The Mystery of the Road of Life



Early in the morning, on May 17, 1988, the word of The Lord Jesus Christ came to me again, saying:


“In The Gospel According to John, Chapter 14 verse 6-7, it is written:”


“‘Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to The Father except through Me. If you have known me you would have known Him and have seen Him.’””


“And further down in verse 9, it is said,”


“‘...He who has seen Me has seen The Father.’”


“Certain important mysteries are contained in these words that need further explanation.”


“The life of each individual, no matter where, when and under what condition that individual lives, can be compared to a road which he/ she travels.”


“There is a starting point at which that road is entered by each particular individual. The starting point is when the idea of that individual is born and is endowed with a unique sentient mind.”


“Once the road is entered, the travel begins. The entrance into that road always has a certain purpose. As you remember, before any particular individual enters that road, he/she is given a free choice to decide whether he/she really wants to enter that road with a particular assignment and mission to travel that road in a particular way, by particular routes or paths or highways or freeways or all of them at different times.”


“And although for each particular individual there is always a starting point when and where that travel begins, in actuality, that travel never ends.“


“However, in the process of traveling, many rest places exist where the traveler can rest, reenergize himself/herself and make a fresh choice in which manner or by what route to continue in his/her travel. But there is a relative ending of that travel within the frame of spiritual quality that each cycle of time represents and manifests.”


“The process of this travel can be conceptualized as an individualized manifestation of the unique and specific aspect of The Absolute Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, which was placed into each individual in a degree relevant to the nature of the level of spirituality which is being represented and manifested by each current cycle of time.”


“The mystery of this situation is in the fact that manifestation of any aspect of The Absolute Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ is possible only through sentient entities who reflect that Nature in a relative condition. Because it is a relative condition, each such aspect releases only so much of its content as that relative condition is capable of bearing at each particular point of the individualized life.”


“Another mystery of this situation is that each individual, being relative, by carrying that aspect within himself/herself and by manifesting its nature through being his/her own unique personality and individuality, is built up in his/her strength, potency and ability to manifest, sometime in the future, after the process of this buildup is successfully completed, a higher, more potent and more exact nature of this aspect in comparison with its Original Absolute Source.”


“Now, when this buildup is successfully completed and each individual is ready to assume a life which will be characterized by a higher level of manifestation of the nature of the aspect in question, the end of his/her traveling is at hand. At that point, for that particular individual, the goal of his/her life is finished and he/she receives an appropriate reward for successful completion of the role assigned to him/her on this portion of the Road of Life.”


“At this point, for that individual, a deeply mysterious and mystical transformative process occurs. From that process, this individual emerges as a totally different person who has very little in common with who he/she was before. The quality, the content, the appearance and everything else of that individual are completely changed. No one who used to know that individual, during the time of his/her travel on the Road of Life would be able to recognize him/her at first glance.”


“The reason for this change is in the fact that the entire being and existence of that individual, as well as his/her unique personality and individuality, are now accommodated to carry and to manifest a different level of spiritual reality which is contained in that aspect of The Absolute Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ placed into that individual, giving him/her his/her unique and specific life.”


“What you have to understand here is the mystery of manifestation of something which is Absolute in something which is relative to that Absolute. As you know, the relative condition is not capable of manifesting anything Absolute in its Absolute sense, to the fullest of its Absolute nature.”


“Yet, as you remember, The Absolute State, in its Absolute Love and Absolute Wisdom, desires nothing more than to share Its Absolute Nature with everyone in its Absolute sense.”


“In order to approximate such a possibility, the way is devised by The Lord Jesus Christ which makes it feasible for the sharing of this nature to occur.”


“You take out one element from that aspect. That element, in its original state, is taken out from the most outward position of The Most Within Inwardness. Such an element can take hold in a relative condition. It gives life to each particular reality itself. At the same time, by manifesting the most external element of that Most Absolute Within in that relative condition, that relative condition, by the process of manifestation itself, is becoming stronger and stronger, preparing itself for reception of a different, more inward element of the representative aspect, which constitutes the unique nature given to that one as a gift by The Absolute Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“Now, the quality, the content and the means of manifestation of this new element are fundamentally different from the quality, the content and the means of manifestation of any previous element. This is so because nothing is duplicated or redundant in The Absolute Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“Because each individual’s nature, mode of life, as well as his/her physical appearance, are determined by the quality, the content and the mode of impression and expression of that element, with any new readiness to reflect a different, spiritually more inward element, that individual completely changes from the most within level of his/her mind to the most external physical form of his/her manifestation.”


“Before this change occurs, and after finishing the goal of the previously traveled Road of Life, there is an interim period, during which, as you remember, his/her personal Last Judgment takes place.”


“At this point, the individual is asked whether he/she is willing, by his/her own free will and choice, to assume to carry and manifest a different, higher element of the aspect of life which was placed into him/her by The Lord Jesus Christ. If he/she does agree, which is always the case (there is nothing more pleasurable than to do just that — doing it has an experience that far transcends the orgasmic human experience), he/she reenters the Road of Life at a different point and at a different level, relevant to his/her spiritual state and awareness which corresponds to the needs of each cycle of time. Each particular cycle of time carries and manifests a cumulative sum of all elements of all the aspects of each sentient entity. This cumulative sum becomes an approximation of The Absolute Nature of that One Global Absolute Aspect, redistributed among all sentient entities and carried by each particular cycle of time.”


“Once all elements of that global aspect of The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ are fully manifested and the cycle of time in question, in its globality, is ready to transcend itself, that cycle of time ends and an interim state comes into force. The goal of life of the entire cycle of time was reached and completed.”


“At this point, a global Last Judgment takes place, during which everyone is asked if they want to continue, in their globality, as well as in their particular individuality and locality, to carry and to manifest a different, higher, spiritually more approximate, element of the global aspect of The Lord Jesus Christ.“


“Because of their nature, which they have from The Creator — The Lord Jesus Christ — all sentient entities are motivated to continue in this process of approximation to the nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, being eternally closer and closer to it. For that reason, they always choose to continue. Once the choice is made, a new cycle of time, with sentient entities totally and completely changed and transformed, comes into its being and existence.”


“One of the unusual mysteries in relationship between The Absolute State of The Lord Jesus Christ and the relative sentient entities is in the fact that the process of life is reversed. The Absolute State is the State of The Absolute Inwardness from which the process is initiated toward the without. This is The Absolute Process from within to without. But in everyone else, as far as the approximation to The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ is concerned only, the process begins from carrying and manifesting the most external outward element of that Absolute Within to gradually proceeding more and more inward, that is, to the closer and closer approximation to the State of The Absolute Inwardness. Because relative individuals can never become Absolute, the process continues to eternity.”


“After all, The Absolute would not be Absolute if it were exhaustible. But each individual can and may approximate this Absolute Inwardness. However, this rule is applicable only in relationship between the relative individuals and The Absolute Lord Jesus Christ and only to the process of approximation. By its very nature, the relative condition, in its initial stage, is not capable of carrying and manifesting anything else but the most outward element of that Inwardness. It must be built up very gradually, in relatively small steps, toward moving from the most outward position to the most inward position. This is an eternal process of approximation which can never be finished or completed. As far as each individual is concerned, being that he/she is the likeness and image of his/her Creator, the life of that individual reflects fully The Absolute Multiversal Law of From Within to Without. One can relate to The Lord Jesus Christ only from the position of his/her own within; and one always rules one’s life, in a positive manner, from within to without.”


“This individual arrangement can be called a parallel process. In this process, each individual, by his/her unique nature, parallels The Absolute Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ in a relative condition. Through such a paralleling, the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ in the relative condition is eternally assured.”


“The other process, in which one moves closer and closer toward becoming as and like The Lord Jesus Christ, can be called a process of approximation. In this process, one approximates The Absolute Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. Because this approximation is from the position of the ‘to’ to the position of the ‘from,’ the ‘to’ starts at the most remote point from the Center — The Absolute Inwardness (‘From’) — and moves from without of that within to its within.”


“Philosophically speaking, a parallel process gives an impetus to the establishment of the subjective perception of time. From that perception, time becomes an objectified reality in the natural degree of Creation and in the natural degree of the Zone of Displacement, as well as the distortion on planet Zero.”


“On the other hand, the process of approximation gives an impetus to the establishment of the subjective perception of space. From this perception, space becomes an objectified reality in the natural degree of Creation, the Zone of Displacement and distortion on planet Zero.”


“In a spiritual sense, the less one is in the state of one’s own inwardness, the longer it takes to relate to The Lord Jesus Christ, to others and to oneself. In the negative state, which is the state of denial of this inwardness, it takes ‘forever’ to spiritually accomplish anything at all.”


“On the other hand, spiritually speaking, the greater degree of outwardness one represents, the farther away from The Lord Jesus Christ one appears. In the negative state, where there is no attempt to approximate The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ in any manner and way, but, instead, to deny it, everyone appears as though they do not exist at all or they appear trillions and trillions of light years away from The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“All these factors are, of course, only subjective appearances because, in reality, no truly objective time and space exist. As you see, their existence is determined by one’s attitude, mode of thinking, feeling, state and position that one has and represents in relationship toward The Lord Jesus Christ.“


“The great mystery here is in the fact that all conditions, states, processes, times, distances, places and whatever you have in the entire multiverse of Creation, the Zone of Displacement and planet Zero, as well as in the life of each particular individual, without any exception or exclusion, are determined, happen and depend on general and specific ideas, attitudes, thoughts, feelings, behaviors and knowledges (plural!) that everyone together, and as a singular individual, has toward The Lord Jesus Christ. It also determines in the minutest detail what is going to happen to you during your specific and unique travel on the Road of Life.”


“It is logical to assume that such is the case if you take into consideration that The Lord Jesus Christ is The Absolute Within or Inwardness from which everything else, but the negative state, proceeds. The negative state proceeds, instead, from those who deny that this is the case.”


“Now, in connotation of this great mystery, the words of The Lord Jesus Christ, as quoted at the beginning of this Chapter, must be interpreted. The Lord Jesus Christ, knowing that He/She will become The Lord Jesus Christ, being at that time Jesus Christ, stated very clearly and distinctly, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life.’”


“This statement confirms several important factors: The way of life or the Road of Life, which one is to travel and on which one is to keep going, is with, from, through, by and of The Lord Jesus Christ. It is obvious that if He/She built that Road from and by Himself/ Herself, He/She becomes that very Road. What other road is there in being and existence? The road of the denial of this fact! Such a road is the road of the negative state and its dead life. The truth of this matter is in the fact that no other truth exists but that The Lord Jesus Christ is the only source of the true life. This is The Absolute Wisdom of The Absolute Truth.”


“If The Lord Jesus Christ is the only one God Indivisible, The Most High, The Creator, The Truth Himself/Herself, what other truth is there in being and existence? Denial of this truth constitutes the lies of all falsities. They are the nature of the negative state which vehemently denies this truth. Because it is an Absolute Truth that the true life proceeds from The Lord Jesus Christ, Who is The Absolute Life in and by Himself/Herself, what other life is there in being and existence but the life of The Lord Jesus Christ? Can anyone live and be alive without being and existence of life, that is, without The Lord Jesus Christ? Such a state is utterly inconceivable. Now, the denial of this life constitutes the dead life of the negative state.”


“Thus, the only way, the only truth, the only road and the only life is The Lord Jesus Christ. This is Absolute Spiritual Logic. Denial of this indisputable and axiomatic fact constitutes the nature of the negative state which is illogical, irrational and insane. It equals the denial of life while one experiences that life and his/her own aliveness within oneself. Such a denial does not make any sense. But, after all, has there ever been anything at all in the negative state that would make any sense? The only sense the negative state has is its total nonsense!”


“‘No one comes to The Father except through Me.’ In this verse, the word ‘Father’ has an entirely different connotation than it has, for example, in the original Lord’s Prayer. Here it signifies The Absolute State of The Absolute Inwardness of The Absolute Within from which everything else proceeds. Nothing can be or exist apart from this Absolute State. Because of this fact, the word ‘Father’ is used to indicate the original Source of the entire being and existence.”


“In the connotation of this word, the way it was used by Jesus Christ at that time, the word ‘Father’ does not mean masculine gender. Instead, its true meaning is of being the only Parent of all else. The word ‘parenthood’ incorporates both the masculine and the feminine components or fatherhood and motherhood.”


“That no one can come to The Father or The Absolute Originating Source of all and everything — The Absolute Inwardness — signifies that, from the position of the relative condition in relationship to The Absolute, one can approach The Father only by and through His/Her external degree which was imbued in the form of the human body-flesh of Jesus Christ. In actuality, this means that only through The Divine which was made human and through the Human which was made Divine — Jesus Christ — can one relate to or approach from one’s relative condition The Absolute State of Inwardness from which all else originated — The Father.”


“Because no one is Absolute, that is, no one is in The Absolute State of Inwardness, no one can relate to that Absolute from the very state of that Absolute. Since you are not in that state, you cannot relate from it. But you can approximate that state by accepting the fact about The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ who, for that purpose, assumed the relative nature of the human body-flesh. By incorporating that body-flesh into the totality of The Absolute Nature of The Absolute Within — The Father — one now is able to relate directly to The Lord Jesus Christ from the position of one’s relativity through the position of that relative body-flesh of Jesus Christ. This is the reason He/She stated that ‘no one comes to The Father except through Me.’”


“There is no other way to relate to The Absolute God but through The Lord Jesus Christ Who became the totality of that God and of all else through the incorporation of that body-flesh into His/Her Nature. That this will be the case and that The Lord Jesus Christ will become The Father, because The Father constitutes The Most Within of His/Her Nature, is obvious from the statement that follows: ‘He who has seen Me has seen The Father.’ Thus, there is no other Father in being and existence.”


“If The Lord Jesus Christ is The Father, it is obvious then that to relate to any other Father or God, under any other name or form or condition, is to relate to no one. But it also means to steal the true parenthood from The One Who is your real Parent and impart it on someone or something that is not. In that case one becomes a spiritual thief and a robber. This is what The Lord Jesus Christ meant by the words in The Gospel According to John 10:1:’


“‘Most assuredly, I say to you, he who does not enter the sheepfold by the door, but climbs up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.’”


“And in verse 7 of the same chapter:”


“‘Most assuredly, I say to you, I am the door of the sheep.’”


“Thus, there is no entrance into the state of The Most Within but through that door — The Human Divine and The Divine Human — The Lord Jesus Christ. For this reason, if you want to travel the Road of Life successfully, with a sense of fulfillment and joy, wherever and whenever you are, you are advised to accept this New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ into your heart, inviting Him/Her to be your way, your truth and your life. By doing that, you will be closer and closer to His/Her Absolute Nature, which is called in the quoted text — The Father.”


“He/she who has ears to hear, let him/her hear what The Lord Jesus Christ reveals in this brief chapter.”





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