How The Lord Jesus Christ Governs

His/Her Creation, The Zone of Displacement

and Planet Zero



On May 9, 1988, at 4:58 in the morning, the word of The Lord Jesus Christ came to me saying:


“The process, the means, the ways and the manners by which The Lord Jesus Christ governs and operates His/Her Creation, the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero, in their full and exhaustive entirety, cannot be comprehended or apprehended by a limited human mind. As a matter of fact, most of the aspects of this operation and government, being that they are of such a magnitude, intensity and extensity, cannot enter the understanding of the human mind by any mode of human perception, thinking or even intuition. Nothing exists in humans perceptive, comprehensive and imaginary abilities that would be capable of giving them even a remote idea how this takes place.”


“However, in most instances, this is true not only about humans, but also about any sentient mind in being and existence. The reason for this limitation of all, no matter how advanced spiritually they are, is that the process of governing and operation of Creation, the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero takes place from The Absolute State.”


“Being that all sentient entities are relative to this Absolute State, they are unable to fully grasp most of the aspects of this process. Because of the relativity of their condition, that grasp is only in relative terms. Some grasp more and some grasp less, depending on the degree of their spiritual development. Any understanding from the relative position, when an attempt is made to apply it on something that has Absolute quality, value and operation, will be only relative. Hence, its considerable limitations.”


“But some relative ideas about this activity, government and operation may enter even the human mind which is the most limited of all the sentient minds. Certain aspects of this process were already revealed through Emanuel Swedenborg in his book Divine Providence and in some passages of the previous books and this book of The New Revelation.“


“However, as you know, since that time, many profound and revolutionary changes occurred, not only in Creation, but, most importantly, in The Nature of Governor, The Creator Himself/Herself. These changes may reflect also the change of the manner, the scope and the means by which The Lord Jesus Christ, Who is Absolute and the only Governor and Creator, governs and operates His/Her Creation, the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero.”


“As you see, three different designations for this governing are used: Creation, the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero. The reason for this distinction is that each particular sphere of governing requires different means, manners and tools. What is applicable and resultful in Creation is not necessarily so in the Zone of Displacement. What is applicable and resultful in the Zone of Displacement is not necessarily so on planet Zero. And although planet Zero is considered to be on the edge or within the sphere of the Zone of Displacement, its cosmic, spiritual, mental and physical position is such that it requires a very special approach for governing its destiny. This position of planet Zero was discussed in Chapter Seventeen of this book and in some other Chapters.”


“Let us discuss, very briefly and in a very limited sense, how this governing and operation by The Lord Jesus Christ takes place.”


“Basically, there are four methods for governing Creation, four methods for governing the Zone of Displacement, and three methods for governing planet Zero.”



The first method for governing Creation relates to the structure of Creation itself. As you know, the entire Creation is the idea of The Creator, occurring in the state of inwardness and projected into the process of outwardness. Thus, you can conceptualize Creation as the outwardness of The Creator’s ideas. Because these ideas are occurring in The Absolute state, they have Absolute values. They always are because their Producer always IS. This state of ideas assures several important things:”


“a. By their continuous occurrence in The Absolute State of The Inwardness of The Creator, they assure that Creation always is.


b. Because Creation’s being and existence depends entirely on occurrence of these ideas in The Absolute State, its continuous being and existence is assured. You have to understand that Creation and its course is possible only because The Creator maintains in His/Her Absolute State of Inwardness all necessary ideas for the Creation’s being and existence, its evolvement and development at all its levels of functions. For this reason, if such ideas were to be withdrawn from their occurrence within The Absolute State of Inwardness of The Creator even for a fraction of a moment, the entire Creation would cease to be and to exist instantly.


c. The Absolute values of these ideas assure continuous usefulness of Creation’s being and existence. As long as such values exist in an Absolute Sense, the usefulness of Creation’s being and existence can never be exhausted.


d. The continuous occurrence of these ideas within The Absolute State of Inwardness of The Creator assures that Creation is motivated to reflect, to carry and to manifest all infinite varieties of all aspects of these Absolute Ideas. Without such continuous motivation, Creation would run down and stop functioning and performing its purpose for which it was created.”


“Now, the occurrence of these ideas takes place in The Absolute State. Because of this factor, they are Absolute. Also the process of projection of the content of these ideas into the outwardness of that inwardness is Absolute in itself. However, in the moment that outwardness becomes its own manifestation, by virtue of the fact that it becomes (meaning it was not always), it becomes relative to that Absolute. But because this relative condition derives from its Absolute source, it can be conceived as an extension of that Absolute in its relative condition. Not only is this relative an extension of The Absolute, but The Absolute is present in its extension in a relative sense.”


“As you remember, although nothing of the relative is present in The Absolute, The Absolute is always present in the relative, filling it up completely. From The Absolute State, any relative condition, being that the relative condition is the extension and the process of that Absolute, is perceptible, discernible and encompassible in an Absolute Sense. Thus, The Creator, from His/Her Absolute State, knows firsthand, in an Absolute Sense, to the minutest details, about everything that happens in any relative condition.“


“Being that the entire Creation is His/Her relative condition — outwardness is always relative to the inwardness — The Creator is in the most direct contact with all events of Creation at any time, at any place, in any state and in any condition and process. From the position of this direct experiential knowledge and perception, The Creator governs His/Her Creation and its entire multiverse.”



The second method for governing Creation relates to the structure of all sentient entities and their sentient minds. As you remember, each sentient entity in Creation is a container and a carrier of a very specific and unique aspect of the element of the idea of sentience which derives from The Absolute Idea of The Absolute Sentience of The Creator. As you also know, the major purpose of creating all these sentient entities was for sharing and reciprocating The Absolute Life of The Creator in the spirit of total freedom and independency. For this purpose, special specific environments were created by The Creator into which the sentient entities were placed. These environments were created in such a manner as to make them totally dependent on the function of the sentient entities’ sentient minds.”


“Now, the spiritual principles and laws state that any aspect of the element of the idea not only depends on that idea itself but, together with that idea, it depends on its producer. And not only that, but any aspect of the idea carries within itself a unique presence of its Creator in a relative condition.”


“By this principle, The Creator, being The Absolute Within, is present directly in every relative without through and by all sentient entities who are carriers of these various aspects. From this position The Creator is able to perceive instantaneously all events, happenings, conditions, processes and states not only in Creation or its environments but also in each and every sentient mind. And being that environments of Creation were made dependent on the function of the sentient mind, from the position of His/Her presence in that mind The Creator knows immediately of any possible malfunction or deviation of the course of Creation and the sentient entities. This makes it possible for The Creator to bring into alignment any deviations, and to correct and repair any malfunctions.”


“You have to understand that Creation and sentient entities, being relative and not Absolute, cannot be perfect in an Absolute Sense. Only The Absolute Creator is Absolutely Perfect. However, anything less than The Creator, no matter how advanced it is or he/she is, even if it or he/she were right next in the line to The Creator, is still not Absolute. Therefore, by virtue of this fact, everything and everyone is subject to some occasional errors, misperceptions or being out of alignment with the rest of Creation.”


“The principle here is that the closer one is to The Creator, the less such errors or mistakes occur. The more remote the approximation to The Creator, the greater are possibilities of such errors, misperceptions or mistakes.”


“Being present within the most within of the sentient mind, The Creator perceives immediately any possible liabilities and corrects them in, through and by that sentient mind. In this respect, the smooth running and maintenance of Creation is eternally assured.”


“This mode of governing of Creation gives all sentient entities an experiential sense that they personally, directly and intimately participate in the process of this governing because all ideas of that governing are generated by The Creator through and by them. They are the receptors, comprehendors and executors of such ideas from The Creator.”



The third method of governing relates to the principles and laws of creativity. These laws and principles are the integral states and conditions of The Absolute Nature of The Creator. In fact, to repeat again and again (to the dismay of many complainers that too much redundancy exists in this book), The Creator is His/Her Absolute Laws and Principles. Thus, the process of Creation cannot take place outside of these laws and principles. Some of these laws were formulated in Chapter Ten of this book.”


“The process of Creation not only follows these laws and principles but Creation cannot be created and subsequently continuously sustained unless these laws and principles become its integral nature.”


“For this reason, you can say that Creation is governed through and by the laws and principles of its Creator. And because The Creator is His/Her own Laws and Principles, He/She is directly present in them at all times, at all places, in all states and under any conditions. The Creator’s direct presence in these Laws and Principles makes it possible for Him/Her to know immediately in an Absolute Sense everything that is going on in Creation. Any violation of or deviation from these laws and principles is immediately registered and perceived and corrective actions are implemented on the spot, so-to-speak.”


“Now, the above three methods of governing Creation are always in a direction from within to without. The Lord Jesus Christ, Who is The Creator, governs His/Her Creation from the state of His/Her Absolute Inwardness. This is governing from ‘from’ to ‘to.’”


“In this mode of governing, nothing exists that would be in a position of that ‘to.’ ‘To’ is always an extension of ‘From.’ It does not have its independent being and existence. To a certain extent, this was a liability. You can conceive this type of governing as unilateral.”


“You have to understand very clearly that The Presence of The Creator in His/Her Creation and in sentient entities was always in within. The Creator was in within of Creation but not in without of Creation. This was the reason why all governing took place from within to without but never from without to within. If The Creator was never in without of Creation, no governing from without to within can take place. In order to rectify this situation, it was necessary for The Creator, in the form of Jesus Christ, to incarnate into the most without of Creation or outside of Creation and assume a relative condition and a condition that was not derived from any idea of The Creator.”


“Thus, as Jesus Christ, The Creator experienced His/Her Creation from its own outward position, and from the position of being outside of Creation. Through a special mysterious process of hybridization and fusion, The Creator incorporated within His/Her Absolute Nature the process of outwardness of Creation and the condition of outsideness of Creation, becoming The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“As you see, two factors exist here: One is the outwardness of Creation and the other is being outside of Creation (outside of that outwardness). Being outside of Creation means to be in the Zone of Displacement and to look upon Creation from an entirely different perspective. Being in outwardness of Creation means to perceive Creation from the position of without but still being an integral part of Creation. In this connotation, ‘without’ is an integral part of Creation, being its natural degree. Thus, to be in a natural degree of Creation means to perceive Creation from the position of its outwardness. Being outside of Creation (outside of the without) means to have no part in Creation. This is the negative state. We shall return to this issue in a moment.“


“In order to be successful, the incarnation of The Most High Creator in the form of Jesus Christ into the outside of Creation had to follow certain laws and principles. There is a great mystery here which has never been revealed before.”


“Jesus Christ, before entering the body, prepared in Mary’s womb, had to go through that special intermediate world as anyone else. You have to follow your own rules in order to make the process work. Not only that, but while in that world, Jesus Christ visited the natural or the most without degree of Creation and acquired while there certain elements that He/She incorporated into the totality of His/Her mentality — Jesus — and into His/Her external mind — Christ. The acquirement of these elements was a necessary condition for safe entrance on planet Zero and for the acquirement of a special condition and body-flesh, by and through which He/She could enter the most outside of Creation (the without of the without) — the Zone of Displacement and all its Hells and regions.”


“Thus, incarnation of Jesus Christ on planet Zero and via planet Zero into the Zone of Displacement, was preceded by a special type of visit by Jesus Christ to the natural degree of Creation, where He/She experienced His/Her Creation from without to within.”


“During this visit, Jesus Christ established there a special eternal condition which allows Him/Her to be present in His/Her Creation not only from within to without, but also, simultaneously and synchronously, from without to within.”



“From this new position, being in His/Her Absolute State, The Lord Jesus Christ governs His/Her Creation in a bi-lateral mode. This is the fourth mode of governing. This is a mode of all-inclusive government. This type of government existed within The Creator as a potential but not as an actual reality. Its reality existed by the promise of The Creator to His/Her Creation that, at one point in time and space, He/She would rectify this situation.”


“What you need to realize here again is that Creation is created from within to without. Therefore, The Creator’s presence in Creation must be first from within to without. It cannot be from without to within because the without must be created first. However, once this without is created, the arrangements are made to establish a condition which would allow The Creator to experience His/Her Creation not only from His/Her Absolute Within Condition (Absolute Inwardness), but also from the position of its relativity — from without.”


“The Creator, in His/Her original condition, cannot experience His/ Her Creation from its own position because nothing of the relative nature is contained within Him/Her. Therefore, such an experience is only an indirect one through and by the relative sentient mind. But this experience is limited by the factor that the presence of The Creator in any sentient mind is always within that sentient mind and from that position, also in without of the sentient mind. Again, even this experience is from within to without. The only possible way to rectify this situation and to experience Creation the way sentient entities do, was to become one of them with all their conditions and attributes.”


“By that experience, a new mode of governing of Creation was added to the above three — the mode of from without to within.”


“The need to establish also this mode of government stems not only from the fact that it became an all-inclusive form of government and therefore even more direct from all directions than it was before, but it made it possible for The Creator to be personally present in the most without degree of Creation and also outside of Creation. And not only that, but, most importantly, this presence is needed in an Absolute Sense if the negative state is to be ever completely and totally eliminated.”


“As mentioned before, the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ in that degree and in the Zone of Displacement, will assure in the future that the negative state will never be produced again, to eternity, because it cannot happen while His/Her presence is there.”


“The government of the Zone of Displacement by The Lord Jesus Christ follows a somewhat different pattern.”



In the first instance, the Zone of Displacement, being outside of Creation (outside of the outsideness), opposes the true structure of Creation. The original material from which the Zone of Displacement was built contains all elements of the true Creation but in an opposed and distorted condition and form. These elements are in a totally different combination and they follow different laws and principles. By following this pattern, the Zone of Displacement produces a special spiritual pressure and atmosphere which accompanies its being and existence. This pressure is directed against the true Creator and His/Her Creation. Therefore, the entire condition of the Zone of Displacement, in all its details, becomes unlawful and disorderly. It continuously disturbs all laws and all orders.”


“From this disturbing factor, all the components of the Zone of Displacement can be easily perceived. If you take into consideration that The Creator functions from The Absolute Condition of The Absolute Law and Order, everything which opposes this condition is governed by the process of The Absolute Knowing of the Difference existing between the true Creation and the Zone of Displacement.”


“The principle here is that any action taken by The Creator and anywhere in Creation produces an instantaneous opposing reaction in the Zone of Displacement. If you know the full nature of all actions in an Absolute Sense, you will know their reactions also in an Absolute Sense. Through The Absolute Knowledge of how the Zone of Displacement will react to these actions, The Creator governs its entire destiny and fate.”



In the second instance, the negative sentient entities reject to acknowledge the presence of The Creator in them — in their ability to freely choose and to change — and they deny that presence. They simply turn their backs on that presence. Being in an Absolute State, The Creator knows in an Absolute Sense what all consequences, results and outcomes of such rejection and denial are. Thus, The Creator can foresee to the minutest detail all their behaviors, attitudes, choices and all their outcomes. By the means of that knowledge, The Creator governs the destinies of all negative members of the Zone of Displacement. If you know in an Absolute Sense what the outcomes of the acceptance of The Creator and His/Her Laws and Principles are, you also will know in an Absolute Sense all outcomes, results and consequences of their nonacceptance, rejection and denial.”


“Because The Creator defines all the outcomes, results and consequences of that acceptance and incorporation in an Absolute Sense, He/She also defines in an Absolute Sense all the outcomes, results and consequences of the opposing course to such an acceptance and incorporation. Therefore, The Creator knows Absolutely everything about everyone and anything in the Zone of Displacement from that opposing trend, and from that position He/She executes His/Her government there.“



In the third instance, the continuous creative process of The Creator keeps the inhabitants of the Zone of Displacement very busy with countermanding anything new created by The Creator.”


“Thus, whenever The Creator comes up with something new and establishes it within Creation or adds to it, the new condition causes a painful ripple in the fabric of the pseudo-being and pseudo-existence of the Zone of Displacement. In order to rectify this situation, the inhabitants of the Zone of Displacement immediately fabricate something which will have exactly the opposite quality to that which was created by The Creator. This balances out their Zone.”


“Because the inhabitants of the Zone of Displacement can never come up with anything new on their own, but instead, always utilize the same methods, modes, ways and material (the fallouts) as The Creator does (only in a perverted, distorted and unlawful manner), the precise knowledge of any step they take is easily read out from the original design of the new creative effort.”


“Be aware of the fact that all that inhabitants of the Zone of Displacement can do is to react to something which happens in the true Creation. By themselves and in themselves, they are not capable of producing any original, creative actions. They are only reacting, as a result of the genuine, primary actions that happen in the true Creation.”


“Thus, The Creator foresees exactly how they will react and what kind of countermeasure and response they will produce. From that position, The Creator governs all and everything in the Zone of Displacement in accordance with The Law of Permission, assuring that nothing gets out of hand and that nothing threatens the stability and balance of Creation; assuring that nothing and no one violates the freedom of choice and ability to change that all members of the Zone of Displacement enjoy as well; and assuring that all members function there within their allotted rights and within the purpose for which they are permitted to be and to exist in their own dead life.”


“Now, the above three modes of government of the Zone of Displacement take place from the within of Creation and from the State of The Absolute Inwardness of The Creator.”


“These modes do not provide any mode of government from the inside of the outside of the Zone of Displacement. As you remember, up to a certain point, The Most High — The Creator — could not enter the inside of the outside of Creation without a danger of annihilating that outside condition. For that reason, the government of the Zone of Displacement from its inside was given into the hands of its original occupants who activated and populated it — the pseudo-creators. They used to be in full control of the entire Zone of Displacement.”


“In order to initiate the eventual total elimination of the Zone of Displacement and its negative state, it is necessary to assume the control of the government of that Zone from the inside of its outside of the outwardness position. No other way exists for the accomplishment of this goal. As you remember from before, this cannot be done from the position of the positive state but only from the position of the negative state.”


“For this reason, The Creator, in the form of Jesus Christ, assumed upon Himself/Herself a relative nature through the human body-flesh and all elements of the Zone of Displacement, and through and by that nature, entered the Zone of Displacement personally and directly.”


“During His/Her personal and direct physical presence in that Zone, The Lord Jesus Christ abolished the government of the pseudo-creators and, from the very position of the inside of the outside of that Zone, took over its governing and became its Absolute and Uncontested Ruler. Being in an Absolute State, The Lord Jesus Christ knows now the Zone of Displacement, not only from the position of the positive state of the true Creation, but also from the position of the negative state and its Zone of Displacement itself.”


“From this position, The Lord Jesus Christ governs the Zone of Displacement in a bilateral manner. Such a government requires a personal physical presence and appearance in the domain which is being governed by this particular method. The physical body-flesh, infused into the totality of The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, formerly The Most High, provides Him/Her with the means by which His/Her presence in the Zone of Displacement is discernible, when needed, in a physical personal immediate sense.”


“Now, the government of planet Zero has a different connotation.”


“As was already revealed, planet Zero and its inhabitants — humans — have a totally different position than both the real Creation and the Zone of Displacement. For one thing, humans have no experiential direct physical access to or contact with any other regions either of Creation or of the Zone of Displacement.”


“Humans do not even have any empirical knowledge that such worlds exist. They only have some theoretical knowledge and numerous speculations about the possibility of such worlds’ being and existence. For another thing, planet Zero is in a place and a position which was defined previously as no place and no position, and in time which is no time. At least it is no place, no space, no time and no position which are comparable to anything else in being and existence.”


“The structure, the content, the impression and expression of the human mind and life is the most limited, isolated and separated in comparison with anyone else in Creation and the Zone of Displacement.”


“Humans have no tangible most within mind powers that would allow them to change and to control, to any extensive degree, their lives and their physical environments. The very feeble, fickle, unpredictable and, in most instances, non-volitional expression of some aspects of the mind control, such as, for example, extra sensory perception (ESP) and various psychic phenomena, are of such limited and unimportant proportions that they are laughable to anyone else.”


“As you know, the rest of the Zone of Displacement and all Hells not only have such powers, but their mind powers are highly developed and very sophisticated. Some humans call these powers of the negative nature ‘black magic’ or ‘white magic,’ respectively, if they want to distinguish between the use of mind powers for good or evil purposes. This situation indicates that humans are in the most outside position of the outsideness itself. Because of this unusual and practically impossible position, the government of planet Zero and human life is not an easy one.”



The very first mode of government is by means of illustration, externalization, concretization and exemplification. All spiritual factors of The Creator’s Absolute Nature have to be tangibly illustrated in these specific modes. Otherwise, they cannot take hold on planet Zero. If they were not able to take hold, no influence of Divine Providence could be felt or have any impact on the destinies of humans and planet Zero.”


“So, a method was devised by The Creator of illustrative symbolization that depicts all or most spiritual principles in the literal language of humans, allowing them to have some understanding and application of these principles. As you know, survival of any sentient entity depends on having such spiritual principles in any possible manner and form.”


“In this respect, the survival of the dead life of the Zone of Displacement depends on the recognition and understanding of all spiritual principles and their subsequent perversions, falsifications and rejections to implement them in their original content. In order to pervert or distort or falsify or reject something, you need first to recognize it and understand it. Otherwise, you do not know what and how to do this negative endeavor. So, survival of the Zone of Displacement depends solely on this ability to see, to recognize and to understand the truth of all spiritual principles. That subsequently it refuses to implement this truth and instead, utilizes it for falsification, distortion and perversion, is an entirely different story.”


“In the case of humans on planet Zero, they have no direct ability to perceive, to recognize or to understand any spiritual principles by their inner, internal disposition from the position of those principles themselves. Instead, they need to be introduced to these principles by an oblique and complicated way of externalization, illustration and symbolization on some very concrete examples.”


“A good example of how this is done can be found in The Old Testament of The Holy Bible. A certain class of humans was chosen by The Creator for the purpose of being a sign or an illustration of any consequences of any choices by humans. These humans were called prophets or sons of prophets.”


“Thus, for example, Prophet Isaiah had to literally walk bare and naked for three years for a sign and wonder against Egypt and Ethiopia (Isaiah 20:3). Prophet Ezekiel had to literally portray the siege of Jerusalem and to lie on his left side to bear the iniquity of Israel for three hundred and ninety days (a day for a year); and then he had to lie on his right side for forty days to bear the iniquity of the house of Judah.”


“During that time he was constrained physically so that he could not turn from one side to another until he had ended the days of the siege portrayed by him. And he had to prepare for himself a special type of food and drink for each day of his constraint or paralysis (Ezekiel 4: 1-17). This was all done for a sign and an illustration of what the consequences of the evilness of humans represented by Israel and Judah are.”


“Also, Ezekiel’s wife literally died in front of his eyes, by the word of the Lord, and he was not allowed to mourn for her or to show any sign of sorrow in order to be an illustration of what will happen to the children of Israel (Ezekiel 24:15-24).”


“Only by such extreme literal illustrations, by the concrete behavior of some humans, could the operation and government of The Creator on your planet be depicted.”


“The lack of such an illustration would end in denial by humans that they are governed by The Creator. Such a denial on the planetary scale would lead to their annihilation. As long as there are some humans on your planet who are aware of the fact of the operation of The Divine Providence of The Lord Jesus Christ — The Creator — planet Zero can be sustained alive. The aliveness of any life depends on this factor. The spiritual principle here is that The Creator is present in the internal sense of such signs, illustrations, symbols, correspondences and depictions. Because they all portray the spiritual principles in the most external of the most external degree, by the means of the most external illustration, and because The Creator is always present in His/Her spiritual principles no matter in what form they are expressed and impressed, from reaction to them by humans, The Creator governs your planet.”



The second mode of The Creator’s government of your planet derives from the first one. Since there is no independent discernment of any spiritual principles by the state of direct internals of the human mind, through and by which such government could be executed, external means are used for this purpose.”


“As you know, humans are able to communicate with each other only by an external means — the vocal cords. You utter a word, a sound will travel from your mouth to the ear of a listener. The listener hears it and responds in a similar fashion. The extension of this external communication is through vision. You write down something you want to convey. Others read it by their external physical eyes and respond to it accordingly. As you see, no direct communication from one mind to another mind, without an external medium, exists in human life.“


“The Creator accommodates this situation for His/Her process of government by giving periodical revelations. He/She sends His/Her words into some humans, chosen for that purpose, and they write it down. Because these words are The Words of The Creator — The Lord Jesus Christ — He/She is always present in them. The Word of The Lord Jesus Christ conveys all necessary spiritual principles in a literal language understandable to all humans. By and through them, from their inner sense, The Lord Jesus Christ governs your planet and all destinies of humans.”


“In the process of the history of humankind, several such Revelations were given. They are all combined into one book, called The Holy Bible. By and from the presence of The Word of The Lord Jesus Christ in your world, He/She knows exactly what is going on there and is able to establish all necessary conditions to assure that nothing is happening on your planet and to humans which would not be in accordance with The Law of Permission and His/Her Divine Providence. Once The Lord Jesus Christ perceives that humans no longer have any proper understanding of His/Her Words the way they were initially revealed, He/She grants a New Revelation by sending His/Her Word to someone who is chosen for that specific purpose, and through this New Revelation, He/She executes His/Her power of government on your planet.”


“The problem with humans is that they are able to understand and to accept a very limited degree of anything spiritual or of any truth. Because of this extreme limitation, the portion of truth which is being revealed to them very often is perceived and understood out of context of its totality. What happens here is that humans, in the process of their history, tend to gradually lose the proper perspective in which that revelation was given and they separate the revealed truth from its original context. Thus, they end up in a total misinterpretation of its original meaning.”


“When this happens, their very being and existence is threatened by the fact that, once such misinterpretation takes place, the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ in His/Her Word is totally obscured and His/ Her government is endangered. At points like this, a New Revelation is granted by The Lord Jesus Christ. By the sole written presence of this Revelation on your planet, regardless of whether anyone reads it or not, regardless of how many or how few humans read and implement it, the continuous presence of The Lord Jesus Christ on your planet is assured and His/Her government continues without interruption.”



The third mode of The Creator’s government on your planet relates to the second one, as the second one related to the first one. Humans who continuously read The Word of The Lord Jesus Christ, and with positive and good intent implement it in their mode of behavior and lifestyle, establish a spiritual network or an oasis of the positive state on your planet. In a spiritual sense, such a network is called The Holy Church. This Holy Church has no relatedness or relevance to any so-called organized external churches which exist in such numerous numbers on your planet. This Church is a Spiritual Entity through which and by which The Lord Jesus Christ governs most effectively the life of all humans on planet Zero.”


“As long as there is any such Church anywhere, regardless of how many or few members it has, the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ is assured on your planet.”


“The quantity has no significance in this respect because, as you remember, The Lord Jesus Christ governs from The Absolute State. Even one singular person who reads and implements in his/her life The New Revelation and The Holy Bible, the true Word of God, would be sufficient for this purpose. The relative condition of any given individual assures that The Absolute operation and government of The Creator continues in an Absolute Sense. From the position of The Absolute State, the presence in a relative condition has an Absolute value.”


“As you know, the total sum of all relatives is still relative. It can only approximate The Absolute, but it can never reach the state of Absoluteness. Therefore, one relative is like all relatives because, no matter how many relatives you have, they still will be relative. From the position of The Absolute, all relatives are known in an Absolute Sense.”


“Thus, The Lord Jesus Christ, being present in His/Her Word in an Absolute Sense, is able to discern all events on planet Zero and regulate all destinies of relative humans in accordance with all laws of His/Her Divine Providence.”


“Moreover, from any opposition to or rejection of The New Revelation by any human, The Lord Jesus Christ determines the overall trend of human choices. From that determination, He/She establishes favorable conditions for manifestation of all consequences, outcomes and results of such choices. Now, this is how The Lord Jesus Christ governs planet Zero and human life.”


“As you see, from these modes of government, the fourth one is missing. As you remember, the fourth mode relates to the government from the position of the outsideness. The physical presence of The Lord Jesus Christ in that outsideness allows that government to be bilateral, going in two directions: From without to within and from the outsideness of the without to its own within.”


“There is a reason why the fourth mode of government is not feasible, for the time being, on your planet. As you remember, human life and planet Zero were permitted to come into their being and existence only for one purpose: To illustrate all consequences, results and outcomes of the activated negative state.”


“In one sense, human life can be perceived as gathering experiences in order to make all available appropriate modes of life for everyone in being and existence to choose from. Thus, human life is not an ultimate choice in itself and by itself, but a transient or an interim choice until its purpose of illustration of this important fact is fulfilled. Once it is fulfilled, the typical human life, the way it is manifested and unfolded on planet Zero, will have no sense.”


“Because human life is the process of gathering of all necessary important experiences, and because it is not an ultimate choice in itself and by itself, from its position and purpose, it cannot be influenced by any imposing factor. Any imposing factor would violate the purpose of human life for which it was permitted to come into its being and existence. An acceptance of such an imposing factor would make human life an ultimate choice. To make it an ultimate choice is to lock human life into a permanent condition.”


“Because of this nature and purpose of human life, humans, while on planet Zero, cannot make an ultimate choice. They do not have the grounds or foundation on which they can make an ultimate choice about their own ultimate future. This condition is the nature of their illustrative purpose. As long as there is something left from the nature of the negative state to be illustrated and learned, no ultimate choice can be made, while living on planet Zero, because it would block the possibility of that vital illustration. Once you choose something in an ultimate sense, you are no longer a subject of illustration of anything else but what you chose in an ultimate sense.”


“This is one of the many reasons why humans, as long as they perform this illustrative function, cannot be judged from the position of planet Zero. Only when they leave planet Zero and come to the intermediate world of spirits are they introduced to the various conditions, states and processes of spiritual reality, and given proper grounds to make their personal ultimate choice. That choice, in turn, determines their future destinies.”


“Now, if The Lord Jesus Christ were to appear personally in His/Her physical body on planet Zero, in all His/Her power and glory, He/She would violate the existing condition of the illustrative nature of human life. Not only that, He/She would put all humans into the alternative of no alternative but to accept His/Her Absolute Being and Existence. By His/Her sheer physical presence, being that humans are not in the state and in the process of an ultimate choice, The Lord Jesus Christ would force them to make such an ultimate choice from the position of imposition and no freedom of choice.”


“The acceptance of The Lord Jesus Christ from the position of imposition and no freedom of choice cannot be appropriated to anyone. It cannot take hold in anyone’s most within where it counts. The only thing that can be incorporated into that most within is that which is accepted in the state and process of freedom of choice and free will.”


“By accepting The Lord Jesus Christ in this adverse manner, the most within spiritual mind of humans would be shut off forever and humans would not be able to be saved. One can be saved only from the position of the most within or from within to without. The adverse manner of acceptance of The Lord Jesus Christ would be from the position of without. From that position, nothing can be appropriated to humans or to anyone else for that matter. This would be in violation of all multiversal laws and principles. To violate such laws and principles means the end not only of humans but of the entire multiverse.“


“It is a different story of The Lord Jesus Christ’s physical and personal appearance in the Hells and all other regions of the Zone of Displacement. People there are not in the transient state but in a state of their ultimate choice. From that position they are not obliged to react to the physical presence of The Lord Jesus Christ in any manner contrary to their ultimate choice. However, the nature of the ultimate choice is such that, once you know what the ultimate choice is, you may, if you wish, reverse that choice.”


“There are certain well-defined steps and procedures by which this reversal can be accomplished. The physical presence of The Lord Jesus Christ among inhabitants of the Hells and all other regions of the Zone of Displacement makes it possible for that reversal to occur, the reason being that their ultimate choices were made on false premises or on acceptance of falsities. The commitment to live by the accepted falsities is not binding because it is false. Therefore, the reversal from this ultimate choice is possible.”


“The situation is not so with humans. While they are on planet Zero, they are in the mode of gathering experiences and being illustrative examples of what not to choose.”


“As long as you are illustrating something not to choose, that illustration, by the just attitude of the fact of illustration, cannot be appropriated to you as an ultimate choice because, after all, it is an illustration of what not to choose. You cannot choose that which should not be chosen as long as you are an illustration of that fact. The only position from which you can choose that which you should not choose is from the position of the non-illustrative mode of life.”


“The physical presence of The Lord Jesus Christ on your planet at this time would cut off any possibility of further illustration of that which should not be chosen. Being cut off from the only means and purpose of life they have, even if they are not consciously aware of or have no knowledge that this is the purpose and meaning of their life, humans would not be able to survive the physical presence of The Lord Jesus Christ among them.”


“For that reason, The Lord Jesus Christ does not govern planet Zero from the fourth mode of His/Her operation.”


“However, it will be a different story once humans complete this illustrative mode of their life. As you remember, at one point, the negative state will win on your planet completely. By this accomplishment, the illustrative mode of human life will be finished. Then and only then, the final phase of The Second Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ will begin to take place, and The Lord Jesus Christ will appear on planet Zero also physically.“


“At that point, the ultimate choice will be made to stop the illustrative mode of human life. Because of the ultimate choice, the physical appearance of The Lord Jesus Christ on your planet will not endanger anyone and anything on its face.”


“After completion of the final phase of The Last Judgment and return of planet Zero to its original position, from which it was forcefully removed, the fourth mode of the government of The Lord Jesus Christ will be instituted also on this planet. By that act, a new cycle of time and of being and existence will come to its fruition.”


And this is all that can be revealed about the issue of this Chapter at this time. Nothing more could be comprehended by your human mind.”


“He/She who has ears to hear, let him/her hear what The Lord Jesus Christ reveals in this Chapter.”




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