been concluded that the true inner state is in actuality the external state. Therefore, no inner sense, no internal state and no true spirituality would exist. All meaning and purpose of life would be put eternally into the Zone of Displacement and its external degree.”


“Total identification with this concept would occur and no change of this concept could ever take place. Under these conditions, everyone would be doomed to eternally remain in total blindness as far as any truth is concerned. As a matter of fact, in this case, the falsities would be considered to be truth and no recession from this state would be possible. Everyone would stay locked in one condition forever.”


“If The Lord Jesus Christ were to be considered an Absolute State of Externals only, no true meaning and purpose of anything could be acquired. What it would mean is that Divinity and the totality of the previous nature of The Most High would be reduced and relinquished to the natural-external or, in an ultimate sense, to the negative state.”


“Thus, The Most High would become negative. In that case, the devastating upside-down position would eternally occur. The negative state would be considered truly the positive state and the positive state would be considered the negative state because, after all, Jesus Christ came from the positive state, giving preference to the negative state, to the point that He/She took with Himself/Herself the physical body of the negative state. Therefore, He/She loves the negative state, incorporating it into Himself/Herself and sanctifying it and using it to appear to His/Her people. To come to this conclusion means to commit an unpardonable sin. Once anyone identifies himself/herself with this abominable notion, from the position of integration of the negative state into the totality of The Lord Jesus Christ’s Nature, one is eternally condemning oneself to the negative state. In order to avoid such a possibility from ever coming to its fruition, it was provided by The Lord Jesus Christ that the true Nature of His/Her Essence and Substance, and the fate of His/Her physical body, be concealed until such time when total transformation of that body was completed and its fusion with and final integration into His/Her Absolute State had taken place.”


“Because this process happens from within to without, no incorporation of anything negative into The Absolute State can occur, as would be the case with the process from without to within. You have to realize that what is being revealed here is extremely difficult to express in your tremendously limited language and terms. You have no words in your vocabulary that can come even remotely close to an understandable description of what took place in this process.”


“Thus, it was necessary to permit the Christian movement, to use your words, to come into play, and conceive The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ as disjointed, non-unified and split into the three persons in one God — Father, Son and The Holy Spirit — and establish falsified procedures for worship of God. From the position of separation, no profanation can occur. Once you make that separation, you no longer worship a true God but something that in true reality does not exist. To worship something that does not exist means to worship nothing. Again, no profanation and unpardonable sin can be established by such a worship.”


“From this position, once the process of divinization of that body was completed and total unity was established, the process of elimination of the negative state from the within of its very being and existence could commence. All participants in the negative state can retain the opportunity to be saved by accepting this fact about The Lord Jesus Christ and submitting themselves to Him/Her for restructuring, rebuilding, renewal, healing, transformation, resurrection and endowment with the new lifestyle, congruent with The New Spiritual State. Hence the logic for permission of this situation on your planet.”



“In The Revelation of Jesus Christ through John in Chapter 10, verse 7, it is stated,”


“‘but in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel, when he is about to sound, the mystery of God would be finished, as He declared to His servants the prophets.’“


“And in Chapter 11, verse 15 of the same book, it is written,”


“‘Then the seventh angel sounded: And there were loud voices in heaven, saying, “The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever.’”


“‘In the days of the sounding of the seventh angel’ signifies when the fullness of the previous spiritual state has been completed and has exhausted its usefulness. ‘When he is about to sound’ signifies just before the next step is to be initiated. ‘The mystery of God would be finished’ means the completion of the process of fusion, integration, unification and hybridization of all elements of Jesus Christ into the totality of The Absolute Nature of The Most High and The Most High becoming the true Lord Jesus Christ with a totally new, so far, unavailable, Nature.”


“‘As He declared to His servants the prophets’ signifies as it was promised by Him/Her to the entire Creation before time and space and before activation of the negative state was permitted.”


“Notice, please, that the next step, at and after the sounding of the seventh angel, could not take place until ‘the mystery of God would be finished.’ The Lord Jesus Christ is The Absolute Example of all necessary changes that accompany continuous spiritual progression. He/She is an Absolute Prototype. He/She sets the mode, the content, the form, the means, the intensity and the extensity of these necessary changes. Thus, nothing could be accomplished of any fundamental significance which would have a profound impact on the entire Creation and the Zone of Displacement until the process described in Chapter Two of this book and foretold in The Holy Bible (the above-quoted verses) had been completed within The Most High, when The Most High became the fullness of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“This situation reflects the spiritual principle that any change must be initiated in the most within region of being and existence and subsequently spread throughout the entire Creation to its most outward circumference.”


“When a new, totally different spiritual state is to come to its fruition, it must be initiated in The Most Within of The Most Within — The God Most High. No changes can take place anywhere, especially of this kind of magnitude, until a proper set of conditions is established within the very Nature of The Most High. This is very difficult for you to envision or understand. The Change that occurred within the Nature of The Most High was the inclusion, fusion and incorporation into His/Her totality of something that was only potentially there, by the fact of that promise before time and space were created, but not in a concrete actuality. Through the physical body of Jesus Christ, The Most High assumed a totally different degree, becoming now The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“As you remember, the first step in this process was separation of the element from The Absolute External Mind — ‘Christ’ — and fusing it, by the process of hybridization, with the already fused two elements, taken out of Mary and Joseph. With subsequent fusion of the mentality from the element of The Absolute Interior Mind of The Most High — ‘Jesus’ — a New Hybrid came into being and existence — Jesus Christ.”


“The next step was to acquire a third element, taken out of The Absolute Most Within Spiritual Mind (formerly called the Inner Mind) of The Most High — ‘The Lord’ — and fuse it with the rest of that Hybrid. This process was preceded by purification, cleansing and liberation of the elements taken out of Mary and Joseph from all evils and falsities contained in them. This was done by a mysterious process of their internalization, through combat with and temptation by the negative state, into the totality of The Most High Jesus Christ.”


“This step reflects another form of hybridization. The result of it is a totally new Absolute Spiritual State — The Lord Jesus Christ. In this state, all corresponding factors to everything are established and a direct connectedness to all levels of Creation, sentient mind and the Zone of Displacement is accomplished.”


“Now The Lord Jesus Christ is directly connected not only to everyone’s most within Spiritual Mind, which was always the case anyway, but also to their interior minds, to their exterior minds and, through incorporated within Him/Her elements that came from Mary and Joseph, also to the Zone of Displacement and to pseudo-minds fabricated by the pseudo-creators.”


“This new situation puts the entire Creation into readiness to assume the next step, one of the most important, heralded by the sounding of the seventh angel.“


“‘Loud voices in heaven’ signifies everyone’s most within Spiritual Mind and the entire spiritual world of the positive state (‘heaven’), acknowledging, recognizing, understanding and accepting the fact of the New Spiritual State. ‘The kingdoms of this world’ do not mean the political countries of planet Zero, as literal sense would imply and as most Christians interpret these words. Instead, it signifies the entire intermediate world, the entire natural world and respective interior and exterior minds of everyone. That ‘they became the kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ’ signifies that they were unified within the most within Spiritual Mind, where The Lord Jesus Christ is, and with The Absolute Exterior Mind of The Lord Jesus Christ — ‘His Christ’ — that directly relates to the Zone of Displacement, all the Hells and planet Zero (your planet). Now, the entire Creation and the entire Zone of Displacement with all their elements are under the direct rule of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“Premature revelation of the meaning and content of this mystery, hidden in the literal sense of The Holy Bible, which in itself has no sense, would give to the negative state a tremendous opportunity to prepare itself for this event and complicate, if not entirely undermine, this process.”


“The only thing the negative state, as well as everyone else in the positive state and on your planet, knew was that there was some kind of tremendous mystery of God and about God. But what that mystery was about, what it was exactly related to, where, when and how it would take place — no one has known until now, since the process has been successfully completed.”


“For this reason, as this process of fusion was going on, it was permitted by The Lord Jesus Christ that tremendous distortions in the form of Christianity, and all other religions, regarding God and Jesus Christ, would come to their fruition so that no possibility of knowing what kind of mystery of God was going on could come to anyone’s mind and no fatal interference with this process could take place.”


“Thus, everyone was led to the external, literal interpretation of these statements in The Holy Bible without ever coming even remotely close to their true internal spiritual meaning.”


“This is one of the most important reasons why The Lord Jesus Christ permitted the betrayal of Christianity and of all other religions. It was a matter of utmost security, for the sake of ultimate salvation of everyone from the slavery and bondage to the negative state and for the sake of total eventual elimination of the negative state itself.”


“If the negative state were to know this secret and mystery, it would devise such atrocious and abominable means to circumvent this process that it would result in total and eternal annihilation of the entire Zone of Displacement, planet Zero and all their inhabitants.”



“As you know, one of the most fundamental privileges enjoyed by all in The Lord Jesus Christ’s Creation and in the Zone of Displacement, as well as on planet Zero, is freedom of choice. This principle gives everyone a deep sense of independence and responsibility. It is a major building block on which all relationships are constructed and structured. A truly meaningful, satisfying and fulfilling relationship can be built only from freedom of choice. This is particularly true in relationship to The Lord Jesus Christ. Being in the state of Absolute Freedom of Choice, The Lord Jesus Christ chose to create His/Her Creation; to enter the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero; to undergo all the above-mentioned processes; and to endow all sentient entities with the same crucial attribute — freedom of choice.”


“The requirement of this attribute is that every sentient entity has to relate to everyone and particularly to its Creator — The Lord Jesus Christ — on the basis of this freedom of choice. Thus, one is free to choose what relationship with, attitude, stance or behavior toward, feelings or thinking about The Lord Jesus Christ and all others one wants to establish and to have.”


“As mentioned above and in the previous books by this transmitter, one’s spiritual profile and the quality of one’s life depend upon the free choices one makes regarding The Lord Jesus Christ. This determines one’s position and place within the hierarchy of the spiritual organization of Creation. It also determines whether one is a member of the positive state or a slave of the negative state. No other factor is as important in this respect as this one. But such a placement must be by free choice and not by any other means.”


“From the above statement, it is obvious that the most important free choice of all choices one has to make is the choice to accept or to reject the true new Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. The validation of this choice, as well as any other choice, is possible only through the consequences, outcomes and results of such a choice.“


“It is impossible to have any sense of freedom of choice unless one experiences clearly the consequences, results and outcomes of this freedom. This is the responsibility part of free choice. Once the choice is made, it naturally bears its fruit.”


“As you know, all choices must be available to all for choosing. So are all consequences, results and outcomes. But how can one know what to choose if no experiential examples of the outcomes of such choices are available? The answer is by allowing certain volunteers to choose even the most negative and adverse type of choices and illustrate by their living examples all consequences, results and outcomes of these choices.”


“Planet Zero was established exactly for this purpose. On this planet The Lord Jesus Christ incarnated. Therefore, it must be on this planet that it is permitted for humans to choose to mutilate, pervert, distort and falsify anything at all, but, most importantly, the proper understanding of and relatedness to the true Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“Once this crucial choice was made by Christianity and by all other religions on your planet, the consequences, outcomes and results of such a devastating choice could be illustrated, exemplified, actualized, realized and manifested for the important spiritual learning of everyone in the entire Creation.”


“Now everyone in Creation can see very vividly and concretely what happens if one chooses distortions, falsities and perversions regarding The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. Again, as mentioned at the beginning of this Chapter, it gives them a clear choice of what not to choose. All political, economic, social, racial, religious and any other upheavals, turmoils and disasters; all illnesses, sicknesses, diseases; all crimes, miseries, sufferings and whatever you have there in such an abundance, are the sole results, consequences and outcomes of this devastating choice.”


“For many people this statement will be difficult to swallow, to use your language. But if they were to stop for only one moment and think carefully, they would clearly realize the truth of this matter. If the most important and vital choice of all choices is the choice of how to relate to The Lord Jesus Christ — one’s Creator; if the source of the true life is The Lord Jesus Christ, then, such a choice must determine all aspects of one’s life to its minutest details. This is so without any exception or exclusion.”


“People on your planet in general have a very bad habit of considering political, economic, social and similar events as having no spiritual relevance whatsoever. They think that the only relevance to this spiritual issue can be found in religion and everything directly related to worshiping God. They are unwilling to accept the most important fact that all events of life, whether of an individual or the entire humankind, or planet, or solar system, or galaxy, or universe, or multiverse, or the entire Creation, always have spiritual connotations. The spiritual ideas are the foundation of all occurring events.”


“Therefore, their content, manifestation and outcome are always determined by the spiritual attitude of those who are pursuing such ideas. Rejection or distortion of proper spiritual concepts, which are behind everything, leads to devastating consequences, as seen throughout the history of humankind on your planet.”


“But this is exactly the reason why all these things are permitted on your planet. From them, everyone in Creation can learn about the consequences of such rejections or perversions and distortions of the fundamental spiritual principles.”



“Christianity and all Christian religions, as well as all other religions on planet Zero, serve two major purposes:”


“a. As a major weapon in the hands of the negative state to sabotage and destroy all creative efforts of The Lord Jesus Christ and all members of the positive state. As you know, the best way to fight God is in the name of God, so-to-speak. Thus, the name of God or Jesus Christ is taken and put on the top of the most, if not all, hellish ideas and, in a very convincing manner, presented to the rest of Creation and the Zone of Displacement. The purpose here is to confuse people or, at least, to implant a grain of doubt in them.”


“After all, if God tells us to do something, we’d better do it or else. Notice, please, that the major appeal here is in the form of fear of punishment by eternal hellish fire. Unless one believes and obeys blindly what is demanded in the name of God or Jesus Christ, one will be irrevocably punished and condemned to burn in the fire of Hell in the most painful and vicious manner.“


“This is particularly true about the Christian religions. The preaching of fire and brimstone of the Hells is one of the most favorite pastimes of many preachers. As you see, very little love exists here but, of course, they give you a lot of fear. The entire philosophy of the Hells is founded on fear and punishment. Of course, they are implanted in the human mind from the cradle to the grave: Fear God or you will burn in the fires of the Hells to eternity. A ‘nice’ sadistic ‘god’ is worshiped by all Christians and others!”


“b. As a major means for the learning of everyone in The Lord Jesus Christ’s Creation of what happens if an attempt is made to relate to The Lord Jesus Christ not from the position of true love but from the position of fear and punishment, and if such demands are made in the name of God or Jesus Christ. And not only that, but what happens if one earnestly believes that this is the only way to relate to God? After all, the literal sense of The Holy Bible is continuously demanding that we fear God and give glory to God. This is another vivid illustration and learning for all: What happens if the statements of such books as The Holy Bible are taken literally and not correspondentially and spiritually in their inner sense? The tragedy of such a stance is enormous, as the history of bloody religious and other wars on your planet testifies. For such an important learning, all these things were permitted to come to their fruition.”



“The betrayal of Christianity was permitted by The Lord Jesus Christ for the sake of salvation of all those who have been willing perpetrators of and participants in the negative state from the very first moment of its activation to the very last moment of its existence and of those who live in all the Hells fabricated by the pseudo-creators, including the pseudo-creators themselves. This is a mystery that has not been revealed until now.”


“How does the betrayal of Christianity contribute to this process? The falsifications, distortions, mutilations and perversions of the spiritual ideas about The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ and the spiritual life in general serves as an accelerating catalyst for bringing the true nature of the negative state to the surface in its fullest and totally exhausting content.”


“One of the major reasons why it will be possible to shorten the duration of this cycle of time, in which the negative state is permitted to be activated and experienced, is because, thanks to the betrayal of Christianity, it makes possible the bringing about the end of this activation much sooner than the case would have been otherwise.”


“As you remember from before, the decisive and ultimate factor in all free choice-making efforts is the choice one makes about The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. If this is so, and it is confirmed here, by the direct Divine Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ, that it is so, then the fullness of the ugly, putrid and despicable nature of the negative state comes to its fruition in the manner the negative state conceptualizes The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ and in all consequences, results and outcomes of such a freely chosen conceptualization. After all, all other choices and their consequences, not related directly to The Lord Jesus Christ, do not give one a full understanding of what the negative state is all about. All these issues are telling you again and again how fundamentally vital it is to have a proper understanding of and relatedness to The Lord Jesus Christ and His/Her New Nature. This is the reason why the major thrust of the negative state is in making it impossible to do so by inventing all kinds of perverted ideas related to these issues.”


“Here is the paradoxical foolishness of the negative state: The more successful it is in perverting, distorting, falsifying and mutilating the spiritual ideas about the true Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ and all spiritual principles, the more vividly it exposes its true nature. By exposing its true nature, the closer it comes to its ultimate end. The betrayal of Christianity serves this purpose exactly. It has been within the Christian religions that these falsifications, perversions and distortions occurred most prominently. This is its betrayal.”


“But once the full nature of the negative state is exposed (and its ultimate exposure is possible by the way the negative state conceptualizes The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ and by the outcomes of this conceptualization), The Lord Jesus Christ, from His/ Her New Absolute Totality that incorporated, fused and included within Itself the physical body of Jesus Christ, from the very within of the negative state, may and can continue in the process of the final act of His/Her salvation of all in the negative state. This process is known under the name of the Second Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ, the topic of the next Chapter of this book. Thus, it can be seen clearly why all these things were permitted on your planet — planet Zero.”


“He/she who has ears to hear and to listen, let him/her hear and listen to what The Lord Jesus Christ revealed in this Chapter.”





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