How to Survive Human Life



On March 8, 1988, at 5:15 in the morning, the word of The Lord Jesus Christ came to me, saying,


“The nature of human life, as it appears on planet Zero, is not what humans think it is. The preceding Chapter clearly indicated that human life is a peculiar, unnatural, abnormal, isolated and pathological phenomenon permitted to come to its fruition for certain very important spiritual reasons revealed elsewhere in the books of The New Revelation.”


“The revelation on the true nature of human life comes as an unpleasant surprise to most who are being informed about this important issue.”


“Humans on your planet have no knowledge and understanding of what human life is all about and what its true nature and origin is. They incorrectly assume that it is a natural, normal and appropriate occurrence. Therefore, whatever happens in the process of history of human life is for them a natural course of events which is an integral part of life in general.”


“The error in this approach is that humans consider human life as an integral part of life in general, very often considering it as the only form and manifestation of sentient life.”


“The mystery, origin and purpose of human life was hidden for a long time. In actuality, it was not fully revealed until the book Fundamentals of Human Spirituality was written. However, some important aspects of this mystery were not available in the first portion of The New Revelation. They are revealed in this book.”


“In order to better understand the content of this Chapter, it is necessary to briefly repeat certain issues regarding human life.”


“As you remember, the history of human life begins with the appearance of what your scientists call cavemen or, to be precise, with the successful fabrication of cavemen.“


“Up to that point, human life in its present form and manifestation had not existed and no one had known anything about such a strange phenomenon.”


“Prior to the appearance of human life on planet Zero, the sentient life forms that existed on this planet were not called humans. Spiritually, mentally and even physically, they did not look anything like the presently existing humans.”


“Of course, the definition of any life forms, from the spiritual standpoint, is not formulated from the physical, bodily or external appearance of these forms, but from their inner spiritual and interior-mental content and character. However, in the case of sentient entities who occupied your planet prior to the appearance of the present human life form, even their physical forms were structurally different.”


“First of all, as you remember, no physical, animalistic type of birth of the new sentient beings was taking place. They were produced by an entirely different method, described previously.”


“Second, they were brought into the fullness of all knowledge available at that time, with their mind being completely conscious. Thus, they did not have an experience of the state of ignorance or unconscious processes.”


“Third, they had full mental control, or mind over matter control, and a direct, mind-to-mind mode of communication by ideas and concepts rather than by the vocal cords through external verbalization.”


“Fourth, their physical structure, although fully humanoid in appearance, was entirely different, with a totally different structure and wiring of their brain and nervous system and sexual organs and other bodily organs. The structure of their bodies and the function of their bodily organs were such that they could survive in many different environments or emanate around themselves a transparent protective sphere which kept within itself their own environment while they were staying in some other environment inconsistent with their life-support system. And they had many other things which humans cannot even dream about.”


“Now, none of the above-mentioned major characteristics are contained within the nature and structure of human life.“


“In other words, human life, in all its aspects — spiritual, mental and physical — is like nothing else in being and existence. No comparison can be found to anyone or anything except that externally or bodily humans do resemble the general sentient forms — the forms of mankind. (The word ‘mankind’ is used here in both male and female connotation.)”


“As you remember, human life is the result of genetic engineering, in the process of which three major elements and their numerous components were used: 1. The elements of dead life (as defined in the previous Chapter); 2. the elements of non-sentient life; and 3. the elements of true life in a distorted, perverted, falsified and correspondentially (through a special type of manipulation and combination of spiritual laws of correspondences) altered condition. As a result of this purposeful, artificial, unnatural and abnormal combination of these contradictory elements, human life, with all its characteristics, contents, qualities, states and processes, came to its fruition.”


“Because there is nothing normal about human life, to survive it without destroying one’s spiritual inner integrity, hidden behind all those blocks and envelopes, fabricated from genetic material by the pseudo-creators, is a matter of the gravest importance.”


“Let’s face the reality of human life: It is not easy to survive the human life. By its very nature, human life is very poisonous to the true life and very susceptible to the dead life. Unfortunately, this was purposefully done in order for the negative state to take full hold of human life. Remember, even elements used from the true life in the process of fabrication of human life were not left intact in their pure, original content but they were butchered, so-to-speak, through a special combination and manipulation of spiritual correspondences.”


“No terms in human language can describe or comprehend what this manipulation of spiritual correspondences is or how it is done. Such knowledge was obliterated from everyone in the Zone of Displacement. Therefore, it cannot be described or revealed. The closest it can come to human comprehension is something remotely resembling what humans call magic (not in the sense of magical tricks by magicians but in a sense of sorcerers or magi) or magical means (in a sense of black magic) on which their fairytales are built. As you know, such tales contain elements of truth.“


“If the pseudo-creators were to have left the used elements of the true life intact, without any drastic alteration, human life could have not come to its fruition.”


“The problem here is that even one element of the true life, if combined in its original, non-altered form with no matter how many elements of the dead life and non-sentient life, will unequivocally take over other elements and eventually transform them into true life.”


“In this condition, no chance exists for the negative state and its dead life to be activated; and no chance exists either for human life to appear, in order to illustrate all consequences, outcomes and results of the activated negative state. Hence, the necessity of mutilation, distortion, perversion and alteration of the true life’s elements. So, with this kind of unfavorable set, how do you survive human life?”


“Certain procedures and steps for this effort will be formulated in this Chapter. They are valid for all three major categories of humans: The agents of the positive state, the agents of the negative state and the slaves of the negative state — humans proper.”



“The very first step is recognition, knowledge and acceptance of the fact that human life is not what everyone thinks it is. Instead, from now on, one is to perceive human life in a manner as is revealed in this book. No change can take place and no steps which follow can work unless the facts revealed here about human life are recognized and accepted first. Denial and rejection of these facts gives one no need to do anything about one’s human life.”


“The facts revealed here about human life will not be easy to accept by anyone. After all, if you have thought otherwise all your life and all around you, and your entire planet is convinced that human life is a natural phenomenon, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to accept something that contradicts the so-called common sense of almost every single human on your planet.”


“But, remember, please, this situation was established exactly for this purpose — that humans firmly believe that their life is a natural, normal and godly phenomenon. How else could this life have had a chance to prove the point at hand? If humans were to know from the very beginning what human life is all about, no one would be willing to play the games of the negative state. Why do you think it was necessary to hide the secret of the human life’s origin for so long and to allow humans to be born in total ignorance about this, as well as any other matters?”


“No other way was available for giving to the negative state an opportunity to prove its point. As you know, permission was granted to proceed with the fabrication of humans because of a tremendously important spiritual learning for all beings and existences of Creation and its entire multiverse, for all times and non-times. In an ultimate sense, the benefit of this crucial, vital and fundamental learning far outweighs the consequences, outcomes and results of the activation of the negative state.”


“This is especially true in view of the revealed facts that the negative state will not be permitted to stay forever. Its active mode, as well as the typical human life, fabricated by it, will end in the very same moment the full learning of its entire nature will be successfully accomplished and recorded in all its minutest details in the Universality-Of-It-All or, in what some of your science-fiction writers call Guardian-Of-Forever.”


“However, the situation in the spiritual world and everywhere else is such that now it requires that this mystery about human life needs to be revealed to some degree and brought to the attention of those who are willing to listen, to hear, to understand and to act upon it.”


“The indication here is that the learning about the nature of the negative state entered its final phase. When this happens, The New Revelation is granted by The Lord Jesus Christ in order to prepare everyone (with or without their conscious awareness that The New Revelation exists) to enter this final phase. Of course, the duration of this last phase in human time elements cannot be revealed. It can take years, decades, centuries or millenniums. But it is the final phase, regardless.”


“Thus, as of now, the survival of human life will become contingent on the knowledge, recognition and acceptance of these facts about human life.”


“This knowledge, recognition and acceptance will put you in a condition of controlling your own life instead of being controlled by human life. To acquire such a control, you need to have as much true knowledge about it as is practically possible. Only the true knowledge, and acting on it, gives you the true power and control over human life in you. Thus, you will become a master of your life instead of a toy of its forces.”


“In the case of the slaves of the negative state, after learning the fact about their life and their position in human life, from their own free will, they must recognize their status and express a strong desire to be freed from their condition and join the lifestyle of the agents of the positive state. One of the major purposes of the agents of the positive state being on your planet is to provide an opportunity, through their living examples, for all others to free themselves from being controlled by human life of the negative state.”


“For the agents of the positive state, this realization will make it easier for them to control their life without expecting too much in any manner and way. When you learn not to expect anything (what can you expect from the human life of the negative state but misery?), you will not be hurt or disappointed when nothing is happening in accordance with your expectations.”


“For the agents of the negative state it is necessary for them to recognize who they are, what the purpose of their being on this planet is, and to express an honest desire, from their free will, to convert to the positive state. Once such a desire is expressed, they will be given the knowledge of The New Revelation and provided with an opportunity for conversion to and joining the agents of the positive state. This step applies also to everyone in the negative state elsewhere besides planet Zero, that is, in the rest of the Zone of Displacement and in all the Hells.”



“Once the proper knowledge about human life is acquired, the next most important step is the establishment of the proper relationship with the genuine source of the true life — The Lord Jesus Christ. This step requires relinquishing and totally giving up all previously held views, opinions, concepts, ideas, belief systems, philosophies, lifestyle and the type of worship one clings to or considers to be right and appropriate. In other words, you have to denounce any other gods or God that you believed in, in whatever form or under whatever name. Instead, you are to accept The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, as revealed in this book, and to acknowledge by your own free will and choice that no other God existed, exists or will exist to eternity.”


“After accepting this fact, you are to invite The Lord Jesus Christ to enter your entire being and existence, asking Him/Her to become your Supreme Master and Lord, giving you strength, power, determination, vigor and energy to efficiently survive human life and to be in control of your life. This requires that you turn your entire life into the hands of The Lord Jesus Christ who knows best what you need and what kinds of things are the best for you personally with regard to your effective survival of human life.”


“The reason why it is so important to relate to The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ is because only from the position of that Nature, being that The Lord Jesus Christ experienced human life personally, He/She can enter you and accomplish whatever work is needed in order to help you to survive human life. And not only to survive, but to feel protected, safe, secure and to enjoy His/Her presence and everything that will be provided by Him/Her.”


“This factor implies that certain things will not be provided for you even though you might ask for them; the reason being that from the standpoint of your eternal life, they would be harmful for you in the long run and they would enable human life to control you and make your life miserable and in slavery to the negative state.”


“This is the reason why the requirement here is to turn everything into the hands of The Lord Jesus Christ. Only He/She can determine, from the standpoint of His/Her Absolute knowledge of your situation and why and for what purpose you entered human life, what it is that you really need during your incarnation into human life on planet Zero.”


“It is necessary to emphasize again and again the tremendous importance in establishing a personal, private and intimate relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ in His/Her New Nature as was revealed in Chapter Two of this book. At this point, the approach of any other manifestation of God or Jesus or Christ or Jesus Christ or whatever name humans use, will no longer be effective, particularly after acquiring the knowledge regarding this fact.”


“In the case that humans lack the appropriate information and knowledge about the true New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, their situation will be evaluated on the basis of their potentials for acceptance of this fact. Only The Lord Jesus Christ knows all such potentials of humans and He/She will accommodate accordingly their situation, giving them an opportunity either to get in touch with the source of The New Revelation while in human life, or after their departure from it.“


“The response of The Lord Jesus Christ in this respect will be either to a direct acceptance of His/Her New Nature or from the position of potentiality of acceptance of that Nature (in those cases where no access to The New Revelation, which teaches these facts, will be available for some reason or other).”


“However, in view of the fact that the negative state must temporarily win on your planet to the fullest and completest extent, do not expect that too many humans will be given this opportunity during their manifestation in human life. By choice, they will have a very difficult time, if not always externally, materially, then internally and spiritually.”


“The conversion of the agents of the negative state to the positive state, as of now, will be possible only if they, from the bottom of their heart, by their free will and choice, express a desire and willingness to accept and to worship The Lord Jesus Christ in His/Her New Nature. Because The Lord Jesus Christ contains within His/Her New Nature the purified elements of the Zone of Displacement, He/She, on their invitation, can enter those agents anywhere, and initiate the process of their spiritual rebirth and transformation.”


“No other former manifestation of God can do this directly, personally, privately and intimately. The possibility of genuine conversion is based on an intimate, personal and private experience of God within one’s mind and heart. Because only The Lord Jesus Christ has the means to enter anyone in this manner, thanks to those elements, only evocation of this Lord Jesus Christ can accomplish such an important process. Thus, evocation of any other nature or form of God will no longer work.”


“As of now, the evocation of any other nature or form of God, under any other name, is considered negative. In fact, it became a new domain and a tool of the negative state to keep its slaves and agents from the acceptance of the true Lord Jesus Christ, knowing that such old evocations are safe because they bring the evocatees into a deeper bondage to the negative state.”


“This fact is being hereby proclaimed and heralded throughout the entire Zone of Displacement and all the Hells, as well as the multiverse of Creation with all its beings and existences.“


“The full acceptance of this step determines the success and usefulness of the application of all other following steps for survival of human life.”



“The acceptance of the above facts about the true Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ determines a lifestyle one should pursue while in the human life.”


“The most important aspect of this lifestyle is reflected in the mode of your thinking, conceptualizing, feeling, intending, willing and behaving. The issue here is to derive everything from the spiritual principles or to look upon issues and happenings of life, no matter what they are or might be, from the spiritual standpoint. One is to recognize that everything in any life has a spiritual origin, implication and connotation.”


“In this respect, you need to break a devastating habit of human life to disregard the spiritual principles at work and to consider everything from the external, non-spiritual aspect or direction. You are to train yourself in thinking, feeling, acting, behaving, willing and intending with the spiritual principles on your mind. They should always be uppermost on your mind, evaluating all occurrences of your mind and your life from their standpoint.”


“Whatever you do, before you do it, you are advised to consider spiritual implications of your doing and also whether the urge of doing something is coming from the right spiritual source and whether it is endorsed by the will of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“Remember, the nature of human life is rooted, grounded and vested in a total disregard for this fact or in accepting a totally false, distorted or perverted conceptualization and practice of these spiritual principles. Therefore, in order to spiritually survive human life, you need to break out of this inherent factor of human life.”


“This is not an easy task to accomplish. You are going against everything which you were taught, brought up with, trained in and so far have experienced. You are singely going against a vast majority of humans. But, if you ask for help from and support of The Lord Jesus Christ for the sake of principle, you will definitely break out of this devastating habit.“


“The simple consideration of these spiritual principles is that everything proceeds from the most within spiritual level of life, through its interior or mental level and it ends in the external, most outward natural level; and that life can never originate from any external natural phenomena, but that nature and matter can only be vivified by The Spirit of Life when needed, where needed and if needed. And because The Absolute Spirit of The Absolute Life is The Lord Jesus Christ, it is The Lord Jesus Christ who is to be considered in all your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, intentions, will, behaviors and understanding.”


“This is the very spiritual principle of life — any life. By doing that, you will be able to effectively survive human life. This way is the only deterrent from falling into the trap of human life which, by its very structure, leads one into the dead life of the negative state.”


“Remember, human life was fabricated only for one purpose: To prove that life can originate from and thrive by non-spiritual principles or distorted, perverted and falsified spiritual principles or a combination of both; and to be a supplier of humans for the Hells of the dead life. No other purpose for human life existed at the time it was brought to its fruition.”


“Some spiritual leaders of humans believe that human life is a nursery for populating Heavens of the positive state. What a ‘nice’ place Heavens would be if they were populated by the human stock! You can be assured that having a typical human life in Heaven would turn it very fast into the Hells. You can be also assured that nothing of typical human life can enter Heavens or survive there for long.”


“Before humans are able to enter Heavens, they have to go through rather lengthy processes of restructuring, rebuilding, renewal, resurrection and genetic and spiritual transformation in order to remove from them that typical humanness. Only after this is accomplished are they able to do so. But by that time, nothing of typical human life remains in them.”


“The true spiritual reality of human life is that it was fabricated to become a nursery of the Hells and not The Heavens. As anyone else, humans can be saved from this dire destiny by the saving act of The Lord Jesus Christ. If human life were to be created for being a nursery for Heavens, no need would exist for The Lord Jesus Christ to incarnate into human life. One of the many reasons for The Lord Jesus Christ’s incarnation into human life was to give human life an opportunity to break out of the horrid destiny for which it was fabricated.”


“Let it be known now that, by following these procedures, you can considerably shorten your need to go through the lengthy process of transformation, once you are off your planet and out of your physical body. Therefore, it is to the greatest advantage of anyone to follow and to live these principles in order to avoid both the typical human destiny of going to the Hells and to accelerate one’s process of transformation and entrance into the true life of the positive state of the Heavens. For this very reason The Lord Jesus Christ formulated the procedures described here.”



“Continuous exploration of one’s intentions which motivate and are the driving force of all human activities. Intentions are very crucial for survival of human life. They are the only valid factors in determining to what extent one succumbs or gives in to the dead life of the negative state.”


“As you remember, from the spiritual standpoint, the quality of human life cannot be assessed from any other position. Human life is ruled by double standards, contradictions and double binds. Unfortunately, the results or fruits of humans’ activities are a very poor and unreliable indicator of the quality of their inner life. And, yet, it is the quality of the inner life, and not its external manifestation, that, in this case, determines the inclinations of any carrier of human life — toward the true life or toward the dead life. No one knows, sometimes even a carrier of human life consciously does not know, what the true intentional and motivational factors of the human activities are. In an ultimate sense, only The Lord Jesus Christ knows precisely what they are.”


“Humans are great masters of deception and contradiction. They think, believe, conceptualize and feel in one way but, at the very same time, they behave, act and do things in an entirely different, opposite way. One can be a great leader, benefiting the life of society in numerous ways, but his/her reasons for doing that or being that way may be totally wrong. Or one expresses, shows and manifests externally his/ her love and consideration toward others, but, at the same time, internally, one can be full of hate and contempt for, and despise the same humans or situations he/she expresses his/her love and consideration. This is the genuine nature of human life.“


“In order to avoid this dangerous trap, you have to learn to systematically explore your intentions and motivations and effectively avoid anything inappropriate or ulterior in them. This is not an easy task because you are required to learn how to go inward by the means and methods described in Chapter Five of this book and in the book Who Are You and Why Are You Here?.”


“Moreover, you have to be continuously aware that living in human life, it is inevitable that you all have some ulterior, selfish and unreasonable intentions and motivations for doing or wanting whatever you do and want. This is ingrained in your genes. Human life was purposefully structured that way. Therefore, it is impossible for you to be totally free from such a state integral to your human life. You have to be realistic about the possibilities and limitations of human life. What you can do however, is to actively dissociate yourself from these adverse states.”


“First, you have to acknowledge, to see and to recognize the fact that most of your activities are poisoned by inappropriate intent and motivation. Second, you have to express a strong desire to get rid of them or, at least, to control them without allowing them to influence your decisions and activities. Third, you have to ask The Lord Jesus Christ to help you to remove them from your life and replace them with positive attributes of the true life, doing things for the sake of principles and for no other reasons. Fourth, when you inadvertently catch yourself in doing something for the wrong reasons, with ulterior intent and motivation, you confess to The Lord Jesus Christ your problems in this respect and ask for mercy and forgiveness. Fifth, you eliminate any guilt that might accompany such an awareness of wrongdoing and forgive yourself, so that you do not continuously carry a burden of that guilt in your heart, wasting precious life energy for feeling guilty. Sixth, you purify and cleanse yourself from all such states by means and ways described in the book, Who Are You and Why Are You Here? And seventh, you ask The Lord Jesus Christ to protect you, as much as possible under the circumstances of human life, by all means, from backsliding into the same types of attitudes, feelings, thinking, intentions, motivations and behaviors.”


“Now, in order to avoid traps of human life, set up by the negative state, you are advised to do this or similar work on a daily basis. Unless you do it on a daily basis, preferably as many times a day as practically possible, this trap is unavoidable.“


“Do not lull yourself into believing that everything is going fine and you do not need this work because you feel great. This is a trap that will result in grave consequences for you. In fact, since recently, this work needs to be done more often than ever before because of the dangerous spiritual situation that, at the present time, exists on your planet and will exist in a greater degree until the negative state takes it over completely. The only way you can be saved from this grave situation is by doing this type of work several times daily.”


“The importance of exploration of one’s intentions and motivations on a daily basis cannot be emphasized enough. If human life can be evaluated and judged only by internal intentions, it is obvious that such an exploration and work is the only assurance that one’s intentions will be in accordance with the true spiritual principles. This will save one from the doom of the dead life of the negative state where human life is naturally headed. Unfortunately, at this time, there is no other way out of this predicament.”


“Taking into consideration the type of life you are in, it is inevitable for all of you, from time to time, to yield to the continuous, 24-hour-a-day demands, pressures and propaganda of the negative state and its human life.”


“Nowadays, the methods of the negative state in this respect have become much more convincing and sophisticated than ever before. No longer does it use the old means of ugly and nasty ways. These ways are for primitives only. Instead, various spiritual, religious, moral, ethical and righteous means were devised, accompanied by miraculous healings and works of love and compassion and all kinds of great signs and wonders (such as “A Course in Miracles,” for example), so as to deceive, if possible, even the elect (Matthew 24:24). It is not easy not to succumb to these kinds of calls, especially if you see some positive and immediate results of their work.”


“But, again, this is the point here: Human life cannot be judged by the immediate results of humans’ work. The long term results, particularly after their physical death, those count. But mainly, the inner intentions and the reasons why something is done are what truly counts.”


“Humans conveniently forgot what The Lord Jesus Christ said in the above paraphrased statement from The Gospel According to Matthew, Chapter 24, verse 24 and verse 25, which says, ‘See, I have told you beforehand.’ Obviously, one of the characteristics of human life is its very short memory and infatuation with all those ‘miraculous’ works performed by the agents of the negative state (wolves in sheep’s skin).”


Be aware of these convincing traps! Unless you go inward several times a day, you are in danger of starting to listen to what is coming from the outside of you, shutting off the inner small voice in you. Gradually, it will become a daily habit — to listen to what is coming from without and not what your most within Spiritual Mind says. As a result, you forget to explore your intentions and motivations and soon find yourself in the slavery and bondage of the negative state. You can avoid this trap by following these procedures.”



“As a direct result of a daily exploration of one’s intentions, and knowing the fact that no one knows, except The Lord Jesus Christ, the true intentional and motivational factors of human behavior, at all costs you are to avoid judging others in any manner and way. The most common tendency of human life is to point a finger at others, to condemn them, to write them off and to judge them, doing all this from observation of their external behavior with very little, or no consideration for the inner or spiritual reasons why humans behave the way they do.”


“The important principle here is to acknowledge and to accept the fact that every human being has a right and privilege to behave or to be the way he/she chooses to behave or to be. Many important reasons exist for such choices. No one can know those reasons but each individual himself/herself (mostly unconsciously) and The Lord Jesus Christ. It is a matter of internal privacy of each individual. Unless such human behavior poses a very obvious danger to others, it needs to be accepted on face value without any attempt to judge or condemn it.”


“The proper spiritual attitude in this respect is to be considerate, understanding, accepting, appreciative, tolerant and respectful of humans the way they are without trying to impose on them anything contrary to their free will and choice (the exception is, of course, in the cases of outright habitual criminals whose purpose in life is to impose the negative state’s lifestyle on everyone else. In such cases, it is your duty to defend yourself against such impositions).”


“To repeat again, this principle is valid as long as human behavior does not impose any danger to anyone or anything. In case it does so, it is the duty of your spiritual love to restrain such behavior by legal or other means available and acceptable in your community or country.“


“The fundamental principle here is to develop an attitude of love, kindness, gentleness and tenderness accompanied by discerning wisdom and intuition in the process of imparting these exquisite feelings to others and doing so for the sake of principle because this is the way it is supposed to be.”


“One is to petition The Lord Jesus Christ on a continuous basis for the ability to develop such an attitude and to consistently apply it in one’s life.”


“Again, this is not an easy task to achieve, taking into consideration the true nature of human life which is built on totally different premises. However, showing a strong desire, will and intention to be, to do and to relate this way makes it possible to establish a lifestyle in accordance with this principle.”


“Bear in mind, please, that if you are able to develop and firmly establish in your life all kinds of inappropriate habits, by the process of the same effort and energy, you are able not only to break those habits but to establish a behavior pattern which is totally opposite to some of your foolish and destructive habits.”


“And although it is much easier for humans to establish a negative and self-destructive habit — after all, human life by its nature is naturally inclined to go in that direction — nevertheless, this ability to do so has a positive connotation in itself. It can be used to break that habit and to develop a lifestyle in accordance with the positive spiritual principles. The energy for developing both alternatives is the same.”


“As you remember, even the dead life of the negative state exists only because of the true life of the positive state. The life energy that continuously emanates from its Absolute Source — The Lord Jesus Christ — in the case of the negative state, is being misused for maintenance of its dead life. Without this fact, no negative state could ever exist.”


“This is the reason it is said that the energy is the same for both alternatives. The difference is only in the direction of inclination. Human life was structurally fabricated in such a manner as to ‘naturally’ incline toward the dead life of the negative state. It predisposes humans toward easier development of bad and self-destructive habits than positive attitudes. In your professional position, Peter, you know very well that this is the case.“


“However, it does not mean that humans lack an ability to overcome this unfavorable situation. If this were the case, they would have no guilt or responsibility for their actions. Human life, by the necessity of its being and existence, is fully equipped with all kinds of abilities, of which the most important one is the ability to change. This ability permeates all forms of sentient life — the positive true life, the dead life of the negative state and human life.”


“You have to remember that the negative state and its human life was permitted to come to its fruition only under one condition — ability to change at any time, and retain free will and choice to do so. No other condition would be acceptable. Otherwise humans and creatures of the Hells would be locked forever in one condition or lifestyle. Such an impossible situation would be contrary to the true Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. If this were the case, no need for incarnation of The Lord Jesus Christ into the negative state would be necessary. And not only that, but with such an impossible situation, all work of The Lord Jesus Christ during His/Her stay on planet Zero and in all the Hells, would be futile, unproductive and leading nowhere.”


“What would be the purpose of such incarnation and entrance into the Hells if no one there would have the ability to change?”


“The continuous eternal salvation of The Lord Jesus Christ is possible only because everyone from the deepest Hells of the pseudo-creators to the humans on your planet retain this most vital and crucial gift of The Lord Jesus Christ — the ability to change or to be reborn. As your physical and spiritual brother Rev. Dr. Ivan D. Franklin likes to correctly say, Peter, ‘man inherits the necessity of rebirth.’”


“Thus, possessing and enjoying this ability, humans have no excuse to continue in their destructive and self-destructive lifestyle. They are fully changeable and able to break their habits in behaving this or that way.”


“For that reason, everyone can learn to become loving, wise, kind, gentle, considerate, understanding, tolerant, respectful, appreciative and accepting of others the way they are without judging anyone, condemning anyone, bad-mouthing anyone, writing off anyone and without pointing a finger at anyone. By learning to behave this way, you can easily survive human life.“



“As everyone in the true life of The Lord Jesus Christ’s Creation, a human being is not alone. He/she is constantly in the company of other human beings. This fact requires everyone in human life to establish a certain attitude toward and a relationship with others.”


“In the true spiritual connotation of this fact, the most proper and appropriate relationship is by the principle of a common denominator. What or who is the common denominator of all sentient entities, regardless of in what life they live? As is obvious from point five above, it is the ability to choose and to change. The ability to choose and to change is one of the most significant factors of all sentient life. It implies The Law of Freedom and Independence formulated before. Without a choice-making and change-making ability, no sentient life could sustain itself. After all, it is based on the principle of sharing, giving, receiving, reciprocating, etc., for the sake of principle. This principle requires that the life of all sentient entities be equipped with the ability to choose and to change.”


“The mystery of this situation is in the fact that the ability to choose and to change constitutes the very life of all sentient entities regardless of what type of life it is (true life, dead life or human life), and also non-sentient life which depends on this ability of sentient life.”


“This, one of the most important abilities, is a gift of life from The Lord Jesus Christ who is in Absolute State and Process of Absolute Choice and Change. This is His/Her Creative Principle. But this fact contains another great mystery. The Lord Jesus Christ is present in everyone, regardless of how good or how evil one is, in this ability to choose and to change. Because of this fundamental fact, the common denominator of all sentient entities and humans is The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“This factor establishes proper spiritual rules on which all human relationships, as well as relationships of all sentient entities, without any exception or exclusion, are to be built. The principle of this relationship could be formulated by the following statement:”


“You relate from The Lord Jesus Christ in you to The Lord Jesus Christ in others. You love The Lord Jesus Christ in you and you love The Lord Jesus Christ in others. In such love is its true wisdom.“


“This way you avoid loving and endorsing all that which is evil, false, wicked and perverted in humans. Because nothing of this adverse nature is in The Lord Jesus Christ, by loving Him/Her in you and in others, you reject the negative state with its evils and falsities.”


“To love yourself and your neighbor, in fact, means nothing else but to love The Lord Jesus Christ in you and in your neighbor. By that love you endorse your true identity and the true identity of your neighbor. The true identity can come only from The Lord Jesus Christ. All other so-called identities, seen in dead life and human life, are artificially fabricated and superimposed on the true identity, imprisoning it and disabling its functions. Such false identities can be totally discarded.”


“Thus, in establishing relationships with other humans, you are to consider the factor of choice and change which everyone contains and in which the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ is.”


“Relating from any other position leads one into the dead life of the negative state. The negative state is built on relationships that do not stem from The Lord Jesus Christ in any position. Instead, they are built on a principle of relating ‘from myself to myself in others.’ ‘To myself in others’ means how any relationship can profit me. It also means that others are here for myself and I can use, manipulate and abuse them in any way I want to. No other considerations exist in the dead life of the negative state. This is one of the many reasons why it is dead. Others are used for one’s own ulterior purposes. And because everyone is doing it to everyone, they are all dead. The only thing that gives them some semblance of living and being alive is their ability to choose and to change. In this specific ability the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ is in them. Of course, they deny and reject that presence. By doing so, they purposefully and foolishly excluded their presence in The Lord Jesus Christ, thus, making themselves dead. True aliveness and living is possible only in this reciprocal presence. One can be present in The Lord Jesus Christ, and thus alive, only if one acknowledges, confirms and accepts the fact that The Lord Jesus Christ is in him/her. No other way exists.”


“Once you acknowledge His/Her presence in you, and your presence in Him/Her, you establish a common denominator for your relationships with others from The Lord Jesus Christ in you to The Lord Jesus Christ in others. By doing that you will be able to easily survive human life.“



“Once you acquire full understanding of what human life is all about, as is being revealed in this book, and once you realize that all life is and exists by its choice and ability to change, you are to establish a proper attitude to yourself and to your personal and private life. This is an issue of self-treatment or self-relationship discussed extensively in the book Messages From Within.”


“In connotation of this principle, the requirement is to recognize the fact that your life in human life has some kind of an important purpose. Even though you are unable to consciously know for sure what the purpose of your life in the human life is, nevertheless it has a very important purpose. Otherwise, you would not be alive and living in the condition, situation and state you are in.”


“Since you are in the human life for a moment, your human life serves an important purpose. This awareness requires that you develop a proper and correct relationship to yourself if you are to successfully survive human life.”


“The most important aspect of this self-relation, from the standpoint of principle of choice and change, is taking full responsibility for your life and for everything that happens in it. You are on planet Zero and in human life by your own choice. Regardless of whether you consciously remember or not that this was your free choice, nevertheless, be it known to you through this New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ that it was your choice. Making such a free choice, you have to take responsibility for all consequences, outcomes and results of that choice. As you remember, your life cannot be validated without them.”


“Thus, in order to avoid the traps of the dead life of the negative state, you are never to blame anyone in any manner and way for anything happening in your life at any given time or at any given place, no matter how much it seems externally that someone else is a causative factor of the events of your life. Remember, by your conscious or unconscious (mostly unconscious) free choice, you put yourself in that situation or set yourself up to experience or to learn or to participate in anything happening to you. Therefore, only you are responsible for your life. No one can take that responsibility.”


“As you remember from the preceding Chapter, the dead life of the negative state is based on denial and rejection of any responsibility for anything and on blaming, accusing, implicating or setting up someone or something else for all its predicaments.“


“If you do not rightly take responsibility for all aspects of your own life, you are supporting the negative state. You will end up in its dead life.”


“As you remember, the nature of human life was fabricated in such a manner as to make it easier for its carriers to avoid responsibility and to always find some external excuse for their actions. The tendency here is to project or displace blame and responsibility on someone or something else. Projection and displacement are the natural concomitants of human life.”


“Having the ability to choose and to change, one can avoid this trap by taking full responsibility for one’s own life. This way, one can survive the human life without succumbing to its distorted, falsified and perverted nature.”


“The responsibility of this nature requires a responsible attitude, self-treatment and self-relation. First of all, one is to recognize and accept the fact of human life’s limitations, isolation and separation. Since one is a carrier of human life, one must be aware of one’s limited potentials, abilities and endowments. Second, one is to function fully within one’s potentials, abilities and limitations without either underestimating or overestimating oneself. Third, one is to be content and satisfied with what one is composed of and not to lust, crave and desire for what one does not contain within oneself. There is only so much that human life can offer. And even that much is distorted, perverted and falsified. Fourth, one is to treat oneself with respect and self-acceptance, knowing that one is a carrier of the common denominator of all — choice and change in which the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ is. And, fifth, one is to do all these things for no other reasons but for the sake of principles themselves because this is the right thing to do.”


“By doing it this way, you can successfully avoid the trap of the dead life of the negative state set within the human life. Thus, you can successfully survive human life.”



“The nature of human life is manifested in its being one-sided or lopsided, unbalanced, exaggerated and going from one extreme to another. Because of this nature, it is very important that you learn to avoid this trap by continuously balancing all aspects of your life. The process of doing this was extensively described in the book Understanding and Fulfillment of Our Earthly Life to which readers of this book are referred.“


“In connotation of this point, it is necessary to establish the awareness of this fact regarding human life and to develop a tendency, a need and a desire to overcome this situation.”


“In an ultimate sense, only The Lord Jesus Christ, from the position of His/Her Absolute Nature, can balance anyone’s life. Therefore, you are advised to petition The Lord Jesus Christ in you (remember, He/She is present in your ability to choose and to change!) to help you to acquire a healthier attitude toward your own life. You have to learn to ask for it. The Lord Jesus Christ, respecting your freedom of choice and your own lifestyle, is prevented from doing anything for you unless you ask for it. Otherwise, He/She would be violating The Law of Freedom of Choice. A change of any situation can take place only if one chooses freely to change it.”


“So, you have to petition The Lord Jesus Christ with the request, stating that you would like to live a more balanced and spiritually appropriate life.”


“However, you are to be aware of the fact that, by the nature of human life itself, certain important limitations exist as far as this process of balancing is concerned.”


“Full balance, as it is in the true life of the positive state, cannot ever be accomplished within human life for the simple reason that it was purposefully structured to be unbalanced. Otherwise, the negative state could not illustrate the consequences, results and outcomes of its true nature. No negative state is possible in the condition of balanceness.”


“Being that you are in human life, you are in a state of imbalance itself. A choice to participate in the human life was the choice to participate in the life of imbalanceness. This situation cannot be totally transcended as long as you live in human life.”


“However, it can be tempered, modified and considerably altered with tipping it toward the balanced spectrum. By paying equal attention to all aspects of your life, from the most within spiritual aspects, through intermediate mental aspects, to the most without external aspects, you will be able to overcome the devastating nature of the human life to be in a state of continuous one-sidededness or lopsidedness and imbalanceness.“


“Unfortunately, the structure of human life on your planet is such that it makes one totally dependent on factors seemingly beyond one’s control. You have to eat, to drink, to dress, to have a shelter, etc. All these factors require money. Money is the lifeblood of the negative state; it is false spirituality. In order to have money, you must engage in certain work activities. These activities and preoccupations with making a living, paying your bills (everything costs!), etc., rob you of most of your time and force you into a onesided, inbalanced living of your human life.”


“This is a purposeful setup of the negative state for human life, to keep humans in its clutches. By the end of the day, your physical body is so tired that you drop on your bed and go to sleep or are able only to watch television, having no time or energy for taking care of any other aspects of your life. The next morning you get up and do exactly the same as you did the previous day. And this goes on until you either drop dead, to use the expression of your language, or you retire. And you are lucky if you can retire and have enough years after that to do anything productive and balancing about your life.”


“Of course, the usual tendency after retirement is to fall into the opposite extreme. After all, human life is built on extremes. One engages oneself in all kinds of leisure activities and types of hobbies without considering any other aspect of one’s life.”


“In order to avoid this situation, at least to a certain extent, one is to train oneself in using spare time — during the lunch, mid-morning and mid-afternoon work breaks, and very early in the morning, as well as shortly after work, for going inward and exploring the needs of other aspects of one’s life in a manner described in the book Understanding and Fulfillment of Our Earthly Life.”


“This is the only way you can avoid the trap of the negative state ingrained into the human life. Of course, such practices in attempting to balance your life as much as possible under the circumstances and within the limitations of human life will have much greater value after your departure from human life. These practices are establishing a style of life congruent to the nature of the true life of the positive state, allowing one to enter it in the most accelerated manner without the need to linger for too long in the intermediate world of spirits. Thus, to do this for the sake of principles themselves has many advantages of an eternal nature and not only for the limited human life. This is one of the ways to survive human life.“



“In comparison with the true life, life in the human life is complicated and difficult. This situation stems from the fact that human life is restricted, isolated and separated from everything and everyone else in other manifestations of life. Humans are bound to a life which is barely suitable to survive on planet Zero. Only the atmospheric, ecological and biological-chemical conditions of its body are conducive to maintain human life alive and living. No other states and conditions are suitable for human life. Humans cannot leave their planet without their physical bodies being annihilated by the vacuum of space or by the existing conditions on the other planets, even of their own solar system. In order to survive under those conditions, they must wear very cumbersome devices which limit their movements and activities even more.”


“These, and many other difficulties and complications, are specific to the human life.”


“In order not to complicate and make it even more difficult, one is advised to do only as much as one is endowed to do without putting one’s efforts and energies into something that one has no endowment for. The purpose here is to concentrate all of one’s life energies on developing one’s potentials and endowments to the fullest of their capacity without expecting more than can be accomplished within the natural limitations of one’s life.”


“In the connotation of this point, the issue is twofold: First, to determine how, for what and for whom these endowments, abilities and life energies are spent. Are they serving any good purpose? Or are they utilized for perpetuation of the negative state? Are they actualized for the sake of principles with good and positive intent, for the right reasons and proper motivation? Or are they misused in the services of evils and falsities which lead one into the dead life of the negative state?”


“Secondly, does one perform one’s everyday duties and obligations, within one’s endowments, abilities and gifts, to the fullest of one’s potential, giving them undivided attention and performing them with delight and pleasure for the sake of principle? Or are they a drag, a bore, a routine and a monotony of everyday living that one must perform in order to survive?”


“The proper spiritual approach, which undermines the negative aspects of human life, giving it some positive connotation, is to do one’s best in any situation, work, job, assignment, duty or whatever one has for the sake of principle because this is the right way and the way it is supposed to be. If one does that, one is successfully surviving human life and at the same time, one is building a good and solid foundation for the entrance into the true life after leaving the human life behind. In order to develop this style of life, one must carefully evaluate one’s life regarding this issue and see what can be done to improve one’s situation in this respect.”


“By performing faithfully one’s life duties and obligations for the sake of principles, one makes one’s life less difficult and less complicated. This makes it more survivable.”



“One of the major factors that keeps the dead life of the negative state alive is its rigidity and intolerance toward any new ideas, concepts and changes. The negative state likes to be the way it is. The only direction it tolerates is a direction of becoming more negative. To be more negative does not constitute any change or difference. Evil and falsity is evil and false no matter in what condition or degree. In other words, the nature of the negative state is to be close-minded.”


“Human life was structured in such a manner as to make it very difficult or very slow in bringing about any significant change, particularly and mainly within the human mind and in human attitudes, behaviors and belief systems, where the change really counts. The only change and progress the negative state and human life support and encourage is a technological and scientific one because it is of the external nature only and it serves the purpose of the negative state — to spread its sphere of influence as far and as deep as possible.”


“Because of this nature of human life, it is very difficult for humans to change their views, opinions, belief systems, religions, philosophies or whatever they have in this respect. They tend to cling very rigidly to their adopted system. By doing that, they become close-minded and, very often, hateful toward anything which is not part of their belief system. You can see this in the entire history of human life during which humans continuously kill each other for the expressing of, or believing in, some different ideas or religion or God or whatever they have. This is a very dangerous situation. By being this way, humans have little chance to get out of the clutches of the negative state and its dead life. In this manner humans appropriate to themselves the negative state’s lifestyle which will automatically condemn them to the Hells. In order to avoid this situation, you are advised to do two things:“


“First, always keep your mind open, being flexible and ready to change at any time there is a need. Second, never identify yourself rigidly with any views, opinions, religions and belief systems existing in human life which close you off from the possibility of spiritual progression and acquirement and understanding of the real truth.”


“As you remember, the reality of the true life is in a continuous process of change, modification, newness and overall progression. It does not stagnate as the negative state does. Rigid, unchangeable, dogmatic and doctrinal views, concepts and ideas are the life of the negative state. They never change in this respect. Therefore, they are stagnant and produced by the dead life of the negative state. They exclude the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ, particularly in His/Her revolutionary New Nature.”


“One of the major factors, which drives the negative state insane and furious, is the change in The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ Himself/ Herself. It opposes, denies and rejects this change in a most vicious and violent manner because it undermines the very life of the negative state — its rigidity and stagnancy.”


“The acceptance of The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ signifies that you will have your mind open and ready to perceive, discern, understand and receive new aspects of The Absolute Truth of The Lord Jesus Christ as He/She reveals them in progressive steps.”


“This is the most effective, efficient and successful way of joyfully surviving human life and its spiritual, mental and genetic jungle.”



“As mentioned several times before, one of the major characteristics of human life is its double standards and contradictions on which it is built.”


“Only humans are able to think one thing and to say just the opposite; to feel one thing and to express the opposite; to know what is proper and right for them and yet to behave contrary to that knowledge; to know what is good and true and yet to continue to be evil and live the life of falsities. No other sentient entities anywhere have this abomination.”


“This is the most difficult issue for human life and its carriers. Humans are so used to this condition that no possibility of another mode of living is conceivable to them. When they come to the spiritual world after the physical death of their bodies, they are shocked out of their wits, so-to-speak, to discover that they no longer can hide their true nature and the way they think, feel and intend. Everything is open there.”


“Because they have no longer any possibility for concealment of their true intentions, thoughts and feelings, many of them become furious and rebel against such an arrangement. By doing that, they automatically choose to go to some of the Hells where creatures of similar nature form their own society, trying their worst to continue in a deceptive mode of their previous human life. This is one of the most stubborn stumbling blocks in human ability to spiritually progress.”


“The true life of the positive state does not tolerate double standards and contradictions. You cannot even come into close proximity to the true life with that typical human’s attitude.”


“And yet, this attitude is built directly into the structure of the human mind and all genes of its nervous system. Humans are constrained, wired or patterned that way from the very first moment of their conception. They know no other life. They have no experiential living under any other condition. From very early childhood, actually from the very first day of their physical birth, they are trained to conceal their true thoughts, feelings, emotions and intentions and to pretend that they are thinking, feeling and intending something else. They are conditioned, brainwashed or suggested to behave this way. ‘It is not nice to express your feelings! It is not proper for a man to cry! It is not nice to say things like that!’ Statements like these accompany human life from the cradle to the grave.”


“So, humans, in order to survive, learn to pretend and to be hypocritical. For them to be like that is as natural as breathing. At one point, they are so well-trained in this mode of life that they no longer notice the discrepancies, contradictions, pretensions and double standards of their lives.”


“Once it comes to this point, the situation for them becomes spiritually dangerous. It becomes a sure road into the dead life of the negative state.”


“In order to avoid this most vicious, cunning and effective trap, one must retrain oneself to align one’s feelings, thoughts, emotions and intentions with one’s behaviors, acts and attitudes. Now, this is the most difficult task of all. If you are obliged to express your true feelings and thoughts about your boss, for example, whom you cannot stand and who constantly gets on your nerves, you might lose your job and livelihood. You will not be able to survive like that.”


“This is the reason why you must retrain the mode of your thinking and feeling as indicated above. If you begin to think and to feel about other humans, including your boss, in positive and good terms, regardless of how evil and bad they are, regardless of how justified you are from the external consideration, there will be no need for you to pretend anything. The way to establish this kind of unification of all aspects of your mind and behavior is to relate to other humans in the manner described above in point Number Six. You love them and think positively about them for the sake of The Lord Jesus Christ in them — in their ability to choose and to change. Thus, all your attention will be redirected to The Lord Jesus Christ, instead of to their negative personalities and ugly behaviors.”


“Again, this is not easy to do and it requires a lot of effort. But, if you ask for help from The Lord Jesus Christ in you, you will succeed in this effort. However, as in everything else, the request must be made for no other reason but for the sake of principle itself because it is the right way and proper way and this is the way it is supposed to be. Otherwise, it will not work.”


“In this respect, it is advisable to ask The Lord Jesus Christ to help you to first establish a permanent attitude of doing things only for the sake of spiritual principles themselves. That way, you will avoid pitfalls of the negative state in asking for things for the sake of something else.”


“This point shows you how important it is to work on retraining yourself in the mode of your thinking, feeling, willing, intending and behaving in order to survive the human life and to avoid at all cost its contradictions, pretensions, double standards and hypocrisies.”



“Another trap of the dead life of the negative state for human life is human tendencies to build all kinds of traditions, customs, cultures, religions, institutions and organizations that become holy in themselves. Once such entities are established, they take over human life and influence it in all its aspects, dictating their rules, prohibitions, taboos and numerous restrictions that limit human life in its impressions and expressions to an extreme degree.“


“Because humans have no access to their spiritual mind or to the true life of the positive state, they are born into total ignorance and have to be taught from the outside. Thus, they have no access to the laws, regulations and principles which are ingrained into every positive entity from the very first moment of its conception. The positive sentient entities do not need anyone to tell them what to do because they know it from within themselves from the very moment of their personal breath of life.”


“It is not so for humans. They know consciously nothing unless first taught from without. This is an unusual, unnatural, abnormal, pathological, impossible and peculiar arrangement of the human life. As mentioned many times before, human life was structured to be exactly this way in order to illustrate the life of ignorance. With this kind of arrangement, it becomes very natural for humans to gather together and formally organize, developing rules and regulations by which they are obliged to abide. If not, they are punished.”


“Thus, their monstrous systems become a trap for them, limiting them even more in all respects of the human life itself. It is not enough that humans are limited, separated and isolated in their being and existence, they have to get together and organize themselves in all kinds of entities and further limit, restrict and enslave themselves to those entities with all their ridiculous rules, bylaws, prescriptions, expressions, taboos and whatever they have. By doing that, humans entrap themselves even more in the dead life of the negative state. This is doubly or triply true about human religious organizations and churchianity that became a den of demons, devils, Satans and all the negative spirits and agents of the negative state.”


“In order to survive this kind of human life, you are advised to dissociate yourself as much as possible from all human institutions and organizations, particularly of a religious nature, and limit your membership only to those which are necessary for your survival and which are neutral or limited to your profession or occupation. In this respect you are to ask The Lord Jesus Christ in you to advise you regarding which organizations are safe for you to belong to, if any at all.”


“However, it is hereby proclaimed by The Lord Jesus Christ that, as of this date, belonging to any human religious organization or church, no matter what kind it is, may be dangerous to your spiritual health. None of them worship, support or teach about The True New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, the only one on which the true spiritual life can be built. This is particularly true for someone who reads this book. If anyone, even after reading this book, will still cling to the old human religious traditions, whatever they may be, it will become a dangerous spiritual trap for that individual.”


“For your own sake, for the sake of survival of the human life, and for the sake of your after-human life, you are advised to dissociate yourself completely from all traditional religions. Of course, the choice is yours. So are the consequences.”



“As you remember from before, one of the characteristics of human life is its uncertainty about anything. If you look hard at the human life, the only certainty in it is the inevitability of human death. This is a gloomy outlook because no one knows for sure what happens after death. Many humans believe that life begins and ends with their life on planet Zero. They reject or deny the notion of life after human life. On the other hand, those who do believe in such an afterlife have, as in everything else in typical human life, a very contradictory notion about it. Christians believe differently from Buddhists; Buddhists from Muslims; Muslims from Hindus; etc. Then, there are those numerous reports on life after death events by humans who were clinically dead and returned back to the human life, making all kinds of claims about their particular experiences. None of these claims or various scientific or religious beliefs can be validated or verified by any means available to humans.”


“Thus, this situation, instead of bringing some degree of certainty into this issue, brings even more uncertainty and confusion.”


“Because of that, even humans who firmly believe in life after human life do nothing or very little about their eternal future. Their only preoccupation is with their physical life on planet Zero. They live their human life as though they will never live again. This is a typical contradiction of human life — to verbally express something but to behave in a completely contradictory manner to that expression. They believe in after-human life but they behave and act as though nothing of that nature exists.”


“The uncertainty of human life in this, as well as in all its other aspects, was purposefully built into the very fabric of human life.“


“If humans were to be certain, particularly in the matter of what to expect after they leave behind their human life, they would pay more attention to their lives and would tend to balance more readily their human life. This would be a deadly situation for the negative state because not many humans would want to go along with a lifestyle leading to the dead life.”


“But having very little or no certainty that anything like this exists, humans naturally pay very little or no attention to what is to come after the death of their corporeal body. They do not concern themselves with that matter. And if they do, it is only on a temporary basis, around the time when someone close to them dies or when they get seriously ill. But as days go by, they gradually forget those thoughts and they are right back into the old habits of doing nothing constructive for their future life after human life. In this way, they are fully subservient to the desires of the negative state. In order to avoid this dangerous trap, you are advised to consider all factors of your life, including the factor of your future life after human life or after the death of your physical or corporeal body.”


“Humans fallaciously believe that thinking about their physical death is very unhealthy. From the position they look upon the phenomenon of death, of course, it is unhealthy. They look upon it from the standpoint of fear, anxiety, worries, thinking that it will be the end of everything with which they are so familiar and comfortable. So they carefully avoid this subject.”


“In considering the factor of life after human life, you are advised to look on it from a totally different perspective. First of all, you are to believe that there is a life after human life with a full preservation of your self-awareness, your ‘I am’ and all your thoughts, feelings, affections, attitudes, tendencies and inclinations. You lose nothing but gain everything. The only thing you lose is the limitation, isolation and separation of human life and all its uncertainties, contradictions and double standards, as well as all your worthless material possessions.”


“Second, looking on that life from this perspective, you begin to look forward to that moment when you will be freed from the human life. But, at the same time, you do everything to preserve your human life, if necessary, so that you fulfill the purpose of your human life from the standpoint of your own assignment. How well you did your best during your human life will determine your position at the entrance into the other life. Thus, you live your human life fully, in accordance with the principles outlined here, not that much for the sake of human life itself, which is transient and perishable, but for the sake of the eternal life. For the sake of the eternal life is based on doing things for the sake of principles.”


“For this reason, in order to avoid the trap of human life, and to effectively survive it, you are advised to do everything in your life from the standpoint of your eternal life. You are to consider carefully how your life, during the human life of its phase, will influence your future destiny after human life. And because that destiny is determined by the factor of how much or how little you do anything for the sake of principles, only if you strive and do your best to do everything for the sake of principles, for the sake of The Lord Jesus Christ and all others, you have nothing to be afraid of. You will survive human life without any complications.”



“From the spiritual standpoint, one of the most devastating tendencies of human life is manipulation, use, misuse and abuse of life resources and the spiritual principles of the true life for inappropriate purposes.”


“As you know, human life was the result of manipulation, use, misuse and abuse of the spiritual principles of the true life and the new life-making process. Because human life was fabricated by such an abnormal procedure, it carries within itself the same tendencies.”


“When you are built on certain procedures and processes, those procedures and processes become the nature and source of your life. Thus, you can say for certain that the source and nature of human life is a tendency to be manipulative, cunning and deviant, and to use, misuse and abuse everything and everyone possible that is in its reach. This pseudo-principle of human life can be called the number one ‘spiritual’ principle by which human life is alive and living.”


“It is reflected in all human activities without exception or exclusion. The most prominent and the most dangerous areas of the human life, in which this principle is consistently applied, are human religion and human sexuality.”


“Numerous religions with all their respective numerous sects and various cultist and spiritualistic trends are a good example of this tendency. They arrogantly and self-righteously manipulate, use, misuse and abuse various spiritual principles in a manner and way as to suit their own ulterior purposes. Of course, the main purpose of this tendency is to control and to have power over others. So, they interpret various spiritual principles in such a manner as to achieve their main goal in acquiring this control and establishing their power over all. They usually proclaim that all other religions, sects, cults, etc., are misleading and false and that only they have the proper understanding and application of truth. Of course, all others claim exactly the same. As a result, you have on your planet continuous bloody and doctrinal disputes, quarrels, struggles and ‘holy’ wars among all of them.”


“There is nothing more spiritually dangerous than to utilize spiritual principles for such negative purposes. To lust for control and power over others means to rob The Lord Jesus Christ of His/Her eternal rights and privileges. This robbery closes off the access to the true perception, understanding, acknowledgment, acceptance and proper application of The Divine Truth. If you do not have Divine Truth, you are spiritually blind and you become spiritually dead. Thus, you end up in the dead life of the negative state — the Hells.”


“The worst thing that can ever happen is to manipulate, use, abuse and misuse others, and to want to control and have power over them, in the name of God or The Lord Jesus Christ. This Name becomes a shield behind which such manipulations hide in order to pursue their atrocious goals.”


“The dead life of the negative state is built on a factor of control and power. Because the negative state denies and rejects the true power of The Lord Jesus Christ and His/Her Absolute control, which is based solely on freedom of choice, it usurps that power and control for itself, based solely on force, duress and imposition.”


“Whereas The Lord Jesus Christ never imposes His/Her control and power on anyone, respecting their freedom of choice, the negative state rules its subjects by exhibiting power and control over them through the means of imposition, force, duress, threats, manipulation, use, abuse, misuse, punishment and guilt. And, in human life, it does all these things mostly in the name of God, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus Christ or whatever names humans are using.”


“Now, the tendency to manipulate, use, misuse and abuse by force, cunning persuasions and similar means is not limited to the religious life only. You can detect it in all aspects of human life. Everything tends to be used for the purpose of control and power.“


“The most prevalent area, besides religions, in which this tendency is exhibited, is the area of human sexual relationships. In this respect, sexuality is used to manipulate others in order to dominate them, to control them and to have power over them. The spiritual danger of this situation lies in the fact that sexual relationships are the most private, intimate and personal experiences that penetrate all aspects of one’s mind. It is much easier to enslave someone spiritually and mentally through sexual tools than by some more external and less potent means.”


“Very often the tendency to use sexuality for this abominable purpose is of an unconscious nature. Frequently, humans do not realize that they approach each other sexually solely for this ulterior purpose.”


“The issue and concept of adultery and fornication does not relate to anything else but to use either spiritual principles, as churches do, or sexuality, as most humans do, for such purposes. Of course, all scholars and agents of the negative state convincingly interpret the issue of adultery and fornication in such a manner as to mislead humans into believing that any sexual intercourse other than in the marital bond and for the preservation of the species is adulterous and fornicatory. This way they can control, dominate and have power over others in a much more potent and effective manner.”


“But let it be known now by the true spiritual fact, as revealed in The New Revelation, that adultery and fornication have no other connotation than the practice of spiritual principles, or any principles for that matter, and sexuality, or any other factors for that matter, for the purpose of controlling, dominating, manipulating, using, abusing and misusing others and to have power over them for one’s own sake or for any ulterior reason or any reasons at all. This is true, regardless of in what condition and situation it happens — marriage or no marriage, religion or no religion, church or no church, legal laws or no legal laws, etc.”


“From the standpoint of this problem, the issue of self-exploration, as mentioned above, becomes even more urgent and important than ever.”


“In order to avoid this devastating trap of the human life, placed in it by the dead life of the negative state, one must carefully explore one’s intentions and motivations with which one approaches any relationship and situation. One particularly needs to question to what extent one established a tendency toward this type of negative, or if you want to call it, adulterous and fornicatory behavior, in whatever situation of one’s life — be it sexual relationships or any others.“


“Because these tendencies are woven into the very fabric or structure of human life, and because you are all momentary carriers of that life, you inevitably all have such tendencies for manipulation, use, abuse, misuse, control, domination and hunger for power. Some more than others. Therefore, you all need to be on constant guard against these tendencies so that you do not become their culprits and, ultimately, the slaves of the negative state.”


“First of all, being humans, you need to acknowledge that you have such tendencies whether you are or are not consciously aware of them. Remember, in many instances, these are unconscious tendencies. The negative state likes to operate secretly, from behind the scene, so as not to be exposed and subsequently rejected.”


“Second, you need to develop aversive feelings within yourself toward having such tendencies.”


“Third, you are advised to ask The Lord Jesus Christ within you to help you to acquire this realization and to develop such aversions and to overcome such tendencies or, at least, to be in full control of them instead of being controlled by them.”


“Fourth, you need to develop countermeasures against such tendencies. The very moment such tendencies are detected, you strongly, consciously and loudly disagree with them, telling yourself that they are not yours but that they are imposed on you by the negative state. Therefore, you are referring them back to their owners, because you do not want to have anything to do with these tendencies. After that, ask The Lord Jesus Christ to fill you with spiritually proper attitudes, feelings, thoughts, intentions, motivations and behaviors in relating to others from the position of unconditional love and wisdom for the sake of principles, for the sake of The Lord Jesus Christ and for the sake of others.”


“As you remember, to do it for this sake, also means to do it for your own sake. By doing it for the sake of The Lord Jesus Christ and others, you validate your true life, buried deeply within you, in the recesses of your most within Spiritual Mind, thus, becoming truly yourself and an integral part of that true life in the positive state of Creation. Therefore, you have done it also for your own sake. This validation becomes one of the best means for survival of the human life, being that human life is poisonous and dangerous to your true life.“


“In your sexual life, in order to avoid the trap of human life, from now on, you are to be sexually involved only with such individuals of the opposite sex who fully and completely accept into their heart The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. No other sexual involvement will be productive. In fact, it will become spiritually dangerous for you. A woman or a man of The Lord Jesus Christ will never use sexuality for manipulation, use, abuse or misuse of others or for controlling them or having power over them. At the same time, he or she will have no need to get sexually involved with someone who does not accept The Lord Jesus Christ in His/Her true New Nature. By doing it this way, you will be able to survive human life without too many problems.”



“And, finally, please, be aware, that human life is a road compactly packed with stumbling blocks. Anyone traveling that road, no matter for what reason and purpose, no matter with what intent and motivation, will inevitably stumble and fall down not only once but many times over.”


“It is impossible to completely and successfully avoid these stumbling blocks placed there so conveniently by the negative state and by the very nature of human life. No one knows this to be the truth better than The Lord Jesus Christ who personally experienced human life. He/She understands very well the predicaments of the human life and gladly forgives and overlooks the falls and stumbles of most of you.”


“However, in order to activate this forgiveness and to be overlooked by The Lord Jesus Christ, you need first to acknowledge that this is the case. Second, you need to straighten up when you stumble or get up when you fall. Unfortunately, most humans have a dangerous tendency to stay in the same position or to continue lying down where they fell. In this case, they succumb to the negative state and become comfortable with their grave and miserable situation. They have not survived human life.”


“Therefore, you are encouraged to be brave and persistent and not to be discouraged and feel bad when you stumble or fall down. Instead, straighten up or get up and continue on your journey through the perils of The Death Valley of human life. Do not allow human life to drag you down and to have the upper hand over you.”


“Whenever you stumble or fall down, immediately confess your predicaments to The Lord Jesus Christ and cry for help, asking Him/Her to help you to get up and continue on your road with courage, boldness and braveness, overcoming all stumbling blocks on your way to your true home, out of human life.”


“One of the aspects of the meaning of ‘bearing one’s cross’ is contained in this effort. To bear your cross also means to patiently continue straightening up and getting up each time you stumble or fall down and to proceed with your life for the sake of principles themselves. By doing that you will survive human life.”


Moreover, on March 10, 1988, the word of The Lord Jesus Christ came to me, saying:


“Some readers of the previous books of The New Revelation, transmitted through you, Peter, complained that the content of The New Revelation is a gloomy and depressing one, dealing only with negativity. Humans like that do not like to face the reality of the negative state. They would rather not hear about it, not talk about it and not see its presence around them and in them. Why should one be preoccupied with the negative state? ‘Let us go on with our lives without paying any attention to any negativity or whether it is somewhere out there posing danger for us. If we pay no attention to the beast, the beast will let us alone. We are safe.’ Now, all humans of this nature have these kinds of thoughts and feelings.”


“These are very dangerous thoughts and feelings. The negative state loves these kinds of thoughts and feelings. After all, it was the negative state that implanted them into their thinking and feelings. It never wants to come to human awareness so that it can rule, control and dominate their lives without any restrictions or hindrances. The truth about the negative state and the true origin and nature of human life has to come out if the negative state is ever to be eliminated.”


“But, in view of these revealed facts, is there anything positive at all about human life?”


“Basically, there are four elements in human life that have some positive connotation. However, you have to remember that even these elements are considerably distorted, perverted and falsified or, at least, kept so isolated, separated and enclosed from the rest of the content of human life, that their presence is almost non-detectable.”


“How can humans know what is positive in human life if they have no foundation on which they would be able to compare their positive to some other life forms’ positiveness? The only comparison they have is within human life itself. This is only a continuous mode of comparison. No discrete mode of comparison for humans is available. They can only compare the achievements and accomplishments of one human being against another one. This mode is a self-feeding loop that never comes out of its own circle.”


“In order to justify this condition, it is better to proclaim that no other life but human life exists. That way, human life itself is a value that can be compared against itself. No other criterion for such valuation exists.”


“This is circular logic. This is the way of rationalization and excuse of all human atrocities and abominations that humans have been committing in the process of their history since the cavehuman to the present time.”


“Thus, the only way some positive elements of human life, even though distorted, perverted and falsified, can be properly detected is by a direct revelation from The Lord Jesus Christ, who knows exactly what human life is all about.”


“The first positive element of human life is that every human carries within himself/herself a Spiritual Mind, a seat of his/her ‘I am’ and the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ. From it every human lives and is alive (remember, to be alive is to have life — this is a state of life; to live is being in the process of living —- this is the process of life. The terms ‘to live’ and ‘to be alive,’ in this connotation, are not interchangeable as the grammatical rules of the English language would require).”


“This is the most positive aspect of human life, as well as of any sentient life at all. However, in the connotation of human life, this element, stemming from the genes of the original people on your planet, is so isolated, restricted, separated and trapped within the human system that the vast majority of humans never function from the position of this element. Most of them do not even know that they have this element within themselves. The only thing available to them from this element is an obscure awareness of their individual ‘I am.’ But what that ‘I am’ is, what its structure and dynamic is, how it feels, functions and lives, they have no idea whatsoever. Many of them do not even bother to ask themselves these questions.“


“The second positive element of human life, which it has in common with any type of sentient life, is that humans have an inherent ability and gift to freely choose and to change. As mentioned before, this equipment is required for any life to come into its being and existence.”


“However, by the nature of human life itself, this ability in humans is restricted and limited by their choice to be ignorant and to have unconscious processes. What kind of a choice can you make if you are ignorant of all available alternatives for choice-making and if you restrict your freedom of choice in order to make it very difficult for you to change? This is exactly what human life is all about. Thus, the choice was to have very little choice and very limited opportunities to change that choice. Because of this choice, every human must live out his/her human life in order to illustrate a unique lifestyle congruent to that choice.”


“However, internally, buried in the human most within Spiritual Mind, the ability to choose and to change itself is fully preserved. This is a very crucial state of the human condition which was, is and will be utilized by The Lord Jesus Christ to save humans from the human life.”


“The third positive element of human life stems from the most within Spiritual Mind. It occasionally breaks through and takes a form of human intuition for perception, sense and understanding of the real truth. Swedenborg called this ability of humans to be rational. This is the only obvious ability that differentiates humans from non-sentient life forms. However, this ability is blocked by all those endless preoccupations and identities of humans with conventions, customs, traditions, expectations, looking outward, wanting to please and to be accepted and similar things, to such an extent that most humans disregard the voice of their intuition and rationality and go against that voice. Again, this ability is used by The Lord Jesus Christ to save humans from themselves.”


“The fourth positive element of human life is human’s ability to love, to care, to feel compassion and to have empathy. This ability continuously radiates from the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ in humans. Thus, it is not specifically theirs but The Lord Jesus Christ’s.”


“In actuality, all four positive elements of human life are not of human life itself, but are placed in it by The Lord Jesus Christ in order to moderate, temper, control and check the suicidal and homicidal tendencies of human life.”


“In this connotation, being that these major four positive elements and all their derivatives are not inherently and typically human, but added to the human life for purely spiritual reasons, nothing truly positive and good can be found in human life in itself and by itself. After all, human life was fabricated for an entirely different purpose than to show off these four positive elements. Every sentient entity contains them, knows them, experiences them and lives them. Nothing new can be learned from such elements because they are an integral part of any sentient life.”


“You have to understand, and this is repeated again and again, that human life was produced for the purpose of illustrating vividly, experientially and concretely what life would be like if it were to derive from a totally different source, different from that of The Lord Jesus Christ and His/Her true spiritual principles or from distorted, falsified and perverted spiritual principles and their false god. No other purpose for human life existed, exists or will ever exist.”


“Once you realize and accept this, the entire human life will appear to you in an entirely different perspective.”


“It is the negative state that tries to ascribe to the human life conditions, states, attributes and characteristics that are not human or of the human life. How else can it justify, excuse and rationalize its being and existence? The negative state uses these four positive elements, which come from The Lord Jesus Christ, in order to prove how good, virtuous and positive it is.”


“This is the propaganda of the negative state to keep humans right where they are — under the control, domination and power of the negative state. If you can be so good, so loving, so rational, so logical, so intuitive, so aware of yourself during your human life, why change? Things are just fine the way they are. Do not spoil this condition by trying to change it.”


“As you see, the favorite pastime of the negative state is to ascribe to itself characteristics, traits, attributes, attitudes and behaviors it does not have. This way it can cheat humans into believing that human life contains these elements either by its very nature (you see, we made it that way!) or by a ‘gracious’ endowment of some kind of false god — the negative state — considered to be a real God since he is giving you such nice elements.”


“This is a very dangerous trap. It robs humans from wanting to use their abilities to choose something else and to change. After all, why choose something else if you have everything that you need in human life itself?”


“This attitude denies and rejects the fact that the source of these four positive elements is The Lord Jesus Christ. Thus, it closes the way for contact, interaction and proper relationship with Him/Her. This is one of the many effective ways the negative state keeps humans away from true spirituality and from the acceptance of The True New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“Do not fall into this trap. Look at the human life in its proper perspective, as revealed in this book, and turn yourself toward the true source of those four elements — The Lord Jesus Christ — acknowledging His/Her presence, admitting to Him/Her that you fully recognize Him/ Her to be the source of everything positive, rational and good in you and accept Him/Her into your heart as your personal, private and intimate parent, friend and God Lord The Most High.”


“By doing that you will avoid all traps and blocks of the negative state ingrained into the human life, and you will successfully survive the human life, coming out of it as a winner and a master of your life.”


“He/She who has ears to hear, let him/her hear what The Lord Jesus Christ reveals in this Chapter.”





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