The Mystery of The Pseudo-Creators



On February 10, 1988, at 4:15 in the morning, the word of The Lord Jesus Christ came to me, saying,


“Many things were revealed regarding the nature of the pseudo-creators and the methods by which they activated the negative state in the books Fundamentals of Human Spirituality and Who Are You And Why Are You Here? At that time, for the first time in the history of humankind on your planet, the true origin and nature of the negative state was revealed. Before that revelation was granted, no one knew exactly how the negative state came into its being and existence.”


“The most common story, accepted by most humans, is derived from the literal sense of several places in The Holy Bible. For example, in The Epistle of Jude, verse 6 (this Epistle has only one Chapter), it is written:”


“‘And the angels who did not keep their proper domain, but left their own habitation, He has reserved in everlasting chains under darkness for the judgment of the great day.’”


“This statement implies that the origin of the negative state can be found in the angels of God who, for some reason or other, decided to rebel against God and remove themselves from the positive state of heaven, establishing their own domain. However, this statement does not say why angels would ever want to do such a foolish thing. It seems as though these angels were not too bright to come up with stupidity of this nature.”


“Of course, the statement quoted above does not contain any inner spiritual sense. None of the Epistles do, as was already revealed through Swedenborg.”


“It is a different situation with other stories in The Holy Bible that do contain such an inner, spiritual meaning. The first one can be found in The Prophet Isaiah, Chapter 14, verses 12-15:


“‘How you are fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How you are cut down to the ground, you who weakened the nations! For you have said in your heart: “I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; I will also sit on the mount of the congregation on the farthest sides of the north; I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like The Most High.” Yet you shall be brought down to Sheol, to the lowest depths of the Pit.’”


“The literal sense of these verses implies that there was a person by the name of Lucifer (the morning star), who was a son of God, and who decided to overthrow The Most High and become God himself. As a result of his foolish pride, God threw out Lucifer from the positive state.”


“After this act, Lucifer established himself in the Zone of Displacement (outside the positive state), founded all the Hells and began his eternal war against God and all members of the positive state.”


“However, even in this literal sense, this statement is taken out of the Chapter’s context. It relates to the fate of the king of Babylon who is described in terms of Lucifer. In the inner, spiritual sense this statement does not relate to any particular person or earthly king at all. In no way does it relate to any angel, archangel or other dignitary of the positive state. Instead, it relates to the entire negative state, represented by Babylon and its rulers. Here, the process of activation of the negative state and its ultimate end is described. No other meaning can be derived from the quoted text.”


“An even more significant meaning in this respect has a description recorded by The Prophet Ezekiel in Chapter 28, verses 12-19:


“‘Thus says the Lord God: “‘You were the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. You were in Eden, the garden of God; every precious stone was your covering: The sardius, topaz, and diamond, beryl, onyx, and jasper, sapphire, turquoise, and emerald with gold. The workmanship of your timbrels and pipes was prepared for you on the day you were created.’”


“‘You were the anointed cherub who covers; I established you; You were on the holy mountain of God; You walked back and forth in the midst of fiery stones. You were perfect in your ways from the day you were created, till iniquity was found in you.’”


“‘By the abundance of your trading you became filled with violence within, and you sinned; Therefore I cast you as a profane thing out of the mountain of God; and I destroyed you, O covering cherub, from the midst of the fiery stones.’”


“‘Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty; you corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor; I cast you to the ground, I laid you before kings, that they might gaze at you. You defiled your sanctuaries by the multitude of your iniquities, by the iniquity of your trading; therefore I brought fire from your midst; it devoured you, and I turned you to ashes upon the earth in the sight of all who saw you. All who knew you among the peoples are astonished at you; you have become a horror, and shall be no more forever.’”


“In the literal sense this text relates to the destruction of the king of Tyre. In the inner, spiritual sense it contains a story of the pseudocreators or the very first people on planet Zero (Earth at that time) who conceived the idea of the activation of the negative state. It describes their original state of great knowledge, wisdom, science and abilities which were utilized in bringing about the negative state of evils and falsities.”


“‘To be in Eden, the garden of God’ signifies here to be in the natural degree of The Most High’s Creation. The real natural universe is perceived and conceived as a garden of God or Eden. The precious stones enumerated here signify various profound spiritual, mental and natural knowledges and intelligence that they had possessed as well as the science of genetic engineering (‘abundance of your trading’).”


“‘You were the anointed cherub who covers’ denotes the position within Creation — in the most external degree which is perceived as a covering skin of the entire Creation. Nowhere else could the negative state be conceived but in the most external natural degree of Creation.”


“‘You were on the holy mountain of God’ means that originally people on this planet were an integral part of the positive state. ‘Iniquity found in you’ signifies the question the scientists of that time asked, ‘What would life be like if it were to derive not from the spiritual principles and The Most High but from the natural degree, from the most external position of Creation instead of from the most inner position of Creation as the case always had been?’ To ask such a question means the very first step toward full activation of the negative state. Therefore it is considered to be ‘iniquity’ because of the tremendous spiritual consequences and implications it would have for the entire present cycle of time of Creation.”


“‘By the abundance of your trading’ signifies the extensive experimentation in genetic engineering and fabrication of various life forms not derived directly from any true spiritual principles.”


“‘You became filled with violence within, and you sinned’ denotes that, as a result of successful genetic engineering, the scientists of that time became a major driving force of mankind toward establishing the negative state by imposing their will on the future people on the planet Zero. They did this by their own free will and choice (‘within’). Such a free choice resulted in the appearance of sin. ‘Sin’ is nothing more than use of one’s own free will and choice for wrong non-spiritual purposes or for one’s own benefit without any regard for common good or for The Lord Jesus Christ (at that time The Most High). This leads to the profanation of the true spiritual principles, as is obvious from the words, ‘Therefore I cast you as a profane thing out of the mountain of God.’ ‘To be cast out of the mountain of God’ denotes to be excluded from the positive state of Creation and to fall out into the Zone of Displacement.”


“The verses following this statement describe the future fate of the activators of the negative state and the eventual total elimination of the negative state (‘...and you shall be no more forever.’) This is still in the future.”


“The concept of Lucifer was explained elsewhere (see pages 10-11, Chapter One in the book Understanding and Fulfillment of Our Earthly Life and pages 17-18, Chapter One in the book Four Concepts of the Spiritual Structure of Creation.)”


“Thus, from the description and explanation above, it is obvious again and again that none of the individuals in the spiritual world would or could originate the negative state.”


“The story and mystery of the pseudo-creators have been shrouded in great obscurity and mostly were not known to anyone until the book Fundamentals of Human Spirituality was published.“


“Yet, there is some indirect implication of their existence on this planet in the form of obscure stories regarding Lemuria, Atlantis, El Dorado and similar stories. No one knows exactly what those countries mean, where they were located on your planet and whether they existed at all. No tangible, convincing physical proof of their existence is available so far. After all, as you remember from Fundamentals of Human Spirituality, the pseudo-creators made very sure that most of the traces of their existence would be meticulously erased from the face of your planet.”


“Swedenborg revealed about the Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, etc. No direct recognition of the existence of the pseudo-creators is in his writings, except the awareness that there used to be a state on your planet which was a state of pure spiritual principles of love and wisdom. This state gradually deteriorated to the point of the so-called Fall. However, no proper knowledge and understanding of the origin of the negative state can be derived from Swedenborg’s writings. At his time, no one was ready anywhere to have such a full scale knowledge. The spiritual condition was not conducive for more to be revealed about this issue at that time.”


“However, the internal sense of some stories recorded in The Holy Bible contain such full knowledge. But no one has the key for unlocking this inner sense. The key was hidden purposefully to allow the negative state to fully expose its nature. If the key were available before this exposure, no one would want to continue in the negative state. The negative state would have no chance to prove its point. In that case, no learning of the answer to the question, formulated above, could take place. If this were the case, the entire Creation would be tremendously disturbed by the lack of this crucial and important answer and knowledge. It would be deprived, in its vital choice-making nature, of one of the most important knowledges — what not to choose.”


“At this point, certain additional information regarding the mystery of the pseudo-creators can be revealed.”


“The story of the pseudo-creators begins in The Holy Bible, in the Second Chapter of Genesis, verse 15, and continues to verse 26 of Chapter Eleven of the same book. After that verse, the historical events are utilized to conceal spiritual mysteries of deeper meaning related to the consequences of the activation of the negative state, to The Nature of The Most High and His/Her incarnation on your planet, His/Her combats with the Hells, His/Her visit and stay in the Hells, to the process of salvation and, most importantly, to the process of His/Her fusion into becoming the only Lord Jesus Christ.”


“Thus, the first eleven Chapters of Genesis have no historical meaning whatsoever. A deep mystery of the activation of the negative state by the pseudo-creators and how it happened is described there.”


“The activity of the very first mankind on this planet is described in verses 19-20 of Chapter Two of the book of Genesis in The Holy Bible. (A note about the terms ‘mankind’ and ‘humankind.’ The term ‘mankind’ denotes the very first real people that lived on the real planet Earth. The word ‘man’ denotes both feminine and masculine principle. The term ‘humankind’ refers solely to the humans fabricated by the pseudocreators and situated on planet Zero. Again, it incorporates both female and male gender.) ‘Adam’ represents that mankind. Adam was not one single person, as many people on your planet still believe. By ‘Adam’ the first androgynous people are described. Their purpose was to prepare a certain dimension of that planet for activation of the negative state by putting everything on the planet in a favorable position for that purpose and condition.”


“The fact of this preparation is concealed in the words of verse 20, ‘So Adam gave names to all cattle, to the birds of the air, and to every beast of the field!’ ‘To give names,’ in this connotation, means to discover and identify certain important contents and ideas in various regions of the sentient mind (cattle, birds and beasts) which will become crucially important in genetic engineering as a preparation for activation of the negative state. In this connotation, ‘cattle’ means the genetic code for development of the inner regions of the future human mind. ‘The birds’ mean the genetic code for development of the interior regions of that mind; and ‘every beast of the field’ the entire genetic code for development of all aspects of the external mind. Moreover, these three terms signify also various spiritual states that are imparted to this sentient mind through those genetic codes.”


“In the preceding verse of that Chapter, verse 19, it states, ‘Out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every bird of the air, and brought them to Adam to see what he would call them. And whatever Adam called each living creature, that was its name.’ Notice, please, that the word ‘cattle’ is not mentioned in this verse. It suddenly appears at the very beginning of the next verse (20). Also, the sequence of their naming differs here. In verse 19, the beast of the field is named first and the birds of the air follow. In verse 20, the cattle come first, the birds second and the beast of the field third. You have here a somewhat reversed situation. This is not by coincidence.”


“‘Out of the ground’ signifies from the ideas of the sentient mind. In this respect it is from the ideas of the external mind that every beast of the field is formed. They are not created but formed. Creation is always original. Formation is derivation from something already created.”


“‘The beast of the field’ also signifies all human affections in being and existence.”


“‘The bird of the air’ signifies all mental and natural knowledges in being and existence.”


“‘To bring them to Adam’ means that all these knowledges and affections were imparted to the first mankind so that nothing was lacking in its abilities to make appropriate choices. ‘To see what he would call them’ signifies their application and utilization in an effort to be in full control of all laws that govern mankind’s life. This is signified by the words ‘whatever Adam called each living creature, that was its name.’ ‘Calling’ means utilizing and applying. ‘That was its name’ means full control of all laws that govern mankind’s life and its nature.”


“In order to properly activate the negative state one needs to have full knowledge of all laws that are able to produce life. The point here is that the first people, created directly by The Most High, could not fully activate the negative state themselves because they were created fully from the elements of the positive state. Whatever is coming directly from The Most High, cannot produce anything negative.”


“For that reason, you give these people a full knowledge how to produce life. Subsequently, they do produce such life. That life now is not directly derived from The Most High but only indirectly by means of these people. This is what is exactly described in the above-quoted two verses.”


“The added word ‘cattle’ means that those people were able to also discover the laws that govern the spiritual principles on the foundation of which the most within Spiritual Mind is built. That the sequence is reversed here signifies that, from perception of that knowledge, those people recognized the fact that, in order to initiate anything new, they have to follow first the order of Creation — from within to without. The spiritual is first (cattle), mental second (bird of the air) and natural or physical third (beast of the field). That the Lord God put it in a different sequence signifies that people’s affection for knowledge precedes the knowledge itself. Without affections, there is not too much motivation for doing or knowing anything. Thus, affections come first. But in classification of that knowledge one must follow, initially, the multiversal order.”


“‘But for Adam there was not found a helper comparable to him’ denotes that those people did not have any proper propensity for activation of the negative state. The only thing they were willing to do is to transmit the accumulated knowledge of genetic engineering and production of the new life forms, as well as all other immense knowledge they possessed. So, after all that knowledge was classified, put into a proper order and recorded into all genetic memory banks (‘Adam gave names’), the original androgynous people were recalled from planet Earth. From this genetic memory bank, a new type of mankind was formed with the separation of feminine and masculine principles.”


“As you remember, the androgynous form contained equally both elements in a full manifestation. From that form, actually from the genetic material left behind, a new breed of people came into being and existence — split into male physical form and female physical form. These events are described in verses 21 to 25 inclusively of Chapter Two of The Book of Genesis in The Holy Bible.”


“‘And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and he slept’ means recall of the first people from planet Earth. ‘And He took one of his ribs’ — signifies utilization of the genetic memory bank and material, left behind by the first people, for the purpose of separation of masculine and feminine principles. ‘And closed up the flesh in its place’ denotes replacement of the direct experience of the unity of all principles of masculinity and femininity, and to all spiritual factors that correspond to them, with an indirect one through the perception of their external manifestation in the form of different physical bodies.”


“That even after this act, the next people on Earth are still called Adam, means that they were created from the genetic memory bank and some other material that came from the original people. This is being recognized in the next verse (23): ‘This is now my bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman, because she was taken out of man.’ This verse, as all others here and elsewhere in the internal sense of The Holy Bible, has a multiple meaning. Thus, it relates to many other issues besides the ones being discussed here. Some of these different spiritual issues were revealed in Swedenborg’s writings. Others were hinted in the previous books by this transmitter. The presently revealed issues relate only to the mystery of the pseudo-creators.”


“‘To be taken out of man,’ in the discussed connotation, means the fullness of the spiritual state of both principles, as represented by the androgynous people. ‘Man’ does not mean male. ‘She shall be called woman’ means separation of the feminine form and its spiritual factors from the original source — man — androgyne. In this connotation ‘woman’ does not mean female. It means disunion of the feminine principle from its originally unified source. A set up is described here that will become a basis for the activation of the negative state, as one of the internal senses, relevant to this issue, of the next verse (24) implies.”


“‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.’ In this particular connotation, ‘a man’ represents both female and male. That ‘a man shall leave his father and mother’ signifies separation from its spiritual source. Here ‘mother and father’ means The Most High — one Absolute Parent. ‘To be joined to his wife’ denotes here to give up his/her spiritual heritage and derive everything from his/her external, one’s own, ego state nature. ‘Wife,’ in this connotation, means one’s own nature derived from the external mind. ‘And they shall become one flesh’ signifies that everything will be derived from the external sensual-sensory input instead of from within, or from the spiritual principles.”


“Verse 25: ‘And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.’ This verse describes the spiritual state of the second, physically split people who came after the androgynous people left planet Earth. ‘To be naked’ means to be as yet uncorrupted by the negative state. This is a state of innocence which precedes the shameful state — the activation of the negative state.”


“Chapter Three of Genesis, in its internal sense, is actually devoted to the description of the process of activation of the negative state itself. To a certain extent, this process was revealed in the book Fundamentals of Human Spirituality; in the last Chapter in the book Reality, Myths & Illusions and in the book Who Are You And Why Are You Here? Some important aspects of this process were revealed already in Swedenborg’s writings. Chapter Four of Genesis, in its internal sense, among other things, reflects the spiritual state and condition of people who were born by a different mode than by the direct endowment of The Most High. This is a birth by the scientific genetic principles and not by the spiritual principles. By this act the spiritual deterioration of humankind was firmly set forth. This fact is reflected in the story of Cain who killed his brother, Abel. ‘Abel’ signifies purity of the spiritual principles which derive from love of God and love to God. ‘Cain’ signifies separation of these principles from that love.”


“The fullness of spiritual deterioration and dominance of the negative state cannot come to its fruition as long as there is any degree of the awareness of love of God and any degree of love to God. Such feelings are deterring the full manifestation of the nature of the negative state.”


“In actuality, one of the many aspects of the deeper meaning of the internal sense of Cain killing Abel is a description of the process of genetic engineering and manipulation by which major spiritual principles, related to the true love (Abel), are being removed from or killed in the genes from which the next generation of people was to be fabricated. Instead, it is replaced with self-love and love to the externals (Cain). Such love obscures perception of truth and leads to the development of its distortions and the birth of outright falsities and evils.”


“Chapter Five of Genesis, in its internal sense, among other things, describes the spiritual state of each succeeding epoch, following the activation of the negative state. The names of the persons in that Chapter reflect the content and the ideas that ruled each succeeding epoch and degree of its evilness and falsification. The age of the mentioned persons reflects or contains the description of the quality, style of life and scientific intelligence and knowledge that people of the succeeding epoch had. These numbers do not reflect the actual physical age or time duration. In actuality, each epoch of that time lasted approximately two million years (more or less, depending on the quality itself needing to be fully manifested in order for the next step of deterioration to come to its fruition).”


“Basically, twelve such epochs existed, each having its distinctly different quality and content of lifestyle and degree of knowledge for genetic engineering. They ended in a total loss of any proper spiritual awareness and replacement of the true spiritual principles with the flood of falsities, corruption and ungodliness. This outcome is described in the internal sense of Chapter Six and Seven of Genesis of The Holy Bible — by the story of the Great Flood.“


“The first twelve epochs were preceded by the epoch of androgynous people who came to this world by a direct endowment of The Most High. The very first of the twelve epochs is an epoch in which the direct endowment was replaced by scientific bi-cloning, as described in the book Fundamentals of Human Spirituality. This epoch, in the terms of physical time, lasted the longest — approximately twenty five million years.”


“At the end of the twelfth epoch, described in Chapter Six in The Book of Genesis of The Holy Bible, an extreme genetic experimentation was conducted. This experimentation resulted in a production of various life forms, mostly of the negative nature. These produced unique animal life forms on your planet are described by your scientists in various paleontological terms (such as dinosaurs, for example).”


“At the same time, various other scientific experimentations were taking place. One of these ended in a carefully planned great catastrophe that triggered the ice ages and other phenomena which split the core of your planet and divided one continent into several. This process resulted in wiping out most of the animal and plant life existing at that time and produced by the pseudo-creators. This happened particularly during the twelfth epoch of their presence on your planet.”


“The twelfth epoch ended by the Great Flood and a new, totally different epoch came into its being and existence. The new epoch actually started the history of caveman and of the modern times, as they are appearing on your planet at the present time. The establishment of the pseudocreators in the Hells is described in the internal sense of the first part of Chapter Eleven of The Book Genesis.”


‘The ‘Noah’ story relates to the act of The Most High to preserve some degree of spiritual awareness as a seed for the future spiritual reawakening. The Post-Flood Epoch, which is labeled by the word ‘Noah’ and his sons-derivatives, Shem, Ham and Japhet, reflects the gradual suppression of proper spiritual perception as far as practical utility of spiritual principles is concerned. Meaning, it was necessary to retain some degree of knowledge of truth about spiritual principles, but there was no motivation or desire to live in accordance with these spiritual principles.”


“The knowledge in itself must be preserved, regardless of at what level. At that time, this knowledge was still conscious. At the later time and, in most instances, at the present time, it is unconscious, stored in the deeper recesses of everyone’s most within Spiritual Mind, in its part called The Universal Consciousness.”


“No spiritual reawakening and salvation of all people from the negative state, as well as total elimination of the negative state, is possible without the preservation of the vital and crucial knowledge of truth regarding the true spiritual principles. In The Holy Bible, this preservation is called ‘remains’ or ‘remnants.’ Only remains or remnants will be saved. All else will be eliminated. ‘All else’ is the negative state. Thus, the process of salvation is possible from the position of these remains or remnants.”


“At the time when the negative state will be fully exposed and will exhaust its usefulness, the door to these remnants will be open in everyone; all knowledge of truths about the true spiritual principles and all other mysteries of the activation of the negative state will come to everyone’s conscious awareness; and the final choice regarding one’s position or where one wants to be will be made. By this last step, the era of the negative state will end. The entire cycle of time, in which all these have been taking place, will be closed and a new cycle of time, without the negative state and the Hells, will come into its being and existence.”


“The Noah Epoch represents the conscious retention of truth but not that much of good. The next epoch, described by Noah’s sons, reflects the genetic manipulation of the pseudo-creators by which this knowledge is totally repressed from conscious awareness and placed into unconscious mode within the minds of humans — genetically fabricated by them. This is the time when the conception of ideas of caveman comes to its fruition. At this time, a travel backward in time, before creation of planet Earth, took place. This travel is described in verse two of Chapter 11, in Genesis. It is stated there,”


“‘And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar, and they dwelt there.’”


“‘Journeyed from the east’ has, in this connotation, two meanings. One meaning is traveling backward in time in order to control the development of your planet and exert their influence on the cavemen and to develop a totally different humankind that has never been in existence before anywhere. The other meaning is leaving the positive state and the true Creation completely and establishing themselves in the Zone of Displacement. ‘They found a plain in the land of Shinar.’ ‘Plain’ corresponds to the Hells. ‘Land of Shinar’ corresponds to the Zone of Displacement. ‘Shinar’ is a code name for Babylon. ‘Babylon’ is a code name for the entire negative state with all its evils and falsities in its activated and dominant mode.”


“Once the pseudo-creators established themselves in the Hells, they proceeded to further experiment with the genetic material they possessed from the very first people. That this experimentation was based on totally false premises is obvious from the words of the next verse (3) of Chapter 11 of Genesis, ‘They had bricks for stone.’ ‘Bricks’ correspond to all false concepts that replace the truth — ‘stone.’”


“‘Let us make bricks and bake them thoroughly’ signifies a production of totally new kinds of false ideas that were firmly established as a style of non-spiritual life which was to dominate humankind on planet Zero. That ‘they had asphalt for mortar’ denotes an evil intent. All this was done with an evil intent in order to prove the point that life on your planet did not originate from the spiritual principles of The Most High but from nature itself or from the pseudo-creators — false gods. The word ‘asphalt’ has this particular correspondence.”


“The building of the Tower of Babel symbolizes the pseudo-creators’ attempt to establish their direct outposts in the Heavens and to overthrow the reign of The Most High. This is a prophetic description of the future attempt of the pseudo-creators, at the time when the incarnation of Jesus Christ on planet Zero was about to happen, to travel further back in time, before time and space, before the Act of Creation took place. The purpose of that attempt was to block the process of Creation and, instead, institute the full government of the pseudo-creators and fabricate their own pseudo-creation fully subservient to their rule without any involvement of The Most High.”


“As you remember from before, this step was not permitted to be taken and the particular knowledge of time travel was taken away from the pseudo-creators permanently. Also, they were separated from all others in the Zone of Displacement and locked up in a special state and place known only, until recently, to The Lord Jesus Christ. By this act of The Lord Jesus Christ, the story of the pseudo-creators ends for the time being. However, the consequences of their activities and the story of their fabrications, presently existing humans and other creatures in the Hells and the rest of the Zone of Displacement, continues. It will continue until the total elimination of the negative state.“


“Remember, please, that every act or activity, every idea and its manifestation, can be validated only by its consequences, results and outcomes. Thus, the negative state must continue until all such consequences, results and outcomes are fully manifested, actualized and realized. This is how true learning takes place. Nothing can be truly learned without this illustration. The consequences, outcomes and results of the pseudo-creators’ activities are fully illustrated in the quality of life of humans on your planet since the appearance of the caveman.”


“As you remember, cavemen were a fabrication of the pseudo-creators in order to steer future scientists into believing their hoax that humans originated from apes by an evolutional process and from no other spiritual source. The majority of scientists on your planet still believe this false fable.”


“Now, from what was said so far in this Chapter, it is obvious that your planet has two distinctly different histories. One is the history of the pseudo-creators and their predecessors, before they moved out into the Zone of Displacement and before moving the physical position of one dimension of planet Earth itself. The other begins with the story of the caveman and continues to the present time. It will continue to the moment when the negative state fully takes over and temporarily wins on your planet. The point of winning will be the end of this second period.”


“A third period will begin at that point. The quality and the content of that period cannot be revealed at this time. However, that period will have a very short duration for the sake of the positive state. At the end of the third period, the negative state will be eternally eliminated. The means and the ways of that elimination cannot be revealed for security reasons. It is sufficient to reveal here that the negative state, by whatever necessary means, will be completely, totally and eternally eliminated. This is a solemn promise of The Lord Jesus Christ to all Creation and to all who are presently trapped in the negative state. During the first history of this planet, when pseudo-creators resided on it, its physical position was different. You have to remember that everything in Creation and in the physical Universe, as well as in the Zone of Displacement, depends on the activities and ideas of sentient minds. The content and the quality of these activities and ideas of sentient minds determine physical position, style of life, events and destiny of any planet or solar system or galaxy or the entire universe and multiverse and all their respective dimensions, reflections and ‘mirrors’ (more on this issue will be revealed later).”


“Thus, at the time of the first history, your planet and all its reflections were not only in a different physical condition, but in a different solar system and universe. That solar system had two suns. The position and tilt of planet Earth regarding these two suns was such that a cyclical period of each sun’s appearance occurred. When one sun was appearing in one hemisphere, the other was in the opposite hemisphere. And vice versa. They never appeared together at the same time in the same sky. The sunset of one sun meant the sunrise of the other. Thus, no nights existed on your planet during that period of time. The reason for this arrangement was because night and darkness correspond to spiritual ignorance and unconscious processes.”


“Throughout the entire history of the pseudo-creators and their predecessors, at no time were they either ignorant or unaware of the principles and laws that ruled the multiverse and sentient mind. Their mind was fully conscious at all its levels and no unconscious processes were in existence. Thus, no possibility of darkness and night was feasible. Because of such condition, the physical situation of planet Earth was maintained in the solar system with the two suns. At the same time, the temperature and the weather were regulated in order to maintain a continuously pleasant, balmy, stormless, temperate climate, free of extreme conditions. The ability to control and to regulate the physical laws by mind principles makes this situation possible. The pseudo-creators, as you know, were high masters of this control.”


“However, after they moved from this planet, and established themselves in the Hells (or, to be precise, after they established a condition of the Hells), traveling back in time put them into proximity to the time of creation of planet Earth and its various dimensions. In the process of time travel, they changed the destiny of one dimension of Earth and their own destiny. All life forms existing on the original dimension of Earth were purposefully destroyed. The pseudo-creators removed and took with themselves all genetic material for all then-existing animal and plant forms, as well as for all else, so that they would be able to re-create them for their own purposes.”


“Once the dimension of planet Earth in question was re-created, it was physically moved through dimensional warps, through the eighth dimension, and positioned at the borders between the Zone of Displacement and the true Creation in a very unusual position. It was situated into a displaced solar system that had only one sun. Because of this unusual situation and position, the dimension of planet Earth in question came to be known as planet Zero. As mentioned above, this is the only planet where both the positive state and the negative state are able to coexist for the reasons revealed in the previous Chapters of this book (more about this matter and position of planet Zero will be revealed later).”


“In the process of the physical move of your planet, the one continent on it was split into several, the extreme conditions in weather and temperature from pole to pole occurred, the seasons were instituted and the night periods began. This condition needed to be established first to give rise to the second history of your planet with the introduction of ignorance and unconscious processes. These processes correspond to the adverse physical and climatic conditions on your planet.”


“At first, planet Zero was void of any life forms. In order to populate it with the relevant life forms, which would be able to fully illustrate all consequences, outcomes and results of the activation and dominance of the negative state, it was necessary first to genetically experiment with the most suitable conditions and forms conducive to this illustration. Remember please, it is one thing to activate the negative state and put it into dominance, and it is entirely another thing to successfully illustrate the outcomes, results and consequences of such a dire act.”


“The first history of your planet and its inhabitants at that time was the history of activation of the negative state. The second history is the illustration of the consequences, outcomes and results of the negative state. The third history is the full dominance of the negative state. And the fourth history is the full elimination of the negative state and return to the original position in the positive state.”


“In physical time measurements, each history, subsequent to the first history, has a shorter and shorter duration. The first history — activation — has the longest duration (many millions of years); the second history is considerably shorter (it is still in effect — you live in it); the third history will be very brief and the fourth one will be even shorter.”


“A note about the word ‘dimension’: It was said above that one dimension or reflection of Earth was moved through the eighth dimension. This word is used here in a different connotation than in other books of The New Revelation. There it signified the spiritual dimension, the intermediate dimension, the physical or natural dimension and corresponding-to-them dimensions of the Zone of Displacement. Here the word ‘dimension’ is used in the sense of spatial-temporal and perceptual mode of the physical-natural universe and corresponding-to-it factors in the spiritual and intermediate worlds, as well as the Zone of Displacement.”


“Each universe of the multiverse, and corresponding-to-it Zone of Displacement, consists of twelve such specific dimensions or states. On your planet Zero you experientially know of three dimensions — height, breadth and depth. Some of you are aware of the fourth dimension, usually equated with time. Some still postulate the fifth dimension without actual experiential perception of its existence. No one knows anything about the remaining seven dimensions either theoretically or experientially.”


“However, the pseudo-creators possessed the full knowledge of all twelve dimensions both theoretically and experientially, moving through them at will. Thus, they were able to travel and move the entire celestial bodies both within any universe itself and throughout different dimensions, and to totally different universes, galaxies and solar systems.”


“By these means, they were able to transport to and implement on your planet any ideas and results of their genetic experimentation and engineering.”


“Once they established this favorable position for themselves, they began with the second set of genetic experimentations. As you remember, in the first set of experimentation, the issue was to bring people into this world not by a direct endowment of The Most High but by special genetic bi-cloning with many variations.”


“In the second set, the experimentations were directed toward developing living, thinking and feeling entities that would be susceptible to illustrations of the full nature of the negative state and to proving the point that either spiritual principles are not necessary for life production or they do not derive from The Most High. But this idea could be actualized only under one condition: It had to have taken place within proximity to the positive state.“


“One of the major reasons why the pseudo-creators situated your planet into the peculiar position it is was to make it possible to be in contact with the members of the positive state under the condition of mixture and not separation. Dictating the conditions under which humans are born on this planet, the pseudo-creators were able to trap some members of the positive state and, in many instances, sway them temporarily to their side. They needed new genetic material from the positive state. The stronger the new material, the more vicious and durable the new negative form of manifestation.”


“Another reason for this peculiar positioning of planet Zero was to show to the positive state that the negative state is capable of its own independent life and how numerous its followers are. This was a matter of competition for them. The negative state is in a condition of constant competition with the positive state. You cannot compete with anyone if that one is not able to see your accomplishments, whatever they are. Of course, the competition here is for the souls of humans. This was and is permitted by The Lord Jesus Christ for the reasons explained previously.”


“In the process of the second set of experimentation, various plant and animal life forms were developed and projected on planet Zero for their appearance. They purposefully simulated an evolutionary process. From this, you can see how totally erroneous the Darwinian-developed evolutional theory is. The evolutionary theory is based on a scientific misconception. Darwin and his followers assumed that species develop by the process of natural selection in order to accommodate themselves to the conditions existing in various environments on the planet, for the purpose of survival of the strongest and the fittest.”


“The idea of evolution is correct in a sense that various life forms were developed, tried out and discarded one after another by the pseudocreators. They genetically experimented until they came up with the most desirable and favorable condition on this planet, suitable for implementation of their plan. There was no such thing as a natural selection. It was all carefully planned out. The concept of the natural selection is the most foolish idea so far that has occurred in the minds of your scientists.”


“As you remember, originally, before the activation of the negative state, your planet was populated only by the positive life manifestation. Animals and plants were of the positive, beneficial nature. No predatory, poisonous, vicious, killing type of animals and plants existed at that time. But they were all destroyed in the process of the dimensional move of your planet. However, the pseudocreators preserved all their genetic material. In many million of years of their experimentation, the pseudo-creators tried out, through the process of hybridization, many combinations of various life forms — many successful and many unsuccessful. They preserved the successful ones and used them in further hybridizations. They destroyed the unsuccessful ones.”


“The destruction and disappearance of various species and animals on your planet was not the result of natural or cosmic catastrophes, as the scientists would like to believe. It was neither the result of human interaction, as is the case at the present time with extinguished animals by the hands of human greed and stupidity. The so-called natural catastrophes and typical human behavior were brought to fruition by the pseudo-creators and some other processes of the Hells in order to accomplish the destruction of these species, no longer suitable for their purpose.”


“The present continuous extinguishing of some species has a deeper spiritual correspondence. The species that disappeared a long time ago, as well as a not so long time ago, along with those that continue to disappear, must be removed before the total victory of the negative state on your planet is accomplished. Those species are correspondences of wrong attachments and affections which exhausted their usefulness. Therefore, their continuation would hinder and interfere with this important process — the full victory of the negative state on planet Zero.”


“You have to realize that, whenever a certain state or affection or feeling or emotion or elements of thought are no longer tenable, they have to be removed. Otherwise, nothing new, either in a positive or a negative sense, would come to its fruition. In the moment they are removed, all life forms and elements corresponding to them cease to be and to exist. This is how the pseudo-creators used to destroy all unsuitable species from the face of your planet until they came up with permanent successful results. (It is not by coincidence that, following this successful accomplishment, no further evolutional development has been occurring on your planet. It stopped right at that time.) And this is how presently-in-charge forces of the negative state accomplish their goals in this respect. Through their own agents on your planet, they trigger the process of elimination of anything or anyone that no longer serves their purpose.“


“So, in the process of their experimentation, the pseudo-creators were able to come up with a peculiar hybrid that produced a behavior pattern opposite to anything observed in the behavior of the positive type of animals. The purpose here was to fabricate animals, birds, insects, fish, plants and fruits, etc., that would reflect in their behavior viciousness, attacks, violence, fear, poison and killing instinct. No such animals, birds, insects, fish, plants, fruits, etc., existed up to that point. This is the type of behavior which your animal and social psychologists like to label as the ‘fight or flight’ instinct.”


“Once the pseudo-creators succeeded in the production of these adverse life forms, they projected them onto your planet for illustration. From a very specific animal of this nature, from its genes, they fabricated endless hybrids, placing them all on planet Zero in order to see how well they were suited for their ultimate purpose — fabrication of cavehuman and its modern posterities.”


“This experimentation culminated into fabrication of an ape-like creature that became a suitable prototype for development of the presently existing human body form.”


“Similar experimentations were done with the plant life in order to populate your planet with all kinds of weeds, poisonous plants and fruits as opposed to anything nutritious and positively useful. It is said ‘positively useful.’ This means something pleasant to human eyes, nutritious and healing to the human body. The plants and fruits that do not serve this use are ‘negatively useful.’ They serve a different kind of use for illustration of the true nature of the negative state.”


“Notice the difference between these two types. The positively useful life forms in general, in a vast majority, require a lot of care and protection. Otherwise, they are suffocated by the other type — negatively useful. On the other hand, the negatively useful life forms in general, in a vast majority, do not require any care and protection. They just grow and produce naturally on their own, able to survive almost any condition. The latter type of life forms the pseudo-creators needed to fabricate in order to prove the point — the negative state is by itself and in itself, and supposedly needs only minimal means for survival and procreation.”


“On the other hand, the positive state is too weak, too dependent on the care and protection of its Creator and is unable to be by itself and in itself. The living examples speak louder than a thousand most convincing words. Again, this is the competitive nature of the negative state.”


“Once the pseudo-creators succeeded in fabricating the prototype for a human body, which would consist entirely of the elements taken from ideas of evils and falsities, they proceeded with the next, most daring experiment — fabrication of humans as they appear on planet Zero. The prototype was the embodiment of all ideas of evil thoughts, feelings, emotions and deeds and all ideas of false concepts, logic, intelligence and reason. It contained all instincts of survival and preservation as reflected in the concept of the ‘fight or flight response.’ However, the prototype in itself was not sentient, having no concept of ‘I am.’”


“The purpose here was to fabricate someone who would fully combine all the so-called natural instincts and the nature of that prototype with the ability to develop a concept of ‘I am’ as an intelligent, choice-making and functional, by reason, sentient entity. This was not an easy task to accomplish.”


“It took the pseudo-creators approximately seven million years, in your time, to come up with such a combination in a form of cavehuman.”


“In the process of this experimentation and hybridization, many various life forms, both intelligent and non-intelligent, were fabricated. Some of them were very peculiar. Not all of them remained on your planet. Most of the intelligent life forms, not conducive to the condition existing on your planet, were put elsewhere.”


“The point here to realize is that, once any sentient life form is created or fabricated, regardless of by what means, whether positive or negative, it cannot be destroyed to eternity. Only the non-sentient life forms can and are destroyed frequently. The intelligent life forms, forms that are able to conceive a concept of ‘I am,’ contain within themselves life energy which was originally stolen from The Most High (in the case of the negative life forms). In that energy is the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ (who was at that time The Most High). By virtue of that presence, such life can never be destroyed. It is the source and potential for salvation and conversion of everyone in the negative state to the positive state.”


“Thus, The Divine Providence of The Lord Jesus Christ provided for these peculiar intelligent life forms a place, state and condition suitable to their nature. As you remember, human fairy tales contain many stories about strange and peculiar creatures, talking animals, plants, etc., both of the positive and the negative nature, respectively. The content of these stories derives, in actuality, from once existing reality (in the process of the above-mentioned experimentation).”


“Some of these creatures, fabricated by the pseudo-creators, were too positive, or too self-aware, not ignorant enough, or too perceptive or too one-sidedly evil or negative in order to suit the pseudo-creators’ purposes. The prevailing positive creatures were taken out of the negative state and placed on the planets within the realm of the positive natural or physical universe where they have been developing fully in accordance with the principles of spiritual progression.”


“The other extreme populates various regions of the Zone of Displacement and the Hells where they are in charge of continuous fabrication of the new type of evils and falsities in all kinds of forms and conditions.”


“Now, in the process of this crucial experimentation, the principle of hybridization was used. From the genetic memory bank and other material of the sentient stock, inherited from the first people on planet Earth, before the so-called Fall, two elements were used.”


“In the first round of this experimentation, the various combinations were tried out, by fusing this or that gene with the genes taken from the opposite elements.”


“The purpose of this experimentation was to come up with a fused combination that would repress all positive spiritual principles, memories, feelings, emotions and experiences; and also that would repress a sense of unity, oneness and harmony of all principles of femininity and masculinity, love and wisdom, good and truth and all other spiritual principles. This repression needed to be done to the extent that the fused hybrid would be fully ignorant of all of them and yet, still preserve the sense of ‘I am’ and be fully intelligent, able to learn and to be, to some extent, inventive and creative.”


“This was finally accomplished. The next step was to fabricate a condition in which the spirit and mentality of the newly developed and fused hybrid could be trapped in a specially designed body which would grossly limit the possibility of full manifestation of the spirit and soul placed in that body, becoming totally dependent on that body for survival in earthly spiritual, mental and physical atmosphere.“


“The experimental question here was: What would happen if a spirit — the most within Spiritual Mind, containing all positive ideas of life and all positive spiritual principles; and soul — the interior mind, containing all positive aspects of sentient mentality — were put in an animal body and beastly mentality, consisting of raw emotions, non-intelligent instincts and drives, based on primitive needs for survival and propagation without any spiritual awareness or ability to develop a concept of ‘I am’ ?”


“As you remember, by that time, the pseudo-creators successfully developed an ape-like creature that served as a prototype for this purpose. In that creature, all negative aspects of behavior and mentality, brute force and aggression, killing and destruction, fight or flight response, ruthless preservation of species and territoriality and, most importantly, direction of all instinctual activities to without, were developed to the fullest. The procreation by external, painful and dangerous means, without involvement of any spiritual principles, was assured in that creature.”


“In this phase of experimentation, the various combination of genes were tried out with greater or lesser success. The purpose here was to develop a condition in which the positive, inward, spiritual aspects of sentient spirit and mentality would be totally repressed and blocked to the fullest possible extent, yet, present sufficiently enough to give one an obscure awareness of ‘I am.’ This obscure awareness of ‘I am’ had to give one some degree of sense of being different from other life forms and to motivate one to develop sufficient levels of intelligence and creativity in order to serve the purpose for which this condition was developed by the pseudo-creators. Obviously, the prototype creature itself, without having any mixture of genetic material from the sentient life forms, would be just another dull animal, unable to illustrate the consequences of the activation of the negative state. By that time, the pseudo-creators succeeded in developing that creature from purely evil and false ideas. In the genes of that creature there was nothing any longer from the positive state of goodness and truth. This was the ultimate purpose.”


“Now the pseudo-creators had a proper genetic material with which they could experiment by combining it with the previously fused, recombined and restructured genetic elements that came from the female and male sentient genetic bank. Thus, they fused this sentient hybrid with the gene of the ape-like creature, developing a new hybrid life form which had never been in existence before. This new hybrid creature was the proverbial caveman (actually, it should be called cavehuman to reflect the totally different, hitherto unknown sentient life form). The pseudo-creators projected this fabrication to planet Zero (your planet) and carefully followed and influenced its development through the entire history of your planet.”


“Now, it would be an error to assume that the pseudo-creators put only one or two such newly developed hybrid — sentient creatures on the face of your planet. Remember, by that time, they already accomplished the split of one planetary continent into several. So, they fabricated many thousands of such creatures and placed them on various continents and islands to give an impetus for development of different variations of cultures and tribes that would be able to perpetuate the negative state in different modes and conditions. At the same time, the pseudo-creators modified the prototype ape-like creature itself into a full ape, as known to you on your planet, and, simultaneously with the new hybrid, projected it to your planet.”


“The projection of this ape was twofold. One way of projection was through backward time. The apes appeared, in various carefully designed stages of a seemingly evolutionary development, several hundred thousand and even a few million years before the actual projection of the new hybrid sentient form — humans. The other was a simultaneous projection.”


“The purpose of the first projection was to establish a scientific deception-hoax which would give the impression to the later scientists that humans developed naturally, evolutionary from the apes and that no outside divine force was involved. Thus, it would be concluded that the origin of humans is not from God and spiritual principles but occurred by chance from the fortuitous combination of various natural particles, atoms, molecules and elements, giving, eventually, rise to sentience. In this respect, then, the intelligence and self-awareness does not come from some kind of Absolute State of Intelligence and Awareness, but from the dead elements of matter. If this is so, then no within spiritual principles exist. And if they do exist, they are not the originating source of sentient life, or any life for that matter, but just non-causal accompaniments of life. The spiritual principles themselves might have originated from non-spiritual dead element combinations. Such a conclusion is inevitable from the above-described arrangement.”


“Now, the present humankind on your planet is nothing else but that special hybrid, fabricated by the pseudo-creators in order to illustrate the consequences, outcomes and results of activation of the negative state and to prove the point that one does not need any God or spiritual principles for originating sentient life.”


“In the process of experimentation with this new sentient hybrid — humans — one of the major principles was to accomplish full separation from, and unawareness of, any other sentient life in the multiverse or any other dimensions but their own planet and universe.”


“This was a very vital condition that needed to be established so that these creatures — humans — would be completely isolated from any objective information regarding other sentient forms, other dimensions and multiverse in general and, especially, from the true knowledge of their origin and from any conscious awareness of the existence of the positive state — the true Creation.”


“This was accomplished by fabrication of a physical body from the genes of the prototype ape-like creature with minor modifications. Into that body were fused considerably altered genes coming from the genetic pool of the sentient life forms. In the process of that fusion and hybridization, all positive, spiritual aspects of those sentient life forms were encapsulated into specially designed genetic containers that would block most of their content. Only a very small, infinitesimally small, opening was left, limited entirely to the seepage of life energy which continuously vivified that body.”


“The pseudo-creators knew very well that, in order to allow any sentience to be present in that newly developed hybrid, they needed some spiritual principles of that sentience to be left intact. Otherwise, they would miss their point. But, by a very intricate and complex genetic and other correspondential manipulation and combination, they succeeded in blocking from the gene of sentience the awareness of spirituality, sucking out from it only life energy without giving any awareness of the true source of that energy. Furthermore, from the genetic material of that prototype creature, and from the very intricate rearrangement of spiritual correspondences, the pseudocreators built another genetic-spiritual container that encapsulated the true mentality, contained in the elements that came from the sentient life forms. That mentality, in its original condition, was too peaceful, gentle and kind and could not produce murderous violence, aggression, hate and all other negative emotions, feelings, thoughts, attitudes and behaviors so abundantly present on your planet.“


“So, this positive mentality was covered up with that container, with a very small opening left, allowing the transformed transmission of life energy from the spiritual sphere of those sentient genes to come through in order to sustain mental awareness of the newly developed hybrid — humans.”


“And, finally, another genetic container was developed, which was used to encapsulate the content of the exterior mind of the true sentient life forms. From the ideas of these forms, a proper physical body was built to manifest the spiritual ideas of one’s spirit and soul into the external behavior, relatedness and attitudes. The awareness of this external form was blocked out completely, so that the present humans would have no knowledge of what it is like to be and to feel and to look as a true sentient being in a true physical form built from the pure positive spiritual elements of love and wisdom.”


“Again, only an infinitesimally small opening was left for flow of that life energy from the most within, through the interior area, to the most without of the body to keep it alive and functional.”


“Once this was accomplished, a special genetic and correspondential envelope was developed, from the elements of the negative state, into which the true most within Spiritual Mind, the true interior mind and the true exterior mind, derived from the genes of sentient life forms, were placed, separating them from the body and body’s awareness of them. Only an infinitesimally small connection was left between them and the physical body, limited solely to the reception of life energy to sustain some degree of life in that body.”


“In the next step, between the body and that envelope, containing the true sentient mind, now separated into the three distinct areas — the most within, interior and external — from the genetic and other correspondential material of that prototype creature-animal, three distinct pseudo-minds were built-in at the level of each container. Thus, at the level of the most within Spiritual Mind, encapsulated into that genetic and negatively spiritual container, a pseudo-inner mind was built. It was put in an encircling proximity to it, as to completely surround that container, making sure as to capture anything coming out through the small opening, left there, and screen out everything — before releasing any damaging information to the negative state’s being and existence.“


“The similar simulations were built and placed around the true interior mind and true exterior mind.”


“Thus, you have here layers upon layers of protection against anything truly spiritual and truthful coming through or out of that now separated and isolated true sentient mind.”


“As you see, the purpose here was to separate and isolate one sentient mind, consisting of its three aspects, into three distinctly different minds and keep them isolated and separated from each other indefinitely.”


“Remember, the true nature of the negative state is built on the principles of separation and isolation.”


“In the true Creation, no such separation and isolation exists. The sentient mind of all sentient entities in the positive state of Creation and its multiverse is completely and totally unified. It is one mind which manifests itself in the three aspects — the most within, interior and exterior aspect, respectively. This arrangement reflects the true nature of The Creator — The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“However, with this kind of arrangement, no negative state could ever come to any fruition. As long as there is a unity and oneness of mind, the positive state fully reigns. This is the true nature of the positive state.”


“In order to activate the negative state, it was necessary to recede from this arrangement. Remember please, that the very first step toward activation of the negative state was the separation of one androgynous form into two physical forms — one female and one male. The full reason for this separation, as well as why the sentient life forms on the original planet Earth had to start with the androgynous form, was nicely revealed and explained in the book Fundamentals of Human Spirituality. There is no need to repeat the reasons here.”


“So, the process of activation of the negative state is actually the process of gradual separation of various spiritual principles from their cohesive wholeness and unity and subsequent separation of their receptacles in the sentient mind. Each spiritual principle, with all its infinite derivatives, has its specific receptacle in the sentient mind. By being able to receive and to contain the specificity of each principle, the sentient mind is kept alive. No other source of life existed, exists or will ever exist. And because all true spiritual principles derive from the true Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, no other source of life but The Lord Jesus Christ exists. It is hereby solemnly pronounced by The Lord Jesus Christ that this statement is The Absolute Truth.”


“By separating and splitting these spiritual principles from their unifying Source, their distortion, perversion and falsification is possible. Now, they lack their connectedness to this Source. This lack allows the confusion and misinterpretation of their content to become reality.”


“By this act, the separation and isolation of the specific receptacles in the sentient mind is accomplished. This, actually, culminated in a total separation and isolation of one sentient mind into three different, isolated minds.”


“However, this separation and isolation in itself, although greatly welcomed by the pseudo-creators and necessary for their ultimate goal, was not sufficient for this goal. Unfortunately for them, there is always that inborn, ingrained and inherent tendency of the various aspects and receptacles of the sentient mind to seek out and revert to their former state — a state of unity, oneness, cohesiveness and wholeness.”


“In order to assure that the separation and isolation of this mind remains indefinitely (an absolutely necessary condition if the negative state is to survive), the pseudo-creators built the above-described genetic and correspondential containers and blocks which enveloped each mind separately. Moreover, they built one entire genetic and correspondential envelope, which separates the entire mind, in its three levels, from the rest of the body. And not only that, but they fabricated from the genes of that beast which they so conveniently hybridized, three totally different pseudo-minds by which they surrounded the true sentient mind in its three aspects. But even this arrangement was not sufficient to maintain the life of the negative state.”


“In the next step of their experimentation, the pseudo-creators designed and gave life to a new form of being called guardians. These guardians were placed in the proximity of each level — the most within Spiritual Mind, the interior mind and the external mind — to guard against any possible changes in the state of affairs of the human mind. The function of these guardians was described in Chapter Five of this book.“


“A legion of demons was put in the charge of these guardians, in order to assure that the guardians properly guard the status quo. These guardians are called shadows and shadowy figures.”


“Now you see the rationale for the spiritual transformation process, as described in the previous Chapter. You can also see from this why the sequence of revelation of these Chapters comes the way it comes. Each Chapter derives from the ideas of the previous Chapter. There is a spiritual logic here.”


“The process of separation and isolation, on which the negative state is built, was not limited to the above-described arrangement.”


“There was one more step, a very crucial one to that, which needed to be accomplished. A global separation and isolation of humans from the rest of Creation and the Zone of Displacement was necessary to design. This type of separation and isolation is a must if humans on your planet are to be kept in ignorance about the true nature of Creation and the Zone of Displacement.”


“By the above-described arrangement, the state of perpetual ignorance and unconscious processes was established. Ignorance and unconscious processes are vital fuel for perpetuation of the negative state. They are a permanent assurance that all learning comes not from within but from without.”


“If you are in ignorance of your true inner, spiritual nature, you turn yourself outside and you are taught from without, believing that whatever is being said to you by others, more experienced external authorities, is true. However, this situation has to be limited to the planet Zero.”


“For that reason, planet Zero was put in total isolation and separation from the rest of its galaxy and universe. The human body was built by a special genetic engineering, from the genes of the beast. On the other hand, the body of that beast was built from the elements of the Zone of Displacement. These elements were the solidified and concretized rejected spiritual ideas of the sentient entities of the positive state who refused to accept and to act on the content of such ideas.”


“As you remember, the content of these ideas was the choice to proclaim and to believe that life is not from The Lord Jesus Christ (formerly The Most High) and His/Her spiritual principles but from something or someone else. These rejected, fallen out ideas, with all consequences of their possible activation, constitute the life of the Zone of Displacement. From them the prototype-beast was fabricated. Thus, in actuality, the human body, which is the beastly body, was fabricated by the pseudo-creators, in a modified form, from the negative anti-elements of the Zone of Displacement.”


“To these limiting elements, the elements of planet Zero were added and a totally new, extremely limited type of body was hybridized. Nothing like that has ever existed before. Into that hybridized body, the two fused elements from the sentient life forms were placed in the manner as described above.”


“By this arrangement, the spirit of life and its soul were conveniently trapped in that extremely limited and limiting body and they cannot get out unless the body is killed, by whatever means, or wears out and dies on its own. Thus, any movement of the spirit and its soul depends entirely on the function of that body.”


“But what kind of body is that? Notice, please, how limited you are. If your spirit wants to go somewhere, it must take with itself its cumbersome and uncomfortable body. In order to survive in it, all activities of spirit and its soul are geared for taking care of your body.”


“Your body requires a very special environment, a very specific atmosphere and a continuous, around the clock, care and protection. If you have too little or too much oxygen, or of this or that chemical element, your body gets poisoned, damaged and dies. If you eat too much or drink too much or too little, your body suffers and dies. If you run too fast and for too long, your body gets exhausted and may collapse and die. If you sleep and rest too little or too much, it may collapse and die. If you are exposed to extreme cold or extreme heat, your body may die. If you want to travel, you have to devise some kind of external means of transportation in order to move that body faster. But if you exceed the velocity of the movement which is comfortable and safe to that body, the body cannot survive for too long.”


“Your body needs a special type of gravity to be able to carry itself comfortably. Too much gravity will crush it. Too little gravity becomes uncomfortable, feebling your muscle tone. Now, you can go forever in enumerating all gross limitations of the human body. And, yet, your scientists foolishly consider the function of the body a miracle. It is a miracle all right, but not the way they think it is. It is a miracle that any spark of life can be sustained in that body.“


“The further complication of this isolation and limitation is elimination of waste. This requirement rules one’s schedule. Failure to eliminate poisons eventually kills the body.”


“All these factors keep you completely preoccupied with the body and its own separate and isolated life. There is no time, or very little time, for anything else but everyday survival of your body.”


“This is the very trap of the negative state. The very specific, peculiar and unusual needs your body has gives you also a global and multiversal isolation. Just ask yourself, how far can you travel in the universe or space with the type of body you have? You would have to build a very intricate space vessel which would imitate precisely the physical and mental environment in which your body is able to be alive and your mentality to be sane. And at what speed can that body travel? Can it exceed the speed of light a billion times in order to visit some other corner of this galaxy and be able to return to its own planet within its life span?”


“In the beginning of the second history of your planet, this physical isolation and separation took a ridiculous proportion. At that time, humans were so primitive that they traveled on foot. Later on, they begin to use animals for this purpose. Not too long ago, humans in Europe, for example, had no knowledge that America or Americans existed. And American Indians had no knowledge that Europeans existed, etc.”


“This situation was purposefully established in order to continue in separation and isolation of your kind as long as possible. Only in the last two decades were you able to fly to the Moon. And, look at what kinds of bulky protective suits and vessels needed to be invented to enable your astronauts to travel to the Moon and back.”


“Of course, the policies are changing even within the negative state. The so-called scientific progress is accommodated to the greater and faster spread of the negative state and ultimately to its full exposure.”


“However, as long as you live in that kind of body, with those kinds of arrangements, no matter to what extent you are aware of this situation, no matter how much you are spiritually transformed, you still have that type of body. It is physically and genetically isolated from the rest of your mind in the manner described above. This condition will always produce problems, fears, anxieties, worries, illnesses and all kinds of adverse conditions inherent in the life of that kind of body.”


“For this reason, as you remember, the preceding Chapter ended with a warning that completion of the spiritual transformation process does not lead to freedom and liberation from this separation and arrangement. You are still trapped in that body. Nothing can be changed in this respect by any means until that body is put aside and you are no longer in it. The only difference in this respect is that, after spiritual transformation, as mentioned previously, you will be able to be in better control of your life, to regulate your lifestyle more consistently with the nature of the positive state. This assures your future choices after you get rid of that ‘miraculous’ body of yours.”


“You have to remember that the majority of humans, being fully and completely ignorant of this state of affairs, consider their situation and the situation of their body as a totally normal occurrence. There is nothing abnormal to them about this situation. Therefore, they fall in love with the bodily life and cling to it desperately. They acquire a certain type of lifestyle, mentality, and even spirituality, supportive of that lifestyle. They fully identify themselves with all habits, modes and principles of this life. For that reason, after their body dies, their loves, habits and attractions to that life remain and are taken with them. After coming to the spiritual world, humans of this nature (the vast majority of them), tend to reject anything else inconsistent with what they acquired and with what they are familiar.”


“This mode of attachments and identifications keeps them in the clutches of the negative state. Because of that, they choose to go to the Hells where they may continue, for a time, times and half a time, in their beloved, familiar and ‘comfortable’ lifestyle regardless of how miserable and negative it is. If you love misery, unhappiness and negativity, the only life that can have any meaning to you will be the life consistent with them. All else is superfluous. It is difficult to conceptualize that the vast majority of humans can be in love with misery, unhappiness and negativity. The reason this attitude is possible is because humans consider these adverse states to be normal and natural. For them, they are not perceived as misery, unhappiness and negativity, but the only possible reality that gives them an illusion of happiness, joy and satisfaction.”


“One needs to recognize and to acknowledge first the fact that his/ her lifestyle is not what it seems to be. And, secondly, one needs to express an intense desire to change the status quo. This is where the spiritual transformation process comes in. It gives humans the revelation of the true state of affairs. It puts them in control of their life and their choices. It prepares them for the life in the positive state, after the body is put aside, without the necessity to continue indefinitely in the life of the negative state somewhere in the Hells. It gives one hope and joy of the future fulfillment of the promise by The Lord Jesus Christ. It gives one a true sense, meaning and perspective of one’s life on your planet. You control the problems. The problems no longer control you. The problems will always be there, as long as you live in that body, but you will be their master and not their slave. And you will be the master of your life from within to without. This is the true purpose of the spiritual transformation process. Nothing more, at this point, should be put into it. If you want to accomplish this, just follow the procedures outlined in the previous Chapter of this book.”


“Now, having completed this phase of experimentation (fabrication of humans), and having established fully the dominance of the activated negative state in the entire Zone of Displacement and on planet Zero, having become uncontested rulers and dictators of their domain, the pseudo-creators proceeded with the next phase of experimentation. This phase relates to the plan that was conceived by them at the time your planet was successfully populated by the cavehuman and then the development of the human civilization was on its way.”


“Some of you might be questioning why, at this point, The Most High did not eliminate the negative state. After all, the pseudo-creators won and the full exposure of the nature of the negative state was accomplished.”


“Two things are wrong with this conclusion: One, up to that point, the negative state was by imposition and not by free choice. As you remember from Chapter IX in the book Major Ideas of The New Revelation, nothing can be learned by imposition but only by free choice. Actually, the illustration of the consequences of the negative state cannot properly take place until the negative state is freely chosen as a preferred style of life.”


“In the process of the activation of the negative state, two phases were necessary: First, the activation itself. The process of activation is by force and imposition. The creatures, fabricated by the pseudocreators, had no alternative choice but to be negative. It took the incarnation of Jesus Christ to give them that choice or a different alternative. The second phase is the illustration of the consequences, outcomes and results of that activation. This second phase could not start until The Lord Jesus Christ left your planet. It is based on freedom to be negative.”


“In the process of initial activation, no one in Creation wanted to choose to be negative and to illustrate the consequences of the dominating negative state. This is the reason why a different breed of creatures had to be fabricated. On these creatures the negative state was imposed as the only alternative in life.”


“As you know, even at the present time, many creatures in the Zone of Displacement, as well as many humans, have no idea that anything else but what they have, or where they are, exists. Once this situation with the creatures and humans was fully established, The First Coming of Jesus Christ took place. One of the major outcomes of The First Coming was that The Lord Jesus Christ liberated all creatures from the necessity of being negative, giving them an alternative choice. Elimination of the negative state at this stage, until it had a choice to prove itself as a chosen lifestyle, would have been premature, leading to no true new learning.”


“The second wrong thing with the above-formulated question is that, at that time, before incarnation of Jesus Christ on your planet, The Most High did not contain within His/Her nature any elements from the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero. In order to successfully eliminate the negative state without having those elements, The Most High would have had to appear in the Zone of Displacement and on your planet in His/Her full essence and substance. If this were to happen, the entire Zone of Displacement and planet Zero with all their inhabitants would instantaneously, in one blink of an eye, perish.”


“If the Zone of Displacement were to perish, the continuously rejected ideas of the free choice to deny God and His/Her spiritual principles, would have no place to fall out. Therefore, they would strike back at their senders, annihilating them in the process.”


“Thus, the entire Creation would perish. Creation cannot bear the idea that it has no opportunity to get rid of such ideas and no place to dispose of them. In this case, these ideas would have to be accepted as valid. The idea that God exists and is the only source of life and the idea that God does not exist or is not the true and only source of life cannot be true at the same time. But, if one of these ideas is not exposed or rejected properly, having no place to fall out, it strikes back and requires its acceptance as truth. In this case, both ideas must be accepted as being true. Such a contradictory acceptance would lead to the instant insanity and suicide of all in Creation.”


“Surely, The Most High could have created another Creation, another multiverse. But the entire process would have to be repeated again and again because of that existential question, formulated in this book and other books of The New Revelation by this transmitter. The Lord Jesus Christ, who at that time was The Most High, does not operate that way.”


“For that reason, a special Grand Plan of Salvation was devised by The Most High which relates to the content and meaning of both The First Coming and The Second Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ. The pseudocreators’ first major phase of experimentation, with its numerous subphases, was only half of their plan. The second half of that plan was much more daring and much more mysterious in comparison to the first one.”


“The full content of that plan and the means by which it was partially completed, cannot be revealed at this time, if at all. Only the major ideas of that plan can be revealed (but not its process).”


“The second phase of experimentation was directed toward the development of special psychic powers and conquest of their mind and body that would almost equal the power of The Most High. It is said ‘almost.’ The reason for this ‘almost’ is in the fact that none of the pseudo-creators were absolute. They all were created. Therefore, they lacked the experience of The Absolute state. But this could be circumvented by the sheer numbers. If you fabricate enough creatures of such immense power and condition, the cumulative sum of all of them eventually will equal the power of The Most High. The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9) tells this story.”


“So, the pseudo-creators continued in their experimentation until they succeeded in developing a special and unusual life form of the most pure evil that almost equaled the power of pure good of The Most High. In this form they fused all their own genes and all modified genes from the genetic pool of all life forms they had from the first androgynous people on your planet. This unusual combination gave birth to the most powerful, potent and unimaginably intelligent hybrid that has ever been or ever will be conceived, born or developed.“


“Once this was accomplished, all pseudo-creators relinquished their former forms and entered this newly developed hybrid and became truly ‘gods.’ (Various human mythologies, containing the stories of life of ‘gods,’ their pantheon and their powers and immortality and how they influenced human life, such as, for example, Greek and Roman mythologies, reflect the fact of the pseudo-creators becoming ‘gods’).”


“With such a new state and condition, the pseudo-creators then proceeded to conceive a plan to travel further backward in time to the moment before any creation was actualized and realized. The new hybridized pseudo-creators believed that, if they were able to catch God before any sentient entities existed, He/She would have no support of Creation and, therefore, would be more vulnerable to the defeat or, at least, to the negotiation for sharing His/Her powers with them. This situation is reflected in the prophecy of Isaiah, Chapter 63, verse 5,”


“‘I looked, but there was no one to help, and I wondered that there was no one to uphold: therefore my own arm brought salvation for Me; and my own fury, it sustained Me;’”


“The word ‘fury,’ in this connotation, does not mean human emotion of fury. It means realization of The Absolute Power of The Lord Jesus Christ which cannot be corrupted by any negotiation or dealings with the negative state; in this case, with the new hybridized pseudocreators.”


“The completion of this phase of the experiment prompted the incarnation of The Lord Jesus Christ. The physical birth of Jesus Christ on your planet postponed the pseudo-creators’ travel to that period. Now they needed to concentrate on the destruction of His/Her mission. That mission was endangering their whole plan. So, the travel was postponed indefinitely.”


“Notice, please, that it is not by coincidence that the birth of Jesus Christ happened at the time the pseudo-creators succeeded in their own negative transformation or, to be precise, transmogrification. Also, it is not by coincidence that the process of Jesus Christ’s birth followed or paralleled the same principles of hybridization used by the pseudocreators. This parallel can give a false impression that The Most High borrowed this process from the pseudo-creators. Just the opposite is true. The pseudo-creators used the stolen principles of life-making process from The Most High which they appropriated to themselves as their own.“


“Originally, all sentient entities received this knowledge from their Creator. It was ingrained in their genes. Thus, it was fully available to them from the genetic material they inherited from the first people on your planet. The process of creation of infinite varieties of sentient and non-sentient life is by the process of hybridization.”


“Initially, there is an idea of creation and sentient entities. That idea occurs in The Absolute Mind of The Most High. After its occurrence, the idea proceeds to its projection outside of that Mind as its own independent sentient life form. Once that life form appears, it builds its own genetic pool. From that pool, various genes are used and combined with the particles emanating from the life force which, in turn, emits unceasingly from the activities of The Absolute Mind of The Most High — The Lord Jesus Christ. The combination of these elements gives rise to entirely different sentient life forms. This goes on and on to eternity.”


“However, none of these sentient entities contain a direct Absolute Element, taken out from The Most High. They are the original ideas of The Most High but they are not The Most High (for more on this issue see the books Fundamentals of Human Spirituality and Four Concepts of The Spiritual Structure of Creation). There was only one exception to this rule from eternity to eternity — the birth of The Lord Jesus Christ. In that birth, as you remember from Chapter Two of this book, an element was used from the most external part of The Absolute Exterior Mind of The Most High which was fused and hybridized with the two elements of the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero taken out from the genes of Joseph and Mary.”


“This was a necessary procedure in order to stop the pseudo-creators. The only way they could be stopped, without the annihilation of anyone in the process, was by using their own weapons, their own fabrication in the form of the feeble human body, making it divine through a special process of divinization, as described in Chapter Two, and with that body, or to what it corresponds, enter their domain and isolate them from the rest of Creation and the Zone of Displacement.”


“No other way would work. These are the rules of the Zone of Displacement. One has to follow all rules first, in order to have a first hand knowledge of them, before one can conquer and overcome them. Everyone, including The Lord Jesus Christ, has to follow this rule. Having previously no direct tangible physical and intimate experience of life of the negative state, Jesus Christ could do nothing, unless, of course, He/She would want to destroy them and the entire Creation (which, by the way, had never entered His/Her Mind). Therefore, for the sake of salvation of the entire Creation and for the sake of eventual complete and eternal elimination of the negative state, The Most High, as Jesus Christ, volunteered to come down into the Zone of Displacement, live in the type of body originally fabricated by the pseudo-creators, experience the negative state, first hand, and enter the Hells of the pseudo-creators and lock them up indefinitely.”


“In the process, The Lord Jesus Christ removed from the pseudo-creators the knowledge of time travel and weakened their powers, acquired through that mysterious negative transmogrification, as briefly described above. He/She then separated and isolated them in a special state and region, accessible to no one until recently, and gave them the full taste of isolation and separation they so effectively imposed on their fabricated humans and other creatures of the Zone of Displacement and the Hells. This is their just due. From that time on, the pseudo-creators have had absolutely no access to anyone or anything, and until recently, no one was allowed, for safety reasons, to enter their region. No one had the knowledge but The Lord Jesus Christ of how to locate their whereabouts or contact them.”


“This separation was a necessary step in order to give everyone an opportunity to experience the negative state and all its consequences by free choice and not by a necessity. With the pseudo-creators on the scene, no such experience would be possible. They would be in control of the situation and they would continue to impose the negative state on people. However, with this present state of affairs, the mystery of the pseudo-creators has not ended. There is one more drastic step that needs to be taken, before all their story, and everything that they caused, can permanently and eternally end. Some aspects of that mysterious step will be revealed in the next Chapter.”


“He/she who has ears to hear and to listen, let him/her hear and listen to what The Lord Jesus Christ reveals in this Chapter.”





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