The Mystery of Birth, Death, Resurrection, Rebirth, Transfiguration and Transformation



On May 7, 1988, early in the morning, again the word of The Lord Jesus Christ came to me, saying,


“As you know by now, what humans consider normal, natural and proper, in most instances, is neither natural nor proper nor normal.”


“Having no other experience or knowledge but what they see, have and practice, they, inadvertently, conclude that their way of life and conceptualization of all life issues is either the only one feasible or the only one correct.”


“This statement is particularly true in dealing with important issues of human life which concern every singular human.”


“The two most common concepts that accompany human endeavors and their life are the concepts of birth and death. Whereas these two concepts are very familiar and personal to any human individual, the concepts of rebirth, resurrection, transfiguration and transformation, for most of them, are either unfamiliar or unknown at all, or only remotely familiar and known to some of them.”


“Yet, familiarity and knowledge of these concepts, particularly of birth and death, does not necessarily mean that what they know about them, what they are familiar with about them or what they experience with them is reflecting the true reality which is hidden behind or in these concepts.”


“What do humans experience in this respect? In the case of birth, as a first step, sexual intercourse takes place between a male and a female. As a result of this act, a female, very often, but not always, conceives and becomes pregnant. In her womb, a fetus develops for approximately nine months. After that, she usually goes through a painful and uncomfortable labor and delivery, during which a fully developed fetus is pushed out of the mother’s womb and is born into your world as a unique individual who has never existed before in this particular uniqueness. In most instances, this is all that humans know about birth.”


“As you see, the concept of birth in their mind is limited solely to its physical and bodily aspects. However, they have very few, or almost no true ideas of how the individuality, unique mentality, soul, personality and spirit of the newborn individual develop and become what they become.”


“Many humans firmly believe that all that is needed for the development of any new human is one sperm from a male, one egg from a female and their fortunate combination which results in a production of a new life. Somehow, they believe, the spirit and the soul of that individual are developed from the combination of a male sperm and a female egg. No other tangible knowledge about this process is available to humans.”


“Yet, what is being experienced here is only the physical aspect of a physical birth of a human individual but not any other aspect, especially and particularly not the spiritual and the mental aspect which participate in this process in a most important and crucial degree.”


“On the other hand, the humans’ concept of death is limited to the process of physical dying of the external physical bodies. What they experience here is that, at one point, the body stops functioning, for whatever reasons or by whatever means, all its organs cease their function and the body becomes stiff, cold and rigid and no longer responsive to any external or outward stimuli. Beyond a certain period of time, this process is irreversible. Following its death, the body begins to decay and gradually disintegrates into its elemental particles, that is, it becomes dust.”


“From this experience, the sayings ‘from dust to dust,’ ‘from ashes to ashes’ and ‘from earth to earth,’ came into human language.”


“However, humans have no real notion why they must die, why death is inevitable and what happens, if anything, to that unique living, thriving, active, functioning and creative individuality that occupied that body. (For that matter, neither do humans have any notion why they were born the way they were born and for what purpose they were born!)“


“Again, humans have no direct experiential knowledge of the state of affairs after death of the human body. Having no tangible proof of what is going on following their physical death, many humans assume that nothing beyond that point exists and the unique individuality of that person, who occupied that body, sinks into oblivion, becoming nothingness.”


“Other humans believe that the life of every individual continues somehow and somewhere beyond the death of their physical body. Still others believe that the spirit of that body hangs around for some time in some kind of limbo or invisible holding area where it waits for an opportunity to be born again, reentering this world through some other female’s womb. They call this process reincarnation. But very little credible information is available to humans about the place or a state or a condition or life which exist beyond the physical death of the human body.”


“This brief outline shows clearly how limited and feeble human knowledge and experience about these vital important issues, as well as most other issues, is.”


“For this reason, some additional information about these issues, beyond what already was revealed about them in The New Revelation and in Swedenborg’s writings, will be revealed.”


“The first point that needs to be recognized is that the process of birth has a different course and a different connotation in the spiritual world, in the intermediate world, in the physical or natural world of the true Creation, in various regions of the Zone of Displacement and all its Hells and on planet Zero. In most instances, they have nothing in common.”


“The same is true regarding the experience and conceptualization of death, rebirth, resurrection, transfiguration and transformation. In different states and at different places of the multiverse and of the Zone of Displacement, as well as on your planet, they have a totally different meaning.”


“But the important question is, ‘Why is it necessary for the birth of any sentient entity at any place, state, condition or time to occur at all?’“


“In the positive state of Creation, there is a common denominator for the necessity of birth at any of its levels. As you remember from point five in the previous chapter, one of the major reasons for Creation’s being and existence is to function as a stage on which all elements and aspects of The Absolute Nature of The Creator — The Lord Jesus Christ — are manifested in the outwardness of their inward source. The elements and the aspects do not exist without the totality of their wholeness. They are manifested in the forms or carriers of their life. By their presence in those forms or carriers, they impart life on those forms or carriers. Thus, any form or carrier of such a specific element lives and is alive by the presence of that divine element.”


“The act of birth in the positive state is actualized in the following manner:”


“A very specific and unique element from the state of overall Absolute Inwardness of The Lord Jesus Christ — The Creator — is shifted through the process of divided attention into the direction of outwardness. By that shift, through an idea of projection of the element into the process of outwardness, from the elements of environment, into which the idea of that element is projected, a form or a carrier is built. Once the building of the form or carrier is completed, the idea of that element, from its state of inwardness, is projected into that form or carrier and begins occupying that form. In the moment of entrance of that idea into its form or carrier, a birth of a unique individual, congruent to the uniqueness of the idea of that element, takes place.”


“Now, what you have to understand here is the mystery of projection. The mystery is in the fact that it is not the unique element itself which is projected into the form, but the very idea of that element. The unique element itself can never be separated in its completeness from its source. Otherwise, its source would disintegrate. However, the very idea of that element can and will be separated or be projected.”


“The important spiritual principle here is to realize that any idea of any element contains within itself a full and a total content of its element. Nothing is missing from its original source. Thus, the embodiment of that idea into any form or carrier means the embodiment of the full and complete nature of that element.”


“This is the way The True Nature of The Creator — The Lord Jesus Christ — in gradual eternal increments, is being conveyed to all in Creation.“


“Another important spiritual principle in this respect is that The Lord Jesus Christ is present in His/Her element and its idea in His/Her fullness.”


“The mystery of the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ in the process of outwardness, being an Absolute Inwardness, is in the fact of that projection. In the ideas of His/Her Nature’s elements and aspects, The Lord Jesus Christ now is equally present both in the state of the Most Inwardness and the process of the most outwardness and in everything in between.”


“Before incarnation of The Most High on your planet and the Zone of Displacement in the form of Jesus Christ took place, and before the process of hybridization and fusion of the body-flesh of Jesus Christ was completed, and before the Most High became the totality of The Lord Jesus Christ, the only way The Creator could appear in the process of outwardness or in His/Her Creation was through someone else.”


“As you remember, this manner of appearance was called mediation. The Most High appeared through others, the carriers of the ideas of His/Her specific and unique elements. In this sense, the mediators were specifically created from the ideas of mediation.”


“However, once The Most High became the fullness of The Lord Jesus Christ, a new condition came into being and existence. In addition to what was said above, The Creator can now appear very directly and bodily in the outwardness of Creation, at the very same time remaining in His/Her Absolute State of The Absolute Inwardness. This new condition gives everyone in Creation a totally different, ineffable perspective on The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, their own nature and on the relationship between them and their Creator. But the process of birth of any individual in the positive state continues to take place in the manner briefly described above.”


“Now, once the idea of any specific element is projected for its birth, it is projected from all its own aspects. Remember, the idea reflects fully the nature of its element. The element reflects fully the nature of its whole and of the totality where it belongs.”


“As you know, this Nature has three distinctly different aspects — the most within, interior and exterior aspect, respectively. So, when the idea is projected into its manifestation, it is projected simultaneously and synchronously from the position of its three aspects — spiritual, mental and physical or the most within, interior and exterior. Simultaneously and synchronously with this process, three distinctly different forms or bodies or carriers are built by the fact of that projection. One form or body is built in the spiritual world from the elements of its spiritual environment; one form or body is built in the intermediate world from the elements of its own environment; and one form or body is built in the physical or natural world from the elements of its natural environment.”


“These bodies then carry the specific aspect of the idea of that unique and specific element from The Lord Jesus Christ. Because each element and its idea are not only unique in their totality, but also in each of their specific aspects, each carrier or form or body, corresponding to them, is also unique and non-repeatable.”


“Now, each aspect of the idea of that element in question reflects the structure of its source. Thus, it, in turn, has its own most within or spiritual degree, the interior or mental degree and the without or external degree. From these particular degrees the respective levels of the sentient mind of that form or body or carrier are built. From the spiritual degree its most within Spiritual Mind is built; from the intermediate or mental degree its interior mind or mentality or soul is built; and from the most without external degree its external mind is built. This is the genesis of the birth of any sentient entity in the positive state of Creation and its multiverse.”


“The important mystery here to realize is that the projection of any idea of any element of The Lord Jesus Christ’s Nature into His/Her Creation — the process of outwardness — produces simultaneously and synchronously not a birth of one individual but three. One is born in the spiritual world; one is born in the intermediate world and one is born in the physical or external world. Each individual carries the specific aspect of the idea of that element. Because these aspects stem from the same idea of the same element, the three individuals correspond to one another and they are connected to each other. All their functions become synchronous and simultaneous, yet, each of them, at the very same time, lives a unique and different life. They are not identical and none of them can be substituted for another. After all, they represent very different and very unique aspects of the idea of that element. Therefore, they cannot ever be the same, identical or substituted for one another.“


“However, in actuality, in relationship to each other, they function as, what humans would call, spiritual advisors. The ideas of the spiritual mind and the spiritual world are received from the individual who was born in the spiritual world. The transformation of those ideas into the specific mentality is conveyed by the individual who was born in the intermediate world. And the actualized and concretized effects, behaviors and attitudes are communicated by the individual born in the physical or external world. This is how they are interconnected and how they advise and support each other.”


“In the positive state of Creation and its multiverse, these individuals are consciously aware of each other and they continuously coordinate their work in the most beautiful, productive, creative and constructive manner. They are called the true, most direct brothers and sisters. All other individuals, who were born from some other ideas of various elements of The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, are also called brothers and sisters, although not as direct, because, after all, those ideas came from the same source. Now, this is the arrangement that exists in the positive state. But what about the process of death, rebirth, resurrection, transfiguration and transformation? Do such processes exist in the true Creation?”


“In the true Creation, there are corresponding factors to these concepts which have a different meaning and connotation. They relate to a very important fact of interaction that exists between the carriers of the ideas of the elements in question and their Absolute Source, or an interaction existing between The Absolute State and the relative state.”


“What you have to remember is that the element in its original source, being that that Source is Absolute, is in an absolute state and condition. By this fact, the nature and content of that element cannot ever be exhausted. Neither can its idea be exhausted, being absolute by The Nature of its Source. However, it is conveyed to a relative condition because the carrier, or its form, is built from the elements of the environment which were created specifically for that purpose — to accommodate the carrier of the idea of the element in question. Because it is created, the environment and its elements can never be absolute. Thus, the totality and completeness of the nature of the idea of that element cannot be conveyed simultaneously and synchronously into its carrier. Instead, the idea manifests itself in that container or its form or body or carrier in a gradual, progressive step. This process reflects what is known to you as the principle of spiritual progression.“


“As you remember, that principle states that once any step or condition has exhausted its usefulness and served its purpose, that step is closed and a new step and condition comes into its being and existence. If you apply this principle to the subject at hand, you will see that each individual or carrier or container of the idea of that element in its specific aspect lives from one step to another step. His/her life, at each moment of its manifestation, reflects the quality, the content and the quantity of that specific aspect of the idea of the element in question, which was released into him/her, congruent to his/her full potentials for actualizing that aspect at each given time. Not being absolute but relative, that individual is capable of actualizing only so much of the nature of that element’s idea’s aspect. But because of his/her relative condition, the potentials of that individual are exhaustible. At one point, the individual learns about and manifests that aspect as much as possible under the existing condition. Once this situation occurs, the usefulness of that individual in that specific condition ends. In this condition, he/she can no longer convey anything of that aspect. Therefore, at that moment, the end of his/her life in that specific condition takes place. The ending of this life in that specific condition can be conceptualized as, what humans call, death.”


“In reality however, it is not death but a transition from one specific condition of life into another specific condition of life where the condition is totally different and congruent to the manifestation of another quality, content and quantity of the aspect of the idea of the element in question which is contained in that individual. Each new quality, content and quantity is of a deeper, more profound and more encompassing nature than the previous one. As he/she goes from one step and condition to another step and condition, the individual receives a greater and greater degree of that nature. This is the principle of spiritual progression in a nutshell.”


“At the end of that transitional period, during which the specific external body of that individual, built from its respective environment, is reabsorbed, and after his/her personal Last Judgment, that individual is introduced into his/her new state and condition. Once the choice is made for the place or state of such a manifestation, a new external form or body is built from the elements of the environment where that individual decided to continue in his/her life of manifestation of a different quality, content and quantity of the representative aspect of the idea of the element in question. The process of this choice corresponds to the process of resurrection. The process of appearance of that individual in his/her new state corresponds to the process of rebirth. The process of acquirement of the new form or body corresponds to the process of transfiguration. And, finally, the process of manifestation of the entirely new quality, content and quantity of the representative aspect of the idea of the element in question corresponds to the process of transformation.”


“However, be aware, please, that in the positive state of Creation, all memories, experiences and learning that one acquired during any period of one’s life in any state and condition, remain not only intact, but they are carried into the new life and incorporated as a foundation on which the new life is built. Otherwise, there would be no sense of continuity and progression, and no true impactual learning. In this case, each individual would have to repeat his/her life in one condition over and over again.”


“This is how a false concept of reincarnation took hold in the human mind and the mind of some other creatures. Having no memories at all, they assume that life is repeatable in the same condition over and over again. If this were the case, all individuals would commit existential suicide because they would have no hope of progressing anywhere. Unless you can utilize what you learned in some productive and creative manner, your learning is a futile venture. It serves no purpose because, after all, you do not remember what you learned at all. What kind of learning is that?”


“This situation would kill any motivation for living, striving and learning. One would end up in total despair and would refuse to continue in manifestation of that unique and specific aspect of the idea of the element in question.”


“For this reason, to assure a continuous flow of life, each individual of the positive state has all memories and accomplishments fully intact from his/her life in all previous states and conditions on which he/she continues to build, adding a new quality, content and quantity of the aspect he/she carries within herself/himself.”


“Thus, in the positive state, what humans call death is the most welcome and joyous event because it heralds a new beginning of a much higher spiritual content. It tells the individual that he/she satisfactorily completed his/her mission in the current condition and thus, now is eligible and ready to transcend that condition.“


“The transcendence of this condition, which humans conceptualize as death, happens simultaneously and synchronously to all three individuals that carry the same idea of the element but in its three distinctly different aspects. By their nature, they cannot ever be separated. Their progression follows the same pattern in intensity, extensity and degree of manifestation of each respective aspect. Therefore, the usefulness of their life at each respective level of their worlds ends precisely at the same moment. At that point, all three of them transcend their current condition and are, if you want to call it that way, resurrected, reborn, transfigured and transformed at a different level.”


“During their transitional period, these three individuals are placed in a special interim world of balancing, where they undergo the process of their personal, individualized Last Judgment, in the manner described in Chapter Eight of this book. Once the process of their specific Last Judgment is completed, they are assigned to a different level of being and existence, where they continue in their specific assignments.”


“This process goes on to eternity, never being exhausted, thanks to The Absolute nature of each idea of the elements that come from its Absolute Source and is placed into each individual in question.”


“The actual process of birth of each individual at each level of the positive state of Creation is impossible for you to fully comprehend.”


“In the spiritual world this birth is accomplished by purely spiritual means without involvement of any physical process. Once the spiritual aspect of the idea of the element in question is ready to be projected into that world, it seeks out the most suitable condition in that world where it can take hold. The usual way of doing that is utilizing the relationship of any two individuals of the opposite gender who are already positioned there. The result of their sexual relationship is the birth of their own new idea which is attached to the spiritual aspect of the idea of the element in question. From the conjunction of these two and from the elements of their respective environment, a specific external form of manifestation is built by the principles of the sentient mind — the principle of ‘materialization.’”


“In this respect, the word ‘materialization’ is not used in the connotation of matter. It is used to denote an appearance of the new spiritual body-form into which that aspect, combined with the idea of the two sentient entities, is placed. In the moment that aspect enters the prepared spiritual body-form, the body-form is vivified and becomes a unique sentient entity that, as of that moment, becomes alive to eternity, following the path of spiritual progression in the manner mentioned above.”


“Another way of birth in the spiritual world, which is very common, is by a direct endowment by The Lord Jesus Christ without utilization of the two individuals of the opposite gender. In this respect, whenever there is a specific spiritual need, The Lord Jesus Christ releases a specific aspect of a certain idea of His/Her very specific element for the purpose in question and projects it into the spiritual world. Using the specific elements of the spiritual environment, in which that aspect needs to be manifested, from them and from the idea of the purpose for which this process is being undertaken, an external form of manifestation is built. Into this form the content, quality and quantity of the projected aspect of the idea of that specific element is placed, immediately vivifying this form. It becomes a unique sentient entity with a specific mission and assignment that continues to eternity in accordance with the law and principle of spiritual progression.”


“From the above description of birth in the spiritual world, it is obvious that no children, in human connotation of that word, are born. In that world, the newly born are called children only because of their new beginning and because they commence their life at the level of the least degree of manifestation of the aspect which they carry. However, by the external appearance to themselves, they appear as fully adult and they are adult. To others, if looked upon from a distance, they may appear as small children, to reflect the correspondential factors of their current spiritual state and level of their spiritual progression. However, in face to face contact, they appear fully adult the very moment of their vivification or birth.”


“In the intermediate world the process of birth is somewhat different. Once the mental or intermediate aspect of the idea of the element in question is ready to be projected into that world, it first explores by searching the most suitable position and two sentient entities of the opposite gender who are the most congruent and usable for this purpose.”


“Whereas in the spiritual world, the external form or body of manifestation of the aspect of the idea of the element in question is an instantaneous occurrence by the sentient minds’ processes of manifesting their ideas, in the intermediate world, a certain waiting period exists for such a process to occur. In actuality, in that world there are elements of materialization present combined with the external combination of the elements of the environment being used for building that body. The body is built and prepared for the reception of that aspect by a special genetic and mental process. This process does not have an ability to cause an instantaneous materialization and appearance of that body as is the case in the spiritual world.”


“Once the body is at a certain degree of its development, the aspect of the idea of the element in question enters that body and vivifies it. In the moment of this vivification, a new individual is born.”


“Because of a certain minor limitation of that body’s development, the individual is born in a condition which corresponds to, what humans would call, a very early adulthood or very late adolescence. Thus, in this world, certain physical and mental growth of a very brief duration is needed for accommodating the possibility of the full manifestation of the aspect in question. In this respect, again, no children are born in this world.”


“In the external or natural world of Creation, the birth is accomplished by more external means. Once the most without aspect of the idea of the element in question is ready to be manifested into the physical world, it steers two people of the opposite gender to sexually conjoin. In the process of that conjunction, a relevant idea of the most appropriate form is born. That idea is used in extracting the most appropriate genes from the two individuals. Those genes are combined, by a special genetic and scientific process, with the external aspect of the idea of the element in question. In this combined condition, that aspect develops its own external form of manifestation. This process takes approximately nine days (not nine months as is the case with human birth). At the end of the ninth day, the body is vivified and the new individual is born.”


“Because of the physical and external involvement in this process, a newborn individual begins at the level, what humans would consider, of early adolescence or very late childhood. Again, no children in the human terms are ever born in the physical universe.”


“Neither of these briefly described processes of birth involve any human-animalistic form of birth which utilizes a female womb for development of a fetus into which, later on, its specific spirit enters.“


“None of the above processes of birth produce any ignorant or unconscious, helpless individuals as is the case with the human birth. All individuals, at all three levels, are born with the full consciousness and the full knowledge of their purpose and mission for which they were born. Almost immediately, they assume their proper functioning.”


“The situation with the process of birth in the Zone of Displacement and on planet Zero is entirely different.”


“As you remember from the story of the pseudo-creators, they originally used the genetic material left behind by the very first people who lived on planet Earth. From that genetic material, in combination with their own ideas of the negative nature, they fabricated numerous life forms, including humans, whom they specifically equipped with reproductive organs. Knowing that no genuine ideas of any elements and their aspects could have been utilized from the positive state, that is, from The Creator — The Lord Jesus Christ — the pseudo-creators needed to devise some very intricate means by which procreation and reproduction of all sentient and non-sentient species could be assured indefinitely.”


“As you know and as was repeated many times before, the purpose here was to produce life which would derive from a source other than The Creator, whose Name, at that time, was The Lord God Most High.”


“If you want to initiate life forms or containers or carriers of life which would carry or manifest something that does not come from the original and genuine source of life, no ideas of that source’s elements can be utilized for this purpose. If you were to use such ideas, you would produce only positive life forms that would carry the specific nature of their source in the outward condition. Because that Nature is absolutely positive, any carrier of any aspect from that Nature would also be positive.”


“Due to this arrangement, it was necessary to devise a totally different means of production of the new sentient and non-sentient life forms in order to continuously supply an array of the negative sentient entities and humans whom the negative state could utilize in the process of its main purpose — waging war with and ultimate destruction of the positive state and its Creator.“


“The problem that the pseudo-creators faced in this respect was that, initially, they had to utilize the genetic material which was available at that time. The composition of that genetic material was a positive one. Nothing of the negative nature existed within its content. Thus, a simple use of that material, without any alteration, would produce only positive life forms.”


“But the pseudo-creators knew that any life form or carrier of life, in the condition of its aliveness, sustains that life and is being alive by the idea of its own specific life. Originally, the idea came always from The Creator or, later on, from the combination of The Creator’s ideas and two positive entities of the opposite gender. After all, the idea of life functions as a catalyst for any genetic material to become alive in any form and condition which that idea has.”


“For this reason, different types of ideas began to be generated by the activators of the negative state and inhabitants of the Zone of Displacement. The content of these ideas had an opposing trend to the content of any idea coming from The Creator. They stemmed from the rejected ideas of the positive state which fell out into the Zone of Displacement.”


“These types of ideas were utilized in vivifying the forms and carriers of life in combination with the available genetic material.”


“Once the pseudo-creators succeeded in this process, totally new life forms came into their being and existence which did not contain anything deriving from the positive state, except for the minimal content of the positive genetic material, necessary for providing a life-support system to its carrier or container.”


“Not being able, and not even wanting, to utilize any ideas coming from the positive state in the process of fabrication of the sentient and non-sentient life forms, the pseudo-creators devised a different type of birth process for all within the domain of the Zone of Displacement, all its Hells and on planet Zero.”


“They fabricated the so-called reproductive organs by considerably modifying and altering the sexual organs which were originally built from the positive ideas of creativity. These reproductive organs were to assure the continuation of all suitable species that would prove to be a reliable tool for spreading of the negative state.“


“Thus, for the first time, a different process of birth was established that did not require any direct participation of any aspect of The Creator of the positive state.”


“From these newly fabricated life forms, a different and very special genetic pool was established, which provides the entire Zone of Displacement with the necessary negative material needed to be combined with any idea occurring as a result of sexual intercourse of two negative entities. The purpose of such an intercourse is to give birth to an idea of more efficient perpetuation, continuation and flourishing of the negative state and the life of the Zone of Displacement. Such an idea then is combined with this new genetic material and in that combination, through a process of peculiar magical and correspondential means, forms a specific external container or carrier into which it places itself, vivifying it and giving birth to a new uniquely negative sentient entity.”


“This is how the process of birth is accomplished throughout the entire Zone of Displacement. In most instances, all life forms produced in the Hells appear in the adult form. However, this is not a general rule. Some are produced in a small child’s form, but with the full knowledge of their pseudo-life purpose. The reason why they are produced in the form of little children is to countermand a positive connotation to which a child’s form corresponds in the positive state.”


“As you know, the main corresponding factor of all little children on planet Zero, and also from the position of the positive state, where some adults, initially, appear as children, is a positive notion of innocence. Innocence is purity of the condition in which the members of the positive state live. Because The Absolute Source of their life is The Creator — The Lord Jesus Christ — He/She is in The Absolute State of The Absolute Innocence.”


“So, in order to countermand and destroy the positive connotation of the State of Innocence, the negative state fabricates its own children that reflect the exact opposite — the most evil, malicious, deceitful, cunning and manipulative attitude and behavior. These life forms in the Zone of Displacement are the worst among all of them. Beware of this fact!”


“It is not by a coincidence that some newborn infants on planet Zero, from the very moment of their birth, seem to be so negative and to cause so many problems for their physical parents. These kinds of infants are incarnations from the stock of children, or their ideas, in the Hells. The fact of this situation is reflected in the following statement in The Holy Bible, Psalm 58:3-5,”


“‘The wicked are estranged from the womb;

They go astray as soon as they are born, speaking lies.

Their poison is like the poison of a serpent;

They are like the deaf cobra that stops its ear,

Which will not heed the voice of charmers,

Charming ever so skillfully.’”


“Now, in the internal sense of this verse is described the hideous nature of those hellish children who were and are being fabricated for the sole purpose to destroy The Holiness of Innocence. Over 95% of the totality of the negative life forms are fabricated from the material which was produced by the relative pseudo-creators. Whatever is produced by the relative beings is always relative.”


“Therefore, by its nature, that material is relative and at the same time, it is of the negative connotation only.”


“On the other hand, the rest of the five percent of the components that are used in the process of birth of these individuals in the Zone of Displacement originally came from The Creator, as a Source of any life at all. However, the less than five percent in question, before its incorporation in this process, is completely modified and altered. From it, any positive connotation is removed, and only a spark of life remains, able to ignite and maintain a flame of semblance of life in these fabricated or born individuals.”


“The conceptualization of this spark, in turn, is distorted, falsified and perverted, so that these individuals have no awareness of anything positive, good and true. Not only that, they are conditioned to believe and to accept two major falsities: One, no other type or form or style of life exists but what they are and what they have. Two, their type of life is positive and good and everything else, if it exists at all, is of the negative, adverse, false and evil nature.”


“Because the entire Zone of Displacement has no direct experiential concept of what life is like in the positive state, no comparison is available to them. All they have to compare to is what they experience within the life of the Zone of Displacement. This experience consists of the various degrees of evils and falsities. It is perceived from the most outward, superficial degree of any evil or false component to its most low — their most ‘within’ or the most evil and the most false pseudo-internal state.”


“In this respect, once any idea is produced for the purpose of its birth or becoming a negative sentient entity, it has its own three aspects or components — the most low (which is the negative state’s most within), the intermediate or its own negative mentality and its most without or the external aspect. From these various aspects the pseudo-mind of the negative entities is built. From the most low their pseudo-spiritual inner mind is built; from the intermediate component their pseudo-interior mind or pseudo-mentality is built; and from the external aspect their pseudo-external mind is built.”


“When such an idea is projected for its birth, it is projected simultaneously and synchronously from the position of all its three components. Thus, simultaneously and synchronously, three individuals are born: One is born in the Hells, which are the pseudo-spiritual, most low, of the Zone of Displacement. This area is a direct opposing factor of the spiritual world or Heaven in the positive state of Creation. The other individual is born in the intermediate world of the Zone of Displacement which corresponds, in a negative connotation, to the intermediate world of the true Creation. The third individual is born in the physical world of the Zone of Displacement, situated in a negatively corresponding proximity to the physical world of the true Creation.”


“As you see, up to this point, there is a parallel development of this process with the process which happens in the positive state of Creation. Except that it always has a totally negative connotation.”


“However, one more component is added to that negative idea. In reality, that component is artificially superimposed on the genuine three components of that idea, carrying the summary of the full content of those components. Once it is integrated into that idea, it is then projected, in a synchronous and simultaneous manner, for a physical birth on planet Zero in the form of a human being.”


“Thus, from the process of birth in the Zone of Displacement, instead of the three individuals, four are born. This arrangement of the negative state is a necessary condition in order to maintain a typical human life, functional and alive.“


“Because each of these four individuals originated from the same idea, they are interconnected and interdependent. In relationship to each other, together with their pseudo-consorts, built from the masculine or feminine aspects of that idea, respectively, they function as each other’s initial or primary shadows.”


“Now, for the first time, you have a clear understanding of how the shadows originated. Of course, to them, in the negative connotation, these other individuals, who derived from the same idea, are not shadows but true spiritual advisors and brothers and sisters. They feed each other various degrees of evilness and falsification, each from his/her own position, state and place.”


“In order to balance this situation, particularly in regard to planet Zero, whenever a human is born (until July 1, 1988), who comes from the above-described combination, The Lord Jesus Christ sends a volunteer from the positive state who incarnates on planet Zero at the same time as the individual in question. However, this statement you have to take in a qualitative, and not quantitative, sense. In other words, the birth of an individual on planet Zero who comes from the negative state is not necessarily matched on a one to one basis with an individual who incarnates from the positive state. One volunteer from the positive state, by the quality of his/her goodness and positiveness, can match many thousands or even millions of individuals who came from the negative state.”


“In this respect, quantitatively, the number of individuals who come from the positive state, in comparison with the numbers coming from the negative state, is very low, and as you are aware, has been getting lower and lower almost minute by minute until the date came that no such incarnation from the positive state is any longer permitted. To repeat again, that date was July 1, 1988 at 3:08 p.m. (15:08) — Pacific Daylight Time.”


“All individuals, at all levels of the Zone of Displacement, born from the idea in question, become true shadows of the volunteer who incarnated on planet Zero from the positive state for the purpose of blocking his/her activities and mission as much as possible.”


“Now, each individual born in the negative state, that is, in the Zone of Displacement by the above-described process, is born at the least level of evilness and falsification of the state where he/she is born. Because of the double relativity of his/her nature (double because he/ she did not originate from The Absolute Source), the specificity of that individual’s unique manifestation of his/her own evilness and falsification becomes, at one point, exhausted.”


“The striving of all in the negative state is to acquire a greater degree of evilness and falsification. Since they consider it good and true, they are in an illusion that the more evil they become, the greater degree of falsification they achieve, the better life and position they will have within the hierarchy of their hellish organization. For this reason, once they feel that they contributed as much of evilness and falsification as they were capable of producing to the common evil and falsity of the level where they were originally born, they are permanently removed from that region.”


“The usual mode of removal is by some kind of violent means. In human terms, these means correspond to something comparable to being killed, murdered or assassinated.”


“In this respect, these individuals do experience death and they actually die.”


“However, immediately after death, or shortly thereafter, they are resurrected in the region, the nature of which is of greater evils and falsities than the previous one. After resurrection, these individuals are reborn in a new form congruent to the nature of the new world. Thus, they are transfigured in all aspects of their personalities to accommodate them to the nature of the new world. Once the process of transfiguration is completed, the process of transmogrification follows, during which they totally change into the image and likeness of evils and falsities underlying the life of their new world.”


“Now, this process, in a similar or approximate manner, has been going on in the Zone of Displacement with all its individuals and creatures since the time of activation of the negative state or its population. It will continue in the same, or similar manner, as long as the negative state exists. In the initial period, after they appear in the new world, all memories of these individuals from their previous lives are retained. However, gradually, in the process of their transmogrification, these memories fade away and they consciously stop remembering anything about their previous experiences. From this fact, in the process of forgetting, their unconsciousness is built. This unconsciousness gradually becomes of greater and greater degree in their mind.“


“The reason why the individuals in the negative state are built in such a manner as to have unconscious processes and to be ignorant not only of what they experienced before, but of the existence of the positive state, is because, in every previous existence, they were in a condition of lesser degree of evilness and falsities.”


“In comparison with any current situation, in which they live at any given moment, memories of the lesser degree of evils and falsities may pull them back to that mode of behavior, attitude and activity congruent to that former degree. In this case, there is a danger of corruption of others in the new world who have no conscious knowledge of any lesser degree of evils and falsities. Also the survival of such an individual is at stake because no one there could have anything less than what they are accustomed to and what is considered to be the source of their very life.”


“The more hidden and mysterious reasons for the unconscious processes and ignorance of all in the negative state is that there is some degree of remote, almost imperceptible, goodness in being less evil and less in falsities than the requirements one’s condition mandates. As you see, comparatively, with someone more evil and more in falsities, the one who is in their lesser degree may appear to the other one as good. Thus, there is a danger for the individuals in the negative state to discover the concept of goodness.”


“The logic of such discovery lies in the fact that you can easily conclude that, if there is a state of lesser evils and falsities, then it could be assumed that another state exists which is even less evil and falsified.


And if such a state exists, then there must be a state which is even further from evilness and falsification than the succeeding condition. At one point, this kind of logic could lead one to the conclusion that a totally different state exists where no evils and falsities rule. By the nature of each sentient entity, no matter of what structure, that sentient entity would become curious and desirous to experience such a state. The curiosity and desire of this nature may lead one to a desire and a need to get out of the negative state and to convert to the positive state.”


“This is one of the major reasons why the unconscious processes, ignorance and hidden or repressed memories exist throughout the entire Zone of Displacement.“


“On the other hand, all sentient entities in the negative state are made aware of the existence of other regions, worlds and domains of the negative state which are of a greater degree of evils and falsities than their present one. And although they are not permitted to visit those worlds or regions directly, in order that the inhabitants of those regions are not contaminated by their comparatively lesser degree of evilness and falsities, nevertheless, they are motivated by this particular conscious knowledge to strive to become more evil and in a greater degree of falsities.”


“As you see from these arrangements, no one person ever reincarnates into the same region of the Zone of Displacement that he/she previously lived in before his/her death. Even from the standpoint of the Zone of Displacement, the concept of reincarnation is a totally false, unreal concept.”


“The above situation in the Zone of Displacement has been existing for many millions of years. Because of that condition, no one was able to convert to the positive state. No one ever, except for the secret agents of the positive state, who were perceived by others to be evil entities, came out of the Hells. This situation gave many humans and the literal sense of The Holy Bible an impression, that, once anyone enters the Hells by the process of self-condemnation, or whoever lives in the Hells, with the exception of the secret agents of the positive state, can never come out of them and has to stay there to eternity.”


“But incarnation of The Creator God Most High in the form of Jesus Christ into the Zone of Displacement via planet Zero eternally changed this situation. The outposts of the positive state were established in all regions of the Zone of Displacement for proclamation of The Gospel of Salvation through The Lord Jesus Christ. The activities of these outposts were manifoldly intensified, especially after The Most High incorporated and fused into His/Her Nature all acquired elements of the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero.”


“This revolutionary change in The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ not only shields all agents of the positive state who volunteer to staff those outposts from any danger to themselves in any mode and way, coming from the murderous crew of the Hells, at the same time shielding the negative entities from being hurt by the presence in their domain of these positive agents, but it also allows The Lord Jesus Christ to appear directly and personally in any region of the Hells. This situation established a new favorable condition for the possibility of conversion of the individuals who are in the Hells and are eligible to convert.”


“The eligibility for conversion is determined by the factor of retribution for any evil and falsifying act. Inherent in the nature of any degree of evil and falsity is its price or reward. This is the nature of any life. The same is true about the positive state. Inherent in its nature of goodness and truth is its prize and reward. Any evil and falsifying act produces an evil or false prize or reward. The acts of good and truth produce a good and true prize or reward. This is the order and structure of Creation and the Zone of Displacement.”


“Once any individual is rewarded for his/her acts and is ready to proceed to the next step of his/her life, before proceeding further, he/ she is put in a transitional phase of preparation for the next step. It is in the process of this transitional period, before assumption of the new role or position in the next step, but after retribution or reward was imparted on and fully experienced by him/her, such an individual becomes eligible for conversion to the positive state.”


“During the transitional period, only one law is valid: The Law of Mercy and Forgiveness of The Lord Jesus Christ. All other laws are defunct in the interim period.”


“This is how The Lord Jesus Christ remains absolutely just, not interfering with the process of reward or retribution which is a just due to anyone as a result of any chosen activities, and, at the same time, He/She remains Absolutely Merciful and Forgiving, giving everyone an opportunity to convert to the positive state, before he/she assumes his/her life in the next step.”


“Now, this situation did not exist before the time of The Most High’s incarnation in the form of Jesus Christ on your planet and the rest of the Zone of Displacement. It was gradually, very carefully and slowly introduced after the return of Jesus Christ from your planet. The full establishment of this condition did not actually commence until after the human era in the intermediate world of spirits was abolished and all negative forces were pushed back into their own domain and planet Zero. As you remember, this did not happen until, what corresponds to your temporal terms, the year of 1982.”


“Another point to realize about the Zone of Displacement and all its Hells is the fact that, before this new situation was established, the being and existence of all regions of the Zone of Displacement and their Hells, as well as planet Zero, had been for many eons (if we calculate in the terms of your concept of time). You see, Peter, for many eons no change in the conditions of the Hells took place. Everything was the same. Within that period of time, no one in the Hells ever converted to the positive state. Not only had no one converted to the positive state, but such an act was utterly inconceivable and impossible for the simple reason that no foundation existed for such a possibility.”


“As you know, only The Lord Jesus Christ can convert anyone. But The Lord Jesus Christ at that time was not The Lord Jesus Christ of the present time. At that time, He/She was The Most High Who had nothing of the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero in His/Her Nature.”


“Now, as mentioned just above, that situation, the impression that humans and creatures of the Hells had and still have, was that, once anyone is condemned or condemns oneself to the Hells, or is born in the Hells initially, that one can never come out of the Hells. If you live in the Hells for eons after eons, you can have no other impression but that you will live there for eternity without any possibility of being freed from that condition.”


“This impression is, of course, reinforced by the numerous literal statements of The Holy Bible which very clearly indicate that this is the case and the true reality.”


“What most of you failed to recognize up to this point is that The Holy Bible was written during the time when this impression was a correct one. The only thing that The Holy Bible was foreseeing was that a Savior would be born to this world who would accomplish a very important act of salvation of all who accept that act of salvation. But The Holy Bible, in its literal sense, does not say what the act of salvation exactly consists of, what its extent is and how and to whom it is applicable. Because The Holy Bible was written on your planet, it was foolishly assumed that this act of salvation is limited and applicable only to humans on your planet.”


“This was permitted to happen because, as you see, nothing as yet had been built at that time which would indicate that such a possibility might exist sometime in the future. Remember, the true process of salvation or conversion of the sentient entities in the Hells could not start until 1982 and be fully implemented until The Most High became the fullness of The Lord Jesus Christ (late 1987).”


“In the interim, after The Lord Jesus Christ’s departure from planet Zero, and during the process of hybridization and fusion of the bodyflesh in question, many other preparations were made that were needed if such a process of massive conversion were to take place. First of all, a new Heavenly Society needed to be created; a New School needed to be opened.”


“For all the participants of that new society and New School an entirely new universe needed to be created; an extensive training and retraining needed to be taken; a new region between the Hells and the intermediate world needed to be built and opened and staffed with individuals properly and specifically trained for that purpose. From this purpose, a New Revelation needed to be transmitted. And many other numerous things needed to be accomplished and established, things that are utterly beyond your comprehension. Most of these things were finished by 1982 and the rest of them were completed by the end of 1987.”


“The culmination of all these events was the transmission of this portion of The New Revelation. This completes the circle for this cycle of time.”


“So, no wonder that all people, creatures and humans, even in the positive state, up to that point, were of the impression that, once you are in any region of the Hells, you will stay there forever.”


“In view of the revolutionary changes, a different connotation of the concept of birth, death, resurrection, rebirth, transfiguration and transformation exists with the members of the negative state in comparison with what they experienced before within their own Zone of Displacement. This connotation relates to the process of their conversion to the positive state.”


“As you remember, Peter, you were accused by some members of the Swedenborgian Church that, in your conceptualization, it is easy to convert to the positive state, even for a most evil and negative devil or Satan or demon or whoever is in the Hells.”


“The accusation implied that there is nothing to it, to being in evils and falsities, because you can simply turn from it and that is it — you are saved. In a moment of time, by waving a magic wand, you are turned from a devil of darkness into an angel of light. This implication is a gross vulgarization of the process of conversion. None of you have even the slightest notion of all the things that are involved in this process. This process transcends any level of your understanding or ability to comprehend what it entails.”


“The very first step in this process is the eligibility of any particular individual as described above. Once the eligibility is established, that individual is led (after the expression of his/her desire for conversion), step-by-little-step, out of the Hells. These steps follow a reverse order. From the greater degree of evils and falsities to their lesser degree, until they arrive at that special region between the Hells and the intermediate world. That region is placed in a neutral condition.”


“What no one realizes is that, during the reversed procedure, at each step of the lesser degree of evils and falsities, as the memories of those previous states are being opened, one goes through very painful periods of further retribution for the acts that he/she was liable for committing at the level of each reversed step. This takes a tremendous amount of time, effort, determination and endurance for all who undertake this process.”


“Also, do not forget that, during this reversed process, all these individuals are subjected to the most vicious, mean, cruel, painful and persistent attacks by other members of the negative state who continue in their life of evils and falsities. If it were not for the fact that The Lord Jesus Christ personally, privately and intimately encourages, supports and helps these individuals at each step of their progression toward getting out of the Hells, none of them could survive and succeed for a second. All of them would succumb to those unbelievable attacks.”


“But why do you think The Lord Jesus Christ so fundamentally changed His/Her Nature by infusing into it that body-flesh or the elements of the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero? For decoration and showoff? The exact reason why He/She did so was to be able to enter the Hells and help all those poor creatures to go through that process successfully. Otherwise, everyone would be really locked forever in that condition.”


“Once any individual succeeds in getting out of the Hells, he/she comes to that special region between the Hells and the intermediate world. In the moment this takes place, that individual dies, as far as the Hells are concerned. This is a new conceptualization of death for the Zone of Displacement. The Hells lose that individual forever. He/she is never reborn in some other region of the Hells.”


“The entrance into that region signifies the individual’s resurrection from the dead life of the negative state. But at the time of this resurrection, the individual in question appears in that region in his/ her former external form-body. That body-form is not conducive for entrance into the positive state proper. Remember, that specific region between the Hells and intermediate world is in a neutral state. In the neutral state any life forms with any types of bodies (except for the human type of body) can comfortably survive. This is the nature of the neutral state.”


“However, in the positive state only a form conducive to its atmosphere can survive. Because every individual appears in that form and that form is an integral part of his/her personality, it is important that a new form, conducive to life in the positive state, be acquired by that individual.”


“The process of changing this formal appearance is called the process of transfiguration. This process is an intricate conglomeration of genetic, spiritual, mental and physical readjustments and re-wiring, which is impossible for you to understand as long as you are in the human condition.”


“Once the process of transfiguration is completed and the individual adjusts to his/her new appearance, he/she proceeds to the next stage. He/she enters a special division of The New School for spiritual Reawakening, Rebirth and Restructuring. In the moment of his/her entrance to The New School, this individual is reborn into a new life of the positive state. In this New School, a process of that individual’s transformation begins. It consists of such unusual and wonderful things that no words in your human language exist that can describe or express everything that takes place during this time.”


“Once the process of transformation is completed, the individual receives a new identity, a new life and a new assignment within some region of the positive state of Creation. Graduation from The New School and acquirement of the new identity constitutes that individual’s new spiritual birth. A real and true life of that individual in the positive state begins at this crucial moment. After that, the individual in question goes through the same process of spiritual progression, as described at the beginning of this Chapter.“


“As you see from this very brief and incomplete description, the process of conversion is a very complex and difficult one, but it was made possible by the saving act of The Lord Jesus Christ. As of now, it is made possible for everyone. And, what is wonderful, with the time to come, the process will be easier and easier. Each new experience in this respect paves the way for any subsequent cases of conversion.”


“However, everyone will still have to go through the above-described steps, except in a shortened and less damaging manner. Now, this is what the terms ‘birth,’ ‘death,’ ‘resurrection,’ ‘rebirth,’ ‘transfiguration’ and ‘transformation’ really mean.”


“As far as human birth is concerned, certain peculiarities exist in the process of human conception. The fabrication of humankind by the pseudo-creators was already extensively described in this book and in the previous books of The New Revelation. Also, the process of incarnation of the agents of the positive state and the agents of the negative state was already described.”


“However, the situation is somewhat different with humans who are born to be humans without coming directly either from the positive state or from the negative state.”


“In the process of conjunction of the two humans of the opposite gender, an idea is born which reflects the specific nature of its parents in varying conditions. In most instances, the human parents of that idea have no conscious awareness of its content, quality and quantity, nor of the fact that such an idea was born. Once the idea is born, it seeks out the means for building its external form of manifestation. This is done through physical sexual intercourse of two humans of the opposite gender.”


“The peculiarity of human birth is found in the fact that the physical body for that idea is built in a parasitic way — in the female’s physical womb. As mentioned before, nowhere else in Creation or anywhere in the Zone of Displacement does such an unnatural, unusual, abnormal, painful and dangerous manner of physical birth exist.”


“Once the idea in question is conceived, it is projected by special spiritual means, unknown to humans (such means cannot be revealed even now!), into a special and specific intermediate world, where it is, in the form of spirit and temporary form of its mentation, prepared for its entrance into an unusual and most harsh condition in a female’s womb and planet Zero.”


“While this preparation takes place, a specific human fetus for the body of that idea is being developed.”


“In the process of that preparation, several things happen to that idea-spirit. First of all, it is exposed to various negative and positive experiences. It incorporates those experiences into its content.”


“Secondly, by incorporating any of these experiences, it invites various other spirits who exposed it to these experiences to become an integral part of its future life. Thereby, by incorporation of these experiences into its content and by invitation to those spirits to be an integral part of its future life, a peculiar contradictory spiritual, mental and physical atmosphere is developed which will become the content of that idea’s future human personality. This contradictory nature is compounded by two factors:”


“One, the parents of that idea are humans. Being humans means being nothing but contradictions. So, at the very first moment of birth, that idea is already full of contradictions. This nature determines the idea to seek out contradictory experiences in that special intermediate world which exists solely for that purpose. Two, the physical body, which is developed in the female womb for that idea, is built from the elements of the negative state. By its very nature and state, it is supportive of any contradictions.”


“The very structure of that body itself is conducive to the life of the negative state but is very poisonous to the life of the positive state. This structure continuously forces every spirit which is trapped in it to be negative and full of contradictions and opposites.”


“This situation is particularly miserable for the agents of the positive state. Their spirit and soul are positive but they are trapped in a body that, by its very nature, goes against anything contained in that spirit and soul.”


“On the other hand, this situation is particularly conducive for the agents of the negative state who feel at home in such a body and thrive in its negative nature, full of contradictions.“


“For others, humans proper, this situation becomes a lifestyle of indecisiveness, of being torn between one extreme and the other, of uncertainty, of obscurity and of inconsistencies, never knowing exactly or for sure what is proper and right and what is not.”


“Once the idea in question acquires what it needs to acquire in that intermediate world, it enters into its fetus and vivifies it. The actual entrance of that spirit-idea into its fetus does not happen until the very end of the fifth month in its mother’s womb. Thus, the fetus is almost six months old when it receives its spirit and soul and becomes truly alive. Up to that point, no true and genuine life can be appropriated to it, no matter who says what about this issue on your planet.”


“During its four months of being in that fetus, a total isolation and separation of that spirit and soul from any other sources occurs, except that it retains in its unconscious part the presence of all those invited contradictory spirits. At the same time, all conscious memories of that spirit and soul about anything are repressed and obliterated, so that at the time of its birth it has no conscious knowledge of anything at all. It is born in total conscious ignorance, without any conscious memories or knowledge.”


“Because of this important factor, humans are born in the form of infants, in the condition of total and complete helplessness and dependency on adults. By a slow and laborious process they develop into functional adult individuals, full of contradictions and confusions. The spirits incorporated into them, with whom they were born, become their spiritual advisors — if they relate to the positive experiences, and become their shadows — if they relate to the negative experiences. Because of the full identification with their nature, the newborn humans and the spirits who accompany them bear a certain degree of resemblance.”


“Once any human fulfills the purpose of his/her life on planet Zero, his/her body dies. Subsequently he/she is resurrected in the intermediate world and there he/she goes through the process described in Chapter Nineteen of this book (‘Life After Human Life’). You are thereby referred to that Chapter for refreshing your memory regarding this issue.“


“If anyone has ears to hear, let him/her hear what The Lord Jesus Christ reveals in this Chapter.”




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