The Mystery of The New Prayer

Formulated by The Lord Jesus Christ



On May 16, 1988, at 4:37 in the morning, the word of The Lord Jesus Christ came to me, saying,


“Most aspects of the specific mysteries of the content, the meaning and the wording of The New Prayer, formulated by The Lord Jesus Christ, cannot be expressed by or comprehended in the words of any human language. They transcend any human understanding and imagination.”


“However, some remote indication of what these mysteries are all about, will be accessible for those who go deeply inward.”


“Before attempting to convey this indication, some explanation on the concept, the meaning and the content of the word ‘prayer’ itself needs to be preceded:”


“The most common conceptualization of the word ‘prayer’ is that one closes one’s eyes and verbalizes in one’s own language a certain degree of gratitude to, acknowledgment of and request directed toward one’s God, under various different names, adopted by different religions on your planet.”


“This is a very narrow, one-sided and most external conceptualization of the term ‘prayer.’”


“It is true that the verbalization of certain ideas, through the vocal cords either aloud or in silence in one’s mind, is one of the integral parts of any prayer. But a prayer in itself has a much broader utilization and implication, as well as meaning and the mode of its practice, than just verbalizing it in whatever mode.”


“The most important aspect of the prayer, and the mode of its practice, is in one’s inner attitude toward The Lord Jesus Christ and how it is reflected in one’s everyday behavior, thinking, feeling, intention, work or job and in various relationships.“


“In this inner attitude and its reflection in everyday life, at all levels of one’s everyday living, in following the rules as defined in The Ten Spiritual Principles, one is in constant prayer by one’s lifestyle.”


“Such a prayer constitutes also a true worship of The Lord Jesus Christ. This is a worship by life and not by lips or verbalization only.”


“The next important aspect of any prayer and the mode of its practice is going inward, on a daily basis, in the manner described in Chapter Five of this Book and in Chapter Five of the book Who Are You and Why Are You Here?”


“This is a personal, private and intimate communication with The Lord Jesus Christ, the positive state and the members of one’s spiritual family, from the position of one’s most within Spiritual Mind and the integration of all aspects, levels and degrees of one’s entire sentient mind. This is a communication from within to without, during which the without is incorporated into the within and functions as a tool of the most within for conveyance of various important ideas, for advice and direction which one is advised to take or pursue. Advice and direction are given only upon the personal request of the one who goes inward for that purpose.”


“The rule here is that, on this level, nothing can be conveyed to anyone unless one specifically asks, with positive and good intent, to be instructed in whatever issues one needs. On this level and in this mode of prayer, everything is subject to The Law of Freedom of Choice.”


“Therefore, to advise anyone contrary to the submitted request, means to impose something for which one did not ask. This would violate one’s freedom of choice and would force him/her either to do something one is reluctant or does not want to do or to disregard the advice.”


“In both instances the spiritual validity of any such advice is almost nil because whatever is done by imposition cannot be appropriated to anyone; and the disregard of advice puts one in a position of opposition to the positive state. In the latter case, one cuts oneself off from reestablishing his/her communication with the true Lord Jesus Christ, his/her true most within Spiritual Mind and his/her true spiritual advisors.”


“The most external mode of prayer, verbalized loudly in words or uttered silently in one’s mind, using spoken words by hearing them in one’s mind, also has an important place in one’s everyday life. This mode functions as a confirmation, validation and acceptance that it is so also from the position of one’s everyday type of conscious mind. By uttering this prayer in the known and comprehensible words within one’s conscious mind, this mind becomes an integral part of the entire mind and is connected, through the interior mind to the most within Spiritual Mind and all other levels of the unconscious mind. The conscious mind, by its structure and nature, has no other means and ways of connectedness to and communication with any other aspect of the sentient mind but through verbalization only.”


“Because of this factor, the extreme importance of this form or mode of prayer is very obvious. If this mode is neglected, the conscious mind is separated and isolated from the rest of the sentient mind. This is a very dangerous situation.”


“As you know, the conscious mind in itself and by itself has no source of and means for the acquirement of the proper knowledge about anything. All such knowledge and its understanding, and the mode of its proper application, comes from the most within Spiritual Mind, through the interior mind, and other unconscious parts of the external mind.”


“If the conscious mind has no connection to or communication with the other levels of its mind, it is unnaturally forced to derive such knowledge from outside of itself, where no proper knowledge and understanding exist. Because of this, the conscious mind accepts whatever comes from this inappropriate source of ‘knowledge’ as true, proper and correct. In this way, the conscious mind lives in illusions of reality, but not in the true reality itself. This is the source of many human problems and misunderstandings in all aspects of the human life.”


“Now, in order to avoid this very dangerous predicament, The Lord Jesus Christ devised a means of connectedness and communication of the conscious mind to and with the most within Spiritual Mind and all other levels of the mind from which position a proper knowledge, its understanding and the modes of its application and practice can be derived. This device is called prayer. On the level of this conscious mind, prayer is practiced by the tools and means of verbalization either loudly or silently in one’s mind. During such practice, the eyes of a practitioner, in most instances, are closed for the purpose of better concentration on the content, meaning and feeling of words that are being verbalized.”


“For this reason, everyone who reads these words, is advised very strongly to practice one’s prayer in all modes of one’s life without leaving out any of them.”


“As you can see, basically, there are two types of the external prayer: One is a free prayer, during which one pours out one’s heart or talks to The Lord Jesus Christ, expressing one’s feelings, thoughts, wishes, etc., in one’s own words, as they come from one’s heart. This is a free prayer which has a tremendous spiritual significance because it reaffirms one of the most important factors of one’s life — freedom of choice and choice to freely communicate with or talk to The Lord Jesus Christ. This is a means of intimate, private and personal relatedness to one’s Lord Jesus Christ. It does not evoke any other significant multiversal connectedness for the simple reason that this is something that is going on between you and The Lord Jesus Christ on a very personal, private and intimate level.”


“The other type of prayer is the one which consists of very carefully selected special words, put in a certain sequence and structured in a specific way so as to connect one to or evoke interaction of multiversal significance. For humans, this connectedness and evocation happens without their conscious awareness. By the conscious verbalization of these special and specific words, one allows the influence of the multiversality to flow into one’s life all the way down to the most without level of one’s mind, influencing one’s life in a most profound manner, keeping one on the path of all multiversal spiritual progression. Through such a prayer, one fully becomes a part of the whole.”


“The structure of this prayer consists of the words that always have multiple correspondential meaning. Because of this multiple correspondential meaning, such a prayer can be formulated only by The Lord Jesus Christ. Only The Lord Jesus Christ, from the position of His/Her Absolute State, knows the secret and hidden meaning of all words, on all levels of Creation and the Zone of Displacement, and how these words should be combined, structured and conveyed, in order to have simultaneous and synchronous impact on all levels, spheres and degrees of the multiverse, the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero. Until recently, the prayer known as The Lord’s Prayer had this connotation exactly.“


“The prayer of this nature is accommodated to the spiritual conditions and needs that exist within each epoch of spiritual progression. In most instances, such an epoch spans several consecutive steps in the spiritual progression of the multiverse. Therefore, the validity of the wording of this prayer continues for a long period of time and is replaced only when a revolutionary change in the structure of the spiritual state of the totality of being and existence occurs.”


“As you know, such a revolutionary change occurred just recently. Because of this change, it was necessary to reformulate The Lord’s Prayer into The New Prayer as depicted in the previous Chapter. For practical purposes, The New Prayer can be called as The Lord Jesus Christ’s Prayer as compared to The Lord’s Prayer. The term ‘The Lord Jesus Christ’s Prayer’ does not mean that it is He/She Who prays but it means that The Lord Jesus Christ personally formulated this Prayer in order that it takes a multiple correspondential meaning until the end of this cycle of time.”


“Because of this very unique, special and specific nature of The Lord Jesus Christ’s Prayer, it contains numerous mysteries of the most profound meaning.”


“As mentioned above, three such mysteries can be revealed in a very limited sense:”



“The Lord Jesus Christ’s Prayer, as formulated in the previous Chapter, is the only part of The New Revelation that has multiple meanings. Because of this structure, every word used to construct and to formulate this Prayer is a pure correspondence which reflects the reality of all aspects of Creation, the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero.”


“In actuality, it consists of ten levels of understanding. Each level reflects a different reality. The innermost level of the meaning of this Prayer relates to The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ and to the process by which the negative state will be eliminated and how everyone will be saved. The nine other meanings of this Prayer relate to the structure, content, quality and meaning of the Nine Circles of Creation and the Zone of Displacement and how they are interacting.”


“Another meaning contained in this Prayer is that it defines and reflects the twelve steps of spiritual progression which define and establish the specific and unique spiritual nature of each particular cycle of time.”


“The unique situation and position of The Lord Jesus Christ’s Prayer is in the fact that its literal meaning is fully and completely valid as much as any other of its meanings. The literal sense of this Prayer was specifically designed for the conscious mind of humans in order to keep them alive and well until the final phase of The Last Judgment of human life and planet Zero takes place. How this is accomplished by the words of a simple Prayer cannot be explained in any comprehensive human terms.”


“The very special combination of the selected words and their positioning in relationship to each other and what they contain and reflect makes all this possible.”



“The second mystery of The Lord Jesus Christ’s Prayer relates directly to The Lord Jesus Christ. Because of the nature, structure, meaning, content and purpose of this Prayer, as described above, the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ in it is the most complete, the most intense and the most direct. Nothing exists at this time on planet Zero and in the Zone of Displacement that would enable a more complete, more intense, more direct and a more close presence of The Lord Jesus Christ than this particular Prayer.”


“Now, this is very difficult for humans to understand. How can a presence of this magnitude and nature be truly actualized and realized through such simple words that for many are just words — empty notions or sounds carried by the waves through air which, in many instances, do not convey anything at all to the one who utters them or to the one who hears them? But this is the mystery of correspondences that have such power.”


“Each word of any language is the ultimate correspondence of many levels of reality. For humans, in the position of their most unusual and impossible placement, such words do not mean anything more than the meaning ascribed to them by their everyday communication. They are not aware of the process of how the meaning of words they are using arrived at its content and what its designation is. All they know is that it is so or not so. But why it is so, or not so, they have no idea.“


“Yet, such a word is a carrier of something that can be of the most mysterious thought process that gives rise to the reality of being the true reality.”


“This is particularly true about The Lord Jesus Christ. Whenever The Lord Jesus Christ utters a word, He/She does so from The Absolute State. In the content of that word is The Absolute Meaning of the idea which is being conveyed in that word.”


“Once that word is uttered, it proceeds from its most within Absolute Inwardness to its process of the most outwardness. In the process of its proceeding it is accommodated to the quality and spiritual awareness of life of all those who occupy various levels of Creation. As they comprehend that which is expressed by that word, they incorporate into that word the entire content of their understanding. This understanding has a cumulative effect so that when it arrives to the most outward level of Creation and then enters the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero, it carries within itself such a tremendous spiritual potency that it allows the spiritual reality to maintain some possible semblance of life even in the negative state.”


“Because the understanding of the content of such a word is always related to The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, in its ultimate expression, that word carries the full understanding of His/Her Nature in the most intense, direct, and complete manner and way possible under the existing spiritual condition in general. The cumulative sum of all understandings of the various aspects of The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, as they are added from all levels of the multiverse, is the foundation on which the personal presence of The Lord Jesus Christ is possible.”


“The spiritual rule here is that the greater the degree of proper understanding of The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, the greater the personal presence of The Lord Jesus Christ is manifested.”


“Another aspect of this mystery is in the fact that life in the Zone of Displacement and on planet Zero can be sustained only by the intensity, extensity and cumulative combination of the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ in His/Her Word. Less than that could not sustain any life in those regions.”


“This is the reason why The Lord Jesus Christ always maintains His/Her Word, written or uttered in pure correspondences, in those regions. By that Word, those regions can have life and continue in their mission of providing important spiritual learning for the entire Creation and its multiverse.”


“The most inward and the most intense part of such Word was The Lord’s Prayer. It could be considered as a summary of all else written in such Word.”


“At the present time, under the presently existing spiritual conditions, The Lord Jesus Christ’s Prayer, as formulated in the previous Chapter, takes over this role and will have this significance to the end of this cycle of time.”


“Because this Prayer can be considered the most inward and the most intense part of The New Revelation — The New Word of The Lord Jesus Christ — in it, as is being revealed, the most intense, direct and complete presence of The Lord Jesus Christ is in the degree, state and condition of the Zone of Displacement and particularly planet Zero where spirituality is in its most remote, tenuous, distorted, perverted and falsified condition. Only by this presence can anyone survive on your planet and in the Zone of Displacement.”


“The mystery of the presence of such a specific, special and precisely defined Prayer in the place, state and condition where spirituality is almost nonexistent or where it exists only in a distorted, perverted and falsified condition is that, through its correspondential meaning, it allows life, from The Source of Life, to flow to where no true life exists in itself and by itself.”



“The mysteries of The Ten Spiritual Principles, as revealed in Chapter Twenty Five of this book, fully apply in a manifold manner to The Lord Jesus Christ’s Prayer. However, there is a fundamental difference between The Ten Spiritual Principles and The Lord Jesus Christ’s Prayer.”


“The Ten Spiritual Principles are a set of rules or guidelines for living a proper spiritual life and what to do, how to do it, why to do it and how to relate to The Lord Jesus Christ, others and oneself.”


“On the other hand, The Lord Jesus Christ’s Prayer is a multiversal request, conveyed through each particular individual, that The Will of The Lord Jesus Christ be done everywhere in being and existence and in the negative state; that all provisions for living a true life of the positive state are provided; that there is a continuous protection from the assaults of the negative state; and a request of similar important spiritual matters necessary for fulfillment of the purpose and mission of one’s life anywhere, anywhen and in anyone.”


“The Lord Jesus Christ’s Prayer is a foundation on which The Ten Spiritual Principles are applied. First, one needs to ask what to do. The Lord Jesus Christ cannot impose on anyone anything at all by some kind of demand, mandate, duress or threat. This would be contrary to His/Her Nature.”


“Remember, the life of any individual depends on that individual’s ability to freely choose and to change. If the individual chooses on his/ her own to ask The Lord Jesus Christ for a road map of life and for the means of how to travel that road successfully and efficiently, then and only then can The Lord Jesus Christ respond to such a request and provide one with a set of principles that make all this possible.”


“In order that everyone in Creation, in the Zone of Displacement and on planet Zero has a multiversal mode of asking or approaching The Lord Jesus Christ with such a request, He/She formulates a special mystical set of words that, by their utterance, makes it possible to present everyone with the specially designed principles of life and living in accordance with the nature of the positive state.”


“As you see, this rule applies multiversally. The reason why such a prayer is applicable also in the positive state of Creation is that its members have there, in their minds, that idea which tells them that they are free to deny or to reject The Lord Jesus Christ as the only true Source of their life. On an everyday basis, or whenever such an idea enters their awareness, they must make a choice — either to accept it or to reject it. By saying this Prayer specially designed by The Lord Jesus Christ, they reject the acceptance of that idea, and it falls out into the Zone of Displacement, giving life to that Zone.”


“Should they, for some reason or other, fail to evoke the process of rejection of that idea by not confirming their determination through the Prayer, through which they accept The Lord Jesus Christ as the only Source of life and everything positive and true, that idea has power to take hold of their mind and to become an integral part of their will. In the moment it were to happen, they would fall out into the negative state. Thus, in this perspective, the correspondential meaning of this Prayer functions as a continuous security against this ever happening.”


“The responsibility of each carrier of freedom of choice, by which one lives and is alive, is to keep that freedom of choice. The Lord Jesus Christ’s Prayer provides, by its mysterious ways, that this freedom of choice remains non-violated. The responsibility part of this freedom of choice is in the fact of acknowledging that one can be truly free only from, by, through, with and of The Lord Jesus Christ Who is The Absolute Freedom Himself/Herself. Denial of this fact deprives one of that freedom. After all, if you deny The Absolute Freedom and its Absolute Source, you deny any freedom. In that case, by your own free choice of denial, you become a slave of something that has nothing in common with anything free. You lose your freedom to someone or something else.”


“In order to keep this freedom of choice intact and non-violated, you need to continuously ask its Absolute Source to protect you from losing it and to supply you with all necessary means to remain always free. The Lord Jesus Christ’s Prayer serves this purpose on a multiversal level.”


“There are many other great mysteries relevant to The Lord Jesus Christ’s Prayer, but they are beyond the scope of human comprehension. If revealed, they would make no sense at all. At this point and at this time, what has been revealed in this respect so far is sufficient to give all readers of these words an understanding of what they are dealing with and why it is so important that such a Prayer exists even on the most external level of verbalization.”


“If anyone has ears to hear, let him/her hear what The Lord Jesus Christ reveals in this brief Chapter.”




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