The Mystery of Creation


the Zone of Displacement



On May 5, 1988, at 4:35 in the morning, again, the word of The Lord Jesus Christ came to me, saying,


“What follows will be difficult to understand.”


“In the books of The New Revelation much was revealed about the origin, process and purpose of Creation, as well as the Zone of Displacement.”


“It is necessary to emphasize the fact that no matter how much and to what extent it has been revealed in this respect, the reality of Creation, the mystery of its being and existence, and everything that has been and will be taking place in it, and in the Zone of Displacement, far surpasses anything that has been conveyed about it and will always far surpass anything that can be said about it in terms, concepts, ideas and language available to humans.”


“Thus, do not expect any exhaustive and full knowledge about this issue. Some important concepts about this mystery can never be revealed as long as you live in human life and its body on planet Zero.”


“As you know, many humans have been trying to resolve the mystery of human life and life in general and how and why the universe exists; the way it exists; how all this happened and what the outcome of the universe will be; and many other such questions about this matter. They would like to know what it was like before Creation was created; what the motivation and intent of creating Creation was; what The Creator was doing before time and space became, etc.”


“No one has any certain, sure and available answers to any of these questions. Some humans take it for granted that Creation exists and they do not bother with raising any of these questions. Others come up with numerous theories and hypotheses that have very little, if any, true reflection of how and why Creation happened.“


“Most interpreters of this nature are limited to the creation of the physical universe, not knowing anything about the multiverse. Since only the physical or natural universe is visible and experientially available to them, some conclude that no other but the physical reality of Creation exists. This reality is the only thing that is tangible, perceptible and explainable. Anything beyond or above this factor cannot have any tangible reality. Even the literal text in The Holy Bible, Chapter One in Genesis, that supposedly deals with the process of creation, deals primarily with the physical universe.”


“Yet, as already was revealed in the book Fundamentals of Human Spirituality, the process of creation can never begin with creation of the physical universe. Instead, it is completed with that universe.”


“Moreover, two misconceptions exist as related to the use of the words ‘creation’ and ‘universe.’ It is assumed that the act and the process of creation is limited to the act itself which has a beginning and an end. Once Creation is created, nothing happens any longer until the created universe runs its course. Nothing is further from the truth than this assumption. It is necessary to realize that Creation is a continuous, unceasing process and it can never stop for a fraction of a second. The very nature of Creation requires not only maintenance and support of that which has already been created, but the continuous add-ons to it and, at the same time, creation of always something new.”


“The misconception of this issue stems primarily from a wrong approach to the process of creation and to the conceptualization of The Nature of The Creator. The theoretical assumption in this respect is that The Creator creates in time and space. If this is the case, then The Creator is limited by time and space. Therefore, the creative process and act must have some kind of linear beginning and linear end.”


“But the truth of the matter is that, as Swedenborg already pointed out, the process and the act of creation is never time-space bound. Thus, creation does not happen in time and in space but, instead, time and space themselves are introduced in the process of creation. In other words, time and space are subject to creation themselves. Or at one point in the process of creation, time and space are created themselves. In actuality, time and space are not created until the process of creation of the physical universe is conceived and executed. In this respect you can say to some extent that time and space are the end product of Creation and not its beginning or building blocks.“


“Because humans, for example, can think only primarily in terms of spatial-temporal continuum, they assume that Creation is limited to the physical universe because it is always space-time bound. For the ordinary mode of human thinking, nothing outside time and space is conceivable.”


“An exception to this rule are the highly evolved theoretical physicists or humans of higher spiritual mindedness. But even for them it is not easy to practically conceptualize on what and how things exist beyond or above a spatial-temporal continuum.”


“The second misconception relates to the word ‘universe.’ Again, it is assumed that there is only one universe, in this case, the physical universe. As mentioned above, this conclusion stems from the fact that only the physical universe is discernible and perceptible and experientially available to humans.”


“What most humans fail to recognize is the fact that the word ‘universe’ does not reflect the true reality of the entire Creation. Creation consists of many universes of infinitely different nature and of infinite diversity.”


“In fact, three basic structural components exist within Creation. Each of these components consists of its own discrete multiverse, that is, its own multiple universes that can be summarily called multiverse. Thus, there is a spiritual multiverse of Creation with its own structure, dynamics and specific laws; the intermediate multiverse with its own structure, dynamics and specific laws; and the physical or natural multiverse with its own structure, dynamics and specific laws. In addition, each multiverse within itself is comprised of its own twelve specific dimensions through and by which it continuously discharges its being and existence.”


“The rules of spatial-temporal continuum apply only to a very limited sphere of the physical or natural multiverse — to its most external degree of reality, as it is known, for example, to humans. However, bear in mind that human conceptualization of time and space, as it is known to and experienced by them, does not, in fact, reflect the true reality of time and space of the considered external degree of the physical multiverse.”


“As you remember, planet Zero, which is occupied by humans, is positioned in space that is no place and in time that is no time. For this reason, the specific human time and space is a distortion of true time and true space. Thus, humans, by virtue of their impossible nature and cosmic position, live in distorted time and distorted space that have no relevance to the true reality of time and space in the real physical external multiverse.”


“This is the reason why it is so difficult, if not impossible, to deal with the subject of this Chapter in human terms. By their very nature, human terms are capable of conveying only distortions and falsifications of the true reality, in this case, of reality of time and space as it is conceived by the genuine inhabitants of the genuine spatial-temporal continuum of their respective multiverse. Even within the physical or natural multiverse, the laws of time and space are applicable only to its most external degree, which can be called the natural universe. But to limit the entire being and existence to only this natural and physical universe is the most ridiculous concept.”


“If the process of creation does not begin with creation of the physical universe, then, how, for what purpose and in what manner does it begin and is there any state or condition that precedes the act of creation?”


“As you see, the very word ‘begins’ implies time and space. This is the most inappropriate word to use for description of the act and the process of creation because it assumes a linear point at which something peculiar happened, resulting in the beginning of Creation.”


“The reality of this situation is that Creation does not begin. Human language, in any form and condition, does not convey in more appropriate terms what it is that happens in the process of the act of creation.”


“The word ‘occur’ is more appropriate to use, but even that word is very far from reflecting the true reality of the process of that act. You can remotely say that Creation occurs. This term is less time-space bound than the word ‘begin.’ The process of occurrence is a state. A state can be conceptualized both without and within the linear time and space concepts.”


“However, state is a condition of something or someone that already is. Thus, state is a product of ‘Is.’ Therefore, ‘Is’ is a source of occurrence of its state.“


“The great mystery here is in the fact how ‘Is’ conceives itself and the occurrence of its own state. What is the nature of this ‘Is?’”


“At this point, the only thing that can be said is that this mysterious ‘Is’ is the source of all and any occurrences of the very fact of its being and existence. But why such occurrences occur and what their purpose is is difficult to ascertain.”


“The first axiomatic rule of the nature of ‘Is’ is that it always is. It has no beginning and no end and its nature is the very being and existence themselves.”


“Thus, in actuality, it is incorrect to say that ‘Is’ always is and exists because being and existence are immanent to its very nature. In other words, ‘Is’ is not being and existence but being and existence are in ‘Is.’ This is a very crucial and fundamental distinction. This distinction has to be continuously kept in mind in order to understand what is being revealed in this Chapter.”


“Thus, ‘Is,’ in actuality, transcends being and existence. In this sense, the term ‘Is’ is an inappropriate one because the way humans understand the verb ‘is’ is in terms of being and existence and not in terms of being and existence being derived from that ‘Is.’ However, no other term exists in human language which can convey even remotely the exact nature of that which we are talking about.”


“For that reason, the term ‘Is’ will be retained here with the understanding that its definition fundamentally differs from the one given to it by humans.”


“In this respect, ‘Is’ is occurring not because of some kind of outside of ‘Is’ force that makes it occur, but because the fact of the occurrence is the very nature of ‘Is.’ In other words, ‘Is’ in itself does not occur but occurrence is within that ‘Is.’ Thus, ‘Is’ initiates occurrence from itself because it is its very nature to do so.”


“Because ‘Is’ always is without beginning or end, you can say that, before Creation was created, there was ‘Is.’ Not being created itself, by virtue of the fact that it always is (the first axiom), the state and condition of ‘Is’ is its Absoluteness. The Absolute Condition of its state is determined by the factor that ‘Is’ does not depend on anything or anyone in its being and existence. If being and existence were outside of ‘Is,’ ‘Is’s’ being and existence would depend on being and existence instead of being and existence being dependent on ‘Is.’”


“In this case, it would not be Absolute because, in its being and existence, it would be dependent on something else — on being and existence. Thus, it would be being and existence that would be Absolute and not ‘Is.’ However, being and existence, being being and existence, by their very nature, depend on their source. Therefore, you can postulate that their source is ‘Is,’ in which being and existence are.”


“To repeat again, ‘Is’ is not being and existence but being and existence are in ‘Is.’ This is the reason why ‘Is’ is conceptualized as an Absolute State. Nothing else is Absolute by a simple fact that everything else is in being and existence but being and existence are not in them.”


“As you see, the fundamental difference between The Creator and Creation is in the fact that, whereas being and existence are in The Creator and The Creator is not in being and existence, Creation is in being and existence and nothing of being and existence is within Creation.”


“The word ‘Creation’ assumes to create. The word ‘to create’ assumes a source or originator of Creation (‘Is’). The source or originator of Creation cannot create from the position of being and existence. Where would they come from? In order to create, The Creator (‘Is’) must contain within His/Her Nature the being and existence themselves.”


“Because being and existence is the very within state of The Creator (‘Is’), Creation is created from The Creator (‘Is’), from His/Her state of Absolute Being and Existence. The reason it is said ‘Absolute Being and Existence’ is because, by definition, ‘Is’ is absolute. Therefore, whatever is an integral component of its nature is also absolute.”


“Creation occurs by the fact that being and existence occur within ‘Is,’ which never occurs because its nature is always ‘Is.’ ‘Is,’ by its very nature and content, is a state of occurrence but ‘Is’ is not in the state of occurrence. Because ‘Is’ is a state of occurrence, which never occurs itself by virtue of its being always ‘Is,’ it is a source of any occurrence.”


“The mystery here is in the fact that, by its very nature, being a state of occurrence, but not in a state of occurrence, ‘Is’ continuously generates occurrences by being a state of occurrence. The fact of this generation is the process of the state of occurrence.“


“Thus, you have here a state of occurrence and a process of occurrence. A state of occurrence is an impetus for the process of occurrence, the reason being that any state of ‘Is,’ by virtue of being ‘Is,’ is an active or dynamic mode. An active mode, being in the process of being and existence within that ‘Is,’ generates energies which become a driving force of any occurrence.”


“Thus, it is the nature of the very ‘Is’ to continuously generate from itself occurrences that are the product of its active mode of being the state of occurrences without itself being in an occurring mode. An initial occurrence can occur only from the state which is not in a mode of occurrence itself. Otherwise, it would be occurring itself. To occur itself supposes a driving force of that occurrence.”


“For this reason, two things are obvious: First, The Creator, Who is this Absolute ‘Is,’ by His/Her very Nature, or by the nature that He/ She is the very being and existence Himself/Herself, being that they are in Him/Her, must create. His/Her very state is Absolutely Active and Dynamic. Absolute Activeness of that state is the creative process in itself and by itself.”


“Second, Creation occurred from being and existence of The Creator in whom being and existence reside, being The Absolute components of His/Her Absolute Nature.”


“In this Absolute sense, Creation has no beginning and no end. As long as The Creator always is, and ‘Is’ always is, Creation is always being created. In this respect, Creation is always a process but not a state. Being in its own state is relative to its continuous process. Creation is an emanation of its Creator’s Absolute State. You can say here with certainty that no other state exists but the state of creative process from The Absolute State of The Creator. Thus, Creation is a must because no other state and process can and may exist. Such is The Nature of that ‘Is.” “Is’ is The Creator.”


“The nature of ‘Is,’ or The Creator, cannot be comprehended and apprehended from within its Absolute State. One would have to be that ‘Is’ in order to apprehend that Nature. However, in a relative sense, that nature can be derived from the nature of Creation which continuously occurs from The Creator. Because of its occurrence from The Creator, Creation reflects the nature of its Creator in a relative condition and sense.“


“Since the most important and the ultimate process of Creation is the sentient mind, from the relative being and existence of that sentient mind, one can conclude with a reasonable certainty that The Nature of ‘Is’ is absolute sentience, self-awareness and all other attributes found in the relative sentient mind — the difference being that in The Creator all these attributes are in an Absolute Condition whereas in everyone else they are in the relative condition. Thus, in answer to the question why Creation exists and is at all, it is obvious that no other state or condition or process can be and exist but Creation because of The Reality and The Nature of The Absolute ‘Is.’”


“The motivational factors for the creation of Creation stem from The Absolute State of The Absolute ‘Is.’ By its very nature, ‘Is’ is motivated to create simply because nothing else is conceivable. Not only is it not conceivable, but no other state can be and exist because such other states would not be congruent with the nature of The Absolute ‘Is.’”


“The factor of The Absolute ‘Is,’ in which are contained The Absolute Being and The Absolute Existence, must be postulated as something that does not need proof of its being and existence. This is an axiomatic fact. But, containing within Itself The Absolute Being and The Absolute Existence, as essential and substantial components of its very nature, The Absolute ‘Is,’ by Its Absolute Active Mode, generates that being and existence on a continuous scale.”


“The thought that no being and existence were and existed before Creation was created is inconceivable. Being and existence were and existed within The Absolute State of The Absolute ‘Is.’ This is what was and existed before so-called Creation.”


“There is a generally accepted misconception about the common term ‘before Creation was created.’ This term assumes that, before Creation was created, no being and existence were. ‘Before Creation was created’ signifies before time and space were created or introduced into being and existence. However, before time and space became reality, the act of Creation had been in its state for eternity.”


“You have to understand again that there is a state of Creation and there is a process of Creation. The state of Creation is an Absolute State of The Creator (‘Is’). As The Absolute ‘Is’ always is, so is the state of Creation.“


“On the other hand, the process of Creation is the process of its continuous occurrence. Thus, you can say that, before the process of Creation occurred, there was a state of Creation which does not have any beginning or end because it resides within The Absolute State of The Absolute ‘Is.’”


“For this reason, the term ‘before Creation was created’ signifies that the process of Creation is preceded by its state. The term ‘process,’ in this connotation, implies a beginning of something and its ending. From it, the concept of time and space may be derived. The term ‘state,’ in this particular connotation, implies the permanency of a condition. No time or space elements can be attributed to it or derived from it.”


“From this standpoint, you can conclude that sentient entities, and particularly humans, are always in the process of their being and existence, which is their own personal state, but not in the state of being and existence in a sense that no state is within them. Only The Lord Jesus Christ, Who is that Absolute ‘Is,’ as conceived in this Chapter, can be the state and the process of being and existence for the sole reason that He/She is not in the state and in the process of anything but the state and the process are in Him/Her as integral components of His/Her Absolute Nature.”


“This is the reason why it is correctly assumed even by humans, who believe in God, that He/She transcends all states, all processes, all conditions, all times, all spaces, all being, all existence and anything else. However, they have no idea why they postulate this fact about God. They do not realize that the reason He/She transcends all of this is because all of this is in Him/Her but He/She is not in them. At least, God was not in them originally.”


“Once the process of Creation occurred, then and only then The Creator begins to reside also in Creation as in His/Her own extension and process. In this respect, a new situation occurred in an Absolute sense. The Creator (‘Is’) comprises within His/Her Nature all states and processes. Until Creation is in full process, The Creator is not in that process. He/She is within or inside Himself/Herself.”


“The mystery of this situation is in the fact that The Absolute State is an Absolute Inwardness. However, an Absolute Process is a dynamic extension of that state in the direction of from the inwardness toward the outwardness (from within to without). Because The Creator (‘Is’) is in an Absolute State of Inwardness, He/She cannot be, at that point, in anything which is in direction of outwardness until that outwardness becomes the full process of that inwardness. Once the process moves from the state of inwardness toward its state of outwardness, The Creator (‘Is’) becomes also His/Her own outwardness.”


“In this case, the newness of this situation can be found in the fact that, whereas before this process occurred, The Creator was not in any state and/or process, because the state and the process were in His/Her Absolute Inwardness; after the process of outwardness was established, The Creator acquired both conditions. Now, He/She is also in everything and everyone that was created. Thus, The Creator is in the state and in the process of His/Her Creation, as well as the state and the process are within The Creator.”


“The difference in these two conditions gave an impression that there was time and space before Creation was created. The reality however, is that lack of the process of outwardness of the state of inwardness did not allow for Creation to be a continuous process but only in a state of The Absolute State of The Creator. Any sense of the lack of something is perceived by the relative sentient mind, and particularly by humans, as non-being and nonexistence, the reason being that they are a part of the process and only through that process can they become a part of the original state. Thus, they look upon the creative act from the position of outwardness but not from the position of inwardness because they are in the process of creation and not in its Absolute State.”


“From that position, Creation is perceived as having its beginning. In this sense only, you can say that in the beginning there was no state of outwardness. Instead, what has always been from eternity was the state of Absolute Inwardness.”


“For someone or something that is a part of the outwardness (Creation is outwardness of the inwardness), and looks at Creation from that position, the beginning of all things is when that outwardness came to its fruition. But looking on it from the position of the state of inwardness, Creation always was because it was an integral component of that inwardness. It is only the process of Creation, as it moves toward its own outwardness, which is conceived as something that has not always been.“


“The greatest mystery in this respect is how and why the shift from the state of inwardness to the process of its outwardness occurred. This shift does not mean that the state of inwardness was relinquished. It can never be relinquished. Any, even remote, attempt to relinquish it would result in an eternal death of all Creation. Creation can be maintained only from The Absolute State of Inwardness because it was there that it originated. It cannot be maintained by the process of outwardness because the process of outwardness derives from the state of its inwardness. The process always depends on its state. By definition, the state is the inwardness.”


“What happened here was that the state of inwardness initiated the process of becoming outwardness from the state of its inwardness. Thus, the question is how this initiation occurred and what motivated that state to undertake such an act.”


“The State of Absolute Inwardness is Absolute ‘IS,’ which, in turn, is Absolute Self or The Absolute ‘I AM.’ The Nature of this Absolute Self or ‘I AM’ is an Absolute Positiveness. The Absolute Positiveness is in the state of Absolute Purity and Selflessness. The word ‘self’ and ‘selflessness’ are not contradictory. ‘Self’ can be either selfish, devoid of any consideration for anything else but self, or it can be selfless, pondering the possibility of extending that self into other selves. Because this Absolute Self by its Nature is Absolutely Positive, it can never be in the state of selfishness. Therefore, it is Absolutely Selfless.”


“The nature of this selflessness is the process of consideration of other possibilities than its own Absolute Being and Existence, contained in its Absolute Nature.”


“Philosophically speaking, consideration of and the need for other possibilities of being and existence but its Own is immanent to Its Absolute Nature. Whatever is immanent to that Nature, by its own nature, must be definitely actualized and realized.”


“However, at that point, nothing at all exists but The State of Absolute Inwardness of that Absolute Self or ‘I AM.’ Because the only reality of being and existence is within that Absolute ‘I AM,’ in order to create any other possibilities but its own, it must utilize its own source and the material of its own self or ‘I AM’ as an initiating point of the process of creation. Remember, no other source or other material existed at that point.“


“Once such an idea is conceived, the attention of The Absolute Self or ‘I AM’ is shifted from the state of generating that idea to the process of becoming of that idea. The idea is continuously occurring within The State of The Absolute Self or ‘I AM’ because the occurrence is always within its Absolute Inwardness. In order to change the state of the occurrence of that idea into the process of that idea’s becoming, the attention of The Absolute ‘I AM’ is shifted away from the center of inwardness to its Absolute Circumference. The process of this shift produces tremendous spiritual energies of a very special nature. These energies are an emanation of The Absolute Intense Desire of The Absolute ‘I AM’ (‘IS’) to convey Its Absolute Positiveness and Goodness (positiveness always equals goodness) outside of Itself or outside of its ‘I AM.’ The word ‘to convey’ implies something else than that which wants to convey. Conveyance is possible only from ‘from’ to ‘to.’ But, at that point, as you remember, no ‘to’ exists. Only The Absolute ‘From’ exists absolutely.”


“In order to convey from something to something, you need first to create that something to which you can convey everything that you have or wish to convey.”


“The first step in creation of that ‘to’ is the shift of attention from within or inwardness of The Absolute State to its Absolute Circumference. Utilizing the special energy, produced by the intense Absolute desire to convey Itself outside of Itself, that ‘outside’ of ‘inside’ or that outwardness of inwardness is created.”


“Thus, in this connotation, the outside or the outwardness consists of the elements of the pure special energy, emanating from The State of The Absolute Inwardness’ Intense Desire for that outside or outwardness to be and to exist.”


“That energy is directed from its inward source toward its circumference by a simple shifting of the direction of its attention which is aligned with that Absolute Intense Desire for conveyance and sharing. In the very moment this shift occurs, the energy proceeds toward its manifestation from the state of inwardness to the process of outwardness. In this respect, the process of outwardness is the process of creation.”


“Thus, Creation is created from The State of The Absolute Inwardness of The Absolute ‘I AM,’ by the means of The Absolute Spiritual Energy, emanating from The Absolute Intense Desire for conveyance and sharing of all it has and contains. For this reason, you can conceptualize Creation as outwardness of The Absolute Inwardness of The Absolute ‘I AM’ Who is The Absolute Spirit Who is The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“From this process of creation you see the justification of the multiversal principle of Creation: Everything proceeds from within — The State of The Absolute Inwardness — to without — the process of outwardness. But it also tells you that outwardness can never be and exist by itself and in itself because, after all, it is the process of the state of inwardness. The outwardness does not have its own state independent of the state of its inwardness. Yet, it carries all attributes of its source.”


“It is only logical to assume that that outwardness, that is, in this case, Creation, is a carrier of all attributes of its Source, because Creation was created from the material of its Absolute Source. The only difference is that, whereas those attributes in The Source Itself are in an Absolute condition, in Creation, being that it is created and thus does not have the experience of its own absoluteness, they are in a relative condition.”


“Once the process of outwardness is established, being the carrier of the nature of its Absolute Source in a relative condition, by its very nature, it proceeds toward its own continuous expansion and spread.”


“This is a necessary condition of this process of outwardness because by the infinite expansion and spread, it compensates for its relative condition in respect to its Absolute Source. Not only that, but by reflecting The Nature of its Absolute Source, it has its own intense desire to do exactly what its Creator does — to create for the purpose of conveyance and sharing of its own relative being and existence in both directions — to its Absolute Source and to its own process of outwardness, that is, outside of its own outwardness.”


“Thus, the process of Creation is a twofold process. The Creator creates from Himself/Herself, by the process briefly described above, and by and through the means of the already created outwardness. After all, that original outwardness is His/Her own material, continuously emanating from His/Her Absolute State — His/Her Absolute Inwardness.”


“Because of this arrangement, the process of Creation proceeds in successive steps and always in the direction from the most within to the most without or from the most inwardness to the most outwardness. Each step in the process of creation reflects the nature of its preceding step, having its own condition of inwardness from which it creates its own outwardness through and by the process of its own mentation which is a condition of its ‘in-between’ — the interior condition.”


“In The Absolute State of Inwardness, The Absolute Intense Desire for conveyance and sharing constitutes Absolute Mentation of The Creator, or His/Her Absolute Interior Condition. Through and by it, its Absolute Exterior Condition is maintained. From the combined emanating energies, produced by intricate interactions of these three Absolute States (the most within, interior and exterior), all else is created. This ‘all else’ always appears being outside of The Creator. But because it reflects the nature of its Creator, it is structured in the same manner, having its own most within condition, the interior condition and the exterior condition.”


“The reason why Creation appears outside of The Creator is because of that shift of The Absolute Attention from the core of its Absolute ‘I AM’ into the direction of away from that core. The reason why this shift is necessary is because no conveyance and sharing is possible within and with that core itself. If you pay attention only to your own core, the core of your inwardness, nothing else exists but you. In this case, all else is excluded from the awareness of your being and existence. No creation can commence from such a condition.”


“In order for creation to be initiated, the shift of that attention must occur from the core itself to the direction away from the core. In actuality, what needs to happen is a division of that attention. It is impossible to completely turn away that attention from its core. Otherwise, there would be a permanent loss of self-awareness. The loss of self-awareness is the end of everything including The Absolute ‘I AM.’ But it is possible and necessary to divide that attention in such a manner as to direct a portion of it away from that core. In the moment when this attention is divided, by that very act, it produces tremendous spiritual and mental energies which are utilized in creation of Creation. By directing a part of Its Absolute Attention away from Its Core, The Absolute ‘I AM’ produces the process of outwardness.”


“You have to remember two important things in this respect:”


“1. All this happens in an Absolute Sense. Therefore, the energies produced by such a division of attention are of The Absolute Nature. The division of The Absolute Attention does not diminish its Absoluteness. Thus, taking away a portion of that attention from Its Absolute Core, does not lessen the process of Self-Awareness. After all, that portion is Absolute. Therefore, even in a divided state of attention, that Self-Awareness remains Absolute. So is the portion of that attention which is directed away from that core of ‘I AM.’”


“2. The Nature of The Creator is Absolute Creativity. For that reason, by paying attention to any idea or some idea, the very fact of such attention, by attention itself, that idea becomes reality in its own right.”


“Thus, by directing a part of His/Her Attention away from The Core of His/Her Absolute Inwardness — ‘I AM’ — the outwardness becomes its own being and existence. Do not forget that the act of paying attention produces tremendous cumulative energies which, by the idea of creation, are immediately utilized in establishing the reality of that idea.”


“Here you have a combination of two processes: Paying attention or shifting a portion of that attention from the core into a different direction; and, at the same time, by the fact of that shift, producing these energies that immediately proceed to embody the idea of shifting and creation into Creation itself.”


“You can crudely conceptualize the act of Creation in the following manner:”


“First, there is an idea of Creation. The occurrence of that idea produces tremendous energies of life force. Then there is an idea of a shift of a portion of attention to that idea for the purpose of its actualization. Now, the portion of attention was shifted from the core to that idea. In turn, this shifting produces an even greater degree of intensified and extensified life force energies, emanating from that shift. Then there is a process of actualization of that idea with very careful attention to that process.”


“The process of actualization is accomplished by a simple act of paying attention to that process. This process, in turn, produces an even greater degree of life force energies. The act of the actual actualization is a cumulative combination of all the above energies that, by the act of directing a portion of attention from The Core of Inwardness, are projected outside of that inwardness, giving an appearance of outwardness, which is The Creation.”


“This outwardness is the result of all those cumulative life force energies which became a new process. By its own process, it produces its own specific energies, which are combined with the other cumulative energies of its own source. This, of course, has an additive and potentiating effect. From them, a new round of creation branches out. This next branch follows exactly the same pattern. This goes on until the cumulativeness of all combined energies is of such intensity and proportion that they are formed into externally solid matter. Thus, matter is an ultimate, most extreme external outwardness of that Absolute Inwardness which is utilized for creation of the physical or natural multiverse.”


“In the process of branching out, several synchronous and simultaneous directions are taken. From the energies emanating from the occurrence of the idea itself within The Absolute Inwardness, a spiritual dimension of each respective multiverse and its universes, galaxies, solar systems, planets and their respective sentient inhabitants are created. From the energies of paying attention to that idea, an intermediate dimension of each respective multiverse and its universes, galaxies, solar systems, planets and their respective sentient entities are created. And from the combination of all cumulative energies, a physical or natural dimension of each respective multiverse and its universes, galaxies, solar systems, planets and their respective sentient entities are created.”


“Now, this is a normal process of creation. The act of Creation has been proceeding in this manner constantly and continuously without any interruption.”


“As you remember, the purpose of Creation was for conveyance and sharing of all that which The Creator has. Therefore, the end product of Creation was the creation of sentient entities who would be of a similar nature as The Creator, with the difference that The Creator is not created, because He/She ‘IS’ Who always is. The environment of Creation was created for the placement into it of these sentient entities.”


“The main reason for creation of this environment, in its infinite variations, was that all sentient entities would appear being outside of and independent of their Absolute Source. The reason for this appearance was in the fact that the act of sharing and conveyance can be perceived as such only from the position of independency and a sense of being outside of The Creator.”


“Here is the issue of the above-mentioned direction from the ‘from’ to the ‘to’ and from the ‘to’ to its original ‘From.’ The reality from the ‘from’ to the ‘to,’ and vice versa, cannot be established unless there is a sense of something coming from somewhere outside of my own self-perception. Otherwise, the conveyance and sharing would be only from within to within, that is, from my own self to my own self. In such a process, no actual sharing and conveyance occur because I already have that which I intend to share and to convey. So, what am I conveying and sharing? Nothing new or different.”


“But, another reason why all sentient entities must appear apart from The Creator is that no meaningful, fulfilling and satisfying relatedness for the process of sharing and conveyance can be established unless it is based on a continuous awareness of one’s will to receive that sharing and conveyance and to give a feedback to its source about such reception and then, to reciprocate the experience of that sharing and conveyance to its source.”


“Remember, The Nature of The Creator is Absolute Freedom and Independency. Because The Creator is One and Absolute, no one and nothing exists that He/She depends on or is bound by.”


“As mentioned many times before, and to be necessarily redundant again, because of this nature, The Creator cannot create or relate from any other position but from the position of His/Her Nature, that is, from the position of its Absolute Freedom and Absolute Independency. Thus, in order to establish a favorable condition for this conveyance, sharing and reciprocating, The Creator not only created these sentient entities with the sense of freedom and independency but He/She also implanted in them the idea that they have the right and the privilege to reject Him/Her as the source of their being and existence and that they may, if they wish to, reject the reception of all that which is being offered to them for sharing and reciprocating, or to deny any act of conveyance.”


“The constant awareness of having this idea is a vital prerequisite of any free and independent choice-making life of all sentient entities. Without it, they would be slaves of the necessity for living and receiving. But the act of reciprocating, which is the foundation of true love, and the purpose of Creation, could never come to its fruition without having this crucial idea. Now, regarding this idea, all sentient entities have two alternatives from which they may, can and have to choose: 1. Rejection of accepting that idea and therefore, repudiate it from any tendency of identifying themselves with its content. 2. Acceptance of that idea as a sole source of their lives and fully identifying themselves with its content.”


“Either of the chosen alternatives bears its consequences. Why does it have to bear its consequences? Remember, all sentient entities are reflections of The Nature of their Creator in a relative sense. The Creator, by virtue of His/Her very nature, constantly creates. There is no other state in being and existence but Creation of The Creator and The Creator Who transcends His/Her Creation. Thus, whatever ideas are produced and then accepted or rejected, they are immediately actualized into their own reality, bearing the consequences, outcomes and results of their occurrence or acceptance.”


“Because all sentient entities are of a similar nature, whatever they decide by the ideas of their decision becomes its own reality, bearing the consequences, outcomes and results of that decision, be it rejection or acceptance, respectively.”


“In this case, the rejection of accepting the idea in question accomplishes two important results: 1. Acceptance of The Creator as the source of one’s being and existence. This results in a continuous reception of everything which is being conveyed to and shared with the sentient entity and full reciprocation of the process of that reception. In a case like that, the true and real life of the positive state is established.”



“The rejected idea is separated from the sentient entity through the idea of separation and is thrown out.”


“Now, the process of rejection of that idea generates its own life force energies. The cumulative sum of all these energies, generated by all the infinite numbers of sentient entities, is of such immense magnitude that it produces an entirely different reality than from which it was generated. This new peculiar reality, because it is being constantly rejected from the true reality, displaces itself from the rest of Creation and appears as its own being and existence totally outside of Creation. This is how the Zone of Displacement came into its own fruition.”


“As you see, from the energies produced by the process of rejection of that idea in question from its being implemented, the Zone of Displacement becomes its own reality into which that idea itself can fall out, continuously maintaining its peculiar being and existence and constantly trying to impinge itself upon the sentient mind. As a result, it has to be rejected again on a daily basis.”


“Due to the fact that the idea bears the image and likeness of its originators, but in an upside-down condition, the structure of the Zone of Displacement is in exact opposition to the true Creation.”


“The reason why it is upside-down is because it is the idea of rejection of the true structure of reality. And because there is no other reality in being and existence but the true reality of The Creator, its rejection constitutes its exact opposite by the fact of comparison. By comparing the process of Creation with the content of rejection of that process, it has no other alternative but to establish the exact opposite of that process. Any agreement with that process would mean the acceptance of The Creator and not rejection. Such an acceptance would be contrary to the nature of that idea to reject or to deny.”


“Thus, the nature of the Zone of Displacement can be fully established from the nature of the true Creation by following exactly the opposing trend. A good example of this upside-down position would be the fundamental principle followed by all in the true Creation: From the most within or inward to the most without or outward. In the Zone of Displacement everything would be derived from the opposite direction. The initiating point would always be the most without or outwardness and from that position, the most within or inwardness would be built. This rule is applicable to all else in the Zone of Displacement. No exceptions or exclusions to this rule exist.”


“Thus, as you see, the Zone of Displacement is situated outside of the outside of Creation, the reason being that rejection of that idea comes from the sentient entities who appear outside of The Creator for the above-described important reasons. Remember, Creation is the outwardness of The Creator Who is The Absolute Inwardness. By rejection of the idea in question, the outsidedness of the outwardness appears. It is totally separated and isolated from its own source by virtue of its being rejected.”


“As you see, it is one thing to be outside for the purpose of acceptance and reciprocation, as is the case with the sentient entities in the true Creation. By virtue of that acceptance and reciprocation, that outside becomes the outwardness of The Creator which, in turn, becomes an integral part of The Creator’s Absolute Nature. In this case, no separation and isolation exist.”


“But it is another thing to be outside of the outwardness for the reason it is being rejected and wants to have no part of it. In this case, full isolation and separation is established. It does not stem from The Creator but from the sentient entities’ acceptance of that idea to reject The Creator as a sole Source of their being and existence.”


“Because of the opposing nature of this isolation and separation to the rest of Creation, which is inclusion in and unification with its Source, a potential for initiation and activation of the negative state exists. The dormancy of the negative state lies in the fact that a theoretical possibility always exists that, somewhere along the line and step of Creation, someone will, inadvertently, accept that idea and will fully identify oneself with its content. In the moment someone does so, the negative state is awakened from its dormancy and becomes its full reality. Any individual who accepts that idea automatically will fall out, together with that idea, into the Zone of Displacement and will establish a lifestyle congruent with the structure and nature of the Zone of Displacement — the opposing or upside-down position to the true Creation and its genuine reality.”


“This is a brief description of the genesis of Creation and the Zone of Displacement. For more on this issue you can read the books Fundamentals of Human Spirituality, Four Concepts of the Spiritual Structure of Creation, Reality, Myths & Illusions and Who Are You And Why Are You Here?”


“In conclusion of this Chapter, let us summarize some particular mysteries of Creation and the Zone of Displacement in the following points:”



“The main mystery of Creation can be found in the fact that Creation is a condition of The Creator. The idea of Creation itself is a structural component of The Creator’s Nature. Therefore, in this conceptualization, The Creator’s Absolute Being and Absolute Existence are immanent to all Creation and the Act of Creation is immanent to The Nature of Creator. No other way is possible but the way of the act of creation. Not only is it impossible, but it is not even conceivable. Anything different would be contrary to The Nature of The Creator.“


“In simpler terms, you can say that Creation is because The Creator Absolutely IS. As long as The Creator Absolutely Was, Is and Will Be, Creation always was, is and will be. Creation is not possible without its Creator, but, theoretically speaking, The Creator is possible without Creation because He/She transcends His/Her Creation. Being that Creation is created, it is not Absolute but only relative. However, The Creator is Absolute. Therefore, in His/Her Absolute Condition, The Creator can be without Creation. However, The Creator, by His/Her very Nature, does not desire to be without His/Her Creation. The State of The Creator’s Absolute Mentality is the intense absolute desire for His/Her Creation. This intense Absolute Desire stems from The Creator’s Absolute Love and Absolute Wisdom as an ultimate state and process of His/Her Essence and Substance. In this practical wise sense, The Creator cannot be without His/Her Creation.”


“As you know, love desires to love and wisdom desires to know the subjects of its love. Love always needs a subject for its affection. Wisdom from that love’s desire creates for it the subjects of that love.”


“But because love can flourish only on the basis of being reciprocated by its subjects, it is motivated to create to eternity. Thus, love, through its wisdom, creates Creation for this purpose to eternity. Because love, in the condition of The Creator’s Nature is Absolute, it must do, at least, two things: a. It must create new subjects of its inexhaustible affection continuously to eternity; and b. It must maintain all subjects of its affection, already created, to eternity.”


“The nature of this love and its wisdom, and the nature of wisdom and its love, require it to create subjects that have free choice to accept and reciprocate or to reject and deny this love.”


“In order to illustrate life of the second alternative (rejection and denial), the being and existence of the Zone of Displacement is permitted where such a peculiar condition can have its own chance for development.”


“Thus, the mystery of the Zone of Displacement’s being and existence can be found in the fact that The Absolute Love and its Absolute Wisdom and The Absolute Wisdom and its Absolute Love are unable, by their very nature, to enforce by imposition on anyone their affection and lifestyle. In this respect, the Zone of Displacement is and exists only because of this love and wisdom.“


“For many human readers, this statement will seem paradoxical. They will ask, ‘How can Absolute Love and Absolute Wisdom tolerate something so atrocious as the Zone of Displacement with all its opposites to the true Creation?’”


“Some of them go so far that they even deny the existence of any Creator, assuming that, if The Creator were to exist, He/She would never tolerate the being and existence of the negative state with all its atrocities and abominations.”


“However, what these humans fail to recognize is that, first of all, the Zone of Displacement was not created by The Creator but by the idea of the relative sentient entities. For that reason, once that idea will be permanently eliminated, the Zone of Displacement will cease to exist. Second, no love is possible by imposition and duress. This fact is known even to the most limited humans. In fact, as you know, love by imposition and duress is slavery. The condition of slavery is the condition of life of the negative state. Nothing of this nature exists within The Absolute Creator, Who is Absolutely Positive, Free and Independent. Therefore, He/She is not even capable of acts of imposition and duress. Such a tendency could not even come to His/Her Absolute Mind.”


“Thus, the paradox of being and existence of the Zone of Displacement is solely in the fact that The Absolute Love and The Absolute Wisdom respect absolutely all consequences of the available choices for the sentient entities to make. If you remove from them the idea and the ability to choose whatever they want, you remove from them the life of The Creator which is present in that idea and ability to choose and by which they live and are alive, the reason being that on this ability any sentient entity’s life depends. Let’s face it, no other type of sentient life has ever existed, exists or will ever exist.”


“However, due to the fact that the Zone of Displacement is maintained by the ideas that are occurring in the relative sentient mind, and subsequently being expulsed, the Zone of Displacement is a relative condition to the relative only. Because of this, its being and existence are temporary, limited to the duration of only one cycle of time in Creation.”


“As you know, the duration of one cycle of time, in relativistic terms of the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero, is limited to the maximum of several quintillion years. Therefore, the Zone of Displacement cannot last longer than that. But, in your terms, this time seems to you like an entire eternity.”


“When you have no other perspective than your linear time measurements, and no other experience but the existence of the negative state — the Zone of Displacement — from your position, it appears to you as though the Zone of Displacement and its negative life was, is and will be forever. In your condition, you have no memories of any past before your incarnation on planet Zero, and you have no realistic perspective of the future, in which the negative state has not been existing and will not be existing. You have no experiential comparison to anything else.”


“Let it be known now that this is a very false perspective. This is a perspective of the Zone of Displacement itself and all its inhabitants. The message to all in the Zone of Displacement is that its life will continue only to the end of this cycle of time and to the end of the spiritual state that corresponds to it.”



“Another mystery of Creation can be conceptualized as Creation being a form of expression and impression of The Creator’s Nature. If the initial state of The Creator — The Lord Jesus Christ — is The Absolute Inwardness, then all expressions of that Inwardness take form in their outwardness. The outwardness is impressed by those expressions, reciprocating its impression in the form of its own impression of how it perceived, received and incorporated those expressions.”


“Thus, you can see that the entire Creation is the expression of the inward state of The Creator in the form of outwardness on which these expressions are impressed. By being impressed, Creation sustains its being and existence. In this respect, Creation’s being and existence depends on the expressions of The State of The Absolute Inwardness of The Creator. If there were nothing by which Creation could be impressed, it could not survive for a blink of your eye. The process of impression is the process of reception of life by which Creation is alive. Through its impressions by the expressions of its Absolute Creator, Creation is able to be in its own process of being and existence.”


“On the other hand, the Zone of Displacement is maintained by the impressions of the expressions of all those sentient entities who express their rejective attitude toward acceptance of and identification with such an idea. This expression falls out and is impressed on the Zone of Displacement, giving it its peculiar life.”



“One of the many mysteries of Creation is related to the relationship between The Creator and His/Her Creation. As you remember, initially The Creator was in The State of Absolute Inwardness. The creation proceeded from that Inwardness and became the outwardness of that Inwardness. Thus, The Creator, at that time, experienced His/Her Creation from within to without but not from without to within, except as a feedback of impression of the expression which was imparted on it.”


“The experience from without to within, that is, the opposing trend, is characteristic of the structure of the Zone of Displacement and its inhabitants. The Creator lacked this experience for the simple reason that the Zone of Displacement is positioned outside of the outwardness of Creation in a condition of isolation and separation. From this particular position, no direct feedback was available because nothing of the Zone of Displacement proceeded from The Creator. No connecting link existed between them.”


“This situation was considered a liability of the entire being and existence.”


“In order to rectify this situation, The Creator incarnated in the form of Jesus Christ into the Zone of Displacement, via planet Zero; experienced the fullness of its upside-down nature; and subsequently incorporated that experience into His/Her Absolute Nature, becoming rightfully the fullness of The Lord Jesus Christ Who no longer lacks a direct experience of anything.”


“Among many other things, two major factors were accomplished by this act:”


“a. The Zone of Displacement was put under the total control of The Lord Jesus Christ, He/She becoming its missing link to the rest of Creation. This was a necessary accomplishment in order to establish a favorable condition for return of all who fell out into the Zone of Displacement, or who were initially fabricated there, to the true Creation, and to eventually eliminate the Zone of Displacement.“


“b. The acquirement of the most outside of the outwardness of Creation allows the restoration of the flow of all expressions of The Absolute State of The Lord Jesus Christ in the direction from the most within to the most without to its ultimate outside degree. Before the missing link was found and reestablished, the flow stopped right at the edge of Creation, curving back to the within without touching or influencing, in any manner and way, anything outside of its sphere.”


“Now, this situation established in the Zone of Displacement a possibility for most of its members, if they choose to do so by their free will, to revert the process of their original lifestyle from the position of without to the position of within to without. By doing that, they will reestablish the relationship with the true Creation, and through The Lord Jesus Christ, not only can they communicate with the rest of Creation but convert to the positive state and come out of the Hells of the Zone of Displacement. Before that time, that is, before The Creator became the fullness of The Lord Jesus Christ, incorporating within Himself/Herself the elements of the Zone of Displacement, no one was able to come out of any of its Hells because there was nothing that would be able to establish a safe link of communication.”


“As you know, Peter, and as you and your spiritual children on planet Zero witnessed many times, since that time, numerous negative entities of the Hells, of all ranks and positions, capitalized on that opportunity, and converted to the positive state through the process which will be elaborated upon in the next Chapter.”


“Without The Creator’s volunteering to become The Lord Jesus Christ, by the process described throughout this book, the members of the Zone of Displacement would never be able to convert to the positive state. If this were the case, they would either perish at the end of this cycle of time or they would have to stay negative and live in the Zone of Displacement forever.”


“Neither case is conceivable to The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. In the first alternative, the destruction of the precious sentience would take place. Such a destruction is contrary to the very Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. Something like that can never happen. In the second situation, The Creator would violate His/Her own promise, given to Creation, that the negative state and its Zone of Displacement would not be allowed to continue beyond one cycle of time. Again, The Lord Jesus Christ is incapable of violating His/Her own promises. Here is the great mystery of The Grand Plan of salvation, devised by The Lord Jesus Christ, to save everyone in the negative state from the negative state before this cycle of time ends.”


“The specificity of the means for the final act of this salvation cannot be revealed for security reasons. Once the final phase of this Grand Plan is implemented, those means will become obvious in the process of their use. Some general ideas of this process were revealed in the previous Chapters of this book.”


“The only thing that can be revealed in this respect is that all members of the negative state will be convinced by those means to convert to the positive state, and return to their true home, by their own free will and choice without any duress, impositions or threats.”



“One of the mysteries of Creation is in the fact that it is manifested into its being and existence by infinite varieties of modes. This manifestation is threefold: One is a discrete manifestation and its own infinite varieties of modes through which it is and exists.”


“Creation is and exists on many levels of its being and existence in a simultaneous and synchronous manner. Each level comprises its own vast universe.”


“The other is a continuous manifestation which assumes a linear mode. This is a progressive mode of Creation from its birth through infancy to its adulthood, old age and rebirth into a different mode of its being and existence.”


“The third is a cyclical manifestation from one cycle of time to another cycle of time. Each cycle of time represents a totally different aspect of the creative act of The Creator — The Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ is The Absolute Unifying Principle of all manifestations of His/Her Creation, giving it cohesiveness, wholeness and a sense of oneness, reflecting the inexhaustible state of His/Her own Nature.”


“In this respect, the spiritual, mental and physical essence and substance of The Lord Jesus Christ is the true and the only principle of all forces operating in the multiverse of Creation in all its infinite modes of manifestations.”


“The scientists on planet Zero have been looking for a long time for this unifying principle of the forces known to them so far (gravity, electromagnetism, the strong force and the weak force) but, as of this date, they have not been able to find it because they have been looking in the wrong place. Not only that, but they considered only the forces which they know that exist within the limits of their own experiential mode.”


“What these scientists do not know is that the universal forces they are dealing with are of the Zone of Displacement, and that there are many other forces of spiritual, mental and physical nature that have the same unifying principle — The Lord Jesus Christ. Since the time The Lord Jesus Christ became also The Absolute Master of all their forces, this rule now is applicable also to the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero.”


“As far as the Zone of Displacement is concerned, its manifestation also has many modes but it is not threefold, as is the case with the true Creation. It is only twofold: Discrete and continuous. It lacks the cyclical manifestation because it is limited to the previous cycles of time. It will have no place in the subsequent cycles of time.”


“In the previous cycles of time, the Zone of Displacement also existed in two modes: Until the present cycle of time, it existed as a dormant condition, as an empty state and space. It was a potential of its own being and existence but not the actual being and existence. However, in the current cycle of time, the Zone of Displacement exists in the active mode, full of dead life and human life (as described in Chapter Twelve of this book).”


“Both its discrete mode and its continuous mode are limited in their sphere due to the state of their original separation and isolation from The Absolute Source and particularly due to the fact that the Zone of Displacement in any of its numerous modes is finite and fully exhaustible. Only that which originated in The Absolute Source has infinite possibilities and inexhaustible modes of its manifestation. This is another mystery why the Zone of Displacement, and all it has and represents, can never be and exist forever.”



“The entire Creation and the Zone of Displacement serve many important purposes. Many of these purposes have been revealed in this book and in the previous books by this transmitter. However, there is one crucial purpose of their being and existence which will be revealed right now. This purpose can be considered one of their greatest mysteries of all.“


“Creation serves as a stage on which all aspects, traits, characteristics, states, conditions, processes and all else of The Absolute Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ unfold and are actualized, realized and implemented in the mode of their outwardness in a progressive and successive manner. Before Creation was created this situation was limited to the mode of inwardness only. Up to that point, the outwardness was void and empty, that is, nonexistent.”


“Once the shift occurred from the mode of inwardness to the mode of outwardness — by the process of divided attention, as described above — the outwardness became ‘is’ in its own right, allowing the entire Nature of The Creator to begin to unfold also in that mode.”


“This is a continuous, eternal process. Being that Creation is not absolute, it cannot encompass the totality of all states, conditions, processes, traits, characteristics and all else of The Absolute Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ — The Creator. It does so in a gradual, successive, step by step, cycle by cycle and state by state manner. Because The Absolute Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ — The Creator — can never be exhausted, the process of Creation will continue to eternity, serving this most important purpose. There is nothing more inspiring, more exciting, more joyous or more important for the members of Creation than to unfold this nature and to always receive something new, hitherto unknown, from The Absolute Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“As far as the Zone of Displacement is concerned, it serves as a stage of comparison of The True Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ to something that lacks this nature. It illustrates a lifestyle built on principles other than The Absolute Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. This other lifestyle or stage becomes a very important factor in determining everyone’s choice, not to choose, any longer, to have the idea of freedom to reject or to deny The True Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ and the lifestyle of the true Creation. Once such a choice is made, the end of the Zone of Displacement and its specific lifestyle will be at hand.”


“If anyone has ears to hear, let him/her hear what The Lord Jesus Christ reveals in this Chapter.”




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