The Meaning of The Last Supper



On February 16, 1988, at 5:00 a.m., the word of The Lord Jesus Christ came to me, saying,


“If you carefully explore various spiritual ideas which underlie most religious doctrines and dogmas you will not be able to find one single idea, no, not one, that would not be distorted, misunderstood, falsified, perverted, externalized, ritualized and literalized.”


“This grave situation stems from the nature of the world where you live. As you know, this is the world where the negative state exists, side by side with the positive state, in an activated and dominant position. In actuality, the presence of the positive state on your world is considerably minimal and diminishes in geometrical proportion.”


“Since the activation of the negative state, the positive state has never been the prevalent condition on your planet. It can be said that the positive state felt and experienced itself in your world as being in the enemy’s territory. Because of this nature of your world, whatever spiritual ideas exist there are capable of taking hold only in a distorted, perverted, falsified, improperly understood, externalized and literalized manner.”


“As you remember from Chapters Five and Six, one of the major thrusts of the pseudo-creators, during their genetic engineering of the presently existing humans, was to separate one mind, functioning in the three aspects, into three separate minds, encapsulate them in a container specially built from genetic and other material, separate them from the rest of the body and bodily life and leave only infinitesimally small openings for flow of life energy in order to maintain the human body alive. The pseudo-creators placed there specially trained guardians and demons that capture any spiritual ideas coming from the most within Spiritual Mind and spiritual world, pervert them, mutilate them and, in that form, allow them to get through to the external conscious mind.”


“So, by the time any spiritual idea arrives to your conscious awareness, it goes through numerous traps, undergoing the above-mentioned negative transformation, and is perceived either in its distorted form or, very often, in a totally opposite sense from what it really meant at its originating point. Such is the state of the spiritual awareness in the entire Zone of Displacement and on your planet.”


“The effort here is always to ritualize, externalize and literalize anything spiritual stemming from the most internal state of the spiritual world. This process robs any spiritual idea of its true meaning. This is how the negative state succeeded in fully corrupting all religions presently existing on your planet. On this principle, the negative state fabricates any new religions, cults and spiritual movements.”


“In view of this important fact and reality, it is no wonder that the concept of The Last Supper is likewise misunderstood, distorted, ritualized, externalized and literalized, that is, taken literally. Around its performance, in some Christian religions, an intricate ‘mystical’ ritual is built in which it is assumed that some kind of mysterious transformation of bread into the real body of Christ and wine into His real blood takes place. As of this moment, no one has any proper understanding what The Last Supper really means and signifies. One exception to this rule was the original explanation of this concept in Swedenborg’s writings. But, although Swedenborg explained one of the many proper aspects of The Last Supper’s true meaning, his followers still take it literally and perform the external ritual itself, trying to imitate what Jesus Christ did. By doing that, they suffocate any meaning shed by Swedenborg.”


“What is being disregarded and forgotten here is that The Lord Jesus Christ, during His/Her life on your planet, in all His/Her behaviors, activities and statements expressed some deep inner spiritual meaning conveyed by the language of the external forms. As you know, no other language was or is available in the negative state. This fact signifies that whatever The Lord Jesus Christ did or said has no literal, external connotation. All His/Her deeds and words were used as important symbols, containing a very deep spiritual meaning, without having any meaning in themselves except as containers to be discarded after their use.”


“This is very difficult for humans to accept. Do not forget that you have there on your planet an acquired, for many millions of years, bad habit of taking everything literally and externally. It is not easy to break such a vicious habit. For your information, one of the greatest difficulties humans have, particularly the fundamentalist, conservative Christians and the so-called newborn Christians, after they come to the spiritual world, following their physical death, is this shocking realization: There is no true meaning in the literal sense of The Holy Bible which they so much cherished and emphasized. They are even more shocked when they learn that all Epistles of the Apostles do not contain any inner spiritual sense. This was one of the many reasons for Paul’s downfall: He took everything in an extreme literal sense, especially regarding his own nation (Jews and Israel).”


“And yet, there is something spiritually very important contained in the story of The Last Supper. Something is being told to you that has been eluding all of you since that event occurred.”


“It is not by coincidence that all four Gospels mention this event, although John’s Gospel puts it in an entirely different perspective. This story is recorded in Matthew 26:26-30; Mark 14:22-26; Luke 22:14-20 and John 13:1-35.”


“The content of this event is that Jesus Christ, knowing that He will be betrayed and given into the hands of gentiles to be crucified, celebrated the last Passover with His disciples. During this celebration, He took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to His disciples, saying that the bread was His body given for them and that they should do this in remembrance of Him. After that, He took a cup with wine and offered it to them, proclaiming in the process that the cup was The New Covenant in His blood, shed for many for the remission of their sins. And that He will not be able to drink of the fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God comes. This story is repeated in fullness of its literal sense in The First Epistle of Paul to The Corinthians, Chapter 11, verses 23-26.”


“Now, taking everything that The Lord Jesus Christ said at that time literally, all Christian churches established a sacred ritual of The Last Supper, making it one of the most holy dogmas of their teachings. The ritual in itself became holy and not what it really symbolizes. In actuality, no one is even interested in the symbolism of its representation.”


“Let us take the story of The Last Supper as recorded in The Gospel According to Luke Chapter 22:14-20:”


“Verse 14: ‘And when the hour had come, He sat down, and the twelve apostles with Him.’”


“‘And when the hour had come’ signifies the completion of one phase of The Lord Jesus Christ’s mission.”


“And ‘He sat down’ signifies the acknowledgment that this phase of the mission was fulfilled.”


“‘And the twelve apostles with Him’ means that all aspects of truths and goods, as well as evils and falsities, were properly arranged and placed into the order for the next, most decisive, battle with the negative state to take place.”


“Verse 15: ‘Then He said to them, “With fervent desire I have desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer;’”


“‘Then He said to them’ signifies the need to share. The Divine Love and Wisdom of The Lord Jesus Christ desire nothing more than to share everything it has and experiences with everyone in Creation.”


“‘With fervent desire I have desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer” denotes that a tremendously important spiritual issue needs to be shared regarding The Lord Jesus Christ’s true Nature, as symbolized by the Passover, before His/Her entrance into the Hells.”


“Verse 16: ‘for I say to you, I will no longer eat of it until it is fulfilled in the kingdom of God.’”


“To eat Passover means to accept the truth of one’s nature. Because the truth is always derived from The Most High, one’s nature cannot be properly understood or acquired without acknowledgment that The Most High is the true source of one’s identity for the reason that He/ She is the true source of one’s life.”


“In this respect however, it is Jesus Christ who says it. This has a much deeper meaning. By saying it, Jesus Christ accepts the fact of His/Her true Divine Nature, which became flesh, and accepts the fact that this flesh — the human body — has to be fused into The Nature of The Most High so that The Most High becomes the totality of The Lord Jesus Christ. This is the reason why Jesus Christ says, ‘I will no longer eat of it until it is fulfilled in the kingdom of God,’ meaning that the fusion of that body, made divine, cannot take place anywhere else but within The Most High through His/Her Absolute External Mind (the kingdom of God). This process is completed in the spiritual world and the full truth regarding this revolutionary matter will be revealed afterwards (‘until the kingdom of God comes’).”


“Verse 17: ‘Then He took the cup, and gave thanks, and said, “Take this and divide it among yourselves;’”

“Verse 18: ‘for I say to you, I will not drink of the fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God comes.’”


“‘Then He took the cup’ signifies the acknowledgment of His external physical form which was built from the elements of Joseph and Mary but which now were in the process of the final act of divinization, signified by the words ‘He took.’ This means that The Divine from the elements that came from The Most High appropriated to Itself the divinized external form originally built from the elements of the Zone of Displacement.”


“‘Gave thanks’ means the full acknowledgment that this is a true fact. ‘And said’ signifies sharing of this truth. ‘Take this and divide it among yourselves’ signifies the necessity of acceptance of the fact regarding The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ and the way everyone’s relationship toward Him/Her in His/Her New Nature is established.”


“‘To divide it among yourselves’ means to do this by everyone’s free will through the process of sharing with each other the unique, individual experience in relationship to the true New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. Such a sharing enhances and enriches the perception of the experience one has in relating to this fact.”


“‘For I say to you’ emphasizes the truth of this matter. ‘I will not drink of the fruit of the vine’ signifies that nothing can be accomplished in the external degree of the Zone of Displacement, from the position of that degree, represented here by the fruit of the vine, because it does not contain any spiritual truth (wine). ‘Until the kingdom of God comes’ denotes it can be accomplished only from the position of the spiritual truth that experienced within itself directly all impacts of all falsities of the negative state. Only from that position can all these falsities be nullified.”


“Verse 19: ‘And He took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is My body which is given for you; do this in remembrance of Me.”’”


“‘And He took bread’ signifies acceptance of the fact that life within His physical body was of a purely Divine origin from The Divine Good. ‘Gave thanks and broke it’ signifies the acknowledgment that this fact is a true reality which is being continuously violated by the negative state. ‘And gave it to them, saying’ denotes revelation and sharing of this truth from the good of His/Her heart or Divine.”


“‘This is my body which is given for you’ denotes affirmation of the presence of Divine in the form built from the elements of the Zone of Displacement as a condition of salvation of all trapped in the negative state. ‘Do this in remembrance of Me’ means the need of the continuous awareness that The Divine was made Human and that the Human was made Divine because on such an awareness one’s liberation from the bondage of the negative state of evils and falsities depends.”


“Verse 20: ‘Likewise He also took the cup after supper, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in My blood, which is shed for you.”’”


“‘Likewise He also took the cup after supper, saying’ — again emphasis is put on importance of acknowledgment of the external physical form — flesh — and sharing the fact of that importance.”


“‘This cup is the new covenant in My blood’ signifies that this external physical form-flesh, made divine, will be fused and incorporated into the totality of The Full Nature of The Most High and a New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ will come to its fruition that has never been in being and existence up to that point. Its Absolute Mentality, or recognition that The Mentality of The Most High was present in that body/blood, was shed for or exposed to the negative state.”


“‘Which is shed for you,’ or in Matthew 26:28, ‘which is shed for many for the remission of sins,’ signifies that exposure of that Mentality to the negative state or, in fact, the realization that The Most High, from the position of His/Her pure Love and Goodness, humbled Himself/ Herself to enter the Zone of Displacement; acquired from there the physical body-flesh; placed into it His/Her soul — mentality; and entered into the combat with all forces of the negative state which were trying to deny His/Her Divine presence by continuous assaults on His/Her physical body — the most vulnerable part of His/Her presence in the negative state, but, at the same time, the only part through which The Divine Presence could do the work of Salvation.“


“Only by this work a permanent condition was established through and by which everyone in the negative state, who acknowledges this fact, can be liberated from the negative state and his/her sins-problems eliminated.”


“Several central terms in this story must be emphasized and understood. They are: ‘The fruit of the vine and wine,’ ‘the cup,’ ‘blood,’ ‘bread’ and ‘body.’ These terms all have multilevel spiritual meaning and significance. By them the process of divinization and hybridization of the human body-flesh of Jesus Christ is described. Because this process was the most important event that the entire Creation, and the Zone of Displacement, has ever experienced from its foundation, The Last Supper plays such an important role in all Christian religious rituals.”


“‘Wine’ and ‘blood,’ in all aspects of their meaning, signify The Divine Truth (one of its elements) which was taken out from The Absolute External Mind of The Most High, called Christ. But because separation of that element from the totality of The Absolute Mind of The Most High needed to take place, the principle of vine is introduced here. ‘The vine,’ in this connotation, signifies the outward state of the natural degree and reality of its being and existence where the negative state was initiated and put in an active and dominant mode. Thus, here ‘the vine’ also signifies the entire Zone of Displacement which is comprised of evils and falsities of the negative state.”


“‘The fruit of that vine or wine’ means all results and consequences of violation that the negative state performed on Good and Truth of the positive state which Jesus Christ had to incorporate into His/Her blood. ‘Blood’ here has two parallel meanings: Divine Truth encountering all falsities of the negative state and removing them from that part of His physical body-flesh that was formed from Joseph’s element. But ‘blood’ also means soul or mentality. Here the gradual repudiation of the mentality from the genes of Mary and Joseph and the gradual infusion of The Divine Mentality from The Most High into that body-flesh is described.”


“‘To drink of the fruit of the vine’ signifies the full experience of the atrocious and abominable mentality of the negative state and its subsequent replacement with The Divine Mentality that was to occupy that body making that body divine. Once that body is made divine, it can take hold in the fullness of the positive state — the kingdom of God. This hold cannot happen until this process is completed by the full fusion of all particles of the physical body-flesh into the totality of The Nature of The Most High or until The Most High becomes the fullness of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“‘The cup’ that holds the fruit of the vine signifies this human bodyflesh as the most external container of The Divine Mentality. The Divine Mentality in itself is derived from The Absolute Interior Mind or Absolute Soul of The Most High which is called Jesus. Here is the mystery of unification of the principle ‘Jesus’ and the principle ‘Christ.’”


“As you remember, one of the major steps that the activators of the negative state needed to take was to isolate, separate and break the unity, oneness and harmony of all spiritual principles. The most important and effective step in this negative process is separation of Truth from its Good and Good from its Truth. This is an eternal spiritual marriage. Truth without its good has no life and meaning in itself. It is a dead horse (to use your figure of speech). However, Good without Truth has no means for its manifestation. Thus, in their separate state, they have no power. Such an accomplishment allows the negative state to come to its fruition and become powerful. What makes the positive state weak serves as a power to the negative state.”


“In this respect, separation of ‘Jesus’ from ‘Christ’ denotes violation and denial of all fundamental spiritual principles. But that violation needed to be acknowledged and experienced by The Most High first, before the reunification of these principles could take place.”


“Remember, please, the incarnation of Jesus Christ was incarnation into the negative state, the state of disunion, separation and isolation. This constitutes its very nature. Jesus Christ could not appear in the negative state in His/Her original unified state. That would miss the point. An appearance in the unified condition would constitute an instant annihilation of the negative state. The negative state cannot stand for a fraction of a second such a unified state. And being that that unified state in Jesus Christ would be in an Absolute condition, the disaster for the negative state would be absolute. This would not be an act of salvation but a destruction. If this were the case, the negative state would be right in its depiction of God as a cruel, murderous and bloodthirsty monster.”


“For this reason, the entrance of Jesus Christ into the negative state had to be undertaken under the rules and regulations existing in the negative state — in the state of separation.“


“Thus, ‘Christ’ principle was separated first and fused into and hybridized with the elements of Joseph (falsities of the negative state) and the elements of Mary (evils of the negative state). From that position, from the position of ‘Christ,’ the process of gradual elimination of falsities and false mentality began, replacing them with the truth of Christ.”


“At the same time, the principle of ‘Jesus’ — good — was gradually introduced, as elimination of evils and evil mentality was taking place, culminating into the full replacement of that evil mentality with The Divine Mentality — Jesus. Once the complete repudiation of evils and falsities was completed, the reunification of Jesus and Christ took place. Now Jesus became Jesus Christ — the unification of good and truth which prepares the road for the entrance of the Spirit of The Most High into this unified Jesus Christ.”


“The Spirit of The Most High — The Absolute Most Within Spiritual Mind — cannot enter the fused hybrid — Jesus Christ — until all evils and falsities are repudiated from that body and re-unification of all separated and isolated spiritual principles takes place. The premature entrance of The Spirit of The Most High into Jesus Christ would mean the end of the negative state because nothing of the negative state can endure the purity of The Absolute Positiveness of that Spirit and nothing of the negative state can ever enter that Spirit.”


“The word ‘bread’ corresponds to The Absolute Spirit or The Absolute Most Within Spiritual Mind of The Most High.”


“Notice, please, the sequence in which the disciples are given the cup and the bread. By that sequence, Jesus Christ emphasized a proper spiritual procedure. First the bread is given, followed by the cup. This means that you have to derive everything from the most within to the most without and not in a reverse direction, as the case is in the negative state. In fact, the negative state is built on this reverse position — from without to within.”


“The starting point of all and everything must be the spirit or the spiritual principles. All and everything is derived from these principles. Whatever exists exists by its spiritual principles that continuously emanate from The Lord Jesus Christ. The word ‘bread’ signifies this fact because it gives food to the body, keeping that body alive and living. ‘Bread’ encompasses and signifies all goods that the body needs for its survival. It is the spirit (‘bread’) of that body that gives it life. To take and eat that bread means to acknowledge this most important, vital and crucial fact. On accepting it (eating bread), one’s life depends. On accepting the fact that this Divine Spirit was present in the physical body of Jesus Christ, which also contained His/Her Divine Mentality (drinking blood), everyone’s salvation from the negative state depends. There is no other way out of the negative state.


“Remember what Jesus Christ said to people, as recorded in The Gospel According to John, Chapter 6, verses 53-56? Quote:”


“‘Then Jesus said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you.

Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.

For My flesh is food indeed, and My blood is drink indeed. He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood abides in Me, and I in him.’”


“This is exactly what is meant by the statement quoted here. And this is exactly what the true spiritual significance of The Last Supper is.”


“In the context of The Last Supper, Jesus Christ equated the word ‘bread’ with the words ‘My body.’ The emphasis is here on acceptance of the fact that the physical body-flesh will become an integral component of the totality of The Most High’s Nature which becomes the fullness of The Lord Jesus Christ. ‘The Lord’ is the missing link. At the time of fusion, Jesus Christ was, in fact, ‘Christ.’ After the repudiation of mentality, inherited from Joseph and Mary, He became Jesus Christ. However, after the completion of the fusion of that body into The Most High, He/She became The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“To accept this fact means to eat His/Her flesh — true bread, and to drink His/Her blood — a true drink. Only by this acceptance can one have an eternal life in the positive state, totally free from the negative state. To accept this is good (food) because it is the real truth (drink). Whatever is good is true. Whatever is true is good. Here is the true, genuine unification of all spiritual principles that constitute the life of the positive state.“


“The meaning of The Last Supper is a constant reminder that there is no other way into the kingdom of God but through the full acceptance of this New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ (as revealed in this book).”


“There are a few additional points worthy of noticing about The Last Supper:”



“In the foresight of the betrayal of Christianity, The Lord Jesus Christ instituted The Last Supper as a memento of what the true meaning of the First Coming of Jesus Christ was. It was foreseen by Him/Her that Christian religions, as all others, would be in the externals of spirituality but not in its internals. Because of this fact, it was necessary to devise an external means by which some awareness of these important spiritual factors could be conveyed to them. This is one of the reasons why Paul recapitulated the external process of The Last Supper, as was performed by The Lord Jesus Christ, and instituted it in all churches (I Corinthians, 11:23-26). It was Paul’s role to bring this externalization to its utmost fruition.”


“By conveyance of these facts, through such external means, albeit very obscure, some proper spiritual life could be maintained on your planet and in the rest of the Zone of Displacement. These are the true remains of the spiritual fact which will serve at a later date for salvation of everyone from the negative state and for permanent abolishment of the negative state. This spiritual fact is the one on which the outcome of the verdict of the Last Judgment, described in the previous Chapter, and based on everyone’s spirituality and its quality, depends.”


“This is the reason why the issues, contained in the symbolism of The Last Supper, are emphasized so much. But it also shows you how far off most Christians are, as well as all others, in the conceptualization of The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ when they separated Jesus from Christ and Christ from Jesus and The Lord Jesus Christ from God and God from The Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit from all of them. The Holy Spirit, in this particular connotation, was The Spirit of The Most High or that element from The Absolute Most Within Spiritual Mind, which was fused with the rest of the elements used in the process of hybridization of Jesus Christ and, later on, of The Most High, when The Most High became The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“Now, the symbolism of The Last Supper emphasizes this unity and it will serve as a witness against all those who participate in its external rituals but in their heart reject the acceptance of the facts represented by it, as described in this chapter.”



“One of the important aspects of the content and meaning of The Last Supper is validation of and emphasis on the important spiritual principle of sharing. This is reflected in the words ‘divide it among yourselves’ and by drinking from the same cup.”


“This principle implies that each sentient entity and human is a unique one and has a unique and non-repeatable perception of The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ from the specific position each individual occupies among others. That perception differs from individual to individual based on the unique structure of their personalities and their nature. No one is the same. Therefore, from the position of this unsameness, one tends to perceive, understand and incorporate The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ somewhat differently. This reflects the crucial fact that no one can perceive and understand The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ in an absolute sense. The act of perception and understanding is relative, relative to the specific nature of each individual.”


“In order to give a broader and more varied perception and understanding of the true Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, a spiritual principle of sharing was established. Everyone is to share one’s perception and understanding of this Nature, as well as how one relates to It, with everyone else.”


“But notice, please, the disciples were to divide the same piece of bread and drink from the same cup. This important fact indicates that it is absolutely the same Lord Jesus Christ that they are sharing, and not someone different; and that one’s perception of understanding of and relatedness to The Lord Jesus Christ is as valid and as important as anyone else’s and it is absolutely the same Lord Jesus Christ they relate to. In the foresight of the many religious sects springing up around the teachings about the nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, and claiming to be the only right ones, some symbolism of the unifying principle needed to be introduced. To a certain extent, The Last Supper serves this purpose. Again, it is a reminder that there is only one God and that that God is The Lord Jesus Christ who is perceived in infinite varieties of ways and manners, but, nevertheless, is the very same Lord Jesus Christ.“



“Another important aspect of the meaning of The Last Supper is the indication of the foundation on which a relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ is established. It is not sufficient to intellectually acknowledge The Lord Jesus Christ as described in this book. That does not provide any reciprocity and, therefore, has no tangible, or any other, consequences. It must be built on a very personal, very private and very intimate attitude.”


“The principle here is that, in order to establish any meaningful consequential relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ, one must make, from one’s own free will and by one’s own free choice, an invitation to The Lord Jesus Christ to enter one’s heart. An intellectual relationship is a relationship from the outside, in a state of separation. One is separated from The Lord Jesus Christ. If this is the case, one is in the negative state. To be separated from The Lord Jesus Christ means to be in the negative state.”


“The implication of this statement is enormous. You can never get out of the negative state or to be saved from its hold over you unless you invite The Lord Jesus Christ to enter you, to be an integral part of you and to be one with you. This is what is meant by the words ‘eating His flesh’ and ‘drinking His blood.’ This is a personal, private and intimate intake. This is a reciprocal relationship because The Lord Jesus Christ became an integral part of you and you became an integral part of The Lord Jesus Christ. This is what is meant by the words, ‘he who eats My flesh and drinks My blood abides in Me, and I in him’ (John 6:56).”


“To accept the true nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, as described in this book, and to invite Him/Her to enter you and to become an integral part of you, and to be the ruler of your life, means reciprocal sharing. The Lord Jesus Christ shares Himself/Herself with you and you share yourself with The Lord Jesus Christ and subsequently you share this unique experience with everyone else who is willing to share and to be shared. By doing this, you participate in The Lord Jesus Christ’s Supper. And this is what The Lord Jesus Christ’s Last Supper is all about.”



“Once this is acknowledged, and this kind of sharing is established, no need exists to participate in an external ritualistic process of The Last Supper as practiced by all Christian churches.”


“The original purpose of establishment of any church was to help people in the process of their mutual sharing. Certain steps were developed to assist people in concentrating on the issues at hand and on getting in touch with The Lord Jesus Christ within themselves so that they could invite Him/Her to enter all aspects of their spirit, soul and body and reciprocate His/Her invitation to become one with Him/Her by entering Him/Her (I in you and you in Me). This is the only role that any church should have. However, under the influence of the negative state, all these steps and procedures became only external rituals without any deeper meaning. They were pronounced or proclaimed to be holy in themselves and their external performance or participation in them was and is considered to be sufficient for leading a true spiritual life.”


“The ritual of The Last Supper did not escape this fate. It became even more ritualized and externalized than anything else. It lost entirely its true meaning. Under the presently existing condition, it turned into a meaningless procedure that lacks any true spiritual connotation. In view of the availability of this New Revelation by The Lord Jesus Christ, The Last Supper, in a traditional Christian connotation, is hereby being abolished. It is no longer valid. The present form of The Last Supper, which is being instituted as of now, is to go inward on a daily basis and commune with The Lord Jesus Christ on a personal, private and intimate basis, confirming the fact that The Lord Jesus Christ is in you and you are in The Lord Jesus Christ. By confirming that, you are in control of your life, able to repudiate all impositions of the negative state continuously impinging on you as long as you are in the physical body.”


“However, bear in mind, that, in order to be in this daily communication or communion with The Lord Jesus Christ, participating in His/Her Last Supper, it is necessary to accept The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ as revealed in this book. Failure to do so will get you in contact with the false ‘christs’ and false ‘Jesus Christ’ and all hosts of false prophets who will appear to you as angels of light. This is an important warning. Many humans will have a great degree of difficulty accepting this fact. But this is a New Revelation and The Lord Jesus Christ makes everything new and different. The old ways are irrevocably passing away.”


“He/she who has ears to hear, let him/her hear what The Lord Jesus Christ reveals in this Chapter.”





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