The Placement of Planet Zero, Humans

and Humankind In Relationship to All else



On March 26,1988, at 4:20 a.m., the word of The Lord Jesus Christ came to me, saying,


“Taking into consideration the peculiarity, unusualness and virtual impossibility of human life, humankind and existence of planet Zero, the question is how do they fit in all else in the multiverse of Creation?”


“Now, the proper spiritual principle, as revealed and repeated numerous times throughout this and other books of The New Revelation, is to evaluate everyone’s and everything’s position and placement in the hierarchy of the spiritual organization in The Lord Jesus Christ’s Creation by their position toward, attitude toward and relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ and His/Her spiritual principles.”


“This principle determines not only the position of all sentient entities and humans but also their respective environments, planets, solar systems, galaxies and universes which they occupy at each given moment.”


“As you remember, the being and existence, as well as the quality and position of the multiverse with all its universes, galaxies, solar systems and planets, is determined and maintained by the sentient mind and its quality and content.”


“In view of this fact, what kind of position, attitude toward and relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ and His/Her spiritual principles do humans and humankind have? The answer to this question will also determine the placement of planet Zero in the multiversal system.”


“Being that human life is a very unusual, peculiar and an impossible phenomenon, human attitude, position and relationship toward The Lord Jesus Christ and His/Her spiritual principles must be also unusual, peculiar and impossible. As you remember, nowhere else in Creation does such a situation exist.”


“As you are aware from this New Revelation, the content of human life consists of contradictions, distortions, uncertainties, falsifications and perversions of every kind. This content determines and defines the response to the above question.“


“Human attitude, position and relationship toward The Lord Jesus Christ and His/Her spiritual principles and laws are full of contradictions, distortions, uncertainties, doubts, rejection, denial, falsification and perversion. Humankind is irreconcilably divided into many different races with each race having its own contradictory conceptualization of The Creator or The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“Just look at your planet. Its population can be counted in ten figures. Out of these ten figures the vast majority of humans do not confess and worship The Lord Jesus Christ. Instead, they serve different ‘gods’ such as, for example, Buddha, Krishna, Allah, Jehovah, Manitou, etc. Each of these ‘gods’ is conceptualized differently with a different requirement for its worship. The rest of humankind either call themselves Christians or agnostics, atheists or unbelievers. The total inadequacy of Christian conceptualization of The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ was already explained in the third chapter of this book.”


“So, how many humans on your planet really have a proper attitude, position and relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ? As you know, this is determined by having proper knowledge, understanding and conceptualization of His/Her true Nature first before proper attitude, position and relationship toward Him/Her can be established. The number of humans on your planet who have this proper stance barely exceeds three figures.”


“From the quantitative standpoint, in comparison with the other figure, this figure is nothing. Fortunately, in assessing any spiritual state, the quality counts more than quantity.”


“However, you have to understand that a cumulative sum of all negative qualities existing on your planet regarding this issue engulfs the entire planet Zero, flooding its atmosphere completely with negative, inappropriate and adverse thoughts, feelings, behaviors, attitudes and relationships and, subsequently, poisons and contaminates everyone and everything.”


“Having such an adverse atmosphere, planet Zero cannot be situated in any known dimension of the multiverse of Creation. But neither can it be situated exactly within the known regions of the Zone of Displacement.”


“If human life is some kind of unusual, peculiar, impossible, perverted and distorted phenomenon, it is only logical to assume that the position of its environment, that is, its planet, will also be unusual, peculiar, impossible and out of alignment with the rest of Creation and the Zone of Displacement.“


“The newly revealed information about your planet is the statement that it does not occupy any known position within the Zone of Displacement either. Up to this point, it was permitted for you to think that planet Zero was within the Zone of Displacement proper. But, as already pointed out in the first chapter of this book, to be in the Zone of Displacement is to be in the minus position. The minus position is totally negative. No positive connotation can be conceived within its sphere of influence.”


“On the other hand, planet Zero, for the time being, has some positive elements for the purpose of comparison and illustration of life of both the positive and the negative state, respectively. But being predominantly of the negative nature, planet Zero is much closer in its proximity to the Zone of Displacement than to any other position of the multiverse of Creation. This is the reason why it was permitted, and even necessary at the time, for you to think that your planet is within the realm of the Zone of Displacement proper. For all practical purposes, in the proportion of good and evil, being predominantly in evilness and falsifications of the nature of its inhabitants, it might as well be in the Zone of Displacement.”


“However, it is not quite there yet. Then the question ensues, where exactly is planet Zero positioned relative to all else in Creation and the Zone of Displacement?”


“The answer to this question will not be easy to understand.”


“As you remember, the pseudo-creators moved planet Earth from its original position in some other galaxy and solar system through the so-called eighth dimension to its present position. Its current position and coordinates were carefully planned by the pseudo-creators in order to make the impossible — human life — possible.”


“As you know, the possibility of human life, in all its manifestation, required a special kind of condition that had never existed anywhere and anywhen before.”


“Saying that the pseudo-creators moved the entire physical planet from one dimension to some other unusual position, does not exactly reflect the reality of that process.”


“What will be very difficult for you to understand, as you are trying very hard to find proper words in English or any other human language to express what is being conveyed to you, is that each planet, solar system, galaxy and universe has its own one genuine physical compaction in some space, time and dimension. This one genuine spatial-temporal-dimensional compaction generates numerous images and replicas of itself, occupying the same space, and sometimes even the same time, but different dimensions and, very often, different times as well.”


“Each image and replica of the considered one genuine planet is inhabited with the same type of sentient entities but not with their doubles or doppelgangers. They are all the same sentient forms but not necessarily in the connotation of being the exact replica of each other. You cannot say, for example, that each image or replica of the original planet has its own Peter in exactly the same appearance as Peter of the original planet. Some obvious similarities exist but nothing of repetitious nature, for nothing is repetitious in The Lord Jesus Christ’s Creation.”


“Moreover, the image or replica of the genuine original planet is not the same as its original. There are always differences. The original cannot be replaced by anything.”


“In the case of the original and genuine planet Earth, one of its images, the most outward and remote from its original, and therefore the least reflecting the original structure of its original, was separated from its position and its original.”


“After separation, it was moved by the pseudo-creators to its present position making it planet Zero. Now, here is another, newly-revealed reason why your planet is called Zero.”


“Besides what was revealed about it in the first chapter (and, as you remember, it was indicated there that more will be revealed about it later), the zero position indicated that your planet is lacking any reality, being separated from its original, and that it does not have its own reflection, image or replica. Instead, it stands completely and totally alone without any direct connectedness to anything else and particularly to its source of reflection.”


“In other words, it has zero amount of images and reflections of itself, being that it is not an original itself. Only an original planet itself is capable by its very nature to generate its own images, reflections and replicas. The image, reflection and replica cannot produce its own secondary image, reflection and replica.”


“The travel backward in time by the pseudo-creators to that original planet Earth was undertaken for the purpose of finding a suitable most remote image of a planet that would not yet be inhabited by sentient entities.”


“The reason why the planet Earth was their choice was because, first of all, they were the ones who occupied its original core, and, second, because planet Earth, at that time, occupied the most outward degree of the natural multiverse of Creation.”


“As you know, only in the most outward degree of Creation is the experimentation with the negative state feasible and possible. No other position is conducive to the activation of the negative state. But, of course, it was not sufficient to activate the negative state itself. The purpose was to produce life forms from the principles of the negative state and establish them in a proper environment in order to illustrate and demonstrate all consequences, outcomes and results of ‘life’ produced by such adverse means.”


“Now, the only condition in which such a ‘life’ could take hold was the most outward and remote image, reflection and replica of the planet that occupied the most outward position in the natural or external degree of Creation. Thus, you have here a multiple outwardness: It happens in the external degree of Creation — the first externalization! Within that degree, it happens in the universe that occupies the external position of the multiverse — the second externalization! Within that external universe, it happens in the galaxy that occupies the most external position of that most external universe — the third externalization! Within that galaxy, it happens in the solar system that occupies the most external position of that galaxy — the fourth externalization! Within that solar system, it happens on the planet which represents the most external of all externals — the fifth externalization! And, finally, the newly fabricated life forms from the elements of the negative state are placed on the most outward, most remote and most external replica, image or reflection of the most external planet — the sixth externalization! (In actuality the mystery of number six relates to the apocalyptic number of the beast — 666. This is the true significance of that number in a spiritual sense.)”


“However, as long as this particular image is connected to its original source-planet, the lifestyle of the newly produced life forms — humans — has little chance to take hold in the manner planned by the pseudo-creators. Connection to the original source, which has all information and knowledge of all and everything, cannot successfully produce ignorance and unconscious processes conducive to the planned proof of the possibility of life derived from a source other than the positive state of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“Therefore, it was necessary to remove that particular image or reflection or replica from its source and place it elsewhere in a condition of total isolation and separation from everywhere and everything.”


“And, yet, at the same time, the purpose of its separation required its placement into a position that would be one-sidedly accessible to everyone and everything from elsewhere in a manner not perceptible by humans (from the position of their conscious awareness).”


“The reason why it is a one-sided access is because this access is only to planet Zero but not from planet Zero. Planet Zero and humans on it are positioned in such a peculiar place and condition that they have no direct, experiential access to anyone or anywhere/anywhen outside of their own planet and its immediate vicinity and solar system, as well as outside of their own time.”


“However, everyone else from everywhere and everywhen may have access to planet Zero by two, very specific and particular, modes: 1. By projection of their thoughts, ideas, concepts, feelings, desires, wishes, wants, etc., into the human mind; and 2. by incarnation on planet Zero by the established unusual, unnatural, abnormal, unhealthy and impossible (made possible) so-called physical birth (one of the most unpleasant experiences one can choose). A direct appearance of people from other regions of the multiverse and the Zone of Displacement, in their original and genuine form, is not possible on planet Zero (before this time and at this time) because they could not survive its unusual condition and position. They can do so only in dreams, during a plenary state of inwardness and visions of the mind.”


“On the other hand, humans are not allowed outside their sphere of influence which is limited and restricted to their planet.”


“Because of this situation, planet Zero cannot be situated within any known space and time of the multiverse or the Zone of Displacement. If it were, it would have access to either the other regions of the multiverse or to the other regions of the Zone of Displacement. Either situation would make the illustration, exemplification and manifestation of the consequences, outcomes and results of the negative state impossible.”


“In the first case, the connection would be with the positive state which would nullify any such effect. In the second case, the connection would be with the negative state which would block the ability to sustain the state of ignorance and unconscious processes.”


“In this latter case, humans would know immediately the source of their problems, states and conditions. Being of the rebellious nature (this is the way they were fabricated), they would immediately rebel against their fabrication and refuse to go along with the original plan.”


“In that case, the whole issue about answering the question of life originated by the negative state could never be resolved and answered. The entire Creation would suffer the lack of important knowledge. The consequences of such a lack would be incalculable.“


“So, then, where is planet Zero situated or located? What are its coordinates?”


“Paradoxically speaking, the position of planet Zero is in a position of zero. That is to say, it is in neither dimension, nor in any region of the Zone of Displacement, but relative to all of them without any direct connectedness to any of them.”


“This is very difficult to explain. There is a state in the multiverse which is no state and a place which is no place and time which is no time. But it is not limbo, which is outside even this state of no state. You can conceptualize it as a state existing between limbo and everything else, in the closest proximity to the Zone of Displacement. It can reflect all states, conditions and places but not as their original copies or duplicates. Its non-dimensional condition and spatial-temporal warp receives everything in a totally distorted manner.”


“Thus, all perceptions of inhabitants of planet Zero, regarding anything, by their very nature, are never congruent to any reality of anything, including the ‘reality’ of the Hells.”


“The peculiarity of this condition is further complicated by the fact that, by their very nature, humans and their planet are always on a distorted receiving end. This means that all thoughts, feelings, ideas, concepts, creative endeavors, behaviors, attitudes or whatever you have in human life, and all conditions, states and processes of their planet, are never original, produced from their own mind or by their planet’s condition, independent of anyone or anything else. Instead they are all, without any exception or exclusion, by the influx of someone or something else outside the sphere of their position.”


“As these spiritual, mental, physical and Zone of Displacement’s processes are coming into the human sphere, they have to go through certain dimensional blocks and warps which are inherent in the nature of their position and which utterly distort the original version of the sent material — whatever it might be.”


“One of the reasons why the pseudo-creators situated planet Zero in the zero position, and in its peculiar state, was because, by its very nature, that position is not capable of reflecting or receiving anything in its original condition, content and form. It distorts everything.”


“This was an assurance for them that humans would never be able to learn or to properly understand the truth about their situation or about anything else for that matter.“


“Now, in this kind of condition, the full illustration, demonstration and manifestation of all consequences, outcomes and results of the activated negative state can take place the best. Human life, with its planet, suits this purpose in the most vivid and learnable manner.”


“No other condition, outside of human life, is as suitable for this process as the human life. After all, it was fabricated exactly for this purpose.”


“But the special condition of human life required also a very special cosmic position. Because nothing original exists in human life, humans could not have been placed on a planet of the original state. Only in the most remote state of reflection of the real planet could such life take hold.”


“Looking on human life and planet Zero from this perspective, two things become obvious: First, the physical world of humans and their life is only a transient weak input of someone else’s perverted idea for the purpose of proving the point that life can originate from the non-spiritual source; second, the nature of human life requires a total dependency on influx from someone and somewhere else; in this case, primarily on the dead life of the negative state that feeds incentives to human life.”


“Both points indicate that the reality of human life and its planet is very tenuous and illusory, lacking any proper foundation and permanency.”


“But, in order to give humans any semblance of reality of their being and existence, it was necessary to disconnect them from any awareness of their true state, place and origin.”


“Thus, humans have no other notion than that they are independent and free creatures and that their thoughts, feelings, concepts, ideas, behaviors, attitudes, endeavors or whatever they have are their own productions, originated in their own mind-brain. Only with this kind of arrangement is it possible to accomplish whatever is needed to be accomplished with human life. Any endeavor in any respect must be founded on the awareness of the sentient mind that it is its own independent production and not of some kind of outside force which uses the sentient entity as its medium or tool for that endeavor.”


“It is not by coincidence that The Lord Jesus Christ had to incarnate on planet Zero, into the human life. First of all, as mentioned before, it gave Him/Her a body which was produced from the elements of the negative state and by means of which He/She could enter all the Hells. But, most importantly, it put Him/Her in an impossible position to perceive ‘reality’ the way humans do. From that position, The Lord Jesus Christ could initiate the process of conversion and change of the mode of the humans’ perception, once they leave planet Zero.“


“An even more important reason was that, by having experienced human life and its distorted and distorting position, He/She could implant into it a different perspective which will eventually lead to the possibility of establishing a state in humans conducive to the learning of all these facts about themselves and the negative state without distortion. What happened here is that, after the fusion of the physical body of Jesus Christ into the totality of The Absolute Nature of The Most High, The Lord Jesus Christ, in His/Her New Nature, became the only possible link to any true reality for humans.”


“Thus, while before that time no possibility existed for humans to receive or perceive anything in its true condition, state, content and nature, but only in a falsified, distorted and perverted manner, after this process with The Lord Jesus Christ was completed, humans, for the first time, will be able to know and to understand the truth in its original, literal state, condition and content by and through The Lord Jesus Christ; of course, as always, only if they choose to do so by their free will and choice.”


“The distorted and distorting condition of the human position and the position of their planet was also the reason why any real, genuine spiritual truth could not be written or revealed, up to this point, in any other language but the language of correspondences, symbolism and representations. This language cannot be distorted. Having no conscious knowledge that such is the case, humans are not capable of distorting the inner spiritual sense of real truth. They had no capacity to understand or even perceive this truth. But The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ makes this perception, understanding and application possible.”


“For that reason, the fullness of this New Revelation, as it is revealed in this book, about these important issues, could not have come until the process of fusion and hybridization, described in Chapter Two and throughout this book, was completed.”


“Whatever was revealed before that time was either distorted or given in pure symbolism and correspondences so as not to be distorted. That way only its literal meaning could be distorted. Being that literal meaning has no meaning, its distortion has no meaning.”


“This is the reason why the revelation that came through Swedenborg still contained major distortions, and why the first portion of The New Revelation, contained in the other nine books by this transmitter, could not have been completed or fully explained. However, once the link between the true reality and human life was established by this act of The Lord Jesus Christ, this current revelation could be fully granted.“


“What you have to realize here is that this link does not function that much for humans while they are still living on planet Zero. For the time being, nothing much can be done about the situation of planet Zero. Before this link was established, humans’ behavior, after their arrival into the intermediate world of spirits, was very peculiar.”


“What do you think of humans’ behavior even now? Instead of looking around, listening and learning, the first thing they do is to try to establish their own lifestyle, believing that they are superior to everyone else and that their religion, or whatever belief system they have, is the only acceptable truth. Therefore, they immediately try to convert everyone they encounter to their belief system.”


“Unfortunately, being fanatical about their belief system, in their utmost boastful human arrogance and intolerance, they are trying to forcefully impose themselves and their beliefs on others, denying them any freedom of choice. This is particularly true about Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses and the so-called born-again Christians.”


“This type of behavior is typically human. No other sentient entities have such inclinations. In fact, to behave in this manner is for all but humans a horrid and shocking act.”


“Because of the original lack of the above-mentioned link, this behavior was permitted and tolerated for a long time and humans, in the intermediate world of spirits, were allowed to form themselves into societies, states and organizations in accordance with their preferred mode of life and religion, believing themselves to be in Heaven.”


“This situation continued for almost two thousand years in your time. But, recently, it was completely abolished and is no longer tolerated.”


“At the moment they arrive into that world, humans are introduced into the reality of their situation and The Lord Jesus Christ personally reveals Himself/Herself to them, giving them an opportunity to experience the truth in its original, non-distorted state and content.”


“Through this personal experience, humans have a clear choice in the matter. Therefore, they no longer need to gather into societies and organizations of their own kinds, but instead, either they are sent to The New School for restructuring, relearning and transformation, or they join similar minded humans in some regions of the Hells.”


“In assessing humans and their position, you have to be aware of their very fragile, unstable and infested condition. Being that they are on the receiving end, humans are very vulnerable to all kinds of spiritual, mental and physical infections, illnesses, diseases, complications and aging processes.”


“As you remember, they were structured in all respects in such a manner as to naturally incline toward the negative state rather than being positive in accordance with the structure and dynamics of the positive state. Their proclivity to be evil, cunning, deceitful, utterly selfish, self-centered, immature, one-sided, rigid, inflexible and habit-forming is genetically ingrained or encoded in all aspects of their spirit, soul and body.”


“This condition makes it difficult for them to perceive, understand, acquire and sustain a truly positive and spiritual lifestyle which requires openness, flexibility, humility, honesty, decency, modesty, innocence, truthfulness, selflessness, lovingness and changeability.”


“In their outward, physical appearance, humans resemble most of the known sentient entities in that that they walk on two feet, have two hands, two eyes, two ears, etc. However, this resemblance ends with this external appearance. And, although they contain within their bodies organs similar to those of many sentient entities, the positioning of those organs, as well as their structural composure and function, differ very much”


“This is particularly true about the structure and function of the human brain, nervous system and sexual organs. The structure and function of their brain and of the entire nervous system was completely changed and rewired in such a manner as to make it impossible for humans to sensorially perceive reality the way it really is.”


“This restructuring was a necessary step in order to make it possible for humans to survive on planet Zero, which is positioned in the most isolated, separated and unusual place outside of the multiverse, outside of the Zone of Displacement and outside of limbo.”


“To sustain any form of life in such a cosmic condition is an extremely difficult task. This is the reason why the human body is so vulnerable to all kinds of breakdowns and wears out so rapidly. As you are aware, the average life span of that body is no more than 75 years. And although medical science somewhat improved this condition, humans rarely live over 95 years.”


“If you compare this life span with other races in the multiverse, it is so short in comparison to them it is as though it does not exist at all. If humans were not genetically conditioned to procreate in such an intense and frequent manner, their race would perish very fast without any traces.“


“In this respect human sexual organs were structured purposefully in such a manner as to make them, for most of them, very fertile and easily impregnated so that they could sustain and maintain their race alive. They have a very strong sexual drive and need for mothering and fathering. This is purposefully conditioned and reinforced by all kinds of religious doctrines and dogmas, and other social expectations, in order to assure the continuous aliveness of the human race.”


“From the position of total isolation and separation from and inaccessibility of humans to anyone and anything else in the multiverse and in the Zone of Displacement, from being totally alone, and from having no direct experience of any other sentient entities, humans developed a kind of superiority complex and boastful arrogance. They seriously consider the possibility that they are the most unique and the only sentient life form in being and existence and that, therefore, they are very precious and valuable and no one and nothing can compare to them.”


“At the same time, because they do not see and experience any other condition for the development of sentient life, they consider human life in its bodily manifestation and external, outward combination and environment as the only feasible and scientifically possible life.”


“Thus, in most instances, human science does not derive life from its ultimate spiritual source but from the unusual combination of the external cosmic particles or stew which by sheer chance produced what is called life.”


“Not knowing anything directly about the possibility of any other state, condition and process of life but their own human life, humans developed an unusual attitude toward their type of life. They desperately cling to this life as though with their physical death they cease to exist completely.”


“The nature, structure and content of human life, being that it is an impossible phenomenon, made possible by a very peculiar combination and force, in comparison with all other manifestations and carriers of life, places human life in a position of being a cancerous, infectious, incurable and dangerous cell that, in reality, has a tendency to devour anything truly alive. It is a parasite that lives off its host by devouring it and destroying itself in the process.”


“In a true sense of this word, humans do not live but vegetate. They have no idea what the true life is all about.”


“In order to illustrate the type of life that did not originate from the positive state, that is, from The Lord Jesus Christ and His/Her spiritual principles, human life was permitted to come to its fruition.“


“The lesson here is very obvious. Unless life truly derives from The Absolute Source of Life — The Lord Jesus Christ — and His/Her true spiritual principles it cannot attain any other condition, form and style but what human life in reality is.”


“In vividly illustrating, exemplifying and conveying this lesson, human life has its value. No other value can be ascribed to the human life. After all, to repeat again, it was fabricated and permitted to come into its impossible being and existence exactly for this purpose.”


“This is the reason why human life, humankind and planet Zero are positioned cosmically, spiritually, mentally and physically in such an unusually impossible condition. In reality, as mentioned many times before, nothing is possible about human life. It is an ugly monstrosity, tolerated only for the purpose of a valuable spiritual learning. And, yet, The Lord Jesus Christ did not hesitate to incarnate into the human life, into the worst possible condition, and even incorporate the human body-flesh, after its Divinization, into the totality of His/Her Absolute Nature.”


“Besides what was already revealed about this incarnation, two other reasons for this act will be emphasized here:”



“The salvation of all from the influence of the negative state (particularly humans and creatures fabricated in the Hells) is not possible from any other condition but from the position of the product of the negative state itself. The product has to include all aspects of the negative state at all levels of its manifestation. As you know, humans were fabricated from the three contradictory impossible elements — distorted and perverted elements of the true life, direct elements of the dead life and several combined elements of various non-sentient life. From bringing about this peculiar life form, the consequences, outcomes and results of the activated negative state could be manifested.”


“The salvation of the entire Creation from the negative state is possible only from the end results of the activities of the negative state. That is to say, in order to enter the negative state, without annihilating it, it was necessary for The Lord Jesus Christ to enter the end product of the negative state first, acquire proper means and with these means enter the dead life of the negative state itself.”


“No other life forms except humans were of the most suitable means for accomplishing this goal because humans are the end product of the negative state.”


“In another sense, the need to start with the human life is in the fact that, if any other means for entrance into the negative state were available but human (which there was not), humans would be excluded from being eventually transformed and saved from the negative state and the human life. In that case, though, the negative state could not be eliminated because its end product — humans — would be either continuously producing the negative state in a human form, content and condition or, losing the support system from their parents — the Hells — they would eternally perish or cease to exist. Such an outcome in itself would be very negative. Therefore, by the fact of this outcome, the negative state would continue in its dead life in some other form and condition.”



“And here comes the second reason why The Lord Jesus Christ entered the negative state via the human life. As you know, inherent in His/Her Nature is Absolute Love and Absolute Wisdom. Simply stated, The Absolute Love is Absolute and All-encompassing. It cannot exclude humans from its sphere. Otherwise it would not be Absolute. The Absolute Wisdom of this Absolute Love requires from Him/Her to love in an Absolute Sense adjusted to the level and needs of each carrier of any life.”


“Thus, it would be in violation of The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ and all His/Her spiritual principles if He/She were to bypass humans and let them be to their own self-destructive destiny. After all, humans perform for the entire Creation and its multiverse an invaluable service by being what they are and the way they are.”


“In this respect the question is, after the human type of life exhausts its usefulness and all spiritual lessons are learned, after the elimination of the negative state, what is going to happen to humans, humankind and planet Zero?”


“The fact that humans, by their unusual mode of life, provide an invaluable service to the entire multiverse of Creation has a redeeming quality. Moreover, as revealed previously, any life, including an impossible human life, contains within itself the ability to freely choose and to change. This ability is utilized by The Lord Jesus Christ in the process of spiritual, mental and physical transformation of humans, after they leave their planet and physical body in which their life was trapped.”


“You have to understand that human life is integrally connected to the type of humans’ physical body and planetary condition in which they live. Only in human life, and nowhere else, the environment of their planet and their physical body predominantly rule their mode of life. Human life depends on these two external factors. Humans have very little mind control and conscious regulations of their bodily functions and their physical environment. Whatever mind control they exhibit in this respect, in comparison with other sentient entities who have full control, is so infinitesimally small that it does not count.”


“Their boastful arrogant claims about some humans’ ability to control with their mind the processes and functions of their bodies and their physical planetary environment through engineering, is nothing more than boastful arrogance. It is of such limited proportions that it does not give them any true control. At the end, they still succumb to the rule of their body and their planetary physical environment. And although some selected individuals can accomplish, through the use of a special trancelike condition, relatively much, they are only a meager exception to this rule.”


“So, when humans leave behind their physical bodies and planetary environment, they leave the two most potent stimulators and conditioners of human life. What they take with themselves instead, is the mode of human living or their human lifestyle.”


“In reality however, not being continuously reinforced in the mode of human life by their physical body and planetary environment, it is not as difficult for humans to relinquish their human lifestyle as it seems at first glance.”


“All they need to do is to honestly express their desire to The Lord Jesus Christ to be freed from their vicious, rigid, stubborn and arrogant habits, inherent in their human life.”


“Of course, another problem with humans is that their life is specifically bound only to a certain condition. Without having this condition, reflected in their physical body and planetary position, they cannot function.”


“So, when they come to the intermediate world of spirits, after all their conditions and situations have been explained to them, they are given a choice to transform either into positive entities or negative ones. Either choice requires extensive work on changing the entire structure and function of their mind so as to comfortably accommodate them to their newly chosen life.”


“Thus, in either case, after this extensive spiritual, mental, genetic and physical transformation is completed, they retain nothing specifically human within themselves or in their outward form.”


“A choice to be transformed into a positive entity brings humans into a special division of The New School where they undergo the abovementioned process and subsequently join the ranks of angels and positive spirits relevant to their newly chosen destiny.”


“A choice to be transformed into a negative entity is much easier and does not require such an extensive accommodation because, by their very nature, the way they were fabricated, humans have a natural inclination to be negative anyway. Only few adjustments are necessary in this case in order to align them with the atmosphere of the respective Hell they choose to enter and to settle. In the process, these humans join the ranks of devils, Satans, demons or evil spirits suitable to their own chosen lifestyle.”


“As already mentioned in the books Fundamentals of Human Spirituality, Messages From Within and Major Ideas of The New Revelation, this typical human era was entirely eliminated from the intermediate world of spirits.”


“To remind the reader again, humans, until not long ago, were allowed for some important spiritual reasons to establish themselves in the intermediate world of spirits, where for many centuries they perpetuated typical human life as they had it on planet Zero. They were given an illusion of being in their formal physical bodies and on their former physical planet.”


“Only with such an illusion could the typical human life have been maintained, being that it is specifically bound by these two conditions.”


“But this is no longer the case. The only place where human life is still vegetating (Humans do not truly live. Instead, they vegetate!) is on planet Zero. No other places exist where humans can be found any longer.”


“Eventually, after the services which humans perform for all are no longer required, human life, in its present form and condition, will be eliminated entirely on planet Zero also.”


“Planet Zero itself, after its purification and cleansing from all pollution, poisons and contamination by human life, will be returned to its original place in the sphere of the original planet Earth. Or it will succumb to self-destructive nuclear, or any other type of holocaust (its sun can go supernova, for example) and its image and reflection will disappear from the multiverse.”


“Of course, all experiences of humans, from the moment of their fabrication to the moment of their very end, will be eternally preserved in the Multiversality-Of-It-All (Lake of Fire and Brimstone) for the eternal learning of all sentient entities of what never to choose.”


“And, by this act, the history of humankind, in all its entirety, will end forever.”


“ If anyone has ears to hear and to listen, let him/her hear and listen to what The Lord Jesus Christ reveals in this Chapter.”





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