Principles and Applications of The New Spiritual Hypnotherapy and of The Process of Going Inward



On February 5, 1988, at 6:00 a.m., the word of The Lord Jesus Christ came to me, saying,


“In order for The Second Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ to take place also in the hearts and minds of some humans on your planet, some fundamental modifications in the methods and processes of treatment by means of spiritual hypnotherapy and of going inward have to take place.”


“The changes described above, that have been taking place in the Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ and throughout the entire Creation, require that adjustments be made also with some humans on planet Zero.”


“As you know, a few years ago, with the publishing of the book Principles of Spiritual Hypnosis, the very first set of principles and rules was established for going inward, contacting one’s Inner Mind (this is what it was called at that time), converting one’s shadow and bringing out one’s spiritual advisors. Those rules and principles reflected the spiritual state of affairs existing at that time. What was revealed and practiced at that time was correct and appropriate and nothing more or different would have worked. The spiritual situation in the spiritual world was congruent to those practices.”


“But, as changes were starting to take place, in a positive sense in the positive state and in a negative sense in the negative state, further steps needed to be taken. These steps were needed in order to continuously update and modify the principles and procedures by which the process of treatment and going inward had to take place.”


“As you know, the negative state never sleeps. It learns fast. Shortly after the principles were formulated, it adjusted itself to all requirements and conditions of these principles, rules and procedures. Accordingly, it changed its face, methods and tactics. With these changes, a new set of rules and procedures for meticulous security checks was developed, as described in the books Reality, Myths & Illusions, Who Are You And Why Are You Here? and Chapter Four of Major Ideas of The New Revelation.”


“However, very soon even these new security checks became ineffective and obsolete. The members of the negative state learned all the tricks in the book, to use your language, to express this situation. At this time, there is nothing that they cannot pretend to be. There is no one they cannot simulate or pretend to be or to appear like, including The Lord Jesus Christ Himself/Herself.”


“As the changes in the positive state were taking place, so were greater degrees of infestation with more flexible and adjustable negative entities who started to appear in the life of humans during their contact with their most within Spiritual Mind and their spiritual advisors. The main reason for this infestation and penetration was to block humans from being aware of the changes taking place and, thus, to prevent them from responding to these changes by adjusting their lives and process of going inward to reflect these changes. The block was and is for the purpose of pretending that everything is fine; that no changes need to take place and that the status quo needs to be preserved.”


“By making these individuals secure in their daily practices of going inward and communicating with their spiritual advisors, the negative entities were able to block these individuals from awareness that any changes in their approach needed to take place. And not only that, but, as they were informed by you, Peter, about the need for these changes, they accused you of being taken over by the negative entities yourself. Subsequently, many of your former students and followers broke any contact with you and stopped listening to and taking heed of all warnings coming from the true Lord Jesus Christ about this situation. They are still rigidly practicing in the old, outdated and obsolete way.”


“By not changing, the gradual, almost imperceptible shift occurred toward their recession and setback from the positive state and turning in the direction of the negative state. This shift is reflected in reoccurrence of their previous non-desirable spiritual, mental and physical conditions or in joining the clan and host of pseudo-spiritual trends of the so-called ‘new age’ humans.”


“Thus, at one point, you became clearly aware that you can no longer trust anything that is coming from within and that, no matter how many different and more sophisticated security checks you perform, they do not seem to be working anymore. You lost all confidence in practicing of your spiritual hypnotherapy and in the process of going inward.”


“This is an understandable outcome when you deal with profound universal spiritual changes that have been continuously taking place since the publishing of your first book Principles of Spiritual Hypnosis.”


“Planet Zero, your planet, being in the peculiar position that it is, is always behind in time and space in responding to such changes. One of the reasons is that it is accessible equally by both the forces of the positive state and the forces of the negative state. However, this position changed recently. As the nature of the negative state needs to come to the surface more and more, to the point of its complete exposure, it is permitted to invade your work and your minds more and more. Remember, humans on your planet are the stage on which this nature is fully exposed. For the reasons mentioned in the previous Chapters, this full exposure can be initiated only on your planet.”


“Thus, the balance of equality of the accessibility of the positive and negative forces on your planet has been tilted in favor of the negative state. This situation leads to the broader and easier influence and approach of the negative entities into the human minds in comparison with the positive entities.”


“Unless in the process of going inward and during spiritual hypnotherapy, one learns to make important adjustments, one is doomed to be gradually taken over by the negative entities, pretending and appearing to be one’s true spiritual advisors, including The Lord Jesus Christ. Up to this point, it was not time yet to know what these adjustments and modifications were.”


“As you remember from the previous Chapters, all these substantial changes had to take place in the spiritual world first, or in the most within of Creation. In actuality, these changes had to be completed first within The Absolute Nature of The Most High, who became eternally the fullness of The Lord Jesus Christ. The change within Him/Her set a direction and mode for the necessary changes in all other dimensions of The Lord Jesus Christ’s Creation. Once these changes were successfully accomplished, the revelation about these states of affairs could be granted to you so that necessary changes and modifications in the procedures of going inward and spiritual hypnotherapy could be formulated.”


“The process of going inward and spiritual hypnotherapy, in their former stages, had to follow certain well-defined procedures. The major thrust was in making contact with one’s true Inner Mind or what is now called the most within Spiritual Mind; and, from that position, to initiate the work of gradual elimination of human problems and miseries acquired from the moment of the physical birth on planet Zero to the time of entrance into the treatment.”


“An important note about the change of the name from the Inner Mind to the most within Spiritual Mind. The term ‘Inner Mind’ was defined in the book Principles of Spiritual Hypnosis. The content of that definition implied an existence of spiritual reality contained in deep recesses of the human mind. In the process of any type of treatment, prior to the introduction of spiritual hypnosis, this spiritual area of the human mind was totally neglected or completely discarded. The new treatment methodology, described and formulated in that book, rectified that neglect and included, in any type of treatment, the spiritual approach. Gradually, the term ‘Inner Mind’ was taken over by other professionals in the field of hypnotherapy without any reference to the above book or to the spiritual definition of that term. Presently, everyone accepts this term but without its spiritual content.”


“Thus, the negative state successfully contaminated the principles themselves, as formulated in that book. For this reason, any evocation of the inner mind during the process of treatment, under the presently existing contaminated spiritual situation, has no longer any relevance to the true spiritual essence of the human mind. Instead, it evokes the pseudo-mind that blocks the true Spiritual Mind from coming through. In order to avoid this block, you are advised from now on to use a new term — The Most Within Spiritual Mind. This new term replaces the term ‘Inner Mind.’”


“But to go back to our topic: In the book Principles of Spiritual Hypnosis, the process of working on one’s problems was preceded by an attempt, after the contact with The Spiritual Mind, to convert one’s shadow and to bring out one’s spiritual advisors. Once the shadow was converted and the contact with the spiritual advisors was established, then and only then all necessary work on the problems of the client was done with their full engagement and help.“


“As mentioned above, at that time this was a proper approach and position. The very first step that needed to be established in those days was to bring to humans’ awareness their fundamental spiritual needs, the neglect of which was the source of most, if not all, of their problems; then, to teach them to go inward and to do everything in their lives from the position of their Spiritual Mind.”


“As you know, up to that point, such an awareness was either nonexistent or very obscure, shrouded in all kinds of mumbo-jumbo of the external rituals and ceremonies of various religions and pseudo-spiritualistic trends; and of literalization of the spiritual principles, placing the spiritual value and holiness in the tools and means for going inward themselves, rather than in the state of being inward itself.”


“The nonsense of rituals, ceremonies and literalization of means and tools in themselves is particularly reflected in the Christian Church, Yoga practices, Eastern, Oriental religious practices and in Islamic religions. In themselves, they have no spiritual meaning and value whatsoever.”


“For that reason, a methodology was revealed and established, as described in the books Principles of Spiritual Hypnosis and Intensive Spiritual Hypnotherapy (the first forty pages of this book only), that allowed humans to go inward directly without any ritualistic mediation and life-long external exercises and practices.”


“Once the first awareness of the need to do everything from the position of within, from one’s Spiritual Mind and true spiritual principles, as conveyed by one’s true spiritual advisors, was clearly established and a new lifestyle, stemming from this need, was developed, the next step was ready to be taken.”


“In this step, the full responsibility for going inward and learning the spiritual truth from one’s within was completely shifted to every individual. In order to fulfill this step, at the request of The Lord Jesus Christ, a new book was written, giving those who wished to pursue this process step by step procedures on how to go inward, contact one’s Spiritual Mind, perform various security checks and communicate with one’s spiritual advisors. This book was Who Are You And Why Are You Here?“


“Notice, please, that in these two previous steps the emphasis is on working with one’s Spiritual Mind, from the position of one’s Spiritual Mind or one’s true within, with the help of one’s converted shadow and one’s spiritual advisors. In the first step, there is no mention or even awareness to do anything about one’s interior mind and even less with one’s exterior or external mind. It is taken for granted that working with The Spiritual Mind (called at that time the Inner Mind) would automatically take care of all problems of the interior and exterior minds.”


“The incompleteness of this process was permitted and needed at that time so that humans, being in the habit of always being outside themselves, would not get stuck or bogged down forever in the interior or external level of their mind. It is repeated here that the very first step in this work is the return to the true spiritual procedures — from within to without. If full attention were to be given on working first with the external mind and then with the interior mind, it would be a procedure from without to within. This is the negative state’s procedure. Nothing truly useful can be accomplished by taking this direction.”


“Using the procedure from without to within, one would end up in a much worsened condition, a full blown share of the negative state with a sense of false security and happiness as is the case with all followers of various gurus, teachers, swamis, shamans, medicine men, ‘holy’ men and all their foolish rituals, exercises, concept of chakras, kundalini powers and whatever you have there in such an abundance.”


“However, once the need for the proper procedures from within to without were firmly established, and the individuals practicing these methods were firmly rooted in the most within level of their mind, from that position, proper and effective attention could be given to the state and condition of their interior and exterior minds and to all other factors of their minds.”


“In the first step, the mess of the negative state surrounding The Spiritual Mind needed to be cleaned up first. Only from that position, after the clean up of that mess, could one look and see clearly what could be done about the rest of the mess that surrounds the interior and external minds, respectively.“


“One of the inner spiritual meanings of the statement recorded in The Gospel According to Matthew, Chapter 7, verses 3-5, symbolically relates to this issue. It is said there:”


“‘And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘’Let me remove the speck out of your eye”; and look, a plank is in your own eye? Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye.’”


“‘To look at the speck in your brother’s eye’ is to look outside from the position of outside (from without to without). ‘But do not consider the plank in your own eye’ signifies disregard for the mess that surrounds one’s own most within Spiritual Mind. There is no clear vision of anything at all if the proper cleansing of the mess in one’s very within does not take place.”


“‘Your own eye’ signifies the very center of one’s most within Spiritual Mind. Only this Mind can see properly. But a plank was placed there by the negative state to block this vision or proper perception of spiritual reality. In order to see clearly what to do with the rest of one’s mind and life (here denoted by one’s brother), one must first remove that plank/block from the most within area of one’s total mind.”


“Hence the need for the initial step first. In the second step, reflected in the book Who Are You And Why Are You Here?, there is an attempt to go further in this respect, but still without direct reference for the need to work on one’s interior and external minds, respectively.”


“In this second step, one is advised to contact one’s Spiritual Mind first, and from that position, before converting the shadow and making contact with one’s spiritual advisors, to resolve one’s everyday, earthly type of problems first, usually of purely psychological nature (the interior mind) and physical nature (the external mind).”


“In actuality, in this process, once the contact with The Spiritual Mind was established, one was taught to ask one’s Spiritual Mind for the proper steps that needed to be taken. Does one need to convert one’s shadow first? Or bring out one’s spiritual advisors at the level of The Spiritual Mind? Or, is it more appropriate to work out one’s psychological and physical problems from the position of one’s Spiritual Mind before proceeding further?”


“In either case, all work had to be done from within to without. Different individuals had different needs and different degrees of readiness to do one or the other approach.”


“In the second step of this methodology, an elaborate system of security checks was developed that one was advised to follow strictly in order to make sure that one was in contact with one’s true Spiritual Mind and one’s true spiritual advisors. Initially, and for a brief period of time, these security checks were valid and did what they were supposed to do, eliminating any possible imposters. But, as the tremendous changes were occurring in the spiritual world and more cunning and sophisticated negative entities were allowed to enter human minds on your planet, these security checks became less and less reliable. At one point, they became useless and a laughing stock to the negative state.”


“The main reason for this situation is in the fact that, up to this point, no proper direct work was permitted to be done on the mess of the negative state that is around the interior and external minds. These levels of one’s mind now became the most reliable stronghold of the negative state, blocking any proper perception of the state of affairs at the level of the most within Spiritual Mind.”


“Before this time, the major thrust of the negative state’s attacks and blocks was directed against the most within Spiritual Mind. Hence the concentration on the work with The Spiritual Mind. As the access to The Spiritual Mind became more and more purified and cleansed from all the mess surrounding it, the negative state regrouped and shifted all its attention to the interior and external minds.”


“From this position, the negative state can accomplish two things: Whatever is conveyed to you by The Lord Jesus Christ or your true spiritual advisors from the state of your most within Spiritual Mind, or by your Spiritual Mind, is not heard and understood exactly the way it is being conveyed. You hear and understand it in accordance with your own wishful thinking or ulterior motivation or false expectations that are imposed on you from the level of your interior and/or external mind.“


“Secondly, all ideas and messages from the true within are captured on the level of your mentality — the interior mind. There they are shrouded into obscurity; they are difficult to understand; they are misinterpreted, distorted and falsified; and in that state and condition they are transmitted to the external mind. At the level of your external mind, these ideas and messages are additionally perverted to fit your external expectations and, in this totally mutilated form, they enter your conscious awareness.”


“No wonder that your messages, the way you understand them, never or very rarely agree with the reality of events of your life. You are being told something to do, and the advice sounds as if it is coming from The Lord Jesus Christ or your spiritual advisors or your most within Spiritual Mind, and yet, after you do it or follow the advice, it becomes obvious that it was the wrong thing to do. After such an experience, you become rightly disappointed, disgusted, and you lose all confidence in the process of going inward. You find yourself at a dead end.”


“In the previous steps, as described above, no proper unification of all levels of the human mind could ever occur. Such full unification was not possible to accomplish anywhere until the process of fusion and hybridization of all aspects of The Most High with the physical body of Jesus Christ was completed and The Most High became permanently and eternally The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“The attempt for unification from the old position, before this process of unification was completed within The Absolute State of The Most High, could not succeed. It would be even more dangerous because, without proper fusion of the elements of the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero, taken from Mary and Joseph, it would be a permanent unification with the negative state.”


“You have to remember very clearly that only The Lord Jesus Christ, formerly The Most High, can initiate any process in anything or anyone. First, it has to happen within The Lord Jesus Christ. After that, the rest of Creation can follow suit. Nothing can be initiated in anything by itself and in itself.”


“Thus, the inclusion of the transformed and divinized elements, taken from the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero, into the nature of The Most High — The Lord Jesus Christ — sets a precedent for the unification of the totality of being and existence. Before this unification, nothing of the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero existed within The Most High. This indicated that there was something out there totally separated from The Most High, having its own relatively independent life. Such is an implication of this situation.”


“As long as there is something out there separated from the rest of The Nature of The Most High, no true total and complete unification is possible. Any attempts to unify it prematurely, before proper preparations and steps are taken, would result in a total annihilation, not only of the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero and all their inhabitants, but also of the entire Creation.”


“However, once this process of unification within The Most High was completed, and The Most High became The Lord Jesus Christ, the steps toward unification of and with all others could be taken.”


“Therefore, the first two steps, as described above, were in preparation for the present step in the process of going inward and treating by the means of spiritual hypnotherapy.”


“Before proceeding with the discussion of the procedures for the next step, some clarifications need to be formulated.”


“There are basically two distinctly different processes here: One is the spiritual hypnotherapy proper; and the other, the process of going inward.”


“The spiritual hypnotherapy entails in its purpose the treatment of human problems by spiritual means as defined in the first 40 pages of the book Intensive Spiritual Hypnotherapy, and the books Principles of Spiritual Hypnosis and Who Are You And Why Are You Here? On the other hand, the process of going inward is the mode of maintenance of a continuous, ongoing contact with one’s spiritual reality, represented by one’s most within Spiritual Mind, one’s spiritual advisors and, most importantly, by The Lord Jesus Christ within; and doing everything from the position of within to without, thus maintaining on your disorderly planet the orderly organization of true life. It is assumed that, before one can establish this process of going inward on a regular basis, one must undergo spiritual hypnotherapy first. One is a prerequisite to the other. The process of going inward, as a consequence, becomes one’s lifestyle. This is a desirable outcome of the spiritual hypnotherapy.“


“However, it is remotely possible that some rare individuals need not take the full scale process of spiritual hypnotherapy before learning properly to go inward. But even in their case, a formal introduction to their spiritual advisors and conversion of a shadow, or acquiring positive entities in charge of their security, must be accomplished first.”


“Thus, to a certain extent, no one is excluded from some elements of the first process.”


“At this point it is necessary to warn everyone who reads these words that not too many individuals on your planet were ready to undergo the process of spiritual hypnotherapy and establish a proper contact with their inner spiritual world. Some of them who did so, for some important personal spiritual reasons, gradually reverted to their previous, non-spiritual mode of lifestyle. Others, not heeding the warning, practice it in the old style. They pollute the process with their own ideas and ideas of other false religious, spiritualistic and cultist trends of how spiritual process and spiritual life should be structured and maintained.”


“By such practice and attitude, they sold out, by their own free choice, to the negative state. They still claim practicing spiritual hypnotherapy and going inward themselves on a regular, daily basis, but this practice, without acceptance of continuous corrections of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ, became a negative one and inappropriate one. Unfortunately, they continue to use the name of the original transmitter of that methodology to attract prospective clientele.”


“Of the several original individuals who completed the process as known at that time, only very few of them remained loyal to this process, devoting their lives to following proper procedures with the willingness to submit themselves to any necessary changes in the process itself, as it is being revealed in time and space. By adopting a proper spiritual attitude, these few individuals acquired a gift of mobility, flexibility, adaptability and adjustability.”


“Now, it is possible that even out of this limited number, some might not be willing or spiritually able to accept what follows and what is being revealed in this portion of The New Revelation and to apply it in their lives.“


“But, this is a process of differentiation, separation from and establishment of true loyalties to the positive or the negative state, respectively, and commitment to follow the path of a continuous spiritual progression. After all, it is everyone’s free choice to accept and practice or to reject and not to practice everything revealed in this portion of The New Revelation, as recorded in this book.”


“Of course, based on the quality requirement of the positive state, the majority of humans on your planet were not ready to undergo this process. If, during the time while that process was in force, only few people were ready to experience it and derive some use from it, even fewer individuals there will be, for the time being, who will be willing to undergo its substantially modified version.”


“In this respect, let us establish a good policy regarding the treatment process in general:”


“The majority of humans will be able to undergo only a simple, initial phase of this process, during which their mental and/or physical problems, acquired during their earthly life, will be resolved, alleviated or considerably weakened. They will have no need to go as far as, at least, making contact with their most within Spiritual Mind. Some other individuals will be able to go to the point of contact with their most within Spiritual Mind, but nothing more. Still others will be able to go one step further and convert their shadow or shadows at the level of their Spiritual Mind. The minority of others will be ready to proceed as far as getting in contact with some of their spiritual advisors but not with all. An even lesser minority will be ready to be in contact with all their spiritual advisors but not with The Lord Jesus Christ. And yet, an even lesser minority of these individuals will be willing and ready to experience all that, including The Second Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ into their personal inner life.”


“The rest of these very few individuals, for the time being, will be able to proceed further and clean up the negative state’s mess that surrounds and encircles their interior and exterior minds, respectively, and do the subsequent unification of the levels of their most within Spiritual Mind, interior mind and exterior mind into one unified spiritual-mental-physical mind.”


“Each of the above-described steps has its place and value. Each of them serves some important spiritual purpose, regardless of whether one is or is not aware that such a purpose is being served. To the extent and degree of humans’ readiness to experience one or more steps, each step prepares them for making an important spiritual choice at the time of their Last Judgment and, most importantly, at the time of the final phase of The Second Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ. It puts them in a position, at their own level, to make a right choice which will determine their place in the overall spiritual organization of Creation.”


“In pursuing the actualization of the last available step of this process, please, bear in mind that the process will somewhat differ for those of you who already underwent the first two steps (spiritual hypnotherapy and regular going inward) and for those who have never had any experience with this methodology.”


“In the case of the experienced veterans of this process, to use your expression, it is necessary to undertake a continuation and completion of the process. Some of you have already done just that. In this case, the experience preceded the theoretical formulation of the process itself. This was necessary for security reasons. It gave no opportunity to the members of the negative state to contaminate the process because they did not know what to expect. Once the experience of some of you was established, the theoretical formulation of this process followed.”


“In the case of the newcomers to this process, a considerably modified approach needs to be taken.”


“As of now, you are advised to take the following steps (these steps are applicable for both the spiritual hypnotherapist who helps others to undergo this process and for those who will do it on their own):”



“After establishment of the state of inwardness (by the methods described in the above-mentioned three books), the very first step is the determination whether the client or you (if you do it on your own) are ready and truly willing to work on yourself by the means of this particular methodology. If the answer is affirmative, proceed with the discovery of the nature of the problems that you need to work on (if any).”


“In the new procedure, before any consistent contact with the most within Spiritual Mind, one needs to clean up the mess of impositions one acquired during one’s lifetime on planet Zero from the moment of conception to the present time. Remember, these problems now are being utilized by the negative state to block your clear and unhindered access to your most within Spiritual Mind.”


“After all, these particular problems, be they psychological or physical, were acquired from without and they took hold of the unconscious parts of your external mind. Therefore, they need to be removed from the standpoint of the unconscious processes of that particular mind. A separation needs to be made from everything that was imposed on you during your earthly life, and subsequently internalized within the sphere of the unconscious parts of the external mind, and from other aspects of your mind. These other aspects were not formed from the impositions of the external demands and social, economic, racial, cultural and religious environment. A clear distinction has to be made here because, in most instances, all such imposed and artificially induced and subsequently internalized states are of the negative origin. They are the source of the external problems.”


“In this respect, one has to follow the rule: Whatever is Caesar’s give it to Caesar, and whatever is God’s give it to God.”


“The reason why in the first two steps of this process these problems were resolved from the position of The Spiritual Mind was that, at that time, all spiritual battles were focused on and concentrated around The Spiritual Mind’s area. This battle raged on without anyone’s conscious awareness. The process of this battle was manifested in various spiritual, mental and physical symptoms of humans and no one knew how these symptoms were being acquired and why they were being maintained.”


“Thus, it was necessary to do everything from that position because fueling of human problems originated from that battle. But now, the shift was made to the interior and particularly to the external level of the human mind. All efforts of the negative state are being concentrated on these areas in order to make it very difficult to understand what it is that your Spiritual Mind and everyone in the positive state is trying to convey to you. At the same time, from this level of awareness, there is very often a successful misdirection of attention from the true Spiritual Mind to that which, in actuality, is an outgrowth of the false interior mind. In this case, people think and feel as though they are in contact with their true Spiritual Mind, while, in fact, they are in contact with something or someone else.“


“The pretentiousness of the pseudo-inner mind is of such a convincing degree and impact that it is truly very difficult to detect this deception. Again, the external psychological and physical problems are used to do this damaging work and block. For this reason, in this first step, all problems of this nature must be resolved first, before one proceeds to the next step.”


“The resolution of these problems is accomplished by certain procedures, practiced by the regular therapists and hypnotherapists. While in deep hypnotic state, one gets in contact with the client’s or one’s own unconscious mind within the external mind, and brings all forgotten, repressed and suppressed reasons behind one’s problems to one’s conscious awareness. Then, an offer is made for their resolution through the process of restructuring and building of an affective bridge between them and one’s behavior and attitude. Strong suggestions are given for changing the self-defeating behavior and lifestyle. At the same time, the client is taught self-hypnosis for the purpose of reinforcement of the new, more productive behavior patterns.”


“Here, the responsibility for feelings of well-being and its continuous maintenance is shifted onto the client from the very onset of hypnotherapy. The client becomes responsible by practicing or failing to practice the prescribed to him/her self-hypnosis. If he/she does practice it regularly, the bad habit of the old lifestyle, full of problems and miseries, will be broken and the client will feel happier and become more functional.”


“As mentioned above, the majority of people will stop at this point. However, if anyone wishes to continue with this process, the next step is to be taken.”



“Once all external factors of the acquired problems have been cleaned up, the proper contact with one’s most within Spiritual Mind must be made. From this point on, all work needs to be done from this most within to the most without position — from the position of one’s true Spiritual Mind to the position of the rest of one’s total mind.”


“After the contact with the most within Spiritual Mind is established, and you are certain, by virtue of your intuition, that you are in contact with your most within Spiritual Mind, you ask this Mind to bring to your attention all other problems (as well as corresponding spiritual factors to the psychological and/or physical problems, resolved before) which have purely spiritual connotation and origin. Now, these problems, as anything spiritual at all, cannot be dealt from any other position but from the true most within Spiritual Mind.”


“At this point, all misconceptions one has regarding God, spirituality, life, relationships, religions, Creation, etc., must be corrected, removed and replaced with the correct and appropriate ones in accordance with the ideas of The New Revelation.”


“If one is willing to accept these ideas freely, by one’s own free choice, one may proceed to the next step. If one has difficulties in accepting the ideas of The New Revelation and is unwilling to make necessary changes in one’s views, philosophies, religion, belief systems, one cannot proceed further. Should one press onward, without this acceptance, one will end up contacting the negative spirits, claiming to be The Lord Jesus Christ and one’s true spiritual advisors.”


“These imposters, in order to entrap you into their mode of pseudo-spirituality, or reinforce your own false one, can go as far as setting up for you some future events, predicting them in advance, making sure that they all will happen exactly in the predicted manner. What better way to entrap anyone is there than this? Of course, they can read out all your past life and lives in the previous dimensions and give you their rundown with good and efficient resolution of all problems related to them, offering you healing with very good and positive results.”


“Now, this kind of accomplishment is very difficult to dispute or to assign as originating from the negative state or evil spirits. However, most people very conveniently will forget that, nowadays, at the present spiritual conceptualization of the nature of The Lord Jesus Christ and His/Her New Revelation, the battle is not for anything else but to make it impossible to accept these revealed facts.”


“In order for the negative state to succeed in its efforts, it came up with a totally new approach, while at the same time continuing in its old ways of nastiness and ugliness. This new approach is an adoption of methods and tactics of the positive state: Healing, going inward, words of love and wisdom, praising and preaching God (in and by various different names) and even performing all kinds of miracles to mislead, if possible, even people who already had the experience and acceptance of the ideas of The New Revelation. This is a difficult situation for all who live on your planet. But this is all a part of an agreement and necessity for the full exposure of the true nature of the negative state.”


“How one can distinguish between true or false spiritual messages or between true and false spiritual advisors?”


“As mentioned previously on several occasions, there is no other method available at the present time but listening to the very subtle warning voice of your intuition and by carefully exploring your true intentions with which you approach these important spiritual issues and the process of going inward or spiritual hypnotherapy. Also, by earnestly asking The Lord Jesus Christ for a greater degree of love and discerning wisdom and for being endowed with very sharp intuition for recognizing these facts on time, before you fall into all traps set up by the negative state.”


“By following these procedures, you will be able to know. In addition, constantly ask for having such knowledge and, at the same time, continuously self-search, self-explore and self-examine for any possible ulterior motives and wrong intents in this and any other respect. By doing this on a regular basis, your effort will bear good fruits and you will be very sure of who is who and what is what.”


“Once the acceptance of the true Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ and all ideas of The New Revelation is assured, you may proceed with the next step.”



“In this step one is introduced to one’s spiritual mountaintop and the conversion of one’s shadows is undertaken. The basic concepts of the spiritual mountaintop and the shadow were explained in the books Principles of Spiritual Hypnosis and Who Are You And Why Are You Here? In the very initial phase of development of spiritual hypnosis, it was assumed that the shadow remains in the form it originally appears in on one’s spiritual mountaintop. Thus, it could have appeared and stayed as an animal, monster, demon, inanimate thing or as a humanoid. Very soon, after this initial conceptualization, it became clear to the author of spiritual hypnosis that the true conversion of the shadow cannot be completed unless the shadow is transfigured into the form of a man or a woman and becomes a guardian of the gates to the Hells on the level of the most within Spiritual Mind. At the same time, he or she has to be put in charge of one’s security, guarding one from the attacks and insinuations of the negative entities and imposters.“


“In this conceptualization, the shadow was transformed into a male or a female figure and became one of the spiritual advisors. Occasionally, more than one shadow would appear of either gender. But this was more an exception than the rule.”


“Please, remember, all this work is done on the level of the most within Spiritual Mind. The process of converting one’s shadows corresponds to cleaning up the mess that surrounds the most within Spiritual Mind.”


“However, at that time, no one was spiritually ready to realize that there is a male and a female shadow on each level of one’s mind who need to be dealt with and converted to the positive state.”


“It is not by coincidence that, before the negative state could be activated, it was necessary to split the original androgynous form into separate male and female forms, respectively, that later on appeared as a man and a woman in a separate stature. The unification of these crucial principles could not give an impetus for the negative state to come into being and existence. You can read more on this issue, in part one, Chapter Three of the book Fundamentals of Human Spirituality.”


“In order to maintain this separation, and thus the life of the negative state, indefinitely, male and female shadows are assigned already on the level of the most within Spiritual Mind for the purpose of causing and maintaining dissension, inequality, animosity, isolation, separation, misunderstanding, externalization and many other negative features of all principles of masculinity and femininity, respectively, within each living and breathing individual on your planet and the entire Zone of Displacement. This knowledge could not be fully available to anyone until the unification of these principles from the standpoint of the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero was completed within The Most High, now The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“Notice, please, it is not by coincidence that, in the process of hybridization and preparation for the birth of Jesus Christ on your planet, one element was used from Joseph — masculine principle — and one element from Mary — feminine principle. These two elements were fused first and then an element from The Absolute External Mind of The Most High was added to them and hybridized and fused. In this condition, they were placed in Mary’s womb, without any physical sexual intercourse, in order to raise the hybrid body for Jesus Christ. Subsequently, in gradual steps, an element from The Absolute Mentality — The Absolute Interior Mind — was placed into that hybridized body. And lastly, an element from The Absolute Spiritual Mind — the Spirit — entered that body and that mentality after considerable preparation and adjustment.”


“It would be a gross error to assume, as most Christians do, that Joseph’s sperm in no way was utilized in the birth of Jesus Christ. It was absolutely necessary to utilize it, the only difference being that Joseph had no conscious awareness that this was the case, and that Joseph did not have any physical sexual intercourse with Mary prior to the birth of Jesus Christ.”


“Without utilization of the masculine element of the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero, Jesus Christ could never accomplish His/Her mission in any respect. No unification could be done without this act. The separation of these principles of femininity and masculinity would remain to eternity and the Zone of Displacement would have to be occupied forever, giving life to the negative state indefinitely. No elimination of the negative state could ever take place. After all, the negative state is a state of separation of all principles.”


“In order to accomplish the unification of the feminine and masculine principles with regard to the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero, it was necessary to utilize both of these principles and build on them the future salvation of all who are trapped in the negative state.”


“Until the inclusion and fusion of the physical body of Jesus Christ into the totality of The Most High was completed, no awareness of the necessity to have at least two shadows with the opposite gender was feasible or possible. The shadow usually stayed non-unified with its opposite principle even after conversion.”


“This situation is a liability because it does not allow the experience of unification of the most within Spiritual Mind with the rest of one’s mind — interior and external minds, respectively. The spiritual marriage of female and male spiritual advisors represents totally different aspects of the spiritual reality than that of the former shadows. In the shadows’ case, it signifies the liberation of both masculine and feminine principles from the Hells, that is, from the negative state, and from the state of separation. This state of separation did not allow the perception of the true reality, reducing these principles to the physical, sensual and lustful level of awareness and communication.”


“The meaning of the spiritual marriage of the principles, represented by the feminine and masculine spiritual advisors within one’s most within Spiritual Mind, will be discussed in the next point.”


“Thus, in this step, both a male and a female shadow must be brought out and converted to the positive state and unified accordingly. This is not a unification of love and wisdom, good and truth, charity and faith and masculinity and femininity, as the case is with the principles represented by male and female spiritual advisors. Instead, this is a liberation of principles of masculinity and femininity from all fabrications, distortions, perversions and mutilations by the Hells and unification of energies, strength, vitalities and sexuality produced by those principles. With the unified energies these entities now are able, by the power invested in them by The Lord Jesus Christ, to guard the most within Spiritual Mind from being surrounded by all the messes of the negative state and from the pseudo-inner mind, placed in proximity to the true Spiritual Mind by the pseudo-creators and connected to the deepest, lowest Hells of the Zone of Displacement. At the same time, these converted entities become guardians of the equality and unity of all masculine and feminine principles at all levels of the human mind.”


“From now on, this will be the function of the newly unified entities, guardians of the most within Spiritual Mind. Once this process is completed, the next step can be taken.”



“Many humans will not be ready to take this step. It is a step of much higher spiritual awareness and integration. In this step, an attempt is made to bring out and make introductions to one’s primary male and female spiritual advisors and to any other spiritual advisors, if such are assigned by The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“The readiness to take this step must be established first with one’s most within Spiritual Mind. If it is determined that any prospective individual is not ready to take this step, a suggestion is given for such a readiness to develop sometime in the future — either during one’s earthly life or afterwards. And, of course, if this readiness will be established in the near future, one will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that then is the time to meet one’s true spiritual advisors. At that point one can proceed with this step.“


“If the indication is that one is ready to take this step right now, one follows the procedures for bringing out spiritual advisors as described in the book Who Are You and Why Are You Here? The difference between the procedures, described in that book, and the present requirements in this respect is in the methods of security checks. As mentioned previously, none of the so far described security checks are any longer reliable. The more appropriate security checks are described in Chapter IV of the book Major Ideas of The New Revelation, particularly pages 49-56. The reader is advised to familiarize himself/ herself with this Chapter in order to get an idea of what this is all about.”


“The subtlety of one’s intuition is the crucial point in the process of security checks. Again, it is repeated here: If there is even the slightest discomfort, uneasiness, anxiety, fear or pain, or whatever, be it spiritual, mental or physical, one is not in touch with one’s spiritual advisors. No matter what they say, how they say it, how they behave, how nice they look, if such adverse feelings are present even in the slightest, almost imperceptible degree, one is dealing with imposters.”


“In a case like this, you read them their rights and privileges, as described in the books Reality, Myths & Illusions and Who Are You And Why Are You Here? or you refer them to the special region, established for that purpose by The Lord Jesus Christ, between the Hells and the intermediate world of spirits, for processing and choice making. However, once you have established that you are dealing with the true spiritual advisors, you are to proceed, from now on, to work with them on all issues of your life.”


“The male and female spiritual advisors represent the equality, unity, oneness, harmony, integrity and spiritual conjunction or marriage of spiritual principles of femininity and masculinity, or love and wisdom, good and truth, positive works and faith, objectivity and righteousness, justice and judgment, modesty and humbleness, innocence and humility, will and reason, affections and intelligence, feelings and logic, intuition and rationality, intention and action and all other attributes, relevant to their representation.”


“They are present with you to give you a sense of these principles, helping you to be aware of them and to begin the process of unification of these principles in your life. However, the process of unification in itself is the function of the next step.“


“As far as other spiritual advisors, they may represent some more specific attributes of these or other spiritual principles, needing a greater degree of specialization and emphasis. They are brought out and introduced as needed, when needed and if needed.”


“The need for their inclusion in the process of one’s going inward or in the process of spiritual hypnotherapy can be established with the most within Spiritual Mind and with already present spiritual advisors and security officers (former shadows).”


“In the totality of this approach, on the level of the most within Spiritual Mind, one needs to establish a minimum requirement for this contact and interaction.”


“The minimum requirement, beyond which no spiritual development and integration is possible, is two converted shadows — one male and one female, one primary female spiritual advisor, one primary male spiritual advisor and one highest spiritual advisor.”


“Above these minimum requirements no limitations exist. One can have as many spiritual advisors as needed. But having less than the above-mentioned indicates spiritual non-readiness for true spiritual transformation and a new lifestyle.”


“Once this step is completed, the next step may be attempted.”


“Again, many humans will not be ready to take this step. Or they will be very reluctant to conceptualize the proper spiritual ideas related to this step. And yet, without proper completion of this step, no spiritual transformation can occur. Without this completion, one cannot proceed further. Should one proceed further, despite the fact that the upcoming step was not properly conceived and completed, one puts oneself in tremendous spiritual danger.”



“In this step an introduction to one’s Highest Spiritual Advisor — The Lord Jesus Christ — is made. This is the most crucial step in all respects. This is also the most sensitive step, security-wise. Here will be the greatest effort of all the Hells to block you from proper acceptance of the true New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. The greatest number of imposters may manifest themselves during this step. You have to be prepared to check your intuition during each step of the process of introduction to The Lord Jesus Christ. If you hear the words, such as, ‘I am Christ,’ ‘I am Jesus,’ ‘I am God,’ ‘I am The Most High,’ ‘I am The Lord,’ ‘I am Jesus Christ,’ ‘I am Jehovah,’ and similar expressions, you may be assured that you are not in contact with the true Lord Jesus Christ.”


“However, if you hear the words ‘I am The Lord Jesus Christ,’ it still does not necessarily mean that you are dealing with the true Lord Jesus Christ.”


“Here comes the discussion of The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. If you hear ‘I am the Son of God,’ ‘Son of Man’ and similar answers and proclamations, you are not in contact with the true Lord Jesus Christ. The two key words in this respect must be ‘Human Divine’ (My Divine was made human); and ‘Divine Human’ (and My human was made Divine). ‘Human Divine and Divine Human’ were unified and fused into the totality of The Most High which resulted into a totally new spiritual condition with the only acceptable name — The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“If such discussion is not forthcoming, or if there is any hesitation in this respect, you can be assured you are not in contact with the true Lord Jesus Christ. Again, check your intuition and feelings with extreme care.”


“Some humans will be satisfied to hear that they are in contact with ‘Christ,’ or ‘Jesus,’ or ‘The Most High,’ or ‘God,’ etc. They will rest their case, assuming they accomplished what they wanted and will stop right there.”


“This is spiritually a very dangerous situation. In view of the facts described in the previous Chapters of this book, no relationship was established with The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. One will be in contact with the imposters. Should this happen, the false Christ will be ruling your life, bringing you gradually to greater and greater spiritual doom.”


“As this is occurring, the false highest spiritual advisor, under whatever name he/she will be using, will efficiently replace all your true spiritual advisors and former shadows and enslave you to the negative state with words and acts of ‘love’ and ‘wisdom’ (at least initially to get you in). Unfortunately, the imposters, replacing your true spiritual advisors and your former shadows, will look, behave, act, appear and speak exactly in the manner of your genuine ones. No perception of difference will be discernible.“


“However, gradually, although not immediately, you will start to feel worse, with exhibitions of all kinds of funny spiritual, mental and physical symptoms. At this point you should know what is happening to you and make appropriate corrections.”


“Unfortunately, many humans will have considerable difficulties in accepting the idea of The Lord Jesus Christ and His/Her New Nature as conceived in this portion of The New Revelation. And yet, as of now, no other conceptualization of and relatedness to The Lord Jesus Christ is possible, particularly if you read this book or you desire to undergo the process of spiritual transformation by the means of spiritual hypnotherapy and to go inward on a daily basis.”


“You have to realize that a tremendous spiritual revolution occurred in the conceptualization of The Nature of The Most High who became The Lord Jesus Christ following the process described in the previous Chapters. As mentioned before, this revolution will rock the foundation of the entire Creation and the Zone of Displacement and all their respective inhabitants for eons to come.”


“That this will be the case, and that acceptance of this fact about The Lord Jesus Christ will be the matter of one’s life and death, is described in the internal sense of the following statement of Jesus Christ in The Gospel According to John, Chapter 6, verses 53-58:”


“‘Then Jesus said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you.’”


“‘Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.’”


“‘For My flesh is food indeed, and My blood is drink indeed.’”


“‘He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood abides in Me, and I in him.’”


“‘As the living Father sent Me, and I live because of the Father, so he who feeds on Me will live because of Me.’”


“‘This is the bread which came down from heaven — not as your fathers ate the manna, and are dead. He who eats this bread will live forever.’“


“‘Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you’ signifies incorporating into one’s heart the concept that the human body of Jesus Christ was made Divine and the elements of Joseph and Mary, after their divinization, were fused into the totality of The Most High, giving birth to a new hybridized state in the Nature of The Most High.”


“‘Drinking His blood’ means acceptance of the fact that The Most High took one element from His/Her Absolute Exterior Mind, fusing it with elements of Mary and Joseph, subsequently adding to it one element from His/Her Absolute Interior Mind and making a fusion. And, after the process of divinization was completed, He/She took one element from His/Her Absolute Spiritual Mind — The Absolute Spirit — and fused and hybridized them together. By this act, The Most High prepared favorable conditions for the human body of Jesus Christ to be gradually, step by little step, in time and space, totally fused and integrated into the totality of His/Her Absolute Nature.”


“When this act was completed, The Most High became the fullness of The Lord Jesus Christ to eternity. This is what is meant by eating the flesh of the Son of Man and drinking His blood. Total identification with this fact gives one true eternal life. This is signified by the words, ‘For My flesh is food indeed, and My blood is drink indeed.’ Only by full acceptance of this process can one be assured that one is in contact with the true Lord Jesus Christ. This is reflected by the words, ‘He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood abides in Me, and I in him.’”


“Of course, many people will be disgusted with this conceptualization of The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ or The Most High. They will outrightly reject even the possibility that such a process could have taken place within The Most High. They are too much in love with the traditional conceptualization of The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ or The Most High or God, or whatever they have and believe. They even quote the Biblical statements, indicating that Jesus Christ is always the same (‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever,’ Hebrews 13:8).”


“The literal interpretation of this saying seemingly denotes that no changes in the nature of The Most High or God or Jesus Christ can ever occur. But, if the literal interpretation of this statement were correct, The Most High would never have incarnated in the physical form of Jesus Christ in the first place. Such a step denotes a tremendous change.”


“The spiritual, inner connotation of the words ‘the same’ simply means that, no matter how the nature of The Most High, The Lord Jesus Christ changes, it is exactly the same One Indivisible Creator or God and there is none other in being and existence whatsoever. His/Her loving, kind, just and wise attitude toward His/Her Creation remains the same, unchanged, and it will always be in absolute proportions. This is what the sameness means.”


“Unfortunately, many individuals, after reading this book, will end up exactly like some of the former disciples of The Lord Jesus Christ on planet Zero did, as verse 60 of the same Chapter in John indicates, ‘This is hard saying; who can understand it?’ And, of course, verse 66 says, ‘From that time many of His disciples went back and walked with Him no more.’”


“By not accepting The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, one condemns oneself to spiritual regression, going backward into the negative state (‘went back’) and unable any longer to walk with Him/ Her. This is a spiritual death.”


“In view of these facts, it is obvious how important it is, at this point, to approach the introduction to The Lord Jesus Christ, as your Highest Spiritual Advisor, from the standpoint of this new conceptualization of His/Her Nature. Anything less or different will result in ‘going back’ and ‘walking with Him/Her no more.’”


“Once the proper introduction is made, and security checks are completed, and you are assured that you are in touch with the true Lord Jesus Christ, you humbly request Him/Her to begin with you the process of transformation, unification and integration of all principles of the positive state. This is requested for the purpose of your experiencing in your heart your own individual Second Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ. This process consists of the steps that follow.”



“As you are on your spiritual mountaintop with all your spiritual advisors, security staff and The Lord Jesus Christ, make an inquiry to The Lord Jesus Christ if you are ready to take this step. This step entails cleaning the mess that engulfs and surrounds your interior mind. If the answer to your inquiry is affirmative, request The Lord Jesus Christ to shift you and everyone on your mountaintop to the level of your interior mind, showing you the exact condition in which your interior mind is at the present time.”


“The interior mind represents your total mentality and all processes of mentation (thinking, feeling, willing, reasoning, etc.) and their quality and state. The processes of mentation are derived from their spiritual ideas which are produced and are occurring in the innermost level of everyone’s most within Spiritual Mind. Once they are produced, they flow into the area of the interior mind where they are transformed into the mode of mental processes.”


“It is at this point that most, if not all, of these ideas are captured by certain blocks built around the interior mind by the forces of the negative state, and subsequently obscured, distorted, perverted, falsified and mutilated. Then, in this new perverted condition, they are allowed to enter the interior mind, forming the specific quality of one’s mentality.”


“For this purpose, the negative state placed its own ‘guardians’ around the interior mind, backed by numerous demons, who function as infiltrators, filters and re-interpreters of all captured ideas that come from the most within Spiritual Mind. By this act they give birth to a mentality consistent with the nature of the negative state at worst or, at best, considerably polluted, poisoned and contaminated by the negative state. All human negative thoughts, feelings, impulses, tendencies, intentions, etc., stem from this particular arrangement.”


“The purpose here is obvious: At all costs to interfere with the true and genuine perception, meaning, understanding, acceptance and actualization of everything coming from the most within Spiritual Mind; or to hear, see, sense and taste it differently than it really is, sounds, feels and appears.”


“Thus, you have here a set of different shadows-guardians against the positive state and for the preservation of the negative state in human mentality. As mentioned above, these shadows-guardians are controlled, fueled and backed by several demons who want to make sure that no conversion of these guardians to the positive state takes place and that the negative connotation of human mentality is preserved indefinitely.“


“In working on this level, it is necessary first to get rid of all demons in charge of this effort. They are either removed to the region between the Hells and intermediate world or, if they refuse to cooperate, they are locked up in the Hells directly; or they are given a chance for conversion to the positive state and to enroll in the New School on the spot, so-to-speak. Once the demons are dealt with properly, the liberation and conversion of the shadows at this level must take place. Again, one shadow is a male and the other is a female. More than one couple of the shadows is possible at this level. Remember, the more outward you go from within, the more the quantity against the quality prevails. ‘The power in numbers’ is the motto on those levels.”


“After liberation and conversion of the shadows and their transfiguration and renaming, they are put under the charge of the security team from the most within Spiritual Mind. Their function will become just the opposite of what it was before. Now, by the power of The Lord Jesus Christ, invested in them, they will become the guardians for the positive state against the negative state. They will close the gates to the Hells and to the agents of the negative state, making sure that no distortions, perversions, mutilations, obscurities and falsification of the purity of all spiritual ideas from the most within Spiritual Mind and the true spiritual world are ever allowed to occur. They are to continuously keep all channels to The Spiritual Mind and the spiritual world clear and clean and in the best possible condition, assuring the life of positive human mentality.”


“The reason why these entities are used for this purpose and not some new ones, directly from the positive state, is because the former shadows of this level know firsthand all the tricks, deceptions, sophistications and the cunningnesses of the negative forces, thus, enabling them to catch easily any of their attempts for return and penetration.”


“Once this step is completed, you are to ask The Lord Jesus Christ to thoroughly purify, cleanse and heal your interior mind from all the mess imposed on it by the negative state and unify the male and female guardians so that they function in unity, oneness and harmony of all mental aspects of feminine and masculine principles.”


“Please notice that it is on the mental level that the most gruesome separation, isolation, mutilation, hatefulness, inequality and whatever you have, between femininity and masculinity is continuously occurring. One of the major functions of these guardians will be to keep the unity, equality and harmony of these principles on the mental level of one’s life.”


“After the purification and cleansing is completed, request The Lord Jesus Christ to integrate and unify your interior mind with your true most within Spiritual Mind so that they are no longer separated but one.”


“The activation of the negative state, as it will become obvious in the next Chapter, was based on separation of these principles, and subsequent separation of various levels of one mind into three autonomous minds. Each mind was then encircled by blocks and pseudo-minds in order to keep this state of separation and isolation indefinitely. Once this unification takes place, you may proceed to the next step.”



“At this point request The Lord Jesus Christ to shift you, and everyone else with you, to the level of the external mind. Remember, we are talking here about that portion of the external mind which is unconscious. Ninety five percent of the external mind is in the continuous mode of unconsciousness. Only five percent of it is conscious or accessible to your conscious awareness.”


“Once the shift takes place, you are facing the shadowy figures of possibly greater quantity with even more numerous backup systems of demons. The external mind is, in turn, surrounded by all kinds of blocks and walls, carefully guarded by several shadowy figures of both genders. The number of these figures can be anything from one couple to several couples. They are under control of several demons who assure the proper function and loyalty of the guardians.”


“The mentality and intelligence of these shadowy figures is somewhat low, dull and boring. So are the demons on this level. Their purpose is to block any paths to within and keep humans in externals, outside. They are very effective in keeping humans constantly preoccupied with the external matters of life, banal, boring, dull and everyday types of chores, activities and hassles that have no spiritual value or any value at all.”


“Their assignment is to make sure that you consider these unimportant or least important activities as very important or the most important of your life, making them artificially pleasurable and desirable so that you spend all your time in their pursuit. Thus, these entities make sure that you have no time or very little time for going inward, within yourself or for listening to the inner voice of your intuition. They keep you very busy elsewhere, giving you a false sense that this is the way it is supposed to be.”


“Their purpose is also to block any positive ideas for proper activities and behaviors coming from the interior mind and from the most within Spiritual Mind, so that your behavior is, very often, inconsistent with what is good and proper for you. You may have the knowledge of what is right and true, but there is no desire, or motivation, or need to behave accordingly.”


“A good example of this kind of situation would be someone who is addicted to some chemical substance. A person like that may very well know that his/her addiction is very destructive and unprofitable, endangering his/her life, but, nevertheless, that person continues in behavior contrary to this knowledge.”


“Very often you are surprised to find yourself behaving the way you know is not proper or appropriate, and even damaging to you. And then you ask yourself, amazed and dismayed, “Why did I do that?” without having an appropriate answer. To make you behave this way is exactly the function of the shadowy figures situated around your external mind. So, the first thing to do here is to get rid of the demons in the same way as mentioned in point five. Once the demons are gone, then, liberation and conversion of the shadowy figures needs to take place.”


“Again, we have here a male and a female counterpart. Their purpose is to block any possible unified behavior of the masculine and feminine principles and keep them distinctly different, separate, inappropriate, and externally well-defined for the purpose of discrimination, inequality and on a level of superficiality. Also, the purpose is to make feminine and masculine principles limited, one-sided and overemphasized in their one-sided external approach and behavior, placing one principle above another.”


“Once liberated, converted and enlightened by The Lord Jesus Christ, these entities become guardians for the positive state, keeping all channels and paths of the external mind clean, clear and open for reception, in an undistorted manner, of everything coming from the most within Spiritual Mind and interior mind. They are to assure clarity and simplicity of all levels of perception and understanding. As you know, the nature of the negative state wallows in obscurity and intricate complexity.”


“After the assignment is defined and clarified for them and they are placed in the proper position, the request is made to The Lord Jesus Christ for thorough purification and cleansing of the external mind from all pollutions, poisons and blocks of the negative state.”


“Subsequent to this, you ask The Lord Jesus Christ to unify and integrate your external mind with your most within Spiritual Mind and interior mind, so that there will be one, integrated, unified and whole mind, devoted, loyal and faithful only to The Lord Jesus Christ and the positive state.”


“From this point on, The Second Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ can be experienced in your heart as your private, individualized occurrence. Once you have the profound experience of this important event, a new relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ will be experienced. This experience will also be reflected in how you will relate to yourself and others. From now on, you will no longer be talking in such terms as ‘my inner mind,’ ‘my interior mind’ or my ‘external mind’ but, instead, ‘my unified mind’ or simply ‘my mind.’”


“If you arrived at this point, you are ready to take the next important step.”



“The experience of the individualized Second Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ within one’s mind makes one eligible to make a request to The Lord Jesus Christ to reintroduce one to one’s home base.”


“Remember, please, that your life did not start on planet Zero. No initial life can ever commence on that planet because of the nature of its peculiar and unusual position. The only starting point of any sentient life can occur either in the positive state (plus one and above) or in the negative state (minus one and below). Zero does not give any impetus to anything at all. In order to be something, something must be added to Zero from above or below zero. Such is the nature of mathematical Zero.”


“Thus, anyone who incarnates on planet Zero, must come from somewhere.“


“In the case of the positive individuals, or individuals who incarnated here from the place which corresponds to above Zero (0), they are reintroduced to that place, meeting the members of that society from which they came. There, they are assigned a chamber or an office, to which they will go everyday and where they will meet with the members of their spiritual family and do all their work, while being inward, only from that position. This is the place which transcends their spiritual mountaintop.”


“The procedure here is that, first, they go to their spiritual mountaintop for security checks and daily purification and cleansing, as described in Chapter Five of the book Who Are You And Why Are You Here? After that, together with all spiritual advisors, under the leadership, guidance and charge of The Lord Jesus Christ, they arrive at their home base. From that point on, they do all their work, or whatever needs to be done, from the place assigned to them at their home base. However, be forewarned that not many individuals will be able to reach this point in their spiritual work. The vast majority of them will remain on their spiritual mountaintop for the rest of their lives on planet Zero.”


“In the case of negative individuals, who came from the place or state corresponding to below Zero (0), that is, from the negative state, they are not sent to their original home base. It would be sending them back to the Hells. You do not want to go back to the state of misery and darkness unless there is a need for some important learning or for helping others there to get out of that state. Instead, they request The Lord Jesus Christ to assign to them the most suitable to their new spiritual makeup, condition and state, some society of heavens (the positive state) which is in need of their type of people. This state and place becomes their new home. From that point on, after security checks and purification and cleansing on their spiritual mountaintop, they will go to their new home base and do all their work from that position only. The process and nature of this work for both cases (the ones who came from the positive state and the ones who came from the negative state) is described in Chapter Five of the book Who Are You And Why Are You Here?”


“The reason why you need to go to your home base is because it represents the original state of unification and integration from which you separated in order to incarnate on planet Zero. In order to become whole again, you need to return to the state of unification and integration of all spiritual principles. The home base has this spiritual correspondence.”



“Once you are firmly set at your home base, and comfortably established in your residence there, you may be ready to experience or recall the events that happened in the process of incarnation on planet Zero or in the process of transition from the place or state of your origin to that planet. This step is taken for the purpose of discovery of what kind of initial choices were made; why they were made; what deviation, if any, occurred during the first contact with your chosen physical genes that came from the earthly ‘parents;’ to discover what kind of agreements and commitments were made and whether the process of their fulfillment was or was not accomplished.”


“From such acquired knowledge, you will be able to establish what still needs to be done in order to fully fulfill these commitments the way you agreed upon them.”


“The re-experience of this process can be a very unpleasant one. After all, coming to this world is one of the most harsh, the most cruel and most uncomfortable experiences in all respects. Nothing is right and proper during this process of incarnation on planet Zero. One experiences complete isolation, separation, rejection and abandonment by and from everything familial and harmonious.”


“Yet, this is also a necessary experience in order to properly understand and fulfill one’s life on planet Zero. Coming to planet Zero has always some important spiritual, mental and physical learning. You cannot acquire that learning unless you re-experience that process. This process in itself is a part of that important learning. From this learning one acquires a proper, meaningful and entirely different perspective of one’s life on planet Zero. This, in turn, helps one to redefine all interpretations of the events of one’s life during the passage through this peculiar planet from the standpoint of the newly acquired perspective.”



“The above-described experience may be followed by the revelation of one’s true mission on planet Zero. Not all aspects of that mission can be revealed for security reasons. To acquire full knowledge of your mission would give your enemy the full plan of your stronghold and your weakest points. The enemy, the negative state, would use such information for disrupting and undermining your mission.“


“Therefore, the plan of your life, reflected in that mission, is revealed in gradual, small and safe steps. Once one step is completed, some aspects of the next step are revealed to you, immediately preceding its onset, but not well advanced into the future. In the case of converted agents of the negative state, the situation is somewhat different. In cases like that, no security reasons have to be taken into consideration because that individual’s life plan was designed by the negative state. Thus, the full scale of that mission can be revealed in as few as one or two sessions.”


“However, a conversion of a negative entity or agent to the positive state signifies for him/her a new assignment or a new mission from The Lord Jesus Christ. The total plan of this mission cannot be revealed for security reasons. Here the total commitment to serve The Lord Jesus Christ in any capacity, situation, state or place comes into effect. You fully trust that The Lord Jesus Christ will choose for you the best possible life plan, most suitable to and congruent with the unique qualities of your newly integrated mind and its personality. After all, only The Lord Jesus Christ, being in The Absolute State, can know in an absolute sense what is good and proper for you. This determination is not possible from any other state. You are all relative to this absolute state.”


“Therefore, the knowledge of yourself, as well as everything else, is only relative. Your choices, made on your own, cannot take into consideration the totality of your nature from the standpoint of its eternal continuation. Only The Lord Jesus Christ can do this.”


“For this reason, He/She reveals the aspects of your life-plan in small steps, as you are ready to assume each step. Premature revelation of the content of each step may endanger your life and your important mission. Being in the negative state, the security has to be very tight (to use your expression).”


“The process of spiritual transformation by the means of the New Spiritual Hypnotherapy and going inward is different for those who incarnated on planet Zero from the Hells. In fact, the configuration of their spiritual advisors and shadows is in an opposite position to all others. It is only natural that their ‘true’ spiritual advisors are the negative spirits, demons, devils and Satans who rule their lives. Their spiritual mountaintop is the lowest point in the Hells which they perceive, of course, as the highest point.“


“They have exactly the same hierarchy of organization as described above. Except that all their ‘shadows,’ or what they consider to be shadows, are the positive entities, assigned to them from the positive state. It is only natural that, being the children of darkness, they consider darkness light and light darkness. Thus, to them their spiritual advisors initially appear as beings of light and beings of light as shadows.”


“In the process of their spiritual transformation, these facts have to be brought to their attention. The agents of the negative state, who desire to convert to the positive state, must become aware that their spiritual advisors are, in fact, their shadows, while, what they considered to be their shadows are their true spiritual advisors.”


“The position must be reversed in such a manner as to put everyone in the proper position in the clients’ awareness. They need to get in contact with their highest ‘shadow,’ who is The Lord Jesus Christ, and with His/Her help to gradually, step by little step, be led out of darkness by gradual conversion of their so-called spiritual advisors.”


“Once this is done, The Lord Jesus Christ will create for them a true spiritual mountaintop on which their true spiritual advisors, formerly considered shadows, will appear in their proper light and position. On the other hand, their former spiritual advisors, or whom they considered to be their spiritual advisors, after their liberation and conversion to the positive state, will become their security officers at the levels of the most within Spiritual Mind, interior mind and external mind. All other steps in their process coincide with what was described above.”


“The completion of the discussed spiritual transformation has a different connotation and outcome for those who still remain in the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero than for those who reside in the fullness of the positive state.”


“As mentioned in the previous Chapter, after the physical body of Jesus Christ was completely fused into the totality of The Most High’s Nature, becoming His/Her integral part, and The Most High became The Lord Jesus Christ in full actuality, not only potentially, the next step was the restructuring, rebuilding and transforming the minds of all other sentient entities in Creation. This process is taking place in the positive state for the purpose of alignment of all sentient minds to The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ so that they can relate to Him/Her in the new way, spiritually congruent to that Nature.”


“The members of the positive state in Creation and its multiverse, who are not part of the Zone of Displacement, reside in a territory ruled by the principles of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom of The Lord Jesus Christ. They are not bound by any rules of the Zone of Displacement or the negative state of evils and falsities.”


“Therefore, the process of their transformation bears immediate results. The degree and extent of their changes is profound and directly experiential on the basis of the here and now principle. There is nothing to hinder them or to block them from this immediate, here and now experience.”


“However, the situation is entirely different for the people who still reside in the Zone of Displacement and on planet Zero. Your situation is not comparable to the situation of people who reside spiritually, mentally and physically in the positive state. The positive people on your planet and other regions of the Zone of Displacement reside in the positive state internally, spiritually but not physically and, very often, not mentally either.”


“Here is the crucial distinction. As you remember from Chapter XVI in the book Major Ideas of The New Revelation, your physical bodies were built from the elements of your environment. The elements of your environment are comprised of evils and falsities. Your spirit and soul are deliberately trapped in your body and in the external environment, for which evils and falsities, that is, the negative state, is the natural state of affairs.”


“For that reason, no matter how successful your spiritual transformation may be, you still must retain your physical bodies and live in their own environment. In the next Chapter more will be revealed about this issue.”


“Because of this situation, there will always be separation between the feeble life of your body and its functions, and the life of your spirit and soul.”


“You have to remember clearly that, in the process of genetic engineering and experimentation by the pseudo-creators for the purpose of fabrication of the body and environment conducive to the production and maintenance of evils and falsities, that is, of the negative state, a form of envelope or circular genetic wall was built around the true sentient mind of humans and in between various levels of one’s mind. This was done for the purpose of closure of any access to the true spiritual principles of the positive state.”


“Now, even though you may succeed in removing the blocks in between various levels of your true mind, you still have the general envelope or circular wall which separates your body and its life from the rest of your true mind. Only a very tiny little connection remains between them for the purpose of allowing enough life support elements to come through to the body to keep it alive and functioning.”


“The most unfortunate situation for people in the negative state is that, no matter what, they are bound by certain laws that rule the life of the negative state. These laws cannot be broken or altered as long as the negative state exists in its activated and dominant condition. To follow these laws is a matter of simple survival. One of these laws places you in total dependence on your environment and the externals in general. You have to constantly provide for food and shelter. Otherwise, your body cannot survive. There is a great degree of dependence on others and their approval and similar numerous matters.”


“This situation gives rise to all kinds of traditions, customs, religions, institutions, conventions, cultures, etc., that become an integral part of your everyday living. They form a cluster of demands, expectations and conformity that need to be followed if you are to make it in any respect. From this situation, artificially built ego states and their mentality originated. These ego states were superimposed on your true mind or your true nature.”


“Thus, your mind, your true ‘I am,’ becomes trapped in this false mind, called ego states. In the vast majority of cases, this false mind becomes the only reality of one’s being and existence.”


“Because it is impossible to remove, by any means, this superimposed artifact during your life on planet Zero, regardless of whether you are or are not aware of this situation, a continuous tension exists between these two states. This tension becomes a source of many, if not all, spiritual, mental and physical problems constantly impinging on you.“


“For this reason, even after the completion of your spiritual transformation process and unification of your true mind, you still have this external shell that allows you to survive in the Zone of Displacement. In this shell, crucial for survival, very little or no impact is felt from the work done and accomplished internally.”


“Because of this situation, you have to be realistic and recognize the fact that, in your externals, you will still be subject to all kinds of problems, worries, anxieties, fears, illnesses, etc. These are inherent in the nature of the negative state.”


“Do not forget, please, that, after all, that shell consists of elements of evils and falsities (or, to be precise, of corresponding factors of evils and falsities) which produce your problems and various adverse states.”


“The only difference you will feel externally, after the completion of the transformation process, will be a greater degree of successful coping with and overcoming these adverse states; feeling more in control of your life; experiencing a greater degree of inner peace; and accepting this state as inevitable as long as you physically reside in the negative state.”


“Again, do not forget, you live in the enemy’s territory. You breathe his air, you eat his food, you drink his drinks, you use his commodities, etc. These are all essentials for your physical survival.”


“However, being spiritually transformed internally, beyond the point of this shell, puts you in a direct opposition to all rules and regulations of your enemy. But you are in his territory. Therefore, it is only natural that, after spiritual transformation, you might experience different types of difficulties than before the process. You will be more aware of the cruel reality of the negative state. You will be more sensitive to the atrocities and abominations taking place all around you. You will be more affected by injustice, suffering and misery constantly present everywhere. You will be under greater pressure to give up and conform to the demands of everybody living by the rules of the negative state. You will be subjected to more intense attacks by the forces of the negative state, particularly internally through such states as severe doubts, uncertainties and hesitations.”


“Sometimes, it will seem to you that you are in a much worse condition than you were before spiritual transformation. After all, your lifestyle flows in a direct opposition of the lifestyle of the negative state. You are swimming against the current. The force of the current is enormous. It is not easy and it will not become easier.”


“But, at the same time, you will have a greater degree of protection and support from The Lord Jesus Christ, your spiritual family and your true mind within you. The only way to survive under this new condition is to go inward daily, be with your true family within, and derive from there all support, healing, energy, determination, etc., in order to continue in your effort and mission until you are ready to be recalled from the negative state.”


“This is the very reason, the most important one, why you are urged to go inward, or to stay inward, on a continuous basis.”


“A note of warning is in order here. The spiritual transformation process, by its quality, content and degree of intensity, extensity and depth will be uniquely different for different individuals congruent to their individualized need. Also, the process, style, mode of and means for going inward will differ from one individual to another. No generalizations are possible in this respect. It is the responsibility of each individual to determine from the position of his/her unified mind, his/her spiritual family and particularly from The Lord Jesus Christ what style, mode and means for going inward should be and what the best and the most effective way and frequency should be for him/ her.”


“However, the general outline of these described procedures and steps will be valid for all undergoing this process for some time to come. The most important thing to remember in this respect is that your spiritual process, if you go inward on a daily basis, or stay continuously inward, has an eternal value. It is done more for the sake of your eternal future rather than for the sake of this planet’s here and now. You have no idea what you are avoiding after the physical death of your body by undergoing the spiritual transformation process and by going inward on a continuous basis. At present, you also cannot have any idea how immensely valuable your spiritual transformation and subsequent going inward is for the entire Creation and its multiverse. Please, remember this and do not lose heart.“


“In The Gospel According to Luke, Chapter 18, verse 1, it is written: ‘Men always ought to pray and not lose heart.’ ‘To pray’ in this connotation signifies to go inward. ‘Always’ means on a continuous basis. ‘Not lose heart’ means that it is easy to get discouraged, bitter, resentful and hopeless, unless one persists in going inward to combat these adverse miserable states.”


“So, please, for the sake of all in the positive state, as well as in the negative state, as well as for your own sake, do not lose heart and continue going or staying inward as long as you remain in your body — to the very end of your life on planet Zero.”


“He/she who has ears to hear and to listen, let him/her hear and listen to what The Lord Jesus Christ reveals in this Chapter.”





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