The Mystery of The Ten Spiritual Principles



On May 14, 1988, at 6:00 in the morning, the word of The Lord Jesus Christ came to me, saying,


“The Ten Spiritual Principles, as formulated in the previous Chapter and which replaced The Ten Commandments, contain certain important spiritual attributes not apparent at first glance. There are certain mysteries related to their content and formulation and particularly to their application.”


“The fundamental spiritual law of Creation requires that any spiritual principle that has a direct relevance to the structure, content, quality and life of any sentient entity, can be formulated, defined, developed, exemplified, reformulated, modified or entirely replaced only by The One Who constitutes the principles and the laws themselves — The Lord Jesus Christ. No one singular individual is permitted or authorized or is capable of doing so for a simple reason that he/she lives from such principles and laws themselves. The rule here is that any derivative of something, cannot be its formulator, definer or developer because that something does not stem from him/her but he/she stems from it.”


“First, a principle needs to be formulated and established. Once it is formulated and established, it can produce all its derivatives into which it can be imparted. Thus, the very being and existence of any life depends on the laws, principles and ideas of life which precede in all respects the being and the existence of such life.”


“This is the reason why only The Lord Jesus Christ, being The Absolute Principles, Laws and Ideas of Life, can derive all necessary definitions and procedures for the formulation and implementation of such principles, laws and ideas.”


“Another requirement of this issue is that The Lord Jesus Christ, once defining, formulating and establishing any principles, becomes those principles and they are integrated into His/Her Absolute Nature in an absolute sense. Thus, He/She is The One Who, as the very first, implements those principles in His/Her Absolute Life in an absolute sense. By doing that, The Lord Jesus Christ becomes an Absolute Example for everyone else of how to implement those principles in one’s everyday life or life of all others who are relative to His/Her Absoluteness.”


“The issue here is that, being relative, sentient entities, in themselves and by themselves, cannot conceive properly of how to implement and exemplify any single principle. Such a process needs to be preceded by its occurrence in The Absolute State. Everything needs to be initiated in The Absolute State first. Once it is initiated there, the results and examples of that initiation are conveyed to everyone else in Creation.”


“This conveyance happens by the principle which states that whatever occurs in The Absolute State, by its very nature, immediately proceeds to all extensions and processes of that State being relative to it, and there it becomes an integral part of those lives, giving a sense and a purpose to those lives.”


“Through such an immediate conveyance, all sentient entities, from the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ within them, in that specific aspect of the unique life which was imparted on them by Him/Her, can read out and experience, from the example of The Lord Jesus Christ, how such principles need to be implemented.”


“In this sense, any spiritual principle formulated by The Lord Jesus Christ becomes something like a road map which continuously gives directions to all who travel the road of life as to which way to proceed.”


“At this point, it is necessary to realize the following rules regarding spiritual principles:”


“1. Some spiritual principles are given to and are applicable only within the true life of the positive state of Creation and its multiverse.


2. Some are given to and are applicable only within the Zone of Displacement.


3. Some are given to and are applicable only on planet Zero. Being that planet Zero is in such a peculiar, unusual and impossible position, it requires to be governed by some spiritual principles which are relevant only to its peculiar, unusual and impossible position.


4. Some spiritual principles are given and are applicable at all levels of Creation, the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero. These types of principles have multiversal, all-inclusive application and significance.


5. And finally, some spiritual principles are a mixture of all the above. In this latter case, the formulation of some spiritual principles is such that a portion of them has relevance to both the positive and the negative state, respectively; and another portion of them addresses the issues which are relevant either to the positive state or to the negative state only.”


“The spiritual principles applicable only to the negative state and/or planet Zero and the spiritual principles, the portions of which are applicable only to the negative state and/or planet Zero, will be cancelled once the negative state is abolished and once planet Zero is returned to its rightful position, becoming, once again, an integral part of planet Earth (if it survives the return of the pseudo-creators or its present political and military orientation).”


“Another aspect of spiritual principles is that some of them have absolute validity, applicable to all cycles of time from eternity to eternity. They were, are and will be always valid. A good example of such a principle is the fact that the only Source of true life is The Absolute God whose name is The Lord Jesus Christ and that no other source of life exists. This principle is valid in an absolute sense and will always be true.”


“Certain other principles are formulated for the specific needs and conditions of each cycle of time. They are valid only within that cycle of time and they are not transferable to any other cycle of time.”


“Still other spiritual principles are given for the various steps of spiritual progression that happen within that cycle of time. These principles are valid within and during the continuation of that step. In the next step, they are either entirely cancelled and replaced with some other principles, or they are modified, reformulated and updated to suit the needs of the quality and the content of the incoming next step of spiritual progression.”


“There are still other spiritual principles that are valid only within each universal locality and only for one particular society or even one particular individual. As you remember and as was indicated many times before, whatever is proper and right for one individual is not necessarily so for some other individual; and vice versa.”


“Thus, as you see, there are many levels of applicability and validity of the spiritual principles — from the level of all-inclusive Absolute Reality to all times, places, conditions, states and processes or to very relative validity applicable to one singular individual.”


“This structure reflects an important spiritual principle by its own right which has absolute validity:”


“Every sentient entity is infinitely unique and cannot be replicated. But at the same time, every sentient entity has something in common with some, but not all, sentient entities. And finally, every sentient entity contains something in its nature which is common to all sentient entities anywhere and anywhen and under any condition. This is a principle of uniqueness, similarity and common denominator.”


“Because of the requirement of this principle, each individual is governed by a set of rules and principles that are: a. applicable only to his/her unique and non-replicable nature; b. that are applicable only to certain individuals with whom he/she has something in common; and c. that are applicable to all individuals in being and existence whose life is underlaid by the Common Denominator — for example, they are all children of the same Creator — The Lord Jesus Christ, and they are all part of the same Creation or its fallouts (in the case of the members of the Zone of Displacement and humans on planet Zero). The fallouts are still fallouts of the real Creation. Therefore, the Common Denominator is the same because they all have an ability to choose and to change, in which ability is the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ. This is their Common Denominator, no matter whether they reside in the highest Heaven or the lowest and deepest Hell.”


“Because of the existence of such a Common Denominator, certain rules and principles apply to all of them.”


“Now, The Ten Spiritual Principles, as formulated in the previous Chapter, contain elements from most of the nature of spiritual principles, outlined above.“


“That is to say, some elements of The Ten Spiritual Principles have an absolute applicability, in an absolute sense, for all times, places, conditions, states and processes. Their other elements are applicable only within the current cycle of time. Some are related only to the negative state.”


“But in all their aspects, The Ten Spiritual Principles can be considered an important road map for all who live in this cycle of time.”


“Let it be stated here that this road map will be valid to the very end of this cycle of time or as long as the negative state is in an activated and dominant position.”


“Once this will not be the case, and the negative state with its specific Zone of Displacement and planet Zero is no more, the modification, update and/or replacement of these spiritual principles will take place. At that time, some entirely new spiritual principles will be defined and formulated by The Lord Jesus Christ which will rule and govern the next cycle of time in all its aspects.”


“In assessing the nature of The Ten Spiritual Principles, it is necessary to be aware of the following important factors-mysteries:



“By their content, meaning, quality and proper application, The Ten Spiritual Principles are the only true foundation on which any relationship can be built. They are the only genuine, true and enduring building blocks on which any meaningful, fulfilling and satisfying relationship can be developed and established.”


“Basically, three most important, crucial and vital relationships exist in being and existence:”


“ a. Relationship to The Lord Jesus Christ;

   b. relationship to others; and

   c. relationship to oneself.”


“The Ten Spiritual Principles give one an effective means to establish these relationships in a proper and most desirable spiritual manner. Following and implementation of these Principles in one’s everyday life assures that these relationships are truly sound, objective, orderly, elegant and beautiful. Their implementation assures a rich, productive, constructive and creative life.“


“Such is the mystical power of these Principles. This mystical power is derived from the fact that The Ten Spiritual Principles are an extension and a process of The Absolute Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. In them is present the life of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“Therefore, whoever keeps these Principles will live. This is the reason why it was stated in Leviticus 18:5 in The Holy Bible:”


“‘You shall therefore keep My statutes and My judgments, which if a man does, he shall live by them. I am the Lord!’”


“No true life is possible but only by these Principles, which are the statutes and judgments of The Lord Jesus Christ, for He/She is present in them.”


“The mystery of this statement lies in the fact that The Lord Jesus Christ conveys His/Her life to all living and breathing entities anywhere through and by these Spiritual Principles. Disregard for these Principles, their rejection, denial and non-keeping, casts one outside of the true life. By this act, one becomes imbued with the dead life of the negative state.”



“The Ten Spiritual Principles have a mysterious power of connecting anyone to the true Source — The Lord Jesus Christ. In fact, at the present time, no other connecting link between any sentient entity and The Lord Jesus Christ exists.”


“The Principles were formulated and established for this very purpose. They also function as a recognition of whether one is in contact with The true Lord Jesus Christ or some imposter claiming to be Jesus Christ or some kind of deity. Whoever keeps and abides by these Principles is in a direct contact with The true Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ is personally present in such life. By this act, one’s life is validated as godly.”


“In the negative state, the only possible connection to the positive state is through and by these Ten Spiritual Principles. The spiritual mystery of these Principles is in the fact that applying these Principles in one’s life for their own sake, because this is the right thing to do, keeps one out of the negative state and places him/her into the positive state, even while one still is physically living in the negative state.“


“The knowledge and implementation of The Ten Spiritual Principles is particularly crucial for humans on planet Zero. Being what the human life is and being where planet Zero is located, these Principles are their only possible link to the positive state.”


“The presence and availability of these Principles on your planet keeps this planet alive. The mystery here is in the fact of their availability and presence. Even if no human beings, or only very few humans, keep and abide by these Principles, their physical presence and availability is sufficient to keep this planet and its inhabitants going.”


“Another mystery of these Principles is that, through and by them, The Lord Jesus Christ very successfully and effectively governs the negative state and planet Zero (as was already pointed out, in general terms, in Chapter Twenty Three of this book).”


“Such is the tremendous mysterious power of The Ten Spiritual Principles. They are a shield against any pollution, contamination and poison by the negative state of evils and falsities.”



“The Ten Spiritual Principles are The true Word of The Lord Jesus Christ. Because The Lord Jesus Christ is The Word, wherever these Principles are, The Lord Jesus Christ is. Therefore, anyone who has these Principles in his/her heart and mind, has the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ in them.”


“This is a specific mode of communication with The Lord Jesus Christ by life. The quality and content of one’s life is determined by the degree of keeping and abiding by these Principles. They are the most important factors of one’s life.”


“Therefore, to know them, to study them, to understand them, to meditate on them and to practice them is to become the number one priority of your life. Nothing more important in one’s life exists than doing just that. After all, on this factor your eternal destiny and fate depends. Also, on this factor the happiness and meaningfulness of any life depend.”


“Unless these Principles are kept and abided by, no clear and direct communication with The Lord Jesus Christ, your spiritual advisors and the positive state of Heavens is possible. The factor of keeping them and abiding by them is a means for clarity and understanding of what is being communicated or conveyed to you. Otherwise, you will hear and understand not the true meaning of that communication but something else, having no relevance to the content of the truth which is being related to you. In the worst case, this communication comes from the negative entities of the Hells who are disguised as The Lord Jesus Christ and your genuine spiritual advisors. Therefore, you will be considering their messages to be true and genuine, while they are just the opposite of what is coming from the true positive state.”


“The knowledge of these Principles for accomplishment of clear communication and relationship with the positive state is not sufficient in itself and by itself. It has to be combined with full implementation of that knowledge in one’s everyday life in accordance with one’s best abilities, to the fullest of one’s potentials and for the sake of the Principles themselves without any ulterior motivation.”


“This mode of combination of the knowledge and practice of these Principles with such an attitude keeps away all negative spirits and entities and protects one from being misled, misguided and deceived. In fact, it fully protects one from the negative state itself.”


“Such is the mysterious power of The Ten Spiritual Principles.”



“The Ten Spiritual Principles are the means by which everyone judges himself/herself in the moment of and during the personal and private Last Judgment. Against them, the quality and the content of one’s life, in all its aspects, without any exception and exclusion, is judged, evaluated, weighed and considered.”


“The verdict of this Judgment is determined by the factor of keeping these Principles and abiding by them for the sake of principles themselves without any other considerations. The more one does something for the sake of Principles themselves, the more favorable the verdict; and vice versa: the less is the case in this respect, the less favorable the verdict.”


“The mystery of this point is that The Lord Jesus Christ is the only possible just Judge. Because He/She is not only present in those Principles in an absolute sense, but He/She is those Principles themselves in an absolute sense, He/She is the only Judge.”


“Thus, the entire attitude toward life and toward the most important factor of life — The Lord Jesus Christ — is determined by the degree and the extent one keeps practicing these Principles for their own sake, that is, for the sake of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“This is the mystery of the true life and living. When the principles of this life state that one lives and is alive by, through, from, with and of The Lord Jesus Christ, it means one lives and is truly alive by, through, from, with and of these Ten Spiritual Principles of The Lord Jesus Christ because He/She is absolutely in them.”


“This is also a mystery of relationship between The Absolute State of The Creator and the relative state of Creation and all its relative inhabitants.”


“How does one relate from the position of The Absolute State to the position of the relative state? No equality exists between them which would make it possible to relate on parity. In order to establish such a relationship, The Absolute State derives from Itself its various spiritual principles and extends them to the relative state. If the relative state accepts them, keeps them and abides by them, it allows The Absolute State to be a part of its condition — through and by those principles. If it rejects them, no relationship is established.”


“The paradox of this situation is in the fact that derivation from The Absolute State is a medium between something which is absolute and something which is relative. The relative cannot contain The Absolute in an absolute sense. But it can do so in a relative sense.”


“Because that relative is a derivation of The Absolute, by and through those Derivative Principles, the presence of The Absolute is assured in a relative sense and in an absolute sense from the standpoint of that Absolute. Thus, all these Principles are absolute in The Absolute State but relative in the relative state.”


“Because any life is derived from The Spiritual Principles, which, in turn, are derived from The Absolute Life and Principles of The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, the only way life can be lived is by following, abiding by and practicing these Principles, seeing in them The Absolute Private Presence of The Lord Jesus Christ. In this manner, one validates one’s life and in this manner, that life is eternally appropriated to its carrier.”


“The importance of these four mysteries of The Ten Spiritual Principles cannot be emphasized enough. This is the reason why you are advised to continuously meditate on them and check your everyday behavior, attitude, thinking, feeling, willing, desires, wishes, wants, intentions and motivations by these Principles, making sure that your life is aligned with them.”


“By doing that, you assure the continuous presence of The Lord Jesus Christ in you, and your presence in The Lord Jesus Christ. The practice of these Principles is a mediator of this mutual and reciprocal presence to eternity.”


“If anyone has ears to hear, let him/her hear what The Lord Jesus Christ reveals in this brief Chapter.”




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