The Impact of The New Nature

of The Lord Jesus Christ on Creation,

The Zone of Displacement and Human Life



On March 12, 1988, during the morning hours, the word of The Lord Jesus Christ came to me, saying,


“It is only logical to assume that, if any life at all is sustained by The Absolute Life of The Absolute Being and Absolute Existence of Creation, any change in Its Absolute Nature will have an inevitably tremendous impact on everything alive and living in any form, condition, state, process, location, time and place. Some aspects of this impact were mentioned before.”


“It was indicated that The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ — The Creator — requires a different approach in relating to Him/Her by sentient entities. It was pointed out that you cannot very well relate to something entirely new from the old position. The old ways of relating are not capable of making proper contact with something that needs an entirely different quality of that contact.”


“In order to rectify this situation, The Lord Jesus Christ, from the position of His/Her New Nature, initiated a process of change and transformation of all who are willing to accept these facts. This process is manifold and multilevel. It entails restructuring of all aspects of the sentient mind in order to bring it into an alignment with The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“As mentioned previously, this process follows the multiversal law of all directions and occurrences — from within to without. Thus, the changes and transformations are initiated in the most within state of Creation — the spiritual world of heaven first.”


“After the successful completion of this task in the most within state, from that position, the process of change and transformation is initiated in the intermediate state of Creation — the world of spirits.”


“The structure of Creation does not allow bypassing the levels or directly implementing any change on any other level before such a change takes place on the most within level. The very life of all other levels of being and existence depends totally on what is going on in the most within level. Therefore, if no ideas of change and transformation are produced on the innermost level and if no subsequent change takes place on that level, neither can it happen on any other level.”


“The reason for this important spiritual fact is that none of the other levels, by their very structure and nature, can produce or initiate such ideas and subsequent changes, relevant to them, in themselves and by themselves. It is not their function.”


“Thus, in order to generate any change and transformation on other levels, such change and transformation must take place first on the innermost level. From the ideas of that change and transformation, subsequent change and transformation of all other levels can take place.”


“Of course, the same is true about the changes and transformation of the external level of Creation. Nothing can be initiated on that level until the process on the intermediate level is completed first. The functions, behaviors and actions of the external level totally depend on the mental processes of the intermediate level which motivate their occurrences.”


“And, although a certain degree of synchronicity exists among all these occurrences on all levels, the process, nevertheless, is discretely sequential. This is the way things happen in the positive state of Creation.”


“As you know, the dead life of the negative state depends on fallout and waste expulsed from the positive state. Because of this dependence factor, there is a discretely sequential synchronicity of the impact these changes and transformations will have on the inhabitants of the Zone of Displacement.”


“Thus, the initiation of ideas of the positive change and transformation in the most within state of Creation triggers the initiation of the ideas of rejection and denial of this process in the most low level of The Zone of Displacement.”


“However, the necessity to countermand these new ideas requires the change and transmogrification of all in the most low of the Hells. They are furious about it because their old ideas, concepts and tools are totally impotent against the new ideas of the most within in the positive state. So, they must come up with some new ideas, concepts and tools that match in a negative sense the new ideas of the most within of the positive state. In the process of acquiring such ideas, they inadvertently change and transmogrify themselves into something different — usually more ugly, mean, evil and false conditions. This process in them subsequently initiates the changes and transformation of their own intermediate level and from that level of their own external level. As you see, there is a direct correspondence between the structure of the true Creation and the Zone of Displacement, this Zone being the exact opposite of the true Creation in a sense of antipodes — where the head should be, there are the feet of the negative state; and the feet take the position of its head. Thus, a point of contact between them is at their heels and soles of the feet.”


“In human life on planet Zero, the impact of this nature is materialized last.”


“After all changes and transformations in the positive state and after all changes and transmogrifications in the negative state take place and are successfully completed, their consequences, results and outcomes are then manifested, illustrated and concretized in the human life on planet Zero. As you remember, human life was fabricated exactly for that purpose. Therefore, nothing in human life can ever be initiated in itself and by itself. Human life is a reflection of, a response and a reaction to all actions taking place elsewhere.”


“Because human life is basically a neutral zone, both the agents of the positive state (in minority) and the agents of the negative state (in majority) are present there. The changes and transformations that take place in the positive state are reflected in, responded and reacted to in the life of the agents of the positive state. The similar process in the negative state is reflected in, responded and reacted to in the life of the agents of the negative state. By illustrating these changes, the agents of the respective states provide all others with opportunities to make a choice in either direction.”


“Remember, humans need such illustrations because they are born into ignorance and unconsciousness and, by their very nature, they must learn from the outside by concrete, illustrative examples. Those examples are provided by the mentioned agents. The more choices are made toward the negative state, as is the case with humans on your planet, the lesser number of the agents of the positive state and the greater number of the agents of the negative state. Once the final choice is made for the negative state entirely, the agents of the positive state will be withdrawn from your planet so that the full illustration of the nature of the negative state in its consequences, outcomes and results can be realized.”


“Now, this is the reason why in human life any response to any changes anywhere is delayed sometimes for thousands or even millions of years in your time, until these changes are fully completed elsewhere.”


“In general, this is how the process of change runs its course. Of course, this description talks about ‘how’ the process runs from the observation standpoint but not ‘why’ and ‘what.’ Why do the changes have to take place and when they do take place, what is being changed? The answer to the question of ‘why’ can be found in The Law of Spiritual Progression and Change defined in Chapter Ten of this book. In reality, the need for a change is structurally ingrained in the nature of life itself. This is how life sustains its living.”


“As you remember, The Absolute Source of Life — The Lord Jesus Christ — releases life into its relative state and condition in gradual steps. Each step represents a new change requiring an accommodation, transformation, adjustment and modification of the old or previous step. These changes are, of course, reflected in the lifestyle of the carriers of various steps of the life’s manifestation. The changes in the negative state are inadvertently triggered by the changes in the positive state due to the above-mentioned dependence factor. The changes in human life are reflections of either.”


“The answer to the question of ‘what is being changed,’ is more complex. It entirely depends on the quality and content of the idea for the next step, which is to succeed the previous one, released from The Absolute Life of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“What can be fundamentally more impactual than an idea, released to Creation, about the structural change of The Very Nature of The Lord God Most High into the fullness of The Lord Jesus Christ? You have to remember, we are dealing here with the Nature of The Absolute Change. Because The Most High was Absolute, His/Her change cannot be relative. It must be absolute. A change of this proportion requires a change of all levels, spheres, degrees, states, processes, conditions, places, times and whatever you have of everyone and everything in being and existence. No one and nothing is excluded or exempt from this impact; the only difference being in time and place of this change.“


“Thus, for example, all beings and existences that are time-space bound will require thousands of eons to experience and to reflect the full impact of that change on their own structure and condition.”


“Thus, in this respect, the answer to the question of what is being changed is very simple: All aspects of the structure and dynamics of the sentient mind and its nature are in the process of change and transformation. And because the multiverse of Creation depends in its being and existence on the sentient mind, it will change its structure and nature accordingly.”


“But there is another factor to this type of change. Very few humans and other people realize what that factor is. When we speak about changes, we speak about everyone and everything that is and exists. However, The Absolute Change in The Absolute Nature of The Most High Who became the fullness of The Lord Jesus Christ requires a different arrangement. It cannot be limited only to what is and exists. Any change in that Nature, by its own principle, requires a new creation. Since such nature previously did not exist, neither could a condition, reflecting this New Nature, also exist.”


“As you see, we have here two factors of this change: 1. The change of everyone and everything that already is and exists, and 2. creating something new that has so far not been in being and existence until this change took place or was completed.”


“The Lord Jesus Christ is hereby revealing that He/She has just completed creating an entirely new, interuniversal, interdimensional and multimodal universe, with entirely new sentient entities and their respective environments and nonsentient life forms that reflect fully this New Likeness and Image of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“The impact of this new creation, as well as the impact of The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, from which this new universe was created, will be of incalculable proportions. Again, to repeat, it will rock the foundation of the entire multiverse of Creation for eons to come.”


“Now, you have to understand that The Lord Jesus Christ, being apart from time and space and, at the same time, in time and space, creates from a non-temporal and non-spacial condition. Thus, the few months of human conceptualization of time on planet Zero, since the time of The Absolute Change of The Most High into The Lord Jesus Christ, can equal or correspond in non-temporal and non-spacial condition to many billions or even trillions of years.”


“You have to try to look at what is being revealed here from an entirely different perspective than what you are used to. Try to transcend human conceptualization of ideas from the standpoint of a linear mode of thinking. Otherwise, what is being revealed here will make no sense for you who are conditioned to think in a linear mode. Although it is not easy for humans to do so, they do have a capacity to transcend this mode or, at least, to intuit what is being conveyed here. The prerequisite and prototype for the creation of this new universe was the formation of The New Heavenly Society and The New School for spiritual relearning, restructuring, renewal, rebirth and transformation described in the book Messages From Within.”


“It was in preparation for this crucial and fundamental step that they were formed shortly before the completion of The Absolute Change of The Absolute Nature of The Most High into The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“The members of The New Heavenly Society and the staff at The New School, being that they represent the most within of the most within of this region of Creation, were among the first who underwent the above-mentioned changes and transformation. As of now, they are fully aligned with The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“After the process of their spiritual transformation was completed, they assisted The Lord Jesus Christ, together with other similar members of the rest of Creation, in creation of a new interuniversal, interdimensional and multimodal universe.”


“There is another important reason, not revealed so far, why The Most High underwent this Absolute Change and Transformation in His/Her Absolute Nature, becoming the fullness of The Lord Jesus Christ. The fusion and hybridization of the human body of Jesus Christ into this Nature has a tremendous preventative value. This was done also for the sake of future prevention of the negative state and its dead life from being activated again — once it is removed, deactivated and completely eliminated.”


“As you remember, all experiences of the negative state, from the very moment of its activation to the very last moment of its deactivation, will be stored to eternity in that part of Multiversal Consciousness which the Holy Bible calls the Lake of Fire and Brimstone. Should the question of what life is like if it is derived from any other source other than The Lord Jesus Christ ever arise again, it would be immediately answered by the experiences and examples stored in that Lake.”


“That Lake can be conceptualized like a multiversal archive of the most technologically advanced design that enables any inquirer to reexperience the answer in the most vivid, illustrative and concrete manner as if he/she were a part of that life. This participation resembles very remotely the holographic principle — no better term exists for its description — although in a much more advanced form than what will be available in the future for humans.”


“Now, the problem with the entrance into the Lake of Fire — Archive is that without a special type of protection, the inquirer could not survive that experience.”


“Being that The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ allows everyone to experience Him/Her within oneself in the most private, intimate and personal manner, the inquirer will always be accompanied into that Lake by The Lord Jesus Christ as a shield and a protection.”


“However, if The Lord Jesus Christ were not to have this New Nature, which incorporates the human body fabricated from the elements of the negative state, the Lake of Fire — Archive could not stand His/ Her presence and would burn into ashes within a fraction of a second. In an unusual sense, the Archive is a living entity. All so costly and valuable experiences and exemplifications of the negative state’s lifestyle would disappear forever and for good. Nothing would remain of them. In that case, as a result of that question, the negative state would have to be activated again and again. That would be a futile waste of precious life energies.”


“However, having that body within His/Her Nature, The Lord Jesus Christ can safely enter that Lake and through that body can safely protect both the Archive and the inquirer from destruction and death.”


“In this important sense, The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ has a tremendous preventive significance.”


“As you see, the more you experience the impact of this fact about The Lord Jesus Christ, the more you can understand The Absolute necessity for the original Most High to acquire this nature through His/Her incarnation in the form of Jesus Christ on your planet and for His/Her entrance into the Hells.”


“In the process of change, modification and transformation of all those who already are and exist, a total restructuring of their mode of perception, understanding, thinking, willing, feeling, intending, behaving, acting and relating is occurring.”


“First, their spiritual minds are restructured in order to receive, to integrate and to absorb the idea of The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. Once this is done, the shape, the content and the mode of the spiritual mind, the most within of every spirit, is changed, reflecting the new structure of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“All new ideas in the spiritual mind are being generated from the position of integration and synthesis of all elements of the spiritual state. Before this time, they were produced and perceived from the position of analysis and classification. Also, no direct experience of the elements from the outside of Creation was available. The unifying principle of all was assumed potentially and theoretically but not directly and experientially. The new ideas were generated from the position of within apart from without and then projected to the without. At this time, they are being generated from within together with without as an integral totality of all. Thus, now the without becomes also a participant of the process of creating and not only a receiver of its results.”


“Once the restructuring of the spiritual mind is completed, the intermediate mind goes through the same process from the standpoint of its own structure. The process of its mentation responds fully to the restructured spiritual mind and develops a mode of thinking, reasoning, feeling, intending, willing, etc., that reflects this new position. The same happens to the exterior mind and subsequent styles of behavior, actions, attitudes and life in general.”


“The difference between sentient entities who had been in being and existence prior to this fundamental change and those who have been just created is in the fact that the previous ones retain fully the memories and experiences of their previous condition. And, although they can say for sure that they are not the same way they used to be and nothing of the old remains in them, nevertheless, they know how it was before the change. They are always able to compare their current state with the previous one.“


“On the other hand, the new sentient entities of the newly created universe are of a totally new nature. This new nature reflects something that has never been in being and existence before. Otherwise it would not be new.”


“In order that spiritual progression of this magnitude could be assured, The Lord Jesus Christ, congruently with the needs for change and transformation of the old or previous state, created a totally new state that does not contain within itself anything from the previous beings and existences. It cannot contain within itself anything old because the progressing existing sentient entities to the next, higher level of spiritual awareness already have the experience of that old, by, through and within their own life. Reexperiencing the old would be a wasteful repetition, not giving them any new learning and thus, depriving them of the process of spiritual progression.”


“In order to avoid such a stagnation, and eventual spiritual death, The Lord Jesus Christ created something entirely new that has never been experienced, conceived or perceived before.”


“This newly-created state becomes a foundation on which the next step of everyone’s spiritual progression can take place.”


“Now, when you have such a fundamental change as The Absolute Change of The Absolute Nature of The Most High into the totality of The Lord Jesus Christ, you cannot even remotely imagine the impact it has on the entire Creation and its multiverse and what kind of a structure of the new universe results as a consequence of that Absolute Change.”


“The necessity to create such a new universe stems from the fact that the rest of the already existing Creation needs to experience a full reflection of The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ — something that has never been in existence before — in a concrete relative condition.”


“Remember, please, The Lord Jesus Christ is Absolute. The change in His/Her Nature is therefore also absolute. But all others are relative to that Absolute. Because of their relativeness, they cannot directly experience The Absolute State. And yet, they need to experience it in order to maintain their change and transformation.“


“The only way this can be done is by creating a universe which would fully reflect in its totality this New Absolute Nature. Because this universe is created from The Absolute New State of The Lord Jesus Christ, it becomes relative to that Absolutely New Nature. Therefore, in that new universe the rest of the multiverse of Creation can have a concrete experiential illustration of The Absolute Change of The Absolute Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. It becomes an exemplification of that Nature in a condition which is aligned to the receptive, perceptive and comprehensive abilities of all already existing entities.”


“This is a major reason for creating new things, besides for the sake of principles, as described in Chapter Twelve of this book.”


“There are certain aspects of this new universe that can be revealed in a limited sense:”



“As you noticed, this universe was called interuniversal, interdimensional and multimodal. This is not by a coincidence. As described before, Creation consists of a multiverse. The multiverse consists of infinite varieties of universes with their respective galaxies, solar systems, planets and various celestial bodies. Each separate universe, in turn, consists of its own spiritual dimension or world, intermediate dimension or world and natural or physical dimension or world.”


“All universes of the multiverse are discrete to one another. They do not mix. So are the dimensions within each universe itself. They do not mix either. The only connection that exists among them is through white holes or black holes, respectively (in the Zone of Displacement), that warp time and space. The communication among them is accomplished by the means of correspondences, symbolism and representations. Each universe has its own unique mode of being and existence. Each dimension within a universe, in turn, has its own specific mode of being and existence. There is nothing in common between or among them except that they correspond with one another.”


“Within the separate universe, its spiritual dimension or world constitutes the most within of that universe; the intermediate dimension or world constitutes its mentality or soul; and the natural or physical dimension or world constitutes its form of manifestation or body. This is the structure of Creation that has been in being and existence up to this point.“


“The Absolute New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ requires a shift in this structure. The newly created universe represents this shift. The fact that it is interuniversal denotes the position it occupies in relationship to all other universes of the multiverse of Creation. By its special, unique and unusual position, the new universe is directly connected to all other universes. This is a direct, immediate access that has not been in being and existence before. Thus, this universe reflects The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ who has a personal, physical, intimate and immediate access to all modes of being and existence including the entire Zone of Displacement with all its Hells.”


“The reason why the new universe was put in such proximity to all others was that, from that proximity, it can illustrate and exemplify firsthand to all The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. After all, it was created exactly for that purpose. In this respect, the communication with and connectedness to the other universes is not limited to correspondences, symbolism and representations only, but it is also a direct, face to face, interaction. As you remember, the time of such a mode of communication (through correspondences, symbolism and representations) within the true life of Creation has passed. At this point, temporarily, it is retained only in relationship to the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero.”


“The fact that the new universe is called interdimensional reflects its own structure that differs from all other structures. Within itself, this universe does contain the three dimensions or worlds — spiritual, intermediate and physical, but in a different condition. These worlds are hybridized and fused in unity, oneness and harmony of all their inclusive functions as The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ is a hybridization and fusion of all Absolute Elements of Life including the human body and the elements of the Zone of Displacement which, for that purpose, were made divine.”


“Thus, the three worlds or dimensions of the new universe do not appear separate from and discrete to each other as is the case in all other universes. Instead, they appear as one unified dimension in its three aspects of function. This situation reflects the fact that The Most High became The Lord Jesus Christ — One Absolute Entity in its three Absolute Aspects: The Lord, formerly called the Father or God, Jehovah or The Absolute Spiritual Mind; Jesus, formerly called the Son of God, or Absolute Intermediate Mind or Absolute Soul; and Christ, formerly called the Son of Man, or the bearer of truth, or The Absolute Exterior Mind.“


“Now such separation of aspects in The Absolute State is no longer tenable because the process of their hybridization and fusion with the physical body of Jesus Christ has been completed recently, as revealed in Chapter Two of this book. This is another reason why The Lord Jesus Christ has to be called by His/Her full name — The Lord Jesus Christ — without separating any of its elements or components. One can relate to Him/Her only from the totality of His/Her Absolute Nature and not from its separate components and elements. By calling Him/ Her The Lord Jesus Christ, and not simply ‘the Lord,’ or ‘the Lord Jesus’ or ‘Jesus Christ’ or ‘Christ,’ one evokes this unity and endorses the presence of the true and only One God Lord Most High — The Lord Jesus Christ. At the same time, by doing that, one is establishing a favorable condition within oneself for acquiring the similar state of unification of all aspects and components of one’s own sentient mind.”


“Now, the new universe, by exemplifying and illustrating this situation concretely and experientially, makes it possible for everyone who is in contact with it to accomplish a similar state of interdimensionality and unification.”


“The fact that the new universe is called multimodal reflects the style of its being and existence. It is not any specific style but an interaction, incorporation and manifestation of all styles in a totally new mode that has not been in being and existence before.”


“This situation reflects the incorporation and fusion into the totality of The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ the elements of the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero, which were purified from all evil and false content and instead, filled with good and truth. By that act, The Absolute Style of Being and Existence of The Lord Jesus Christ incorporates all their modes. Up to that point, the original mode of His/Her Absolute Style did not contain anything human and of the Zone of Displacement. Thus, something important was lacking in that Nature, being there only potentially through the promise made to the entire Creation that the potentiality of this situation would be actualized and realized at the right time, under the right condition when it would be most feasible, suitable and beneficial to all. This happened at the time of The First Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“Once the process of fusion and hybridization was completed within The Lord Jesus Christ, the new universe could be created, reflecting this multimodal condition.“



“The new universe, by its nature and content, performs the role of a unifying principle of all other universes in the multiverse of Creation.”


“The changes and transformations of the rest of Creation are to be compared against the new universe. The accomplishments of these changes and transformations are to be evaluated, assessed and validated by the states and processes of that new universe. Functioning as an illustration and an example of how to be in relation to The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, the new universe becomes a link through which everyone can communicate with everyone in the multiverse.”


“As you remember, The New Heavenly Society had this function in a limited sense. It was linking the heavens comprised of former humans to the rest of their own universe. However, at that time, it was not yet proper to reveal the true nature and position of the human life within all other manifestations and forms of life. The first step in this respect, as the process of hybridization and fusion was going on within The Absolute Nature of The Most High, was to link the human heavens with the rest of the universe, corresponding to them. Such a link was missing. Once that link was established and the New School was opened, the next step could be prepared and then commence.”


“However, the next important step could not have commenced until the process of hybridization and fusion of the human body of Jesus Christ into the totality of The Most High was completed.”


“This is the reason why The New Heavenly Society was called a prototype and a predecessor of this new universe. It was to prepare everyone to receive into its vast multiversal family the new universe that would have a similar function as The New Heavenly Society only in a much broader scale — the linkage of the multiverse, all dimensions and all modes of life of all beings and existences.”


“The creation of such a vast entity, as this type of universe with all its worlds and sentient and non-sentient life forms and their respective environments, must be preceded by creation of its prototype. Because the missing components within The Nature of The Most High were the human components, fabricated from the elements of the Zone of Displacement, the fact of which would not allow the creation of the new universe with its specific type of nature, the prototype of the new creation had to be developed from the same components. After all, they were the ones who made it impossible for Creation to experience the state and condition they fully enjoy now.”


“This is the reason why it was mentioned that the members of The New Heavenly Society were assisting The Lord Jesus Christ in creation of this new universe.”


“Because the new universe represents this unifying principle, all changes and transformations, directed toward unification of the sentient entities and their respective universes, must be gauged by the states and processes of this new universe.”



“The new universe by its structure and dynamics introduces into the multiverse of Creation a new type of spirituality reflected in the manner its members relate to and worship The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“If a human being were to encounter a new sentient entity from that universe, and were to ask him/her what kind of a church he/she attends and goes to, the answer would be ‘I go to the church of The Lord Jesus Christ.’ And if he/she were to be asked where that church is located, he/she would answer, ‘In my heart.’”


“This indicates that their relationship to and worship of The Lord Jesus Christ is of a very private, intimate and personal nature which involves all aspects of their personality simultaneously — from within to without. And because it involves equally the without, the experience of that private, intimate and personal interaction and worship is available for sharing and reciprocating with everyone who expresses a desire to do so.”


“In this worship and relatedness a totally new component has been introduced. As an integral part of their unified one sentient mind is their spiritual-mental-natural-physical sexuality. If you are to relate to the totality of The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ from the position of the totality of your unified mind, you must include into it an all inclusive tool of sharing — sexuality.”


“Up to this point, the rest of Creation did relate to The Most High sexually but through mediation and not personally, privately and intimately. You relate to Him/Her sexually through your sexual partner and your sexual partner through you. In a female sexual partner, from the standpoint of a male, sexual intercourse was always with The Feminine Principle of The Most High. In a male sexual partner, from the standpoint of a female, the sexual intercourse was always with The Masculine Principle of The Most High.”


“As mentioned before, no sexual relationship exists from male to male or from female to female because it involves the same principle. This type of homosexual relationship is possible only in human life to reflect a distorted, perverted, mutilated and falsified lifestyle of that life. In other words, such a sexuality is permitted for the purpose of illustration and exemplification of how not to relate sexually or how not to make love.”


“However, in the new universe, a totally new component was added to the above sexual relation to The Lord Jesus Christ. Besides a mediative experience, they can now relate sexually directly to The Lord Jesus Christ — males to Her Absolute Feminine Aspect; and females to His Absolute Masculine Aspect.”


“The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ makes such an unusual relationship possible. Of course, it is unusual only from the human standpoint. In the true life of the positive state this is the most welcomed natural situation that existed only potentially and through mediation.”


“However, having the human body in the totality of His/Her Nature, The Lord Jesus Christ now is able to relate to everyone everywhere in a most private, personal and intimate manner. And what is more private, intimate and personal than true lovemaking?”


“Of course, the mode of sexual intercourse and lovemaking in the true life of the positive state and in the new universe has absolutely nothing in common with that mode in humans. Human sexuality and lovemaking is a putrid, animalistic caricature and a total perversion, distortion and mutilation of the true sexuality of the positive state.”


“Thus, the new universe introduces this totally different component of a direct involvement, fulfilling the promise of the original Lord God Most High to His/Her Creation that this would be the case. The promise was fulfilled in The Lord Jesus Christ and in creating this new universe which reflects such a relationship.”


“There is nothing more inspiring, pleasurable, elating, uplifting, joyous and fulfilling than to relate to The Lord Jesus Christ also in a sexual manner. The fullness of The Divine Love and The Divine Wisdom can be experienced only in the fullness of such an exquisite relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ. The new universe is an illustrative and exemplifying state and process of such an all-inclusive relationship.”


“The true meaning of spirituality and worship of The Lord Jesus Christ is contained in this type of relationship. Going to church means going to The Lord Jesus Christ and experiencing His/Her presence in every particle of one’s spirit, soul and body, making love to Him/Her and by that process, acquiring greater knowledge and understanding of Him/ Her, others and oneself and a greater degree of love toward Him/Her, others and oneself. This is what true spirituality and worship is all about.”


“The new universe is an embodiment of this type of spirituality and worship. This establishes a multimodal relationship to The Lord Jesus Christ in a direct sense: To The Lord Jesus Christ as the only Creator; to The Lord Jesus Christ as the only Parent; to The Lord Jesus Christ as a Friend, Brother and Sister; to The Lord Jesus Christ in a form of the most beautiful woman for lovemaking with a male; or as a most handsome male for lovemaking with a female; and in many other modes of relationship exemplified in the new universe.”



“Because the new universe is multimodal, interuniversal and interdimensional, the sentient entities created for its occupancy are equipped with a very special and unique mind and body.”


“As you know, the majority of the external forms of sentient entities’ life expression is produced from their external environment (whatever its nature is). Thus, during their stay in that environment, they are bound by it. It is a very specific environment that tolerates only those life conditions for which it was created by the sentient mind. No one else can survive in that environment without a special accommodation, adjustment and preparation.”


“On the other hand, the physical form of the new sentient entities in the new universe does not have this limitation. Because of the nature, structure, purpose, goal and position of that new universe, it requires that its inhabitants be equipped with the forms that can easily and comfortably survive and fully function without any hindrances and obstacles in any environment in being and existence, including all environments of the Zone of Displacement with all its Hells (including the Hells of the pseudo-creators) and including the environment of humans on planet Zero.“


“This miraculous condition reflects fully The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ Who, thanks to this newly acquired revolutionary nature, can appear, be present and function at any place, at any time, at any state, at any condition, at any process and in any environment without exception or exclusion and without any danger to anyone.”


“What is even more miraculous is that sentient entities from all other environments, places, times, conditions, states, processes, etc., including humans and all inhabitants of the Hells and the entire Zone of Displacement, can easily and comfortably survive and fully function in the environment of the new universe without any necessity of a prolonged preparation, adjustment and accommodation. Everyone who enters that universe feels as though he/she entered his/her own environment, only on some kind of totally alien planet which has the same components of life-support system as his/her native planet.”


“This is an absolutely necessary condition of the sentient life form of the new universe if it is to fulfill its purpose, goal and function of illustration, exemplification, realization, actualization and manifestation of The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ from the standpoint of the relative perception of His/Her Absolute Change.”


“How can you illustrate and exemplify anything at all if you are isolated from and inaccessible to any other sentient entities, coming from their infinitely diverse respective life environments?”


“Sentient entities of this entirely new nature have never existed before. No one of that nature could exist in such fullness as they do before The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ came to its exquisite fruition.”


“This is a more advanced creation. It allows everyone from anywhere and anywhen in the true Creation to enter this universe and by means of that universe, to communicate with and relate to anyone from anywhere and anywhen without the necessity of a special, lengthy and cumbersome preparation, adjustment or accommodation.”


“From now on, should anyone have a need or a desire to communicate with or relate to anyone, anywhere or anywhen in the positive state of Creation, all one has to do is to express such an idea and enter that universe and accomplish this goal there. Thanks to the special means of the new universe, this becomes an almost instantaneous occurrence.“


“Again, this ability reflects the fact that The Lord Jesus Christ is present simultaneously, discretely and continuously everywhere and everywhen without any exception or exclusion. His/Her direct presence includes also the entire dead life of the negative state and the human life on planet Zero.”



“The position of the new universe within the multiverse of Creation is also an unusual and peculiar one. It simultaneously occupies non-space and non-time, discrete state and continuous process, as well as a space and time bound continuum, in a specially warped condition which gives it a direct, clear-cut access not only to all other universes of the multiverse of Creation, but also to the Zone of Displacement, all its Hells and planet Zero.”


“One of the many purposes for which the new universe was created was to trigger the full process of elimination of the negative state.”


“As you know, this process begins with the exposure of and bringing to the surface the true face and nature of the negative state. The fact of this exposure and bringing to the surface, unfortunately for humans and all others in the Zone of Displacement, means a greater degree of intensification of evilness and falsification and of ugly and miserable consequences, outcomes and results of such an intensification. The new universe, by its very existence, triggers this situation. As you remember, you cannot eliminate the negative state before its true nature is fully exposed and brought to the surface and to the full awareness of everyone.”


“What happens here is that creation of the new universe of this monumental nature forces all leading members of all the Hells to come up with new countermeans which will oppose, undermine, block, hinder and make it impossible for the functions of that universe to influence the negative state. By the necessity of doing that, the nature of the negative state is being exposed because its members must exert a greater degree of evilness and falsification in order to be able to counterbalance everything new and positive coming from that universe.”


“However, bear in mind that you are dealing here with an entire universe. This is not just any type of universe but an interuniversal, interdimensional and multimodal universe.”


“What it means for the negative state is that the members of the new universe can freely enter any hells, including the Hells of the pseudocreators and planet Zero, and do any work they want to in the safest possible manner for them. And no one in the Hells can do absolutely anything about it. So far, this is the most dangerous situation for the negative state.”


“But, of course, this only reflects the ability of The Lord Jesus Christ to do the same through His/Her New Nature. This is the most single dangerous situation for the negative state’s being and existence in its dead life. This is the situation that can and will trigger the full, complete and ultimate exposure of the full, complete and total true nature of the negative state and all forms, conditions, states and processes of its manifestation, leading to the end of its dead life.”


“No wonder this situation mobilizes all members of the Hells. Now, they need to fabricate their own pseudo-universe comparable in power, potency and position of the new true universe. Such a fabrication would allow them the same privileges within the Zone of Displacement and on planet Zero that the new universe has within the multiverse of Creation as described in point number four.”


“The only problem is that no one in the Hells has the necessary capacity and knowledge of how to fabricate such an anti- or pseudo-universe. And, yet, for the full exposure of the negative state and its final elimination, such a fabrication is an absolute necessity. So, in order to do just that, it is necessary to permit the opening of the pseudocreators’ Hells, remove their confinement, limit them to the sphere of the Zone of Displacement (for the time being) and allow them to proceed with such a fabrication. Only the pseudo-creators have the necessary knowledge and ability to fabricate such an anti-universe comparable to the new universe.”


“Let it be known now, that, as of today, at this very moment, the pseudo-creators were released to the pseudo-innermost level of the Hells, from which position they will fabricate this new anti-universe with its new pseudo-life forms that will pseudo-unify all pseudo-creation of the Zone of Displacement. Once they finish the fabrication of this anti-universe, the pseudo-creators will be able to gradually take over again the entire Zone of Displacement. From that position, after they accomplish this takeover, they will execute their second coming on planet Zero which, as you remember, precedes the final phase of The Second Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ.“


“How long it will take for the pseudo-creators to accomplish the pseudo-creation of this new anti-universe and, with its help, to take over the entire Zone of Displacement, cannot be revealed in human terms of linear time. It will take as long as necessary.”


“In the meantime, the impact on human life of all these revealed factors will be slow in coming. Such is the nature of human life and its position. You will note a gradual and continuous deterioration and erosion of stability in all aspects of human life; more and more turmoils of all kinds and nature; greater and greater degree of evilness and falsification; more and more of fake spirituality and transmission of pseudo-new revelations through the numerous so-called channelers, false prophets and false christs and gurus of all shades and dispositions. You will also note more and more technological advances, mostly of a destructive nature with their marginal application in human services, such as, for example, medicine and space travel.”


“And, of course, in a positive sense, there is also the availability of this true and genuine New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ as the only source of spiritual, celestial, cosmic, universal and multiversal truth for this time of turmoils, upheavals and spiritual revolutions.”


“The survival and salvation of human life and the dead life of the negative state (in actuality, of all participants in the dead life and human life) is made possible by the availability of this New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ. There is a mystery in this statement!”


“He/she who wants to survive and be saved from the human life and the dead life of the negative state, let him/her use the ears that she/he has in order to hear, to accept and to apply what The Lord Jesus Christ reveals in this Chapter and the entire book.”





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