The Mystery of Sexuality in General


Human Sexuality in Particular



On April 30, 1988, early in the morning, the word of The Lord Jesus Christ came to me, saying:


“The topic of this Chapter causes you great concern, Peter. Recently, you have been very reluctant to continue in transmission of anything related to sexuality in general and human sexuality in particular.”


“As expected, the teachings of The New Revelation about sexuality caused considerable furor, condemnation, dissension, accusation and rejection by many who read what has been revealed about this matter so far. Some readers of The New Revelation originally were accepting its ideas with eagerness, until they came to those ideas which explained the issue of sexuality. This issue became a stumbling block for many.”


“You were accused, Peter, even by your closest ‘friends’ at that time, that the reason the topic of sexuality was conveyed and explained in the manner as it was presented within the frame of The New Revelation was that you needed, under the umbrella of Divine Revelation, to justify your own sexual problems and possible sexual involvement with women other than your spouse. These individuals blamed you, Peter, that you were trying to hoodwink them into believing your perverted ideas about sexuality as being the ideas of The Lord Jesus Christ. Because of this, some persons, claiming to be your closest friends and followers, dissociated themselves from you and from the teachings of The New Revelation. This rejection and false accusation caused you a lot of pain and suffering and you became somewhat bitter about this matter. Your ego-pride played a considerable role.”


“Unfortunately, the outcome of this whole affair caused you severe doubts about the verity and purity of not only the ideas on sexuality, as explained within the frame of The New Revelation, but also on the entire content of The New Revelation. You were questioning (and still are!) whether you really were/are transmitting the words of The True Lord Jesus Christ or your own fantasies, or whether you are being misled by some kind of demons or demonic spirits claiming to be The Lord Jesus Christ.“


“Of course, these doubts were immediately capitalized upon by the negative state and used for its severe attacks, blocks and spiritual regression in your case. Because of this unfortunate situation, you promised yourself that you would never again transmit anything about sexual issues. You have been hoping that this topic will not surface again as a separate entity and, instead, will be confined to brief explanations within the course of revelation of the new spiritual ideas not directly related to sexuality, as the case has been in the previous chapters of this book.”


“Notice, please, that transmission of this portion of The New Revelation was interrupted for several weeks. One of the reasons, although not the sole one, was your reluctance and unwillingness to proceed with this transmission in fear and anguish that you would be requested to elaborate more on sexual issues from the standpoint of The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ and everything that relates to that Nature.”


“Your reluctance and anguish, as well as the rejection of The New Revelation by its many former readers because of the teaching on sexuality, is understandable in view of the fact that almost from the very first moment of conception to the last moment of your physical breath, you have all been taught, as far as sexuality is concerned, and many other issues, just the exact opposite of what is being taught about it in The New Revelation. You were fed those ideas with your mother’s milk, so-to-speak.”


“It is even more understandable if you are presented these traditional teachings on and practices of sexuality as The Law of God; as a commandment of The Absolute Spiritual Authority; as a demand of civil, moral and legal (criminal) laws of human societies; as expectations of all those who are close to you, whom you love and respect and who love and respect you.”


“As you know, Peter, from your own experience, it is extremely difficult to turn around and outrightly reject all these accepted standards, claiming just the opposite of what they teach, demand and expect. Your reputation is put on the line. You expose yourself to all kinds of persecutions, blames and accusations. You are considered to be mentally ill or deranged. You are suspected of having all kinds of sexual deviations, being a person of what your legal laws call moral turpitude; your professional standing among other professionals is shattered and you end up in total misery, loneliness and isolation.“


“Ending like this, you start to doubt your own sanity and question the need for The New Revelation to be given to anyone, or whether it is really a New Revelation, coming from The Lord Jesus Christ, or your own fantasy, as some of your former ‘friends’ accused you. And you tell yourself, ‘Maybe, just maybe, they are right and I am wrong! Who am I to tell people anything about anything? If it is so painful and misleading, I must be wrong and everyone else is right!’ and similar negative thoughts enter your mind.”


“Now, if you, or, to be precise, the new ideas that are being conveyed through you, are wrong and coming from your fantasy or directly from the negative state of the Hells, do you not think that the negative state would do everything in its power to make them widespread and acceptable as it does with so many other transmissions from the spiritual world? You can be assured that, if this were the case, you would be on national television and radio talk shows, your books would be on the list of best sellers and by now you would be a multimillionaire. Would not just the opposite be true, that, if the negative state makes it so difficult, so impossible and so offensive to accept The New Revelation, that its new ideas are right on the target and that they are really coming from The very Divine Source — The Lord Jesus Christ?”


“Therefore, you are being asked, Peter, by The Lord Jesus Christ, in all humbleness and humility, to resume your transmission and to include in this portion of The New Revelation the ideas which will be revealed in this chapter about sexuality in general and human sexuality in particular. If humans and perhaps even some of your present friends, who will read this chapter, will be turned off by it and will condemn and reject you, Peter, let it be so and do not concern yourself with it. Do they really reject and condemn you or your ideas? Do they not condemn and reject The Lord Jesus Christ and His/Her New Ideas?”


“Remember what the old philosopher Plato said? That truth must be respected more than human opinions about you or anything else for that matter. Whoever is able, ready and willing to accept it will do so. Others have their own chance and choice. Let them bear the rightful consequences of their own choice. You are hurting for some humans, among Swedenborgians, for example, who, as your brother Ivan indicated, originally were very supportive of you and The New Revelation until they read its ideas on sexuality. From that moment on, they turned against you and rejected all else related to The New Revelation. Again, Peter, it is not you or your words they rejected but The Lord Jesus Christ and His/Her Words, not being able to see the real truth, preferring their own traditional and comfortably stagnant ways that keep them in bondage to the negative state.”


“Let it be known now by The Word of The Lord Jesus Christ that whatever was revealed about sexuality in the previous books of The New Revelation and what has been mentioned about it in some previous chapters of this book so far, as well as about all other ideas, is true and valid, conveyed directly by The Lord Jesus Christ. Nothing in it came from anyone else or from its transmitter.”


“Whoever chooses to accept it, let him/her accept it. Whoever chooses to reject it, let him/her reject it. It is not imposed on anyone to believe that this New Revelation is coming from The Lord Jesus Christ. But let the facts of human life and practice of human sexuality and its dire problems, as they have been since the time of fabrication of humans, speak for themselves.”


“So far, the revealed truths about sexuality in general and human sexuality in particular, although being correct and valid, have not offered the full and exhaustive understanding of its nature, content and practice.”


“A great and deep mystery about sexuality in general and human sexuality in particular exists that has not been conveyed or explained to you in acceptable and understandable terms. Nothing could be revealed in this respect until The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ was fully established and became eternally functional. As you see, there is a direct relevance of this mystery to The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. On the other hand, your reluctance, Peter, to deal with this issue and fear of being rejected by your physical friends somewhat delayed this transmission. But now is the time to overcome these negative feelings, and with an open heart and mind, to transmit what follows.”


“As you remember from the previously revealed ideas about sexuality, sexuality was conceived as an all-inclusive tool of sharing; as a motivating factor of creativity; as a means for acquirement of greater and better knowledge of one’s Creator, others and oneself; as a driving force of life; and as a medium of mutual delight, joy and pleasure. In conceptualization of human sexuality, sexuality has also been forcefully used as the only possible manner of procreation and keeping humankind alive, by supplying it with its new, numerous members.“


“What upset most readers and some of your former ‘friends,’ Peter, about the new conceptualization of sexuality was not the above description or definition of sexuality, but the way its practice was suggested.”


“In the new conceptualization of the practice of sexuality, it was indicated that the true practice of sexuality, from the standpoint of its spiritual principles, cannot be limited to an all-exclusive, limiting and restricting sexual involvement within marital bonds. In other words, many readers of The New Revelation assumed that Dr. Peter Francuch teaches and condones adultery, fornication and promiscuity (the way these readers define and understand adultery, fornication and promiscuity).”


“The only thing these readers conveniently failed to notice was that it was stated that humans, under presently existing conditions, are not even physically equipped to practice such a mode of sexuality. At the same time, it was emphasized that, should anyone get involved in a sexual relationship with anyone of the opposite sex, while either married or not, one should not rush into labeling such an individual as an adulterer or as a fornicator. Such an individual may or may not be adulterous or fornicative, depending on the nature, the content and the quality of his/her intent with which he/she approaches such an involvement. At the same time, the concept of adultery and fornication was redefined and put in a more appropriate perspective.”


“As you are aware, human conceptualization of adultery and fornication is limited primarily to the physical sexual involvement. Its unjust limitation relates to any sexual involvement outside the marital bonds, regardless of intention, motivation or reason for such an involvement.”


“In other words, anyone who is sexually involved, either while single or while married, with a person other than his/her spouse, regardless of why such involvement is pursued, is indiscriminately considered to be an adulterer or fornicator, respectively. No, or very few, other considerations are given to the concepts of adultery or fornication. In order to clarify this situation more, let us, once more, consider these concepts.”


“In The Holy Bible, being that it always deals with the spiritual issues, the concept of adultery and fornication deals mainly with one’s relationship to God. But, in describing this relationship, The Holy Bible uses human external language. It uses examples of human external relationships to convey internally the spiritual facts about how humans relate to their true Creator. But, humans, being in externals, assumed that The Holy Bible concerns itself literally with physical sexual habits and practices of humans. This false assumption led Apostle Paul toward a development of the most restricting philosophy of human sexuality that has ever been conceived. In the fact of the betrayal of Christianity, Paul’s teachings in this matter were unconditionally accepted and imposed on the majority of membership of Christian churches. They were reinforced by all kinds of social, civil, criminal and moral laws fabricated for that purpose.”


“From the viewpoint of The New Revelation, several levels of adultery and fornication exist:


1. Spiritual adultery and fornication;

2. Mental adultery and fornication;

3. Physical adultery and fornication;

4. Sexual adultery and fornication;

5. Social and legal adultery and fornication;

6. Moral adultery and fornication; and

7. Environmental adultery and fornication.”


“The definition and content of any of these adulteries and fornications is never determined by the process of the act itself, as humans define it, but by the quality, content and nature of intent, motivation and reason with which such an act is committed.”


“Spiritually, one is never judged by the process of the act itself, but by determining factors for which such an act is undertaken. No proper, just judgment can be rendered to anyone by the process of the act itself without any regard for precipitating intentional and motivational factors. With this principle and rule in mind, let us briefly look at the various levels or aspects of adultery and fornication.”


“In the concept of this position of The New Revelation, spiritual adultery signifies initial acceptance of The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, with a subsequent turning away from Him/Her, giving preference to any other spiritual or religious movements existing on your planet. Of course, this definition is applicable everywhere and everywhen and not only on your planet. Spiritual fornication in this connotation means an outright rejection to accept The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ and, instead, to give preference to any other existing spiritual and/or religious movement.“


“Mental adultery means an initial acceptance of the positive thoughts, feelings, ideas, concepts, will, intention, motivation, behavior and attitude regarding anyone or anything and then turning away from them and giving preference to their negative counterparts, as defined by the non-spiritual negative state. Mental fornication signifies a denial that any other but the negative state’s mental processes exist or are needed to be assumed and practiced.”


“Physical adultery means an acceptance of one’s external body and mind as a spiritual correspondence of the most within Spiritual Mind’s ideas and then turning away from these ideas and putting all values and meaning of life into the most external aspects of one’s life. But it also means use, misuse and abuse of one’s physical body and one’s external mind, not taking proper care of them and not keeping them in balance with all other aspects of one’s mind, after the initial commitment of doing it and in fact, doing it for a while. Physical fornication denotes refusal to accept any other source of life but the physical one and denial that any other but the natural level of Creation exists. It also means rejection of the need to balance one’s life in all its aspects.”


“Sexual adultery signifies an initial acceptance of the fact that sexuality is a spiritual all-inclusive tool of sharing, mutual benefit, common good, delight, pleasure and joy and a source of acquirement of greater knowledge of The Lord Jesus Christ, others and oneself, but, in a subsequent application of this fact, to use sexuality for totally selfish reasons and manipulation, use, abuse and misuse of others. This is one of the worst forms of adultery. Sexual fornication signifies denial that any other aspects of sexuality exist but the physical one and to have no consideration for the sexual needs of others but only one’s own physical pleasure, physical satisfaction and physical fulfillment.”


“As you see, in this conceptualization of sexual adultery and fornication, this act is not limited to the relationships with others other than one’s own marital partner, but the relationship between spouses can also be adulterous and fornicative if approached with adverse intents, motivations and reasons.”


“Social adultery means pretending to live, to breathe and to do all kinds of acts, jobs, performances for the sake of all (and knowing that such is the case), but, in fact, to do so for one’s own sake, using society as a means for one’s own selfish goals, instead of serving it as a goal of the well-being for all. Social fornication signifies to consider society a servant to one’s own needs without any regard for the needs of the members of the society.”


“Moral adultery is to think, to feel and to believe one thing and at the same time, to say, to express and to behave in the exact opposite way, knowing that this is wrong, but, nevertheless, doing it anyway. Moral fornication signifies an acceptance of this kind of mode of life as the only possible and feasible, pursuing it with all vehemence without considering any other possibilities.”


“Environmental adultery is an initial consideration of one’s environment as a reflection of the sentient mind and, from that position, taking proper care of one’s environment in accordance with the principle of balancing and ecology, but, at the same time, using one’s environment in a destructive, inconsiderate and selfish manner, knowing that it is wrong to do so. Environmental fornication means rejection of any other consideration of one’s environment but as an indiscriminate source for one’s use, abuse, misuse and service without any regard for its ecology or balancing needs.”


“In a deeper sense of all these aspects of adultery, to be adulterous means to know that something is right and true, and even support it externally, but to lust and do purposefully what is the opposite of that knowledge and truth. On the other hand, in a deeper sense of all these aspects of fornication, to be fornicative means to do things purposefully for one’s own sake without any considerations for anyone else or for any other levels of reality but what one thinks reality is. The key word here is ‘purposefully.’ To do something purposefully, whether with positive or negative intent, determines the degree of adultery and fornication in any singular or multiple acts.”


“One of the mysteries of sexuality in general is its direct relatedness to the driving force of life and being a tool for making life forms. Because of this mystery, sexuality is a direct participant on the conveyance to these life forms their content, meaning, purpose, manifestation, actualization and realization. This role of sexuality makes it one of the most potent tools of influence on the formation of various lifestyles and modes of relationships that exist in Creation, in the Zone of Displacement and on planet Zero.”


“Due to this most crucial role, it is not by coincidence that sexuality was used by the pseudo-creators as a target of their greatest genetic alteration, mutilation, perversion and falsification of its meaning, purpose, application and practice. It took them the longest to come up with the type of sexuality that would not only be the most remote from anything considered to be true sexuality in the positive state of Creation, but as sanctioned by God as the only possible mode of its practice in being and existence.”


“Thus, the pseudo-creators succeeded in fabricating typical human sexuality which has nothing, or very little, in common with how sexuality is conceived, perceived, understood, conveyed, practiced and manifested anywhere else in Creation and its multiverse. In this respect, you can say that human sexuality is an epitome of unnaturalness, abnormality, perversion, mutilation, impossibility and mixture of elements of the most opposing and irreconcilable qualities.”


“To repeat, human sexuality is something which is utterly impossible, made possible by unnatural, forcefully combined various elements, that have nothing in common, kept in their formation by a special type of spiritual, correspondential, magical and genetic binding, impossible for your human mind to even remotely comprehend!”


“You have to understand that one of the mysteries of sexuality can be found in the fact that sexuality is a gate through which the true life enters into its forms or carriers. Whoever has the key to that gate becomes the most potent influence on how life within that form or carrier will be carried on. If the pseudo-creators were to leave the sexual structure of the positive state intact, they would totally fail in their endeavor, the reason being that sexuality is a conductor of life energies and their total content in the most mysterious and enigmatic manner. It will conduct into its carriers anything that is being put into it.”


“The positive connotation of sexuality, coming from The Lord Jesus Christ, conducts all proper ideas of life and their true spiritual source which makes that life true, proper and alive. For this reason, nothing can be done to alter such life unless its conductor is totally restructured and connected to some source other than The Lord Jesus Christ and His/Her true spiritual principles.”


“Thus, the pseudo-creators undertook extensive experimentation with sexuality, which lasted many millions of years, until they came up with the most favorable combination, reflected in what you know as human sexuality. Until that time, nothing of this nature had ever existed or had been conceived.“


“The major purpose of fabricating human sexuality was to disconnect it from its true spiritual source — The Lord Jesus Christ — thus, preventing it from conducting the true life, and to connect it to a non-spiritual source, from which it would conduct the most unnatural, perverted, distorted, falsified and impossible life — human life.”


“This was the most difficult task to accomplish and many failures accompanied the pseudo-creators’ experimentation in this respect. The problem here is that sexuality is integrally connected to the true life and its aliveness. Any attempt to disconnect it from that source ends almost instantaneously in death.”


“What needed to be done was to come up with some unusual combination of the opposing forces, binding them together in such a manner as to fake being truly alive and living and, in an almost instantaneous manner, to connect it to sexuality while, at the same time, disconnecting sexuality from the true source of life. The fake life had to be almost identical with the original in order to force sexuality to conduct this new form of unusual and impossible ‘life.’”


“In actuality, what was done here was that the true sexuality, as conceived and practiced in the positive state by all people, was replaced or closed off with a fake one, fabricated from the various elements taken out from the true sentient life. This fake sexuality or pseudo-sexuality became a conductor of human life, as concocted from the ideas emanating from the negative state of the Hells.”


“Total removal of true sexuality from any life, including human life, is not possible because, being a conductor of true life, sexuality functions as an electric wire that conducts electricity — in this case, the true life. Thus, without that wire, no electricity of life would be forthcoming. (There is a corresponding mystery here between this role of sexuality and the physical phenomena of electric and magnetic forces.”


“As a matter of fact, the physical phenomena of electric and magnetic forces are a most direct correspondence of this role of sexuality in any sense. In reality, no such physical phenomena would be able to exist or to be manifested in nature unless this spiritual reality of sexuality and its role were in being and existence.)”


“However, one can insulate, isolate and conceal that wire and restructure it in such a manner as to allow it to conduct only a very limited amount of that life, sufficient enough to maintain a semblance of life in any form of life. At the same time, it is possible to use the rest of potentials of that wire by connecting it to some other source of fake life, making it conduct, in this unusual and impossible mixture, whatever you put into it.”


“This is how human sexuality was fabricated. The process and means of that fabrication are so complex and intricate that the human mind has no corresponding ideas, concepts, images or words which would be able to comprehend and apprehend how all this was done. It would be futile to try to bring it to your understanding even remotely.”


“At the same time, in the process of this fabrication, an inborn idea was planted in the human mind, claiming that human sexuality and the way it is understood, practiced and mandated by various spiritual, religious, moral, social and legal laws is the only possible way, the right way and the godly way.”


“Because this is a genetically ingrained idea in the human mind and the human body, it is almost impossible for any human to conceive of sexuality in any other way. No wonder so many humans and your former ‘friends,’ Peter, were turned off by The New Revelation’s revolutionary teachings about sexuality.”


“What was accomplished by the pseudo-creators in this respect was that they built into the human life system elaborate feelings of guilt, shame, embarrassment, disgust and aversion to any other mode of sexual life. Thus, for most humans, to think or to desire any other mode of sexual life triggers within them these adverse feelings, causing them numerous sexual and other spiritual, mental and physical problems, leading to nothing but sexual perversions, venereal diseases, acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), suffering and all kind of misery.”


“Unfortunately, this miserable outcome only reinforces the traditional human conceptualization of sexuality, telling you that, if you were to live your sexual life as mandated by all human laws and social expectations and traditions, you would not end up in this misery, whatever form or manifestation it takes. So, basically, humans have little choice, while living the human life, but to practice their sexuality the way it is mandated by their various laws.”


“Yet, as mentioned above, nothing truly normal, healthy, natural, proper, moral, spiritual, legal, or whatever, is in the structure, content, concept and practice of human sexuality, the major reason being that it is connected, in over 95 percent of its total capacity, to the wrong source. Only less than five percent of it is connected to the true source.”


“However, to make sure that the minimal connection of human sexuality to the right source does not influence its human orientation in a positive sense, the conceptualization and understanding of that source was tremendously perverted, falsified, distorted and mutilated to such an extent that it does not resemble in any manner its true original identity. In this manner, the thriving of human sexuality, the way it is, was securely assured indefinitely.”


“As you are writing these words, Peter, you are experiencing a slight undertone of annoying, aversive and disgusting feelings which are trying to tell you that what you have just written is total nonsense, a fabrication of your own imagination or some strange imposition of some kind of negative spirit or demon.”


“This experience of yours, Peter, only proves the point of what is being conveyed here about human sexuality. Being endowed with typical human sexuality, you are also endowed with genetically encoded feelings of disgust, guilt and aversion to anything that opposes the human conceptualization of sexuality.”


“But, please, tune yourself into the less than five percent of the connectedness of human sexuality to The Giver of Life. Your spiritual intuition from that region tells you something entirely different. There is a tremendous affinity to and inner certainty about what is being conveyed here. Listen to that inner intuition, ‘a still small voice within,’ and disregard all those imposed negative feelings about this issue.”


“In view of these facts, what then are the fundamental differences between sexuality in general and human sexuality in particular? Some of these differences can be formulated and pointed out. Others are too difficult to be comprehended by the limited human mind.”


“One of the major differences can be found in the above-mentioned fact that human sexuality, in more than 95 percent of its content, is connected to the wrong source of life. Therefore, in an overwhelming majority of situations, it conducts and conveys to the human mind wrong ideas, perceptions, understandings and experiences of life in all its aspects. Thus, it blocks from human awareness the true reality of being and existence of all its levels.“


“Because of this situation, humans have no idea what life and sexuality are all about. Being isolated and separated from everyone else in Creation and the Zone of Displacement, they have no experiential comparison between their understanding, conceptualization and practice of life and sexuality and all others.”


“Having no knowledge of anyone or anything else in being and existence, humans tend to conclude that no other conceptualization, understanding and practice of sexuality is possible.”


“On the other hand, in the true reality of sexual life of all sentient entities of the positive state, their sexuality is connected to the true source of real life — The Lord Jesus Christ and all His/Her spiritual principles. Because of this connectedness, their sexuality conducts and conveys to them only the right and genuine ideas about life and all matters of living and practicing their sexuality for the purpose it was established and shared by The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“Another major fundamental difference is that human sexuality is totally and completely externalized and physicalized. It has very little spiritual connotation and only very obscure mental connotation in the form of vague feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction. Because of this position of human sexuality, during sexual intercourse no true, all-inclusive sharing between the male and female can even occur. In fact, humans are locked in their own experiential mode, impossible to convey in any other manner but by external observation or vocal sounds which accompany such an intercourse.”


“However, the interpretation of these vocal sounds and external observation are very poor factors of sharing the internal experiences of this process because words and physical expression can be either faked or are unable to convey the true state and process of that experience.”


“So, humans can never know for sure what their sexual partner really experiences in the process of sexual intercourse. And not only that, but, very often, they are confused and unclear about their own personal or private experiences, ending frequently with feelings of emptiness, letdown and slight depression.”


“As a clinical psychologist, Peter, you know only too well how many human females are deprived of experiencing even their own orgasm. And what about human males who are frustrated with the possibility of impotence and premature ejaculation? And many other such problems plague humans, not allowing them to experience human sexuality even within its own tremendous limits. This is the result of externalization and physicalization of human sexuality.”


“The structure of human sexuality is closely related to its anatomical structure. Human sexual organs were purposefully placed in the most awkward and uncomfortable position, making it an art to maintain sexual intercourse for long without muscular cramps or physical soreness or some other uncomfortable physical symptoms which complicate the experience of true joy of sexual intercourse. One has to be very inventive in acquiring and establishing various novel sexual positions and manners of intercourse in order to fully utilize human potentials of one’s sexuality.”


“In the human male, the ability to engage in sexual intercourse depends solely on achieving and then maintaining a sufficiently long erection of his penis. Because of all kinds of prejudices, biases, superstitions and various other spiritual, mental and physical problems, this feat is not always possible. Too many external and internal factors can adversely influence this ability. Thus, one is dependent on too many other factors, which are seemingly beyond the control of any human male. And if and when the erection is achieved and properly maintained for a sufficient amount of time, how many human males are capable of achieving another erection immediately after their ejaculation?”


“The sexual cycle of the human male and human female is never properly aligned. Males reach orgasm more quickly than females. It is not easy for them to achieve a simultaneous orgasm of equal intensity during the process of sexual intercourse. Some human females are able to experience multiple orgasms, some none. How many human males are able to experience multiple orgasms? Not too many, if at all.”


“The most frustrating factor of human sexuality is that even though it is the most intimate means available to humans for experiencing others, their mutual sexual experience never allows them to penetrate their sexual partner’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, states and processes in the unique configuration of their partner’s personality. Even with such intimate sharing, albeit primarily physical, they still remain an enigma to each other. No matter how often they engage in sexual intercourse, no matter how long they have known each other, there is always something important about them that remains hidden from each other.“


“The reason for this situation with human sexuality is that it is disconnected from its proper spiritual and mental source. The lack of this crucial and vital connectedness is ever present in the process of, and after, sexual intercourse, even though most humans cannot put their fingers on what it is they are missing so sorely. No one, or very few humans, know that this disconnectedness is the major cause of all tragedies of human sexuality.”


“By a peculiar anatomical structure and by a peculiarity of the spiritual, mental and physical alteration, human sexuality was made a tool of the negative state to keep humans in blindness and in an inability to experience an all-inclusive sharing with anyone. An all-inclusive sharing would allow them to discover the nature of the positive state, rooted in such sharing, and turn their back on the negative state. This is the reason why human sexuality was structured the way it is.”


“Another gross limitation of the human body, related to its sexuality, is that the perceptive and sensory abilities of humans are extremely narrow in their scope and frequency. By their physical sensory organs, humans are able to perceive and sense an extremely limited range, being deprived of any perception of any frequencies which are beyond or above that range. And not only that, but their physical sensory organs do not reflect correctly the reality of that which is perceived by them.”


“Thus, you have here two limiting factors: First, many rich experiences are eluded by humans because of their inability to perceive and to experience things outside the range and frequency available to them; second, that which is within their range and frequency of perception and experience does not reflect the true reality of the perceived phenomena. In other words, what they perceive as reality is not the true reality but it is either a distorted reality or a totally false one.”


“For that reason, whatever is being experienced by humans during their sexual intercourse, as well as during anything else, is either distorted or false or is outside the range and frequency of their sensory perceptive abilities.”


“A good example of this situation is that every sentient entity, as well as every living thing, including humans, animals, plants, etc., continuously emanate a very unique sphere, specific to their nature, in the form of waves, energies, colors, lights, smell or whatever. This sphere is a reflection and content of all categories, attributes, traits and patterns of the unique structure and dynamics of each individual and individualized life form.”


“None of the humans, or only very few, in an extremely limited manner, can perceive these spheres, incorrectly called by them auras. But those who are able to somewhat perceive these so-called auras are unable to deduce any particulars about the nature of their emanators except in very general and imprecise terms. As you see from this, human perceptual and sensory abilities are enormously limited and one-sided, giving them, in most instances, incorrect or false perceptions of reality and of each other.”


“Taking into consideration all these factors, what kind of sexual relationships, or any relationships for that matter, are humans able to achieve? Very limited, distorted, unfulfilled, unsatisfied and mostly empty and void of any true meaning. Having no other experiential comparison, but their own, humans, in fact, have no experience of true sexuality, or any other experience. Their relationships are totally off, unreal (you, Peter, would say, ‘they stink’).”


“On the other hand, the spiritual, mental, physical and anatomical structure of sexuality in the positive state is totally different as compared to human sexuality. Sexuality, in its true connotation, is experienced, conveyed and shared simultaneously and synchronously by spirit, soul and body in unity, harmony and oneness of their function. Internal, interior and exterior aspects of sexuality are impressed and expressed as one, unseparated experience.”


“The sexual organs of sentient entities of the positive state are structured and positioned in such a manner as to convey the fullness of the content and quality of uniqueness of each individual’s spirituality, mentality and physicality. Thus, true sexual intercourse is never limited to the external experience of a vagina having in it a penis and a penis being in a vagina.”


“And although sentient entities in the positive state have sexual organs in their physical components, corresponding to human sexual organs, their structure, function, purpose and integration within the entire sentient system is totally different. First of all, these organs are always in readiness to share under any conditions. Their function and potency is controlled totally by the sentient conscious mind (they do not have an unconscious mind!) Both males and females are equally able to experience multiple orgasms.“


“The process of sexual intercourse in the positive state can be conceptualized as follows:”


“Each sentient entity emanates a very unique visible sphere in which unique qualities of the spiritual, mental and physical nature of his/her personality are fully contained and reflected. This sphere is fully charged with sexual energy which conducts these unique qualities to anyone who is in proximity to that individual and opens oneself for sharing.”


“There are two different aspects, emanating from this sphere. One is the sexual aspect, open to and perceived by a person of the opposite sex only — male to female and female to male. The other one is a general aspect, open to and perceived by anyone. These two aspects have a different function, but they are both used for sharing of one’s unique characteristics on a different level of life.”


“The sexual aspect is the most unique one, being no duplication of the same structure and content. Within itself, it carries a very special trait, imparted into it by The Lord Jesus Christ for the purpose of having a private, intimate and personal relation to Him/Her and to femininity and masculinity in general.”


“Prior to sexual intercourse, a perceptible signal is sent out to a prospective sexual partner. If that signal finds a favorable response, it returns to the sender, charged with a unique and unusually attractive and arousing scent and with an unusual spiritual, mental and physical disposition.”


“In the case of an unfavorable response, the signal returns to the sender, conveying a sense of gratitude and appreciation for giving one a choice to participate in a unique experience for which the recipient was not ready at the moment. Both males and females are equal in being on the sending or receiving end.”


“In the process of sexual intercourse, the unique sexual sphere, containing all unique characteristics of one’s masculinity or femininity, respectively, as well as all unique qualities of one’s personality from all its spiritual, mental and physical aspects, in an equalized and balanced manner, is sent out and engulfs the receiver. In turn, the receiver becomes simultaneously a sender and engulfs the sender, who becomes also a receiver, with his or her own unique sexual sphere.“


“In the process of this engulfment and total penetration, they merge into one another, and equally exchange the total content of their personalities, all their unique sexual characteristics, as well as their spiritual, mental and physical states. In the process of that exchange, several things happen:”


“1. Each participant acquires a unique experience of how the other person is and functions. Remember, please, each person is infinitely and eternally different. No two same experiences are possible even with the same person, if you engage with him/her in sexual intercourse. There is always something new and different to experience.


2. One person is experiencing the other person within oneself and at the same time, within that person.


3. One person is experiencing oneself within the other person and at the same time, within oneself with an unusual intensity and clarity.


4. One person is experiencing how the other person is experiencing him or her within himself or herself. 5. The unique experience of each other in a state of merger (nothing like that has ever existed before).


6. The unusual experience of the unique presence of The Lord Jesus Christ within that person and within oneself and the exchange and merger of that experience.


7. A totally new and unique experience of an aspect of life which has never been in an experiential mode before.”


“In the process of this multiple unique experiential mode, when all aspects of that mode are exchanged and merged, the spiritual, mental and physical presence of The Lord Jesus Christ takes place, bringing in that mode a totally new, most delightful, most blissful and most unusual experience that is culminated in a tremendous spiritual, mental and physical orgasm.”


“In the process of that orgasm two important things happen:”


“1. A totally new, hitherto unknown aspect of The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, of the nature of the sender and of the nature of the receiver, and vice versa, is revealed and experienced (now you know why in the previous portion of The New Revelation sexuality was conceived as one of the most important tools for acquirement of greater, deeper and more profound knowledge, understanding and love of The Lord Jesus Christ, others and yourself).”


“2. A totally new, hitherto unavailable and inconceivable idea is born, which is immediately endowed by The Lord Jesus Christ with a new individual sentient life that becomes, in its own right, a new, unique, free and independent sentient entity.”


“Because this is a unique experience, in order to acquire an infinite variety of such unique experiences for the purpose of enrichment and enhancement of one’s life and for the purpose of joy, delight, pleasure and exchange, and acquirement of greater knowledge, understanding and love of The Lord Jesus Christ, others and oneself, such an experience can never be limited to one other person only.”


“However, this situation does not exclude, by one’s choice, being spiritually married to one person to eternity. But such spiritual marriage does not contain any notion of exclusivity, possessiveness, jealousy or other negative characteristics, seen so vividly in human marriages. The true spiritual marriage, for the sake of its own growth, progression and betterment, is not only supportive of such infinite varieties of sexual experiences with other individuals of the opposite sex, but requires them as an integral need for the sustenance of such marriage.”


“This is the statement about sexuality and spiritual marriages that many readers of this book, as well as previous books by this transmitter, have so much difficulty in accepting, to the point of its rejection and turning away from The New Revelation. And yet, in view of the above-stated facts, it is only logical to assume that this is the only possible case.”


“However, inherent and genetically ingrained in humans is a reluctance or aversion toward this conceptualization of sexuality, which makes it almost impossible for them to see this beautiful logic.”


“To repeat here again, everyone who is reading this chapter has a God-given right and privilege to accept or to reject what is being revealed here about this matter. No one is forced into believing anything. If one cannot see the logic of this situation and arrangement, one will not be able to be convinced by any other means.“


“But there are some other mysteries about sexuality that need to be revealed. They will be revealed in the following points:”



“If you take into consideration the fact that the major general role of sexuality is to conduct life from its genuine source to its various forms — thus, to convey all proper, correct and true ideas of life, then for eternal survival of all sentient entities, who are the most important carriers of life, the most crucial factor in this respect is to have a full, explicit and implicit understanding, comprehension and application of the nature of sexuality.”


“Being the conductor or transmitter of life into its carriers, sexuality reflects the structure of true life. In its original structure, sexuality has three major aspects that correspond to the three major aspects of the sentient mind. Thus, sexuality consists of the most within spiritual aspect, intermediate or mental aspect and external or physical aspect.”


“These aspects of sexuality are discrete in relationship to each other and continuous within each other. In the totality of their structure, they function as one integrated factor.”


“The function of the most within spiritual aspect of sexuality is to continuously conduct proper spiritual ideas of life into its carriers. As you know, these ideas constitute aliveness of any carrier of life. One lives and is alive by having continuously supplied to him/her proper spiritual ideas of life. This is a central position of sexuality to the central position of the most within Spiritual Mind which uses sexuality as a means of emanation of the life-support system to all other aspects of any sentient mind.”


“The function of the intermediate or mental aspect of sexuality is to conduct a proper notion of transformation of all spiritual ideas of life into mental processes or mentation of any sentient mind. Thus, this aspect of sexuality provides a proper and correct atmosphere and foundation on which healthy, congruent to the spiritual state, mentality is formed and subsequently manifested in such processes as thinking, feeling, willing, as well as all other mental processes. The interior sentient mind uses sexuality as a means of emanating to all other aspects of any sentient mind the processes of its mentation. Without conducting these processes, the sentient mind would be disconnected from perception of its own mentation.“


“The function of the external or physical aspect of sexuality is to continuously conduct proper and correct ideas of forms for actions, behaviors, attitudes, motivation and the external appearance of any sentient mind. This aspect of sexuality gives the sentient mind a sense of becoming what one really is in one’s own outward, external manifestation and concrete experience of life through the mode of behavior, relatedness and ability to perceive and appreciate the natural aspects of life’s manifestation.”


“In the totality of these aspects, sexuality functions as a conductor of proper ideas of unifying principles of all levels, degrees and spheres of life and the sentient mind. This role of sexuality constitutes one of the greatest mysteries of its function.”


“From this role of sexuality, you can now see why it was the major target of genetic alteration by the pseudo-creators. Unless they were able to sidetrack sexuality from conducting proper ideas of life in all its three aspects, the pseudo-creators would never succeed in the activation of the negative state. You can say, for sure, that most of their experimentation in this respect evolved around the alteration of sexuality.”


“While fabricating humans and human life, the pseudo-creators first built a pseudo-inner mind to which they connected the most within spiritual aspect of sexuality. Second, after building the pseudo-interior mind, they connected to it the intermediate or mental aspect of sexuality. And third, the external or physical aspect of sexuality they connected to the pseudo-external mind which they built for that purpose.”


“In order to provide a life-support system into sexuality, the pseudocreators built from a special spiritual, mental and physical genetic material, a sideline, by which they connected sexuality to that infinitesimally small opening, existing from the most within Spiritual Mind, from the true interior mind and from the true external mind. This sideline was carefully structured in such a manner as to feed into sexuality only a limited amount of life energies, giving it life-support system, but nothing else. It cannot conduct any proper and correct ideas of spirituality, mentality or physicality and thus, of the true life.”


“Not having any direct connectedness to and experience of the true life at any of its levels, human life and human sexuality is void of any perception, understanding and conceptualization of what life and sexuality are all about. Instead, humans are continuously fed, through their sexuality, wrong, distorted and falsified ideas generated in the pseudo-inner mind, pseudo-interior mind and pseudo-external mind and subsequently conducted to all levels of their own life.”


“At the same time, through the means of wrongly connected sexuality, humans are continuously fed one special idea that tells them by all modes of perception, reception, impression and expression that their life and the way they conceive and practice their sexuality is a correct one and the only possible one, and that any other mode or way of living and practicing their life and sexuality is inconsistent with any life. To this idea, a feeling of guilt, shame and embarrassment is added, should anyone want, desire, wish or practice his/her life and sexuality in any other way, inconsistent with the mandated practice. By this devastating arrangement, the continuation of human life and its sexuality, exactly the way it is, is assured indefinitely.”



“From the above conceptualization of sexuality, another mystery about it can be deduced.”


“It is obvious that the function and role of sexuality is not limited to what humans call making love. Making love or being engaged in sexual intercourse is an expressive and impressive mode of sexuality on all its three levels.”


“In this respect, it is necessary to distinguish between two factors: 1. Sexuality as such; and 2. sexual intercourse. These two factors, although interconnected and interdependent, have distinctly different functions. In general, sexuality is a conductor of all aspects of life from its genuine source — The Lord Jesus Christ — to its various carriers.”


“The process of reception of life by any carrier of life by the means of its sexual conductor is experienced as a pleasurable event. Through it and by it one is directly connected to one’s Source — The Lord Jesus Christ. Through it and by it one establishes the most intimate, private and personal relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ. Through it and by it one lives and is alive.”


“These factors enable one to experience oneself as a unique, living, functioning, active and independent sentient entity. Such an experience constitutes the most delightful and pleasurable state one can achieve. It is the greatest thing of all to live and to be alive. Feelings of this nature stir within every sentient entity a state of orgasmic excitement, joy and happiness, experienced at all levels of his/her mind — spiritual, mental and physical.”


“Now, this is what sexuality is all about. This is how true sexuality is defined.”


“On the other hand, sexual intercourse is a process of sharing of all those delightful, joyous, exciting and happy feelings of life from the position of one’s unique masculine aspects for a male and feminine aspects for a female through which a male can experience how life is perceived, conceived, carried and experienced by a female and a female can experience how life is perceived, conceived, carried and experienced by a male.”


“The purpose of this kind of sexual intercourse is to achieve a unification and exchange of all masculine principles of life with all feminine principles of life and all feminine principles of life with all masculine principles of life. The result of such unification and exchange is the birth of a totally new idea which is endowed by The Lord Jesus Christ with a unique sentient life. Thus, sexual intercourse can be conceived as a more specific aspect of sexual life through which and by which one shares what one has with all those who are of different structural characteristics from the standpoint of distinction of feminine and masculine principles, respectively.”


“In the conceptualization of human sexuality, this distinction is lost. Human sexuality was reduced to what human scientists call coitus of two humans for the purpose of physical and biological satisfaction and pleasure and for the purpose of procreation. No, or very little, other connotation of sexuality is available for humans. This was a necessary arrangement in order to illustrate, for the purpose of spiritual learning, what life is like without proper conceptualization, understanding and practice of true sexuality. In other words, the purpose of human sexuality, from the standpoint of multiversal spiritual learning, is to illustrate by living examples how sexuality should never be conceived, perceived and practiced. Or what kind of sexual life and mode of lovemaking one should never choose.”



“From the above definition of sexuality stems its greatest mystery of all. This mystery relates to The True New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ.“


“If true sexuality is a conductor of all ideas of life, stemming from their source — The Lord Jesus Christ — then The Lord Jesus Christ in His/Her Absolute Essence and His/Her Absolute Substance is The Absolute Sexual Being. This is a necessary logical conclusion: If He/ She created and creates sentient entities for the purpose of sharing His/Her Absolute Life with as many as possible and if the conductor of that sharing is sexuality, then sexuality is an Absolute Integral Part of The Lord Jesus Christ’s Nature. It conducts the most essential and substantial elements of life — Divine Love and Divine Wisdom — or The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“In the relative condition, the condition of all sentient entities, sexuality is a conductor of love of one another and of wisdom of that love. It is a base and a foundation on which all relationships are built.”


“This is particularly true if you take in consideration the fact that the concept of sexuality is not limited to lovemaking but has a much broader connotation, as indicated in point two above.”


“Thus, all relationships between The Lord Jesus Christ and sentient entities, as well as all relationships among sentient entities, always have a sexual connotation in a general term of its understanding (and not only as a lovemaking process). Without sexual mediation and conduction of the various ideas of these relationships, no true relationships could ever be established.”


“But there is another aspect of this mystery related to The Lord Jesus Christ, human sexuality, the negative state and the process of salvation.”


“As you remember, one of the many important reasons why The Most High incarnated on planet Zero in the form and manifestation of Jesus Christ was to acquire a human body-flesh and its sexuality. Notice, please, that no one on your planet ever speaks of or considers the sexual life of Jesus Christ. And yet, an integral part of human nature and its form of manifestation — human body — is human sexuality.”


“It is impossible to produce a properly functional and usable human body without endowing it with that which makes its life possible, by conducting to it that life — human sexuality. Not only that, but The Absolute necessity to integrate human sexuality into that body stems from the fact that human sexuality is a conductor of all ideas of evils, falsities, distortions, perversions and falsifications of the negative state for the purpose of illustrating all consequences, outcomes and results of the activated and dominant negative state. Human sexuality plays, in fact, the most important role in this illustration.”


“As you remember, one of the many purposes of The Lord Jesus Christ’s being on your planet was to experience directly, first hand, all atrocities and abominations of the negative state for the purpose of conquering it, subjugating it and putting it in order. Because human sexuality provides this experience in the most direct, pronounced and intense manner, and is the most vital conductor and mediator of its true nature, it was necessary to fully integrate human sexuality into the physical body of Jesus Christ.”


“Now, most Christians erroneously assumed that Jesus Christ, being the Son of God, could never have any sexual desires or sexual involvement with human females. For them to even think about such a possibility is the worst possible profanation of The Holiness of The Lord Jesus Christ (as they define the concept of holiness).”


“In their understanding, how could Jesus Christ have any sexual intercourse if He was single and had never been married? After all, according to them, positive sexual involvement can take place only within legal marital bonds. Any other type of sexual involvement would be a great sin. Jesus Christ had no sin — the only Being in Creation without sin. Therefore, according to Christian logic, Jesus Christ could never have sex.”


“This logic is particularly conclusive if you take into consideration some literal statements of Jesus Christ about marriages and sexuality. The most commonly quoted statement is recorded in The Gospel According to Matthew, Chapter 5, verse 28,”


“‘But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.’”


“What all, or most, Christians assumed is that this statement is all inclusive and covers any sexual desire for a woman or a woman for a man, from any position and with any intent. Most literal interpreters of this statement assumed that the word ‘lust’ has only one connotation — any desire for sexual intercourse outside of marital bonds.”


“However, Jesus Christ did not specify in His words the issue of sexual intercourse other than lusting for someone else. First of all, to lust does not mean only a desire to have sexual intercourse. It means many other things. Because Jesus Christ used the words ‘lust for woman,’ everyone automatically assumed that He meant sexual lust. Secondly, to have sexual lust for someone does not necessarily mean that all and any desires to have sexual intercourse with someone else but your marital partner are always of a lustful nature.”


“As you noticed, Jesus Christ put emphasis on words ‘to lust’ in order to carefully distinguish between a lustful desire and a normal and natural desire. To lust for a woman or to lust for a man by a woman, in the literal sense, means to desire her or him solely for selfish, hurtful and harmful reasons and with a wrong, self-loving intent. Anything that is not for mutual benefit, common good, sharing and mutual delight, pleasure and joy, is lustful and therefore, evil or adulterous. This is what Jesus Christ meant in the literal sense of that text.”


“But, of course, as you know, Jesus Christ never spoke literally but spiritually and correspondentially. Thus, in this connotation, He did not speak about physical human sexual relationships at all, but about spiritual matters as conceived by the role of sexuality, serving as a conductor of any wrong ideas, attitudes and behaviors, stemming from the negative state, instead of using that conductor for mediating and conducting the proper, correct and right ideas of the positive state. Whoever looks upon the negative state in any of its manifestations, and not only in a sexual one, in order to appropriate to oneself its nature, commits adultery. To look upon the negative state, here represented by the term ‘woman,’ with such an intent is lustful and therefore, adulterous. The reason why Jesus Christ used the word ‘woman’ in this designation was for emphasis of the principle of separation on which the negative state is built. It is the nature of the negative state to be in separation from the positive state. Woman is separated from man.”


“The act of separation was an evil act which activated and put into dominance the negative state. Therefore, in this connotation, ‘woman’ does not signify a female or feminine principles in general, but, an act of separation for the purpose of activating the negative state. For that reason, the term ‘woman’ in this case, means the entire negative state which is totally separated and isolated from the positive state. The positive state is designated here by the word ‘man.’ ‘Man,’ in this connotation, does not mean male or masculine principles in general, but the principle of unification and oneness of all aspects of spiritual ideas and femininity and masculinity which are the nature of the positive state.”


“Thus, whoever from the positive state — ‘man’ — looks with lust upon the negative state — ‘woman’ — to have it for himself/herself, commits adultery in one’s heart because he/she wants to enter the state of separation and isolation, betraying the unity, oneness and harmony of the nature of the positive state.”


“Of course, no one in the positive state has such an inclination. But they do have that idea of freedom of choice to reject the true source of life. In this sense, what Jesus Christ is saying to them is not to look at that idea with an intent of its acceptance into their personal lives. Of course, this connotation of the quoted verse in Matthew eluded the majority, if not all, of Christians. Because they equate any sexual desire to the word ‘lust,’ Jesus Christ, in their conceptualization, could never have any sexual desire in human, or any other, terms. And yet, the great mystery of this fact is that Jesus Christ could not have accomplished the act of salvation of anyone without having human type of experiences also in the area of human sexuality.”


“As you remember from previous statements, in order to eliminate the negative state, one needs to have full firsthand experience and knowledge of its nature. No other way of salvation and elimination is possible. Because human sexuality, at all its three levels, was and is the major conductor and mediator of all evils, falsities and distortions of the negative state, thus, of the negative state itself, the only way Jesus Christ could come in direct contact with the full nature of the negative state was through direct experience and practice of human sexuality.”


“Let it be known now for the first time, that salvation of humankind, and anyone else, could have never been accomplished if Jesus Christ, during His life on your planet, were to avoid direct sexual experiences with human females. On this vital experience the salvation of all everywhere in being and existence, on your planet and in the entire Zone of Displacement, as well as eventual total elimination of the negative state, completely depends.”


“This statement contains the greatest mystery of all. Among many readers of these words, this statement may cause a furor. How can anyone come to such a devastating, wicked and sinful conclusion? Many will think and believe that, finally, Dr. Peter D. Francuch lost his mind completely and became insane.”


“But, before drawing such foolish conclusions, consider this logic:”


“In order to eliminate the negative state in its totality (and elimination is elimination only if it is total), one needs to experience all aspects of the negative state. To experience one of its aspects but to avoid experiencing any of its other aspects, would make it impossible to eliminate it in any of its aspects. Even if you were to disagree with the above conceptualization of sexuality, as the only conductor and mediator of life, in this case of the human life, you would have to agree that human sexuality plays a significant role in human life and all human problems. If you want to save humans from their problems, you cannot exclude from your experiential mode such a significant aspect of human life.”


“How much more important is it to experience human sexuality, if you agree with the above definition of sexuality in general!”


“So, because of these facts, it was extremely vital for Jesus Christ, during His life on your planet, to have sexual intercourse with human females in order to fully experience the total nature of the negative state for the ultimate purpose of salvation and eventual elimination of the negative state.”


“In the process of that experience, Jesus Christ, by means incomprehensible to any human understanding, little by little, step by little step, gradually repudiated from His body all evil, false, lustful, distorted, nasty and negative connotations of human sexuality, disconnecting it from its wrong source and reconnecting it to its original, rightful source — to The Most High God (as God was called at that time).”


“By this crucial and mysterious act, The Lord Jesus Christ paved a way for all humans, and all creatures of the negative state, to be saved from the bondage and slavery to the negative, giving them means, through Him/Her, to disconnect their sexuality from the negative state and to reconnect it to Him/Her (where it belongs!)”


“In this manner, their sexuality will be able to resume its proper role of conducting all right and true ideas of the true life of the positive state to all those in the negative state and human life who accept what is being revealed here.”


“Thus, human sexuality has now a chance to be saved from its negative connotation.”


“Another objection by most, if not all, Christians about this issue, can be expected from the standpoint of their consideration and understanding of the concept of virginity. As you know, virginity in the literal sense of The Holy Bible is equated with the holiness. According to them and the literal sense, virginity is a preferable way of life, preferable to marital and sexual life. Such statements, for example, as ‘these are the ones who were not defiled with women, for they are virgins’ (Revelation 14:4) are interpreted literally. For them, they indicate that sexuality can have only a negative connotation even within the marital bonds. It is only tolerated for the sake of procreation - the only positive connotation of its nature. Because of this and similar statements, Christians conceptualized Jesus Christ as being a virgin. Therefore, how is it possible that He was sexually involved with human females if He is a virgin?”


“As you remember from the above explanation of the term ‘woman’ and ‘man,’ in the spiritual sense, those terms do not contain anything related literally to the gender. Instead, ‘woman’ relates to the negative state and ‘man’ to the positive state. This is particularly obvious from the above-quoted verse in Revelation of Jesus Christ through John (14:4). If this were not the case, one would have to conclude that it is very difficult, if not impossible, for women to enter the positive state and only men, or some specially chosen men, who have never gotten involved sexually with women, can achieve the highest spiritual level and be next in line of spiritual powers to The Lord Jesus Christ who is the ultimate Virgin.”


“This is a foolish consideration. The term ‘virgin’ spiritually has no relevance whatsoever to literal sexuality as conceived by most humans. Instead, it denotes being free from the influence of the negative state’s evils and falsities and not allowing the negative state to become a ruling force of one’s life and to defile it, making one its slave.”


“It also means that people like that keep their sexuality connected to the proper source — the positive state of The Lord Jesus Christ — refusing to yield to the continuous temptations of the negative state to take hold of their sexuality and disconnect it from its true source and connect it instead to the wrong source — the negative state.”


“Let it be known now that no other connotation of the word ‘virgin’ or ‘virginity’ has ever existed, exists or will ever exist. Thus, the designation of Jesus Christ as a virgin points out the fact that He had never accepted the negative state into His life and that He had never yielded to any dire temptations by the negative state to which He was subjected during His life on planet Zero on a continuous, twenty-four hour basis.”



“One of the mysteries of acquiring the human physical body-flesh, and taking it with Him/Her after departure from your planet, was to infuse and integrate not only that body-flesh into the totality of The Most High’s Nature, but also human sexuality. Without integration of human sexuality into The Nature of The Most High, The Most High could never become the totality of The Lord Jesus Christ. The major elements of the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero, utilized in the formation of the physical body for Jesus Christ, were conducted and mediated by the means of human sexuality. Thus, the only way to have something of the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero within this Absolute Nature was through inclusion in it, human sexuality, which mediated these crucial elements.”


“The Most High became The Lord Jesus Christ by virtue of the fact that He/She admitted into Himself/Herself the complete content and meaning of human sexuality, after it was purified from all misconceptions, distortions, perversions, falsifications and whatever it had from the negative state; and after the process of its Divinization.”


“By this crucial act, The Lord Jesus Christ became not only the fullness of all elements of being and existence and elements of the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero, but also the fullness of sexuality from all aspects of its manifestation, including of the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero.”


“The mystery of this inclusion lies in the fact that, before that, something was lacking in The Absolute Nature of The Most High and was there only potentially by the act of promise to all, before Creation was created, to rectify this situation and become the totality of all and everything.“


“As was pointed out several times before, at that time, The Most High lacked any elements of the most extreme level of the most external degree, from which level the negative state was conceived and activated. You have to understand again and this is being reminded to all of you (do not complain about redundancy of this book — the human mind has an extraordinary ability to forget things or misunderstand them) — that, if The Most High were directly present also in that level, the negative state could have never been activated to eternity. In that case, Creation would be miserably plagued by the uncertainty of having no answer to the existential question about life other than the positive state. It also would have no choice in any matters. In that case, life would have no meaning for sentient entities, ending in the existential suicide of all.”


“No one could activate the negative state in the direct presence of The Most High. For that reason, the most external degree of Creation, from its own energies, developed its own most external level, which lacked the direct presence of The Most High. At that level, as you know, the negative state was activated.”


“From that condition, from the most external level of the most external degree, a different form of life developed, having nothing in common with the life of the positive state. Once it was established, this form of life separated and isolated itself from the true life, populated the Zone of Displacement, and began manifesting its nature. This life was the dead life of the negative state and human life. Because the conductor and mediator of any life is its sexuality, a different type of sexuality was developed, conducive to that type of life.”


“Now, of this life, nothing at all existed within The Most High at that time. But, how do you go about eliminating that kind of pseudo-life once it fully and completely and to the satisfaction of all answers that existential question? To leave it to be and to exist forever? If that were the case, the positive state would never have an opportunity for its full development and implementation because, as you remember from the previous chapter of this book, a tremendous amount of life energy would be continuously wasted on keeping the negative state in check so that it does not run over the positive state; and for the repudiation of the negative ideas about the need to reject The Lord Jesus Christ as the only source of life.”


“To destroy it without a trace, once it fulfills its purpose? This is an utter impossibility because all humans and creatures of the negative state everywhere carry within them the potentiality for salvation through their ability to choose and to change. To be redundant again, in that ability of everyone is the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ. If you destroy them, you destroy something that belongs to The Lord Jesus Christ. You destroy an important spiritual attribute. By doing that, you are destroying the only source of life — The Lord Jesus Christ. By destroying The Lord Jesus Christ, you destroy the entire Creation and all its inhabitants.”


“Such an act would be inconsistent with The True Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. Being of Absolute Love and Wisdom, that Nature can devise only a plan of salvation.”


“Salvation is possible only because The Creator of Creation engages Himself/Herself directly in experiencing firsthand something that has never been a part of His/Her Absolute Nature. He/She enters that region, in which that pseudo-life thrives, acquires all its experiences, transforms all its elements within Himself/Herself, and fuses them into His/Her Nature, clothes Himself/Herself with the most external level of the most external degree of Creation — the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero. Through and by those elements, now He/She has a direct access to all levels of that pseudo-life and can begin the process of salvation and transformation of all participants in it.”


“This is how the process of salvation is accomplished. No other way exists. And because, by the definition of its very nature, sexuality is the primary mediator and conductor of this process, it is human sexuality which is infused into The Lord Jesus Christ’s Nature in order to mediate and conduct the ideas of salvation to all in the negative state.”


“This is the reason why, without inclusion of human sexuality into His/Her Nature, The Most High could never become The Lord Jesus Christ. By definition, The Lord Jesus Christ is Someone who does not lack anything at all within His/Her Nature (as The Most High did), even the full, firsthand experience of the nature of the negative state.”


“This is also one of the major reasons why it is no longer appropriate to use the term ‘Most High.’ The term ‘Most High’ reflects the lack of that direct experience and of inclusion of all elements of the other, non-positive state’s life. After The Most High became The Lord Jesus Christ, if you continue to evoke the name of The Most High, you evoke that lack. Therefore, you evoke something that does not exist.”


“As you see, everything has its logical reasons. Also, you can see now why it was emphasized so much in the previous books of The New Revelation that what was proper and correct yesterday might not be so today, and what is proper and correct today might not be so tomorrow. Therefore, the advice was, at that time, to keep your mind and heart open and always in readiness to change. This is exactly why!”


“At the time of those writings, it was not always clear why there should be such an emphasis on this issue. Now you know why! Unfortunately, some of you conveniently forgot about those statements and warnings and continue in hesitating whether to accept the current portion of The New Revelation and The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ or reject it, clinging to that which was correct at that time but which now needs to be updated and in some instances, completely changed or replaced. Please, do remember that you were being prepared, by that warning, that things will change and that they will be different from what you knew and experienced at that time. Do not allow the negative state to lull you into the comfort of previous knowledge and practice of your everyday life and living. Of course, as always, the choice is yours; so are the consequences.”



“As you know, (to be repetitious again), as a result of the revolutionary change in The Nature of The Most High, The Most High becoming the fullness and totality of The Lord Jesus Christ, tremendous changes have been occurring in the entire structure and fabric of Creation and its multiverse and in all its inhabitants.”


“From this situation it is only logical to conclude that the sexuality of the entire Creation is also subject to these profound changes. In actuality, sexuality is the very conductor and mediator of all ideas of these changes. This is how every sentient entity is conveyed to, experientially, the ideas of those changes.”


“One of the most striking and mysterious changes in the area of sexuality is the inclusion of human sexuality in The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. This inclusion conveys to all the content and the nature of sexuality that had not been experienced up to that point.“


“As you remember, human life and thus, human sexuality, is an embodiment or epitome of an extreme externalization and physicalization. This aspect of sexuality was lacking within The Nature of The Most High. Therefore, it could have never become a conductor and mediator to the rest of Creation of that type of sexuality. Only that could be conveyed, conducted and mediated which was available within The Nature of The Most High at that time.”


“For that reason, sentient entities in Creation, with the exception of humans, lacked an important final factor of impression and expression in their sexuality. (On the other hand, humans have no other factors of sexuality available to them but only this extreme externalization and physicalization in its practice and interpretation.) No direct experience of the most external and the most intense physical expression and impression of sexuality was available to them for the simple reason that no idea of such experience was able to be conducted to them from The Absolute Source of their life — from The Most High. At that time, The Most High lacked any direct inclusion of human sexuality in His/Her Nature.”


“But now this situation has been fully rectified. After successful completion of the fusion and inclusion of human sexuality, preceded by its total purification and cleansing from all evil and false ideas and content, a new idea, related to the most external and physical aspect of sexual expression and impression, began to be conducted to all in Creation in this respect.”


“The inclusion of this idea into the totality of the sexual experience of all in Creation completed the formation of sexuality into one cohesive whole which no longer lacks its most external and physical aspects. The most external aspects of sexuality can be conceived as a sum of all spiritual, mental and physical sexual experiences that can convey the totality of the unique nature of every individual’s personality and unique structure of his/her mind.”


“Nothing like this has ever existed before this time. Only in the positive state has the new sexuality been formatted to be on its way of becoming what it was supposed to become and what it was supposed to mean and to convey.”


“By this act and by a constant flow of this new idea of sexuality, acquired by The Lord Jesus Christ from human sexuality, sexuality of all sentient entities in Creation was enriched and enhanced to such proportions that they could not have even dreamt about it.”


“One aspect of this change is an acquirement of external, physical closeness with and to The Lord Jesus Christ, and to everyone else, in the most private, intimate, personal and direct manner and way.”


“This is how The Lord Jesus Christ transformed human sexuality within Himself/Herself from being most abnormal, unnatural, limited, limiting, pathological, perverted and negative into a summarizing external container into which all other sexual impressions, expressions and experiences culminate to give all the most complete sense of wholeness, totality and oneness with one’s Creator.”


“The transformation of human sexuality within The Lord Jesus Christ became also a foundation on which a direct relationship between humans and The Lord Jesus Christ, as well as with the rest of Creation, can be built and established in the most meaningful and concrete manner and way.”


“Without this act of The Lord Jesus Christ, none of the humans could have been saved from the typical human life. Also humans would never be able to establish any connectedness to the rest of Creation. Thus, they would be condemned to stay for the rest of their eternity in separation and isolation from all others in Creation, as they are right now.”


“However, by volunteering to take upon Himself/Herself the human nature and, most importantly, human sexuality, The Lord Jesus Christ averted from humans this horrible fate and destiny. This act constitutes another great mystery of sexuality in general and human sexuality in particular.”



“The assumption by The Lord Jesus Christ of human sexuality and by enhancement of sexuality in the rest of Creation by the new role that human sexuality in the positive state will play, a flow of positive and non-distorted ideas to the ultimate, most extreme external level of the most external degree of Creation is assured to eternity. Through and by this mysterious act, The Lord Jesus Christ accomplished that which has never been before.”


“The Lord Jesus Christ, through His/Her physical body-flesh and human sexuality, positioned Himself/Herself directly, personally and permanently to eternity in this ultimate most extreme level of the most external degree of Creation, where the negative state originated.”


“The result of this mysterious positioning and the consequences of the direct presence of The Lord Jesus Christ in that degree, as well as assurance of the continuous flow of all positive ideas into that degree, accomplishes one of the most important establishments and creates a totally new state and condition. No longer will there be any place, position, state, condition or process, or time or paratime, anywhere and anywhen in Creation, where the negative state could ever reoccur, after it is eliminated and becomes abolished forever.”


“Now, without this act of The Lord Jesus Christ, a threat of reoccurrence of the negative state’s dead life would hang over the entire Creation as Damocles’ Sword. The existence of such a threat would give no rest to sentient entities. Again, a tremendous amount of life energy and effort would be wasted on a continuous warding off that threat.”


“But, thanks to the inclusion of human sexuality into The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, The Lord Jesus Christ can be eternally present also in that area and from all His/Her elements, and by and through the means of that sexuality, He/She will be able to continuously conduct, mediate and convey all proper ideas of life into that degree, assuring that nothing is lacking in that degree which would give another impetus for the origination of the negative state.”


“To repeat again (not for the sake of being redundant), the negative state cannot be originated or activated or conceived in the direct presence of The Lord Jesus Christ. Now the flow of spirituality to its ultimate end in the most extreme level of the most external degree of Creation is assured to eternity. This is a great preventative act against any future possibility of the negative state coming into its dead life again.”


“This is one of the great mysteries of the saving act of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“As you see, the saving act of The Lord Jesus Christ has many aspects, far more than humans can conceptualize or understand by their limited minds.“



“The lack of presence of The Most High at that time in the most extreme, ultimate level of the most external degree of Creation, having no flow of proper spiritual ideas through the sexual conductor, having no feedback to the rest of Creation of any activities in that degree, was conveniently utilized by the pseudo-creators. Not only did they originate and put the negative state in an active and dominant position in that degree, but, most importantly, they succeeded in cutting off the most ultimate extreme level of that degree from the rest of Creation and transposing it into the Zone of Displacement. Within and from that level, they fabricated various levels of the Hells and other regions of the Zone of Displacement. They utilized the elements of that level in fabricating various life forms that would enable independent survival of the external factors without any connectedness to the spiritual internal source.”


“This level, its nature and its specific laws, were utilized in the development of human sexuality, characterized by extreme externalization, limitation and ‘physicalization’ without any, or very little, spiritual content. Thus, something important (which used to be its integral part) was cut off from Creation and used for totally wrong purposes.”


“By this daring negative act, the pseudo-creators succeeded in developing and establishing a totally different lifestyle, which parallels the life of the positive state, opposing all its laws, principles and establishments.”


“If you disconnect something from its genuine source, and use it for the purposes for which it was not created, a very peculiar, convoluted, feeble, sick, unnatural and abnormal condition will come into its being and existence which will be a total distortion and caricature of its original. Yet, it is a distortion and a caricature of the true original. Distortions and caricatures cannot exist or even be conceived without their original.”


“Because the original is structured in such a way as to conduct all life’s ideas by the means of sexuality, it is sexuality of the negative state and human sexuality that are most distorted and caricaturized. But, as you know, one can recognize some features of the original in any of its distortions and caricatures. After all, they were built and developed from the stolen level of the true Creation — The Original. Thus, human sexuality and sexuality of the negative state in general reflect the convoluted, perverted and falsified principles of the true sexuality. Without it, the lifestyle of the negative state would be impossible, as life of the positive state without its positive and proper sexuality would be impossible.”


“As mentioned before, you have to conceptualize any sexuality as an electric wire that conducts electricity. Without that wire, no possibility of proper utilization, discernment and experience of that electricity is possible. Electricity, in this connotation, can be compared to life and sexuality to the wire that conducts, mediates and conveys that life. They are inseparable and one without another cannot exist.”


“Thus, sexuality is the most crucial component of any life. It can never be destroyed, no matter in what form and condition it appears. It can only be modified, transformed, restructured and connected to some other source, but it can never be disconnected from life itself. In the case of their disconnectedness, both would cease to exist.”


“This is the reason why The Lord Jesus Christ, instead of destroying human sexuality within Himself/Herself, transformed it and connected it to the true source of His/Her life.”


“Regardless of how much human sexuality was transformed and changed, it remains human sexuality, and its major quality of externalization and physicalization is permanently retained in its positive potentials — as a conductor of proper spiritual ideas into the most extreme level of the most external degree of Creation; and at the same time, as a feedback of actualization, realization, manifestation and exemplification of the ideas at that level for the purpose of giving an impetus to other levels of Creation for initiation of a new creative idea of life.”


“At the same time, through the human aspects of His/Her sexuality, The Lord Jesus Christ will be able, when the time is right, to return the stolen and cut off that most ultimate extreme external level of the most external degree of Creation, and after purification, cleansing and fumigation, reconnect it to and reunite it with its rightful internal, the most within and interior whole — the rest of Creation.”


“Once this happens, no place will exist for the negative state to flourish and to thrive.”



“From the above conceptualization of sexuality in general, it is obvious that sexuality is not something that was separately created at one point in time and space and subsequently endowed into the sentient entities. In actuality, with The Lord Jesus Christ, sexuality is as eternal and as absolute as The Lord Jesus Christ Himself/Herself. It is an integral component of function of all Absolute Categories and Principles of His/Her Absolute Life and His/Her Absolute Mind at all their levels and in all their aspects. Thus, sexuality is inseparable from The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. Being that Creation reflects His/Her Absolute Nature in a relative condition, Creation is the result of this Divine Sexual Act and therefore, is endowed with sexuality to reflect The Absolute Creative Principle.”


“The Lord Jesus Christ created His/Her Creation from and by Himself/ Herself and not from nothing or by someone or something else. Thus, He/She could not have endowed His/Her Creation with sexuality if no such state were to be an integral component of His/Her Absolute Nature. If Creation is from and by The Lord Jesus Christ, how can He/She give to His/Her Creation something that He/She does not have? It would make absolutely no sense.”


“As of recently, this became true also about human sexuality, which became, in a purified and transformed condition and form, an integral component of The Lord Jesus Christ’s Absolute Nature.”


“For this reason, as of now, as of this very moment, whoever is reading these very words and yet separates sexuality in general and human sexuality in particular from The Lord Jesus Christ, or who denies the fact that sexuality is an integral part of His/Her Absolute Nature, and that human sexuality was fused into His/Her Nature for eternity, such an individual commits the most abominable spiritual adultery. From this moment on, after reading this and having this new knowledge, to deny this fact means to deny that The Lord Jesus Christ exists.”


“No other conceptualization of sexuality in general will be acceptable.”


“As far as human sexuality is concerned and the way it is conceived and practiced on planet Zero by humans, in opportune time it will be freed from all its limitations, evilness, falsifications, distortions and perversions and it will be subsequently fully utilized for positive purposes in the manner described above.”


“However, the manner in which human sexuality is practiced right now will eventually be abolished and replaced with a freer and more appropriate practice conducive to the nature of positive sexuality, as it is conceived and practiced in the rest of Creation.”


“In view of this fact, the human readers of these words, those who still live on planet Zero, are advised very strongly and urgently to dissociate themselves, as much as possible, from the traditional conceptualization of human sexuality, as reflected in dictates, mandates and laws of their social, religious and legal system (if not in a concrete practical sense — which is not always possible — then, in the internal, spiritual sense or by agreeing and identifying themselves with the ideas of sexuality as revealed in The New Revelation and particularly in this Chapter). It will prepare them for accepting the true, new connotation and practice of human sexuality, as is established by The Lord Jesus Christ in His/Her own transformed human sexuality.”


“By clinging to the typical traditional conceptualization of human sexuality, humans, after their arrival to the spiritual world, make it very difficult for The Lord Jesus Christ to impart to them the new, transformed human sexuality and sexuality in general.”


“The importance of this act is very obvious from what was said about it above because on acceptance of this fact depends the proper reception, incorporation and practice of life congruent with The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. Such life will constitute one’s true Heaven. This is what Heaven is all about. On the other hand, rejection of this fact means being deprived or depriving oneself of this Heaven and, instead, accepting into oneself Hell.”



“In conclusion of this Chapter, let everyone be aware of the fact that the true spiritual principles and their proper application in everyday life and living are impossible to be fully comprehended, apprehended and implemented within any sentient mind, including the human mind, unless the above conceptualization of sexuality in general and human sexuality in particular is accepted and considered to be an integral part or component of any spiritual principle. After all, sexuality is the conductor and mediator of those principles. How can you comprehend, apprehend and practice something if you reject that which conducts, mediates and conveys it?”


“One of the most important reasons why the negative state became a fact of life and why human life is so miserably limiting and limited is that humans and the negative state rejected sexuality from its proper place and refused to perceive it as a divine conductor, mediator and conveyor of all life and its true spiritual principles.”


“Separation of sexuality from the true spirituality and thus, from The Lord Jesus Christ, gave a full impetus for initiation of the negative state and for establishment of a typical human life with all its adversities.”


“So, in order to return to the positive state, the very first step that needs to be taken is to look upon the issue of sexuality in general and human sexuality in particular in the light of this New Revelation, and see it as integral part of spiritual principles, inseparable from The Absolute Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“After reading these words, some human readers who are still living on planet Zero will be asking you, Peter, how they should practice their human sexuality. As you know, as long as you are in the human body and on planet Zero, you are bound by human laws and demands. They are genetically ingrained in your body, in your human mentality and in your human sexuality.”


“However, there is a limited way out of this predicament, at least to a certain degree.”


“What you have to do is to defy the demands of the negative state by turning everything available to you within the human life into a different purpose than for what it was intended for you.”


“This is true about all aspects of human life and not only about human sexuality. You place all these factors into the services of the positive state. This is done by changing your attitude about human life and human sexuality.”


“You are hereby advised to enjoy as much as possible, under your limited and limiting conditions, everything available to you, including, and especially, your sexuality. By enjoying it and using it for positive purposes, such as, for example, for giving, receiving and sharing it with delight, pleasure, joy, happiness and for mutual benefit, common good and use of all who want to reciprocate and participate in this kind of life, and doing it for the sake of principles, because it is the right thing to do, with positive and good intent, you are defying the negative state’s conceptualization of life and human sexuality.“


“You have to remember that, after all, even if human sexuality is extremely limited and limiting, nevertheless, it is still the only tool available for humans by and through which they can come into the closest possible proximity to one another and to experience one another in the most intimate, private and personal manner, and to accomplish some limited degree of exchange of who they are and what they are.”


“Even in the limited and limiting human sexual intercourse, there is that physical experience of closeness, a certain, very limited, merger of one into another during sexual intercourse, when the male’s penis enters the female’s vagina and the female vagina receives into itself the male’s penis.”


“This exchange, if done from a proper perspective, as revealed in The New Revelation, can become a source of delight, pleasure, joy, happiness and of higher knowledge of The Lord Jesus Christ, others and oneself and of a sudden inspiration, new insight and greater degree of productivity and creativity. Such potentials do exist, even with limited and limiting human sexual experiences.”


“Why do you think the negative state, by means of religious, legal, social and moral laws, mandates and imposes, in the name of God, so many restrictions and taboos on human sexual expressions, impressions and practices? Or why does the negative state ingrain into human genes so much guilt, shame, embarrassment and other adverse and negative feelings and emotions about human sexuality and about various sexual involvements? Or why does the negative state fabricate so many venereal diseases and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) and various other spiritual, mental, physical and sexual problems and perversions related to human sexuality?”


“For only one reason: To keep humans away, at all costs and by all means, from engaging in a variety of sexual experiences with the right intent and for the right purpose so that they do not discover or learn more about the true nature of life, themselves, others and most importantly, about The Lord Jesus Christ, especially now in His/Her New Nature.”


“This aspect of sexuality, the way it is stated here, is the most difficult to accept for humans who, in the name of God, were brought up with and taught everything opposite to what is being conveyed here. It will be the most difficult aspect of The New Revelation for humans to accept even now. Prepare yourself for much rejection and condemnation.”


“However, bear in mind that this advice about human sexuality and sexual intercourse is valid only under one condition: Any couple who plans to engage in sexual intercourse, within or without marriage, is advised to carefully explore their intention, motivation and reason for which they approach their sexual intercourse.”


“Moreover, both female and male, who approach one another for the purpose of what humans call lovemaking are advised to be of the same spiritual orientation and understanding regarding the issue of sexuality, as revealed here or, at least, approach it for no other reason but for an open sharing, joy, delight and pleasure of one another’s company without any other underlying strings attached (such as, for example, manipulation, possessiveness, hurt, harm, offense, evil selfish intent, use, abuse or misuse and any other negative reasons).”


“Can you imagine yourself getting sexually involved with any person who lacks any proper spiritual attributes and proper understanding of sexuality, as revealed here and as known to and accepted by you? Although such an involvement on your part has no negative or sinful connotation (if you want to use the word ‘sinful’), you are setting yourself up for a trap by the negative state. The negative state may use your sexual partner to gradually enslave you, to dominate you, to use you, to manipulate you, to possess you, to be jealous of you and your spirituality and/or to be dependent on you or make you dependent on your sexual partner (for whatever reasons). With this kind of involvement, you may end up in worse condition than you were prior to that involvement.”


“Thus, one needs to be extremely careful, especially now, when the negative state has shifted its battle fully to your level, and to avoid, at all costs, such involvements for your own sake and for the sake of the positive state. In some ways, it is spiritually more profitable to masturbate, if there are no other means of sexual involvements with the spiritually right sexual partners, than to get involved in such adverse sexual relationships.”


“However, with those who are of the same spiritual trend, direction and orientation, these involvements should be encouraged, provided that you can keep in check your inherent guilt and self-punishment as a result of that guilt. Otherwise, you end up in the same negative state’s predicament and trap. After all, guilt is a production of the negative state and one of the most dangerous emotions.”


“If you cannot find or meet anyone of this proper spiritual nature and disposition, or if you fail to keep in check and not to succumb to your guilt, it is better for you to wait until you are recalled from planet Zero and return home where you will be able to assume the practice of right sexuality with the individuals of the opposite gender.”


“Moreover, everyone of you is advised to go inward and ask The Lord Jesus Christ for advice in each particular case, whenever there is a prospective possibility to get sexually involved with someone, whether such an involvement would be proper and spiritually profitable for all and whether it would be in accordance with the will of The Lord Jesus Christ. That way, you will be able to avoid any danger of falling into a trap set up for you by the negative state by the means of sexuality.”


“This is the advice of The Lord Jesus Christ for this time and for the spiritual conditions that exist on planet Zero right now. Should any changes take place in this respect, you will be notified in a timely manner. But, for some time to come, this advice will remain valid indefinitely.”


“He/she who has ears to hear and to listen, let him/her hear and listen very carefully to what is being revealed by The Lord Jesus Christ about sexuality in this Chapter.”


“Blessed are those who keep their minds and hearts open and who are willing to change and to relinquish from their minds and hearts any false ideas about these and any other matters of life.”




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