The Last Judgment



On February 15, 1988, at 5:30 a.m., the word of The Lord Jesus Christ came to me again, saying,


“Another important spiritual concept, considerably misunderstood, misinterpreted and distorted, is the concept of The Last Judgment. There are many variations of how this concept is interpreted and in what manner its process will happen.”


“All interpretations of the process of The Last Judgment usually are derived from its literal description in The Holy Bible. And, although the theme of The Last Judgment can be tracked through the entire Holy Bible, particularly in the Prophet Daniel, the common interpretations are derived from what Jesus Christ said about it in Matthew, Chapter 24 (the entire Chapter) and Chapter 25, verses 3146, and through the entire book of Apocalypse, but particularly its Chapter 20, verses 11-15; and also what Paul said about it in The First Epistle to The Thessalonians, Chapter 4, verses 13-18 and what Peter said about it in his Second Epistle, Chapter 3, verse 1-10.”


“It is assumed by most Christians that the literal description of this process, as contained in the above-mentioned Biblical texts, fully reflects the reality of how The Last Judgment will be executed. The exception to this rule is Swedenborg’s interpretation of the concept of The Last Judgment and his followers on your planet. In Swedenborg’s conceptualization of this process, The Last Judgment does not take place on your planet but in the intermediate world or what he called The World of Spirits. He also claimed that The Last Judgment was fully completed at his time and that he was a direct witness of this process.”


“On the other hand, the majority of Christians and others are still patiently waiting for the literal appearance of The Lord Jesus Christ on the clouds with his angels and their trumpets on your planet to give them great satisfaction and prove that they were right and everyone else (not of Christians’ literal belief) was wrong. They console themselves with the words of Apostle Peter, recorded in the abovementioned Second Epistle, Chapter 3, verses 3-4, ‘that scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to their own hearts, and saying, “Where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of Creation...”’”


“Another aspect of the interpretation of The Last Judgment was revealed in Chapter 3, ‘Principles of Spiritual Metaphysics,’ in the book by this transmitter Four Concepts of the Spiritual Structure of Creation. In that conceptualization of The Last Judgment, it was properly conceived that The Last Judgment is a cyclical process which has relevance to the state and condition of one individual, of one society, of one nation, of one humankind or whatever kind, of one planet, of one solar system, of one universe, of one dimension, of the entire Creation and of the entire cycle of time.”


“It is correctly assumed in that booklet that, once the usefulness of any state and condition fulfills its purpose and is fully exhausted, be it in the life of one individual or in the life of the entire cycle of time, its Last Judgment takes place, all aspects of its life manifestation are carefully weighed and considered, and a new state and condition for all participants in its process comes into its being and existence. It was assumed, at that time, that this process goes on to eternity.”


“In this respect, what the literal sense of The Holy Bible is trying to convey to you, regarding this issue, is that everyone is judged by the quality and content of his/her spiritual state and how one manifested and utilized all of one’s abilities, gifts, talents; and what kind of intentional and motivational factors were the driving force of one’s behaviors, attitudes and relationships.”


“In an ultimate sense, in the latter conceptualization of this process, The Last Judgment is nothing else but an evaluation of the fact which determines to what extent and how one person, or the entire cycle of time, manifested, actualized and realized that aspect of spirituality and the presence of God within them which was endowed on them by The Most High.”


“The point here to realize is that every sentient entity carries within itself a very specific, very unique and non-repeatable aspect of The Lord Jesus Christ (formerly The Most High). The quality, the content and the quantity of that aspect differs infinitely from one individual to another. Each carrier of such an aspect or element, by which he/she lives and functions, is made fully responsible for its proper utilization, actualization, realization and manifestation. Because it is a borrowed aspect, something that belongs to someone else, the one who receives this loan or gift is fully accountable for it. That this is the case can be nicely seen from the parable of talents uttered by Jesus Christ and recorded in most Gospels. See, for example, Matthew 25:14-30. The return of the master, or the owner of money-gifts, signifies The Last Judgment which determines how this gift was utilized, or used or misused or abused or entirely neglected from being utilized, as the case was with the lazy servant who hid his master’s talent in the ground.”


“From this parable it is obvious how the literal interpretations of the Biblical statements are misleading, not reflecting the true spiritual reality of this, as well as any other, spiritual issue.”


“In the Swedenborgian’s interpretation of the concept of The Last Judgment, the error was not in the fact that Swedenborg really witnessed The Last Judgment but in the conclusions he drew from those events. Basically two erroneous conclusions were drawn by him: First was that The Last Judgment can take place only in the world of spirits (the intermediate world) because it is a world of balancing. Only in the state of balance, true just judgment can be made. The assumption of the need for balancing is correct. Its limitation to the intermediate world is incorrect.”


“It is true that the intermediate world corresponds to the principle of balancing and that everyone, after he/she leaves the physical body behind, and undergoes his/her last judgment or gives an account of how he/she used the borrowed gift of life during that particular life span, must appear in that world first. However, this applies only to the judgment of the individual life but not to the life of the planet, galaxy, universe, multiverse, or one cycle of time.”


“Secondly, Swedenborg assumed at that time The Last Judgment he witnessed was the true ultimate Last Judgment and what was foretold about it in The Holy Bible was fully fulfilled and that there will be no other Judgment. As was already pointed out in the book Major Ideas of The New Revelation, Chapter XIII, pages 208-210, what Swedenborg witnessed was one aspect of that Judgment which took place in certain regions of the intermediate world and which was executed on the originators and perpetuators of The Dark Ages on your planet and in that world.“


“The process of The Last Judgment is manifested in many forms and in many aspects and it takes place, from time to time, in all dimensions and spheres of Creation and the Zone of Displacement by the ways and means relevant to the nature of each particular dimension, sphere, place, state and condition, etc.”


“Because of this important rule, the content and the process of The Last Judgment will be different from place to place, from state to state, from world to world, from individual to individual, from one cycle of time to another cycle of time, etc.”


“This understanding of The Last Judgment has never been perceived by anyone (it was not time, until now) and it is being revealed here for the first time.”


“So, we have here two extremes in the interpretation of the concept of The Last Judgment: The first one, the literal Christian interpretation. It limits itself to your planet only and to the visible physical universe (humans do not know that what they see is not a true universe but something else). It does not take into consideration the spiritual and intermediate world, respectively.”


“On the other hand, the second view limits The Last Judgment to the spiritual dimension of the world of spirits, neglecting other dimensions and the Zone of Displacement.”


“The third view, reflected in the booklet Four Concepts of the Spiritual Structure of Creation, speaks about The Last Judgment from the standpoint of its continuous occurrence in all localities and globalities of being and existence.”


“Taken together, all three views have some merit and, to a certain extent, they do reflect the reality and the process of The Last Judgment.”


“In the first view, the literal interpretation of the process itself is misleading. What is true about that view is that The Last Judgment must take place also on your planet, in your own locality, as a part of the Judgment of the inhabitants of the Zone of Displacement, as it takes place on any planet in Creation.”


“How else can you interpret the fact that a sun of any particular solar system in your and any other galaxy, at one point of its life explodes into a nova or supernova, collapses and annihilates in the process all planets revolving around it (in a sufficiently close proximity to it)? This is a form of The Last Judgment of that particular solar system.”


“In the second view, the spiritual interpretation of The Last Judgment is a correct one. The Last Judgment must also take place on the spiritual level of one’s awareness and in a state and place of balancing. However, to limit its process only to this aspect is misleading.”


“In the third view, the global and local interpretation of The Last Judgment is a correct one. There is no misleading perception in that interpretation. However, it is not complete. At the time of that interpretation, it was not appropriate to know or to reveal further aspects of the process of The Last Judgment.”


“There are certain other aspects of the process of The Last Judgment that relate exclusively to the activation and life of the negative state.”


“As you remember from the above-mentioned parable of talents, three servants were given ‘the moneys.’ The first servant represents the entire spiritual world or the innermost level of Creation. The second servant represents the entire intermediate world or the interior level of Creation. The third servant represents the entire natural world or the external level of Creation where the negative state was initiated.”


“The reason why the third servant represents the entire natural or physical world of Creation, although not all in that world participated in the process of activation of the negative state, is for emphasis — only in the most external level of Creation may and can the negative state be activated.”


“Now, this is a very important realization. It should be ingrained into everyone’s memory in order to avoid an abominable view that the negative state could have started in any other degree or level of Creation.”


“In reality, the third servant, the lazy and wicked one, represents the entire Zone of Displacement. The second servant, in fact, represents not only the intermediate world but also the positive position of the physical or exterior-natural world which is under the domain of the positive state.“


“The parable implies that the use of the gift of life, which procures proper spiritual principles, was rejected by the third servant. Instead of using it for spiritual growth, the third servant hid or buried the talent into the ground. The inner sense of this symbolism contains the process of activation of the negative state. ‘To hide the talent in the ground’ signifies to take all proper spiritual principles and encapsulate them in a container without allowing them to have full impact and influence on one’s life. If you remove or hide these principles, what else remains?”


“As long as these principles are in an open and dominant position, the negative state cannot be activated. The first step in this process is to hide them very thoroughly. The intent to hide them, and the actual process of hiding them, is the process of activation of the negative state. By doing that, one becomes ‘wicked’ and ‘lazy.’ ‘Wicked’ relates to evils and ‘lazy’ to falsities. The automatic consequences of such an act are evilness and falsification. Hence, the negative state.”


“However, the spiritual principle here is that, whatever one’s actions are, one has to be accountable and responsible for them. Otherwise, there is no meaning to and learning about such actions. The feedback is an essential part of the process. But who is to judge their outcomes?”


“Only the source of true life and all gifts and talents is able to judge them justly and objectively. The Lord Jesus Christ is the only true source of life and all gifts and talents. Therefore, only The Lord Jesus Christ can preside over any form and aspects of The Last Judgment.”


“The third servant’s story implies that at one time some people were given this gift of life and all proper tools, talents and gifts for its development and implementation. However, they decided to use that life for entirely different purposes other than what it was meant for. As they rejected and buried the true spiritual principles of life, they inadvertently started an opposing trend to the flow of the true life.”


“Because that life belongs rightfully to The Lord Jesus Christ — no one has life from oneself, in oneself and by oneself — only The Lord Jesus Christ can judge people who did this.”


“In a general sense, The Last Judgment means a process of complete evaluation of any state, place, condition, behavior, attitude, lifestyle or whatever you have which exhausted its usefulness and can no longer serve any justifiable purpose. In the moment this occurs, the determination is made what justification any such situation has for its continuation.”


“As you know, the justification of any being and existence is determined by the usefulness it performs for the good of the entire Creation. If the usefulness of it was exhausted, it must be terminated and replaced with something which will have this required usefulness.”


“The quality, the content, the quantity and the measure of its fulfillment will determine the destiny of all those who demonstrated and illustrated the mode of such usefulness. After completion of their mission, they determine the type of reward or retribution they will receive, and the position for the next step in their useful endeavor.”


“In the sense of this general definition of The Last Judgment, everyone without exception or exclusion, be that one of the positive or the negative nature, respectively, is subject to The Last Judgment at each point of one’s completion of the task one was assigned. In this respect, the process of The Last Judgment is not a once-in-a-lifetime or once in-an-eternity occurrence. It happens at all times, places, conditions and states and in all dimensions.”


“And because the multiverse, and each cycle of time, is maintained by the spiritual quality of the sentient mind, whenever the sentient mind is undergoing the process of its Last Judgment on a multiversal or cyclical level, that multiverse and cycle of time is also a subject of The Last Judgment. Thus, it is not only sentient entities who undergo The Last Judgment, but also their respective environments and everything which is part of those environments because they reflect the quality and usefulness of their masters’ state.”


“For that reason, at the time of The Last Judgment, the environments of the sentient entities collapse or disappear from their awareness permanently. This is reflected in the so-called cataclysmic events observed in your visible universe (antiuniverse).”


“In a more specific sense, The Last Judgment is the process of balancing between what you call the forces of good and the forces of evil for the purpose of a continuous maintenance and availability of all choices.”


“Whenever any imbalance occurs, and is threatening the life of freedom of choice, The Divine Providence of The Lord Jesus Christ intervenes and rearranges the position of these forces in such a manner as to restore this vitally important spiritual freedom. The rearrangement has all signs of The Last Judgment and is done by the process of visitation.”


“On your planet, such visitation or The Last Judgment occurs in the form of massive catastrophes: A massive world war begins which transfers millions of humans from your world into some other world or dimension where they are needed to balance out the lopsided spiritual condition.”


“On the smaller scale, this is reflected in airplane accidents or other disasters in which hundreds or even thousands of humans are killed or perish. These events are all the result of visitation and The Last Judgment for those humans who perished from your physical plane. This aspect of The Last Judgment has mostly a negative connotation because the imbalance is always caused by the negative state. The positive state is the balance itself and does not require these types of visitations.”


“However, the negative state, by its very nature, is a constant war against the positive state, trying to unbalance it. Being the imbalance itself, the negative state imposes its lifestyle on anyone who comes into its proximity. If the number of such people prevails, the imbalance occurs. It threatens the stability of Creation, prompting the visitation which restores that stability.”


“The process of this aspect of The Last Judgment takes place by a simple change of the proximity of the positive state to the negative one. The Lord Jesus Christ arranges that the proximity is temporarily shortened. A greater degree of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom is poured out into a disturbed region. This process is called visitation.”


“For many humans, this process gives a false impression that God causes these events to happen. They call them acts of God and incorporate this in their legal documents. But the reality is that God — now The Lord Jesus Christ — can never cause any such acts. What happens here is that, as the presence of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom is intensified and poured out into the trouble causing region, it exposes the evilness of the negative state within that region and triggers the need for retribution, inherent in the nature of the negative state, as the condition of reward is inherent in the nature of the positive state.”


“Thus, it is not God who punishes them (He/She sends them nothing but love and wisdom) but they themselves trigger that punishment as a result of being in the negative state and identifying themselves with the negative state.”


“In the case of the positive people who were part of such a disaster, such events trigger the process of reward for their willingness of taking from The Lord Jesus Christ an assignment in the negative state and fulfilling it at the time of such a disaster.”


“From the standpoint of your planet, these visitations take place without any conscious awareness of the participants in such events. However, once they arrive in the intermediate world’s holding area, their memories are open and they recognize the full necessity of what happened to them. At that point, their Last Judgment is executed.”


“In this respect, in order for The Last Judgment to be just and fair, it must take place with full opening of memories and elimination of the unconscious processes. This is the first act of The Last Judgment. No one can be judged without knowing the fullness of one’s state and the content of one’s entire mind.”


“However, as long as the negative state exists, for all members of the negative state the ignorance and the unconscious processes are the very style of their life. Therefore, in order to maintain balance, through such periodic visitations, they are transported to the intermediate world where the unconscious processes disappear and their memories are open. In that state, they can be judged.”


“Due to the fact that only The Lord Jesus Christ is capable of opening their memories and eliminating their unconscious processes, it appears as though The Lord Jesus Christ personally judges these people. In fact, however, it is people’s memories of themselves and their actions that function as judge, jury and executioner — to use the figure of speech of your language in describing this process.”


“While humans and various creatures reside in the Zone of Displacement and on your planet, during their lifetime there, as long as the negative state exists in the active and dominant mode, certain memories and unconscious processes can never be opened. It would be in violation of the nature of the negative state that must be exposed first.“


“The opening of certain memories and making the unconscious processes conscious to their fullest extent, while in the Zone of Displacement or on your planet, would cause such anguish that no one in close proximity to a person who would experience it, including that person, could survive for a fraction of a second. The assault of the negative forces on such a person, being out of alignment with the nature and laws of the negative state by this fact, would be of such tremendous proportions that that person, and also everyone around him/her, would be instantaneously pulverized into nothingness.”


“Thus, in a sense, hiding the memories and maintaining of the unconscious processes protects you from such a gruesome fate.”


“This is the reason why, under presently existing conditions on your planet, no direct Last Judgment can occur. Instead, it occurs indirectly through the above-described visitations, during which the necessary number of humans is taken out of your planet and transported to the intermediate world. There their memories are gradually opened, their unconscious processes are slowly eliminated and they can face their personal Last Judgment.”


“Now, this process and aspect of The Last Judgment gave an incorrect impression to Swedenborg that The Last Judgment always takes place in the intermediate world and that it was completed at his time.”


“If you apply the process of The Last Judgment as it was and is now in your world, then Swedenborg’s perception was correct. The incorrectness of this perception comes in, as with many other conclusions, with perceiving it as a permanent state. It is assumed that this is the way it is always going to be and the place of The Last Judgment will always be or had been the intermediate world.”


“The error of this conclusion, as well as many other conclusions, can be found in the literal interpretation of the sayings in The Holy Bible. It is an interesting observation to note that, although Swedenborg was the first one who was granted the knowledge and revelation about the inner, spiritual sense of The Holy Bible, he erred in this respect, taking some of its statements literally. He assumed, as all other Christians do, until this date, that once people are condemned, or condemn themselves, to the Hells, they must stay there to eternity. No force, situation and condition can ever take them out of the Hells.”


“In this case, because the Hells will always be; the hidden memories, ignorance and unconscious processes will also be forever. But, because people in the Hells were already judged in the intermediate world, or because the results of that Judgment were their condemnation to eternity, no other Last Judgment will ever take place. Of course, with this kind of logic, it is not difficult to arrive at such a conclusion.”


“What all these people failed to notice is that the negative state did not originate in The Absolute State. Therefore, it cannot have an absolute value. Only something that carries within itself The Absolute attribute in a relative condition, as all sentient entities do, can and may stay forever.”


“As you remember, the negative state originated in the relative state. And although people who originated it must live forever, their product cannot stay forever because nothing in it comes from The Absolute Source. The Hells are the embodiment of the negative state. Therefore, their usefulness must be exhausted and all creatures and people in the Hells must face another Last Judgment which includes the entire cycle of time in which the negative state was permitted to come to its fruition.”


“In this act is the third meaning of The Last Judgment, of which The Holy Bible speaks.”


“In the third meaning of The Last Judgment is described the process during which the entire negative state, all members of the Hells, the rest of the Zone of Displacement and your planet will be evaluated and judged to determine what further justification, if any, exists for continuation of the negative state’s being and existence. Is there any more use the negative state can perform for Creation? Because none will be found at that time, the negative state will be permanently deactivated and abolished. All the Hells and all other regions of the Zone of Displacement will be eternally closed. It will be the final choice-making.”


“At the same time, all members of the positive state, after learning everything about the negative state they could, will eternally reject the idea of choosing ever to deny the true source of life, the true spiritual principles and, most importantly, the true New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ.“


“Once the full learning of what not ever to choose occurs, and the choice is made not to choose it ever, such an idea will no longer be kept as a necessary condition within the minds of the sentient entities, needing to be continuously expulsed into the Zone of Displacement. Once the choice is made, that idea in itself will exhaust its usefulness and will be eliminated. In that moment the Zone of Displacement will cease to exist.”


“Remember, please, life of the Zone of Displacement is maintained by that idea, which is being continuously rejected by the positive entities, as the lessons about the nature of the negative state are being learned. On this idea, the entire negative state has been feeding, appropriating to itself the life of that idea by making it the essence and substance of its very being and existence.”


“As you see, that which is rejected in the positive state becomes the life of the negative state. But what will happen when there is no longer any rejection because the idea itself is no longer occurring? After all, why should it occur any longer if all the lessons for avoiding of making the wrong choices have been successfully learned and a final choice of not having such an idea was made? To keep that idea alive would be a wasteful, futile and useless venture. No positive use would be served by its preservation.”


“And this is the fourth aspect of The Last Judgment. This is a positive aspect, related to the positive state and the entire Creation. This is The Last Judgment of this cycle of time. In this connotation, The Last Judgment is a process during which all members of the positive state will make a final, most crucial and vital choice of all regarding the idea that they may reject at any time to reciprocate the Love and Wisdom of The Lord Jesus Christ, to consider Him/Her a true and the only God, the only Most High One Indivisible, to consider Him/Her and His/Her spiritual principles to be a true and the only source of life and their Creator.”


“It was because of this idea that the negative state was permitted to be activated within this cycle of time. In order to decide whether to choose or not to choose to act upon such an idea, as a vital and fundamental condition of their freedom, it was necessary to allow the illustration on the living examples of all participants in the negative state of all the consequences, results and outcomes of such a choice. Once they will know all the answers to this issue to the fullest, all pervasive and exhausting degree, The Last Judgment will take place at all levels, degrees, regions and spheres of the entire Creation, the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero and the entire cycle of time during which all these have been taking place. By this important learning and by making the final choice to eternally eliminate such an idea, the continuation of this cycle of time will no longer be justifiable because it will serve no use.”


“At that moment, the entire multiverse will collapse, all suns will explode into supernovas and all matter will fall in on itself. Once this act is completed, and all aspects of this cycle of time are properly evaluated and judged, a New Cycle Of Time, and a birth of the New Multiverse will come into its being and existence. And this is what The Last Judgment is all about.”


“However, there are some additional points that need to be revealed about The Last Judgment:”



“One of the many most fundamentally important reasons why The Most High acquired the physical body of Jesus Christ, fused into the totality of His/Her entire nature, becoming the fullness of The Lord Jesus Christ, was to be able to experience, first hand, the nature of the Zone of Displacement and the entire nature of the negative state. Having this new nature, The Lord Jesus Christ can be personally present, without any mediation, at any place within the Zone of Displacement and can know intimately what the situation of the negative state is at any given moment and place. As you know, before that, it was possible for The Most High to be present in the negative state only through mediators in order to avoid total annihilation of the members of the negative state.”


“Now, this situation is very crucial for just and objective evaluation and assessment of the condition of the negative state at its very source and place. Not having a direct, personal experience of the negative state, not knowing the direct and personal impact of the negative state’s evils and falsities, The Lord Jesus Christ could not judge the negative state justly, objectively and fairly. After all, nothing of the experience of the negative state existed within The Most High before the incarnation of Jesus Christ on your planet.”


“In order to be an impartial Judge of the negative state, The Most High chose, by His/Her own free will and choice, to have a direct, first hand, experience of the life in the negative state. Thus, He/She assumed a physical form, by the process described in the Second Chapter of this book, a form originally fabricated by the pseudo-creators from the elements of evils and falsities, and allowed Himself/Herself to fully experience the negative state from the lowest Hells to the most outward degree of their natural state — your planet.”


“Notice, please, that The Most High needed to follow a reverse process of experience so natural to the negative state. As you know, whereas in the positive state everyone starts in the most within degree and spreads out to the most without degree, in the negative state everything begins in the most without degree and then spreads out to the lowest most within. Thus, The Most High had to start on your planet, as a representation of that most without of the negative state and from there gradually proceed through all levels of the Zone of Displacement until He/She arrived into the lowest Hells (their most within) of the pseudo-creators.”


“Another reason for this reversed procedure was in the fact that many accommodations and alterations needed to be made within Jesus Christ before He/She could enter more inward or lower levels of the negative state. In this respect, you have to start with the most outward negative which does not have such a devastating impact and, through modifications and adjustments, proceed gradually to the more inward or lower states of negativity. Thus, by this process, The Most High, in the form of Jesus Christ, was able to experience all levels and all aspects of the negative state first hand.”


“The Last Judgment could never take place unless this experience were available to The Lord Jesus Christ first hand. Without this experience, no foundation or base would exist on which any absolute conclusions could be drawn about the negative state and its continuous justification for being and existence.”


“Remember, please, only from the position of The Absolute State, which knows everything about anything in an Absolute sense, can any just decision be made. As you know, only The Lord Jesus Christ is Absolute. Therefore, only He/She can be a true Judge of anything and anyone. But how could you judge anything or anyone if you have no first hand knowledge of that which is being judged?”


“After all, The Most High did not contain within Himself/Herself anything from the negative state experientially. The knowledge was always secondhand through His/Her spiritual presence with people who originated, activated and perpetuated the negative state. The experiential knowledge by these means is grossly limited by the inherent limitations of the relative beings who live in the negative state. From that position, no absolute knowledge can be acquired. If there is no such knowledge, no Last Judgment can take place.”


“The fundamental spiritual principle of The Last Judgment is that it can be conducted or executed only from the position of absolute knowledge of that which is being judged.”


“For that reason, it was necessary for The Most High to incarnate into the negative state, go through all its levels, regions and spheres, and acquire first hand experiential knowledge about the negative state and to become The Lord Jesus Christ. As you noticed, the words ‘experiential knowledge’ are emphasized. It points out the fact that The Most High, being absolute, had the theoretical knowledge about the nature of the negative state. But such knowledge is not sufficient for the proper and just judgment because it lacks the most important attribute — what does it feel like to be in an intimate, direct, personal and private contact with the negative state and not through mediation only?”


“But now the negative state will have no defense because such experience is available to The Lord Jesus Christ directly.”


“Notice, please, that in The Gospel According to Matthew, Chapter 25, verse 31 it is said, ‘when the Son of Man comes in His glory, and all the holy angels with Him, then He will sit on the throne of His Glory.’ As you see, the words ‘Son of Man’ are used here to emphasize His/ Her experience of the negative state and the human aspects of the totality of His/Her Divine Nature which is called here ‘in His glory.’ To be in His glory means to be in the totality of all Divine States and Conditions with the full incorporation and fusion of the human aspects which Jesus Christ brought with Himself/Herself after His/Her departure from your planet. ‘The throne of His glory’ signifies the successful completion of the process of fusion of that body-flesh and incorporation into the totality of The Most High’s Nature all first hand experiences about the negative state. From this position now He/ She can judge the entire negative state.”


“Once that experiential knowledge is fully incorporated in The Absolute State, The Lord Jesus Christ knows the negative state absolutely. Now, He/She may and will, when the time is at hand, execute The Last Judgment.“



“The concept of The Last Judgment, as conceived above, requires that, at the end of one cycle of time, it take place simultaneously at all levels of being and existence. Because in this cycle of time the Zone of Displacement exists, and the negative state and its members exist, it incorporates also the simultaneous Last Judgment of the entire negative state and the Zone of Displacement.”


“The principle of The Last Judgment states that it can be executed only from the position of The Absolute State and by personal, face to face, presence of The Absolute Judge — The Lord Jesus Christ. Thus, it requires that The Lord Jesus Christ appear simultaneously and synchronously at all levels, degrees, spheres and regions of Creation, the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero in order to trigger the state of The Last Judgment. No one else can trigger it.”


“However, if The Lord Jesus Christ were not to have that physical human body-flesh, fused into Him/Her, His/Her appearance in the negative state would mean an instantaneous annihilation of everyone in the negative state, including the entire Zone of Displacement and planet Zero.”


“But be aware of this important spiritual fact: His/Her appearance in the positive state, without the form of The Lord Jesus Christ, being in His/Her Absolute State, would be as deadly as His/Her appearance in the negative state. Remember, no one even in the positive state is absolute. Therefore, no one can survive The Absolute presence of The Absolute One. Yet, the principle of The Last Judgment requires this Absolute Presence.”


“The human physical body-flesh, fused into The Most High, now The Lord Jesus Christ, makes such an appearance possible in an absolute sense. Thus, The Lord Jesus Christ can appear simultaneously and synchronously, at the same time, in the same discernible and perceptible form, at any time, at any place, at any state and in any condition in His/Her Absolute State without any danger to anyone.”


“This is another great mystery of the great revolutionary change of The Nature of The Most High into the fullness of The Lord Jesus Christ that makes this possible. In the foresight of this event, just before His/Her departure from your planet, The Lord Jesus Christ stated, ‘All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth’ (Matthew 28:18). There is no authority anywhere but the authority of The Lord Jesus Christ. From the position of this authority, The Lord Jesus Christ can execute the Last Judgment.”


“Until this process was completed, the other aspects of The Last Judgment were performed in the intermediate world. On your planet, the rest of the Zone of Displacement and in the Hells, this form of The Last Judgment took place by the means of the above-described visitations.”


“But the real Last Judgment, the final judgment for this entire cycle of time, cannot be limited to one dimension, region, level or world. It has to be an all inclusive one. Otherwise, the next cycle of time cannot come to its fruition. The necessity of the personal appearance of The Lord Jesus Christ in all worlds of the Zone of Displacement, in all the Hells and on your planet, is a condition for final elimination of the negative state. Only The Lord Jesus Christ can and will eliminate the negative state because only He/She knows now the negative state in an Absolute sense.”


“The next cycle of time cannot commence until the negative state is eliminated because it was permitted to flourish only within one cycle of time. This was the promise of The Lord Jesus Christ to the entire Creation before the negative state was activated. The promise from The Absolute State has an absolute value and commitment. It cannot be broken. Otherwise, it would abolish The Absoluteness of its condition.”



“The process of the final phase of The Last Judgment for this cycle of time will take place in a state of neutral condition. As you remember from the above, one of the important conditions of the just Last Judgment is that all memories are open and accessible and the unconscious processes are abolished. But it is the nature and life of the negative state to be that way.”


“This is the reason why the direct presence of The Lord Jesus Christ in the negative state is necessary. By that process, and through that body-flesh (remember, that body was built from the elements of the negative state), The Lord Jesus Christ will be able to remove those conditions of the negative state, and to fully open their memories, abolish the unconscious processes and the state of ignorance without any danger of annihilation of the negative state.“


“The presence of The Lord Jesus Christ on your planet, in all the Hells and in the entire Zone of Displacement, in that physical bodyflesh, at the same time, gives everyone reassurance that one can stay alive in that body, or what it corresponds to, without any presence of the negative state in it.”


“This example nullifies any power of the negative state to destroy anyone with open memories, lack of unconscious processes and ignorance (as the case was before) and puts everyone in a neutral condition.”


“The only exception to this rule will be the pseudo-creators and superhumans genetically fabricated by them. They would not be able to survive that presence because of a special self-destruct code implanted into them to respond to that presence with an explosion.”


“For that reason, as you remember from the previous Chapter, during their travel through the ninth dimension, they will be warped out, outside of all dimensions, into a state called limbo, where, by the nature of that state, all codes and commitments are cancelled, or simply fail to respond. In that condition, The Lord Jesus Christ will appear to them, simultaneously and synchronously with all others everywhere, and will execute final judgment on them.”



“While in this neutral condition, all genetic and other blocks of the human mind, implanted by the pseudo-creators, as described in Chapter Six of this book, will be removed, the various levels of mind will be freed and reconnected, the physical body, built from the elements of the negative state, will be replaced with a temporary body, built from the elements of the neutral state, and the process of the final phase of The Last Judgment will commence.”


“As you know, this process must occur in the neutral state so as to not be influenced by any pressures and impositions from the negative or from the positive state, respectively. It must be totally unbiased. Only in the neutral state can the condition of unbiasedness be met.”


“The presence of those genetic and other types of blocks, and the typical human physical body, makes it impossible for humans to remember clearly, to know properly and to perceive correctly. The principle of The Last Judgment requires that all these abilities be fully restored and placed in a neutral condition with the presentation of all choices, so that humans and other creatures of the negative state may make a choice based on full knowledge and clarity of perception and memories.”


“But, at the same time, they need to be fully aware of all aspects of the negative state and all aspects of the positive state for a fair comparison. This is possible to accomplish only from the position of being outside of one or another.”


“A decision from the inside position of one or another lacks objectivity and validity. Thus, the necessity for a neutral state.”



“In fact, in the process of its Last Judgment, the entire cycle of time in which the negative state was permitted to come to its fruition must be put in the neutral state. The members of the positive state will be facing the vital and crucial decision regarding the permanent elimination from their mind the idea which they were rejecting on a daily basis, making it fall out into the Zone of Displacement.”


“This important decision cannot be made properly from the one-sided position of the positive state. It biases that decision in the favor of the positive state, thus, in the favor of its permanent rejection. In order for such a decision to have an eternally permanent validity, it must be made in a neutral condition, from which an objective comparison between the true nature of the positive state and the true nature of the negative state can be made and the proper conclusion can be drawn.”


“This is a true internal meaning of The Last Judgment. The decision to get rid of that idea permanently completes The Last Judgment and the new cycle of time may commence. However, should a decision be made not to get rid of that idea permanently (a remote possibility), the present cycle of time must continue and the negative state cannot be abolished. It would simply mean that the full learning about the nature of the negative state and what not to choose has not occurred and the lessons need to continue. This is a just and objective possibility of any situation.”


“The only point here is that The Lord Jesus Christ would not initiate the process of the final phase of The Last Judgment (for this cycle of time), unless He/She were to perceive that all lessons were learned and that the negative state, therefore, exhausted its usefulness. But the final decision must be made in the neutral state by all concerned. The Lord Jesus Christ cannot impose anything on anyone contrary to their own free choice, based on their free will. Such is the nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. Because of this nature, only The Lord Jesus Christ may and can preside over the final Last Judgment of any cycle of time.”



“In preparation for the opening of all memories and removal of unconscious processes and ignorance, as a condition for the Last Judgment to take place, a New Revelation is granted by The Lord Jesus Christ to all Creation and the Zone of Displacement. This New Revelation explains the most important spiritual issues related to The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, to the situation in the spiritual world and in the Zone of Displacement and to all necessary information needed for that purpose. When the time comes, The New Revelation will trigger all memories and will give people, humans and creatures a sense of familiarity, making it easier for them to accept what they will learn, once their memories are fully opened and all repressions and suppressions surface to their conscious awareness, removing the state of ignorance about all spiritual issues.”


“The granting of The New Revelation is a necessary prerequisite for The Last Judgment and opening of the memories because it will cushion the shock that all will experience when they learn the truth about all these matters.”



“In the process of the final phase of The Last Judgment the entire Creation and the Zone of Displacement will be put in a special position of alignment and accessibility so that information will flow from all levels to all levels for examination, exploration and evaluation but, most importantly, for separation, differentiation and exposure of everyone’s loyalties, intentions, motivations and the true faces of their identities. In the process of this phase, the true nature of everyone’s personal nature, ‘I am,’ will be revealed and will come to the light so that there will no longer be any confusion about the answer of ‘Who am I and why I am where I am?’ and ‘What is the purpose of my personal life,’ and similar issues.”


“The Last Judgment cannot occur unless this step takes place first because only from the position of recognition of and identification with one’s true identity and knowledge of one’s mission and purpose of one’s life can one be justly judged.”


“For this reason, in the process of this phase of The Last Judgment, all impositions of the negative state, scientific and religious beliefs, or whatever you have in such an abundance on your planet, must be separated from everyone’s true core — unique personality and individuality, deeply buried under those impositions — and must fully come to the light and one’s awareness. Only those things can remain and be considered with which one fully identified oneself by one’s free will and choice and by that act made them a permanent integral part of one’s unique being and existence. Only these things can be appropriated to anyone and only by this free appropriation can one be judged. All else, imposed by any means whatsoever, must be discarded, put aside and not taken into consideration. It does not belong to that one.”


“This is true about any appropriation — be it positive or negative. Unless one accepts anything by free will and choice, and not because it is required by some kinds of expectations, demands, orders, miracles, persuasions and mandates from the outside, it cannot be appropriated to that one, no matter what it is.”


“The process of The Last Judgment is able to put all that in proper place and look upon it from the proper, just perspective. Nothing is judged by external impositions, but by the inner identifications from the position of one’s free will and choice. Thus, for example, if one becomes a believer in the true spiritual principles of this or any other Revelation under the influence of any illness, or witnessing of miracles or signs, or any other outside events which force that one to accept those principles, such a belief is an empty notion, superficially attached to that one’s external mind without any real roots in the state of his/ her internals or inwardness.”


“Unless The New Revelation, or anything else for that matter, is accepted on the basis of principles of free will and choice, because it is the truth; and one recognizes its truth and accepts that truth for the sake of that truth, because one loves the truth, it cannot become an integral part of one’s life.”


“The process of The Last Judgment, in its final verdict, differentiates among these various positions.”



“The process of The Last Judgment follows the fundamentals of spiritual principles of Creation — from within to without. Thus, when one is being scrutinized as to one’s real nature, this process evaluates the state of one’s internals first; then the state of one’s interiors follows; and, finally, the state of one’s externals is judged.“


“In the final decision, it is very carefully established to what extent one’s life in the externals was ruled by spiritual principles from one’s internals. In other words, what was the degree of congruency between one’s inner thinking and its external expression or verbal communications one used; between one’s inner feelings and their external expression; between one’s inner will and the external behavior; between one’s inner intentions and their external mode of manifestation, etc.? The more discrepancy, the more the negative state dominated that one’s life, and the longer time will be required for conversion to the positive state and for undergoing the process of spiritual, mental and physical transformation. This is determined by the process of The Last Judgment.”



“The most important purpose of The Last Judgment is the salvation of all by The Lord Jesus Christ from the negative state.”


“In the final phase of The Last Judgment, the most important spiritual issues of life, on which one’s life and one’s position depends, will be scrutinized and determined.”


“As you remember, everyone’s spiritual destiny is determined by what kind of concept, idea, understanding, attitude, acceptance or whatever, one has about the true Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“In the process of The Last Judgment this relatedness to and conceptualization of the Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ will be fully revealed and exposed and compared with the true reality of that nature. At this point, one will be given an opportunity to correct all one’s misconceptions, distortions and falsifications regarding this issue.”


“Remember, this will be done in the state of neutrality. The work of salvation cannot take hold unless one is free from any and all impositions from any sides and directions. In the state of that neutrality, The Lord Jesus Christ will personally reveal to everyone His/Her true Nature, as described throughout this book, and, by that act, will make it possible for everyone to compare his/her own belief system and how congruent it is with the true reality of that Nature.”


“This is a necessary step and the most crucial one. The Last Judgment cannot be completed or even take place unless everyone is given an opportunity to learn experientially who The Lord Jesus Christ really is.”


“In the final act, one cannot make a reasonable and valid choice in this respect, or any other respect, unless one is presented with experiential facts about this, or any other, matter. It is impossible to form a correct attitude toward someone whom you have never seen or personally experienced but only learned about by rumors or assumptions by others who are in the same predicament as you are. The relationship based on rumors and assumptions may or may not be correct. If you believe in The Lord Jesus Christ by rumors and assumptions, but not by a personal experience, you may be in the mode of distortion of the conceptualization of His/Her Nature. You follow only the religious dogmas which dictate to you the concept of The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ and how you should relate to Him/Her, claiming that the dictated by them mode of this relatedness is the only possible and correct one.”


“Under the condition of the activated and dominant negative state’s existence, while it lasts, this situation is tolerated so that people will not fall into a profane and blasphemous attitude toward The Lord Jesus Christ. Since no one knows for sure who The Lord Jesus Christ is, no one really can profane His/Her true Nature.”


“This situation is permitted for the sake of salvation of everyone trapped in the negative state by whatever means and belief systems.”


“In the process of The Last Judgment one is put in a special condition, free of all impositions, and one is given a personal, private and intimate experience of who The Lord Jesus Christ really is. From that experience, in the state of total freedom (as long as one is in the negative state, one cannot be free), one can make a final, most crucial choice to accept or not to accept this New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. All the consequences of both choices are shown to that one in that moment of time. That way one knows exactly what one chooses and what to expect as a result of such a choice. Remember, in this phase, no ignorance exists and one is not required to choose blindly. Therefore, it is obvious what everyone will choose.”


“In this opportunity lies the act of eternal salvation offered by The Lord Jesus Christ. And this is what the process of The Last Judgment is all about.”


“The importance of the acceptance of the true New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, in the final decision-making process, is contained in the internal sense, among many other things, of the description of The Lord Jesus Christ’s Last Supper before His/Her betrayal and crucifixion that culminated in His/Her victory over the negative state within the positive state (see the next Chapter).”


“As you remember, the first victory of The Lord Jesus Christ over the negative state was within the positive state — expulsion of the pseudocreators from the Heavens and their lockup.”


“The second victory of The Lord Jesus Christ over the negative state was completed recently, when the human era and its negative state was abolished in and expulsed from the intermediate world.”


“The third, and final, victory of The Lord Jesus Christ will take place from within the negative state itself. This will culminate in the total elimination and abolishment of the negative state and the final act of The Last Judgment of the entire present cycle of time.”


“By this final act, the full process of The Last Judgment will be completed for this cycle of time.”


“He/she who has ears to hear, let him/her hear what The Lord Jesus Christ reveals in this Chapter.”





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