Update, Modification and Redefinition

of The Spiritual Laws



On February 18, 1988, at 4:40 a.m., the word of The Lord Jesus Christ came to me, saying,


“In this book it was revealed that revolutionary changes have been taking place in the entire Creation. These changes were prompted by the profound changes that occurred in the conceptualization of The Nature of The Most High who became the totality of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“It was said that The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ requires a new approach in the way sentient entities relate to Him/Her.”


“The important spiritual principles, formulated previously, are that, whenever a certain step, era, epoch, or whatever you have, fulfills its purpose, it is succeeded by the next step. All principles, states and conditions of the previous step are carefully evaluated and assessed in order to determine to what extent, if at all, they can be transferred into the next step.”


“As you know, the spiritual quality of the succeeding step is considerably different from the previous step and many, if not most, things are not transferable into the next step.”


“This is a spiritual law applicable at all times and to all steps.”


“A good example of such modifications and changes can be seen in Moses’ Law given to the children of Israel. At the time of The First Coming of Jesus Christ most of that law exhausted its usefulness and fulfilled its purpose. Unless any law exhausts its usefulness and fulfills its purpose, it cannot be modified or abolished or changed. This is what is meant by the words recorded in Matthew 5:18:”


“‘For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled.’”


“Some humans incorrectly assumed that all spiritual laws are of a permanent, non-modifiable nature. But the above-quoted statement only indicates that the laws cannot be broken until all in them is fulfilled.”


“The First Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ was a fulfillment of that particular law. Therefore, it is not by coincidence that, following the above statement, Jesus Christ went right ahead and either abolished certain laws or considerably modified them. The whole fifth Chapter in Matthew, following verse 18, describes nothing else but the process of this abolishment and modification.”


“Later on, during His/Her mission on your planet, Jesus Christ reduced and modified the entire law of Moses to two laws, as recorded in Matthew, Chapter 22, verses 34-40 (and in other Gospels).”


“As you remember, these two principles are as follows:”


“‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ ‘And you shall love your neighbor as yourself.’” “And He said, ‘On these two commandments hang all the Law and Prophets.’”


“At the end of His/Her mission, Jesus Christ gave His/Her disciples a new commandment, recorded in John 13:34-35:”


“‘A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, you also love one another. By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.’”


“The next step, following The Lord Jesus Christ’s departure from your planet, was a step of exemplification and differentiation of spiritual principles.”


“How do you differentiate between the followers of The Lord Jesus Christ and all others? By showing deep love and appreciation to one another. If you behave in the same manner and way as everyone else, what is the difference between you and others? It is obvious that, at the time Jesus Christ gave this new commandment to His/Her disciples, no true love of one another existed on your planet. Otherwise, there would be no need to formulate this commandment or law.“


“Now, the above illustration can give you an idea how periodic updates, modifications and redefinitions of all spiritual principles and laws are occurring and why they are necessary.”


“At the present time, a new period in the history of this cycle of time has begun. This period is not the beginning of one new step only, as the situation was with previous periods and steps of this cycle of time. This is an entirely New Era within this cycle of time which is being initiated by The Lord Jesus Christ. This New Era could not have started until the profound changes in The Nature of The Most High took place and The Most High became The Lord Jesus Christ. Once this was accomplished, the previous era or period exhausted its usefulness and fulfilled its purpose and the New Era of spiritual development came to its fruition. The New Revelation, contained in this book, is a reflection of this New Era.”


“This New Era or Period involves the entire Creation and its multiverse, all sentient entities, the entire Zone of Displacement, and all its inhabitants and your planet.”


“The multiversal implications of this Era are enormous and will continue for a long period of time — to the very end of this cycle of time and beyond.”


“Because of this enormous importance, all spiritual laws that ruled the previous era or period must be redefined, updated, modified and, if necessary, abolished and replaced.”


“At this time the following laws will be considered:”



“The very first law relates to the love of The Lord your God. This law is being modified in the following manner:”




“Unless this fundamentally important new spiritual law, ruling the New Age, is accepted first, no other following laws will have any power or significance any longer.”



“The second law relates to the love of others. This law is being modified in the following manner:”





“The third law is an entirely new law, as derived from the above modified laws. One aspect of this law was contained in the old commandment, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ The formulation of this new law is as follows:”




“Now, on these three laws all spiritual principles depend and from them all of the others derive. Their fulfillment means the fulfillment of the entire laws in being and existence.”


“Before proceeding to the other laws, some explanation about the content of the above-defined three laws is necessary.”


“The two terms need to be explained: ‘Unconditional love’ and ‘to love with wisdom.’ As you noticed, these terms did not exist in the old laws. The word ‘love’ was simply used. It was done so for a purpose of reflecting the spiritual condition that existed before and that was to follow after The Lord Jesus Christ’s departure from your planet.”


“As you remember, that condition was externalization, literalization and ritualization of all spiritual principles, making them void by that process. There is no wisdom in such an attitude and process. Neither is there any comprehension of the principles themselves.”


“Because of this the word ‘wisdom’ was not used since it was a foolish approach. But neither could the word ‘unconditional’ have been used. It would be taken literally. Humans would incorrectly assume that one must love others in their evil and negative state. To love like that would mean to love evils and falsities.”


“So, only the word ‘love’ was used to indicate that the true source of life can be found only in loving God, others and oneself. But this does not define how that love should be manifested. Instead, one was referred to the Ten Commandments. They indicate only what one should not do. (On the issue of the Ten Commandments, see Chapter Twenty-Four ‘The Ten Commandments Revisited’ in this book.)”


“But, except urging to accept God, they did not say what one should do or they indicated it very vaguely. It was therefore assumed that following the rituals as prescribed by Moses’ Law, or in the Christian era, following the dictates of the literal statements of Jesus Christ and particularly of Paul, constitutes what one should do. Moreover, the clause of reward was attached to following these prescriptions. ‘If you do this, it will be well with you.’ Or, ‘just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise’ (Luke 6:31). Again, setting a condition: ‘I will treat you well because I want to be treated well.’ Therefore, I do it for my own sake. I love God for my own sake, I love others for my own sake, and I love myself for my own sake. With the quality of such love, you cannot use the words ‘unconditional’ or ‘wisdom.’”


“The reasons why such love was initiated at that time and continued into the Christian era can be found in the spiritual quality that ruled the entire Zone of Displacement and your planet. By that time, all spiritual principles were perverted, distorted or totally falsified. No proper and genuine knowledge existed about anything. In order to motivate humans to do anything spiritual under those conditions, you must begin from the position they are in. That position is that they do everything for their own sake.”


“The first step in spiritual awakening is to have humans love for their own personal reasons. Once they are firmly grounded in such love, they are gradually introduced into the true knowledge of spiritual principles which, eventually, help them to change that attitude and begin doing things for the sake of common good.”


“However, in this New Era, such spiritual conditions are no longer tolerable. The previous conceptualization of love has fulfilled its purpose and a new understanding and practice of love is being formulated. Now it is time to begin loving unconditionally with wisdom. At the first look, it may seem that this statement in itself is contradictory. How can you love unconditionally with wisdom? Does it not imply a selective love? The contradiction is a seeming one.”


“The unconditional state applies only to the positive state. Whatever is positive can come only from The Lord Jesus Christ. The positive state has nothing in itself of the negative nature. Therefore, it is to be loved unconditionally for its own sake as something that constitutes the very life. In the positive state there is a fullness of the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ. The positive state is The Lord Jesus Christ who, at the same time, transcends it in all respects. Hence, the requirement to love The Lord Jesus Christ unconditionally above all and above everything because He/She is the only source of life who gives that life to everyone unconditionally without any strings attached. To love in such a manner is wise. Hence, to love with wisdom.”


“On the other hand, how does one manifest an unconditional love in the midst of the negative state full of hatred, cruelty, meanness and destructiveness? By rejecting the nature of the negative state. Unconditional rejection of everything negative, evil and false constitutes the unconditional love of everyone in the negative state. As you say it, it is not good for your health (for your life) to be this way. If I truly love you, I do not want you to be that way. In such a love is its wisdom. It is wise to reject everything negative because its presence repudiates the presence of the positive state, that is, The Lord Jesus Christ. Lack of that presence signifies lack of true life. To love evils and falsities unconditionally means to hate and despise everything positive, that is, The Lord Jesus Christ. This is a foolishness of such love.”


“Another distinction here is to love someone unconditionally in the negative state but to reject his/her evil and negative lifestyle. The rejection of it is not only verbal but, primarily, by your own lifestyle which is fundamentally different from the lifestyle of the negative state.”


“Remember the new commandment that Jesus Christ was giving to His/Her disciples? Love one another so that by that love others, who are not in such love, may know that you are of the positive state. You are loving here for their sake, for the sake of The Lord Jesus Christ, giving them an example of what it is like to be in the positive state as compared to being in the negative state. And this is what to love unconditionally with wisdom, being in the negative state, means.”


“Another aspect of such love is that everyone carries within oneself a presence of The Lord Jesus Christ in some degree or other. The agents and the slaves of the negative state also have that presence, otherwise, they could not live for a fraction of a second.”


“However, as Swedenborg already pointed out, their problem is that they deny that presence and turn their backs on it. By that act, they exclude their presence in The Lord Jesus Christ, that is, in the positive state. No reciprocity exists here. To love anyone like that unconditionally means to love unconditionally The Presence of The Lord Jesus Christ in them.”


“One loves The Lord Jesus Christ in others, and others because they carry that presence in them. All else is not relevant, has no significance and is unreal. How can you love something unreal? Such love does not exist.”


“In loving unconditionally The Lord Jesus Christ in others, and others for that sake, and loving unconditionally The Lord Jesus Christ in yourself, and yourself for that sake, is the true wisdom of that love. This is the only real love from which any other loves derive. This is what is meant by loving unconditionally with wisdom.”


“But what does it mean to love? How is love manifested in everyday practical life? It is not sufficient to verbalize such love. As you know, humans are masters in saying and claiming one thing but, at the same time, thinking and feeling exactly the opposite of what they are saying or claiming. Therefore, the verbal statements regarding such love are not sufficient by themselves. They can be considered only an external expression that such love may or may not exist.”


“In actuality, there are, at least, seven confirmatory signs that such love exists and is real in your life.”


“First, you continuously think about loving The Lord Jesus Christ, others and yourself unconditionally with wisdom. Each state or feeling, no matter what it is, must enter your awareness and become an integral part of your thinking. Without being consciously aware in your active thinking of this unconditional wise love, no endorsement of such love exists.”


“Second, you intensely feel this unconditional wise love toward The Lord Jesus Christ, others and yourself. Whenever you think of The Lord Jesus Christ, others and yourself, tremendously warm, joyous and happy feelings spread all over you.”


“Third, you continuously experience a tremendous desire and will to love unconditionally, with wisdom, The Lord Jesus Christ, others and yourself more and more every day. All your will, effort, strength, power and determination are directed toward such pure, unconditional wise love.”


“Fourth, your intentions in all your activities, without any exception and exclusions, are to do everything from the position of this unconditional wise love toward The Lord Jesus Christ, others and yourself.”


“Fifth, your actions, behaviors and attitudes are directed toward continuous manifestation and reinforcement of this unconditional wise love toward The Lord Jesus Christ, others and yourself.“


“Sixth, you go inward (as described in Chapter Five of this book) two-three times a day to commune with The Lord Jesus Christ, others and yourself (the meaning of The Last Supper), asking The Lord Jesus Christ to help you to love with wisdom unconditionally more and more Him/Her, others and yourself and to teach you how to love properly and appropriately and the manner in which such love is to be exemplified, actualized, realized, lived and practiced on a continuous basis. Only from within yourself, from the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ within you, can you discover the specific manifestation of that love in your own individualized life. Remember, different individuals manifest different aspects and needs of that love. In acknowledging and expressing such aspects and needs is the wisdom of that love.”


“And seventh, you express and verbalize tactfully and with prudence this unconditional wise love by volunteering to share such love, if requested or asked for, without imposing it on anyone contrary to their free will and choice, but also without ‘casting pearls before swine and giving what is holy to the dogs’ (Matthew 7:6). While you commune and communicate with The Lord Jesus Christ within yourself during your daily practices of going inward, you ask The Lord Jesus Christ to give you a greater degree of discerning wisdom and intuition which would enable you to know and to intuit when, where, how and to whom to express, verbalize and share with your unconditional wise love.”


“To give love to ‘swine’ and ‘dogs,’ that is, to evils and falsities, or individuals totally identified with evils and falsities, means to endorse their evils and falsities. By endorsing them, you give these individuals the power which belongs to The Lord Jesus Christ. By giving them that power, you endanger your own life by the ceasement of the protection from The Lord Jesus Christ (transfer of power). In that case, they really will ‘turn and tear you into pieces’ (Matthew 7:6).”


“Now, to repeat, all these good things you do for the sake of The Lord Jesus Christ; for the sake of all spiritual principles; for the sake of others; for the sake of yourself as a carrier of a unique and specific presence of The Lord Jesus Christ in you; and for the sake that this is the right thing to do without expecting anything in return, that is, for the sake of the principle itself. To do this in such a manner is to practice what is required by the three spiritual laws formulated above. These three laws constitute the foundation of spiritual life. They constitute the life of the remaining ten laws which follow:”




“Whatever one does, feels, thinks, wills, intents, says and acts, unless it is done so by one’s own freedom of choice and free will for the sake of principle, cannot be appropriated to that one. It does not have any personal spiritual validity. In the process of one’s personal Last Judgment it will be taken away from that one.”


“The requirement of The New Spiritual State is that only those things can become an integral part of your true life (from the standpoint of its eternal continuation) which were acquired by you from the sole position of your own free choice, by your own free will, for the sake of principle, because it is the right thing to do. Anything else, not acquired by such means, will fall away from you and will not be counted in your final judgment. It was imposed by some other external considerations. And even though some of them might be positive and good, they will have no influence on your life because they have never been internalized by you.”


“The process of internalization can happen only if you accept it by your own free will and choice. All other things, that do not go beyond your externals, remain in the externals. As you know, you cannot take with you anything external because your life is in your internals and not externals.”


“Being in the negative state, there are many things you have to do which you would never choose to do if you were living in the positive state. The lifestyle in the negative state very often requires from you to behave, to act, to feel and to say things that are not coming from your heart — your internals. They are imposed on you by the laws of the negative state. You do them because the initial choice, before your physical birth, for some important spiritual reasons, was to enter the negative state. That choice presupposed to do and to experience things in the negative state that otherwise would not be chosen. And yet you must do them in order to survive in the negative state: Pay your bills, hold your job, relate to humans who have nothing in common with you, tolerate things offensive to the positive state, and many other such things you have to do.”


“Now, if you were to identify yourself with these negative things and actions by your own free will and choice, because you find them enjoyable, comfortable and very appropriate; or if you were to choose them for the sake of your own reputation, worldly position and prestige, or for any other ulterior reasons, they would all become an integral part of your life; that is, they would be internalized within you, and, in the last accounting, they would be appropriated to you as your own.”


“However, the same is true regarding the positive and good things in both directions. Unless you choose to be positive, loving, wise and good by your own free will and choice, for the sake of principle, because this is the right way to be, without any strings attached, that positiveness, goodness and lovingness remains in your externals only. They do not enter into your internals.”


“As you know, many humans act, behave and look good, positive, wise and loving. But they do so not because they choose to be that way for the sake of principles, not because they really want to be that way, but because it is profitable for them to be that way. Their position, prestige, good standing in the eyes of others, or whatever you have, dictate to and impose on them to be that way. Under different conditions, they would never choose to be that way.”


“Therefore, nothing of that goodness, positiveness, lovingness and wisdom can be appropriated to them or taken into an account during their personal Last Judgment. It will be taken away from them and given to those who were that way by their own free will and choice for the sake of principles themselves. This is exactly what is meant by the words of Jesus Christ, recorded, for example, in Luke 19:26:”


“‘For I say to you, that everyone who has will be given; and from him who does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him.’”


“‘Everyone who has’ means everyone who acquired things by free will and choice, for the sake of principles without any external consideration and imposition. ‘Him who does not have’ means those who did so by other than this proper consideration, stemming from free choice to choose something for the sake of principles because it is the right thing to do. Their good works are separated from them and given to those who would do so with the right intent and motivation, as defined by this law.“


“The modification of this law is reflected in the words ‘for the sake of principle because it is the right thing to do.’ This is an extension of the old law of freedom of choice which was limited by formulation of free will and choice without any consideration of principle itself.”


“In the new spiritual approach, ‘the principle itself’ plays the most significant role. The important consideration here is not only how you choose something (whether by free will or not) but also why you choose something (is it for the sake of principle itself because it is the right thing to do or for some other reasons?).”


“So, the combination of ‘how’ and ‘why’ determines to what extent you apply this New Law in your life.”




“There is only One Absolute Principle of Life — The Lord Jesus Christ. Having an Absolute Nature, the Oneness of this Principle must manifest Itself in an Absolute Sense. But no two Absolute States coexist side by side in order to share themselves with each other in an absolute sense. Coexistence of the two Absolutes is mutually exclusive. Neither of them would be Absolute but only relative to each other. For this reason, all inclusive manifestation of The Absolute is diversified in infinite varieties and manners of ways. In the total cumulative sum of all these diversified manners and ways is the manifestation in an Absolute Sense. Because each particle of that Diversity is contained in The Absolute State, it is as important and as needed for the manifestation of that State in an Absolute Sense as any other particle or whatever it is. For that reason they are all equal. No preferential treatment of any one of them is possible or even conceivable.”


“In this Diversified Oneness and Equality is rooted the nature of the positive state. Any deviation from this law constitutes violation of the principles of the positive state, and the negative state comes into its being and existence.”


“The principle here implies that The Absolute State — The Lord Jesus Christ — is Absolutely Positive. The negative state does not stem from The Absolute Positive but from the violation and deviation of this principle.“


“In order for the negative state to be and to exist, an idea of separation, inequality and preference must be conceived. But such an idea cannot be conceived in someone who is Absolutely Positive. However, it can be conceived in someone who is relative to The Absolutely Positive because that someone cannot consider oneself to be equal with It.”


“The equality of the relative beings is founded on the fact that they equally contain within themselves the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ, that is, The Absolute State. Acknowledgment and acceptance of the fact that The Lord Jesus Christ manifests Himself/Herself in infinite varieties and manners of ways among and within each individual, unifies all individuals equally within The Lord Jesus Christ. By this process, the idea of separation, preference, inequality, etc., is nullified and does not take hold.”


“However, in the moment anyone fails to acknowledge and accept this principle, he/she begins to perceive himself/herself as isolated, separated from and unequal to his/her Source. This gives an impetus for the negative state to come to its fruition.”


“The negative state is founded on the opposition to this law.”


“This is an old law which is being reformulated here with the emphasis on the fact of how important it is to see your relationship to The Lord Jesus Christ in this perspective and how to avoid falling into the traps of the negative state which continuously exemplifies by the most vivid actions and lifestyle its opposition to this law.”


“The new aspect of this law can be found in The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, which makes it possible to experience Him/Her on an equal basis through that physical body-flesh which was originally built from the relative negative elements of the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero and incorporated, after its divinization, into the totality of The Nature of The Most High. Through this New State, The Lord Jesus Christ can relate to you not only from the position of The Absolute State, but also from the position of the relative state, coming down to your level as one equal to another.”


“By this fact, the sense of inequality of the relative to The Absolute, which has potentials for the activation of the negative state, is being nullified and made void. An eternally important factor of the incarnation of The Most High in the form of Jesus Christ into a relative and negative condition, experiencing the relative condition, and incorporating it in His/Her Nature, makes it possible for Him/Her to relate to everyone from their relative position, that is, as one equal to another. Because of this crucial factor, the necessity for the activation of the negative state in the future, after this cycle of time is ended, is being eternally prevented. Before this incarnation and assumption of the relative body-flesh, no one could relate to The Most High with a sense of any equality. Such a situation is always a potential for reactivation of the negative state.”


“But now The Lord Jesus Christ can relate to you from your position — from the position of relativity. This also gives an opportunity to everyone who wants to experience The Lord Jesus Christ in the most unique, private, personal, equal and intimate manner.”


“As you see, the fact of The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ has enormous implication for all cycles of time that will follow the current one. From now on, at any time and at any place, with everyone in being and existence, The Lord Jesus Christ will be able to relate from each individual’s position and state, as one equal to another without ever producing a feeling of inferiority or inequality of the relative to The Absolute. Thus, to repeat, no opportunity for the negative state to be initiated again will ever occur. This is another aspect of saving grace of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“Thus, this law is being modified and updated to include this most important fact, lacking from the old law because the process of fusion and hybridization, as described in the previous chapters, had not been completed yet.”




“There is only one reality in being and existence from which all else derives its own reality — the spiritual reality. Nothing can be and exist in itself and by itself without a spiritual idea of its formation into reality which gives an impetus for such reality to become. In other words, any reality at all is formulated at first as a spiritual idea. Once it is formulated or has occurred in the spirit, it has a tendency to proceed into its concrete manifestation. The form of this manifestation can take any appearance or shape in accordance with the content of the originating idea.“


“In an absolute sense this law denotes that there can be only one true reality — the reality of The Absolute Being and Absolute Existence of The Absolute Spirit of The Lord Jesus Christ — from whom everything without exception and exclusion derives. Nothing can exist whatsoever without this Absolute Being and Existence. In this fact is the very spiritual principle of all reality.”


“First, there is a spirit; second, there is a soul of that spirit; third, there is a form of manifestation of that spirit and its soul; and fourth, there is an environment of that spirit built from the spirit’s ideas of the proper projection and manifestation of its form.”


“This law also indicates that whatever is and exists is the carrier and image of all principles and laws of its originating source. Thus, it has a tendency to assume its own independent being and existence, or its own reality based on the true reality of its source. For that reason, looked upon itself, it seems to have its own reality as though being independent of anything else.”


“The implications of this law for all sentient entities are enormous. Being that they originate from the Ideas of The Absolute Spirit of The Lord Jesus Christ, their life depends absolutely on The Absolute Life of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“However, reflecting in themselves the image and likeness of their Creator, they appear self-contained, self-real and independent of their Absolute Source.”


“The principle here is that, once an idea occurs in The Absolute Sentient Mind, by its nature that idea tends to project itself into its own being and existence, becoming its own reality.”


“This is a necessary condition for sentient life and life of the multiverse. The motivation to be and to exist derives from one’s ability to be independent.”


“On the other hand, to be independent is one of the most vital prerequisites for establishing a reciprocal relationship with others and, most importantly, with one’s Absolute Source — The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“As you know, one of the purposes of Creation was to establish such a reciprocal relationship with creativees. If they were not to have this sense of independence and their own reality, they could not form a meaningful, free and lasting relationship with their Absolute Source.”


“Thus, in the process of their creation, they were endowed by their Creator with the same attributes their Creator has: Freedom of choice, independence and the sense of self-realness.”


“From that position, having these important attributes, all sentient entities can have a sense of their own independent reality from which they can relate to their Absolute Source without any sense of compulsion or slavery.”


“Continuous awareness of this fact constitutes the very spiritual principle of this law. Rejection of the content, meaning and reality of this law gives an impetus for the negative state to come into its being and existence. The reality of the negative state’s independent being and existence is based on the fact of acceptance of this rejection. Whatever is rejected from the true being and existence becomes reality for the negative state’s being and existence.”


“If such truth of this matter were never to be rejected, no negative state would ever be and exist. In this fact is the very spiritual principle of the negative state’s own reality.”


“This is an old law. In the connotation of The New Spiritual State this law is being modified in the following manner:”


“As of now, the true reality of anyone’s being and existence is determined by the position, stance and relationship one chooses to have toward The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ as described throughout this book. Because this is The New Absolute Reality, the independence of all other realities in being and existence is defined by the degree of reciprocity one is willing to offer to this New Nature of The Absolute Spiritual Reality — The Lord Jesus Christ. The acceptance and affirmation of this fact puts everyone in the position of an independent sense of one’s own reality. From this position one can reciprocate whatever is coming from The Lord Jesus Christ. Rejection of this fact puts one into the midst of the internalized negative state which is built on the principles opposite to the positive state — separation, slavery, dependence and loss of one’s reality.“


“Thus, in this connotation, no other conceptualization of The Absolute Being and Existence can sustain any longer the true spiritual reality of one’s life. Unless one is willing to accept this New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, as the only true God Most High, one will become spiritually dead. Confession and worship of any other God or gods, under any other name or state, is no longer tenable.”


“All aspects of The Most High, that appeared or were conceived under various different names on your planet and elsewhere in the Zone of Displacement, were fully incorporated and absorbed into this New Nature, giving rise to a totally different spiritual reality.”


“Exposure to this reality requires a reexamination of oneself and redefinition of one’s attitude one chooses to establish toward this New Reality.”


“Humans on your planet, who will not have available the information of this New Revelation, will face this choice after they arrive in the intermediate world (the World of Spirits), following the death of their physical bodies. On the other hand, those who will have an opportunity to read these words and, yet, choose to reject the truth of this matter, will automatically side with the negative state.”


“Many humans will try to justify their reluctance to accept this New Spiritual Reality as the only feasible fact on the basis that they were raised or brought up in a different religious environment not conducive to the acceptance of this view. They claim of being Jews or Buddhists or Hindus or Taoists or Muslims or Christians or whatever you have there. Belonging to these kinds of religions makes it offensive for them to accept The New Nature of The Most High, under whatever name they accept Him/Her, as The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“A dangerous tendency exists here to compromise on your part, accepting their belief system as divinely inspired and indisputable.”


“In the true spiritual connotation of this law, unwillingness to accept this fact constitutes unwillingness to change. Reluctance to change denotes the negative state’s hold over such an individual. As you know, the negative state hates any change, anything new and progressive. It likes to stagnate in one condition and maintain the status quo indefinitely.“


“It is a sign of spiritual maturity and reality of one’s life to be able and to want to change. Reluctance to change means dependence on and slavery to the concepts, states and conditions which one believes have permanent value. In the moment you accept that your view, opinion, lifestyle, religion or whatever you have is permanent and unchangeable, you become its slave. You lose your spiritual reality, relinquishing it to your stagnant belief system.”


“The spiritual crime of all existing religions on your planet and throughout the entire Zone of Displacement is in the fact that they dogmatized and immortalized their doctrines about spiritual principles and the Nature of God, assuming that no changes, modifications or replacement could ever occur, particularly in the Nature of God. For them to think that the Nature of God could ever change means blasphemy and unpardonable sin. The need to change in all conditions and states, including in The Nature of The Most High God, who became the fullness of The Lord Jesus Christ, constitutes the true spiritual reality of being and existence. Thus, the old law of the spiritual reality is being hereby redefined to reflect this new spiritual reality of change.”


“The reality of any being and existence derives from its ability to change as needed, when needed, if needed and in whatever manner is needed. Because The Lord Jesus Christ is The Absolute Law in Himself/ Herself this law fully applies to Him/Her as well. In this fact is the very spiritual principle of the Law of Spiritual Reality. By accepting this law as a spiritual fact, you affirm the true spiritual reality of your own being and existence.”




“This law was introduced into being and existence after the negative state was activated. It was first mentioned in the book Fundamentals of Human Spirituality and defined properly in the book Reality, Myths & Illusion without being labeled as such. The fundamental principles of this law can be formulated as follows:”


“The positive state is the only ultimate being and existence that exists in, of and by itself without any other source or state either equal to it or superior to it or opposite to it. Being that the positive state, in its absolute sense and totality, is the very Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, who, at the same time, transcends it, The Lord Jesus Christ is the only Absolute Being and Existence who is in, of and by Himself/Herself without any other source of His/Her origin.”


“Simply stated, there is no other Absolute State which would be the same or superior or opposite to it but The Lord Jesus Christ only.”


“The reason why this law was introduced after the activation of the negative state is because the negative state proclaimed itself as being either equal to God or superior to Him/Her or opposite to Him/Her.”


“In other words, the negative state convinced many people that there is a duality of being and existence which is the very nature of the multiverse. It is portrayed as a two-faced god Janus. One of his faces is good and the other evil.”


“The assumption here is that God’s Nature is a dual one and that, therefore, God is a source of both good and evil. In this respect, there are two equal powers in the multiverse — positive and negative. They are supposedly on the opposite poles that maintain the entire Creation in balance. Thus, the negative state has been trying to convince everyone that it derives its origin from The Most High and, therefore, is equal, if not superior, to the positive state. And not only that, but it claims that it will exist forever as a necessary condition for maintaining the balance in the multiverse and, by that role, making the freedom of choice possible. This falsity and misconception is the invention of the Hells. The pseudo-creators were trying their best to prove this point. Many religious systems contain within their teachings this dual nature of Creation and The Creator. This belief system comes from the fact that the negative state opposes all laws and principles of the positive state. This is how the negative state maintains its life. Rejection of the validity of this law makes the negative state possible. But to oppose something and be opposite of something are two entirely different things. The first one (to oppose something) derives from the life of that which it opposes. The principle here is that if something, which is being opposed, were not to exist, there would be nothing to oppose. Therefore, the opposing state would not exist either.”


“The second situation (being opposite of something) assumes two forces which are opposite to each other in place, state, condition and nature. They have their independent existence.”


“That the two opposite forces can exist is an illusion derived from some laws of the structure of the Zone of Displacement. The Zone of Displacement was specifically structured in such a manner as to prove beyond the shadow of doubt that such opposite forces exist and are the true reality. Take, for example, the existence of the North Pole and the South Pole on your planet or electric polarity. It gives you an impression that they are opposite to each other either in place or in their state and condition. However, the true reality is that they are not. In the first place, the multiverse is not flat or cornered or linear. It is circular and rounded. Therefore, each point in the multiverse occupies the same position as any other point. They are discrete in relationship to one another and not opposite.”


“Secondly, the forces which operate in each universe are structurally integral to the nature of that universe, deriving from one unifying source — the spiritual principle as defined above in The Law of Spiritual Reality. Therefore they cannot be opposite to each other. They perform different functions but those functions are of one source and not of dual or multiple origin. The negative state could never become equal to the positive state to eternity, or opposite of the positive state, because it does not have life in itself and by itself. As you remember, its life is derived from the rejected ideas of the members of the positive state.”


“The new formulation of this law has two updates: One is that The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ is the only Being and Existence which has life in itself, of itself and by itself; and the second is that, once the members of the positive state make a final choice not to ever have in their mind any ideas that need to be rejected, such ideas will cease to be and to exist. With their cessation the source of the negative state’s life will dry out and the negative state will be no more. At that moment this law will become obsolete because the state of the multiverse will be unilateral by its very nature, having no challenge from its fall outs, opposing its nature and structure. At that point, no fall outs will be forthcoming.”




“This law regulates the meaning of all activities in being and existence. It states:”


“Any idea, thought, feeling, act, behavior or whatever must be validated by its consequences, outcomes, results and impacts it has both on the entire being and existence and on its producer or originator individually.“


“This law consists of two aspects of validation: The beginning of any act and the end result of that act. The quality of such an act is determined by the original intent or intention with which any particular act was initiated. On the other hand, the content of such an act is determined by outcomes, consequences, results and impact it has in a widespread manner. Nothing can be validated and take hold if it fails to produce the end result. The degree of appropriation of the end results of such an act is determined by the original intent with which the act was undertaken. In other words, if any act was undertaken for any other reasons but with an intent for multiversal benefit, common good and use for all, the end results cannot be appropriated to its originator.”


“The validation and value of any act with regard to its initiator cannot be acquired unless it serves the ultimate principle of the common good and mutual benefit for all. This is the very spiritual principle of this law. Creation was created for such a purpose.”


“In the new, updated connotation of this law, there is an added important element:”


“The Lord Jesus Christ in His/Her New Nature is the ultimate originator and intentional factor of all positive activities in being and existence. He/She is the intentional beginning and the validating end of any activities at all.”


“In the negative state the intentions of all activities are directed toward denial, rejection, distortion, falsification or perversion of the proper understanding and acceptance of the true Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. The end results of such activities are the appropriation of these evil and false acts to their originators by which they validate the foolishness and insanity of the negative state.”


“In the positive state everything is done with a positive and good intent to see, to experience and to validate the fact that The Lord Jesus Christ is the life and the inspirator of all such activities and the intentions with which they are initiated.”


“Doing things with such an intent, the members of the positive state are appropriated by The Lord Jesus Christ all positive and good outcomes, consequences and results of their activities. By that appropriation, their activities are fully validated.“


“One important new aspect of this law came into its being and existence just recently. This happened after the completion of the fusion and incorporation of the physical body-flesh into the totality of Absolute Nature of The Most High, making Him/Her The True Lord Jesus Christ. From that moment on, all validation of such activities will have a personal, private and intimate connotation. The Lord Jesus Christ in His/Her New Nature will personally, privately and intimately appear to every individual in the positive state and by that appearance will validate all ideas, thoughts, feelings, behaviors and activities of each particular individual. This is the most blissful and elating mode of validation.”


“Another new component of this law is that, because of this, all activities of the positive state will be intended for the sake of The Lord Jesus Christ personally and for the sake of the entire Creation and its multiverse.”


“The personal component of this experience could not come fully to its fruition until The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ was fully established.”


“One of the many important reasons for The First Coming of Jesus Christ was to establish such an experiential possibility for the entire Creation. As you remember, before that time, no direct, personal, private and intimate relationship with The Most High was possible. The Most High could relate only by mediation. The human physical body-flesh incorporated into the totality of The Most High’s Nature, making Him/Her The Lord Jesus Christ, abolished this means of mediation.”


“Now there is a direct involvement and validation of all activities of sentient entities in the entire Creation.”


“From the new perspective of this law, it is obvious how important it is for everyone to fully accept into one’s heart this New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. From now on, this will be the only source of true validation of all activities of all individuals.”


“Unless the end results of any activities are validated by the acknowledgment and acceptance of The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, none of them have a proper positive intention. They are motivated from the wrong source and for the wrong reasons. Such a source and such reasons place one into the negative state. Of course, the life of the negative state is based on denial and rejection of this law. There, everything is self-purposeful without any regard for The Lord Jesus Christ or mutual benefit and common good. Therefore, their activities can never be validated in a positive sense and nothing of positiveness and goodness can be appropriated to them.”




“This is the Law of Foresight and Permission. It was first properly formulated by Swedenborg. It is an old law. In essence it states:”


“The Divine Providence foresees all things and provides all opportunities for all such things to become actualized, realized and manifested reality.”


“In the case of the negative state, The Divine Providence permits its being and existence only because it serves some very important spiritual learning for the entire Creation. The terms ‘foresight’ and ‘permission’ are used here in order to indicate that nothing is predetermined or dictated by The Creator. Predetermination and dictates imply absolute inevitability and no freedom of choice. This is contrary to the true Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ which is absolute freedom and choice in and by Itself. It is also in violation of The Law of Freedom of Choice.”


“The basic tenet of this law states that The Lord Jesus Christ governs the entire multiverse and the Zone of Displacement through His/Her Divine Providence. The Divine Providence is defined as an Absolute Ability to regulate all occurrences and destinies of the entire Creation from the timeless and spaceless position and condition. Thus, for The Lord Jesus Christ everything is and occurs here-and-now without any past, present or future. However, at the very same time, The Lord Jesus Christ, simultaneously and synchronously, is present in the past, present and the future.”


“This double aspect of His/Her presence allows Him/Her to continuously modify all situations in such a manner as to accommodate them to ever changing choices of all participants and enables the experience of all consequences, outcomes, results and fulfillment of such choices.”


“In a general sense, The Divine Providence of The Lord Jesus Christ knows everything and foresees everything without time and place.“


“In a specific sense, The Divine Providence of The Lord Jesus Christ lets sentient entities modify their choices and life destinies in accordance with their free will to change the initial choice and its outcomes.”


“The activities of The Divine Providence in this specific sense are limited to the provision of proper opportunities for such changes to take place. All opportunities for all choices are continuously provided with properly defined consequences of any choice. At the same time, inherent in any act of choice, there is an ability to change, to modify, to reject or to replace that choice. Such an act is foreseen by The Divine Providence, and it provides the favorable condition for this to take place.”


“However, in the negative state, and on planet Zero, certain events are permitted to happen without any initial choice for them to happen. The choice to be in the negative state determines the feasibility of such permission. As you know, the nature of the negative state does not allow one freedom of choice. The choice is to be negative, that is, to be unfree. As a result of this situation, many things happen there that, under any other condition, would never be chosen.”


“Again, this is permitted not because it is willed by The Lord Jesus Christ but because of the important spiritual learning which will eventually lead to unchoosing the negative state. To unchoose the negative state is the right choice. For the sake of this right choice, many things in the negative state are permitted to happen that have no sense or meaning.”


“But, after all, the negative state has no sense or meaning. Its being and existence, among other things, is permitted only for the purpose of illustration and demonstration that it has no sense or meaning.”


“The Divine Providence does not govern, maintain and regulate anything or anyone by imposition, force, duress or command but only by free choice. In The Absolute State of The Lord Jesus Christ, all infinite numbers of choices in being and existence are clearly present and discernible in their absolute sense, with their absolute consequences. From that position The Lord Jesus Christ governs, regulates and maintains the entire multiverse and the Zone of Displacement.“


“In the new connotation of this law there is an inclusion of the Zone of Displacement which used to be, by the permission of The Most High, under the rule of the pseudo-creators. That rule was taken away by Jesus Christ during His/Her visit in all the Hells after His/ Her crucifixion.”


“The complete control of destinies of all in the negative state was acquired after the full completion of the process of fusion and hybridization of the physical body-flesh into The Most High.”


“The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, through the elements of that body, can penetrate all aspects of the entire Zone of Displacement, all the Hells and your planet and regulate, influence and modify any situation and condition that exists there. This gives Him/Her an opportunity to prepare everyone in the negative state for their eventual salvation and liberation from the negative state and for the total abolishment of the negative state. Thus, The Divine Providence of The Lord Jesus Christ is now fully in charge of the negative state with the above purpose in mind — salvation and liberation.”


“In the new aspect of this law, everyone’s future destinies are determined by one’s relationship to The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. The more one accepts this Nature, the more one is led by The Divine Providence of The Lord Jesus Christ — as a free choice. The less acceptance of this Nature, the more inevitability exists, the less freedom of choice, the more presence of the negative state.”


“But inevitability is inevitable only by one’s initial free choice to put oneself into a state or condition or life of inevitability. In actuality, the only inevitability that exists is inevitability of being free to choose anything and to bear the full consequences of any choice. In this indisputable fact lies the meaning of the Law of Divine Providence of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“One of the most important functions of this law is the continuous assurance that all choices are available at any time and that opportunities are provided for bearing or manifesting the full consequences, results and outcomes of such choices. This applies to both the positive state and the negative state.”


“In the negative state, the choice of inevitability and the consequences of such choice are fully manifested, illustrated and realized on concrete examples of people’s lives who made such a foolish choice.“


“Another important aspect of this law is in a continuous assurance that change in choices is always available to anyone who chooses to change his/her initial choice after learning the lessons from the consequences of the previous choice. The integral part of this law is the principle of Mercy and Forgiveness. This principle makes it possible to shorten the consequences of one’s foolish choices and accelerate the process of learning from them.”


“Once there is a realization that the choice was foolish and inappropriate, and once all consequences of such a choice are clearly seen and are in the process of being experienced, one may evoke the principle of mercy and forgiveness and stop the process.”


“This principle works against the inevitability of experiencing the consequences of any choice, providing a new opportunity for making a different choice. It is provided by The Law of Divine Providence that everyone who evokes this principle gets a respite.”


“The evocation of this principle is accomplished by full realization of this fact, by acknowledging that the lessons were learned, by approaching The Lord Jesus Christ in His/Her New Nature, by confessing one’s foolishness in this matter and showing remorse and willingness to change.”


“Once this supplication is submitted to The Lord Jesus Christ, He/ She, from the position of His/Her Divine Providence, carefully weighs all aspects of that individual’s life from the standpoint of The Absolute knowledge of what is the best for that individual as viewed from both his/her eternal and temporary life, and final decision is made in this matter. The consequences then are either stopped entirely or modified or changed or made more bearable.”


“What you have to be very clearly aware of regarding this law is that The Divine Providence of The Lord Jesus Christ always takes into consideration what is the best for each individual from the standpoint of that individual’s eternal life and not from the temporary condition in which each individual is at any given time.”


“This is a very important aspect of The Law of Divine Providence. If you are asking for something, and it seems to you as a very good idea indeed from the momentary temporal position, but in an ultimate sense if the fulfillment of your request can hurt your future development and the quality of your eternal life, your request will be denied for your own benefit.”


“It is very important to realize that humans, in their attitude, do not take into consideration this factor. As a consequence, they get very bitter against God if He/She does not answer their request. The principle here is not to ask for anything but that the will of The Lord Jesus Christ be done in your life at any given time or on a continuous basis.”


“Such a request allows The Divine Providence of The Lord Jesus Christ to regulate your life in such a manner that your immortal life in the positive state is eternally assured. Thus, it is a wise decision to give yourself into the hands of this Divine Providence so that you are led by The Lord Jesus Christ and not by your desires, wishes and wants which may or may not be (usually they are not) consistent with what is the best for you in an ultimate sense. Remember, you do not know yourself in an absolute sense. Your knowledge of yourself, as well as everything else, is limited by your relative condition. Only The Lord Jesus Christ knows you in an absolute sense. Therefore, only He/She, in His/Her Divine Providence, knows absolutely what is the best for you to eternity.”


“In respect to the negative state and all its followers, all efforts and governing of The Divine Providence of The Lord Jesus Christ are directed toward the ultimate salvation of everyone from the negative state and the ultimate deactivation and abolishment of the negative state.”


“This is The Law of Divine Providence of The Lord Jesus Christ.”




“This law derives from the nature of The Creator.”


“Inherent in this nature, immanent to its condition, is an Absolute need to create always something new and different. But also inherent in this need, immanent to its condition, is the fact that whatever is created is created with some important purpose in mind, for some important use.”


“This is the law of justification.“


“Whatever is and exists, either by a direct creation of The Creator, or by permission of The Creator (the negative state), is and exists for some important use and with some important purpose. The justification of its being and existence is through its use and purpose. If it cannot serve any use and purpose, it either would not be created or it would not be permitted to come to its fruition.”


“Once anything exhausts its usefulness and fully serves its purpose, it comes to its end and is replaced by something entirely new with a different use and for a different purpose.”


“No two things exactly the same can ever be, or be created or permitted to be and to exist, because they would duplicate the same use and purpose. This would be in violation of the law formulated here. The creative act of The Creator is never wasteful. On the other hand, once something exhausts its usefulness and serves its purpose, it cannot be replaced by the same thing because it already manifested the quality of its own use and purpose. It would be a repetition of the same state or situation already fully experienced before. Again, this would be a waste of creative effort. Thus, it must be replaced with something entirely new, never having been in existence up to that point, with a new purpose and use.”


“This fact is a necessary condition of life of the entire Creation in order to avoid stagnation. Stagnation is a deadly enemy of the creative process. Thus, all Creation is assured that there is always something new, something different available with a new and different purpose and use.”


“This law is applicable both to The Creator and to all sentient entities created for certain purposes and uses. This law implies that sentient entities were created in the likeness and image of their Creator. Therefore, they bear His/Her Nature in a relative condition. This nature is to be creative with purpose and for use by all.”


“Thus, the major purpose for which sentient entities were created was to be creative and to share their creative efforts with all. In that is their use for The Creator. The Creator, being Absolute and Absolutely Creative, can manifest Himself/Herself in infinite varieties and manners of the creative efforts of all sentient entities. Because creative effort in everyone stems from The Absolute Creative Effort of The Creator, who absolutely always is, the sentient entities’ purpose and use in themselves can never exhaust their usefulness and fully fulfill their purpose. Thus, the sentient entities, once created, will be forever useful and purposeful.”


“However, the products of their creation, or whatever was created for their purpose, in many instances, once they fulfill their purpose and exhaust their use, will be terminated. These products in themselves do not have absolute value because they derive from the relative needs. Different situations, states and conditions, in which sentient entities find themselves at each particular step and development of their creative effort, require different products conducive to the nature of each step. Once that step is completed, the products or tools that helped that step to come to its fruition are no longer useful and serve no purpose. They are replaced with something new which will better serve toward the development and establishment of the next step in the creative effort of all sentient entities.”


“As you know, one such product of the activities of some sentient entities was the negative state. They activated the negative state for a certain purpose and with a well-defined use.”


“In the previous conceptualization of this law, it was erroneously assumed that the negative state can have eternal purpose and use. This would be the case only if it were to be initiated in The Absolute State of The Creator. But it was not. The Absolute State is of The Absolute Positive Nature (The Law of the Spiritual Unilaterality). Therefore, it can never initiate anything of the negative nature. It would be contrary to His/Her very Nature.”


“But the sentient entities who activated the negative state may and can initiate something which does not come from The Creator directly. It comes from their need to have an answer to the spiritual question of what life would be like if it were to derive not from The Absolute Positive State of The Creator and His/Her spiritual principles but from some other state and condition.”


“The negative state is the answer to that question. To repeat, the purpose of the negative state is to answer that question. Its spiritual use is in answering that question by living and concrete examples of the lifestyles of humans and other creatures who volunteered to be in the negative state for this very purpose. Thus, it is obvious that, by the requirement of this law, the negative state cannot continue forever but only until it fully answers this question for the learning of all.“


“The process of learning itself is an eternal process. However, the subject of learning is a temporary process until it is fully mastered. Once something is fully learned, the subject of learning is no longer necessary because it already served the purpose of learning. Nothing more can be learned from it. Subsequently, it is eliminated from the curriculum. Instead, a new subject comes into being and existence which gives you the opportunity to learn something entirely new.”


“The incorrect impression of many people about the eternal continuation of the negative state came from the confusion between the process of learning (which never ceases) and the subject of learning (which continues until it is fully mastered).”


“The eternal continuation of the negative state would be in violation of this law because it is a subject and object of learning but not the process of learning itself.”


“Except for The Absolute State and sentient entities, who derive from this Absolute State, all subjects and objects of learning are limited by their content. If this were not the case, nobody could fully learn anything about anything. This would be a desperate situation for Creation because Creation would be eternally impotent to learn anything. It would be learning always the same thing without any hope of mastering the subjects and objects of its learning.”


“In that case the answer to the above question could never be learned and all people would be doomed to stay or to be locked up in one state and condition to eternity. Such a destiny would lead to existential suicide of the entire Creation. And this would be the end of all creative efforts. A situation of this nature could serve no purpose and use. By this law, it is an utter impossibility.”


“The new aspects and updates of this law are that the only Absolute Creator in being and existence is The Lord Jesus Christ in His/Her New Nature. The Absolute Change in His/Her Nature proves the fact that The Absolute starting point of all positive changes is the change in the very nature of The Creator.”


“This fact was not known until the process of change within The Most High, who became The Lord Jesus Christ, was completed. Because this change is of Absolute Proportions, the learning of the aspects of this change will have infinite possibilities.“


“This change initiated an entirely new era of creative learning which will determine all creative efforts of all sentient entities until the very end of this cycle of time. In this fact is one of the many infinite purposes and spiritual uses of The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“Any successful creative effort of all sentient entities, as of now, will depend on their ability and willingness to accept this New Nature and to accommodate their own nature, in its structure and dynamics, to The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. The more acceptance, the more creativity, spiritual use and purpose in their own creative striving, the more acquirement of the true meaning and purpose of life in general and their lives in particular.”




“This law was extensively defined and discussed in the book Fundamentals of Human Spirituality. The law basically states:”


“Every sentient entity enters the being and existence at a certain point of Creation, into a certain state, process, condition or time and place. At the moment of its entrance, it starts its life from the lowest point of spiritual awareness and progresses, from that moment on, onward and forward, never ever to return physically or spiritually to exactly the same place, time, condition, state or process. No two alike or similar conditions in any manner, way or form could ever be repeated or experienced no matter what.”


“The implementation of this law takes many forms. The major aspect of this law is its discrete mode and continuous mode. There is a discrete progression and continuous progression. The progression from step to step, from one degree to another, from one level to another, from one dimension to another, from one state to another or from one place to another is always discrete. No direct connectedness exists among any of them except that one precedes the other, and the other succeeds the previous one. In that sense they only correspond.”


“A good example of the discrete mode is your incarnation on planet Zero. There is no connectedness, or even conscious memory, to any of your experiences before coming to this planet. Not only that, your planet has no direct connection to any other place. In your solar system, several planets exist. They all depend on each other’s gravity but no physical connection exists among them. They are enclosed in their own sphere and environment which is not transferable to any other planet.”


“Once you leave your planet and your body, you cannot transfer your planet and your body to your next step or level or dimension. You may succeed your planet and body by some new state, body, place or condition, but you are not able to take anything concrete from the previous step except your memories and affections for the purpose of comparison to build upon.”


“This is a discrete mode of spiritual progression. It implies that you can never come back to the same situation by the same mode of experience, as many followers of the foolish concept of reincarnation would like you to believe. In the physical concept of reincarnation you repeat the same planet and, in your case, the same process of the physical birth in the mother’s womb, and, moreover, into the same natural degree of the negative state. Thus, you have here, at least, triple repetition of the same condition. Such a possibility would be in a full violation of this law.”


“This statement is applicable to any situation in or dimension of Creation and not only to your planet or the Zone of Displacement. The discrete mode of spiritual progression precludes any possibility of physical, literal reincarnation at any place or state.”


“On the other hand, the continuous mode of spiritual progression is applicable only within each step, degree, level, dimension, state or process.”


“Once you position yourself in a certain step, you remain there until that step has nothing more to offer for your spiritual progression. You start from the least degree of knowledge regarding the content of that step and you end up with the greatest possible knowledge about its content, as relevant for your needs. From the least to the most is the continuous mode of spiritual progression. From the lowest to the highest is its discrete mode. The corresponding factors to the meaning of the words ‘lowest’ and ‘highest’ is, in actuality, from the most external position to the most within inward state.”


“In the negative state this process, of course, is of a regressive nature but of the same basic trend.“


“The entire process of spiritual progression or regression, respectively (in the negative state), is always determined by everyone’s position toward The Absolute State, that is, to The Lord Jesus Christ. This is one of the most significant aspects of this law.”


“In the new connotation of this law, as of now, the extent, degree and quality of one’s spiritual progression or regression, respectively, in any of its modes, is determined by one’s attitude toward The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“Because this is an entirely new state, which completely replaced the previous one, no true spiritual progression is possible any longer without acknowledgment and acceptance of The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ first. How can you relate to something or someone that no longer exists? This is the new Law of Spiritual Progression.”




“Any sentient entity which is a carrier of any element or attribute of life emanating from The Absolute Source of Life — The Lord Jesus Christ (formerly The Most High) — must continue in its unique, individual and individualized life as a self-identified personality, distinctly different from any one else’s, as its own ‘I am,’ to eternity in the mode of eternal selfawareness.”


“The important emphasis here is on the words ‘unique,’ ‘self-identified,’ ‘distinctly different personality,’ ‘own I am’ and ‘eternal self-awareness.’ The reason for this emphasis is to avoid a false impression that many so-called spiritual teachings on your planet and in the entire Zone of Displacement convey, claiming that, somewhere along the line, one will lose one’s own identity as a self-aware unique individual and will merge with God, becoming some kind of god or one with God. What is the use in such a futile merger if no awareness will exist that one is what one is and that one is a part of that imaginary God? This equals the eternal death.”


“How can one validate, in accordance with The Law of Validation, the fact of one’s merger if one will have no personal, private, intimate, unique and fully conscious aware experience that such an act has taken place? If there is no conscious awareness of this fact, the act cannot be validated. Therefore, for all practical purposes, it has never occurred.“


“The sense of any being and existence is derived from being aware of that being and existence. As you remember, the life of the multiverse depends solely on mentation of the sentient mind. The life of any specific aspect of being and existence of that multiverse depends on a specific, unique and non-imitable mentation of various sentient minds. In their totality they do comprise one sentient mind. However, this act is ruled by the above-defined Law of Diversified Oneness and Equality. The greater degree of diversity of unique sentient minds, the greater the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“Since The Absolute Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ is inexhaustible to eternity, in order to experience a greater and greater degree of His/ Her presence, it is necessary to continuously create unique, nonduplicable and self-aware individuals whose being and existence would make it possible for such a vital experience.”


“Disappearance of these individuals into The Absolute State of The Lord Jesus Christ would make that experience less and less possible until the entire multiverse would cease to exist. No purpose and use would exist in such an act. This would also violate the seventh law formulated above. However, there is another aspect to this law that needs to be formulated.”


“In accordance with this law, the unique eternal life of any sentient entity does not depend on the external or physical form of its manifestation. Whereas the unique spirit and soul are carriers of life, the physical body is not. It lives only by the presence of that spirit and soul in that particular form. Therefore, this form is modifiable, changeable, replaceable and perishable.”


“To judge on the state of affairs of one’s spirit and soul from the state of one’s body or external form is a gross error. Many foolish humans on your planet assume that the cessation of life in their body means the end of their life and they themselves cease to be and to exist.”


“The external form or physical body is chosen by the spirit and soul of each unique individual in accordance with the spiritual needs one has in respect to one’s spiritual progression. As you remember from the previously formulated law (No. 8), external forms of one’s manifestation are not transferable to any other state, place and condition but only within each place or state.“


“Once there is a need to transcend that step, state, condition, place or whatever one has, one puts aside the external form of one’s manifestation, by whatever means, and assumes some other form. In that moment, no life remains in that form and it reverts itself to the elemental state of its environment from which it was formed and vivified by the sentient mind (spirit and soul).”


“The new aspect of this law relates to the quality of one’s eternal continuation. From now on, this quality will be determined by everyone’s position and attitude toward The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. The total identification with this nature will give one the greatest possible meaning, delight, satisfaction and motivation for this eternal continuation and greater degree of uniqueness, individuality, self-awareness, independence and sense of unrepeatability of one’s ‘I am.’”


“This is the most desirable outcome of such an identity because it assures a greater and greater degree of the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ. There is no greater delight, pleasure and elation in Creation than to have the experience of such a greater and greater presence of The Lord Jesus Christ in the most personal, private and intimate mode. It inspires infinitely and inexhaustibly every sentient entity in being and existence.”




“This law defines what is proper, right and moral from the standpoint of spiritual principles. It determines a desirable and acceptable mode of experiencing and behaving. It states:


“All experiences, behaviors, actions, thoughts, feelings, desires, wishes, wants, intentions and tendencies are spiritually proper, right and moral if they derive from an inclination to promote common good, mutual benefit and use for all and if they are done, expressed or impressed for the sake of The Lord Jesus Christ, others and oneself.”


“You can experience everything possible to experience if it is done with this purpose in mind. Nothing is prohibited and no restrictions are put on anything if the intent and motivation are right and if it is done for the purpose of enhancement and enrichment of one’s life in order to become a better individual, a more spiritual individual, a more loving and wise individual, a more knowledgeable individual, a totally selfless (in a sense of ego states) individual, a more modest, humble and innocent individual, a more useful, beneficial and helpful individual and more and more as and like The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“No other definition of the spiritual morality and experience exists. It is spiritually immoral to deny this fact. It is spiritually immoral to deny being and existence of spiritual principles. It is spiritually immoral to deny existence of The Creator.”


“In the new connotation of this law, it is spiritually immoral to deny and reject the fact that The Most High made His/Her Divine Human and His/Her Human Divine. The greatest spiritual immorality of all is to deny and to reject The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. Whoever does this commits spiritual adultery.”


“It is spiritually immoral to deny The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ and the spiritual laws formulated here .”


“Sexual morality is not excluded from this law. Any sexual deviation and perversion of the normal sexual act is spiritually immoral because it violates the fundamental principles of unity of masculinity and femininity.”


“Sexual deviation and perversion is not determined by the sexual act between consenting adult males and females (in whatever position and mode sexual intercourse takes place) but by rejecting to have sex with the opposite gender or by doing it to one’s sexual partner or to oneself in a hurtful and harmful manner.”


“It is spiritually immoral to get sexually involved with anyone for any selfish, ulterior or inconsiderate reasons. This includes even one’s own spouse.”


“It is spiritually highly moral and appropriate to be sexually involved with any consenting adult person of the opposite gender if it is done for the sake of sharing, mutual benefit and mutual enhancement and enrichment of both lives and for sheer pleasure, delight and relaxation. This includes both the so-called single and the so-called married individual.”


“Whatever helps spiritual progression and contributes toward infinite variety of experiences regarding the spiritual reality of Creation, uniquely reflected in each individual, is spiritually highly moral and proper. Whatever contributes to the greater knowledge and understanding of The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, others and oneself is spiritually moral and appropriate. Whatever interferes with such experiencing is highly immoral and dangerous.”


“In this respect, the totality of the nature of the negative state is completely immoral because it denies the validity of this law. On the other hand, the negative state puts restrictions, limitations and taboos on human life, stifling the necessary experiences for its proper spiritual growth and development. It is highly spiritually immoral to put such restrictions, limitations and taboos on anyone. It is in violation of the law of freedom of choice for the sake of principles (No.1) and the need to have unlimited experiences for the purpose as defined in this law.”


“Nothing hurtful and harmful can come from any experience if it is done from the position of love and wisdom and for the sake as outlined in this law.”


“It is spiritually highly immoral and dangerous to deny the fact that The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ is both Absolutely Masculine and Absolutely Feminine.”


“From this stems the fact that it is spiritually immoral and dangerous to prefer or to emphasize one principle over another, particularly regarding males and females, considering one more valuable and godly than the other.”


“It is spiritually proper, right and moral to consider males and females equally valuable and equal in all respects without any exception and exclusion.”


“It is spiritually highly immoral to force, to impose and to insinuate anything on anyone and to manipulate, to use, to abuse, to defraud, to deceive or to purposefully and knowingly mislead people in any manner and way (including in sexual matters).”


“In the new connotation of this law, whatever contributes to the establishment of a personal, private and intimate relationship with The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ is the most moral and desirable occurrence. For such a person everything is permissible because he/she will do everything from, by, through, with and of The Lord Jesus Christ in the spirit of unconditional love and discerning wisdom in recognizing what is by the will of The Lord Jesus Christ and what is from the negative state. Such a person will have no desire, wish, pleasure or whatever to do anything from the negative state or that is pleasing to the negative state.”


“The fundamental aspect of this law is that no one can be judged to behave morally or immorally, as defined by this law, by external, outward criteria. Many humans externally fulfill the requirements of this law, but internally they are not in accordance with the principles of this law.”


“On the other hand, many humans seem to act immorally, by definition of other humans or human laws, but their inner intent and motivation is congruent to the spirit of this law.”


“Therefore, it is highly spiritually immoral to judge anyone in any respect by external factors. And since internal factors of any behavior and attitude are known only to The Lord Jesus Christ and to the person’s most within Spiritual Mind, it is spiritually moral to leave all the judgment to The Lord Jesus Christ. It is between Him/Her and each individual.”


“In an ultimate sense, in the new connotation of this law, spiritual morality and experience, as of now, is solely determined by one’s relationship to The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“He/she who has ears to hear and to listen, let him/her hear and listen to what The Lord Jesus Christ reveals in this Chapter.”





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