The Concept of Sin and Human Problems



On February 22, 1988, at 6:00 a.m., the word of The Lord Jesus Christ came to me, saying,


“The topic of this Chapter has a direct relevance to the Tenth Spiritual Law formulated at the end of the preceding Chapter (The Law of Spiritual Morality and Experience).”


“While in that portion of the preceding Chapter there is a tendency to look upon an individual’s behavior from the standpoint of what is and what is not right and proper, in this Chapter, the issue is the proper conceptualization, definition and understanding of what humans call sins and what they consider to be human problems.”


“The concept of sin has rocked human awareness and the entire Creation from the time of activation of the negative state (for many millions of years) until the present time, and will continue to do so until the very end of the negative state.”


“The concept of human problems has a direct relevance to the concept of sins because, before the activation of the negative state, problems were not known to any sentient entity.”


“In actuality, both concepts are characteristic of the typical human era, defined in the book Fundamentals of Human Spirituality and updated in the last chapter of the book Major Ideas of The New Revelation. Before the appearance of humans on your planet, these concepts were not known to, or experienced by, anyone.”


“Most religions on your planet incorrectly assumed that the origin of sin could be tracked to one single person called Adam and his woman called Eve, and to one single beast called serpent in some kind of garden called Eden.”


“The story of Adam and Eve and the tempting serpent is a symbolic depiction of the genesis or origin of sin and human problems, but, in its literal sense, this story has no relevance to any physical reality whatsoever.“


“As you remember from revelations through Swedenborg and through this transmitter, Adam originally, before creation of Eve, represented the very first androgynous people on planet Earth who were setting up a favorable condition on that planet for the development of what was going to come after their departure. On the other hand, Adam and Eve represent the second type of people who appeared on planet Earth in a separate form of male and female.”


“It is in this separate form — depicting separation of femininity and masculinity — that favorable conditions were found for the initial process of activation of the negative state. That you are not dealing here with two single individuals is obvious from Genesis 5:2 where God calls male and female mankind.”


“As you remember, the Garden of Eden represents the state of knowledge and wisdom that these people possessed and were using.”


“The serpent represents the sensory and sensual equipment of people’s physical organs for dealing with the inputs from the external environment and outputs to the external world.”


“In a deeper sense, which has not been revealed until this moment, Adam represents, in fact, the original Most Within Spiritual Mind of Mankind. Eve represents the original interior mind or mentality of mankind which always derives from The Most Within Spiritual Mind (remember, everything proceeds from the most within spiritual, to the most without external-natural), as is obvious from the fact that Eve was created from Adam; meaning, from the inner spiritual principles as occurrence goes into its proceeding for the purpose of its outward manifestation or becoming.”


“The serpent, in this connotation, represents the original external mind of mankind. As you noticed, at this point the word ‘mankind’ is used instead of a more correct one ‘humankind.’ At that point, typical humans, as they are now, had not yet been fabricated.”


“The term ‘mankind’ here means both females and males. ‘Man,’ in this connotation, does not mean male but a combination of both male and female.”


“The life in the Garden of Eden before the Fall represents unity, oneness and harmony of these substantial aspects of one sentient mind in full consciousness, awareness and knowledge of all laws and principles governing the spiritual, mental and physical realms. As you see, no discord or separation existed here. Therefore, no sins or problems were conceivable. No unconscious processes and ignorance existed at that time either.”


“‘The serpent’ also represents scientific explorations of the external mind by its sensory and sensual tools related to the life of the planet and external environment in general. Thus, the beast represents here an affection to look outward for the purpose of regulation of the external environment in order to accommodate it for the needs of mankind. This is the purpose and use of any external mind.”


“As you look continuously outward, you may become preoccupied with that which is happening outside of you. In that trend, there is a danger of becoming so absorbed in your activities, related to that outward world, that you begin to consider it as a separate entity or a state or a condition independent of the sentient mind. In such a consideration there is a seed for possible activation of the negative state.”


“Separation of anything existing outside the sentient mind into its own, independent singularity makes it eventually possible to consider it as having life in itself and by itself without any sentient originating force.”


“The fundamental spiritual rule that needs to be repeated here is that whatever exists and is, is and exists by virtue of the sentient mind’s idea of its being and existence. In an absolute sense, the entire Creation is possible only because it is a concretized idea of The Absolute Sentient Entity — God Most High, now The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“However, as you remember, once such an idea is concretized, it assumes its own independent being and existence to reflect the nature of its Creator who is an Absolutely Independent Sentient Being. This is true either in an absolute sense or in a relative sense. However, the source of life of that independence (in a relative condition) is always from the originating factor or state.”


“But if you look on something outside of you, and you see how that something thrives and lives without any apparent regulation from anyone, you may lose the true spiritual perspective and, instead of seeing it as your own concretized idea, you will begin to consider it as an independent being and existence without any connectedness to its original source. Eventually, you may come to the conclusion that there is no original source.”


“So, the external mind, looking and exploring continuously outside, may come to such a conclusion. This starts a dangerous trend of separation.”


“‘If things outside are separated from me,’ the external mind may say, ‘and if they have their own independent being and existence, it is quite conceivable that I, the external mind, have my own being and existence independent of any other aspect of the entire sentient mind.’ Once such an idea occurs, it must be put to the test.”


“Notice, please, that the serpent approaches with its question not the most within Spiritual Mind — Adam — but the mentality, that is, the interior mind, called here woman. The reason the interior mind is called woman is because that mind constitutes the soul of any sentient entity, as well as of the entire Creation, as well as of The Lord Jesus Christ. The Spiritual Mind — man’s being and existence — is grounded in its soul — woman. Without its soul — woman, the spirit — man — has no means to manifest its life. On the other hand, without its spirit — man, soul — woman — has no life. From this position, their equality is absolute.”


“So, the serpent, or the external mind, approaches the interior mind — soul — with an idea to be considered by and presented to the spirit — the Spiritual Mind — for the purpose of its possible implementation.”


“Notice, please, very carefully from what direction that question or that idea is presented. Here is the very first violation of the spiritual law — the idea does not come from the most within level of The Spiritual Mind but, instead, from the most outward level of the external mind. The external mind has no business initiating any ideas because, simply, such activities are not its function. This is the very first step toward the split and separation of the external mind from its source — the most within Spiritual Mind. As you see, the foundation is being laid here for the activation of the negative state and for sins and human problems to come to their adverse fruition.”


“The idea, of course, was what is going to happen if the origin of life and sentient entities were to derive not from the inner, Divine, spiritual source but, instead, from some other source, or from no source at all but as some kind of a wild chance or statistical probability, or by whatever other means. What kind of life would it be? Is such life possible? And if it is, how, and in what manner, would it be different from what is known and experienced right now?”


“After all, no experience of such life existed at any level of the sentient mind. Something important was lacking here. How can we continue in our life if we have no experience of something entirely different?”


“This is what in actuality the serpent, — the external mind — was asking its mentality — the interior mind — woman. The interior mind — woman — perceives the validity of that question. After all, it is the function of the soul — woman — to have such perceptions as food for thought and feelings. Really, the idea is worthwhile of exploration. After all, the idea occurred. Once it occurs it must become reality. Its reality can be validated only by the consequences, outcomes and results of its implementation (remember the fifth law — The Law of Spiritual Validation and Intent!).”


“The only tragedy is that the idea came from the wrong direction. Therefore, it must be answered by the means and language inherent in the external mind — concrete, factual and outward experiential mode.”


“The soul — interior mind — woman, finding that idea interesting, presents it to the most within Spiritual Mind — man. Not being the originator of this idea, The Spiritual Mind has no choice in this matter but to accept its validity. Once it is accepted by this most within mind as valid, this idea becomes truly alive and it begins to thrive and to live its own independent life.”


“In the moment it does so, the concept of sin comes into life, producing all human problems.”


“From the above description it is obvious that sin and human problems, that is, the negative state, originated in the most external outward part of the external mind of sentient entities who lived on the original planet Earth. The process of its activation was described elsewhere (Fundamentals of Human Spirituality and Chapter Six of this book, ‘Mystery of the Pseudo-Creators.’ Also see the next Chapter). It shall not be repeated here.”


“From this standpoint, how then can the concept of sin and human problems be defined?“


“As you can see, the traditional religious definition of sin has no merit. To assume that one or two persons sinned by disobeying God, who deliberately tempted them by putting into the midst of the Garden of Eden a special kind of tree, prohibiting them to eat its fruit, is totally foolish. Why would God want to tease that couple in such a cruel way? Would such a God not be a childish or a senile creature who purposefully would create people with a curiosity for knowing and then would deprive them from the acquirement of the most vital knowledge by prohibiting its use?”


“Such an attitude does not make any sense. As Einstein pointed out already, God does not play dice with Creation (with universe in his words). God does not make cruel jokes.”


“It is obvious that a deep allegory is used in the story of Genesis to indicate the danger if the negative state were to be activated. What is being conveyed here is a warning not to yield to the desires of the external mind to come up with the ideas leading to the activation of the negative state. Only the external mind, in the most external world of Creation, given an opportunity and a chance, can do that.”


“The warning here is obvious: Do not give to the external of the externals such a chance and opportunity because it will lead to the activation of the negative state. And once the negative state is activated, it must run its full course. It cannot be stopped until it is completely manifested, realized and actualized to its fullest potentials. This is a spiritual law that cannot be violated.”


“Once any idea occurs, especially within the sentient mind, regardless of on what level of that mind, it must proceed toward its becoming. It fully manifests itself to the entire Creation for its validation or rejection.”


“In order to make a righteous decision, whether the idea should be validated or rejected, it must be manifested in its consequences, results and outcomes and by its concrete results first. No other way exists.”


“Now, this is what in actuality is conveyed in that story, recorded in Genesis, Chapter 3, in The Holy Bible (among many other things which are not relevant to the topic of this Chapter).”


“Another side of the traditional religious definition of sin is simply to enumerate the type of behaviors which will be considered sinful. A typical example of such prohibited behavior is the literal meaning of the Ten Commandments. If you do what is prohibited by these Commandments, or by any other spiritual laws, you commit a sin. This is a proclamatory definition. It is a command that must be obeyed without questioning or defining the reasons why any behavior can be sinful.”


“A good example of inconsistency in such a definition is the commandment ‘You shall not murder/kill.’ But it is O. K. to slaughter millions of humans in human world wars and even to be decorated and praised for such acts. In one case, you can be sentenced to death, but in another case, you can be praised and decorated for the very same act.”


“Of course, here you have a totally different situation. It only points out the fact that the same act, seen from a different perspective, may or may not be sinful.”


“However, the Ten Commandments, in most instances, are formulated in the negatives — ‘you shall not!’ The mode of such a formulation does not define the concept of sin. Instead, it states what should not be done in order to avoid sin and consequent human problems. Do not forget, please, that the language of the Ten Commandments is a negative one, from the position of the negative state, given to the negative humans. Humans like that are not able to see or to comprehend what should be done. First, they need to be told what should not be done before they can grasp the meaning and the need for proper behavior. You have to talk to them from the upside-down position in which they live. Otherwise, they will not understand you. Only after you state what should not be done can you proceed with a description of what should be done and why it should be done. (More on the Ten Commandments and their real meaning see Chapters Twenty Four and Twenty Five of this book).”


“However, in the positive state the situation is entirely different. People there do not need to be told what should not be done. To state something to them in the negative terms presupposes that they are doing it. If they are doing it, they are not in the positive but in the negative state. Therefore, commandments like that are superfluous to them and they have no meaning.”


“Only the negative state needs commandments. People in the positive state have ingrained in their very hearts all spiritual laws that govern the multiverse. These laws are integral to their lives without any need to question why it is so. From the position of the positive state, it is very clearly seen why something is the way it is.”


“In definition of the concept of sin you have to take into consideration two factors: First is the general all-inclusive discrete factor from the standpoint of the Primal occurrence. The second factor is a continuous specific one from the standpoint of its maintenance as applicable to everyday life.”


“From the standpoint of the general discrete factor, the definition of sin is as follows:”


“Sin is an acceptance of and identity with the occurring in the relative sentient mind’s idea of freedom of choice to stop reciprocating love and creative effort of The Absolute Creator (in this case The Lord Jesus Christ, formerly The Most High) and to consider the source of the sentient mind’s life something or someone else, or no one or nothing at all, with all consequences, outcomes and results of such a choice.”


“Now, as noted above, this is a very general, all-inclusive definition. It gives you an understanding of how sin can be initiated or originated.”


“The normal response to such an idea, leading to the activation of the negative state, if accepted, is to reject it and repudiate it from one’s mind. This is the normal state. This is how normality, from the standpoint of the positive state, can be defined. On the other hand, to accept this idea as valid and to identify oneself with it, as the only reality, is abnormal and insane. This is the starting point of all forms of insanity.”


“As you remember from The Law of Spiritual Validation, defined in the preceding Chapter, any accepted idea must be validated by its consequences, outcomes and results. Once the full identity with that idea occurs in any sentient mind, it immediately starts to produce its consequences, outcomes and results until its content is exhausted.”


“Fortunately for Creation, that idea occurred in the relative sentient mind and not in The Absolute State of The Absolute Sentient Mind. Therefore, it is fully exhaustible, being relative to the relative nature. As you remember from the previous statements (in the other books by this transmitter), relative to the relative is fully exhaustible and cannot continue to eternity. On the other hand, relative to The Absolute must continue to eternity because it carries within itself the presence of The Absolute in the relative condition. Such a condition can never be exhausted.”


“The need to bear the consequences, outcomes and results of any idea defines its specific application.”


“From the standpoint of the specific factor, sin can be defined as follows:”


Sin is any behavior, feeling, thinking, willing, intent, attitude and relatedness consistent with the acceptance of and identity with the idea of freedom of choice to derive the origin, meaning, purpose and sense of life from any other source, or no source at all, but the true spiritual principles and laws of The Most High God, who is now The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“Failure to derive anything from such true spiritual principles constitutes the life of sin. It is sinful to do so.”


“There are two aspects to this definition: One is failure to derive; the other is, deriving it from the wrong source.”


“The first aspect is manifested in the life of the atheists. They simply reject or deny the existence of any God and His/Her spiritual principles. They consider life a by-product of dead matter, a transient, freaky, temporary occurrence, without any meaningful sentient planning.”


“The second aspect is manifested in the life of humans who even admit that all originated in some kind of Universal Consciousness and its spiritual principles, but their understanding and definition of these principles is either false or derives from the wrong source. Or they simply do not care either way.”


“In the positive state the most important factor is the relationship with and attitude toward The Creator and His/Her true spiritual principles. They govern the life of the positive state, giving it meaning, purpose and goal. In the negative state, the most important factor is one’s ego and how to have power over everyone and everything else. If God and His/Her spiritual principles can serve this purpose, they can be accepted.“


“However, as you know, the acceptance, based on this particular principle, is a total falsification, distortion or perversion of all spiritual principles and the true Nature of God, which have in themselves an entirely different perspective.”


“No wonder that many negative humans and other creatures in the Hells and on your planet, as well as in the entire Zone of Displacement, confess believing in God and in spiritual principles, appearing to be their ardent followers and supporters. They approach this issue from the wrong direction and with the wrong intent. They approach it from the position of sin. It is sinful to use the name of God and spiritual principles for any ulterior, selfish and manipulative reasons. A thought, a tendency, a desire or an actual act in using them with such a purpose in mind constitutes a specific sin. This is what a specific sin is all about.”


“An even more specific aspect of manifestation of sin is in saying one thing and doing the exact opposite of what one is saying.”


“A good example of this kind of sin can be illustrated on the sexual scandals you have been hearing about (in the U.S.A.) in the religious circles. Take, for example, the case of Jim and Tammy Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart (to mention those most talked about). In itself and by itself, what they did may or may not be sinful. To have sexual intercourse with a prostitute or with someone else but one’s marital partner in itself is neutral. No sin exists in the act itself. In this case the sin begins with the type of attitude, behavior, feelings and needs that they approached the women in question. If this approach were to be for the sake of mutual benefit, common good, respect to the needs of the sexual partner, for sharing the delight and pleasure of sexual intercourse with them, then there would have been no sin committed, and no scandal would have ensued. They would be still preaching their falsities in the name of God.”


“However, they sinned not by the act itself but by their wrong attitude and spiritual hypocrisy. They were teaching millions of humans fire and brimstone of the Hells for committing adultery, considering sexual intercourse to be a sin across the board, unless it is done with one’s marital partner, and only in one certain position, and then going out and doing exactly what they condemned in others. Now, this is a real sin. This is a sin of hypocrisy. It violates all true spiritual principles and spits in the face of The True Lord Jesus Christ.“


“Thus, in a global sense, sin, as such, has one very specific origin, as defined in the general definition of sin. Its manifestation however, is another matter. It can have immense numbers of forms, combinations, states, exhibitions and processes.”


“The manifestation of sin is as numerous as humans and creatures in the negative state. After all, sin exists only because humans and other creatures chose it as their style of life. The most common (but least considered so) manifestation of sin can be seen in human problems.”


“In a general sense, from this standpoint, all human problems are the result of some kind of sin. Because sin is a purely spiritual state (deriving from the denial or rejection of all proper spiritual principles), all human problems can be traced to spiritual roots. This is the reason why in the previous portion of The New Revelation it was stated that human problems are sins (for example, in the book Who Are You and Why Are You Here?).”


“As you remember, the members of the positive state do not ever experience or have human types of problems. They do what is normal. It is normal to reject and dissociate yourself from the above-mentioned idea (as defined in a general definition of sin). Therefore, by that act, they reject sin as having no reality. Since there is no sin, no problems of any kind can ensue.”


“Production of human problems (all of them without any exception or exclusion) is contingent upon the existence of sin.”


“From this standpoint the definition of human problems is as follows:


“Human problems are symptoms of wrong spiritual attitudes, belief systems and lifestyles inconsistent with the true spiritual principles of life and the nature of the true spiritual reality, and these symptoms are rooted in either existential sin (a primal sin) or its specific, individualized manifestation.”


“The existential primal sin is a global sin of being and existence of the negative state. As you know, the negative state is sin in itself. A specific manifestation of sin is a chosen lifestyle of each individual in the negative state and whatever each particular individual adds to it.“


“The existential primal sin is also known as hereditary sin. To be born into the negative state spiritually means to be born into nothing but sin.”


“However, as Swedenborg already pointed out, such sin cannot be appropriated to any specific individual unless that individual fully identifies with it and continues to promote it and to live in accordance with its content. In that case, this sin becomes his/her individualized sin.”


“The individualized sin includes also everything that each particular individual invents in this respect during his/her stay in the negative state, adding to and compounding all sins put together. These kinds of sins are appropriated to their carrier. They become one’s chosen lifestyle and full identity.”


“All these sins are producers of human problems as defined above.”


“From the standpoint of the human classification of problems, you can recognize the following clusters of problems:


1. Spiritual problems;

2. Mental or psychological problems;

3. Physical, organic or bodily problems (somatic problems);

4. Social problems;

5. Economic problems;

6. Environmental problems;

7. Racial problems;

8. Political problems.”


“In an ultimate sense, all these problems are, more or less, independent offshoots of the same tree — spiritual problems — which, in turn, are the consequences, outcomes and results of the original sin. Once the original sin is committed, it spreads out like a malignant cancer, influencing, directing and dictating all aspects of life, taking it over completely and becoming its dominant factor. After a while, under its influence, such life begins to be considered a normal and natural phenomenon needed for human survival.”


“Gradually, in the process of many millennia, it is conveniently forgotten how the original sin came to its fruition and people begin to believe that this situation has always existed and is a normal occurrence of being and existence. And, thus, the negative state establishes itself as a seemingly independent, equal to and necessary concomitant of being and existence as the positive state is.”


“In evaluating the definition of the concept of sin and human problems, you have to distinguish among the following categories: Sins, evils, falsities and the negative state.”


“Sins derive from the most general categorization of the very first act of the activation of the negative state. This act gave an impetus to pandemonium of all sufferings and human problems on your planet and throughout the entire Zone of Displacement.”


“To activate the negative state was an evil act. Therefore, all evils are sins. To falsify, distort or pervert truth in any manner and way is an evil act. Therefore, it is sinful to do so.”


“Thus, evils relate to the intentional factors of manifested sin.”


“Not all human sins are intentional and, therefore, evil. However, all evils are sins because an evil act, in order to be classified as evil, must have a malicious intent to do something violent to good, in this case, to the positive state and one’s Creator. A purposeful denial or rejection of being and existence of The Creator and His/Her true spiritual principles, or denial and rejection of the fact that all life originally stemmed from The Creator is a violent act. Done so with a malicious intent to replace or derive this kind of life from someone else that is not a true source of life, is an evil act. To falsify the truth about this matter and justify the need to derive the source of life from any other source other than The True Creator is another evil act. In accordance with the above definition of sin, both these acts are sinful.”


“However, if one does something sinful without an evil intent, it cannot be considered evil. It is an error in judgment or ignorance from the lack of proper knowledge and understanding of what is right and proper.”


“Unfortunately, the concept of sin is so distorted and misunderstood on your planet, thanks to all the falsities and perversions that permeate all your churches and cults, that everything one does contrary to the dogmas and dictates of the churches’ doctrines or teachings is considered sin. The Catholic Church, for example, came up with several unpardonable sins which, if one commits them, condemn one to eternal suffering in the Hells. Such definition of sin and unpardonable sin, and condemning people to eternal damnation to the Hells, without any opportunity, imagine, to eternity, forever, to confess one’s sins, asking for mercy and forgiveness, and to be forgiven, is an atrocious abomination. It is an ultimate sin because it is committed with an evil intent to damn humans to eternity and to falsify The True Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“Because of such an abominable connotation of the concept of sin, as promoted by all churches on your planet and throughout the entire Zone of Displacement, The Lord Jesus Christ hereby decrees that the term ‘sin’ is not to be used any longer within the positive state and by all who live in the negative state but are of the positive nature.”


“The word ‘sin’ is hereby being replaced by the word ‘negative state.’ The term ‘negative state’ is all-inclusive, containing within itself everything related to sins, evils and falsities.”


“The definition of the negative state in The New Revelation precludes its eternal continuation. Therefore, everyone who is identified with the negative state will always have an opportunity, no matter what he/she did, to convert to the positive state through the confession of one’s negativity (sins, evils and falsities), asking for and receiving mercy and forgiveness and being transformed into a positive entity.”


“As mentioned in the book, Major Ideas of The New Revelation, the act of salvation of The Lord Jesus Christ, being that He/She is Absolute, has an absolute validity for all times, for all places and for all conditions and states. The Lord Jesus Christ does nothing in a relative sense. To proclaim that the act of salvation of The Lord Jesus Christ is limited in time, space, state, condition or scope, is to limit the powers of His/ Her Absolute State and abilities. The imposition of such limitations on The Lord Jesus Christ is an evil, and therefore, sinful act in itself. Whoever considers this to be true, commits an evil act and is identified with the negative state.”


“This situation is particularly relevant since the fusion and hybridization of the physical body-flesh of Jesus Christ was completed within The Most High and The Most High became the totality of The Lord Jesus Christ. One of the many fundamental reasons why this most crucial act was undertaken and completed by God Most High, The Creator, now The Lord Jesus Christ, was for the very purpose of giving an eternal opportunity to everyone who believes that he/she is condemned to eternity to be in the negative state of the Hells to come out of the negative state.”


“This act enables The Lord Jesus Christ to enter the Hells directly and then to personally interact with everyone there, as well as everywhere else, on a personal, face to face, intimate basis. He/She will introduce Himself/Herself to everyone in the negative state personally, allowing them to have a private, personal and intimate experience of who The Lord Jesus Christ really is and how She/He really relates to people. Up to that point, all members of the negative state believed falsities about The True Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ and how He/She relates to people and what the positive state, as well as the negative state, is all about.”


“As far as the originators of the negative state are concerned — the pseudo-creators — by the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ, the memories of why the negative state was permitted to be activated will be opened and they will be able to experience The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ from an entirely different perspective. After all, they will be dealing with someone who incorporated within Himself/ Herself the very elements they so skillfully fabricated, convinced that with this kind of fabrication the being and existence of the negative state would be assured forever.”


“In actuality, everyone believed this, even those in the positive state. This was easy to believe because The Most High was totally separated and isolated from the negative state. Such a separation and isolation implies that the negative state has its own life independent of the positive state. Whatever or whoever has such life is forever.”


“But The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ totally and completely refuted this incorrect belief. The most important proof in this respect is that all elements of the negative state, from which the negative state is composed, can be transformed into positive elements, as The Lord Jesus Christ clearly illustrated by His/Her monumental act. By this act, He/She is giving everyone, including the pseudo-creators, an opportunity to convert to the positive state — if they submit themselves to The Lord Jesus Christ for the operation in order to make the necessary transmutations and genetic spiritual alterations which would make it possible for them to become positive and free from the negative state.“


“After all, The Lord Jesus Christ is always the very first who undergoes all necessary processes to accomplish whatever is the most beneficial for all sentient entities. In this way, He/She sets an eternal precedent for all. Without such a precedent, no one would be able to accomplish anything because the beginning of all knowledge and experience is The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“In view of these indisputable facts, whoever reads these words, and after reading them, still continues to believe in eternal damnation, will be committing an evil act. He/She will be identified with the negative state (formerly with sin).”


“On the other hand, humans who do not read this work or who have no conscious knowledge of this fact during their lifetime on your planet, will be presented with these facts personally, face-to-face, by The Lord Jesus Christ, after their body physically dies.”


“The Lord Jesus Christ hereby appoints His/Her original disciples (from this planet) to be in charge of the specially selected numerous staff for the purpose of spreading this good news and glad tidings to the entire Creation and gradually to everyone in the Zone of Displacement (when the time comes to do it there on an all-pervasive scale).”


“Thus, by this act, The Lord Jesus Christ proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that the negative state cannot be forever. Otherwise, He/She would have failed in His/Her effort to incorporate its purified elements into Himself/Herself.”


“This act itself, which began with the incarnation of Jesus Christ into the negative state and was ended just recently, is the most fundamental reason why The Lord Jesus Christ is called Savior and Redeemer of all. Without the completion of this act, the purpose of The First Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ would have completely failed and the negative state would have won its case, really staying to eternity and gradually taking over the entire Creation. Fortunately for all, The Lord Jesus Christ never fails. From the standpoint of this act, the religious conceptualization of the concept of sin and unpardonable sin is no longer tenable. Therefore, it is being replaced with the word ‘negative state.’”


“The term ‘unpardonable sin’ reflects the concept of everyone’s ability and freedom of choice to maintain the negative state to eternity. It is something that exists as a potential but not actual occurrence. Such an idea must be present in the universal consciousness simply because it is an available choice. All choices, including this one, must be present for everyone. Otherwise, the principle of freedom of choice itself would be violated. You must be free to choose to stay negative (to live in sins — in the old terminology) forever, to eternity. Wanting to stay like this, even after The Lord Jesus Christ comes to you and talks to you personally, privately and intimately, would be committing an unpardonable sin.”


“However, in the process of The Last Judgment, as was described previously, this idea will be refuted from the sentient mind. All members will choose freely to nullify this idea and abolish it permanently because the lessons from its being there will be fully learned by that time. No need will exist to keep it any longer. Once this choice is freely made, the negative state will be no more.”


“Assuming the case of someone wanting to continue being in the negative state even after such an experience with The Lord Jesus Christ and all other experiences of the positive state is entirely impossible.”


“You have to understand that, in the process of The Last Judgment, people in the negative state, for the sake of objectivity, fairness and comparison, will be allowed to experience privately, personally and intimately not only the interaction with The Lord Jesus Christ, but also the quality of life in the positive state.”


“As you know from many negative spirits and demons who recently converted to the positive state, once they have had this experience, it never crosses their mind to go back to the negative state. Remember from your own clinical practice, Peter, only those negative entities return back who refuse to ask The Lord Jesus Christ to enable them, for a moment of time, to experience the true life in the positive state so that they acquire an ability, which they lacked, to compare it with what they had up to that point. So, the returned ones do not have such an experience.”


“But even if you assume that someone, after all, is going to want to continue being negative, the arrangement was made by the promise of The Lord Jesus Christ that, at the time of the final phase of The Last Judgment for this cycle of time, the life energy from such a person would be withdrawn and, after purification, given to someone else (remember the statement ‘he who has nothing even what he has will be taken away from him’?).”


“The reason why this is so is because, before the activation of the negative state, it was agreed by all concerned and promised by The Lord Jesus Christ that the negative state would be permitted to come to its fruition only under this condition.”


“Remember, please, the memories of such a potential rebel will be opened so that he/she will recall that this was the ultimate choice and promise and that he/she freely agreed to such arrangements. After all, if he/she were not to agree, he/she would never have come into being and existence. Only that person could and can become a part of the negative state who fully, completely and freely agrees to be a subject of such an arrangement.”


“In order to better understand the topic discussed in this chapter, some additional points need to be taken into consideration:”



“It is necessary to strongly emphasize again and again that the origin of sin, human problems and the negative state in general is attributed by all religious systems on your planet and in the entire Zone of Displacement to the wrong source. As you know, they assume that someone in the positive state, of the rank of archangel and his cohorts, who was supposedly very close to The Most High, in fact, one of His/Her first sons, committed an act of rebellion against God and subsequently was expelled into the outer darkness, where he established his own domain of the negative state in order to pursue his own negative goals. This supposedly happened in Heaven, that is, in the most within of Creation. Now, this is a favorite story spread by the means of religious doctrines by the very negative state itself.”


“In actuality, this story was invented by the pseudo-creators who, in their original phase, were the sons of God. After all, originally, before the so-called Fall, they were a direct endowment of God. From this fact that they were, or their predecessors were, to be exact, the original endowment of The Most High, comes the original incorrect impression that they were archangels of God who resided in the vicinity of His/ Her throne, that is, in the most within sphere of Creation. To reflect this fact, The Holy Bible, in its literal sense, calls them cherubim, anointed one, etc. Anyone who is a direct endowment of The Most High, regardless of at what level of Creation he/she is incarnated, is called by such names to reflect the unity, oneness and harmony of Creation.”


“But the pseudo-creators capitalized on the literal sense of The Holy Bible and came up with a distortion of this story claiming that, in actuality, the negative state came into its being and existence from the throne of God.”


“The negative state in its entirety needs very desperately for people and humans to believe that its origin comes from the most within; the simple reason being that anything coming from the most within must stay forever, to eternity and is equal to anything and anyone else in the positive state. Thus, this is an attempt to equalize and to immortalize the negative state with the positive state. It wants to convince everyone that it will be forever and that there is no way out of the negative state.”


“Up to this point, it was permitted to believe this story in order to give the negative state a chance to prove its point and to be fully actualized, realized and manifested. This is necessary for the learning purpose. If humans and others were to know the true origin of the negative state, they would never play its games. However, now is the time to correct this false impression.”


“Nothing of the negative state can come or be initiated from the level of the most within of Creation. The most within of Creation is pure positive state. In the condition of purity of the positive state, no ideas of negativity can occur. There is the most direct presence of The Lord Jesus Christ in the state of the most within. No coexistence of The Lord Jesus Christ, at that time The Most High, with anything negative was possible. In such a close proximity to The Absolute Source of the purity of the positive state, any attempt to even remotely think about anything negative would have caused an instantaneous annihilation of anyone who would have had such thoughts.”


“Why do you think it was necessary for The Most High to undergo such an intricate, complex, incomprehensible and elaborate process of incarnation into the negative state as Jesus Christ and then fuse His/ Her body-flesh into the totality of His/Her Nature?”


“If the survival of anything negative in such close proximity to The Most High would have been possible, no need to undergo such a lengthy and complex process would have arisen. The Most High God could have done it comfortably from His/Her most within position.”


“But, of course, no such situation existed at that time. Being Absolute, and being in an Absolute Positive State, by the very nature of that state, nothing of the negative nature could have existed in it or near it. So, if it were to come close to The Most High, it would have turned instantaneously into nothingness.”


“One of the most amazing and mysterious acts that The Most High has ever undertaken was to humble Himself/Herself immensely and lower Himself/Herself, in a specially designed condition, as described in Chapter Two of this book, to the level of the negative state in order to experience the negative state and to offer everyone salvation from the negative state without annihilating them in the process. Do you think that if there were any other, easier way to complete this goal that The Most High would not have taken it?”


“After all, if the negative state could have originated right under the nose of The Most High, to use your figure of speech, as all churches on your planet believe, you could be assured that no need for incarnation of The Most High into the negative state would have ever come to its fruition. If something is originated from the most within, it can be dealt with from within by the very means of that within. In that case, no need to come to the without would exist.”


“But look, The Most High, in the form of Jesus Christ, had to leave that within and come to the most external of the most without, its fall out — the Zone of Displacement — in order to deal with the negative state from the very position in which it originated. Because the negative state originated in the most extreme position of the most without, it can be dealt with only from that position. Any other means would either fail or end up in a total annihilation of the entire Creation.”


“You have to be aware of a very important spiritual rule here: The place, state and condition in which anything at all originates has the only effective means for dealing with it in any effective manner. A different place or state or condition lacks such proper means. Remember, all states, dimensions and levels of Creation are discrete and not continuous. The continuous mode exists only within them but not among them. Therefore, the rules of one state, condition or place do not apply to any other different state, condition and place.“


“This is the multiversal spiritual law. It applies to one single particle as well as to anyone else, including The Lord Jesus Christ. After all, The Lord Jesus Christ is The Law and Principle Himself/Herself. Such laws can never be violated. Violation of any such law by the One Who is Absolute Law Himself/Herself would mean the end of the entire multiverse and Creation. There would be nothing to sustain them.”


“Thus, the need for The Most High, in the form of Jesus Christ, to submit Himself/Herself to the laws and principles that govern the negative state. By fulfilling those laws, which cannot be broken until they are fulfilled, He/She was able to get hold of the negative state and, from that time on, direct its destiny to its very end. So, it is necessary, once and for all, to dispense with this abomination and stop considering the negative state’s origin, origin of sin, evils, falsities and human problems, from the spiritual state of the most within. Such a consideration only feeds the life of the negative state.”



“In evaluating human problems, whatever they may be, you have to take into consideration the following important factors:”


“There are problems with which an individual is born. A good example of these kinds of problems is birth defects, whether physical or mental. These particular problems relate to the events that took place before conception in the mother’s womb. They have a deeper spiritual meaning and learning and relate to the fact that one was born into the negative state.”


“In actuality, and this is new, to be born into the negative state is to be born with all kinds of defects. Thus, everyone who is born on your planet is spiritually, mentally and physically defective. Among other things, the process of physical conception and birth itself causes these defects. Remember, in that process, one’s spirit and soul are trapped in very unusual and peculiar conditions and genetic patterns which exist nowhere else in Creation.”


“This entrapment puts one’s spirit and soul in a convoluted, limiting and isolated state which gives very little chance for their proper expression, impression and function. This is the reason it was said previously that to be born into the negative state is to be born into problems because the negative state is nothing but problems. However, in addition, you need to realize that to be born into the negative state means, in fact, to be born with problems. The choice to be born into the negative state is preceded by acquirement of some kinds of problems which enable one to be born into the negative state.”


“So, when you enter your world, you bring with yourself nothing but problems. They are ingrained into you by the most unnatural process of incarnation onto your planet. As you see, you have here a compounding situation: You are born with problems and, at the same time, you are born into problems. This is a very unfavorable situation. It makes everyone defective in all respects, regardless of whether one is an agent of the positive state or the negative state.”


“Since there is nothing normal about or in the negative state (after all it is a deviation from the positive, normal and natural state), nothing normal and natural can be born to it or into it.”


“All of you have a totally distorted, at best, or totally false, at worst, perception of the true reality and your own identity.”


“The genetic patterns of your nervous system and brain, through which your spirit and soul are allowed, in an extremely limited degree, to perceive reality, are so convoluted, rewired and messed up by the original purposeful genetic engineering of the pseudo-creators that it makes it impossible for them to function in any normal and reasonable fashion.”


“Thus, unfortunately, your definition of normality is, in fact, a definition of abnormality. From the position you are in, you can have no conscious ideas or knowledge of what the true normality is.”


“Of course, within your definition of normality, that is, abnormality, there are different degrees and levels. These levels and degrees range from the so-called regular problems of everyday living in the negative state and subsequent states of anxieties, fears and worries (considered normal under the circumstances but abnormal from the position of the positive state) to the full state of insanity as depicted in psychotic conditions of schizophrenia, for example. Whether it is a simple regular worry or schizophrenia, either of them is abnormal and unnatural to the positive state. It has no reality there. It is an abomination of the negative state.”


“Because you are born with problems and into problems, other types of problems that humans have are the problems they acquire in and from the process of living in the negative state. These problems can be called imposed problems chosen initially by the choice to enter this world into a very certain type of situation, such as family, economic, political, educational, religious, cultural or whatever you have there environmentally. By acceptance of the standards of one’s overall environment and condition, one, inadvertently, accepts the problems that they all have.”


“This causes further discrepancies and strains, already existing from being born the way one was born, on one’s spirit and soul, making one even more abnormal and further from the true reality and normality.”


“Further complications arise from the fact that one is being ruled by unconscious processes and ignorance that such is the case. Thus, in most instances, humans do not know why they behave, act, think, feel, etc., the way they do and why they have all these problems. Because they have no, or almost no, answers to these questions, they consider their predicament to be a normal state of affairs. They come to the conclusion that their state is a necessary concomitant of life in general and therefore, everything has to be the way it is. No other alternative exists.”


“Do you see why the negative state builds on unconscious processes and ignorance?”


“This situation fully illustrates the nature of the negative state and the source of human problems.”


“It is abnormal to have unconscious processes and to be ignorant. Therefore, because you have them, none of you can be fully normal. Even the full awareness that such is the case does not cure you from abnormality of your state. It only allows you better self-control and regulation of your everyday living.”


“Another complication of this situation is the type of physical body in which your spirit and soul reside. As you remember, that body was built from the negative animalistic genes. Therefore, it is the least suitable form for carrying life. In actuality, the true life in that body functions as a deadly poison. The body is being gradually destroyed by such life. In order to make that body function at least on a temporary basis, only an extremely limited amount of that life is allowed to be in that body at any given time.“


“As you know, your body is very feeble, easily tires, wears out and needs constant attention and frequent rest. This is a very wasteful manner in which to live life.”


“Moreover, because of this deadly poisonous process which is going on in all cells of your body, it lives in constant conscious or unconscious fear of its death. This chronic pathological situation makes human abnormality even more pronounced and obvious. For that reason, you can easily say that being a human is being abnormal in all respects.”


“In order that no true life in its full force enters that body, the sentient mind in that body, as you remember, was separated and split into three different areas and put in an unconscious mode. Only very little awareness of that mind is available to humans. It is limited to some conscious awareness of the external mind.”


“Now, the external mind, in most instances, is not even aware of the existence of its own unconscious part, not to speak of the most within Spiritual Mind or interior mind. How many humans truly know that they have within themselves the most within Spiritual Mind and the interior mind?”


“Thanks to psychological discoveries some humans have limited knowledge that they have a subconscious and unconscious mind. But the mind they are talking about is an integral part of the external mind and its content, consisting mostly of repressed and suppressed memories of events from the physical birth to the present time. Only C.G. Jung was able to postulate the existence of some levels of the interior mind with its racial memories and archetypes. However, until recently, no knowledge existed that there is such a thing as The Inner Mind in the spiritual connotation of its definition (that is, the most within Spiritual Mind).”


“Surely, many humans talked about the inner mind even before the book by this transmitter Principles of Spiritual Hypnosis was published. But what they considered to be the inner mind was only some aspect of the true interior mind.”


“The separation of one sentient mind into three areas, and putting it into the unconscious, unaware mode of humans, contributes further to the abnormality of human life, producing enormous amounts of problems.“


“Another insane arrangement of the negative state is the way the true sentient mind is separated from the body by the genetically imposed envelope and the false sentient mind built around it.”


“This false sentient mind consists of false memories, feelings, emotions, thoughts, intelligence and all other false mental factors and their pseudo-spiritual ideas. This gives humans a totally false identity and understanding of life because humans are connected to the false sentient mind and not to their true sentient mind.”


“As you remember, the true sentient mind is trapped in those envelopes and surrounded by the false sentient mind. In most instances, humans have no access to their true sentient mind, except in dreams or in a deep spiritual trance. But dreams and spiritual trance speak in an entirely different language than what you use in the so-called awakened state. Therefore, whatever is conveyed to you in dreams or spiritual trance is subject to the conscious interpretation. That interpretation comes from the position of the negative state. For this reason, it has very little validity. Thus, dreams and spiritual trances, by and large, do not represent any danger to the negative state.”


“Having no proper connection to their true mind, humans assume that their false mind is the true mind and that no other mind exists. This creates within them continuous tension and existential anxiety, making them even more abnormal.”


“As you see, by this insane arrangement, the true nature of the negative state is being illustrated, demonstrated and exposed for the sake of important spiritual learning of the entire Creation.”



“It is obvious from all preceding revelations that human problems in their entirety are the results, consequences and outcomes of what was called the original sin and what is designated here as the activation of the negative state.”


“As you remember, the activation of the negative state was possible by putting to the test and experimenting with the question of what life is like if it is derived from any other source other than The True God Most High, presently The Lord Jesus Christ, and His/Her true spiritual principles.”


“As you see, the issues were purely spiritual. Is life possible without the true spiritual principles and true God and with non-spiritual or distorted spiritual principles and no God or false god(s)? And if it is possible, what kind of life would it be?”


“Experimenting with and testing this question activates the negative state and brings about all existing problems in whatever mode, form, shape, condition and situation they occur.”


“If this is the case, and everything proves that this is so, then, in order to resolve or, at least, minimize these problems, it is necessary to initiate any type of treatment for them which takes into serious consideration the spiritual factors. Thus, any treatment and remedy of this situation must include the spiritual approach. Otherwise, you are treating symptoms fed by their negative source. You need to be aware of this negative source first before you can permanently get rid of the symptoms.”


“If all human problems, in the most general sense, stem from lack of proper spiritual awareness or clinging to the wrong spiritual principles, then the ultimate cure can be found in correction of this situation and realigning human awareness with all these facts that are revealed in this book.”


“However, the first step in this process is the acceptance of everything being revealed here as truth. The next step is in being willing to give up everything that was believed or considered to be true up to this point in this respect. And the third step is replacing all old false belief systems and habits with the new ideas, inviting The Lord Jesus Christ, in His/Her New Nature, to take full control of your spirit, soul and body and begin the process of spiritual transformation by whatever means deemed appropriate to each particular problem.”


“It is said to begin the process of spiritual transformation. This implies an ongoing process. In actuality, spiritual transformation can never be fully completed while you live on planet Zero or in any region of the Zone of Displacement. It can only be initiated there.”


“Remember, you have that body on you, which is impeding or making this full spiritual transformation impossible to accomplish. For that, you need to put aside your body. This means physical death of your body. Your body was formed from the lowest, most negative and most non-spiritual elements of the negative state. Because of this nature, it cannot survive the full spiritual transformation. One of the major purposes of fabricating such a body was to prevent humans from experiencing the full spiritual transformation while they are still on planet Zero. Such a complete spiritual experience would endanger the negative state’s being and existence on your planet.”


“But that body must run its course. Sooner or later it must die. It is totally inevitable for this to happen.”


“The inevitability of death of that body will always produce some degree of fear, anxiety, worry, anguish and sadness. The body does not want to die. It clings to that life, even though that life is poisonous to it, because it has no other life or a chance.”


“You all must go through this process, no matter how far you progressed along the line of your spiritual transformation. You agreed to this when you were entering the negative state. The process of dying is the nature of the negative state. The negative state is in the process of dying in an absolute sense. It is only a matter of time when it dies; as it is a matter of time when your body is to die. This is your cross that you have to bear; that you agreed to bear. Do not expect more than can be accomplished under this existing condition.”


“Once you are free from your body, you will be put in a special division of The New School in the spiritual world where all genetic and spiritual blocks of the negative state will be removed from you and your true sentient mind will be completely unified and realigned with the forces of the positive state. In that moment, and only in that moment, your spiritual transformation can be completed.”


“Of course, this will happen only if you choose it to happen. After all, everyone has a choice to continue in the negative state’s mode of life even after the physical death of one’s body. Many other levels of the Zone of Displacement and the Hells exist where one may continue in the negative lifestyle until the time when the negative state is to die eternally.”


“The resolution of human problems, or an attempt for their resolution, by any other means — without this spiritual consideration — is a futile venture. They either get worse or are resolved on a temporary basis only until something else strikes. The seeming cures that people experience without spiritual means have only temporary, transient validity. This validity is nullified once they enter the spiritual world. There, no other means except spiritual means are taken into consideration. In the case of non-spiritual cures, all problems experienced in the body before the cure will fully return in a much more potent manner through their corresponding spiritual factors.”


“As you remember, each specific problem has its specific spiritual root. The problem is a symptom or correspondence of that spiritual state. Therefore, once you enter the spiritual world, the fullness of that spiritual state is exposed and comes to your awareness. You suddenly realize that the problem has not been resolved, only its physical symptom. As a result of that realization, you become spiritually ill. In order to avoid this serious spiritual illness, humans are hereby advised to combine all modes of healing with the spiritual one — as described above. That way, when they arrive into the spiritual world, their cure will be valid because they considered the proper spiritual factors of and means for cure of their problems whatever they were. This spiritual rule applies for all human problems and their all-inclusive aspects.”



“There is another complicating factor of human problems and all evils and false states. As you remember from Chapter Five of this book, around the various levels of the human true mind, besides the false mind and envelopes, special ‘guardians’ were placed to assure that everything positive, coming from the true sentient mind, is captured, perverted, distorted and falsified and in that condition relayed to the conscious part of the external mind. As you also remember, these ‘guardians’ are backed by special types of demons who keep the ‘guardians’ in full obedience to the negative state.”


“This statement will be very difficult to accept by many humans. However, this is the true reality of the structure of your world and your mind. The process of how all these things were accomplished by the pseudo-creators is difficult, if not impossible, for you to understand because of gross limitations genetically imposed by them on your endowment. Once you are freed from these limitations, you will be able to see clearly that this was the case and how it was accomplished.”


“One of the purposes of these gross limitations being imposed on your perception and understanding of reality of your true condition is to make sure that you are not aware that this arrangement truly exists. No experiential or scientific proofs are available to verify such a statement.”


“How do you prove to humans that the various levels of their mind, through some kind of mysterious non-temporal, non-spatial warp, are encircled by the ‘guardians’ and demons from the negative state? No such tangible proof exists. This was done purposefully so that humans not only would not be aware that such is the case, but would blame the wrong source for all their problems, sufferings and misery.”


“Thus, the negative state comes out from this clean as a whistle, to use your figure of speech. Being that this is the case, the majority of humans will laugh at such an assumption and will readily accuse the transmitter of this Revelation as suffering from some kind of mental illness with delusions of grandeur and religious delusions.”


“It is easier to label someone with paraphrenia (a form of paranoid psychosis in which there are conspicuous hallucinations in several modalities with well-preserved and well-functioning personality — a diagnosis of ICD-9, that is, the International Classification of Diseases) than to admit that this might be the case. Who can believe such fantasies about the evil, negative spirits and demons present within us? Of course, only few humans believe such nonsense and they themselves are possibly mentally unstable.”


“But here is the point: One of the many functions of these entities is to make sure that no one believes in their existence. Or, if someone even believes in them, no one will admit that they are within one’s mind, present right under one’s nose, so-to-speak.”


“These entities do not want humans to believe that, in actuality, they are the perpetuators and, in many instances, the source of human problems. If humans were to believe that this is the case, they would put all effort into getting rid of them: And humans would. And they would be cured from their problems or, at least, they would be able to control their problems instead of being controlled by their problems.”


“You see, these creatures were originally fabricated by the pseudocreators with a special purpose in mind. They were structured in such a manner as to be able to produce, impose, induce, maintain and perpetuate human problems in the form of such emotions as fear, anxiety, worries, panic, depression, melancholia, all types of psychosis and all types of physical and mental illnesses.”


“In order to accomplish this, it was necessary to split the sentient mind into three parts, isolate, separate and encapsulate them from each other and from the conscious awareness of humans; place them in a physical form not suitable for any true life; and superimpose on them a pseudo-mind ruled by the laws of their own making, fabricated by the pseudo-creators from the negative animalistic genes. Now you have a mind and a body under full control of the negative state. Being their originator, knowing their structure and function, you can manipulate them in any way you want. You can impose on them any state, condition, problem or illness you want.”


“The creatures, fabricated for that purpose, were given a full blueprint of that mind, mentality and body, so that they could influence them, alter them and punish them in any manner they wished for the purpose of keeping that mind, mentality and body consistent with the nature and dominance of the negative state. In view of this fact, the process of any treatment and spiritual transformation must take into consideration this factor.”


“The Medieval Ages were aware of this fact and they were not too far off, except they went into the opposite extreme. Instead of incorporating this factor as one of many causative sources of the problem, they assumed that the possessed person was guilty and burned him/her at the stake. To solve the problem this way was as evil and as demonic as not to solve it at all or to deny that such a situation exists.”


“You have to understand that, at that time, numerous factions existed in the Hells. They waged vicious wars against each other. Whichever faction prevailed severely punished all members of the defeated faction. On your planet, at that time, this situation was manifested by the phenomenon of the inquisition. The inquisition was usually representing the winning factions of the Hells, and humans, burned at the stake, the defeated ones.”


“Thus, nothing positive and good whatsoever existed in the mode by which the problems of this nature were solved at that time.”


“At the present time, there is a revealed methodology that can be properly applied for dealing with human problems in an all-inclusive manner. It was described in Chapter Five of this book.”



“Another compounding factor of human problems is a cosmic, existential and spiritual isolation purposefully imposed upon them. The purpose of this isolation is to keep humans in total ignorance, guessing about anyone and anything else in Creation and its multiverse.“


“To have full access to all levels of being and existence, both through spiritual means and scientific means, would endanger the negative state’s active and dominant position. People in the negative state would recognize the nature of the negative state and the source of its origin and then ultimately, they would overthrow it.”


“For that reason, it was necessary to fabricate a special condition, with special worlds and dimensions that would have very little awareness of and almost no access to anywhere else.”


“In order to assure the secrecy of how the negative state was originated and how it operates, this isolation was not limited to some other state other than the negative state, but also within the negative state itself.”


“Thus, the regular members of the negative state have no access to other worlds within their own realm. The most restricting position was imposed on your planet.”


“Humans on your planet have no experiential, tangible or scientific knowledge that the spiritual and intermediate worlds exist; that there is such a thing as the Zone of Displacement; that there is really Hell. They know of the Hells; but who was physically there who can prove their real existence? Most of them do not believe in the Hells and think of them as a religious fable invented by preachers to keep humans in fear of and obedience to them. And the same is true about Heavens. Who can scientifically prove their existence?”


“This limitation applies also to the external universe visible by human eyes and senses. After all, humans can see planets and stars in the sky. It would be difficult to deny their existence. But to travel to and visit them is another story. So far, humans have succeeded only in visiting their own Moon. But in what a restricting manner! What bulky suits they had to wear to survive there! How many accidents and failures they had to experience before they accomplished the first step on the moon! What about travelling to other stars? With presently existing technology, it would take them many lifetimes to reach and to explore any other stars within their own galaxy, not to speak of other galaxies.”


“This situation is a serious factor and perpetrator of human existential anxiety, desperation, loneliness and severe doubts compensated by the extremes of an inferiority and/or superiority complex.“


“There is nothing certain, nothing stable, nothing reliable, nothing permanent in the human condition. Just in the moment you think you acquired the most reliable knowledge and understanding of some factors of life, giving you stability and certainty, something comes up, a new discovery, that completely ruins the stability and certainty of that previous knowledge or state.”


“Human existence has gone on like this since the activation of the negative state and fabrication of humans. It allows the full illustration of the true nature of the negative state and points to one of the many specific sources of human problems.”


“In the process of treatment this factor needs to be taken into consideration. Not too much can be changed in this respect, being that you are presently living in this type of body and environment. But realization of this fact can give you better control of this problem and a sense of acceptance and peace, knowing that this is a temporary, transient condition.”



“Another serious factor contributing to human problems, carefully designed and projected by the pseudo-creators, was a gradual establishment of many different races, with many different languages.”


“This situation reinforces the state of isolation and separation existing on your planet. The line of easy communication, conveyance and sharing of information and knowledge, mutual understanding and respect is made considerably more difficult by this arrangement. Humans have a very hard time understanding what their neighboring nations, with different customs, cultures and languages, are after. As a result they become suspicious and mistrusting of one another.”


“You need to have special interpreters and translators to communicate with one another. And how much is lost from the true meaning in the process of translation?”


“But this situation creates a much more serious problem. Being different, having different languages, a stronger or greater nation, by virtue of sheer numbers, has a tendency to proclaim itself to be more superior than any other nation. It assumes the right to dominate others, to make others serve its own political needs or simply proclaims that other nations have no right to exist and therefore, it exterminates them.“


“Of course, some other nation makes similar claims. As a result of such foolish claims, a clash is inevitable, leading to devastating wars, turmoil and bloodshed.”


“Once you lack proper spiritual unifying principles, no other common denominator exists that can or may make humans cooperate, to understand each other or to be supportive of one another for any significant length of time.”


“Any other ground, on which an attempt is made to accomplish such a unification, will eventually end in a total breakdown.”


“As you know from the history of this effort on your planet, all such attempts ended either in a total failure, or such a unification was artificially maintained by force, brutality, threats and political corruption.”


“Any degree of weakening control by such means led to an instantaneous uprising or revolution, ending in a civil war and mutual slaughter.”


“This situation is another form of illustration of what can happen if the proper spiritual principles are discarded, distorted, perverted, mutilated, falsified or replaced by any other consideration.”


“In the positive state of Creation, no such situation exists. This is reflected in the fact that in the spiritual world there is only one language spoken by all sentient entities, regardless of their form, shape, race, gender or any other affiliation. The infinite varieties of differences among them are not seen as a potential for separation, isolation and hate but, instead, as a continuous opportunity for mutual enhancement and enrichment of their lives and spirituality. The greater degree of diversity among them, the more possibility of better knowing The Lord Jesus Christ in their unique experiences.”


“As you see, the common denominator of all of them is The Lord Jesus Christ. If you interact from, by, through, with and of the common denominator — The Lord Jesus Christ — you interact from the position of unifying spiritual principles. No problems can arise in relating from such a position.”


“But, as you remember, this ‘diversity principle’ was cunningly and craftily used by the pseudo-creators to fabricate many diverse races with a totally different principle in mind. The purpose here was to illustrate a lifestyle without having this spiritual common denominator. Instead, very opposite feelings were introduced that became a driving force of much human misery and suffering — hate, intolerance, supremacy, mistrust and political paranoia — leading to destruction, wars and bloodshed and all modes of justifications, excuses and rationalizations for having such feelings, attitudes and behaviors.”


“This situation clearly illustrates that no other common denominator but a spiritual one — The Lord Jesus Christ — is capable of sustaining any lifestyle free of problems.”


“Another purpose of this devastating isolation and separation by means of races, cultures, customs and different languages is to keep humans from exchanging important spiritual information, experiences and insights that might lead to the discovery of truth regarding the origin of the negative state and human problems and, as a result, an attempt at unification in order to get rid of the negative state.”


“This purpose is not so obvious or apparent on the surface. However, deeply inward, from the presence of that genuine sentient mind, albeit entrapped and isolated, some feelings about all of these do break through to the conscious awareness, making humans strive, desire, wish or, at least, hope for such a unification.”


“Feelings of this nature are dangerous to the existence and being of the negative state, limiting its chance for survival for too long. Therefore, fabrication of diverse and different nations, races, cultures, customs, traditions and spoken languages, on a totally different principle than a spiritual one, is accomplished, making such feelings only feelings, without any hope for a possibility of such a unification and elimination of human problems.”


“As long as the negative state exists in its activated and dominant condition, this situation will continue till the end of its life; the reason being that this is the very nature of the negative state — to be like this. Nothing else is conceivable for the negative state.”



“The most devastating source of human problems, however, is the spiritual one. Although it is not as apparent as any other mentioned above or will be mentioned below, it has far greater consequences for all aspects of human life and for all members of the entire Zone of Displacement. This source relates to the way humans conceptualize the nature of The Lord Jesus Christ or God and all true spiritual principles deriving from Him/Her.”


“As it was mentioned many times before, and will be mentioned many times after, the destinies of all sentient entities entirely depend on this factor. Now, this factor was well known to the pseudo-creators. Therefore, much effort was put into the establishment of a situation and lifestyle which would make this issue the most difficult to properly conceptualize.”


“The first step in this effort was to fabricate a special breed of humans (humankind on your planet) who would be born by animalistic, parasitic means in the mother’s womb, into total ignorance, while being fully unconscious regarding anything at all, but particularly regarding spiritual issues and the nature of God.”


“Once you have someone who has no conscious knowledge of anything; and once you fabricate him/her in such a manner that any knowledge must be fed to him/her from the outside and not from the inside, you can give him/her any information about anything you wish and in the manner you wish. Endowed like that, an individual has little choice but to accept as truth whatever he/she is being told by others in the position of authority.”


“In order to make sure that you accept any information desirable to keep the negative state alive and thriving, you fabricate that individual in such a manner as to make him/her totally and completely dependent in all his/her needs on those in a position of authority. This creates a false, but a very secure, impression that authorities have the proper knowledge and whatever they tell you stands as truth.”


“It does not matter that later on you will rebel against these authorities. By that time you are so corrupt, contaminated, polluted and poisoned by all that external information that your whole identity will be established around it.”


“In actuality, your rebellion is welcomed by the negative state. After all, it was set up by the negative state to be that way. It prevents the dangerous unification with the authority figures. It supports the principle of isolation and separation on which the negative state is built.“


“So, having established your own false identity around such information, you will live a life based on this false, distorted and perverted identity. It will securely support your problems, creating new ones all the time.”


“Now, in order to make the negative state more secure, permitting it to last longer, if possible to eternity, the ignorantly born humans are presented with various different concepts about spiritual issues and the nature of God. After all, look at how many religions and their numerous sects exist on your planet.”


“Each major religion comes up with its own ideas of the nature of God, spiritual principles and the mode of worshiping and relating to that God. They use different names for God and prescribe different rituals and procedures in their approach to God.”


“They proclaim that only their God and their way of approaching Him/ Her is the proper one, the right one and the acceptable one. Every other way is, therefore, from the devil and should be eliminated and destroyed.”


“Thus, in the name of God, bloody religious wars ensued, that have raged with a fanatic fervor since the time of activation of the negative state.”


“In order to prevent humans from being too unified within one religious system, the condition was induced by the Hells for the fabrication of numerous sects within the same religion. Now you have to fight not only one major religion against another, but also one sect against another within the same religion.”


“This situation assures that no proper understanding, conceptualization of and relatedness to the true God — The Lord Jesus Christ — can ever be established as long as this situation exists.”


“The differences in various religious systems are so great that no reconcilable common denominator can be established or found. They do not even speak the same language!”


“This whole situation portrays God in a very peculiar manner. What kind of God is this that causes or tolerates such things to happen? Who is right? Or who is wrong? Too much confusion about this issue leads many to the opposite extreme, proclaiming that no God exists. Otherwise, He/She would not tolerate such abominations.”


“Of course, the point to realize here is that none of these religions and their respective sects are right. They are all wrong. None of them were established by God, that is, by The Lord Jesus Christ. They all were fabricated in the very Hells in order to keep humans in total darkness regarding the true nature of God and the origin of the negative state.”


“Remember, please, the proper knowledge, understanding and acceptance of The True Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ or God, makes the negative state void. Simply, it cannot exist under this condition. The only way to assure the existence and being of the negative state is through a continuous distortion, falsification, perversion and mutilation of the proper understanding of this Nature.”


“Is there any better way to accomplish this goal than through religions and their numerous sects? Whatever is done in the name of God has much more power and effectiveness. It is more effective than outright atheism. Most humans will despise atheists. This is not an efficient way to keep humans in the negative state, that is, in their problems. It is much better to give them many religions, many sects, cults and various spiritualistic trends with a conviction of righteousness and holiness of their cause than some puny atheistic concepts that very few take seriously.”


“In an ultimate spiritual sense, this situation with all religions is the true feeding source of all human problems, or of the entire humankind, regardless of what their nature is. Although this will be difficult, if not impossible, for humans to accept or even to understand, nevertheless, this is a spiritual fact.”


“If the most important determinator of one’s life and position in Creation is the proper conceptualization, understanding and acceptance of The True Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ and the consequent lifestyle one chooses, then it is very obvious why this factor plays such an important role in all respects. Therefore, any identification with a belief system that perpetuates falsities, distortions and perversions regarding this issue will be the major source of one’s problems.“


“However, the negative state is even more cunning than this. If humans were to be fully and completely aware of the true source of their problems, they would seek proper ways of resolving these problems.”


“There are numerous ways to discourage humans from the discovery of truth. One of them is to proclaim that suffering has a great spiritual value and will lead one into heaven. Therefore, one should patiently suffer in this life, not trying too much to avoid it, so that one can become worthy of Heavens.”


“The other way, a more potent one, of perpetuating so many religions, sects, cults, etc., is to answer humans’ prayers once in a while and make their request be fulfilled. After all, even false gods need to do something about their godly reputation. So, they allow performance of all kinds of miracles, predict futures that do come true, answer one’s prayer to assure their followers that their God is a true God; and many other such things. Of course, all these things are done preferably in public, with many witnesses present so that humans can spread the ‘good’ news of their experience, trapping humans into believing that they are dealing with the true God and that, therefore, their belief system and the way they conceptualize the nature of God is the right one.”


“It is very easy to be trapped in this kind of predicament. It assures that humans do not have any need to seek true answers regarding these issues, or anything else for that matter, and thus, that they continue in their belief system and lifestyle relevant to this system. This way, the perpetuation of human problems, and thus of the negative state, is safely assured.”



“The most sensitive and secretive area of human problems is related to the issue of sexuality. Much was revealed about the true nature of sexuality throughout the books of The New Revelation. As expected, many readers were not able to accept what was said about this issue in those books. More on sexuality in the light of the current portion of The New Revelation will be revealed in Chapter Twenty of this Book.”


“Sexuality seems to be the area of human life most controlled by the rules of society and religion. None are so strictly enforced as these. Because of this peculiar position of sexuality in human society, it became the major source of human problems, either overtly or covertly.“


“As the spiritual issues mentioned in the previous point, the inappropriate, false, distorted and perverted understanding, practice of and attitude toward sexuality leads to many human problems. Unfortunately, most of these problems are not classified as having a sexual connotation. They are disguised as something else to mislead humans into believing that they do not have any sexual problems.”


“Why is it that sexuality has such a tremendous impact on human life?”


“As you remember from the Chapter on ‘Sexual Life’ in the book, Understanding and Fulfillment of Our Earthly Life, one of the primary functions of sexuality is an all inclusive sharing. Sexuality is the most private, intimate and personal tool of sharing. Through it, The True Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ and His/Her spiritual principles can be experienced in the most direct and non-distorted manner.”


“Because of this primary connotation of sexuality, besides many others, its proper function and practice posed the greatest danger to the negative state.”


“After all, the intimate, private and personal experiences within a person’s spirit, soul and body cannot be refuted by any theoretical or even practical considerations.”


“For this reason, sexuality became the greatest target of all distortions and genetic alteration by the pseudo-creators and other ‘prominent’ members of the negative state.”


“It is not necessary to repeat here what already has been revealed about these issues in other books of The New Revelation and what is going to be revealed in the Twentieth Chapter of this book.”


“The point which is being emphasized here is that inappropriate understanding, conceptualization and practice of sexuality leads to development of all kinds of spiritual, mental, physical and sexual problems. It is another form, even more dangerous, of separation and isolation of humans from each other. Being disconnected from its spiritual source, human sexuality can never give anyone full satisfaction, knowledge and experience of the intimate presence of The Lord Jesus Christ during sexual intercourse.“


“On the other hand, the physical restructuring of the human sexual organs from their original position, done initially by the pseudocreators, does not allow humans any true exchange and sharing of the true content of the experience that one’s sexual partner has.”


“Thus, no matter how hard you try, you are still unable to experience or even to know, what exactly it is that your sexual partner is experiencing and how.”


“By this cursed arrangement, no true unification of masculine and feminine principles can ever occur. The major purpose of the proper practice of sexuality is to experience this unification because in it is the strongest, the most potent, the most understandable and the most discernible presence of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“This very ability, the most crucial, vital and important one, was removed from human sexuality. In the present connotation of human sexuality, sexuality is reduced to the level of animalistic copulation, lust and procreation of species. These are all negative connotations. Nothing positive is contained in them. The procreation of species has no positive meaning because it is for the sole purpose of perpetuation of life of the negative state. Whatever helps in this effort cannot have any positive connotation as humans falsely believe.”


“Any regulatory impositions on one’s free expressions, whatever they may be, create tension, anger, violence and deep resentment. This is particularly true regarding sexuality. Because practice of human sexuality is completely distorted and misunderstood, nothing normal exists about the ways human sexuality is expressed and manifested.”


“All known sexual deviations, perversions and pathologies are the result of this abnormal position that sexuality has within the human systems.”


“It is the area most guarded by the negative state, guarded from any possible changes in the existing understanding, conceptualization and practice of sexuality.”


“The major problem, stemming from practice of human sexuality, is the intense sexual drive most humans experience, and, at the same time, the limitations, taboos, and religious, social and legal requirements that make it impossible for proper fulfillment of one’s sexual needs.“


“Another aspect of these needs is that, by fabricating a non-spiritual sexuality, isolated from its true spiritual source, naming it abnormal, these needs are, very often, deviant, perverted and abnormal in themselves. This was done purposefully in order to justify the controls society and religion impose on humans in this respect. That way, it is most certainly assured that sexual practices will never lead anyone to the discovery of their proper spiritual connotation and meaning, as revealed in the books of The New Revelation.”



“Human problems are compounded by a peculiar economic system that exists on your planet.”


“In order to keep humans even more preoccupied with the external factors of their survival, keeping them away from the inner spiritual reality, an intricate reward system was instituted in the form of precious metals and money. Without money, nothing can be obtained for fulfillment of one’s physical or even mental needs. Everything costs something.”


“Thus, a form of mental problem arises from this situation — an obsessive need to possess many material goods, valuables and money, wasting all one’s efforts and energies on acquiring them.”


“These material riches become the ruling value of life. If you can buy anything you want with money, the more money you have the more things you can have and the more powerful and influential you become. This striving makes humans dependent on money or on material valuables which can provide them with many things they otherwise could not have.”


“Thus, a peculiar form of dependence was developed, directed toward all external, transient, temporary, perishing values. The majority of human activities are spent in acquiring such values. And yet, despite the fact that humans know only too well that nothing external, acquired in the process of their life on planet Zero, can be taken with them beyond the grave, and that all their possessions must be left behind, nevertheless, they become slaves of these strivings.”


“The factor of dependence on external values is a source of many human problems. It closes the door to any spiritual considerations. Because the true reality and destiny of one’s life totally depends on a proper spiritual attitude, such a disregard becomes a major source of many disasters.“


“This situation was carefully planned as an assurance that humans would have no time, desire or willingness to pursue any proper spiritual activities which would lead them to the state of their true internals.”


“Once anyone becomes hooked on something, it is a most difficult task to break that dependence. A good example of this devastating situation is drug and alcohol dependence. Professional counselors, working with drug and alcohol addicts, are only too well aware of what it takes to overcome this terrible habit.”


“Yet, the entire structure of human life on your planet is built on this type of dependence in one form or another. Everyone is dependent on something or someone. You depend on your job to make enough money for taking care of the essential survival needs of your body. You depend on other humans to do many things for you. You depend on police to protect you from danger of criminals. One could go on forever in enumerating such human dependencies.”


“Notice, please, that these dependencies are all of the external nature. Something or someone else out there will take care of this or that need. The responsibility is shifted from the state of within to the state of without.”


“By this mode of life, the negative state is able to flourish and feed on human problems. Because it needs human problems for its survival, the negative state continuously fabricates conditions in human life under which new and different problems can be initiated and old ones successfully maintained and perpetuated.”



“One of the many reasons why the presently existing human body was fabricated the way it is was to make it an assured source of problems which would feed the life of the negative state.”


“The human body, in its present form and condition, is nothing but problems. Not only is it a problem in itself and by itself, but, as mentioned previously, it requires a tremendous amount of attention and care to keep it alive and relatively healthy.”


“Do you realize how many human activities are related to this purpose? How much time do you spend on taking care of your body?”


“The most peculiar thing about the human body is that it does not give you any choice in this matter. By its very existence, it demands from you attention and care. It demands food and drink. It demands rest and sleep. It demands elimination of urine and feces. And yet, despite all of that, the human body is in the process of dying. As you know, the human body is plagued with all kinds of germs, viruses, bacteria and cells that are ready to devour it or are continuously in the process of devouring it.”


“Look at the arrangement of your brain cells — one of the most important parts of your body. From the very first moment of birth, the brain cells are dying without ever reproducing. And no one knows why these cells are unable to reproduce like some other cells in other parts of the body. This is a very wasteful mode of being and existence.”


“Here is an important spiritual correspondence. The human brain cells are unable to reproduce because they are in the closest corresponding proximity to the spiritual reality of the positive state. They are the direct receptacles of life which is allowed in an infinitesimally small amount to enter the human body and maintain its life for the time being. Brain cells are the most sensitive elements-carriers of thought processes that make it possible for the spiritual principles of life to come to one’s conscious awareness. Because of this most close proximity to the positive state, they represent a grave danger to the negative state. In order to avoid this liability, the pseudocreators, in the process of their genetic experimentation, developed a type of brain cell from which the ability to reproduce was removed.”


“If the brain cells were able to reproduce, the potentials of the human brain, having all its cells intact from the very moment of birth to the last breath, would be so great as to surpass anything known to humans. In such a powerful condition, being in the closest corresponding proximity to the true source of life, it would be very easy for such a brain to discover the true spiritual reality and the source of and reason for the negative state’s activation. This discovery would mean the end of the negative state.”


“Thus, it was necessary to establish a different type of receptacle of conscious life with a continuously diminishing amount of brain cells.”


“The need for the greater number of such cells at the physical birth than in the process of life after the physical birth stems, among other things, from the fact that entrance into the negative state on your planet is the most complicated, dangerous and devastating occurrence. Lesser amounts of those cells would not be able to take upon themselves the surge of all human problems imposed by that birth and by the process of that birth in itself. You have to remember that at that moment, the life of the brain faces all eventualities and force of life in the negative state in a moment of time — as cosmic rays touch it directly. Once adjustments are made, those cells can begin the process of dying out at a daily rate until the body dies.”


“Other cells in the body do not represent this danger for the negative state because their function is not to be the carriers of thought and other mental processes. Therefore, they are allowed to regenerate or reproduce themselves.”


“The genetic restructuring of the brain cells in this manner made them extremely vulnerable and weak. They are unable to sustain at full scale the bodily functions and their own function at the same continuous level. Therefore, they need frequent rest and prolonged sleep.”


“As you know, at least one-third of human life is spent in bed, sleeping and resting. No one is able to survive for too long in that body with a continuous lack of sleep. None of the bodily cells, but particularly brain cells, are able to sustain themselves without their sleep or rest or alternate activities.”


“From the spiritual standpoint, this is a very wasteful manner of life. To waste one-third or more of one’s life in bed sleeping or resting clearly indicates that there is something very wrong with the whole arrangement of life on your planet. It indicates a serious problem of great proportions.”


“However, the human body was built that way for a very good reason — to take away from humans as much time as possible and to preoccupy them with all kinds of external activities in order to keep them unaware of any true factors of spiritual life and spiritual reality.”


“When you are deadly tired from all the hassles and activities of your daily chores and duties (making a living!), who cares about anything but going to bed or resting or watching television, etc.? The more tired you are and the more preoccupied you are with making a living, the less time and desire you have to consider anything else. This situation greatly compounds and perpetuates human problems because it does not allow humans to establish a proper lifestyle consistent with the true spiritual principles of living. In actuality, humans are physically not even equipped to be able to live such a proper life. Everything in their structure is geared toward a non-spiritual, deadly mode of life. By such a life the negative state is being fed and perpetuated very successfully and efficiently.”



“The tremendous limitations and restrictions inherent in the condition of human life in the physical body create another unfavorable situation. By and large, by this condition, humans have difficulties in changing. There is a tendency to establish themselves in a certain relatively permanent state, position, job or lifestyle and pursue it to the very end of their bodily life. They develop a habitual type of behavior, routine procedures with very little deviation in the process of their living from day-to-day. Little is changed in such a condition.”


“Humans become very comfortable the way they are and they not only resent any change in this respect, but are threatened by it. They experience anxiety and fear whenever such changes are imposed on them. Because they are ruled by the unconscious processes and ignorance, the unknown factors of any future change become one of the most threatening situations for them. Humans feel secure and comfortable with things the way they are regardless of how bad or good they are. They feel very insecure and uncomfortable with any possibilities of breaking the routine of their everyday living. Clinging to the familiar, known and comfortable lifestyle develops within them a state of stagnation which impedes any possibility of spiritual progression.”


“The stagnant state of human life dominates all its aspects. Humans cling to the same views, opinions, philosophies, religions. They drink the same drinks, eat the same type of food, associate with the same type of other humans, tell the same type of stories and jokes, do the same type of work, etc.”


“This situation is determined by the fact that, due to the inherent limitations of the structure of their body and mentality, it is very complicated for humans to be mobile and flexible. If you have to take your body with you everywhere you go, you also have to take with you all necessary factors which can take care of that body and support its life. It is much easier to stay where you are, or to move into close viewing proximity to where you were before, than to leave everything behind you and start all over again in some new, unfamiliar place, situation, state or condition (unless, of course, you are attracted to such a change by some material, financial, economic or political consideration — all external, non-spiritual factors).”


“This is also true regarding one’s philosophy of life. It is easier to maintain to the end what you believe in than to change it to some other, unfamiliar view, philosophy, religion or whatever you have. In the old ways you are firmly established; you have your own circles of friends who share with you your lifestyle in all respects. Changing into new ways very often means loss of all your old friends and habits, and being for a while isolated and separated from the familiar and comfortable support system. Frequently, your former friends consider you crazy if suddenly you change in whatever direction, leaving your secure, well-established and reputable, from their standpoint, lifestyle. Now, this kind of attitude permeates humans’ life across the board. The stagnant condition of their life effectively prevents them from acquiring any proper spiritual awareness regarding the true reality of life. The nature of the negative state is a stagnant one, opposing any progression with an exception of those changes that contribute to its perpetuation and flourishing.”


“However, the major target here is not physical change but spiritual. The negative state does not want humans to change their spiritual orientation, whatever it may be. Unless, of course, it is within the same negative system which is only an appearance of change but not a real change. The negative state wants humans to continue believing their distortions and falsities, considering them good, proper, right and godly. Humans establish within their minds a self-righteous attitude about their belief system.”


“With such an attitude who wants to change anything? If I am right and everyone is wrong, why should I change from something which is right to something which is wrong? It would be foolish to do so.”


“This attitude is another source of human problems. Humans do not want to realize that the stagnant condition of their life suffocates even that little of their true spirit’s and soul’s life that occasionally comes through all blocks and limitations imposed on it by the negative state’s structure.”


“Not having enough proper influence from the spiritual sphere of their inner life, humans find themselves in all kinds of problems. Of course, as is the case with most of them, they associate the source of these problems not with this fact, for it is not consciously obvious, but with some kind of external factors, out of their sphere of influence. It is always easier to blame something or someone else for your problems than admit that your own wrong spiritual attitude is causing them.”


“Such is the nature of the negative state. It is ruled by the law of pseudo-spiritual stagnation and regression rather than by the law of spiritual progression, as is the case in the positive state. This situation with humans obviously supports and perpetuates the life of the negative state to its fullest extent.”



“The gross limitations in the human communication system is another source of serious problems and misunderstandings existing among humans. The expressive abilities of human thoughts and feelings are limited by the words they use to express themselves. A different meaning to the same expressed word may be conveyed and the impression of the receiver can be totally different than what was intended by the sender. This situation with the human mode of communication was deliberately planned by the pseudo-creators.”


“As you remember, originally, before genetic restructuring of the human brain, the mode of communication was totally different. The vocal cords did not exist. The process of communication was not from the externals to the externals, as is the case now, but from the internals to the internals. The communication went on from one sentient mind to another sentient mind without any mediation by loudly spoken words.”


“This type of communication did not allow any misunderstandings or deceptive mode of communication. One could not, nor even had desires, to conceal one’s true thoughts and feelings. Everyone was an open book. All ideas were shared unconditionally. Such a situation could not create any problems or breakdown in communication. With this arrangement it would be very difficult to activate the negative state. Open communication from within to within by the mind’s ideas and concepts has no unconscious mode and ignorant aspects. It also precludes any ability to convey one thing and, at the same time, to think or feel just the opposite of what is being conveyed.”


“In order for the negative state to be activated, it needed to conceal its true purpose and origin. Otherwise, it could have never been activated. From this need arises the need for development of unconscious processes and ignorance. Thus, it was necessary to trap the sentient mind into a special condition, described in Chapter Five & Six of this book, so that its true spiritual content and origin would not be available to the human external conscious mind.”


“The problem is that within the most inner part of the sentient mind, which every human being has from the genes of the original sentient mind, used in the process of hybridization with the beastly genes, is contained the true information about the origin and purpose of the negative state.”


“Therefore, if this mind were to be openly accessible and in a communicative mode with any other mind, the negative state would have a very slim chance of survival.”


“Thus, it was necessary to fabricate a totally different mode of communication which would make it impossible for anyone to discover the truth about this and many other important spiritual matters. For this reason, an external mode of communication through the vocal cords was devised which limits this communication to the conscious mind, utilizing the sense of hearing placed on the external body.”


“By this arrangement another important thing was accomplished by the negative state which is an obvious source of many human problems. It reinforces the inherent isolation and separation that humans live in. No one knows exactly what is really going on in another human mind. Everyone depends on what is being said by the external words, through the external vocal box, heard by the external hearing aid — ears — rather than on what is being thought and felt internally.”


“Thus, humans remain frustratingly remote from one another no matter how physically close they happen to be at the time of communication.”


“And because very often what is being said is not what is being thought or felt, or the impression of what is being conveyed is different from what is being expressed, misunderstanding, suspicion, paranoia, alienation, bitterness, frustration and many other problems in human life arise from this situation.”


“All these problems are the symptoms of the negative state’s dominance of human life on your planet.”


“As you see, there is not one area of human life which is not saturated by problems imposed by the nature of the negative state that rules all its aspects.“


“The problem with this situation is that most people take it for granted, considering it as a normal and natural occurrence.”


“You can be assured that nothing normal and natural exists in this situation. But because most humans consider this to be normal and natural, very little effort is made to change this situation.”


“By doing nothing about it, humans fuel, support and reinforce their problems. In this way, the negative state is assured of their continuous and unceasing support and, as a result, human problems will continue to multiply, spread and appear in various new, worse and more unbearable forms.”


“This situation will continue until the negative state destroys its host, on which it is parasitically feeding.”



“The above-described arrangement makes it possible for the negative state to feed humans any information suitable and desirable for the negative state’s purposes.”


“If you have no, or very little, information from within yourself about anything, and if you are structured in such a manner as to receive all information from without, you have no choice in this matter but to listen to what is coming from the external sources of information. On the inputs of information from without, your life may very well depend. Lack of proper information may lead to a total deprivation of your life.”


“This purposeful arrangement leads humans to the slaving dependence on the information conveyed in such an external manner. When your sentient mind is trapped without being allowed to give you any needed and necessary proper information, you must depend or rely on or turn your attention to some other source.”


“There is very little opportunity for anyone to discuss or to explore how valid the information received from without is. One must take it on faith. This is easy to do because very often one’s life depends on it. Life dependence on something is the most powerful reinforcer of all. After a while, you are habituated to believe the truthfulness of any information coming from the external without questioning its source or verity. And if any information happens to come your way from within you, you will have a tendency to disregard it, particularly if it is in dissonance with the content of the external information.“


“If your life depends on inputs from without, the within source will be automatically suppressed and disregarded as bothersome and troublesome. After all, your life does not depend on what is coming from within (at least, that is what you think!). That might be even considered insane. Thus, you become totally habituated to expect everything from without, from the external source.”


“Now, in a true connotation of the proper spiritual principles, no valid information exists in the without. Instead, it is a means for expression and projection of that which is contained in the within. This is a proper spiritual order. This is how things are in the positive state. The without is an extension and a process of the within and has no independent being and existence. However, under this condition, no negative state can be properly activated or survive for too long. Therefore, it was necessary to separate and isolate that without, close the access to the within, feed all kinds of false, distorted, perverted and mutilated information to the without and make humans dependent on it.”


“Being isolated from their true source, humans accept the without as the only reliable true reality which can give them the necessary information needed for their survival. Now you can manipulate humans in any way and manner you want or as it suits the needs of the negative state!”


“Not having proper information about the true reality of life, being separated from their internal source and from the true spiritual principles, humans are exposed to nothing but problems. These problems are being fed to them under the disguise of proper and valid information which they receive from without.”


“Thus, human problems, in most instances, stem from this devastating isolation, separation and split of their most within Spiritual Mind from their awareness and consideration and from its true spiritual principles and ideas, as well as from the fact that they are being made dependent on something that has no reality in itself and by itself.”



“As mentioned many times before, one of the major efforts of the negative state is to keep its origin, purpose, and nature secret, disguised and concealed. This is one of the many reasons why humans are structured the way they are. In this particular structure, no conscious awareness exists about anything related to this issue.“


“Because humans are in such ignorance about the true originating factors of most of anything in their life, they live in total uncertainty about everything. This uncertainty permeates all aspects of their life.”


“The state of uncertainty is intolerable to the human mind. Because it is a chronic condition of the human existence, it is behind many human problems.”


“Another aspect of this problem is a chronic lack of proper feedback on the results, consequences and outcomes of human affairs and activities. No one exactly knows for sure what to expect from anyone or anything. The feedback you are all expecting is either not forthcoming or it is misleading. This only supports the state of your chronic uncertainty. To repeat again, nothing is certain in human life. Nothing is reliably predictable. The expectations humans have are very rarely fulfilled or they are fulfilled in a totally unexpected manner.”


“Not having any point of certainty, not having any reliable source of information and feedback, humans end up either in despair and depression or resignation and apathy, or they simply give up. Some of them commit suicide. This situation supports many negative mutual problems humans encounter in their life.”


“This is one of the many faces of the nature of the negative state. This situation gives humans an impression that whatever happens in their lives is happening by mere chance and that they have very little control over their destinies. If this is so, then no direct planning and decisive force exists in the multiverse that provides one with needed opportunities for self-regulation. Everything is left to unpredictable chance. The unpredictable chance, ruling one’s life, implies that one’s own life, and being and existence, is also by mere chance.”


“This is how the non-spiritual principles are established and how doubt about existence of anything governing the life of the multiverse comes to its fruition.”


“The obvious thing about this whole situation is that this type of perception of reality and style of life were carefully planned out to the minutest details.”


“It is difficult for humans to believe that, having no apparent control over the destinies of their lives, being ruled by the principle of unpredictable chance and statistical probabilities, this situation is, in actuality, not by chance but by a sentient mind’s inventions and efforts.”


“As you remember, in order to make it look like chance, the pseudocreators destroyed all traces of their existence and put blocks around the true mind of humans, so that humans would never discover the true story of why things are the way they are. Who can ever prove that anything like this happened?”


“This situation is an obvious answer to the question of what life would be like if it were to derive from any other source other than The Lord Jesus Christ and His/Her true spiritual principles. In other words, what life would be like if it were to derive from the position of pure chance, unpredictability, statistical probabilities, uncertainty and without any feedback from the true source of life. The lifestyle of humans on your planet and throughout the entire Zone of Displacement is the vivid and concrete exemplification of the answer to this question.”



“Because humans have no, or very little, true spiritual awareness from within, they do not pay too much attention to what is going on within them. Their tendency to look outside, to the external source for all answers to their questions, supported and manifoldly reinforced by the existing structure of their life, leads them to the firm belief that they are not the source of their own problems. As everything else, the problems come from the outside.”


“By this attitude, humans arrive at the conclusion that they cannot be truly responsible for their problems because they have no control over what is happening outside of them and that the problems have no, or very little, spiritual connotation or origin.”


“This is a purposeful displacement. Take, for example, a common flu or cold that you humans are so prone to develop on a continuous basis. When you get a cold or flu, you hear a very forceful statement, ‘This cold or flu is going around and I caught it.’ As you see, the flu or cold came from outside. You caught it from someone else. You are not responsible for having it. It was imposed upon you without your asking for it. It was totally beyond your control.”


“This is how humans define and perceive most of their problems. It very rarely crosses their mind that maybe, just maybe, they are responsible for whatever happens in their lives. They shift or displace the responsibility on some outward circumstances beyond their control. This is an easy way out.”


“As you remember, it is the nature of the negative state to blame the positive state for all its miseries and problems. The negative state assumes that if no positive state were to exist, it could have no problems. The problem of the negative state is the positive state. Therefore, the negative state cannot be responsible for whatever happens in the life of the negative state. Eliminate the positive state and all your problems disappear.”


“This philosophy is more apparent and propagated openly in the other regions of the Zone of Displacement and all the Hells. It is not so obvious on planet Zero because of its peculiar position.”


“On your planet this situation is demonstrated in a more indirect manner through some humans’ statements and beliefs that if God were to exist, He/She would not allow anything like that to happen. This is a favorite cop-out of many humans from taking full responsibility for their own life. So, you must blame God for not existing that such atrocious and abominable things happen. Or, you must blame God, if He/She exists, for being cruel and inconsiderate by permitting all these things to happen.”


“However, in the rest of the Zone of Displacement, being that it is in the state of total negativity, there are no restrictions to proclaim that the positive state and, therefore, God is to be blamed for everything.”


“The shifting and displacing responsibility and putting the cause of all human problems into the wrong source potentiates all human problems and makes new problems continuously appear.”


“Unless humans become aware of the true source of their problems, as defined at the beginning of this Chapter, and unless they take full responsibility for their lives and for everything that is happening to them, no matter what it is, and no matter how much it appears to be out of their control, they will have nothing but problems and more problems. By this false attitude, they fully support and perpetuate the life of the negative state.”



“The major source of human problems is the beastly or animalistic component of their endowment. As you remember, during genetic experimentation of the pseudo-creators, they succeeded in removing ninety-five percent of all aspects of the true sentient mind. The five percent that was left was fused with ninety-five percent of the beastly animalistic traits. The result was a hybrid that appeared in the form of cave human, the parent of the modern humans.”


“The problem with this situation is that humans consider their animal part as fully human. If it is human, then it is natural and normal. Therefore, no effort is made to get rid of any animalistic tendencies considered to be human.”


“The most common traits of this animalistic nature are fear, anxiety, aggression, attack, cowardice, suspicion, territorial rights, possessiveness, ownership, rejection and destruction. These traits are considered to be human, inherent in their nature.”


“Humans do not realize that, before that time, such traits, states and emotions were unknown to any sentient entity as a direct experience. The very first indirect experience of these traits came to its fruition at the time when the pseudo-creators succeeded in fabricating their first animal endowed with these traits. Later on, after they combined the genes of this specific animal-beast with the genes of the sentient mind, the full direct experience of these adverse states became available to the sentient mind trapped in that animalistic body.”


“Thus, a situation came into its being and existence when all these adverse traits started to be considered human, and animals were put almost on the human level by equating humans to the animals. Being that you are in this predicament, it is very difficult for you not to experience such adverse traits. Regardless of how much you want to get rid of them, they pop out in the most unexpected manner without any warning. Because of their seeming autonomy within the human system, these traits are considered to be unavoidable, performing some kind of protective function, little understood by the human conscious mind.”


“This is a destructive system within human life. Two life forms were forcefully put together or fused that had nothing in common. The result was the activation of the negative state and the production of human problems. As mentioned before, this was, in the old conceptualization of this term, the most sinful act. It destroyed in humans the true likeness and image of God.“


“The spiritual problem here is that humans in their present form still consider themselves the likeness and image of God. If this is so, what kind of God do you get? An angry, hateful, wrathful, jealous, punishing or punitive and sometimes loving, kind and merciful God. So you have here a contradictory conceptualization of The Nature of God in exactly the same manner as human nature is contradictory, being the fusion of two incongruent elements. What happened here is that, in order to justify the being and existence of such humans, it was necessary to continue in the assumption that humans were created in the likeness and image of God. In actuality, from their current position, humans fabricated a god into their own likeness and image, projecting all their traits on him and, at the same time, conveniently making him the source of all their problems, as well as happiness (whatever humans consider to be happiness).”


“In this way you can put the origin of the negative state into God and not some other source. If God can be angry, hostile, punitive, destructive, jealous and cruel and, at the same time, loving, kind, wise, merciful and patient, then He must be the originator of both states. If this is the case, then the negative state is definitely equal to the positive state and, therefore, the negative state must stay forever. No matter what you do, you cannot be free from the influence of the negative state.”


“After all, if you believe that your life is under the influence of God, then you must accept the fact that you are also under the influence of the negative state since it is God who is the source of the negative state also. The situation is hopeless. No matter what humans say or The Bible says about eternal salvation and being in bliss of Heavens, the fact remains the fact. God, in the conceptualization of humans, contains within Himself negative feelings and emotions, and who knows with what kind of whim He can suddenly strike out against anyone. After all, He is God and He can do whatever pleases Him.”


“This is an inevitable conclusion from the above consideration. And do not forget that this conceptualization of God is backed up by the literal statements of The Holy Bible which is considered to be The Word of God. Who dares to dispute The Word of God? This is how humans are trapped in the negative state. This is the source of their problems — the wrong conceptualization of The Nature of God.”


“What no one realizes is that presently existing humans are a total distortion and mutilation of the true image and likeness of God. Very little, if anything, is in them that comes from that image and likeness. It was destroyed purposefully during the genetic fusion, described in this book. Once the pseudo-creators succeeded in this most devastating and sinful effort, they falsely proclaimed their fabrications to be likenesses and images of the true God in order to lead humans away from accepting the true God and His/Her true Nature. This was permitted to happen for the reasons revealed elsewhere in this and other books of The New Revelation. Thus, the only true ultimate source of all human problems can be found in the situation briefly described in this point.”



“The compounding factor of human problems is the way humans perceive and conceptualize the spiritual life and the structure of the positive state. This point has a direct relevance to the preceding point.”


“If you incorrectly assume that presently existing humans are the true likeness and image of God, then all spiritual conceptualizations, religions and the ways humans perceive life in the heavens will be influenced by this false assumption. Thus, all their expectations, hopes and projections will be totally unrealistic because, in actuality, there is nothing in the spiritual world of the positive state that is humanly possible. If you derive everything from the wrong spiritual source, you end up conceptualizing everything spiritual in the wrong terms and with the wrong understanding.”


“The crucial issue in fabricating humans into the unlikeness and unimage of God was to develop false spiritual principles that would have nothing, or very little, in common with true spirituality. This was a necessary step because the point was to prove that life can be initiated also from false spiritual principles or no spiritual principles at all. After all, if humans fabricated a god into their own likeness and image, then, such a god, in actuality, cannot exist because he is only a fantasy or projection of human wishful thinking.”


“Therefore, all spiritual principles derived from such a god are, in fact, non-spiritual because no true spirituality exists. And if, by any chance, some humans choose to believe in God, that will be acceptable also since their belief will be based on the false assumptions that they are his likeness and image. If this is so, then their god is also a likeness and image of humans because it logically goes both ways. Thus, there is no danger in allowing humans to believe in such a god. In fact, the opposite is true: Belief in such a god keeps humans much further away from the true God than not believing in the existence of any God.”


“This logic is irrefutable. Moreover, this situation produces various spiritualistic trends that further split humans in all kinds of factions, each faction claiming that their god is the true one and everyone else’s is the false one. Now, this really will keep humans even farther away from accepting the true Nature of the true God.”


“Until recently, this situation used to create a very peculiar situation in the intermediate world. All humans, coming from your planet, expected to find there a lifestyle in accordance with their distorted, perverted and falsified image of how such a life should be. They were permitted to form various societies there founded on those false principles, believing that they were in heaven. They perpetuated that state until the foolishness of their condition fulfilled its measure and the necessary spiritual lessons were learned. After that they were judged and placed into various conditions congruent to their false spiritual conceptualization.”


“As you remember, recently, the typical human era fully ended in the intermediate world (the World of Spirits) and no one is permitted to stay there long enough in order to form such peculiar societies. At that time, there was a shift in the spiritual state of the entire multiverse of Creation which abolished that condition permanently. However, this situation is permitted to be continued for a time, times and halftime in the entire Zone of Displacement, all the Hells and on planet Zero. Not having proper conceptualization of the spiritual principles and their effective application, human life ends in nothing but problems. The consequences of this situation are the appearance, perpetuation and compounding of human problems.”



“And, finally, a new source of human problems is coming into its being and existence. This source relates to the appearance of The New Nature of The Most High who became the totality of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“As you remember from the previous Chapter, this fact requires that all sentient entities in the entire Creation undergo the process of spiritual transformation in order to align them with this New Nature so that they can relate to The Lord Jesus Christ in a more personal, private, intimate and even more spiritual manner. The impact of this change on your planet and the entire Zone of Displacement is in the process of being manifested. Of course, it will have a greater degree of adverse effect on them than anything so far has had. The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ drives the entire negative state insane in its frenzy to refute, deny, reject, disregard and destroy any possibility of accepting this Nature. This primarily means three things:”


“1. Closer proximity of The Lord Jesus Christ to the negative state as a first step toward the beginning of eventual elimination of the negative state;”


“2. Mobilization of all forces of the negative state to fight the acceptance of The True New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ by anyone in their domain;”


“3. Preparation for release of the pseudo-creators.”


“Each step means a greater degree of human problems and appearance of new problems unknown to humans up to this point (one such new problem occurred recently in the form of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome — AIDS).”


“As you remember, the more The Lord Jesus Christ shortens the proximity between the positive state and the negative state, the more the ugly and putrid nature of the negative state is exposed and comes to the surface. This means more problems for all who are in the negative state and on planet Zero because the exposure of the negative state takes place through the intensification of all problems. On the other hand, the more the negative state mobilizes its forces against the positive state, the more intense its impact on its inhabitants and followers. The more intense the impact, the more severe the problems become. And the release of the pseudo-creators will start a brief era in which the negative state will totally win, also on your planet, compounding the problems to their unimaginable ultimate severity.”


“When this happens, the negative state will exhaust its usefulness, its sinful existence will come to its end and all human problems will cease to exist. For more on human life, see the next Chapter.”


“He/She who has ears to hear, let him/her hear what The Lord Jesus Christ reveals in this Chapter.”





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