Life After Human Life



On April 9, 1988, at 6:00 in the morning, the word of The Lord Jesus Christ came to me, saying,


“In view of the revealed facts about human life, it is obvious that, to repeat again, human life is not what humans think it is. Of course, being typically human, humans have never been able to come up with any unifying and unified theory about their own life. The numerous contradictory and irreconcilable theories about the origin and nature of the human life existing side-by-side on your planet are a good example of this situation. But none of these theories come even close to the truth of this matter.”


“The topic of this Chapter is twofold: One is the revelation about the destiny or fate of humans immediately after they leave their planet or, what they call it, after they die. The other is the answer to the question of what is going to happen to human life or, to be precise, to humans who were specifically fabricated to be humans, after the negative state and human life are eliminated.”


“As you remember from the books Messages From Within and Who Are You and Why Are You Here? not all humans on planet Zero are actually humans. Many present on your planet assumed human life and human form for certain important spiritual purposes. On the other hand, many humans, in fact, the majority of them, were fabricated for the sole purpose to be nothing else but typically and specifically humans.”


“In the case of non-humans, who assumed human life and its form on a temporary basis for the purpose of their mission on planet Zero, the situation is simplified. After they complete their mission, whatever it might be, and leave planet Zero, they return to the place, state or condition from which they incarnated on your planet. This return, after the death of their human body, is not instantaneous. Before joining their home base, they need to go through a period of, what you would call, quarantine. They undergo a special type of spiritual ‘fumigation,’ during which all pollutions, poisons and contaminations of the typical and specific human life are removed from them and they are thoroughly cleansed and purified from everything of the human nature. Subsequently, they join their own society and people.”


“The process of fumigation, purification and cleansing is true for those who come from and go back to the positive state, be it in the spiritual world or intermediate world. Those who came from the physical universe of the positive state do not return to their physical planet but to the intermediate or the spiritual world, respectively, which corresponds to their physical world.”


“The situation is different for those non-humans who assumed human life and its form on the mission from various Hells and other regions of the Zone of Displacement. They do not go through the process of fumigation, purification and cleansing. Instead, the acquired human nature is being incorporated into their after-human life in such a manner as to become an integral part of their former nature in a transmogrified condition. The word ‘transmogrified’ in this connotation means removal of any positive elements that were acquired during their life on planet Zero, and extracting everything negative and very specifically human (in the negative connotation) and combining it with their own original nature. This is a type of reversed ‘fumigation,’ ‘purification’ and ‘cleansing.’ As a result of this combination, a more evil, more ugly and more vicious demonic nature is acquired which is subsequently utilized in the spiritual war against the positive state.”


“One of the many reasons why the negative entities from the Hells and other regions of the Zone of Displacement incarnate on planet Zero is to acquire some elements of human nature in order to become more evil and more efficient in opposing The Lord Jesus Christ and everyone in the positive state.”


“Of course, incarnation on planet Zero constitutes for the negative entities a certain amount of risk. After all, many positive entities have been incarnating on your planet until recently (as of this very moment, no one will be allowed to incarnate on planet Zero from any regions of the positive state. Whoever is being born on your planet, as of this date, the date of transcribing, which is July First, 1988, at 3:08 p.m. or 15:08, is born either as a typical human or as an incarnation of some evil entity from some regions of the Hells and the Zone of Displacement).“


“Thus, these demons in human form are exposed directly to the agents of the positive state in human form and run a risk of being lost from the negative state forever by converting to the positive state with the help of the agents of the positive state. This is the risk that is worth taking because, in case they succeed in their mission, after they return, they acquire unusual evil powers and abilities which were not available to them up to that point.”


“However, the agents of the positive state are exposed to the same risk. They are also in danger of being corrupted by the negative state and human nature and very often, they do lose their original true spiritual perspective and temporarily succumb to the temptation and promises of the negative state.”


“In either situation, whether conversion of the negative entities in human form to the positive state or the positive entities in human form to the negative state, this process is not as difficult as it seems. You have to remember that none of them have any conscious knowledge or memories of who they are, from where they came or what their purpose of being on planet Zero is.”


“As you know, this condition is the only way to enter human life and to experience what it is like to be a typical human. Any other way would not be a human way. So, being in full ignorance about these facts, either of these non-humans in human form can be easily swayed one way or the other. After all, they all have freedom of choice and the ability to change fully preserved in them. As you remember, these two abilities constitute the foundation of any life, no matter what kind it is. To repeat, life in any form or condition, be it positive or negative or human life, is utterly impossible at all without these two building blocks of life.”


“However, the majority of humans on planet Zero are humans proper. They were originated for only one purpose — to be humans and to exemplify a typical and specific human nature, as described in Chapter Twelve and throughout this book. These humans have never experienced any other life but human life. Their life in that special intermediate world, before entrance into the physical womb of their human mother, was within the human parameters.”


“Therefore, the question is what happens to humans after they leave planet Zero or, to use your expression, after they die? The situation with humans after the physical death of their bodies is much more complex than with anyone else. Do not forget that they have within them a typical human spirit and a typical human mentality. All they lack is their external physical body.”


“As you remember, externally, the human body, in its outward appearance, does not differ too much from any other bodies of the majority of sentient entities anywhere within this particular universe of the multiverse. However, the human physical body contains some organs that exist in no other type of bodies (for example, organs of elimination). The position of the organs of that body also differs, particularly the structure of its brain, the wiring of its nervous system, the sexual organs and the vocal cords. This was a very crucial change in the human body in order to accommodate it into the typical and specific human spirit and its human mentality. Once this human body ceases to function, the human spirit and its human mentality is released from it and continues in its life.”


“However, here comes the problem. Human life in its spirit and mentality is not suitable to live in any other sphere or atmosphere of life but its own. It cannot survive anywhere else.”


“On the other hand, it cannot be destroyed either. Any sentient life, no matter of what state, form and condition, is indestructible. Life can change its form of manifestation, it can transform from one state to another, but it can never be destroyed. Because human life is a perverted form of sentient life, regardless of its perverted condition, it cannot be destroyed. However, having the ability to freely choose and change, it can be transformed or, in the negative connotation, it can be transmogrified.”


“The process of transformation or transmogrification is not a simple one. It takes a lot of effort and time (the word ‘time’ is used here as a correspondence of certain spiritual states needed for this process to take place. In this connotation, it is not used as time measurement in your conceptualization of time). In the meantime, the human spirit and its mentality has to be somewhere.”


“In the intermediate world of spirits there is a very special holding area (no better term in the human language exists to describe this area), accommodated specifically to the conditions of survival of the human spirit and its mentality until the process of transformation or transmogrification is completed. It is to this special holding area that all true humans come first, after they die or leave planet Zero. Needless to say, this holding area is well isolated and separated from the rest of the inhabitants of that world. Communication with them is accomplished by special, indescribable protective means.”


“At the present time, the situation with humans after their physical death is considerably different than it used to be. The change in this situation was brought about by the completion of hybridization and fusion of the human body-flesh into The Absolute Nature of The Most High Who became the totality of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“Before completion of this process of fusion and hybridization, a certain degree of separation of some human elements from The Most High were present. The Most High used the human body of Jesus Christ to appear to humans, when needed and necessary, but it was still separated from His/Her Absolute Essence and Substance. As long as this separation existed, the fate of humans was different than it is now.”


“In a state of separation, no substantial change in the human spirit and its mentality could take place. Under those conditions of separation, the only thing that was possible was to suppress or make typical human nature dormant or tamed. But the human beast remained, albeit asleep. However, it could be awakened or recalled or brought to one’s attention at any time. It could not be eliminated or transformed into something positive. For this reason, until recently, three different states existed with humans after their physical death.”


“The first was within the frame of the positive state. Those humans who recognized the negativity, evilness and falsification of typical human life and did their best to dissociate themselves from behaving, acting, thinking, willing, intending and feeling in a typical negative human manner, and who, with good and positive intent, turned themselves to God, were allowed to form their own human heavens within the positive spiritual world, situated in this particular universe of the overall multiverse.”


“These human heavens were distinctly different from all other Heavens. Even though of the positive nature, because of continuous separation of human elements from The Most High, they were separated and isolated from the rest of Creation.“


“Communication with other regions of Creation, as well as with other heavens within this universe, was accomplished by mediators, specially appointed by The Lord Jesus Christ, who were trained, equipped and endowed with specific abilities to survive the human atmosphere and sphere. If any human from his/her human heaven had a desire or needed to visit some other sphere, other than the human heavens, he/she was required to undergo a special process of preparation and adjustment. This process allowed him/her, on a temporary basis, to enter that sphere and survive in it, as long as the purpose of that visit continued. However, in the moment the purpose of that visit was accomplished, both the visiting humans and their host would begin to experience anguish, indicating to them that it was time to depart each other’s companies.”


“For this reason, in the majority of cases, humans in heavens were limited in their communication and relationships within and among their own heavens.”


“To repeat again, this situation with human heavens reflected the state of continuous separation of human elements from the totality of The Absolute Nature of The Most High who is now The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“The second state with humans, after their physical death, was within the frame of the intermediate world of spirits. In actuality, humans had their own intermediate world of spirits, separated and isolated from any other intermediate worlds, where they were allowed to form themselves in societies, countries, states and organizations exactly in the same manner as they did while they lived on planet Zero, even preserving the names of their countries, cities, villages and planet. They called their intermediate world planet Earth and, for all practical purposes, it appeared exactly as the planet from which they came (planet Zero, called by them, Earth). Most of them firmly believed that they were on their original physical planet and not in some other world.”


“The type of humans who would settle in that world, for what they thought was on a permanent basis, were those humans who contained within themselves equally strong tendencies and inclinations both toward the negative state and the positive state. Or, whose decision to join one or the other side had not been clearly identified or made.“


“The lifestyle of these humans and their outcome was properly described in Swedenborg’s writings.”


“Any human, be he/she of the positive nature or the negative or undecided nature, respectively, after his/her physical death, entered this human intermediate world first. The length of his/her stay in that world was determined by the factor of identity with either state. The more identity with the positive state, the less time in that world and the sooner he/she joined one of the human true heavens. The more identity with the negative state, the less time spent in the intermediate world and the faster his/her departure to one of the human hells. The less identity with either state, the longer he/she stayed in the intermediate world until the choice and decision was made and the true nature of that particular human was exposed and manifested. Until Swedenborg’s time, the stay in that intermediate world of humans was possible for centuries. After Swedenborg’s time and until the recent abolishment of the human intermediate world, the stay could not exceed more than thirty years (using human time measurement).”


“The third state with humans, after their physical death, was within the frame of the negative state. Humans who showed overwhelming preference for the negative state, after their brief stay in the human intermediate world, joined humans of similar disposition in some of the human Hells. Also in the Hells, humans formed into their own societies and countries relatively separated and isolated from the other Hells.”


“Thus, as you see, no matter in what state humans settled after their physical death, they were always separated and isolated; as pointed out above, the reason being that it is in the very nature of being a human to be isolated and separated. In actuality, being of immense prejudice, superstition and bias, humans had little desire to associate with anyone but their own kind (with the exception of the so-called missionaries who always tried to visit other societies in order to convert them to human religious faiths).”


“It has been extremely difficult for humans to accept the fact that they are not a preferred, special and superior species. Thinking and considering themselves as being preferred, special and superior, they reject anyone else or look upon others as inferior to their own kind.“


“In the positive state of the human heavens, such an attitude was tamed but it always lurked from the suppressed and dormant condition. It took a lot of effort and work for human angels and angelic spirits to keep this negative tendency in check.”


“Of course, being of this nature, humans have an inordinate ability, with their boastful arrogance, to turn everyone else off. So, no one in Creation, or in the Zone of Displacement either, was too eager to associate with humans in any manner and way. As you remember, it was mentioned previously that the very first thing humans tried to do, whenever they met someone else in life after human life, was to convert that one to their own human mode, style and belief system. If that entity failed to convert, which was always the case, humans condemned him/her to the Hells, even though they themselves were in the Hells (they thought that they had this power of condemnation). Everyone avoided humans exhibiting such behavior as much as possible.”


“Now, this situation with humans existed until recently. Once the state of separation and isolation of the human elements from The Absolute Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ was eliminated, and these elements were fused into the totality of His/Her Absolute Nature, the process of either transformation or transmogrification could be started.”


“The spiritual principle requires that any process of this nature must be taken from the position of unification and oneness. It is only logical to assume that it is utterly impossible to deal with the state of separation and isolation from the state of separation and isolation. As long as this state existed, no truly transformative action could occur. The state of separation and isolation cannot transform an isolated and separated state. The only thing it can do is to maintain the state of that separation and isolation indefinitely. For this reason, as long as that state existed, humans were allowed to stay humans, separated and isolated from the rest, in all their states, conditions and situations.”


“Of course, this situation cannot be tolerated forever. As long as the state of separation and isolation exists, the negative state exists. It is a life of the negative state.”


“The first step in the process of elimination of the negative state is removal of the human isolation and separation by transforming and endowing humans with the type of life which is conducive to unification and oneness. The now unified elements in The Absolute Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ make this process possible.”


“As you know, only The Lord Jesus Christ can undertake such an enormous and unusual process. However, nothing is too usual about human life either. But, as long as human elements continued to be separated from The Lord Jesus Christ, no action could be taken in this respect. Any attempt to do so, under those separated conditions, would, in actuality, annihilate humans. The reason for this is in the fact that, without the human elements in The Lord Jesus Christ’s Absolute Nature, no human could survive The Pure Divine Sphere for a fraction of a second. Remember, human life is not conducive to any other form of life. Any other form and manifestation of life is deadly and poisonous to the human life.”


“The purified and divinized human elements within The Lord Jesus Christ allow Him/Her to approach humans at any time, condition, state or place, without any danger for humans, and to initiate the process of their complete transformation and endowment with a different life.”


“The first phase of the process of this transformation and endowment began in the human heavens of the spiritual world. It was completed today, as of this date. All humans in those heavens, by their free will and choice, were transformed and freed from the typical human nature and integrated into the totality of the rest of Creation. They are no longer separated and isolated from anyone in Creation. With this new life, their heavens received a new type of atmosphere and sphere which is conducive to anyone and with which they can enter any other places, states and conditions without need for preparation or mediation.”


“The second phase begins right now in the intermediate world of spirits where humans are being given a choice either to enter The New School, where they can undergo the process of this transformation and endowment, or they can enter any human Hell of their choosing. In response to these tremendous revolutionary changes with humans and others, the Hells are now also allowed to proceed with their own efforts in this respect.“


“As of now, all humans in their respective Hells were completely transmogrified and turned into the proper creatures of the Hells, and their Hells are no longer off limits to anyone. The process of transmogrification of humans in the Hells is a necessary step in bringing the negative state’s nature to full and total exposure.”


“As you remember, a few weeks ago it was revealed that the Hells of the pseudo-creators were opened and they could come out and join others in the other Hells. Their very first deed after their release was to transmogrify humans in their respective Hells so that all Hells could achieve their own pseudo-unification. Only the pseudo-creators had the knowledge of how to accomplish the process of transmogrification and pseudo-unification.”


“The Hells need to achieve their own pseudo-unification in response to the tremendous changes that have been occurring in the positive state. In order to effectively continue in their combat against the positive state and all its fundamental changes, they need this temporary unification.”


“Under the presently existing conditions, once any human dies and leaves planet Zero, he/she is placed into the holding area of the intermediate world. The duration of that stay for anyone in that area cannot exceed more than three years, counting in human time elements. Within those three years, every human is given a choice to convert to the positive state by entering a special division of The New School which specializes in human affairs.”


“In The New School the process of their transformation and endowment begins by The Lord Jesus Christ and His/Her assistants. No time limit exists for staying in The New School. One stays there as long as it takes for this process to be completed effectively, successfully and permanently. Different humans have a different degree of identification with the typical human life. The greater the degree of that identification, the longer the stay, whereby more elaborate and complex work is done. And vice versa: The less identification, the easier and the faster the process is.”


“Refusal to convert to the positive state and to enter The New School means a choice to enter one of the Hells where any human is transmogrified into a creature of the Hells.“


“Thus, as of this moment, no one of the human stock from planet Zero, after departure from that planet, is allowed to remain typically human for longer than, what corresponds to human planetary time, three years. This situation is a very crucial step forward in the process of total and complete elimination of the negative state and the dead life of all its Hells and their fabrication — human life.”


“In view of these facts, briefly revealed in this Chapter, it is obvious that human life is a temporary and transient occurrence. Once the negative state is eliminated, nothing will be available to feed the continuation of human life. After all, to repeat again, humans and their life are the product of the negative state.”


“All humans who will still be present on planet Zero at the time of the final elimination of the negative state (if life in any form or condition will be in appearance at all on your planet at that time!) and anywhere and anywhen else (within the allotted three years), will be participating in The Last Judgment. At that time, they will be given a final choice either to convert to the positive state and relinquish their typical human life or cease to be and to exist to eternity.”


“If any humans, by any chance, will refuse even then to convert to the positive state, the elements of the true life which originally came from the stolen life of the positive state will be removed from them and, in a purified, cleansed and fumigated condition, returned to their original rightful Source and Owner — The Lord Jesus Christ. By the act of this removal, such humans, or anyone else for that matter, automatically turn into absolute nothingness.”


“As you remember, life in any form and condition is alive and living only because of the elements of life that came originally from The Lord Jesus Christ. No other life is possible, regardless of how much such elements are perverted, falsified, distorted or mutilated.”


“By this last act, the typical, unusual, impossible and specific human life will end its history permanently to eternity.”


“Of course, all experiences of human life, from the moment of its fabrication to the moment of its elimination, will be preserved to eternity in the Multiversality-Of-It-All, called the Lake of Fire and Brimstone. The preservation of these experiences will be needed for eternal learning to all who will be created subsequently to this cycle of time. Because the creation of new sentient entities and their various life forms is continuous to eternity, the need to preserve these experiences to eternity for their learning is very obvious.”


“If any one has ears to hear, let him/her hear what The Lord Jesus Christ reveals in this Chapter.”





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